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"2018-05-20 03:55:45"
"Trump Admin Halts Investigation ..."
"it's the real news network I'm Greg Robert coming to you from keto Ecuador the US department of education under the leadership of education secretary Betsy de Voss is halting investigations into fraudulent practices of for profit colleges according to a report that the new York times released last Sunday the Obama administration's education department had placed a special team in charge of investigating false advertising deceptive recruitment practices and false job placement claims for at for profit colleges one of the most prominent investigations was the divide education group recently renamed Adtalem global education which is one of the largest for profit educational companies in the world with nearly two billion dollars in annual revenues joining me to analyze the consequences of abandoning this these investigations into for profit colleges is bill black bill is a white collar criminologist former financial regulator and associate professor of economics and law at the university of Missouri Kansas city he's also the author of the book the best way to rob a bank is to own one thanks for joining us again bill thank you so one interesting aspect of the story is that the ... that education secretary Betsy device hired several are people from for profit education institutions to work in the department of education these include Robert I toll our senior counselor ... Diane Auer Jones a senior adviser on post secondary secondary education and Carlos Munoz as the department's general counsel what's going on here shouldn't these appointments we can set our conflict of interest and ring all kinds of ethical ethics bills so first ... ten seconds of personal privilege to well welcome into the world three hours ago ... Heidi weaver ironic new granddaughter ... second I made the easiest prediction of my life ... after trump was elected ... that ... Warren Harding and Ulysses grant ... could rest easy in the history books because there would no longer be ..." + 85%
"2018-05-20 03:57:19"
"Weapons Corporations Use Israel'..."
"it's the real news I'm Ben Norton I'm joined by Andrew Feinstein who is a leading expert on the arms industry he's the executive director of corruption watch U. K. and the author of the book the shadow world inside the global arms trade which was recently made into a film Andrew is also a former member of parliament for the ANC in South Africa thanks for joining us and ... great to be with to everyone to be discussing the role of Israel in the U. S. arms industry and specifically the protests in Gaza for the past six weeks now protesters inside Gaza have been leading nonviolent demonstrations and being gunned down on mass there's been large massacres of unarmed protesters by Israel and in fact on Monday dozens more Palestinians were killed thousands have been shot with live ammunition including some experimental forms of munitions used by the Israeli military against unarmed peaceful protesters inside Gaza how is this also related to Israel's role in the U. S. and global arms trade so crucial component of the arms trade and a growing company that helps the fosters growing there it is the broad area of homeland security and surveillance and repression equipment by Israel attacking what are effectively by all accounts peaceful protesters although of course Israel will reflect on them is something very different to that Israel will then use that information particularly with non democratic autocratic regimes around the world the regimes of Saudi Arabia of the United Arab Emirates and various other countries of similar political systems and they will say to them we have this problem on a daily basis look how we are addressing so we have these protests which are a threat to Israel's national security which in itself is a very questionable point but that's how they would argue it and they would then continue the argument look how we deal with this dross of failings of cooking meant a recruitment of ongoing repression of the occupied territories we know exactly what t..." + 78%
"2018-05-20 03:49:33"
"Real Media: Royal Windsor Horse ..."
"the head of the state is one of the key sponsors to the horse show the protests which have been called against wins our hearts have been called by a party needs an exile in the U. K. and the reason why they call for human rights campaigners to take action is because a lot of them are quite understandably very fearful of the consequences of themselves taking action in two thousand fifteen when I protested again as they can get presents at three and ones that whole show when he was next to the queen and I find myself to be a status past them and where my citizenship was revoked I perforated revoked by the state to punish me for four taken that thought and then and and most of eastern feels I have other family members including my wife my mother told my brother Lowell and because it's all of them being detained tortured and targeted simply because of their affiliation with movies and then counted a geisha wasn't about activities here in the UK so there is a real life consequences for people in Bahrain from this Gator spectacle when the king of Bahrain is given red carpet treatment and treated to afternoon and a box watching horses with the queen they behave activists where it would follow it and all the way it back to Paddington and by what appears to be intelligence parentage and there was an explicit to clear cooperation between the intelligence at the head intelligence here in Britain and add the security intelligence and beheadings mistaken me back to my memories of the sixties when I was living in Chicago in marketing campaign there the protest against what was wrong with the most segregated racially segregated city in America outside of the Deep South that time so he was aware that it people of mixed race including whites ... completely white neighborhood there would be a reaction soon we marched through all white neighborhoods and experienced a good deal of ... he said he had never witnessed since like that in his life completely even including the our bi..." + 79%
"2018-05-19 14:54:48"
"How India's Far-Right Hindu-Nati..."
"it's the real news I'm Ben Norton this is part two of our discussion here with premier per chi stop premier is the founder and editor of the website news click in part one we discussed the recent General Assembly election in Karnataka a major Indian state in which the far right ruling party the hard teaching not to party the BJP surprisingly did quite well and won dozens of new seats while Congress the Indian National Congress which has dominated politics in much of the country lost dozens of seats in this second part we're going to discuss the politics of the BJP which premiered describes as the politics of hate and we're going to provide information for viewers who might not follow Indian politics as to what exactly the BJP is and other related groups like the RSS and the song pari virus and how their politics is dominated by a far right Hindu nationalism known as Hindutva this is a very interesting automation the Rastriya swayam sevaks sung what you are calling on to the somebody by the RSS is actually the political organization the electoral front oldest political organization the BJP it has a number of other organizations which all form of bottled water because the sun but the better the sung family and this is this is as honest as I did score an unassisted beginning hasn't had an execution routed nationalist agenda which the said what which I did if I'd even be able to do this so that's he looked was wanted to talk about and it's not a party which ever well I this is a definite body by organization which participated in the national movement hello fight for the independence of India so for a long time does it Egypt and the fact that the what we picketed the murder of a bot but Gandhi assassination about monkeys meant also Dan illegitimacy continued for the very long time unfortunately the Congress would you give up its nationalist agenda and follow the new liberal agenda allowed BJP to come back or others just to come back into the politics all week that if..." + 70%
"2018-05-19 14:09:56"
"India's Far-Right Ruling Party B..."
"it's the real news I'm Ben Norton the major Indian state of Connecticut held its legislative assembly election on may twelfth in India as far right Hindu nationalist ruling party the Behar T. is not the party known by the acronym BJP dominated the vote the BJP won one hundred four seats while the Indian National Congress won seventy seven seats and the local state party JDS Janata dal secular won thirty seven seats could not to cause a massive state with more than sixty million people and many analysts said whoever wins this state in this election will likely win the general election in India in two thousand nineteen in response to the election results BJP national general secretary ram might have declared that the far right parties southward March had begun joining us to discuss this is premier park isa for beer is the founder and editor of the website news click thanks for joining us prepare thanks man so can you analyze these results please are you surprised that BJP did so well and why do you think Congress lost seats well let's first get some of the other statistics over here that BJP actually up two percent less towards the Congress but the dog didn't how many more seats Congress has lost seats BJP has gained seats but it does not compensate or to the board figures that that so in this case what we have to say is that Congress had relatively board distributed boards would because JDS and Congress contested against each other therefore they actually did not get called incident with the board proportion the number of seats but BJP Richard could tested but crossed the cut across the state but it concentrated strength in certain pockets therefore got really more seats I would say that in that sense this is not really a victory for the BJP and the huge shall we say sold toward March BJP is actually one good knock off about five years back ten years back so this is that since it's not the first time they added that I could what we have instead is really a hung as..." + 86%
"2018-05-18 23:55:18"
"US-North Korea Peace Talks: Trum..."
"it's the real news network I'm sharmini Paris coming to you from Baltimore at a press conference with NATO secretary general Jen Stoltenberg girl at the White House president trump threatened Kim Jong un with the same fate as Moammar Qaddafi of Libya if the north Korean leader fails to make a deal about his nuclear weapons program let's listen but the Libya model was a much different model we decimated that country we never said take it off the ... we're going to give you protection we're going to give you a military strike we're going to give you all of these things we went in and decimated him and we did the same thing with Iraq that model would take place if we don't make a deal most likely but if we make a deal I think Kim Jong moon is going to be very very happy if you look at here if you look at it or if you look anywhere around the Middle East you look at Iraq you look at Libya ... with Libya certainly they didn't have protection they had the exact opposite that was that was absolute decimation and that's what we plan to do and that's what we do now these comments ... were ... in replied to our journalists in the room asking about the comments that John Bolton had made a few days earlier about the fate of the north Korean leader and North Korea itself in on face the nation let's have a look I think that's right I think we're looking at the Libya model of two thousand three two thousand four we're also looking at what North Korea itself has committed to previously in the case of Libya for example and it's a different situation in some respects those negotiations were carried out in private they were not known publicly the one thing that Libya did that led us to overcome our skepticism was that they allowed American and British observers into all their nuclear related sites so it wasn't a question of ... relying on international mechanisms we saw them in ways we had never seen before I want to talk about all of this with me is Larry Wilkerson Larry..." + 84%
"2018-05-18 03:40:01"
"Progressive Candidates vs. Corpo..."
"welcome to the real news network I'm Paul Jay in Baltimore all over the country the struggle is taking place between the billionaires and grassroots movements fighting for change the resistance against trump well that too but here I'm talking about the war within the Democratic Party progressive wing of the party to a large extent but not exclusively associated with Bernie Sanders is in a pitched battle with what they call corporate Democrats of course much of this fight is out in the open in the current round of primaries that are being held other fights get less attention for example as reported in the intercept accounting Democrat committee in New York voted down a proposal on may eighth may eighth that would have required all members to pledge loyalty to candidates endorsed by state local or the national party progressives on the committee in Sherman county which is on the Pennsylvania border view the proposed loyalty pledge which included what they might say on social media as an attempt by establishment Democrats to silence their descent they spent the week leading up to the meeting organizing opposition to this resolution is twenty one lobbying the twenty person committee that was going to vote and eventually the paragraph in fact was voted down although it might be reintroduced with new language just an example of small fights that are part of a much bigger fight now joining us to discuss the civil war inside the Democratic Party I three guests who are very involved in the fight first of all joining us from ten in Knoxville Tennessee is Alexander road high so generous that campaigns director for justice Democrats a progressive political action committee founded in January twenty seventeen joining us from Washington DC is Eugene prayer Eugene is a journalist author and activist he's co founder of stop police terror project DC and a member of DC's movement for black lives steering committee and from Houston Texas joining us is our L. Stevens R. els and elec..." + 92%
"2018-05-18 03:34:48"
"Jewish Americans Condemn US Gov...."
"activists from the progressive organizations Jewish voice for peace New York City and Jews say No gathered in the rain outside the offices of New York senators Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand on Wednesday may sixteenth the demonstrators expressed solidarity with the unarmed Palestinian protesters being massacred by the Israeli military in Gaza they demanded that politicians speak out and stop U. S. support for the bloodshed we are here is the Jewish milk as ... we ... ... events ... guys with organization ... Jewish voice for peace and to say no and we're here to say to all the Senate does senator Gillibrand establishment ... that they have to condemned the killing of for the stove in Gaza and they have to support the idea for the students to live in freedom to go back to their homes convenient and guys that have been posting for the past six weeks against the Israelis on Gaza and demanding ... that I have with them the date is them ... is seventy percent of the population of Gaza please listen to the messages is then ... head when he acted to do demonstrations by Keeling and I'm for the stove ... and we had to tell us about all of that the mass condemned the killings and I support the Palestinian right of return Palestinians have right right call we have been inspired by the unbelievable organizing coming out of Gaza yeah in support right ... you work at a coffee shop you contribute to the BDS movement we're here because we are in the range and we are sad and we are determined to stand with the Palestinians especially in this historic and very tragic week and six weeks of massacres of Dawson's near the fence that the Israelis put off ... systematic nineteen and killing of mostly on arms protesters is and it's also frankly I'm a political scientist the student international law is a violation of international law as the entire boycott ... and see on Gaza for the last eleven and more years has been a violation of international law Ga..." + 53%
"2018-05-18 03:26:09"
"The Marc Steiner Show: Paul Coat..."
"welcome folks this is mark Steyn ... right here on the mark Steiner show on the real news network and we continue our conversation with Paul Coates ... who is founder of black classic press and this is the fortieth anniversary it's a huge piece of what they brought to us in the world with a retrieving also how they built this business which will explore as well during the segment with Paul Coates whose earlier back in their late sixties early seventies after Vietnam was defense kept in the back of the party in Baltimore and built an entire world for all of us to wrap our heads around since then and Paul picking up so yeah so it makes sense how many titles to think you've on earth in black classic press I don't I don't know about under the mark probably on earth really really on earth on the very few okay in because as as I was saying earlier mmhm most of the books most of the books that I became aware of and that I ended up re publishing they were brought to me or I was told about those books by people in jail you know for I found them by going to bibliographies so these books were known it wasn't so much that I and urged him so much that I extended the life of those books that's what I prefer to think about it all right yeah I was supposed to be in the discover I extended the life of them now we look at it like that extending the life of them we'd probably have a constant number probably about a hundred twenty five titles on our list which I would consider to be a very very small list I I'm mark I want before I give my last breath I really I really have a goal of publishing at least two thousand titles I don't seem to get there because I get distracted on other things ... and you know other reasons but but there's a vast wealth of information available that in my eyes should be reprinted it doesn't mean that it will be commercially successful people reboot their entire life as a friend not my intent and it still is not my intent it still is not my intent y..." + 90%
"2018-05-18 00:20:32"
"US Interference in Venezuela Cou..."
"it's the real news network I'm sharmini purists coming to you from Baltimore on Venezuela's presidential elections are taking place this coming Sunday may twentieth even though Venezuela is going through one of its worst economic crises in history at the moment with hyper inflation and ongoing shortages of basic consumer items it appears that president Maduro has a good chance of being re elected one of the reasons is because large part of men as well as main opposition groups under the advisement of the United States are calling for a boycott off Sunday's vote meanwhile the trump administration is saying if you want to recognize the vote anyway and that it might impose new sanctions in Venezuela here is vice president Mike pence at the organization of American states on may seventh yet more than any other nation in our hemisphere in Venezuela the tragedy of tyranny is on full display the blame can be laid squarely at the feet of one man Nicolas Maduro the so called elections in Venezuela scheduled for may the twentieth will be nothing more than a fraud and a sham the short there will be no real election in Venezuela on may twentieth and the world knows it we've already impose strict financial sanctions on more than fifty current and former senior Venezuelan officials we cut off the so called Petro from the United States financial system and today ... I am pleased to announce the United States is designating three Venezuelans with direct ties to the Maduro regime as narcotics kingpins we have frozen their assets blocked their access to our nation so they can no longer poison are people with their deadly drugs joining me now to analyze Venezuela's upcoming presidential election is Steve all now he was a professor of history at the university died to orientate in Puerto la Cruz Venezuela and he is the author of numerous books and the most recent among them is Latin America's radical left challenges and complexities of political power thanks for joining us Steve t..." + 87%
"2018-05-17 23:58:09"
"IDF Prepares to Kill More Peacef..."
"it's the real news network I'm sharmini Paris coming to you from Baltimore in the great March of return in Gaza tens of thousands of Palestinians have marched to commemorate the knock box the mass deportation of Palestinians in nineteen forty eight which turned them into a nation of refugees until this date the Israeli response to the non violent protests has been to kill over a hundred and ten ten unarmed protesters and two injured thousands which led to the collapse of the guise of medical facility after bearing the fifty eight people who were gunned down on Monday weighing that against the celebrations in Jerusalem over the opening of the U. S. embassy many ask themselves whether the lives lost are worth it are they effective as Israel appears to be going about its business the other question this raises is our peaceful non violent protests the best way for Palestinians to earn their freedom a new article published by nine seventy two magazine with the title you are far more likely to be killed protesting in Gaza than firing a rocket reveals ... warring fact that the Israeli armed forces are more likely to take the lives of non violent protest is than those of Palestinians using weapons in this struggle for freedom why join us for a discussion with the author of the article Michael online he is a writer and journalist and commentator and critic based in Israel he is the managing editor at nine seventy two magazine back up good to have you with us well now Michael ... your article implies that Israeli forces actually prefer the Palestinians to use one or violence over peaceful non violent protests why I'm not sure there's there's really I mean as a preference ... they would prefer a little Constantine's not resist the occupation at all ... what what I what I saw and what I found was that since we were eighteen which is about a week and a half before ... ... before the China March first began not a single rocket has been fired from Gaza into Israel t..." + 78%
"2018-05-17 23:18:39"
"Julian Assange's Asylum in Ecuad..."
"it's the real news network I'm gonna go for coming to you from keto Ecuador wikileaks founder Julian Assange has been in the news again recently but this time not because of anything he did rather the guardian newspaper reported this week that the government of Ecuador spent about sixty six thousand dollars per month over the past six years to ensure the security and surveillance of a signage in its embassy in London where he has sought political asylum since two thousand twelve meanwhile former president Rafael Correa responded to the guardian reports saying in an interview with the intercept that such expenses for someone like a signs are nothing unusual the real scandal Korea said is a sign just treatment under Ecuador's current president Dan Marino ever since March and sons has been completely cut off from the outside world for allegedly breaking an agreement not to become involved in the political affairs of another country joining me now to analyze the most recent developments around junior my sons is good your long term is former minister of foreign affairs for of Ecuador under former president of Russia Korea most recently he was Ecuador's ambassador to the UN in Geneva under current president Lenin Moreno but resigned last January because of political differences with the Moreno administration thanks for joining us again ... Dion thanks very much so let's first deal with the story about the security and surveillance that Ecuador spent on my son's what's your reaction to this report and Todd does this expense seem justified well I mean first of all we'd have to have a look at the figures where they got them from you know they keep talking about sources here in sources that so I'll have to you know before I actually called in on the actual figures which went up these are figures from a different department has to do with ... intelligence and security and so it didn't it wasn't directly under our administration before the minister of foreign affairs but..." + 88%
"2018-05-17 06:38:31"
"'There Is No Opposition in Israe..."
" It's The Real News. I'm Ben Norton. Today I'm joined by the award-winning journalist, Gideon Levy. Gideon is a columnist for the major Israeli newspaper Haaretz, a member of its editorial board. We're going to be discussing the protests that have been going on in Gaza for the past six weeks, the so-called Great March of Return, which have been very brutally repressed violently by the Israeli military. On Monday, May 14th, at least 60 Palestinians were killed, and more than 2,200 were injured in a brutal crackdown. That is, in addition to the dozens more killed over the past six weeks, and the thousands who have been injured. So we're joined by Gideon Levy to discuss this. Thanks for joining us, Gideon. It's my pleasure, Ben. So can we talk about the response inside Israel? Several years ago, we did see some protests against Netanyahu mostly because of his economic policies. But it seems that today there is really no domestic opposition. And actually recent polls show that Lecood's popularity, that is the ruling right-wing party of Netanyahu, has actually been increasing. And more people support Lecood than they did a few years ago. Why is Netanyahu's popularity increasing when the military is brutally repressing? Guazans. Netanyahu is doing so well because he succeeded to convince most of the Israelis that there is no alternative for Netanyahu, and there is no alternative for his policies. I would like to correct you, Israeli is not only supporting Netanyahu. Israel in the last 24 hours is celebrating. It is celebrating the movement of the embassy to Jerusalem. It is celebrating the victory in the Eurovision context and the victims of Gaza hardly touch anybody in Israel. Hardly touch anybody. I don't remember such a case in which 50 people, 60 people by now are being killed by Israeli soldiers and Israel is so indifferent like it is this time, even not in times of war. We are not even dealing in times of war, this is not war. So by and large, the whole picture i..." + 80%
"2018-05-17 06:35:25"
"NAFTA Talks on Verge of Collapse..."
"it's the real news and I'm sharmini Paris coming to you from Baltimore in recent months the US has placed enormous pressure on Canada and Mexico to deliver a new north American free trade agreement they wanted done fast the negotiations were xcelerated to a rapid pace of twenty four seven further these negotiations are taking place in secrecy the public nor its advocates have access to the nafta tax under discussion although these decisions are going to affect all of our lives what we eat what we breed and so forth so it is impossible to know for sure what is exactly in these negotiations that are being discussed behind closed doors so in protest a coalition of more than a thousand organizations made up of labor environmental family from consumer civil rights faith small business and public health and community groups have also sent a message calling to an end to these negotiations and the demanding that any further negotiations on the north American free trade agreement it must prioritize working families public health and the environmental called consequences off these kinds of agreements ... all of that should be put forth prior to corporate profits on to talk about all of this with me is a panel of guests from Washington DC we have manual Perez Roca an associate fellow off the institute for Policy Studies from Mexico is Alejandro villa Mar Calderon who is a member of the Mexican action network on free trade and a Mike ballistic who is the national president of the Canadian union of postal workers welcome gentlemen thank you good afternoon all right gentlemen as I mentioned in the introduction there has been tremendous pressure on nafta negotiators to conclude the negotiations before may seventeenth which appears to be almost impossible given where they are at in terms of the negotiations let me give you each a few one minute to respond to the concerns you might have about these talks localizations have called for the immediate suspension of the nafta talks ..." + 92%
"2018-05-17 06:28:29"
"‘Any of Us are Open to Police ..."
" This is Telegram reporting for the Real News Network in Baltimore City, Maryland. The price of police brutality continues to take its toll, and no one knows this better than the mothers of the movement. They are connected by tragedy, the death of a child at the hands of police. Each one has had a child who died either while in police custody or as a result of police actions. The deaths of their children has inspired them to speak out on behalf of victims of police brutality and has fueled the Black Lives Matter movement. They have pushed past their own pain and adversity to make sure the devastation that has been wreaked upon their family is never visited upon another. Tonight they are talking at an open society event at the University of Baltimore. We spoke to each one before the event to learn how they think they can change policing in America. Well, I'm hoping Sharon Tamera's story will open up the conversation of racism in America that needs to happen daily, about a minute, about a second. We're still seeing police kill Black people and brown people every day. I wake up on the television. So I just want Tamera to be that conversation piece. He was the youngest child, far as national attention goes, and everybody knows him. I just want him to be that child, that person, that ball of light and joy to have this conversation of racism in the biased policing in America. Handle Leo, after he killed my son supposed to be on administrative duty, he's gotten 40, you got thousands and thousands of dollars in pay raises, maybe not pay raises, but over time. Yes, and this happened, the first year it happened, and I found out about it, I had a press conference and took it to Mayor de Vigio. He said this would never happen again. Anybody on administration duty, administrative duty, would not get that type of money. The next year it happened again with Handle Leo. So what does that say? What message does that send to other officers? Just tell them that they could get away ..." + 74%
"2018-05-17 01:09:51"
"Hot Picks from Tuesday’s Prima..."
"it's the real news network I'm sharmini Paris coming to you from Baltimore primary elections took place for both Democrats and for the Republicans in Pennsylvania Nebraska Idaho and Oregon on Tuesday the big question for both parties was where the insurgents are more established candidates managed to get the upper hand in preparation for the November twenty eighteen mid term vote for Congress for governors and four state legislators joining me from Los Angeles to take a closer look at it to do Tuesday's primaries is how we Klein how he is a political blogger at down with turning blogspot dot com how E. good to have you with us thank you right to be with you all right how you know for the the poorest states that held primaries the most interesting I've found was Pennsylvania so let's start there what happened in the Democratic Party and what lessons do you draw from those raises well ... you know I don't know why one thing that you can draw from them each one was different but ... that what's being drawn from them rather than what you should draw from the mature are are are pretty clear so I I read a lot of stuff today from people saying it was a great day for progressives over moderates I I should just mention that when people especially inside the beltway use the word moderates what they really mean is is conservatives all reactionaries so in other words one of the people who ... who lost his race ... to a progressive woman ... in Pennsylvania or was it keeps on being referred to as a moderate so this moderate his name is judge John Morganelli so ... ... so he is a ... someone who did is anti choice for example and a Democrat who write good things about Donald Trump so I want to ask you do you think that someone who's anti choice in the Democratic Party and you write nice things about Donald Trump should be referred to as a moderate no absolutely not right but what we were moderate itself has been pulled over the years again and again and again a..." + 87%
"2018-05-17 00:23:58"
"Jerusalem Move Caters to Trump's..."
"it's the real news I'm Aaron matter president trump's decision to move the U. S. embassy to Jerusalem was a major victory for two of its key bastions of support far right pro Israeli government neo cons and far right evangelical Christians in both groups were represented at Monday's ceremony billionaire Sheldon Adelson was among those in attendance the Reverend John Hagee founder of Christians United for Israel gave the closing benediction and delivering the opening prayer was Robert Jeffress pastor of First Baptist Church in Dallas and now father as we come to dedicate this embassy in the city of Jerusalem the city that you named is the capital of Israel three thousand years ago we want to thank you for the tremendous leadership of our great president Donald J. trump without president trump's determination resolve courage we would not be here today and I believe father I speak for everyone of us when we say we thank you every day that you have given us a president who boldly stands on the right side of history but more importantly stands on the right side of you oh god when it comes to Israel joining me to discuss the evangelicals and pro Israel neocons who have cheered on trump's decision to move the US embassy to Jerusalem our next woman doll and Dan Cohen independent journalists who just come out with a new film called killing Gaza welcome to you both Max set the stage for us why is this Jerusalem decision so important to evangelicals well I I wrote my first book on the Christian right and now it's all kind of coming together here under trump ... who's just this paragon of morality is has such a strong moral compass ... but you know that they importance of Jerusalem is in Jerusalem central to Christian Zionists ... and two of the most prolific Christian Zionists John Hagee and Robert Jeffers were in Jerusalem as key supporters of the you know paragon of morality Donald Trump ... who grabs people by their rosaries I mean this guy really it's exposes ho..." + 91%
"2018-05-16 00:47:41"
"Class and Corruption Takes Cente..."
" It's the Real News Network. I'm Sharmini Pures, coming to you from Baltimore. Parliamentary elections were held in Iraq on Sunday, May 12. 169 seats are required for a majority, and with only 45 percent voter turnout and with 92 percent of the votes counted, the Independent High Electro Commission has declared Muktada al-Sadeh's alliance as the winner of the parliamentary elections. Aren't you talk about the Iraq elections with me? Is Sabah Al-Nasri? He is professor at the Department of Political Science at York University in Toronto. He is the editor of Arab Revolutions and Beyond the Middle East and reverberations in the Americas. Good to have you with us, Sabah. Hi, Sharmini. Sabah, this appears to be a surprising new development in Iraq. Muktada al-Sadeh is famous in Iraq, but no one expected him to lead a coalition to victory, explain what happened. Right. Well, the most significant thing I believe is that the class question, not the security, not Daesh. The class question took center stage in this election. The core issue here is corruption, injustice and so on. So the Sadrist coalition, Al-Sadeh Ruhm, which means the March of Revolutionary for Reform, created a non-sectarian or cross-sectarian as civil slash religious coalition between the Sadrists and the civil currents and the Iraqi common spotty. This is something new. This should have happened like 10 years ago. We both have the renews at that time. But now, you know, better late than never. This is the first significant thing about this election. The second thing I would say is that both candidates prefer it by the United States and Iran actually lost the election. Al-Maliki, Abu-Sbaridawa, the state of law and the al-Ahmeri of the people, the popular mobilization units, with his Tibetan militia. And the third thing, as you mentioned, Sharmini, this is the lowest turn out since 2005 with 45%, 45% of the vote. That means more than 55% with the Iraqi people, especially young people, the majority of the..." + 83%
"2018-05-15 23:25:08"
"Italian Populist Parties About t..."
" It's the Real News Network. I'm Greg Guilpert coming to you from Keto Ecuador. Italy's two main populist parties, the right-wing league and the anti-establishment five-star movement, are finally on the verge of forming a coalition, according to announcement made on Monday. It's been over two months since Italy held a parliamentary election that resulted in massive losses for the previously governing center-left Democratic Party. Italy's President Sercio Mattarella will soon decide on who to appoint as Prime Minister. Until recently, the main stumbling block for a coalition between the two parties was whether former Prime Minister Berlusconi and his party Forza Italia would be part of the coalition. The League and the five-star movement were able to proceed when Berlusconi said last week he and his party would not be a part of the coalition. Joining me from Toronto to analyze Italy's current political situation is Steve Helman. He's Professor Emeritus and Senior Scholar at York University in the Department of Politics. He has long specialized in Italian politics and recently wrote an extensive analysis titled Italy, Reckhiem for the Second Republic for the website socialistproject.ca. Thanks for joining us today, Professor Helman. My pleasure. So now that the five-star movement and the League have come to a coalition agreement or almost, they said the final announcement will probably be made on Wednesday. And this is without Silvia Berlusconi. What kinds of politics do you expect them to pursue for Italy? That is, it's a bit of a strange coalition considering that the League is generally considered to be right-wing and the five-star movement in some ways often considered to be progressive. Where would be their areas of agreement? Well, the one thing that's absolutely clear where they both agree is to reform and indeed they would like to radically overturn the currently existing pension law. And that has been going on for decades. Ever since they introduced neolib..." + 82%
"2018-05-15 23:16:21"
"Israel Slaughters Unarmed Palest..."
" It's The Real News, I'm Ben Norton. The Israeli military's repeated slaughter of unarmed Palestinian protesters in the illegally besieged Gaza Strip has escalated even further. At least 60 Palestinians were killed and a staggering 2,200 more were injured in a single day of bloody repression of protests on Monday, May 14th. Shocking video showed Israeli snipers intentionally firing indiscriminately at Palestinian civilians shooting to kill and to permanently disable those who survive. The Red Cross said its hospitals and doctors are overwhelmed with patients. Within the first four hours we had more than 400 patients who came injured. We spent most of the time trying to control and stop the bleeding and stabilize the patients so that they can go for surgery later. In case we're getting more injured, how are we going to take care of them? Because the doctors are overworked, nurses are overworked, we are running out of all the stock. The United Nations condemned the Israeli military's bloodiest soul. And the government of South Africa, which is a long history of solidarity with Palestinians, recalled its ambassador to Israel in protest of the slaughter. While countries throughout the world harshly condemned the Israeli massacre, however, the United States staunchly supported Israel. In fact, Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner were in Israel while the IDF was slaughtering unarmed protesters in order to open the new U.S. embassy in Jerusalem. Ivanka and Jared said nothing about the ongoing massacre of Palestinian civilians while they received blessings from a top Israeli state-backed racist rabbi who compared black people to monkeys. While joining us to discuss this scandal and the Israeli massacre of Gossens is Ali Abonema, Ali is the director and co-founder of the Electronic Interfada and the author of several books, including his latest The Battle for Justice in Palestine. Thanks for joining us, Ali. Thank you, Ben. So today we're speaking its Tuesday, May 15th, and th..." + 81%
"2018-05-15 19:50:01"
"Baltimore Ceasefire 365: The Bro..."
" The Baltimore ceasefire is happening again this weekend. Amid a recent rise in murders, the quarterly weekend called to stop murder is seeing its fourth weekend since August of 2017. Every ceasefire weekend in Baltimore brings a growing list of events that promote nonviolence. The last ceasefire weekend in February of 2018 not only saw zero murders but in the following days Baltimore went a total of 12 days without murder. On this weekend, Mother's Day weekend, a Saturday event is a pancake breakfast to honor a group that we rarely hear from as it relates to murders. The fathers were the ones who lost their children to violence. Is there a place for them to go and talk about their grief to fellowship with those who are members of a club no parent ever wants to join? We're big supporters of the Baltimore ceasefire. That's their hits on one of our pillar, one of our issues that we're really passionate about violence prevention. So we just out here to host a life-affirmative event for the community, the community together and not forget the ones who have lost loved ones to violence in the streets of Baltimore to let them know they're not alone and they have members in the community that support them. And it's letting the community know that there's people out here that cares. There was a big feeling of hopelessness. People getting killed and shot and some people felt like they were suffering alone and that they had nobody to fill their pain or understand their pain. So when they see organizations like this that actually come together that say my organization is this, his organization is this but together as a community we want to stop the violence and come together and make sure that there's peace then it's a big deal. The breakfast was organized by three groups, black fathers, banded brothers and black daddy gang. Three groups in Baltimore that promote fatherhood. All year long they promote father's building healthy relationships with their children. They work to ..." + 58%
"2018-05-15 19:09:38"
"Arms Industry Stocks Shoot up Af..."
"it's the real news I'm Ben Norton president Donald Trump unilaterally withdrew the United States on may eighth from the Iran nuclear deal which is known as the joint comprehensive plan of action or JCPOA trump then immediately move to re impose sanctions on Iranian officials and business people following the US withdrawal from the deal the stock prices of arms corporations begin to soar military military contractors such as Raytheon Lockheed Martin Boeing Northrop Grumman L. three and others saw their market value increase by hundreds of millions of dollars in a matter of a few hours this dramatic rise in weapons stocks also came at a time when Israel escalated its military attacks in Syria bombing numerous sites joining us to discuss this war profiteering is Andrew Feinstein Andrew is the executive director of corruption watch U. K. and the author of the shadow war inside the global arms trade his book was recently made into a film Andrew is also a former member of parliament for the ANC in South Africa thanks for joining us and ... great to be with so immediately after the US withdrew from the Iran deal the JCPOA media outlets here in the U. S. noted that trump's announcement was linked to a steep rise in stock value for US arms manufacturers why would investors in these companies believe that the company's sales or profits should rise due to the resumption of sanctions on Iran I think there are two primary reasons why investors were saying share prices would rise on the sort of news the first is the reality that by withdrawing from what was effectively a new tip peace deal president trump is increasing the likelihood of conflict or war with Iraq and this is simply good news for weapons make any possibility of greater conflict especially involving a wide variety of country is is very good news for the defense contractors the weapons companies I suppose that the second reason is ... this leaves that those defense contractors involved in the nuclear business ..." + 86%
"2018-05-15 14:01:19"
"43 million Live in Poverty: Poor..."
" We are standing with 37 states plus the District of Columbia against poverty, systemic racism, ecological devastation, the war economy, and the distorted moral narrative. And we are saying the time is now. We spoke with several activists that have organized this rally. I'm here because poverty is at a point of crisis, an epidemic crisis in the United States right now. Yet our politicians, our public figures aren't doing enough to address it. We have a culture in our society that blames us for being poor. Well, I guess I've been an activist for a long time, but I've gotten good at playing the game of looking like I'm not in poverty, but I'm on the edge of poverty. This has become kind of a country that has and have nots, right? And I guess I've become more keen at the game of knowing how to look like a middle class where maybe I'm struggling a little bit more than it looks. At the age of 18, I became homeless and began a chronic period of homelessness in the Baltimore City system. For four years, I waited for housing and there was nothing. Finally, after four years with a new mayor and four years of struggling through homelessness, I got an emergency section 8 voucher. Though it was much better, my living conditions were terrible. I had a bad landlord who refused to fix the leaking roof in my apartment, and because I was receiving housing assistance and they knew I had nowhere else to go, they were allowed to not fix my apartment. These are political issues and these are moral issues. America cannot deny that anymore. Well I've been involved in civil rights work since the 60s and was involved in the first pork people's campaign. So we opened up our church so that the people on the mall who are getting rained out were able to have a place to sleep. So I've been involved in this for a long time and it's about time that we revisit Martin Luther King's three general issues that he raised of racism, militarism and poverty. And we've added the degradation of the enviro..." + 45%
"2018-05-15 03:12:57"
"Is Rap Beef Responsible for Real..."
" What's up y'all, I'm Easy Jackson for the Real News Network. Today we want to talk about rap beef. What is rap beef? Hip-hop music for rappers is often a blood sport. Most times if you listen to your favorite lyricists or MC, no matter how positive they might appear, they'll always resort to their permanent form of baguadot show, sneak this and gun-toed and promises other most lethal confrontations. So it shouldn't be a surprise than in a city like Baltimore, if a murder victim happens to be a rapper or is involved with rap music in some way, the murder is often assumed to be the result of what is called rap beef. For beef has been a part of rap for ages. And it wasn't always violent. Hip-hop as a culture was founded originally as an alternative to gang violence. Ravu crews were compete with each other in the form of break dance and DJing and of course MCN. One of the earliest rap beefs involved the iconic female MC Roxanne Chante, who in 1984 sold 250,000 copies of Roxanne's revenge. He ain't really Q and he ain't great. He don't even know how to operate. He came up to me with some bulls**t back. But let me tell you something, don't you know I was right? So when he came up to me, I told him to step back. He said he poised so bad, he said, I said this is your day. He said, you mean to me, to me what MCs must have done. And this is very close to sound. See this everyday. My name is Roxanne. He ain't calling me Chante. The song was in response to the group UTF-O's song Roxanne Roxanne, which was about a fictional girl who wasn't responding to phone calls. They go that girl they call Roxanne. She's so stuck on wire. You say fat cause you wouldn't give a guy like me no rat. But she was walking down street so I said, hey, no. I don't. Can't go from UTF-O and she's so I so baby don't you know I could sing a rap dance and just won't show his off. Can't go. Mr. Stifisticator. Strong side, no ain't no spy. At the time Roxanne Chante was only 14 years old. Her song made U..." + 63%
"2018-05-15 01:21:56"
"Highest Death Toll Yet In Gaza P..."
" At least 52 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli forces and more than 2,300 others were injured in the Gaza Strip on Monday. As hundreds of thousands of armed as demonstrators gathered at the border fence which separates Gaza from Israel, ahead of the opening of the US Embassy in Jerusalem. We are going to be killed and we will be killed. According to the Palestinian Health Ministry, six of the slain Palestinians were minors under the age of 18, including one girl, while tens of Palestinian menis and journalists were among the thousands of injured. This huge crowd came in an answer to the move of the United States Administration to move the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, which means that the Administration recognizes Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and this crowd sends a rejection message to all the world that the Palestinian people will never accept that at all and they have to receive this message. And hundreds of thousands of Palestinian people are heading to the border line between Gaza and Israel in order to participate in the great march of return. Since yesterday and the most here in the Gaza Strip has been through the speakers calling and encouraging the people to head to the border line between Gaza and Israel to demand for the right of return and also to show the rejection of the latest US decision of recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and to move the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, the Palestinian factions from their side, Hamas, BLFB, DLFPSM, Jihad have been asking other supporters to also join the protest. Hamas from their side, they said in a statement that the borders of Israel are not internationally recognized, therefore they should not be respected. So the people here in Gaza tried to cross the border fence and in some areas they succeeded to cut the border fence and to enter the Palestinian occupied territories which is now called Israel. These really side responded by firing tear gas canisters and also live and ..." + 27%
"2018-05-15 00:00:54"
"Venezuela's Opposition Strategy ..."
" It's the Real News Network. I'm Sharmini Puriss coming to you from Baltimore. Venezuela and Sville Boat for a president this coming Sunday, May 20. This president election is taking place under rather complicated and difficult circumstances. The country's economic crisis marked by hyperinflation and shortages continue unabated. A large part of Venezuela's opposition parties are calling for a boycott of the vote, and the U.S. and other conservative governments in the region are saying that they will not recognize the results of this election regardless of the outcome. Meanwhile, the campaign mainly between incumbent President Nicolas Maduro and opposition challenger Henry Focon has entered its final phase. And as we can see from the following clips, both candidates are preoccupied with the economic situation in Venezuela. Here is President Nicolas Maduro. Give me 10 million votes, and I will lead you to peace, to economic prosperity, and lead Venezuela to a powerhouse, I swear. And here is opposition candidate Henry Focon. A macroeconomic stabilization plan that first tackles the problem of inflation that really goes in-depth to address the serious problem of the permanent state of decaying conditions in our state-owned company, Petrolyos de Venezuela. Joining me to discuss Venezuela's presidential campaign is Miguel Tinker-Sales. Miguel is professor of Latin American history at Pomona College in California and author of the book. Venezuela, what everyone needs to know. Thanks for joining us, Miguel. Thank you. Miguel, the opposition in Venezuela has called for a boycott, and the U.S. is saying that it won't recognize the vote no matter what. According to them, the vote is not guaranteed to be free and fair. What do you make of that conclusion prior to the election? And of course, what the outcome might be on Sunday? Well, I think they want to have it both ways. On the one hand, they want to boycott the election. They call on abstention on the part of the partici..." + 81%
"2018-05-14 22:18:24"
"Gaza Activist: Israel's Massacre..."
" It's the Real News. I'm Aaron Matte, continuing with Dr. Basem Naim, the former health minister of Gaza, who took part in the organizing for the great march overturn. So Dr. Naim, before the break, we were talking about this ceremony that coincided with the protests in Gaza today in Jerusalem, the US opening up its embassy there, fulfilling Trump's pledge to move the embassy to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv. Your thoughts on that ceremony? Very symbolic and important for Palestinians coinciding with the protests and the killings today. Really, it is a very sad day for us. First, the move of the embassy coincide with the Palestinian Nakwa, the catastrophe, where hundreds of thousands of Palestinian displaced from their homes, villages and cities outside of Palestine or partially inside other parts of Palestine, the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. Second, according to the UN resolutions which recognized Israel and accepted Israel as a member state of the United Nations, this recognition and acceptance was bound to two other conditions. First, the foundation of another state, the Palestinian state or Arab state, second to allow Palestinians to return to their homes. Therefore, the recognition of Israel as an independent state and a member state in the United Nations is bound or related immediately to the foundation of another state, which is the Palestinian state. Unfortunately, the international community led by the United States failed until today to give the Palestinians their rights of another of their own independent civilian state and to allow the Palestinians or help the Palestinians to return back to their villages and cities. Therefore, it is a sad day. Second, the United States bled along the last 25 years the role of a broker between the Palestinian and Israelis. And we have seen along the last 25 years that the United States was always, was not a neutral broker between the two parties. Sometimes we have the feeling that we are negotiating not only with the Isra..." + 77%
"2018-05-14 21:36:06"
"Gaza Activist: Israel's Massacre..."
" It's the Real News. I'm Aaron Matey. Israel has committed one of its worst massacres of Palestinians in years. At least 52 people were killed and more than 2400 wounded when Israeli forces opened fire on protesters taking part in the Great March of Return in Gaza. Israel has followed that up with airstrikes. The attacks come as US officials have gathered in Jerusalem for the opening of the US embassy there. Joining me from Gaza City is Dr. Basim Naim, former Minister of Health in Gaza, and he took part in organizing for the Great March of Return. Welcome Dr. Naim. There have been shootings of Palestinian protesters throughout the Great March of Return for the past several weeks, but today was by far the worst. I believe the death toll today surpasses the combined toll from all previous weeks. Your response to what we've seen today in Gaza? I think this was prepared massacred by the Israeli security forces because what we have seen is immediately shooting on peaceful protesters without any signs of violence from the Palestinian sides. As you might have seen in the media, thousands and thousands of peaceful protesters, men and women, elderly and children, marched towards the fence to call for freedom, for dignified and decent life. Without, as I said, any executes, they have started to shoot more than 52 killed and more than 2,400 injured. Many of them are seriously injured. Many of them will, for their rest of life, be handicapped. What do you say to Israeli officials who claim that they were acting in self-defense, that Palestinians are trying to cross their border into Israel? First, what does it mean across the borders? If you live two million Palestinians live in the biggest open air prison according to the former Prime Minister Jordan, or you live in one of the new concentration camps in the 21st century. Without any access to the outside world, poverty above 80%, unemployment around 50%, 95% of our water is poisoned and is not suitable for human being, 95% ..." + 74%
"2018-05-14 19:02:31"
"Can Carbon Pricing Reduce CO2 Em..."
"it's the real news network I'm sharmini Paris coming to you from Baltimore that's sad but not unexpected milestone was reached last April when the atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide was measured at four hundred and ten parts per million for the first time in recorded history according to the national oceanic and atmospheric administration for eight hundred thousand years for which there are records of carbon dioxide concentrations fluctuated between hundred and seventy and two hundred eighty parts per million then when the beginning of the industrial era carbon dioxide concentrations began to spike and are currently increasing steadily by two parts per million each year now according to science the evidence is clear therefore it leaving the issue of carbon emission controls to the invisible hand of the free market is not only responsible on the part of policymakers and regulators but it is down right negligent the company is responsible for polluting our air with carbon emissions have put their profits above the needs of the planet sinking us into a zone often you'll return the Paris agreement goal to limit global temperature rise from one point five to two degrees above the pre industrial levels cannot be achieved without government regulation there are many ways to restrict carbon emissions and but as long as there are companies which can profit from extracting or from burning carbon regulating it becomes extremely difficult in this political environment a new report by the political economy research institute titled carbon pricing effectiveness and equity addresses this point its author James Boyce joins us today from Amherst James K. Boyce is professor at the university of Massachusetts Amherst he is the director of the program on development peace building and the environment and political economy research institute which is also at UMass so good to have you with us James thanks for having me sharmini James let's start off with you explaining to us ..." + 90%
"2018-05-14 18:46:26"
"Official Unemployment is at 3.9%..."
" It's the Real News Network. I'm Sharmini Pyrrhus, coming to you from Baltimore. Last week, the U.S. Labor Department announced that the unemployment rate dropped to 3.9%. This is the lowest unemployment rate since 2001. Some economists predicted that it will continue to drop and reach 3.5% by the end of this year. Now President Trump has been celebrating the news, of course. In a recent tweet, he wrote, Jobs, Jobs, Jobs, Unemployment Claims have dropped to a 45-year low. Together, we are making the economy great again. However, one issue has puzzled many economists, which is why wages are not rising faster than inflation. Economic theory normally says that when unemployment is low, wages go up because there is more competition to attract workers. However, both wages and inflation remain quite low at the moment. Now President Trump himself offered an explanation six years ago to this issue before he was president when he was still a businessman. He said unemployment rate only dropped because more people are out of the labor force and have stopped looking for work. Not a real recovery, he wrote, phony numbers. So what is happening now? Why are we just stagnant while unemployment is reaching historic lows? Joining me now to explain all of this is Bob Polin. Bob is a distinguished professor of economics and he is the co-director of the Political Economy Research Institute at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. He's the author of many books relevant to this discussion is the book Back to Full Employment. Good to have you with us Bob. Great to be on. Thank you Sharmini. Bob, let's take up what the economists are saying about what's happening, the parent contradiction between low unemployment and the stagnant wages. Now, if you were to take Trump's own explanation, he says that these numbers are phony, that the economy is not in recovery. People have just stopped looking for work. What do you make of that explanation? Well, it's always been true that the headline ..." + 84%
"2018-05-14 15:49:26"
"Will Gaza March End in Israel’..."
" It's the Real News, I'm Aaron Natte, we're continuing with Norman Ficklstein, author of many books including his latest Gaza and Inquests into its martyrdom and we're talking about the great march of return in Gaza. We're coming up on something that can be really horrendous because it's been Netanyahu's practice of always looking for some sort of diversion before he carries out a massacre. And now all the pieces of unfortunately, regrettably tragically fallen into place, May 12, Trump back south of the Iran deal, May 15th, the people of Gaza has set as the date to try on mass to breach the prison gate. All the attention now is focused on Iran. There are now serious concerns about the conflict between Israel and Iran escalating to the point of no return. And it's a real possibility, whatever you think of Sayyid Nasserallah, the head of the Hezbollah, he's a very shrewd political analyst and he's not at all given to scare the country on the mongering, but on fear mongering, with the last month he said he didn't say probably, but he said there is a real possibility that the region is heading towards war. There is a real possibility. He's not said that ever before. And so we're heading towards a cataclysm and then if the cataclysm actually is realized or even if there's a gradual escalation, a massacre in Gaza on May 15th will be a footnote. It'll be in a new cycle for about five hours. Israel killed 500 Palestinians in Gaza. It'll be about five hours. It'll be more or less the equivalent of the Rabiya Square massacre that brought CC to power in Egypt. In Egypt, he killed estimates of our minimum about 1000, maybe closer to 2000. It was forgotten this morning. After the coup, over through more sea of the Muslim Brotherhood, Muslim Brotherhood supporters, and totally nonviolent civil resistance, they set up camps that wasn't the gun. There wasn't a single, I mean, not that it justifies a massacre, but the narrative we hear is that some of the Muslim Brotherhoods, the..." + 70%
"2018-05-14 09:18:09"
"Real Media: Hot Off The Press, T..."
" MUSIC Dismog UK is an investigative journalism outlet that looks into corporate wrongdoing and PR spin, predominantly around climate environmental issues, but often we really look at the political connections of the lobbying networks behind that. So a lot of the stories we cover really social justice and political stories that kind of just happened to be about environment. The fossil fuel industry has been investing billions in trying to question the veracity of climate science, and we really just want to rebalance the scales slightly. You know, they've known about this problem for decades and haven't really shared that information with public. What we want to do is cut through the PR spin, cut through the Green Rush, and reveal who these people are and what they do. We've got a big story at the moment, which is using the hashtag ShellNew. Which is basically explaining the big oil company Shell has known about climate change for decades and hasn't shared this with shareholders or the public. They know that their products and the burning of their products has a really big impact on the climate, but they continue to produce and explore fossil fuels for years. This is a really big problem of Shell because it shows firstly that you can't really trust them. If they've known about the impacts of their products on the climate for decades, but carried on acting this way, it shows you can't really trust what they're saying about being a socially progressive and company that cares about quality and cares about fairness. But also more than that, it also potentially opens up up to legal action because if they've not shared that information with their shareholders, they can be taken to court for essentially lying to the people who they're meant to be acting the interest of. Shell have had a really sophisticated advertising strategy around trying to present themselves as a green company. Now, what we now know about what they knew about the impacts of their products and climat..." + 65%
"2018-05-14 09:08:05"
"Finkelstein: Where's the Solidar..."
" It's the Real News, I'm Aaron Natte. We're continuing with Norman Ficklstein, author of many books, including his latest Gaza, An Inquest, into its martyrdom. And we're talking about the Great March of Return in Gaza. Alright Norman, so you were talking before the break a little about how The New York Times has been covering the Great March of Return. I want to stand on that theme and talk about some of the talking points Israel has put forward in trying to justify its firing on Gaza protesters, which is that these protesters pose a threat to Israeli citizens in trying to cross over from Gaza. And also that this march is the work of Hamas. So Hamas is behind the march, some of the protesters who have been killed are members of the Hamas as armed wing, which proves that this is really just an entire plot by Hamas. So can you address that? Well, first of all, the most of the human rights and media, well let's start with the human rights, the most of the human rights accounts of what's going on in Gaza, they refer to Israel's use of disproportionate force and indiscriminate force. And then the question arises, if they're accusing Israel of disproportionate force and indiscriminate force, are you implying that Israel has the right to use proportionate force and discriminate force? Oh, the law I think is pretty clear in that question. Israel doesn't have the right to use any force. Now that may sound over the top, but what is the law? Gaza is under occupation. Gaza is struggling for self-determination, the right to self-determination and statehood that's been the preeminent demand of the Palestinian movement, and that demand has been ratified by the United Nations and other responsible political institutions and agencies. So what is the law? The law is under international law, a movement struggling for self-determination or struggling to free itself of alien occupation is not prohibited from using armed force to achieve its objective. That's to say, the Palestinians ..." + 82%
"2018-05-13 10:38:23"
"Real Media: Trust, Crisis & Orga..."
"the seeds of the next crisis were being sold when we failed to manage the last financial crisis properly ... the the question really is why it hasn't happened yet are you know it has been ten years since the last financial crisis and I think the answer to that is really the way that central banks have been managing economies you know one of the things that has put the brakes on the sorts of events that we're expecting to see happen is that worse still many you know many western economies is still managing very low interest rates regimes until I think those interest rates start to shift you're not going to see the kind of unraveling that you would expect to see when the next crisis comes at the same time ... thinking back to the credit crunch and the way that that finally became public knowledge it became public knowledge when two funds sort of in at the time that they use in the industry is a blow up you know it it seems to be a very sudden event and yet for people who are invested in those particular funds ... Bear Stearns funds they have been talking about it from many months before so the thing is for those of us were not in the financial markets these conversations are probably going on now what is the big thing that will happen what is the big blow up that will then stop experts from dealing with each other because that was that that was the crux with the global financial crisis not it had nothing to do with whether the public trust in financial services that have nothing really to do with whether the government trusted financial services what stop things in their tracks was when financial expert stop trusting each other so if you're looking for an indicator to watch that's really what you need to watch isn't it it's so you know when the experts stop trusting each other so you have to keep a very very beady eye on them all the time it's tiring but you have to I've written about various forms of America's not just in my book but in other articles I thin..." + 91%
"2018-05-13 10:16:50"
"Israeli Shootings of Palestinian..."
" It's the Real News Network. I'm Sharma Neepuris coming to you from Baltimore. The Palestinian march of return in Gaza continues with tens of thousands of protesters demanding the right to leave what has become known as the world's largest open-air prison. The Gaza Strip. The protests are expected to culminate next week on May 15th, the 70th anniversary of the Palestinian Nakhba, the deportation of most of the native population of Palestine, and what has now become the state of Israel. Israel is also celebrating its formation of the state of Israel on that very day. It is going to be a sensitive one. In the meantime, in Gaza, so far, Israeli forces have killed over 50 Palestinian protesters and injured thousands. UN Special Rapporteur Michael Link has stated that what the state of Israel is doing by killing and maiming protesters by sniper fire is a violation of international law. When he was interviewed on Canadian television CTV, let's have a listen. Most of the demonstrations, in fact, are on-armed demonstrations. The violence is really coming from the fire shot at them by Israeli defense forces. Over the last five Fridays, we've had over 40 Palestinians killed by Israeli forces and over 5,000 Israeli Palestinians injured, including 1700 by live fire. Of the 1700, a number of these are devastating injuries. The doctors at the main hospitals in Gaza are reporting that high velocity ammunition has been used against them. They're reporting patients who are arriving with significant internal damage to tissue, to bone, to organs where there are narrow entry wounds by the ammunition and high velocity, large exit wounds, which I must point out probably isn't violation of international law. It's an international law for security forces of any sort to be using deadly ammunition fire against on-arm protesters. Deadly lethal fire is only permitted as a last resort, only when the lives or safety of the security forces are an imminent threat of either danger or death. It d..." + 81%
"2018-05-13 06:42:48"
"Atmospheric CO2 Concentration at..."
" It's the Real News Network. I'm Greg Wilpert coming to you from Keto, Ecuador. This week, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration announced that for the first time in recorded history, the average monthly level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere reached 410 parts per million. For 800,000 years, carbon dioxide concentrations fluctuated between 170 and 280 parts per million. The last time CO2 concentration was as high as it is now was at least 2 to 4 million years ago during the Pleiocene era. During that time, sea levels were 60 to 80 feet higher than they are now. Does reaching this new record of 410 parts per million mean that we can expect sea levels to rise as high as they were during the Pleiocene again? Well, joining me to discuss the meaning of this new record is Professor Michael Mann. Professor Mann is Director of the Earth Science Systems Center at Penn State University. His latest book, Guaathard with Tom Tolls, is titled The Mad House Effect, How Climate Change is Now Threatening Our Planet, Destroying Our Politics and Driving Us Crazy. Thank you for joining us again, Professor Mann. Now, thank you. Good to be with you. So we always hear that greater concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is linked to global warming. Indeed, according to the National Oceanic-Admospheric Administration, the average global temperature last March was the fifth highest ever recorded. But just how closely is CO2 concentration correlated with global average temperatures? And what does 410 parts per million mean for global temperatures in the next 30 or so years? Yeah, on pretty much all time scales that we can resolve in the climate record, whether we're talking about the past geological periods, like the Cretaceous Period, where CO2 levels were very high and the planet was very warm. There was no ice on the planet or the cooling that occurred subsequent to that period over subsequent tens of millions of years, or the dramatic warming that we are see..." + 83%
"2018-05-12 00:52:25"
"Death Toll for Gaza's March of R..."
" elyn only one Palestinian was killed by Israeli forces and over 700 were entered on Friday as thousands of gas AST still the Israeli target for the seventh weekKIhei of the great return marsh Protests. espa lan Theater of Islam, . chilly entre op bing zaten prototyp who are killed by his resources and political prisoners is rarely heard his written terms hass ape of ongoing protest dy aver MS adventures . sevent eighty shred 77 esp Emergency h lang asant every chyisticsressands bede demiAP ait Battery cuss wenig have been coming here to the borderline between Gaza and Israel to protest and to show the international community that they reject the latest US decision of recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and moving the US NPC from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. have been here to this Malakakam which is one of five basic camps that has been set up along the borderline between Gaza and Israel. Here we witnessed Israeli forces firing tear gas canisters and also rubber bullets towards Palestinian protesters. have been here to protest and to show the Palestinian government that they reject Palestinian protesters. " + 1%
"2018-05-11 23:55:57"
"Ray McGovern: Senate Intelligenc..."
" Welcome back to my conversation with Ray McGovern. Ray McGovern is a former Army Infantry Intelligence Officer and then served as a CIA analyst for 27 years from the Kennedy Presidency to the George H.W. Bush Presidency. Raised duties included chairing the National Intelligence Estimates and preparing for the President's Daily Brief, which included briefing President Ronald Reagan. He joins us today from Washington, DC. I thank you so much for joining us again, Ray. Thanks for having me. All right, Ray. So I have supposed hearings to confirm her as the head of the CIA is underway and in segment one, we showed your opposition to her appointment as such. But many people think this is a foregone conclusion in terms of her appointment that you gravely objected to. I want further information as to why we should oppose her candidacy. But before we do that, let's have a look at another exchange at her hearing. Do you believe in hindsight that those techniques were immoral? Senator, what I believe sitting here today is that I support the higher moral standard we have decided to hold ourselves to. Please answer the question. Senator, I think I've answered the question. No, you've not. Do you believe the previous techniques now armed with hindsight? Do you believe they were immoral? Yes or no? Senator, I believe that we should hold ourselves to the moral standard outlined in the Army field menu. Okay, so I understand that you've not answered the question, but I'm going to move on. All right, Ray. In segment one, you took the position that these torture tactics used by the CIA doesn't work for various reasons. So give us, let's start there. Let's talk about your evidence that this doesn't work because, as you said, in segment one, it is Hollywood that leads you to believe that the torture tactics work because we see it again and again and we know there is proof that there is such a collaboration between CIA and FBI and US policies and what Hollywood actually shows us in so..." + 82%
"2018-05-11 23:43:28"
"Ray McGovern: Gina Haspel Superv..."
" It's the Real News Network. I'm Sharmini Pures, coming to you from Baltimore. I hope by now you have seen the brave whistleblower, Ray McGuvan, former Army Infantry Intelligence Officer who then served as CIA analyst for 27 years from the Kennedy Presidency to the George H.W. Bush Presidency raised duties back then included chairing the National Intelligence estimates and preparing the President's Daily Brief, which included briefing President Ronald Reagan. He was Reagan's five more senior national security advisors from 1981 to 1985. Well, two days ago in an act of civil disobedience, Ray McGuvan protested the confirmation of Gina Haspel, SCIA's director. Here is what happened. Stop resisting. Stop resisting. Stop resisting. Stop resisting. And in many respects, in many respects, you guys going to see for quite a few. Yes, you are. Give me your arm. Give me your arm. It's this little period, man. Give me your arm. My left arm. Give me your arm. My left arm is this. Okay, then. Give me your arm. Stop hurting him. I'm trying to stand. My left arm is. I'm not a terrorist. I'm a CIA. I'm a drone one of the seven years of analyst and operations. Now sit up, sir. What a party. And ever. Ray McGuvan joins us today from Washington, DC. Ray, thank you for joining us. Thanks for inviting me. So, Ray, it looks like you won the win to some torture of your own there. How is your arm and tell us what happened to you once you were taken into custody? Well, you have this chronic dislocation from my left shoulder from a basketball injury, but luckily it didn't go out this particular time. I did suffer the bruises from from and the cuts from, you know, the steel handcuffs and that kind of thing. But I'll survive. You know, we make a joke in the Bronx about when this happens to somebody we say you should see the other guy. The hospital right now, I make a joke, of course. All right, you're being funny, Ray, but how long were you in custody and what happened during that period? W..." + 81%
"2018-05-11 23:21:33"
"Israel's Violence on Gazans' Non..."
" It's the Real News, I'm Aaron Nette. May 15th is the culmination of the Great March of Return, where for weeks now Palestinians have been marching on the Gaza fence, calling for their basic rights and end to the Israeli blockade, and the right of return to the homes from which they were expelled in 1948. Israel has fired on these protests every single week, killing at least 40 Palestinians and injuring thousands more. And here with me to discuss is Norman Finkelstein. He is the author of many books, including his latest Gaza and Inquests into its martyrdom. Norman, welcome. Thank you for having me. Thanks for joining us. So talk about what's at stake with the final stage of the Great March of Return. Well, I think the most important thing is to put the March in its historic context. Seventy years ago, this coming May 15th began the expulsion of Palestinians from what became the state of Israel. And so the beginning of the process, which is culminating this week, was the creation of the Palestinian refugee question, and 70% of the population of Gaza constituted by refugees and their children who are also classified as refugees under the UN system. So the beginning of the process is expulsion. And then half century ago, Gaza came under Israeli occupation. And it was from the very beginning a very brutal occupation. The worst massacres were presided over at the time by Ariel Sharram. So now you have expulsion on top of that. You have occupation. And then beginning in 2006, you have the siege of Gaza, the blockade, after Hamas won the parliamentary elections, Israel, and followed by the US and the EU imposed a medieval like siege, a blockade of Gaza, which an illegal, immoral, and human siege of Gaza. And then you have the expulsion, the occupation, the blockade. And then on top of that, you have these periodic massacres visited on Gaza. Since 2004, there have been not one, not two, not three, not four, not five, not six, not seven, eight, eight massacres visited on..." + 80%
"2018-05-11 23:07:37"
"The Marc Steiner Show: Paul Coates"
"welcome folks this is mark Steyn ... right here on the mark Steiner show on the real news network then the studio we have somebody who's ... full disclaimer along a friend for a long long long time ... Paul cook's Paul Coates is the founder of black classic press ... he is a businessman here in the city ... he was back in the sixties and early seventies defense captain for Black Panther party here in Baltimore but ... sometimes when people use my friend Paul that's what they say and he's a lot more than that much time has passed when I just had this revolutionary war but we still are in some levels welcome Paul good to see you Hey mark glad to be here with me really glad so I really want so this is the fortieth anniversary of the black classic press that you found it thanks bye so I wanted I wanna take it back no one takes it back to your passion for black people and people and justice and how books tied into that mmhm and why you've got in your you've restored by starting a bookstore right actually ... mark we started with the George Jackson prison movement that's right and that's right was right because that was because in coming out of the Panthers I was pretty much lost in ... had no idea what I was going to do with this political energy that is generated in the path of the party and also knew that I still had comrades who were incarcerated and it's been a lot of time working with them and work with people who were in the jails cross country and I wanted to do something in the jails and came back to Baltimore got with the it's about five or six guys we were together and we ... argued all the time politically about everything that opens and you know one of them was a text ... pan Africanist one wasn't X. Marxism socialism X. I don't know well and I knew I was in the process so so we we would philosophizing about how the world and what we had to do for the workers and all the same and we never got anything done I propose that we do a prison ..." + 90%
"2018-05-11 12:50:13"
"Can Gaza Survive the Occupation ..."
" It's the Real News Network. I'm Sharmini Pyrriss coming to you from Baltimore. The Gaza Strip is home to nearly two million Palestinians, most of them refugees and the children and the grandchildren of refugees who were deported in 1948 from what became the state of Israel. As the great march of return continues with tens of thousands of Palestinians protesting, the Israeli occupation and demanding the right of return to their homes, the Israeli military responds with lethal force in an attempt to break up the demonstrations killing over 50 protesters so far and injuring thousands. It may help at this time for us to understand why the Palestinians are struggling and want to continue their protests in the face of Israeli state violence and to understand how Israeli policies of occupation have shaped the Gaza Strip both socially and economically in the last 51 years. And especially in the last 11 years under a tight military blockade. To discuss all of this, I'm being joined by Sari Bashi. She's written a chapter in a very important book titled Moment of Truth, Tackling Israel Palestine's toughest questions. It's edited by Jamie Stern Weiner. And I should say Sari Bashi is also co-founder and former executive director of the Israeli Human Rights Organization, Gisha, which is a legal center for freedom of movement. I thank you so much for joining us, Sari. Thank you for having me. Sari, there are numerous reports about majority of the water supply in Gaza being unfit to drink. Now Gaza itself is becoming almost an uninhabitable place. And you say by 2020, it will be. So Gaza is also the most dependent area in the world. So I guess all of this combined with what is going on, which is many, many, many young people, thousands of them protesting, demanding the return to their land in Palestine. And to, of course, to be able to leave the Gaza strip. So I guess the question you're trying to address in your chapter is, can Gaza survive? Can it? In terms of Gaza, I'm glad ..." + 74%
"2018-05-11 12:50:29"
"Gaza on the Brink (2/2)"
" Welcome back to my conversation with Sari Barshi. She is the author of a chapter in a book Moment of Truth, Tackling Israeli Palastines, toughest questions. Good to have you back, Sari. Thank you for having me. Sorry, the humanitarian organizations such as Anma and the World Health Organization. Now, when they publish reports from time to time, they talk about the living conditions and gauze, are focusing on the humanitarian catastrophe. But in your paper, however, you focus on the living conditions, but the right to those living conditions, the right to work, the right to produce, to trade and to travel. This is a point which is often neglected in the humanitarian reports. Why is this so important for us to understand? One thing to keep in mind is that the situation in Gaza is manmade. It's not as if an earthquake has swept through it and, oh, my goodness, now we have to issue humanitarian relief. What is happening is that Gaza is being systematically de-developed. People are being denied the right to engage in productive work because they can't get their goods out to markets and may themselves not allow to travel or get proper inputs in in order to produce. The water system and the electricity system are deteriorating rapidly because of unequal allocations of resources and bad behavior on behalf of the Israeli and Palestinian authorities. So for example, last year, the Palestinian Authority, which is supposed to purchase electricity from Israel, decided that it was going to cut for a long period of time electricity to Gaza by 30 percent. So it asked the Israeli authorities to do so, which was wrong, and then the Israeli authorities agreed to do so, which was also wrong. And people in Gaza had electricity for about four hours a day, which is impossible in an urban, densely populated area like Gaza, where electricity is needed to climb a 10-story building or pump water to homes and run hospitals. So yes, the humanitarian situation is very worrying. But it has a ..." + 78%
"2018-05-11 04:15:51"
"Who Hired an Israeli Spy Firm to..."
" If the real news, I'm Aaron Matey, President Trump's withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal fulfills a long-time quest for years Trump has railed against the agreement, and the Obama administration officials who reached it. While now more detail has emerged on the campaign by the deal's opponents to undermine it. This past weekend, the observer revealed that the Israeli intelligence firm Black Cube was hired to wage a smear campaign against a number of key figures behind the deal, including Obama White House officials. Black Cube is the same company, hired by Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein, to silence the women who came forward with allegations against him of rape and other sexual abuses. While my next guest was targeted by the Black Cube operation, Trey Duparcy is president of the National Iranian American Council, an author of losing an enemy, Obama, Iran, and the triumph of diplomacy. So Trey, tell us about this firm Black Cube and how you were targeted as part of their operation against Obama administration officials who took part in the Iran nuclear deal. Well, so as you know, I give a lot of interviews. I had just come out with a book last summer, and I was contacted by this journalist who or said it was a journalist who wanted to talk to me about Iran and the nuclear deal, and I had a conversation with him, didn't think much of it. The conversation was quite ordinary at least in the beginning, but then he was kind of pushing a conspiracy theory that Obama administration had financial incentives to strike the nuclear deal, which I had seen personally no evidence for. Now, I was an informal advisory administration. I had plenty of conversations with him throughout this episode. And I pushed back against that, but I didn't think much more of it until this past Saturday or Sunday. I get a phone call, I get contacted by Ronan Farah, who reads back to me a part of that conversation I had with that journalist, because he had a transcript of it and it explains t..." + 49%
"2018-05-11 04:11:16"
"Mexico's Presidential Campaigns ..."
" It's the Real News Network, I'm Sharmini Puriss, coming to you from Baltimore. Mexico's presidential campaign is in full gear at the moment with the election scheduled for July 1. Leftist candidate Andres Manuel Lopez Aburdo, also known by his initials Amlo, remains the front runner with a 20-point lead in many opinion polls. However, as election day approaches, Mexico's business class and the financial sector seemed to be showing signs of nervousness two weeks ago, the business press was full of headlines warning that Mexico's currency, the peso, is devaluing because of the prospect that Amlo might win the election. Meanwhile, crime and murders of local political candidates are also making headlines. Over 90 local candidates for office have been killed thus far. Amlo addressed the issue during a forum on Tuesday. Here's what he said. We are going to invite Pope Francis. We are going to invite the United Nations Secretary General Antonio Gutierrez. We are going to invite representatives from international bodies for the defense of human rights so that, together with the international specialists like you all, together with victims and their family members, we can come up with a plan, together to get peace in the country. Joining me now to discuss Mexico's presidential campaign is John Ackerman. John is a professor at National Autonomous University of Mexico, UNAAM, an editor in chief of the Mexican law review and a columnist for the publication La Honoda and a process of good to have you back with us, John. Thank you, Sarmine, a pleasure as always. Muchos saludos. All right, John. Let's start with Amlo's plan to address violence in Mexico. He said he would invite the Pope a very good political move and that he would invite other experts and have conversations with the families that are affected by all of this violence. That sounds like a good beginning. But certainly not a plan to address the magnitude of the problem in Mexico. Apparently, 2017 was the most viol..." + 83%
"2018-05-11 04:06:19"
"How The Trump Administration Pla..."
" The Trump presidency has been no friend to people in this country struggling to make ends me. From proposed work requirements for Medicaid to plan cuts to food assistance, the current administration has made it clear Americans who can least afford it are on their own. And nowhere has this been made more clear than a series of proposals to increase rents for people who rely on federal help to get by. Proposing an urban development secretary, Dr. Ben Carson has made a stunning proposal to raise rents across the board for those who receive rental assistance. According to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, the move would quote, raise rents by an average of 44 percent on more than 4 million low income households. It's a proposal that would have broad impact, especially in our city Baltimore, that is home to 11,000 public housing units. To help us understand the far reaching implications, we're joined by Will Fisher from the Center on Budget and Policy, a Washington-based think tank. Will is a senior policy analyst who worked in the Center in 2002. His work focuses on federal low income housing programs, including section 8 vouchers, public housing, and the low income housing tax credit. Well, thank you so much for joining us. But before we get started, we have a package on how this policy change will affect low income housing residents. This is Teagram reporting for the Real News Network in Baltimore City, Maryland. Dr. Ben Carson wants to raise the rents in public housing, just like this, but the people who live here have a message for them. Sometimes it's hard to measure the consequences of Trump's policy decisions on low income Americans in personal terms. We wanted to get a sense of the fallout from another move proposed by Trump, raising rents on residents of subsidized housing. He's in a plan announced by housing and urban development head, Dr. Ben Carson, with little fanfare. But analysts say this policy could raise rents on the country's poorest citi..." + 81%
"2018-05-10 23:09:51"
"US-China Secret Trade Negotiatio..."
"it's the real news network I'm sharmini Paris coming to you from Baltimore commemorating the two hundred years since the birth of Karl Marx a large ceremony was held in Beijing China on Friday residents sheeting being held a speech on the occasion he called on all party members to read Marx's works to understand Marxism as a way of life and spiritual pursuit and added that Marxism remains totally correct for China today languishes jeep what's your then they show me five in the GTA ... shouldn't could've been hi mark this is the means of United sessions it could be Saddam and ... syncing mocks the Cher show all United signed Florida y'all yet not to need one mom how does Marxism sit with the neo liberal ideology promoting free international trade ten day in fact coexist how does she Jing ping vision his plans this question becomes especially partisan now as the U. S. has laid down a list of trade demands with China it wants to cut China's trade surplus with the U. S. from two hundred billion dollars per year two hundred billion dollars president Donald Trump also continues to threaten China with increased tariffs as it was done recently with steel despite the demands of by the U. S. and the Chinese response remains measured on to talk about all of this with me today is David costs he's a professor of economics at the university of Massachusetts Amherst and the author of the rise and fall of neo liberal capitalism it's a Harvard University press publication ... and the paperback edition is ... it been issued in twenty seventeen thanks for joining us today David I'm glad to be with you shortly so David you were one of the privileged people who were present it when shooting pain actually gave that speech on the two hundredth anniversary of the birth of Karl Marx and give us a sense of what it felt like to be there and of course what president xi jin ping actually set well it was a long speech it over an hour it covered a lot of ground to a huge audience Musta..." + 85%
"2018-05-10 22:49:16"
"Argentina Turns to IMF, Despite ..."
" It's the Real News Network. I'm Greg Wilpert coming to you from Keto Ecuador. Argentina's neoliberal president Mauricio Macri announced on Wednesday that his government is requesting a $30 billion credit line from the International Monetary Fund. The announcements sparked immediate rejection from large parts of Argentine society and demonstrations against the move were organized the same day. The reason Macri's announcement to go to the IMF was so controversial is that many, perhaps most Argentines blame the IMF for the country's massive economic crisis of 2001, when poverty skyrocketed within a matter of months. Here's what a leader of Argentina's education workers union had to say on Wednesday's protest. We've already lived through this. We don't want to go back to the International Monetary Fund. 80% of Argentina is opposed to the president's statements, and that's why we're getting mobilized. So what happened? Why is Argentina heading to the IMF again? Joining me to explore this and related questions is Mark Weisbrot. Mark is the co-director of the Center for Economic and Policy Research and is the author of the book Failed. What the experts got wrong about the global economy. Thanks for joining us again, Mark. Thanks, Greg. Are you good to be here? So, Macri came into office in 2015, December 2015, promising to apply neoliberal reforms to Argentina. So one would think that capital markets would play along with him and make things easier in some sense. But still, the Argentine currency has dropped almost 20% since the beginning of the year, and despite raising interest rates to 40%, Macri has not been able to stop the slide. So why is Argentina now going to the IMF, and what is the significance of doing this? Well, I think there's a number of reasons he would go to the IMF. I mean, first of all, like you said, he set up this whole kind of neoliberal program, which inflation targeting, which means the central bank doesn't, is not supposed to pay any attention..." + 79%
"2018-05-10 16:07:30"
"Whistleblowers Denounce Trump's ..."
" It's The Real News, I'm Ben Norton. Donald Trump's nominee for the new director of the CIA, Gina Haspel, was grilled in a Senate confirmation hearing on Wednesday, May 9th. Haspel is notorious for overseeing a so-called black site that is an overseas prison where detainees were tortured by the CIA. He will also participate in the destruction of evidence documenting this torture at a black site in Thailand. On the day of her hearing, 115 former U.S. ambassador since a letter to the Senate expressing opposition to her nomination, the former diplomats wrote that the Senate should thoroughly investigate Haspel, and if she, quote, played a role in torture or other forms of detainee abuse, or the destruction of evidence relating to such activities, we urge you to reject her nomination, end quote. And the Senate hearing Haspel repeatedly refused to say whether or not the CIA's past use of torture was immoral. Senator, I believe that CIA officers to whom you referred. It's a yes or no answer. Do you believe the previous interrogation techniques were immoral? I'm not asking do you believe they were legal? I'm asking do you believe they were immoral? Senator, I believe that CIA, the extraordinary work to prevent another attack on this country given the legal tools that we were authorized to use. Yes or no? That is Gina Haspel, the CIA director nominee at the Senate confirmation hearing. Numerous whistleblowers have spoken out against Haspel's nomination. Former CIA officer Ray McGuvern disrupted the Senate hearing in protest of Haspel's nomination. This violently brutalized the 84 year old CIA whistleblower on camera. X CIA analyst John Karyaku, who was imprisoned for exposing the CIA's use of torture, has also publicly opposed Haspel's nomination. And NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden likewise tweeted, quote, if the Congress confirms Gina Haspel, who admitted to participating in a torture program and impersonally writing the order to destroy evidence of that crime, is qua..." + 79%
"2018-05-10 16:07:32"
"Nomination of Torturer for CIA D..."
" It's the Real News, I'm Ben Norton. This is part two of our discussion with Robert Scheer who is the editor-in-chief of Truth Dig and a long-time award-winning journalist. We are discussing the Senate confirmation hearing for Gina Haspel, who is likely going to be the next CIA director. Under former President George W. Bush, Haspel oversaw the use of torture at a CIA black site in Thailand and the destruction of evidence that proved that torture happened. We're going to continue our conversation here where we left off last time discussing the scandal of President Trump nominating a torturer for the next CIA chief. I want to say something about the Senate committee also. They did, by the way, you mentioned that I was once the editor of Grandparts magazine. The reason that the Senate Intelligence Committee was formed to do this kind of surveillance of the CIA is that Grandparts magazine, and followed by others and people like Si Hurst started, we were able to expose that the CIA was violating its charter. It was interfering in domestic politics. It was engaging in fundamentally anti-democratic activities, small-d democracy. And so we did some prize-winning, wonderful journalism at Grandparts, and they went after us. And the response of some very good people in Congress, most notably Senator Frank Church from Idaho, was to begin to try to control that agency, okay, and make them accountable. So you have the Senate Intelligence Committee trying to do that around torture. And what happened, it's been forgotten here in these hearings, but the fact is that their operation in trying to assess what the CIA did was invaded by the CIA. Their files were broken into. They were denied, or they were lied to, while they were doing their own work. So the members of that committee are quite familiar with how devious and corrupt the CIA has been. And to now go along, and there will be Democrats going along, unfortunately. And Leon Pineda, who covered for the CIA, was a Democrat. A..." + 81%
"2018-05-10 14:00:25"
"As Trump Takes Aim, Israel Hits ..."
" It's the Real News, I'm Aaron Matey. And with drawing from the Iran nuclear deal, President Trump is not just re-imposing sanctions on Iran, but threatening to impose them on any countries that continue to do business with it. We will be instituting the highest level of economic sanction. Any nation that helps Iran and its quest for nuclear weapons could also be strongly sanctioned by the United States. America will not be held hostage to nuclear blackmail. Iran says it will continue to respect the deal for now. But speaking today, Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatoll Khamenei said that without strong guarantees from France, Germany, and Britain, Iran will be forced to withdraw. Which makes the path forward pretty clear, unless Trump's European allies stand up to him, the Iran deal will likely collapse. What comes next is far less clear, except for the increased likelihood of military conflict. Tritoparsi is President of the National Iranian-American Council and author of losing an enemy, Obama, Iran, and the triumph of diplomacy. The US now re-imposing sanctions that also could target European companies that do business with Iran. What kind of pressure will Europe be facing from the US? Well, it's not good. It would. These European companies that are doing legal trade with Iran will be subjected to American sanctions. And if the Europeans want to avoid this scenario, they will have to essentially threaten to counter-sanction the United States. And as a result, forced the Trump administration to back off. The Europeans have successfully done that before. But that was more than two decades ago. So either way, the reason we're here now is because the Europeans, to the extent possible, have tried to avoid a direct confrontation with Trump, even though they're in complete disagreement on many things, everything from Paris to now the Iran nuclear deal. But at some point, they may very well be forced to actually stand up for their own sovereignty. And that's going to be cost..." + 75%
"2018-05-10 11:12:02"
"Iran Restrained in Face of US-Is..."
" It's the Real News Network. I'm Sharmini Pures, coming to you from Baltimore. On Tuesday, President Trump withdrew the U.S. from the Iran nuclear agreement, known as a joint comprehensive plan of action. G-C-P-O-A, as it's commonly referred to. He did so without presenting a single shred of evidence. That Iran had failed to uphold the agreement. In fact, his own military advisors have reported that Iran is, like actually, in compliance. And yet, Trump made assertions that Israeli intelligence and Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had uncovered hidden evidence that Iran is continuing to develop an nuclear weapons program. The presentation titled Iran Lied Made by Prime Minister Netanyahu, projected across the world on social media, has been completely discredited by experts, including the award winning, that's the Nobel Prize winning agency IAEA, who has responsibility for oversight of Iran's compliance. A former weapons inspector that I spoke with last week, Robert Kelly, said that Netanyahu's claims were baseless and childish. He used to work at the IAEA. Now in carefully worded assertions, Trump said that U.S. UK Germany were all united in their belief. Let's listen. Last week, Israel published intelligence documents long concealed by Iran, conclusively showing the Iranians regime and its history of pursuing nuclear weapons. Over the past few months, we have engaged extensively with our allies and partners around the world, including France, Germany, and the United Kingdom. We have also consulted with our friends from across the Middle East. We are unified in our understanding of the threat and in our conviction that Iran must never acquire a nuclear weapon. Now shortly after Trump's statement, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said that Iran would remain committed to the multinational nuclear deal despite Donald Trump's decision to pull out. If we come to the conclusion that with the collaboration of five countries, it is feasible to attain what the I..." + 73%
"2018-05-10 11:12:05"
"US Sanctions Against Iran and It..."
" Welcome back to my conversation with James Dorsey about US pulling out of the Iran nuclear agreement. James Dorsey is a senior fellow at S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies at Singapore's Nan Yang Technical University and he's also a syndicated columnist and the author of the blog The Turbulent World of Middle East Soccer. Good to have you back, James. Pleasure to be with you. All right, James. In the first segment you mentioned that pulling out of this agreement is more than trying to contain Iran's nuclear program, that it is also about Iran's ballistic missile program and containing its military capacity period, a program that Israel once contained altogether. Can you elaborate on that? Let me just emphasize it. It's not just the desire of Israel, but it's also the desire of Saudi Arabia. And the United Arab Emirates. Essentially, what this is about is containing Iran. To contain Iran, the Israelis and the Saudis feel that you have to do two things. You have to deliver it if not dismantle their ballistic missiles program and you have to reduce their regional role. Now the problem with that is that the Iranian defense strategy is centered on medium and short range ballistic missiles. The Iranian Air Force, as is the Iranian military in general, has been hampered by the sanctions over many years. So they are using a US-built F-force, US-built F-15s and often have to cannibalize to keep those things in the air. Their naval force is primarily fast, small, sea crafts that can be very disruptive, but they don't have a really full flimsy navy. So their whole defense strategy is built on missiles. They will not and cannot surrender their missile program without essentially emasculating their military defense capabilities. By the same token, in many ways you could argue that Israeli and Iranian defense strategy have one thing in common. They both don't want to fight their battles on their own territory. They want to fight their battles across borders. Israel..." + 82%
"2018-05-10 02:25:28"
"In Primaries, Democratic Progres..."
" It's the real news. I'm Aaron Matey continuing with Nina Turner, former Ohio State Senator and president of our revolution. And we're talking about the first big primary day of 2018 and how it fares for Democrats in this contentious primary season. Senator Turner, I wanted to reach you a headline from the New York Times today talking about a new group of Democratic donors and it's called big donors form new alliance to seize House from Republicans. And it's talking about a group of wealthy Democrats in New York launching something called the House Victory Fund where for entry donors can pay $108,000 to go to a new fund that will support a group of House Democratic candidates that have already been selected. And some of the donors include Robert Rubin. He's the former Treasury Secretary under Bill Clinton, Roger Altman, the former Deputy Treasury Secretary of the Clinton administration and two investment bankers who are major Democratic fundraisers, Devon Perrek and Blair Efron. This group has already selected Democrats candidates who they favor in November. The problem you're looking at this article is that some of these candidates haven't even won their primaries yet. And before the break we were talking about how you were saying that this race should not be bought. I'm just wondering your reaction to this news of another group of powerhouse Democrats already throwing their money into the ring before even some primaries have been held. Yeah and again this is part of the problem. I won't say it's all of the problem. People certainly have a right in this country whether they're wealthy or not, ultra wealthy or not to be able to weigh in. But what we don't want and what the Supreme Court has laid out in two cases, one in particular citizen is United that money is speech. And we have to turn that around or we're going to continue to get things like this where the ultra wealthy can get together and pile up money and decide who should, you know, who are the people wh..." + 78%
"2018-05-10 02:25:26"
"In Primaries, Democratic Progres..."
" It's the Real News. I'm Aaron Matek. The first big primary day of 2018 has been held with votes in Ohio, West Virginia, Indiana, and North Carolina. For Democrats, it's the first major test of the very contentious battle for the soul of the party, pitting Bernie Sanders' style progressives on one side versus establishment candidates backed by party leaders. This is a fight we're covering very closely here in the Real News, and Joanna Mita discuss is Meena Turner, former Ohio State Senator and president of our revolution. Senator Turner, welcome. Let's start with the governor race on the Democratic side in your state, Ohio, where you campaigned for Dennis Kucinich and is running mate to our samples against Richard Cordray, who is the former head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Cordray was endorsed by party figures, including Elizabeth Warren. Kucinich lost, and now you're hearing some pundits and Democratic voices saying that this loss by Kucinich, who is a staunch progressive backed by the Bernie Sanders wing, is a sign that progressives and their far left message is not going to fare well in reaching voters in key states like Ohio. Your thoughts on that? Yes, thank you, Aaron. And of course they would say that. Those of us on the progressive side should not be surprised that they would say that Congressman Kucinich and his running mate, Council of Materimals, the samples, they ran a really great campaign. They stood in the ready position for those ideas that we hold dear on the progressive side. And the fact that the matter is that the congressman really did not get into this race till the mid part of January. So he really had four months to run this race with Council of Materimals samples in 88 counties to try to do what he could to penetrate and to get his message through. And as you laid out all of the establishment dams, no surprise there, did not support him in his vision and his candidacy, this in no way stops the progressive movement at all,..." + 82%
"2018-05-10 00:21:44"
"Doctors say the Closure of Frank..."
" The decision to close a critical pediatric unit in one of Baltimore's low-income neighborhoods was met with controversy on Tuesday. MedStar hospitals decided to shutter its pediatric department and emergency pediatric department in Franklin Square outside of Baltimore, and layoff dozens of staff, which prompted outrage at a rally on the afternoon of May 8th. The company did not respond to multiple requests for an interview or comment for this story. Doctors and community members say the closest hospital with pediatric departments is almost a dozen miles away, which can endanger children's health, says Dr. Max Romano. I take care of patients across the street from the hospital, kids and adults, and I used to take care of kids in that hospital. And I'm terrified, and next week there's a six-week-old that's going to walk into my office with a fever and have in trouble breathing. And I'm going to have to put them in an ambulance, and they're going to have to travel 20 or 30 minutes across town to see a pediatrician to take care of them. I'm terrified, and it's either going to happen next week or the week after that, or the week after that, it's going to happen. And I'm terrified somebody's going to come in with a seizure. Anna Reed, one of the doctors laid off at Franklin Square, says MedStar must rethink its decision. Dangerous. They're already dangerous. We've already heard lots of stories of bad outcomes. The reason that we were given that the unit was closing, that this was happening, was that it was a business decision. It was a purely business decision. And to me, that means that they're looking at their bottom line. It doesn't look good. They look for something to cut, and they decided that this was it. A sentiment echoed by families of patients, doctors and advocates gathered at the event, who said MedStar is putting profits over the health of its patients. The Franklin Square for years has been an integral part of our child protection team. The child abuse ..." + 68%
"2018-05-10 00:18:20"
"Police Brutalize 78-Year-Old CIA..."
" When veteran CIA officer Ray McGovern protested at the Senate confirmation hearing for Gina Haspel, President Donald Trump's nominee for CIA director, Capitol Police responded by violently brutalizing the 78-year-old whistleblower. Stop resisting! Stop resisting! Stop resisting! Stop resisting! And in many respects, in many respects, you guys going to the secret right now! Coming-iding decision-making, right now! Stop resisting! And in your arm!atge-arm- -time. I'm not harder than that! My inner arm is under scared. Okay Edzas' Sister! The govern worked as a CIA analyst for 27 years and prepared the presidential daily brief for Ronald Reagan. Since leaving the agency, the govern has become an outspoken activist. He disrupted the Senate confirmation hearing for Gina Hespo on Wednesday, May 9. The govern condemned Hespo for overseeing a CIA black site, a secret prison in Thailand where detainees were tortured, and where the CIA destroyed evidence of that torture. Ali McCracken, a campaigner for Amnesty International, captured shocking video of the police violently pulling the elderly CIA whistleblower out of the hearing. The human rights campaigner told the police, quote, shame on you for hurting him, that was unnecessarily excessive. The govern told the cops, quote, I wish you wouldn't beat up an old man. Get me to leave your arms. Arm is Stop hurting him I'm trying to stand my left arm is I'm not fighting I'm on the ground And if you let me get my glasses man, I can see what's happening. You're hurting you guys are hurting me Stop hurting you I'm immobilized. I'm immobilized. You're gonna dislocate my shoulder again Look would you pick up my glasses before your stuff on them? Why does it hurt my head? We'll get you up first sir How about giving me a new pen? We're gonna get you up first and we're gonna talk about it all right? I can stand up by myself. Hey, what's the good you want? She's wanting you for hurting him. I'm not a terrorist. I'm a CIA. I love this. ..." + 37%
"2018-05-09 22:43:21"
"How 'American Exceptionalism' Is..."
" It's The Real News. I'm Ben Norton. This is part two of my interview with the activist and journalist David Swanson. We're discussing his new book, Curring Exceptionalism, which is about the disease, if you will, of American exceptionalism. And the first part we discussed how American exceptionalism is ultimately a political ideology that does not have its basis in empirical facts. We talked about how, according to international metrics, so many metrics, poverty, incarceration, public health, all inequality, education, the United States is nowhere near the top. And in fact, not only is it nowhere near the top of other developed imperialist nations, but also just internationally in general for the entire world when it comes to things like incarceration, the US is totally at the bottom of the list of the entire world. In this part, we'll be discussing the damages caused by American exceptionalism. And then we'll also discuss what David thinks are some solutions, the cures, if you will, to American exceptionalism. David Swanson is a journalist activist organizer and educator. He is the director of the peace group World Beyond War. He is also the host of talk nation radio and the author of several books. Thanks for joining us David. Glad to be here. So in part three of your book, you know, you discuss the dangers and the damages of American exceptionalism. What do you think some of those dangers and damages are? Well, we touched on this a bit. Last time I think that when you limit your thinking to one country and identify one country as the source of all wisdom and development, then the fact that much of the rest of the world's wealthy countries have more or less figured out health coverage doesn't matter. Doesn't enter into the debate or that they've figured out gun violence so that we have these endless theoretical debates about what would happen if the police didn't have guns or if you had laws banning automatic weapons. And the fact that other countries have don..." + 85%
"2018-05-09 12:39:06"
"Artificial Intelligence in Whose..."
" Welcome to The Real News Network. I'm in New York City, and this is Paul Jay in reality asserts itself. Rana Faroohar is an associate editor in global business columnist for the financial time. She's also CNN's global economic analyst, and she joins us now in the studio. Thanks for joining us, Rana. Thanks for having me. So we left off with wealthy people heading off to New Zealand and finding safety, and I actually think this is more real than some whims of some people. I think after the Stern report, Stern was the former head of the Chief Economist for the World Bank. He goes and does a study for Tony Blair on what the possible effects of climate change will be, and it's apocalyptic. His predictions of what are going to happen. It was taken pretty seriously. I mean, there's critique of the report in various ways, but the underlying science has become clearer and clearer, and we could be crossing a two degree threshold as early as 2050, according to seven of the leading climate scientists of the world, including Sir Roger Watson, and they predicted that prior to the election of Trump. So get rid of all, even if it was modest, climate legislation in the United States with Trump. Are we looking at 2040? We're talking a matter a few years, and we could be past a critical tipping point. I think that the thinking smarter elites, including those in the Pentagon who have looked at this, and call it a great national security threat. Indeed. I think they know it's coming, and I even think a lot of the people that claim to be deniers know it's coming. It's just politically expedient if you're in the fossil fuel sector to take that kind of position. The same way you said there was no cigarettes that didn't cause cancer. They're going to say there's no climate change, but both they knew. I think this heading for the hills is for real. When you start looking for, bring artificial intelligence into that, where you can, you know, 10, 20, 30 years, I don't know what the timefr..." + 84%
"2018-05-09 12:38:08"
"The Rich Have an Escape Plan - R..."
" Welcome to The Real News Network. I'm in New York City, and this is Paul Jay in reality asserts itself. Rana Faroohar is an associate editor in global business columnist for the financial time. She's also CNN's global economic analyst, and she joins us now in the studio. Thanks for joining us, Rana. Thanks for having me. So you know all kinds of people in the financial sector. You get to interview and talk to all kinds of leading people on various sides of this equation. Why aren't they more concerned of the systemic risk here? And what do you think is the window for this, Rouss? Like it seems like everybody's things, the next big one is just inevitable. It's just like, is it next year or three years or four years? Like everyone takes it for granted, there's going to be another one. Yeah. No, it's interesting. I mean, two statistics, recovery cycles tend to move in 10 year periods, and we are at that point right now. 2018. So we're due for a recession. Like that's statistic number one. Is that part of why they're pumping all this money into the military and domestic spending? Bingo. Get through 2020 before the recession. Bingo. Get through the midterms. Who cares what the effects of an overheated economy are later? Let's keep the Republicans in office. It's an absolutely stragey. It's completely cynical. In terms of when the big one comes, one of the smartest sources on my book was a guy named Andy Halden, who's the chief economist for the Bank of England, very creative thinker. And he did an interesting paper looking at how the time lag between major financial crises has actually shrunk. So we often compare the great financial crisis of 2008 to 1929. And that's fair. But there's a lot of crises in there. The peso crisis, the SNL crises, all those have been shrinking. So from the 70s on, as finance got bigger, the number of crises began to concentrate as well. So Andy now believes that crises come about every 15 years. So we may not be that far away from the nex..." + 84%
"2018-05-09 12:36:29"
"Sociopaths Rise to the Top - RAI..."
" Welcome to The Real News Network. I'm in New York City, and this is Paul Jay in reality asserts itself. Rana Faroohar is an associate editor in global business columnist for the financial time. She's also CNN's global economic analyst, and she joins us now in the studio. Thanks for joining us, Rana. Thanks for having me. So you just mentioned some reforms that are honestly modest, that anybody that actually cared about the systemic health of capitalism you would think would want. But I told you I went to a conference once where Sorrow spoke, about eight, nine years ago, had Bretton Woods, and he looks out to everyone. His first words are, I'm bewildered. And he said, there's such obvious reforms that are necessary to keep this thing going, the system going, and you can't get anyone to listen to even the most modest reform. I think that this very objective process of financialization, which was not just a result of policy and such, it was the result of big industrialization. And then the digital revolution, I had a broker, I know, used to be a broker, retired, used to tell me that when they used to model financial transactions, they had to do it with a pencil and paper. Imagine doing derivatives. Yeah, right. So the digital revolution completely transforms the scale of all this craziness. Yeah, absolutely. And the power finance already had is exponentially greater. And it's something like it's over $300 trillion that are available in the global investment. Yeah, it's several times the size of the actual economy. GDP in the United States is what, 18 trillion, over 300, and that's not even talking what the derivatives game is, because it's leverage, but that's like 700 trillion. That's right, many times the actual trading value. And while I take your point, you mentioned the book, and you've said to me that there's some rational people on Wall Street, and I've met some. We have some mutual friends, I've told them, they are marginal in terms of having their voice he..." + 82%
"2018-05-09 12:35:03"
"Clinton’s ‘Committee to Save..."
" Welcome to The Real News Network. I'm Paul J. And this is Reality Asserts itself, and we're in New York. In her 2016 book, Makers and Takers, The Rise of Finance and the Fall of American Business, Rada Faroohar writes, By the late 1990s, the world was in the midst of yet another emerging market crisis. This time brought on by the further deregulation of global capital flows orchestrated by the Clinton administration. Treasury Secretary Rubin and his deputy and then successor Lawrence Summers were principal architects of these measures, and finance lobbied vigorously for them. Too much money had flowed into the markets too quickly, ending up in speculative projects that were now going bust. Amazingly though, instead of widespread criticism for their choices, Greenspan, Rubin and Summers got a love letter in the form of a 1999 Time Cover story entitled, The Committee to Save the World. So fully were the media and the government enthralled with finance that nobody seemed to raise an eyebrow when city banks read and Traveler's Group Sandy Will announced the creation of the world's largest financial institution, city group, in the midst of a crisis that showed just how risky such entities could be. The media read and will employ another time tested strategy, telling government that banks needed more room to roam precisely because of the problems in the market. Banking had to get bigger in order to thrive. This line, coupled with vigorous personal lobbying, yielded the ultimate triumph for finance in November 1999, Clinton abolished Glass Steegl, eliminating the last vestiges of depression era regulation. On the earlier Rubin fresh off his treasury job, became co-chairman of city group, a move that would net him $15 million and 1.5 million shares of stock in his first year. Joining us again in the studio is Rana Farouhaar. There's always sort of this dynamic, is it the legislation that opens the door for the kind of growth and changes in finance, or is the growth in f..." + 82%
"2018-05-09 12:37:18"
"Apple, Market Manipulation and t..."
" Welcome to The Real News Network. I'm in New York City, and this is Paul Jay in reality asserts itself. Rana Faroohar is an associate editor in global business columnist for the financial time. She's also CNN's global economic analyst, and she joins us now in the studio. Thanks for joining us, Rana. Thanks for having me. So one argument is that this is a natural, spontaneous process, that when you start to have massive industrialization and massive needs of capital, it changes the character of the banks. The banks have to play a more significant role. There's way more capital needed, and then banks become kind of the center of activity than sort of a supplier of just supplier of capital. Well, it's interesting. I mean, you're raising an important point, which is that when an economy gets bigger when countries get bigger, and this happened to the British when they were becoming colonialists, and you need more money in order to conquer new empires, yeah, banks do play a role, and in fact, banks and governments tend to get very tightly in bed with each other around about that time. And one of the things that I try to explore in my book is how Washington and Wall Street together created this problem. That this isn't just a bunch of bankers kind of in a vacuum, figuring all this out themselves. Finance is governed by certain rules that are set in Washington. And what I'm arguing is that if you go back to the late 60s early 1970s, there were changes happening in the US economy. So if you look at where we were then, it had been 20 years or so of the post-war period of prosperity. The US was no longer just on the global stage by itself as it had been right after World War II. You know, we kind of had the game to ourselves. Europe was on its knees. The emerging markets hadn't really emerged yet. By the 70s, that was starting to change. And US trend growth was actually slowing. And at that point, politicians had a decision to make about what interest groups they were goin..." + 88%
"2018-05-09 11:46:00"
"Primary Day Sets the Stage for I..."
" It's the Real News. I'm Aaron Matti. We're continuing with John Nichols, National Affairs correspondent at the Nation Magazine. So John, let's move on to West Virginia where you have Don Blankenship, a former CEO of Massie Energy, served time in prison for his role in a mining disaster that killed 29 miners. Now running for the Senate nomination and he made an ad, a Pylinder voters, that you are a lot of controversy, taking on Mitch McConnell and saying he has a China family because of his wife being a Chinese background. Let's go to that clip. Hi, I'm Don Blankenship, candidate for US Senate and I approve this message. Swamp Captain Mitch McConnell has created millions of jobs for China people. While doing so, Mitch has gotten rich. In fact, his China family has given him tens of millions of dollars. Mitch's swamp people are now running false negative ads against me. They are also childishly calling me despicable and mentally ill. The war to drain the swamp and create jobs for West Virginia people has begun. I will beat Joe Manchin and ditch cocaine Mitch for the sake of the kids. So that's the campaign ad from Don Blankenship. Mitch McConnell's wife Elaine Chao is a secretary of transportation and is of Chinese background. So John Nichols, with the votes results that we have right now, Blankenship is in third place. But as we're speaking right now, not all the results are in. Your thoughts on this very unusual race in West Virginia? I was an ugly race. I mean, Blankenship was ran a crude campaign, times a campaign that I think would rarely be described as racist, at the very least, in other cases, just sigligt bizarre. And he terrified the Republican leadership because they were afraid that he was going to be nominated. Now it looks if the results that are in so far are accurate. It looks like he won't be nominated. But he got a substantial vote. I mean, he'll clearly be, you know, something to double digits, perhaps in the 20s, not wiped out, not dismissed as..." + 86%
"2018-05-09 11:35:45"
"The Rise of Finance and the Fall..."
" Welcome to The Real News Network. I'm Paul J. And this is Reality Asserts itself, and we're in New York. In her 2016 book, Makers and Takers, The Rise of Finance and the Fall of American Business, Rana Faroohar describes how financialization is bleeding the global economy to make a handful of elite investors very, very rich while holding back innovation and productive investment in the real economy. Shurite's that the financial sector represents only 7% of the U.S. economy, but takes around 25% of all corporate profit while creating only 4% of all jobs. According to Ms. Fouroir, even companies associated with research, development, and creativity as Apple, borrowers to invest more in stock buybacks and acting like a financial institution, then they do developing qualitative leaps in their products. But more about that later. Her book is a skating critique of the lords of Wall Street, yet she remains hopeful that capitalism can be reformed, and we shouldn't give up on it yet. Rana is an associate editor and global business columnist for the Financial Times. She's also CNN's Global Economic Analyst, prior to her work at CNN in the Financial Times. Rana spent six years as an assistant managing editor and economic columnist for time. Before that, she spent 13 years at Newsweek as an economic and foreign affairs editor and a foreign correspondent covering Europe and the Middle East. And now joining us in the studio in New York is Rana Faroohar. I think I got it right that last time you get it. Thanks for joining us. Thanks for having me. So we're going to get into the substance of the book, but those of you that watch reality asserts itself, you know, we usually start with a personal section. And when we don't have quite enough time to do the whole Rana's whole biography, we are going to start with a personal question. So you're writing in the Financial Times. You know all kinds of people on Wall Street. You know how all this works. And why aren't you cashing in? Why..." + 83%
"2018-05-09 04:16:30"
"Cordray Beats Kucinich in Ohio's..."
" It's the Real News. I'm Aaron Mette. Tuesday was primary day in the U.S. and the first major one of the 2018 campaign season. Votes were held in four states, Indiana, North Carolina, West Virginia, and Ohio. And for both parties, the contests are an early test of which direction will prevail heading into 2018, Minterbs. For Republicans, we'll candidates rally around President Trump, and for Democrats, who will win the fight between grassroots progressives and centrist candidates favored by the party leadership? What joining me is John Nichols, National Affairs correspondent for the Nation magazine. Welcome John. Let's start in Ohio, always a key state in every vote. And on the Democratic side for governor, you had a very unusual race in the sense that you had not just, you had not a progressive versus a centrist, but you had actually a battle inside the progressive wing with Dennis Kucinich going up against Richard Cordray. Cordray is the former head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. He was backed by Elizabeth Warren. Dennis Kucinich, the former Congress member. He was backed by our revolution, which is the offshoot of the Bernie Sanders campaign. With the results now, when Cordray has claimed victory with a pretty big margin over Kucinich, let's start with your thoughts on that contest. Sure, it was a really interesting contest because as you say, each of these candidates had some arguments for them, those with progressive Democrat. What happened though is the race took off was that the news of the moment in the United States began to affect the race to some extent. When Kucinich got in the race, he wasn't very close to Cordray politically, wasn't pulling all that well. And then you had the horrible shootings in Parkland, Florida at Marjorie Stone Douglas High School. It really brought gun issues before. And one of the interesting dynamics is that Richard Cordray, as an Ohio political figure over the years, has been a pretty pro-gun. And in fact, had..." + 73%
"2018-05-09 04:11:16"
"Trump's War on the Poor Hits Low..."
" This is Telegram reporting for the Real News Network in Baltimore City, Maryland. Dr. Ben Carson wants to raise the rents in public housing, just like this, but the people who live here have a message for them. Sometimes it's hard to measure the consequences of Trump's policy decisions on low-income Americans in personal terms. The administration's decision to allow work requirements for Medicare recipients, a tax cut that mainly benefits the 1%, and a drug test and other rules for basic public assistance have a human toll that is often not fully understood. They hear nothing about people, and especially poor working-clayers people. Even today, Trump has asked Congress to claw back funding for children's health insurance, a move that could jeopardize access to healthcare for millions of poor youth. Which is why the Real News visited Douglas Holmes, one of nearly a dozen low-income housing projects situated in Baltimore City. We wanted to get a sense of the fallout from another move proposed by Trump, raising rents on residents of subsidized housing. It's in a plan announced by housing and urban development head, Dr. Ben Carson, with little fanfare. But analysts say this policy could raise rents on the country's poor citizens by as much as 40%. It's a decision that many residents who rely on public housing say will exacerbate the growing inequality in America, and the burden on its poor citizens to survive. It's going to impact us a great deal because most of us are on a barren fixed income. You know, people that even want to consider a seven million income do not live in public housing. So it is poor people, the poor side of poor, that live in public housing. So it's going to infect us very, very badly. People will not be able to pay their food bills, their medical bills, or even by their self-repassed youths. For them to raise our rent triple the time, how am I supposed to feed my children? Because I have to make sure we have a place to stay. And if they want t..." + 55%
"2018-05-08 23:00:24"
"Is Trump's Exit From Iran Deal a..."
" It's the real news. I'm Aaron Mattay, continuing with Jamal Abdi. He is the policy director of the National Iranian American Council. Jamal, I want to go back to more of President Trump's comments from today at the White House, explaining his decision to withdraw the U.S. from the Iran nuclear deal. And in his speech, he referenced last week's speech from his only Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. At the heart of the Iran deal was a giant fiction that a murderous regime desired only a peaceful nuclear energy program. Today, we have definitive proof that this Iranian promise was a lie. Last week, Israel published intelligence documents long concealed by Iran, conclusively showing the Iranians regime and its history of pursuing nuclear weapons. The fact is, this was a horrible one-sided deal that should have never, ever been made. That's President Trump speaking earlier today. Jamal Abdi, can you talk about this claim of Trump's that somehow Netanyahu proved something new that Iran had been hiding its nuclear weapons activities based on these documents that Israel says was stolen from Iran? It was, you know, Netanyahu's presentation was a very elaborate rollout for what was essentially the entire thesis for why we got a nuclear deal with Iran in the first place. I mean, essentially was making a case that was made 15, 20 years ago about the concerns with Iran's nuclear program and the need to have verification measures in place. I don't think that there was anybody really who thinks that Netanyahu revealed anything new. I mean, you know, at least Colin Powell, when he went to the UN, he had a little jar of anthrax. Trump has a PowerPoint presentation by Netanyahu with no new information in it. I think it's a pretty weak justification for this move. I don't think that he, Trump or Netanyahu has really managed to convince anybody. And you know, it's also not funny, but it's interesting that Trump's Secretary of State when he was being vetted by the Senate, he actual..." + 84%
"2018-05-08 22:58:54"
"Is Trump's Exit From Iran Deal a..."
" It's the Real News. I'm Aaron Matey, making good on a long time threat. President Trump has announced he's withdrawing the U.S. from the Iran nuclear deal. The Iran deal is defective at its core. If we do nothing, we know exactly what will happen. And just a short period of time, the world's leading state sponsor of terror will be on the cusp of acquiring the world's most dangerous weapons. Therefore, I am announcing today that the United States will withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal. Trump has directed his administration to re-impose sanctions that were lifted as part of the 2015 agreement, which kept Iran's enrichment of uranium. The deal's other members say they want to keep it, but that will be difficult with the U.S. dropping out. Speaking in Tehran, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said Iran will hold talks with the deal's remaining members. If we come to the conclusion that with the collaboration of five countries, it is feasible to attain what the Iranian people wish. Despite the views of the U.S. and the Zanis regime and also the impolite remarks by Trump, we should see whether it's possible to just keep up with JCPOA and also take steps in line with regional peace and tranquility. Joining me is Jamal Abdi, the policy director of the National Iranian-American Council. Welcome, Jamal. Your group had just put out a statement saying that this decision is reckless and saying that it's put the U.S. on the path to war with Iran. Why? Well, to start with, you just need to look at the people that are in the White House now. I think Donald Trump entered the White House with an intent to unravel the Iran deal, but largely motivated by his bizarre animus towards Barack Obama, wanting to undo his legacy. Since then, we have seen the people around him who argued against killing the deal at each deadline, gradually being shown the door, and the people that have come in, people like John Bolton and Mike Pompeo, have long argued for military action against Iran. John..." + 74%
"2018-05-08 22:41:58"
"Saving Grace: Baltimore Church G..."
" I'm sorry, I'm sorry. Pastor Mark James leads the congregation at Barnes Memorial Church. Because of this church, I survived. The church was sold into taxale over an unpaid water bill and a smaller fine from a faulty fire alarm. This morning, the congregation thought they'd be evicted. But instead, they got word that a motion to stop the eviction was approved. And I knew it was victory. I knew it was victory. That's all I expected of my car. The pleadings, Fowlbeck Curtis Cooper and Nicholas McDaniels of the Maryland chapter of the National Lawyers Guild argue that the LLC who bought the church at tax sale is not in good standing with the state of Maryland. For months, Pastor James has been fighting against the city's tax sales over water bills. I love this city, I brag about this city, but this city has let me down ethically. Late last year, Mary Katherine Pugh issued a moratorium on tax sales over water bills, but just for homeowners with water only liens. Our mayor, I love her, but she needs to take a stand and realize that church and the faith-based community is the jail that holds people together in community. This past legislative session, James championed a bill sponsored by delegate Mary Washington to remove water from tax sales completely. Instead, the state passed a water down version of the bill. Churches like this are not covered under the moratorium that was passed by the Senate. The fight to save the church and stop water bills from triggering tax sale isn't over. We are on our way to court. Soon, to win, to win and to help others. We are hoping that we can experience victory and press it in to open the way for redemption for a lot of other people who have been disadvantaged by these rogue tax sales. We get to keep fighting. We live to fight another day. That's what's so much of the work we have to do in this city and in this country. It's the small victories, but this one is definitely a large victory for them to keep their church home. The congre..." + 32%
"2018-05-08 22:28:41"
"Trump's Cancellation of Honduran..."
" It's the Real News Network. I'm Greg Wilpert coming to you from Keto, Ecuador. Last Friday, the Department of Homeland Security announced that temporary protected status, also known as TPS, of about 57,000 Hondurans will be cancelled. Hondurans now have until January 2020 to leave the United States. They were first granted TPS back in 1999, following the massive destruction that Hurricane Mitch caused in Honduras in 1998. This means that most Hondurans, under TPS, have been in the U.S. for 20 years now, and they have an estimated 53,000 U.S. born U.S. citizens' children. With the cancellation of Honduras' TPS, so far the Trump administration has cancelled TPS for over 400,000 refugees from El Salvador, Nicaragua, Haiti, Nepal, and Sudan. Joining me to discuss the implications of this latest immigration decision on the part of the Trump administration is Marcelli Agonzaa Vizmagiava. She is the advocacy director for the Americas at Amnesty International USA. Thanks for joining us again, Marcelli Agonzaa. Thank you, Greg. So, the Trump administration says that TPS for Honduras is no longer justified because the devastation that Hurricane Mitch caused in 1998 has now been overcome. What's your reaction to this argument? What is the situation Honduras now and what would Hondurans face if they return to their former home country? So let's just a clarification. Not everybody who has TPS, automatically, are asylum-seek or refugees. They would have to have one year to be able to fight with asylum if they want to. Whereas maybe most of the hurricane conditions might have superseded the conditions on the ground currently in Honduras is very difficult and would mean that a lot of people coming back, especially if they recognize that return from the United States. They could be target for extortion, threats, kidnapping, and even death. What happens in Honduras, similarly to Haiti and El Salvador, as the United States decision is not really based on current facts on the groun..." + 80%
"2018-05-08 22:07:22"
"Israel Threatens Lebanon After H..."
" It's The Real News. I'm Ben Norton. Top Israeli officials have threatened Lebanon's government after the Shia Party has Bola earned new influence in the parliamentary elections. On May 6, Lebanese voters went to the polls in the first parliamentary election in nine years. Has Bola and its political allies gained new seats, weakening Western back prime minister Saudi Arabia's grip on power. Immediately after the election, Israel's far right minister Naftali Bennett tweeted, quote, "'Has Bola' equals Lebanon.' He added quote, "'The State of Israel will not differentiate between the sovereign state of Lebanon and has Bola and will view Lebanon as responsible for any action from within its territory.' This follows numerous similar threats against Lebanon from other Israeli officials. For instance, in an interview with the Saudi newspaper in December, Israel's intelligence minister Yisrael Katz threatened to bomb Lebanon back to the Stone Age. Several top Israeli officials have made similar threats to bomb civilian areas in Lebanon. Joining us to discuss this is Jamal Gossin. Jamal is a writer and political commentator and the former managing editor of Alekbar English. Thanks for joining us Jamal. Thank you Ben. So Israel has, of course, waged numerous wars on Lebanon, most recently in 2006. Is this a declaration? Do you think that this is a significant development? Naftali Bennett, you know, saying that the Lebanese government and his Bola are the same? And do you think that this is a kind of indirect declaration of war? Well, I mean, Israel does not need to directly or indirectly declare war. There in a constant state of war with all of its neighbors, including Lebanon. Thanks. You mentioned that the last war was in 2006, but the violations of Lebanese sovereignty have not stopped one day since. There are daily overflights, there are encroachment of the border. They have kidnapped civilians and shepherds that are on the border area. And they do not need to declare ..." + 78%
"2018-05-08 15:41:01"
"'Red Alert' Campaign for Net Neu..."
" It's the Real News Network. I'm Greg Wilpert coming to you from Keto Ecuador. This week, about three dozen digital media companies and organizations are launching a new campaign to reverse the Federal Communication Commission's decision to revoke net neutrality. The campaign aims to convince US senators to vote against the FCC decision that wanted to affect on April 23rd. According to a federal law known as the Congressional Review Act, Congress can reverse the FCC's decision within 60 days of a new rule going into effect. This Wednesday, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer plans to introduce a motion to reverse this FCC's net neutrality decision. The Senate then has about a week to vote on the motion. Just to remind people, net neutrality is a principle according to which internet service providers must treat all internet traffic the same regardless of its source. Joining me to discuss the latest campaign to reverse the FCC's decision to recent net neutrality is Craig Aaron. Craig is the president of the organization free press, one of the groups that is fighting for net neutrality. Thanks for joining us again, Craig. Thanks for having me back. So tell us about the Red Alert campaign. What are the main groups behind it? What is the plan and what do you hope it will achieve? Absolutely. This is a campaign largely organized by the groups behind battle for the net.com. That's led by a fight for the future demand progress and my group for your press action fund. We've been uniting for a whole series of activities over the last several years to really highlight the importance of net neutrality and put pressure on Washington decision makers. Ever since the FCC decided to undo the fundamental net neutrality protections back in December, we've been pushing Congress to overturn that decision. Later this week, we take a big step in that direction as the Senate will finally take up a bill to overturn what the FCC did. We feel pretty confident, but we're trying to rally a..." + 84%
"2018-05-08 13:13:33"
"Can a Progressive Democrat Win i..."
" In the lead up to the 2018 midterm elections, one district in the swing state of Pennsylvania is an important battleground for progressive Democrats. It's really excited. It's awesome to be here in my hometown running for office. This is my neighborhood in the city. And so really fantastic to have so many people coming out and talk about what's at stake in this political moment and ways that they can get involved. The war is just a way to keep people going to stand. The program has just appeared. Just King, Democratic Congressional nominee for Pennsylvania's Republican-controlled 11th District, got a big endorsement on the campaign trail this past weekend from Senator Bernie Sanders when the two led a rally in the city of Lancaster, Pennsylvania. And in this case, this is Jess's first high running for office. And running for office on a progressive agenda, and you just heard her progressive agenda. All of you know, we've ever studied American history that real change. For God knows, we need real change right now. Real change has never taken place from the top on down. It's always from the bottom on up. I know when 47% of our children in this beautiful city live below the poverty line, then my kids are not well. I know when the economic struggles and suburban and rural school districts all across this community grow that we are not well. We're all in this together, folks. The race first received national attention when establishment back corporate Democrat Christina Hartman dropped out of the race after the redistricting. Janet Diaz, the first Latina serving on the Lancaster City Council, explains. Well, basically Christina Hartman was the one that was running. She would have been her opponent. But it seemed like Christina felt that she wasn't going to win. So she decided to move to Harrisburg in order to get their votes because she thought that that's basically how she would get it. So then Jess Keying being that she was in this area, she decided to pursue it. I..." + 80%
"2018-05-07 22:58:42"
"Hezbollah Coalition Declares 'Vi..."
" It's The Real News, I'm Ben Norton. Lebanon has held its first parliamentary election in nine years, and the Shia Nationalist Party has Bola and its political allies have made historic gains. On the other hand, Lebanon's western-backed Prime Minister Sad Hariri, who is allied with Saudi Arabia, and his party the future movement lost several seats in parliament. Michelle Owen, the Maronite Christian President of Lebanon, and his party the free patriotic movement gained seats. And at the same time, the right-wing Israel-backed Christian party, the Lebanese forces, made a big gain, doubling its seats. Joining us today to analyze the results of the election in Lebanon is Shamel Agrossan. Shamel is a writer and political commentator, and the former managing editor of Al Akbar English. Thanks for joining us, Shamel. Thank you, Ben. So can you just react to this election? I mean, this is a historic parliamentary election, the first in nine years, and has Bola and its allies made very significant gains while Hariri lost seats. What do you think the significance of this is? Well, first of all, I want to point out one thing about one of the parties that made a big gain today. You called them the Israeli-backed Lebanese forces, and this is inaccurate. They may have been allies with Israel at some point, when Israel occupied Lebanon and when they invaded in the 80s, but this is no longer the case. The Lebanese forces repented. And they have now, I mean, they are Lebanese party that they have some suspect-regeneral alliances, like many, like their former allies in the future movement. They have some back-in from Saudi Arabia and the US, but there is no relationship with Israel this time, at least not an open one. Thank you for that question. That's an important correction. Historically, they were allied with Israel but not anymore. Yes. And they did make significant gains today in today's results, yesterday's election. And mainly it is because of the election law that was fo..." + 79%
"2018-05-07 22:27:50"
"Historian Ilan Pappe: ‘We Need..."
" Welcome back to the Real News Network. I'm in conversation with Professor Ilan Pappe. He's a historian and activist he teaches at the College of Social Sciences and International Studies at the University of Exeter in the UK, where he is also the Director of the University's Center for Palestinian Studies. I thank you so much for joining me again, Ilan. It's a pleasure to be again on the program. Ilan, let's continue our conversation. When we ended the last segment, we were talking about the nature of the sustained campaign that needs also an end game. How do you imagine such a campaign? Well, I think we already have some very encouraging beginning in the form of the BDS movement, the Boyth of Divestment and Sunktion Movement, which galvanized successfully the international public opinion and send a very strong message to Israel that its continued policies of oppressions is not accepted and there is a price tag attached to it. Now, of course, the next stage is to move from Sunktion from Boycott to Sunktion, namely the ability to bring governments also to recognize that this is a legitimate and a very useful tool in order, first of all, to stop the oppression on the ground before creating conducive circumstances for negotiations about the future. There are also indications that this might be beginning with the EU sanctions on Israeli goods that come from the occupied West Bank. It's a long journey, but I think this particular path, the path of international pressure is quite successful. What we are looking for is to see more progress on the Palestinian domain, where there is lack of unity. There are no clear messages about the vision of the future and there's a bit of a disarray quite understandably giving the fragmentation of the Palestinian people in the last 70 years, but nonetheless, there are the only ones who can push forward the liberation project and give us all an indication where it should go. All right, Ilan, now you mentioned the BDS campaign and its ..." + 74%
"2018-05-07 22:26:24"
"Historian Ilan Pappe: ‘We Need..."
" It's the Real News Network. I'm Sharman E. P.R. coming to you from Baltimore. The protest in Gaza, the greater march of return, is expected to reach a peak next week on May 15th. May 15th is the 70th anniversary of the founding of the State of Israel, and also the 70th anniversary of the Palestinian Nakba, which is the mass deportation of most of the native population in Palestine. On this highly historic and sensitive day, the U.S. will transfer its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem in violation of international law and in defiance of the UN resolutions calling to end the Israeli occupation in Palestine. The U.S. has been the main mediator in the Israeli-Palestinian peace process since 1991. And in light of President Trump's policies and statements recently, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said that the Palestinians will no longer accept the U.S. as a mediator. He expressed some of his frustrations in March of this year. More than one American official has said that settlements are legitimate. Their ambassador in Tel Aviv, David Friedman, has said that they, Israel, are building on their own land. Yabnu Nafi'adu'im. Son of a dog. Building on their own land? He is a settler. His family are settlers. He's the American ambassador in Tel Aviv. What can we expect from him? Why is the U.S. the lead mediator for peace between Israel and Palestine? How did this historically come about? And are they the best nation to take a lead on bringing peace to the Palestinian and Israeli people? Well, let's speak to a historian on the subject. And Professor Ilan Pappe is going to join us for that. He is a historian and activist. He teaches at the College of Social Sciences and International Studies at the University of Exeter in the UK and is the director of the University's Center for Palestinian Studies. Ilan Pappe used to teach in Israel at HIFA University where he exposed critical documents and revealed previous unknown facts about ethnic cleansing of Palestine in 1948. ..." + 70%
"2018-05-07 17:21:12"
"The Baltimore Bureau Podcast Sho..."
" Hi, this is the Baltimore Viro podcast for the first week of May and I'm here with Easy M.B. Nerd today. What's up, yo? What's up? So, you know, we'll talk about this more, but a couple of years ago at this day at in early May, May 4th, we were getting out of, but turns out to have been in illegal curfew. So if you've been out in the last week, past 10 o'clock, remember your civil liberties and that you don't always get to do that in that city. Unless you're white and live in Hamden, in which case you can do whatever you want in all the time. Yes, indeed. Yeah, that was a weird night because it was also a Mayweather fight and like a bunch of people had fight parties. Oh, yeah. Okay, that's crazy because that's what happened to the guys. Some of the guys who are now in 300 gangsters went to a Mayweather fight watch party. They got back to their place and on video, the BPD came into their house and arrested them inside their house with no warrant for violating the curfew. Oh, wow. And it's, it's on video. But still there's no repercussions to BPD about that. You know, and that's how I ended up meeting those guys when I wrote about them back at that time. Shout out to Erica Bridgeford from Baltimore, C-Sphere. I'll never, I'll never forget her going live on Facebook in a supermarket in the county, making fun of everybody in the city for being on curfew. She's like, it's like, we out, you're. So we had this year own May last three years ago on May the first. Merle Moseby stood on the steps of the war memorial, announced the charges against the officers and the Freddie Gray case. And we'll work back around to that with my sort of ongoing obsessive coverage of the state's attorneys race. But this year on May day, we had Teah Graham and Stephen Janis covered a protest that was partly railing against police brutality and police overreach here in Baltimore, but also about poverty and the kind of violence that is poverty. And it's a really pretty powerful story. And we ca..." + 98%
"2018-05-07 04:02:07"
"UK Local Elections: Labour Moves..."
" It's the Real News Network. I'm Sharmani Pures coming to you from Baltimore. According to the BBC, 149 of the 150 councils have declared their results in the UK local elections that were held on May 3rd. They just indicated that Labour has 73 councils, they lost one and yet they have 2308 seats where they gained 77. Now the Conservatives, that is Terri Zamey's party, has 46 councils, they lost two and yet they have 1230 seats and they actually lost 93 seats in this election. Now the Liberal Dems has 9 councils, they gained 4 councils and they have 536 seats and they gained 77 seats and the Green Party has 39 seats, they gained 8 councils and you keep they have 3 councils, they actually lost 57 councils. Now why are these local elections even significant? Let's find out, on to talk about the results and their significance is John Lansman. John is a British Labour Party activist, he is the founder of the movement Momentum, the organisation within the Labour Party that supported Jeremy Corbyn which is very similar to our revolution within the Democratic Party here in the US. He was active on the left side of the Labour Party since the 1980s and he has been good enough to join us today after staying up most of the night, last night. Thanks for joining us John. Pleasure. Alright John, tell us about why these local elections are even significant, why is it important for us to know about them and what does it indicate? What we've got here is a picture which shows that Jeremy, we've achieved for example in London in terms of the number of Labour Councillors elected, the best result we've had since 1971 with Jeremy as leader and so that is a significant indicator that Jeremy is a Labour Party leader that can win with a bold radical transformative programme for government. Now John, you've been a critical player in the formation of the movement called Momentum and you're a really aggrast roots organiser in that sense because it is Momentum that put Jeremy Corbyn in the po..." + 83%
"2018-05-07 04:00:23"
"Netanyahu's Long History of Cryi..."
" There is no question whatsoever that Saddam is seeking and is working and is advancing towards the development of nuclear weapons. No question whatsoever. If you take out Saddam, Saddam's regime, I guarantee that it will have enormous positive reverberations on the region. Israel's extreme right-wing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has a habit of repeatedly claiming without any evidence that his enemies supposedly have weapons of mass destruction. But a look at some of Netanyahu's public speaking over the past 30 years shows that he has a long history of crying wolf. In a dramatic speech on April 30, Netanyahu used stage props in a cartoonish PowerPoint presentation to falsely claim that Iran had a secret nuclear weapons program that had been concealing. Tonight, we are going to reveal new and conclusive proof of the secret nuclear weapons program that Iran has been hiding for years from the international community in its secret atomic archive. We're going to show you Iran's secret nuclear files. Netanyahu's speech had a clear political purpose to sabotage the Iran nuclear deal agreed to by the international community with false and misleading allegations. Well tonight I'm here to tell you one thing. Iran lied. Big time. After signing the nuclear deal in 2015, Iran intensified its efforts to hide its secret nuclear files. Numerous nuclear experts, including Robert Kelly, the former inspector for the International Atomic Energy Agency, said Netanyahu's claims were completely bogus. That's not many of the things that he presented a very childish. I would think that a country like Israel that has its own nuclear weapons and has scientists who must be pretty competent would be able to look at the information we were shown and say right away, well, this is garbage. He presented very early in the presentation that drawing, which was supposed to be an illustration of a nuclear device. When you look at that drawing, it's a cartoon. It's a joke. You look at this and yo..." + 81%
"2018-05-06 02:53:34"
"US Interventions in Latin Americ..."
" It's the Real News Network. I'm Greg Wilpert coming to you from Keto, Ecuador. Ten years ago, most of Latin America was governed by center-left progressive or even leftist governments. For example, Christina Fernandez and Argentina, Eva Morales and Bolivia, Rafael Correa and Ecuador, Fernando Lugo and Paraguay, Daniela Teca and Nicaragua, Manuel Zelaia and Honduras, and Lula da Silva in Brazil, just as an example. And Hugo Chavez, of course, in Venezuela. Since then, the so-called pink tide has receded quite dramatically of these ten governments that were left of center, only four remain, Nicolas Maduro in Venezuela, Morales in Bolivia, Lasquez in Uruguay and Daniela Teca in Nicaragua. What happened? Some would argue that the US played an important role in at least some of these changes. Joining me to explore the role of the US in Latin America is Mark Weisbrot. Mark is the co-director of the Center for Economic and Policy Research and is the author of the book Failed. What the experts got wrong about the global economy. He's also the president of the organization, Just Foreign Policy. Thanks for being here again, Mark. Thanks, Greg. Thanks for having me. So before we get into the role of the US in Latin America, it's useful maybe to take a quick look at the impact that the leftist or center-left governments had on Latin America. What would you say were the main achievements or the main consequences of their governments in some of those countries? Well, if you look at the region as a whole, the poverty rate dropped from 44 to 28 percent. That was from around 2003 to 2013. And that was after the two decades prior where poverty had actually increased. There was no progress at all. So that was a huge change and it was accomplished in different countries in different ways. There were large increases in public investment in Bolivia and Ecuador. In Brazil, you had also some increase in public investment, big increases in the minimum wage. Every country did different t..." + 84%
"2018-05-06 02:47:30"
"Hopkins Students Fight Against '..."
" We call on all youth of the world to unite, to educate, to organize. We have nothing else to lose. This is Telegram reporting for the Real News Network in Baltimore City, Maryland. We've been covering a student activist movement here at Johns Hopkins University. It's youth against war and racism. They're here to celebrate the Caitensville 9 as well as to push back against what they consider to be Johns Hopkins Pro War agenda. Caitensville 9 occurred 50 years ago this month. It was a really radical militant event in which nine Catholic, any war activists broke into a recruitment dropped office in Caitensville, which is a town right outside of the city here. And they burned 378 draft files with homemade napalm actually. So we're here to commemorate that and to loudly say no to war and racism, no to US imperialism, no war and a bride. It's about honoring their legacy, honoring the work that they put in and sort of the symbolic power of that. But we also wanted to make sure that youth and young people, young students, young workers are able to take up the mantle of anti-imperialism and anti-war. Johns Hopkins University has a huge like recruitment effort for the CIA and for a lot of federal surveillance and military jobs like weapons companies. And they're sending their students directly to work for them. So they're basically just teaching and sending out little imperialist people. Part of our action today was assembling a whole bunch of recruitment materials, got it from recruitment offices. But that's part of something that we're urging people to do is tear down recruitment posters. We've had a couple actions so far. We shut down our recruitment event that was going on at Johns Hopkins a few weeks ago. The CIA came and this was really in line with this idea that the military, branches of the military agencies, war agencies such as the NSA, CIA and even like ROTC on campuses, are creating, have created this school to war pipeline where even especially at these elit..." + 50%
"2018-05-06 02:44:15"
"Activists Discuss How Public Off..."
" Hello, my name is Teah Graham and I am a reporter for the Real News Network Baltimore Bureau. Obviously, like many women across the country, I am moved by the Me Too movement. Not just the stories of the women who have suffered abuse, but the recognition of just how deeply entrenched sexism and sexual exploitation is in the places where women work and live. And I've also been concerned that experiences of women of color with harassment have not been given the proper attention. As a reporter, I've had the privilege of covering the state capital of Annapolis. It's a place where state leaders gather to make the laws that govern the lives of Marylanders across the state, but recently serious allegations of abuse have surfaced, and the response to the complaints has been lackluster at best. So as a woman and a journalist, I had the honor of sitting down with three women who were willing to share their firsthand experience with sexual harassment and the consequences of standing up. I was so moved by their courage that I've decided to run all the interviews without cutting a single second. I feel the stories they shared are too important to abbreviate or edit in any way. Therefore, I will be posting these pieces unabridged over the next few days. I hope they will help to heal the wounds of the women who have suffered and begin a dialogue on how to address the lacks attitudes and legal barriers that make the exploitation of women so pervasive in our state capital. Either way, I remain committed as a journalist and a woman of color to bringing these stories to light. My guests are Brittany Oliver, a women's rights activist and director of the social justice organization, not without black women, delegate Angela Angel and Nina Smith, a communications consultant and former Annapolis staffer. Thank you so much for joining me. I think that one of the things that especially with not without black women, what we have found is that a lot of women, these are not stories that I'v..." + 91%
"2018-05-05 13:32:58"
"200th Anniversary of the Birth o..."
" Welcome to the Real News Network, I'm Paul J. in Baltimore. May 5th is the 200th anniversary of the birth of Karl Marx. He was born in Trire, Germany in 1818. His collaborator and friend, Frederick Engels, said Marx was the first to give socialism and thereby the whole labor movement, a scientific foundation. Marx by most serious accounts was one of the great minds of human history, a political economist, a historian, a philosopher, but also a man of action. He was an organizer and leader in the cause of socialism, social justice, and the modern working class. Inscribed on his headstone in Highgate Cemetery in London are his words, philosophers have hitherto only interpreted the world in various ways. The point is to change it. Engels wrote that Marx brought about a revolution in the whole conception of world history. The whole previous view of history was based on the conception that the ultimate causes of all historical changes are to be looked for in the changing ideas of human beings, and that of all historical changes, political changes are the most important and dominate the whole question of history. But the question was not asked as to whence the ideas come into men's minds and what the driving causes of the political changes are. At the grave site of Marx after his death on March 17, 1883, Engels said, just as Darwin discovered the law of development of organic nature, so Marx discovered the law of development of human history. The simple fact hitherto concealed by an overgrowth of ideology, the mankind must first of all eat, drink, and have shelter and clothing before it can pursue politics, science, art, religion, etc., that therefore the production of the immediate material means, and consequently the degree of economic development attained by a given people or during a given epoch, during the foundation upon which the state institutions, the legal conceptions, art, and even the ideas on religion of the people concerned have been evolved and in the l..." + 90%
"2018-05-05 00:03:54"
"Ohio Governor’s Race: Kucinich..."
" It's the Real News Network. I'm Sharmini Piers, coming to you from Baltimore. One of the more closely watched governors raises this year is in Ohio. This coming Tuesday may aid the Democratic primary, Pitt's Richard Codre, the former director of the Consumer Financial Protection Board against the former member of the House of Representatives, Kusinich. Both are generally seen as coming from the left wing of the Democratic Party, with Codre being endorsed by Senator Elizabeth Warren, and Kusinich endorsed by our revolution, the organization, that Bernie Sanders founded. Joining us today to talk about his campaign is Dennis Kusinich. He was elected to the House of Representatives for seven terms from 1997 to 2013, representing Ohio's 10th District. Well before that, in the 1970s, he was one of the country's youngest mayors at the age of 30, and in 2004, in 2018, he ran for the Democratic Party nomination for president. I thank you so much for joining us today, Mr. Kusinich. Great to be with you. Thank you. All right, Mr. Kusinich, let's start with your platform and how you set yourself apart from your main opponent, Richard Codre, for the Democratic primaries on Tuesday. Well, let's, let me just give you some comparisons here. I stand for getting rid of assault weapons. I stand for ending fracking, which is damaging our water supply. I stand for ending the death penalty. I stand for legalization of marijuana. Now these are all issues of varying importance. Mr. Codre is the person principally responsible for assault weapons being in our state, because he knocked down a law eight years ago that would have prohibited them in our cities. He went to the Supreme Court on behalf of the NRA and knocked out gun laws across the country, joining other attorneys general. He is in favor of fracking, drilling interest of contributors campaign. He is for the death penalty and he is opposed to the legalization of marijuana. Now, he's being described in the media as a progressive...." + 90%
"2018-05-04 22:04:57"
"Sixth Consecutive Week of Friday..."
" It is the fifth of the Friday of the Great Marsh of Return protests here in the Gaza Strap and as you can see behind me thousands of Palestinians are participating in the protests today close to the Budalai in between Gaza and Israel. The black smoke you're seeing behind me is caused by Palestinians. They burned some tires in order to create this black smoke to blind Israeli snipers from attacking and targeting Palestinian protesters. According to the Palestinian miracle sources the number of Palestinians killed in the Gaza Strap since the start of the Great Marsh of Return is up to 45 Palestinians including two journalists and the number of injuries is up to 6,000 Palestinians. It's really troops on Friday wounded more than 160 armed Palestinians protesters with live fire and tear gas pumps near the Gaza border fence with Israel during the sixth week of the Great Return Marsh, health officials in Gaza said. The protesters took to five protest sites along the Gaza border with incendiary kites burning large amounts of tires to provide protection from Israeli snipers. Organizers called around six of the weekly border demonstrations which began in late March, the Friday of Palestinian workers to highlight the blight of workers in the Gaza Strap were more than 40 percent of its population is unemployed and suffering deteriorating political humanitarian and economic conditions. Well despite wearing bulletproof vest and the helmet I don't feel safe at all. Probably the situation with since the beginning of the Great Return marches I feel more at rest than during the previous three Israeli wars on Gaza. Even for my wife and kids they are terribly afraid about me being in this location because they know that two journalists from Gaza were killed while covering the news and dozens more were injured due to Israel's use of excessive force against the peaceful protesters in Gaza. Despite the wave of heat heading Gaza and time for final term exams the numbers of protesters r..." + 21%
"2018-05-04 21:14:47"
"French Unions & Students Mobiliz..."
" It's the Real News Network. I'm Greg Guilpert, coming to you from Keto, Ecuador. International Labor Day, also known as May Day, took place almost everywhere in the world on May 1, except in the United States. One country where May 1 has special significance this year was France. The reason is that French unions and student organizations are mobilizing against the neoliberal reforms of President Emmanuel Macron. Also, this May marks the 50th anniversary of May 1968, when students and workers in France almost toppled the government of then-President Charles de Gaulle. Joining me from Paris to take a closer look at the resistance to President Macron's neoliberal reforms is Renaud D'Amb. Renaud is an editor with the monthly newspaper Le Monde Plumatique. Thanks for joining us today Renaud. Thank you for having me. So first, give us a brief overview of what happened in France this May 1. Who took to the streets and what were the issues that they were raising during the protests? Well, like you said, May 1 is a traditional day to celebrate a labor in France as in many countries, obviously. But it was also an occasion to protest the neoliberal agenda put forward by Emmanuel Macron and the new president. It's a happens that since it was elected, Emmanuel Macron has implemented the traditional neoliberal strategy to impose structural reform. I think it's worth remembering that this strategy was put forward by a labor leader in New Zealand when he tried to advise other leaders aiming to implement neoliberal counter-revolutions. This is what he said. He said, do not try to advance one step at a time. Define your objectives clearly and move towards them by quantum leaps. Otherwise, the interest groups will have time to mobilize and drag you down. Don't stop until you have completed the program. Open and Sphere is much less accurate if they have to shoot at the rapidly moving target. So this is the strategy to set as many parts of society on fire as possible. So very early ..." + 80%
"2018-05-04 19:17:58"
"The Marc Steiner Show: The Caton..."
" Welcome folks, this is Mark Steiner, good to have you with us here on the Mark Steiner show on the real news network. We're approaching May 17th and May 17th is a 50th anniversary of the Cateonsville 9. Cateonsville 9 was a dramatic thing that happened here in Baltimore in Cateonsville, Maryland, where nine people went to a draft board, destroyed the draft records, which at that time was a huge thing because those are the only records that existed for men about three drafts to be sent to Vietnam. It became a huge cause around the country when they were arrested and there's huge celebrations taking place over the next two weekends to remember what happened on May 17th, 1968 with the Cateonsville 9. We have with us people who were involved there. They have Everhart, who was part of the Baltimore 4 that preceded the Cateonsville 9. He went to prison for that act when they dumped blood on the draft records here in Baltimore City. He's a noted poet. He spent time in prison for the act he did in 1967. He spent two years in prison as Louisburg Federal Penitentiary. And his latest book is his memoir for all the saints, a protest primer. Dave, welcome to have you back with us. Thanks, Mark. And joining us here as well as Joe Trapeya, Joe is the curator of films and photography at the Maryland Historical Society, co-director of the award-winning film Hit and Stay, which is about the Cateonsville 9 and he's appeared with numerous times, a great filmmaker and activist. Good to have you in the studio. Thank you, Mark. It's great to be here. And Leo Michaels, who is a Baltimore native and a social Catholic feminist activist here in our community around the country. She is co-filmmaker of the internationally acclaimed film, Rock, Rage, and self-defense and oral history of Seattle's Home Alive. She also helped co-direct the Baltimore chapter of Hallabac with Brittany Oliver here in Baltimore and good to have you in the house with us as well. Thank you. So, let's go back to that..." + 91%
"2018-05-04 04:28:18"
"Saudi Crown Prince Tells Palesti..."
" It's The Real News. I'm Ben Nord. Mike Pompeo, the hawkish former director of the CIA, has now been sworn in as the new U.S. Secretary of State. On one of his first trips in April, Pompeo visited Saudi Arabia. While meeting with Saudi regime officials in the capital Riyadh, Pompeo called Iran, quote, the greatest sponsor of terrorism in the world. Well then, visited Israel, where he praised the extreme right-wing government as it is mass-occurring unarmed protesters in the illegally besieged Gaza Strip. The U.S. Secretary of State refused to criticize the Israeli military for intentionally shooting children and journalists in Gaza. Pompeo's trip to Saudi Arabia and Israel also came at a time when an Israeli journalist leaked comments, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman made during his recent trip to the United States. In a meeting with pro-Israel leaders, the Saudi Crown Prince condemned the Palestinians for not acquiescing to deals offered by the U.S. government. Mohammed bin Salman said, quote, it is about time the Palestinians take the proposals and agree to come to the negotiation table or shut up and stop complaining. That is the Crown Prince telling the Palestinians to shut up or stop complaining. Following us to discuss the political dynamics between the U.S., Saudi Arabia and Israel Palestine, is Assad Abu Khalil. Assad is a leading expert on Middle East politics and a professor of political science at California State University Stennis Law. He also regularly writes at his website the Angry Arab News Service. Thanks for joining us. Thank you, Ben. So can you respond? There are a few things we can address here. But first of all, let's just begin. One of Pompeo's first trips was to Saudi Arabia, in which he and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman agreed to increase this aggressive action against Iran. Can you respond? Well, I think that it's fair to say that the destination of foreign trips by the President and now by the new sectors of state indicate th..." + 79%
"2018-05-04 04:31:30"
"UK's 'Windrush Scandal' Shines L..."
" It's the Real News Network. I'm Greg Wolpert coming to you from Keto, Ecuador. Britain's home secretary, Amber Rudd, was forced to resign last Monday. The reason for her resignation had to do with a growing scandal involving the treatment of tens of thousands, some say even hundreds of thousands, of longtime immigrants to the UK. That is back in November, the Guardian newspaper began a series of reports about the problems that the so-called Windrush generation of immigrants, mostly from the Caribbean, specifically from Jamaica, have been having and obtaining government services, and were in some cases were being declared illegal immigrants, even though they had been living in Britain for many decades. As the scandal unfolded, it became clear that these Windrush generation immigrants, named after one of the ships that brought them to the UK, are in the UK legally, even though they were never given the opportunity to prove their immigration status or apply for citizen chick. It was the conservative government instead that had changed the policies recently and made life more difficult for these immigrants. Joining me to discuss the so-called Windrush scandal is Luke Duh-Norahana. He is a graduate student finishing a PhD in anthropology at Oxford University and is restructuring deportations from the UK to Jamaica. He also teaches at Berkbeck College University of London. Thanks for joining us here today, Luke. Thanks for having me, Chris. So first of all, tell us more about the Windrush generation. I mean, who are they exactly and why are they having all of these problems of a sudden with government agencies and in some cases, even being declared illegal immigrants? Sure. So the Windrush, as you mentioned, the Windrush was the boat in 1948 that brought about 500 Caribbean migrants to the UK, many of whom, all of whom, in fact, were technically citizens in that they were subjects of the Commonwealth. So the Windrush is the name we give to the kind of post-war migrant..." + 83%
"2018-05-03 22:30:53"
"Natalie Portman's Boycott of Net..."
" It's the real news, I'm Ben Norton. The Israeli government and right-wing pro-Israel activists have viciously attacked Israeli-American actress Natalie Portman in the past few weeks. After the celebrity refused to attend a prominent award ceremony in Israel. Portman said she did not want to attend the ceremony for the Genesis Prize, which has been described as the Jewish Nobel Prize, because she did not want her speech to seem like an endorsement of Israel's right-wing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Portman also said, quote, the mistreatment of those suffering from today's atrocities is simply not in line with my Jewish values." This was clearly a reference to the Israeli military's massacre of unarmed Palestinian protesters inside Gaza. In response, a lawmaker from Israel's ruling party, Lakoud, called for Natalie Portman to be stripped of her Israeli citizenship. A minister from the Israeli government went so far as to claim, quote, Natalie Portman's actions border on anti-Semitism. Here in the US, the right-wing pro-Israel activist Rabbi Schmolley took out a full ad in the New York Times on Saturday, April 28th. He harshly condemned the actress and accused her of hypocrisy. Schmolley's right-wing political activism, and specifically his group, The World Values Network, is bankrolled by the Casino Alegarch and billionaire GOP donor, Sheldon Adelson. This New York Times ad cost $50,000, and Schmolley set up a GoFundMe account to try to crowd fund money for the ad, yet he only raised $600 out of his $50,000 goal. Joining us to discuss this is Max Blumenthal. Max is an award-winning journalist and the author of several books, including his fourth coming book, The Management of Savagery, which will be published later this year. Max is also the editor and founder of the investigative journalism project, the Greyzone project, which can be found at GreyzoneProject.com. Thanks for joining us, Max. Good to be with you. So, there's a lot to talk about here with Nata..." + 84%
"2018-05-03 22:16:38"
"US Gov. and Media Whitewash 'Ref..."
" It's the Real News. I'm Ben Norton. According to politicians and pundits in the United States, Saudi Arabia's new dictator Mohammed bin Salman is a revolutionary who will supposedly bring progressive change to the world. In February, the top U.S. diplomat Dennis Ross published an op-ed in the Washington Post titled, quote, America should get behind Saudi Arabia's revolutionary crown prince. Most major corporate media outlets have published article after article Whitewashing, Mohammed bin Salman, and depicting the 32-year-old Saudi crown prince as a Messiah. In reality, however, the Saudi regime's brutal oppression has continued under Prince Mahalad. A recent report by Human Rights Watch found that in the first four months of this year, Saudi Arabia beheaded 48 people, half of them, for non-violent drug charges. Being asked to discuss the reality in Saudi Arabia is Assad Abu Khalil. Assad is a leading expert on Middle East politics and a professor of political science at California State University, Stanislaus. He regularly writes at his website, the Angry Arab News Service. Thanks for joining us Assad. Thank you Ben. So can you react to the recent report we now know that on average, every month, a dozen people in Saudi Arabia are beheaded at half of them for non-violent drug offenses. Well, it has to be said that since the Second World War, successive US administrations have consistently cuddled and indulged the despotism and cruelty of the Saudi regime. This has been a consistent manner. However, there has been an adjustment in recent years because the Saudi government has become far more repressive than it has ever been. This is what people do not understand that what this crown prince is doing is selling what he calls reform in terms of opening up the country for foreign investment and allowing clowns and singers to come to Saudi Arabia. And along the same line, he has been tightening the parameters of allowed speech and movement within the country. Like Twit..." + 69%
"2018-05-03 16:41:37"
"First Time in Decades Brazil's U..."
" This workers day in Brazil was like no other. Thousands traveled from across the country to the city of Kuri Chiba in southern Brazil. They came in caravans of buses, riding overnight or even for several days. This was the first time that all seven of Brazil's major trade union federations have united for workers day since the fall of the country's military dictatorship in 1985. Where united behind one common goal, freeing Lula. For the last month former president Luis Ignacio Lula da Silva has been serving time in this federal prison in Kuri Chiba. In a controversial trial, judges convicted him of corruption for allegedly accepting a beat-side apartment from a company seeking government contracts. He was sentenced to 12 years. But Lula and Brazilian workers say he's innocent. They believe his imprisonment is just a ruse to knock him out of the running for this year's presidential elections. Despite prison, Lula is still well ahead in the polls. Eliana Hosta traveled by bus from Rio de Janeiro with dozens of companions. Since Lula's jailing, hundreds have participated in and around the clock vigil just down the street from where he's being held. With supporters from around the country, the crowds swelled on workers day into the thousands. Workers have taken a beating under President Michel Temer, who rose to power after the impeachment of Lula's successor Dilmar Usef. Last year, Congress passed the new Labour reform, gutting workers' rights, and opening the door to sidestep unions. Lula, they hope, could turn the tide. But at that moment, we're looking for the coup that was given to workers. It was not against the President Dilmar. The coup was a very hard coup, and this coup unified all workers and workers in the sense of seeking the defense of Lula and reverting all this quad that is there, which is a disaster for workers. On stage, union leaders stood side by side. Lula's imprisonment has paradoxically united the country's left in a way that has not been seen..." + 37%
"2018-05-03 03:56:28"
"'Poison Papers': US and Canadian..."
" This is Demetri Lascaris reporting for the Real News from Montreal, Canada. Since former Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt was appointed by President Donald Trump to be head of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, a great deal has been written and rightly so about the EPA's regulatory failures and Scott Pruitt's conflicts of interest. Some of the criticism directed at Scott Pruitt's EPA seems, however, to presuppose that before the appointment of Pruitt, the EPA was a vigorous enforcer of America's environmental laws. But a trove of documents published in late 2017, known as the Poison Papers, demonstrate that the EPA failed to fulfill its mandate long before Donald Trump was elected. The Poison Papers were analyzed and published by the Center for Media and Democracy in Dr. Jonathan Latham. They are a compilation of over 20,000 documents obtained from federal agencies and chemical manufacturers via open records requests and public interest litigation. They include internal scientific studies and summaries of studies, internal memos and reports, meeting mitts, strategic discussions, and sworn testimonies. Now here to discuss the Poison Papers with the Real News is Dr. Jonathan Latham. He is the co-founder and executive director of the BioScience Resource Project and editor of the Independent Science News website. He holds a master's degree in crop genetics and in the PhD in virology, and he joins us today from Ithaca, New York. Thank you for joining us on the Real News, Dr. Latham. Why not? So let's begin with the big picture in broad terms in your view, what has been revealed about the EPA's fulfillment of its regulatory mandate during the years preceding the Trump administration? Well, these documents, they date back to the 1950s for the most part. What they show is from the moment, they predate the EPA, what they show is that either actively or implicitly, that regulatory agencies, but most especially the EPA, have been colluding with the manufacture..." + 80%
"2018-05-02 23:14:25"
"No Financial Protection from Tru..."
" It's the Real News Network. I'm Greg Wulpert coming to you from Keto Equator. Last week, consumer financial protection bureau director Mick Mulvaney admitted that when he was a congressman, he sold access to lobbyists for money. He told a conference of bankers in late April, quote, if you're a lobbyist who never gave us money, I didn't talk to you. He may soon be named as President Trump's new chief of staff to replace John Kelly. As head of the consumer financial protection bureau, our CFPB, his job is to regulate the financial industry to protect the interests of consumers. However, last year, he said that President Trump had told him to make sure that the CFPB will stop strangling access to capital. Regarding the rumors of him becoming the next chief of staff, he had to say the following. He wants me to fix it, he wants me to get it back to the point where it can protect people without trampling on capitalism, without choking off the access to financial services that are so critical to so many folks. So many folks actually in the lower and the middle classes, folks who are trying to start their own businesses, people are trying to break out, people are trying to get credit for the very first time. We need to figure out a way to both follow the law and protect citizens as set forth in the act, but do so in such a fashion that doesn't choke off the access to capital. What does that mean? The access to money that is important for so many people to succeed in their small business, in their private lives and so forth. So that's the charge he's given me. We both share the belief that this particular bureau under the previous administration had gone too far over towards strangling access to capital, making it difficult for financial services to flow and as a result, folks that we want to try to make sure that they're going to try and help or hurt and we're going to try and fix that. Joining me to discuss the role that the financial industry plays in the Trump admini..." + 77%
"2018-05-02 22:18:47"
"Israel Tries to Kill Iran Nuclea..."
" It's The Real News, I'm Ben Norton. Israel's extreme right-wing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has launched a last-ditch effort to try to kill the Iran nuclear deal. In a strange speech on Monday, April 30, Netanyahu used a PowerPoint presentation and stage props and accused the Iranian government of supposedly hiding its nuclear weapon program. Iran lied. Take time. After signing the nuclear deal in 2015, Iran intensified its efforts to hide its secret nuclear file. In 2017, Iran moved its nuclear weapons files to a highly secret location in terror. A few weeks ago, in a great intelligence achievement, Israel obtained half a ton of the material inside these walls. And here's what we got. 55,000 pages. Another 55,000 files on 183 CDs. Scientific experts have called into question Netanyahu's claims, saying that what the Israeli Prime Minister revealed was actually not new information, that it's in fact a decade old, that it was already known, and that he's misrepresenting it. Netanyahu's political motivation behind this political stunt was very clear. He strongly implied that U.S. President Donald Trump should tear up the Iran nuclear deal that was agreed to under President Obama in 2015. So these files conclusively prove that Iran is reasonably large when it says it never had a nuclear weapons program. The files prove that. So this is a terrible deal. It should never have been concluded. And in a few days' time, President Trump would decide, will make his decision on what to do with the nuclear deal. I'm sure he'll do the right thing. The right thing for the United States, the right thing for Israel, and the right thing for the peace of the world. On May 12, Trump will announce whether or not he will sabotage the international agreement, which is known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, or JCPOA. Iran's foreign minister, Javad Zarif, responded sarcastically to Netanyahu's speech. He tweeted a photo of the cartoon bomb the Israeli Prime Minister used i..." + 83%
"2018-05-02 18:03:09"
"Police Crackdown on Puerto Rico ..."
" Flash is broke out in San Juan Puerto Rico on Tuesday, May 1st, during a Mayday protest against harsh austerity measures on the U.S. island territory, in the midst of a debt crisis fueled by Wall Street speculation. May 1st marks what's known as Mayday, in many parts of the world, where protests focus on defending the rights of workers. The protest against government austerity measures, including cuts to pensions, hurricane recovery efforts, school funding, when police attacked protesters. In six months after Hurricane Maria devastated the island, the 3.4 million residents of the virtual colony of the U.S. continue to suffer. Residents are U.S. citizens of but lack meaningful political representation. Tens of thousands remain without power to this day, and in April, the entire island went dark for days after a power line failure in the South cut electricity to almost all Puerto Ricans. Teachers are planning additional strikes to oppose the privatization of the island's public education system. A project of the radical right dating back to Brown versus Board of Education. There's no evidence that privatized schools perform better than their public counterparts. While evidence continues to grow, their privatized schools have far less accountability and are ripe for corruption and mismanagement. Police attack protesters as they attempted to converge on the federal control board that's implementing the austerity measures. Democracy now reported. Other Mayday actions were held across the United States in cities like Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Baltimore, and countries around the world like Bolivia, Chile, Cuba, France. Russia, the Philippines, among other countries. For the Real News, this is Jessel North." + 1%
"2018-05-02 14:34:26"
"May Day Celebrations in Cuba"
" Eso viene de la historia! Un grupo de trabajadores norteamericanos se manifestaron contra los de Patronos, ah fueron una masacre que mataron muchos trabajadores y a partir de ese momento, se ha tomado esa fecha para la aceleracin del da de trabajador. Los capitalistas, ah no lo conviene, la reunin de los trabajadores, la manifestacin de los trabajadores, contra de su principio, pero para nosotros no. En muchos pases no sucede del da de trabajador, en otros son represiones, son... que decir huelgas, por aqu no aqu es fiesta. Bueno ac en Cuba no estamos divididos en el placer, lo que estamos divididos en sectores, pues todos somos trabajadores, en muchas pases de mundo conocemos que los trabajadores van a desfilar un primero de mayo a otras cosas, van a reclamar el derecho, ac en Cuba no venemos a reclamar derecho al contrario, venemos a reafirmar todos los derechos que tienen todos los cubanos. Los derechos a la hora de en Cuba estn garantizados desde el triufo de la revolucin de el 59. Los trabajadores tienen todos los derechos en Cuba. Porque en ms de los 65 aos puedes huvilarte por un borro, hay acumulacin de tiempo de trabajo y haber la apontado, por tu esfuerzo, a la vida y eso dato, seguridad social para los de Juventud. Viva el primero de mayo. Adems de la seguridad social, nosotros tenemos garantizado una licencia de matendidad antes y despus de la embarazo. Adems no tenemos la preocupacin de que cuando terminemos nuestro peridige estacin, tengamos que apetar el trabajo, no para nada. Tenemos garantizado nuestro puesto de trabajo para cuando nos reincoporemos en la sociedad. Bueno, como todos los aos vengo siempre a primero de mayo. Pero sobre todo en este ao donde se ha elegido una nueva presidencia en Cuba y como puedes ver, el pueblo de Cuba sigue respondiendo y apoyando a toda nuestra soberana y nuestra independencia. O sea, no es que se haya cambiado y se cambia las ideas persisten y nosotros mantendremos la misma semana. Puedes hacer trabajo resolve..." + 31%
"2018-05-02 04:27:19"
"Protesters Rail Against Police, ..."
" This is Telegramma, pointing for the Real News Network in Baltimore City, Maryland. Today we take the eight-hour workday for granted, but things like weekends and workers' safety were unheard of in the 19th century, which is why people around the world celebrate Mayday. To commemorate the beginning of a labor movement that has changed the way we work, the holidays tied to a dramatic event in labor history, the Haymarket bombing in Chicago, which killed half a dozen police officers and many labor activists. It was a gathering to protest for an eight-hour workday, but today in Baltimore we talk to marchers who gathered near City Hall for their own Mayday celebration, to discuss the present state of labor and how the past informs the present and their hopes for the future. Well Mayday is first of all for the workers and why it's important to me not just in Baltimore but all over this country is that it is a time that people could come together because as to begin, that was the starting of Mayday, that was what it was about to come together and fight. Mayday means everybody standing together for our mutual benefit. It's the opportunity to show that we work to help one another, which is what I believe the fundamental basis of this country ought to be. Working together to lift each other up rather than creating hierarchies that keep people down. You can't talk to new uniform, but this kind of looks militaristic. Is this a military uniform or I've never seen it before. You can't talk. Okay. What did he say? He said he can't talk on camera. Wait, it's not military. It doesn't look kind of military. I mean not. When did the department start issuing these uniforms? It's all right. They're going to tell four people that they're going to raise the rent because we have to do these. Some swine with that. We can't continue to accept that night's chance coming out of that. Coming out of that death, death, death, nestle of much-datin' DC. The police, the police, the justice, the..." + 53%
"2018-05-02 01:00:13"
"Fmr IAEA Inspector: Netanyahu’..."
" It's the Real News that welcome Sharmini Pires coming to you from Baltimore. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's Iran lie talk is all over the internet and it is aimed at pressuring the United States into withdrawing from the Iran nuclear deal. In case you missed the show and tell, here are some of the pertinent clips. The Iran lie victim. After signing the nuclear deal in 2015, Iran intensified its efforts to hide its secret nuclear file. In 2017, the Iran move this nuclear weapons files will highly secret location in terror. A few weeks ago in a great intelligence achievement, Israel obtained half a ton of the material inside these walls. And here's what we got. 55,000 pages. Another 55,000 files on 183 CDs. Iran continues to lie. Just last week, Zarif said this. We never wanted to produce a bomb. Again? We never wanted to produce a bomb. Yes, you did. Yes, you do. And the atomic archive proves it. He gave this speech just after Israel's military bombardment of Iran supported Syrian military installations, reportedly killing 11 Iranians and unknown number of Syrians, while destroying 200 ground-to-ground missiles. Netanyahu's attempt to present what he called evidence of a secret Iranian nuclear weapons program was obviously coordinated with the U.S. and Donald Trump complied accordingly. What Israel has done today with the news conference, and Prime Minister Netanyahu just gave a very very, I don't know if everybody's seen it, but I've got to see a little bit of it. And that is just not an acceptable situation. And I've been saying that's happening. They're not sitting back idly. They're setting off missiles, which they say are for television purposes. I don't think so. So we'll see what happens. I'm not telling you what I'm doing, but a lot of people think they know. These escalation tactics are coming from Israel at a time when Donald Trump is expected to render a decision on if the U.S. will continue to wave the sanctions against Iran on May 12. In..." + 89%
"2018-05-01 23:25:00"
"Manchester University Develops I..."
" It's the Real News Network. I'm Sharmini Perris coming to you from Baltimore. New evidence exposed by the students at Manchester University in the UK shows a disturbing link between the university's research into advanced chemistry and weapons which are used against defenseless Palestinian civilians by the Israeli military. When I came here, I didn't know when I tried to use the violation of human rights in Israel against Palestinian individuals. Graphene is a semi-metallic artificial substance which can be used to produce very fast computer chips or even advanced cooling systems for vehicles or even providing clean drinking water. But rather than being used to improve the lives of people, the University of Manchester has decided to sign a long-term research cooperation agreement with the Israeli universities tied to the largest Israeli arms company which is Israeli aerospace industries. Now, IAI, as it is known, is one of the world's major drone producing and it boasts that it's military products are tested by the Israeli military in its operations against Palestinians. Joining us now to discuss all of this is Huda Amori. She is the founder and chair of the BDS campaign at the University of Manchester. Thanks for joining us, Huda. Thank you. Thank you very much for having me. Huda, I understand that the Manchester Student Union is the largest union in terms of the UK's student bodies. It has voted to endorse the BDS movement, which is the Boycott divestment and sanctions movement against Israel, which includes a call to impose an academic Boycott against Israeli universities which participate in the violation of international law. Now, despite all of this, the decision on the part of the student union, the management of the University of Manchester has gone ahead and signed this cooperation deal. Now, does this actually mean that the student union has no influence over the administration? A large issue with the university management is the lack of transparency ..." + 79%
"2018-05-01 23:00:40"
"Koch Brothers' Money went to Geo..."
" It's the Real News Network. I'm Greg Wolpert coming to you from Keto Ecuador. Newly released documents show that Virginia's largest public university, George Mason University, granted the Charles Koch Foundation a key role in the hiring and firing of professors in exchange for millions of dollars in donations. George Mason University is among the largest recipients of Koch donations. George Mason University president, Angel Cabrera, has long denied it quid pro quo for the donations but had to reserve himself last week when the documents were released, issuing a statement that agreements with the Koch Foundation quote, fall short of the standards of academic independence. I expect any gift to meet unquote. Joining me to analyze the ties between the Koch brothers and universities is Bill Black. Bill is a white collar criminologist, former financial regulator and associate professor of economics and law at the University of Missouri Kansas City. He's also the author of the book The Best Way to Rob a Bank is to own one. Thanks for joining us again, Bill. Thank you. So first, what can you tell us about the legality of a public university accepting donations under conditions that in effect restrict academic freedom? Specifically should GMU president Angel Cabrera fear any legal consequences of this revelation? None at all. But it is a violation of accreditation standards. And as a result, George Mason University were there ever a vigorous in the periodic inspections that they have for certification. If there were vigorous inquiry, he could face some questions. But none of that could send him to jail or lose him his job. So apparently the Koch Foundation is donating tens of millions of dollars to hundreds of universities every year. Also, this is not the first time that it was discovered that the donations were tied to specific conditions. There are several other cases. What do we know about the Koch Foundation agenda in making these kinds of donations? So first, this ..." + 78%
"2018-05-01 14:18:47"
"Yemeni Journalist: I Was Afraid ..."
" For more than three years, the United States has helped Saudi Arabia wage a catastrophic war on Yemen, which has unleashed the largest humanitarian crisis on the planet. Washington has sold Riyadh billions of dollars in weapons and provided fuel and intelligence for Saudi bombing. This support has continued despite repeated heinous atrocities committed by the Saudi military, which has relentlessly bombed civilian areas in Yemen. On April 22, Saudi Arabia used a U.S. made bomb to attack a wedding party in the northwestern Haja government. At least 33 Yemenis were killed in the hair strikes, most of whom were women and children. Another 55 Yemenis were wounded. The bride was killed in the Saudi attack, and the groom was injured with shrapnel. The real news spoke with journalist Ahmed Al-Gobari, who lives in the ground in Yemen's capital Sana'a, and has reported extensively on Saudi Arabia's bombing of civilian areas. Saudi-led coalition airstrikes killed 33 and injured 55 including women and children in a wedding party in Benny Gest district, Haja government rate. They killed the bride, they bombed the cars. You know, the wounded were carried away from the scene by donkeys. The equipment ran out from the hospital, so they turned the aid from a party to a tragedy. Ahmed said many Yemenis are afraid of holding wedding parties because they could be bombed by Saudi Arabia. In fact, Ahmed himself recently got married, and his family tried to talk him out of holding a wedding party for fear that they would be attacked. The Saudi-led coalition have been targeting wedding parties since the beginning of the war. So it is not something new, and people like now afraid from doing wedding parties. Like me, I got married one month ago, and my mom told me, don't do a wedding party. They might bomb you. They might target your wedding party. Don't do that. I told my mom that I want to celebrate my wedding party. This is like one time or one moment that I need to celebrate somethin..." + 50%
"2018-05-01 04:10:48"
"Col. Wilkerson on Korean Peace: ..."
" It's the Real News Network. I'm Sharmini Pyrrhus, coming to you from Baltimore. On Friday, April 27, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un crossed the demilitarized zone and met with South Korean President Moon Jae-in. You have likely seen the two holding hands in celebration, the two pledged to pursue peace talks that will officially end a war that has been going on for nearly seven decades. While the world was celebrating this move towards peace, many were also worried about how realistic it is given US's historic military presence in the region. On to discuss all of this with me is Larry Wilkerson. Colonel Wilkerson is former Chief of Staff to the Secretary of State Colin Powell. And now a distinguished professor at the College of William and Mary. Good to have you with us again Larry. Good to meet you, Sharmini. All right Larry, tell us how optimistic we should be about these peace talks. I don't see it as quite the way some others do and let me add immediately that Mike Green and Victor Cha and Evan Jervier and a host of other North Korea experts who are far more experts than I agree with me at least in general that we've been here before. Not with this Kim but with previous Kim's particularly this Kim's father Kim Jong-il. We were at a denuclearization agreement and we were at the Sunshine Policy and we were at all manner of peace is going to break out on the peninsula. In 2000 we were at a point where Mattel and Albright came to Pyongyang as Secretary of State of the United States clearly making the ground clear for President Clinton's later visit and for normalizing relations or at least growing closer in our relations to include opening an embassy in Pyongyang and doing the kinds of things that nations do with one another on a more less routine basis. We were at a point where we were looking towards a peace treaty. We were at a point where both sides North and South Korea were going to break out in economic relations that would include South Koreans managing ..." + 83%
"2018-05-01 04:14:19"
"French Politicians Shift Blame f..."
" It's the Real News Network, I'm Sharmini Puris, coming to you from Baltimore. In France, 300 prominent figures, including intellectuals, celebrities and former prime ministers, such as Nicolas Sarkozy, have all signed a manifesto, claiming that French Jews have fallen victim to a form of ethnic cleansing perpetrated by radical Islamists. This without much criticism from the ruling party. The manifesto is a direct attack on Islam, accusing Muslims of fermenting anti-Jewish anti-Christian hate just because of their religion. The manifesto says that France has become the theater of murderous anti-Semitism with 11 Jews having been assassinated because of their religion since 2006, it says. The manifesto's publication is time to coincide with the campaign of French Jews criticizing the French government for not offering enough protection to the Jewish community of France and going as far as describing the state of the Jewish community in France as undergoing a quiet ethnic cleansing. Is racism, including racism towards Jews, something which Muslims brought to France, or is it already a longstanding part of French colonial history? Here to discuss this with me is Yasal Huarti, Yasal is a French human rights advocate and civil liberties advocate. Thank you for joining us, Yasal. Thank you for having me. So Yasal, let's start off with why this kind of manifesto is being signed by so many so-called dignitaries. And what is this fundamentally about? Well, the manifesto itself was brought forward by the people who actually supported the invasion of Iraq and the war and who actually got France involved in the destruction of Libya, Philippe Val, for example, the former managing editor of Charli Fdo, who constantly supported the war in Iraq and all the multiple wars being carried by France. And surprisingly, Nicolas Sarcosi, who also got involved directly in Libya, so both countries that saw the rise of Daesh both in Iraq and Libya. So if you want now to speak about the very ..." + 84%
"2018-04-30 23:42:33"
"Israeli Military Attacks Iranian..."
" It's the Real News Network. I'm Sharmini Pures coming to you from Baltimore. The Israeli military attacked several bases in Hamas and a laypo countryside on Sunday. Israel is becoming notorious for their weekly attacks on Syria, targeting Syrian government forces that are backed by Iranian and hispola forces. Israel has previously hit Iranian-back militia outposts in Syria, mainly targeting arms convoys of the Lebanese-Sia group Hezbollah. Israel regards the group which is fighting alongside President Bashar al-Assad as the biggest threat on its borders. Harat, the Israeli newspaper reported that some 200 missiles were destroyed and 11 Iranians were killed in the process which Iran denies at this time. In the meantime, Netanyahu has been granted war power's authority in extreme situations by the Knesset, with only the Defense Minister's approval. This in spite of the fact that the Joint Committee of Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee as well as the Constitution, Law and Justice Committee all rejected Netanyahu's request for such powers. On to discuss all of this with me is Larry Wilkerson. Colonel Wilkerson is former chief of staff to the Secretary of State Colin Powell. And now a distinguished professor at the College of William and Mary. Thank you so much for joining me, Larry. Good to be here. Larry, what is the purpose on the part of Israel pursuing this kind of aggression in Syria and tagging Iran at a time when this war is actually coming to a closure? Israel does not want it to come to a closure. Israel sees as do the neo-conservatives in this country and some others allied with them like Richard Cheney, they see this chaos in the Middle East as conducive to their security. Not only as conducive to their security, but also as sort of allowing them to do their full greater Zionist strategy, which is to get as much territory as they can, as fast as they can, to include the water in that territory, which is becoming a rather critical issue for the entire ..." + 82%
"2018-04-30 20:47:40"
"The Baltimore Bureau Podcast Sho..."
" Hi and welcome to the Baltimore Bureau podcast at the real news network. My name is Tharn and Nora as always and I'm here with Easy Jackson. Bonjour. Hello. I'm just saying, Baylor Woods this week, shout out to Baylor. I hope he's getting plenty of the much needed rest. Baylor's been going hard, working a lot lately. So much love to him. We'll have him back in here next week. We endorse this break. Yes, definitely. So today, the day that we're recording is Friday, April 27, which means that it's been three years since some of the biggest protests during the Baltimore uprising after Freddie Gray was killed in police custody. So actually in our first piece, we'll take a look back at the uprising and the movement since then, the movements before then. This is an interview from the Mark Steiner show that Mark Steiner did with Eddie Conway, who's an executive producer here. And Durey Smith, who is the vice president of Tubman House, activist in Baltimore. And yeah, he'll hear them talk about movements from 1968 when there were big protests in Baltimore to 2018 today. And in light of this conference that Hopkins is doing on Monday about movements and the social determinants of health. All right, well, let's get right into it. The Mark Steiner show right here on the real news network. The Johns Hopkins Urban Health Institute is holding their annual symposium on the social determinants of health. This year, it's happening on April 30. The theme this year is 1968 to 2018, voices of social change and power communities for health and social justice. And I'll be moderating the panel there on the Poor People's Campaign, but I'm here now with Eddie Conway and Durey Smith, who'll be speaking at the symposium as well. And welcome to the happy boat here. Good evening. Thanks for having me. And this way of induction, Eddie Conway, of course, a former Black Panther, who's been 44 years in the Maryland State prisons because of America's war on activists, the Black activists in part..." + 98%
"2018-04-30 05:23:50"
"Detained Refugees Protest for 10..."
" This is Demetri Lascarus reporting for the Real News from Montreal, Canada. In October 2001, the United States launched a war on Afghanistan under the moniker, Operation and During Freedom. That war is now in its 17th year, and there is no end in sight. America's interminable Afghan war has produced a refugee population of stunning proportions. In June 2013, the United Nations reported that a total of 6 million Afghan refugees were hosted in Pakistan and Iran, making Afghanistan the largest refugee producing country in the world. A title held for 32 years. 95% of Afghan refugees are located in Iran and Pakistan. A relatively small proportion of those refugees have managed to escape to countries further afield than Iran and Pakistan, but that has not necessarily meant that they have ferred any better than the millions of Afghans who are situated in those two countries. One of those Afghan refugees is trapped in a detention center in Indonesia called Balikapan. His name is Esanulah Sahil, and this is his story. In 2012, Esanula worked in Afghanistan as a translator with a Canadian private security company called Tundra. According to Tundra's website, Tundra is a business advisory company specializing in risk management, security, safety, training, and industrial support services, which supports public and private sector organizations at home in Canada and internationally. Esanula says that while he worked as a translator for Tundra, he worked under the supervision of Graham Ragsdale. Ragsdale is a former sniper commander in the Canadian military. In 2002, Ragsdale was deployed to Afghanistan as part of the U.S. operation and during freedom, and under the Canadian moniker of that same operation, Operation Apollo. Ragsdale commanded a six-man sniper team, but not long after his deployment, a member of that sniper team, Corporal Aaron Perry, was accused by the Canadian military of desecrating the corpse of an enemy combatant. Eventually, the Canadian military's inves..." + 76%
"2018-04-30 05:21:10"
"Universal Basic Income and Minim..."
" It's the Real News Network. I'm Sharmini Peres coming to you from Baltimore. A universal basic income. It could be a solution to inequality and economic instability. The basic idea is that people should be able to receive a certain amount of money as a guaranteed source of income. It should be paid out to every man, woman, and child. It could be paid monthly. It could be paid quarterly, but primarily through easy electronic transfers to your bank account, the way that other payments by the state are made. Well Finland ran such an experiment, which began in 2017, and they did it with about 2,000 people who received approximately $690 per month. But recently, they announced that they will end their income experiment in 2019. But this week, the World Bank also published a call to abolish a minimum wage around the world. The World Bank argues that this would help protect workers from competition with robots. Well, joining me now to discuss all of this is Professor Catherine Amuse. She teaches economics at the University of Massachusetts Amherst and is a member of the Political Economy Research Institute at UMass. Catherine, I thank you again for joining us here on the Real News. Thank you. It's my pleasure. Alright Catherine, let's start off with the basic income. It's considered by most people progressive to mainly because it redistributes income and improves the workers negotiating power while reducing the stigma associated with welfare. And also, it eliminates this humiliating income test for welfare recipients that they have to undergo and declare all kinds of personal issues and details about their lives. Now, on the other hand, basic income is also sometimes praised by neoliberalists because it can be used to justify eliminating other forms of welfare. And it's redistributive powers than are limited. What do you think of this basic income and is it progressive or is it regressive too? Yeah, well, I think that whether or not a universal basic income or UBI is p..." + 82%
"2018-04-29 10:18:44"
"China’s Embrace Of An Intellec..."
" For The Real News, I'm Lynn Freese in Geneva. 2017 was a record year for international patent filings at the World Intellectual Property Organization. Country rankings as origin or source of those applications is a closely watched statistic, with a question being, who filed the most applications? Well-choked, China moved into second position as a source of international patent applications filed via WIPO in 2017, closing in on long-time leader, the United States. Among the top 15 performing countries, only China posted double-digit growth in 2017, and since 2003, China's growth rates of international patent applications have exceeded 10% every year. So what do these statistics on China tell us? The World Intellectual Property Organization runs three international filing systems used by all major corporations of the world, most notably multinational corporations racing to expand vast intellectual property portfolios. WIPO's press conference on 2017 results made clear that it's the system for patents that gets the most attention. That's because it's technology, and a very good indicator of the relative strengths in the fields of technology of the various countries of the world. So explained WIPO's Director General, Francis Gurry. Here's a clip from that press conference. I mean the articulated expressed strategy of the Chinese leadership is to go from made in China to created in China, so if you like in very simplistic terms, to go from being the factory of the world to the laboratory of the world. What we have seen is, I think, an extremely strategic approach adopted by China, which is coming from the top of the leadership of China, an emphasis on innovation by President Xi Jinping and by Prime Minister Li Kecheng and the rest of the state leadership. And a number of careful policies put in place in order to develop the technological capacity of China covering fields such as artificial intelligence, advanced manufacturing, and so on. So this, I think, is the real..." + 91%
"2018-04-29 04:03:47"
"Tech Giants Fight to Dominate Da..."
" It's the Real News Network. I'm Sharmini Puriss coming to you from Baltimore. High-tech U.S.-based transnational companies known as TNCs now represent five of the top seven largest corporations in the world, dominating information and our data they rank as follows. Apple is number one, Google number two, Microsoft number three, Amazon retail number six, Facebook number seven. Combined, they influence much of our lives, how we think about things, what we eat, what we buy or even what we might sell. Even who we vote for. Unlike other media, these companies are largely unregulated, not only here in the U.S. but the world over. Therefore, extremely difficult to hold them accountable when there are breaches. This was the case two weeks ago when the Senate Judiciary Committee and the Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation tried to ask Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, how they should fix the problem of data breaches and how data is manipulated to control even who we vote for. Well, I want to talk about all of this. With me is Deborah James. Deborah James is the director of international programs at the Center for Economic and Policy Research and she coordinates organizations or a group of organizations called Our World is Not for Sale. It's a network. Thanks for joining us Deborah. Thank you so much, Shireen. All right, Deborah. So these companies that I mentioned off the top like Facebook, Google, Apple and so forth. Now, they want to operate in an environment that's largely unregulated. They want to regulate themselves. But they also want something from us, which is that they want free reign with to our data. They want free access to an adequate supply of flexible labor. They want to keep their tax invasion strategies protected and they want access to an unrestricted marketplace, including free reign to use our data the way they like to sell it to companies they want, which is perhaps the most valuable resource in the world has right now, our data. So..." + 87%
"2018-04-29 02:58:06"
"Maryland Delegate Speaks Out Aga..."
" Hello, my name is Teah Graham and I am a reporter for the Real News Network Baltimore Bureau. Obviously, like many women across the country, I am moved by the Me Too movement. Not just the stories of the women who have suffered abuse, but the recognition of just how deeply entrenched sexism and sexual exploitation is in the places where women work and live. And I've also been concerned that experiences of women of color with harassment have not been given the proper attention. As a reporter, I've had the privilege of covering the state capital of Annapolis. It's a place where state leaders gather to make the laws that govern the lives of Marylanders across the state, but recently serious allegations of abuse have surfaced, and the response to the complaints has been lackluster at best. So as a woman and a journalist, I had the honor of sitting down with three women who were willing to share their firsthand experience with sexual harassment and the consequences of standing up. I was so moved by their courage that I've decided to run all the interviews without cutting a single second. I feel the stories they shared are too important to abbreviate or edit in any way. Therefore, I will be posting these pieces unabridged over the next few days. I hope they will help to heal the wounds of the women who have suffered and begin a dialogue on how to address the lacks attitudes and legal barriers that make the exploitation of women so pervasive in our state capital. Either way, I remain committed as a journalist and a woman of color to bringing these stories to light. My guests are Brittany Oliver, a women's rights activist and director of the social justice organization, not without black women, delegate Angela Angel, and Nina Smith, a communications consultant and former Annapolis staffer. Thank you so much for joining me. Thank you, fabulous. Nina, I know you worked as a staffer in Annapolis. Can you just come a little bit about if you're someone who experienced sexual..." + 94%
"2018-04-29 02:54:37"
"Shaking, Baking, and Roller Skating"
" The Roller Skating Rink is one of the places where African Americans have adapted bland American pastimes into vital subcultures that enable people to express their individuality together. And we need a war this year. It would take a skate war. People from all over the world enjoy what is called artistic roller skating. But Baltimore sometimes called Snap City has its own flair. Because of the personalities drawn to the center, Shaking Bake is more than just a roller skating rink. After closing down for repairs in August of 2017, it recently reopened and continues to be a staple in Baltimore and the roller skating community beyond the way it's been for decades. Shaking Bake was the mecca of skating on the east coast. People came from DC, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Delaware, every night, Virginia. That's just a skate that Shaking Bake. Well, it's great because you have everybody from school teachers, to janitors, to doctors. You got Princeton men, you got Harvard men, you got Tuskegee men, Howard men. So you have an influx of good people coming to the community. So the kids, you have some senior to poverty and the corruption in the community. So we bring that to the community as well. Shaking Bake is a home to the people that have been skating for a long time. It's a culture. We skate religiously. We're very loyal to Shaking Bake. We come here and show it. We spread love. It's like a big family. Everybody knows everyone's name. And when it closed down, it was a sadness. And now that it's open back up, if you look out on the floor, everyone's having a happy. Smiling and enjoying the music, the music's good. So we love the bake. I appreciate it being open. Really do. Shaking Bake Family Fund Center sits on the historic Pennsylvania Avenue. Once known as a popular black entertainment hub, where businesses thrived and black performers could showcase their talent without Jim Crow segregation. The center holds both a roller skating ring and a bowling alley. A room in the ..." + 69%
"2018-04-28 16:11:07"
"Three Years Later, Baltimore Res..."
" This is Telegram reporting for the Real News Network in Baltimore, City, Maryland. It's been three years since the death of Freddie Gray in police custody and the subsequent uprising which changed the course of history in Baltimore. Right here on Penn and North, we have people who have gathered to remember and reflect on the things that have changed and the things they want to see change in the future. I think you said what happened to him as well as you know the police officers that did what they did to him, you know them getting away with it as well as you know black lives do matter and we still have other officers out here that are getting away with her still hurting our young black people. You know and something needs to be done the system is corrupt you know and it needs to change for the better. Um well the change that I'm looking for Baltimore the change can only come with them from the people since I changed three years ago just me then I know the city has changed and I know people around me has changed since three years ago the changes are ready. So it's an individual change with the people. Money doesn't change things. Buildings doesn't make a city look good. It's the change to the individual people. And yes I do know I definitely see a different change in people from three years ago. Because it's very important to let everybody know we're still out here. It didn't stop when Freddie Gray was murdered. We're still out here to uplift his name and his memory. Have you seen any positive changes since those six police officers who were involved in the death of Freddie Gray since they were brought to court? Have you seen any positive change? Absolutely not. Absolutely not. I'm just waiting to see a change if there is one. I'm waiting to see what our new commissioner does. He seems like he might be the man but we'll see. Now tell me you're out here tonight reflecting on Freddie Gray. What are your thoughts? I'm out here today because three years ago today I w..." + 40%
"2018-04-27 23:09:16"
"Korean War Finally Ending, in Hu..."
" It's the Real News, I'm Ben Norton. The Korean War is finally coming to an end after nearly 70 years of conflict. The heads of state of North and South Korea held a historic summit in Seoul on Friday, April 27. This was the first time a North Korean leader had entered the South. Kim Jong-un and Moon Jae-in led to negotiate a peace treaty that would officially end a war that has plagued the Korean Peninsula since the early 1950s. The South Korean government said these negotiations would lead to complete denuclearization and a nuclear-free Korean Peninsula. Joining us to discuss this unprecedented historic breakthrough is Christine An. Christine is the founder and international coordinator of Women Cross DMZ, a global movement of women mobilizing for peace in Korea. She also co-founded the Korea Policy Institute and Korea Peace Network. Thanks for joining us, Christine. Thank you, Ben. So can you just respond to this historic news? What got us here? Well, it took incredible diplomacy by both Korean leaders and a real commitment, I think, to genuine peace. But I would say the real force behind Moon Jae-in is the Democratic People's movements that basically aborted his predecessor, Puk-in-Hae, who's sitting now in prison, who maintained a hard line against North Korea. And so is the People's movements. And through their candlelight revolution that basically led to her impeachment and swept Moon Jae-in into power. And he's a human rights lawyer. He basically comes from the very movements that have long been advocating for peace and the re-enhanification of Korea. Yeah, can you talk more about the candlelight protests? A lot of Americans don't realize that this was a historic development in the South, in South Korea, that pushed out, as you mentioned, the former right wing president Park and bring in a new president. This was similar. It's been compared to Occupy here in the U.S. and other grassroots movements. And of course, as you said, it led to this historic break..." + 86%
"2018-04-27 23:04:24"
"'I'd Rather Be Teaching' Arizona..."
" The Nationwide Teacher Revolt continues to grow with educators in two states, Arizona and Colorado, walking out of school this week. Everyone said this could never happen in Arizona. They said it could happen in West Virginia. They said you might see it in Oklahoma. You might see it in Kentucky, not in Arizona. Well, here we are. So where are the skeptics now? Because we're here and we are bringing a change. Teachers in Colorado walked out of public school classrooms on Thursday and again Friday to demand better pay and more education funding. In the latest revolt by educators that has spread to the U.S. West, encouraged by similar protests in West Virginia, Oklahoma and Kentucky, organizers said the job action would send a message to state political leaders about their dissatisfaction. In Arizona, teachers also walked off the job on Thursday and again Friday, with similar demands, better pay and more funding for education. Analysis by the Non-Parters and Center for Budget and Policy Priorities shows that from 2008 to 2015, education spending dropped by one-third in Arizona, leading the nation. Meanwhile, tax cuts for the wealthy, backed by powerful interests like the Koch brothers, have made less funding available for education, which is part of the reason Arizona teachers rejected the governor's offer of a 20% pay increase. It didn't come with a dedicated source of revenue. Yeah, so the number one demand is funding for our schools. Of course, teachers are tired of being paid ridiculously little amounts and part of our demands is competitive pay to keep teachers teaching. We have over 2,000 vacancies in the state of Arizona, just unfilled teaching positions. And over 800 teachers have left or just never even started the school year. They just quit before they even began. So we're losing teachers and droves and we have to figure out a way to keep our educators, either from leaving the profession or from leaving the state. But we really want our schools funded. W..." + 77%
"2018-04-27 22:27:59"
"'Tense and Complicated' Situatio..."
" It's the Real News Network. I'm Greg Wulpert coming to you from Keto, Ecuador. A week of protests and violent clashes with the police left almost 2,000 people dead and many others wounded in Nicaragua. Earlier this week, President Daniel Optiga withdrew the Social Security reform that had sparked the unrest and also promised to engage in dialogue with opposition forces under the mediation of the Catholic Church. At first the demonstrations continued but now seem to have died down. Exactly what happened and exactly who is responsible for the violence is mired in controversy. Each side blames the other with some saying that the US government also played an important role. Joining me from Costa Rica to help shed some light on the latest developments in Nicaragua is John Coutula. John is a writer and artist who normally lives in Managua, Nicaragua. He writes for the blog Nicar Nicar Notes which is published by the Alliance for Global Justice. Thanks for being here today John. Well thank you for having me. So let's start with this situation at the moment. It seems that the protests have died down. Is that true? And if so does this mean that Ortega has promised to withdraw the Social Security reform which would have raised payroll taxes for both employers and employees and he has promised to engage in dialogue that this had an effect? I think the situation is still tense and complicated but you're right that there is calm at this point and it seems also that there is a consensus developing to solve the issues through dialogue rather than through violence. Last Monday there was a huge march. Some say it was one of the biggest political gatherings in the history of Central America and that march was completely calm and without violence. And I think that's given people an opportunity to express their feelings and express what they want to have happen without violence. And what kinds of expressions were these? I mean we know that the protests were initiated because of the..." + 76%
"2018-04-27 18:51:40"
"The Marc Steiner Show: Baltimore..."
" Welcome, Mrs. Mark Steiner. Welcome to the Mark Steiner Show right here on the Real News Network. The Johns Hopkins Urban Health Institute is holding their annual symposium on the social determinants of health. This year it's happening on April 30th. The theme this year is 1968 to 2018, voices of social change and power communities for health and social justice. And I'll be moderating a panel there on the Poor People's Campaign, but I'm here now with Eddie Conway and Dorey Smith, who'll be speaking at the symposium as well and welcome to the happy both here. And his way of production, Eddie Conway, of course, a former Black Panther, who's been 44 years in the Maryland State prisons because of America's war on activists and black activists in particular in the 1960s. He is now executive producer here at the Real News Network as well as me and author of several books. And we're also here with Dorey Smith. Dorey Smith is a Baltimoreian and maybe veteran and activist vice president of the Tubman House, a community activist group here in the city of Baltimore. And one of our leading actors who loves his community and wants to see it change for the better. So good to have you both here on the Mark Steiner Show. So the theme of this conference and the theme of your panel in particular is 1968 in 2018. Let me jump with you first. Thinking about where we were in 1968, where we are in 2018. There's been a lot of talk about these 50 years and what they have and have not changed. In society and how it's changed, the very nature of the struggle in America. How would you bring that analysis forward? I have to step back for one minute and just say this. I was very active in 1968 and in fact, the conditions were so bad that I felt it was important to join a black Panther Party, which was a risky proposition and so forth. Out of the service then? Out of the service. I came home from the service to try to see what I could do to help deal with the conditions, right? But I must say..." + 91%
"2018-04-27 04:57:22"
"Israel's Massacres of Gaza Prote..."
" It's The Real News. I'm Ben Norton. As the Israeli military continues to mow down unarmed protesters and the illegally occupied Gaza Strip on a weekly basis, some of Israel's most high-profile supporters have begun to speak out against its brutal oppression of the Palestinians. Early this April, one of Hollywood's biggest actresses, Natalie Portman, ignited a fire storm when she announced that she would not be attending a major award ceremony in Israel in protest of its violence in Gaza. In response, the Genesis Prize Foundation, which oversees what has been described as the Jewish Nobel Prize, canceled its prize ceremony in Israel. Natalie Portman has been a long-time vocal supporter of Israel. She was born in Jerusalem and has dual US and Israeli citizenship. But now even some of the most prominent liberal Zionists, that is, liberal supporters of the Zionist political movement and the Israeli ethno state, even they are publicly criticizing Israel's extreme right-wing government. Since March 30, Palestinians living in the illegally Israeli-Beseech Gaza Strip have held weekly peaceful demonstrations as part of what they call the Great March of Return. Israeli military has responded by mass occurring unarmed protesters. At least 40 Palestinians have been killed, including journalists and young teenagers. More than 5,000 Gazans have been injured. Israeli soldiers have shot thousands of unarmed Palestinians with live ammunition. Joining us to discuss the growing divide between what liberal Zionists say about Israel and what's actually happening on the ground is Ali Abunima. Ali Abunima is the director of the Electronic Intifada. He is also the author of several books about Israel-Palestine. Thanks for joining us. Thank you, Ben. So Ali, what do you think about this whole media scandal with Natalie Portman that we saw that in fact a member of Israel's far-right ruling party, Lakoud, in fact called for Portman to be stripped of her Israeli citizenship? What does this..." + 83%
"2018-04-27 00:02:43"
"Will the International Criminal ..."
" This is Dimitri Lascara reporting for the Real News Network from Montreal, Canada. On March 30th, the day that is known to Palestinians is land day. Thousands of protesters in the blockaded and heavily populated enclave of Gaza began a series of peaceful protests, known as the Great March of the Return. These protests are intended to culminate on May 15th, which is known to Palestinians as the Nakba Day or the Day of Catastrophe. Nakba Day is a commemoration of the expulsion from Palestine in 1948, of an estimated 700,000 Palestinians, and the destruction and depopulation by Zionist forces of hundreds of Palestinian towns and villages. During this year's Great March of the Return, Israeli snipers have killed dozens of Palestinian protesters and wounded hundreds of others. As the Nakba Day approaches, there seems to be no relaxation by the Israeli military in its brutal response to these protests. Now here to discuss with us what is happening on the ground are two representatives of Al-Hak, a human rights organization founded in 1979 and based in the occupied Palestinian territories. Rania Muharab is a legal researcher with the Palestinian Human Rights Organization Al-Hak. She holds an LLM in international human rights and humanitarian law. She joins us today from the Ramallah in the occupied West Bank. Tadek Zakut has worked with Al-Hak as a field researcher in the Gaza Strip since 2008. Over the past 10 years, Tadek has monitored and documented human rights violations perpetrated by both Israel and the Palestinian Authority, and he has covered and documented three Israeli offensives against Gaza. He joins us today from Gaza itself. Thank you very much for coming on the real news at Rania and Tadek. Thank you very much, Dimitri. Thank you, Tadek. Tadek, let's first talk about the casualty figures up to the current time and since the beginning of the protests on March 30th, how many Palestinians, civilians according to your work, have been killed, and how many ha..." + 57%
"2018-04-26 23:40:24"
"Jill Stein: Obsession with Russi..."
" It's the real news. I'm Ben Norton. This is part two of my discussion with the Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein. In part one, we discussed how on Thursday, April 26th, Jill Stein agreed to a request by the Senate Intelligence Committee to submit documents and emails and campaign materials to the committee for an investigation. What's interesting about this story, Jill, is of course many corporate media outlets have attacked you in the Green Party. But one of the things that's been very misleading is that there's this myth that you oppose an investigation into Trump. But actually, you have said very clearly, and in the press released that you published, you called for a quote, legitimate inquiry into corruption, quid pro quo deals, money laundering, obstruction of justice, and other illegal activity in the 2016 election. Can you expand? Definitely. And just for the record to clarify, we put out a press release today Thursday, April 26th, because now we have essentially concluded our handover of materials. So we've been turning over materials for the past couple of months and have finally completed that process. And in doing so, we're breaking our silence. We've been quiet while the process has gone on. And at this point, we're sort of stepping back to comment on the process as someone who's been a target of, of Russia gate. And as you point out, I have, you know, in my campaign, feels like there is a valid purpose in finding out, you know, in lifting the veil here and finding out what went on in the election. And what illegal activity took place in the way of corruption, quid pro quo deals, et cetera, obstruction of justice, money laundering. You know, and we've seen a steady stream of this. I think I may be the exception among those who've been investigated in that there's not a money stream here. There's not even a trickle or a drop of money changing hands. But, you know, Paul Maniford, money laundered some 80 plus million dollars. And so on, you k..." + 84%
"2018-04-26 23:25:36"
"Green Party's Jill Stein: Russia..."
" It's The Real News, I'm Ben Norton. The Green Party has come under attack, as the Russia-Gate dragnet has expanded and is being used to attack leftist political opposition. Back in December, the Senate Intelligence Committee requested that the 2016 presidential campaign of Green Party candidate Jill Stein hand over its campaign documents. On Thursday, April 26, Jill Stein publicly announced that she had complied with the request and had submitted emails and other campaign documents to the Senate Intelligence Committee. There is no evidence linking the Green Party to the Russian government. Jill Stein has come under attack because she did interviews on the Russian State Media Outlet RT and because she attended an RT event in Moscow. Despite this, media outlets have implied that the Green Party is part of an elaborate Kremlin conspiracy. Even liberal media outlets like MSNBC have given a platform to US government officials, like the former US ambassador to Russia, to smear the Green Party. The margin that Jill Stein took in this election, if you were to work it backwards and you were a little conspiratorial, one might assume that it was enough to defeat Hillary Clinton, which was a good investment if the Russians were involved in that. Well, yeah, let's be careful. We don't know exactly why people voted for home and it's very difficult to measure causality here. But two things are very obvious that she took votes away from somebody and most likely those voters were from Hillary Clinton. And two, there's a likelihood that she suppressed voter turnout for Secretary Clinton. So even if they didn't vote for her, those that supported those ideas and were less likely to vote for her because she was trumpeting issues and positions that were anti-Clinian. That was the former US ambassador to Russia speaking on MSNBC. And what's funny about that segment is the host admits it's conspiratorial. But joining us to discuss this alleged conspiracy is Jill Stein herself. Jill is ..." + 82%
"2018-04-26 16:20:49"
"Exclusive: Nurses Demand Johns H..."
" Shortly after the uprising in the aftermath of the death of Freddie Gray, Johns Hopkins made a promise to invest in the community and write the social and economic ills that fueled the protests. In light of those promises, many are following how the state's largest employer responds to its own employees that are demanding change. As nurses at the world renowned Johns Hopkins Hospital have sought to unionize, instead of embracing the requests from critical care workers for fair pay and better working conditions, the multi-billion dollar institution is played hardball, hiring a high-profile union busting firm, Littler Mendelssohn, to lead an effort against them. The real news is learned. The real news also obtained a letter nurses delivered to management, demanding an end to a quote, anti-union campaign alleging timidation and an infringement on the rights of the nurses to form a union. In response, Hopkins sent a statement that reads the hospital quote, has deep respect for the nurses and their rights as employees to support or oppose a union. The nurses who went public with their campaign last month cited low pay and a low nurse to patient ratio in Hopkins facilities, which nurses say endangers their patients. Studies have found unionized nurses receive higher pay and are responsible for fewer patients than their non-union counterparts. But all nurses support the union effort, a website as well as Facebook group, though were 200 members opposed the union. They didn't respond to interview requests for this story. Neither did those seeking to unionize with the country's biggest nurses union, National Nurses United. Their unwillingness to talk is perhaps a reflection of the power of the sprawling institution, that dominates both politics and the landscape of Baltimore. So to actually talk to nurses who have fought the same battle and to understand what set stake, we had to travel to Philadelphia. In 2010, the real news interviewed nurses at Temple University Hospit..." + 58%
"2018-04-26 03:39:56"
"UK's 'Windrush Scandal' Makes Co..."
" Now in terms of the Windrush children and what's recently happened in Britain, what we know is that they seem to have been caught up in new policies that have been run by our home office, what's been referred to quite openly in public discourse as a hostile environment for immigration. This was a very interesting group of people because they were invited to Britain after World War II to help with rebuilding the economy. I have many relatives who came over to Britain in that generation and I have relatives who are Windrush children as well. And the thing is for what you know, they many of them went through very very difficult experiences. They also fall into the category of of immigrants in Britain who we know tended to do worse than their first generation. That tends to be quite a common factor across many migrant communities where the arriving generation does as well as might be expected, but then the children start to fall behind and that was certainly true of the Windrush generation. So there's some very interesting things here. In any kind of gathering of two people from the Caribbean or more, inevitably the conversation is going to get around to the many wrongs that have been done to you over the decades in Britain, whether it's the experience that you had in the school system, which I mean there's some real tragedies encounters with healthcare encounters dealing with mental health, trying to get access to jobs, etc., trying to climb the social ladder. In many ways, this is this is an entire generation of people who feel that Britain really hasn't looked out for them, but at least this this was their home. And even now this last vestige has now been taken away from them. The problem I feel is that the government has now added insult to injury by saying, hang on. After all of the public fuss, we are now coming out and we're saying sorry that this happened, we're very sorry that people have been caught up in the immigration net, we're very sorry that potentia..." + 63%
"2018-04-25 22:58:39"
"Why Pay Managers So Well, Even I..."
" It's the Real News Network. I'm Greg Wilpert coming to you from Keto, Ecuador. Last month, Bloomberg Business Week published a report on the average returns on university endowments. According to the analysis, Harvard University's endowment averaged only 4.4% annually over the past decade. This was slightly below the national average of university endowments, which was 4.6%. In contrast, the best performing neutral funds averaged about 10% over 10% over the past decade. What is going on here? Why haven't Harvard's endowment fund managers been fired? Joining me to discuss this is Dean Baker. Dean is senior economist at the Center for Economic and Policy Research and is the author of the book, Rigged How Globalization and the Rules of the Modern Economy were structured to make the rich richer. Welcome back, Dean. Thanks for having me on. So apparently, Harvard not only did not fire its endowment managers, but actually paid them almost a quarter of a billion dollars over the past decade, which amounts to about $1 million per manager per year. What is going on here? Why is a patently underperforming endowment paying its managers so much money? Well, it is quite striking. This is the norms of this super elite labor market that it's basically a heads-eye wind tails you lose. They have contracts, and again, I don't have access to their contracts. Their specific contracts, but the general nature of these contracts are that they get paid large fees to begin with. Then when they do well, then they get way more than that. They might start with a million a year, and then if they do well, they might get 2 million, 5 million, 10 million a year. If they end up doing poorly and cost us school money, they still get their million. This is the sort of contract that all of us would love. We understand incentives when you do well, but then if you do poorly as they did, you think there'd be a penalty. But no, they're still there. Just to be clear, because you made reference to the hi..." + 80%
"2018-04-25 21:14:50"
"Can a Progressive Democrat Win i..."
" Hello, my name is Stephen Janus. I'm a reporter with the real news. Since the real news headquarters is located in Baltimore, Maryland, we have a front row seat on what Democrats do when they think no one is looking and instead of characterizing, I'll just recount some of the things that happened in our recent legislative session. Democrats pass tough-recentencing laws, they increase funding for policing, they crack down on gangs, and they would not allow voters to weigh in on legalized pot, and they said a big note of safe spaces for heroin addicts to take their drugs in a place where they're safe and during one of the worst opioid crisis in recent history. It's a far cry from the progressive bonnabides that some Democrats like to tout. Of course, I'm not naive about Democrats and they can be just as conservative as Republicans. After all, Baltimore is a former stomping ground of Martin O'Malley who was a one of implemented zero tolerance policing, which led to the illegal arrest of hundreds of thousands of African Americans, which is why the candidate that my reporting partner, Teogram and I will be interviewing is so critical. He is the first challenger in nearly 12 years to Bobby Zirkin, who is the Democrat, who chairs a powerful judiciary committee. Zirkin is a Baltimore County State Senator who has been, what many say is a roadblock to criminal justice reform over the past 12 or 15 years. His opponent who is joining us today is Sheldon Laskin, a lawyer and activist who promises to bring his history of progressive advocacy to the job. Mr. Laskin, thank you so much for joining us. And thank you for having me. And thank you, Teah, for joining us. It is my pleasure to be here. So before we get to the interview, we're going to a quick package of Teah's reporting on the Judiciary Committee and some of the problems with progressive reform in Annapolis right here. This is Teogram reporting for the Real News Network in Annapolis, Maryland. If anyone was hoping that..." + 91%
"2018-04-25 16:16:23"
"Protests Against President Orteg..."
" It's the Real News Network. I'm Greg Welpert coming to you from Keto Ecuador. Violent protests and clashes with the police rocked Nicaragua for at least five days last week. Some over between 11 and 25 people are said to have been killed during the protests, with each side blaming the other. The initial cause of the protests was opposition to a reform to the country's social security system. However, demonstrators rapidly took on other issues in the course of the protests. Then on Monday, President Daniel Otega announced that he's scrapping the social security reform and called for peace and negotiations. Exactly what is happening in Nicaragua has been somewhat confusing. The government and its supporters are saying that right-wing forces are attempting to overthrow the Otega government. Others say that the protests are protesters are raising legitimate concerns against a corrupt government. Joining me to help make sense of what is happening is Dan LaBots. Dan is author of the book What Went Wrong, the Nicaragua Revolution, a Marxist analysis, which was first published in 2016 but comes out now with a paperback edition this month. He is also an editor of New Politics, a Journal of Socialist Thought, and he teaches at the City University of New York. Thanks for joining us today, Dan. Good to be with you. Thanks for asking. So as I said in the introduction, the issues involved in Nicaragua seem rather confusing. So let's start with the initial cause of the protests, the social security reform. What was being proposed and what are the protesters being opposed to in this case? Proposed was to raise the cost of this social security program to both employers and workers. It's a dual contribution system. But at the same time, with not increasing, and in fact, perhaps decreasing the social security pension. So workers are angry. They're going to have to pay more for less. And businesses were angry too. And so there was a very strong reaction against this. But I think it..." + 83%
"2018-04-25 13:20:47"
"EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt..."
" This is Demetri LaScarra's reporting for the Real News from Montreal, Canada. In March 2017, the United States Environmental Protection Agency, or EPA, signed off on a pipeline expansion plan of a Canadian pipeline company, Enbridge. Now, troubling questions are being raised about the personal dealings at that time, between the EPA's chief Scott Pruitt and the spouse of the chairman of a powerful Washington lobbying firm, Williams and Jensen. At the time the EPA signed off on the Alberta Clipper expansion, Williams and Jensen was registered as lobbying for Enbridge on quote issues affecting pipelines and construction of new pipelines. According to reports by the New York Times and other media organizations published earlier this month, at the time that the EPA signed off on the expansion of Alberta Clipper, Scott Pruitt was renting a condominium in Washington, DC, from Vicki Hart, the wife of Jay Steven Hart. Steven Hart is the chairman of Williams and Jensen. According to the New York Times, Pruitt was paying $50 per night for the condo, a rate that is considerably lower than market rates for properties of that nature. In addition, Pruitt's lease came with an unusual provision that the renter had to pay for only the nights he stayed at the condo. The pipelining question was the Alberta Clipper pipeline. The expansion of Alberta Clipper will allow hundreds of thousands more barrels of oil to date to flow per day through this pipeline to the United States from Canada's tar sands. The EPA's review of the Alberta Clipper project was one of numerous regulatory matters before the EPA related to clients who were then represented by Williams and Jensen. Now here to discuss all of this, what this is Todd Paglia. Todd is the executive director of Stand Earth, an environmental advocacy organization that focuses on protecting forests. Before joining Stand Earth, Todd was an attorney for Ralph Nader, focusing on consumer protection issues such as environmental purchasing by..." + 77%
"2018-04-25 03:54:09"
"How Central Bank Independence Le..."
" It's the Real News Network. I'm Greg Wulpert coming to you from Keto, Ecuador. The tiny Eastern European country of Latvia, which has only about 2 million inhabitants, is in the news again, this time because of its central bank governor, IMS Remesovitch. At the real news, we covered Latvia's economic situation about two months ago, because a few years ago Latvia was a poster child for austerity and neoliberalism that supposedly worked. Now however, the economy is doing poorly and its banks are alleged to be engaged in massive corruption and money laundering. The central bank governor, Remesovitch himself, faces corruption charges but has not yet been formally charged. Joining me to shed light on the latest developments for this poster child of neoliberalism is Bill Black. Bill is a white-collar criminologist, former financial regulator, an associate professor of economics and law at the University of Missouri, Kansas City. He's also the author of the book, The Best Way to Rubberbank is to Own One. Thanks for joining us again, Bill. Thank you. So for those who haven't seen our earlier segment on Latvia, give us a brief summary as to what happened in Latvia since the global financial crisis. Okay, so slightly farther back. Of course, the three Baltic nations, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania from north to south in that order, just south of Helsinki, Finland, became independent states when the Soviet Union busted apart. And their great idea brought to you by all those neoliberal consultants and economists was they should do what Finland did and be a bridge between Russia and the West. And so that's what they did. And this produced massive corruption as the Russian system of kleptocrats emerged. Meanwhile, came the financial crisis of 2008. And that financial crisis crushed many, many nations, including the economies of the three Baltic states. Now, the right answer to that in economics is to have stimulus programs. But even then, indeed, the head of the central bank that..." + 82%
"2018-04-24 22:11:02"
"Enrollment Task Force Violates O..."
" It's one of the biggest crises facing the Baltimore school system, plummeting enrollment. Currently the student population is at a 10-year low. This means the historically underfunded school system is losing millions of dollars of badly needed revenue. To address the problem, the school system is convened a task force which has already met twice. But there's a problem. Some concerned parents and advocates say the fact these doors are close to the public's eyes and scrutiny violates the State's Open Meeting Act. In fact, one parent filed an ethics complaint with the State's Attorney General's Office on Monday. I did. I filed a complaint with the Attorney General's Office and the complaint was just that if it is not a public body, then why was the Chief of Staff and the Board Executive introducing this at a Board Operations Committee meeting in November with a schedule and mission of the task force. And it is either an internal group and therefore not subject to public disclosure or it is not. Vickett, I've been one for transparency of the Baltimore City School Board. They're appointed not elected and that makes it really difficult for parents in the city and other community advocates to get questions answered by the Board. We asked the school system for comment and they replied because the enrollment task force is not a policy-making body nor convened by the Board of School Commissioners, their work does not fall under the requirements of the Open Meeting Act. Then who is convening this group of 22 individuals made up of several members of the current City School Board, foundations and philanthropy? Are these 22 individuals just meeting on their own? That it really doesn't matter if it falls under requirements of the Open Meeting Act. The fact of the matter is the school district needs to shift its philosophy on how it engages in decision-making. The school system emphasized they're also working with the broad range of district stakeholders, including parents, st..." + 57%
"2018-04-24 21:44:53"
"Culture of Sexual Harassment Thr..."
" Some may not know this, but Hashtag Me Too was started by a black woman. This movement to encourage women to come forward and identify sexual harassers was founded by civil rights activists Toronto Burke 10 years ago before it became a social media hashtag. But black women have been instrumental in bringing sexual harassment to the forefront. Hashtag Me Too began even earlier with Michelle Vincent, a black woman who in 1986 won a landmark Supreme Court case against the bank manager who had sexually assaulted her and the bank marred a savings that did nothing to protect her. Me Too has inspired women across the country and in every walk of life to call out their abusers, whether it's Olympic gold winning medalist, Michaela Moroni, to award winning actress Selma Hayek. And now the Me Too movement has made a stand at our state capital. Women who have worked for the state government and Annapolis have come forward and made allegations of sexual harassment with the support of the organization not without black women. My guests are Brittany Oliver, a women's rights activist and director of the social justice organization not without black women, delegate Angela Angel and Nina Smith, a communications consultant and former Annapolis staffer. Thank you so much for joining me. Now Brittany, according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, African American women experienced sexual harassment and sexual violence at a 35% higher rate than their white counterparts. And this number goes up if the woman is poor or transgendered or suffers from mental illness. How is the Me Too movement dealing with these kind of disparities? So I think from what the Me Too movement is started, from what it looks like, it looks started in Hollywood, right, where there were women in Hollywood who were experiencing issues with sexual abuse and sexual harassment. And so I think what Me Too nationally has done is it's giving local communities an opportunity to have further discussions about the dispar..." + 92%
"2018-04-24 21:38:32"
"Mexican Presidential Candidates ..."
" It's the Real News Network. I'm Greg Wilper, joining you from Kito Ecuador. Last Sunday, Mexico's five main presidential candidates held their first televised debate for the July 1st presidential election. Andres Manuel Opas-Obrador, the leftist candidate of the Morena Party and former mayor of Mexico City, enjoys a massive 22-point lead, according to a poll released last week. As such, the four other presidential candidates relentlessly attacked Lopez Opas-Obrador, or Amlo, as he's known by his initials. The main issues that were brought up during the debate were corruption, crime, and economic growth among others. Joining me to analyze the latest from Mexico's presidential campaign is John Ackerman. John is professor at the National Autonomous University of Mexico, UNAM, and he's also editor-in-chief of the Mexico Law Review and economist for the publications La Hanada and Proceso. Thank you for having me back with us again, John. Greg, great pleasure to be on the Real News. So first of all, how has the debate been received? I mean, how well did the different candidates do, and can we talk about any candidate having one debate? Well, let's get a little context first, because it's really funny. This whole debate thing, historically debates were not the center of the political campaigns. It was more about, and it still is, in many ways, about campaign stops, visiting public meetings, more close contact with Mexican people. In the recent elections, the Mexican electoral system has become more Americanized. And now, like never before, really, there's all this emphasis on the debate as spectacle, as the great moment in which the different candidates are going to question each other in these one minute sound bites. And so it's kind of strange. It's still kind of a new thing for Mexicans. Those of us who support political change in Mexico see it with some sort of suspicion, because it seems to be the imposition of an American model. Those of the people in the Mexican..." + 86%
"2018-04-24 21:28:36"
"US City's Historic Ban on Police..."
" It's the real news. I'm Ben Norton. The city council in Durham, North Carolina made history this month when it voted unanimously to prohibit police exchanges with Israel. Thousands of police officers from departments throughout the United States traveled to Israel to receive military-style training with Israeli military and police forces, some of which enforce an illegal Israeli military occupation of the Palestinian West Bank. And it's not just local police that have trained in Israel, but also sheriffs, border patrol agents, ICE officers, and FBI agents. Durham is the first city in the US to ban police exchanges with Israel. Jewish voice for peace, the largest grassroots Jewish Jewish organization working for the full equality of all people in Israel, Palestine, published a statement applauding the Durham city council measure as a victory for human rights. JVP wrote, quote, in a time of increasing concern about policing and police violence, in particular for communities of color, the city of Durham is leading the way in declaring that safety for all means demilitarizing the police force. Joining us to discuss this is Rebecca Vokomerson. Rebecca is the executive director of Jewish voice for peace. She was named one of the 50 most influential Jewish figures named Worldwide by the Jerusalem Post in 2017. And she also frequently writes for major newspapers. Thanks for joining us, Rebecca. Thanks for having me. Can you just speak generally about this historic move here? We know that this move came after months of campaigning by civil rights groups, including activists that have been organizing against police brutality, and also groups that advocate for Palestinian rights. Can you talk about the grassroots campaign behind this historic measure? Yeah, I think it's really important that we give all the credit to the Durham to Palestine Coalition, which is a really remarkable coalition of organizations in the Triangle region of North Carolina. They've actually been wor..." + 76%
"2018-04-24 14:54:26"
"Jack Young on Joe Crystal"
" You've talked to your crystals. Yes. And then you don't want to let them back. How do you feel about that? I think it's the worst they look at ever happen. And I think he's being blackballed because he told what happened. And when they put the red on his car and all that, and I think he sued the city. And I think because he did that, they said he's not qualified to come back based on a polygram test. You think the police barbers should hire a vet? I think they should hire a vet. And they said something about this was when Handling was there. They said something was in his jacket. Something is in every last one of their jackets. Because if I call and say that police officer Smith, I didn't like the way he talked to me. And he made a racial slur. Then that's something that goes in that man's jacket, whoever's true or false. So everybody has something in their jacket. So you think this is purely retaliatory? I think it's, I personally think it's retaliatory. And I hope that Commissioner DeSouza are looking to it and write that wrong. They need to be commended for stepping up and telling on these officers what they were doing." + 1%
"2018-04-24 04:52:45"
"Splits in the Ruling Elite Over ..."
" Welcome back to The Real News Network. I'm Paul J. M. Baltimore. And we're continuing our series of conversations about Trump, the Trump administration, politics in the United States, and the overall dysfunctionality of politics globally. But now a little update or blow-by-blow on the latest soap opera in Washington, D.C. and joining us again is Dr. Gerald Horn. Dr. Horn holds the John J. and Rebecca Moore's Chair of History in African American Studies at the University of Houston. He has some recent books storming the heavens, African Americans, and the early fight for the right to fly. And the apocalypse of settler colonialism through roots of slavery, white supremacy, and capitalism in 17th century, North America, and the Caribbean. Thanks for joining us. Thank you for inviting me. So, talk a bit about the latest blow-by-blow in Washington, and then we'll talk a bit about what we make of it. Well, I'm sure you know about the fact that the attorney from Mr. Trump, Mr. Cohen, Michael Cohen, that the authorities barged into his office, into his home, into a hotel room that he was temporarily staying in, and claimed, and confiscated everything. Everything was worthy of investigating Mr. Trump, and also investigating Mr. Cohen himself of various kinds of misdeeds. Another lawyer from Mr. Trump has just suggested, in the Wall Street Journal, that Mr. Trump should be wary of talking to Mr. Cohen because he might be wearing a wire and might be enticed to flip against Mr. Trump. Obviously, the news around the neck of Mr. Trump is tightening. The authorities are closing in. I should also mention that the New York State Attorney General Eric Snyderman is doing a parallel investigation of Mr. Trump, along with the federal attorney in the Southern District of New York as well. In fact, the Cohen investigation is being carried out under the auspices of the Federal Attorney's Office in the Southern District of New York. New York State may be changing or seeking to change it..." + 86%
"2018-04-24 04:50:10"
"Cuba's New President Faces Many ..."
" It's the Real News Network. I'm Greg Wilpert coming to you from Keto, Ecuador. Last week, Cuba's National Assembly elected Miguel Diaz Canal as the island's new president. This represents an important change in Cuba's leadership, which now passes on to a generation that was born after the Cuban Revolution in 1959. The 86-year-old Rao Castro, however, will not leave the scenes so quickly as he remains in charge of Cuba's all-important Communist Party until 2021. During his acceptance speech, President Diaz Canal said that Cuba will remain socialist, despite ongoing U.S. efforts at regime change. Here's a clip from his speech. This is how we will face the threats of the powerful imperialist neighbor. There is no space here for a transition that ignores or destroys the legacy of so many years of struggle. In Cuba, by decision of the people, it is only possible to give continuity to the work of generations born and educated in the revolution, united to the founding generation without giving into pressures, without fear, and without setbacks, defending our truths and reasons without renouncing sovereignty, independence, development programs, and our dreams. We will always be willing to dialogue and cooperate with those who in turn do so with respect and treatment between equals. Joining me to discuss Cuba's new president and what he might mean for Cuba's futures, James Early and Elizabeth Doar. James is former director of Cultural Heritage Policy at the Smithsonian Institution and a member at the Real News Network Board of Directors. He has traveled in and written extensively on Cuba. Elizabeth Doar is professor in Maritas of Latin American Studies at the University of Southampton. She also has a new book coming out on Cuba published by verse of books called Cuban Lives. What difference did the revolution make? Welcome James and Elizabeth. Thanks for joining us today. Thank you. Very nice to be here. So let's start with you, Liz. What would you say does Miguel Diaz c..." + 88%
"2018-04-24 04:47:10"
"Starbucks Teams up with ADL, Pro..."
" It's the real news. I'm Ben Norton. The coffee giant Starbucks has faced intense criticism in the past two weeks for racial discrimination against black customers. On April 12, two black men were arrested at a Starbucks in Philadelphia. They had been sitting in the store waiting for a friend to arrive. And after just two minutes, the store manager called the police, claiming the men refused to buy anything. Police soon arrived and immediately arrested them without explanation. Video of the race's incident quickly went viral, and in response to the public backlash, Starbucks announced that it will begin conducting racial bias training with its employees. However, in order to do this racial bias training, Starbucks said it will be working with the Anti-Defamation League. The ADL claims to be a civil rights organization, but in reality is a pro-Israel lobby group that spends the majority of its time and resources advocating on behalf of the Israeli government. In fact, the ADL has repeatedly been accused of spying on progressive activists, especially Palestinian and other Arab activists. The ADL was also accused of spying on activists who opposed the apartheid regime in South Africa, which was allied with the US and Israel, and has been accused of spying on anti-war activists who campaigned against the US Army of far-right death squads in Central America in the 1980s and 90s. Well, Jewish voice for peace, the largest grassroots Jewish organization working for the full equality of all people in Israel Palestine, published a statement criticizing Starbucks for partnering with the ADL. Jewish voice for peace has launched a campaign called Hashtag Drop the ADL. Joining us to discuss this is Rebecca Vakomerson. Rebecca is the executive director of Jewish voice for peace. She was named one of the 50 most influential Jewish figures named Worldwide by the Jerusalem Post in 2017, and she also frequently writes for major newspapers. Thanks for joining us, Rebecca. Thanks for..." + 76%
"2018-04-24 04:43:12"
"India's Ruling Hindu-Nationalist..."
" It's The Real News. I'm Ben Norton. This is the second part of a discussion we're having with the activist, Amrit Wilson. Amrit is a writer and she's the founding member of the group, the South Asia Solidarity Group. She's also the author of several books. In the first part of this interview, we discussed Indian Prime Minister Modi's trip to London to meet with British officials and the large protests against Modi's visit. We spoke of the situation of politics in India where there is a very far right government led by the BJP, which is a right-wing Hindu nationalist party, which has been in power since 2014. We spoke in the previous segment, Amrit, about violence, specifically sectarian and communal violence against women, Dalits, Muslims. But can we speak a bit more about the Hindutva ideology that is growing in India and about the BJP? What is your take? What is the BJP and its paramilitary wing in the RSS? You see, the RSS was founded back in 1920s and it always opposed Indian independence. It was a Hindu supremacist party and it was based on essentially a Nazi ideology, although its activities were shaped around the Muslim black shirts. So we have people like Golvalkar who was one of the founders talking about the way Hitler's policy of exterminating the Jews. His approach was that this was a very good thing because people from different cultures cannot live together. So that is the basic approach of the RSS, which is the parent body of the BJP. So the BJP was a fairly small party for many years. But after the beginning of the 90s, when India started to liberalize, the BJP shaped its nationalism down the question of neoliberalism. And the other big party in India, which is the Congress party, was also a neoliberal party. It also was oppressive of minorities. But with the BJP, we see something completely new because here you have Hindu supremacy as a policy, as a system. So this combination of Hindu supremacy and neoliberal policies became the BJP's rationale..." + 78%
"2018-04-23 22:15:15"
"Coker-Kaine Bill Claims to Limit..."
" It's the Real News Network. I'm Greg Wilpert coming to you from Keto, Ecuador. Last week, Senators Bob Corcorco of Tennessee and Senator Tom Tim Cain of Virginia introduced a bill to the U.S. Senate that would give President Trump a new authorization to use military force. Critics say that this new authorization would expand the president's power to wage war in an almost unlimited extent. The last time Congress passed and authorized the use of military force was in 2001 shortly after the 9-11 attack on the U.S. That authorization has been used to wage wars in several countries such as in Afghanistan, Iraq, and several other countries, especially if you can include the deployment of drone strikes. Joining me to analyze the latest effort in Congress to address the war powers is Colonel Larry Wilkerson. Larry is a former chief of staff of Secretary of State Colin Powell and now a distinguished professor at the College of William and Mary. Thanks for being here today, Larry. Good to be with you. So first of all, can you tell us what this Corcorcane bill says on the surface, it seems to reassert Congress's power to authorize war. But is that what it really does? I think just one correction, if I'm right, and I may not be, but I think we also had an AUMF and authorization for the use of military force immediately proceeding the second Iraq war. So that was the last time Congress did any sort of specifying as to its responsibility with regard to the war power. But as you implied, with both the first one immediately after 9-11 and in that second one, they really opened the door for the president too, as we've seen now, 17 straight years of war. This effort that we're talking about right now, the Corcorcane legislation, as I read it, as Kelly Glato said in her article in the American conservative, is not just giving the president a blank check, it's opening the bank to the president. And I read it the same way. I've read a lot of congressional legislation that I thought ..." + 82%
"2018-04-23 21:49:02"
"How the Massacre in Gaza became ..."
" It's the Real News Network. I'm Greg Wilpert coming to you from Keto, Ecuador. The ruling coalition in Germany has been debating for about two years whether to lease Perron attack drones. The Israeli company Aerospace Industries manufactures these drones and would lease 16 of them to Germany for the cost of about 1 billion euros. The deal hinges on a decision of the German Social Democratic Party, the SPD. Until recently, the SPD objected to the deal, arguing that the German military does not need offensive drones capable of carrying heavy ordnance. However, merely a week after the massacre of Palestinians and Gaza on March 30, the SPD changes its mind and decided to go ahead with leasing the Israeli drones. Joining me to discuss this issue is Sheer Hever. Sheer is a Real News correspondent in Heidelberg, Germany. This book, The Privatization of Israeli Security, was published by Pluto Press in 2017. Thanks for being here, Sheer. Thanks for having me, Greg. So the cost of a Heron drone is estimated to be about $10 million each. So why is Germany willing to lease 16 drones from Israel for a billion euros when it could have bought 100 drones for that much money? Well, first of all, the German military doesn't actually need these drones. If anything, the German military expressed the desire to buy surveillance drones. And surveillance drones should be small in light. These Heron drones are massive, and they're designed to carry heavy missiles into battle and should them target capable of causing a lot of destruction. Something that the German government is not currently considering, as it's not engaged in any kind of military activity that requires this sort of equipment. And in fact, not only will the German military not buy these drones, 100 drones, but only 16, they're not even buying them, they're just leasing them. And the drones are actually going to stay in Israel. They're not going to be delivered to Germany so that they will be in air bases in Israel, and ..." + 71%
"2018-04-23 13:34:13"
"Why Black Lives Don't Matter: Q ..."
" So I had a question for you about, we all know about the Koch brothers. You know, they are billionaires that made their money on fossil fuel extraction and now they have spent the last several decades spending millions and millions of dollars with other fellow elite to sort of undermine regulations and laws throughout the country. But there's this recent scholarship done linking the ideological underpinning of their work to James Buchanan, who was a economist who gained prominence in the 50s in Virginia when they were thinking of a legal way to oppose Brown in Virginia. And they actually traced, you know, the original, his original scholarship that he used to James Calhoun in the 1820s. So I wanted to see if you had any thoughts on an insight on, you know, one of the biggest problems the whole globe is facing today and how that relates back to slavery and the brutality of the founding of this country. Well, first of all, thank you for that question and as I'm sure you know, the man who may become the next US Secretary of State just met with Kim in North Korea. We were just told, Mike Pompeo, of course, hills from Wichita and could fairly be called the Koch Brothers man in Washington. Although it's fair to say that there have been tensions and contradictions, at least in 2016, between the Koch Brothers and one Donald J. Trump, which is part of this old phenomenon, a certain kind of a leap dissatisfaction with Donald J. Trump. Now you're referring to the work of the Duke University of the historian Nancy McLean, who tries to draw a parallel between these attacks on the public sector and the Koch Brothers attack on the public sector and government and government regulations. What's interesting is that when the United States was forced to move away from Jim Crow schools and school segregation, the Dixie Crats in places like Virginia, you may know, since you're close to Virginia, you know, they shut down the public schools in certain counties in Virginia, which depri..." + 92%
"2018-04-23 13:09:39"
"Trump, Corruption and the Crisis..."
" Welcome to The Real News Network. I'm Paul Jay in Baltimore. So we're going to be doing a regular series of interviews with our guest, Dr. Gerald Horn. I was joking beforehand that maybe we'll call these interviews not fit to rule, because we're going to be talking about elite politics. And from Washington, D.C. and further afield, if you look from country to country, the number of leaders of countries that are deep in the quagmire of corruption scandals, the list goes on and on, of course, here in the United States, Trump and his cohorts. You can go to South Africa, you can go to Brazil, you can go to the Philippines, and of course, Netanyahu in Israel. And I'm sure there's more one could add to that list. And I think this is a symptom of a systemic issue. Global capitalism, the global elites, there's a real crisis. They don't know what to do. And I shouldn't say not only do they not know what to do, they don't want to do what's even in their own interests. They can't do the kind of reforms that would make capitalism healthy from climate change to financial regulation, go on and on. The need for immediate maximum profit seems to be trumping, no pun intended, even the kind of policy that even just a few years ago would have seemed normal. And anyway, we're going to start the first of these interviews, and we're going to talk about the Trump drama in D.C. and the Mueller investigation, and we're going to follow some of these political events, but try to give it somewhat more of a systemic historical context. And so without further ado, I'll introduce my guest, Dr. Gerald Horn. Thanks for joining us, Dr. Horn. Thank you for inviting me. So Dr. Horn holds the John J. and Rebecca Moore's Chair of History and African American Studies at the University of Houston. He's the author of many books, most recently storming the heavens, African Americans, and the early fight for the right to fly. And the apocalypse of settler colonialism, the roots of slavery, white supremac..." + 89%
"2018-04-22 04:15:28"
"India's Far-Right PM Modi 'Not W..."
" It's the Real News, I'm Ben Norton. India's far right Prime Minister Narendra Modi traveled to London this week to meet with top UK officials. Modi met with conservative Prime Minister Theresa May and the two are pursuing a free trade deal that could bring British and Indian corporations billions of dollars. As soon as he arrived, however, protesters in the UK flooded the streets, condemning the Modi government and its ruling party the BJP for stoking violence against women, Muslims and Dalits or lower caste people. Specifically, many protesters condemned the Indian government for refusing to take action over a horrific case in the village of Katoa in the state of Jameun Kashmir. An eight-year-old Muslim girl named Asif Abhano was kidnapped, held in a Hindu temple, drugged, and then gang raped and murdered. All men have been accused of the attack, including a police officer. Joining us to discuss the protests against Modi in London is Umar Wilson. Umar is a writer and activist. She is a founding member of the South Asia Solidarity Group, which helped organize the protests. And she is the author of several books. Thanks for joining us. Thank you, Ben. Of course. So can you speak? Let's just begin here talking about the protests. Another member of the South Asia Solidarity Group, which helped organize the demonstrations. Why did you all go out to protest Modi? Well, people in London and in Britain generally were particularly people in the diaspora, where extremely angry at what's happening in India. There is a myth which has been propagated by the BJP that all diasporic Indians are wrong or they are pro-Indo-Twa and they are pro-The BJP. And we just wanted to show that this wasn't the case. So we've been planning these protests as soon as we knew he was going to come. And then the news of the Asifa case, of course, broke. And people felt really that this was intolerable. And huge number of people joined us from the diaspora and from other countries of South Asia a..." + 80%
"2018-04-22 04:09:55"
"Why Black Lives Don't Matter: A ..."
" It's gonna be a great night for me, okay? I'm gonna leave here so full of Gerald Horn and so full of the information Gerald Horn has. I came here for this. I've been looking forward to it. Anybody see the stuff on Facebook? Well, look, I was not lying. I have been anticipating this. And so we're gonna have a conversation and it's gonna range. And it's gonna range because Gerald has that kind of depth. He has that kind of worldview that we can have a conversation and talk about climate and its impact on Africans and African slavery in the 1500s, the 1600s. And then he can come back forward in the next breath and talk about Donald Trump. So that's the way this is going to, that's the way this is gonna go. So if it looks like I am like focused on Gerald and not focused on you all for giving me. I'm serious. I'm serious. Like you know how the parents, you say, well I got mine. You got to get your own, it's gonna be one of those things. Like I'm here to get it. Now I'm gonna ask questions and then I'm gonna try and get out of the way. I'm gonna try to get out of Gerald's way while he answers and while he responds and while he goes wherever he wants to go with it. That's what I'm gonna try to do. Okay. We're gonna talk for a while and I hope we can bring up enough of the conversation that gives you guys an opportunity to ask some questions to open it up even further. Okay. I did bring some questions with me from Facebook folks sent in and I'm gonna reach down and get them. But let's, can we kick this off? You're first of all welcome to Baltimore and welcome to our community which recognizes and loves and honors Gerald, your contribution as an activist and even more so your contribution as a scholar. Eddie talked about Gerald's books and if this seems like love praise like I'm giving this cat, like I'm buttering him up and stuff like that, trust. I am doing that but it's all good because it's all true and it's like how I'm doing and how I feel. Okay. And I don't mind s..." + 96%
"2018-04-22 01:42:10"
"New Student Movement Seeks to Ch..."
" We first encountered the Johns Hopkins students who constitute the group Youth Against War and Racism at the International Women's March last month. There they express solidarity with the community in a fight for equal pay and social equity. Today's international working women's day is really important day. It's a day for expressing solidarity with women and non-binary people all over the world, women and non-binary people and struggles. Once then, the coalition of students and community members have been instrumental in stopping a proposed police department for the university. You can stitch when seas of the properties around Hopkins, either students or the communities didn't like it the way it was. They didn't know what was going on and there was a vote for us. A bill that would have authorized Hopkins to hire cops with arrest power to patrol campus was withdrawn by its sponsor Kurt Anderson due to the pushback. And one of the things that they'll have to do when they come back is to put in there enough assurances to the community that the community itself will have some oversight over this police force if in fact Hopkins continues with this effort. Ho ho, the CIA has got to go, hey hey, ho ho, the CIA! And recently the students staged a protest at the Hopkins Career Center over a visit by the CIA. It's definitely important for students at Hopkins to care about it because we are being recruited more heavily, but this really is a human issue and the community issue as well. The CIA is just another arm of the school to war pipeline which you know takes brilliant Hopkins students and puts them to work, making weapons and making overthrowing governments in other countries and working with these imperialist agencies and then these technologies that they're creating are going to come home and oppress people here in Baltimore. How many people did you kill today? Hey hey hey, CIA! How many people did you kill today? Security guards hovered nearby but did not make a res..." + 33%
"2018-04-21 15:29:13"
"The Baltimore Bureau Podcast Sho..."
" So this is the Baltimore Bureau podcast and the Baltimore Bureau podcast show. You're noticing my voice first this week because co-host Darnanore is in New Orleans where Eddie Conway executive producer here, a real spectacular person, hard to say enough about Eddie is getting married this weekend. So congratulations Eddie. Yeah, way to go Eddie. Yeah, man. And so with me today, you just heard him, you know, just another story as we were leading into this going with his band Soul Cannon. We have Easy Jackson. Yeah. What's that man? Not much. So we're here a week ago yesterday was last week we were talking about Freddie Gray's arrest and being put into a coma in the back of the police fan. And yesterday was the one year anniversary of his death. And so right now we're in the midst of the anniversary of the uprising that followed that. And I mean, it's hard to believe that that was three years ago. Yeah. And I think we talked a little bit about the Sonya Democracy and Crisis podcast. I think it's important that we continue to revisit Freddie Gray and what happened, you know, three years. And if you've been in Baltimore, you've seen the fanfare die out. And this is the year where I feel like it's three years since Freddie Gray has happened. And you know, almost nobody's talking about it. Yeah. But but if you look at it, you know, we can, if we continue to look at it, we can assess where we've been, where we're going, which changed, which's not changing. A lot of things still have not changed since April of 2015. Yeah. I mean, so many of the conditions haven't changed. And yet so much of what we thought we understood about it has changed, like, you know, that oh, the residents looted all the pharmacies and they sold those drugs. And that created all of the murders. And then we found out during the gun trace task force trial that it was police who were stealing and selling at least a million dollars worth of those drugs. And so, you know, we want to take a look back t..." + 96%
"2018-04-20 23:48:04"
"Leaders of China and Japan to Me..."
" Welcome to The Real News Network. I'm Paul J. Our China and Japan headed for a new level of day-tongued leaders may be meeting soon. And our guests thinks this could be a game-changer. Now joining us again for our series of discussions, which I've been calling under the title, they're not fit to rule, again, as Gerald Horan. Thanks for joining us. Thank you for inviting me. So once again, Gerald Horan holds the John J. and Rebecca Moore chair of history in African American studies at the University of Houston. And his books, recent books are storming the heavens, African Americans, and the early fight for the right to fly. And the apocalypse, settler colonialism, the roots of slavery, white supremacy, and capitalism in 17th century North America and the Caribbean. So why is this such a big deal of the presidents of China and Japan meet? And why do you think it's happening now? Well, it's no secret that for a goodly section of the US-Willing Elite China is right now in the cross-airs. When they make their projections, they see a 21st century that might be an Asian century spearheaded by Beijing. This is a dystopian nightmare for certain sectors in Washington that they would like to block that, which then led, of course, to this alliance, or supposed alliance, between the United States and Japan and Australia and India targeting China. There have been a number of steps in that direction. Long ago that the Asian pivot. Exactly. But how can you have that Asian pivot if Japan leaps into bed with China? Not only that, but viewers and listeners should pay very close and careful attention to Japan's relationship with Russia. Recall that when the sochi Olympics were boycotted just a couple of years ago, that Tokyo did not boycott those Olympics. There were high-level meetings in sochi between the Japanese Prime Minister and President Putin. There have been repeated delegations flowing between Moscow and Tokyo. Part of the sas to do with the fact that Tokyo wants to recla..." + 78%
"2018-04-20 23:17:51"
"Cuba has a New President: Is he ..."
" Cuba's National Assembly chose Miguel de Escanae as the country's new president on Thursday. The Escanae was touched over the presidency from Ral Cust, who has been leading Cuba for the past 12 years. Ever since his legendary brother, Fidel stepped down in 2006. Political power in Cuba is now passing to a new generation of Cubans who were born after the 1959 revolution. Miguel de Escanae is relatively unknown. It has been Vice President of Cuba for the past five years. Back in the 1990s, when he was the first secretary of the Communist Party in the Actuara Province, he was known as being approachable and promoted LGBT rights before it became official policy. The new president of the Council of the State, a minister of Cuba, is a person that has a very long trajectory in the Cuban revolution. He was a leader of the young communist league. He was a leader in the student organizations. After that, he was a teacher, a professor in the University of Las Vegas. He was a leader in the party in different provinces of Cuba. In Biaclara and in Ogun. In both provinces, he developed a very outstanding work. After that, he was a minister of high-grade education in Cuba. In recent years, he was nominated as the first Vice President of the government of Cuba. But Cuba is going through a difficult time at the moment. A country that ever since the revolution has been the hemisphere's most equal country is now going through a period of rising inequality, mainly because of Raul Castro's economic liberalization reforms. The biggest challenge that Diaz Canal is going to be dealing with is the Cuban economy. The Cuban economy is in the doldrums. It has suffered many shocks over some very huge major shocks to minor shocks over the last 25 years. Also, President Trump's policy of reversing President Obama's economic opening towards Cuba has significantly reduced US tourism to the island, which is a very important source of income for Cuba. I think the biggest challenge of all the Cuban..." + 58%
"2018-04-20 23:10:28"
"Israeli Forces Kill 4 Palestinia..."
" It's the Real News Network. I'm Greg Wulpert coming to you from Keto, Ecuador. Palestinians and Gaza continue their great march of return, organizing mass protests every Friday against the Israeli siege and occupation of the Gaza Strip. On Friday, Israeli forces shot and killed two unarmed demonstrators and wounded over 40 others. One of the demonstrators, Ebit Sam Abu Al-Kumtsan, spoke about the protest. We are holding peaceful protests. We sit here all together here in the tents. No one goes to the fence and even if men go to the fence, they go in a peaceful protest, nothing in their hands, without weapons. Israeli security forces have killed over 37 Palestinians and wounded nearly 1000 so far over the past three weeks. Joining me to talk about what is going on in Gaza is Ali Abu Nima. He's the co-founder of the award-winning online publication, The Electronic Intifada, and author of the book, The Battle for Justice in Palestine. He joins us now from Texas. Thanks for joining us again, Ali. Thank you so much. May I just say that events are moving so fast today that since your intro was written, the number of people killed by Israel in Gaza on Friday, April 20th, which is when we're speaking, has gone up to four and more than 700 injured. And among the dead is Muhammad Ayurba, 15-year-old child who was shot dead by an Israeli sniper. And that makes him the fourth child to be killed by Israeli forces since the great march of return rallies began on March 30th on land day. Okay, well, thanks for that update. It's really quite something. And as these death tolls continue to rise, I mean, as I mentioned in the introduction, we've reached almost, I think, something like 37 now, probably even more. How are Palestinians not deterred by these killings? I mean, why did they continue to demonstrate bringing family members, even though they know that Israeli soldiers will use life ammunition against them? I think the short answer is because they're human. And they want to..." + 81%
"2018-04-20 22:35:24"
"Infamous Mercenary Erik Prince B..."
" It's The Real News. I'm Ben Norton. Just when it looked like the war in Syria might finally be coming to an end, the Donald Trump administration has announced new plans to maintain U.S. military influence in the country. The Wall Street Journal reported this week that the United States is trying to assemble an army of foreign troops to militarily occupy territory in northeast Syria. There are between 2000 and 4000 U.S. troops who are already in Syria, although their presence is illegal under international law. These U.S. troops are mostly concentrated in the northeast near the border of Iraq. President Trump has claimed that he wants to withdraw U.S. troops from Syria, but his administration also wants to prevent the Syrian government from retaking this area. So the U.S. has reached out to several other countries in the region and asked if they will contribute troops to make a foreign army to occupy the region and prevent Iran from extending its influence. Trump is asking the extremist Gulf monarchies Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates to help fund the efforts to create this international army. According to the Wall Street Journal, Trump is trying to get Egypt under the leadership of the military dictator, C.C., to send troops to Syria. Saudi Arabia, which supported ISIS, Al Qaeda and other Ocealathejihatist groups in Syria, has also volunteered to send Saudi troops in coordination with the U.S. Yet even more scandalous, according to the Wall Street Journal, the prominent mercenary leader, Eric Prince, who is notorious for carrying out atrocities in Iraq, has been contacted by multiple countries in the Middle East, who are asking for his assistance in building a force inside Syria. Joining us to discuss this is Medea Benjamin. Medea is the co-founder of the Women Lead Peace Group, Code Pink and the co-founder of the Human Rights Organization in global exchange. She is also the author of several books, including her newest book Inside Iran, The Real..." + 83%
"2018-04-20 21:35:44"
"Marc Steiner Show: Chelsea Manning"
" Welcome. This is Mark Steiner on the Mark Steiner Show at The Real News Network. Senator Ben Cardin has been the U.S. Senator for a number of terms. He started his political career when he was 24 years old in the Maryland House of Delegates. He's running for re-election. One of his opponents is Chelsea Manning. Chelsea Manning, then Bradley Manning, was imprisoned for releasing over three quarters of a million documents by the Afghan and Iraq Wars and exposed many lies and untruths that were told by this government. She is now, as resident of the state of Maryland, running against Ben Cardin and others in the U.S. Democratic primary for Senate here in the state of Maryland. Chelsea, welcome. Good to have you with us here. Great to be here. Listen to your show of many years. Thank you. That means a lot. Let's just talk about the why that everybody asks the question. Why run for the U.S. Senate from the state of Maryland? We know you moved from Maryland when you got out of prison. Yeah, well, I would live there before. You lived here when you were homeless in Chicago and then fled Chicago to Maryland? What was that story? Let's go back there. Yeah, so 2006, after being homeless for about six or eight months. Why are you homeless? I got kicked out of my house. Okay. Which house were a lot of teenagers? Yeah, I was little too effeminate for the household. They fit into their mold. We were supposed to be. Exactly. So I didn't work out living with my father in Oklahoma. So I did what most queer and trans kids do and go to the biggest city that you can find. And I stayed there for about eight months. And my aunt came and tracked me down. She lived on the East Coast. And she said, come stay with me. Come live with me. And I've lived in Maryland ever since. So then you joined the Army? I did. And what drove you to join the Army? Well, I mean, I was working two jobs at the time. I was dealing with being trans and I was also in school. And trying to balance all of these di..." + 91%
"2018-04-20 03:58:26"
"Korean Peninsula in Historic Pea..."
" It's the real news, I'm Ben Norton. After six decades of conflict, it looks like the war and the Korean peninsula may finally be coming to an end. Since the early 1950s, South of North Korea have technically been at war with each other. From 1950 to 1953, the United States waged a devastating war on North Korea in which the US killed some 3 million people, 20% of the nation's population. The US burnt most of the country's major cities to the ground. After this US-led war, South and North Korea never signed a peace treaty, which means generations of Koreans on both sides of the demilitarized zone have grown up in a perpetual state of war. Well, now that all appears to be changing, South Korean officials confirmed this week that there are in talks with North Korean officials and are considering drafting a peace treaty for the first time. Joining us to discuss this historic development is Simone Shun. Simone has taught at North Eastern University and served as an associate in research at Harvard University's Korean Center. Korea Institute, she is an active member of the Korea Peace Network and is on the steering committee of the Alliance of Scholars concerned about Korea. Thanks for joining us, Simone. Thanks for having me. So first of all, can you just react to this historic news? I think a lot of people don't understand how important this is that after six decades of what is technically still a war, an ongoing war, it looks like there may finally be a possibility of a peace treaty. Of course, this is truly historic and exciting moment. And I was obviously always born and as a race, and I got my education until I go into graduate school in Korea, and I'm part of the generation in Korea who was born in a divided Korea. I've never known Korea that was unified. So this is a truly historic moment. And responding to the news that is about the possibility of two Koreas making political decoration that ending the Korean War. And this is truly a moment that we have been w..." + 84%
"2018-04-20 03:52:26"
"New Student Movement Seeks to Ch..."
" We first encountered the Johns Hopkins students who constitute the group Youth Against War and Racism at the International Women's March last month. There they express solidarity with the community in a fight for equal pay and social equity. Today's international working women's day is really important day. It's a day for expressing solidarity with women and non-binary people all over the world, women and non-binary people and struggles. Once then, the coalition of students and community members have been instrumental in stopping a proposed police department for the university. You can stitch when seas of the properties around Hopkins, either students or the communities didn't like it the way it was. They didn't know what was going on and there was a vote for us. A bill that would have authorized Hopkins to hire cops with arrest power to patrol campus was withdrawn by its sponsor Kurt Anderson due to the pushback. And one of the things that they'll have to do when they come back is to put in there enough assurances to the community that the community itself will have some oversight over this police force if in fact Hopkins continues with this effort. Ho ho, the CIA has got to go, hey hey, ho ho, the CIA! And recently the students staged a protest at the Hopkins Career Center over a visit by the CIA. It's definitely important for students at Hopkins to care about it because we are being recruited more heavily, but this really is a human issue and the community issue as well. The CIA is just another arm of the school to war pipeline which you know takes brilliant Hopkins students and puts them to work, making weapons and making overthrowing governments in other countries and working with these imperialist agencies and then these technologies that they're creating are going to come home and oppress people here in Baltimore. How many people did you kill today? Hey hey hey, CIA! How many people did you kill today? Security guards hovered nearby but did not make a res..." + 34%
"2018-04-19 22:56:08"
"Teacher Strikes Continue to Spre..."
" It's the Real News Network. I'm Greg Wilpert coming to you from Keto, Ecuador. Teachers are striking or walking out of some college in states around the country, West Virginia, Oklahoma, Kentucky, Arizona, and this week in Colorado. Until now the walkouts or strikes have been in solidly Republican states, but with Colorado and mostly Democratic state joins the movement. The big issue in all of these states is that teachers generally earn less and have fewer benefits than other college graduates. But it's low pay the main issue here and why is the movement gaining momentum now? Joining me to explore these issues is Nigeen O'Leighaay. Nigeen is a researcher at the Institute for Policy Studies and edits the blog in equality.org where she recently wrote an analysis of the teacher strikes. Thanks for joining us, Nigeen. Thanks for having me. So first of just how bad do teachers in the US have it? Lawmakers in some of the states where strikes have taken place have tended to dismiss the seriousness of the situation. For example, Oklahoma governor Mary Fallon compared them to a teenager who wants a new car. What's your response to such comments? So to Mary Fallon's comments, I would say that's just patently ridiculous. So first of all, the economic policy institute has pointed out what they call the teacher pay gap, which is to say that in every single state in this country, teachers make less than other workers with a comparable education. Teachers are more likely than other workers to hold a second job. And when you look at those comments that are coming from people like Governor Fallon, there's pretty direct correlation between that and some corporate funders who are looking to remove public funding for education. So for example, the state policy network, which is a conservative series of conservative think tanks that are active in states, they have this issue, this messaging platform that's adjusted, you know, calling out things like this and creating language like ..." + 80%
"2018-04-19 22:41:25"
"IMF Says 2018 Economic Outlook i..."
" It's the Real News Network. I'm Greg Wilpert coming to you from Keto Ecuador. The IMF and World Bank are holding their annual spring meetings this week. In advance of this meeting, the IMF released its World Economic Outlook report for 2018. It is a fairly optimistic report, which estimates global economic growth at 3.9% for both 2018 and 2019. The IMF, though, says that there are clouds and risks on the horizon and makes a few suggestions on how to deal with them. Joining me to analyze the implications of this IMF report is Mark Weisbrot. Mark is the co-director of the Center for Economic and Policy Research and is the author of the book, Failed, what the experts got wrong about the global economy. He joined us from Washington DC. Thanks for being here again, Mark. Thanks for having me, Greg. So let's start with the general issue of the IMF. There seems to be a general perception that the IMF has changed its ways and adheres less to neoliberal economic orthodoxy than it used to. For example, in Greece, it seemed to play the good cop to the European Central Bank's bad cop. But the report seems to recommend some typical neoliberal austerity. So how seriously do countries have to take these types of IMF recommendations? Well, the IMF does have a lot of influence. And I think the perception that they've changed is really based on mostly what comes out of the research department. There have been some significant changes there, but their policy has changed very little. And you can see that they're having their World Bank and IMF annual spring meetings here in Washington. And this is a big event where you get finance ministers from all over the world and press comes and reports on it generally. And so, and this is where you see their and their World Economic Outlook, which you mentioned, gives their take on the world economy and what they think countries should do. And we'll get to that, but I just want to say they have a lot of influence. First of all, because they l..." + 85%
"2018-04-19 22:18:25"
"Debunking the Myth of American E..."
" It's the Real News. I'm Ben Norton. Today I'm joined by the journalist and activist David Swanson to discuss his new book Curing Exceptionalism. It's a very detailed book looking at US exceptionalism, American exceptionalism. The idea that the United States is the best country in the world and unique. It's perhaps the best country in human history with no parallel. And David Swanson is very well prepared to discuss this issue. He's a journalist, activist, organizer, and educator. He's also the director of the Peace Group World Beyond War. And he's the host of Talk Nation Radio. This is his latest book. He has several books out, most recently including War is Never Just, the military industrial complex at 50 and War is a lie. Thanks for joining us, David. Great to be here, Ben. Thank you. So let's go ahead and just jump right in here. The book is called Curing Exceptionalism. And you begin the book saying, quote, US exceptionalism. The idea that the United States of America is superior to other nations is no more fact-based and no less harmful than racism, sexism, and other forms of bigotry. The purpose of this book is to persuade you of that statement. Can you persuade us? I can try. I can push some people's viewpoint somewhat in that direction to be sure. The first part of the book is a lot of statistics. It's really an effort to find any empirically measurable way in which the United States actually is the greatest nation on earth. And I end up finding a great many ways in which it's really pretty poor compared to most wealthy countries, but better than a lot of poor countries. And a number of ways in which it really is near the bottom among all countries on the planet, but very few ways in which it actually is at the top. And so even looking at freedom and democracy and such things that are closely tied with these claims of greatness and even looking at US studies and US government and CIA funded studies and right wing groups that treat capitalism as a sort o..." + 83%
"2018-04-19 13:54:14"
"Corbyn: Does Strike on Syria Jus..."
" Jeremy Corbyn, the leftist leader of Britain's Labour Party, has come out forcefully against the UK government for joining the United States and France in a coordinated attack on the Syrian government. The head of the opposition to the administration of Conservative Prime Minister Theresa May said the joint missile strikes in Syria were, quote, legally questionable, echoing legal experts who say the attack violated international law. I believe that the action was legally questionable. And on Saturday, the United Nations Secretary General Antoni Guterri said as much, reiterating that all countries must act in line with the United Nations Charter, which states action must be in self-defense or be authorized by the United Nations Security Council. Corbyn pointed out that if one were to be consistent with the same rationale used to justify the missile strike in Syria, one could just as well justify bombing Saudi Arabia over its devastating war on Yemeni civilians. Does for example, the humanitarian crisis in Yemen entitle other countries to irrigate to themselves the right to bomb Saudi airfields or their positions in Yemen, especially given their use of bandclust of bombs and white phosphorus? The leftist Labour Party leader added that the United Kingdom and its close ally the US have played a key role in supporting the Saudi monarchy and its catastrophic bombing in blockade of Yemen. Three United Nations agencies said in January that Yemen was the worst humanitarian crisis in the world. But will the Prime Minister today commit to ending support to the Saudi bombing campaign and arms sales to Saudi Arabia? Jeremy Corbyn emphasized that there still has not been an independent investigation into the alleged use of chemical weapons in Duma, Syria in early April. He likewise noted that it is not just the Syrian government that has used chemical weapons in the conflict, but also the foreign-backed Salafi jihadist rebels the Syrian army is fighting. While much suspicion ..." + 46%
"2018-04-19 04:20:30"
"Fighting the Oligarchy Inside th..."
" Welcome to The Real News Network. I'm Paul J. and Baltimore. Across the country, progressive activists are waging a fight on two fronts against Trump and the far right and the policies of this administration, but also inside the Democratic Party. Against what Bernie Sanders calls the oligarchs, the section at least that controls the Democratic Party. Some people call them corporate Democrats. How do they balance this fight? Some people say that fighting against Democrats of any shape, or size, or color at this point in the campaign weakens the fight against Trump. On the other hand, some of the leading activists say the fight does need to be waged. Other, in fact, they suggest that if the fight against corporate Democrats isn't successful, the fight against Trump won't be successful. Here's Nina Turner at a recent event at The Real News Network. And so this is a brothers again. This is not just see folks want us to fixate so much overly so on the man in the White House. He makes it hard for us not to pay attention to what he's doing. I'm not saying ignore what he's doing. I'm not saying that we shouldn't bump up against him, resist and fight what he's doing. But what are we going to do once we're done resisting? What are we going to replace him with in 2020? Because I say that any old blue just won't do. Any old blue just won't do. That's one of the slogans people are adopting. But as I said before, there are people suggesting any old blue is better than Trump. So don't split the resistance as it's called. Now joining us to talk about all of this are three people who are involved in this fight on both fronts. First of all, from Wallingford, Connecticut, Alexandra Rojas is the campaigns director for the Justice Democrats, a progressive political action committee founded in January of 2017. Joining us from New York is Momita Ahmed. Ahmed, Momita is the grassroots organizer with people for Bernie Sanders and co-founder of the group Millennials for Revolution, previ..." + 90%
"2018-04-19 04:18:07"
"Global Warming's Impact on Ocean..."
" This is Dimitri Lascarris reporting for the Real News from Montreal, Canada. Human-induced climate change is rapidly altering our physical world. Climate change is intensifying extreme weather events like hurricanes, flooding, snowstorms, and bone-chilling cold. It is worsening droughts and deadly heat waves. It is causing sea-level rise through the melting of glaciers and ice sheets in Greenland and Antarctica. These effects have been much discussed in recent years, but a phenomenon that has received less attention and is only beginning to be understood is the effect of climate change on ocean currents. Two new studies published in the Pure Review Journal Nature, posit that, due to human-induced global warming, the Atlantic Maridional Over-Turning Circulation, or AMAC, has weakened and is closer to catastrophic collapse than it has been in the last 1600 years. Among other things, this weakening and possible collapse could cause rapid sea-level rise on the east coast of North America. With us to discuss this, we are very pleased to be joined by the lead author of one of these studies entitled Observe Fingerprint of a Weakening Atlantic Ocean Over-Turning Circulation. Joining us from Podstam Germany is Liefke Caesar, lead author of the Nature Study and physicist at the Podstam Institute. Thank you for joining us today. Yeah, thanks for having me. So first, Liefke, please explain the Atlantic Maridional Over-Turning Circulation, also known as AMAC, and why it is important. Yes, so this circulation called Atlantic Maridional Over-Turning Circulation is one of the Earth-Mature Ocean Circulation System. So it's actually not just a single current, but a system of currents that is characterized by a northward flow of warm and tidy waters in the upper layers of the Atlantic, and then a southward flow of colder waters in the deep Atlantic. At thereby, redistributes the heat on our planet, bringing heat from the tropics to the high northern attitudes. There, the ocean rel..." + 81%
"2018-04-19 00:01:20"
"Justin Trudeau Vows to Bail Out ..."
" It's the Real News Network. I'm Sharmini Pires coming to you from Baltimore. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is determined to make Kingdom organs transplant on pipeline expansion work. This is in spite of the growing movement demanding its shutdown and the movement is considered Canada's standing rock. Trudeau met with BC Premier John Horgan and Alberta Premier Rachel Nortley in his office on Parliament Hill on Sunday in an effort to mend the differences between the two Democratic Party Premiers. Trudeau wanted to see this pipeline proceed in spite of the fact that experts and the Aboriginal community considered this pipeline dangerous to the well-being of their communities. 7.4 billion Trans Mountain Pipeline project is designed to increase dramatically the capacity of an existing pipeline system to transport fishermen from Canada's tar sands in northern Alberta to the west coast of Canada where it is to be exported by tankers to Asian markets. On to discuss these developments with me is Dimitri LeScaris. Dimitri was a leading class action lawyer in Canada. Now working on human rights law, he was a member of the Green Party of Canada such as Shadow Cabinet and now an environmental journalist for the Real News Network. I thank you so much for joining us. Thank you very much, Sharmini. Dimitri give us an update on the issue that you have been covering for a while now, but in light of this meeting that took place on Sunday in the offices of Trudeau, what's happening, what are the latest developments? Well, it's remarkable. I mean, Justin Trudeau's government has been in power since late 2015. So we're now into the third year of his government. I can't remember a single instance in which anything happened in the time that Justin Trudeau has been the prime minister where he convened an emergency cabinet meeting. That single occasion as far as I can recall on which this happened was when Kinder Morgan issued a press release. You know, a Texas oil company issued a press..." + 78%
"2018-04-18 23:38:19"
"Leftist's Lead Widens in Mexican..."
" It's the Real News Network. I'm Sharmini Pures coming to you from Baltimore. Mexico's presidential campaign officially began two weeks ago on March 30. So far, all polls indicate that the leftist candidate, Andrews Manuel Lopez-Abbrador, commonly known and by his initials Amlo is the front runner. In April 15, Paul gives Amlo 42 percent of the vote. His nearest rival, the centrist Jose Antonio Mide and the conservative Ricardo Anaya, each have about 20 to 23 percent of the vote. The presidential election is scheduled for July 1st, joining me now to give us an update on Mexico's presidential election is John Ackerman. John is professor at National Autonomous University of Mexico. Unam and he is editor in chief of the Mexican law review and columnist for both La Honada newspaper and professor magazine Good to have you with us, John. Wonderful though is Sharmini. Big hello down from Mexico City up to Baltimore. Thanks John. Alright John, let's get started with Abbrador. He is soaring in the polls. The many polls are indicating that so I think we can rest comfortably that they are reliable. What is it that he is running on? What's on his campaign agenda that is garnering all of this support for him? Well yeah, indeed the polls are really shooting up for him. People were wondering what was going to happen once the campaign started. As you've been saying this two weeks ago, he had been ahead beforehand but the big question was at the beginning of the campaigns with things even out or would he somehow break through what had seemed to be the upper limit of his support which had gotten around 30-35%. These last polls, the most recent polls, particularly reformed from today are demonstrating that the campaigns are helping him instead of helping his rivals. He is now 20% ahead and the polls. Of course, does that mean that he is won the election because things are going to be complicated for the next few months and there is also the very important concern of electoral fraud..." + 84%
"2018-04-18 20:37:18"
"Why Black Lives Don't Matter: A ..."
" But they do not make it as they please. But they do not make it as they please. They do not make it under self-selected circumstances. But under circumstances existing already given and transmitted from the past. The tradition of all dead generations weighs like a nightmare on the brains of the living. That was Karl Marx in the 18th Brumeir of Louis Bonaparte, written in 1852. In the brains of Americans, perhaps nothing weighs on them, more than the mythology of the founding of the Republic. The American Revolution is seen as the beacon of hope, freedom and democracy. The Constitution, almost a document handed down by God as were the commandments to Moses. Our guest today challenges much of this narrative, which still penetrates the American national psyche and politics. Joining us today is Gerald Horm. He has published over 30 books. He's the former executive director of the National Conference of Black Lawyers. An author, most recently, of the counter-revolution of 1776, slave resistance and the origins of the USA. Race to revolution, the US and Cuba during slavery and Jim Crow. Thanks very much for joining us. Thank you for inviting me. So you've been exploring this nightmare that hangs over the American psyche for quite some time. But on reality asserts itself as our viewers know. We usually start with a sort of personal backstory. And then we'll get into some of your work, particularly on your book on the Revolution of 1776. You didn't choose what world you would be born into, nor did any of us. But what world were you born into? I was born in Jim Crow, St. Louis, Missouri. Some decades ago, my parents were from Mississippi. They're both passed away. And I grew up with stories about the horrors of Mississippi. I recall my mother telling me when I was growing up that when those who were defined as white were coming towards you and the sidewalk. You have to step out of the sidewalk and step into the gutter. Certainly you're not supposed to look them into the ..." + 98%
"2018-04-18 03:08:57"
"Philippines' Drug War Kills Poor..."
" It's The Real News. I'm Ben Norton. This is part two of my discussion with Walden Bello. Bello is a former member of the Philippine House of Representatives. He's the author of several books on US Relations with Asia, and is now a visiting professor at the State University of New York, Binghamton. And part one, we discussed how the Philippine President of Rodrigo de Tert is using so-called War on Terror rhetoric that was pioneered by the US in order to justify a political crackdown on his political opponents, primarily his left-wing political opponents in the Philippines. And this part, we will be discussing how the so-called War on Drugs that Duterte is waging, which has led to the deaths of thousands of people, is actually targeting primarily poor drug users. It's not targeting rich drug dealers, but rather the poor drug addicts who are the victims, ultimately, of this drug. Finally, here, I want to conclude with a kind of brief discussion of why you think Duterte is targeting, as you mentioned, poor drug users. You mentioned that many of the rich drug dealers have not been targeted by this so-called War on Drugs, and many of the people who have been killed, thousands have been killed, have been poor drug users. Why do you think that you did say that Duterte is using these drug users as a kind of political scapegoat to justify carrying out all these forms of political repression? But if, let's say he were to make the argument that, okay, well, we need to get rid of these drug dealers in society, to make society safer, to reduce the drug problem, et cetera, regardless of whether or not you agree with that. I certainly don't agree with that argument, but that seems like a much more justified argument than targeting poor drug users. So why is he going after them? Well, let me put it this way. What I'm saying is that he has dealt with a big drug leader as much more leniently. You know, he basically agreed to his terms, in which he's trying to frame up people like ..." + 78%
"2018-04-17 23:41:46"
"Philippines' Duterte Uses 'War o..."
" It's The Real News, I'm Ben Norton. Thousands of people have been killed in a bloody war on drugs in the Philippines in the past two years. This extremely violent crackdown has been led by Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte. Duterte has compared himself to the genocidal Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler and vowed to kill millions of drug dealers. Hitler massacred 3 million Jews. There is 3 million, there is a 3 million drug drug. Duterte is war on drugs prompted the International Criminal Court to announce in February that it would begin a preliminary examination. Duterte responded by withdrawing the Philippines from the court's Rome statute. Now he has threatened to arrest the International Criminal Court's prosecutor if she enters the Philippines to begin investigating. This comes a month after the Duterte administration compiled a list dubbing hundreds of socialist activists as so-called terrorists. Among the more than 600 people included on the list drafted by the Philippine Justice Ministry are a United Nations special officer, a former lawmaker from a left-wing party and top members of the powerful Philippine Communist movement. In December Duterte declared the Communist Party of the Philippines and its armed wing the new people's army to be so-called terrorist organizations and he has launched many attacks on these communist fighters. Duterte is now trying to get a manila court to officially recognize communists as terrorists so he can use this terrorist smear to crush left-wing political opposition and dismantle organizations that may be linked to the communist movement. Joining us to discuss Duterte's violent crackdown is Walden Bello. Walden is a former member of the Philippine House of Representatives. He is the author of several books on US relations with Asia and is now a visiting professor at the State University of New York Binghamton. Thanks for joining us, Walden. So I would like to speak in general about the repression of human rights activists, soc..." + 83%
"2018-04-17 23:29:14"
"Defense Stocks Soar as Trump Wag..."
" It's the Real News Network. I'm Sharman E. Pierce coming to you from Baltimore. Stock prices of major defense contractors such as Northrop, Gruman, Raytheon and Boeing have surged by double-digit percentages recently. The reasons vary, but Raytheon manufactures the Tomahawk cruise missile that were used last Friday in attacking Syria. NATO intelligence reports indicate the threat of ballistic missiles is increasing in number and complexity. By 2018, all of Europe will be at risk. Raytheon's integrated air and missile defense assets continue to watch the skies. Day and night, keeping the US and allies safe around the world. US and allies safe across the world, except the Syrians. Now joining me to analyze a relationship between defense stocks and US military activity is Bill Black. Bill is a white-collar criminologist, a former financial regulator and associate professor of economics and law at the University of Missouri, Kansas City. Is the author of the best way to rob a bank is to own one. Thanks for joining us, Bill. Thank you. Bill, last year, Fortune Magazine calculated that defense contractors and companies, their share prices rose by as much as $5 billion after Trump launched his attack on the Syrian Air Base. This year, the numbers are similar no doubt. What do you make of this link between military activity and the rise in defense stock prices? Well, it's pretty well established. In fact, the first big one involving Raytheon is the principal manufacturer of the Tomahawk cruise missiles that were used primarily in the 2017 strike and the strike last week in Syria. But those would have been the method that President Obama would have used as well. And so in 2013, when he was threatening to do a strike on Syria, Raytheon's stock price surged simply from discussion of the possibility of use. And of course, several things are going on at the same time. One, once you shoot them, you need to buy new ones. They're very expensive. They're, you know, ballpark, a m..." + 80%
"2018-04-17 04:45:31"
"Col. Larry Wilkerson on Syria: W..."
" It's the Real News Network. I'm Sharmini Pyrrhus, coming to you from Baltimore. As everyone knows by now, late Friday night, the US military with the support of the British and the French military launched a series of missile attacks against what they said were Syrian research, chemical storage, and military targets. The strikes were apparently in retaliation for an alleged chemical weapons attack near Damascus, which is said to have killed 40 to 70 civilians. Over the weekend, Trump gloated in these attacks. By the way, John Bolton is here, and we just had a big successful hit. John. Are you giving him all the credit? That means the end of this job. Did our generals do a great job? Did our military do a great job? With way over a hundred missile shot in, they didn't shoot one down. The equipment didn't work too well, they're equipment. They didn't shoot one. You heard, oh, they shot 40 down. Then they shot 15 down. They said, no, sir, every single one hit its target. Think of that. The action from members of Congress was generally supportive of the strike, as were many human rights organizations and the mainstream media. Although these strikes were unauthorized by Congress or the UN, some senators, however Bernie Sanders and Tim Cain, as well as Congressman Rokana, they rejected these strikes, saying that Trump should have gotten congressional authorization first, as is required by the Constitution. On Friday night, Bernie Sanders wrote, it is Congress not the president, which has the constitutional responsibility for making war. The international community must uphold the prohibition against the use of chemical weapons, but it is unclear how Trump's illegal and unauthorized strikes on Syria achieve that goal. And he added this on me, the press on Sunday. I disagree that the United States should have combat troops in that area. I fear very much that we will be in perpetual warfare in that region. I do not want to see that occur. But let me be very clear, I am v..." + 84%
"2018-04-17 04:38:44"
"Can a Government Program End Rac..."
" This is Telegram reporting for the Real News Network in Baltimore City, Maryland. Baltimore is a city defined by inequality, but now a series of proposals are under consideration to address this. The question is, will they succeed? At City Hall, recognition that the process of government itself has produced entrenched divisions between rich and poor and black and white. We have another story here today we don't like to talk about and then Baltimore is a hyposecgregated in a very a city that has a lot of inequality. Is why people are searching for ways to address them? The first bill would actually create an equity assessment program for the city of Baltimore, ensuring that every city agency assesses their programs, their policies, their procurement, their hiring practices, the city's capital projects, we'll have to go through an equity assessment program to ensure that from now here on going forward, the city is looking at everything that it does through a lens of equity. Baltimore and Brandon Scott says inequity is a byproduct of governance, spread throughout a variety of city agencies, which is why he has a bill that would not only assess the problem, but create a charter amendment that would fund solutions pegged at 3% of the police budget, which translates into roughly $15 million. But it's also going to take investment in dollars into dealing with the inequities across the city. Be that ratio and equity, be that gender and equity, be that income in equity. We have to do that through tax dollars and we think that's why it's important for us to have in addition the ratio, the equity fund for Baltimore city so that programs, organizations in the city itself can spend dollars to deal with those issues directly. The Real News has reported on some of these entrenched inequities in the past. We investigated on how an inclusionary housing law has languished without funding. Out of 10 units being built in the city, six of them should be affordable housing units base..." + 63%
"2018-04-17 04:34:25"
"State's Attorney's Race: Marilyn..."
" For the Real News, I'm Bayneard Woods. The Office of the State's Attorney, which is in charge of prosecuting cases, is one of the most important positions in the criminal justice system and one of the few places where the public is able to have direct input into that system. I'm sitting down with each of the candidates to talk to them about the role the State's Attorney can play in reforming our system. This is the third and final part of an interview with incumbent Marilyn Mosby. In the first interview, we talked about the trajectory of her first term from Freddie Gray to the gun trace task force. In the second, we discussed her plans for a second term. And now, we delve into some of the politics surrounding the race and some of the difficult cases she's brought to court. We certainly live in a society as we're seeing with me too and all of these things. Do you think that some of these criticisms that have come against you are sexist or racist or ageist or...? Absolutely do. I can tell you that being 34 years old, winning this position, beating out a powerful white male incumbent, my age, my race, my sex does definitely come into place. And when you look at the role of a prosecutor, it's one of the most important roles within the criminal justice system. You can't ignore and this is something that I had to learn how to do, not to internalize it. The backlash. The misogynistic sexist views. You cannot ignore that 95% of the prosecutors in this country are white. 79% are white men. And as a woman of color, I represent 1% of all elected prosecutors in the country. So do I think that some of the rhetoric for lack of a better term against me has to do with that? I do. I do. There's been several occasions where I've been chastised within the media. There's been occasions where I've been told, play nice, misses most be, by the way. You know, and it is what it is. I've learned how to deal with it. Some of your, I mean, the police critics came out early on. But more rec..." + 76%
"2018-04-17 04:23:20"
"Saudi Dictator Dines with French..."
" It's the real news. I'm Ben Norton. The United Nations has warned now for well over a year that Yemen is suffering from the worst humanitarian catastrophe on the planet. And while Saudi Arabia continues to relentlessly bomb civilian areas in Yemen and push millions of Yemenis into famine with a crippling blockade, Saudi Arabia's de facto ruler is taking luxurious trips to western countries to sign more arms deals. Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman visited France last week to meet with President Emmanuel Macron. The two had an opulent private dinner in the Louvre. Macron and Prince Mohammed also signed more than $18 billion of business agreements. The French President said he will visit the Saudi capital Riyadh at the end of this year to sign the contracts. Macron and Prince Mohammed also agreed to work together to isolate Iran and limit its influence in the Middle East. Macron defended French arms sales with the Saudi monarchy. Despite the fact that these western weapons have been used to kill Yemenis and bombard civilian areas in Yemen, and what human rights organizations have said are clear war crimes. Joining us to discuss Mohammed bin Salman's trip to France and France's role in Yemen is Akram Bukhade. Akram is an Algerian journalist and a regular contributor to the French newspaper La Monde de Plumatique. He is also the author of several books. Thanks for joining us, Akram. Hello. Welcome. So first of all, can we just speak generally about the trip that Mohammed bin Salman made to France? This is Mohammed bin Salman's first trip to France and his first meeting with heads of state as the de facto ruler of Saudi Arabia. What is the political significance of this trip? Well, first of all, we can notice that it was a very short visit compared, for example, of the one that had placed in the US. I think that Mr. Mohammed bin Salman spent only two days in France. So it may give a kind of idea about how France is important for him compared to the US where he s..." + 83%
"2018-04-17 04:10:16"
"Senior Bernie Advisor says “Bu..."
" Welcome to the Real News Network. I'm Paul J. On Monday, a thing broke out between Bernie Sanders' camp and Governor Cuomo and such. Cynthia Nixon, who's running in a primary against the Democratic Governor Cuomo in New York, came out, according to the New York Daily News, that Bernie Sanders was not going to endorse Cynthia Nixon. Well, Cuomo then came out with a statement, said, well, why would Sanders endorse Cynthia Nixon? Because we're in lockstep with Senator Sanders and all the issues. Well, then a senior advisor to Bernie Sanders came out with this tweet. Erie Rebin Hufft, I hope I'm pronouncing it right, writes the idea that Andrew Cuomo and Bernie Sanders are lockstep on policy, is 100% grade A American bullshit. Well, so just what is Bernie Sanders' attitude towards Cynthia Nixon and why is Cynthia Nixon running against? Cuomo went apparently, according to another senior advisor in the Sanders office. Cuomo actually has passed and supports some progressive legislation, like a $15 minimum wage and easier access to college and so on. So now joining us to talk about this is, first of all, from Wallingford, Connecticut, Alexandra Rojas. She's a campaigns director for Justice Democrats, a progressive political action committee founded in January of 2017. Momita Hommett is a grassroots organizer with people for Bernie Sanders and co-founder of the group Millennials for Revolution, previously known as Millennials for Bernie Sanders. And Momita is actually doing some digital campaign work for the Nixon, Cynthia Nixon campaign, but I should stress, is not here speaking for the campaign. And Eugene Perrier, he's a journalist, author and activist, he's co-founder of Stop Police Terror Project DC, and a member of DC's movement for Black Lives, steering committee. So first of all, let me go to Momita. So you're kind of closest to all of this thing. What do you make of this, first of all, what went on with his Sanders endorsing, not endorsing and such? I think Bern..." + 83%
"2018-04-16 23:22:19"
"French President Macron Joins Tr..."
" For the Real News, I'm Ben Norton. The United States, the United Kingdom, and France launched a joint attack on Syrian government targets on Friday, April 13. Legal experts have said the attack violated international law, as there had been no UN approval of the use of force. The strike was in response to an alleged chemical attack in Duma Syria the week before, but there had been no independent international investigation before the US, UK, and French strike. The OPCW, the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons, has just begun its mandate on the ground in a fact-finding mission in Syria. In the US media, there has been some reporting on the US and UK militarily intervention in Syria, but the role of France in Syria has largely been overlooked. On Sunday, April 15, French President Emmanuel Macron had a phone call with US President Donald Trump. Macron claimed that he convinced Trump to keep US troops in Syria. There are currently at least 2,000 US troops in the country. Legal experts say the US military presence in Syria is also illegal, as it does not have any international legitimacy under international law. In early April, Trump claimed he was considering moving to withdraw US troops from Syria, although this was unlikely to happen, and White House officials said otherwise. Joining us to discuss the role of France in Syria, and particularly the recent French air strike on Syria, is Akram Bakaiid. Akram is an Algerian journalist and a regular contributor to the French newspaper La Monde Diplomatique. He is also the author of several books. Thank you for joining us. Thank you. Hello. So, can we speak first of all about the recent air strike? This was a joint air strike. Well, a series of air strikes. There were more than 100 missiles launched in a joint operation by the US, the UK, and France. Before we speak more generally about France's role in Syria, Akram, can you speak about particularly France's role in this recent strike? Well, clearly, and..." + 81%
"2018-04-16 22:50:40"
"Racial Profiling Arrest at Phill..."
" Welcome to the Real News. I'm Eddie Conway coming to you from Baltimore. Protests gathered early Monday morning at a Philadelphia Starbucks where two black men were arrested last week. They were demanding a full apology for the incident. Starbucks' chief executive Kevin Johnson apologized on Saturday for the arrests, which sparked accusations of racial profiling. The men were accused of trespassing but have said they were waiting for a friend before ordering. The protesters held up a banner that read in stopping frisk and chanet Starbucks coffee is anti-black. Starbucks CEO Johnson promised a thorough investigation of the incident caught on video by Patreons Thursday and shared widely online. Philadelphia Police Commissioner on Saturday defended the arrests saying his officers had acted after Starbucks employees told them the pair was trans, was trespassing. Video of Thursday's incident shows other Patreons telling officers the pair were doing nothing wrong and appeared to have been targeted merely because of their race. The manager who called the police is reportedly no longer working at the store. Now joining us to discuss this is Eugene Perrier. Eugene is a journalist, author, and activist. He is co-founder of Stop Police Terror Project DC and a member of DC Movement for Black Lives Stern Committee. Eugene, thanks for joining me. Thank you so much for having me. Eugene, just tell us right now what you know about this incident. Well, the incident as far as I can tell and from what we've seen is that these two gentlemen were in a Starbucks waiting for a friend, which I think anyone who frequents any sort of coffee shop knows that that is not only something that happens often, but we know Starbucks are having Wi-Fi and you know comfortable places to sit and tables and the like encourages people to come in there, spend significant time and so on and so forth. And that in the course of that, they were targeted as perhaps trespassing while waiting for their friend...." + 82%
"2018-04-16 22:20:19"
"The Marc Steiner Show: Bill Ayers"
" Welcome. This is Mark Steiner, good to have you with us here on the Mark Steiner Show on the Real News Network. Now, you know if you're watching the news, there have been strikes all across this country from teachers, especially looking in the south with West Virginia and Oklahoma. There's something bubbling in this country. Teachers are standing up and saying enough is enough. It's not just about their money, it's about the investment in education. It's about the children. It's about where we're going as a country. And also the teachers unions are the most, one of the most online unions in the country. And they're going to ask them to shut them down and kill them. Well our guest today thinks differently. His name is Bill Ayers. And Bill of course was made known because he was in the weather underground, but when he came up, he went and got his graduate degree and became a PhD in education and taught the University of Chicago for a long time. If we don't unleash our imaginations, we're stuck. So we have a leading expert in education. He's written numerous books, his latest book is you can't fire the bad ones. And 18 other myths about teachers, teachers unions and public education that he wrote with a crystal-laria and his brother Rick Ayers. And this is Bill Ayers. Nice to see you here Mark. Thank you so much. So, you've written a number of books. This is your fourth? No, no, no. Fifth? No, no, no. Keep going. I've written something like 14 books and I've added it about 12 more. Congratulations. Thank you. I'm not slowing down, so I plan to have a bunch more slowly. I'm not slowing down. It's good time to slow down. No, it's not time to only get that much time left. I have to keep putting one foot in front of the other. Harry Tubman said, keep on going. Exactly. Keep going. Follow that star. So this book and this struggle right now, I think is really very critical. And I like to set out on the book for a moment because we saw this wreck in West Virginia. We see ..." + 94%
"2018-04-16 19:34:38"
"Another Massive Tax Break for De..."
" This is Steven Janus reporting for the Real News Network in Baltimore City, Maryland. Tax breaks for developers had been a big issue in Baltimore and some thought that story was over, but it turns out it's just beginning. To get a sense of just how expansive Baltimore's latest tax break finance development deal is, you have to drive. The project will encompass huge swaths of the city's low income neighborhoods, including a former outdoor mall called Old Town, and a low income housing project Perkins Homes. The city says the deal will span over 200 acres and includes rebuilding a school and a recreation center. But like many of the most recent deals to redevelop the city, who benefits and who doesn't, paints a picture of just how Baltimore works for some and not for others. That's because Perkins and Old Town has suffered from decades of neglect and little direct investment and its residents are mired in poverty. You know, this is around about the third time they said they was going to tear the property down and then leave us hanging. You know, these places are so, so bad. You know, the rodents, the big bugs, the smells, the pipes, everything is wrong with these places. But even with this fraught history of neglect, the city has floated a plan to give a generous tax incentive to developers who proposes massive redevelopment. The city is considering offering a possible $250 million tip or tax increment finance incentive to a group of wealthy out of town developers says Baltimore Business Journal reporter Melody Simmons. So my sources are telling me that TIFF is somewhere around $250 million, even though the price tag has not been identified yet. A TIFF allows the developer to plow all future property taxes back into the project through city back bonds. It's a boom for developers the city officials often justify by arguing the TIFF pays for infrastructure or amenities. And they're also going to be adding a lot of infrastructure and cables for high tech, which that ..." + 76%
"2018-04-16 14:46:03"
"The Complex History and Relation..."
" This is part three of the Real News interview with Ali Ornek. Ali is a Turkish journalist of Kurdish origin. He previously worked for the leading Turkish newspaper, Hurriyet Daily, where he was a foreign at a news editor. And he's also spent years reporting on the war in Syria. He is a close analyst of the war there. In the first two parts of this interview, we discussed the Turkish invasion of northern Syria. We also discussed the very complex US relationship with the Kurdish forces, the People's Protection Units, the YPG. And we also discussed the history of Syria's relationship with the PKK, the Kurdistan Workers' Party. And this final part will be discussing more of these details in the history behind US, Syrian, and Kurdish relations. We'll be discussing what is called the Kurdish question, if you will. And at the end, Ali will provide some insight as to what he thinks the future of the war in Syria could look like. Maybe we can talk a little bit about the history of the PKK. We know that actually Syria was one of the strongest supporters of the PKK historically. This is the Kurdistan Workers' Party. That support has gone off and on over time. But in the 1990s, there was even discussions of a so-called undeclared war between Syria and Turkey over Syria's support for the PKK. However, so we know that that goes back. However, we also know that Kurds have been oppressed, not just in Turkey, but also in Syria. You know, there was an Arab nationalist government, and the Kurdish language was not officially used, and Kurds were not citizens until 2011. In April 2011, Bashar al-Assad allowed Kurds in the north to get citizenship in response to some of the protests as a reform. So how do you explain, you know, clearly, the US has betrayed the Kurds numerous times historically, not just in Syria, but also in Iraq. So clearly, the US is an absolutely unreliable ally in these regards. But Syria also has a history of oppressing some of these Kurdish forces while also su..." + 87%
"2018-04-16 03:08:03"
"Bolivia's Ex-President Sanchez d..."
" On April 3, 2018, a U.S. federal jury found the former president of Bolivia, Gonzalo Sanchez de los S, responsible for extra-dudicial killings in a landmark decision. In October 2003, Indigenous groups in Bolivia shut down the nation's highways for weeks, demanding the nationalization of the nation's gas reserves. Bolivian president Gonzalo Sanchez de los S, known as Goni, deployed the military to repress the largely peaceful uprising with deadly force. More than 60 civilians were killed and hundreds injured. In the middle of the bloodshed, Goni sought refuge in the U.S., fleeing Bolivia in a dramatic helicopter airlift. The conflict became known as the gas war, and ushered in a decade of social change, headlined by the election of the nation's first Indigenous president, Evo Morales, and the nationalization of the nation's gas reserves, leading to a decade of unprecedented economic growth. Elaldo and much of the nation came to see those killed in October as martyrs. They have all shot at the community, they have made an operation. That's what happened. This is the guilty of Gonzalo Sanchez de los S. He is the government, the maximum authority and the general captain of the armed forces. The day they killed me, I decided to seek justice. More than 14 years later, a federal court in Florida accepted a civil suit brought by eight victims' families. This is the first time that a living foreign head of state sat in a courtroom and had to face his accusers. That's never happened before. So this is the first time where the victims actually got to turn and look at the defendants and say, look what you did to me and to my family and to Bolivia. So it's so rare you have a smoking gun. These leaders, these generals, they don't say, they don't issue orders, kill all indigenous people, shoot them in the head. You don't find these things. So you have to find tons of circumstantial evidence. And a lot of this evidence, it's hard to get into a US court. A lot is destroyed by t..." + 31%
"2018-04-15 04:21:53"
"To Secure Democratic Vote Pompeo..."
" It's the Real News Network. I'm Sharmini P.R. coming to you from Baltimore. Senate confirmation hearings from Mike Pompeo as President Trump's nominee for Secretary of State took place on Thursday. Pompeo would be Trump's second Secretary of State following Rex Tillerson sacking last month. When Pompeo entered the room for his hearing, he was greeted by shouting protesters from Code Pink. The hearing went on to cover major hot spots around the world as well as Pompeo's views on the Robert Mueller investigation and how he would manage the State Department. Here's a clip from an exchange on the Iran nuclear deal. What is your view as to whether America should withdraw unilaterally from the Iran nuclear agreement? I want to fix this deal. That's the objective. I think that's in the best interest that you've been hearing. But the agreement cannot be changed. My question is pretty simple. We're running very close to a deadline on certification. And if there's no chance that we can fix it, I will recommend to the president that we do our level best to work with our allies to achieve a better outcome and a better deal. Pompeo is a member of the Tea Party movement and is generally viewed as a pro-war hardliner who has previously vowed to cancel the Iran agreement and who denies the reality of global warming. Joining me now to discuss Pompeo's nomination, we have two guests, Medea Benjamin and Phyllis Benes. Medea is co-founder of CodePink and author of Inside Iran, Real History and Politics of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Welcome, Medea. Thank you, North-Bian. And Phyllis Benes is fellow and director of the new Internationalism project at the Institute for Policy Studies in Washington, D.C. She is the author of many books including Understanding the U.S. Iran Crisis. Thanks for joining us, Phyllis. Great to be with you, Sharmini. Medea, let me go to you first on that clip on Iran off Pompeo wanting to renegotiate the deal. And also what one of the CodePink protestors a..." + 88%
"2018-04-15 04:18:19"
"OECD Advises Countries to Curb E..."
" It's the Real News Network. I'm Sharmini Piers coming to you from Baltimore. The OECD, the organization for economic cooperation and development, is well known for promoting neoliberal policies not much different than the International Monetary Fund or the World Bank. This week, the OECD published a report title, The Role and Design of NetWealth Taxes in the OECD, which takes an unexpected turn promoting the use of taxes on capital and even state tax attacks on your inheritance. Michael Roberts has been working in the city of London for over 30 years and is the author of several books, The Great Recession and the Long Depression. He joins us from London. Michael, thank you so much for joining us today. Hello, Sharmini. The report, The Role and Design of NetWealth Taxes in the OECD, give me in one minute what the report contains that is useful. I think the first thing it says is that, first of all, wealth inequality is much more serious and much more important in many ways than income inequality because wealth inequality generates more income inequality. And rich people have more power and influence and opportunities than able to generate income without work. One of the facts it points out in the report is that someone working for say 20,000 euros a year and gets all its money from capital is a much more powerful position than somebody having to work for 20,000 dollars a year. And working for 20,000 dollars is a hard work. Getting income without doing anything at all is easy and yet it also gives you much more power. So wealth accumulation reinforces the situation. Well, it gets wealth says the report and that gets more power and that means we need to do something about it because this situation will continue to get worse. The rich will get richer and the poor, that's the rest of us, will get poorer at least relatively. So the report tells us it's a really astounding report. So Michael, last time we spoke back in October, I think, about the IMF's murmurs about ri..." + 83%
"2018-04-15 04:15:18"
"Real Media: Direct Action to Sto..."
" The world's worst cholera outbreak on record is happening right now in Yemen. And that's happening because the Saudi Arabian coalition are bombing the water infrastructure. Humanitarian organisations were asking for a cessation of weapons being supplied to Saudi because of what was happening. Millions of children are starving at the moment. The UN has called it the world's worst man-made humanitarian crisis. Nothing was changing and actually things were getting worse. At the UN, Saudi has been accused of a deliberate tactic of starvation. And so I was hoping that the supply weapons was going to stop because of all this pressure. And it didn't. For me, there was a moment. I saw a picture of a fragment of a casing of a bomb. Now, bombs, when they blow up, usually are destroyed, but somehow all the markings on this bomb had survived. And it showed that the bomb was made by Raytheon in a factory in Glen Rothas just north of Edinburgh. And that bomb was sold to Saudi Arabia after they had started bombing Yemen. That bomb was found in a destroyed food store that it had blown up. We as activists decided that we need to physically do something about this, otherwise nothing is going to change. We did a huge amount of research and it turns out that most of the Saudi Air Force is manufactured by the Air Systems at a base in water, at the mouth of the river, in Lancashire. So we went to the base to scout it and looked around. And it was there that we saw one of the jets which had come back from Saudi. When we discovered this, it was so obvious that this had to be the target for any action because it's the Saudi aerial bombardment that's destroying Yemen. So there was two fences, one which was kind of a plastic metal cross kind of fence which we cut through. Very quickly and then a second more sturdy fence which probably took us about a minute or two to cut through. And at that point we were on the base. Having done as little damage as possible actually to get in. And then w..." + 81%
"2018-04-14 15:11:58"
"US Military Presence in Syria an..."
" It's the real news. I'm Ben Norton. This is part two of our discussion with the leading human rights expert Alfred Desias. Alfred is the UN independent expert on the promotion of a democratic and equitable international order. He is also a lawyer and teaches international law at the Geneva School of Diplomacy. In part one of this interview, we discussed the president Donald Trump's threats against the Syrian government and his claim that he will launch a military strike. Alfred Desias said that this would be illegal international law considering there is no UN authorization and there has been no independent international investigation into the allegations of chemical weapons use in Duma, in Eastern Guta and Syria. Well in this part we'll be discussing the war in Syria overall. In part one, Alfred had pointed out that the US military presence inside Syria is in fact illegal under international law. So Alfred, can you expand on that? We know that the United States has at least 2000 troops in northern Syria. Are those troops there legally? Indeed. They are there illegally. There is a principle of international law and the law of neutrality. In a civil war, there is an obligation of non-intervention. Foreign states are supposed to stay out of a civil war. And there are numerous references to this obligation of non-intervention and take resolution 26, 25 of the General Assembly, the resolution on friendly relations or resolution 3314 of the General Assembly or for that matter take my principles of international order which I included in my 13th thematic report. This was the last report I presented now to the Human Rights Council in March, so a couple of weeks ago. Now among those principles of international order is indeed the prohibition of getting involved in a civil war. The only exception for that is that the head of state of the country that is undergoing civil unrest requests assistance. Now Syria requested assistance from Russia and Russia complied. So Russia ..." + 81%
"2018-04-14 13:06:41"
"The Baltimore Bureau Podcast Sho..."
" Hey, welcome to the Baltimore Bureau podcast for the first time also in video from the real news. I'm Tharna Noor. I didn't do what I said. I was going to do it all. All right. And I'm Baynard Woods and we work here on at the real news on the Baltimore Bureau and every week on Friday we bring you what we've been doing over the course of the week. This week is a particular yesterday on on the 12th is the anniversary of the day that Freddie Gray was arrested put into the back of a van and put into a coma by police. And so next week we're going to have a special Freddie Gray issue episode, whatever you call a thing that is a podcast. And we will reflect on that a little bit with some people next week. But this week we've got a lot on the legislative session. Yeah, the legislative session wrapped up this past Monday. So the first story you're going to hear is from our reporters, Stephen Janis and Teyagram, who did sort of a wrap up of all of the things that went wrong. And this past legislative session. So let's go to that. This is Teyagram reporting for the real news network in Annapolis, Maryland. If anyone was hoping that progressive reforms would win the day in this democratic state, they needed to come to the last day of session in Annapolis, sign a die from a bill that would stop the city from auctioning off houses over a past due water bill. It's very discouraging and the attempt is to miss the public that something is being done in water and to actually set things back. To a package of new laws that would impose mandatory sentences for the second possession of a handgun. We have a choice to make. Do we want to go backwards with policies that haven't worked? The Maryland legislature continued to bolster an agenda that advocates say is going in the wrong direction. The terms of mandatory minimums as a tactic and methodology to decrease crime is ineffective. All the sociological and historical evidence from the past 20, 30 years shows the tough on crime legisla..." + 97%
"2018-04-14 13:00:52"
"Israel Mows Down Unarmed Gaza Pr..."
" For three weeks in a row, thousands of unarmed Palestinians have protested on the border of the illegally besieged Gaza Strip, and for three weeks in a row Israel has used extreme violence to brutally crush these peaceful protests. On Friday, April 13th, an estimated 10,000 unarmed Palestinian protesters convened as part of the great march of return, demanding the right Palestinian refugees have under international law to return to their homeland, and protesting a suffocating Israeli blockade that even conservative former British Prime Minister David Cameron has described as a prison camp. The Israeli military responded with bloodshed. Israeli soldiers shot Palestinians with live ammunition and fired tear gas into the large crowds. More than 900 Palestinian protesters were wounded in the violent Israeli crackdown, according to Gaza health officials. At least one Palestinian was killed. During the April 13th protest, the violence was once again clearly premeditated. Media reports noted that in advance of the peaceful demonstration, the Israeli military had deployed tanks, drones, and snipers to the border. Israel has claimed that the peaceful protests, which are known as the great march of return, are being used to cover up so-called terrorism. However, there is no independent evidence that Palestinian protesters have used the demonstration to launch any attacks. The most they have done is burn tires, and the Palestinian protesters are burning tires precisely in order to fill the air with smoke and make it difficult for Israeli snipers to shoot them. For more than a decade, Israel has maintained a crippling blockade on Gaza, which United Nations officials have said is illegal and must be lifted. The Israeli government tightly controls everything that enters the densely populated strip, and has in the past imposed a restriction on the number of food calories that can be supplied to the 1.8 million Palestinian residents. The prosecutor of the International Criminal..." + 57%
"2018-04-14 00:57:23"
"Striking Teachers Targeted by Kochs"
" Welcome to the Real News. I'm Jesselnor with an update on the wave of teacher Wildcat strikes that began in West Virginia and was spread across the country. The places like Arizona, Kentucky, and Oklahoma, where the teacher's union is calling for the end of the two-week walk-out after the state's Republican-dominated legislature passed its first major tax hikes in decades, raising about $450 million for education. But the teachers were demanding $600 million. Oklahoma Education Association President Alicia Priest. This fight is not over just because the school bell will ring once more. We have created a movement and there is no stopping us. Priest says the union will continue to push for more funding in Oklahoma where teacher salaries are among the lowest in the country, averaging just $42,000 a year. Classes are expected to resume on Monday. In Arizona, the Republican governor has agreed to a 20% pay raise for teachers by 2020, but educators are saying that's not enough. And in Kentucky, teachers are rallying at the capital today and tomorrow, despite threats from the governor, to protest a number of bills including cuts of their pension, which were just signed in the law, and tax cuts for the wealthy and inadequate funding for education. According to the non-partisan center for budget priorities, the tax cuts backed by powerful interest like the Koch brothers have shrunk state revenues, squeezing state general fund dollars, which means there's less money to fund education. Not only has the average teacher salary fallen nearly 10% in Arizona and 15% in Oklahoma since 2010, the states face obstacles in raising revenues to address these problems. We're now joining us to discuss this is T.P. Batacharya, a national organizer for the International Women's Strike who writes widely unfeminist issues, teaches South Asian history at Purdue University. She recently visited Kentucky and wrote the piece, Women are leading the wave of strikes in America. Here's why. Thank y..." + 87%
"2018-04-14 00:55:23"
"Zuckerberg Hearing: An Opening f..."
" It's the Real News Network. I'm Sharmini Pyrrhus, coming to you from Baltimore. Social media giant and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg concluded two days of Senate and House committee hearings on Wednesday and Thursday this week. 44 senators, almost half of the Senate was there to see how Zuckerberg would respond to the recent fallout from the revelation that companies such as Cambridge Analytica have harvested the data of 87 million Facebook users. Cambridge Analytica is a political consulting and data mining company owned by conservative billionaire Robert Mercer and until 2016 head Steve Bannon as its vice president. Zuckerberg apologized a lot but senators were for the most part easy on him and often quite ignorant of what Facebook actually does. Here is a clip of one of Zuckerberg's answers on the issue of surveillance. I think people often ask what the difference is between surveillance and what we do and I think the difference is extremely clear which is that on Facebook you have control over your information. The content that you share you put there. You can take it down at any time. The information that we collect you can choose to have us not collect you can delete any of it and of course you can leave Facebook if you want. I know of no surveillance organization that gives people the option to delete the data that they have or even know what they're collecting. Joining me to discuss Zuckerberg's hearings and Facebook is Justin Anderson. He is a freelance writer who frequently covers media issues. He recently wrote an article for Fair title who will take on the 21st century tech and media monopolies. Thanks for joining us Justin. Thanks for having me. So Justin let's start off with Zuckerberg's hearings. I mean when you heard that little clip of Zuckerberg it seems to me he's scurrying around some of the issues because since the story broke there's been lots of people who've been investigating how Facebook is operating and the kind of data they have on us ..." + 78%
"2018-04-14 00:52:14"
"Trump Pardons Libby, Sending Mes..."
" It's the Real News Network. I'm Sharmini Pures coming to you from Baltimore. This past week, President Trump's legal problems have been getting increasingly serious. On Monday morning, the FBI raided the offices and home of Trump's longtime personal lawyer, Michael Cohen. It seems that the investigation of special prosecutor Robert Mueller, who is investigating Russian interference into the U.S. presidential election of 2016, he tipped off the New York State Attorney's Office about undeclared harsh money payments to a former porn actress and to a former Playboy model with whom Trump had extreme marital affairs. These payments should have been declared as campaign expenditures. Trump has expressed outrage about the raids and suggested he might fire special prosecutor Robert Mueller. Why don't you just fire Mueller? Why don't I just fire Mueller? Well, I think it's a disgrace what's going on. We'll see what happens, but I think it's really a sad situation when you look at what happened. Trump said you should fire him. The possibility is that Trump might fire Mueller's supervisor, Deputy Attorney General, Rod Rosenstein. In order to gain control over the investigation with the more pliable placement for Rosenstein, joining me now to discuss this and related matters is Marcy Wheeler. Marcy is an independent journalist writing about national security and civil liberties. She writes at themtwheel.net.marcy.go to have you. Good to be here. All right, Marcy. If Trump actually fires Rosenstein, what does this mean for his legal problems? And of course, what does it mean for Mueller's investigation? It means that the next most senior DOJ official will come Mueller's boss. And we'll see what happens once that person. Currently, it's the solicitor general. We'll see what happens when the solicitor general reviews what Mueller's been doing. If he agrees that Rosenstein has been correct in his direction of Mueller, then nothing happens. Marcy, there are initial reports that s..." + 76%
"2018-04-13 21:02:46"
"The Marc Steiner Show: Bill Ayers"
" Welcome, this is Mark Steiner, good to have you with us here on the Mark Steiner Show on the Real News Network. Now you know if you're watching the news, there have been strikes all across this country from teachers, especially looking in the south with West Virginia and Oklahoma. There's something bubbling in this country. Teachers are standing up and saying enough is enough. It's not just about their money, it's about the investment in education. It's about the children. It's about where we're going as a country. And also the teachers unions are the most, one of the most online unions in the country. And they're going to ask them to shut them down and kill them. Well our guest today thinks differently. His name is Bill Ayers. And Bill of course was made known because he was in the weather underground, but when he came up, he went and got his graduate degree and became a PhD in education and taught University of Chicago for a long time. If we don't unleash our imaginations, we're stuck. So we have a leading expert in education. So in numerous books, his latest book is you can't fire the bad ones. And 18 other myths about teachers, teachers unions and public education that he wrote with a crystal-laria and his brother Rick Ayers. And this is Bill Ayers. Nice to be here Mark. Thank you so much. So, you've written a number of books. This is your fourth? No, no, no. Fifth? No, no, no. No, no, no. Keep going. I've written something like 14 books and I've added it about 12 more. Congratulations. Thank you. I'm not slowing down, so I plan to have a bunch more slowly. I'm not slowing down. It's good time to slow down. No, it's not time to only get that much time left. I have to keep putting one foot in front of the other. Harry Tubman said, keep on going. Exactly. Keep going. Follow that star. So this book and this struggle right now, I think is really very critical. And I like to set out the book for a moment because we saw this right in West Virginia. We see what's h..." + 94%
"2018-04-13 04:50:35"
"US Attack on Syria Would Be Ille..."
" For the real news, I'm Ben Norton. The Donald Trump administration has doubled down on its threats to launch a military assault on the Syrian government. Some international observers, however, have warned that such an attack could be illegal under international law. Anti-government opposition groups in the town of Duma Syria have accused the Syrian military of launching a chemical attack that killed dozens of people. The Syrian government, on the other hand, has denied this accusation. The Syrian army has been fighting to retake Duma in a suburb of the capital Damascus, called Eastern Ghuda, from Salafi jihadist fighters in the extremist group Jaisal Islam, which is itself notorious for carrying out attacks on civilians and has in the past put civilians from the alawait minority in cages. Although there has not yet been an independent international investigation into the alleged chemical attack, President Trump has blamed the Syrian government, and he tweeted that there would be a quote, big price to pay for the quote, animal Assad, referenced to this Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. On Wednesday, April 11, Donald Trump tweeted, quote, Russia vows to shoot down any and all missiles fired at Syria, get ready Russia because they will be coming nice and new and smart. While joining us to discuss this issue is the leading human rights expert Alfred Dizias, Alfred is the UN independent expert on the promotion of a democratic and equitable international order. He is also a lawyer and teaches international law at the Geneva School of Diplomacy. Thanks for joining us, Alfred. Good afternoon. Well, Alfred, can we just begin and we can speak more about what we know about the details in Duma. We don't have many. Of course, there has not yet been an independent international investigation. For that, would a strike led by Donald Trump, would a U.S. strike be legal? I could answer that in two seconds. Of course, it would be illegal. And I remind you that international law is..." + 83%
"2018-04-13 04:48:33"
"Miscarriage of Justice: Ex-Presi..."
" It's the Real News Network. I'm Sharmini Pires coming to you from Baltimore. Protest in support of former President Lula De Silva were organized in cities around the world and in all the major cities in Brazil last Wednesday. Demonstrators demanded his immediate release saying that his prosecution and conviction were without evidence and legal standing and that they were highly politicized and unfair. President Lula submitted himself to authorities and was imprisoned last Saturday just after he lost a Supreme Court ruling on whether he could continue to appeal his case in freedom as the Constitution guarantees. Lula now begins a 12-year prison sentence for convictions of money laundering and corruption. His lawyers continue the appeals process and currently have two habeas copious motions pending in two different courts. Lula is still the Workers' Party candidate for the October 2018 presidential election. He has long been the frontrunner in the race for the presidency. Joining me now to analyze Lula's imprisonment is Mark Weisbrot. Mark is president of just foreign policy and is the co-director of the Center for Economic and Policy Research and he's the author of failed. What experts got wrong about the global economy? He joins us from Washington. Thanks for joining us, Mark. Thank you for inviting me, Sharmini. Mark, the biggest gripe that the protesters have is that Lula was convicted without much evidence or upholding basic principles of the law as Jeffrey Robertson, who is the Queen's Council and a lawyer appointed to the UN Human Rights Council. Now Brazil has a court system. Sergio Moro is considered a judge according to many as a respectable judge. He has been invited to Harvard. He has been invited to various places of judicial recognition. He has considered almost a crusader when it comes to fighting corruption. Now observers of Lula's conviction has a different opinion like Jeffrey Robertson. So tell us a little bit about why the protesters think the ..." + 83%
"2018-04-12 22:40:07"
"Mayor Asks Goldman Sachs to Incr..."
" This is Teagram reporting for the Real News Network in Baltimore City, Maryland. We have breaking news. Mayor Pugh has announced that she has asked Goldman Sachs to invest money in Mandomin Mall to build a movie theater. This comes on the heels of the target closing, which was an anchor to the Mandomin Mall area. They were in just last week. Didn't say anything about the bonds. They talk about they came in with Goldman Sachs. Goldman Sachs is investing, as you all know, is one of the investors in Port Covington. They're also one of the investors in Las Ate. I've also asked them Goldman Sachs to take a look at what we're doing at Mandomin. I asked them to look at the possibility of a movie theater in Mandomin so that they are taking a look at that. The Goldman Sachs has announced a $233 million investment in another Baltimore project, Port Covington. Port Covington is a massive waterfront development project owned by Under Armour CEO and billionaire, Kevin Plank. Two years ago, the city approved a controversial $600 million tiff or tax increment finance incentive for the developers to build a veritable city on the water. Tiff's allowed developers to invest future property taxes in the project, money which is fronted to the developers by floating city backed bonds. But at the same press conference, the mayor said that developers gave no timeline for the Port Covington project to move forward. No, accessing their first round of bonds. No, they were in just last week. Didn't say anything about the bonds. Mayor Pugh hopes that this will revitalize the mall and the surrounding community. The Real News has reached out to Goldman Sachs and will update the story as it develops. This is Teah Graham and Steven Janice reporting for the Real News Network in Baltimore City, Maryland." + 1%
"2018-04-12 22:24:10"
"Real Media: Facebook—What Next?"
" Bev, we came to you a year ago about this time to talk to you about the research that you were doing tracking the trackers at Facebook. Now we've had Cambridge Analytica, we've had the Facebook scandal, we've had a fall of nearly $100 billion. How do you feel about the fallout? How have you felt about seeing all that news come out about the things that you were looking at? Well, vindicated! There's lots of people who described me as a paranoid conspiracy theorist when I went to the Ministry of Justice and gave them a demonstration of our research. And a lot of people just didn't believe me. I think they really thought I was making it up, which was not the case, because obviously we had years with a research tracking the trackers on people's browsers. So we had a huge amount of data that it was incontestable in terms of what was happening. But I think there was something between the research evidence and people's imaginations, and the gap was just too large for them to understand what was really going on. So what was amazing is that the following day after doing that presentation, the Cambridge Analytica thing began to break. Now, I'd been following that amazing journal, East Caroline, who began the story a year ago when she was studying Brexit. And I thought this is incredible, because you could see that it was the Facebook data that had been used. And because we'd had an ethical dilemma, when we realized how much data we'd managed to access, we then stopped our data collection and contacted all our respondents and said, we've got this data on you. We're very happy to delete it all. Can we go ahead or not? And we asked for permission, and we didn't even go into people's friendships. We just collected their use. And we thought at that time, this is incredible. If you could get this amount of data, which we thought we were just guessing data on the Facebook platform, and we were guessing data on total browser use. So we knew then that there was something going on,..." + 90%
"2018-04-12 22:17:26"
"What is Pompeo's Agenda? Ask the..."
" It's the Real News Network. I'm Sharmini Pures coming to you from Baltimore. Mike Pompeo is poised to become the next U.S. Secretary of State. His confirmation hearings are underway before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. I share the president's position precisely, which is that the Paris Agreement is put in undue burden on the United States of America, and that we should work to find a place where that is not the case. And when that moment arrives, we will be part of that discussion and re-enter that agreement. There are many times that we work with our allies, and there are many other times when we just don't see it the same way. I give you many indications, many examples of where this administration has worked with those same allies. Just recently, the work that we did against Russia in response to the attack that took place in Britain, we worked with our European allies. We did so very closely. This would be after the president's announcement that he intended to withdraw from Paris. So it can still work. Pompeo has served as director of the Central Intelligence Agency in all of 2017, and previously was a congressman from 2011 to 2017 representing Kansas District 4. If the move from top spy to top diplomat is worrisome, keeping you up at night, especially while we have missiles pointed at Syria, what I'm about to discuss in regard to his ties to oil-billionaire brothers, David Koch and Charles Koch, as well as his links to the GMO lobby, won't help you eat or breathe easier either. In his confirmation hearing last year for his job as director of the CIA, Pompeo said that the idea of climate change as a national security threat is ignorant, dangerous and absolutely unbelievable. With us to discuss all of this, we are joined by Winona Houder. She is the head of food and water watch. Winona, good to have you back. Right to be here. Alright, Winona, as something that has not gotten a lot of media attention leading up to these hearings, is Pompeo's support ..." + 73%
"2018-04-12 18:02:57"
"Maryland Gubernatorial Candidate..."
" The United States. Primary election day, June 26th, is quickly approaching. And there's a number of candidates in the Democratic field vying to challenge Republican governor Larry Hogan, the incumbent, in November. Well, at the real news, we'll be sitting down with all the gubernatorial candidates to discuss their vision for public education. Today I'm joined by Jim Shea. He is a former chair of the Board of Regents of the University of Maryland, University System of Maryland, the Empower Baltimore Management Corporation, and the Downtown Partnership of Baltimore. Thank you so much for joining us. Thank you for having me. So we've seen a wave of teacher strikes sweep the country from West Virginia to Kentucky to Oklahoma. And one of the key issues facing teachers around the country is teacher pay and compensation and funding for education. Maryland ranks pretty well as far as teacher pay about eighth in the nation according to some studies. But the state's own findings have shown that Maryland schools are underfunded by $2.9 billion a year. What would you do to address this? And do you think that this unrest among teachers could spread to Maryland as well? Well, I have a full comprehensive education plan that calls for restructuring, revamping our K through 12, pre K through 12, and funding it properly. And one of the key elements of it is to improve the circumstances for our educators. And that means everything from recruiting, educating, training, supporting, developing, career review, and giving our educators the opportunity to advance without having to leave the ranks of teacher in the classroom. So often we have teachers who do better and better need to pay raise, they'll either leave or become part of the administration. We need to keep our really great teachers in the classroom teaching. Because that's all of us remember our education. It was that great teacher that turned us around. So we rank eighth in teacher compensation, we rank first in income. So I..." + 88%
"2018-04-12 15:56:13"
"Canadian Journalists for Free Ex..."
" This is Dimitri Lascara reporting for the Real News Network from Montreal. The Israeli military's killing of unarmed protesters in Gaza has exposed the lengths to which prominent members of Canada's corporate media are prepared to go to shield Israel from criticism. On March 30th, which is known to Palestinians as land day, Israeli snipers killed 15 unarmed Palestinians and wounded over 1,000 others, including numerous journalists. On April 2nd, Canadian journalists for free expression or CJFE issued a statement in which it expressed its grave concern over the killings. CJFE also called on Canada's Trudeau government, which has been silent about the Gaza killings, even as it has issued strong statements about a gas attack in Syria, to condemn the IDF's Gaza killings and to use diplomatic, economic, and political means to ensure an independent and transparent investigation into the killings. CJFE was founded in 1981. On its website, it states that it works to defend and protect the right to free expression in Canada and around the world. It describes its mission in the following terms. CJFE monitors, defends, and reports on free expression and access to information in Canada and abroad. Rooted in the field of journalism, we promote a free media as essential to a fair and open society. CJFE boldly champions the free expression rights of all people and encourages and supports individuals and groups in the protection of their own and others free expression rights. Shortly after CJFE issued its statement of April 2nd, it came under withering attack from prominent journalists in Canada's corporate media. Doug Saunders of the Globe and Mail launched the first broadside in a tweet stating, Am I the only one disturbed that an organization called Canadian Journalist for Free expression on Israel? Does CJFE realize how such politicking can damage our reputation and thus freedom? Not long after this tweet from Doug Saunders, columnist Jonathan Kay, a contributor to the righ..." + 87%
"2018-04-11 23:51:25"
"Why is Israel Threatened by Unar..."
" Welcome back to my conversation with Shia Hevresh, Shia Hevres is based in Heidelberg, Germany And we are having a conversation about the demonstrations that are taking place between the Gaza and Israeli border over the last several weeks. Now some people call Gaza the largest opening of prison in the world and the measures that the Israeli military is taking to crush the protests in Gaza is making things worse and their tactics are diverse ranging from sniper fire on demonstrators to using drones to distribute high concentration of tear gas and also in terms of distributing messages, you know, propaganda to the Arabic social media. It's calling on women to stay home, calling I guess enticing fear among the demonstrators so that they don't come to the demonstrations. What are the actual strategies which Israeli government is engaged in here to defeat the demonstrators? Israel has a lot of tactics and a lot of technologies but actually they don't have a strategy. They don't have a long-term strategy, they're just trying to buy time. The last item on the list that you mentioned was a statement by Erday and Israeli general who writes on Arabic social media saying, quoting the Prophet Muhammad to try to convince women to stay home and care for the families and not to protest, shows the level of hypocrisy and also the level of desperation of Israeli forces in using every dirty trick in the book or trying to get Palestinians to stop resisting and they're not succeeding. So the only strategy that the Israeli government really has is to keep the struggle violent. And because of this, the Israeli Air Force bombed some targets within Gaza, they bombed Hamas installations trying to kill people in destroy property in order to provoke a reaction from the Hamas party. And they were hoping that then Hamas members will throw rockets on Israel and then the Israeli government could say, well, we're just defending ourselves and increase the fire and the demonstrators will be kille..." + 71%
"2018-04-11 23:52:17"
"Why is Israel Threatened by Unar..."
" It's the Real News Network. I'm Sharmini Pures coming to you from Baltimore. Despite the massacre of 17 unarmed demonstrators on the 30th of March, which was on Palestinian land day, Gazans continue their mass but peaceful struggle to return home. Since then, at least 14 more Palestinians were killed by Israeli military. Among them was the journalist Yasir Murtaja. The Israeli Minister of Defense, Avikdor Libamans, said that the killing of Murtaja was justified because he allegedly was operating a small drone in order to take pictures. Libamans added that there are no naive people in Gaza strip. This is going rather viral. There are no demonstrators there either, he said, anyone trying to cross the border on members of the military wing of Hamas. Hussein Mardi, who was a 14-year-old boy killed on Friday by Israeli fire, his mother Imhan Mardi spoke about his plans for celebrating the his upcoming birthday. He was very kind to me. He would always ask me to prepare the food he likes. He had asked me on his birthday that we go out and buy clothes for him to go out and meet together at a restaurant. Hundreds have been injured and some are struggling for their lives in hospitals in Gaza. On to talk about all of this with me is Shere Hever. Shere is a real news correspondent based in Heidelberg, Germany. His recent book, The Privatization of Israeli Security was published by Pluto Press in 2017. Shere, good to have you with us. Thanks for having me, Shere. Shere, every statement made by the Israeli officials on the Great Return March, including the one made by Minister of Defense Librement, contains the word Hamas. Why is it so important for the Israeli officials to mention Hamas again and again and what is the actual role of Hamas in these demonstrations? Hamas is the boogie man of the Israeli government and Prime Minister Netanyahu compared Hamas to ISIS and to a Boko Haram and they keep repeating this lie as if Hamas is organizing the demonstrations, which it never..." + 82%
"2018-04-11 23:28:28"
"The Arch Social Club Holds More ..."
" What's up y'all, I'm Easy Jackson from the Real News Network with another Black History moment. This time we're going to talk about the Arch Social Club. Today, the Arch Social Club sits quietly on the corner of Pennsylvania and North Avenue, founded in Baltimore in 1905 and officially incorporated in 1912. Arch Social Club has been said to be the oldest continually running Black Men's Club in the U.S. The men who began the club, Raymond A. Coates, Jeremiah S. Hill and Sam L. Barney saw the need to create a support system during the time where blacks were excluded from white spaces and faced the hardships of being free when slavery had not very long ago been abolished. Though Baltimore is considered a northern city, much of the systemic racism and forced in the South still pervaded the Northern United States. Just a few hours away in the same state of Maryland, plantation still existed in southern Maryland and on the eastern shore. Baltimore was a city where black people could find work, start families, buy homes, but was still not allowed in many white establishments. Segregation was as American as apple pie. The men created a place dedicated to quote the social, moral and intellectual uplift of its members and in order that charity may be practiced in a Christian-like spirit and true friendship and brotherly love be promoted and maintained. Social clubs were birthed from the reformist movement in Victorian, Arab, Britain as a place where men could hang out with each other without the presence of alcohol. The clubs were divided by class and their functions evolved. In the U.S., black social clubs like Arch Social Club were founded to build collective, economic, political and social networks for the benefit of their own communities. They helped people build independence in the face of heavy discrimination and segregation. Members of the club joined by invite only and ranged from doctors, lawyers, elected officials to business owners, pastors and professors. Not ..." + 42%
"2018-04-11 23:14:04"
"#ShellKnew: Green Group Sues Oil..."
" It's the Real News Network. I'm Sharmini Peris coming to you from Baltimore. A trove of internal documents and reports of the oil giant Royal Dutch Shell shows that oil giant also had known for three decades that fossil fuel products would lead to catastrophic climate change. This, according to an investigative report done by the Dutch newspaper The Correspondent Interestingly, Shell back then also predicted that environmental NGOs would sue fossil fuel companies claiming damages for extreme weather on the grounds of neglecting what scientists have been saying for years. And it turns out that milieu defen-see, the Dutch wing of friends of the Earth has done just that filing a lawsuit against Shell requiring them to comply with climate targets set out by the Paris Agreement to limit global temperatures to 1.5 degrees Celsius. With us to discuss the lawsuit is Frank Birch, who is a campaign leader at milieu defen-see, Friends of the Earth in Netherlands. I thank you so much for joining us, Frank. You're welcome. Frank, tell us more about what you hope to achieve with this lawsuit against Shell. What we hope to achieve is that Shell will change his business strategy and put it in line with the climate agreements, which would mean that they phase out oil and gas and aim for net zero emissions by the middle of the century. Frank, tell us a little bit about Shell's legacy. What are the particularly devastating effects that Shell has had in different parts of the world? Yes, so Shell knows that they have been having a big impact on the climate and therefore the world. At least since the 80s, actually we just found out in these recently released documents that I first have been warned in 1962 already. All this time they have continued to invest in more oil and gas and they haven't really considered changing away from that. They have considered it end of the 90s, but they already also rolled back those ideas and have started investing in the dirtiest forms of fossil fuel..." + 62%
"2018-04-11 22:56:16"
"Trump's Border Policies are 'Gut..."
" It's the Real News Network. I'm Greg Wilpert, joining you from Keto, Ecuador. Last week, President Trump issued an executive order requesting National Guard troops to secure the southern border of the U.S. They are to, quote, stop the flow of deadly drugs and other contraband, gang members and other criminals and illegal aliens into this country. The National Guard troops would be under the control of state governors, but financed by the federal government. It is unclear how much the deployment will cost, but the goal is to deploy at least 4,000 troops. They would complement the nearly 17,000 border patrol agents already along the southern border. At this time, the governors of Arizona, Texas and New Mexico have agreed to send their National Guard, California is still considering the president's request. President Trump justified his decision as follows. However, according to the U.S. border patrol statistics, the number of undocumented immigrants caught at the border in 2017 was the lowest since 1971. Joining me to discuss Trump's decision to mobilize the National Guard is Marsalia Gonzlez Marjare. She is the advocacy director for the Americas at Amnesty International USA. Thanks for joining me today, Marsalia. Thank you. So Amnesty International issued a statement about Trump's decision to mobilize National Guard troops to the border. What are your main concerns about this decision? The way President Trump is acting and his decision to send a National Guard is as if assuming or equating all immigrants with criminals, which is not the case. There are many of the immigrants, including the ones he was referring, are people who are fleeing their country and having tension to seek asylum. Every person has the right to seek asylum and every person has the right to present to any border and request asylum. And he, the other two times in which President Obama and President Bush have sent National Guard to the border, both in 2010 and before that, was in agreement, it ..." + 72%
"2018-04-11 22:42:03"
"Trudeau Panics After Trans Mount..."
" This is Demetri Luscaros for the Real News Network reporting from Montreal, Canada. After weeks of protests and what has been described as the standing rock of the North, Pipeline Company Kinder Morgan announced on April 8 that it is suspending all non-essential activities and related spending on the Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion project. Kinder Morgan also announced that, quote, under current circumstances, specifically including the continued actions and oppositions of the project by the province of British Columbia, it will not commit additional shareholder resources to the project. However, Kinder Morgan will consult with various stakeholders in an effort to reach agreements by May 31st that may allow the project to proceed. As we have previously reported the Real News, the $7.4 billion Trans Mountain Pipeline project is designed to increase dramatically the capacity of an existing Pipeline system to transport vitamin from Canada's tar sands in Northern Alberta to the west coast of Canada, where it is planned to be exported by tankers to Asian markets. The 1,150 kilometer Pipeline project would increase the capacity of existing infrastructure to 890,000 barrels per day, up from 300,000 barrels per day, and if completed, Trans Mountain would increase oil tanker traffic on Canada's west coast by a factor of 7. Those who have been arrested for peacefully protesting the Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion include Romali Kavanaugh, an environmental engineer educated at Harvard who once worked for Kinder Morgan. Romali recently spoke to the Real News after her arrest to explain her opposition to the Pipeline. So, Romali, why did you expose yourself to arrest at the site of the Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion? I made that choice. It wasn't an easy choice, but this Pipeline project, the expansion of the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain Pipeline, is just too dangerous in my opinion in terms of risks from spills. It will contribute to Canada's climate change, greenhou..." + 68%
"2018-04-11 22:19:51"
"Amid Scandals, Pruitt Puts the B..."
" Welcome to the Real News Network. I'm Tharna Noor, joining you from Baltimore. The Trump Administration is continuing its assault on environmental regulations, this time taking aim at air pollution standards for automobiles. The Obama-era standards that five years ago called to nearly double vehicles fuel efficiency by 2025, but EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt called those standards inappropriate and says he'll revise them. This is another step. This is another step in the President's regulatory agenda, deregletory agenda, the importance of auto-manufacturing of this country that President again is saying America is going to be put first and we have nothing to be apologetic about. The venue for that announcement actually had to be relocated to the DC EPA headquarters after the automaker Chevrolet refused to let Pruitt make the announcement at one of their sales rooms. In the days following, the Wall Street Journal reported that the Trump Administration is quote, pursuing ways to protect domestic vehicle manufacturing by focusing imported cars to meet strict environmental rules when entering the country. Now joining me to talk about all of this are three guests. First, we have Natalie Nava, Natalie is a project leader at Greenpeace USA. She leads the organization's campaigning on transportation and her current focus is targeting the Ford Motor Company to support strong fuel standards. Next, we have Ethan Elkand, Ethan's the director of the Climate Program at the Center for Law, Energy, and the Environment, and he leads the Climate Change and Business Research Initiative on behalf of the UC Berkeley and UCLA Schools of Law. And lastly, we have Frank Hammer. Frank is the former President of the Chairman and Chairman of the UAW Local 909 in Warren, Michigan, and he's also a co-founder of the Auto-Worker Caravan, a network of progressive and active retired auto-workers. He's also on the board of the Real News Network. So thanks to all three of you for joining me today..." + 90%
"2018-04-11 17:47:15"
"Trump Threatens to Bomb Syria Wi..."
" It's the Real News. I'm Ben Norton. Tensions are flaring in Washington as the Donald Trump administration is reportedly considering a military attack on the Syrian government. On April 7th, anti-government opposition groups in the town of Duma Syria claimed that dozens of people were killed in a chemical weapons attack. The rebels blamed the government. The government has staunchly denied responsibility for the alleged attack. Duma is the last remaining town in the region of eastern Ghuda, an enclave for Salafi jihadist militants who have been fighting against the Syrian government with support, including military and economic support from the US, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey. Duma is controlled by the extremist Salafi jihadist militia Jaisal Islam, which is notorious for carrying out attacks on civilians. Jaisal Islam was created by Saudi Arabia and has put women from the Shia al-await minority in cages. Opposition groups that have received millions of dollars of funding from the United States and other foreign countries have made these allegations. They say that the Syrian government carried out a chemical weapon attack that killed more than 40 people. The organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons, the OPCW, announced on Tuesday April 10th that it will be sending a special mission to Duma to verify reports on the ground on the alleged use of chemical weapons. The United Nations condemned the alleged attack and said it is not able to verify the reports. The UN called for an independent investigation. Although there has not yet been an independent investigation, the Trump administration immediately blamed the Syrian government for the attack and has threatened retaliation. We are making a decision as to what we do with respect to the horrible attack that was made near Damascus. And it will be met and it will be met forcefully. And when I will not say because I don't like talking about timing, we have a lot of options militarily and we will be lettin..." + 88%
"2018-04-11 05:03:55"
"Israel Massacres Unarmed Gaza Pr..."
" It's The Real News, I'm Ben Norton. For the second week in a row, Israel has massacred unarmed Palestinians protesting on the border of the Gaza Strip. At a protest on Friday, April 6, more than 1,350 Palestinians were injured and a violent Israeli crackdown. Israeli soldiers shot approximately 400 gauzeins with live ammunition. At least 9 Palestinians were killed in the crackdown, including the 30-year-old journalist Yasser Mertazha, who had been wearing a protective vest clearly marked press in large capital letters at the time. Several other journalists were also shot by Israeli soldiers. Thus far, at least 29 Palestinians have been killed in the Israeli violent repression. Thousands have been injured. These protests are part of the great march of return, which began on March 30. This is a series of unarmed protests that are against the Israeli blockade of the Gaza Strip, which United Nations experts have said is illegal international law. The chief prosecutor for the International Criminal Court has said that Israel and Hamas may have committed war crimes in these clashes. To join us to discuss what's going on, we are here with Ali Abu Nima. Ali Abu Nima is a journalist and the executive director of the Electronic Intifada. He has also the author of several books, including The Battle for Justice in Palestine and one country. Thanks for joining us, Ali. Thank you, Ben. So Ali, can you just give us a larger perspective on what the great march of return is? And then, of course, we can speak about the series of violent repressions that we've seen from Israel in these past few weeks. Well, this is the 70th anniversary this year. In fact, the day we're speaking today, April 9 is the 70th anniversary of the Derey Asin massacre, which was one of the turning points in the 1948 ethnic cleansing of Palestine, which sparked a major expulsion and flight of Palestinians. It was on April 9, more than a month before the declaration of the State of Israel, which is importan..." + 88%
"2018-04-10 23:05:33"
"Major Banks Ramp Up Fossil Fuel ..."
" This is Dimitri Luscaros reporting for the Real News Network from Montreal, Canada. Many in the financial world remember when Mark Carney, the governor of the Bank of England, gave a speech to the insurance market at Lloyds of London, one of the oldest insurance companies in the world, and warned in that speech that insurers were heavily exposed to climate change risks. That was in 2015. Now Mark Carney is speaking out again, this time to the banking sector at a conference in Amsterdam. Carney is again warning of climate risk and exposure to massive financial losses due to climate change. One aspect of that exposure is what the Think Take carbon tracker has labeled stranded assets whereby fossil fuel holdings are rendered obsolete in a world of catastrophic climate change. A growing number of high profile players in the banking sector have heated the warning and joined the fossil fuel investment movement, including some of the world's biggest financial institutions, the World Bank, ING, and ACSA, BNB, Paribab, France's largest bank announced that it was pulling out of all investments in oil and coal. But not everyone is putting their money on investment. Some financial institutions are, in fact, increasing their investments in fossil fuels, including one of the dirtiest sources, the Alberta tar sands. A new report, banking on climate change 2018, BNB's ramped up fossil fuel financing to $115 billion in 2017. The report was a joint effort between Rainforest Action Network, Bank Track, Indigenous Environmental Network Sierra Club, Oil Change International, and Honor the Earth. With us to discuss this important report is one of the lead authors, Alison Kirsch, Climate and Energy Research Coordinator at Rainforest Action Network. Alison joins us today from San Francisco. Thanks very much for joining us again, Alison. Thank you, Dmitry. Great to be here. So your report tracked 36 of the world's biggest banks. I understand. Please tell us what you regard as the key ta..." + 82%
"2018-04-10 23:02:45"
"Kentucky Teachers to Hold Sick-O..."
" Welcome to the Real News Network. I'm Jostle Noor in Baltimore. Teachers in Kentucky are calling for another protest on Friday against several proposed laws they say will severely hurt the state's public education system. Governor Matt Bevin has warned against such protests. In Oklahoma, a teacher strike has entered its second week as educators there, the lowest pay the nation demand increased funding for public schools and increased their salaries. We now go to Kentucky. We're joined by Blossom Brosey, who's a teacher at Danville independent school, along with her daughter Iris, who is a second grader. Let's start with Iris. So you're a second grader and your mother has been involved in these protests. Talk about how you feel about what's been happening in your whole state. I'm sure you've been watching. I'm sure you've been going to some of the protests or at least watching them on TV. The people should give the retirement money, p.s. then the teachers. There's not going to be new teachers because the teachers don't think that's cool. And then when there's other teachers that aren't teachers and they're going to be teachers since there's no retirement money, then they're not going to be teachers. Blossom, can you talk a little more about that? At any moment now, the governor, or at least on Tuesday, the governor will have to decide whether to sign into law this controversial pension reform bill that will totally change the way that pensions are currently funded, especially for teachers in Kentucky. That's been one of the major flashpoints there. Many teachers protested at the Capitol during spring break. And then even before spring break, there were some schools that had sick outs and closed school in order to attend protest. So right now, there are a couple of districts that are already decided to close for Friday to participate in the sick out. And then other districts are like the district that we're still deciding what to do on Friday. And the reason that ..." + 79%
"2018-04-10 21:54:57"
"Do Teachers Need More Militant U..."
" Welcome to the Real News Network. I'm Jussle Norm Baltimore. A wave of recent teacher revolts has swept red states nationwide from West Virginia earlier this year to Kentucky last week, and Oklahoma were thousands of teachers remain on strike Tuesday. Their demands range from higher pay and more funding for schools in Oklahoma, where teachers are among the lowest paid in the nation, defiding to save their pensions, and to oppose the spread of privatized charter schools in Kentucky. Teachers have grabbed the headlines, but it's not surprising the mainstream media has failed to fully grasp the significance and impact of these actions nationwide. Well to discuss all of this were now joined by Lois Weiner, Director of Urban Education and the Teacher Unionism Policy Project at the New Jersey City University. Thanks so much for joining us again. Thank you for the invitation, Jussle. Talk about the significance of these actions nationwide. This is something that you've been covering and following for a long time. What is the significance of this moment today? Well, I think we can only understand this moment in light of the history of teacher unionism for the past 40 years, and more recently, US politics, and that is the 2016 election, and the candidacies of both Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump and Trump's victory. So I think that's the big context for understanding this. What really has happened in the last 30 years or 40 years in teacher unionism is that the unions became quickly sclerotic, more conservative, and bureaucratic. And they, as the right increased its attacks, the unions really, I think, coward and took refuge in what's called the business union model. That history was really broken with the victory of the Chicago Teachers Union, caucus of rank and file educators in their union election, and their leadership of the union in 2012 strike, which put teacher unionism as a progressive force back on the map as a militant progressive force within the labor moveme..." + 74%
"2018-04-10 04:17:45"
"Advocates say Democrats Worked T..."
" This is Teagram reporting for the Real News Network in Annapolis, Maryland. If anyone was hoping that progressive reforms would win the day in this Democratic state, they needed to come to the last day of session in Annapolis, sign a die. From a bill that would stop the city from auctioning off houses over a past due water bill. It's very discouraging and the attempt is to miss the public that something is being done in water and to actually set things back. To a package of new laws that would impose mandatory sentences for the second possession of a handgun. We have a choice to make. Do we want to go backwards with policies that haven't worked? The Maryland legislature continued to bolster an agenda that advocates say is going in the wrong direction. First off, in terms of mandatory minimums as a tactic and methodology to decrease crime is ineffective. All the sociological and historical evidence from the past 20-30 years shows a tough on crime legislation has no correlation to decreasing crime. The concerted effort to contravene progress says Adam Jackson of the leaders of a beautiful struggle. Even after his group beat back a package of bills that would restore tough on crime policies. And so those in concert with these new mandatory minimums only reestablishes the status quo in terms of what we think about crime prevention in Baltimore. The real news has followed the difficult road to reform in the purportedly blue state for months. Today, on the last day of the session, we went behind the scenes inside this empty Senate Judiciary Committee room where one of the key architects of the tough on crime measures, Democratic Senator Bobby Zirken presided over last ditch efforts to pass the bill. The scene that revealed just how hard some Democrats were working to revive the legislation groups like LBS worked tirelessly to defeat. It shows a tough on crime legislation has no correlation to decreasing crime and that more investment in community-based institutions an..." + 60%
"2018-04-10 03:44:35"
"Super Victory for the Far-Right..."
" So Benjamin, let's turn to the voters here. Fidesz still won, despite of all of this manipulation. Still won more votes than any other party in Hungary. Why is Orban's message being welcomed by so many Hungarians? Well, sure, he does have 49% of the vote, or his party has 49% of the vote. And there's a lot of factors to consider here. This is a machine with a lot of moving parts. On one hand, what we do see, and this is something that the election monitors also pointed out, is that there is this public employment scheme. This essentially a program here that the government uses to cushion its unemployment figures. And so what they do is, instead of giving people a welfare check, what they'll do is they'll give you a little bit more than a welfare check. But you have to work in this public employment scheme. And this is a job that is available to you. If your mayor is able to lobby out that kind of money, which pretty much offers you about double of what your unemployment check would be, which is still far less than what minimum wage is in Hungary. And so you see that certain segments of society here, and I'm referring to the disenfranchised members of Hungarian society, those are the ones who take advantage of this program and who work in this public employment scheme program. And there have been recorded instances of this program or one's participation in this program, kind of being used to, in essence, buy votes. So we saw instances of this being reported in the last election, transparency international, and a few things, and an investigative journalism NGO actually did reporting on this, a very interesting analysis they did in the previous election. And as we heard in the election observers remarks today, this issue was again brought up. Clientilism is another big issue here. So the state is an enormous employer. And a lot of people are afraid of losing their jobs and you have to go out and support the party, I suppose, if you want to keep your job. But I thin..." + 83%
"2018-04-10 03:44:33"
"Super Victory for the Far-Right..."
" It's the Real News Network. I'm Sharmini Pires coming to you from Baltimore. Hungary's far-right party Fidesz managed to win a two-thirds majority in parliament on Sunday. This means that Prime Minister Viktor Oban is reelected for another four-year term. Observe has said that the vote was generally free from fraud, but that the governing party Fidesz made extensive use of its power and resources to sway voters in its favor. Also, electoral rules favoured Fidesz, tremendously allowing it to win a two-thirds majority with only 49% of the vote. Here's what the head of the OSCE, that is the organization for security and cooperation in Europe. It's electoral observer mission had to say, and this is the head of the mission Douglas Wake. The eight April parliamentary elections were characterized by a pervasive overlap between state and ruling party resources, undermining contestant's ability to compete on an equal basis. Voters had a wide range of political options, but intimidating and xenophobic rhetoric, media bias, and opaque campaign financing constricted the space for genuine political debate. It is now expected that Oban, who has been moving steadily towards the right over the past few years, will begin a crackdown on liberal NGOs and, of course, on immigrants, which most of his campaign was based on. Here's what Oban had to say shortly after the results were announced. Regarding the results of the election, I can tell you, my dear friends, that it was a big battle, and that we have gained a decisive victory. We now have the opportunity to defend our country. We have created that opportunity for ourselves. Joining me now to analyze election results from Budapest is Benjamin Novak. Benjamin is senior correspondent for the Budapest beacon. Benjamin, let's start off with a technical point. How is it possible that with only 49 percent of the vote Oban managed to secure two-thirds of the seats? Well, you changed the election rules, the election laws, and the rules t..." + 74%
"2018-04-09 23:20:23"
"Under Trump, How Will US Militar..."
" This is Dimitri Lascaros reporting for the Real News from Montreal, Canada. In a business as usual, scenario climate change could displace as many as 143 million people by 2050, according to a recent report by the World Bank. As sea level rises, many of those climate refugees will be displaced from coastal areas around the world, including in Florida and Louisiana. Despite the geopolitical instability that such a displacement is likely to generate, the Trump administration recently removed climate change from the list of threats to national security, but has that altered the US military's preparation and management of climate change risk. With us to discuss this and related issues, this Colonel Larry Wilkerson, Larry's former chief of staff to the Secretary of State Colin Powell, he is now a distinguished professor at the College of William and Mary. Thank you so much for joining us again, Larry. Thanks for having me, Dimitri. Larry, what do you see today as the biggest national security challenges arising from climate change? You just enumerated some of them. Certainly, the one in our face right now, for example, in the Norfolk shipyards, the most important shipyards in the United States, Yardgablet. Sea rise is a threat. It's already there, as one woman said to me recently in a briefing in a theater in Norfolk. Don't tell me about the future. The water is in my backyard right now. That's a reality. It is also keeping fighter planes from taking off at Langley Air Force Base, for example, when there are 16 to 20 inches of water on the runways. It's there. It's with us right now. The other threat, though, that looms large besides increased frequency of storms, which the military will have to have a large budget to meet the humanitarian assistance and disaster relief response to is conflict. Increased conflict around the world caused in part at least, if not major part, by the people who will be on the move. We're already having the world of days, you indicated, 6..." + 85%
"2018-04-09 23:20:05"
"Catastrophic Crisis in the DR Co..."
" It's the Real News Network. I'm Sharmini Perris coming to you from Baltimore. In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the humanitarian crisis is worsening by the day. The chief of the UN High Commission on Refugees, Philippe O'Granti, had this to say about the intensifying humanitarian catastrophe. Unfortunately, refugee operations, humanitarian operations in the Democratic Republic of Congo continue to be underfunded everywhere. And this is unfortunately in common with many other emergency operations, humanitarian operations in Africa. And I want to make a strong appeal to the international community. Africa is far away from the rich countries. Many of these refugees will not trek from thousands of miles and cross the sea and arrive in Europe to remind the world of their existence, as the Syrians did, as others did. They stay here, they suffer here, but they are equally in need. Although the UN claims that the problem is funding, President Joseph Kabila, has decided to boycott a donor conference aimed at raising $1.7 billion of relief aid schedule for next week, stating that there is no humanitarian crisis in the DRC. Now, Joseph Kabila refused to step down in 2016, although he exceeded the two-term limit imposed by the Constitution. So in addition to the humanitarian crisis, there's also a political governance crisis, as well as the long-term political crisis imposed under Wanda, because of the Rwandan genocide in the region. Joining me now to discuss these developments is Maurice Karni, Maurice is co-founder and executive director of the Friends of the Congo. Maurice, good to have you back. It's a pleasure. Pleasure to be with you, Sharmini. It is very sad circumstances. The humanitarian conditions in particular has worsened. It has gotten very intense. Give us just a survey of the crises at hand. Well, thank you. According to the United Nations, there are some 13 million Congolese, 13 of the total 80 million in the country who are in need of emergency aid. ..." + 78%
"2018-04-09 14:53:00"
"After the 2008 Financial Crisis,..."
" It's the Real News Network. I'm Sharmini Perris and I'm in conversation with Professor Eileen Grable, her new book, when things don't fall apart, global financial governance and the developmental finance in the age of productive incoherence. If you want to know what it's about, you have to turn into part one of this interview where we introduce the book and discuss what that title actually means. In segment two, we're going to talk about international players or the new international players that are a part of international finance and governance. Say welcome you back Eileen. Thank you. It's a pleasure to be here. Eileen in part one, we were discussing the dominance of IMF and the World Bank when it comes to international finance. But as a result of the financial crises of 2008 and 2009, the landscape in terms of finance and governance has changed. I was wondering whether you can talk a little bit more about the ways in which it has changed and who are the new players? Sure. The landscape of the global financial system has been evolving in very important ways during the global crisis and I would say very exciting ways. What's been happening is that a variety of what we might think of as older players have joined with newer players to start to reshape the landscape of the global financial system. Since World War II, the landscape has really been very constant. It's been dominated by two institutions that were created as World War II was winding down. That's the IMF and the World Bank. What I usually referred to as the Bretton Woods institutions. That was really the whole story of the global financial architecture from 1944 through the global crisis. It was a story about what were the Bretton Woods institutions doing. What's exciting for me as someone who has been looking at the evolution of the global financial landscape for quite a long time is that the global financial crisis made space for a variety of new players to come to play much more important roles in t..." + 78%
"2018-04-09 14:52:51"
"After the 2008 Financial Crisis,..."
" It's the Real News Network. I'm Sharmini Perris coming to you from Baltimore. During the financial crisis of 2008, the world economy almost collapsed. Even if capitalism did not fall apart as a result, it seemed that with the collapse of an entire sector of investment banking in the US and with the bursting of a mortgage bubble, the financial system would at least undergo some dramatic changes to ensure this would not happen again. Ten years on, very little seemed to have changed in the way that financial markets are regulated. Professor Eileen Grable's new book, When Things Don't Fall Apart, Global Financial Governance and Developmental Finance in the Age of Productive Incoherence, Investigates What Has and What Has Not Change in the Wake of the Global Financial Crisis. Professor Grable joins us today from Denver, Colorado, where she is Professor of International Finance and is co-director of the Graduate Program in Global Finance, Trade and Economic Integration at the University of Denver, Colorado. Thank you so much for joining me today. Professor, thank you. Eileen, one of the main points in your book is that Post 2008 Global Financial System is now in a state of productive incoherence. What does it mean? Sure, what I mean by productive incoherence is that what's been happening since the global financial crisis of 2008 is that the global financial system has been evolving in ways which are very different from the ways that I think most of us think about institutional or regime change. I think the common conception of the way that change occurs is an idea of what we might think of as radical regime shift. That is, we have one set of ideas and policies and institutions and they may be radically displaced by an entirely new set of ideas, institutions and practices. That's the way that I think most observers think about change in the world economy. What I have observed and what I talk about in my book is that the kind of mechanism of change or the modality of ch..." + 46%
"2018-04-09 03:24:26"
"Economic Update: Beyond the Poli..."
" Welcome friends to another edition of Economic Update, weekly program devoted to the economic dimensions of our lives, our jobs, our incomes, the conditions of our jobs, our debts, those of our children, and those looming down the road. I'm your host Richard Wolfe, I've been a professor of economics all my adult life, and my hope is that I've learned as a teacher how to understand and present things in a way that makes sense and that holds your interest. So let's turn to some of the biggest events of the last week since I've been on this program. And of course, the biggest one probably is what happened over the weekend of this last weekend when literally hundreds of thousands of young Americans, high school students in the main, took to the streets, took to the parks of the United States to express their pain, their suffering, their anger, and their demands about the gun violence which is off the charts in this country. We have more shootings, more killings with guns than any other country on the face of the earth and none of the others is even close. And we all know what happened in Florida a few weeks ago. I want to say something about the economics to contribute something beyond the powerful and the poetic that these high school students have articulated. But before I do, I want to take my hat off. Those young people are acting in the way that a really democratic society can and should applaud. They feel strongly about an issue, they're explaining themselves, they're sharing their commitments and they're acting collectively to make a difference. Bravo to them for exposing how many of us don't get together with our fellow human beings to make this society better for all of us. Now the economics of the situation. The big pusher for guns in this country is not the gun companies that make the guns, of course, they want to sell more because that's how a capitalist enterprise works. They don't worry about the secondary consequences. It's so much collateral damage. ..." + 96%
"2018-04-09 03:13:48"
"Greek Corruption Scandal Ensnare..."
" Welcome back to my conversation with Janus Barunus. He is a member of the political secretaryate of governing party of Syriza in Greece, and he heads the responsibility for European and international affairs. Welcome back. Nice to be here. Janus, Greece. Like many other nations in the world have been hit by a huge corruption scandal. Describe what that corruption scandal is about and who's involved in it. Well, this was an investigation that actually started from here, from the US and the FBI. And in the involved, Novartis Pharmaceutical Company, it's one of the biggest multinational pharmaceuticals. And the Greek government, the Greek justice system, first of all, received the files of the investigation by the FBI. And actually, through this investigation, it was revealed that the Novartis scandal includes two ex-prime ministers and eight ex-ministers of healthcare and economics in Greece coming from the right-wing party of new democracy and the social democratic party of Paschuk who used to rule the country for the last four decades. This is a huge scandal for Greece. It has been calculated that in the last 15 years, the country lost 23 billion euro in scandals in the healthcare sector. And one of the major scandals is the Novartis scandal. What is currently happening is that the Greek parliament a few days ago voted by majority of the ruling coalition to form an investigating committee in the parliament because names of politicians are included in this file. So this committee will investigate the data, the evidence, the numbers, and all the background of this research that has had already been made in the US and in other countries. And try to see if this political personnel of the previous government is really involved in the Novartis scandal. And what's going to happen next is that the file will be returned from the parliament to justice. And then it's the time of the judges to do their work. And what is the Novartis scandal? What are these form of politicia..." + 66%
"2018-04-09 03:07:21"
"Beyond MLK: Community Q&A with D..."
" When I was talking about sisters organizing and I met, I talked about Gloria Richardson. She was in Cambridge, Maryland back in the late 60s. Here in Baltimore City, we have a Gloria Richardson also. She's been fighting for her brothers, Justice, Tyrone West for four years. Having missed the beat, having slowed down, her life's been threatened, her job's been threatened and she continues to fight. Every week West Wednesdays happen somewhere here in Baltimore. So out of the honor of that struggle, I want to give her the opportunity to ask the first question. To one. Can you, can you, can you, can you, can you, can you, can you, can you, can you, can you hear me? First of all, I want to give thanks and honor for just being here and I'm most graces for the words that you just blessed me with just now and all I keep on hearing. So I really don't have a question. I just want to let you know I'm keep on going. I mean, moving ever since they murdered my brother on July 18th, for now for 245 weeks, 7,715 days fighting not stop for accountability. Not stop we just left West Wednesdays which was held at City Hall and we took it to where the mayor and where the state's attorney and where all the jokes in the folks were. It was our obligation, it's our duty to fight for our freedom. It is our duty to win. We have nothing to lose but our chains. So I'm just going to keep on fighting and I'm going to keep it moving. I'm never going to stop and I feel like there is no justice. It's just us holding folks accountable and just like Dr. King said, injustice anywhere is the injustice everywhere and right now it's a worldwide thing and it just needs to stop. So I'm never going to stop until killer cops are in cell blocks. I respect officers like your son like you were about your child coming home to you. A good officer. That's why I call out killer cops. I don't put them all in one box because they're not. But at the same time we see a bunch of snakes coming down the street. I'm not..." + 93%
"2018-04-08 03:18:55"
"Yemeni Artist Resists Devastatin..."
" It's The Real News, I'm Ben Norton. Saudi Arabia has for three long years relentlessly bombed Yemen with crucial assistance from the United States and the United Kingdom. This joint U.S. Saudi war, which gets virtually zero attention in American TV and news broadcasts, has unleashed the worst humanitarian crisis on Earth, fueling hundreds of thousands of preventable Yemeni deaths and creating the worst color epidemic in recorded history. Yemenis have fought back against the Saudi bombing campaign from the very beginning, often resorting to unique and creative tactics and other forms of resistance. Ahmad Jahaf, a Yemeni graphic designer and artist, has used visual media to raise awareness about the international war on his country Yemen. Ahmad, his wife and his two children, have struggled for years, living under constant bombardment and a suffocating blockade in Yemen's capital city, Sana'a. In a previous interview with The Real News, Ahmad discussed the difficulties of life amid U.S. Saudi war. Today, we are going to speak with him about how he has used art and graphic design to resist that calamitous war. Thanks so much for joining us on The Real News, Ahmad. Thank you so much. Well first I want to preface for the audience noting that in this video we will be highlighting a small selection of the artworks Ahmad has made. He is an extremely prolific artist and you can find more of his pieces at his website, ajahaf.com that is ajahaf.com. And he's an amazing graphic designer and you can find a lot of his work there. So Ahmad, can you speak a little bit about what motivates you as an artist? Why do you create art and graphic design? I use the graphic design and the art just to show the world what's happening around me. It is my way to show the world what happens and what's happening in front of me, around me, inside my country. My people who talk to the media, people who wrote the report. I use my way as an artist and graphic designer to make this way. To get the..." + 76%
"2018-04-08 03:18:32"
"Greece Needs a 'Clear Exit' from..."
" It's the Real News Network. I'm Sharmini Pures coming to you from Baltimore. The congressional progressive caucus of the Democratic Party here in the U.S., annually hosts a strategy retreat in Baltimore. This year, they have invited several EU progressive left parties to join them. And in our studio today, we're joined by one of them, Janis Borunus. He is a member of a political secretary of the governing party, Syriza In Greece, and he heads or his responsibilities lie in the area of European and international affairs. I thank you for joining us today. Nice to meet you. Syriza, and the struggle of the Greek people are near and dear to us at the Real News, because we've been covering the rise of Syriza, and the struggles that Syriza and the people of Greece have gone through in terms of the debt crisis, in terms of the forced austerity on the people of Greece. What is it that you're hoping to achieve in terms of this conversation, dialogue you're having with the Democratic Party and their progressive caucus? First of all, to raise awareness about the Greek case. Everybody discussed about the Greek tragedy of the previous 80 years, but now it's time to talk about the rebirth of Greece. Now it's time to talk about the clear exit of Greece from the Memoranda of austerity, because the current three-year program that we have painfully agreed and compromised with the European Union and the IMF comes to an end in August 2018. This government is fighting and it will fight against until the end to have a clear exit from this program, which means that we will do our best not to need another institutional credit line, another institutional loan coming from the EU, the European Central Bank, and the IMF. We want to make our country solvent so that it will be able to go back for credit to the financial markets and thus not be dependent by this constant monitoring by the institutions that are our lenders. In this way, we will manage to expand our fiscal space of maneuver, an..." + 88%
"2018-04-08 03:19:01"
"Undoing the Nuclear Deal Could P..."
" It's the Real News Network. I'm Sharmini Pires coming to you from Baltimore. The appointment of John Bolton, as national security adviser to President Donald Trump, has everyone worried that he will advise the president to cancel the nuclear agreement with Iran. In his article in Foreign Policy, title Blame Trump, when Iran races for the bomb, Treada Pires argues that canceling the deal will make the U.S. less trustworthy to North Korea, for example, and that it will make reaching a disarmament agreement with Poin Yang Yang very difficult if Trump will, at a whim, just cancel the agreement. It will also give Iran, Treada argues, and it will give Iran a strong incentive to quickly develop a nuclear weapon. Here is Trump speaking about the Iran nuclear deal. The Iran deal was one of the worst and most one-sided transactions the United States has ever entered into. Joining us now to discuss Bolton in the context of the Iran deal is Treada Pires. Treada is founder and president of the National Iranian-American Council. He is the author of several books, and his most recent is Losing an Enemy. Obama, Iran, and the triumph of diplomacy. Thanks for joining me, Treada. Thank you for having me. Treada President Trump sees the Iran nuclear deal as President Obama's signature deal, and that the deal somehow offended Israel and the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Why is it that Trump is so opposed to the nuclear agreement with Iran and what will Bolton add to this fierce opposition? Well, Trump has listed several different reasons, but when you scratch the surface, it really seems to come down to what you just mentioned. That this is Obama's deal, and everything that he's been doing elsewhere, it's been quite clear that he's very eager to undo the legacy of Obama. It's almost a vindictive approach, and this is the most important foreign policy achievement that the Obama administration had. So it seems to be targeted very much as a result of that. John Bolton has a..." + 86%
"2018-04-08 03:18:47"
"US Occupying Oil-Rich Areas in N..."
" It's The Real News. I'm Ben Norton. This is part two of my interview with Ali Orneck. Ali Orneck is a Turkish journalist of Kurdish origin who previously worked for the leading Turkish newspaper, Huriyat Daily. He has extensively reported on the war in Syria. And in part one of this interview we discussed the Turkish invasion of Northern Syria and Ankara's takeover of Kurdish majority cities. And this part will be discussing the very complex U.S. relationship with the Kurdish forces, with the YPG, the People's Protection units. The U.S. has allied on and off with the YPG and with Kurdish political forces in the region in general. The U.S. has a long history of betraying many of these forces as well. So Ali Orneck and I will be discussing what has been going on with the YPG and Northern Syria and what he thinks will happen in the future. I wanted to talk about the U.S. role in this. And in fact, you just mentioned something that's very interesting. A prominent Washington Post columnist recently published an article arguing against Trump's claim that Trump wants to withdraw the 2000 U.S. military forces in Syria. It's an unlikely that will happen. But a Washington Post columnist argued that the U.S. should stay and one of the reasons he gave is because the U.S. controls many of the oil rich regions in Northern Syria. And he just openly spelled this out. He said, Trump, you know, you should stay to take, you know, seize this oil. And what's funny is the Washington Post column cited Israeli intelligence officials, members of new conservative think tanks here in Washington, D.C. and even members of the Syrian opposition. So that's clearly something on the U.S. mind. So I'm also interested in your thoughts on, like you said, the YPG's relationship to the United States. Initially, the YPG allied, or maybe allies' wrong word, but accepted support from the U.S. in order to fight ISIS. ISIS, at this point, has largely been militarily defeated. And there are still at least..." + 83%
"2018-04-07 16:12:46"
"French Austerity Program Provoke..."
" Labour and student unrest has been gripping France this past week, and it looks like it will only intensify in the weeks ahead. Workers of the state run SNCF Railway, Air France employees, and now university students have all become involved in strikes and protests. The specific demands and issues of each group vary, but their common denominator is resistance against government cutbacks. It all began several weeks ago when SNCF railway workers announced a series of two-day rolling strikes over a period of three months. It's a protest against President Emmanuel Macron's plans to eliminate employment security and early retirement opportunities and to impose layoffs. Over 80% of France's rail traffic was halted last Tuesday and Wednesday. President Macron has vowed to turn the SNCF into a profitable company and to reduce its debt. However, workers say it is employed to eventually privatize France's rail system. Meanwhile, Air France unions joined the actions and launched a wave of work stoppages, grounding at least a quarter of all of the airlines flights this week. Air France unions are demanding a 6% pay raise, but so far the airline offered a raise of only 1% which is below inflation. Then university students who have been engaged in low-level actions against new university entrance requirements decided to intensify their protests this week as well. The students are opposed to a new merit-based admission system. The new system is designed to reduce the number of students also in the name of cutbacks. Students say that this was only further exacerbate inequality in France. On April 3, 18, in the summer of the year, the majority of the blockage was voted. I think it's a means that we have a lot of students who are mobilized against the selection of university. It's also allowed to have a shooting point where we can really find ourselves and really be appropriate to be a university to talk about mobilization and to be invited to the seminar and other sectors in the..." + 31%
"2018-04-06 22:11:43"
"Louisiana Bill To Hypercriminali..."
" Welcome back to The Real News Network. I'm Tharna Nore, joining you from Baltimore. I'm here with a lawyer from New Orleans, and we're discussing a bill currently being considered in Louisiana House that would criminalize all protests against pipelines and other, quote, critical infrastructure. Today, I'm joined with Bill Quigley, who is a professor of law and a human rights lawyer, a civil rights lawyer based in New Orleans. Thanks so much for joining us again, Bill. Thank you. So we've been talking about this bill, which seems to particularly be targeting people who are protesting the Bayou Bridge pipeline, which is an energy transfer partner's pipeline being built in Louisiana. And it's said that this is going to be helping security for that pipeline, but the company doing security for the pipeline aren't exactly paying by the rules. And Tigris Wann are the security firm infamous for their military style actions against water protectors and protesters in standing rock. So yes, Tigris Wann, I think, is well known as a really rogue operation that not only provides security, but surveillance, and they're proud of it. And they target particularly First Amendment activities of people, protests, civil disobedience, and the like. And they applied for a license to practice in Louisiana. But the Louisiana Licensing Board did not approve their application because of all the trouble that they got into in the Dakotas, where they operated in a very aggressive and very illegal fashion, but not only just on the ground, they didn't even seek permits in the Dakotas when they did this work initially. And so Louisiana said, we're not going to give you a permit right off the bat because we want to hear more about what happened up there. And so they have been denied temporarily. They're still appealing that. So they're trying to get back in, but at the very same time that they were denied, right after they were denied. An employee of the parent company tried to open up another se..." + 79%
"2018-04-06 20:20:52"
"State's Attorney Race: Thiru Vig..."
" In Baltimore City, the top prosecutor is called the State's Attorney, an elected position, and one of the most important jobs in the criminal justice system. We're sitting down for interviews with all of the candidates, including incumbent Marilyn Mosby and Ivan Bates, a defense attorney seeking the position. Today, for the next installment, we sit down again with Theroux Vignoraja. In addition to his work as Deputy Attorney General, Vignoraja has served as a prosecutor at the state and federal levels. In the first part of our interview, we talked about the Adnan Saed case, which went viral with the serial podcast. Today, we talk about some of the political challenges that Vignoraja might face, including a controversial residency hearing and a project Veritas Sting video. So this has been a really hotly contested race. I mean, the last one between Greg Bernstein and Marilyn Mosby was also, it seems like that's the normal in Baltimore at this point. But some strange things have happened. Last week, both you and Ivan Bates had a residency hearings in the city. So I asked him about his residency, and we're going to just sort of clear that, how is that suit brought? And what's going on with two of the three candidates having these accusations made? You know, unfortunately, I think that this is sort of the politics today. And I really think it's important to focus on the issues. In some respects, it's good to have these challenges behind us. But I also think it's important to remind people that roots in Baltimore matter. I'm the only candidate who's actually from Baltimore. My parents, as you mentioned, before our retired city school teacher, as my mom was teaching at Polly before I was born. She finished her career at Morgan State. My father taught for decades in Baltimore City Public Schools at Edminson and Douglas. He was at Southern before and after. He was digital harbor. And he retired just last year from Western when he retired. He was the oldest teacher teach..." + 89%
"2018-04-06 16:00:45"
"Chelsea Manning On Nazis, the Su..."
" For The Real News, I'm Bayneard Woods. In April 2010, WikiLeaks released a video that showed the U.S. military killing over a dozen people, including two Reuters journalists. The news agency had been thwarted in its attempt to gain the footage, but a young whistleblower shared the video with WikiLeaks after approaching the New York Times and the Washington Post with thousands of documents. The next month, the whistleblower was arrested in Iraq and revealed his Bradley Manning. Manning spent 11 months in solitary confinement before standing trial, which Manning described as a humiliating and degrading experience. Manning, who has trans, began transitioning while in prison. I'm not Bradley Manning, she wrote. I never really was. I'm Chelsea Manning, a proud woman whose transgender and who, through this application, is respectfully requesting a first chance at life. That was a request for a commutation of the 35-year sentence handed down for sharing classified information. Manning has strongly rejected the idea that she gave up sources or other intelligence that could have endangered people on the ground and describes the documents as historical. In the final days of his presidency, Barack Obama granted the commutation and Manning was set free. Now, she's running for the U.S. Senate in Maryland against Ben Carden. Manning may be the only candidate for the Senate who's been homeless, served in a war, spent significant time in solitary confinement, and come out as transgender. And all of that makes her a powerful, if unlikely, challenger to Carden, one of the most establishment of the mainstream Democrats. Manning is here with us and our Baltimore studio today. Welcome Chelsea. Thanks, thanks for having me. So, after all of that, I have to start with, why would you even want to be in the U.S. Senate? Well, the Senate is where we have our debates about national issues and national issues, especially the issues that we're facing right now, in whether it be ICE, detenti..." + 92%
"2018-04-06 03:29:42"
"Confidential Shell Oil Report Pr..."
" It's the Real News Network. I'm Sharmini Pures coming to you from Baltimore. A trove of internal documents and reports of the oil giant Royal Dutch Shell shows that oil giant has known for three decades that fossil fuel products would lead to catastrophic climate change. This according to an investigative report done by the Dutch newspaper De Correspondent, interestingly, Shell also predicted that environmental NGOs would sue fossil fuel companies, claiming damages for extreme weather on the grounds of neglecting what scientists have been saying for years. And it turns out that the Dutch wing of friends of the earth has done just that filing a lawsuit against Shell, requiring them to comply with the climate targets set out by the Paris Agreement to limit global temperature rise to 1.5 degrees Celsius, thereby severely limiting Shell's investments in oil and gas worldwide. A similar cache of leaked internal documents from Exxon mobile led to investigative reports and ongoing legal lawsuits, including ones by the Attorney General of New York and the State of Massachusetts. The Friends of the Earth lawsuit is the first of its kind in a European-based case dealing with the European-based oil giant. With us to discuss what Shell knew and when they knew it, we are joined by Carol Muffet. He is the president and CEO of the Center for International and Environmental Law. I thank you so much for joining us, Carol. It's nice to be here. Carol, so we know from the leaked documents that Shell knew back in the 80s that fossil fuel products would lead to catastrophic environmental and climate change challenges. Give us the takeaways from the released documents and the investigations that the Dutch newspaper did. The most important takeaway from these documents is actually that the documents exist and that the investigations that began with Exxon are clearly not going to end there. What we are going to see is more and more information like this coming to light about these comp..." + 75%
"2018-04-06 03:25:03"
"Danny Glover: The Real News Is Y..."
" I came by this space more than five years ago. This is your space. This is your space. This is this space. The vision of all those who brought with this Paul J. a shaman in periods. The vision that they brought to this and all the young people who work here, who come apart of this, was a vision to be inclusive, to bring you here. This doesn't just happen because all of a sudden someone gets up in the morning and says, we're going to make this happen. It takes hard energy. It takes resources. It takes resources. You have to embrace this, engage this, and hold it tight because it is your space. This is allowed to happen here in this space. This community space, right here, because the need for it, the passion for it, you're here because of the passion for the work that you need. The work that puts you forward, day after day after day. The conversations that go on here are the conversations that surround your mind and everything else. So we need you to be the stewards of it. We need you to take responsibility for it. It can't be just wishing somebody else can do it. You have to do it. You have to be engaged and continue to be engaged. You can't imagine what it takes for you, for them to put on this like this, for the real news, to be constant day in and day out, 24 hours a day, on top of all the major important subjects and topics that we do. And how little it could be of your resources. The moment that you can share what we need here to keep this going. It's only going to happen if you go and do it. It's only going to stay alive if you're going to do it. It's not going to be some rich capitalist who's going to come and say, let's make the real news work. Because they are, they, this is the antithesis of who they are. This is the antithesis of who they are. So it's on you. We're modest. We don't ask for a lot, but we bring you here thinking that you have solved this. Take this in and take it with you and understand our responsibility. Understand that we have to go ..." + 13%
"2018-04-06 03:20:16"
"Louisiana Bill Aims To Hypercrim..."
" Welcome to The Real News Network. I'm Tharni Norr joining you from Baltimore. Louisiana is considering a bill that would criminalize pipeline protests. If past, individuals could face up to 20 years in prison and be fined up to $250,000. The bill would punish people for planning to trespass on infrastructure sites or disrupt pipeline operations, even if they don't actually go through with it. In supporting the measure the oil and gas industry has pointed to recent damage to equipment being used to build the Bayou Bridge pipeline in Louisiana. Last May, a similar act was signed into law in Oklahoma, and legislation like this has cropped up since in Ohio, Iowa, Wyoming, and Pennsylvania, and now Minnesota. With us to talk about this Louisiana bill, though, is bill quickly. Bill is a law professor at Loyola University in New Orleans, and he's a longtime civil rights and human rights lawyer. He works with a number of environmental groups in Louisiana. Welcome, Bill. Thanks, so I'm glad to be on. Thank you. So, start just by talking a little bit about the significance of this bill. Right now, a Massachusetts judge just found 13 pipeline protesters, quote, not responsible by reason of necessity and defended their right to protect the environment by protesting. But again, Louisiana and many other states are considering criminalizing anti-pipeline protests. Why? Well, I think that the pipeline protesters in Louisiana and across the country have done a really good job of pointing out how bad for our country and bad for the world is continued the laying of pipeline and expansion of our ability to use fossil fuels, how bad all of that really is. And I think it's a tribute to their success as your audience knows. There are protests and civil disobedience, direct action all over the country happening all the time on these pipelines. And we have the latest link of the Dakota access pipeline, the Bayou Bridge pipeline, which is cutting across Louisiana as we speak. It was stop..." + 81%
"2018-04-05 21:52:51"
"Danny Glover and Eddie Conway on..."
" And everybody knows Dandy Glover, so I don't have to introduce him. I don't have to make it a strange introduction. But what people don't know perhaps is that in the late 60s, before we had any black studies, black histories, black student unions, Dandy Glover and his comrades in San Francisco was the first people to organize a black student union. And it was the first black student union to strike and make demands that forced the schools, the universities to bring in black student unions and it set the tone for student unions all across the country to create black student unions in their own particular school. So basically he's the one of the founders of the black, what we see today as a normal natural thing, it started from him. It started right there. Eddie Connellway has a very extraordinary gift. He knows how to tell stories. I'm when I was at San Francisco State from 1967. And we had what we called the Gayer Incident over 50 years ago where a group of students went up to the San Francisco Gator student newspaper office. And we had a difference of opinion and what ensued was a fight. The number of us, it was nine of us. Land in Williams was one of them. Several of us were part of that. What happened? It drew a lot of attention because of that myself. So I was suspended from the university for one semester. We weren't on the quarter system for one semester. Some were suspended longer than that. But I remember since the black student union had an office on Elis Street. I remember having the office every morning. This is 1967, 1968, that's 21 years old. And I'm a first goal in working in the Breakfast with Children programs that the black Panther Party had started in San Francisco. And me and I was sit down with a brother named Sam Napier. And Sam Napier was in charge of distribution of the black Panther Party newspaper. He would open the office, the black Panther Party office, which was around the corner from the black student union's office. And we would sit..." + 87%
"2018-04-05 21:50:41"
"Remembering the Revolutionary Ma..."
" To mark the 50th anniversary of the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, the Real News Network presented King's speech, why I'm opposed to the war in Vietnam. I'm using as a subject from which to preach why I am opposed to the war in Vietnam. Now let me make it clear in the beginning that I see this war as an unjust, evil and futile war. Rationalizations and the incessant search for scapegoats are the psychological cataracts that blind us to our sins. There comes a time when silence is betrayal. An almost facile connection between the war in Vietnam and the struggle I and others have been waging in America. A few years ago there was a shining moment in that struggle. It seemed as if there was a real promise of hope for the poor, both black and white, through the poverty program. There were experiments, hopes and new beginnings, then came the build up in Vietnam. I watched the program broken as if it was some idle political plating of a society gone mad on war. And I knew that America would never invest the necessary funds or inages in rehabilitation of its poor. So long as adventures like Vietnam continue to draw men and skills and money like some demonic destructive suction to. Three months after he made that speech, there was a ride in Newark, New Jersey. I was in Germany at the time. I was a sergeant in the army. I had been in Germany for about three years. I decided after seeing that ride and seeing tanks in the streets of New Jersey, North, with machine guns pointed at black women and black children, I decided not to go to Vietnam and I decided to come home. I came home and to a great degree, I figured there was problems in America, but there were issues that we could take care of, so I started working with the NAACP, I started working with KORE, and we started integrating jobs and trying to get white collar jobs in the black community. So we have been repeatedly faced with a cruel irony. Watching Negro and white boys on TV screens has a kill and die to..." + 69%
"2018-04-05 21:19:01"
"Under Threat of Military Coup, B..."
" It's the Real News. I'm Sharmini Peris coming to you from Baltimore. Brazil's Supreme Court in a 6-5 ruling informed the former president, Lula Ignacio de Silva, that he must begin serving his 12-year prison sentence immediately. In 2017, Lula was convicted and sentenced to a 12-year prison sentence. President de Silva supposedly accepted a bribe from the Brazilian construction company Order Bracket while he was still president, where no evidence was actually produced of this crime. The Supreme Court's ruling does not exhaust Lula's appeal, but it probably puts an end to his presidential campaign in which he is the front runner. The ruling was limited to whether Lula was to be in prison, while he continued his appeal of the conviction, both supporters and opponents of the former president hit the streets this week in tens of thousands. So shortly before the ruling, two generals urged the court to rule against Lula. General Luis Gonzaga showed a lesser even threatened with the possibility of a military coup should Lula be allowed to remain free. Joining me now to analyze the consequences of this court decision is Brian Mir, Brian is an editor for the website Brazil Wire and is also editor of the book Voices of the Brazilian Left. I thank you so much for joining us, Brian. Thanks, Sharmini. Brian, it's been a suspenseful night. Many people stayed up, awaiting for the Supreme Court decision to come down. And early wee hours this morning, it was finally rented. He was a sense of the mood, the waiting, the anticipation of all of this, and what was the conditions under the decisive vote was delivered. Okay, well, the mood is pretty dismal right now, because it's just one more in a series of blows against Brazilian democracy. Now leading up to the decision by the Supreme Court yesterday, a lot of people thought that they would rule in Lula's favor because it wasn't a question of the absurd corruption charges that were raised against him in the first place by US-backed ..." + 82%
"2018-04-05 13:30:06"
"Nina Turner: ‘MlK Was on a Mis..."
" As I got into Philadelphia, I saw thousands and thousands of people with signs on them saying, I'm Nina Turner. And I'm Nina Turner. I'm Nina Turner. And I'm like, who the devil is this? You know what I'm saying? This was like news to me, right? So I went back and I looked and I seen that, well, okay, this was a sister that had took a position that Bernie Sanders had the right philosophy and the right direction in terms of doing something to help America move forward. So I said, okay, several months later, I was in Chicago at the People Summit and I heard Nina Turner. I heard the fire, I heard the energy, I heard the insight and I had to go over, I had to meet her and talk to her and so on. But the fact that in our history, and now I'm speaking about blacks, African Americans, etc., but actually America too, black women have led the struggle, have organized. The struggle throughout our history, and we hear names like Harriet Tubman and we don't necessarily give them the kind of recognition that they need. We hear names like Fannie Lou Hamer. We hear names like Ella Baker. We hear names like Rosa Parks. Some names we don't hear like Gloria Richardson that was right here in Maryland, right? But in the vein of those sisters that took a stand, that did some organizing, that moved out struggle forward, I want you to join me in welcoming former State Ohio Senator Nina Turner. Thank you. And thank you Mr. Conway for that wonderful introduction, shout out to the sisters. The sisters know how to make it happen. I'm talking about the sisters from the mosaic of humanity. I often say on a Sunday morning because I very much amend the same Christian tradition of the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. And oftentimes we forget to put Reverend there, but there is a moral connection to the ministry that he had here on this earth. But to the ladies in the room, if I was on the Women's Day morning service, I would say the following that if God made any little thing, better than a..." + 90%
"2018-04-05 05:39:27"
"How Blue-State Democrats Continu..."
" This is Annapolis, Maryland, the capital of a blue state that paid upon the current legislative session should perhaps be deemed red. Case in point is this man, Maryland Democrat Bobby Zirkin. Today I try to interview the powerful chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, but how we responded during our short encounter is illustrative of how the Democrats talk reform, but often act differently when it comes to governing. The decision has been in obstacle to almost every form of criminal justice reform in the past three years, from restricting cash bail to placing civilians on internal police disciplinary boards. I think what's really important for the viewers to note is that this bill does combine funding for proactive crime prevention programming, which we think is good. One of the things that advocates have said is to separate out the bill, have the funding separate from the sense enhancements, it's been made very clear that the leadership here wants them together. So the real news tried to ask him about recent criticism that he was holding funding for a cure violence program called SAFE Streets to bolster his proposal to add stiff mandatory sentences for gun possession. So Senator, what's going on with 122? I mean people say you're kind of holding other bills or you're holding the SAFE Streets, what's going on with that? That's a false statement. We have gotten through, when you say people, like what, what, what, what, what, what is your question? No, I'm sorry, I was holding it. You want to ask about the substance, I got to go do a substance bill right now. What, what I'm focused on is the substance of every piece of legislation that's down here as you should be. But what about 122? I mean, are you going to hold up the SAFE Streets if people don't vote for the sentence, mandatory sentences and the other aspects of it? And he seemed reluctant to talk to say the least. It's a strange question, we don't have the bill on SAFE Streets, the SAFE Streets is in th..." + 67%
"2018-04-05 05:31:25"
"Working While Black: Black Worke..."
" Welcome to the Real News. I'm Eddie Conway, coming to you from Baltimore. Recently, there's been activity organizing in the black community around black workers. So joining me today, the Executive Director of the National Black Workers Center, Tanya Wallace-Goburn. Tanya, thanks for joining me. Thank you, Eddie, for having me. I appreciate the invitation. Tanya, can you explain to me what this National Black Workers Center is and how long it's been in existence? That's a very good question, Eddie. So the National Black Workers Center project began its operation in 2012. But what's more important to know is that the first Black Workers Center was created and are founded in 1981 in Rocky Mountain, North Carolina. It was created in response to companies moving from the North to the South to exploit the workforce, right? Which was predominantly African-American. And so because there wasn't the traditional trade unionism that existed there and labor organizing that existed in the South, the workers decided to mobilize and organize themselves so they could have dignity respect and a better quality of work on the job. Currently, we have eight workers centers across the country. We're based, as I mentioned in Raleigh in Rocky Mountain, North Carolina. We are in New Orleans, Washington DC, Chicago, LA, Oakland, California. And most recently, we launched a worker center last January in Baltimore. Okay, so can you tell me, I mean, and I understand in Rocky Mountain, there was the pushback against exploring the Black workers and so on because of cheap labor and the right to work state laws and that kind of stuff. But what centers do you want in these other areas? That's right. So when you think about worker centers, I think traditionally people think about worker centers for immigrant communities, for Latinos, for Asians, things like that. And similarly, a worker centers exist to provide education, provide resources to handle issues when people are being exploited and disre..." + 85%
"2018-04-04 21:38:14"
"MLK: ‘When Silence Becomes Bet..."
" Mr. Lepaweapon himself. Mr. Danny Glover, welcome to the Nina Turner Show on the Real News Network. Well, I'm glad to be on. So glad to have you here. I'm glad to be here, Nina, on the, you know, with all the hyperpola, I'm still glad to be here. It's all true. When you got it, you got to embrace it. You do. Speaking of embrace, you've been doing this for a very long time. Why do you do what you do, especially in your position? One of my positions has been constant. Ever since I took my first breath. That's a miscitizen. You know, and all the things that bring you to this point in life, where you are throughout life, it's not just in Stardust, even. It didn't start just when I'd be kicked out of this side. I want to become an actor. It's being, it's the investment and having something articulated through movements. It's articulated through me, to me, through movements. You know, my parents were post-employees, strong, staunch, advocates of union, involved in their union and local union, in the National Alliance of Post-P, weren't they? You know, in the Bronx, in members of the NBA, they believed in P, but in members of the National Alliance of Post-employees, you know. And where you saw, just at the point of the civil rights movement, this is the civil rights movement, it begins to kind of find ground and find leverage. African-Americans were dominating the postal service, you know. I can go to any, I can go to Cincinnati. I can go to Rio Puglia. Where are you going? Yeah, I can go to Chicago, in Philadelphia, any place. And first of all, raise your hand and wish one of your parents, grandparents, uncles, were at the post office, and the hands will fly up. But those government jobs were really to entrain for many African-Americans into the middle class. Absolutely. The untrained parents became homeowners, you know, when it was really affordable and services going to become a homeowner. All those things, I think were the things that were calculated in my life and..." + 98%
"2018-04-04 16:16:56"
"Oklahoma Teacher Strike Enters T..."
" Here for us are kids. Oklahoma teachers are back on the picket lines for a second straight day and bringing their protests for better pay and more funding for schools inside the state capital. More than 30,000 educators walked out on Monday, marching on the capital and forcing classes to be canceled for an estimated half a million public school students. Some of whom showed their solidarity by joining the teachers for outdoor classes. We wanted legislators and also the rest of Oklahoma to see what we do in the classroom and how important it is what we do and what our teachers do. Oklahoma ranks near the bottom of the barrel when it comes to teacher salaries, they're demanding $10,000 and $200 million in school funding. The Oklahoma strike is part of a wave of similar actions by teachers in several states. Protest would show no signs of slowing down. You're now joined on the phone by Taylor Painter Wolf, public school teacher in Oklahoma, who is speaking to us from just outside of the capital. Thank you so much for joining us. Thank you. So, can you tell us what the mood was today in the capital we know for a second straight day, thousands of teachers demanded, you know, descended on the capital and are demanding more funding for schools and a bigger increase in salaries than what the governor has said she's willing to provide this year to talk about what your response is. There are a lot of people here today. I think the estimate yesterday was at least 30,000 and some people have been saying that there's more people here today than even yesterday. I would say that the mood today is probably more, maybe even more determined and more, definitely more boisterous today. Lots of chanting, lots of awesome signs, lots of encouragement from the union and other unions across the state and public state workers as well. And so people are trying to get in and talk to their legislators and just telling them that what they've come up with so far is not going to cut it. And th..." + 59%
"2018-04-04 16:09:34"
"State's Attorney's Race: Ivan Ba..."
" In a city still reeling from mass incarceration, the war on drugs, and police corruption, the state's attorney is an important role. It may be the most important role in the criminal justice system, and here in Baltimore we're having a heated race for the state's attorney, which is the top prosecutor called the district attorney in many other places. I'm here today with one of the candidates, a third part of our conversation, Ivan Bates, a defense attorney, and previously a homicide prosecutor who's now seeking the job of top prosecutor. Welcome back, Ivan. Thank you, Bayonard. Thank you for having me again. So in the gun traced task force trial, this was a number of officers were indicted by federal authorities and convicted or pleaded guilty to racketeering and various other corruption, robbery and theft. And there was a leak within the state's attorney's office that told Wayne Jenkins, we've talked about your relation with him in the first part of our interview. What would you do to get rid of that leak? The current state's attorney did fire someone at the same time that she said they had talked to the U.S. Attorney's Office, but we've talked about this before. You don't believe that Anna Montagna, who was fired, was the leak and that she was treated unfairly by the state's attorney's office. I definitely feel that way. To me, to have the information that the FBI is doing investigation is to select few individuals. Most likely, somebody in the current state's attorney's inner circle or a division chief or division head. Anna Montagna was nothing more than a lion assistant state's attorney. She would have had that type of information. So no, I don't believe that. I believe she was nothing more than escape go. But I also recognize why did the state's attorney do their own investigation? The second you saw that last, I think we saw March 15th, March 16th of last year, you asked for an independent organization to come and do an investigation in terms of the state..." + 87%
"2018-04-04 05:43:21"
"Turkey and Islamist Rebels Carve..."
" It's The Real News, I'm Ben Norton. The seven-year-war in Syria appears to be entering a whole new phase. While the Western corporate media has focused almost exclusively on battles between the Syrian Army and foreign-backed Islamist rebels, NATO member Turkey has begun carving up the north of the country. Turkey's leader, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, invaded Syria in January. The Turkish army and Salafi-Jihadist rebels, from the so-called Free Syrian Army, conquered the Kurdish majority city of Afreen, expelling roughly 200,000 of its 300,000 inhabitants. Extremist Islamist rebels subsequently looted Kurdish stores and burnt down homes in Afreen. A few days later, Turkish state media published shocking video of a school in the northern Syrian city. When our waving Turkish flags, teachers are making students chant pro-Eurdogan and pro-Turkey slogans, and giant photos of Erdogan hang on the walls inside the Syrian school. Now Turkey has set its sights in other border areas inside northern Syria, including Taurifat and Manbij, those are cities to the east. Turkey has set its goal as to defeat Kurdish fighters from the people's protection units, known by the acronym YPG, whom Ankara describes as terrorists. And its fight against ISIS, the YPG has received support from the United States, which is committed to overthrowing the government in Damascus. And the US has created several military bases inside sovereign Syrian territory, where there are at least 2,000 American troops. But the US also appears to have supported the Turkish invasion of Syria, and the Pentagon told YPG fighters that they would lose US support if they went to a freeing to fight Turkey. Joining us to discuss these complexities, and the potential for a whole new phase in the Syrian war, is journalist Ali Orneq. Ali is a Turkish journalist of Kurdish origin. He previously worked for Hurriyet Daily, one of the leading newspapers in Turkey, as a foreign news editor, and he spent several years reporting on th..." + 84%
"2018-04-04 05:26:24"
"The Rise of American Islamophobia"
" It's the Real News Network. I'm Sharmini Puriss coming to you from Baltimore. A new book titled, American Islamophobia Understanding the Roots and Rise of Fear by Khaled A. Baydune tackles the issue of anti-Muslim and anti-Arab sentiments in America. A very prevalent problem, especially after the 1911 attacks, about which surprisingly a few books have been written. To discuss his book, I'm joined by Khaled A. Baydune. He is an associate professor of law at the University of Detroit's Immersive School of Law. Thanks for joining me, Khaled. Thanks for having me. Khaled, in what way is Islamophobia inherently different from other forms of discrimination, say anti-black racism or anti-Semitism or even xenophobia? These are prejudices, but why is Islamophobia so different? There's many parallels, but some of the distinctions, I think, rest along how Islam is religion and Muslim identity is imagined by not only private individuals who engage in discrimination, but also the state. Islam on one hand is racialized. I think there's a prevailing kind of racial caricature that drives Islamophobia by private individuals. It's viewed as a clashing civilization in some regards. It's also viewed as a conflicting political ideology. It's distinct from how we think about African-Americans or Jewish-Americans because it's a class of people who is other or distinguished along at least three distinct tracks, race, civilization and religion. There's a deep history as to how the religion and its followers have been distinguished in other. Khaled, Islamophobia has a very specific and particular history here in the United States because of the nation of Islam, because of Malcolm X and Louis Farrakhan associated with that movement. Of course, those roots are also playing itself out in the form of Arab Islamophobia that you're speaking of today. Draw the difference between the two and speak about the specific history of the United States. Islamophobia as a form of animus or hate or other ..." + 83%
"2018-04-04 05:01:02"
"Economic Bubbles and the Myth of..."
" It's the Real News Network. I'm Sharmini Peeris coming to you from Baltimore. The dot-com bubble was a historic economic bubble and a period of excessive speculation that occurred roughly between 1997 to 2001, a period of extreme growth in the financial markets not unlike it today. In that bubble crash, it sent markets and regulators spinning, asking how can this be avoided in the future? Many people lost their life savings. But then in 2007 to 2008, we had the housing bubble that crashed leading us to what is called the Great Depression now. Many people lost their homes and their savings. Generally, an economic bubble refers to a situation where the price of an asset exceeds its fundamental value by a large margin. So during a bubble, prices for a financial asset are highly inflated. Now with the recent record prices in the market that President Trump attributes to his good business sensibilities, strengthening the economy, even with these big single one-day drops that we've seen in history, the market prices are still inflated and very high. So everyone is asking, is there another bubble coming? On to discuss this with me is economist Dean Baker. Dean is the co-director of the Center for Economic Policy and Research and is the author of RIDGT, how globalization and the rules of the modern economy were structured to make the rich richer. Welcome Dean. Thanks for having me on. Dean, recently we've seen the biggest one-day drop in the markets in history. And yet the prices to earnings ratios, which lead to even more speculation, is causing stock prices to remain very high. Does this mean there is another bubble pending? Well, there's a few things that could be said. First off, the market is definitely high. So if you look at historic valuations, the ratio of stock price to corporate earnings, somewhere on 25 you could use different measures. Some measures would give you a higher number. But in any case, it is certainly high by historic standards. It's just a poin..." + 77%
"2018-04-03 22:50:36"
"US, Saudi CEOs Sign $20B Deals i..."
" Top Corporate Executives from the United States and Saudi Arabia met in New York City to sign tens of billions of dollars worth of deals. Meanwhile, protesters outside the opulent event called for an end to the joint U.S. Saudi-Warn Yemen, which has fueled the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Yemeni civilians and unleashed the largest humanitarian catastrophe on Earth. More than 200 capitalists joined Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman for a lavish dinner at the second annual Saudi-US CEO forum on Tuesday, March 27th. Officials from some of the world's most powerful corporations, including tech giant Google military contractor Raytheon and mega bank JP Morgan, signed 36 agreements totaling more than $20 billion dollars and more deals are on their way. Saudi oil giant Aramco alone made deals worth more than $10 billion dollars with 14 U.S. companies. The event featured top Saudi regime officials and the CEOs of Pepsi, National Geographic, and Dow Chemical. The corporate media had a significant presence as well. Panels were moderated by the editor-in-chief of the Wall Street Journal and prominent journalists from CNBC and Bloomberg. While the Huffington Post has reported on Saudi Arabia's U.S.-backed war crimes in Yemen, the news outlets founder Ariana Huffington spoke at the Saudi-US CEO forum. She praised Mohammed bin Salman's Vision 2030 plan and offered advice as to how the repressive Saudi absolute monarchy can leapfrog the industrialized world. I believe that Saudi Arabia has a great opportunity to leapfrog the industrialized world and learn from the mistakes we've made. While all the Vision 2030 goals are being put into effect and to see the incredible results of that will generate. Saudi Arabia's de facto ruler Mohammed bin Salman also made an appearance as part of his trip to New York to meet with American political and economic elites, like Bill Clinton and the CEOs of Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, and Morgan Stanley. The Saudi-US CEO forum and the Sau..." + 71%
"2018-04-03 18:55:39"
"Sinclair's Synchronized Fake New..."
" A chilling video has been grabbing attention in raising concern nationwide. Our greatest responsibility is to serve our Northeast Wisconsin communities. And we're extremely proud of the quality, balanced journalism that ABC6 News produces. Anchor's at station controlled by the right-wing Sinclair Broadcasting, reciting must reads on air. The sharing of biased and false news has become all too common on social media. More alarming, some media outlets are all over the world. Inundating, local news viewers across the nation's largest TV distributor with Trump's war on fake news. Trump took to Twitter on Tuesday to fire back. So funny to watch fake news networks among the most dishonest group of people I've ever dealt with. Criticized Sinclair Broadcasting for being biased. At least one affiliate has been widely praised for openly defying Sinclair. We're reached out to Scott Livingston, Sinclair senior vice president of News, but did not receive a response in time for the story. Sinclair reportedly reached a deal with Jared Kushner during the 2016 election for favorable coverage of the Trump campaign. Injecting partisan politics into news coverage is nothing new for the Baltimore-based Sinclair Broadcasting, whose owners, the Smith brothers, have long forced local stations to air their right-wing views. The names and the faces of the fallen tell their own story. In 2004, when ABC News Nightline devoted an entire show to reading the names of U.S. service members who had died in Iraq. Kendall Waters Bay, Sorelle Childers. Sinclair, which owned seven ABC affiliates at the time, barred those stations from showing the broadcast. But what's gotten far less attention is how Sinclair's Baltimore County-based headquarters are promoting a far-right agenda into its local Baltimore Philiates education reporting. How to fix Baltimore City's struggling school system has been a divisive issue in our state for years. To project Baltimore's recent investigations into allegations of ..." + 63%
"2018-04-03 04:28:21"
"The Deep Rooted Crisis of Police..."
" Welcome to the Real News. I'm Eddie Conway, coming to you from Baltimore. In the immediate aftermath of the killing of Stefan Clark and Sacramento, police justified their actions by saying that Clark was advancing toward them with a weapon, leaving officers with no other choice but to shoot the kill. Officers pursued the subject and located them in the back of the residence and began it and where he began advancing on the officers. The officers began, believed the subject was pointing a firearm at them, fearing for their safety as the officers fired their duty weapon, striking the subject multiple times. The involved officers held their position for approximately five minutes until additional officers arrived. Officers approached the subject, handcuffed him and began life-saving measures. On Friday, March 30th, an independent autopsy conducted on behalf of Clark's family revealed inconsistencies in the Sacramento Police Department's version of the incident, namely that Clark was not facing the officers when he was shot to death. So the first shot he received would be number seven to the left side and back of his chest and the proportion of the bullet and the injuries caused many of them to be around. And he turned around and his back was facing the officers. If you see the video, he was shot first, he turned around and treated him immediately here with the cluster of subsequent bullets. The proposition that has been presented, that he was assailing the officers, many in here was facing the officers, is inconsistent with revealing forensic evidence. I was documented at our cops. That same day, Baton Rouge Police released the body, camera footage of Alton Sterling's encounter with police. The video shows two officers making death threats and screaming for fanaties at Sterling before firing the fatal shots. Louisiana Attorney General declined to bring charges against the officers claiming they were attempting to make a lawful arrest. To talk about this ongoing cris..." + 89%
"2018-04-03 04:07:25"
"Should Johns Pay a Steeper Price..."
" Since the Baltimore City Council has started the process to overhaul the laws governing prostitution and sex trafficking in our city, the Real News has been conducting a series of in-depth interviews to obtain a better understanding of this complex issue. In our first studio sit down, we spoke with Carolyn Unger, a member of SWAP, or the Sex Workers Outreach Project. We had a lengthy discussion on some of the most vexing issues regarding the sex industry and its workers that included fleshing out the best approach to minimizing harm to people who participate in sex work in our city and beyond. In this installment, we speak with Councilman Christopher Burnett, who is currently working on legislation that would include targeting Johns and cracking down on human traffickers. We asked him about where the legislation is headed, the scope of the issue in Baltimore, and how his thinking about the subject has changed during the process. I am now joined by Councilman Christopher Burnett, the elected representative of District 8. Now, Councilman Burnett, you recently decided to tackle the crime of human trafficking. What's motivating you? Is there a personal story behind this? Absolutely. It wasn't something that I ran on. When seeking the public office or work done or knew a lot about before getting in its position. However, last spring, in 2017, I received a call from a constituent of mine who at the time was a counselor at Western High School. She indicated that one of her students was believed to have been trafficked nearby DC, and that we needed to do something about it. I didn't know what to do. So I contacted Councilman Cohen, who chairs the Education and Youth Committee, and said, look, let's do a hearing to see what's going on in Baltimore, what services are available, what our agency is doing to combat this issue, what's the school system up to, and just sort of raise awareness. So we spent a lot of time making sure that schools were invited and that parents kne..." + 89%
"2018-04-03 03:54:55"
"Wall Street Bankers' Executive B..."
" It's the Real News Network. I'm Sharmini Piers coming to you from Baltimore. All over the financial press this week, the Wall Street Journal in particular reported that the average bank of bonuses in New York was over $184,000 in 2017. The biggest annual haul for Wall Street employees since the great financial recession of 2007-2008. Now, one must remember that these bonuses, which is on top of the annual salaries, which the New York State Controller puts at $388,000. And on top of that, you have the perks, the write-offs, and so on. So here's a peek at a Bloomberg discussion this week on these bonuses. And yeah, bonuses are back. We love these superlatives, right? In the newsroom and on Wall Street, biggest, as you said, David, since 2006, the average 184,220, not chump change. You see the chart here that really does show. I mean, they've been fairly consistent, as you can see, but that last time we saw this was 2006, that makes people happy in the sense that those were really good years. But then you start to think about what happened in 0708, 09, and maybe you get a little bit worried about where we are in the cycle. The bonus pool, and this is according to figures from New York City, about $31.4 billion. That's pretty good. So, let's not bad. That's not bad. Those bonuses, which total 31.7 billion, is up 17% over 2016, plus the broader rebound of the stock markets last year, with all of that, the Wall Street bankers are sitting pretty well these days. When was the last time you got a 17% pay hike? I want to talk about this with me, I'm joined by economist Richard D. Wolff, Richard is professor of economics, and he is a professor of emeritus at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. One of his most recent books is titled Capitalisms Crisis Deepens, essays on the global economic meltdown. So, moving forward, you will see Rick Wolff's program, the economic update here on the real news network. Thanks for joining me, Rick. Thank you for inviting me. Rick, thes..." + 78%
"2018-04-03 00:36:29"
"US Blocks UN Investigation into ..."
" Welcome back to the Real News Network. I'm Sharmini Pyrrhus in conversation with Colonel Larry Wilkerson, who is a former chief of staff to the Secretary of State Colin Powell. Now a distinguished professor at the College of William and Mary. I thank you so much for joining us today, Larry. Thanks for having me back, Sharmin. All right, Larry. Let's take a look at the Iran nuclear agreement, also known as the joint comprehensive plan of action, the GCPOA. This is another example of Trump's closeness to Israel, supporting Israel's effort to terminate the agreement against the resistance and pushback from Europe's cosiners, the UK, France, and Germany. What is the largest strategic objective on the part of the U.S., the Trump administration, and Netanyahu in terms of undermining the agreement and what are their greater hopes in the region that they're trying to achieve? First, let's look at it from the positive side, Sharmini. What we should do is adhere to the agreement, the nuclear agreement, the joint comprehensive plan of action. We should adhere to it. Just as the Germans and the French and the British and all the others, Russia China are doing. And just as Iran is doing, Iran is in full compliance. There is probably a 1% chance that any of this could be untrue. I'm willing to bet on the 99% that says it is true. If that continues, we can certainly arrive at a point where the great negotiating skills of the great TV star Donald Trump could be employed to go on further and to take care of some of the concerns and in some respects, they are genuine concerns that people have over this agreement, such as the 15-year point, the 20-year point, the 25-year point, and so forth. Those concerns could be talked about and dealt with. And in the meantime, too, you could talk about other issues like ballistic missiles, like support for terrorism, though you've got to open parentheses there and say the largest support for terrorism in the world is Saudi Arabia, close those ..." + 81%
"2018-04-03 00:33:00"
"US Blocks UN Investigation into ..."
" It's the Real News Network of Sharmini, Paris, coming to you from Baltimore. At an emergency meeting of the United Nations Security Council on Friday, the Trump administration blocked a vote calling for an international investigation into Israeli defense forces killing 17 and wounding 1500 Palestinians last Friday. The government have quaint had proposed the resolution. The killings took place in the context of a massive peaceful march of Palestinians near the Gaza Strip's eastern border. They called for a return of expropriated land and commemorated the killing of six Palestinians at a demonstration in 1976. Here's what Taib Brook Zeyun of the United Nations, his assistant to the Secretary-General for political affairs had to say. There is fear that the situation might deteriorate in the coming days. We will continue to underline that it is imperative that civilians in particular children not be targeted and that all actors refrain from putting children at risk at any time. Israel must uphold its responsibilities and under international human rights and humanitarian law. Reether force should not only be used as a last resort with any resulting fatalities properly investigated by the authorities. The Pope at his eastern service on Sunday in Rome had this to say about the violence. We beseech fruits of reconciliation for the Holy Land, also experiencing in these days the wounds of ongoing conflict that do not spare the defenseless. For Yemen and for the entire Middle East so that dialogue and mutual respect may prevail over the vision of the violence. After taking life of so many Palestinians, Israeli military tweeted, we know where every bullet landed, implying that the killings were intentional and targeted. The tweet had been deleted shortly after it appeared. Following me now to discuss all of this is Larry Wilkerson, Larry is former chief of staff to the Secretary of State Colin Powell, now a distinguished professor at the College of William and Mary. Thank ..." + 84%
"2018-04-02 20:06:08"
"Wildcat Teacher Strikes Spread t..."
" Welcome to the Real News Network. I'm Jussal Noor in Baltimore. Teachers in Oklahoma and Kentucky walked off the job on Monday, April 2nd, closing school statewide as they became the latest U.S. educators to demand pay raises and more funding for school systems reeling from a decade of budget cuts. The strike in Oklahoma by some of the lowest paid educators in the nation came the same day that Kentucky teachers dressed in red and flighted to state's capital demanding pension security. We are here today to rally for our schools, to rally for our public servants. Following a similar successful wage strike about a month ago by teachers in West Virginia, Oklahoma's Republican-controlled legislature passed a $5,000 pay raise last month, but teachers say that's not enough and are demanding an additional $5,000 over three years and a $5,000 raise for a support personnel. Well we now go to Kentucky where we're joined by Blossom Brosey, who is a teacher at the Dainville Independent School. So you just got back from this rally at the Capitol. Talk about what the scene was. We have images we're showing. You know, it shows hundreds of teachers, maybe thousands, rallying. What was your message that you delivered to leaders in the Capitol? Okay, thank you. Well, most of us Kentucky teachers are on spring break this week. So we came up to the Capitol on the first day of our spring break. I got there about seven o'clock in the morning and there were thousands of teachers arriving and we gathered at the Kentucky Education Association headquarters and then walked down the street to the Kentucky Capitol. So what happened was last Thursday evening, the legislators passed a pension bill that really just dealt us a huge blow, changed our benefits, changed our health care and basically took away our pensions. And then what's happening today and tomorrow, these are the last two days of the Kentucky General Assembly. So our legislators have waited to the last minute to pass a budget. So..." + 79%
"2018-04-02 02:20:01"
"'Jobs Not Incarceration': Baltim..."
" Welcome to the real news. I'm Eddie Conway, coming to you from a nap list. We're down in one of the state office buildings now with a large number of activists from Baltimore City coming to lend their voice to a new building that's being considered. You guys are holding up shirts to fight against the governor's crime bill SB 122 which seeks to incarcerate our young people. The time is now to take action and to vote to give law enforcement officers, prosecutors and judges the tools they need to finally get these shooters and repeat violent offenders off of our streets once and for all. The governor's plan, the crime prevention plan is completely off base and is specifically looking towards the mandatory minimum sentences. So the people that I represent are African American, in-engine people and that's who's going to be disproportionately impacted by it. I mean mandatory minimums are proven to be non deterrence. They don't prevent crime. Today we've talked about mandatory minimums, we talked about things that historically we know do not work. They definitely don't work for our community and they don't work for the broad of Maryland. So why do we continue to kind of regurgitate and recycle this political rhetoric that again only hurts our people? The NAACP categorically opposes this legislation, it is a bad bill, it's not the right thing to do and it's not the right place to start. What we need is an investment in programs that dismantle the violence ecosystem because just taking one set of violent people out of the community and putting them in jail is not going to stop the violence. The governor Hogan made a press conference yesterday and one of the things that he's trying to do is pass a law that you will end up getting more time if you have a weapon or if you've been convicted before. He's talking about being hard on crime, but he's not doing anything about jobs. Do you think jobs in the community would make a difference? I do believe jobs will make a differenc..." + 76%
"2018-04-01 23:17:40"
"Should Sex Work be Decriminalize..."
" Human trafficking and prostitution are considered crimes, but to many advocates there are actually injustices which involve a complex array of social forces. Women and men and trans folks who trade sex are often afflicted with a myriad of other social ills, poverty, criminalization, and violence. And the murky world in which sex is exchanged for money only makes addressing the problems in the industry more difficult, which is why using the criminal justice system to address these issues has been controversial. Some say the only way to combat prostitution is to go after the Johns, criminalizing men who buy sexual services. But others argue comprehensive decriminalization takes the process out of the shadows and provides safety and protection for those who need it most. And still others say cracking down on the traffickers themselves with tough new laws is the best solution. While countries like Denmark, Germany, Brazil, and in the US states like Nevada have completely legalized sex work. To help us sort out the most effective and humane way to address the sex for money business, I will be conducting two interviews with people who are actively seeking effective solutions. Later I will talk to Baltimore City Councilman Christopher Burnett who is working on a package of legislation to address human trafficking in Baltimore that he hopes will change the way law enforcement approaches the problem. But now I'm in the studio joined by Carolyn Unger, a representative of SWAP, the Sex Workers Outreach Project. Carolyn, thank you so much for joining me. Thanks for having me. And for the purposes of our discussion, I may be using the term woman and sex worker interchangeably. And that is not to erase the experience of men, boys, and trans folks, and non-binary people who participate in sex work. But just to facilitate the conversation and because the majority of those who are involved in sex work are women and girls. Now let me ask you first, is there a difference between p..." + 89%
"2018-04-01 23:02:09"
"Public Citizen: Trump Violating ..."
" It's the Real News Network. I'm Sharmini Pires coming to you from Baltimore. I gather you remember the 2016 presidential campaign when Donald Trump told us with this memorable rhetoric about draining the swamp in Washington. I want everyone in Washington to hear and to heed the words that we all say together. If we win on November 8th, we are going to drain the swamp in Washington, DC, with draining the swamp. Well, he did win on November 8th and when all eyes were on Trump the first few days in office, he did follow up quickly on what he was promising by signing an executive order just a week after he got into office on January 28th, 2017. The executive order was to prevent lobbyists from joining his administration to work on issues that they have previously lobbied on. So a year and almost a few months out, let's examine how well this order is being executed on. Many watchdogs in Washington are alarmed at epic, epic violations on the hill. Here's Senator Elizabeth Warren. Over and over again, he has promised to drain the swamp, but then appointed an army of lobbyists and industry insiders to positions overseeing the industries that paid them for years. Public citizen and advocacy organization looking out for our rights has identified at least 36 former lobbyists who are now working in Trump's administration that are working on issues for which they have recently lobbied and only six of them have gotten a waiver from Trump thus far. So on to talk about this with me is Craig Holman. He is a government affairs lobbyist for public citizen in Washington, DC. Thanks for joining me, Craig. Glad to be here. Thanks. All right, Craig, you have filed 30 complaints against the Trump administration and it's officials for violating Trump's own executive order. What are your complaints and what are some of the most egregious violations you have filed? Yeah, sure. First of all, I want to highlight that this is just the tip of the iceberg. I was able to identify only about a q..." + 76%
"2018-04-01 22:51:26"
"The Murder of Marielle Franco an..."
" The Massive protests against the killing of Maria Nifranco blanketed Brazil in recent weeks. Franco was a black LGBT anti-police violence activist from the favelas of Rio de Janeiro in a city counselor for the progressive socialism and liberty party pay solve. She was a vocal opponent to the recent military occupation of Rio's poorest communities. Our friend was not killed by violence on the day of the day. Our friend was murdered. Our friend was murdered and our friend was murdered in a way to silence, to stop everything, that she built, that she fought. Franco and her driver, Anderson Gomez, were gunned down on March 14th after she left the meeting of black women organizers. Thousands countrywide have responded with tears, outrage and concern that she was murdered for her vocal opposition to police brutality and the military occupation of Rio. In one of her last weeks, she asked how many more have to die for this war to end. According to federal prosecutors, the evidence points to a hit by corrupt police officers. The bullets were apparently from police stocks. An early tweet from the intercepts Glenn Greenwald, read, to the surprise of absolutely nobody, the preliminary evidence is establishing links between the police and the assassins who killed Maria Lifranco. The group torture never again has called her murder the first political execution of the military intervention in Rio de Janeiro. The intervention has been underway since mid-February when President Michel Temer put the army in charge of the city's police force. Crime and violence have indeed been on the rise in Rio de Janeiro since 2015 amid a deep recession that hit the city particularly hard. Rio declared a state of calamity just seven weeks before the 2016 Olympics. The federal government had to step in to bail it out. The city passed major budget cuts and slash state workers' wages. Teachers and officers went months without being paid. Thousands of Brazilian soldiers have been deployed to Rio in..." + 59%
"2018-03-29 23:37:43"
"Trade War Greatly Exaggerated"
" It's the Real News Network. I'm Sharmini Pures coming to you from Baltimore. Last week, Asian stock markets declined in anticipation of the steel tariffs imposed by Donald Trump. Here is Gau Feng, spokesperson for China's Ministry of Commerce, speaking on Thursday on the ramification of Trump's new trade policies. The US approach on trade is a very bad precedent. Imposing tariffs on Chinese products is a blatant violation of world trade organization rules. It shows the multilateral trading system is completely ignored and shows contempt and infringement of multilateral rules and could trigger a domino effect of trade protectionism, which will cast a shadow again over the recovered global economy. But according to an article that our next guest, Mark Weisbrot wrote in the nation title, the threat of trade war is overblown. Real war is far more likely. He points out that the US has already exempted the major suppliers of steel and aluminum from the new tariffs, including the EU, Brazil, Argentina, South Korea, Australia, Canada, and Mexico. So, we are going to ask Mark to explain himself. Mark Weisbrot is co-director of the Center for Economic Policy and Research in Washington, DC. Mark received his PhD in economics from the University of Michigan. He's the author of failed. What the experts got wrong about the global economy. He joins us today from Washington, DC. And I should mention he's also the president of just foreign policy. Thanks for joining us, Mark. Thanks for having me, Sharmini. So Mark, before we get to your article, explain what exactly the new tariffs are and how significant they are in terms of US-China trade relations. Mark Weisbrot, two sets of tariffs that the Trump administration announced. One, you mentioned was the steel tariffs on steel and aluminum. And as you noted, within three weeks, they had exempted most of the major suppliers of steel and aluminum to the United States. Those would still apply to China. Now then they then Trump annou..." + 73%
"2018-04-01 01:13:14"
"Delinquent $13.8 Billion Pipelin..."
" This is Demetri LaScaris reporting for the Real News from Montreal, Canada. The transportation of oil via pipelines is encountering increasing resistance across North America. In what has been dubbed the standing rock of the North indigenous Canadians, environmentalists, and ordinary citizens are battling the massive expansion of Kinder Morgan's Trans Mountain Pipeline in Western Canada. Canadians mountain carries toxic tar sands, bichamen from Alberta to British Columbia's Pacific Coast. Meanwhile south of the border many battles are raging as well. The Dakota Axis Pipeline and the Brasca Arm of the Keystone XL and the construction in Virginia and West Virginia have two proposed natural gas pipelines are all encountering strong resistance. In Virginia some protesters have spent 30 days positioned up in trees in the construction area of the pipeline. A new pipeline spill in Indiana confirms that the fears of pipeline resistors are well founded. In the Indiana spill approximately 1000 barrels or 42,000 gallons of diesel fuel entered big creek which feeds into the Wabash River. The company responsible marathon petroleum corporation manages one of the largest petroleum pipeline networks in the United States based on total volume delivered. A few days after the disclosure of the recent spill the Environmental Protection Agency announced an agreement with marathon pipeline to resolve a clean water act violation stemming from its 2016 spill into the Wabash River with civil penalties amounting to $335,000. With us to discuss the recent spill in marathon's track record you're pleased to be joined by Jody Paris. Jody manages Sierra clubs beyond coal campaign in Indiana and Tucky Michigan and Ohio. Thanks for joining us today Jody. Thanks, Demetri, it's great to be here. So please talk to begin about this recent spill Jody, the 42,000 gallons of diesel. Is this quantity of diesel liable to have a significant adverse impact on the local environment? Well, I certainly think..." + 67%
"2018-04-01 01:02:24"
"Israel Massacres Unarmed Gaza Pr..."
" 10s of thousands of Palestinians living under a suffocating Israeli blockade in Gaza organized a massive peaceful march on the border with Israel, and they were met with a sea of bullets. Israel crushed the historic protest with extreme violence, mowing down the unarmed protesters. More than 1400 Palestinians were injured. The Israeli military deployed more than 100 snipers, who shot 773 protesters with live ammunition. At least 16 gauzeins were killed in the massacre. Israel's military later openly admitted that the massacre had been intentional and pre-planned. The IDF wrote on Twitter, quote, everything was accurate and measured. And we know where every bullet landed. Soon after, it deleted these tweets admitting responsibility. The demonstration, which was dubbed the Great Return March, had been organized for months in order to demand the right Palestinian refugees have under international law to return to their homes, which Israel ethnically cleansed in 1948. The protesters also condemned Israel's decade-long blockade of the Gaza Strip, which United Nations experts have explicitly said is illegal. As of this smothering siege, 1.8 million Palestinians are trapped inside Gaza, with little water, food, and electricity. Even the United Kingdom's conservative former prime minister David Cameron has described the Israeli-Beseech Gaza Strip as a prison camp and open air prison. The real news spoke about the historic protest with journalist Max Blumenthal, who recently reported from on the ground in Gaza. This protest was also against the Israeli policy in the buffer zone, where Israel controls territory inside Gaza and shoots people at will. But it was also about demonstrating the legitimate claim that Palestinians have to their land and property inside Israel, according to UN Resolution 194, which was passed by the UN and gives Palestinians the right of return, which all refugees have. This protest is the unarmed demonstration that we've heard a lot of liberal Zi..." + 85%
"2018-04-01 00:34:47"
"Adnan Syed Prosecutor On What Th..."
" For the Real News, I'm Bannered Woods. In Baltimore City, where we have historically high homicide rate, unprecedented police corruption and the history of mass incarceration, the office of the state's attorney plays a particularly important role in the criminal justice system, deciding who to prosecute and how. We're sitting down one-on-one with all of the candidates running for the office and three-part interviews that will address some of the issues we're facing as a city. We've already spoken with the incumbent Marilyn Mosby and one of our challengers, Ivan Bates. Today, we talk with Theroux Vignoraja. Theroux is the son of Baltimore school teachers. His sister is also running for governor and we hope to talk to her soon. Here's President of the Harvard Law Review, clerked on the Supreme Court. He worked as a federal prosecutor in the state's attorney's office and was the assistant attorney general for the state of Maryland. He's had high profile cases like prosecuting the Black Gorilla family and arguing the post-conviction of Adnan Saiet. Welcome Theroux. Thank you so much for having me. Yesterday, the court ruled the Court of Special Appeals ruled to uphold the overturning of the conviction. And I know that because it's a case in play, you can't say a lot about what's going on with it. But I mean, I feel like your plans that you're putting out are very progressive. And some people may say that prosecuting this case where there are a lot of questions about the original trial isn't particularly progressive. What does it say about what you would do as state's attorney? You know, Vignor, you mentioned it because it's a pending case. I'm very limited in what I can say. The office is reviewing the decision that just came out yesterday to determine what's inappropriate next step. And because of my involvement in the case, I am limited in what I can say. But I'll repeat what I've said in open court, which is that this is a case that has drawn a lot of public atte..." + 85%
"2018-03-31 22:20:24"
"Legislation Fights Liens Based o..."
" This is the Greater Bethesda Missionary Baptist Church. Its congregation is led by Reverend Keith Bailey. I've been here for nine years now and the people that come here are elderly people that has been chartered for years and it has been a great eyesight to the neighborhood for the homeless food pantry and of activists that we do in the community to help raise money for the help of the community. The Church's Food Pantry Services dozens of people through the neighborhood. I have community service people from Mitchell Courthouse that come to me every Monday to Friday. Sometimes 20, sometimes 10. Freddie Gray was under my supervision with community service for two years and he had a hundred hours each year. And he worked here in the food pantry with you? Yeah, this is where he was working and the day he didn't show up was the day that he had passed. But the GMBC congregation are about to lose their church due to an inaccurate water bill. The church's bill was $87,000. We called the city to investigate it. They never came. They came, they came, they did come out. They looked in the meters to hold and they didn't see any meters during that time inside of the ground into the pits they call it. And after that they never heard from the city anymore. There's no meter here. They couldn't find the meters. They couldn't find, first of all they couldn't find the meters. Then they came out and they sent a crew out and they looked and it was the no meters down in the pits. By the time the city corrected the bill, the lean on Reverend Bailey's church had already been purchased. So he's looking at raising $10,000 to save his church. Advocates say this is surprisingly common. Actually, just today was speaking with a pastor who just paid a $4,000 water bill that he's been fighting with the city about for two years. And they've gone back and forth. They're claiming he has a leak on his property. He brought them a certified note from a plumber saying there's no leak. They keep tel..." + 58%
"2018-03-30 23:00:13"
"Black Baltimore Responds to Marv..."
" There's a lot of controversy in the Black community about the film, the Black Panther. Now I understand you saw it. Can you give me your impressions? What did you think of it and how you think it's an impact of Black community? Who came up with the quote unquote struggle? People came up in the struggle, have a more relatable sense towards Killmonger based on his views on how you wanted to help the oppressed people. But then you had to challenge us like man listen if we all just come together a period we wouldn't even need a whole bunch of this stuff. Because I love everything about the movie except its politics. The problem is the movie is about its politics, right? So it's a very problematic murder of Tarzan but it is a murder of Tarzan. It's on the one hand it creates in Killmonger a Black radical that's foaming at the mouth so to speak. But on the other hand it clearly defines him as a creature of the CIA. He was flawed obviously as a character but I think his mission was not flawed. So yeah definitely resonated. And I think you know as a Black person growing up in the inner city in America I really also related to him and his personal struggles as well. If you had to be one of those people in the movie who would you be? You would be the Black Panther. You like the Black Panther? Is he a hero to you? Yes. Okay. He is he one of the book guys. The film itself represents a relationship between the Black Panther and the CIA and an opposition to people that were struggling or resisting oppression. That between the 13th and 15th centuries or whatever the greatest achievement of your opinion was not the colonization of man but the colonization of the mind. The military industrial complex has been controlling the output of various movies with their liaisons among those movies, the universal films, mobile films, James Bond films, all military films, the Transformers. And one of the ways in which they do this is they make available military equipment. They make availab..." + 69%
"2018-03-29 23:37:30"
"The Census: Hidden Agenda Behind..."
" It's the Real News Network. I'm Sharmini Pures coming to you from Baltimore. Twelve states, including New York, California, Illinois, are expected to challenge the Trump Administration on its request to the Census Bureau to include a citizenship status question on your 2020 Census form. Here is the Attorney General of New Yorker, Shitiman. He's making his case for the challenge. The federal government has to conduct a full and fair count of all people in the country, citizens and non-citizens alike. The Census count is essential for congressional representation for determining how federal funds are allocated to state and local governments. Very important for basic functions of government. And up until now, Republicans and Democrats alike have tried to conduct as full and fair account as possible. The Trump Administration is breaking with that tradition. They are now trying to put into the Census a question requiring people to tell what their immigration status is. If their citizens are not, this we know from 40 years of statements by Census officials will prevent them from making the full and fair account that they're required to under the Constitution. It's wrong, it's bad public policy and it would hurt places like New York that have large immigrant populations. So, right now there is an atmosphere of fear in many immigrant communities. It's well known that this Administration has expressed and we've beaten them in court several times because of their open animus towards immigrants. This would scare people away from the Census. We know it would result in under counts, it would result in injustice, it's unconstitutional, it's unlawful and it's just plain unfair. So I'll be in court with a multi-state coalition of my colleagues from around the country to stop this. We spoke to Greg Pallas who has been researching the issue of voter suppression and voter fraud about the ways in which this citizenship status information gathered in the 2020 Census could be used in..." + 56%
"2018-03-30 21:49:12"
"Bolton Acted Against US Interest..."
" It's the Real News. Network, I'm Sharmini Pires coming to you from Baltimore. John Bolton was recently appointed President Trump's National Security Advisor, replacing General McMaster. Bolton's appointment has been so controversial that there has been a great deal of international outrage because of his history at the United Nations when he served as the US ambassador to the UN under George W. Bush and under Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. The specific case I'm talking about here is July of 2006 when Israel invaded Lebanon, starting a war that lasted over a month claiming the lives of over a thousand Lebanese, 120 Israelis and 54 nationals. According to an interview with Danny Gilliman, the Israeli ambassador to the UN at the time, the French government tried to bring a resolution to the Security Council to stop the war. And then Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice had actually approved it. Ambassador Danny Gilliman says that Bolton approached him, revealed that Rice intends to support the resolution and asked him to intervene by calling the Israeli Prime Minister Ahmed Al-Murt at the time and have Ahmed call President Bush and put pressure on him to block the French resolution to stop the war. This fact is now also confirmed in the memoirs of former Israeli Prime Minister, Yud Al-Murt, which was recently published. Now joining me to discuss all of this is Phyllis Beness. She is a fellow and director of the new internationalism project at the Institute for Policy Studies in Washington, DC. She is the author of many books, including Understanding the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict, a prime minister. Thanks for joining me, Phyllis. I was good to be with you, Charmini. All right, Phyllis, take us back to the situation in 2006. Why did Israel invade Lebanon? And why was it so difficult to reach a ceasefire and what was Bolton's involvement in all of this? This was a very complicated situation. It had to do with Hezbollah accusations that Hezbollah had crossed th..." + 84%
"2018-03-30 07:34:40"
"Big Oil and Climate Science on T..."
" A potentially landmark legal case had its first day in court in California. Last year, the coastal cities of San Francisco and Oakland sued the five big oil companies, Chevron, Conoco Phillips, ExxonMobile, BP, and Royal Dutch Shell, with the charge of public nuisance seeking billions of dollars for protections against sea level rise due to climate change caused by the burning of fossil fuel. The oil companies were unsuccessful in their bid to kill the case against them, as well as in their effort to change the jurisdiction to state from federal court. After they themselves had petitioned for federal court, thinking the case would be tossed out as others had before it. But perhaps it's not only the jurisdiction, but the presiding judge that has them worried. The presiding judge, William Allsop, known for blocking the Trump administration's attempt to end the deferred action for childhood arrivals program, also known as DACA, called for a two-hour climate science tutorial from each side to present the best science now available on global warming, glacial melt, sea rise, and coastal flooding. Of the defendants, only Chevron participated, the others refused in what they said was in protest to the case's jurisdiction. In his climate science tutorial, Chevron's lawyer, Theodore Brutrose Jr. cited a 2012 UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report, experts in the fast-moving field of climate change called his presentation outdated, saying that climate science didn't stop in 2012, and criticized him for cherry-picking data on sea level rise. The Chevron lawyer also stated that the IPCC said it was the burning of fossil fuel, not the extraction where they laid the blame for climate change. The case is said to hinge on what the oil giants knew about fossil fuels effect on climate change when they knew it, and if they then misled the public, conducting business as usual. And what may become a potential turning point in the case, presenting for the cities, Professo..." + 52%
"2018-03-30 02:47:56"
"Adnan Syed of 'Serial' May Recei..."
" On Thursday, March 29, Maryland's second highest court upheld a ruling over turning the conviction of Adnan Saed for the 1999 murder of Hailey and me. The conviction was called into question by the Viral 2014 podcast, serial. The Court of Special Appeals online ruling said Saed had been denied effective counsel and his convictions had been vacated. Adnan's attorney addressed reporters after he spoke to the defendant. He asked me to convey his deep gratitude and thanks from the bottom of his heart for all those people who have supported him this long and all those people who have believed in him. Since the original post conviction was denied in 2000, we have won an application for leave to appeal, which got us back into the Court of Special Appeals. We won a remand back down to the Circuit Court. We won a motion to reopen post conviction in the Circuit Court. We won the post conviction in the Circuit Court and now we have just won an opinion from the Court of Special Appeals. Prosecutors could still take the ruling to the state's highest court. If they do not, the Baltimore City State's attorney's office would have to hold a new trial. In February 2016, we reported on the Court proceedings where Saed's attorneys requested a new trial. Here's a portion of that report. The attorney didn't do her job, right? I mean, like in a murder case where there's no forensic evidence, which is what happened here. There's not a shred of physical evidence tying a thorn to the murder, even though they tore up his house, tore up his car, tested everything they could. They found nothing to match him. All they have is a witness, a really terrible witness, by the way. And so the testimony of a really credible alibi witness would have probably gotten him acquitted. An alibi witness was exactly what serial and earth, a friend of Adnan, Asia McLean, who placed his adnan at their school library at the time he's accused of killing Lee. During the hearing, she testified in court for the fir..." + 50%
"2018-03-29 22:11:09"
"Women's History Month Highlight:..."
" What's up y'all, I'm E.J. Axon for the Real News Network. In celebration of Women's History Month, we highlight journalists, activists, and suffragists Ida B. Wells. As a black woman in the late 19th and early 20th century, Ida B. Wells faced adversity and a full spectrum of American inequities. Born a slave in 1862 in Holly Springs, Mississippi, Wells became the most prominent black woman journalists of her time. She is considered one of the first true investigative reporters investigating over 200 lynchings. She was inspired to do that work after her good friend Thomas Moss and his two business partners, Will Stewart and Calvin McDowell, were lynched in 1892. The three men owned People's Grocery Store, a black-owned grocery store and a mixed neighborhood in Memphis called The Curve. People's Grocery began to compete with a white grocery store to neighborhood. One night while guarding the grocery store from an angry white mob attack led by William Barrett, the white store owner, Moss, Stewart and McDowell shot some of the white men in self-defense. They were arrested but never tried for their crime. A mob kidnapped them from the jail and lynched them. The incident ignited Wells' anti-linching campaign. She quickly noticed that while the press reported the lynchings as justice for committing crimes like rape, theft and assault against white people, the truth was often that these men did no such thing and many were upstanding members of society who may have stood up for themselves or posed a threat to white men in some way. In Wells' day, much like today, some white suffragists and feminists didn't see the point in raising black women's issues as a part of the women's movement. Many of the early white feminists supported segregation and Jim Crow laws, so I'd be well stood in the middle of quite a fight for equality as a black woman. Wells once said one had better die fighting against injustice than to die like a dog or rat in a trap. Since her death in 1931, Ida ..." + 18%
"2018-03-29 20:11:16"
"Family of Police Shooting Victim..."
" The city of Sacramento, California is reportedly on edge ahead the funeral of Stefan Clark, none on black men who's fatally shot 20 times by police. Sustained protests continue on Wednesday, March 28, the Scrowd's block traffic unmarked, demanding justice. Wednesday's march took place soon after an open casket wake was held for Stefan Clark early in the afternoon. Two Sacramento officers, responding to a report of someone shattering car windows, shot Clark in his grandparents' backyard on the night of March 18th. Police initially said Clark was holding a gun, but later acknowledged he only had a cell phone. Sacramento police chief says he can't explain why officers turned off the audio of their body cameras before shooting Clark. The family plans to follow lawsuit against the city. They dispute accounts that Clark was breaking car windows. Clark's family and activists from Black Lives Matter Sacramento are demanding the prosecution of the officers responsible for killing Clark. Authorities say the investigation is ongoing. Protests are also expected again at the Sacramento King's basketball game on Thursday night. Players from the King's in Boston Celtics released this PSA to cry in the killing of an armed black man by police." + 1%
"2018-03-29 08:27:27"
"Cambridge Analytica Is Not Alone..."
" It's the Real News Network. I'm Sharmini Pures coming to you from Baltimore. The scandals surrounding the activities of the data mining company Cambridge Analytica and its use of personal data from 50 million Facebook users continue to unfold. The whistleblower and former Cambridge Analytica employee Christopher Wiley testified before Britain's Parliament on Tuesday. 2016 was where I started looking at what this company was actually doing in the United States and coming to appreciate that the projects that I was working on may have had a much wider impact than I initially anticipated it would. And after Donald Trump got inaugurated very shortly after that that's when I started working with Carol at the Guardian on reporting some of the things that the company is doing. I don't think that military style information operations is conducive for any democratic process whether it's a US presidential or a local council race. There, Wiley outlined how the company manipulated elections in Nigeria. He also said that Israeli software company BlackQ was involved and called the whole effort a privatized colonizing operation. A former Facebook manager also came forward recently saying that hundreds of millions of Facebook users probably had their data stolen in ways similar to the Cambridge Analytica case. One who has been warning about the extensive use and misuse of private data for manipulating and winning elections is Greg Pallast. In a recent article he points out that Cambridge Analytica which was owned in part by right to billionaire Robert Mercer is a relative newcomer to this type of work Pallast says other companies such as I-360 which is owned by Koch brothers and data trust which is operated by Carl Rove have been more extensive in their operations. Here's a clip from one of Greg Pallast's videos about the story. Data Trust. Our tracking over 1,800 things about you Mr. Voter including the last time you downloaded porn to whether you ordered Chinese food just befo..." + 88%
"2018-03-29 08:24:19"
"Baltimore State's Attorney's Rac..."
" And Baltimore City, the Office of State's Attorney, is particularly important. This year, three candidates are running for the top prosecutor job, and the real news will be sitting down with all of them to talk about solutions to mass incarceration and violent crime. This is the second and a three-part interview with incumbent Marilyn Mosby. In the first part of our interview, we traced her first term through the tumultuous period leading from the death of Freddie Gray and the trials of the six officers charged in his death up to the recent federal police corruption trial of the gun trace task force. In this second segment of our conversation, Mosby lays out some of her visions for second term. So with me today, here for the real news is the State's Attorney, Marilyn Mosby. Thanks a lot for coming. Thank you for having me. So the last time we're in the middle now, it just kicked off really the middle of the State's Attorney's Race, and the last time that you ran, you are running as the insurgent, as the challenger against Greg Bernstein, and now you are running on a record that you have had in this job. How is it different this time? How does the campaign feel? I feel really good about the difference between then and now is that I'm running on my record. So everybody knows that I'm fully vested in the city of Baltimore. I always say I don't have to turn on the news. I don't have to open up the newspaper to see the violence flicking our community. I live in the heart of West Baltimore raising my two little girls. All I have to do is open up the door. Understanding and recognizing that my number one priority is always going to be and has been public safety, we prosecute between 45,000, 50,000 cases a year in Baltimore city. We have a 93% felony conviction rate. My homicide prosecutors, which I tell as being the best, the brightest, most talented prosecutors in the country, even despite the 20% increase in the number of homicides that we deal with on a day-to-day b..." + 81%
"2018-03-29 00:02:36"
"Economic Update- Capitalism Bree..."
" Welcome friends to another edition of Economic Update, a weekly program that devoted to the economic dimensions of our lives, jobs, debts, incomes, the growth of some parts of the world economy, the shrinkage of other parts, and how it impacts all of us. I'm your host Richard Wolff. I've been a professor of economics all my adult life, and in a way I hope that that has prepared me to provide these comments on what's going on in the economy today. I want to begin by presenting to you some of the findings of the World Wealth Report. This very important periodic document took time out this year to take a look at the last 40 years, the period since 1980 of looking at what has happened in the world economy and what it tells us. So important are these results that the Harvard Business Review for the month of March 2018 devotes a long detailed article to this Wealth Report, and what I'm presenting to you is a mixture of what the report contains and what the Harvard Business Review also has to say about it. Let's start at the top and then look at it with some detail. Inequality in the world has sharpenly worsened over the last 40 years. Let me explain. There has actually been a shrinkage of inequality, less inequality when you compare countries to countries. Mostly that has to do with extraordinary improvement in the economic performance of China and then also India and Brazil. They have gotten relatively richer fast, and the rest of the world, particularly the older wealthy parts, Western Europe, North America and Japan have grown much, much more slowly if at all. And so there's been a little less inequality country to country. But the price of that has been a staggering increase in inequality inside countries, literally all countries, growing inequality in China in India as I will come back to, as well as in the United States, Western Europe and Japan and so on. That's what I want to talk to you about. Over the last 40 years, the share of income of the top 1% of peopl..." + 91%
"2018-03-28 23:36:09"
"Lula Leads in Polls as Court Uph..."
" It's the Real News. I'm Sharmini Perris coming to you from Baltimore. On Monday, final procedural objections raised by lawyers, a former leftist president of Brazil Lula de Silva was upheld by an appeals court. This means that Lula's corruption conviction remains. The court procedures have been so far that a UN Human Rights Commission lawyer, Jeffrey Robinson, who is also a lawyer for the Queen of England, has said that these proceedings against Lula has violated fundamental principles of the law and that it's an aberration of justice. In spite of all of this, upholding the conviction leaves the possibility that Lula will soon be jailed. However, Lula will not be imprisoned until the country's Supreme Court decides on April 4th whether to accept his request that he be allowed to exhaust his appeals process before landing in jail. The Supreme Court ruled in 2016 that defendants should begin serving prison sentences after their conviction was upheld on a first appeal. However, several members of the court are pressing to revisit that decision and perhaps reverse it. But this is not going to stop Lula from campaigning for the upcoming presidential election, which will be held on October 7th. Joining us now from Floriana Police Brazil to analyze all of this is Mike Fonks. Mike is a freelance journalist based in Brazil. Thanks for joining us, Mike. Thanks for having me, Sharmin. Now Mike, the conviction means that Lula cannot be a candidate for the presidential election, particularly since his appeal was not granted. It was the conviction was upheld. So why is he campaigning for the presidential run this October? So it's a little confusing. Everything in Brazilian politics is a little confusing and particularly in this case with Lula. According to Brazilian law, people who have been convicted of corruption cannot be candidates for at least eight years. They cannot run in those elections or can't hold office. It does not mean, however, that he can't register and he ca..." + 82%
"2018-03-28 19:29:56"
"Baltimore State's Attorney's Rac..."
" For the real news, I'm Bayneard Woods. And I'm back with Ivan Bates, a defense attorney running for the State's Attorney's Office in Baltimore, Maryland. In the first part of our conversation, we talked about the Freddie Gray case and the gun-trace task force corruption trial. Now we're going to move on to talk a little bit more about ways to transform and reform the criminal justice system here in Maryland. Welcome back, Ivan. Thank you, Baynear. Glad to be here. And the other big crisis that we're facing in addition to police corruption is the homicide crisis. 342 murders last year, regularly making over 300 murders in the city for the last several years. And we're also locking up unprecedented numbers of people and people still don't feel safe. So between the homicides and the mass incarceration, neither of which seem to be working, what can you do as a state's attorney to make the people of Baltimore actually feel safer? It's important to understand the criminal justice system in Baltimore City in the state of Maryland, but specifically in Baltimore City, the most important part of the system is the state's attorney. And why do I say that? The police make arrests. That's a short-term solution. The judge's sentence, but what has changed in the past three years? One thing, our new state's attorney, the incumbent. And what does that mean? In 2015, the law changed, which said that no longer are judges, the sole individuals who decide the sentences. It is now the state's attorney. So with the state's attorney being the individuals that decide the sentences in terms of the sharp case, now the state's attorney's office has all the power. So you have to have a strong state's attorney. If you have experience, you understand the system how the system works. Our current state's attorney to pass three years, 95 prosecutors have left that office. That means they're not winning the cases. That means they're going to have more pleas on cases that should possibly go to tria..." + 85%
"2018-03-28 05:41:03"
"Trump Appoints Yet Another Dereg..."
" It's the Real News Network. I'm Sharmini Puris coming to you from Baltimore. President Trump just announced the appointment of Jelena McWilliams, a lawyer from 5th Bank Corp to head the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, known as FDIC. The appointment is an important step in Trump's effort to deregulate the financial industry. FDIC together with the Federal Reserve and the Office of the Controller of the Currency are in charge of writing financial rules. Now these rules will be revamped following the dismantling of the 2010 Dodd-Frank Act, which has already passed the Senate and will probably pass the House very soon. Now joining me to analyze the consequences of this final appointment of Jelena McWilliams is Bill Black. Bill is a white color criminologist, former financial regulator, an associate professor of economics and law at the University of Missouri, Kansas City, is also the author of the best way to rob a bank is to own one. Thanks for joining us, Bill. Thank you. Bill, about the appointment of Jelena McWilliams, principal, who issue, where does she stand on financial regulation? So, 5th-third bank has the stupidest name in all of banking, but is actually one of the country's largest banks. She comes from both a law and finance background in terms of her parents. The dad was on the finance side, one of the first was the first female partner at the firm. So she's the next generation after a number of the pathbreakers. She stands four square with Donald Trump on the three D's, deregulation, D supervision and de facto decriminalization. You, in the introduction correctly noted the bill that's passed the Senate. We had a report in that and an additional report when they decided to make it even worse because they were emboldened by the significant number of democratic senators who joined in helping to cut Dodd-Frank. And the House is not absolutely certain because there's some folks who want to go so far in destroying regulation that it might actually ca..." + 83%
"2018-03-28 05:37:10"
"Hampton University Students Take..."
" We're going to have my pocket, another touch. Everyone here don't work on, contribute, and it's going to go straight to our president. Right, period. We all came here. We all have a satellite, we have a good care. We're going to have a good care. Because everyone here pays for hand. Just fact, that's right. You're not about to get a refund, right? Right. You're not about to get a refund, right? Back. I'm going to phrase this as we're a bunch of rebel students causing a destruction. And causing a inconvenience to all the other students. That's not true. In the vein of student activists before damn, Hampton University students took to the streets recently. Students are outraged about the conditions on campus and the sexual assault that they felt weren't being addressed. Students took to social media and news outlets to gain further attention to the issues. Joining us today to discuss the Hampton protests is Jared Carter Senior. Jared is CEO and founder of hbcu.js.com where you can find extensive coverage and commentary on all HBCU news from around the country. Jared, thanks for joining me. Thank you for having me, appreciate it. Okay, what's going on? Something's been happening since February 21st down at Hampton. What is it? Yeah, there's a number of student protests taking place on campus. A variety of issues the students are trying to get addressed. One is Title IX compliance issues. Another is quality of food service on campus and housing issues. Certain deficiencies with mold and middle doing things like that in rooms. And the administration has been working to respond to a lot of the students' concerns. They've had a number of public meetings. The students have also been vocal on social media and expressing their displeasure with some of the conditions or the concerns and their efforts to try to reach out to administration to work with them and solve them. So it's a very unique issue for Hampton. There are a lot of HBCUs that confront these kind of things ev..." + 82%
"2018-03-27 23:41:17"
"Catalan Independence Leader’s ..."
" It's the Real News Network. I'm Sharmini Pyrrhus, coming to you from Baltimore. Catalonia's independence leader and former president, Carlos Pujamont, was arrested in Germany on Sunday. He was on his way back to Belgium from a conference in Finland when Spanish authorities alerted the German government about Pujamont's border crossing. Pujamont has had a warrant out for his arrest ever since he organized a referendum in Catalan for its independence last October while he was president of Catalonia. Pujamont supporters organized a spontaneous demonstration for his release in Barcelona. Meanwhile, in Madrid last Friday, Spanish Supreme Court judge ordered that five Catalan independence politicians be held without bail who now face up to 30 years in jail on charges of rebellion. Joining me now to analyze the ongoing complicated situation in Catalonia is Sebastian Farber. Sebastian is professor of his panic studies at Oberlin College and author of the book Memory Battles of the Spanish Civil War. Welcome back to the Real News Sebastian. Great to be back. Sebastian, ever since Spain's Prime Minister, Marianne Arahoi called for a snap election in Catalonia last December, there has been no regional government there because the three independence parties which maintain a narrow majority could not agree on a leader. What effect does the Pujamont's arrest in Germany have on political governance crisis in Catalonia? Well, there's been really two effects. On the one hand, there's been a wave, a new wave of indignation and protest. And in a way, the reaction to his arrest has helped bring the three parties back together after a period in which they've been drifting apart, disagreeing over what kind of government should be put in place and what the nature and the aspirations of the government should be. Among the three, the smallest is the coup candidacy for Upper Unity. And the coup of the three has been the one that kept pressing for an independent republic. Whereas the othe..." + 83%
"2018-03-27 23:16:07"
"US and Russia: New Age of Nuclea..."
" It's a real news network and welcome back to my conversation with Richard Sakhwa. Richard Sakhwa is professor of Russian and European politics at the University of Kent and an associate fellow of Russia and Eurasia program at Chatham House. He has written extensively on Russia and his most recent book is Russia against the rest pluralism and post Cold War crisis of world order. Thanks again for joining me Richard. Hi, Patrick. Richard James Cameron wrote in the Washington Post that some of the capabilities described input and speech newly unveiled in that video were somewhat outdated and unrealistic and exaggerated. It suggests that Putin is using this opportunity where he might have the world's attention to promote Russian arms in order to support the Russian arms industry at a time when the Russian economy is struggling. Now Russia is the world's second largest weapons exporter after the U.S. but how important is the arms industry to the Russian economy and do you believe that Putin was actually trying to do that? No, I think the second part is completely false. I don't think Putin needed to puff up the Russian defense industry if they were the second largest armament sale. But even that's not so important. Last year angry food exports were of much greater value than arms exports. As for the first part, I think that Putin's announcement certainly deserves to be scrutinized very carefully because these weapons are absolutely amazing super weapons if they exist. Putin has been questioned a few times since then on these issues. He has made clear that these are not completely speculative. That work has been continuing since the U.S. left the ABM2 in 2002. And of course another thing which he is arguing is the attempt of the United States to build an anti-bolicic system, a ballistic missile defense. It's with Karsten, Poland, Romania, Alaska, elsewhere. So these weapons, Putin is saying, they will are indestructible. We do know that the Sarmat missile, which is a h..." + 85%
"2018-03-27 23:07:47"
"US and Russia: New Age of Nuclea..."
" It's the Real News, network of Shamanie, Paris, coming to you from Baltimore. On March 1st, just 17 days before the presidential elections in Russia, President Vladimir Putin presented a two-hour state of the Union address to the Russian Congress, which drew a great deal of attention, not only in Russia, but around the world. Part of the address focused on nuclear armament building, building weapons capable of penetrating the U.S. weapon shields, a video that Putin showed during the address has gone viral, causing some euphoria in military industries who are anticipating lucrative business contracts. Now the question is, was that speech a provocation for sparking another arms race with the U.S. or was it an attempt to get reelected merely a campaign speech? On to talk about this, with me is Richard Sakwa, he is professor of Russian and European politics at the University of Kent and an associate fellow of Russia and Eurasia program at Chatham House. He has written extensively on Russia, his most recent book is Russia against the Rust pluralism and post-Cold War crisis of world order. Thank you so much for joining me, Richard. Hi, pleasure. Richard, and now Putin dedicated much of the speech to expressing his disappointment with the lack of U.S. adherence to international disarmament treaties. Let's have a look. In 2000, the United States told us about its plans to withdraw from the A.B.M. treaty. Russia objected to this categorically. We believe that the treaty, the A.B.M. 1972 treaty, was a cornerstone in the international security architecture, according to this treaty, both sides was entitled to have just one area protected against the missile attack. Now, Russia deployed this system around Moscow and the U.S.-Rangran folks. We've signed the new start treaty in 2010 between Russia and the United States on further reductions of strategic offensive arms. Yet, when implementing these plans to build the global missile defense systems, all the agreements that we a..." + 78%
"2018-03-27 22:37:35"
"Victims of Political Policing Wa..."
" I'm just a man! I'm just a man! Victims of political policing in the UK, along with their legal representatives, marched out of the latest hearing of the inquiry into undercover policing and England and Wales on Wednesday. At least 60 men and women proceeded to temporarily block the main entrance into the World Courts of Justice, holding a banner that said, tear down the spy cops and quarries brick wall of silence. Philippe Akovman, one of the lawyers representing non-state participants at the inquiry, explained the decision of her clients to withdraw from the process. There are lots of confidence, isn't it, say? Something that arises from the nature of the inquiry chair himself. He asked him to stand aside. When he was asked to stand aside, which to do what happened in the Lawrence inquiry to sit with a panel of individuals who have experienced direct experience of the matters that go to the heart of this inquiry because race, discrimination and sex discrimination. Non-state court participants told me they had had enough of what they believe is an inquiry process that appears to be more concerned with protecting the identities of political police rather than exposing wrongdoing and holding them accountable. Within the last year, police authorities have confirmed that they have infiltrated and spied upon at least 1,000 organizations in the last 50 years. The number was previously believed to be at least 400 groups. Dave Smith has been at the forefront of campaigning for justice for the thousands of construction workers who over decades were denied the ability to work, in part due to police collusion with private corporations to help blacklist trade unionists and those raising health and safety concerns. All of the non-police court participants have halted out of the public inquiry today, but basically because the new judge and child's are John Newton, has just demonstrated the all-inclusive decisions that might sound far to be completely inadequate in actually t..." + 75%
"2018-03-27 06:41:36"
"Former Kinder Morgan Engineer Sp..."
" This is Dimitri Lascaros reporting for the Real News Network from Montreal, Canada. During the past 10 days, hundreds of protesters have been arrested in Bernab, British Columbia, in what has been dubbed the Standing Rock of the North. The target of their nonviolent resistance is the proposed $7.4 billion expansion of Kinder Morgan's Trans Mountain Tarzan's pipeline. The expansion of the Trans Mountain pipeline would nearly triple the flow of Alberta's landlocked bitchamon to Canada's west coast and dramatically increase oil tanker traffic in the Pacific. One of the peaceful resistors who has been arrested is Romali Kavanaugh. Romali Kavanaugh is an environmental engineer with 30 years experience. She's the recipient of the prestigious Fellow of Engineers Canada Award for outstanding contributions to the profession of engineering. She also has a master's degree from Harvard University and Sustainability and Environmental Management. And one of Romali's first jobs was an environmental engineering position at the Trans Mountain Pipeline. She held that position from 1991 to 1996. And she's joining us today from Vancouver, British Columbia. Thank you for coming on to the Real News Romali. Thank you. It's my pleasure. So Romali, why did you expose yourself to arrest at the site of the Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion? I made that choice, it wasn't an easy choice, but this pipeline project, the expansion of the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline, is just too dangerous in my opinion. In terms of risks from spills, it will contribute to Canada's climate change, greenhouse gas emissions. It tramples on indigenous rights and the process that was used through the National Energy Board to approve this project was deeply flawed. So I've decided to take a chance for the first time in my life to risk a arrest and to engage in peaceful protest and civil disobedience. I want to come back to you in a moment with the question of the risks arising from the expansion. But first ..." + 80%
"2018-03-27 06:38:05"
"Former Black Panther Herman Bell..."
" Welcome to this edition of Rathlin the Buzz. I'm Eddie Conway coming to you from Baltimore. Recently, a political prisoner in prisoner war, Herman Bell has been granite parole by the parole board of New York City. It's based on 45 years in prison and the changes that Herman Bell has gone through during those 45 years. It's also interesting to note, and there's probably people here who know the statistics better than I, that the lowest rate of recidivism is for people who are over 50. And in fact, people who've been convicted of homicide, the lowest rate of recidivism. And so the data shows not only generally, but specifically to Miss DeBel that he presents an extremely low risk of recidivism. It's been a lot of controversy around his case as a member of the BLA. It involved the murder of a police officer. And every time he's been recommended for parole, there's been a huge outcry from the police department and their associations. It's disgraceful. This parole board needs to be fired because I know when you look into this killer's eyes, you see evil. I believe in evil. These men are evil. This time, it seems that they have applied pressure to Governor Cuomo and Mayor DiBelacio to try to circumvent the parole boy's decision, which is a legally binding decision to allow Herman Bell to be released. It is akin to the sentiments that drove the Russian to mass incarceration in the 1980s. It pitamized by Hillary Clinton's racist use of the term super predators, a comment that probably helps to cause her the election. But this is the same kind of sentiment that's being put out there today. The problem with this is that Herman Bell has served twice as long as any of a life of a relationship to this case. And the police seem to be placing more value on the life of a police officer than they do on the life of a regular citizen. And they seem to also not respect the law when it comes to the duly-appointed parole board making decisions within their purview of who should get p..." + 23%
"2018-03-26 23:52:22"
"The Political Currency of Mao's ..."
" Welcome to the Real News. I'm Eddie Conway coming to you from Baltimore. Recently I have been looking at the relationship between African Americans and the Chinese and the relationship between China and the nations of the African continent. So joining me today to give us an overview of that relationship is Dr. Robinson Frazier. He's an associate professor at Amber Hurts School of Communications and Journalism at the University of Southern California. He is also the author of the East's Black Cold War China in the Black Radical Imagination, which explores black American political relationship with communist China on the Cold War. Professor Frazier, thanks for joining me. I was a pleasure to join you today. So the spread of Chairman Mao's red book seemed to have played a key role in our development and organizing and it looks like it was also involved in the liberation movements in Africa as well as in South America. What happened with that red book still important today? What's the outcome of that? So as a great and fascinating question, I mean actually to also refer to your previous question, when you were talking about mentioning Robert Franklin Williams, he and his partner, Mabel Williams, you know another extremely important black radical activist thinker internationalist, both of them. You know I think well the circulation even of Mao's red book, you know Robert Franklin Williams, you know is a central, he and Mabel Williams are a central factor too and you know the red books ability to travel and take on a certain kind of political, cultural capital, you know in places beyond China throughout the 1960s and 70s. So you know from my studies, you know when people like, you know the young men and women who established the black panther party for self-defense, the young black men and women who established organizations like the revolutionary action movement, the Congress of African people, like you know the works, you know one of the works that they're reading, ..." + 83%
"2018-03-26 23:40:40"
"Bolton: 'The Most Dangerous Amer..."
" It's the Real News Network. I'm Sharmini Perris coming to you from Baltimore. President Trump's appointment of John Bolton as his national security adviser last week is still making waves. Bolton is well known for his warm-mongering foreign policy positions, clearly articulated on Fox News. Trump and Bolton agree on tearing up the Iran nuclear agreement and possibly even a military intervention in Iran. However, if we are to believe what the president is telling us through various means, his tweets and so forth, he and Bolton seem to disagree on several issues such as isolating Russia, engaging in direct talks with North Korea about the nuclear weapons program or the wisdom of having invaded Iraq 15 years ago. Why then did Trump appoint John Bolton as his national security adviser? Joining me now to analyze this question is Colonel Larry Wilkerson. Larry is former chief of staff to Secretary of State Colin Powell. Now, a distinguished professor at the College of William and Mary. Alright, Larry. Now, many foreign policy experts are trying to grapple with the issue of why Trump chose Bolton. Some say it's because Trump was watching Fox where Bolton is a regular and that Bolton was actually auditioning for a Trump administration position on Fox. Now others are saying that this appointment is so controversial that it was done to distract attention from the Stormy Daniels interview on CNN airing that night. Either way, we now have a very dangerous man in the position of national security adviser. Would you agree that he is dangerous and why did Trump appoint him? I would agree that John Bolton is one of the most dangerous Americans and I use that term loosely with regard to John because of his affiliation so closely with Israel that I've ever met in all my years of 40-50 years of service. I think you're right and those whom you were listening to are right on the one hand that Trump did this at least in part to deflect attention away from some more serious crises tha..." + 81%
"2018-03-26 23:32:34"
"Turkey Ramps up Repression of Ku..."
" It's the Real News. I'm Ben Norton. Turkey's increasingly authoritarian president, Resurptiop Erdogan has ramped up the violent repression of Kurds and leftists not just inside his country, but abroad as well. Erdogan visited Washington, D.C. in May 2017 to meet with Donald Trump. In response, left-wing and pro-Kurdish activists in the United States organized a protest outside the Turkish Embassy. These protesters were then physically attacked by members of the Turkish leader security team. Nine activists were hospitalized, some with serious injuries. Shocking video of the assault went viral on social media. Well, nearly one year later, the U.S. government has dropped the charges against the majority of the Turkish agents accused of carrying out the attack. Federal prosecutors dismissed all charges against 11 of the 15 bodyguards who were suspected of partaking in the assault. Coincidentally, these charges were dropped just one day before former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson met with Erdogan and the Turkish capital Ankara. U.S. officials claim the charges were not dropped for political reasons, but critics are skeptical. These charges are also being dismissed at a time right now when NATO member Turkey is carrying out an illegal invasion of northern Syria. The Turkish military is fighting an alliance with extremist Islamists, including alleged former members of ISIS and Salafi rebels in the Free Syrian Army. These Turkish-backed forces have killed hundreds of mostly Kurdish civilians and burnt down and looted Kurdish homes. To discuss the scandal, we are joined by Mehmet Tanken. Mehmet is a Kurdish activist from Turkey, who is one of the protesters attacked by Erdogan supporters in D.C. He's involved with the American Kurdish Association. Thank you for joining us. Thank you. Thank you for having me. Great. So, Mehmet, you were at the protest in Washington, D.C. last year when you all were attacked by Erdogan supporters. Can you speak a little bit about what h..." + 88%
"2018-03-26 15:21:07"
"Kevin Kamenetz: Maryland Must Mu..."
" The most important part of the Maryland Constitution is Article 8. Article 8 is the Education Article. And it says that the first thing that the state does before it does anything is to fund and educate the children of Maryland. I'm Kevin Kamenitz, the Baltimore County Executive running for Governor and I'm here to support education. We need to fully fund education and that includes using casino money to supplement the existing pot, not to supplant it. There's a few different proposals right now. There's one by Maggie McIntosh that would require another vote on the ballot in November. And supporters say that would secure that money, that casino money into education funding. Other people say that the downside with that is that it phases in funding for over four years, that increase funding. And they say teachers and students can't wait. Do you support at least trying to have that money, that 500 million, go into education, go into the schools in next year? Well, you know, the budgeting process is difficult because when you say you're going to take that money immediately, it has to come from somewhere. So you have to do an analysis of where it's coming from. And that's why sometimes a phasing in is the most effective way of ensuring that no one's getting hurt by it. But the real issue is we have to increase the amount of funding that we have for Marylanders have always prided themselves about our investment in education. And for years, our public schools were number one. Now we're just middle of the pack. And for one of the wealthiest states in the nation, we have the eighth worst in the country in the achievement gap. So we clearly have to fund more than the bare minimum, which is what Larry Hogan's been doing these last four years. We have to make specific commitments that eliminate the disparities between the halves and the half-knots. That's what extra money's going to do. So Larry Hogan says schools in Maryland don't face a crisis of funding. They face a cris..." + 56%
"2018-03-26 14:38:48"
"Bolton: A One-Man War Cabinet"
" It's the Real News Network. I'm Sharmini Pures coming to you from Baltimore. In a tweet, President Trump announced the appointment of John Bolton as his third National Security Advisor on Thursday. Bolton replaces General HR McMaster, who resigned in disagreements with Trump over a number of foreign policy issues. Bolton is well-known spokesperson for U.S. military intervention around the world. He was an early advocate for the war in Iraq. He has recently been arguing in favor of preemptive strikes and regime change in North Korea, Iran, Venezuela, and Cuba. Joining me now to analyze the appointment of John Bolton as National Security Advisor is Gareth Porter. Gareth is a historian and investigative journalist specializing in U.S. foreign and military policy. He's the author of many books. The latest among them is Manu Faturing Crisis, the untold story of the Iran nuclear scare. Thanks for joining me, Gareth. Thanks very much, Sharmini. Gareth, now you are one that has been really following Bolton's career for a very long time. He's been serving various administrations for now 30 years. Now, in his capacity serving the Bush administration on what was his role as I believe under Secretary and then ambassador to the UN, give us a sense of his track record in a deep way. Today we saw various news outlets having various clips of him arguing for the dismantling of the UN and as well as his position on Iraq. But in a deeper way, give us a sense of what he's all about. Well this is really the important thing that is not so well known about John Bolton. Everybody knows that he is a hawk's hawk and that he has publicly been advocating war not only against Iran but a first strike against North Korea and so forth. What is not really known well about John Bolton is that when he was under Secretary of State from 2003 to 2007 in the, I'm sorry, 2003 to 2005 in the Bush administration, he was involved very deeply with Dick Cheney in carrying out a policy that was aimed at pos..." + 87%
"2018-03-26 07:47:29"
"Meet Neocon John Bolton, the Mos..."
" One of the most cartoonishly-ohakish political operatives in the United States is now the top national security official and has the ear of the president. Donald Trump announced on March 22 that he had appointed a hard-line neo-conservative John Bolton as his national security adviser. Bolton is a textbook example of an ultra-ohakish neo-con. He has staunchly supported every single recent US war and played a significant role in some of the most catastrophic and criminal military conflicts of the 21st century. Bolton has proposed bombing Iran and North Korea and called for harsh sanctions and regime change in Syria and Venezuela. Even hyper-conservative Fox News where Bolton is a longtime contributor has highlighted his extreme bellicacity. In the Fox News broadcast on the night Bolton's promotion was announced, a guest noted, John Bolton is his interventionist and hawkish as they come. And this is about personal chemistry with the president of the United States. Under former president George W. Bush, John Bolton served as the US ambassador to the United Nations and as an undersecretary of state. As a top official in the Bush administration, Bolton was one of the architects of the illegal 2003 invasion of Iraq. Even Fox News' extremely right-wing host, Harada Rivera, has worryingly pointed out that Bolton is totally unapologetic for the Iraq war, which led to at least one million deaths. You know, Bolton is a hardliner. We know him very well. We know the ambassador very well. He was one of the cheerleaders for the Iraq invasion in 2003, which ended disastrously, unlike me who feels very guilty about my support of that invasion back in those days. At the time, it made sense. Well, we like to think so. The ambassador, unapologetic about it. He still believes it was a good idea. I think it disrupted the entire mid-east and was still paying the paper for that. Bolton has repeatedly refused to even acknowledge that past US regime change operations were undeniably disa..." + 83%
"2018-03-26 07:38:40"
"Mike Pompeo: A Koch Brothers All..."
" It's the Real News Network. I'm Sharmini Pures coming to you from Baltimore. In the bigger shake-up in Trump's cabinet was the firing of Secretary of State Rex Tillison and replacing him with the current CIA director Mike Pompeo. Pompeo, a longtime climate denier in his confirmation hearing last year for his job as director of the CIA, to the idea of climate change as national security threat he said that was ignorant, dangerous and absolutely unbelievable. Now many environmentalists are concerned that he will be a complete disaster for international climate and environmental policy not only for his climate denialism but because he will has received substantial campaign financing from the oil billionaire brothers Charles and David Koch with whom he has a long history of political involvement, including receiving seed money to start up his own airplane business in Kansas. But could anyone be worse for climate policy than Rex Tillison himself, the former CEO of Exxon Mobile, the largest oil company in the world. Now with us to help analyze this issue, we are joined by Connor Gibson who is a researcher for Greenpeace and its investigation team and he joins us today from Oakland, California. Connor, thank you so much for joining us. Thank you, Sharmini. So Connor, in Mike Pompeo, we have Donald Trump basically picking someone who is worse for the environmental policy than Rex Tillison himself. Now that is quite a remarkable decision to have made at a time when we are facing such a climate crisis and the U.S. has decided to pull out of the Paris climate agreement for which the State Department has responsibility. What are your thoughts on this? Well, from Greenpeace's position, it's kind of hard to measure Rex Tillison versus Mike Pompeo. We weren't particularly happy about the former Exxon Mobile CEO running our State Department. But I'm more concerned about the fact that the Koch brothers, Charles and David Koch from Kansas, are increasingly having more and more in..." + 81%
"2018-03-26 07:33:09"
"Real Media: Trade Secrets, Corpo..."
" I due 85b y llwy rhyw nefoddi dda eicholch esthodwn cyfl Despite Grnewn ddwyn Nu weld a twisted Clothord' rwth uniol y anybody bd diod yn gwneud at, ntwydd'r frustration oloeneaul i hol talks, iwl i yn, bo mae'n gaff Hol might traileg yn ei cypl Saskantur iadau swydlw ar gyda'r fe srau'm maeth wipedrydd i sulu. Dyna'r fe s futures, nefan plywoodau strumod. Aceulau rydniodd yn avero, seweros irrig questa unfzy nde. Segrhydydd ei syddywau unf hier dew ar y gallu hynny. Wan ran yna. Roeddfeld Ieddwn i maen nhw i ydym chygarra ddiolid hynny yr bead<|cy|><|translate|> Ayn sy ykifn cir endlessiaeg, pethleudird, fi a coel, di'n cael genny cypr syni ddeithylfa Barbie, Gwyllureprised o ventyslo? Mae'n gdgan nieu wedi'n gweissat, Hijio'rPartiol, fwllr, gyl lle www orrinakaotus. Shl hvis gy landlord eit quandwch gyda beth oedd eit dod studoedd er phaudol gw karyn yn dod Florai Trusti mewg ne Saar Stoeddrh cael ar gyriegach i fanc canes. Of worse Ie mermaideth want mae iawn d Pharise o mynd f water a yrod eit fi wedi felly doeg ag Iau Freiserys hetrwy Twsy tablespoonscream went ewryald,or Gymorowebydd amgoretheu peirai eu wneud, toc sydd eich beth Gwch imbrwgithio run i redesignys a'i fel averdiolau reissau yn Cageydd ondwach ymlaen addor wedi niewn Zack a' un fly roedd, sy Wake Goodard can be drwedd pam E<|cy|><|translate|> y affoda da i aml goth, reudol, cynnod, plwm i ran rheud am y llynfa drag ydyn ni yn y ni'n bocheddd cymdd ynRI-, mi relyd i ceoddi 48 Waith yn de Sportaf petign Waith cur ter peptell. aer awesome o roeld ond unig i wedi lleoltin mewn i chiwn tasher o bob cancelled Trust. Febyddio, felly mw ar jam e Bethan o ro fe wer pea'. Innaolate yn fydde mewn i brom fo ffordd, eu bod i dder subscription o Aegon arewn o suppolb iconich, assume o gweld yn pasaros Gemang i fod ynirmoieg'r nefal hwn inspired Const JAMES, yn yylfather sensor iawn yn bromithiad porti MONI oasgrafio instru a daarneyid, yste hail o naeldwn ei adjustments. Dyna fwyntau o eto'r hashtag..." + 71%
"2018-03-25 15:12:38"
"Paul Jay: Threats Facing Humanit..."
" yolks paste Well, before I talk about a basic income, let's just step back on it. There are certain kinds of fights and reforms that lead people towards a more confrontational fight on the path towards who's going to have power. This is a class question. Right now, the elites that have power in all of the virtually every country or almost every country. They are taking us down a path to disaster. We can't stop talking about that. So whether it's a basic income or whether it's housing reform or whatever reform you want to talk about. You can't stop stressing the urgency of the situation. We're not in a normal period. As abnormal as the lead up to World War I was, or World War II, and they were abnormal in the sense it gave rise to such apocalyptic disaster for the peoples. We're in a more dangerous moment. More dangerous than the World War II. Let's get our heads around that. The consequences of climate change and the consequences of modern warfare now, forget nuclear, conventional warfare are so apocalyptic. Anything else we talk about has to be put in that context. Now does that mean you don't deal with people's day-to-day economic suffering and problems? Of course, one has to because these great big things to most people are feel like abstract actions. Like in Baltimore, where we keep getting told the unemployment rate is going down in the country and maybe it is, but boy, you don't feel that in a city like Baltimore. And even though unemployment is down, what is it? 4.5%, 5% in the United States, I believe that's a fairly artificial number because of the lack of labor participation. A lot of people simply gave up looking for jobs. And as you said, use this word precarious here, we use part time, but a lot of the work is part time and freelance. Wages are going up a modicum, but not much. But in cities, in many American cities, and Baltimore is a good example, much of the city, maybe 30, 35% of this of Baltimore is living in poverty. The official rates about 2..." + 89%
"2018-03-25 04:19:19"
"President Xi Jinping’s Indefin..."
" It's the Real News Network. I'm Sharmini Pures coming to you from Baltimore. China concluded its annual National People's Congress on Tuesday, normally the 16-day National People's Congress, which is China's legislature, is a routine affair. This time, however, it took a many momentous decisions. For example, it abolished the two-term limit on the presidency. It strengthened anti-corruption institutions. It established a more powerful environmental regulatory body, and it reelected Xi Jinping to a second term. Also President Xi Jinping closing remarks struck a national cord addressing issues such as China's claim over Hong Kong and Taiwan. Some analysts say that Xi Jinping is now China's most powerful ruler since the days of Mao Saitong. Joining me now to analyze the Congress is Professor Jeffrey Wassostrom. He is a Chancellor's Professor of History at UC Irvine. He is his book China in the 21st century. But everyone needs to know, co-authored with a Moura Elizabeth Cunningham. Jeffrey, thank you so much for joining us today. It's good to be back on the show. All right, Jeffrey. The New York Times likened this year's National People's Congress to a coronation of Xi Jinping. Would you agree with this assessment? Well, I think there's some relevance to it. It is conferring on him a very grand position. It sort of finishes off a process that's been going on for some time. Since he took power in 2012, he became head of the Chinese Communist Party. And that's really where his power largely comes from. He also then early in 2013 took on the title of President, which is an important symbolic role, but really the real power comes from heading the party. And then he gathered a lot of other titles to the point where Australia and China Specialist Jeremy Barme began calling him the chairman of everything because it was too hard to keep track of all the things he was in charge of. And so there's been a maximizing this power going on, but then this added a kind of imperial f..." + 85%
"2018-03-25 04:11:13"
"Students Spark Movement Gun Toti..."
" This is Teah Graham reporting for the Real News Network in Baltimore City, Maryland. Never again was a refrain as students marched on DC to show politicians that they want real gun control. We're here to demand the change that we deserve. We're here to demand and make our voices heard. It started with a shooting in Parkland, Florida, but has since turned into a movement. No one could comprehend the devastating aftermath or how far this would reach or where this would go. For those who still can't comprehend because they refuse to, I'll tell you where it went. Right into the ground, six feet deep. A political sea change driven by youth and passion for real laws to control gun. The biggest message that I want to send to Congress today is that enough is enough and all the students that you see here today and all of us, we are going to be in your positions very soon and we are going to change this country. We are the future and we're coming. In a country that has thus far stood by as children have been murdered in schools across the country, from DC to Los Angeles hundreds of thousands of protesters marched and demanded that special interests which had stymied reasonable restrictions be called to account. And that the politicians who support organizations like the National Rifle Association be thrown out of office. For the first time, the corrupt aren't controlling our story. We are. The corrupt aren't manipulating the facts. We know the truth. Everything after shooting the American people now see one thing they all have in common. The weapons. Politicians either represent the people or get out. We should have this school everyday, friend like that. We are unsafe. We should have to go to school for like that. We have to arm out teachers with guns. Here in Baltimore, that message was even more pointed. Students who rode the bus to Washington, DC said gun violence on the streets claims the lives of dozens of young people. I have young people getting lost in the street..." + 49%
"2018-03-25 04:07:17"
"Who Will Stop the US-Russia Arms..."
" It's the Real News. I'm Aaron Matte. President Trump is drawing heat for congratulating Russian President Vladimir Putin on his reelection victory. During a phone call with Putin this week, Trump reportedly ignored a written directive from his aides that instructed him, quote, do not congratulate. Speaking to MSNBC, Democratic Senator Mark Warner echoed the outrage response from a Republican Senator John McCain. I think John McCain put out a statement today, and his words were better than mine. He says the leader of the free world doesn't call up and congratulate a dictator over a sham election. And clearly that's what happened today. News of the friendly phone call prompted former CIA director John Brennan to suggest that the Russians could have compromising information on Donald Trump. Why won't the president confront Vladimir Putin? Why won't he read the cards and say the things that you say need to be said to Vladimir Putin? Do you believe he's somehow in debt to the president of Russia? I think he's afraid of the president of Russia. Why? Well, I think what can speculate as to why that the Russians may have something on him personally that they could always roll out and make his life more difficult. You believe Russia has something on him? I believe that the Russians would not they would opt for things to do if they believe that it was in their interest. And the Russians, I think, have had long experience with with Mr. Trump and may have things that they could expose to something personal perhaps perhaps perhaps. In his defense, Trump said on Twitter that president Obama had also congratulated Putin during his last win in 2012. And like Obama, Trump claimed he wants to cooperate with Russia on several issues, including the arms race. This comes weeks after Putin gave a speech unveiling a new nuclear arsenal and blaming the U.S. for the arms race. He later spoke to NBC News. If you were to speak about arms race, then an arms race began at exactly the time an..." + 85%
"2018-03-25 04:00:57"
"Puerto Rico's New Fiscal Plan Wi..."
" It's the Real News Network. I'm Greg Welpert coming to you from Kito Ecuador. It's been almost six months since Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico, while power has been restored to most of the island's real areas, are still without electricity. The government estimates that all power will be restored by May of this year, just in time for the start of the next hurricane season. Hurricane Maria caused an estimated $100 billion in damage, destroying nearly 400,000 homes with over 135,000 people fleeing to the U.S. mainland. Adding insult to injury of the $23 billion pledged in disaster aid, so far only $1.3 billion have made it to the island, according to the Associated Press. Puerto Rico's governor recently presented a new fiscal plan that is supposed to bring about an economic recovery. A congressional hearing was held about this earlier this week, in which the co-director of the Center for Economic and Policy Research marked widespread, testified. Let's take a look at the short clip at a short clip of what he had to say. This is an austerity plan. They use words like new government model and right sizing and efficiency, but they're really talking about cuts in health care and education in appropriations to the municipalities who have to repair a lot of damage as well. This really can't work. This is the only place where this has been tried. You can look at Greece, you can look at the other countries in the U.S. and you can look at Jamaica for a way which has been under eye measurements for decades and has had hardly any growth in per decade. So that's the outcome you're going to get from trying to shrink the economy, basically taking measures that will shrink the economy in order to squeeze out debt service. That's really what's going on. Joining me to now talk about Puerto Rico's new fiscal plan is Mark Weisbrook. Thanks for being here today, Mark. Thanks, Gary. So before we get into your analysis of the post-Hurricane fiscal plan, give us a brief summary of what ..." + 79%
"2018-03-24 00:19:32"
"Bolton Fabricated Lies that Just..."
" It's the Real News Network. I'm Sharmini Pures coming to you from Baltimore. In yet another cabinet shuffle in Washington, President Donald Trump fired H.R. McMaster and replaced him with John Bolton as his security adviser. Trump was originally considered for a cabinet post, but Trump passed over him in the first round. But that didn't stop Bolton from auditioning for a post in the White House, since he appeared on Fox News regularly and apparently President Trump was all ears. The appointment came in a tweet just a week after Trump fired Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State and nominated Central Intelligence Agency Director Mike Pompeo for the post and replaced Pompeo with Gina Haspon. John Bolton has served various presidents over 30 years' time. Here is some of his historic statements. Is there is no United Nations? United States makes the UN work when it wants it to work. And that is exactly the way it should be because the only question, the only question to the United States is what's in our national interest. I think the overthrow of Saddam Hussein, that military action was a resounding success. President Bush's surge policy, when his administration ended, stability had returned to Iraq. You have to look either at one more diplomatic play to convince China to reunite the peninsula with us in a constructive way and eliminate North Korea or you have to look at the military options. There is an all-purpose joke here. Question. How do you know that the North Korean regime is lying? Their lips are moving. They are not going to give up the achieving the subjective. Why would they agree? Why would they propose talks now? Because they want to buy time, three months, six months, twelve months, whatever it is they need to get across the finish line. Now with Pompeo as Secretary of State, John Bolton as National Security Advisor, and Gina Haspel as the CIA Director, many in Washington and around the world are speculating that Trump is formulating a war cabinet to ra..." + 87%
"2018-03-23 20:31:35"
"Marching for Their Lives: Thousa..."
" Marching for their lives. On Saturday, March 24, the real news will bring you the voices of the thousands, taking to the streets of Washington demanding action to stop gun violence. It's being led by the survivors of the shooting at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High. They say they want gun control and are calling out politicians and the NRA for opposing it. What's as simple as this, either you stand with the kids or you stand with the NRA, and we're asking people to put the USA over the NRA. We'll also bring you the voices of students who are traveling from cities like Baltimore, who stand in solidarity with the victims of Parkland, and say that gun violence isn't an isolated incident. If you don't put it in here because people ignore the fact that our community has been affected by gun violence forever, ever since I was a child, gun violence has been a part of my community. They need to wake up to see that it did not start in Parkland. Though I stand here in all black, just a solidarity with Parkland, I'm here for my community. My community has been affected by gun violence. They need to realize that it did not start there. They need to recognize the gun violence that happens right here and the people that we have lost. I just want to know where the support was when we needed it, when Black Lives needed it. Before they wanted to address gun violence because white kids were dying before it had started affecting people, before white people came to you because they were starting to affect them, before they were scared and when we were scared every day of our lives, where was the help, where was the trying to get private funding for the things that we needed, where was justice for my people. Just days before the march for our lives, a school shooting victim was taken off life support after being shot by a fellow student and Maryland's Great Mills High. Pat Elder who teaches GED classes there, sent his prayers to the victims and says the never again movement must also ..." + 50%
"2018-03-23 16:20:44"
"Aggressive Police Tactics Escala..."
" This is Demetri Lascarus reporting for the Real News from Montreal, Canada. In Bernab, British Columbia is the fourth day of resistance in what has been dubbed the Standing Rock of the North. The target of this resistance is the proposed $7.00 billion, doubling of the Trans Mountain Kinder Morgan pipeline to carry dirty tar sands oil from Alberta to the British Columbia coast through the barrage inlet of North Vancouver. More than 60 people have now been arrested, including a former Trans Mountain Environmental Engineer, Ramali Kavanaugh. During similar actions conducted Saturday through Sunday, Tuesday, the arrests are ongoing. These actions follow the March 10th, protect the inlet march where thousands of people rallied against the pipeline and tanker project. Resistance is growing. In Canada, a national day of action has been called for this Friday against the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline expansion. Now here to discuss the resistance with us is Clayton Thomas Mueller. Clayton is a member of the tree six based Matthias Cologne-Cree Nation, also known as Puka Tavaghan, located in Northern Manitoba, Canada. And based in Winnipeg Clayton is the Stop It at the Source Campaigner with 350.org. He joins us today from Winnipeg. Thanks very much for coming back on the Real News Clayton. Hey, thanks for having me and hello to the viewers. Clayton, let's start by talking about the injunction that has been issued by the British Columbia Court in relation to the construction site at the Kinder Morgan facility. What in essence does that injunction say? Well the injunction stipulates that anyone who violates the five meter barrier of the Kinder Morgan's Trans Mountain and Tanker Farm facility there in Burnaby Mountain, would be subject to a civil contempt charge, there's a non-criminal charge with two conditions, which are that A, they're not allowed to again violate the five meter zone, nor are they allowed to block traffic coming in or out of the gates there at Ki..." + 71%
"2018-03-23 13:35:19"
"Ivan Bates: State's Attorney's R..."
" For The Real News, I'm Baynard Woods. In Baltimore, a city that regularly racks up more than 300 homicides a year, and as a police department which has been shattered by corruption scandals, the office of the state's attorney is particularly important. Maryland-Mosby won the seat four years ago, and is now facing a heated re-election campaign, and the wake of the stunning corruption revealed by the Gun Trace Task Force trial, where a group of rogue cops were either found guilty or convicted of various robbery and racketeering charges. We're sitting down for a series of interviews with each of the candidates running for the office in the coming weeks. Maryland-Mosby, the incumbent, is best known for prosecuting the six officers involved in the death of Freddie Gray. With me today is one of her challengers, Ivan Bates. He's a defense attorney who defended one of those officers and spoke for all of them after Mosby dropped the charges. Before joining the defense bar, Bates served as a prosecutor in the homicide division of the state's attorney's office. In recent years, he's defended many of the victims of the Gun Trace Task Force. Welcome, Ivan. Thank you very much, glad to be here. So, yeah, I want to talk a little bit about the trajectory from Freddie Gray to the Gun Trace Task Force in this city. So we had right after the last state's attorney took office, we had Freddie Gray, a 25-year-old African-American man, die in police custody in a way that really captured the national attention. And you defended one of those officers, Alicia White, who never ended up making it to trial, so you didn't try one of the cases. But what made you decide to take that case? You were on the other side of Mosby who's the incumbent then and you're again on the other side of her. Now what made you decide to take that case? You said, look what happened to Mr. Gray without a doubt, it's a tragedy, without a doubt. But for me, when Sargent White came in to talk, I didn't see a officer,..." + 85%
"2018-03-23 01:17:51"
"Protesters Horrified by Washingt..."
" It's the Real News Network. I'm Sharmini Puriss coming to you from Baltimore. Saudi Arabia's crown prince Mohammed bin Salaman arrived in Washington on Tuesday to a brutally cold winter snowstorm in Washington, D.C. that shut down federal government offices. But that did not stop CodePink or the peace protestors gathered in front of the White House to ensure that MBS, as he is known, receives a chilling unwelcome as he arrived at the White House on Tuesday. He's starting out here. He's going to be calling a Congress later today because he wants to try to stop Resolution 54, which is supposed to stop the U.S. military involvement in the war in Yemen. Now, inside the White House, MBS met with President Trump, and according to unofficial sources, the two discussed the Iran nuclear agreement as Saudi Arabia's conflict with its neighbor Qatar, as well as the brutal civil war in Yemen. Here's what MBS had to say to the press from the White House. Thank you very much. Also, it's a cause for a lot of jobs inside the Arabian Derecan, and non-direkably. And, as you know, Mr. President, from day one, you've reached this office. We've planned to tackle $200 billion U.S. dollar for opportunity in the next four years, but it ended up with $400 billion. Joining us now to talk about Mohammed bin Salaman and the war in Yemen is Medea Benjamin. Medea is co-founder of CodePink. Welcome, Medea. Thank you, Sherman. Medea, you are out there with your fellow protesters on this very cold day in Washington, D.C. Give us the reasons why you are out there. We're horrified by this alliance between Saudi Arabia and the United States, certainly right now with the disastrous war in Yemen and the U.S. military providing the weapons and the logistical support for that catastrophic military disaster. That's one of the primary reasons. But we were also out there because we think that the United States should not be in bed with the Saudis who are so repressive internally as well, despite the venee..." + 83%
"2018-03-22 18:25:20"
"Mired in Corruption Scandals, Pe..."
" It's the Real News Network. I'm Sharmini Pyrrhus, coming to you from Baltimore. Peru's president, Pedro Pablo Krojinsky, offered his resignation on Wednesday. The announcement comes in the wake of a growing corruption scandal involving not only the Brazilian construction company or the BRAC, but also efforts to bribe legislators of Peru's parliament to vote against Krojinsky's impeachment. Let's listen to a bit of his resignation on Tuesday. I don't want to be an obstacle for our nation as it finds the path to unity and harmony that it needs so much. The scandal took a new turn this week when secretly recorded videos surfaced that showed legislators talking about receiving bribes in exchange for their support for Krojinsky in an impeachment vote. Prosecutors have now said that even if Krojinsky is no longer president, he should still be prosecuted for corruption. The scandal now casts a shadow over the summit of the Americas that is expected to take place in Lima, Peru, in April. Joining me now to analyze the situation in Peru is Harado Renique. Harado is originally from Peru and is professor of history at the City College of New York. Thanks for joining us, Harado. Hi, how are you doing? Harado, the scandal involving former President Krojinsky have taken several complicated turns. Let's take it step by step here. First was he, what was he accused of regarding the Brazilian construction company Order Bracket? And it's a company that had already taken down a number of politicians throughout Latin America from Brazil to Ecuador. And beyond what was the Peruvian allegation specifically? Okay, the Order Bracket is one of the largest construction companies in Peru, as is in many other parts of Latin America. And Order Bracket has been involved, at least in the last 20-something years in the development of the largest infrastructural projects. From all of that, from all of that, to a high waste, the trans-Amazonic, the trans-Amazonic highway, and in several major irri..." + 86%
"2018-03-22 17:22:32"
"Philippines: Duterte's Bloody Wa..."
" The Real News Network, I'm Sharmini Pures, coming to you from Baltimore. The Philippines, increasingly authoritarian presidential Dregor de Tert, is planning to classify hundreds of leftists as terrorists, as he cracks down on the country's powerful communist movement. A government petition recently filed in court requests that a number of people deemed a terrorist they come from all walks of life. They include the United Nations special rapporteur on indigenous peoples, a former lawmaker from the left wing party, and four former Catholic priests, as well as 600 or more alleged communists. As the police campaign in the Philippines against drug trafficking intensifies, the death toll is in the thousands. Red Pepper Magazine reports over 20,000 victims have lost their lives during drug operations, since President Dregor de Tert assumed office in 2016. The most of the deaths are a result of police violence in the face of increasing international outrage. The Philippines announced that it will withdraw from the International Criminal Court, the ICC. The presidential spokesperson of the Philippines Harry Rok had this to say. No state would have agreed to become a member of the ICC if they knew their local courts would just be ignored. What countries have the ICC tried? Somalia, Sudan? These are countries with no functioning government. To discuss these outrageous criminal attacks on these people, I'm joined by two very esteemed guests from the Philippines. First, we have Christina Palabe, she is the Secretary-General of Karapatan, the Alliance of the Advancement of People's Rights in the Philippines. And we have Teddy Cassinos. He is a former congressman and representative of the Bayan Muna Party list and a columnist for the inquire and newspaper in the Philippines. I thank you both for joining us today. Thank you. Christina, let's start with you. Give us a sense of the most egregious attacks on human rights that you have documented so far in your organization that h..." + 88%
"2018-03-22 12:19:26"
"How Long Will It Take for Casino..."
" I'm Jester Knorr for the Real News Network. Warren andapolis Maryland were tonight, hundreds of teachers from around the state rallied to fix the fund. They say that Maryland is not fulfilling its constitutional guarantee to adequately fund all schools. The state studied the topic and found that Maryland needs to spend $2.9 billion to reach out of the city. Because as an educator for six years and as a special educator, I am seeing the impact of a small budget on my student. My students bring differently, they cause Warren and educate, and often they are the ones that are left behind. I feel like schools are very underfunded. It impacts me as a student because I am not able to perform my best. You know, we are talking about not having enough resources in a classroom. Like I said, ESO students don't have enough resources. Because they are minorities and just because they are seeing as inferior, that doesn't mean that they don't need the stuff that they should be. Because as an individual teacher, I teach in two schools. I teach 70 kids. I am underfunded, no resources. No nothing is just me doing try to do miracles every single day and everybody is wrong with this picture. Well, I know in one of the schools that I've been working in a lot lately, they don't have the supplies they need to run the programs that they need to run. It's a title one school. They need more resources than they have and they just don't have enough teachers enough support professionals to support the children adequately and make the progress that they need to make. The most important part of the amount of institution is Article 8. Article 8 is the education article. And it says that the right thing that the state does before it does anything is to fund and educate the children of Maryland. I share what is called the Thornton Commission brisk to excellence. We had great pressure. We had hundreds of thousands of people here who was pressured to politicians to fund it. And there is a relaxatio..." + 73%
"2018-03-22 12:09:52"
"Are Police Reform Efforts Doomed..."
" This is Teagram reporting for the Real News Network in Annapolis, Maryland. With scandals continuing to plague the Baltimore State Police Department and a troubled criminal justice system, advocates have been pushing for change at the state capitol again. But will they succeed? It's one half of the health department budget. What is wrong with us down here in Annapolis? It was a bill that had been debated before. Twice. A modest proposal to allow two civilians on police trial boards. Baltimore City is very unique from other parts of the state and you can see the types of issues that we are having, especially currently with the police department. Internal disciplinary bodies that meet out punishment for administrative charges. The involvement of the civilians of the citizens of Baltimore City who paid a bill should have some say. But like past efforts, this bill looked short to fail. Part of the problem? Democrat Bobby Serkin. Without getting into the philosophy of it, it seems that if you got a PBJ for a misdemeanor, you would not get a hearing, but if you got convicted of a misdemeanor, you would. That seems to make zero sense. For a misdemeanor of more than one year, that is the authorized sentence is more than one year, then our position is we should treat that as a felony. But the real news also caught this, a contingent of members of the state's powerful police union watching the proceedings closely. We're strongly opposed to it. In fact, we asked Baltimore's FOP president, Gene Ryan, what was wrong with civilian input, particularly given the recent scandal involving the gun traced task force. What do you have to say to the mayor? The mayor said, hey, FOP, it's time. She literally called you out in that hearing. What do you have to say to that? I've heard that, but that is a negotiated item. We should be talking about this at the table. I'll say this. We're not afraid of civilians on the trial board, but there are certain specifics and training and education..." + 70%
"2018-03-21 17:14:31"
"A Rare Glimpse Inside a Police B..."
" The introduction of body cameras has been a source of controversy for the Baltimore Police Department. Last year we spoke to Attorney Josh Inslee about footage he believed suggested police planted drugs on his client. So they tear the car apart and I mean literally they're pulling out the radio, pulling apart the doors, looking under the seats, all that stuff. After all they don't find what they're looking for, you know I know what the police position is, which is basically oh you know it was legit fine. But I can only say what I see in the video which is you know it doesn't look good. And it was one in a series of videos showing questionable police practices and ultimately led to charges of mishandling evidence against an officer seen in this footage. Which brings us here to the Baltimore State's Attorney Evidence Review Unit. In offices on the third floor of the Mitchell Court House nearly half a dozen assistant states attorneys or ASAs watch thousands of hours of footage weekly. Not just to hold police accountable but to check evidence and prepare cases for trial. The real news was offered an exclusive glimpse inside the operation, a chance to show the public how it works and what they see every day. And how it might impact law enforcement in the city. Our main objective is to review and disperse to the ASAs old body-worn camera footage from the Baltimore Police Department that is involved with an arrest or a must appear a court citation. Since the program started we've received over 139,000 videos. We divide them up every day amongst the clerks and the ASAs that are here and each individual could get anywhere from 6 to 10 hours per day. Sometimes even more depending on how many videos are in the case and what type of case it is. When I review videos I will tag or add markers on the video when they arrest the defendant or when they search the person. If there is a substantive statement, may file a defendant, the victim or the witness. Also if there's a substa..." + 78%
"2018-03-20 23:55:00"
"15 Years of Mass Destruction in ..."
" It's the Real News Network. I'm Sharmini Pyrrhus, coming to you from Baltimore. The invasion of Iraq, led by the U.S. and British forces, began on March 19, 2003, with these words by President Bush and former Prime Minister of U.K. Tony Blair. My fellow citizens, at this hour, American and coalition forces are in the early stages of military operations to disarm Iraq, to free its people, and to defend the world from grave danger. It concludes that Iraq has chemical and biological weapons. That Saddam has continued to produce them. That he has existing and active military plans for the use of chemical and biological weapons, which could be activated within 45 minutes, including against his own sheer population. Leading up to the war in Iraq, we heard an echo chamber of rationalizations for the upcoming attack, here is Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and Secretary of State Colin Powell. United States knows that Iraq has weapons of mass destruction. Many country on the face of the earth with an active intelligence program knows that Iraq has weapons of mass destruction. One of the most worrisome things that emerges from the thick intelligence file we have on Iraq's biological weapons is the existence of mobile production facilities used to make biological agents. It was a war that completely destroyed Iraq and changed the dynamics of the Middle East forever. During the initial invasion, which lasted about six weeks, 380,000 coalition troops were dispatched. 192 were from the US and 45,000 were British soldiers and 70,000 were Kurdish-Peshmerger troops. The Iraqi Republic's guard were approximately the same number, but did not have the fire power of the US military forces. During those initial six weeks, nearly 200 coalition troops were killed and somewhere between 30 and 45,000 Iraqi troops were killed and over 7,000 Iraqi civilians were killed. President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney demanded a swift action and justified it by saying it was to seize Iraq's..." + 93%
"2018-03-20 23:38:09"
"Trump Boasts of Killer Arms Sale..."
" President Donald Trump has removed the mask on U.S. foreign policy and dispelled any illusions that it is based on human rights rather than economic interests. Trump held a historic meeting in the White House with Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince on Tuesday March 20th. Immediately at the beginning of their Oval Office press briefing, Trump boasted if his arm sales to the Saudi regime praising the repressive absolute monarchy as a very great friend and a big purchaser of equipment. Thank you very much everybody. It's a great honor to have the Crown Prince with us. Saudi Arabia has been a very great friend and a big purchaser of equipment and lots of other things. And one of the biggest investments in the United States is there, I guess it's your big investment is buying stock in companies and various other things in the United States and creating jobs. We'd become very good friends over a fairly short period of time. I was in Saudi Arabia in May and we are bringing back hundreds of billions of dollars into the United States. Trump didn't beat around the bush. He instantly made it clear that Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman was there to finalize arm sales he had made during his trip to Riyadh in May. With 40 seconds into their meeting, Trump pulled out a cardboard chart listing the billions of dollars in weapons the United States is selling to the Saudi regime. Some of the things that have been approved and are currently under construction and will be delivered to Saudi Arabia very soon and that's for their protection. If you look in terms of dollars, $3 billion, $533 million, $525 million. With the 90 seconds of their meeting, Trump then pulled out another cardboard chart. This one is showing the US states that are manufacturing these weapons. The map makes it clear that Trump is using these massive arm sales to gain support in what the chart describes as key states. Those that will be important in the 2020 election, including the Rust Belt states and swing states lik..." + 51%
"2018-03-20 23:07:39"
"Mercer's Cambridge Analytica 'Ut..."
" It's the Real News Network. I'm Greg Wilpert, coming to you from Keto Ecuador. The data mining company Cambridge Analytica, which is owned by the billionaire Robert Mercer, made headlines for a second time in less than a week. On Monday, Britain's channel for news broadcast the results of a four-month-long investigation into the company. The explosive report shows the company's CEO, Alexander Nyx, bragging about using dirty tricks to entrap politicians. Here's a short clip from the program. After a four-month undercover investigation, tonight a glimpse into how they really operate. Prepared it seems to ruin their clients' opponents through handouts and honey traps. Through sex, secrets and spies. This report comes on the heels of another report published last week in the New York Times and in the Guardian, which revealed how Cambridge Analytica used data from 50 million Facebook users to build psychological profiles and generate targeted social media campaigns in support of Trump's 2016 presidential campaign. Joining me now to discuss channel four report on Cambridge Analytica and related matters is Bill Black. Bill is a white-color criminologist, a former financial regulator and associate professor of economics and law at the University of Missouri, Kansas City. He is the author also of the best way to rob a bank is to own one. Thanks for joining us again, Bill. Thank you. Bill, what is your initial reaction to these latest revelations about Cambridge Analytica's dirty tricks? So, Americans understand the Koch brothers, but if you distilled the Koch brothers down to the absolute essence of evil, then you'd have the Mercer father daughter team. They want to produce a world that's authoritarian and they want to produce a world that is nationalistic about along the lines of basically pure blood and those types of things. And they've taken over this entity, Cambridge Analytica, that used to be just sort of a regular company. They purged all of the moderates. So it'..." + 85%
"2018-03-20 20:00:29"
"Teacher Speaks Out After Latest ..."
" Welcome to the Real News Network. I'm Jostle Noor and Baltimore. Just days before the March for our lives in Washington, D.C., which is led by the survivors of the Parkland shooting in Florida. There's been another school shooting this time in Southern Maryland. Authorities are saying at least two students are injured after a student open fire shortly after classes began at 8 a.m. We are here with Pat Elder, who is actually a teacher at Great Mills High School, which was shot up this morning. He was there last night. He teaches GED classes. And he's also a long time opponent of the militarization of public schools around the country. Pat, we know that details are still emerging about this. This has happened just two and a half hours ago. But tell us what you know right now and what your thoughts are right now. Well, my thoughts and prayers go out to those that have been injured. I know a lot of folks at this high school where I teach and my son attended. So when it hits close to home like this, it's a different deal. Certainly, I've been railing against the militarization of schools, and particularly the J. Rotsie program for 20 years. And so I don't really know this juncture if there's a link, a direct link between the shooter and the J. Rotsie program and militarism in general. But I'm deeply upset. I have to say that more than a hundred times I've thought about what it might be like if a shooter opened fire at Great Mills High School. So I'm deeply upset. There's been students marching a more than a million marching around the country. And they're calling for basic gun reform. They've called out the NRA to, you know, for opposing this, they've called out politicians from the mayor in Baltimore to Donald Trump for not doing more to address gun violence on a local level or national level. You know, we don't know all the details about this shooting yet. But in general, speaking more broadly, can these type of incidents be prevented if there is more restrictions ..." + 74%
"2018-03-20 17:04:00"
"'Samantha Em-Powers Genocide in ..."
" As the catastrophic joint U.S. Saudi war in Yemen escalates under the administration of President Donald Trump, activists around the country are challenging the politicians who have fueled it. Student activists at Baltimore's Johns Hopkins University disrupted an event featuring former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power. Power is a notorious liberal war hawk who, as a top official in the Barack Obama administration, spent nearly two years defending Saudi Arabia while it was committing war crimes in Yemen, relentlessly bombing civilian areas with weapons, fuel, and intelligence provided by the United States. Antiwar activists protested at a speech power gave on March 13th, holding up banners reading, Samantha empowers genocide in Yemen, and it's still genocide when U.S. allies do it. The action was organized by students for a democratic society or SDS. The real news spoke with Emily in Armitage, the co-president of Johns Hopkins SDS. It is really important to point out that what's going on in Yemen isn't going, and a lot of people at the event, it was a huge education opportunity because students are educated about them and at least have no idea what's going on in Yemen and what the U.S. is supporting because mainstream media isn't reporting on it. So in that case, I think the most important takeaway, like it's not about us, it's not about Hopkins, it's not even about the power. It's about recognizing what the United States is not just doing in Yemen, but across the globe and trying to combat it in whatever small ways we can. So in the future, we would love to do more kind of anti-imperialist work and demotronization with ground Hopkins around the farms that we're building and also reach out to any coalitions that we can in order to fight what's going on. Saudi Arabia launched a bombing campaign in Yemen in March 2015 in an attempt to force the rebel Houthi movement out of power. Over three years, the Saudi monarchy has queried out tens of thous..." + 68%
"2018-03-20 12:02:47"
"In Afrin the Turks are Looting a..."
" It's the Real News Network. I'm Sharmini Pures coming to you from Baltimore. Turkey's military and Islamist rebel group supported by Turkey took over the Syrian city of Afrin on Sunday. Afrin is a largely Kurdish area that had been under the control of the leftist Kurdish armed group the popular protection units known as YPG. The Turkish offensive forced hundreds and thousands of civilians to flee over two months of brutal fighting. After seizing the city center, jihadist rebels embedded in the Turkish army immediately began looting civilian homes and burning down Kurdish properties. This victory represents a major blow to the Kurdish movement. It also raises questions about the purpose of the war in Syria altogether. The U.S. had been supporting the YPG in its fight against ISIS, but the Trump administration appeared to tacitly support Turkey's invasion. When the Pentagon told YPG fighters they would lose support from the U.S. if they went to Afrin to fight Turkish forces. Bashar, a key supporter of the Syrian government also green-lighted Turkey's invasion of the North. What does this mean for the balance of power in the region? What does it mean for the war in Syria? Joining us now to analyze this is Patrick Coban. Patrick is a long-time Middle East correspondent for the newspaper The Independent. His most recent book published by Versaubox is The Age of Jihad. It just returned from Northern Syria where he was able to speak with the Kurds and Turkish forces. Thank you so much for joining us today, Patrick. Thank you. Now Patrick from what we understand the Kurds in Syria were hoping to establish some degree of independence in Syria and autonomous region they were hoping for. Now for a while it seemed that that was possible. Do the Turkish intervention here and take over of Afrin mean for the Kurdish aspirations? Well it is a bad blow. The Afrin enclave that the Turkish army and these Arab militia who called themselves the Free Syrian army but actually seem cl..." + 80%
"2018-03-20 05:51:31"
"European Left Divided Over Brexit"
" Welcome back to The Real News Network. I'm Paul J. We're continuing our discussion with representatives of progressive European parties, many of whom are in power or might be in power soon. Now joining us in the studio is the Shadow Home Secretary, the UK Labour Party, MP Diane Abbott. Joining us from Germany is the Deputy Chair of the Linka Party, MP Sevim Dardolin. And from Spain representing the Podemos Party, he's a member of Congress there, Eduardo Mara. And from Greece, the head of the International Relations Department of Syriza, which is also now the government of Greece, Yannis Borneus. So Diane, there's a lot of talk in segment one of our discussion about how Europe should cooperate in the European Integration Project. Well, the UK is on its way out of Europe it looks like. What does this mean in terms of what you were demanding, more European cooperation on immigration, and also what does it mean in terms of the sort of alliance and cooperation of progressives on the left in Europe and not sure how they feel about Brexit, but start with your own take? The first thing to remember about Brexit is that we had the Brexit referendum in order to resolve internal problems in the Conservative Party. It was a way of the then Prime Minister, David Cameron, plicating his right wing and to European people. But of course nobody, and I mean like nobody expected Brexit to win. So there was no plan B. And David Cameron disappeared off the scene in all swift order. So we're in a situation which nobody anticipated, which the tourists are trying to negotiate. But for the Conservative Party there's this huge rift between protectionists and free marketeers. And that is a rift which is not last year of the year before. This is a rift in the Conservative Party which goes back to the 19th century. Now we're not conducting this negotiation. We can only try and hold the Conservatives to account. But what I can say is the leader of the Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn, is actually a..." + 92%
"2018-03-19 23:20:42"
"Marilyn Mosby: From Freddie Gray..."
" As the top prosecutor in the city, the state's attorney is one of the most important elected officials in Baltimore. Maryland, Mosby won the seat in 2014 in a heated race with Greg Bernstein. Shortly after taking office, the city was shaken by protests following the death of Freddie Gray and police custody. During the height of the unrest, Mosby, the youngest top prosecutor in the country, stood on the steps of the war memorial and announced the charges against six officers. But now, she faces a tough re-election battle herself, and things are much different. She wasn't able to secure convictions against any of those officers, and in the wake of the federal gun-trace task force corruption trial, the state's attorney's office has been accused by opponents of looking the other way when it comes to bad cops who bring big cases. We'll be talking with all three of the candidates for state's attorney in the coming weeks. But now, in the first of a three-part interview, we talk with Maryland Mosby about the trajectory from Freddie Gray to the gun-trace task force. Whatever else you do, the thousands of cases that your office has tried, the public is still going to see you on the steps of the war memorial on May 1st and 2015. How do you look back when you look back on those moments now and think about that case and what it says about your record as in this job? So, what I can say is, you know, four months into my term when an innocent 25-year-old black man by the name of Freddie Carlos Gray Jr. was made eye contact with police officers, was illegally arrested, placed into a metal wagon, headfirst, feet shackled, and handcuffed, essentially defenseless. And then his subsequent pleas for medical attention were ignored. I followed the facts with the law and I wouldn't do anything differently. I charged those that I deemed responsible for his death. And what I can say, you know, in retrospect, is that that accountability, which had not been had throughout this country, righ..." + 81%
"2018-03-19 22:54:00"
"Can Congress Halt US Support of ..."
" It's the Real News Network. I'm Sharmini Pires coming to you from Baltimore. Two resolutions are making their way through the U.S. Congress at the moment that could represent one of the first serious efforts in decades for Congress to reclaim its constitutionally guaranteed authority to declare or not to declare war. House Concurrent Resolution 81 and Senate Joint Resolution 54 could instruct the Pentagon to stop supporting Saudi Arabia in its war in Yemen. The war has so far killed over 10,000 Yemenis and wounded another 40,000 and caused the worst cholera outbreak in history. Not to mention the food scarcity, medicines scarcity that Yemen is going through that is unavailable for the civilians there. In a sign that's how the Arabia is worried that Congress might stop Pentagon's support for the war in Yemen, Prince Mohammed bin Salaman, is visiting Washington DC this week to lobby for continued support for the war effort. Joining me now to discuss efforts to stop U.S. support for the war in Yemen is Larry Wilkerson. Larry is former Chief of Staff to Secretary of State Colin Powell. Now a distinguished professor at the College of William and Mary. Larry, good to have you back. Good to meet you, Sharmini. Larry, what does the U.S. Constitution say about who has the authority to declare war in the U.S. and why? Section 1 or Article 1 Section 8 is pretty clear. I think it's crystal clear. It's crystal clear about historical terms and modern terms. It says Congress. It says Congress has the power to declare war and grant letters of market reposal. Mark and reposal letters to that effect were essentially authorizations to go out and be pirates, to be privateers for the state, more or less, for the monarchy, to whom in the past all these powers belong, the king and other wars. In our case, George III. So when the founders, people like Madison and others who knew all these issues and really debated them seriously later would write about them in the Federalist papers, Ha..." + 88%
"2018-03-19 15:33:59"
"EPA Sued for Removing Independen..."
" It's Sharmini Puris for the Real News Network. There is a lawsuit underway against Scott Pruitt at the EPA. The suit is related to a policy that Pruitt announced last October, barring scientists who receive environmental protection agency grants from serving on the agency's advisory boards, a move critics called a war on independent science. Attorneys for the Department of Justice defending Pruitt have filed for the case to be dismissed, saying that he has the right to choose his own advisers and the policy upholds government ethics rules, which raises questions about whether the head of the EPA and the EPA itself is there to protect us, the citizens, or is it there to protect Pruitt and the corporate interests? With us to discuss this is Barbara Gottlib. She is the Director of Environment and Health at Physicians for Social Responsibility. I thank you so much for joining us, Barbara. What should be here? Barbara, let's start with why is your organization suing Scott Pruitt at the EPA? What we're suing the EPA, but they're proposing to do something that would really weaken the science that they perform and that underlies a lot of the protective action that they are supposed to take to protect our health and well-being. Specifically, they want to remove from one of their own bodies what they call their science advisory board the independent scientists who review their science. They make the claim that those scientists should be removed if they receive any payment from the EPA for other work they may be doing, but it's hypocritical because they're not removing from the science advisory board the scientists who are paid by industry. What they are proposing to do is to leave in place the scientists who are paid by industry past judgments on science that might reflect on the industries that they are paid. Now why do you consider this a legal challenge, particularly given Scott Pruitt is the head of the EPA and he can appoint whoever he wants to advise him? Well, I th..." + 78%
"2018-03-19 05:08:41"
"Trump and the Rise of the Europe..."
" Welcome to The Real News Network. I'm Paul Jay coming to you from Baltimore. And once a year in Baltimore, the Congressional Progressive Caucus comes from meetings, not normally open to journalists, but a lot of people from Congress and across the country come to discuss the mostly electoral politics going on in the United States from a supposed progressive point of view. I say, suppose it, because I think a lot of people in the progressive Congressional Caucus aren't so progressive. At any rate, this year there is a very interesting delegation that came to this conference from Europe, from progressive and left parties. And it's the first time they've been invited, and they were on panels and engaging with people. And we have the honor of hosting them here. Now joining us in the studio is the Shadow Home Secretary, the UK Labor Party, MP Diane Abbott. Joining us from Germany is the Deputy Chair of the Linka Party, MP Sevin Dardolin. And from Spain representing the Podemos Party, he's a member of Congress there, Eduardo Mara. And from Greece, the head of the International Relations Department of Syriza, which is also now the government of Greece, Yannis Borneus. Sevin, I'm going to start with you. And then we can kind of just jump in and have a conversation here. What effect has the rise of Trump and Trumpian type politics had on Germany, on the politics of Europe? Well, on one hand side, it becomes a little bit more difficult in the foreign affairs in the international politics to have a predictable US-American policy. For example, in Middle East or on the European issue. And the other hand side is that we do have now almost trade war between Germany and the US. And for example, we, the left party in the German parliament, we do have some understanding on the critics made by Trump, on the economic, economy policy of the Germans, because that is what we are criticizing for many years, that we do have more exports worldwide than we have imports. And it's not very ..." + 96%
"2018-03-19 05:04:54"
"Petroleum Executives Visit Trump..."
" It's the Real News Network. I'm Sharmini Perris coming to you from Baltimore. On Thursday this week, President Trump was busy with fossil fuel donors at the White House. He met with American petroleum institutes, executive board, a coalition of top oil and gas executives, including the CEO of ExxonMob