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"2018-04-06 22:53:14"
"Dr. Steven Greer Interview With ..."
" It's frankly laughable. It doesn't pass the laugh test. Look at the shape and the size of the skull. With four bones instead of six, what is that? So suddenly he's claiming, well, there could have been nitrates in the environment where these minds were where the mother was living that caused all these magical bone genetic effects to happen all at once in one organism. Well then how did it happen in the organism in Russia that has four bones and looks very similar like an adult version of this? The clinical case, even the genetic sequencing, don't add up to the conclusions. So why make those conclusions? Why not just say we don't know what this is? I am still saying and I have UFO pictures from this part of the adicama. I have testimony given to me by people who have been there who are investigators like Alex Kiyonetti. Alex Kiyonetti gave us that UFO photograph that I'll show again from the adicama and what's interesting is that the Alex Kiyonetti, I worked my assistant's going to get a picture of me this photograph again, said that he has interviewed people directly who have seen these little beings walking around out in this remote area of the adicama. What's this? So you have to put the whole case together is what I'm saying. You can't just cherry pick, oh there's some DNA strands here. We're going to pull those out and make them fit into a predetermined conclusion. Not do the test that should be done to see how much of that is mutation versus damage. And then put this in a major peer review journal and give interviews to the New York Times and everywhere else saying, ha ha ha, this little alien mummy is in reality a deformed child. Now there's a legal case going in Chile with the government furious that a human child was taken out of the country without the correct permits. And this was in the New York Times yesterday. Now of course neither I nor Dr. Nolan had any part of that. There was a treasure hunter who found the little specimen, sold it to this man in..." + 92%
"2018-04-05 00:07:49"
"Dr. Steven Greer Interview With ..."
" Dr. Greer, welcome back. Thank you. One of the things I wanted to get into, when you look at this adicoma humanoid and you look at the density of the bones, and this is something that's a little medical and technical, but stay with me, everyone's heard of osteoporosis, right? When your bones become thinner, don't have as much calcium in them as they need to have and take supplements. When you have a womb, fetus in the womb, there's no gravity. It's like it's in one of those floating chambers. The fetus is just floating in fluid. It's called amniotic fluid. There's not a lot of calcium or bone density. When the baby is born having delivered many babies and taking care of trauma in babies, that have been in terrible accidents, their bones are almost like gum bebear. They're like gum beasts. They're flexible because it's mostly cartilaginous material, as opposed to hard bones that crack and break. Does this make sense? The reason for that is that they haven't been up walking around, bang, bang, bang, moving and there is a developmental phenomenon. One of the things that Dr. Lockman observed in the radiologists in Spain in Barcelona, who were excellent observed, as soon as the images, just X-ray images came off. We did those before the CAT scan. They said, oh my God, what the hell is this? I remember them gasping because the bone density was that of a normal child. It wasn't of a fetus. In the size six inches, they were assuming this was a fetus. When they looked at the bone density, they said, well, there is absolutely no way. This is a fetus that was aborted or miscarried. This absolutely was an organism that was up moving around because the other thing is that there are cells called osteoblasts. This is why people get older. If they walk around more, they have stronger bones because osteoblasts are stimulated to lay down more calcium by walking and moving and working out. It's important for people, those of us getting older to stay active. What people don't under..." + 92%
"2018-04-04 03:37:42"
"Dr Steven Greer Interview With ..."
" The cytosine and the different aspects of the DNA molecule, they begin to switch and fall off because it gets oxidated. The oxidation is a process where it's exposed to the environment and living tissue begins to just get corrupted and breaks down. Now this is well established science that when you're dealing with old DNA, you cannot take that old DNA and take those changes that are really the degradation of the DNA and say that's a mutation that caused a physical change in the organism. Does this make sense? I'm not wanting to get too technical here because I know we're talking not to a scientific public but a general public. But just imagine that something's been laying around for over 100 years with the environment to cane it and then a group of scientists at Stanford and UCSF take it and say voila, we have found seven never before before seen combined bone syndromes that resulted in this unusual creature that looks nothing like a human being. And that's what they did. That's what they did. And it gets more complicated than that but I don't want to bore you. They basically took over a million places where there were these changes from the degradation picked 60 some of them and had on places that would explain bone deformity and claim that those were new never before seen syndromes. Now this leap of conclusion that's in the article which went worldwide with the help of the intelligence community, I'm going to get to this in a moment so that it was on the front pages everywhere completely submarine the idea that this could be an unusual new species or specimen. Notwithstanding the fact that Nolan and his colleagues knew about the Russian one, notwithstanding the fact that Dr. Nolan himself told me that he knew that DNA that had been degraded out in the environment would have problems in terms of reaching these conclusions. And in one email he says he would not reach those conclusions. In fact in an email dated on December 30th of 2013, in this email he states t..." + 91%
"2018-04-03 04:23:52"
"Dr. Steven Greer Interview With ..."
" Thank you. Dr. Greer, welcome back to the show. Thank you. I'm very grateful to be back on. I know it's really with short notice and happy birthday to you. Thank you so much. And I want to also welcome on to the show, the listeners that I know are coming in. Ministers of President Putin, one of them is my very good friend. The president of the Academy of Geopolitical Problems, General Augustoff. And also he's the Doctor of Historical Sciences. This will be very relevant to these people, this particular information. The president and professor of the Academy of Geopolitical Problems, the president of the Association of the Ecology of the Unknown, which I am now held a position in in Moscow. I'll tell people about it in a future show because you have so much to share today that I don't want to take the time, but I also want to welcome listener, Dr. Timur, Timur, buttole, buttole off. He's also president of the group of companies known as Conti. And we have many members and many associates of the academies of natural sciences that Dr. Timur is associated with. And people around the world listening in who are very concerned about not only geopolitical problems, but the natural sciences, all the sciences. Dr. Greer has been the champion of the disclosure project issue. Many of you know I was a witness in the disclosure project in May 2001. But he has also produced amazing videos, books, documentaries. He'll tell you all about this. And in relation to something that he would like to reveal today that is so relevant, you know that I have been putting steps together to support the work that I've been doing, especially in this most recent trip that was so amazing in Moscow, to support the treaty on the prevention of the placement of weapons in outer space. Each of the shows that are archived on American Freedom Radio, dot com, add up to a full picture. And this is one of the culmination points that's such a good example of cover-up, of what the directions are that we can..." + 91%
"2017-12-28 02:57:12"
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"2017-10-11 19:12:41"
"Sirius Disclosure animated logo ..."
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"2013-05-28 18:24:39"
"Close Encounters In Vietnam"
"mmhm ... my name is Frederic Marshall fox I was born in White Plains New York nineteen thirty eight I served in the navy from nineteen sixty to nineteen six five on active duty I was in the Vietnam War on the USS Ticonderoga during Gulf of Tonkin incident when I served three years in the reserves ... and was recalled for the problem crisis and ... I flew for the airlines for thirty three years with American Airlines I retired at age six fluids flight engineer ... for ... cargo company and now I'm enjoying retirement I retired as a lieutenant my rank in ... was lieutenant when I was a nuclear weapons delivery pilot so I a top secret clearance well as for as a navy goes ... I was called for pubs which was confidential publications and communications officer ... there was a publication called John at one forty six echo which had a section which says that you will not reveal any information regarding UFO phenomenon under penalty of ten thousand dollars fine in ten years so they ... they were quite adamant about whatever experiences you had your medical public without their the only experience that I had in the military with a close encounter of whatever type it was was ... one night my flu attack plane CA for sky hawk and they'd have us go out and do ... play Bowie so the ... see I seek a vector of the fighters in Paris and I was out about a hundred carry one night by myself about twenty thousand feet one it objects showed up on my left side and ... it didn't freak me out ... didn't have any hostile intent was just there observing me and I sort of observe didn't I I came away with a very peaceful feeling and I never said anything to anybody until later in my career where the airlines I found out of fellowship made I might have a similar incident I would say maybe thirty feet you know a small scoutcraft to man one man whatever maybe was an intelligence gathering yes I don't know but this well I was saucer shaped beyond was saucer shaped fro..." + 75%
"2013-05-24 19:47:10"
"'Sirius' Theatrical Trailer"
"the problem is not proving that you oppose exists is when you begin to expose the energy and propulsion systems behind how they're getting here what scientists need to do is they need to look at the hard core evidence this alright that all my gosh ET's are real and they get over that then you can start extrapolating these sciences have been around for decades they have been ruthlessly kept secret because of the power of a centralized Petro dollars oil gas coal system so we've decided that it's people to form our own move right we are attempting to achieve as a device which feeds the perpendicularly we have so many modes of converting community zero point this possibly be found a desert we have best scientific we have teams of the five impasse I can attest to the fact that real quick and this is probably the most important thing going on in this today if we come together we can make this happen in a matter of months not decade but this the destiny humana" + 1%
"2013-05-31 19:05:43"
"The Atacama Humanoid"
"rumor nobody seen this is a bit all over the news this is what we call the anaconda humanoid ... first of all I don't know what it is every scientists is look that system got it looks like in a no no a mystery it's an enigma wrapped in a it may be something but I don't believe it's actually interesting I have not had a person who I've shown the things too who hasn't been absolutely fine it is all I know right and but it's only when you want to talk about a slightly openly that suddenly the body shuts down right a time if it is something interesting I love seeing the most interesting of all ... waste from a clinical standpoint it's a human mutation right one of the things that could to be answered because just a preliminary examination of the sample is that it is obviously older than just an aborted fetus right supplementary examination tells you that this is ... a small human perhaps right that has lived post birth for a sufficiently long period of time that how do you explain how something six inches tall survived to any length of time ... that would ... allow for it to survive hundred or a thousand years ago and the most interesting and outrageous case ... it is something that is not human and not ... primate but still hominid how do we explain hominid that small so the answer is before we get too excited on and spend too much time speculating is let's just use the techniques that we use in the laboratory every single day to answer the question mmhm so luckily I here at Stanford we happen to have literally the world's experts them man who wrote the book on bone displays years and syndromes ... gentleman by the name of our doctor Ralph locked when we went to Barcelona where this little bean is stored we took exact xrays that he requested from Stanford and brought them back can carry them back as well as Peter rice disk which is now on our website you can see it he looked at it and he said well first of all there's no form of dwarfism or genetic d..." + 83%
"2013-06-06 15:45:13"
"Spacecraft Over Mexico"
"okay my name is MGK MGK high McCormick I am I a traffic controller records order I work on ... Mexico all airport international airport and they made Benny don't why this I married controlled area seems said twenty five years ago and in Mexico angel saner how the sightings without a lot of paragraphs these kind of these kind of phenomena date on a half an hour they show the way to appear shows appears assault on the air and it frequently crossing trucks roll the Fleiss I mean the flight of the and ... explosive so no or scream and and sometimes goes with them closer and the ... the pilots and and Scarrow sometime and never use first names Currer I give us information about it and who is that Karen now object flying with us our require trafficking formation in case out there these phenomenon by us and have been very quickly for an update because we don't know in any kind of control about it this kind of phenomenon forcing and ... the pilots the finitely fear feels I am not some way ... ... because he thinks he would lose his figure and secure yes about the the controlled it has around dear flying saucers in the past that three schools to hear that deposit resumes very funny today is very very serious problems especially after the incident that we have which ... I don't make you go fly one known nine well what to have for years ago nowadays we have a nine see them very dangerous way down on ... I'm doing to fly ... object a ... flying in a static fly over the Walter a center building very soon now very portability CD that's eight you say it located in the air find that truck go to Ryan way of ... definable divinely supply from New Mexico airport ... Saul on the sly we have working with them and coming from a while I hada to make you go I'm not a policy control of these aircraft to the ORP controller in the eye and appoint name it the pasta he that that that points the it's the beginning of the year one are one of the arrivals of we have deer..." + 88%
"2013-06-06 15:42:21"
"Green Halo Over Rome"
"my name is Massimo budget I am I kept advancing or KP demo bearing the seven forty seven and I like that idea if that is your deadline in favor of from July nineteen ninety nine I was flying from Rome to some power to Brazil and de what was that ... meet a tactic positions we had they background noise now are phone increases in and out mostly free phone was already disconnected from a radio are actors working and it was increasing increasing criticism and they're very very nice van Nuys in NYC couple of seconds very high nose label reached me and my first officer doubt on my head from our heads and day in the same time we so a Hey hi lo a glowing green glow we light if he was just that flying very fast you know I wire knows you know I had kept and de in the same time the same forty seven had day Sunday night jam just one only one job and after a second later nice and delight was its appear and that's a bit on the job we had in eleven hours flight was a very very near they normal background noise okay radio and de she's towards increasing then there five foot two maximum ten seconds from a very low level to pay high I think and no one was there at the peak the light to invade jump by day we was flying de then nine and did and did you just call our about a five and a no it's not because citing him not to come miles and the crossing all projector was a lot of some props I think it may be winding down house and notes where are much more my head crushed yes that was ... thirty five thousand feet and the object was to be no house by de I do know how much may be five I handed the or even more feet Britannia yes our neck of flying was a near collision so I was trying to ... overturning easily and there was a nineteen ninety two and it was stiff Cappadonna backed up by the DC nine third and I so what we was Frank of course ... it out of Iraq after ... crossing a road to normally and there I am meditation was adopted by a Dr a net craft a fire a wave it was a mai..." + 72%
"2013-06-06 15:43:28"
"Encounter Over The Atlantic - Gr..."
"name is Graham within island commander who retired pilot from the navy and I went through the regular navy program of training pilots I graduated in nineteen forty three from and ... course all navy pilots are trained navigator it's very important when you're talk well we had to know all this star systems and we these type of thing teen years around with the stars and the idea when I first graduated from Pensacola nineteen forty three ... I went to the south Atlantic and we were hunting German submarine just was all night flying everything we did was them being in patrol planes I when I was transferred to air transports quarter one in nineteen fifty here again we were flying most of the ... earth's surface is water and you're flying over the ocean so you're navigating with the stars and I was sent to Catholic Iceland along with two other officers after a meeting that they've had in Washington DC or Iceland was involved in and seeing things over Catholic Iceland and they wanted troops up there to protect them WNED during our meeting ... they were explaining to us why they had requested the troops and what they were saying and we ask in the thicket really go into more detail about the type of craft that they were saying and their explanation they were seen most of that night blighted craft circular and will and we knew coming from the naval air test center we tested everything there that we had nothing like that that we test so I ask unless of what is our government tell you they were and they said your government said they were experimental probably experimental Russian bombers flight do we have and can arm Catholic I or get you know for as we took off at the on the ninth of February in accord with flew through midnight which is mad about thirty minutes after midnight this is a position where in here and that's where they encounter the flight was normally about ten hours but that night we had a sixteen out where and ... was ahead where and how about ......" + 92%
"2013-06-06 15:42:00"
"Astronaut Edgar Mitchell Testimony"
"boon what what type of experiences did they have well there's a whole range of experiences as well as in the literature from military people who adding counters and flight and been vector to chase and invite doctor people who had an official positions whose job was to know about possible extraterrestrial visitation and to do something with it people within government and those are the more credible sources because they've had hands on first hand experience with whether they come forward or not is up to them if they want to come up with their information they don't feel it there under security constraints and they somehow get to relief or amnesty for many hosts of security than I would hope they would come from there's a lot that does go along with the skies security classifications under under military rule ... I think it's a fairly muddy area when we're talking about this this level of activity ... yes there are there some stories that are with the gasoline as a matter of fact that pocket melody that was I don't know that they're necessarily true but like many of the stories they put fear in the hearts of people with and that's perhaps why many of the people don't want to come from well my interest basically buxom nature of the universe we live in what is our relationship to the larger reality if that's a part of the larger reality and we're denying it ... that to me is unconscionable I don't know that the I went into space to learn about the universe we live in to get new insights to go beyond the boundaries a better known existed and then for these phenomenon are really indicates in indicators new information about the cosmos at all and intelligent life an ability to travel in the gospels ... as circumstantial evidence would suggest then we'll get to the bottom of if my curiosity drives me there seems to have been over the last fifty years please more a great deal of secrecy surrounding so called UFO event but it's a very complex subject we're not deal..." + 80%
"2013-06-06 15:41:42"
"Red Glow in a Clear Sky - Robert..."
" ... ... WNED list there then October first nineteen forty and retired in June thirtieth sixty one re how the nuclear weapons for the services delivered a mall of the world where they needed a well yes you you had to have a top secret clearance to be in the organization you transported nuclear weapons to theaters of operation all over the world where they might be needed right my first experience with that was in nineteen fifty two can you describe what happened I was on a flight from mom Seattle coming back to ... Sacramento and it was between ten and twelve midnight who's Claire dark night and sitting there looking ahead why so this orange glow in front of us and I love I didn't wanna ask the power that he sought that that I was just tired and he did the same thing finally he could wait no longer so he asked me if I could see anything unusual I told him I could see this red glow hardened front of us and they felt better and they will watch that and finally civil let's try to catch up and see what it is so we had a power and ... we kept getting closer course it got larger Kelly got up mobile about reading California and if the went to a decent we followed her and we ... picked up privacy be given a challenge that I and went clear into Sacramento and across the city and right over the capitol building and we were right on that we had the aircraft red lines passes to go and at that point it went vertical and it disappeared in matter to seconds straight up you get a good look at this we almost started to make it out just didn't larger all the time but just at that point where we thought was going on another minute would see it that's when it took off just to a large red ball this closer we got bigger it got like I say we just started take some kind of a shape when it went vertical nineteen seventy or involved with the airforce user ... we were coming back from Germany C. one forty one we were time thirty five thousand plus I can't remember side held but ..." + 67%
"2013-06-06 15:44:31"
"Stories from an Electronics Tech..."
"name is Alec Franklin Carter and in September of nineteen fifty five on June the U. S. navy under their electronics training program I wanted to become a radar technician and so I went to basic training in Great Lakes Illinois and went to a T. screw and Great Lakes Illinois graduating in the fall of nineteen fifty seven I I think it was around October and I chose as my duty station a radar picket ship called the U. S. S. Kretchmer D. E. R. three twenty nine it was a converted destroyer escort and it was destined to have the latest radar equipment that the navy had for air search answer research and we were stationed in the north Atlantic between our agency in the fall and then the ace or islands we were stationed across that and we tracked everything that we could see both on the surface and in the air and we reported it to NORAD in ... Colorado springs Colorado and if it was unknown they would scramble fighters out of winced Westover mass come out and investigate if we had an unknown target had a very unusual experience I was a radar specialist and my job was to maintain the radars aboard ship in nineteen in the ... see it would've been this early summer of nineteen fifty seven ... why was over I also because the ship was under mania and I also served as a radar operator so I served for own innate off duty watches as an operator if there was nothing wrong with radar and I got off duty one night at midnight and went to bed and I was a call and told to come fix right are there was something wrong with it and so when I got up to see actually and I ask him what the problem was he said well we're tracking an aircraft here at thirty four hundred miles an hour so well there is something wrong so I took that radar off line put the stand by radar online and went to work and I started running all the tests and everything was normal and I we did all of the preliminary tests that you would run to check out a radar in it everything checked out absolutely normal so I we..." + 88%
"2013-06-06 15:44:45"
"Sighting on Flight 94"
"well I went to the airforce on December the tenth nineteen forty one three days after Pearl Harbor had quite a bit of flying time before I went in Seoul and went through kid at school and he graduated in November of forty two shortly thereafter rose overseas and it up in Indonesia airforce and it's a pilot on the side teens ... I survived twenty nine missions combat and ... came back on home Monday was released back to civilian status I was fortunate enough to get a job as United Airlines and I stayed with them for thirty five years to leverage the mandatory retirement date of age sixty now I started flying when I was sixteen and started writing in my log book and close it out just day other day after for nine years of flying and about thirty thousand plus hours flight time the other the one and only citing that I had listen now March of nineteen seventy seven and I was flying a DC ten this is what it looks like ... on a flight from San Francisco to nonstop to Boston he knows United flight ninety four via citing that I had was ... in March of nineteen seventy seven and I was flying the idea flight from separate so the mosque the DC ten and we were by halfway between buffalo and Albany at thirty seven thousand feet ... cloud cover attorneys dark night when the all of a sudden the airplane started it was on autopilot airplay started I bought a fifteen degree bank turn to the left and of course I looked out the window to automatically this what you do in nearby stars turn and I saw this brilliant light off it's hard to tell exactly how far out it is but it was very very bright and the first officer saw the second officer got out of his seat took a look and not that's when the air traffic control in in Boston water to know what was happening sola weekly toluene when we figured out why we would give them a call and none about that time the first officer hit the auto auto pilot release button and went back to manual control and as I was looking out the window..." + 72%
"2013-06-06 15:44:14"
"UFO Buzzes Japan Airlines - FAA'..."
" ... moon Lina line a call that points toward the you target itself this is what is altitude in the old dudes a normal year written down in the hundreds the and Seattle the little dot rated that thought don't belong there that's the unknowns at dot that's in from that ... slash he doesn't belong there I'm one of those what you would call the high government official in the FAA does a division only three of four down I became the branch chief for the quality control a quality control branch later on became a division and I became a division chief and they called that the accidents investigations the branch and Washington DC we wait we've investigated all the airline incidences all the accidents I stayed there for about six years and then retire lead the way it started was the year that was a seven forty seven a Japanese airlines seven forty seven was coming from the northwest going across because of the Alaskan the territory and it was that in the thirty one thirty three or thirty five thousand feet and ... it was a for several of o'clock at night you can check the meal times he called and asked the control if the controller had any traffic it is ... altitude and the controller said that no basically is a minute operation ID have to much traffic at least involve something like I have ... a target at my ... the eleven o'clock one o'clock position about eight months now in the seven forty seven they have radar in the nose that picks up the weather outside the area so his radar is picking up the a target he sees this target with the zoo with his eye on the target the way he described it was a huge ball with the lights running around it and ... I think he said it was like four times as big as a seven forty seven one of them don't be ... as I got behind and I told the secretary not to bother them they will be few minutes later the phones ringing and then she would stop calling so I asked what was going on she said you go talk to the people ask eyes are s..." + 91%
"2013-06-06 15:44:59"
"From the AIRCAT Files"
"or or ... my name is Richard Haynes ... I've been out a research scientist since ... the mid nineteen sixties ... and working in the field of ... aeronautics and ... aero physics I should say aerospace ... physiology and vision and optics perception lighting Tom a tree I worked on the Gemini program ... for the space program worked on the Apollo program Skylab program on several aeronautical programs I retired from federal service in nineteen eighty eight and since then I have taught at a local university from a science point of view I can't ignore the data phenomena is just so beautiful so powerful so furious that it demands some scientific involvement and I feel that the the pilot sightings are very valuable because of a number of factors the pilots are highly educated and trained first the first point and what that means is that they have a career at stake and they're not going to come forward with a report of some strange object or light often outside of the aircraft or near the aircraft unless they've already eliminated all of the prosaic explanation they're just risking their career to do so and so ... that's the first reason I like pilot case another reason is that they're flying aircraft that are just packed with electromagnetic sensors on board of all kinds or equipment that may be influenced by EM radiation and so if we can find ... some characteristic change in those instruments or the radio or radar or the direction finder or V. O. ours are D. Emmys or various kinds of onboard cockpit instruments we're learning something about the nature of the radiation that's we think related to the phenomena and some course that's what science is about them science can get interested in the phenomenon if it has some good firm data work with jet interceptors airforce interceptors to have been set up many cases actually to help foreign to identify or investigate ... but the pilot might ask for radar ... coverage and did you see anything on rad..." + 91%
"2013-06-28 14:33:34"
"UFO Reports from SCI-TK"
"hmmm lie names to when I listen Rochester Minnesota back in nineteen thirty seven ... want Rodgers to high school from there I graduated went on to sell college in Northfield Minnesota where I got my degree in physics math upon graduation I competed officer training school airforce some was selected school I went on to spend shares in the US airforce prior to my it's all over the world ... Europe ... you name not probably been there I held a ... top secret SCEI TKA currents that means special compartmented tango kilo information which is above top secret if you will it takes a special investigation to get that sort of occurrence upon graduation upon getting out of the airforce retiring as colonel in nineteen eighty six does the director of logistics at Wright Patterson airforce base I applied for work at Boeing and I came to work for Boeing as a computer systems analyst and I've been working since nineteen eighty seven in that capacity with Boeing I had various opportunities to see things that come through my perusal for one instance back in nineteen sixty two levels lieutenant it rests on airforce base in Germany given I was a crypto lobster for the entire ... Ramstein air base I was a top secret control officer and in that capacity I happen to see a class why message you go through my comp center which said that the UFO has crashed on the island of Spitsbergen Norway and a team of scientists are coming to investigate it I do not recall what the message came from where it was going to because in that capacity who were oftentimes told what you see here leave here but I can recall seeing that the next thing that comes to mind is one that took place in my cave sixty seven I was in charge of communications center twenty third division amounts of airforce base Montana I was again the top secret control officer there hi dispatched all the nuclear launch authenticator to the psych missile crews and what not so I had a very good top secret background to to go ..." + 82%
"2013-06-21 14:04:21"
"ETs Extraterrestrials Shut Down ..."
"undergraduate airforce academy will spend about seven and a half years in the airforce was on active duty from nineteen sixty four to nineteen seventy one certainly one and ... what worked for Rockwell and ... what what worked with mark Marietta first" + 1%
"2013-06-19 14:47:02"
"Testimony of an Air Traffic Cont..."
" ... Ramos Michael Lewis well mmhm airforce from nineteen sixty nine to nineteen seventy three that was the aircraft control an early warning operator was basically aircraft control personal analytics airlines and stuff like that but our job was to was with her the military aircraft side was to ... track and you altitudes to vote for military aircraft their flights also to detect and identify any incoming aircraft coming into our airspace in the spring of nineteen seventy love station Klamath falls Oregon I came up to the radar site and the evening shift and where there's normally two or three people and their radar room there was quite a few from the cooks to maintenance all kinds of people and I asked what was going on and they said that there's watching your awful and I immediately was stunned and they asked if the Pentagon was notified some to call the president and they said no we don't do that and I said well we should call the news media are I don't recall some hugs because obviously earth shaking news and to me and they said the onus countdown Nora knows about the call Nora and that's one area senior NCO pulled me to the side and said but lord knows about it that's the only people we notify we'll talk about this we'll tell anybody about this the people no no and we just watch see what happens and that's it but her dress and I insisted voters there has to be report filed something file you know and they said well that there is a report that you can file it's about an inch thick and first two pages it is about the signing the rest of it is basically a psychological profile of you family now bloodlines everything so an airforce go through it they can describe you completely by neither saying that you know he was on drugs or your mother was a Karen minister ... anything to discredit you and you never get a promotion when I'd spend the next three and a half years of the North Pole living in a tent checking whether no hope promotion so the message is prett..." + 85%
"2013-06-14 19:37:43"
"UFO Radar Tracks Impossibly Fast..."
"they missed on block island I was trained by US army as a larger area technician electronics technician I work on Nike Hercules ... batteries for two and a quarter years in Europe in the late sixties ... I was also traces systems analyst to analyze and to ... trouble shoot and fix any problems that would occur in the locker area also work and I have C. because integrated fire control on that side for about seven months always on site I work for Honeywell here in Seattle for two years making nuclear tipped torpedo smartcard there ... technicians an operator's dealing with their ... really high speed very mobile targets because what they're looking at in the I FC are basically electronic representations white ... the radar is tracking so I heard a number of those from by young operators and older operators also and there were position they were stationed at different places around the world I interviewed a fire control is where the radars are ours were stationed ... and put in relation to the missiles and it's ... adds with a whole bunch of raiders his high par is low part target tracking missile tracking and they would they would recount stories where vehicles would come would come into the high par and they would track them and pass them off and they would be going say seven hundred miles an hour and accelerate the thirty five hundred miles an hour in the hour it's here quite rapidly I mean just you know they're just they was off the scale in terms of what technology for our our or or potential targets Russian targets were it was off the scale they're trained to determine the difference between a radar strikes and any atmospheric I disturbances that can approximate targets they're they're they're experts at it so they they were when they were tracking targets they were tracking actual physical objects in that was but there there were a hundred percent convinced that there were physical targets that were in the atmosphere and were involved in a var..." + 74%
"2013-06-07 21:56:55"
"Secret Craft, Hidden Photos"
"at that point I was commissioned a second lieutenant and then the regular army we live in the same house outside of Langley field which at that time had a large facility a panacea which was the predecessor of master the national advisory committee of aeronautics ... ties used to hearing airplanes flying over the house all the time but this one night that was probably around seven thirty or eight o'clock I heard the swishing noise come by the house and it was financed but it was so totally unique ... and and strange that they've made an impression on me and I I had no idea what it was until I began hearing about some of the of the foo fighters in in Germany that had come out the project and I could draw a correlation between the two very easily after the war was over we began bringing a lot of things but from overseas ... I remember they brought a German U. boat to Fort Monroe appears it that for Monroe and during the same period of time and I see I have an open house ... one weekend Allah and I headed over to us and I see it one of the wind tunnels because interested in aircraft and an all around in the wind tunnel was what I describe them as a flying saucer there was no doubt about the form of a craft that was there thirty twenty five thirty five feet in diameter probably our four five feet in depth ana and thickness but then I just tapered down on the ends but I I got as close to it as maybe ten feet ... and it was on a pedestal that was propped up and I hope that strange cry a and this is before the U. F. O. ... interest began developing but this had been brought back from Germany and it was on the wind tunnel my curiosity was gonna houses maneuvered hello one section of the of the slant had a plexiglass canopy over and from what I was told whoever was the pilot would lie down problem and try this craft from a prone position and I'm a plastic was over the edge of the flying saucer and I consider them out ... average above average pilot could get ..." + 85%
"2013-07-22 13:36:21"
"UFO over USS Roosevelt - Harry A..."
"well I was ... ... one of four children my father was attached Anacostia Naval Air Station in Washington DC ... and I was born in forty three and ... he was at the Anacostia Naval Air Station on July of fifty two I remember this later because of a lot of reports and ... when I was young kid with my brothers and sisters ... this one particular night ... it was in the summer it is very clear night there were any clouds in the sky and running lightning or anything like that and ... we live fairly close to the Potomac River and these lights came up the river they were like sparklers there were giants or amber wings there were kinda bluish collar and white collar and they floated over the trees were quietly some of moving slow of some of the fast kind like soap bubbles but they weren't moving according to the window anything they want balloons that were later anything like that and this went on for about a half an hour and then we heard ... some kind of a horn and then all the sudden sabre jets ... were coming up the Potomac River chasing these things and let go of some of my straight up and out of sight and then someone just went you know they they just laughed and I was out in your it we had a kitchen garden in the backyard and we had a a star planter with roses in it and I was always in those days you had to push along more and sharpen the blades Sears long market didn't have gasoline lawn mowers that and I was out actually mowing the yard and trimming at the time and ... mice all these things I ran inside and got my brothers and sisters to come right out my grandmother was looking at some time with living with us at the time my father was going on your station duty doubt the Anacostia Naval Air Station another forget this long eleven thing reminded me of this mostly was when I saw the movie close encounters the hair kinda stood up on the back of my neck because those little those little white balls that came through the the toll gates on the ..." + 93%
"2013-07-12 21:19:59"
"Saucers Over D.C."
"I am learning Ross in the direction colonel U. S. safe retired I got a bachelor science degree and then the airforce sent me to the Stanford business school the study management and then probably assign me to Washington DC and I served in the chief of staff's office shortly for orientation and then they put me in US atomic energy where I became Reese simple for maintaining the inventory of the accountability of the nuclear weapons stockpile and involved in the security and the my say auditing the manufacturing facilities and the storage facilities for all the nuclear weapons in the U. S. and I was there while I was there I had my first incident with UFOs which in mid July the flu or Washington DC and I so my first nine UFOs this year I am nineteen fifty two at worst during that period of time I meet a lot of contacts I was a staff officer for the military liaison that committee between the chairman of the eighty SI and the secretary defense and so I became acquainted with not only the army navy and airforce with civilian agencies the CIA the National Security Agency and other contacts which I developed I during that period of time money my functions was to ... company a security team which visited all of the nuclear facilities check on the security weapons and we were getting reports of visits by UFOs over the storage facilities and even some of the manufacturing facilities and that went on continuously it out I mean we found that the reports as a formal reports were few and far between but the security people were reluctant to report many own because the protocol and the bureaucracy involved in there in reporting then they just avoided reporting later I was assigned to the Sandia corporation as a military liaison and ... I was involved in the staff was the quality assurance program for the manufacturer and the quality in the maintenance but the nuclear weapons so we had to visit all of the manufacturing facilities as that user on the flats and the Pantex fac..." + 80%
"2013-07-06 03:43:06"
"UFO Destroys Vandenberg Missile ..."
"I was the officer in charge of optical instrumentation Vandenberg airforce base in the thirteen sixteen not photo squadron and as such it was my duty to supervise the instrumentation photography of every missile that went down the western test range in those days we called them ICBMs intercounty ballistic missiles because most of the blue up on launch and our job was to determine why they do up to provide the engineers that a good enough that you're entering sequential tart we so they could see what was wrong with with the bird as it took off in flight what we photographed up there affected me for the rest of my life and made a huge impact on my understanding of the universe and of governmental manipulation of all of our minds the purpose of them was their ballistic missiles they were to deliver nuclear weapons on target that's what they were but they were there for we were watching real nuclear weapons we're watching dummy were if they were the exact size shape and dimension and weight of a nuclear warhead for my stunning achievement in finding a place where I can look back at Vandenberg airforce base from up north and for figuring out how to transmit the timing of their and forgetting that that the the things that up I was awarded the airforce guided missile insignia the first photographic officer in the airforce to get the they called it the missile batch it was highly coveted the thing at the time was definitely nineteen sixty four because the forum's management confirmed that and he knew he had written it down and I knew the exact date of it they cut down the missile we heard engine ignition lift off when you the missile was under way and we were looking down south ... south west and the missile pop up through the fog is just beautiful and I hollered there it is that our guys honor him forty five tracking mount with hundred eighty inch lands a sonic got it and the big B. U. telescope swung over and got it and we follow the thing and sure enough we could se..." + 89%
"2013-09-20 19:29:46"
"An Astronaut's UFO Experience - ..."
"NMO then Zarzecze kept coming over at the flying the same kind of formation we fly in our fighters well we're flying in Germany and we're flying F. eighty six and and they would come over and of the same and they were that way and I think that they're one well I mean gosh isn't and you just can't do that in the finder conventional finer you saw radar was now I was on that as well you Sam from ... what started it was a weather man was trying a weather balloon you sell these dogs with binoculars Angela ... in that start veiling getting out longhand I'm then when side puts America lined up and see what they were but we couldn't get ... couldn't get them they are hiring faster so we can tell whether they were large and long ways away when they were smaller and closer in the ground gave up their yeah I know what their son they were there yeah fifty one about nineteen fifty one if the Russians had that cool technology now so how close would you say my god so if you get will determine that there were objects unknown round house controller was it Miami awareness ran them they are flying they're flying fighter formation very level and the positive control they're just typical ... saucer shaped that double and taking their shape metallic lacking I think they were definitely pile and then they go he's one of the file and then and then write them any medication on other because they would have liked it more than then for they they have lied to maybe twelve or sixteen all cry when they make in time they cross the flights in and there had to be in communication the car nine yeah around hall one winds up off the side just did a lateral movement when they were at the sun much disease much is yeah harassing the lights the the yeah because they found a lower Clearlake California did a note found how does that then formalized in outside nominal each I think their actions Trachsel pilots flying well I was I was found out I was hangs in the cameramen fan on the installation o..." + 82%
"2013-09-13 13:41:20"
"A Glittering Boomerang"
"should the United States airforce I entered the military and six ... my track my basic training would have been and San Antonio ... from there I went to help us airforce base ... from there to Vietnam Vietnam to ... grace and was discharged honorably grace and returned back to the states this as you know thirty years Morrigan ... this happened and now to someone and sack airforce base I was guarding AB fifty two I swear it's the fact is street for Strategic Air Command ... I was on guard duty guarding AB fifty two bomber and the bomber area ... which is divided into sections with that what we call the hurry house in the middle and that's where they officers and the flight crew stay on ready if they're on a lark to disperse to the planes quickly and on this this would have been like on the summer of nineteen six seven as the causes sometime in the summer period are we wrong guard duty ... there were I think if like apartment for planes on each side and the it would better at night probably light midnight probably sometime in the morning between that period time when over one of the B. fifty twos which were armed with nuclear weapons are there appeared a bluish haze almost in the form of a boomerang our wing shape and in this case there was a glittery light ... we had no idea what this what's and we do know that the the sack teams word called to ready so they came out of the plane but but prior to that this just hovered over the plying for a short period of time and that is Spanish ... we were told later that it was picked up on radar it wasn't as if you actually saw it glide away it was like like it and with it covered most of the wingspan of to now what what that would be empty terror meters during that I have no idea but it was large it was large but it was also very transparent I was not solid mass that was not what you would think of if you think of the UFO and at that time we had no idea something that actually showed up on radar and the p..." + 53%
"2013-09-09 13:56:21"
"Silent Triangle Over Loring"
"name is Joe what tacky and I completed a twenty year career in the airforce in nineteen eighty eight ... during that twenty years I spent a good a signet sick so Stangel portion of my assignments within or JG care command first part my career and the another substantial portion yeah I play my career in well the offense Kurt very early address April of nineteen sixty nine in April seventeenth ... if if my reflections and my log book ... help me accurately pinpoint that I had just ... receive my private pilot's license in fact the day before on April sixteenth I had successfully completed my private pilot check ride and on the evening of April seventeenth and next day my instructor and I had a brief flight in the ... wholly contained within the traffic pattern at Loring airforce base in northern Maine and the purpose of that flight was to give me at night certification check ride so there was a solid overcast that night at three thousand feet above ground on ground level which gave us plenty of necessary altitude for the touch and go landings maintaining VFR visual flight rules requirements and we were landing to the south ... there was a light breeze from the south the runways at Loring were aligned ... one nine zero degrees to the south in zero one zero degrees North north by east and the breeze was was fairly general but it was not significant enough that we did have the south runway as active with my instructor in the right seed in me flying airplanes the left seat the tower called us by our Cessna registration number and ask us if we had seen anything unusual north of the base and that was that was the way they pose the question did you see anything unusual north of the base I was pretty focused on the instruments and trying to impress my instructor with my ability to control the airplane at night but he had time on his hands so he responded to the towers called and said that in fact he had on our previous pattern ... seen a flash of bright fla..." + 84%
"2013-08-26 14:02:21"
"Glowing Sphere Over the J.F.K."
"I joined the navy in April of nineteen ... radio attended radio a school in Bainbridge Maryland that I reported to the USS John F. Kennedy which was CVA sixty seven of the time ... and it which was already on deployment of the Mediterranean I caught with their ... I worked in the ... communications section for few years and ... then I moved to the navigational section of the Kennedy where I was so working with quartermasters I did ministry of work for the navigator ... after that I was transferred to commander for doing one at Naval Air Station oceanic Virginia beach Virginia seventy nine I applied for a job at the National Security Agency as a security guard and was hired in nineteen eighty ... did that job for three years and then I moved to the electrical division under the ... general services administration at fort Meade Maryland ... in nineteen eighty six I became ... they did away with all the GSA services I became an actual and the same ploy in nineteen eighty six and work in the facility section then I say so my termination if you thirteen nineteen ninety seven ... the incident occurred on uses job I'm not sure of the exact day summer of ninety seventy one more than likely was for July the time of the incident I was working in the catia section of the Kennedy ... my job was a broadcast operator which meant that I retrieve messages from ... ... series of teletype that receive fleet broadcasts to the fleet from the communications station and Atlantic ... we were in the southern Atlantic we had been ... performing though operational readiness exercise in around Cuba in in the in the carribean see ... in preparation well in war games that they you know all military do these exercises from time to time keeper yup of we have just completed completed this exercise and we were ... getting ready to head back to Norfolk and we ... the evening that the incident occurred they had just finished up a long flight outs in excess of ..." + 85%
"2013-10-11 22:09:48"
"Von Braun's Legacy"
"I ... my name is Carol rosin I'm an educator who became the first woman corporate manager of an aerospace company Fairchild industries I am a space a missile defense consultant cut consult a good number of companies organisations government departments even the intelligence community" + 1%
"2013-10-07 13:51:37"
"Project Grudge: The Tip of the I..."
"my name is Charles L. brown better known as Charlie Brown Amer retired lieutenant colonel in the United States airforce I spent approximately twenty three years in military service and the letter seven years as a senior foreign service officer in my career I spent a fifteen started out as an enlisted man and they are Virginia National Guard in the fall of nineteen thirty nine in her listed in their regular US army Signal Corps in June of nineteen forty upon graduation from high school started training as a pilot in July of nineteen forty two this commission is a second lieutenant pilot in April of forty three trained as a B. seventeen pilot aircraft commander went to Europe arrived there early November of nineteen forty three commence combat is a B. seventeen pilot on ... thirteen December nineteen forty three follow my twenty nights unless complete mission on the eleventh of April nineteen forty four combat during this period was very fairly severe just completed a survey of my thirty one attempts of admissions and every time we went into the air we had two hundred and thirty five casualties during those thirty one missions and then we're very fortunate to complete it ferried aircraft around United Kingdom for two three months came back to the states instructor pilot volunteered for overseas again and then went out to the Pacific as a C. fifty four pilot flew into China Burma India left the service December forty five one year of college very bored back into the army four year went to Japan as a military police officer and ended up commanding a counterintelligence unit out of the service in nineteen forty seven the fall Nordic complete college finished college in August of forty nine recall the active duty in October of forty nine given a regular airforce commission and ... early nineteen fifty left active duty in the fall of sixty five gave up my promotion to colonel to accept appointment is a senior foreign service on sure seven years with the agency for i..." + 91%
"2013-10-05 19:08:01"
"Condition Zebra: UFOs Overhead"
"well you listed in the night in the United States Navy and no August of nineteen seventy eight and I ended up on board the USS America ... where unfortunately ... sustained some injuries on the flight deck ... while performing my duties in a roundabout way of since that ended up it sync land fleet ... Atlantic command support facility in Norfolk Virginia on Hampton Boulevard and I was directly assigned to elicit division twenty two which were of group of about eleven people then ... we were directly responsible for briefing add more trying we briefed him on current military operations around the world with the Soviets were doing that day what they had done the night before LOS F. ... is just an acronym for Atlantic operational support facility and ... sink plant fleet is another acronym for commander in chief Atlantic Fleet hooch and we're trying Moore's Tom everyone on the eastern seaboard answer to this my was granted ... after six months late a top secret special compartment intelligence clearance ... with the ... zebra striped identification baggage which permitted O. access to all facilities on the base at all times ... I had unrestricted access to any facility at any time as well as the command center ... which was specifically granted for so that I could be up on the mezzanine or the third deck as we called it opposes the us command center to make sure that any in going incoming and outgoing audio video ... information that came into the ... command center was recorded ... and newly logged for reference sort they needed for life we're recording every all the video and audio of everything that's going on even when they said what was called conditions Seabra alert it was generally a training exercise they would announce it before hand this is a real this is real set conditions a an unauthorized personnel would be escorted out of the command center is the highest level of alert that the navy has or had at that time for dealing wi..." + 93%
"2013-09-30 21:38:18"
"Project Blue Book: An Insider Sp..."
"graduated from the George school which is a private coeducational school when in nineteen fifty eight and went into the military after during our I served under Eisenhower may of nineteen not until I got out of office Kennedy tell I left the service in August I worked with a tenet colonel Holloman first name other than the fact I and maybe Earl but I can swear to it anyway huh my job was to let's learn how to deal with code and that's what I did in when the process of dealing with that ... through military ... maneuvers ... I yeah I learned a lot about project blue book ... Bluebook was discussed quite openly in the office ... sections of blue book were open for discussion and ... then there were other matters as well that that were brought to ... our attention one afternoon when well we yeah we just about ready to finish up training was about three thirty maybe quarter for the afternoon ... colonel Holland very brought out I had a piece of a what appeared to be ... metallic ... it was a metallic piece of look like about a bit like a yardstick ... it ... it had the deciphering it had it had been corruption on it and ... decryption pointed out by colonel halberd ... to each one of us who were in the ... in that class and I think there were six seven of us at that time and ... it was ... told us where that came from and this was in and the connection with operation Bluebook what they were trying to say is look we've we've got this this physical information this as well ... property and they do go along with what what you've seen in blue book we have now been able to get our hands on and show you materially and that's what that's what he did they went on to further explain that that this was the material that it come from ... The New Mexico crash in nineteen forty seven and ... and that was discussed ... I think it was discussed at length if I'm not mistaken we we spent perhaps another hour so we left about an hour late that..." + 93%
"2013-09-23 15:53:40"
""Sirius" LA Premiere - Dr. Steve..."
"the really this documentary is about the beginning of a whole new time honored a whole next phase of human development civilization is to bring out this information to the public so that's what Sirius is all about is named after Star but it's really about her and that's what we're doing on Earth Day cited to be here with all of you and I like to think ... Thomas Jane for doing the voiceover on this now and I would love to think ... arm Coleco and the whole production team and never in the light this has been quite a journey through enormous adversity but we've gotten here we got here because of all of you and I want to thank you from the depths of my heart because a year ago I said we're going to do a film ... funded by the people and it's going to be supported for the people and then all of you are going to be the distributors and we're gonna leave the big macro economic corporate folks behind and we're gonna do that I want a good special thanks to a a Chris the tally who is I helped us put this whole thing together presses been our angel on the it was a couple years ago at Sundance that Chris the had me come out and I us when I met ... some of the folks in this business and then about a year and a half ago he had only been here in Los Angeles where I met Thomas Jane thank you Thomas and then he has been the person who is manage this entire event if it wasn't for Chris we would be set in the C. thank you Chris again you're amazing person and I really want to thank all so ... my own staff and volunteers we have thirty some volunteers here who are helping make this happen ... Sarah Barrett van Gilly all these folks they've really really put this together but I have to say the person I want to thank the most ... who has put up with me as early Saint some for thirty four years for kids six grand kids we just had a new one in Boston a few weeks ago and my wife family the light of my life true angel and we are so indebted to you god bless your family wou..." + 64%
"2013-10-25 17:52:26"
"The Bentwaters Incident: Securit..."
"my name is sal Larry Warren and in December of nineteen eighty I was assigned to the eighty first tactical fighter wing here in Suffolk East Anglia ... at the NATO air bases bent waters and would breach of twin base complex at the time that I was ... security specialist and let men I worked with ... securing the arsenal the nuclear arsenal we secretly housed here at that time tactical weapons battlefield grade and against terrorist attack on December eleventh nineteen eighty my security clearance noticed P. R. P. came through and I was approved for like Clarence was a secret clearance at that time the UFO incident place near our if we as ours is a six miles apart separated by a pine forest known as Rendlesham forest ... I was into my second week in on the flight line working the night shift ... we had just come off a break ... the previous flights each see flight had I did not realize this but I'm boxing night Boxing Day morning ... early in the hours ... two nights before my event ... because I was off duty and things were clamped down what happened is is that a security policeman named John Burroughs an airman Parker we're at the east gate of aria of Woodbridge that fate and if you look from the gate out to the forest it's a pot Corsican pine forest beyond that about died nine miles away is the Orford key and then the North Sea with the orphan lighthouse on it and I will qualify that we're all familiar with the beam the lighthouse which people have tried to downplay these events as saying we missed identified ... airman Burroughs saw what appeared to be an object in the forest at the stand of the runway jest within the trees ... multicolored lights of the IT he suspected maybe an aircraft crashed but there was something wrong with that ... he called in the center Sir security control on Bentwaters reported what he was saying ... shift supervisor named Jim Palestine responded he was a staff sergeant spotted to the scene ... a few othe..." + 97%
"2013-10-19 22:30:33"
"The Lord Admiral on Bentwaters"
"it seems to me that the Bentwaters incident is a classic case where an apparent intrusion into our airspace and indeed unending in our country with witnessed by serious minded people in the military responsible people doing on Ben tortoise is in a sense a benchmark for how not to DO no good bit about the the people who took part in it and what I have decided to host a couple fold and I have said it in public more than once before there are only two explanations what happened that night in Suffolk the first is that what the people concerned including colonel hold who was at the time the deputy commander of the base and a lot of his surgeons O. M. they claim that something from outside the earth's atmosphere landed at that Raffles base they went and stood by it they inspected it they photographed it the following day they took tests on the weather ground where it should be seen and found radioactive traces they reported this cut a hole rich a memorandum which was sent to our ministry of defense he has a bed on British television at least once to my knowledge possibly more often in which he has repeated effectively what he said in that memorandum and what he said is what I've just described that is one explanation that it actually happened as colonel hold reported the other explanation is that it didn't and in that case one is bound to assume that colonel hold and all his men will hallucinating my position is perfectly clear either of those explanations is of the utmost defense interest it has been reported unclaimed and I myself have raised it with ministers at the defense ministry in this country who deny that anything they have been informed is all of defense interest surely to Ennis sensible person either of those explanations must be cannot fail to be of defense interest that the colonel all over an American airforce base in Suffolk and his men and men are hallucinating when they're a nuclear armed ... Croft on the base must be of defense interest if indeed w..." + 64%
"2013-10-19 22:30:59"
"ET Extraterrestrial Shot and Kil..."
"my name is said George a filer the third I don't normally isn't there I was in the US airforce and my final rank was major no one else would like to know well I have an MBA former vice president met core mother would've done other things leaving the airport Gator various aircraft you're transport aircraft ... Lou last MC one forty one at McGuire airforce base and I was also an intelligence officer most of my career as my desk job so to speak and I in that area frequently you know brief generals and congressman on our capabilities and the threat to our forces why was there normally I might have mentioned a briefing officer and I would come to work four o'clock or so in the morning and I am a ... morning of January eighteenth nineteen seventy eight I drove through the main gate at McGuire and I noticed the that there was red lights out on the runway ... and that ... probably something was going on ... the runways are because of all the red lights you know like please cars and fire trucks and so on and then think too much about it until I got to twenty first airforce command post is where I work and I would go in there and para briefing what is your position generals I was a ... deputy director of intelligence for twenty first airforce which controlled well half the ... military aircraft and flew left presidents in ... various VIP's and from the Mississippi River around India we had some three hundred aircraft didn't there flying all kinds of missions submarine crows almost anything that had to do with the military airlift we accomplished and this particular morning when I went into the command post I was met by the head of the command post he said they been a very exciting evening that we've had UF ... as in the you know over them McGuire all night and that one had apparently landed possibly crashed at the fort Dix and that one a ... made of military policemen came upon the alien they had pulled out a gun and shot them and I said you know a for ..." + 89%
"2013-10-16 21:50:19"
"The Ministry's UFO Files"
"we things like home I was serving official with British ministry of defense which I joined in nineteen eighty five I've done a number of different to assist you tea there the most relevant which is from nineteen ninety one to nineteen ninety four when I was posted to a division called secretariat S. stones in my duties there what to research investigate UFO phenomenon so the British don't was showing three hundred UFO reports each year and my job was to evaluate these to come to a decision about whether it was evidence of any threat to defense of the United Kingdom now after an in depth investigation ninety to ninety five percent of those sightings turned out to have presented explanations but we will left with a hard core of sightings we checked defied any conventional explanation whatsoever and these were a bunch of interesting cases involving a sightings by military personnel and near misses between UFOs and aircraft instances where UFOs with tracked on radar and cases where UFOs where and captured on film and video over the years in which the British government has set up in looking at the UFO phenomena that have been numerous cases on which uncorrelated targets have been tracked by military flight controllers and certainly on a number of those occasions military chats where only the diverted from Tosca or indeed scrambled to try and intercept these objects not to engage them in any horse style saints but merely to a close with them to identify them now on those occasions I have to say and we have not been successful in our attempts to to make it into section invariably we find that the speed simple maneuvers off the UFOs away ahead of and the best things you know infantry with regard to Ashcroft so they they run rings around us frankly on occasion when military jets have actually been chasing UFOs to try and maybe get gun camera footage or or to try and close within a visual range to get ninety on on what the ... the mystery Croft is and these things have ..." + 94%
"2013-10-16 21:41:57"
"UFO Crash in Peru"
"backtracks of six months to whoever took it knowing they take off circulation they won the database erased sure some of more on the further I am July of nineteen I graduated mount Saberi high school and went to Salem North Carolina on the ground in June of our nineteen ninety five and out by unlisted course you know delayed entry a year so I went to be camped on the eighteenth of June Sunday I want to view camp I I graduated eight September of ninety five from there my MOS was a three eleven which was correct ... and from there I went to school of infantry training at camp Geiger and now I'm late September of ninety five I did not complete training because I was injured and I hurt my back and I was sent to you on the ... the medical team there on the on the on camera both Carolina which is adjacent to a campus June I was there if only for about a month two months and in January January late January ninety six I was given new orders given a new MOS military occupational skill are listing a Sony to twelve stinger Avenger garner and subsequently I given ten days leave and then sent for bliss ... and ... placid Texas so I was in training for to be our air defense going on the the FIM ninety ninety two awful a stinger missile service dear miss Laura and the eventual weapon system which is a pedestal or a tour ... with ... when they'd stingers amount on the back of law Humvee and I was in training for a February if you are late may of on ninety six and then after graduated from that school was reassigned our first duty station up second marine air wing are twenty eighth our marine air control group second last year defense of time to report with Carolina was when I was assigned a battery be then on in June of that no six and I won on of several ops operations recall wives for short and ... basically I was there and then I was transferred over to you are that the section for laser strike in February of ninety seven ... after going weapons attack just ins..." + 94%
"2013-11-08 18:50:32"
"Secret UFOs at Norton AFB"
"I met with had a colonel John Williams I entered the airforce in nineteen sixty four and I was a pilot and had pilot responsibilities ... that included ... training all airforce pilots in the VIP and air medical flying as well as a commander of a flying unit it off I also had an engineering electrical engineering degree background and that also got me into in the engineering field and I was in charge of all the construction projects ... trying to find the requirements for new projects for the military airlift command in order for them to be approved by Congress and ... that is the extent of we have a synopsis of my by ... can discuss Norton airforce base in that as a result of all the military airlift command bases under me for their facilities that ... there was one facility at Norton airforce base that was close hold not even ... the wing commander there could know what was going on and during that time period ... throughout my career it was always rumored by the pilots data that was a cover for attractive location up one UFO craft and the reason for that location was ... folks that that could come out landed Norton play golf ... be part of a golf tournament so forth and during that process could go by the facility and actually see the UFO I was never allowed in that area when I was there Norton airforce Robinson during my Vietnam career when I was a rescue helicopter pilot and ... basically you're always together at the club and so forth and so close hopeful and many stories started to come out during that time period and it was there that ... I heard several stories along that line from different parts that had also overheard after mother piped then you elaborate we heard that are basically that's already was was known because it was so close with the fact that this facility did contain ... UFO and that was about all that said this time period would be in in nineteen sixty nine to nineteen seventy I heard that rumor for and validated..." + 68%
"2013-11-08 15:35:37"
"Technology from Extraterrestrials"
"my name is don Phillips and I live in Los Angeles California and I was born in Los Angeles California and I have worked with government sponsored agencies as well as I spent my ... appropriate time in the military and as a civilian but also as a ... military ... person I did have experiences with what we would refer to as unidentified flying objects we about started to work for enter college after high school but I also ... went to work for Lockheed aircraft corporation and after a year of employment and the regular field of aircraft structure and design ... I was asked if I would like to go to a new department or one that was already in gear for a new project course I said yes ... not knowing exactly what it was ... but I figured that ... it was in my best interest and I did have interest in it because I got a little inkling of it from the person the upper management that had told me about this now my studies had to do with the design engineering mechanical electrical and aeronautics I was a pilot a private pilot at that time and ... still am and at the time ... nineteen there what would be nineteen sixty one sixty two ... I started my new job in what is called the skunk works and I was introduced to the various divisions of the skunk works it was purchasing expediting and engineering my I served in all of those ... it during the sixties and this went through nineteen sixty five have our projects were of course a contract special aircraft ... flying aircraft for the government the United States government and the other agencies of the government of course supplied pilots and I say this because it's important to the defense of the United States and the free world ... free world means those that believe in the ... opportunities for all humankind the projects that I worked on ... were on going and the one I left the employment of the skunk works to go into the military I felt that this is something I wanted to come back to after serv..." + 96%
"2013-11-04 14:25:29"
"UFO Crash Recovery - Sgt. Cliffo..."
"result of many constituents of congressman shifty requested the general accounting office look into and try to locate documents pertaining to what happened here in July nineteen forty seven as it related to a crash of some type of object congressman shift not stipulate that these people were to find ... alien spacecraft are are some type of UFO not of this earth he only stipulated find the record set would answer once and for all what truly crash here the general accounting office was too later inform Jack Anderson it which he reflect this in one of his articles in this column that they too felt they were getting a run around from the name the Air Force but I would suggest that every agency it was ask that having information was in fact given the general accounting office run around in order not to expose documentation that the airforce did have they stipulated that all records that would provide any solution our answer to what happened here in Roswell was in fact destroyed it was that ... later ascertain that the documents that were in question that were destroyed were in fact destroyed without proper authorization our congressman Schiff then asked the general accounting office that they should try to ascertain who ordered those documents destroyed and at what time frame those documents were destroyed general accounting office and came back to shift and stated that it would be very difficult to ascertain the time frame as it duh reflected to them that was thirty forty years ago that those records is destroyed and at this late date would be almost impossible to determine who ordered their destruction however at the same time the United States Army was releasing records on UFOs for the last half century the army's been stating they did not have any records it was found that the army did have records too wet army counterintelligence corps records it dealt with UFOs they have thus far to date release three hundred thirty nine records there is a record in there a..." + 96%
"2013-11-01 21:09:42"
"Re-Engineering an ET Craft"
"I've spent the ten years in rank or four years working with the airforce as a civilian ... doing that experimental testing on aircraft since ... my marine corps days I was a pilot in the service and the fighter pilot and fought now World War two after late in the latter part of World War two and ... the Korean War conflict I was at the ... and ... went up as far as the ... yellow river I start work on flight simmers until about well here was in nineteen fifty four in September and ... well a little later than that I should let me go back a little bit after I got a marine corps idea took a job with the Air Force at Wright Patterson given experimental flight testing on various different modifications attack orders that they had incorporated aircraft very different aircraft if eighty nine and ... back then the ... beat that be forty seven if one or two in those aircraft yeah well I was that ... right Patterson of course I was approached by individual that and I I'm not going to mention his name ... to determine if I wanted to work in a the area and just new creative things okay and apparently that was that the flying this emulator what they had done they had selected ... several of us in a ... re assigned me to a like Gabby Asian which was a simulator manufacture ... at that time there were building what they call the C. Levin B. and if one or two simulator before seven simulator and so forth and they wanted us to get the experience before we actually ... ... start work on the flying this emulator which I spent thirty seven years so they have flying discs simulators to your knowledge when was the earliest they had them in operation I I don't think anyone in operation until the late or early sixties around security fury ... my ass as I watched you on the reason why I'm saying this is because the simulator was actually functional until around nineteen fifty eight where ... the simulator was actually operable a similar to use our tha..." + 88%
"2013-10-26 20:35:08"
"The Bentwaters Incident: Captain..."
"okay ... I enlisted in the airforce in nineteen seventy seven September and went into basic training on January of nineteen seventy eight off from there I went into of security police technical school in that what what found out was ... I was one of the first women in the cornfield not the first but a one of the first groups that they'd just open the crew field up to women and I don't know that at the time and ... so what what that was soon to be discovery when I got to my purse face which ... RF that waters and so I finished tech school in April and I left departed for our if that waters in may nineteen seventy eight and I got there and I was stationed at the eighty first security police squadron and my job was pretty much ... entry control or and working ... of working in law enforcement Ohio's plum bee fly a problem fly what I do is make sure to debase your jobless go to the back gate so I was on ... troll at the time and I was I had a colleague with me airman airman Duffield we'll both and first class the three at the time and and we had just checked the lock on the gate and we're just filling out our checks she tore everything in it we just sitting there it was about two to three o'clock morning and it was just really was a was a clear night wasn't raining out and we're just kind of you know board figure now with about four five more hours left in the us we're just sitting there talking and also we see this light approaching now is coming from ... the area the North Sea of souls coming west to east and a person look like in it look like in the of with analysts radio aircraft coming in and and and we look over at the at the runway waiting for the lights to go on figuring it while the aircraft committed I mean sometimes they would have not often but you know now crap would come in and and then it as it got closer and closer and now is about maybe two hundred it wasn't really that far ... it it was just as it was a big light and just stopped a..." + 83%
"2013-11-29 18:41:32"
"ET Extraterrestrial Structures o..."
"I was so in the United States Air Force from nineteen the January eighteenth nineteen sixty four until October eighteenth nineteen Stier I got out of the air to go back to school click ... when I left a my rank with sergeant they had a top secret crypto security clearance I had worked with Tactical Air Command in Langley airforce base Virginia the forty four forty fourth reconnaissance technical was involved photograph the they were working with the planes spy satellite photography before anyone knew we had it at that point and time no one knew that we were doing spy photography spy satellite photography ... of course no one knew we had the you'd do you to program operating or what the capabilities that program work we also did ... gun camera and ... reconnaissance film from C. one thirties all sorts of of aircraft that were going into combat situations we processed of the film for that it was ... nineteen sixty five ... I believe it was about June or July of nineteen sixty five sometime in that time frame ... my boss came to me I was working in a color lab at that time I was a technician photographic technician with the you know background electronics I've been trained in electronic photographic repair eta in Colorado at ... Lowry airforce base actually the school the year long the organization that I was it was a brand new ... installation it was ... put in place to facilitate a the ... the escalation of the Vietnam War so we were in a new facility I had come there in January of nineteen sixty five start that facility of ... we install all the equipment ... there were there were it would everything from printing presses we were doing mapmaking as well we're also when things were involved in was doing a automatic terrain sensing we would do we have simulators that did train with you you put a huge map of this sort in the in the simulator terrain map any fluid camera over that and did a recording of the train then they installed that fil..." + 91%
"2013-11-29 18:42:17"
"The NASA Conspiracy"
"my name is Donna hair at during the seventies and seventy one I worked in the building a at NASA for a contractor local fort ... they changed their name several over the years ... I work in a photo lab I work in different areas of the on and off site during the seventies ... I don't know the exact date but I walked into the photo lab of one of the restricted areas I do have a a a see I did have a secret clearance which I was not aware at the time they were clearances hired ... because those clearances are suppose to be kept secret that you have so I didn't know I thought I had the top clearance I walked into a restricted area which was not my company I was the NASA photo lab and there they they put they developed the film from the moon and a satellite pictures everything that's done finance that was this day that day a day I walked into a photo lab very at miss ... one of the gentlemen I had been friends with and I to occasionally he pointed his my attention to one area of this mosaic it was one panel of the mosaic which are several several panels put together the formal larger picture and these were either I believe they were satellite pictures I'm not sure there were Ariel looking down and I I said this is really interesting he explained everything in that heat it with a smile on his face he said look over there and I looked in one of the photo panels ... I saw a brown white dot and at the time is very Chris very sharp lines on it and I said to him ... what what is that is that a dot on the motion and then he is granting any says ... dots on the motion don't leave brown shadows on the ground and there was a round shadow at the right angle at the correct angle the sun shining on the trees I saw pine trees at NC a coastline and I don't know where this was but ... I looked at him and I was pretty startled because I'd worked out there several years and never seen anything like this heard of anything like this and all I said is this your photo and ..." + 77%
"2013-11-22 23:21:11"
"UFO At The Chinese Embassy"
"I was so upset because so many of my own friends they modify the rest real I resigned from farms although I then went to the ministry of defense al-assad's specializing in Russian and Chinese boxes but then you see if a military I found myself working they are top secret pop on the next floor underneath law where the run of Los we studied differs so a very early guys I got confirmation that you first I told I was involved in that well I'm this my name's Colton cried and ... I spent many years and service I was in the Far East department so I became a China specialist and I had already done Russian Cambridge so in the end I had these two languages I would too because I used a great deal in this welcome I spent ten years in China and I it was that in nineteen forty one when I was back again that with them to sit around and and the I AEA had this sighting of what we call the info closer I didn't say that goes flying saucer all that goes in your fellow but because this was six years of course before Kenneth Arnold was whitish disk totally silent apparently flying extremely focused I did have a a bluish light on top only a pace ugh it was that bluish color you get him love aunt welding and that was coming on rhythmically so as it went across the sky you could save coming on they're gonna come Woomera got Kamal Matta couldn't come on that all that was flying from the northeast that will be from Manchuria went to Morris towards bum it looks southwest well I never thought that I sort of put in the back but I thought I'd go back was this daytime or nighttime out data midday and it was not how I was lying underneath the clouds broke inside it's selling very fast because it was much faster than me the famous Japanese five to zero which we were already saying about Thai Chinese communists took over ... I didn't feel happy about the British policy and recognize them anyway ... USA didn't we deadline strike and ... I also felt very strongly that ... yes they should l..." + 85%
"2013-11-22 23:22:12"
"Diamond Objects on the A646"
"right said my name is Ali golfer and I'm a retired police officer I was served in the west Yorkshire Metropolitan Police here in England from nineteen seventy five to nineteen eighty four when not a defiant to retire to enjoy come closing came took place on the twenty eighth of November of nineteen eighty I myself am fellow offices six in total witnessed a UFO I threw the officers worked in Halifax in my Scioscia two of the offices was in a town called little Berra which is in greater Manchester I myself was in a time called Todmorden beginning west Yorkshire the incidents took place approximately between five A. M. five fifteen and all not moaning the three base office in Halifax who were called that PC Howard Stern Penang Basij jump halter and place woman Julie Baxter ... John Paul so was the dog on the left and they have got a bomb to the moors of of how the facts to search them stolen motorcycles while set up there on the moors the I. from to come into whether from to come and so they very low thick cloud when I became aware that below the Clio level was a large blue pulsating ball it was during movements strange movements no one would expect from a helicopter Harmon an airplane though that description so much so the moments became so erotic that said the police lady ... Julie Baxter no very distressed and got back into that place cara the dog on the ledge impulses dog started barking loudly out this subject and there was something the sands props the object then came down and what we call boast swoop down on the boat and headed off towards Thomas by five minutes later two police officers the names I have not got with Mitt to die Amerikaner they're in a different place force them house so I was stopped both black show head which is a a moral and ... road in ... public I was cop out kalui at White House ... stop that observe in below them the tyrant of a little bit I'm Rochdale when they became aware that didn't see it actually appear this so it diss..." + 91%
"2013-11-22 23:15:14"
"Secrets of Project Red Light"
"sure our water borne aircraft company Long Beach call for no okay a lid Rosarito surface boat technician or working for the commercial sort and motorists on ... bloat born one which call for no family McDonnell Douglas aircraft company yeah I'm I became interview all interested you know ham radio about nineteen eighty they'll blow hard don't want no mercy or since they're like comedic slogan always scanning one ham radio frequency brown no I came across food caramel solution two people were conversation all one you know old torn warm new port beach and the call they were talking about well bombers and fighters remember the other person ... that was woven all were actually there were three people wanted to look away which were close to right now and he was continuing to call him well a Dremel you know all you don't do that on ham radio on CB radio you do recall and and so I waited for them to clear all they went back to the gentleman in political word it helps to Morgan worlds Coleman's person in Newport beach drama room he told me that he would talk to you all bought that offer your them which all unabom group him what phone number they're not the caramels in signal hill told him to give you thirty minutes to get home and the call me in what you do ... called me and inform me of the old Rizwan he wills or referring to the portion of Newport beach a Dremel was because he was a journal remove swells four star general chief of staff of the airforce general Curtis lemay more to the frequency for about two weeks forward for the right time to call men and break down or talk to Curtis lemay owner on ... took it upon myself to draw down there I looked up to see Tara gross volume of the FCC diabetes the mortgage drove down to Newport beach mirror running a store bill electronic security gates and his wife Helen what me on random to all our clothes look in front of the door open recruiting foreign one because we didn't have a door open source described to you in on..." + 96%
"2013-12-07 05:01:15"
"Roswell Revisited -- Colonel Phi..."
"disapprove why do they so that's the answer Liza another intelligence their head of us they've proven looked and on one simple reason they can fly space and we can't so it boils down to the simple hi go over come out you go just we don't know anything about how so we go to start with what we know low we know is the greatest gift I gave us not the hardware I wasn't Rosalyn forty seven four seven I just got back from Italy I've been chief of security intelligence in Rome an intelligent business I was trained really by the British I was on the my nineteen so when I came back I went to Fort Hood Fort Riley Kansas I was stationed there who is a veteran postal and that we had still have horses and I was instructor at the intelligence school and we had an aggressor force with those no one night I just post duty officer close to Yasser means and I was in control for that night I was look the one US checked all the guards check all security areas thank Jekyll post I was a duty officer that night and I went to the veterinarian section and one of a sergeant I knew very well was sergeant of the guard at night a dome Sarge how's everything around here and he's a fine Sir I tell me does they told me to be careful of watches area because you have a sense of something since they're here he did you wash it Sir Daniel took a look and I know the sergeant very a master sergeant home back in the there's five creature like five or six I think was five I listed one up and here's this body there in Fulton for and I looked at it but ten fifteen seconds not much more than that so I put a defect Dallas's Sarge along get out of here now won't get you in trouble got on the duty officer I couldn't go round mock around here but you might get in trouble for coming back squalid Gaga I won't come out with me so we went out and I thought what did come from sars he had the will fire trucks consider coming through here from of near field and not Mexico and I had for Wright Patterson airforce now kno..." + 89%
"2013-12-03 22:56:08"
"Secret Projects at McDonnell Dou..."
"my name is Robert M. would and I go by doctor Bob these days I have a degree in aeronautical engineering from the university of Colorado and I subsequently got a PhD in physics from Cornell and I went right into McDonnell Douglas as say young engineer and stayed with Madonna letters for forty three years the graduating basically steps and wound up in charge of various aspects of our research and development programs including the last one during my career Delbonis sixty there was quite a bit of publicly exposed information about various Sabah UFO events one day when I was just doing my normal job supporting my boss he said you know general Schriever is retiring and a general Schriever was the guy who invented the ICBM and the airforce wanted to have a sort of a testimonial event symposium for him and each of the contractors including us got an assignment to predict what the future would hold the next ten years and so are tough assignment was to talk about going to space and back and so I knew my boss was really oriented towards nuclear propulsion invited telling otherwise he was gonna talk about nuclear propulsion everybody was tired of hearing about nuclear propulsion so I said well Gee ray why don't you tell them about how the UFOs allegedly do it and he said that's a great idea why don't you work that out so I read my first book which was Donna mills Menzel's book and after I read that book I told my wife that this guy's a legibly a scientist but he's not talking logically he's ignoring the data and so I read another book and pretty soon I'd read all fifty books and at that time I became interested in subscribing to various journals and met Jim Donald now there were two interesting aspects that fell out of this meeting with Jim Donald one of them was that he can he convinced me that I had a story that I could tell to my management since since I concluded that the U. up was a real one one day when I was driving to work until bile is no other solution there clea..." + 92%
"2013-12-03 22:54:06"
"Son of an Area 51 Technician"
"my name is Paul H. shoots and my father's name is Paul a Utes ... my father ... I was first of all raised Kwajalein Marshall Islands himself the from the age of five through seventh grade ... my father was relocated from that military installation to Nellis airforce base where he ... continued to serve out his his career ... it always informed our family that ... he was an optical engineer and worked on it and that range sixty one and range sixty two which are ... is a non secure range north of tone pot Nevada ... my father would leave every morning at about four thirty quarter to five and come home very late at night about seven thirty eight o'clock so I really didn't have much interaction with growing up first of all he he would leave at the airport ... we lived very close to the airport very close to ... where Wayne Newton lives in that area of Las Vegas and ... he would get on a seven thirty seven aircraft that was unmarked they did not have any identification numbers on it there was a number of them maybe five or six aircraft in the fleet ... and ... he would leave on this aircraft every morning ... he did a lot of TV why missions to fly from where to where from the real deep sure not a problem ... from Las Vegas ... to area fifty one ... it is also known as Dreamland also there was a number of different people one of the people that I like to mention is my father's boss whose name was Tom Hamilton ... he was on Kwajalein missile range and most of the people that war in the group if the missile range transferred to the spitting in the area of the country ... my father basically ... very conservative was race Republican ... I was very active in the LDS church growing up ... I say what that is but you don't know it ... the Mormon church or latter days latter day saints church ... which is a very conservative usually most people that are in the church a Republican base we we basically my father is very conservativ..." + 87%
"2013-12-02 19:23:27"
"The Nike Ajax UFO Crash"
"it was in the United States Army for two years drafted and then I got ... military went to college and graduate nineteen sixty three and a B. S. EE degree since then I have been in heaven graduate program for nuclear engineering also I've taken pre med and I've been working tracks so since nineteen sixty three also for NASA department energy and several other electronic friends in Washington Sierra seven to fifteen so mostly in and outside of all in the Maryland just north of Washington DC as a Nike Ajax missile facility I was a radar operator ... in may of nineteen fifty eight about six AM in the reason I knew a sexist because that's when everybody got out I looked out the window the first I heard a sound it sound like a pulsating transformer I looked out the window and so looked across the field and saw this object heading towards the ground and saw crash it broke apart and then it took off again in flight hi middle you got dressed went up on the hill where the man was radar was ... got in it assed telescope that we'd tracked a north star with two liner and radar antennas and set me in mounted on them radar first ... and looked at the pieces that were laying across the field and the largest piece that I saw which was actually glowing white hot it was a probably the size of a wash machine shortly thereafter the airforce personnel had arrived ... going across this field and started picking up the spaces now they use long poles very long poles so to pick up the biggest piece and they proceeded to put it on the truck that was lead line truck and pushed it in with another long pole and got it inside the truck itself then the other personnel ... picked up the other pieces that were laying about now what's interesting about it is the from my knowledge of nuclear things now are my recall that these personnel were wearing ... radiation suits protective suits and it and then they proceeded to take the material way have no idea where it went the other issue ..." + 79%
"2013-12-02 19:19:56"
"DIA Secrecy on UFO's"
"my name's John Maynard ... I'm a retired military and intelligence analyst I retired in nineteen I was in the military for twenty one years started out with the army intelligence purity agency an analyst ... went on from there to work for several different organizations within that within the military and ended up with a D. I a ... at the last of my career and then I was an administrator and charges most of the documents for the requirements and evaluation division as far as being aware of what was in the intelligence world for UFO and ... extraterrestrial I guess it was early on in my career in this early sixties ... some of the ... radio communications and I was analyzing for the army security agency or a little bit more than just the normal type traffic I think at that point when I became too curious when they decided to let me go and I went on from there to investigate on my own different aspects of what was going on when I got to Europe I was approached by a few of the ... counter intelligence people there knew had information on my background spies analysis go became involved in what was the drug trafficking to look at and see where people were moving drugs back and forth as far as the military is concerned and the same time I ran across the UFO problems that people were having particularly sightings in Europe and things like that ... I did preliminary investigations were these people in turn reports in what was you know what people were saying what was going on how is that worked in Okinawa and we we're analyzing traffic patterns for the Chinese have particular time and every once in awhile I would run across an anomaly that would relieve within the pattern of the type of traffic would be known for setting up networks within the military complex and when questioning you know here we've got something brand new what is it you know I would always be pushed off to the side speak when you don't need to worry about that things like that but I jus..." + 93%
"2013-12-13 20:29:21"
"Silver Disks Over Hickam Field"
"we said let's take a walk is I wonder what talk you he was a member of ... Douglas macarthur's security guard and he told me that Douglas general Douglas MacArthur with very familiar with the Roswell incident that he himself had seen the material plus the bodies that were taken from Roswell he told me of course he with passenger on a TDY to the states from Japan and he just said they give us any time anybody that I told you so just admire ntfc Waldwick New Jersey ... entered the military and ... August twenty third nineteen forty nine NJG city I want the military my twin brother and I had gone to Lackland airforce base my training I can going Georgia but ... communications training and then sent the heck infield Hawaii right there on may fourth nineteen fifty after may fourth nineteen fifty three well at that time actually what they run they became established Buck sergeant and I was working in the communications ... good weather really and ... pick a field had two theaters one wasn't a close theater brand new and then he had an outdoor theater at young to Hickam field by the entrance of Pearl Harbor it was situated on the mount because I had to go down peeled out of band shell and it was one I will watch a movie that about two hundred fifty people there and a list of course in Hawaii the only time it rains in the summertime with an amount so with a clear night with the moon over left shoulder I wasn't like in the middle of the of the audience on the right hand side somebody'll somebody turned around and went that hell is that and nobody turned over and looked over to the right and over to the entrance of prop harbor do it's nine silver discs and the first sign that they have what it was like a letter L. and before I know what they were going this way and that way and to make all we want them for about ten minutes everybody just kept looking and we have some kernel get up and he said ... don't worry about it folks he said that all spotlight but bein..." + 76%
"2013-12-13 20:28:34"
"The Roswell Press Release"
"a story that I put out was very simple it was what colonel Blanchard said he wanted put into a press release when the colonel tells a first lieutenant almost verbatim what he wants in a press release guess what he yet you don't argue with them and say all I think it is sound better if we said it this way are the next wave the answer to all yes Sir so what exactly did the press release saying in essence it was very simple to the effect that we had in our possession of flying saucer it was found on a ranch up north of Roswell it was being flown do general Ramey's office ... being the next higher command that was the eighth airforce and that was the end of the information that I got was given to me almost verbatim by colonel Blanchard and he right off of him scratch pad that he had in front of them ... what he was saying to me I was writing it down ... after we got all through that I kinda aunt I said I want you to give it to the local newspapers and radio stations look poltergeist all he got in reply was a yes Sir and away I went I meant that they put all hunks in pieces in a I think it was at that time hello see fifty four aircraft that they loaded up primarily with this ... the material and that airplane was flown the material was not full that was pretty well orchestrated I think the ... thought of handling it that way came down from Washington through channels and we were told that we were all wrong that was just a weather balloon and that was ... the only thing that I think we heard was well that's the end of that story should not pregnant all lack to start within known this type of thing ... these things happen when you got a whole bunch of rank going way above the hood you're just a little first lieutenant down on the bottom of the pile I think more than anything else I was saying all god I hope that this thing doesn't blow up in our face and that was ... so easy some of the things that would come for in the military they just got out of hand..." + 44%
"2013-12-13 15:49:27"
"Roswell's Mortician"
"nnova sharia the contract from military service is added to the Roswell army air field and this set of chairman brown said he was a mortuary officer to base you needed some information what do you need the how many ... hermetically seal happened caskets to you have three and a half for for stockman's we don't have how long would it take you to get home and I said well I go and thirty this so what's going on he said that's not important said well it is important now so but anyway and I hung up then the call back later he said ... I need more information and you won't know what Imbaba chemicals that would alter the tissues the stomach contents and what is our preparation for ... taking care bodies in laying out the elements several days and I said you're the mortuary up soon you're asking me because I do it your way of trying to find out if those don't that ... there again I was very stupid and I hung up and it's so but anyway later on the day I got emergency we the only advice business in Russia with that time this chairman of riding no Indian motorcycle hit the back end of a former stray read here going in jail and I'm so when I arrived at the base where I usually backed up to this rampant unload patients it was three failed army air have forced the Hammond is backed up against her and now so I had to swing around the daily we welcome up the ramp and I saw a larger degree and so when I got in and checked the man got all about using your things and nice this ... captain there nice it sure looked like we had a question I need to be ready for and who in the hell are you and why you did here massive well having largely we have a contract from military service looks like you had a crash he just so the spirit here don't move so I stayed there and pretty soon we came back to military place and say get disco based not supposed to be here whenever this happened whatever happened all the doctors and nurses that were stationed here in the in that area knew they we..." + 75%
"2013-12-13 15:50:14"
"Colonel Corso's Legacy"
"I ... next time he was in nineteen fifty seven after he took ... ... command up to five five two missile battalion ... he had several incidences in the desert one of them is a cave that they Gee I show them that is there and it was always have a cave ins it was a cool place to go out in the desert and often many of the men would go up there and himself on ... you know just for excursions something to do you gotta understand red canyon is very isolated from Anne's there's no stores are anything around ... they build a church there which I think was highly interesting ... later on there's a story that that involves that but anyway he went to this cave in when he was in the cave he tells a story of the first meeting who with the ... alien in the case ... you want me to go into detail on that how he said he was kind of laying back sleeping relaxing dozing off and also and he rolled over and pulled his gun they always wore their gun whenever they were all there post up there ... and he pulled a gun any pointed it toward this form he says he didn't recognize what the form was so he asks he says friend or foe the form said neither but he was very very upset because the message came mentally and he figures how in the heck is this thing and what is it what is it doing he later sees it move a little bit and he sees that it has a type of home and on with a type of stone in the center of its head on a band he drew pictures of it ... or had an artist draw ... this creature asked him to shut down his ... radars for fifteen minutes he says that he figured in his head how does this thing note I'm the only person I could give that command to shut these radars down he asked a creature well why should I do it or what's in it for me the creature answered a New World if you can take it ... at the time it that had little to no meaning to him only in later days did it have a meaning meaning to it ... he went out of the cave called Sargent rex Zack told shu..." + 93%
"2013-12-23 23:44:49"
"Blueprint for a UFO"
" I work principally as a conceptual artist. I work for all the major defense contractors. I work for General Dynamics, Lockheed, Northrop, McDonald Douglas, Boeing, Rockwell International, Honeywell, Allied Signal Corporation. It was a very enjoyable, very lucrative business. I went into college in 1967 when I was at Westover Air Force Base, had this Gilbert Science Company 80 power, reflected telescope and everything. One night before I was going to go to bed, took the dog out on a bathroom and stuff. It was in March of February of 1967. I saw this light moving across the sky and then it just kind of stopped. I took the dog back in the house and brought on my telescope and I watched this thing through the telescope for about 10 minutes. Then it was hovering directly over the facility where they kept the nuclear weapons, the storage facility near the alert hangars at Westover Air Force Base. It started to move off and it moved off slowly and kind of one-grounds guy and then all of a sudden it just was gone. Like it had been fired out of a gun. It was just out of sight and just a second or two. It all started to come together when I was working at Intervision and John Epilito talked about this interview that he had done with a person who had for some reason had wound up walking up to or near a hangar at a section. It was a section of a military and air force base and it's seen a flying saucer in the hangar and then he was arrested and hauled off and blindfolded and debriefed and all this sort of thing. This fellow Mark Stambeau, apparently, according to Roger Turner, had developed an experiment that created kind of levitation. In some circles it's been called electro-gravitic levitation or anti-gravity. What he did was he apparently acquired a high voltage power source and DC direct current power source. He took a couple of quarter inch thick copper plates about a foot in diameter with the lead coming out of the middle of each one at the top and the bottom and he ..." + 97%
"2013-12-23 23:46:04"
"Hidden Energy - Dr. Hal Puthoff"
"one of the discoveries that emerged out of a modern quantum theory is that the so called empty space isn't really empty at all it's actually full of energy so instead of being like kind of a quiet empty lake that's more like the froth at the base of the waterfall and this energy is basically like magnetic nature and up the energy density is ... quite high in fact it's so high that when it was first discovered mathematically without being some kind of artifact in mathematics but then as time went on there were Neva Nobel Prize winning experiments to show that this energy and so called empty space was really they're not usually notice it because ... so homogeneously distributed it's our view like sitting in a bathtub with ... at exactly your body temperature you might not notice owns the water but under certain circumstances that can be ... stirbt or perturbed and then it has effects as I mentioned some some effects on atomic commission for example what eventually ended up in a Nobel Prize for Willis fan have you know university is called the lamb shift this is a recognition that in fact ... this energy disturbs Adam so Adams I'm sitting in a boy they're sitting in the city of energy so I want so once there's realizadas you was there the next question was well is there any way to tap it and it was thought that originally that probably not it might be like trying to tap the heat energy around us and ... you can quickly prove her thermodynamic reasons that it'll take more energy to tap but then you get out of it so you don't come out ahead but back in about nineteen eighty four researcher Hughes laboratory name Robert forward ... show that there was a particular effect called the Casimir effect which demonstrated that in fact this energy could be tapped well you don't look at the numbers find out that there's enough energy and the vinyl coffee Cup to evaporate all the world's oceans get all of so this raises the issue among theorists well can we manipul..." + 84%
"2013-12-20 17:47:35"
"Approaching Zero-Point"
"Clepsis serves the anti gravity electric robotics and zero point energy ... research that I'm aware of I would feel that ... recently I just met Bob Lazar very nice conversation with him Vegas so I feel even more confident of his sincerity and his experience with us for a groom lake area fifty one for those not aware of it ... as for is actually south and very fifty one but ... important thing is that from his experience alone the ... very convincing picture of very advanced circular aircraft circular levitating craft ... it becomes very apparent and this advancement in propulsion in any gravity ... has not been really available to the civilian population virtually at all ... we know of work done by Townsend brown for example ... which actually I recently published in the last rising amazing ... then Townsend brown specifically approved through his demonstrations project winter haven that the possibility of providing a unidirectional force from a charge separation on the craft specially designed craft is feasible and importantly it also cushions ... sonic breaking a fact portrait of addicts by itself is specifically the posted effect that's gained by it separating charge the edge the surface of an aircraft and and I use aircraft very general way to mean spacecraft or any other type of craft ... moved the interesting thing is from my research I also feel that there's a ... magneto critics ... available as well infected doctor leaning Lee the latest popular mechanics magazine ... has that term used in her research so there's both options available for providing gravity anomalies and this I feel is so and a very viable area of research no interesting research that now is being a suggested by a boy bushman of from the ... Lougheed retired from lucky and ... he describes so some of that research swilling talked about and of course in any gravity effect but he's also witnessed and measured you're asking about the ... unacknowledged p..." + 83%
"2013-12-20 15:04:02"
"UFO Cover-Up - Dr. Paul Czysz T..."
"I'm a graduate of parks college ... started in the airforce at Wright Patterson and ... it was in the airforce for two years and stay there additional six years working and research and then I return the McDonnell Douglas and stay there for thirty years and finally ended up at parks college again as the induction ever and and McDonnell Douglas what we what was your work there heart of involved ... a lot of high speed work hyper sonics ... we worked on things that flow from Montfort amok twelve and some airplanes and flew mock twelve all around the world and just for the benefit of people can you just explain what I mean what the mock raiders mock Mach numbers how may faster than the speed of sound you are so literally a Mach twelve airplane flies about twelve thousand feet per second or a bottom of fourteen thousand miles an hour and if we can get to fly away around the world almost built I had was did the airforce you get the wonderful assignments like your office the assistant assistant officer of the day one night I was the assistant to the head office for the day over Patterson field and we had a hundred and fifty one phone calls command of objects flying down interstate well that time U. S. forty then turning at of Columbus and going up to ... I tried ... and these were state policeman some doctors that were up late at night all kinds of people that reported seeing as we have radar tracks on them had airliners call in that they had seen him ... very very interesting each one a call that I had a run over to FTD and take the playing over and if I can get back in time and the poor colonel got awoken by the next call I get bawled out but that was a very interesting night and these guys that were not you know people who weren't used to seeing evidentiary sites and things like that I mean they were very clear descriptors of what they saw probably more than half of my career that was an projects over classified are compartmentalized can you describe h..." + 94%
"2013-12-16 22:32:10"
"UFO Files of the Italian Air Force"
" ... I'm two hundred and fifteen unknown ... and and explicable evidence from the simple until you're full and this is important because it's an admission that the phenomenon exists of course earning a day are present approach should be easier to handle the problem we the certain care but not to deny this swing the positive am probably they prefer a day after I ... me find the direct route to explain the problem Amy's what what we are trying to do of course on I volunteer basis of course about so and I'm in another interesting thing is that recently and we called the check and some old documents ... they are from a ... did the two of cheese and the and this ... ... documents ... or issue and our mainly two sightings in that nineteen fifty six and they show that even that fascist government that that ball and that the moment trip and awards the handling good weed the problem over you if we stories this we see with the from an anonymous source this document and and the problem of checking everything from the standpoint of history of documents and above all that we had to add this documents on a life of that from the chemical ... and starting up point of view and the result was positive completely positive factor we have gave all so these documents to be tellin airforce in order to have a also they are premium and the two seat today you're nothing more about the case yesterday was that they know and nothing more blocking any Kayser yes documents Arafat will tend to become crucial in the walls that is doing the tour to serve it easily was involved with the ... we'd the sightings Alva I'm known aircrafts and that that ... moment to Mussolini was very impressive than the really add problems because that and the idea that it's a the Italian power in the air because of the tenor force of where it was a really very very important that moment and where the heck did this school to even ... led him to to change it is affordable public discourse and bec..." + 87%
"2013-12-27 15:40:33"
"The Underdogs of New Energy"
"a ... study physics at Johns Hopkins for my BA degree that I got a masters in business administration universe of shark Chicago ... got my PhD after that you know that ... Portland State University in system science which was our interdisciplinary program and ... my thesis ... dealt with ... range of ... both US strana me and geology area ... studying a new phenomenon of how the galactic center can affect the earth through our cosmic rays while my interest like to medics were how some brown's work I began in the nineteen five I was interested because the physics theory I have been working on predicted a couple in between electricity in gravitation which is pretty much what brown was illustrating experimentally ... in particular let's say it in the standard physics theory with my general relativity which is our current theory of gravitation I you have only one polarity to gravity so masses can only attract there's no possibility for gravitational repulsion are anti gravity anything the physicist comes up with that of sort of speculating ... outside of that framework ... their businesses have propose that there might be some coupling between electricity and gravitation of very high energies and that's when their reasons for building these huge particle colliders if they're hoping to find this connection ... if if they just look before their eyes experimental evidence there is a connection but it it just like normal laboratory voltages generate brown had a kind of a may pole that he built with that two desks that he would charge the desks and ... the leading edge of each desk had a wire that we met positive alliance and the body the disk was negatively charged can you see that it will show up on and ... he would charge you an initial experiment this type that you see here he charged with fifty thousand vaults about fifty watts of power and this would spin around around twelve miles per hour when the circuit man he is reported to have done..." + 92%
"2013-12-24 20:40:17"
"Cold Fusion and Beyond - Dr. Eug..."
"my name is doctor Eugene mala I'm a currently the editor in chief of the international science and energy magazine called infant energy published in New Hampshire ... but now in thirty eight countries ... also I'm the director of the new energy research laboratory which is part of infinite energy magazine ... the actual corporation in the state of New Hampshire great you conquered is a cold cold fusion technology corporate magazines been existence since I have two engineering degrees from MIT a bachelor of science in aeronautical astronautical engineering nine ... I have a master's ... degree from MIT also in aeronautical astronautical engineering nineteen seventy I also have a doctorate ... SED doctor engineering from Harvard University school of public health farm animal house so far it was the chief science writer at the the cold fusion story out of you I was at MIT alma mater serving proudly as the our chief science writer in whose office I am countered cold fusion ... and ... my entry into what might be called today areas call today the new energy area ... because I was the chief science writer at the MIT news office and ... it was essential at the time when doctors pons and Fleischmann on my a third made their announcement at the university of Utah that they had created apparently a source of energy they said but it had more energy coming out than in in a jar vessel of heavy water which I'm actually taken careful measurements I thought that the amount of heat coming out was so large that it had to be a nuclear source they were excellent chemist world class they could not see anything else but a nuclear explanation even though they didn't approve of it other than the magnitude of the excess heat preliminary indications our products ... that's how it began and by the way it's always nice to mention this was only twelve hours for the Exxon Valdez ran aground off Alaska ... cosmic coincidence great significance in some respect ... hist..." + 84%
"2013-12-24 20:36:52"
"A New Energy Paradigm"
"David Hamilton for department of energy and ... my background is between nuclear power a fuel cell system and let your power system and for the department of energy that's mainly why focus on his new generation powers system both critical thing is that we have designed a world that's it's on oil in those oil supplies are becoming limited more and more limited ... just the other night if the vice president debates they talked about the problem in United States with higher prices had nothing to do with the oil but in the ability to process that oil and it twelve million barrels a day it passed in July that's over seven thousand barrels that second it's a tremendous number it's hard for people to fathom how much will reusing now if we look at what supply is never before in our history have we been in a position where supply and demand would intersect so we basically been operating as a monopoly for oil it's a free product and now in about ten years we will see the intersection between supply and demand so that means will be so seriously supply limited the other things compounding that and which we've seen lately the recession in Asia show duh a worldwide slight depression ... we were slightly isolated from most of that but now they're coming back in again world prices are going up because demands going up and we're going to see that become even worse I've got some curves are brought with me to demonstrate this but if you look at where the Asian and and the ... and the Chinese market up people are in technology compared to where we are where the UK is they are about are nineteen twenties technology level when they move up there curve to try to have as many cars as we have per capita the demand for oil will be astronomical because right now the industrialized nations are only twenty percent of the total population our requirement that didn't the funding from individuals of funding from governments is necessary to get the ideas out to get these people that are ..." + 86%
"2013-12-24 20:38:05"
"Pulling Energy from the Vacuum -..."
"my name is Tom Bearden ... lieutenant colonel US army retired spent twenty years little more than that and I active military mostly an air defense various other assignments field artillery technical indulgences ... liaison to ... Canada to some ... technical work going on inside and turbinate wakes and reentry systems and so forth that ... Canadian armament research and development establishment and spent quite a number of tours and" + 1%
"2014-05-12 20:42:04"
"Lights Over Edwards Air Force Base"
"I ... you too I'm I hope would move militaria airforce and nineteen fifty four Picard nineteen seventy four and your tech sergeant most time I was an air traffic controller I've been that ... Edwards airforce base in California have been Japan ... Thailand Alaska ... several places in the states at this event happened and now October seventh nineteen sixty five ... today is ... who are your two thousand so it's thirty five years ago ... it's gonna midnight shift I was aircraft control room duty in the tower ... had about one thirty or so in the morning analysis real bright light can least didn't feel and it was counted by light green I would describe it and it had a red light underneath it and the red light wasn't actually a flashing light is conflict pulsating type probably be a better description of it red underneath and and had a quite like right on par le that just glowed and in a very broad quite large fab zord for quite awhile to do what many aircraft in the air at the time and ... so I called the dispatcher down by its operation and the weather ... men that we don't do that now forecaster and that got them all to go outside take a look now what is that you know and I had the ... ... among the detachment guys from the ... interceptor detachment that when on the base there and captain down there got him a boy got him to go out and look at it now what is it you know and so we've talked about for awhile rap con people that that's the right our people the home base that they don't have any aircraft near it time and so we got called down there to the ... advent people at all times are et sector and they ... the director down there decided you got to crawl around the site at one point in time they had it at least four different radar sites that were getting radar turned on and they were getting saying that ... a couple other powers like George tower sober Victorville and now I don't remember now couple other places there that ... ..." + 86%
"2014-05-10 02:58:22"
"Free Energy - Dr. Steven Greer 2..."
"so I want to thank all of you for coming some of you come from very far ... Washington state and ... New Jersey in Michigan and all over and I want to thank all of you for coming of the purpose of this meeting is to provide an update but also a really big overview of the projects were were involved with actually dealing with the time knowledge is and ... free energy sector because there's a lot of misunderstandings in the public on that and that has been something that we've worked on now for intensely for fifteen years ... this will be shared with the public via you two have been the internet and the reason for it is that there's a big learning curve understanding the technology but more importantly to understanding the policy issues the national security issues ... the details of how you evaluate these technologies and moving through the minefield of claims that are out there on the internet particular which has become a huge problem in the last year for us so I I want first give you Sir the big picture and the big picture is that we haven't needed fossil fuels sense about a hundred years ago this building was built in nineteen thirteen certainly by then ... Tesla Faraday Maxwell particularly the Maxwell pertinent equations that were chopped off and changed as you may well know some of you who are engineers ... has resulted in us having a energy sector that requires us to burn something or heat something up to create steam to get us electricity or to run our cars ... however a hundred years of really advanced physics which work that well understood a hundred years ago in terms of very high voltage systems that certain resonant hi hertz they call it cycles per second ... will get into this later would result in this excess power man it was observed by fair Dana was observed by test lenders are by many others and said where is this coming from ... professor die racked the I. R. E. C. so well he called it the dye Rexy and of course Tessa caught..." + 84%
"2013-12-30 13:59:46"
"Former Minister Paul Hellyer on ..."
"my name is Paula Harris and I'm an international photo journalist and I'm very honored today to be in trato Canada may seventh two thousand and ten to interview the honourable Paul Hellyer I it's been a pleasure to return to Canada after my two thousand and five interview with Paul when he ... talked about ... several controversial issues one being the UFO question and S. Barents Sea and ... the government cover up but today we are very honored because Paul has a two books and we're going to discuss them on camera and they are let it the end of the tunnel a survival plan for the human species and that's the book that ... will also encompass the eighteen UFO question among other real serious a world ... issues and Paul's book on America little waiting economics that makes sense in this book for Paul and it is a real masterpiece of economics he's done a great deal of study on this so these are the two books that have just been released on the debut of these two books and hollers kindly consented to answer a few questions questions of all of us have for him Paul unto doesn't find was an important year for you several things happened in two thousand five and the last time I was here and I since we're talking about late at the end of the tunnel the book was that part of your ... thinking in two thousand five that you would come out with the book and I would you talk a little bit about that here no honor at that time had no idea that I went to the break this book it didn't take a too long after that to ... decide that I want to have the right sort of a final Booker is a legacy but in two thousand firefly was still up ... getting over the death of my late wife Ellen and ... sort of living alone and decided to ask her the widow of my best friend ever noble share if she would consider marrying mia she had been a widow for ten years and ... she said yes so I'm we planned our wedding for two of the first to a two thousand five and that was the year that ..." + 94%
"2013-12-30 13:58:53"
"Pushing The Planet Forward - Dr...."
"my name is Ted loader and ... I got today ... I'm a professor of earth sciences and the institute for the study of earth oceans in space at the university of New Hampshire I've been there since nineteen seventy two unprofessionally an oceanographer ... and the dealing with the chemical aspects of the oceans ... and coastal zone so wasn't until about almost four that I was talking to my cousin ... Steve love can use now a you've asserted brigadier general the Army Reserve sees a lawyer and ... North Carolina and I was talking my first cousin you know very close is as children but we got away from each other for many many years he wasn't that North Carolina I wasn't various parts of New England what have you and we got away from each other but about four years ago ... him I've been talking in the told me that he'd been the some meeting on the west coast tour with the sim astronauts and Russian astronauts and what have you and I said Steve what's this about astronauts you were talking to any flips out this card on the table that was the car debate Russian astronaut English to one side Russian in the other any looked to me said Ted you're here area fifty one other Roswell noted that area of the Roswell just Russell this of course every major Roswell at that time probably everybody had but I certainly have any said well it was real and I said oh really tell me more and so we spent the next three days an intense conversations I could barely sleep at night when my cousin sat there and told me the things that he had known the people he talked to and everything else and he was in the White House ... during the Eisenhower administration idea top secret clearance and using cryptography he worked on project blue book for a period of time he saw material from the Roswell crash in him no reason to lie to me at all is my cousin who were best friends ... for you know all of our childhood and he did just that no reason at all and you know all this he told me all..." + 92%
"2013-12-30 13:57:41"
"The Dematerialization Project"
"I'm afraid Threlfall I was in the royal Canadian airforce balcony early fifties ... always agree communications instructor who through and communication schools while I in Tronto station has other than their station and structure I just finished my experiment and ... some away back to a classroom and ... there are other ... engineers and ... what have you at the to to that I've known of because I'm a frequent visitor there and data which is going to experiment that was going on and it was ... proximity of four by four enclosed class clown inclosure inside this room and on a on a cabinet there is a large glass ashtray and ... answer well what's so what's going on I still got an experiment underway we got the similar in the other room with no ashtray so are you talking way and one of the ... so I just said go ahead and ... mixing that ashtray wasn't certain there everyone wanted to the next room excited as can be because the ashtray was shit so it did materialized and materialized and data which was quite the thing and data after seeing that bin and with my knowledge through a like products in those days which is still lot primitive compared to what it is today ... it was quite exciting and ... I could visualize that these it could happen and ... mind you this is actually back in nineteen ninety or nineteen fifty three on a transpired here was so station Chrono Chris you guys hold hunt club the RCAF station to and when they ... when the scientists that said okay did someone flipped the switch or do something to make sure there will be a ... I didn't see who it was there is a panel avenged rents and everything off on the side and ... who would share had to throw switch when they they had they had to energize whatever equipment that they had in order for to take place it just disappeared completely it was there one minute and pull her one second and Scott and as we went into the other room there were certain there that was that ... the..." + 64%
"2015-01-18 15:41:15"
"Introduction to the CSETI Networ..."
"as you know we've just launched this ET contact app which is fine it's kind of more website an app it's a basic pap but basically if you don't have a good E. T. contact network dot com and and download and put it on your smart phone" + 1%
"2015-01-09 21:15:00"
"Crossing Point Part 1"
"well welcome to today's a workshop this is going to be a focus on a really what I call the trans dimensional sciences of the next millennium and it's dealing with essentially with where current knowledge of science meets the science of consciousness and contact experience and puts all these things together so they make sense to and that's a really big task because what you find normally with this subject is that it goes as far as do you epos exist and people they wanna kick the tires on the your votes well first of all they had tires and that kinda landing gear it means it's made by Lockheed Martin and my uncle so company Northrop Grumman ... and it's an anti gravity device secondly ... if it's only in this dimension many three D. or forty if you count count time time is to force then it is an interstellar so the first thing to get your mind around is to forget everything you know about conventional with them if you've studied the UFO subject but also what you know about conventional science because they're both antiquated and had been purposely kept antiquated I'll get into this in a moment dumb down I what I wanted to share what I think you in the public need to know to understand what has been called the phenomenon sort of that this sort of meta phenomenon ET contact and ... UFO phenomenon that goes beyond just the fact that they're moving at a hundred thousand miles per hour and can make a right hand turn without decelerating and not kill the pilots on board with you know a thousand G. forces or whatever that would be ... because they know that's all very interesting but it would kind of begs the question of if they're interstellar had to get here and the fact that they're here OP priori they use something that's beyond even post quantum physics and is a little bit like going back to Thomas Jefferson's era the only couple hundred years ago and showing him this thing smart for and there'd be no foundation for understanding this this would be metaphysic..." + 84%
"2014-07-02 22:22:39"
"Free Energy - Dr. Steven Greer 2..."
"I'm here to make a very special announcement that's why we're here in this beautiful ballroom with a few lovely people who randomly were able to get here ... serious technology advance research which is a little group that we found it brought out the film serious ... is with doing a lot of this work now under that umbrella yeah it is is announcing a one hundred thousand dollar challenge an award available to anyone who can deliver to us here in the Virginia area and operational device that meet certain criteria monies in the bank go door website you see it's been donated hurts their now you say a hundred thousand dollars isn't much money but it actually is because if you look at the fact that right now there is a quantum energy generator that's on the internet post be open source there is information from the catchy foundation there's information from other things that are now supposedly open source that people are saying there's you to video showing it's doing this ... and people have asked me why in fact one of our supporters for the serious film to watch is going build one I said look to hug up our DVD player my wife has to do that I am such an idiot you know Gimme a defibrillator or respirator no problem but that had that stuff now so look I don't build I'm on a machine guy with the ladies so we would have to engage someone to do that and if so then why don't you I said because I have several thousand videos several thousand documents into dimension hoarding these claims and it would take probably a hundred million dollars to build them all up and how do you determine which one is legitimate so we're turning this around the other way if it is what people say it is both cost five to seven thousand dollars to make one of these even custom waving custom you build it you bring it we're not going anywhere because we tracked stole over the world and it's been just a wild goose chase to be honest with everyone we will have it independently tested and if it is ..." + 88%
"2014-05-30 16:15:16"
"Free Energy - Dr. Steven Greer 2..."
"what I'm wanting to share with this first present part of the presentation or where all the pitfalls because invariably if you assert these technologies are possible any thinking person gonna say why aren't they out there I'm trying to provide you with the why okay and also the how now you get to our own bowl efforts and if you want to know more about the work of T. towns and brown and Tesla and many many many others that they're on our website and I'm not going to go through things I can read their I wanna share things that from our experience that is unique to the access we've had and the experience we've had which is as they would say unique and once in a generation opportunity so some years ago ... many years ago I met a man who is a senior scientist at the naval research labs down here if you find the national airport till this radar dams it's the largest department defense lap in the United States and ... very senior scientists are very puts together stuff for the vice president and CEO of stuff for admiral John staff what have you and I suspect that his name was known he'd be the most famous aerospace designer of the last thirty years but everything he's built has been for three letter agencies CIA and elsewhere so ... he has been very very interest in support of what we're doing he understands the implications of the sea the dark part and so a few years ago we have ice you sooner website the Orion project which was a sort of as a group that we can put together we wanted to raise the funds to have our own lab to get enough funds so what we ended up doing is providing grants to people some of them were people who said they could do things they really couldn't you know I don't know if we were in that world emergency here as I see it so we're sale I would just a we're not going to support this incident with put it out there but one of the grants went to this brilliant writ large engineer who had studied under William S. Bender at university of Washingto..." + 81%
"2014-05-20 15:15:17"
"Free Energy - Dr. Steven Greer 2..."
"there was a time when I was willing to play along with some of these inventors with their secret proclivities that was a decade ago at this point the answer is no known yet never it's gonna happen and the reason is if I know what the result is going to be at the end you'd be insane the started at the beginning all right so it isn't for nothing that since nineteen ninety two and nineteen ninety three I've been having meetings and doing briefings for the head of army intelligence in the CI a director in putting it together presidential briefings and moving around with you know getting Rockefeller to host the Clintons at the ranch to go through all this stuff with them some of this you know some don't but you learn through those lessons and what I have learned is where I started school osier pleat openness about all these technologies cannot fix this problem from the consciousness that created it and greed avarice see that's what's gotten us where we are that is at the core of the mass of oil fossil fuel national security superstate that had we have built up around us so if you use that same consciousness you're not going to escape from that black hole so we have to have a whole new consciousness that guides these endeavors or we're going to repeat history over and over and over and over again and that is the great tragedy of our time is that because the subject is sort of the step child of science and there has been a divide and conquer nature to all these inventors to one oh pop up in England one will pop up like Stan Meyer in the Midwest when ... pop up in Australia one will pop up in South America and they're all these sort of womb walls out there that are easy to pick off one at a time so we have to come together as a people and do this very overtly not hopefully with a proper ... public involvement the public wants this ninety nine percent ninety nine point nine percent of the pope the people on planet earth would been there is a very very it's not the one..." + 87%
"2015-01-21 18:03:29"
"Q&A The Atacama Humanoid"
"read somewhere that contact yeah I hunt mentally and well you know in the work we that she's asked about contact with at a comic humanoid origins ... ... in our work when we go out in the stars we do a lot of work with remote view and it is intuitive remote viewing I will have one of the CIA's electronic systems we don't need it you can learn to meditate do that naturally I with practice but ... we have had experiences where more than one person have seen the weather is exactly the species of Atikamekw humanoid very much similar very tiny where the adults are only like foot tall now all of you know that a comma humanoid it's been certified by the world's expert on dysplasia as skeletal abnormalities tibia about a six to eight year old quit what now because of the growth plates of the long brown it's not just the legs but all over the body ... and he's recently asserted reasserted that and this is doctor Ralph Walkman so at Stanford ... and so the question is whether that particular bean is ... of extraterrestrial origin or some necks or of a civilization that may have come been here for thousands of years where you get the stories that you hear around the world of those that I was talking to a man in New York okay I presentation about the weak people little ones and that they reported in and were in Russia in the Caucasus and in Ireland an importer Rico so there is this you know you don't know how we're mythology it leaves off in fact the evidence in and one of the things we would like to do we may do this year is ... further of ... exploration of just at a comma mystery of what that is because it is still a mystery in fact I was just corresponding with the genetics guy at Stanford to a couple weeks ago and is more of a mystery now because they have found the area on the genome that controls for stature hi and he says it is and I'm quoting the chances that it is a Haitian or random event infinitesimally small now this is a guy who heads up a lab a..." + 71%
"2015-01-21 18:03:30"
"Q&A The ET Presence"
"you think that most of the superior we will see acknowledges presence in our lifetime and you see they technology challenge put out there could move separately without knowledge good question she asked live in our lifetime we would see an acknowledgement of ... an extraterrestrial presence ... ironically what I just said a moment ago I think very have I think the that the mass public all or you think that we're not alone now so you have to think qualify win will be a leaks acknowledge it publicly privately a lot of the elites that I've been able to meet with well acknowledges oh yes but then when you say will you say that public health nose into my career whether they're professor or governmental person or center no one wants to be senator may and ridiculed ... so I think that the pro the problem really is defining closure a lot of people say when is disclosure gonna happen I think we've done already when I started the project there was only about twenty five percent the public thought this was for real now it's fifty sixty percent but in terms of if you're metric is the conventional wisdom mainstream media mainstream academia mainstream governmental entities your guess is as good as mine and I've not holding my breath however nor should we we can probe we can go forward with this information independent of that and that is the beauty of the internet by the way because you know I can do a program in reach a million two million five million people ... where's the ratings for you know Pierce Morgan on CNN is a few hundred thousand just why they had removing but ... or Larry King and when I was on Larry King show by the way interestingly when the media tell you what we don't cover this because we're not public interest after pornography this is the number one subject of interest on the internet huge moreover when I when I was on I have a letter here from the producer for Larry King Live on the show I was on nineteen twenty years ago and in it she said this..." + 85%
"2015-01-18 15:42:40"
"Free Energy - Dr. Steven Greer 2..."
"there's a certain problem and a certain value to notoriety or contacts so the nice thing about our network it's now very large ... I can easily reach pretty much any world leader in the world with something that would be illegitimate ... there are as you may have gotten from my comments a number of very high net worth people who don't want to do this until it's a chicken egg they don't get involved they see there's something working but we don't have some working till someone gets a something and this is chicken egg thing so and these are not people who were just you know wanting to be first be second they're sincere people but they said I got to see something that can be independently tested and verified it cannot be hearsay on this on you too so we have built this massive network that is very substantial for the last many years and it would be immediately activated the other thing that would be immediately activate and I want to talk about are strictly for this like what's the day after you get some this confirmed well first of all it's going to be all over the internet the reports just like we did for me Atikamekw humanoid from doctor Lakshmanan the people at Stanford are going to be on the internet you can read you can read the report so it'll be an prestigious universities and academics who will attest that and said this is what it is they may say we don't know where the energy is coming from because if they were training classic fit or even quantum physics they're not going to know a whole lot about zero point energy field in quantum vacuum in all this but they can verify the energy input and output that there are no tricks and the lab will be no safe from these plants we were able to now we have many many contacts who can do that part of it but that would have to be released to the public in a very large press club or similar event but where you would have the probe announced the device there you would have test dean reports there blown up and you woul..." + 90%
"2015-01-18 15:42:40"
"Crossing Point Part 2"
"let's start with some of the jobs you know observed phenomenon of these craft you know I if you go to a serious disclosure asci R. I. U. S. so it's serious disclosure dot com we have five six dozen military witnesses testimony up there we have the Orion project links all the sort of papers but there's a lot of information from these witnesses of things that they observe such as pilots to be flying along and there would be spacecraft off their wing and it it just fly off it de materialized quote unquote instantly right there on on radar and just vanished well it's not like they were hallucinating because it was on radar and ground radar and onboard radar this is what happened also by the way with the famous Alaska case where the Japan Airlines seven forty seven heavy flying the polar route from Paris Tokyo carrying pain and whatever else they carrying cargo jets Paris ... and they had this massive spacecraft appear and it was the size of a battleship but it was in the sky and it actually was a C. E. five in the sense that the pilot signal to put the hit the landing lights on and the craft signal back so there was there's contact what people don't know that you read the case said the captain though Japan Airlines captains account with it that the spaceship and this is all on our site in the book disclosure the captain called in a head on its radar and Carter then and of course it ended up being on FAA radar which we eventually from John cal and got the FAA tapes and also military radar military jets were scrambled but this massive object did not move in a linear way what I mean by that well it would be say twelve o'clock and instantly it would then be at six o'clock something that was many times aside some forty seven and it moved in this non linear way and they could not understand at first they thought the radar with malfunction that's what you go to immediately because you know normally you track if you're tracking you know the B. two stealth or something a su..." + 81%
"2015-01-21 18:03:29"
"Q&A: The Ascended Masters"
"let more and and I was working while we were really in the deep into the pond he's asking what is the connection between what some people call the ascended masters ... or very enlightened beings ... who left their bodies are are in ... other dimensions and rounds and these extraterrestrial beings ... I would say it's the same connection but perhaps more intimate that humans can have ... now the difference is if you are an interstellar civilization your ... if you guys could be quiet out there thanks if you're an interstellar civilization you're going to be able to go from one star system to another only if you have the com Cosmo logically competent now what do I mean by that I wrote a paper back in nineteen ninety five I believe called ... the tease and the new cosmology that talks about this expanded view the cosmology of a universe that includes other dimensions and other rounds that are increasingly conscious and this explains a lot of the experiences people have when they're near and eat extraterrestrial vehicle where it will have an affecting conscious and they will begin to have similar to the ending of the movie contact ... Jodie foster wasn't where it's almost like in a dream state why is that well when you start dealing with technologies that permit nollie transportation but communication beyond the light barrier let's look at it that way beyond the box of space time then you moved into a world that is increasingly conscious and the thought wow and for that reason those civilizations that are interstellar or very very familiar with what we would call remote viewing the ability to have the mind awaken into this field of consciousness this nonlocal see other points in space or time but also other beans and other worlds can that be done electronically the big secret el and the intelligence community that I learned back in nineteen for was that the remote viewing programs at the CIA and NSA had that were based purely on ... meditative uncon..." + 91%
"2015-01-21 18:03:29"
"The Tragedy of Stan Meyer"
"one of the documents that I put in this stop at this ... brief this is the initial briefing we put together for president Obama shortly after he got into office I'm gonna keep it here at this building for reasons a briefing it's not the only copy don't hurt him but in it you know one of the documents that I was sure very key to emphasize with and in fifty one document for ... Canada from Wilbur Smith a top secret document they got accidentally declassified that states that this is the most sensitive issue in the history of the United States it is the most secret that there is a team headed up by Dr Vannevar bush who was the guy who is the czar over the whole Manhattan Project that had no Edward teller and open Heimer but if you look him up in history Vannevar bush was one of the key people who with and that team headed up the study of these so called flying saucers as they were called back point we in nineteen fifty nineteen fifty when that document came out and the secrecy around that ... was so great that in this memo it states not only do these flying saucers exist and there's a group studying the modus operandi I am quoting the method of no action and technology behind them but that it was them more secret than the development of the hydrogen bomb now remember the H. bomb thereby no difference Weena atomic bomb in a nuclear bomb people don't an atomic bomb this fissile material okay so what what we unfortunate dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki was a very in a sense low yield vision reaction split the Adam Thurman nuclear bomb has that within it and then it goes to a fusion sun reaction and it's a hundred thousand times more powerful and so the H. bomb the hydrogen bomb what you're what is the standard used today in the world at least by American others is a thermonuclear fusion bomb uncontrolled which is much more powerful than an atomic bomb most people have no idea that return atomic and any of these get complaint I wanna be clear and it was of no no ..." + 88%
"2015-01-21 18:03:29"
"Q&A Disappearance of the Corpor..."
"because it doesn't quite really resonate with me when you say that all big petrol oil corporations would disappear I think they were just pull it out for myself yes over the questions asked wouldn't some of these interests that already have it that have a linear systems that they can meter like oil and gas and coal and what have you ... get behind this and if they do have it in a class by the answer to that is I hope so it probably ... because once it's efecto complete in all likelihood they will begin to bring it out but that but but but that's but that's a good thing but if the fundamental basic technology is out there ... science is out there open source it would be able to go through thousands of of of different manufacturing that would want to bring up iterations of ... because it would be patented would be infringing anything now a that that I think would be a very wonderful ... development including the fact that there may be corporate interests that would come say oh yeah we've ... we have a better version of this and act like they just invented that they would never admit they have black shelved it but that they find to the main thing is to get the ball rolling in the direction of bringing out solutions ... I don't think that the issue of over charging for it if it if it doesn't have a lot of you know your iPhone costs about sixty four dollars all intimate concluding profits and Tino and staff and executives and private jets and they sell for seven hundred is a massive massive profit margin same thing with all softwares a thousand percent so but what would happen if there's no IP there's an intellectual property secrecy trade secret impact around it then people would be able to do it a rations of it that instead of costing you know ten thousand dollars for these generators maybe it costs two thousand but it's running your entire house which is no less than one year of your energy costs ... some homes that are using oiler for this past one..." + 60%
"2015-01-21 18:03:29"
"Q&A The 2001 Discloure Briefings"
" ... national press yeah the national Press Club in into thirteen years ago and the things we've done sense were really an accident of a situation and not an accident it was it was required of a situation that was so dysfunctional that there was no other way out so yeah okay I'm a doctor working as an emergency guy and I'm shuttling up here to DC and New York meeting with the CI a director and this person in this memo the Senate intelligence committee with projects starlight which was the predecessor name although it was kept very quiet before the disclosure project and in my I mean I'm in my mid thirties in mind I have a ten a I thought we had a constitution and a democracy and I thought we I thought a lot of things ... that were really nice lessons from your high school civics class but are just nonsense so when I learned that the president the CIA director had made enquiries into this issue and have been denied in information when I first got the letter from my point of contact for the CI director which I have right here it was described to me and I was told I would be the first person to brief the administration the Clinton administration and the CI director on this now my wife and I laughed I mean on this thirty five year old doctor in our thirties I don't that eight point it were you know running an emergency department going out this is absurd cannot be so then what happens is that ... I come up here and I have the meeting and it them there was no prevarication it was completely true and so then I go over and I meet with members of Congress so I meet with you know people on Intel appropriations what have you same story and they were not lying and the piano is the resistance is probably nineteen ninety seven so four years later and I'm briefing the head of intelligence for the joint chiefs of alright this is the guy put yuppies J. two for joint staff head of intelligence Adonal and it's a stand up briefing at the Pentagon and I go in there my military ..." + 91%
"2015-01-21 18:03:29"
"Q&A Government Manipulation"
"well as observation everything he said sadly so the race for the reasons on because the powers that be ... three years and had the advantage because a it wasn't a lot of information twenties is seventies intimation get at it the speech all of a sudden they start at yeah GM movie more than issues they're trying to keep us distract sure even my hand we're trying to keep at some point out is that right when I try to keep both ways if they relatives and we keep it hit me that with the question that I need to repeat for for the cameras you know the the tease play a role in the fact that these very powerful interests and manipulated human opinion and what have you were involved in a lot of what we call bread and circus distractions and will at some point the expresso civilizations played a role in in that kind of information psychological warfare race and I would say yes and to the extent that we have for example we just got a report from someone who's a security officer were one of these objects had materialized very very close to him and what it was in Washington state Oregon Pacific Northwest and I think that a lot of times the way that the E. T.'s have appeared I have been ways that let enough people know we're not alone but not too much to kind of create hit that invisible wire that's there where people who would like to make hay as an alien invasion week on the history channel would say Hey it's an alien invasion so they're having to play this very carefully but the same time there there are so many people who have seen like with the Phoenix lights and the governor finally coming clean and saying yes I saw it too and it was real ... this huge two three foot across craft ... that flitted over the valley and I was there the night that happened minutes some of you may know that it was actually a C. E. five I was had just done that the protocols would bite in the com because we're putting together the digital images of UFOs to get the Congress a month later and..." + 74%
"2015-01-21 18:03:29"
"Q&A NSO (National Security Order)"
"I I you know you'll get a national security order soft and very good question and this actually came up ... very recently when we're meet with a group of of of folks in New York and I said maybe I will but if it's on camera I mean I remember Ted Koppel of a Nightline asked me this and I said well I'll come on a show like yours and tear it up but the other part of it that I didn't talk about is heaven millions of people know what you're doing because here's a bit of a Kido this group is what they're like vampires they do really well in the darkness to see they do not writ large would be caught in a bright billions what spotlight which we have in essence created around what we're doing for better for worse for my privacy it's for worse but for other reasons is very good because if they were to do such a a clownish and the cameras are rolling at a lap or if it did did it they would be exposed widely that that there is a group operating off the reservation that has tried to do a national security order or made it over threat or what have so I think that public and I say this sincerely you all sharing the word on this and everyone on on you tube sharing this interview the public ultimately is our shield and it's probably why we're all still here because the public knowing what we're doing is protective you know if you go to national reconnaissance office that runs all the super secrets bad satellites are headquarters above the doors that we own the night and I always say well we have the light we own disclosure so they can on the night will on the light ... and so you don't if you don't agreed to play on the field of secrecy you can transcend it and go to stay in the field of of telling the truth and being out there but it has to be done with lots of people coming together and that's the beauty of what we can do now with the internet think communications systems and the aft and what have you so that is our first line of strategic defense it's counter intuitive and..." + 55%
"2015-01-21 18:03:29"
"Free Energy - 2014 - Q&A The St..."
"what what was your strategy execution style for earth people money because it seems like a very quite making its lack of the national security order ... me seriously could you try to the for that technology yeah everyone thinks the E. teas are gonna Lana give us one of the vice is number one that technology would be so many thousands a year from where we are known would figure it out you'd have do a multi billion dollar river study number two ... that's not why they're here they in other words could everyone always asks and I I get this passed by people in politics well if they're here why don't they just land on the White House lawn and force the issue I said the costs are wiser than that they know that unless we as a people weren't through the steps of first stop lying to each other bring out the truth do this herself there's no learning curve so if it was imposed externally that would be about as efficacious as US trying to impose Jeffersonian democracy on the war lords of Afghanistan so that is not a solution and they are too wise to know that thirdly if there was something that was as a bird is that begging the question whether you can make Hytner tell us what it is ... and we can bypass this process of coming together to do it I think we're gonna lose a big lesson of what it means to come together as human community to do some and I don't think that's trivial I mean I think that is like if you were had a child and every time it's doubled he called it so it never learn to walk and you infanta lies that a point of it never standing on its own ... the civilizations I personally believe ... and there's a lot of ancient evidence for this have been around thousands millions of years and I think that they're they're watching us evolve in fits and starts into something resembling a world civilization but that we got no we made some mistakes in the last number decades and we've gone off track when you get back on track but if they did something over to cor..." + 61%
"2015-01-21 18:03:29"
"Free Energy - Dr. Steven Greer 2..."
"I remember being at Lawrence Rockefeller's ranch out in the Tetons the J. Y. ranch which you know that there's you don't know the Rockefeller family gave the whole Grand Teton National Park to the US government they kept out of really beautiful ranch there at the base Teton pecan he had me out there with a group of other people back some years ago and up before he passed away and Lawrence ... with David Rockefeller cheese bank was the one twenty disclosure David did not David was the big banker guy Patrick dollar boom no helmet one night I was out under the stars with Lawrence and everyone else they could do you know he wanted some face time just with me and we were out under the stars beautiful crystal clear with one of the original Remington ... statues of the a native American on on source back looking up at the stars like this beautiful and Lawrence ... turn to me says we really need you to to get this done I'm working full time as an emergency doctor Kate take care shootings and stabbings and car wrecks and four children and a golden retriever and why you know not a normal life sleep that point I use the word normal very broadly I mean normalcy is greatly overrated but anyway so that an anti civil you but I need your help is why I I can do things behind the scenes but I'm not going to do anything I said are you afraid for your so his his own now he says but there are members of my family already raising hell with me that I'm even doing this month because as you know over from the project starlight documents that I started that word AP this is the press to the Clinton library he was hosting the president First Lady they're the best available evidence and all this was being presented there were a lot of discussions going on during the Clinton years so he you know he said no I mean I have family members who are really really upset that I'm doing this so blood is thicker than water so in that case he didn't wanna you know you if you want to keep the peace ..." + 60%
"2015-02-02 15:41:22"
"Steven Greer CE-5 UFO Sighting: ..."
"so what I'd like to discuss now is overview of the ... Hutchison with the science of consciousness Pacific we if that applies to training and meditation and with vases of development for remote viewing so you have a very clear image ones that aren't are you ought to look up old blow all my lotus don't don't about it too much sleep crouched down and looked at your block our cameras well those behind me main move in stand up because okay that you see that color no no no no no that's that's a rare bank them for coming well and it's above the sea level turn off your night scope Charles off someone's infrared or whatever and that's Charles ... of ... here they come there to whoever's right in the front if you can kind of just stay low because your head is right you can get on your knees and from yeah look at this how gore home my goodness okay so I'm looking at the night scopes there's no smoke there's no trail fees or not players and oh my okay let's welcome them here other so beautiful wave their way for us to arrive war wrongfully photographed at all hammers should be filming so connected them in your consciousness and invite them here these are the golden ones I talk about Phil gold part of the Verizon is only seven to ten mile ten on the conditions so it's probably come from miles they're receiving yeah ... they're so beautiful let's welcome there are beings onboard to join us in meditation that is such a beautiful colors you'll never forget that color if this is a major event so we are grateful so open your heart chakra and send them the beauty of humanity and if you ... him see what I'm doing you connect with your palms out like this and your third eye and your heart making like a tetrahedron radiating our your nest and love towards them they emerge from the sky but they're very very close to the ocean they're just hovering they're not I'm whoever's just right in front of the yellow kind of blue jacket your heads no no yeah just come and go down okay ..." + 62%
"2015-02-01 21:05:57"
"Crossing Point Part 4"
"how may people had a flying dream where you like full color your flying along alright that's your astral body and then the mystics culture astral body is actually part it's it's part and parcel woven into your physical body but you can have experiences where it's separate ... and you can travel through that modality so other places other dimensions and ... this is been done for thousands of years there's many many accounts in the literature about people doing this and many people confuse that with their actual physical body because it it looks very similar in shape and size but then with end that astral body is the sort of the the essence of your yourself your thought essence and then within that is pure so if you look at it every single individual human being has folded within them all the dimensions of the cosmos so when people say how do I. exploring find these other dimensions I said their hoary folded with there is that where you just need to have some explained that that's what that is ... so anyway so this out military the skunk works guy with Lockheed skunk works was very happy to finally fixed her hot what happened but then we had this discussion and I said you know this has you know really profound implications for you understand what's going on at Dreamland see and you know it remind him of serious ... dream okay so if and I have I brought with me the the thing I put together when Obama got elected the very first document in this ... this briefing is the one from Nellis airforce base hit with the public called area fifty one nobody calls and it talks about the Dreamland MOC and it Dreamland and are all the different different compartments ... out at that facility and the reason there was an area called Dreamland is that when the pilots who are piloting these anti gravity the vices and they were taking them to the edge a crossing point of light all right to the right to the edge I'm going beyond the light barrier resolutely there is this phe..." + 83%
"2015-01-23 16:01:07"
"Crossing Point Part 3"
"we have one of our witnesses for the Lockheed skunk works scientists them down you would skunk works are you know the super secrets comp works up in the high desert I were been rich he wrote the book skunk works and ... before he passed away is the one who said was he said several things one thing you said there no private conversations anywhere on earth this within the ninety so is way ahead of Edward Snowden ... number two anything you can imagine we've already done at the school and number three we already have the technologies to go travel mugs of stars in fact we can take ET home and the last thing he did in his slide with the show this that the black death going out in the space and it was a it was a human with a book that was a man made electromagnetic prophetic EMG anti gravity desk it's they have and which we have had since October nineteen fifty four we master gravity control ... so okay but that the more profound thing is that people who study this begin to have experiences that are very very strange because you can take these electronics and create this lifter effective anti gravity so they the whole lifters and ... the way it is done is that you it at a high enough voltage with a counter rotating field you can calls left and this is if you go all the way back to the ... though experiments of T. Townsend brown who course ended up then the guy out the starting of the rand corporation step went to the airforce with black ... or the class defrost experiment might when the late twenties in Germany they were doing things with crystalline structures and they would create a high voltage field around them and found that especially with crystals they would kind of begin to resonate and expand grow take up more space and then they'd float and left twenties nineteen twenty I mean before any of us were suspect between before any of us were alive out there to say when he was alive the twenty eight twenty nine type your ... not even I a bit so we have..." + 82%
"2015-01-21 18:03:28"
"Q&A Time and Space Lab"
"have you had any contacts with the time and space lab still existed shipped out by I know people who work I don't I don't know that particular lab name I know people who've worked with you know very high voltage experiments in space time bubbles as it were dealing with that yes yeah and ... that is not a myth and that is you can do that ... and that begins to bring up the question of phasing in this line that bad if you now is let's not open Pandora's box keep it all secret meanwhile the earth this time and I think that it does present however a conundrum which I I had a conversation with the colonel who was in charge of the euphemism is future technologies for the airforce which means they have it already and I was at a private meeting here in the DC area he pulled me aside and said you know these technologies can be weaponized I said oh yes I know and they already have them bye elements that are out of control and aren't under the control of the president and the Congress and he says yes but so we can't let this be known and I said here is the here's big and not a drum of our time if these technologies come out and they're used for malevolent weapons purposes very dangerous if they don't come and our only solution ends up being that are fracking gas and the more stuff out of the earth and burning up the atmosphere that's an ex no problem everything we're in an existential crisis where the only path forward is to have people who are wise public being educated where these technologies are brought out and are strictly limited to non weapons locations and that is enforced absolutely strictly ... how do you do that we can't do it by because in the international community have new ... say so ... at the same time there's always gonna be some sociopathic leader of some country some madman who want to do something and that's what the intelligence community worries about so that is not trivial concern and I do not dismiss it because I'm not a trivial person how..." + 84%
"2015-03-06 15:40:22"
"Crossing Point Part 8"
"the civilizations I think they've been less than pleased with so far the response on ballots that humans have head towards them ... because it's either been denial or fear or xenophobia or Frank hostility I mean the Roswell event was actually an electromagnetic system going off because these two crafted hit each other in colliding crash move up you won't know that which is the FBI document that pretty much states that there was a new radar dome well the radar down had a I'm sure Tesla coil type electromagnetic nineteen forty seven circa nineteen forty seven electromagnetic pulse and these two craft that were seen what we were doing at the five hundred ninth bomb squadron which was the only nuclear bombs squadron in the atomic bombs water in the in the world at the time at the time they were nuclear bombs in their town no difference Tom nuclear atomic its vision nuclear fusion and what I'm but it was an atomic bombs water the only one and they turn this thing on boom and these two craft or going along one sort of exploded right there northwest of Roswell the other one descended and kind of cracked half for broke up ... nears coro and that's where they got the E. T. that was alive out of it the call the EP the other two ships ... but unfortunately that was so a terrible event the violent then ... so a lot people toward the creek can't ET's avoid that if they have all these abilities I said now because just because they have advanced technologies that's not make them I'm so here's another mistake everyone makes they conflate advanced civilization or more advanced civilization if being bought like no make that people like us very very bad now they may have IQ's of foreign fifty so I'm a moron ... by comparison but have which I will admit I am a moron by comparison with some the civilizations but ... or been imbecile ... primate but never the less it doesn't mean that they become infallible you know I think infallibility rests with the vanity and the unb..." + 83%
"2015-02-27 12:28:31"
"Crossing Point Part 7"
"in my misspent youth it's that of doing drugs and chasing skirts I was spending eight hours a day meditating the doctor when I was in my late teens and early twenties and ... I had some experiences that taught me that this was really easy to talk to because I just that I want to learn how to do this and I've I bought it notwithstanding the fact that was raised in a very devout yes very and the catechisms of atheism ... depict a test tape didn't exist in the discussion ... but at the most agnostic but after my near death experience when I was seven I had experience of that state of mind beautiful it was this Purnell state never forget it ... and I so I really want to learn how to arrive at that state of deep peace quiet and one less if you went what call it that is so universal ... without having to die or you know or have a terrible happened to me was what happened have a near death experience so I did so I learn meditation and it was very comical because I hear it was only eighteenth birthday and the I only tell the story not many self aggrandizing way but just to give you a sort of a thing how people train themselves to make things difficult when they shouldn't so I didn't know that it was supposed to be so easy I don't know that was with me so hard so I accepted it was natural and easy so my teacher did the whole thing and they had initiated me and I sat down and I do immediately went into this deep deep deep meditation and I transcend to Ahmadi and afterwards he was looking at me sort of appalled he says I transcended did you I said is that what we're supposed to do and I was I didn't know that was supposed to make this big schrei about it you know and it you know make this big deal and have to waste thirty years doing something you can do in thirty minutes so that's another lesson that you know you need to sort of affirmed yourself a this can be MP you can do it if you think you can't do it you want but if you say of course I'm awake now why can I ..." + 77%
"2015-02-21 20:48:38"
"Crossing Point Part 6"
"or sitting out in the desert the middle of a eight hundred thousand acre park there are no police around there's no microwaves are no McDonald's ... they're no big microwave ovens and we have magnetic field meters and radar detectors and other things that are expensive but that we have in our our tool kit and we're sitting there and we'll see an object to look like ... flash bowl going off in space then object that turns on and turns off and sometimes it'll move in turn on and turn off and one time we had like fifteen of them that were right above us doing this that we felt this actor actually came out with us and near palm springs and we did this and then the detectors start but they're making sounds that the people of contact people who manufactured the factory go you know make the sale and they're actually doing trans dimensional communication through the electronics so forget the air recibo telescopes in the city projects many hundreds of millions of dollars even the radio shack get a radar detector a magnetic field leader try filled meter couple other things put that out sit in meditative state and then welcome them the comet all kinds of things can what is what is it how do you interpret that it becomes very intuitive because they are and what you hope we have found with some of our equipment certain things will make certain tones but we have one radar detector we call Walter the Watergate and it will do a certain type of beeping they will beat beat beat three times and only three types that make the phallic you were with a rate with car or a radar gun just when an object is about to appear and then within moments of peace site in about and there are so it gets it you get into this flow and they actually do what I call a on trans dimensional entrainment of the circuitry of your device it gets custom after a period of weeks and and up they really will communicate ... in ways that are quite mysterious quite bizarre people come on the whole week thing ex..." + 83%
"2015-02-14 15:07:58"
"Crossing Point Part 5"
"there's a really hot hilarious story I like to share about meeting with the CIA director for Bill Clinton out here at a dinner party some years ago twenty years ago and now of course the entrance was policy why the hell are we don't know why the hell wasn't the president being told what's going on why are they lying to us I'm the CI a director and I don't know nothing about this and so we got through all that and then we got to more well relaxes almost three hours re together my wife was with me and ... though the wife of the CIA director was the chief operating officer of the National Academy of sciences ... over here so she had a really scientific mind where is the CI directors more policy ... secrecy policy all that and basically upset and Matt because they have looked into the issue and knew they were being lied to which is what course of the whole Clinton Carter Jimmy Carter famously said I'd have a high and I don't have a height of security clearance told about even though he'd had a sliding discover a Georgia but they so she basically so I don't understand how could they be communicating I'm one star system let's say they're from a star system way out there and they're trying to communicate with a craft that's here one of these UFOs it's here they how could they possibly do that because the electromagnetic field the speed of light you know that's what your cellphone is radios hundred eighty six thousand miles per second speedo like I said yes I know the speed of light is just too damn slow and I so they're not they're using a phased electromagnetic system that goes beyond the crossing point a light and by the way the chief scientist and they were research labs that they have done experiments at NRL here that have done signals beyond the speed of life it is class he said in my condo here told me this word for word three the whole lap eternal meetings with the vice president I know this guy's guy stated our home this is real so but she did know about t..." + 84%
"2015-10-13 13:12:00"
"Untold History Part 12"
"where you were just the organizations this organization for us right now he recorded a song organization Gregory they operate yeah sometimes very good question is asking you know this this group a match I magic control ... the majority committee joint talents committees what it is called ... that's where magic comes from in AJ icy ... they had do have meetings ... it's actually transnational where people from other ball with that ... noxious US always has been ... the U. S. is key because this economic and technological powerhouse Great Britain is also very important in all this ... and you know there are various people who have been on the senior committee such as the admiral Bobby ray Inman ... he I know for a fact that he was the head of the National Security Agency proprietor that he was deputy director CIA and then he became a board member of science applications international corporation ... so I know a number of the people I met with some of the people who are on this including people who are deep cover in the CIA and elsewhere ... and former members of Congress and other SAIC executives I met with but ... you know that it's also very compartment so in other words you may have two or three hundred people on this in this group that are that that sort of committee but even within that it's a pyramid and there there's compartments within that not all of them know what it is everything going on it's not like it's an all access pass ... and so in some have gone rogue splintered off ECOMOG on Brooke even within the road roads of the road draft ... which is why it's so dangerous ... and ... you know I could draw whole diagram of it ... but you can you can kind of imagine some of the key people you know more recently ... general Michael Hayden it is been involved with that committee ... who had been an essay head CI director so some of these people are known in the public most aren't ... and what I would say is that ... a lo..." + 88%
"2015-10-13 13:11:32"
"Untold History Part 13"
"five where thoughts on crop circles yeah place certain messages that they're Johnson he's great question about crop circles on and by the way just hold out Colin Andrews in your thoughts and prayers I got an email late last night that he ... is in critical condition is at Yale University hospital with the type of heart condition and he isn't really critical condition is the premier crop circle researcher armies of really good friends since ninety two ninety one so you know I was shocked to hear this last night com but I would say that you know the majority of crop circles at this point are hoaxed ... however the ones have been authentic a really amazing the problem is fifteen out the noise from the sound it's just like UFOs here what part of it's man made and disinformation and Hoechst and what part of it is real ... but my own sense of it is that it certainly ... a way that they're trying to visually convey almost archetype knowledge of symbols and shape since own with if you will sacred geometry through a very visual medium ... trans dimensional and the way I think they're created because we interviewed Colin Andrews I buta farmer ... believers Ney's name was Mister Bowles it's like you can't make that up either near Alton Barnes and ... he had been out on his farm in daytime and there had been a crop circle that had formed and then he was there when this energy field just came out of the sky it was like a dark is like a book of mu bile black hole and it came down and all of a sudden everything started swirling and moving and bending down around and what I figured out by studying the real crop circles and you know see city logo is a crop circle that we communicated visually to the eat that they put into a field and to ... and that whole story is fastened story but what I figured out is that they what they're doing is that there augmenting or increasing the gravitational field over a certain area over with the template if you will like a kind of ..." + 86%
"2015-10-13 13:12:17"
"Untold History Part 11"
"following your work for a lot of years and I Gigli their video which put out early for her to some people at work for the government they all stood up to the podium and exposed I'm I was amazed you put that out there Bob I read an article that you put out stuff about buzz Aldrin hit die back in November he put the article out by the staff how this family could well I think it was Neil Armstrong actually never when he landed he saw something that yes so here that this is a really great question about what really ... uncle work for Grauman that became Northrup Grummond ... and Brahmin had the contract to build the lunar and the funny looking thing that look like spy" + 1%
"2015-10-13 13:06:17"
"Untold History Part 14"
"I know I was watching the testimony from the national Press Club UMP there was for their witnesses that mention seeing objects how great are moving very high speeds at right angles right which to me means that they must be if you realize that they on board of the likely one of its by the momentum it is not in any of them implications in terms of like the all that might be the pressure because how can the D. materialized think well that and he he's asking a question about objects that are moving like a hundred thousand miles an hour twenty thousand miles an hour make a right turn actually they do not have to be de materialized what they do is that they can create if you will up energy field around the craft that is kind of like that control for one gravity and so even if you it moves with the object so this is field propulsion all right so it can be moving at a hundred thousand or two hundred thousand ... miles an hour and stop or make a right hand turn now if you were in a jet aircraft your brains would be coming out your nose literally I mean it would kill you ... but if you have the ability to control let's hope gravity control ... and mass control and remember it that it's a misnomer say anti gravity actually ... if you will a mass and you ation reduction a man so using resident certain resonant frequency electro magnetically you can calls an object to become lighter and then completely mass now at the point that it's massless it's out of this mess but it can be ninety nine percent massless and you will see some aspect you see what I'm saying and this has to do with been theory in physics and altering the annular momentum of the at the atoms and subatomic particles I'm not gonna go into the ark Hana of this because people be bored ... but you know we understand how this works but basically the whole craft and everyone on it is it an around this object is a a field that's created so that's how can move and they can still be fully materialized and move..." + 84%
"2015-03-13 16:22:59"
"Crossing Point Part 9"
"the other thing I want to share a in this sort of introductory at its first couple hours is the understanding of the mind and all the different ways that our experience can relate to ET manifestations now there's something called ... in the Vedic tradition the cities S. IDT H. I. S. these are different abilities empowers people can develop as they develop higher conscious now these run the gamut of almost everything you've heard about some of which has been relegated to mythology that is actually very real such as levitation the materialization materialization ... changes in your body density to move through solid objects precognition we've talked about ... teleportation telepathy ... materialization of objects etcetera and so on and so forth now those are all things that actually humans can do those are advanced applications of higher states of consciousness ... but understand that there's a scientific correlation every conscious city so whatever that you can imagine that any enlightened master has done can be written iced are made of routine through a scientific method even when it right up up to and including levels of the astro you Michael celestial conscious because cosmos and do it scientifically I always tell people that the ... really how area story of this captain of the needy contract vessel that was in the South Pacific and sick Reid tucked away had the story but he didn't have the source with a third hand story for him where we had that we're testing the ... if they were that the atlas ... intercontinental ballistic missiles we're firing them down stream when the south Atlantic and this captain who contacted me was on a ship that was retrieving them after a test fire now these were not hot they'd have no nuclear weapons on the they were trying to get the missile to be accurate but the missiles kept missing their mark and they knew they were some kind of a subtle electromagnetic thing happening and there is always an craft and they got ..." + 79%
"2015-10-13 13:13:54"
"Untold History Part 8"
"groups like that you get a lot of money government wanted at least you yeah how do they get the money ... from public coffers that run these sort of projects it's actually a very good example of it is one of our witnesses who ... work for ... SA I see science applications international corporation and la Hoya California is the headquarters and this is one of the crown jewels of the contracting entities that deal with this issue and SA I see deals with many issues but they sort of have companies think companies with income that's the way it's structured and this particular witness is one of the disclosure project witnesses I was a woman who had been recruited to work for the company and she was in a program that ... basically was a room in a much of file cabinets and what she did they took in millions of dollars based on a grant and ... or of of proposal for funding research it went in to their office went out the back door the funds to a black project and what she and the other people in the office did was jammed up reports that we go back to the government and to the auditors that were completely bogus and when she asked where is this what's the real research going on with this money she was shown a file just full of these empty reports so obviously that's fraud but that is how they work so ... exam for example the you know the B. two stealth bomber might cost a few hundred million dollars actually to build they tell the Congress they cost two billion dollars a piece well the other missing one point three billion goes into the EMG electromagnetic graphics or other I acknowledge special access project so this is sort of just the way it is done and because of the nature of top secret compartment it top secret TS I ... TSST I top secret special compartment and intelligence when you get to the unacknowledged level nobody who's who of it if unless you're in that compartment Urlacher report anything out any external person I don't care who it is certainl..." + 82%
"2015-10-13 13:14:17"
"Untold History Part 7"
"one person asked me once how can you prove that all of them are hostile ice like him you can't prove a negative it's axiomatic but I was asked this at Wright Patterson airforce base let me tell you a little story that very it's for so were there and there is a colonel there who was in charge of this operation at Wright Patterson and Bruce Ashcroft who was an intelligence officer although he was posing as a public information officer Israeli airforce Intel suit and so my military adviser and I and ... another man who worked for the state department who was also enable Intel guy was with me and so I went from the Rockefeller ranch to write Patterson airforce base to this place where all the stuff from Roswell was originally set and we had this meeting because it was forced on her by the head of our J. two the the previous one I briefed ... might a brief Tom Wilson admiral Wilson and and when we got in there we you know we basically said we're not here to get information from you because we know what you have we've already penetrated what's here I'm we're here to provide information to you so that you do not interfere with what we're doing with the five contact in this so civilians are not caught in the crossfire between you guys in what you're doing with it that was the purpose of the meeting remember very high stakes you know is one thing I don't wanna do is have a group of people caught in the crossfire ... so not that the teams would head about our folks might accidentally and we almost were hit Shasta tell you the story if you wanna hear about it during the question and Sir but during this meeting the colonel finally it at one point so well how do you know that ... these intelligence is from elsewhere aren't a threat to I said well Sir given the galactic police Cupid things we have been doing chasing them firing at them developing laser particle beam and other weapon system and knocking enough of them down that you've been able to reverse engineer them ..." + 87%
"2015-10-13 13:13:33"
"Untold History Part 9"
"what do we know you're probably with medical that's that's a question yes the question what do we have that that has come about through some of these research projects encounters that are medically related a lot on my understanding is that ... if the technologies that deal with our regenerative capabilities ... exist transfer mention all they're sequestered where you could actually regenerate spinal column or severed lamb and there's I think of this sort ... cancer ... other diseases but the problem is those use technologies that are trance dimensional what I mean by that they use subtle energy technologies that are just kinda like accu but I mean better looking electromagnetic systems that are very very high tech it's almost like an in Star Trek with a wave a thing you know have but that would actually work ... reliably but they're too I mean you're talking about hundreds of billions of dollars in pharmaceutical in conventional medical them is it there's agribusiness many business military does so complex a lot of toes to be stepped on but also more importantly than that is that if you open a window into an application that's medical related to these tech people going to see the energy and with that it's good bye oil it's good bye coal so they've been sequestered for the same reason the energy and propulsion technology yes I understand from women I work with that they're in mazing technologies that relate to medical systems curative ... and repair ativ regenerative technologies that are trance dimensional that chronic system that would just blow your mind yeah and and so unfortunately you know in a sense our medical system is sort of stone age from that point of view yes there's medical information that can help and one of the things I've said there are multiple look at this whole issue of disclosure first there's the basic information we're not alone then there's that the fundamental technology energy propulsion and then there are all the ancillary ..." + 76%
"2015-10-13 13:14:44"
"Untold History Part 6"
"are this is the stuff people really hate me for because I was told that if I expose this this is where I'd be most risk okay because now I'm stepping on the toes of the eschatological fantasies eschatology is the study of how the world's going and at the core of the secret group are folks who want to precipitate an Armageddon type conflagration that's war the world's because they love the I've been there do it because they want people to be United around another common enemy not just one country or sub culture religion but the whole plan go look at the movie independence day ripped right out the CIA and so the whole point of that is that you have got to prepare people to hate so you know it's not politically correct hate someone who's African American if you're white or if gay person if you're straight or hate women if you're male or that or urge our Jewish person but it's completely okay to hate an entire planetary group of people whether they're called grazer greens or purples or whatever because they know that humans have within them this flaw and it's in the primate monkey mind of that is the root of tribalism and I wanted to construct this for a moment we are ninety eight and a half percent identical the chimpanzees gorillas and they do chimpanzees gorillas to organize into troops and into warring sects that kill each other and it is usually based on slight differences it whether territory or appearance and this can be exploited by demagogues whether it's religious demagoguery racial demagoguery sexism homophobia just pick it with the big one is inter species so the next one is let's get everyone prepared and we can use these images just like Hitler use the image of you know the blood libels of the of of Germany you know sh per train Jewish people is grinding up children for matzo meal and that's outrageous stuff that with propaganda is all true but look it up unforeseen most people don't know any history but you know it's if you go look up the history of Wo..." + 79%
"2015-10-13 13:16:21"
"Untold History Part 3"
"so by nineteen ninety four and it was later confirmed us later in ninety four ninety five then went well Rockefeller hosted the Clinton seniors that famous picture of Hillary Clinton holding ... the book about extraterrestrial intelligence ... at the Rockefeller ranch when they were visiting out there you know yet but it's that she actually is one who stood up and stop the briefing on said it's too dangerous we don't want we're not gonna pursue this ... and ultimately politicians are gonna put the finger in the air intimacy which way the winds are blowing and see what they can benefit from they saw this as a lose lose situation in other words it was a situation where if they were to push on this they would be stepping on some very big toes very very big tests how big several hundred trillion dollars of world economic now let me let me back this up now so the how is written hard for some people to wrap their minds around when it comes to this kind of secrecy but the why its roots is is that if the P. as they resist on because if you look at what these projects that are unacknowledged special access projects are doing what they really have been doing has been true trying to acquire as this top secret Canadian document the Wilbur Smith document nineteen fifty one states the modus operandi I the mechanism of action of these extraterrestrial vehicles meaning the technology the science and technology because if you're interstellar you're not using Exxon jet a fuel you're not using ... a rocket whitespace acts and virgin galactic is using you're not using Mike the space shuttle ... you're using some technologies that are the trans dimensional into physics very high energy electromagnetic field propulsion systems that allow you to drop out of three D. space and appeared another point in space by going through other dimensions okay ... now you can do that without be going trance dimensional by just creating energy from the so called the zero point field and cr..." + 90%
"2015-10-13 13:16:40"
"Untold History Part 2"
"I'm just trying to give you sort of a sense of what happened before may of two thousand and one with that what's now very famous national Press Club event so this was all going on with the idea that if we were to provide the correct information to the president into his advisors and two members of Congress that in Congress they would do the right thing and would it's close this information because the Cold War had ended and we thought here's a fig leaf to put on the secrecy even though it's a bit of a it misdirect but politicians always need to have a cover see YA Washington's all about cover your ass so could explain forty years of secrecy they could have said well during the Cold War ten since we didn't want to throw into that mix the fact that we're being visited by interstellar civilizations and with also it a program to study whether technologies are and now that the Cold War is over we can come clean so I was recommending that they use that as an excuse for the chicanery that had gone on between nineteen fifty six and nineteen nineties forty years well it was an interesting thing that happened in the fall of nineteen ninety three I was given a lecture at the at the collar of state university hosted by astronaut Brian o'leary and Maury Albertson who's won the co founders of the score and they became very very close friends and supporters what we're doing ... and in that presentation I laid out the entire sort of manifesto of justifying disclosure ending secrecy and what we should do and at the end of that talk and I don't know there may be eight hundred people there thousands that there was a man little bald man standing at the back of the room and he wouldn't leave and he waited almost everyone was gone he came up to me in his doctor Greer ... I think I can help you with this ... I know some folks in Washington who want to know about this but they're not getting any good answers I so will like who I thought he was going to say you know staffers for co..." + 89%
"2015-10-13 13:15:55"
"Untold History Part 4"
"there was a man named Gordon Cooper who most of you may know with a someone who gave his testimony about the crap that landed on the dry lake bed in ... California Edwards range back in ninety I believe it was that his crew film but he saw the film footage and send it back to the Pentagon well Gordon Cooper very heroic figure on early early mercury astronaut and I were speaking to a a conservative group called federalist society here in Washington who were very interested in this they were interested in the un constitution Alavi preserve strict constitute and I'm speak any group I don't care on the side of politics Malka so I mean I agree with the group's politics all the way through but they were interested and they invited me in court Cooper so we went so my wife was with me was here at the Hyatt I think go apple help and it's going so I start talking to Gordon comparing notes of people we have talked to within the system he had been asked by secretary defense Cohen CO H. E. N. who is secretary defense for Bill Clinton Bill Clinton Bill Clinton search defense had asked him directly to give him all the actionable intelligence all the details needed about that landing at the end of a craft at the dry lake bed in nineteen fifty six because he wants to see that footage and he got back to Gordon Cooper and said find it's not accessible it's in this unacknowledged project and the secretary defense so there's another person proven out of the loop so I'm started making a list of all the people who had been denied access who by all rights help salute lead must know if it's a legal program Terry defense present United States CI a director on and on and on then I end up couple years after this getting invited to brief the head of the defense intelligence agency general Patrick Hughes now general Patrick Hughes was a man you often see him with Madeleine Albright Bill Clinton and other people ... he was the head of the defense intelligence agency which is like the CI a ..." + 87%
"2015-10-13 13:15:17"
"Untold History Part 5"
"so we went through all the same it's a whole bunch of people I met with personally another people out there who say they're doing stuff with disclosure in lobby but they've actually never met with a member of a sitting member of Congress I'm a name names but that's it ... I that's what I did for ten years from ninety two and three until ... wine and beyond ... and also people overseas a cabinet level member of ... the Japanese government in charge of science and technology brief tempted very interested when I say will Japan take the lead on disclosure and put this material together he said no no we can't do it be ahead of the United States was in terror of the idea I get ahead of these covert programs same thing with meeting with certain members of the royal families in Europe that I met with and as you know I provided of the big briefing for that was given the prince Charles by ... Jamie Cromwell the actor who played he said he was gonna play me in this movie first contact and Star Trek movie and James Cromwell they had the opening in London and and prince Charles came and wanted this brief and we were putting together for the president so Jamie Cromwell handed it to him and I got a lovely note back from prince Charles about this but but not the Charles could do anything this issue but if they're interested they're so much interest but the people even if they're in very high positions are interested and now they're known to be briefed but they have no power over the operations so as I said over an hour ago don't slate knowledge of the issue access troll troll is a knowledge special access so that led me to doing something very controversial and there's ... my military people said look there there's a way it we do things in the military and it's called a you in O. D. letter unless otherwise directed ... and what that means is you write to various people in command and say unless otherwise directed here's my assessment and here's what I'm gonna do so..." + 89%
"2015-10-13 13:12:56"
"Untold History Part 10"
"yeah probably going disclosure issues of our free energy technology is this a proper picture it seems that the direction where the disclosure looking down the road is one of greater consciousness right right that's what you're really looking well yeah he's asking is that the big picture about disclosure is greater consciousness it's not just greater is the correct consciousness that can support a peaceful application of this ... and also a new way of you know sign sign said no problems there were sought by the consciousness I created it and the problem of endless war and the problem of taking every advance a technology and turned into a new type of club hits him in the head with this is a big problem and as this colonel in the airforce pointed out these technologies would enable someone in another country to deliver a payload in less than a second from the Middle East to Washington think about it okay so all technologies can be weaponized now in covert program there have been but so on the one hand we have to acknowledge that there's this secrecy it's needs to be overseen properly but that disclosure is when the work began when when this information is fully out there including the technologies began to come out we're gonna have to completely change the way the world thinks and works now it's going to have to be a world of collective security where if there's anyone anywhere on the face of the earth that weapon nice is tries to use these technologies for harm they are stopped by all means Terry and I mean all means could we do it yes now ... do we already have the means to monitor and enforce that yes why haven't we because they want to subvert world peace by keeping endless war going because war for that recorded history of the human race has been the central organizing principle of every city state nation and they don't know what to do how do you organize a people if all the sudden there's world peace so an interplanetary piece though always point out we do..." + 78%
"2015-10-13 13:18:02"
"Crossing Point Part 17"
"I don't feel better support now doing a big push ... the turnover most argumentation the congressman is asking people to contact their congressmen who have upheld a push for disclosure how often in your opinion what school moving to the us in the to bring about the slow sure close or well often mentioned we partied on disclosure the majority of people know this stuff is real ... I'm Tom at the masses if you did you do any poll more people believe this stuff is real then about a pretty president our lifetime the question is whether there will be official disclosure so less that's make two distinct disclosure by what we're doing as a grassroots entity versus some authority figure up on Capitol Hill or at the a hundred Pennsylvania Avenue or the U. N. doing it the latter is unlikely wiry irony said that long time ago ... we had tens of thousands of people ... faxing and riding through their members of Congress after the initial disclosure project because I was the father of the whole global disclosure movement ... and that was nine eleven happened it's moved off everyone's radar screen my own sense is that the best way we're going to have more disclosure is to have thousands of people doing and making open contact we're become some cannot stop the intelligence committee cannot put that genie back in the bottle and secondly more people coming forward who are whistle blowers are insiders with documents in evidence the likelihood that any committee of the Congress or anyone at the White House will do this ... is I think very very low I don't care how many people right I'm not saying that we should encourage them it's their responsibility but I'm just saying I've already done that over the last twenty years very very thoroughly ... and a lot of people involved with disclosure now actually have never had sit down meetings with current members of administration thing I have and what you hear from them is that yes this is wonderful but let someone else do it ..." + 85%
"2015-10-13 13:18:55"
"Crossing Point Part 15"
" ... stuff to be here goodbye honor so in twenty twelve there is said to be in a shift in the way we think and for me that was the case like consciousness or consciousness was in my head constantly in that we don't pathfinding work so this morning if you've noticed any increase in this kind of interest in your votes are key things just the grand scheme of the universe the bottom line well on about twenty twelve per se has in the couple years gone every all the interest in ... I mean to the point that you even have Lockheed Martin put not information that by twenty twenty something they're gonna have generator that'll run everything the past month so what what you eat things are moving along and it has been a big move up ... or what I who concerned about is sort of like that do you know the Hopi prophecy where there's one time line that terminates in there's one that continues on and what were we have to choose what timeline we want to be on it's called the ... prophecy rock or whatever it is etching that the Hopis have we seen it really cool ... or or disturbing the penalty look at it but ... but ... and I'm reminded also you know Colin Andrews is very very good friend of mine crop circle guy of a crop circle that appeared some years ago that had it was where is it was how all the planets would be in the year twenty thirty six earth was not in it earth was it was sort of like a warning now this is twenty fourteen now that crop circle appeared in life I don't know late nineties early two thousands but ... and I don't mean to be apocalyptic and when I'm saying I'm just saying that ... it's a wonderful Chinese expression goes unless we change directions were likely to end up where we're going where we going where we had it here so ... I think that's one of the really important things to realize and it can't happen very very quickly this kind of this like in physics and they talk about this ... with quantum ... systems is that you get to a cert..." + 89%
"2015-10-13 13:20:10"
"Crossing Point Part 12"
"I am very interested in our work right past there was like every interest in her yes back and I got your half of the month or so ago and offers very curious when I got my energy bill this month because ... in October of two thousand thirteen my energy bills and our that's about fifteen our less if you so that was the past October and I just was kind of wondering I mean that's possible but that seems improbable so harsh case you had any thoughts about that right ... she's asking about an energy bill being different from one year to the Nazis yeah right after using the app I've never heard this before I guess it's theoretically possible mob without all kinds of strange things happen ... but ... that's not a likely event it's probably a coincidence yeah yes Sir and I take a tracheotomy a hundred thousand on popular third place yet people vast the value we put out the ... star challenge an award a hundred thousand dollars to someone you can bring a device that meet certain criteria at least one kilowatt of a tenuous power being put out what's so funny no nobody has surfaced ... with anything that ... meets the teria ... and there is still someone were going back and forth with but there's been a communication problem because the English is not their native language I'm not sure if the person has something legitimate or not but dancer today this that that still not been claimed ... they'd I'd be thrilled if someone did claim it but ... I do know that there but some breakthroughs with a Rossi with his ... divisive Italy where he's ... done some ... excess heat generation from ... technology he hasn't ... scientist a friend of mine who's a scientist ... a nose ... someone at the National Security Agency who have told them they have been watching that very carefully indicating that it does have promise now here's the problem with what Ross he's doing is that it's a black box people don't know how it's working tests are being done or by p..." + 68%
"2015-10-13 13:18:20"
"Crossing Point Part 16"
"why this setting continue to be funded or I finally demonstrating all this protocol like right in this out there for people just going if that happened and do it well yet doesn't matter what kind of evidence you put together even signals we get our images ... the subject again gets the bot ... but the other thing about that that the seti project it likes to show off the can speak they are carrying water for someone because you're either oblivion reigns you're either stupid or corrupt there's two things to choose from if you've really dug into this thing you're at that level ... at NASA or the seti project ... and I debated says Shostak on voice of America about this I had my military witnesses that judge John Callahan who had all the radar tapes and we basically cleaned his clock but it's at a certain point I said you cannot look at all this this positive evidence and proof and information and just dismiss it arm while you sit there and spend hundreds of millions of dollars saying your listing from a signal from space which by the way they've already received and ... now I'm gonna say something here because this is enough years after it happened ... a few years ago there was a show called down coast to coast with art bell and I was on the cover time magazine and I was one of his favorite guests ... when I'd be on that show the really let things up at certain agencies and one time I was on a show in a few years back out towards the end of his career there and this issue came up and I said well you know I have a source high up in city that confirms to me that they in fact have received enters interplanetary signals but in a kind of phase to not normal array with kind of post ... array and that it was kept secret and covered up and ... the city people are furious subsequently set Seth Shostak got on a show and you say well doctor was talking about he probably talk to some volunteer computer operator because we have a loose network of volunteers wha..." + 80%
"2015-10-13 13:17:01"
"Untold History Part 1"
"I'd like to thank all of you for coming from all over the United States turns out for this ... I'm doctor Steven Greer and I'm the director of ... disclosure project and see city and serious disclosure dot com and the Orion project these projects I'll explain very briefly in a moment ... the report purpose of this seminar today is really to go and share things I have not shared publicly about how'd disclosure has happened because it has happened and is happening and what the process was led up to that but I wrote first want to thank you guys for coming here and having the interest because this is the public that as actually made disclosure happened from the beginning although it was requested by some folks at the end CI a which will get into ... it's the public that's really enabled it including all of the now five hundred fifty the top secret military and corporate witnesses have come forward now I want to state that at this point the numbers are continuing to grow and most of those witnesses are people who've been in the intelligence community or department defense a some branch of the armed forces or corporations that deal with ... so called unacknowledged special access projects not super secret projects that deal with your photos and only about a fifth of them have consented to be filmed and have their persons identified to the public the reason for that is fear and concern for their own privacy and concerns over some issues that I don't think we need to worry about at this point ... around the legalities and we'll get we'll get into this over the course of the day and the main purpose of disclosure project was really dead ... educate the public that we're not alone in the universe and that this it's been known by highly classified projects for seventy years and those projects have unfortunately become illegal and unconstitutional operations that operate transnational no time like the transnational not international the secrecy that surrounds t..." + 91%
"2015-10-13 13:17:29"
"Crossing Point Part 18"
"out ... wonderful as for all this started as for North Carolina also released for national ... I hope your way cheers yes I want to say thank you to everyone who sprayed it you know Emily had stage four cancer F. for five months ago I thought she was a goner she's completely clear cured yeah your frustration must be unbelievable because I know how I feel I'm back in nineteen seventy four I had pretty closely can't there is ... very angry also very large very good tally of Jack about forty in the anger ballots fifty feet above my head yeah it was it was frightening it was fried was home alone and the three other people and the Great Barrier Mars where is the I. Massachusetts miss very very place a nineteen seventy four it was ... it was something that inform the rest of my life ... but now I have that wasn't the answer is no right so no no one can tell me I did not see I do not know I can't tell you who live but I know that now the same thing happens to me there you are the same thing that has happened to me you had and the well the same thing is happening now in the nineties but through after better communication with Sarah that new feelings and I was hoping maybe you could give me some information on how both these things can be dimensional radio play you know because I don't know what that means really so I was wondering if you could cut something that I've never been able to cups groups is how do I know that you have I don't have and now I work with the two of them together so that I thousand votes and feel that it was the exploration is there any thing you can offer well how very abstract that have more detail of what she's asking is issues that you have experience with a fully materialize craft and subsequently has had experiences self looking consciousness with someone who's in the next world as it were yeah who who it passed ... and the thing is to understand is to look at it I call you know it in ancient times use me times that we call this th..." + 84%
"2015-10-13 13:21:16"
"Crossing Point Part 10"
"the really important thing to know because if you're out into the stars I remember last year just before I had to take this trip to Australia and I was laying on the beach and I was ... with a friend who was view you see the whole Milky Way galaxy on the out I was on the Outer Banks ... and I was out there and we're talking about this stuff and this someone who'd never seen one of these objects and suddenly in the Milky Way an object about that big at arm's length issues pretty close a pretty big materialize and it was this will beautiful kind of crimson ruby red but it was a live it was like it was living it was like this thing that was living and moved in with the whole defense of the Milky Way galaxy it was an instantaneous that was there for a little while I don't know if anyone else honor saw it but we thought we were looking straight up and it was like it was alive sky was a lie the object was alive and I realize it was going right in the direction of Australia few days later I was wheels up to Australia so ... and I I think it was I told my wife I said I think they were telling me you know bone biology and will be with you there no it was a beautiful beautiful experience and it can happen that easily Klay you know if you open up to it ... and ultimately that the central science of all of this yes there's Cheerios there's electronics there's communication modalities Centro technology and understanding is understanding yourself thoughts your mind the meditative state how that can be used to make contact and in deep meditation you can on pretty much unfurl on gravel any you wish to I in the Vedic tradition there something covered with tambora Prague with Tom and it's a level of consciousness where it is very very deep just sort of like this side of unbounded some body state where Rick Tom is located where if you put your awareness you can asking kind of tend to know anything now of course I guess that the supreme being knows all things at all times bu..." + 71%
"2015-10-13 13:19:48"
"Crossing Point Part 13"
"I know that Maharishi university in Fairfield Iowa and David Lynch foundation put a lot into promoting TM with students and parents and all kinds of awards might they be interested in the C. five her goals we a lot of people in the meditation movements TMN otherwise are and in fact I've been invited out there ... I have I've never had the time to go but not a lot of people who do meditation and study the physics behind mind body and also the signs of consciousness fields our very existence ... so ... what if anything they have done with that or would want to do with it I don't know maybe a bridge too far because you know there's that they're sort of ... a nexus of disinformation and auto automatic kook factor the gets associated with anything UFO NET and that's been done the nineteen fifties by the CIA and it's been very effective so a lot of people don't wanna lose their respectability by touching the UFO issue and that's just true I mean it's a psychological warfare is the term used in the C. I. document I have from nineteen fifty three ... where they specifically talked about the psychological warfare a value of the subject but also how it could be basically neutralized and ... even up to the point of of the listing ... very renowned scientist ... on the payroll the agency a doctor Donald mensal who was it's renowned ... Astor physicist at the Harvard ... I have a document weird names him and it says it cannot be known that he's working with us on this because then it would lose all credibility but he was the person who back in that era fifty six with stand up into bomb call this and then there is a professor Khandan of the condom committee it you know university of Colorado that was in charge of the project blue book ... the kana commission to look into whether project Bluebook the airforce should be continued or shut down and so he was the chairman of the of the of the committee others call the condom commit seo Indio en professor condo..." + 52%
"2015-10-13 13:20:30"
"Crossing Point Part 11"
"so when you're talking about the suppression of this knowledge I guess my question to you is do you subscribe to any kind of idea like Illuminati ... you know curtailing mess and ... this any type of negative because ET presence so that where this kind of thing keeping it like the question is is ... in terms of the information being kept secret is there some ... Illuminati type entity or perhaps even ET presence keeping it secret ... I doubt it in the way that it's the mythology the internet mythology would say it is ... I think it has more to do with the fact that there are with a call cartels interest groups that are also competing interests human not the that but don't want certain aspects of this out and there are points where they cooperate there points where they'd ... now there's something that the latest iteration of it I've been told from my from my intelligence sources is called sick SIG a senior inter agency intelligence group and the sick ... which you know from the old majesty and majestic Truman era are and ... some the documents I have it's it's Matt MH a IC ... classification of those are you know intelligence groups that operate out of normal chain of command ... they work with people different countries ... and then they will usually have representation on different enters such as religious technological financial ... macro economic Exeter and so on ... and so there's gotta of theirs overly simplistic view that they're sort of like one group if the builder burgers it's the Illuminati it's that this is it was interesting because I have a few years ago I was at a meeting in San Francisco it was after disclosure project launched and Henry Dakin who they can toy company is hosting ... sort of ... reception at his loft in discover and ... Judas cuts was there who was the original publisher of the course America's with Marian Wright and very big supporter in her husband's a carnal and she was friends with this man who..." + 85%
"2015-10-13 13:19:15"
"Crossing Point Part 14"
"I was just curious is very particular he civilizations that identify themselves your contact group on the internet like the Phoenix lights you're standing in that they would you do that unlike Yeltsin realization so just carry through particular civilization mediator identified themselves he's asked if there's a particular ET civilization that's identified itself or group natural is ... not one particular but a number and never different species in my under our purpose of our group is interstellar policy and bring in all of them together see so what we would want to avoid is ... a bilateral unilateral bear bilateral or bipolar Kosmos and you want to be multilateral and you wanted to be are all civilizations if they're capable of reaching this planet and in fact are here or near or in our solar system or have that capability we would want to have humans who are on a team who are interested in dialogue peace and what I call universal P. I mean world peace is it's like treaty of now the league of nations it is way too late for just world peace ... we have to go unfortunately straight to universal peace because it doesn't do any good if you have world peace but the world is United against fighting one or more ET civilisations that's not going forward that's going to oblivion so Hollywood notwithstanding and the latest Tom Cruise movie notwithstanding you you really cannot ... enter this subject if you're serious about they have a future at all without having a multilateral approach and so we have had very specific contact experience with different types of the season ... what have you and but my view is that over the years as many different different appearances heights shapes the whole bit even if some of the photographs we have but the the the the point I make the people that doesn't really matter that's the external appearance it's the fact that they're all conscious antient and that what we want to move to is a time of of universal peace ... that invo..." + 85%
"2016-04-22 05:53:21"
"SIRIUS: from Dr. Steven Greer - ..."
" Hello, I'm a Dr. Stephen Greer founder of the Disclosure Project and the creator of the film, Sirius. And I'd like to make a wonderful announcement that all of you have been waiting for. The film Sirius, which went to one of the most watched and top picks on Netflix in the past year and has been seen by millions of people around the world. We are now releasing on our YouTube channel, which is youtube.com slash S Disclosure in its entirety and it can be seen for free. We're doing this because we want the public to see the last crowdfunded film we did and we'll have that as a foundation for education for anyone who wants to see it. We'd also to introduce the next film and that is this documentary feature film called Unacknowledge and Expose of the greatest secret in human history. And it will have a book that goes with the film and will be launched with a massive disclosure event and celebration and concert. We want everyone to be able to see this film but we would also like if you can to contribute to the crowdfunding campaign, not only in contributing your network and networking with friends and other organizations but also how you can contribute even if it's just a few dollars to this campaign so that we have enough resources to do this next project which is a campaign that ends illegal secrecy on UFOs and free energy once and for all. It is not just this one film and book that is going to be supported but a whole initiative that goes on into the future. So enjoy the movie, serious, many of you have seen it, many have not and I hope that you can also support us in this next project, Unacknowledge. Thank you very much. I hope you enjoyed this film. Most people don't know what a dead man's trigger is. I'm even fewer in need one. Dead man's trigger is a safety valve. The reasons of security, a person prepares a recourse of such severe action that is harmed. They will release a cache of damaging evidence against those enemies. Given his situation, Dr. Stephen Greer..." + 98%
"2016-01-25 06:44:06"
"Expose of the National Security ..."
" Okay, I would like to welcome all of you to this special presentation on the deep national security state and UFOs. And this is going to be a presentation four hours in length. We will take a break at about half way point, maybe about hour and 45 minutes in, two hours. And I'd like to just thank all of you for coming. I know you've been from all over the country here, people here from Chicago, New York, all over and I want to express my appreciation for your support and effort in coming all that way to be here. I'd also like to welcome all the folks online. There are several thousand people online who will be seeing this by webinar. And I'd like to extend a welcome to them. A big shout out to them for coming. Thank you. You're here in virtual reality, huh? Yeah. Why not? So I'm Dr. Steven Greer and the founder of the Disclosure Project and the Center for the Study of Exitress One Intelligence and the Orion Project. Those are all now sort of amalgamated under seriesdisclosure.com if you want to go and see what all the projects are doing at any time. And we're going to be doing this presentation, which is going to be part of a series. And I really want to thank the people who have supported me all these years in getting this far. There are some folks who are volunteers out front who have been on many expeditions with me out under the stars and people all over the world. My mentors in the national security state who without them I would have never had a Sherpa to figure out how this whole system works. You're going to learn things tonight today that the President of the United States doesn't know. I will assure you that. I will give you my assurance that it's true. It is also true that without some very special person and her name is Emily, my wife of 36 years, we wouldn't be here. So a big thank you to Emily. She set this up. And really and truly if Emily had not supported me all these years, there aren't many Jewish doctors, daughters, wives who will be happy wit..." + 99%
"2016-01-13 23:54:16"
"Steven Greer Contact & European ..."
" Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. It's a pleasure to be in London again. Last time I was here was the premier for a bathtub. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. It's a pleasure to be in London again. Last time I was here was the premier for a bathtub at the serious premier. It was just over here at Piccadilly. Big thank you to Mark Woodgate. We wouldn't be here without Mark. Thank you, Mark. And also to Wendy and Layla and the other volunteers who are here but helping get everyone in and seated. It is a completely sold out so there may be some people coming in late so they'll be filling in seats. This is also a live webinar going worldwide. So at the end there will be a chance for some questions and answers and for people to briefly ask questions. But I really want to thank everyone for supporting this tonight and coming out. We didn't know how many people would want to come out in the middle of the week like this. But I was in Europe doing a CE-5 training expedition in Portugal. I'm just fresh off the farm in Portugal. We were on a farm actually. And it was beautiful. And I'll maybe have time to share some of what happened during that expedition. And we did a similar presentation to this but not live webinar in Lisbon. There were wonderful people there and some people who were in the military there came and shared their stories of some encounters with us with these ET spacecraft. So it's a wonderful opportunity here in London by the way for you guys to organize around contact groups on CE-5, the Cliffs and Countries of the Fifth kind initiative, and also disclosure efforts. Because the two powerhouses on the secrecy of this whole subject are in descending order. Number one, United States. Number two, Great Britain. Number three, everyone else. And you're seeing a document up here. I'm going to talk about in some length of what has happened over the last seven or eight years with the French Ministry of Defense. And the irony of being the head of the Cente..." + 98%
"2015-11-23 13:57:05"
"William Pawelec Interview"
"what if you can if your name and threw a bomb ... just sort of euro us a short bio bio of your ... military government so he career Ankara and sure of a resume sort of way okay my name is William John Pollock and I am fifty six years old my background initially started in the airforce in the mid sixties where I was a computer operations and programming specialist for first at pope airforce base after training and then in Vietnam the first event in my lifetime had occurred then that woke me to a new paradigm that paradigm waters that late at night a young lady and I we're in the woods and about thirty miles southeast of favorite Carolina and I had an unusual experience with a UFO at about three or four distance the UFO prompted before it showed up have all the frogs the crickets and all those noise makers late at night shut off like a light switch and it appeared twenty thirty seconds later and past bias and about two three hundred feet online only forty fifty feet away from us heading from southeast from northwest direction about eleven twenty five at night after disappeared over the northwest in the small lake we were by there was a continued code of silence from the twenty to thirty seconds and the frogs crickets and all the other noise makers at night wound up turning back on light from a given through a light switch that event was rather dramatic in my mind in that it prompted me to start questioning what was really going on in the world this was a late night clear night citing up close and it could not be mistaken for a helicopter or any other plane that I was aware of that the airforce had back in sixty six from that point on I went to Vietnam and spent a lovely year there in a tropical resort community if not trying and got to meet a lot of nice people vertically the Vietnamese but in my work we became very involved with processing and signing on to Washington intelligence data this was in addition to our normal computer load of magnets reports payroll..." + 96%
"2015-10-26 15:17:03"
"UFOs and the Security State - Na..."
" In 1993, a group of military advisors to this project, and I met out in the countryside in Virginia. And we decided that it was time for civilians, military, intelligence, and other people to come together to disclose the truth about the subject which is called UFOs. Since that time, I have personally briefed a sitting director of Central Intelligence, James Wolsey, President Clinton's first CI director. I have personally briefed the head of the Defense Intelligence Agency, the head of intelligence joint staff, members of the Senate Intelligence Committee, many members of Congress, members of the European leadership, the Japanese cabinet and others. And what I have found is that none of them are surprised that this is true, but they are uniformly horrified that they have not had access to these projects. We can establish through these witnesses whom we have identified, which now number over 400. And these are people who have been inside the CIA, NSA, NRO, Air Force, Navy, Marines, Army, all divisions of the intelligence and military community as well as corporate witnesses, contractors to the government. And these are folks who have been involved in so-called Black budget or covert unacknowledged projects. These unacknowledged special access projects are taking in at least 40 to 80 billion dollars per year. And they are sitting on technologies that can change the world forever. Specifically, technologies connected to UFO and extraterrestrial vehicles. If declassified and used for peaceful energy, generation and propulsion would solve the looming energy crisis definitively, would end global warming, would correct the environmental challenges that the Earth is facing." + 1%
"2016-05-07 19:59:41"
"Dr. Steven Greer: What are "Unac..."
"we have many people in our network who worked in unacknowledged special access projects and this is very different from a special access project or special access personnel was reported in the media about Hillary Clinton having access to SAP's will course ever I mean many people do a special access project is simply a compartmentalized project within the intelligence system and you know they're only three levels of of classification confidential secret and top secret if the compartment that you're in that is key now Edward Snowden he disclose something how prism among other things prism was a special access project but it was acknowledged the president knew about it the Congress knew about it the key members of the intelligence we're talking about unacknowledged special access projects better funded to the tune of a hundred to two hundred billion dollars a year that are illegal because they will not tell anyone that is not in that compartment what they're doing and I have a number people who work in these projects and for example one navy gentleman was in one project that was between two and three billion dollars one unacknowledged special access project apartment these projects are exactly the fulfillment of what Eisenhower produce about when he said beware of the military industrial complex and so is for this reason that I want people to understand that what we're exposing are not all secrecy within the US government or all secrets within the British government we're only exposing this is going to be the greatest expose in history on this projects that power unacknowledged and are being run illegally I wanna make this distinction very clearly and so that people do not get confused a lot of confusion on this in the public and we stay on very safe ground when we are exposing projects that are being run illegally because let's face it if the president of the United States or the CIA director or the senior fellows at the Pentagon generals and admirals I met with an..." + 57%
"2016-05-06 11:50:08"
"Dr. Steven Greer - A Call for FR..."
"a question of technology the technology we're looking for we have a couple of that are in pursuit close pursuit our technologies that we know there are thousands of inventors in groups around the world over the years who have been victimized by a new energy suppression and the federation of American scientists in two thousand and ten a wrote a report on this their national security prod" + 1%
"2016-05-04 19:58:30"
"Dr. Steven Greer Announces "The ..."
"hello I am doctor Steven Greer and founder of the disclosure project and this is a a special announcement about a new campaign we're launching of this week and that is to end permanently the secrecy around UFOs and free energy devices all of you are familiar with the work we did with serious which pick on Netflix in the past year and I like to thank all of you for supporting that project of this project and the disclosure project launch into thousand and one at the national press club or really focusing purely on top secret unacknowledged special access projects the deal with the UFO extraterrestrial and free energy or zero point energy fields and what we're doing with this campaign is not just advocating for the government to do something this is the campaign that will actually end the illegal secrecy and what's key about the words here is that we are doing this not the government I think you have to understand that the people are the government in a democracy and our government is completely filled us on this and many other issues and his dysfunctional and corrupt therefore it's incumbent on us the people of the world not just United States we come together to support this endeavor are we are now working with people from all over the world who have access to archives dealing with the UFO subject government top secret witnesses videos photographs and other material and we are asking you the public to support this campaign and you can go to our website serious disclosure dot com or to the other links you'll see in this film is supported in a number of ways but one that the chief distinctions I wanna make between this and other disclosure efforts that are going on is that this is not an effort to ask anyone else to do it this is a campaign where we the people actually do it and we were there for calling this the campaign that actually ends the illegal secrecy illegal is the key word here and I want all of the military corporate ... intelligence officials governm..." + 88%
"2016-05-02 15:55:10"
"Dr. Steven Greer - "Call for New..."
"we're looking for people who are new whistleblowers and let me give you a little bit about what we need we are not interested first of all and second turn third hand sources unless the second or third hand source has documents war materiel from a secret lab government or corporate that would be dispositive then we want that ... but as far as whistleblowers themselves witnesses we want them people who are first hand they need to be able to corroborate to the extent possible who they are and where they did where they saw what they saw ... we're not interested in anonymous sources our own background perhaps but for the purpose of disclosure an anonymous sources of nominal value I have six hundred nominees anonymous sources on working with already ... but they won't go on the record we need people with the courage to go on the record up and I want to talk about not just the courage but the genuine sense of patriotism I never forgets over use and I'm now talking not just of nationalistic patriotism but patriotism as a human being for their fellow human ... but even if you're talking about patriotism in your country it is not patriotic at all to sit on secrets that are being kept away from the president of the United States or the Congress the people's representative when we supposedly live in a democracy and a free society that is not patriotism that is going along with the fascist authoritarian illegal operation I would be very clear on that therefore the people who come forward are not at all violating their national security goes morally or legally now what do I mean by that very quickly and I didn't her for our workshop on this that you can see on our YouTube channel YouTube dot com slash S. disclosure this brings up this question of how did we get the first hundred or so of the military and intelligence witnesses come forward fifteen years ago this year in fact may ninth two thousand and one because from nineteen ninety two until nineteen ninety eight I w..." + 80%
"2016-05-13 05:32:25"
"URGENT UPDATE! May 13, 2016 - Ca..."
" Music" + 1%
"2016-05-11 18:32:07"
"Dr. Steven Greer - Eye of Oneness"
" Hope you enjoyed this BD Dig kindness and I'm starting to notice youation in the first grade of better short- tenía, love and smile You ?'dhe be clear and greateribaowata love only in evil and happy days You" + 1%
"2016-05-24 12:14:49"
"Dr. Steven Greer - Pure Awakenes..."
"WNED" + 1%
"2016-05-21 12:59:06"
"Dr. Steven Greer - The Pursuit o..."
"WNED" + 1%
"2016-05-18 12:51:03"
"Dr. Steven Greer - Scientific Op..."
"WNED" + 1%
"2016-05-14 18:10:18"
"Dr. Steven Greer on Carol Rosin ..."
" Hello everyone, welcome back to the Carol Rossin show on May 13th, Friday the 13th and are we ever lucky on this day to have the father of the disclosure movement, Dr. Steven Greer. I was a witness as many of you know in the disclosure project in almost exactly on the anniversary today, May 9th, 2001. And so I would not be here if it wasn't for Steven Greer. Are you there, Steve? I am. Thank you. Welcome to the show. We are so lucky today to get your update on what's going on and what can we do about it from that disclosure project and way before since you and I have been working on this for a long time. And I just want to thank you right now for getting me involved in this, but really only did I do this because I heard so many conspiracy theories, myths, legends, disinformation, so much distraction. We've all been discredited for working on this issue if we're truth tellers and it's leading to destruction, maybe even extinction of our own human species. And you have been to me be champion of telling the truth of not doing it from just side research, quoting other people, but from your own experience and bringing credible people together on this issue. And I just honor you. I know we all do. We've already heard from people from all over the world who are listening to this show live and also archived later. So thank you so much for being with us. And Steve, I'm not even sure where to begin. I know you have so many projects going on. And I think it would help to for you to help define some of the terms that basic terms because some of the people listening in are new, their advisors to decision makers and the corporate government military complex and they are international as well. So thank you for coming on. Well, I appreciate it. I really thank you for your courage all these years for speaking the truth about these issues. I remember when you first came forward, it was it was difficult because this subject dealing with so-called UFOs, which is a misnomer to begin..." + 98%
"2016-12-15 21:27:17"
"The Cosmic False Flag"
" So it's seven o'clock on the Pacific time zone. It's 10 o'clock eastern. So we wanted to start promptly. I know there are people still coming in, but I wanted to get going. So I want to thank all of you for coming and supporting this event. And I'd also really like to thank you and LV for allowing us to use their facility, which is quite lovely. However, difficult to find. And I want to thank the folks who have been here volunteering, Linda and On and Ricky and all the people who are these are all these events that we do are put on with volunteers. So it's a laboral love for everyone. I'd like to thank them for their help. They've been helping me all weekend. This presentation is a follow-on to what I presented about a year ago in Washington on the deep national security state and the UFO and extraterrestrial issue. How many people saw that? And I'm just curious. So it's a good thing to look at. You may want to see it again in light of what I'm going to be sharing tonight. And what I want to share tonight is personally very difficult. And the reason it is is that this issue and this presentation will be the most difficult one I've done in 26 years. It will be very controversial. It's as an atrama doctor and emergency doctor, I tell people, I'm accustomed to giving folks bad news. So this is very, very bad news. And I'm not saying that to be at all melodramatic. I'm telling you what the truth is. And the only reason I'm doing this is that there had been information coming in, pinging my system, indicating that we're getting closer to the hoaxing of events to stampede the world into something that would make 9-11 look like a picnic. And there are a number of signs that have been mounting on this issue over the last six to nine months. And I'm gravely concerned about it. So for that reason, without being able to say that anything is imminent, my philosophy has always been an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. And in this case, it's an ounce of prevention..." + 99%
"2016-07-12 18:51:01"
"Dr. Steven Greer's NEW Documenta..."
"how do you keep something secret you hide in plain sight there were bodies that were involved with some of these crashes the also someone alive I swear to tell the public about it he says no we don't tell the public about this it would do panic the public and you know there's a new day unexplained aerial phenomenon I'm a doctor in an E. R. taking care shootings and stabbings and car wrecks and I'm being asked to brief the CIA director and stop because he and the president to be alive what's he said by the way we've discovered a base on the backside of the moon I said said who's fifty if the average person knew that the term UFO was actually concocted after they knew that they were extraterrestrial vehicles or man made anti gravity devices they would realize that for sixty years weaver had the solution to the environmental crisis the energy crisis and global poverty the most dangerous thing going on the planet today is an ISIS it's not a rat it's not Russia is not China it's a out of control covert group that is not being overseen by the people Congress or the president who have developed these technologies and or recklessly using track and target extraterrestrial vehicles the result of this is that we're in a crisis that is funny knowledge ironically because these projects I occasionally think Caro quickly our differences worldwide would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world there is no threat and we have to prevent the weaponization of space so you know they don't exist but if they are they're a threat so this is the one two punch just been going on unfortunately for sixty some years he said do you know why they killed Meryl then the late Marilyn Monroe and I said well I didn't until I got this document it's a virtual death one when they found out that translate passed away they came in they had the manager of the hotel open the safe and they took all of tassels papers know lot of people say own will that's an urban myth or conspiracy ..." + 13%
"2016-06-06 11:16:59"
"Dr. Steven Greer - Interplanetar..."
"WNED" + 1%
"2016-05-31 23:21:51"
"Dr. Steven Greer - Importance of..."
"WNED" + 1%
"2017-04-19 18:15:54"
"Unacknowledged Introduction: Sne..."
"one of my biggest disappointments over the last twenty five years it's those who lack the courage of their convictions one percent of the people who I've talked with met with a brief had that courage this would have all been fixed long ago I have always told you won't do it I will so here goes" + 1%
"2017-04-17 18:50:25"
"Unacknowledged Sneak Peek: Eyewi..."
"paired that I have been locate where craft of unknown origin not originate on the face is there I am prepared to state that while I was there we saw all living dead bodies other entities did that were not born on this planet we had what they refer to as interfacing with those entities" + 1%
"2017-04-11 21:26:25"
"These technologies can change th..."
"these are folks who have been involved in so called black budget for over ninety knowledge projects releases no we don't tell the public about this would panic the public these chronic knowledge special access projects are taking in at least forty to eighty billion dollars per year and they are sitting on technologies that can change the world forever" + 1%
"2017-03-31 15:50:49"
"OFFICIAL Unacknowledged Trailer"
"how do you keep something secret you hide in plain sight it is rich in forty seven lines that have been found us is now in the possession of the army if you look at this document sent to Jacob Hoover three so called flying saucers had been recovered in New Mexico is become the number one document viewed on the FBI website there have been the team whose affection and people have been attempting to conceal this knowledge we actually did recoveries of bodies that were involved with some of these crashes I swear you know to tell the public about it and he says no we don't tell the public about this there became to be this bifurcation that this separation between legitimate national security military operation the black programs that are running people think that this UFO issue gravely this is one of the ultimate secret that needs to be spoke of if there was a that was illegal president curry who's going to stop the moon of Mars there's a very unusual structure when people find out about that they're going to say who put that deeper black programs have the two a hoax and they could do it and they could do turn away that's it's very easy set up a false flag on talk all kinds of false and you know they have both in bed in all the major change fact stories if you tell about this project this bullet has your name on it and it will find you strategy was the first for Russia for the enemy then terrorists would be identified then third world country crazy the last car is Italian cars Paula is a lot I live" + 1%
"2017-05-10 18:01:17"
"NEW Unacknowledged Trailer"
"we have three thousand five hundred where expressed repeated goals have landed in the physical traces we have four thousand cases where they have been tracked on radar and seen by pilots we have enormous amount of photo and video evidence and physical evidence there's more evidence for you oppose and there are for black holes most of the theories in astrophysics most of the evidence for most of the medicines you take I'm speaking now as a trauma doctor and yet we have this blockage in the mainstream media scientific establishment saying we're" + 1%
"2017-05-08 14:34:02"
"Unacknowledged Trailer"
"are you hide implants right in forty seven lines that have been found us is now in the possession of the army if you look at this document sent to Jacob Hoover three so called flying saucers had been recovered in New Mexico is become the number one document viewed on the FBI website there have been visitation and people have been attempting to conceal this knowledge we actually did recoveries of bodies that were involved with some of these crashes bush will you know to tell the public about it and he says no we don't tell the public about this there became to be this bifurcation that the separation between legitimate national security military operation the black programs that are unacknowledged if people think that this just the UFO issue there gravely mistaken this is one of the ultimate secrets that needs to be exposed if there was a project that was illegal the president doesn't know it's curry who's going to stop this from happening the moon of Mars there's a very unusual structure when people find out about that they're gonna say who put that there please deeper black programs have the technology to hoax and alien invasion they could do it and I could do that no way that's a hundred percent it's very easy to set up a false flag operation concoct all kinds of false information we have people in bed it in all the major media change and affect stories if you tell me about this project this bullet has your name on it and it will find you strategy was that first for Russia for the enemy then terrorists would be identified then third world country crazy the last car Pacific bell park Paula is a lot" + 1%
"2017-05-01 19:37:48"
"Unacknowledged Sneak Peek: How i..."
"I was eight or nine I saw one of these objects broad daylight there is a beautiful seamless desk in a blue sky but I became completely absorbed in this so my interest in this goes back to my childhood once you conclude that the real and they're of interstellar origin the next question is what we gonna do clearly what we should militia having service citizens effort much like the ability who are going Cold War started to say because to me sure enough killer successes this is that story" + 1%
"2017-04-27 17:27:40"
"Unacknowledged Red Carpet Premie..."
" One of my biggest disappointments over the last 25 years, is those who lack the courage of their convictions. If 1% of the people who I've talked with, met with, or briefed, had that courage, this would have all been fixed long ago. I've always told you, if you won't do it, I will. So here goes. Hi, I'm Ron James, and you are with us live at the theater here in LA, where Steven Greer is premiering the new movie Unacknowledged. Now this film has set a new record for the amount of money raised through crowdfunding for a documentary, and it only surpassed the record previously established by his last movie, Serious, which broke the very same record. Congratulations on a milestone achievement, and it's wonderful to be back here. Thank you. So Steven, how does it feel? We were here together for Serious, and we're here back again. Exactly four years ago, so four years ago we started the film Serious here and kicked it off, and this is going to be more exciting. And the film Unacknowledged is already hit number one on iTunes for the trailer, and in the top ten for pre-orders, our goal is to disclose this information to a few hundred million people. And that's going to happen. So that's what we're here for, and I want to welcome some folks who are here. You want to come up? Sure. Yeah? So you introduce yourself? I'm Vincent Spano. So Vincent is an actor, and he's very pleased to have you here, and how have you found out about what we're doing? Well, I'm an actor and a director and a writer, and one of my mentors is a writer, and a director is David Markoni, a writer who is a friend of yours. David wrote Enemy of the State, and he just wrote Martin Campbell's new film, The Forner. He's always kept his ear to the ground on truth, whether it has to do with politics, government, money, all that good stuff. And The Forner is a terrific new film that's going to come out later this year. And I'm sure you've seen Enemy of the State. So I am what I believe like-minded. I remembe..." + 98%
"2017-04-24 20:02:50"
"2001 National Press Club Event"
" He was working with a young actress that was about to be fired. He went to the director and said, let me talk to her. And he walked over to the actress and he said, look, it's simple. You walk in the room, you plant your feet, look me in the eye and tell the truth. The logo of the ex-files is the truth is out there. The truth is out there. I'm going to paraphrase, the truth is in here. You're about to hear the truth. I'm an actor. My name is John Cipher. For seven years I walked through the door, planted my feet and tried to tell the truth as chief Daniels on Hill Street Blues, as General Craig on the hit sitcom Major Dad. I was two years on Dynasty, you're on Not's Landing. I've done five afternoons, soap operas, 12 Broadway shows and 20 films. One of the Broadway shows I did was The Great Musical Man of Lamontia on Broadway. I was Richard Carly's original understudy. I sang the words to dream, the impossible dream, to fight the unbeatable foe, to bear with unbearable sorrow, to run where the brave dare not go. I'm here to introduce your host this morning, Dr. Stephen Greer. He's a man who is running Pell Mel with a brave dare not go. He was an emergency room physician. In fact, the director of emergency medicine at a major hospital in North Carolina. Three years ago, he sat his wife and his four daughters down and said, I've been doing this part time running after the truth for seven years now. Now I'm going to do it full time. He walked away from all that money. To pursue the truth. I always think of Hamlet's great line to Horatio. There are more things between heaven and hell than a dreamed of in your philosophy, Horatio. I'm going to introduce a man who says, there are more things between heaven and hell than any of us have accepted. And I have the witnesses and the documents to prove it. Ladies and gentlemen, Dr. Stephen Greer. Thank you very much, John. Members of the press, the American public and people of the world. We are here today to disclose the tr..." + 98%
"2017-06-07 20:14:55"
"Sirius Trailer"
"the problem is not proving that you oppose exists is when you begin to expose the energy and propulsion systems hi and how they're getting what scientists need to do is they need to look at the hard core ever saw I all my ET our review and then get over that they deconstruct extra ruthlessly a great enter lies Petra doll boil cold system and right now these tropic sociopath we're running the planet and governments far enough so we've decided that his people to form our own movement game right we are attempting to achieve as a device which feeds the perpendicularly we have so many modes of converting final vacuum energy or zero point energy this possibly be was found in the attic comedy as a we have the best scientific never gonna be doing the DNA testing we have eleven hundred and fifteen teams of CD five ambassadors I can attest to the fact that real phenomenon happens here and this is probably the most important thing going on on this planet today yet nobody talks about it if we come together we can make this happen in a matter of months not decade for this the destiny humana" + 1%
"2017-05-27 15:12:14"
"Unacknowledged Sneak Peek: Maril..."
"interestingly there was a man of my executive committee was a very well known actor and singer named up burl Ives and burl Ives feels the thirty third degree Mason so all of you people who think that all the secret societies everyone in it knows everything I don't know anything and he said to me is that we all know that Marilyn Monroe didn't die of of overdose who who beat to he said do you know why they killed merit program the late Marilyn Monroe and I said well I didn't until I got this document it's a virtual death warrant because he was found a couple days later three August nineteen sixty two wiretap of telephone conversations between reporter Dorothy Kilgallen who was looking into Roswell and other UFO issues and her close friend Howard Rothberg from wire tap a telephone conversation a Marilyn Monroe and Attorney General Bobby Kennedy Rothberg discuss the apparent comeback of the subject with till Domon and the break up with the Kennedys is referring to the fact that Marilyn Monroe had been having an affair with not one but both Kennedy brothers and it was coming conspicuously broke off Rosberg indicated in so many words that she had secrets to tell no doubt arising from her trysts with the president and the Attorney General one such secret mentions the visit of the president at a secret air base for the purpose of inspecting things from outer space now this is nineteen sixty two kid gohan said if the story is true be a terrible embarrassment a for Jack in his plants have NASA put men on the moon way cherish decked out in a mall in this decade and do the other thing not because they are easy but because they are hard the subject repeatedly call the Attorney General and complained about the way she was being ignored by the president's brother subjects threaten hold a press conference and would tell all it's a tragic situation because she is an actress you do understand the national security state and the viciousness of those who want to keep the source secrets" + 9%
"2017-05-22 21:32:36"
"Unacknowledged Sneak Peek: Gover..."
"they could pull it off they could definitely know right now they have the technology to mimic the form fit and function of extraterrestrial UFOs they have the technology absolutely it's seamless and you can never tell the difference if they do have a false flag invasion they're going to use one of these this is the Hudson Valley boomerang this is nineteen eighty two to nineteen eighty nine over twenty five thousand eyewitnesses reported this craft they can use the saucers the cigars the pyramids the triangles as a United coalition and that's how they're they're going to do it we're talking about a hundred fifty two hundred seventy two feet across for the Dennett coal so the question was some of that twenty four billion according to this sexy when the power of and when the accelerates ... it looks like a spark off so if they wanted to hopes they could do it do not know" + 1%
"2017-05-19 17:18:59"
"Presidents Acknowledge UFO and E..."
"and that morning into a lot of the English speaking newspapers there was a picture of two UFOs so I placed those on his table where he was going to be sitting and Isaac morning Mister president same doubts that we'd like to have coffee and juice and CDS so while I was getting that he's looking at the papers I came back here and president Kennedy says what do you think I looked at him I looked down at the picture and I says well Sir what do you think and with that magnificent granite fears he said I asked you first I said from what I've learned we can't be I only living be creation he says you're right young there he is it's suitable now the actual being if you FOR that we're aware of" + 1%
"2017-05-11 20:18:09"
"Unacknowledged Trailer"
"we have three thousand five hundred where express or vehicles have landed in the physical traces we have four thousand cases where they have been tracked on radar and seen by pilots we have enormous amount of photo and video evidence and physical evidence there's more evidence for you oppose and there are four black holes most of the theories in astrophysics most of the evidence for most of the medicines you take I'm speaking now as a trauma doctor and yet we have this blockage in the mainstream media scientific establishment saying we're we have three thousand five hundred where extraterrestrial goals have landed in the physical traces we have four thousand cases where they have been tracked on radar and seen by pilots we have enormous and now photo and video there's more evidence for you oppose in their most of the theories and most of the evidence for most of the medicines speaking out and yet we have this blockage in the mainstream media scientific establishment saying we're" + 1%
"2017-07-27 04:24:31"
"Unacknowledged: The Alien Threat..."
"I occasionally think how quickly our differences worldwide would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world well the only problem with that is that if you look at that that permit for inter clan Terry interstellar travel it's a thousand times more developed than hydrogen bomb which if we were to have a massive exchange of nuclear weapons with leave most of all life on earth it's things therefore how could we possibly have armed conflict with another planetary system for more than a nanosecond and survive it they know that we could but it's a way of manipulating the public demagoguery of fear jingo ism false nationalism and creating a booking alpha space" + 1%
"2017-07-21 16:49:07"
"Unacknowledged: Roswell Was Not ..."
"Roswell was not the beginning it was a turning point we just dropped two bombs on a country and we had a test of that bomb a few months earlier for a few weeks earlier in New Mexico this probably was observed by these aliens somewhere whether they're doing good connaissance or how they figure so they came here today to observe try to figure out what the hell at the time of the crash shortly after the detonate the first time Nick went Roswell was the only nuclear arms squadron if you accept a multi dimensional area it's highly likely we don't have a lot of damage is somebody else's world and by the Vietnam War yeah the underlying theme that connects most of the disclosure project case by is the fact that these close encounters tend to occur near our nuclear facilities suggesting that these visitors are deeply concerned with our hostility and the existential threat that we posed to our cell once we learned to split the atom" + 1%
"2017-07-05 07:36:16"
"UNACKNOWLEDGED: We have lost 100..."
"we have lost a hundred years of evolution on planet earth I truly lost century you to progress was made in the nineteen twenties as Nicola Tesla developed energy generation technologies that could power the drawing endless free energy from the so called empty space around us so called empty space isn't really into it all it's actually full of energy a set of being the amount space time was tendered ten zero is behind Jules and that's in the energy even in a coffee Cup to boil all the which politely away the acronym unidentified flying is a deliberately office term and what it really is is an alternative energy proportions they had a piece of they thought was plexiglas rectangle pieces Plaxico for years before they figured out it was the energy device and that it was connected in such a manner that this device could power very small watch to a city power was determined by what the demand on at once and so each craft had one of these the implications are free energy go far beyond keeping the lights on in your home or running your car without gasoline most of the calls of making anything from growing food to constructing a skyscraper is the energy used to mind the raw materials the ground ship process ship again package and do a free energy society in which the cost of manufacturing and agriculture move towards zero would mean endless abundance for every they already exist it's not like you have to be invented you and I the taxpayers of already paid trillions of dollars literally in super secret black budget funding to develop the systems this is the society we could have had a century" + 1%
"2017-06-21 18:25:53"
"Unacknowledged Sneak Peek: Dr. E..."
"the disclosure project archives includes testimony from extraordinary individuals who are part of this great effort to explore other space including astronauts cordon and Dr Edgar Mitchell the six man to walk on the moon yes there have been T. visitation there have been a crashed craft there have been a material and bodies recovered and there is some group of people somewhere that may or may not be this point but that at this number and have been attempting to conceal this knowledge" + 1%
"2017-08-23 21:30:35"
"Unacknowledged Sneak Peek: Alien..."
"early research into anti gravity technology gained momentum in the nineteen forties as Adolf Hitler poured tremendous resources into developing his secret weapon the so called flying now once we acquired they were augmented with the study of retrieved a terrestrial and we create only so called alien reaper this is where a bell labs was involved issues where General Electric was involve this is where I'm number of high tech companies gained their knowledge Lockheed Martin's skunk works an E. G. in G. and Raytheon E. systems and mitre corporation X. in Booz Allen Hamilton and on and on and on I know many people who work in these programs well we have things flying in and of that a desert that are fifty years beyond what you can comprehend if you seen on Star Wars or Star Trek we've been there done that or decided it wasn't worth the effort so that's coming from Ben rich then rich head of the skunk works between nineteen seventy five and nineteen ninety one this is the original letter from venerate Chantal like he did fenced aeronautics company letterhead I'm a believer and so was Kelly Johnson here it says dear Ben there are two categories eighty manmade your foes the extra terrestrial ruffles dear John yes I'm a believer in both categories I feel everything is possible many of our man made you a foes were unfounded our fraternities in both categories there are lots of kooks charlatans be cautious been rich we now have the technology it takes then rich CEO lock" + 1%

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