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"2017-10-29 21:23:21"
"Decloaking the DEEP DEEP State"
"every single thing you do everything you watch it's all being recorded that's where the money is it's all being recorded insulting taken captured important supply house worthy keeping those files of what Madonna you reach that point to be I think so much for tuning in we have a good friend W. each wise carver on the line but before we begin what a timely interview this is our friends at virtual shield VPN reached out to me customer I use the EPA and myself it's simple to use and your IP address from prying eyes of Big Brother did you know that back in April president trump so aggression repealing rules that would have required internet service providers to your permit I collect use and sell the information about your online habits that's right they can spy on you and sell your information for profit guess what you have the right to remain private and it's very simple to do with a high quality VPN like virtual she'll check out guys here's my IP address without virtual and here's my IP address with virtual she'll it's just that simple in it's the reason why everyone should use a VPN virtual shield does not keep any of your browsing logs whatsoever so go to virtual she'll dot com right now it protect yourself against big data spies virtual shield offers a variety of different packages starting as low as five ninety nine per month but I'd recommend the protect my family package which can be used on as many as fifteen devices at the same time if you click on the link directly below this video the more information section STT report viewers can get twenty percent off their order so click on the link head over to virtual she'll dot com and start your thirty day trial for free right now my goodness I can't even keep up with what's happening with the Las Vegas shooting the story keeps evolving so quickly it's really the most incredulous incredible story that I can think of besides nine eleven this Las Vegas false flag shooting guys is waking people up in droves and even t..." + 95%
"2017-10-27 20:39:33"
"well the National Archives has released two thousand eight hundred and ninety one JFK assassination records fifty four years after the assassination of the beloved president if Donald Trump tweeted the long anticipated release the JFK files will take place tomorrow so interesting well it is tomorrow today my friends and it is believe it or not very tightly even fifty four years later because you'll see the same parallels as a pertains to the Las Vegas shooting among the files are too intriguing memos from J. Edgar Hoover who said quote we need to convince a public that Oswald is the real assassin sound familiar right now we believe it's a soul actor alone wolf type actor and we had the place are under control reading in this from zero hedge in a memo issued by Hoover he appeared to be particularly concerned that the public would have to be compelled to believe that Oswald was a lone actor not part of a larger conspiracy whom we are comfortable that the primary aggressor in this segment is ... has expired or passed away and I he is no longer a threat there's been multiple multiple phone calls and accusations or conjecture coming through social media ... that there's multiple shooters at other result resorts that has been proven to be false again direct parallels to what we've been seeing coming out of Las Vegas this month referring to Nicholas Katzenbach the deputy Attorney General at the time Hoover dictated quote that thing I am concerned about as so is Mister Katz in back is having something issued so we can convince the public that Oswald is the real assassin but believe Paddick is solely responsible for this hideous at we are aware of the rumors outside of the media and also on social media that there was more than one assailant we have no information or evidence to see port that theory Hoover also indicated that his concern may have been influenced in part by diplomacy dictating that there could be serious international complications if the public though..." + 45%
"2017-10-27 02:35:38"
"on the night of October first two thousand seventeen lone gunman Stephen Paddick opened fire on a crowd of concert goers at the route ninety one harvest music festival on the Las Vegas Strip at least that's the official story this is a video we'd rather not make but it must be made the truth about the Los Vegas false flag shooting must be exposed what most Americans still haven't really come to terms with this but the FBI has been a criminal operation for a long time in fact Robert Mueller refused to allow Congress to interrogate FBI informant who had been inside carousels before nine eleven given that the earliest narrative was that alleged lone gunman Stephen paddock was this a four year old white male who was radicalized by ISIS if these new reports ... bear fruit that isis is claiming responsibility for this ... allegations that this man converted to Islam months ago and given that we know who the real powers are behind isis and the creation of ISIS loser early two thousand fourteen email from Hillary Clinton so not so long after she with secretary of state to her campaign manager from protest it states ... that I so vices is ... funded by Saudi Arabia and Qatar the governments of Saudi Arabia and given that there were early predictive programming warnings on local media about the potential for ISIS attacks in Las Vegas the first thing we did was reach out to match her that Tommy did you not believe this is credible threat rather an attempt to inspire and motivate some form of action the new ISIS video calls for specific attack similar to be Orlando polls nightclub and at the Las Vegas is not mentioned by name in the video strip is shown and experts say the intention is clear the following conclusion is nearly inescapable this story gets murkier by the day and that is the opposite of what is supposed to happen it's impossible to know exactly what is going on with the biggest shooting we're not going to speculate but it's obvious that there is lying an..." + 80%
"2017-10-24 03:18:43"
"the alternative truth news media has been vindicated once again will tell you how in a minute given all that we now know about Hollywood from Harvey Weinstein to the new revelations of Netflix stranger things star fin Walford a fourteen year old boy who fired his agent claiming the man's it's funny that the mainstream corrupt media still largely controls the narrative regarding the systemic Washington DC plague of child abuse known as the pizza gates can child abuse is of course putting it mildly human trafficking as representative Steve Scalise called it before an assassin's bullet almost took his life is far more accurate while many of us would like to believe that this issue isn't some affects us the sad truth is that you may trafficking is a real problem plaguing each and every community here in the United States enough is enough but the American people are waking up in droves there are two different shooters at two different locations and the spell cast by the corporate controlled media is being broken the Las Vegas shooting official story just one more example the media and law enforcement trying to force the blue pill down the collective throat of Americans there is no conspiracy between the FBI between LVMPD and the MGM nobody is attempting to hide anything any evidence that contradicts the official story is nothing more than a collective delusion they would like us to believe but people are waking up in droves and it can't be stopped why is the police saying that the one that got killed last night committed suicide this morning why is it that we as shots fired everywhere legitimately because I I mean I heard shots myself those them I told me some money shot down in New York New York I will believe that because nobody show shot at me or near me at planet Hollywood course waking up taking the red pill is a painful process understanding that there are sinister forces in control of all of the official narratives hardening even devastating because the real st..." + 75%
"2017-10-23 00:45:33"
"this is a civil rights issue they are targeting families of kids with special needs and parents with disabilities and they are stealing their children patrons thanks so much for tuning it means the world to us look in lieu of all that's going on in Las Vegas in the real research investigation being done by the real truth media I'm going to take just a break from that step back and Turner to back to flight of me children all over the planet this article from the Kansas city star how did seventy plus children go missing from the Kansas foster care system guys who remember senator Nancy Schaefer who exposed the CPS stealing kids and when she named the names she lost her life I served in the Georgia state Senate and after four years a viewing the ruthless and unsparing action of child protective services also call CPS which our years tonight I wrote a scathing report entitled the corrupt business of child protective services the report cost me my sentencing friends it also cost her her life in now turning your attention back to this most important article about those seventy children plus seventy more than seventy children vanished into thin air this comes from forty one action news everyone on my current salary in an alley state lawmakers are now questioning house seventy foster kids can go missing in the report coming to light after a lawmaker confronted the agency about the missing kids yesterday our investigative team is pressing leader forty one action is investigator just McMasters taking a deeper look at how these children are actually tracked by the state Jessica Arianna department for children and families have contractors that place children in the state of Kansas with foster care parents so DCF doesn't handle these cases directly we did speak with one of those contractors KBC health systems about why and how these children are going missing after being placed into foster care director of communication Jedi cuts tells us most of the children who have gone m..." + 95%
"2017-10-21 00:34:10"
"a friend Sean from S. GT report dot com here with a very important precious metals and economic update put it you got Ben Greer is get it right when he wrote this article a world of lies but gold will reveal the truth we posted that it S. GT report dot com and you can read the entire article there for yourself but we're going to go down memory lane here to paint a very important picture for you about how far gone the system is and how little physical precious metal there is left in the vaults this article from zero had Scotia Mocatta put for sale after multi billion dollar money laundering the world's oldest gold trader is for sale after a massive money low scandal may have terminally crippled one of the most iconic names in the business guys I'm gonna take you down memory lane and remind you what Harvey organ told us back in two thousand ten I interviewed him myself we're gonna share is zero hedge article with you to refresh your memory here in just a second but let me read this Canada's bank of Nova Scotia is exploring options for its gold business Scotia Mocatta the Financial Times reported which include a possible sale of Canada's most popular precious metals trader will skip down here while gold trading has been in a cyclical decline in recent years the quote straw that broke the camel's back in prompting the sale was Scotiabank's lending to elemental a precious metals refinery in Dallas Scotiabank was one of its biggest traders they said Chris doing is reported about this in detail the problem emerged in March when U. S. prosecutors accused workers at a subsidiary of elemental NTR metals in Florida of a money laundering scheme using billions of dollars of criminally derived gold mostly from Peru NTR imported more than three point six billion dollars of gold from Latin America from two thousand twelve to two thousand fifteen the court documents allege two of the accused sommar barrage in one ground up pleaded guilty last month to a charge of money laundering..." + 81%
"2017-10-20 04:44:48"
"Hey friends thanks so much for tuning in you know this is a real thrill for me to be able to just take a step back from all that's going on in Las Vegas right now to return to the world of economics in precious metals and crypto currencies and take a deep breath here to talk about all of that stuff for their good friend Jay asked him his the founder of smart knowledge wealth academy and I'm thrilled to have him back on the line live from Bangkok Thailand Jay's Kim Oria I'm fine Haley Sean I'm good thanks for coming back on man so whether they're in yeah but a little bit rainy button surviving surviving yeah well we're moving towards the fall here in the Midwest where I am terrible terrible fires out west unimaginably Armageddon like fires in the northern California area some of which you're being are written about in people are doing videos about the each of these fires being so unexplained structures being burned to the ground entire neighborhoods literally disappearing but the vegetation alright I owned still in terms this did not come in from a forest bar these homes burn from the inside out I don't know what is responsible for it but ma'am we're going through a lot of changes and I wanna mention this as it relates to economics as the Dow just twenty three thousand today is reading this conversation a can even believe that in be do you remember a guy by the name of pastor Lindsey Williams do you know who that is vaguely vaguely remember yeah Dow twenty three thousand I just ... remind folks here real briefly he's taken a lot of heat for getting something's wrong but he's a guy who claim to have sort of a high level elite insider friend of his and he used to work in the oil patch is up there in Prudhoe bay Alaska ... and use a pastor there a lot of the oil man and he always used to do these videos saying that his high level insider friends told him here just one of it one example of his predictions I can make a lot of money do you remember when oil was up a..." + 96%
"2017-10-18 22:07:35"
"THE CALI FIRES: "It's Like They ..."
"a French children S. GT report here with a very quick update for you number one I'm working on a new Las Vegas essentially a microdata memory which I think will reveal the powers that were behind what is clearly a false flag in Las Vegas I thought I'd get that finished and posted tonight that's probably not going to happen hopefully it'll post sometime tomorrow but I wanted to give you this update I have time to investigate this very deeply but I want to address briefly fires in California many Reese jurors are citing the cataclysmic fires in the devastation that these fires have caused and raising very good points it's like they have declared war on human some people are talking about microwave weapons having been used I don't know about that yet but I wanted to share this clip of a huge tree at least a one hundred year old tree on fire from with it and I want to give credit to Jerry Tony on you tube who made me aware of this information watch this video not a big craziest thing I've ever seen right there in Iraq fire and sell them and it's coming straight up the middle of the tree that is the craziest thing I've ever seen X. hollowed out the tree now how in the world could a tree beyond fire on the inside if our friend Ron Johnson from STF news is right we're in even deeper trouble than any of us may have suspected X. watching now I'm gonna play this other video guy and I linked at all my last you too but I work like this because I think you need to see or R. here we go welcome back to make a weapons on SDS and you're looking at a twenty five megawatt real gun able to walk hold it and even walk walk out on twenty five megawatts of power just like your local cellphone tower Morris the power supply rail gun cellphone U. you're a hell John twenty five megawatts no follow our you and your local cell phone sound or the FCC or red cell towers the four hundred watts correct China yet they cabling here suggests a twenty five megawatt power supply twenty five megawatt m..." + 49%
"2017-10-17 03:12:43"
"okay friend Sean from SG T. report here you know that last video I just posted with our friend highly Schlanger about the FBI and Robert Mueller well after that call was done highly just being a great guy as he and I talked for another seven eight nine minutes in his chest the liner notes or a highly bonus that I wanted to share with you here now so I hope you enjoy it have a great week we've we've got a figure out a way to give people a sense that people do have power it's it's not a question of do you have the tanks and guns one of the people in the military are very happy with the way things are going right well I do think that the fact that trump got elected in that whole movement to get him elected and all the people standing in line talk in the universe's Hillary's dwindling crowds is is very telling me people are paying attention and they are fed up and that's why I brought up the Vegas shooting as being as important as nine eleven because it's very clear the official stories ally in its not just clear to those of us who are in the old media reporting on it it's clear to the thousands of people that were at that concert none of them believe the official I area I recall from earlier German contact of mine who's a ... ones early of website and he said to me you know I I didn't think much about this Vegas thing until I heard you did change the timeline and then they actually didn't know this was going on there but this one room at least was involved in it at an earlier point and so now here's someone in Germany who is obviously paying attention to the alt meeting and ... you know I someone or you to cover it and he said that I I can't another able to in Germany their strict censorship on these things so I can imagine what you can't talk about Zionism there you go to prison so it is very confounding you made a great point when you brought up or while in the rewriting of you of history because you know then we have guys like Eric Schmidt alphabet saying the..." + 77%
"2017-10-16 07:23:18"
"what most Americans still haven't really come to terms with this but the FBI has been a criminal operation for a long time in fact Robert Mueller refused to allow Congress to interrogate FBI informants who had been inside terrorist cells before nine eleven Hey friends of SG T. report thank you so much for tuning in once again I'm very gratified to have back on the our good friend Harley Schlanger from larouche PAC and the guys I do want to thank my patriarchs so much for your support in making the difference for us as again YouTube is really starting to clamp down Harley on real news as it relates to this Vegas shooting on a talk just a little bit about that but first welcome how are you hardly I'm good I'm not surprised they're going up YouTube because of going after everything else yeah sure are I and I just want to say this I don't know if you've been following the Vegas shooting but I think that what happened in Los Vegas is now as big a cover up and is as dangerous to the deep state in exposing the shadow government as nine eleven because you have multiple witness you can't brainwash everybody hardly if you've watched any of these press conferences with the sheriff Lombardo standing right over his shoulder it's the former section chief counter intelligence at the FBI air and sea routes almost like Darth Vader is standing over this guy's shoulder always staring right at him it is the scariest weirdest thing I think this is the biggest display of the deep state that we've ever seen because as I said everybody that endured what happened in Las Vegas is saying it believes there were multiple shooters it wasn't died okay let's all leaving now it's okay not we all start running and they can we use them only five way that that guy that was the sure we have a tractor trailer and all the way around in general be advised shots are coming for coming from gay seven gay savage shots are coming from gate seven well we're getting from civilians and that there might have be..." + 94%
"2010-12-13 06:24:36"
"exclusive! HARVEY ORGAN Part 2 :..."
"you'd be I asked bank of international settlements number suggests that the proper gold and silver ratio based on those figures I just mentioned should be roughly three point three to one or silver price today at four hundred twenty four dollars per owns Harvey yes that is correct the other way looking at is that you can actually do it just real life might actually saying what the demand for silver is now when put the wooden dollars you see that let's just say that the demand for go up for silver is about six hundred million ounces so if you take twenty eight dollars per ounce you got what sixteen billion dollar market that's the market the V. I. S. begins the derivatives on the the entire they call it other metals other precious metals which are the only one hope Kate because that's a palladium in Latin zero so ... they said that it's the total is a hundred and twenty seven billion dollars correct of of of derivatives ... by the major banks now then we go to the OCC now the OCC is the U. S. army and they measured the derivative risk of the banks I want to tell you guys very very important is that the bank is not concerned if you have a long on it they're not concerned belong there only concern on a failure to deliver so no result only take half of the equation okay and the same thing with the OCC let's say I came in to buy a hundred ounces of ... goals okay and I say I'll take delivery on that in January two set January ninth two thousand and eleven so I put I put down some of my money and then by January eleventh boldly comes do I pay as I take my gold away okay lot of these guys prior to this we're just rolling over and that's how they're playing the market up until recently now all of a sudden you're seeing volume at the LBO make tracks why because the owners realizing their scarcity there to say I'm not going for it I'm taking my metal adult now ... medals are being totally withdrawn out of the loop London market they'll be amazed and they're going t..." + 81%
"2010-12-07 14:26:05"
"WHY SILVER, WHY NOW? a SGTreport..."
"you're watching why silver why now never in the history of mankind as one nation engaged in such a rapid descent in nineteen eighty the United States was the world's largest creditor nation today it's the largest debtor not only in the world but in the history of the world we have witnessed massive corruption across all areas of from the Enron scandal to Bernie made off to trillions missing from the Pentagon Donald Rumsfeld publicly admitted on September tenth two thousand one the aim of this micro dock is to help everyone not only recognize how dire the situation has become for America but also to help you understand that there is something you can do today in order to provide some measure of protection for you and your family so here are the facts the corruption in our financial markets has been so widespread for so long that it is actually created opportunity for the properly informed because the federal reserve owns the printing presses which pop out our paper dollars the controlling class has for years suppressed the free market prices of gold and silver in order to keep their paper dollars unrivalled yet like a Canary in the coal mine the rising prices of gold and silver are signaling that something is wrong so the bankers have flooded the market with paper representations of gold and silver in a coordinated scheme to keep those prices down thus keeping that Canary alive and people say well there is and you heard it today there's not that much to the cool metal out there there isn't but in the physical market as the market uses that term there is much more metal than that there's a hundred times what there is but it's no longer working that bankers are losing the battle precious metals are financial assets and like current season T. built anti bomb they trade in the multiples of a hundred times the underlying physical investors and hedge fund vigilante is around the world now know about the banker scheme and the result is nothing short of revolutionary peop..." + 57%
"2010-12-03 14:48:36"
"A Thank You, A Silver Primer & S..."
"hi guys as GT here and I want to thank each and every new subscriber to this channel this is a proactive and informed community and we're thrilled to welcome you so thanks for subscribing truthfully have always tried to thank each new subscriber with a message and their own channel but I lost the battle a couple of days ago and I just can't keep up so please no I'm grateful to each and everyone of you for taking the time to subscribe to it for so many wonderful heartfelt insightful comments about the madness of the law society in guys I also want to mention that I'm extremely grateful to enforce dot com Alex Jones Steve Quayle the daily Paul zero hedge and all the other fantastic web sites that link to my video as well which led many of you here to this channel it's further proof that we are all indeed in this truth fight together and we can all make a difference so again my many many thanks so let's get started with another silver update for silver is a true that in a world now paper gold is great silver is truly remark force industrial use is now in the process of re as real what is fiat let's get perspective the U. S. dollar is no longer backed by gold or silver and the federal reserve was given the right to dollars out of thin air in nineteen thirteen and then long treasury at interest employ nuff right well here's the rub the current official debt is fourteen trillion dollars which makes the United States a debtor nation of ill repute in fact the U. S. is now the largest debtor nation in the history of the world and that fourteen trillion dollars is the official number the actual dead including unfunded liabilities like social security and Medicare is much much higher between fifty to one hundred trillion dollars and by some accounts two hundred trillion Goldman Sachs is even out with a report that Bernanke's going to print another one trillion additional dollars over the next twelve months one trillion dollars is more than ten percent of the M. two money su..." + 68%
"2010-12-31 22:30:59"
"n't guys SG team here I want to wish all of you a very happy new year and I just wanted to make a quick video to kinda help level set for folks who are wondering I get emails from time to time from folks who know coin shop owners and people that are in the gold and silver biz and a lot of those people are absolutely certain that a correction in silver is just around the corner there just certain it's going to crash in my response to that is I'm not exactly sure how to make folks like that understand the overwhelming fundamentals of the physical silver story now I know first hand that many folks in coin shops owners in fact had never heard of Jeffrey Christian precious metals are financial asset and likes currently dingy building people on the train in the multiple of a hundred times the underlying physical they don't know about the March two thousand ten CFTC hearing in which Jeffrey Christian admitted to one hundred to one paper manipulation of gold and silver they trade in the multiples of a hundred times the underlying physical they don't understand the massive paper manipulation of the gold and silver markets they've not heard that JPMorgan has shorted nearly five years worth of global silver mining production and they don't know that JPMorgan is under investigation by the department of justice many of these calling guys are like fish in a fish bowl they've been in the business for decades and they suffer from what's known as normalcy bias they actually believed because silver has always crack and they miss the Asian fast as much often as they they don't want paper some they want to but the Albion Maine X. are on the verge of collapse in total default fed pre stability of hype while are like fish in a fish bowl don't for four or five years or less we have because we we are fish in a fish bowl so by silver protect yourself it's the greatest gift you in the new year you guys thanks so much for watching the new year Thaksin but I" + 7%
"2010-12-23 13:07:23"
"okay guys this GT here and I want to thank each and everyone of you for tuning in and for all your support it's been a crazy two thousand ten I personally want to thank the silver guild zeitgeist Plutarch truth over facts crazies baby and all the rest of you for tuning in for your kind words and for your support now let's get started won't let you guys know that I'm gonna be on resistance radio with Mister Brett on Friday so take a listen to that if you get the chance guys just a quick silver update I listen to an interview with David Morgan today in which he expressed his gut feelings that silver will likely pull back in the short term finding support a twenty five Bucks I concur that strong support does exist at where according to Jim Willie and Eric king the Chinese will vigorously defend the price as we saw during the last pull back now personally if the price does pull back to twenty five heck even if it went down to twenty who cares you have to treat silver as a buy and hold savings account by it and forget about it it's real money who cares what they're doing to the paper just by physical while you still have time I personally think that this consolidation phase that we're going through recently in this twenty five to thirty dollar range is fantastic and exactly what we want to see before we make the climbed fifty dollars in two thousand eleven now please keep in mind that fifty dollars in two thousand eleven is the price target for silver by spot analyst David Franklin who says quote we are ecstatic about the future of silver and quote and in related news John every chief investment strategist for spot now believes that do defend your responsibility I E. Q. E. too that hyper inflation is now a certainty as my soon to be released Michael dot madness to will illustrate John Williams a shot of stats dot com concurs with Embry predicting that quote the great collapse will come in the form of a hyper inflationary Great Depression in the United States and hyper..." + 57%
"2010-12-20 14:37:56"
"COIN SHOW UPDATE : Americans slo..."
"nggas SG T. here I'm at a coin show again today same coin show different venue ... as the court shows that last time this is a bigger coin shows more tables certainly more vendors more dealers but ... bottom line is a lot more activity so we'll begin here a little bit very good how's business today so so all it's more people at this one the last time the hot why there's more dealers evidence on yeah houses around today may very well be seen people walk in and ask for his physical volume people looking for physical on the morning if you tell me what kind of problems turnout you've been saying about you know today's turnout is certainly a lot better than the one I was after a few weeks ago you know basement good but you're still alive because and the thing is they're not that's most interesting so like ... yeah silver eagles Canadian maples that sort of thing those does go quickly I ninety nine nine nine wow Hardenberg okay that so it's a nice going out there was a close one sales have you guys seeing a ... faces our folks were king and you know but we ... in keeping serious part tire money hard as okay ranged what's the name of your show wolf so it's interesting though that you guys you're seeing some folks have look I need to diversify check what I've got from from the printing press in their native is a little long very it's a way from Newman great at home personally I got a background it already if I let you go so what do you see on shop what are we seeing here today we sing faces but no bullying by they want to get their feet wet and we talked a little bit about people diversifying their see diversifying their retirement set a trend you've been seeing lots of friends of slow trend is just not a sudden things but at the same time it's growing at a much faster rate today was millions of children glass over looked like dormant is that right so goes over started rising slightly for five years old and the more for being aware of the more the streaming she..." + 62%
"2010-12-15 05:32:43"
"a guy's SGP here and I'm thrilled to have back on the line Jeff Nielsen for bullion bowls Canada dot com Jeff is extremely well informed about the precious metals market and with a lot to discuss so Jeff welcome well thank you very much and it's a pleasure for me to come back here again the first thing I wanted to mention to you was this JP Morgan Financial Times article the Financial Times wrote and I quote JP Morgan is quietly reduced a large position in the U. S. silver futures market which had been at the center of a controversy about its impact on global prices for the precious metal I think got the language used there had been is kind of entertaining Jeff what's your take on that are you know I I don't tend to place a lot of faith in these sorts of reports because you know that the Financial Times clearly it is a media source of very friendly to JP Morgan and you know much more likely to be you know planting information rather than tens are him proverbial providing embarrassing revelations about them so you know this could be more ... hype just to try to influence the CFTC in their investigation more than actual substance yeah I agree with you and I think the language had been I think it's just a ... a bit of a comical veiled attempt at trying to say ... he nothing to see here guys liberty take care of their short problem Bhuvan you have true you know first they say that nothing's happening and then later on they say well you know something was happening but it's not happening any longer assistant no II in your latest piece shock and awe in precious metals over a billion bowls Canada you mention that despite the most recent ambush of silver and gold prices by the banksters investors were not immobilized by fear would you concluded it happened was investors have finally got to the point where now they're saying to themselves gold and silver are on sale this is a a paramount change in thinking for for a gold and silver investors the jet most definitely ..." + 82%
"2011-01-30 18:45:34"
"w o r l d w i d e : r E V O L U ..."
"and weeks like the last few it seems like the criminals who manipulate our markets will never be defeated but the tides can turn quickly reminding us of exactly why we don't trade the silver market but rather accumulate in regular intervals over time for the reasons I'm about to share continue to buy silver and gold as often and as much as you can first Tunisia melts down over rampant unemployment and corruption and the ousted Tunisian leaders in el Abidine Ben Ali flees the country taking with him one point five tons of the people's gold the coward fled the country amid anger that he and his family had looted Tunisia's resources and now Egypt definitely you're telling president Mubarak to leave do not want you and we cannot stand few war your system of government the Egyptian people no longer want the system you have closed all doors to a peaceful change today we have opened up a method for change fired by the Tunisian history is being made at this very moment a revolution nearly half the people in Egypt live on two dollars a day and what gives the western controllers shivers up their spines scenes like this one when the military stands down dictatorships fall that people are throwing off the chains of the dictatorial regime that has suppressed them and the people are coming together as one humanity is waking up in the criminals are on the run and when the rat scurried what's the first thing they steal well Ben Ali's stole one point five tons of gold in zero hedge's asking the question the seventy five point six tons of gold that should be in the Egyptian central bank vault what really remains when the ruling class loot its own country like our old has done to us that people's rage is not far behind and all over the world that rage is beginning to boil to the surface the trappings of this life are finite and fleeting so why did these corrupt criminals do what they do they're sensually cannibals eating the economic lifeblood of their own people under the marching..." + 32%
"2011-01-21 01:59:34"
"well jumping over to this ... this letter to Tim Geithner rotor Harry Reid on January sixth which he tells Harry Reid that they need to start thinking about raising the debt ceiling to about fifteen point five trillion because we're now very fast approaching the hat the debt ceiling which Israel for I think it's run fourteen point two eight trillion he would he make of the situation as it as it relates to our ... insurmountable debt Gaidar's saying if they don't raise the debt ceiling and the system will collapse and in addition to that you have the Chinese now openly on discussing and openly talking about what essentially will be the death of the dollar as the world moves away from the dollar being the world's reserve currency what's your what's your take on all that Jeff well you know we're going way back to our in early last year I I was expecting the US government okay now and of course the wallstreet cobalt to to manufacture another crisis of some sort basically you know there are several things coming to a head ... you know that there are two waters but wallstreet banks are in need of further contributions because they're once again you know plummeting downward toward to insolvency of course the US economy mentions the debt ceiling issue coming up ... you know we've got to talk about the ... CFTC and is there you're dragging their heels in terms of bringing order to the gold silver market ... your China talking about that the death of a dollar you know that it would be it so easy to manufacture a crisis out of out of any of these events or of course you know drag the euro debt crisis back into it and you know make not be suppose it a catalyst Berra quote unquote crisis and my worries here you know when we approach this this next manufactured event is originally I'd sort of what it is just another you know big paper orgy for the bankers were you know first day they get about shorting everything in a way down and then they you know get out outgoin..." + 85%
"2011-01-03 05:07:33"
"warned you that something was wrong according to some estimates we cannot track two point three trillion dollars in transactions that investigations were needed amazing incredible if you work for the third time today that our liberties were under attack that the very fabric of our Republic was being ripped apart report suspicious activity and as a nation we turned our back on our values our principles and our moral obligations we allow torture we encourage war and we slept well as our nation was raped will you tell the American people to whom you let two point two trillion all they had the hope hundreds and hundreds of banks any bank or that has ... access to the US ... fat reserves dismantle absolutely on no now the day of reckoning is nearly upon us and still we warned you we're heading for a hyper inflationary depression this is the madness of the law society final warnings well we're heading for hyper inflation the hard choices should have been made years ago federal reserve is all being the one hundred billion dollars every thirty days correct IBM there should be a I was just curious it will disappear the pants off obvious you S. will be step in the next five year because the numbers are so staggering world going to going to a hyper inflationary depression everywhere to have is it not format Boyd I and there will be a global to hard assets I got which team did why do the the ability to the very first made so what it does is it we hired the question US dollar becomes worthless all the way to disappear and bare yourself all and save your dinner table upheaval reached up killing you these things like to keep you awake at night tension intro were beyond containment the world would never seen much like what they're going to what nothing they can do to provide paper inflation here at a and all that but economic collapse say no Italy well America to collapse I have been told this just buying time you're trying to push you know the bad news office hardly can int..." + 64%
"2011-02-14 04:06:18"
"BACKWARDATION and the fall of th..."
"you guys just a quick silver update Sobers you heard him backward Asian and James Turk says this has never happened to this degree in the history of the silver market now what it means is a total loss of confidence in the paper silver market now the December two thousand thirteen contract for silver is trading at twenty nine ninety one per ounce now as we all know inflation and fiat currency printing means higher silver and gold prices in the future but back predation means traders have little confidence that they will ever receive physical silver in the far off future so they want it now Turk says the only way to end backward Asian is with much higher so prices which will free up physical silver from is that now hold it and zero hedge no it's back predation deliver default and sharply higher prices it's all have Ron Paul who won the straw poll and see Pat was immediately my C. N. N. on which a question how did this happen doctor Paul warns that thanks to keep two and the actions of the fad the next U. S. crash will be comparable to that of the Soviet Union the question is will doctor Paul make a run for the presidency and will the brainwashed masses recognize the mainstream media's agenda to keep doctor Paul from the nation's highest office Max Keiser is reporting that new bombshell information from Andrew Maguire will be revealed in the next couple of weeks which Max says will put people in jail there remember that Andrew McGuire was the whistle blower insider who helped reveal JP Morgan's paper manipulation of the silver market back in March of two thousand ten he's the real deal and picks we hear the writer researcher of the much talked about road to route a theory says quote the good guys are coming at the silver manipulators with all guns blazing silver rocket is about to take off and destroy JP Morgan in the banking cartel which will subsequently destroyed every single bank in the world which will destroy all paper and electronic assets it's worth noting t..." + 48%
"2011-02-04 13:55:35"
"Hey guys SG team here I hadn't agenda tonight that's going to talk about the barge placement that's going to talk about the conflicts in Egypt around the globe and it's going to make the case that maybe it is all by a CIA or my six or combined see I am I design this whole thing has been orchestrated but I wanted to also say that the passion we're seeing in it's absolutely real I think that fifty percent of the population that lives on two dollars a day finally had enough finally had reached their breaking point and I believe that it's real these people truly do want change the problem is I don't think they're probably going to get real change and I was going to talk about Webster tarp please articles interplay dot net is going to talk about a specific article a global research dot CA however what I really want to get to is the fact that regardless of what happens in each regardless of how this shakes out it's important to note that the discontent we're seeing around the globe it's one hundred percent by design and sadly I think the argument can be made that it is all our fault the reason during the crash of two thousand and eight Hank Paulson would before Congress and demanded more than seven hundred billion dollars for the banks Congress relented and we the people did nothing that revolving door of credit opened at the bank's known as tarp the toxic acid relief program ultimately allowed the banks access to more than twenty trillion dollars according to Bloomberg now those trillions and fiat dollars are being unleashed and they are chasing commodities higher by the day year to date cotton is up twenty three percent and it now sits at a one hundred fifty year high the world's most popular food ranks rose nearly seven percent just on Tuesday alone which followed a limit up rise the day before according to Chris Mortensen by the time the fed becomes institutionally aware that inflation is raging across the globe it will be too late and according to mark Farber Bern..." + 60%
"2011-02-20 05:24:34"
"alright Sir well let me ask you this then because this is an excellent bridge into your article melt the which I did a video while back microdata called ... the curious case for nine hundred thirty six dollar an ounce silver which I think really you know people talk or whatever unimaginable number and ... you know here you are saying that it's conceivable that silversword thirty nine hundred dollars or six thousand dollars or eighty one thousand dollars if you know the facts and unless you know these facts about what makes over so special you can I think that's poppycock you think it's ridiculous but the facts are silver excellent you brought with it but I mean essentially you're saying so all your gold investments and and by Philip yes definitely there's there's never breath venom a more no brainer type of investment opportunity in the history of investing you what we've got here is is a a commodity and it and it form of money that is been Briggs for so long and I'm not talking just you know the last ten years like most people think that the banks and the federal reserve been ringing the market or the last thirty years that the the rigging of the solar market by this over users and things like that I talk about a hundred and fifty years back when when the UK but the world was on a server standard in the UK didn't have enough over so they the basically made of the planted demonetized over and then in the fifties when industrialization victimless over and and electronics really start taking it all in over being the best connect electricity all that fifty billion ounces that we had above the ground has been is that and to to look at it it's very difficult to stand back and say okay yet the price of silver has gone up from five dollars to thirty dollars but what you need to ask yourself is what if I know anything what should the price of silver be in relation to U. S. dollars in relation to other forms of the U. S. dollar like derivatives in the hundreds of tril..." + 88%
"2011-02-20 05:21:11"
"the internet has changed everything the amount of information out there is change everything and they are there is a gigantic tied up people we the people standing up around the world and yet they can cause Star Wars they can start revolutions they cannot stop this time they greatly underestimated how powerfully people are reacting to the potential could be free and then when I am talking free I'm talking like you know U. S. yeah revolutionary type the free those days when you know we were when we broke away from from England and and really decided all my god we can be free human beings I think that's what they're underestimating in all those middle eastern countries that's what they're underestimating throughout the world is that this there's what seven billion people who are just dying for freedom right now they have been strangled we have been strangled for so long by this new group of ruling elite that it we we've had our point we've had our Max out point this will spread to the United States this will you probably won the banking crash happened and everybody loses everything in their bank accounts in a four one gays and things like that we will stand up and we will say here's how we the people want to live peers tell you we have a constitution when they when they interview Ron Paul in in concrete easy because he wants to pull our ... our troops out of every other nation and he wants to go back to those over there they're calling the constitution Tracy now that that's what gets me is it just me all riled up is is those people who who say Ron Paul's ideas are radical and and you know it won't work in today's Dan age that's not true if we went back to the constitution solve so many of the problems that are out there yeah I I one hundred percent agree with you picks and I think it's become really train a parent like for instance Stuart rose who founded oath keepers and you couldn't find a more knowledgeable constitutionally based ... the man a former militar..." + 86%
"2011-02-20 05:12:45"
"are we going to allow the bad guys to take over the United States to rest the world I would have martial law are we gonna we gonna allow them through our fear to take over everything and completely control us even more than they do now Hey guys this GT here and what I'm gonna play for you is a three part interview with pics we're not normally I cut these interviews and I trim them and I try to make them manageable in size but picks and I talked about so many interesting things and he has such a great perspective that I'm running this three part series pretty much on edited so you can take it all in so thanks for watching and here we go well you guys thanks for joining us I'm super excited report that I've got fix we're on the line now he's the writer researcher and the member of Gadda who hasn't this most intriguing rotor rooter theory and you can find pictures work at Roadrunner dot com picks welcome takes on that that good beer Walter a real pleasure to have you you know you've really ... exploded I think in popularity and for folks who aren't familiar with your road to breed a theory I'm going to link your website in the more info section I also wanna give credit to Tim banal it but all of America dot com for his remarkable to our interview with you about road to root out it's just absolutely gripping and I think that for folks who have not heard it they should give it a listen some going to link to that interview and more info section two now is there anything you want to talk about as it relates to road to route because I do want to press you on one thing as it relates to Alan Greenspan that seems to be everybody's the favorite topic because yelling my theory that Greenspan's actually good guy and that kind of throws everybody for a loop the theory that there are people working to take down the banking to Mollen in return us to a at a more fair as system of monetary policy in a in and basically the idea that we're taking the bankers out and replacing them ..." + 87%
"2011-03-12 18:25:03"
"six fifteen from demanding physical delivery they're paying in premiums of fifty to eighty percent more than the actual crisis over not to take the silver correct yet we're hearing that as well and ... in its dramatic I think the the little tiny box at JP Morgan has found itself in smaller by the week and what what do you think about the Chinese to the rescue because at the end of the day ... you know some rogue former JPMorgan traders that are now are trying to take advantage of this you know those guys might settle for paper premiums but other Chinese they want physical well yabby of the button really what they're trying to do was online dollars the dollar is in my estimation the last place that a person would want to store a lot of their net worth ... it's getting it's getting worse not better as we look forward I think there's something happening to it and it's happening in gold as well as silver and it's very fascinating when the ETF were introduced to some years back I was always very suspicious of partly because a people like it's just BC and ... JP Morgan and an ... the companies who are the the custodians of the trustees of the gold in the silver ETF Barclays the rest of them they're not the friends of gold and silver they're the bad guys and and and it's it's gave me pause to think what the real motivation why are our banks or Wall Street related firms pushing a product that they detest and and it became clear to me that ... they would structure these in such a way that they would be able to control the market and it be to their benefit now I think what's happening and and this sort of us snuck up on me and it was but rather recently that I don't like finally went on when you read the prospectuses of the of the EP SGLT yourself the most of us can can never take delivery we have to be paid out in cash which is a good reason not to think you want sober when you on paper silver in that vehicle but it does allow for a redemption if you take out ..." + 81%
"2011-03-09 05:23:48"
"but let me ask you this on page four of the February twenty third a petition of international forecaster you talk a little bit about the possibility that Hillary Clinton had pledged US assets to the Chinese as collateral which ... may have included land is there any other follow up on that well first of all we heard stories like this going back about a year year and a half and but never any confirmation in any will you many times came out and my few weeks ago and said that they ... started the story was right it was on and ... it it was reality and you know the story is very probable because of the conditions that the Chinese are ran in holding one point one to a trillion dollars worth of treasury and agency paper but what happened was after a number of people quoted the article it disappeared now the question is did it disappear because government made it disappear wanted to disappear because it was false information we just don't know and from here on out we have to treat it as though it really doesn't exist and healing get proof that it does right but one thing that is interesting about that is that even if our the Chinese have pretty much made it clear that they don't want anything ought to do of with our treasury debt at this point so that's why we have Q. E. in the in the fat is in their body isn't into and that's a Ponzi scheme and what does that mean Bob to the average American to the person who's listening this that ... is interested in silver they understand silver story to some degree they understand the precious metals provide data a safe harbor against the economic calamity but they don't really understand the fact they don't really understand to eat they don't this is going to end horrifically for the middle class for the working poor can it can help us understand our Bob what this means and how badly if it's going to end and the leverage and the fan has sixty billion in cash so to speak and they have three trillion in debt it includes toxic..." + 85%
"2011-03-05 04:23:44"
"NDA this is this super simple case for one hundred seventy five ounce silver when renowned investor in billionaire Eric Sprott raised five hundred fifty million dollars to start his physical silver fund PSLV it was well known that his purchase would move the silver price higher in my recent interview with David Morgan David touched on this and provided us with some quantifiable facts which is very interesting and which we can use to determine the future price silver when broad did his silver physical crossed great PSLV right it was pretty well known amongst us that it would probably take about two months to get that much over and moved the price about four blocks well guess what it took about two months to get that much over move the price about four blocks now if we know that five hundred and fifty million dollars will move the silver price by four dollars we can easily see how just twenty billion dollars in new funds will move the price far far higher in fact if we look at just a few of the darlings of Wall Street we see very large market caps apple three hundred and thirty one billion dollars Google one hundred ninety six billion dollars the maligned and hated JP Morgan one hundred and eighty billion dollars and the fraud riddled SLV nine point three billion dollars if just five billion dollars from each of these four to flee into the safe arms of physical silver what would happen we know that five hundred and fifty million dollars will move the physical price of silver four dollars higher so let's take a look at what twenty billion dollars will do five hundred and fifty million dollars times thirty six is nineteen point eight billion dollars nineteen point eight billion dollars will move the price of physical silver one hundred and forty four dollars adding back in today's current price and that's the super simple case for one hundred seventy five ounce silver according to Eric Sprott and David Franklin in just November two thousand ten alone the demand for s..." + 42%
"2011-03-01 05:17:20"
"yeah I would be ... there is a ... of a portion of Bob Chapman's latest to international forecaster dated ... February twenty third that I really want to read to you ... it's good it's got me quite concerned I want you to take on it he writes quote sources at the United States embassy in Beijing China have just confirmed to me that the United States of America as tender to China a written agreement which grants to the people's Republic of China an option to exercise eminent domain within the United States as collateral for China's continued purchase of US treasury notes an existing US currency reserves the right agreement was brought to Beijing but secretary state Hillary Clinton and was formalized and agreed upon during her recent trip to China I am endeavouring to obtain images are copies of the actual document but in the end term several different sources both inside the United States and in China have confirmed this to me we make of that what he I you know at a this is kind of a newer version of something that was making the rounds given six months or so guilty of when ... offshore Clinton and Mister Gardner what you China and they were begging them to keep borrowing treasury bills and and that the Chinese were the ones that actually asked for don't Nebraska or something as collateral for letting any more money that we refused and that was the nature how quantitative easing started are the if if there is a a document where are an officer in the United States has basically made this extra constitutional prayer pledge a pledge the value of a bubbling under actual ownership of land of the U. S. to a foreign architecture I I I I don't even know how you can count the ways that that would be treason on on many many different levels could have I denounce Bob's take he says it's an unimaginable betrayal of every man woman and child the United States in outrage worthy of violent overthrow if true I I think ... you know what Hillary Clinton pledged Nebraska..." + 83%
"2011-03-30 05:48:15"
"Hey guys it's G. T. here and a metals update for you with just a little twist bill Haines of CMI gold and silver reported on king world news this past Saturday that there is five dollars worth of silver being sold for everyone dollar of gold but in bill's enthusiasm for the silver bull market he made a statement I'd like to address bill said and I quote this is not about the fundamentals of silver it's not about the fundamentals of gold it's not about how much is mind and how much is consumed or how much is here and there this is all about the dollar the euro the yen inflation in China inflation in India bill went on to say this market is about currencies paper currencies and fiat currencies supply demand fundamentals on gold and silver don't mean anything end quote now I don't normally critique the commentary of other precious metals pundits but lately I've noticed so much talk about silver small mental and blow off tops and stuff like bill supply and demand fundamentals don't mean anything come that I just want to address one very critical point what bill is saying is true for the short term metals speculator bill is describing the fear worldwide of paper currencies but by bill saying that the fundamentals don't matter he's missing the most important Paul if you visit my website Esche T. report dot com you'll find a precious metals production chart for two thousand eleven of the right hand side and what you'll see in that chart is that as of today March twenty ninth two thousand eleven approximately eighteen point two million ounces of gold had been mind throughout the world below that you'll see that one hundred and seventy two million ounces of silver have been mined worldwide now those numbers reflect a silver to gold ratio of nine point five let that number soak in when bill Haines says this is not about the fundamentals it's not about how much is mind or how much is consumed bill is forgetting one very critical element of the silver story less than two yea..." + 48%
"2011-03-22 04:14:36"
"uhhuh n't is no measure of mental health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society mmhm I'm having a hard time biting my tongue as the world teeters on the edge of a financial debt tsunami and a nuclear ecological Armageddon I remain one hundred percent in off by the fact that most of my friends neighbors and colleagues people with whom I work on a daily basis intelligent professionals appear to be completely unfazed in fact completely oblivious to the horrifying events now unfolding globally I spent countless hours on multiple conference calls recently with professionals around the country fortune one at no time calls a horrifying or the crew clear night folding no mention of the pot ability of radioactive fallout reach shores or the lack of availability of potassium not one per the death blow to the third largest economy and no mention of the collapsing dollar that all of this is bad in future food price where is the hub the concern or even on the most basic level where's their sense of self preservation it's as though these traits have been engineered out of the average detached American and now this formerly honorable nation is unconstitutionally attacking Libya a major attack led by the U. S. is underway against Moammar Qaddafi's air defense systems in Libya where is the resistance if you're watching this video you are the resistance the majority I doubt they don't care at liberty briefs its last gasp the hour is getting very late my friend but do Americans even know it as John Williams of shadow stats dot com has written in his recent special report that you S. economic and systematic solvency crisis of the last four years have been precursors to the coming great collapse a hyper inflationary Great Depression such will encompass a complete collapse in the purchasing power of the U. S. dollar with no viable or politically practical way of balancing U. S. fiscal conditions and avoiding this financial economic Armageddon the best that individuals can do..." + 43%
"2011-03-20 02:25:07"
"you guys is she team here it's a Saturday and I'm headed to the biggest point show that happens every year what happens over the course of Friday Saturday and Sunday and ... it's one that you really don't want a massive fear him to Boyd's collector coins numismatic coins are bullion so we're gonna get a flavor for what's going on locally the crowd here at this big coin show also in the meantime I want to show you a couple of five great bars that arrived today from but our precious metals elected by the port bar sure monarch because I think there they're really lovely bars and you can't get them anywhere else certainly not the ones marked Bonner precious metals on them so here are a few five ounce bars that I bought and it's a ten elves giggle hard for old style bar but I think it's just great looking the port silver bars are about as close a look as you get to pirate booty just terrific bars I like a lot alright so next up points out one quick note before we enter guys this is called the coin club annual money show they're looking around here they know silver and gold is money alright let's take a look NMO guys this is a call in show one of the biggest going show in the area by far once a year course of three days so guys are here with Larry dollar you spend in the coin business very long time Larry how shows that we the midway one or at seen from common man the average Joe might start to going out our goal personal arctic probably center comment gold and silver now are you seeing more people coming into fights over or to buy Shelburne right now number one caller because the public where you can more for the sure they're buying silver pins level Constance quite alarming great thirty year we're used to seeing so power up today with one seven probably but even no what is your instinct on there now been in this game for is it your feeling that or man ratio chain will go much this more and more short so the elevator whether it be a crime how is it it's always gonna..." + 48%
"2011-03-16 03:49:49"
"FAKE SILVER 101...and... the SIL..."
"I'm Bernard Hey guys this chichi here and what you see before you is so fake silver in some real silver in some problematic gold now I was since the fake silver from a friend of ours a fellow youtuber who you guys know as newbie flip flop now newbie has a supplier according guy in another supplier of a food supplier of his who has introduced him to what is now widely recognized as fake silver in this video is just to help you level set and give you some indication of the importance of buying one of these inexpensive scales like I've got I got that one off of eBay for and certainly there are nicer ones out there but I can tell you this if you get a digital scale that'll measure in Troy ounces you are going to save yourself a lot of heart ache in the future as the price of silver goes up we're going to see more in more fakes out there if you guys know China prides itself on making excellent imitation Rolex watches ... handbags you name it they make it and now we're seeing imitation sober flood its way into the U. S. market and I wanna make you aware of it with this video so our thanks to newbie flip flop for providing some of these goodies nomina walk you through it okay first the Chinese pandas we have some Chinese pandas over here and we have some Chinese pandas over here now the question is if you walked in to record shop and you found Chinese pandas that were favorably price say right around spot maybe even a Buck or two over spot knowing that pandas tend to go for even a higher premium than that you might be pretty excited and if you didn't have your skill with you you might buy him so how do we know whether or not the coins you're looking at a real first let's take a look at the real ones Turner scale on here that level set to zero set to Troy ounces now I'm not going to be case them because it doesn't matter if these are in a case and others are the case we'll just take a take note of that okay let me see if I can focus in on this so there's a real Chinese..." + 68%
"2011-05-09 03:11:57"
"The Government Orchestrated Silv..."
"uhhuh guises chichi here and it's always a pleasure to have our bi weekly visit with Bob Chapman at the international forecaster probably more to talk about today with Bob than ever before so let's get started welcome back Bob have pretty good pretty good pretty good you sound good yourself when you're holding up you don't sound as emotionally distressed to so many of the rest of us have been well I know what that stuff bother me after fifty two years in the trenches that ... it doesn't even phase me you've seen it all and now well you know I I put a little ... any sort of an emergency update for folks just to do touch base because I don't want people to think that when the when the going gets tough for those of us who are you know speak truth some years stay signed idea which is hydraulic is you know I mean this is a little unexpected but at the same time you know one of the dead folks just whom this is new to realize the same thing happened in two thousand and two dozen neighbor around the bear sterns crash when they took it down to about nine leverage to this but it does it again and expect us with the corporate fascist government I mean that's what we got we got a dictatorship they do what they want the only saving factor is that the only thing that you will go to that same to put your funds until is golden silver related assets that's it there is no there is nothing else some eventually stock market the bond market's going to go down and he can go into real estate and commodities are something that that that are especially very difficult the average person to get involved in it's okay for professionals but not the guy in the street so the simple way to do it is the way that we've recommended and what do you do went and when you find a bottom device more yeah that's okay yeah well and they're giving us an extraordinary opportunity to go out there and buy some more physical at a thirty percent discount where it was a week ago Bob I mean that's that's insan..." + 84%
"2011-04-24 06:23:19"
"yeah you're right well they brought Markus wolf over to help them set up the department of homeland security Bob thing they brought incredible ahead of the German east German Stasi over to help set this thing up Dutch I work I used to work against them yeah it's a fact that in the sheeple don't know if if if if I have this conversation with any of my friends or colleagues and they last may think that's that's I must be making that up because they don't know the truth it because they don't know the truth they think they have you know Alex Jones gets it right every time that the yuppies like they like the last magic wand called it there there's cancer vaccines magic what no there isn't others fluoride in the water magic wand no there isn't over in three and constitute wars their bankrupting magic wand no no we are of silver is being suppressed over use to be our money gold you should be our money crazy magical I know it is people are in sane and that's why I made these documentaries microdrives called the madness of the losses ID buy because this society is not well I think you're right that it's not it doesn't have any exclude exclude Timothy in the whole world that way ... you know I I Tyrone throughout the world and I spend most of my time in Latin America and I play golf so ... density sport that usually is among wealthy people and so I talked to some of the most wealthy people and all of central South America and Mexico and I told mom over the last eight nine years my my journey here look this is what you do the things we talk about and none of them did it right and so then they inventing and hollering and say why didn't I listen to you I think is what he wants out of the way through Nepal I can't pay out a unit United you gonna lose everything you got right well I like playing golf do what I tell you if you don't like playing golf then don't do anything if you lose it all right I I just had an email exchange with a very close and your loved one in our fam..." + 84%
"2011-04-19 03:43:30"
"uhhuh Hey guys this chichi here really please to have on ... the phone again bitch we're Victoria I'm doing well like going on in the markets today and ... I've been out of pocket so you're telling me today Sobers up again in a way it's you know it's it's gyrating everybody is like a sense more fear out there in our crowd because the prices you know up at its highest point awhile and and you know a lot of people are scared that the bag as again and slam it down and you have to you know what's interesting about the way the guys like you and I look at it is that if they were to slam it down it will be to keep in mind too that this thing is up a hundred percent six months and you know if they were to slam it down say twenty percent that would be kind of a good body blow right those of us who understand the CFTC hearing from two thousand ten in March in which Jeff Christian admitted to a hundred to one manipulation those of us who understand what's going on can only view a body slam to silver as an excellent buying opportunity in my right arm around there that's true but the remembered like like we saw when they get they slam it from twenty one dollars down the nine dollars when there's a major slams you might think it's a buying opportunity but for buying physical silver it pretty much goes away for the small investor because there's no everybody gobbles up supplies is going down and all the sudden you hit the price that you want to buy at and you can't find any silver eagles you can't find anyone else going to get money so well that's a good point I think it's just done it shines a light on the fact that what we're seeing in the world market is an actual lack of physical silver the Chinese one it industry needs it investors across the world wanted ... there's reports the folks in India are now obviously gold buy silver because it's far more affordable and it's providing a better return the genie is out of the bottle and I think for those of us that don't unde..." + 86%
"2011-04-17 04:18:21"
"THEY WANT 80% OF US DEAD : Bob C..."
"uhhuh Hey guys is cici here back in the saddle after weeks of travel in a week of really being absorbed by work and I'm thrilled to have back on line the one the only Bob Chapman Obama wanted to actually start by reading you are a little line from you too so god part two which goes like this don't believe them when they tell you there ain't no cure the rich stay healthy what a sick stay poor Bob Catherine Austin Fitts gov Gadda is saying they're now reporting in the CIA world Factbook that in terms of family income equality the U. S. now ranks be current bacteria China India Tunisia Egypt Nicaragua Bangladesh Ethiopia increased what are we to make of this ultimate collapse that they call recovery what the hell's going on well that is going on and if you look at what's going on with the budget reductions over the next twenty years or whatever it is ... you'll see that damn there's very little cut military spending and lots of cats for the elderly so that they can set up their panels and get rid of them as soon as possible but the people won't stand out even when this ... this president who's constitutionality can certainly be challenge based on the fact that Barack Obama indicate a very sterile refuses to and cannot produce his actual birth certificate has ... superseded Congress and started a third warrant without speaking with Congress without the approval of Congress and the people once again stand down well attended to know and yeah and what I mean by that is that they do what they want to do there is no constitution they have purchased ninety five percent of the people in Congress they have purchased the legal system and they have centralizing control lar enforcement ... the FBI like acts like that of the Gestapo the CI a fifty percent of the people are absolute criminals and I know for a time I work with some of them and I work with people from an essay during that period as well and and so I you know I know the mind set it's like the song anything g..." + 77%
"2011-06-07 05:33:29"
"G Edward Griffin: a SGT doc-styl..."
"he doesn't really understand first thing about the federal reserve but what's worse is that he doesn't care because that's my point is fat and happy and it's so frustrating Sir I mean at what happened to the heart of this country well I think it's ... partly conditioning like millions of his fellow Americans John Q. public earns enough money to keep up the payments on a new car leann it takes great pride in owning up buying new long term mortgage hold that was built to last a lifetime Mrs John Q. public no longer find housework fatiguing drudgery thanks to a host of labor saving device we have an organization you probably know it's called freedom force international and it's a group of people all over the world ... who are United and resolve to do something about it we're we're it we have a plan for recapturing control of our systems and I'm Inc ... the reason I mention that is because I am in contact with people in ... what we have members ins and sixty eight countries now and that we just formed a new chapter of ... freedom force in Sweden and that what we have for members in Sweden and Norway and as you know of all the Scandinavian countries and I get the same story there particularly the activists they're the ones who really want to make a difference are saying you know the people here are so conditioned in there that they don't want to stand out they don't want to go against the crowd their their collectivist mentality is like a bee hive mentality certainly just all want they would just want to be ... a part of the group and they don't like to make waves and and they they trust their as they feel it they should trust their authorities because if they don't there's nothing they can do about it anyway so I go on and on and on and they tell me about this mentality that you're just describing but I guess in Scandinavian countries they've had this condition longer than we have and then it's it's really a dilemma because many people are conditioned alm..." + 85%
"2011-06-07 05:06:27"
"G Edward Griffin: a SGT doc-styl..."
"our only hope is to recapture the system well Sir wanted rewind time here little bit because you're the person we all look to for this educational tool of understanding the Federal Reserve System how was implemented and am not asking you to take us through your entire Barker the entire story because again this a very savvy audience that's listening to right now but please for those of us with friends and family and that's ninety eight percent of us that don't know this information and I think that we are somehow conspiracy theorists can you please help us understand how this tyrannical system was snuck past of the people in nineteen thirteen we should be glad to do that there's there's no theory here this is just plain old history and it's not widely known history and I'm sure there are people that would just be too just as happy as if the history weren't known at all that there's no theory here the history shows quite clearly the federal reserve system was created ... back in nineteen ... the ten actually was voted into law in nineteen thirteen but the the thinking and the construction work was all done three years prior to that in nineteen ten on a private island off the coast of Georgia was called Jekyll island and that was that the privately owned by a small group of billionaires from New York people like JP Morgan of William Rockefeller and their business associates that wasn't a resort island and it was a beautiful place you can visit today and see all their mansions which have been restored and preserved in the beautiful clubhouse where they had this meeting in nineteen ten when they created the federal reserve act and the reason they did that there is because they didn't want anybody to know who is creating it ... and that seems strange but when you think about it the Federal Reserve System was sold to the American people back then and still is being sold today as a means of ... controlling the banks a means of regulating the banks protecting the ..." + 82%
"2011-05-23 06:47:35"
"WNED you know I'm not gonna win we are you know you're right but I know I'm gonna give you this third headline because it all ties in together you're absolutely right and people are getting the retribution in the form of physical here's the next headline ecstasy zerohedge news or grab bag investors pick physical goals over DTS Q. one complex registered silver just had a fresh all time low so people are buying the physical body and I got around comics right out of business and that's going to be expedited but the new Hong Kong American kill exchange which she has started doing thirty two ounce which is one kilo contracts and as we know it Wednesday night and which is two nights ago right and yeah I got a letter from one of the subscribers this morning it'll be in tomorrow's issue enquiring when he gonna do silver and it came back and said to the three months no Somalia be really didn't know you know now in its only and in the international forecaster fantastic and so what what what what they're doing is they're buying the going you know have longer long positions in both metals and in New York columns and I come back down again and comics will probably lose one third of their business real fast only Asians are gonna go to comics when they can go to Hong Kong never mind everybody else in the world and so they may have a gold and silver pit and comics were nobody in it sounds like ultimate justice to me Bob well it's been a long time coming you know I've been doing this a fifty two years I wrote my first article above the mark beat market being raked in August nineteen eighty eight and I didn't even know it at the time that the executive order had been that month put into motion by Reagan creating the president's working group in the financial markets but I said the government is in hitting the markets I can see it he was a professional training you get the feel for that stuff it's not far and if you ever been in the market as a professional you can never ever be ab..." + 81%
"2011-06-13 06:20:14"
"The Illuminati Defined : Bob Cha..."
"how do I know I need percent of the time and that's the only reason why I get inside their heads so Bob pierced the quarter would share with you and it was from Woodrow Wilson it he says quote since I entered politics I have chief we had meant views confided to me privately some of the biggest men in the United States in the field of commerce and manufacture are afraid of something they know that there's a power somewhere so organized so subtle so watchable so interlocked so complete so pervasive that they better not speak above their breasts when they speak in condemnation of it and that's true is there a sailor referring to the Illuminati right and it's pretty simple and I we have to do is ... if they go to the rail families of Europe and all of the people who cooperate with them and I know some of them personally incidently and some of the still alive and ... and they go to the building burger attendees and ... the privy chamber in London ... the council on foreign relations the trilateral commission and the royal institute Royal Society in London it's all layer you know they they have no unable to secret it well enough that nobody knows about it and as time goes on just give me a good example now back in the early sixties there was probably twenty twenty five books you could read on the subject now there's hundreds right and now we have the ... the internet as well as talk radio and when you talk about the Illuminati and what they're trying to do they don't think you're not anymore because they believe there's something wrong and this what we're talking about maybe it right but its tentacles are enormous anonymous it's right in in the quote is Bob ... they know that there's a power somewhere so organized so subtle so watchful so interlock so complete so pervasive that they had better not speak about their breasts would speaking in condemnation of it and ... I just want people to understand that it you know for example Zionism we're gonna also ta..." + 82%
"2011-06-27 05:16:11"
"Lindsey Williams: Signs it's 'Ga..."
"whatever another statement also that Mr from eight to me ... back all about a year ago ... before they began to do it he said to me one day she chaplain ... I'll kill you when it's all over and I said what do you mean he said whatever the federal reserve began to buy its own issues he said it's all over so now you remember very well when nations of the world showing up by the interest did that the interest on the debt which basically is the two bills and the characters that issue the federal reserve a personal and you remember when nations of the world salt a dish was the most solid riches that there was on the face of the earth with the federal reserve interest and Mr from said to me said chaplain whatever the federal reserve begins to by its own ... issues of for the national debt he said chapel is all over relate again this for about six to eight months ago because people are showing up to buy the details and the other security is at the federal reserve issued and now of course you know from ... from what you're saying openly that is federal reserve is admitting to it now that they're having to ... monetized all of this day after day after day because of the nation bloc showing up bodies they themselves are broke plus they don't trust the American dollar they don't trust the federal reserve issues anymore and I want people the day usually that I put it begins the ultimate did demise public dollars yup yup the writing is on the wall and I want to circle back to something that we touched on briefly because to me this is perfect symbol of the complete loss of of the pretense of American sovereignty and that's the fact that it's been reported that Hillary Clinton is lobbying to be the head of the World Bank lives and know that scares you I think it's it's speaks to what you're talking about when you talk about the world at least when you talk about the plants the hidden plants behind the man behind the curtain you talk about the elites of the world the..." + 87%
"2011-06-20 00:31:23"
"Lindsey Williams: U.S. Default, ..."
"Hey guys Schicchi here and I couldn't be more excited to have online pastor Lindsey Williams pastor Williams is the author of six books tool which become bestsellers one of which is called the energy non crisis which lays out the very strong argument that oil is a bionic went is been a Baptist minister for fifty five years and he was invited to be the chaplain to the elite of the world for three year string oil pipeline pastor Williams on behalf of the bush on the first of all let me say it's a privilege to be on your show I believe for the first time today so thank you very much to pastor Williams for those of us in the audience were not familiar with you can you tell us how you the world the way it all came about was the problems of god I actually had been a pastor of a church in Hollywood Florida for twelve years and the lord called me to go to Alaska as a missionary when they said they were going to build a trench Alaska oil pipeline they said twenty five thousand workers would converge on the state of Alaska the bill of eight hundred mile four foot diameter pipe the clashes state of Alaska for America's oil field up all the all the coaches and twenty five thousand the roughest toughest custom distributors Almeria spokes on the face of the earth I thought what little speech research about each so I went to Alyeska pipeline service company that was a good short above nine major oil companies that we're going to build a pipeline and I sure don't you need a chaplain all the torrential last well pipeline I guess it worked because I kept going back and back and back upon the persistence paid off they should all get you describe brutal but actually what you can do what I did I'm quite sure they thought I'd last a matter of days instead six months later I was still there so they said we would like to invite you to sit in on our board meetings in an advisory capacity to help the relationship between management and labor Sean I had not the slightest idea what I was ge..." + 85%
"2011-06-13 13:42:33"
"JP Morgan Bond Fraud, Metals Fra..."
"Hey guys this GT here and I've got Bob Chapman on the line again today we're going to get into some pretty serious territory as somebody trying to uncover the truth can get to the heart of the matter sometimes you have to get into some dark territory and just let the chips fall where they may here's Bob Chapman unban fraud medals fraud in nine eleven so Bob what I want to ask about today is gonna talk about the economic extermination is Jim Willie puts it of the American economy now we're definitely at a point the United States or even if you raise the income tax to one hundred percent there's absolutely no way of covering the liabilities of the federal government so we're at a point where the and gaming absolutely insight and I wanted to talk about the biggest fraud in the history of the world and it's not a hundred to one paper manipulation of gold and silver markets treasury bonds barbed remembered cantor fitzgerald was destroyed on nine eleven and six hundred fifty eight of its employees were killed that's right yeah okay well if you look back at the nineteen ninety decade and according Jim Willie here in this is taken directly from an interview that Jim Willie did with Max Keiser if you look back at the nineteen ninety decade you see reports that JPMorgan issue two point two trillion dollars more in treasury bonds then the deficits dictated for that decade with the U. S. government he believes that the records for that fraud we're in the top floor of cantor fitzgerald offices in the World Trade Center towers cantor fitzgerald held about floors one a one to one or five in the north tower in the only person to survive was the CEO the beginning didn't appear that he wasn't very took his son to school but the point is is that if you eat dirt two point two trillion dollars worth of reasons for nine eleven to happen that's right and that was in addition to the gold was downstairs and the insurance on the building that's right I mean that that thing was that at ult..." + 82%
"2011-07-20 03:58:29"
""Silver is a Powder Keg Waiting ..."
"Hey guys this chichi here I'm thrilled I have back on the line to see io miles Franklin and ejectment any welcome back thanks Sean it's always a pleasure what he's saying ... on the ground right now we sing a lot of demand for our physical silver usually more demand for gold well we're seeing a tremendous demand for silver ... mint fact I've just read that silver eagles route selling gold eagles and buffalo sixty five to one I mean that's relatively accurate we are ... I would say to wouldn't it least three or four times as much business since over than than in gold so yeah I think that the demand is certainly strong for silver despite of the the drive by shooting we sought may you speak with a lot of folks that are in the know what is your take on this new pan Asia gold exchange John Embry Andrew McGuire ... some of the brightest minds out there think that it spells doom for the paper shorts what's your take I think it probably doesn't mean the interesting thing about the planets gold exchange way that I understand is that gonna be issued directly through a bank I believe it's called the agricultural bank of China and they have a three hundred and twenty million clients I believe our customers that are not directly plugged into that platform and and ... the numbers at Emory was talking about I believe was that if for Andrew McGuire that if just one percent of those customers by just one single ten ounce contract Weatherby gold or silver that would require do physical demand of someone the neighbor of a thousand times a minute that's enormous and absolutely enormous and ... the fact that it's issued through a bank rather than through ... brokerage account ... just makes it that much more accessible to three hundred twenty million eager Chinese so I think it definitely will be a game changer yeah it it is incredible numbers I mean the population of the United States is round what traitor ten million people you're talking about three hundred twenty ..." + 87%
"2011-07-08 15:44:48"
"The New Pan Asian Gold Exchange ..."
"you guys just chichi here I have online Jeff Nielsen from valuables Canada how are you Jeff harsh honored to be here again glad to have your say spent a lot of ruckus in the ... space lately talking about the paper to physical silver ratio in the in the gold ratio and I know that you are you certainly follow that and you've got a new article called silver it's all about inventories I want to talk about that the first one to get your take on that" + 1%
"2011-08-23 05:06:43"
"$8,000 Gold & $500 Silver, MINIM..."
"okay guys this chichi here and I'm really thrilled have back on the line Bob Chapman a one of the things I want to address real quickly Bob is that I do this part time I have got her a full time career and not put out any new content in over a week and Bob I can't believe how quickly things are changing and how much is changed in just the last week Hugo Chavez is demanding delivery of Venezuela's gold from the bank of England and ... that's really gonna put a wrench in the plans of the establishment is that Bob is certainly as I I think what this is is it's past I I think Kim Kim as knows he's probably going to die and ... day they come out here is that prostate cancer too late I think he's already into chemotherapy and other things ... over an Abana and so ... at least he's making a move a final know ... to take ... the bankers out of the closet and you either deliver the goalie is gonna look like a banshee jerks and no one is going to play ball with you anymore in they may look like a bunch of jerks because what this is going to do is it's going to make crystal clear it's going to reveal this fractional reserve bullion banking that Adrian Douglas is spent talking about the gap has been talking about that I've been talking about in that you've been talking about you know they need to come up with the gold or the world will see that the emperor has no clothes and there's nothing worse than nakedness when you're on stage it will they learn the stage for the editor right where they gonna do about all the gonna deliver they have to they day here ... would be I mean that if they are arrogant enough not to and they have a goal and he personally had the gall never mind in their institutions ... you know do they really want to push it that far I mean look at the numbers that have come on the last week through the Dodd Frank ... legislation for the GAO ... sixteen point one trillion dollars secretly lent out essentially unaccounted for and no one's ev..." + 77%
"2011-08-05 05:07:21"
"Convert Fiat Cash to Real Money ..."
"that's the part there is really hard to take his is fact that nobody's really getting up in arms about it seems yeah and it would seem to me that just by virtue of the Republicans and the Democrats the majority of those two parties voting to essentially give away their authority and power under the constitution as those branches of government as the balance to the judicial and executive that they're all traders I mean in what crazy Twilight Zone rules could we possibly be living in in which the Senate the Congress would agree to let their power be given away to a group of six and six and then ... the president would get veto power it's just if you made it up in Astoria Hollywood you know script I don't think people would buy it yeah and it's hard still buying about why I'm gonna look at the details because I hear it and I just coming on a look it's one of those things where it's like in the back of my mind I just think well I got a stomach implant be because the way things are going in the next ten twenty years on the phone to be in this country Yellin next in the next you know twelve months to five years I mean here's the thing James I think what concerns me and probably concerns those who are listening to this interview is that if Congress in the Senate and the government at large is this out of control what's to stop them from trying to introduce a gold or silver bullion confiscation piece of legislation yeah I mean that you know the one thing I guess you'd say that could stop them is supposedly a second amendment that they're doing everything they can to stop that you know I mean that plus with the teeth the Republic rise to have guns ... in and a private citizens in old but these days you know Tierney's on the run on the rise and people are still battling to it and so and I'm not citing that I I want to see violence or anything like that little Joe absolutely not right absolutely not but at the end of the day if they push good patriotic god fearing peopl..." + 82%
"2011-07-24 21:29:24"
"Debt-Free Government Issued Mone..."
"and trust me this economy is not coming back it's going right down the tubes in a rather slow and ponderous death spiral but that's what it is a death spiral because of the weight of compounding data that our money system ... incurs if we can fix all that just by doing one simple thing and others find it a group of honest individuals who were really look honestly at the inflation numbers and adjust the quantity of money in the system dead three value less money issued by Congress so as to keep inflation and zero on a per capita basis then don't you think that would be worth giving a try seeing as how we've done it three or four times before in American history and it's worked great seeing as how every time it's been used anywhere throughout the world where you control the quandary it works great and take the power out of the hands of the bankers and puts the power in the hands of the elected government well yeah I would be humankind's escape from serfdom ... as you noted let me ask you this as it relates to silver and the D. monetization of silver in the late eighteen hundreds which was extremely unpopular amongst the working class tell us a little bit about silver in your views on on the current situation in silver market all well yeah back and not that ... there was this big fight in the post civil war depression because the post civil war depression was far deeper and far longer than it is at the depression of the nineteen thirties where the amount of currency in circulation was delivered les Pauls out of circulation so that the bankers who held all the gold could completely by about that this is a very well documented but they did it deliberately and IBM American people reduced I believe the exact figure was to ... an amount of that pregabalin amount of money of a lesson seven dollars and it was six dollars and sixty seven cents per capita that's all the money that was in circulation and so on down the populace the movement that was the whole ... ge..." + 85%
"2011-07-24 21:17:48"
""A Gold Backed World is a Terrib..."
"Hey guys this treaty here I couldn't be more pleased to have on the line bill still the mind behind the classic documentary the money masters in your new documentary the secret of art there was a new book out called no more national debt bill welcome because my pleasure the first ball one think Chris our buddy from Doug Parker dot com for getting in touch with you bill you know your film money masters of really played a central role in helping to wake me up in fact after watching it first time I turned around I watched it again because it is such a ... landmark documentary in in this ... struggle against via the money masters building full get started I just wanted to ... sort of set the framework here in this audience is very in tune with what we're up against as relates to the banksters this is but a multiple generations long battle across decades even centuries and effective dates all the way back to our you know king Henry in eleven hundred eighteen in fact even before then it dates back to ... Jesus India temple confronting the money changers does not yeah yes and it's all about one thing should money be created in the public interest and my contention is that is that the very definition of national sovereignty is the ability to control the money supply and that's what ... ... it we think happens today but that's not what's going on today ... today the biggest banks are in virtual total control of the American money supply and really the money supply of every nation worldwide and yet ... the the central bank's job is primarily to make it appear that their respective governments are in control when in fact that's just a huge delusion right to central banks across the planet really are are what plagues us and you know many many many of us are waking up to that and have woken up to that and in large part thanks to your work you know there been many before us getting all the way back to us Andrew Jackson and don't you really picked up the torch ..." + 83%
"2011-09-20 06:01:18"
"America Falls - Part 2 : a SGT m..."
"you know what happened on nine eleven who was one of the darkest days in American history but my friends so it's on our safety does not justify assaults by the government on our freedom America for some reason allow this coup d'etat I take place a silent coup d'etat jail isn't the only thing Americans abroad fear it's also death in some cases by their own government who has taken place and people need to know how to fight back it is the duty of the people kill all chirp or abolish a government that violates our rights I have to wake up on October first the first brigade of the third infantry division was deployed in the United States of America for the first time since eighteen oh seven when a bright line was placed preventing military from policing American streets a military brigade that's three to four thousand soldiers has been brought in to police our streets army times reported it and you can say well it's America it's America we have civilian law the president and his lawyers have successfully established a legal claim for the war on terror if the whole world is a battlefield and so the whole world you can call someone an enemy combatant and detain them disappear them even torture them so you've got that US president Obama is continuing bush era policies and that the United States is essentially a police state can you elaborate on that please I will you know so we have this case of ... after I'm gone C. decree who is an American so son who was kidnapped and held in the Bagram military ... base and Afghanistan for five years secretly tortured I did not all her constitutional rights Hoth saying was totally outside all known American law and we believe many human rights activists believe that her two children who are still missing are still in US custody somewhere and now we've had the ... dead Dennis Blair the head of national intelligence announce that the United States government has a list of Americans that it will assassinate abroad the Obama admin..." + 61%
"2011-09-20 05:51:29"
"America Falls - Part 1 : a SGT m..."
"she continues to say in public that banks have almost paid Americans back that is a lie the fact is tarp which Congress approved is only two percent of the trillions of dollars in free money being provided to our banks by the federal reserve and the treasury well coming sacks are scum NASA bottom line the treasury department the federal reserve functionality and they go on to the Obama administration barrack Obama you know dances to Goldman Sachs tune and they are really crooked and abominable in what they've done many of us were told in private conversations did if we voted against this bill on Monday that the sky would fall the market would drop to three thousand points first day another couple thousand a second day and a few members were even told that there would be martial law in America if we voted now what you're seeing is the largest orchestrated plan Baft in recorded history we have been compelled to create a permanent armaments industry bash reporting three and a half million men and women I directly engage in the defense the total influence economic political even spiritual is felt in every city every state house every office of the federal government yet we must not fail to comprehend it's a grave implications and the councils of government we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence whether sought or runs on by the military industrial complex the potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist ... ... hike in military expenditure combined with the bailout of both the this administration and the previous that Bennett base eventually eat up then Cryer revenue of the federal government if I recall the figures the two thousand and the difficult exercise with talking about total revenues which would be of the order of two point three trillion dollars but its defense expenditures ... is eating up almost one trillion and the bailout the officially ... heating up one point five trillion those two catego..." + 60%
"2011-09-11 18:18:57"
"Chris Duane: A Decade of Denial ..."
"Hey princess chichi here I'm really happy to have on the phone crystalline of don't tread on me Chris with very poor Nicias to talk about I want to welcome you back thank you very much I mean back a ... I'm glad they were able to make time to meet you in in you've got a really important article that you're releasing today on nine eleven and I wanted to ... really support that effort at ... you exposing some very critical questions and some troops shedding some light on the most important event that happened and really made a world history so Chris before we get started tell us the name of your new article ... the article is going to be and don't dash tried I don't bash trade gash on nothing here even I messed up in the article is called a decade of denial and deception and it's basically ... based around how all the evidence that I've compiled about nine eleven but the article is really about ... you know how people are in denial about this during courtship I wanna start open for other folks who just a quick quote from Woodrow Wilson who said and I quote since I entered politics I've cheaply had men's views confided to me privately some of the biggest men in the United States in the fields of commerce and manufacturers are afraid of somebody are afraid of something they know that there is a power somewhere so organized so subtle so watchable so interlocked so complete so pervasive that they had better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it and I think that quote Chris is apropos as we begin this discussion of nine eleven professional because Woodrow Wilson was the ... president assigned in the federal reserve ... and that's where all are evils come and start from is our ... privately owned foreign owned Federal Reserve Bank ... without that you cannot have all these wars you could not have always said you cannot have all this media control he can I have all this corporate power it is monopoly of money in the monopol..." + 90%
"2011-10-09 02:14:03"
"OCCUPY: HEARTS & MINDS with the ..."
"this is a special report the occupy movement is spreading across the country and it's come to Minnesota so I headed down to check it out and I'm more convinced now than ever that this is a real movement to occupy hearts and minds spirit of liberty when you go what brings you out today yeah yeah or move starting to arrive New York City thank you occupy Wall Street awakening his time they are we wake up so I see here here too protests here in this country federal reserve tell me a little bit about too much told the for a moment and the see our way I'm just so glad the corporations they are not favor of in our power back I'm in a band stolen from well Terry authorities with the elected because we're fearless move we offer you know you know mostly they are motivated the house a great opportunity the issue reserve and so I mean what you say I mean is a little bit you know is this yeah we look for user and that you know when to cut Terry system to a group of sounds a wake up listen to so and the fat is one that was a big generation my children corruption with our corporations and Wall Street I think of things like all the time moves that nobody knows about free trade zones in ninety nine slave labor I feel like join to work for twenty five these other countries yeah doing they started pinning him against each other duties more movements when they were able to sources of so called third world take over there oil take over there the screen sources that for the people deadliness colonialism is call us back you know throughout the world now country you know it's very it works because it is here that have come together to the move made for human Sir and for far from sure seen anything I think the bodies the same wave length more to come I moved we all work together hearts and minds of the spirit thanks for watching" + 1%
"2011-10-02 04:15:12"
"SILVER OVERSOLD "It's a License ..."
"okay guys this treaty here in these tumultuous times in the precious metals who better to talk to them the founder of miles Franklin David Chapman David thanks for joining us welcome back nice to be back into la and we should do this more often I really appreciate your time and I think that's all of the listeners will too because which in another raid in the metals and I don't even want to ask any leading questions I just want to hear your take you know what I think it is much is is much as I don't believe that you can use technical analysis to up predicted movement in gold and silver because they're very heavily manipulated markets and in a free market technical analysis works quite well but in the manipulated markets and it really doesn't do the job is supposed to none the less what we see happening and have for a number of years is the market is controlled by paper contracts on the comic ... eventually the lower they push the prices the greater that the demand for the physical and then the prices come back up but the people who work with contracts on the comics to use technical analysis and one thing that I've learned the hard way over the years is whenever the price of gold or silver get too much ahead of itself and you can use the two hundred day moving average for that metric and there will be a correction that may not be immediate and in the case of gold ... in particular it's been hugely over the two hundred day moving average ever since the ... July pet and they're actually longer than that ... going back probably to to earlier in the year but we've reached a point where the moving average was around fifteen hundred the price of gold with nineteen hundred that will not be allowed to to go on indefinitely so you run into a danger zone when you buy if the price is too far above the two hundred a moving average it will bounce down and come close to or touch that number during a correction currently the ... toward a moving average I'm goal is about..." + 82%
"2011-09-23 04:21:40"
"you guys picked where from road route on the line could be happy to have you back becks welcome back they shot it say it's getting it back are you know a man like you get it back let the right yeah it's been an interesting couple of months and you know we're gonna do whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger as they say right that's all I remember the the early days of dilemmas backed him years ago when I was jumping up and down about gold and silver manipulation and they'll pick it out again as Jack left and right from all angles so I know where you're coming from dont want to shape and then I want to take everybody who's taken the time to leave me attack comet of support and ... you know give me a thumbs up because ... it's just real clear it means ... your honor are talking about the bad guys that's what we like to do that's what you should do if you like embrace liberty and I'm just really happy to see hundreds and hundreds and you know essentially thousands of people standing in her shoulder to shoulder with guys like you and me backs because like a James Turk has like Jim Sinclair I mean all of us are in the weeds here together so I just wanna thank everybody for taking the time because you know we all need to stand together and stand up for each other don't we picked and we do and you know you're doing something right if they start coming after you so congratulations I remember a bill Murphy in the early days when in one month to get you get knocked out with the brass knuckles yet is website activity has car stolen so you know we're trying to do an okay well let's talk a little bit about what's going on in the world next a quickening is at hand I I just can't believe how how rapidly things are changing we have the Swiss devaluing the Frank of which is an absolutely epic event happening back there ... in early September ... when they pick the Frank to bureau and at one twenty the Swiss are reacting to that news the Swiss people's party is launc..." + 87%
"2011-11-06 02:25:00"
"TYRANNY ALERT: Jesse Ventura TSA..."
"so far and they're cowards I'm on record of saying our judicial system in this country debate is a mantra cowards they won't let me go to court they won't let me have my day in front of a jury is that the American way well my only way of fighting back and I'll tell you this right now I will never stand for a national anthem but damn I will turn my back and I will raise up faced the same weight Tommie Smith and John Carlos did sixty eight Olympic Tara will do today courts of the United States ruled against three to go to court bill of rights they said they don't have jurisdiction well my question is if the federal courts don't have jurisdiction over a constitutional question then who the hell does who the hell does that I believe that they're cowards I believe they've got a yellow streak there avoided lawsuits over our constitutional rights because they know if I go to court and I'm given the jury I will win the battle open up Pandora's box won't it so it simpler for the government to simply deny us our constitutional rights and deny us our day in court I will tell you this I have lost my patriotism it's gone and I say that with a jeep parked because I never thought that Jesse Ventura would say that that he has no more patriotism laughed because they've stripped me of it by not allowing me to have a day in court with the jury to determine if my Fourth Amendment rights are being violated are you in light of the fact that I can't go to court on it or did a decision on it I will never fly commercially and then I haven't flown commercially in almost a year because of the trial since I'm not allowed in court well then I guess I just simply can't fly anymore because I will not in what is a free country be treated like a criminal that in our airports today we citizens are treated like criminals word guilty until we prove were intersect the First Lady and myself will be applying for Mexican citizenship am I right president United States governor I'm thinking about it that..." + 10%
"2011-10-25 04:18:10"
"Hey guys just chichi here it's been awhile since I've had the pleasure of doing an interview and today of a special treat on the phone I have Steven landman is Stephen is the author of the new book how wallstreet Cleese's America privatized banking government collusion in class war Stephen also has an MBA from Wharton and he got his BA from Harvard Stephen welcome Kotake shun ne really appreciate that being on with you we have so much to talk about Stephen I want to get your take on the occupy Wall Street movement and yeah I spent a little bit of time there recently I was in New York City and I certainly have opinions about it myself but also in the news we're seeing that bank of America has transferred the liability of the CDS from their Meryl subsidiary to their regular U. S. banking subsidiary which means folks that the taxpayer is going to be left on the hook for one trillion dollars in bank of America derivatives exposure what it tells a little bit about what your take is on this blatant criminality that seems to be running completely out of control at this point well I think the subtitle in my book done really really sums it up there and I I mean Washington the Obama administration the Congress let's bank of America and all the other Wall Street crux get away with this stuff time and again and again we're talking about that you know you name one trillion dollars in that this is a maneuver by bank of America you put it all together since two thousand eight with talking about more trillions do we really know already would identify sixteen point one trillion dollars that's right supposedly ... handed over to the banks in emergency loans I haven't seen very much of anything on what has been repaid if anything ... Vera insiders who know much more about this than you or I shun people who have had high level positions in government here on wallstreet and ... it in one or two of them that I know think that that the true numbers of the trillions the bankers ha..." + 89%
"2011-10-21 13:11:21"
"OCCUPY Wall Street: NYC - Real, ..."
"claim to own one the answer is I don't know it might help me a lot with its of honest accounting they certainly know every single work one out of work several years she the next job spent several hours of the course of two days visiting with protesters at occupy Wall Street and sure I found examples of the movement's message being deluded over race class you know and yes it's even in but mostly I found good P. form caring individual for there standing together against tearing because there just tell me a little bit about how Thomas Jefferson got this right when this nation was founded certainly he was suspicious of plan great now today part of the system where my money is from every working person and handed we do not yeah Ron Paul and no no I was just standing there and you walk by so I am looking for people that are pro liberty program all pro constitution and I just found one you just walked right by and what you say when you walk by and the fed in the name of your baby we must well I serves alright he's given why are you here yeah because I government yeah once life the government do as long as I stay out of my business Dr Paul supporters and people why are you here just fine are beyond that politically can shared others pardon it's going on here first call I I like what you got going on here like your son so if you had to identify yourself with a political party which one would it be a vote on these well our morning Lee it remains yeah citizens of the largest interview earn the respect on it's also letting people stay in the but it's a demonstrating demonstrating billionaire laws against you Sir will be forced that why but today that's why we get a better deal from a loan shark these days while I was so well I mean if you had to give me three songs on WYSP a clear here supporting this movement what what would your reasoning and I what's so it's we're not all that right many former political corruption I resonated with you is our office you want Marlys they g..." + 39%
"2011-11-24 07:07:33"
"NOMI PRINS: MF Global & Corzine,..."
"Hey guys just chichi here got somebody pretty special on the line Nomi Prins know me as a journalist and an author and recovering former Goldman Sachs managing director her most recent non fiction book is it takes a village and her new novel a work of fiction is called black Tuesday her newest article at Nomi Prins dot com is called as the world crumbles know me welcome thank you so much for having me well it's a real thrill and an honor actually to be able to speak with you we've heard you interviewed on program with her and Max Keiser and I have so much ask you but the first question out of the gate is as a former manager director of Goldman Sachs how did you escape with your soul intact are offered that realize that I wanted to escape with my soul intact I think that was the first step on the net which back in two thousand one really I quit actually in early two thousand two that was around the whole ... Enron worldcom the frogs that were basically transpiring throughout the United States ... a lot of the global credit derivatives stuff that makes sense forms of CDOs were starting to notice a lot of things going on that we're very unpalatable in addition to the environment ... and cultural Goldman Sachs itself which was rather oppressive so I think that after my years in thinking in general that that ended that Goldman Sachs it was so well past time ... through me to get out and have a life I could be comfortable less and and they say come through from the standpoint of having that soul and not keeping the integrity you and being able to sleep at night tell me a little bit about the culture at Goldman Sachs what type of culture isn't over there just seems like such a viper's nest well it is down that it certainly was when I was there thing about women and you know I've worked at Lehman watches dead in St bear sterns on then in London and so forth but the difference now they're definitely have yeah and very competitive internal focus ... I found when ..." + 84%
"2011-11-22 10:56:59"
"Celente, Corzine and the Great U..."
"you said as I said last week this is way bigger than seven hundred million it's way bigger than one point two million are now admitting physical delivery is my Kaiser projected date but gone deliver the gold to and one in the open market show they simply defaulted I don't even think what cash you said you know one the way it is and then Alex this again may grow and grow over there with that guy Duffy says that they guarantee everything no customer has ever lost a penny as a result of a clear remember the fault that CME group days lost over two point five billion dollars in equity share since this thing happens I'd like to see it go down to zero she and the baby had stayed Chicago mafia enterprise where is the money the you said you were gonna guaranteed the press the dude sorry calling them out on this and I'll tell you why because maybe they down money and I'm like yeah uses scenario on it to give you a scope you go back Alex to when Obama was elected I said prepare for a bank holiday what happened is on doing research into Corzine thang there it pops up we should all by you remember he was head of the us he was senator from that state of mind Leupold stayed over there in Delaware that gives all these corporations a free ride before I became vice president he's out there campaigning for because I it is aborted effort to get reelected as governor and the shop and puts his arm around Corzine and he said I said you know how long there was talk about a bank holiday when we came in so long one of the early discussions we had in Chicago in preparation for the administration of transition we got together I think was thirty thirty five economists all left right center in what we talk about first question I want to raise with us is whether we might have to call a bank holiday bank holiday on our the day after we were sworn in ladies and gentleman the president I want back they're blaming Jon Corzine they know we're doing we were on the phone calmly literate they were dis..." + 23%
"2011-11-10 21:13:18"
"Lindsey Williams: The 2012 Agend..."
"they're buying gold and silver bothered punch yeah it's significant because you've always said silver and gold physical silver and gold are all you can trust and more recently you've said quote by the end of two thousand twelve every private fortune in the United States will be lost that is secured with only paper that was issued the warrant it was given to me that the elite have an agenda there many of genders and I described about ... six or seven not in our delay dish DVD series entitled twenty twelve the beginning of the end and what their agenda is is that by the end of twenty twelve if read private that this is their goal they may not accomplish it but this is their goal I think they will accomplish it that by the end of twenty two of it really private fortune will be lost that is security where paper if it should not be should paper it's worth the paper it's written on I arranged for one case mutual funds stocks bonds I don't care what it is city bondage at city stocks whatever they may be if it's written on a piece of paper it is going to be lost get out and get out as fast as you can and the elite already and we'll get this goes back to again it's in the archives of many radio shows around the country that I share it Mr farm was on the phone with me one day and ... I was flabbergasted I should how do I put food on the table for my family how do I provide for my children he should chaplain there's only one thing that way you can maintain your purchasing power with an object what is at issue that's our currency I didn't want their courage she was and I said what is your currency he should build until she realized that she only thing there's no control don't you go to the gold silver dealer by all you want don't pay the taxes is no records watch or we sell it back to them there's no taxes is no record you pay no sales tax you pay nothing why are you so please wakeup essentially flat says they are why the issue is the currency of the elite well at the ti..." + 89%
"2011-11-10 20:53:11"
"Lindsey Williams: The 2012 Agend..."
"Hey guys as chichi here and I've got a big one pastor Lindsey Williams is back to give us an update on world events and his take on them pastor Williams welcome back good morning John and thank you for the privilege of being on your show and we are going to have a great time today Adarand thing saber rattling sabers rattling around ... port issue opinions from my thinking okay here's my thinking on the Iran situation Sir and I want to ask you about this as we get deeper into the interview is that it seems to me that this government is conducting all sorts of wars by proxy for Israel and were spreading ourselves clearly way to send both financially and militarily and as it pertains to around specifically I think that Netanyahu and does it control of Israel would like nothing better than to see this government take our young men and women over into another and constitutional warrant that benefits nobody in this country and seems to me the only benefit Israel what's your take yeah I would agree a hundred percent and as Mr form told me back some while back he said if a war starts with Iran is we're going to do it closer support Obama's desperate I don't worry much about it and I want to ask you point blank because I think that you're coming from a place of truth in honor Sir but for those who call you a disk info agent how he reacted that label are you with this info agent Sir I am an agent I did not share this info AQ I am an agent I'm an agent of Jesus Christ ... bother probably should guide our little unknown missionary flying airplanes out the bush Alaska doing missionary supply and I got a problem appeal loudly to live with the elite of the world as chaplain on the crunch Alaska oil pipeline but it won't make that allowed me on the pipeline after I went there populate them probably thousands and thousands of dollars and they came to him instead would like to offer you executive status it had come with the problems got god put me there as an agent so I could ..." + 89%
"2011-12-04 00:05:44"
"Gerald Celente: 'IT'S FASCIST. C..."
"a Sean Gerald Celente how you Mr Celente very well Sir how are you unilaterally good thank you very much yeah now things are great here okay good well you know you've you've kept a chipper attitude actually throughout all this which I think is really amazing because I know they're far a hundred thousand or two or three or four five hundred thousand dollars of my money got stolen I would be apoplectic well on that I you know I'm doing my best I can to go after them so I'm using that anger in directing its hood them rather than going down with it you know yeah well you know I I really appreciate what you're doing you're giving a voice to the rest of us you know who have not yet had all of our money stolen but it sure appears like that's the way it's going to go for the rest about so I want to take this as an opportunity the next twenty minutes or so to sound the red alert alarm for those with the ears to hear your personal experience with the MF global debacle in the CME which has completely" + 1%
"2011-12-20 02:48:01"
"you're going to say divergence take place wear contacts runs out of metal and the price goes down not up because it's thoroughly corrupted in its corruption will become visible in full view to the most casual observer the paper price for gold will go down and the physical price will go up due to shortages in a mad scramble to find real wealth and store insecure real wealth in the face of us you know corrupt government grabs confiscations and seizures so there was about there was a time was a little over a month ago when there was a one of the usual wax ... from the cartel on gold and silver and the way they do is they sell gold server that they don't own but I think two thousand short gold contracts when on the last couple of days well they don't have to post collateral there from the big four in the U. S. they just sell contracts without any consequence of having to post collateral or delivering in the metal so they're selling papers for a recall paper gold I have this excellent reliable contact who gave me one month for warning of the Freddie Mac a I G. and ... Lehman Brothers default ... I guess to the three act I didn't get a IG anywhere must have to go the whacking took place and I contacted my ... my fellow ... overseas and I said are we starting to see more evidence of the divergence at the time ... gold had been playing with eighteen hundred but it was back quickly toward the low seventeen hundred different seventeen ten or twenty at the time I recall so go seventeen twenty a certain what are you hearing the actual gold prices for volume physical sales I just got a one word response in an email nineteen fifty now so a two hundred to two hundred fifty dollars divergence ... and don't look look at what's going on in the comic all you hear stories of shortage what was amiss global okay my my favorite little analogy it it was it was like hundreds of people lined up at a window and you got eight ten different tellers at the window Selanne differe..." + 83%
"2011-12-20 02:28:26"
"specifically that but it's it's fact aid groups what's going on Arabic that this is very upsetting it is yeah you know when you when you mention your family member who doesn't want to hear this we've all experienced that and it's it's because people don't want their fragile paradigm to be broken and in this country we've all lived under this paradigm for such a long time that it's you know we live in the most powerful honorable nation on the face of the planet and we're not in wars of aggression were spreading democracy or spreading liberty and it is just the truth of the matter couldn't be any farther up from that point of view and Ron Paul ended it in the debate we see Brett bear go after him three times in a row one answer was not enough to answer was the answers were not enough but three times he would go after Ron Paul in a row about Ron Paul stance on this new war mongering the good war drums are beating to attack Iran and Ron Paul's position is very simple constitutional principles will tell us we are not allowed to go into another war of aggression and attack a sovereign nation and print that wasn't good enough for Brett there three times he had to get the sound bite that he needed to try to hang around Paul in the court of public opinion because those that wanted latch on and hang on ... we would buy their fingernails to this fragile breaking paradigm Darren Bret Baier side they're on the side of the neo cons endless war endless war endless war and it's the absolute opposite of what our country was founded on in the principles that made us with the principles that made our nation great and it's just disgusting you right by directing the largesse to wallstreet and obstructing it to main street the powers believe they're winning the battle of over inflation what they're doing no jam is are causing hyper inflation of a class war right take a look at that qua quantitative easing our security programs Julie one was honestly brokered they say we're gonna buy..." + 86%
"2011-12-20 02:16:45"
"you guys it's my absolute great pleasure to have on the line Jim Willie from golden jackass dot com you guys have heard Jim Willie before with all credit to our good mutual friends codicil over from bull market thinking to call got us in touch with each other and to co thank you for that because Jim I've not missed one of the interviews you've done with to go over the years not want it for the audience who may not be familiar with your work you've got a PhD and statistics in Carnegie Mellon in you're the real deal welcome to the program Jim well it's good to be here I I just hope I can ... restrain myself there's so much to talk about Jim what I wanted to you know want to concentrate on your most recent article it's called pathogenesis of central bank ruin your saying that the next ground zero is Italy I'm not going to sit here and read everything quote as you say Goldman nights arrive to the rescue pointless but crouch reject unelected nor the term technocrat given to both my and newly installed Mario drop the euro central bank they are syndicate loyalist and you're saying that the contagion will now spread from Italy to France and Spain yes well you know it was what was it almost two years ago that the grease erupted early two thousand ten shortly after Dubai and they haven't fixed anything with Greece in fact all of their solutions have you know like the austerity measures and cut back on the government spending and raise taxes self prized assets nothing has done anything to constructively fix the situation I call the austerity of measures poison pill because they're designed with backward motives to destroy an economy not to fix it to ... give the appearance of improving the the budget situation when all they really do is slow the economy down and make the budget deficits worse let me just ask a simple question it is Greece's budget better than it was a year ago now not a bit and that's by design it it's it's to topple the system attorney other so far as ..." + 85%
"2012-02-12 21:39:58"
"David Morgan: More Bullish on SI..."
"Hey guys I could be more thrilled I have back online David Morgan from the Morgan report dot com David welcome back welfare grab me thanks for being here on David as you know two thousand eleven could have been a more rocky year for silver starting around twenty five twenty six box running all the way up to nearly fifty and then pulling back to us twenty six it seemed like the bankers were sending us all a message in and that message is if you want to buy silver be prepared to go to some pain because we run the show that's my take at first but what's your take on two thousand eleven and what's your take on two thousand twelve out of the gates this thing it's just been on fire so I'll do both well to Gaza Levin obviously an extremely volatile year strutting around a thirty dollar level move down around twenty six dollar level and from there we almost got a double it went ... from level we have to go forty eight peaked around the first of may sharp selloff got down there in the third three level and then treated water erection mix of progress going back in the thirty five dollars owner so action movement up and then gold did what some looks over done earlier in the year of gold made a parabolic move roughly from about fifteen hundred all low level to about nineteen hundred and it got sold off sharply as well no gold sold off sharply silver sympathized with gold trim then went down even further actually touched utility six dollar level change that level has been tested one other time and right now he's in the interview as you said in early two thousand twelve silver has done quite well from the beginning of the year so what do I expect twelve more the same expect a lot of all silly both of these markets particularly Silversun smaller market I also expect that ... it's going to be more more difficult for the ... derivative markets to have as much control in the market as they have in times past really all these derivatives do set the paper price for the price o..." + 87%
"2012-01-24 08:10:19"
"The Ron Paul FIX is in: a SGT mi..."
"Daddy lingo mail can be that all art is going to back where do I even begin going to try to make this quick and get right to the point zero hedge recently noted that the American people have a long history of getting the president they deserve maybe maybe not once again seems the people have chosen a war mongering neocon globalist over the constitution and the bill of rights the info wars writer whose pen name is Eric Blair George Orwell's real name made the point that many of us have been thinking since the Iowa caucus he asks how on earth could Newt Gingrich win the South Carolina primary when the day before the vote he had to cancel a major campaign stop because of a lack of attendance what if the fix is it over the years numerous folks have said to me that if there's more to the story of what we are officially told happened on nine eleven then surely the media would report out there could be no cover up by the mainstream media they say because any alternative story would be the perfect opportunity for some hungry young reporter to make a name for himself talk show host Conan o'brien may be about to push the envelope on late night television Conan o'brien may be able to push the one is an Conan o'brien may be about to push the envelope maybe about to push the envelope on late night television surely the truth would prevail surely they say if there was nano thermae found in the dust at ground zero or if World Trade Center building seven was brought down by controlled demolition it would be reported on this is no small building as you can see if forty seven stories which stand out in most American cities the American media would tell us there's no way they could keep it covered up they say and so life goes on with the average American content in the belief that nothing is wrong because if it were not so surely the media could tell us we are told that Ron Paul finished in fourth place in South Carolina as Eric Blair writes quote primary elections are traditionall..." + 53%
"2012-01-07 22:27:53"
"The Dollar Vigilante: Gold, Silv..."
"right and you know I think many of us tend to agree with you that even from public comes president that could be what happens I think where I would ... wherein argue a little bit with you is that for Obama or anybody else to be and when the class happens is just going to give the powers that be the right pocket to introduce a fake solution which might be getting us involved in a one world government or one world currency or some other bogus solution you know in the problem reaction solution John rather it leaves us even more screwed than you know had Ron Paul Ben there to stand up for the constitution and make constitutionally principal choices you know as we know he will let me ask you this because so many of us are a little bit freaked out about this criminal government in the anti a a you make a point that it's important for people to get a second passport and ... will you tell us a little bit about that is that really difficult to do and where you live are you in Canada no I was born in Canada I currently live in Mexico although I'm not a resident here because I followed basically determinate travel traveler or via a permanent tourists ... matzah alerted there's no way of living and that's basically you want to live in a country where you're not even a resident or citizen you wanna just gets worse because governments always treat tourists the best they treat their own citizens of tax slaves and and do what they want with some so I live here the tourist I'm a resident of the mentor public and ... I also and getting my passport there and getting that this year in the Dominican Republic and ... I'm still keep my Canadian passport but just in the travel document really and and I have no attachment to Canada at all anymore and the reason that I actually suggest that people get a second passport it's especially for Americans and and no other time in history has anyone needed in a foreign passport more than Americans need one right now and the reason as US..." + 88%
"2011-12-30 05:06:13"
"BTFD! "Nothing Shines Brighter ..."
"Hey guys as cheaply here and I have an emergency broadcast with our good friend Chris Dwayne at that some powerful two thousand eleven year and rap interviews coming up with picks we're and Bob Chapman and you won't want to miss those that be remiss not to talk to our good friend Chris doing before the end of the year and this one is in particular about his new article PT FD and will know what that means by this dip Chris a really important formation here you're really ... setting the example for all of us by practicing what you preach so this is a tremendous opportunity and I'm gonna read one line the top line from your piece quote I am working furiously right now buying silver and I hope you are too can you take it from there tell everybody why this is such a tremendous opportunity we suss over bounce hard today didn't really yeah ... I think what most people don't know about me is that ... I really sold everything I owned in two thousand five and was buying silver at seven dollars and twenty five cents ... illegally sold my house I got out of my business is old stocks on everything I could get out of ... paper assets into ... physical silver because it was such a great fundamentals like when I started to realize all these things about sober I like I don't buy anything else a given all the crisis that I know it's gonna happen with that the housing collapse in financial bubbles and everything else and all the counterparty risk that all people assets intrinsically half and when you own physical sober you have ... you know you have allodial title to you have real hard tangible look real tangible value there ... and I was actually very nervous buying at seven dollars and twenty five seconds am member used to sweat over ten cent movies ... because that wasn't a big percentage of of ... you know for the price of the silver and I look back at that now and I'm like wow that was really crazy because over so cheap perfect ... and treatment but I did..." + 88%
"2012-03-20 08:05:53"
"ELECTION Fraud? Why Did ABC-TV P..."
"you guys this GT here with breaking news did ABC TV in Chicago post the Illinois GOP results from the primary twenty four hours early it's now one twenty four A. M. central standard time and I posted this at eleven thirty central standard time at SG team reports of go there to see the ... the full screen shots yourself in person ... so here goes on the eve before the GOP Illinois primary one must ask how the heck does S. GT report have election results for Republican primary and take place now we've long argued that the Ron Paul fixes and but this it leaves me speechless posted tonight Monday March nineteenth on the website of the Chicago ABC news affiliate WLS TV are the following election results clearly labeled Illinois races federal offices now if we have this wrong please do let us know why this information would exist in any form twenty four hours before the primary or if we are indeed living in a banana Republic copy that you now have our blessing to move out of this stinking country now the time stamped screenshot from my computer on Monday March nineteenth two thousand twelve is from eleven twenty nine PM central standard time okay and here is what was on WO at WLS TV's website the local Chicago ABC news affiliate website and as you can see apparently twenty four hours before the primary even occurs ricksantorum one with nine hundred eighty seven thousand four hundred fifty three votes thirty two percent of the overall vote Romney placed second with nineteen hunt with nine hundred nineteen thousand nine hundred ninety three votes Gingrich a close third and there's Ron Paul for abuse Ron Paul no wonder he never wins with only ninety five thousand one hundred six votes three percent of the total vote given to Ron Paul before the vote has even occurred before the primary has even occurred this is such an outrage that obviously ... what's going to happen is WLS TV which has since taken this information down you can see here it's now gone ... they too..." + 41%
"2012-02-24 05:54:31"
"MUST HEAR! $1,000 - $4,000 SILV..."
"gold and silver will beat will overcome the cartel no probably mean the end of the cartel is just a matter of when now if we look at JP Morgan's position in silver it looks like they're expanding their short position again can you comment on that at all yeah yeah and see how how well they've done elude me point out one thing about the CEO tease reports okay I'm watching the CBOT report every friggin week since two thousand two and I can tell you that between two thousand to into that in let's say seven it was it did indicator I mean there was no doubt that every single time that the that the short position the commercial position was building that gold silver be smashed every single time we contracted which would be after smashed it would go right back up and I'm trying to tell people now there is zero correlation right now and I mean zero between the CO teas and the gold silver prices of course they still short them on the way up and of course Babe when when the prices are going down they buy them but there's no real correlation anymore just look I mean the short position has been going up for by the commercials what for two months now and what is so overdone it's gone from twenty six to thirty five so what so what was so to say well yeah I mean it's gonna fall eventually will fall the point is that you know JP Morgan the comics there is there is no business they're going on it's simply a matter of naked shorting as much as they can and eventually the lose so I'm not worried about the comics at all just like people you know one point they worried about the dollar index the dollar index has been in the same trading range now for seven years and still you'll see commentators actually eight years and those the commenters will still say well gold up or down to the dollar to comics the dollar mean nothing as far as those statistics the cartel attacks every day it doesn't matter if the shorting if they're covering they're always gonna be there at three o'clock it twen..." + 88%
"2012-02-22 14:19:14"
"BIX WEIR: Silver More RARE Than ..."
"okay guys is cheeky here and I wanted to get pics we're back on the line for a couple of reasons so first Walt picks welcome back thanks John Hey I wanted to talk to you about some really important new things are happening I want to talk about the six trillion and fake bombs that were seized in Zurich the other day I want to talk to you about Ben Fulford I want to talk to you about the impending fall of Greece or talked about a number of things but the first thing I wanna do is going to ask you a question back have you ever been compensated for being on this program or have value ever paid me for anything at all nope never so I just wanna make it really clear that the reason that we have become the program is because he is an independent thinker he thinks outside the box some of his theories are controversial but these are controversial times so I just want to point out for those of you who have jumped on the you know the anti bic's we're way again I don't think it's fair because picks passes the most important litmus tests for truth which is number one does he speak out against the federal reserve in this criminal banking system number one and number two does he talk about false flags and he does talk about false flights in fact picks I know that you didn't write this but on your website is this great piece called collateral damage US covert operations in the terrorist attacks of September eleventh two thousand one people can find that your resources section and as we all know attorney Kurt Haskell's recent testimony regarding his experience on the airplane with the underwear bomber is that government got the underwear bomber on the plane in an effort than to cause fear and for a lot of full body scanners I wanna get off topic here but I just want to address the fact picks that we appreciate your opinions on these matters and people can agree or disagree about your theories but it seems to me that more and more severe theories appear to be coming correct well yo..." + 86%
"2012-05-03 13:10:12"
"Hey guys just you key here and I want to thank everybody for ... submitting a question for those who did I have posted a piece saying that it's gonna talk with Andy often and love to have your questions in twenty different people submitted great questions in a very short period of time and for that and in our post gratified any welcome back well thanks rather me it looks like it's gonna be a jam packed show yeah ideas and let's hit the ground running this first one comes from JK brown and Troy and kind of condensing these two together because they're both asking essentially about semi numismatic bullion plays and just to set the stage for you and you have talked about this quite a bit I'm passionate about coins like the Canadian wildlife series or some of the person meant products are the qualities the kookaburras the lunar series of points are capped at the mintage of three hundred thousand or less what I found is those premiums really expanded later years when those points are no longer available which you're taken semi numismatic bullion plays like that one I'm not gonna purports to be an expert on numismatics we we certainly have experts within miles Franklin ... me my my initial thought is when it comes to any thing numismatic if you're gonna pay a premium you better be knowledgeable about what you're buying because obviously and you know I quake numismatic business stamps or baseball cards or even our because ... United there are some semi nine qualitative aspects that you really just have to be comfortable with ... you know there's parts of the numismatic business which I frauds ... I think some of the things where they tried to sell it to you it would scarcity value and then there are some things you're talking about which do it which will have some scarcity value although over time it's it's really difficult to tell what the premium will be and you know I'm I'm gonna end that by saying we have experts at miles Franklin who could you give better..." + 90%
"2012-04-16 01:44:23"
"CELENTE: Part 1 'The Whole Finan..."
"Hey guys this chichi here and who better to have back on the program in the one and only Gerald Celente a the founder of the trends research institute and the trends journal Mr Celente welcome back to our site to have me back shows Sir one of those start by saying from the time of the revolutionary war we'd patriots in truth tellers like John Paul Jones John Hancock and Paul Revere and today we have other men like Webster Griffin Tarpley Alex and Rick Jones and Gerald Celente a sounding" + 1%
"2012-04-06 18:14:37"
"BIX WEIR: The Market is RIGGED 1..."
"it is crazy what going on right now yeah that's hilarious we're getting back to the CNN thing just briefly there is a glimmer of hope there's we posted a piece of it at CNN's viewership over just the past year is down fifty percent in in the key demographic of young people it's down sixty five percent in a year so people are fleeing this mainstream propagandist news ... either in droves and they're turning to the others out there in the alternative news world ever gonna give them truth ... in I just think it is it's inspiring and it is the absolute glimmer of hope so one hit on that again now picks we recently also posted a piece from gold core ... I titled it story Rothschild but the name of the article is bricks bank to rival World Bank and IMF and challenged dollar dominance that was curious pixies the outgoing president of the World Bank Roberts olick after just a few days ago dismissing the idea of a bricks created new global multilateral bank he's come around and endorsed a bricks bank in an interview with the Financial Times so I think what's happening here is that the writing is on the wall in there are certain nation states that no matter how badly they get bullied by the military industrial complex of this country ... are still going to just March out and try to take back their old sovereignty from these bankers well I I think you hit the nail on a road to call their because you know the once the U. S. dollar goes and it will go there will be no fiat turned the US dollar was the last the last global reserve currency was kind of first and last you can call gold a global reach their currency in the past but but that that DR US dollar was the only on backed currency that was used globally and it is failing and there's not gonna be any acceptance two other currencies once the U. S. dollar sale the entire system is gonna ballpark and then as always happens people are going to try to restart a new currency is not gonna work is not gonna work and I nev..." + 85%
"2012-03-29 00:08:43"
"The Cartel Will be COMPLETELY DE..."
"fact is computers have taken over the markets particularly anything that's to do with paper up precious metals and the only way you're going to going to escape and beat them is by avoiding them completely you know it's funny you brought that up because that was actually my next question our good friend Chris Dwaine and and we both know David Morgan they both had on this real hard it's over is the Achilles heel of this criminal cabal and deterrent seventy five million ounces that you're talking about trade it in one day if you don't follow this stuff day in and day out like we do it sounds impossible it sounds too hard to believe it sounds like it's pie in the sky not innocent Celtic fringe conspiracy theory but as Ted Butler has proven time and time again it's real and now you have guys like Eric Sprott in David Morgan and you know you and really mainstream folks coming to the table and saying Hey this is quantifiable criminality and yet nothing changes up let me in my own right with the question and in the question is this how can you explain the resiliency of silver when they can literally throw three hundred seventy five million ounces paper silver at it in only knock the price down a couple of Bucks well look as ... as you said in and as David Morgan put in his video last week it absolutely is the Achilles heel of the system actually more specifically precious metals are the killers heal the system but that because silver is so small of a market with so little inventory and it's estimated the inventories no more than a billion ounces which is not much not worth more than thirty five billion dollars right now because it's so small it has the ability to have a supply shortage and therefore squeezed at any second and we've seen supply shortages both on the downside when when so was pushed through thirty dollars announced ... in that September of last year and on the upside when it went to fifty dollars an ounce back in ... in in April two thousand and elev..." + 81%
"2012-05-10 04:54:54"
"Chris Martenson: PEAK OIL: A Fac..."
"okay princess chichi here and I could be more excited to have Chris Mortensen author researcher and scientists who runs Chris Mortensen dot com Chris welcome thanks for joining us I think it's my pleasure to be here Hey look at your scientific analytical approach to research makes perfect sense given your PhD can you give everybody sort of a thirty thousand foot view of the crash course sure it's ... my best attempt to not make the case that we we can't just look at the economy in isolation we can't look at energy in isolation we can't look at other resources that we get from the environment isolation we have to look at all three together that were and are an incredible turning point in human history not U. S. history this is sort of a global phenomenon where ... we're about to make a really interesting transition where humans are going to have to go from higher quality energy sources to lower quality energy sources and energy is the foundational commodity by which every economic transaction occurs if you don't have energy you do not have an economy period so we hold that both on one side and then that with a crash course does say okay we know energy is really important to our economy and moving things around and in transforming things okay that's fine now what's going on over here in the economy itself in there we have the story which says what the economy is founded on this thing we call death based money here fiat money and there's just will it really one simple requirement of that money system it have to perpetually expand and not just linearly but exponentially I mean it has to grow three four five six percent a year year after year forever and well my thesis in that I put out in the crash courses this idea that not only is that possible given the fact that energy can't grow infinitely forever but that this break down but this this attention that's building right now that everybody be read the newspapers you open up ... any any of the recent book on th..." + 89%
"2012-05-06 00:18:00"
"'This is What rEVOLutions Are Ma..."
"so are you sure what we pay ghost it goes in the pockets of major corporations and to wage these hideous wars going around the world killing people and destroying things up public needs popular needs at home gold digging I mean I mean serious things that are being neglected including basic infrastructure in the country ... poverty is rising to record levels in the country we just had an employment report today the numbers are all manipulated in because the unemployment rate dropped the hell it dropped its route because people are dropping out of the workforce because they keep looking and they can't find a job so people who want a job it cannot find them I after a certain amount of time if they didn't look when a survey ... context them in the last thirty days they don't exist anymore they don't show up in the numbers they want to go to work they go to work this afternoon if they can find a job but they're not counted if they counted the unemployment rate in America would be close to twenty three percent it's gonna get aria but you living here they had in in in in in what I call the scoundrel media shun I mean I mean I think I mean you would go into a main street oppression and at the same time people suffering at home in again the nation's resources I use for all the wrong reasons and people could do something about it but they don't because they don't take a minimal amount of time to understand these things and I mean a minimum of time if we do that if they didn't get mad if they really understood this is something seriously wrong with them I think they would get mad if they understood and that's that's the that's the essence of what revolutions are made of Gerald Celente peeping sooner or later one is coming well and again I'm gonna go back to the Ron Paul revolution we are seeing a peaceful revolution in this country I I say it almost in every interview now by Steven I'm not gonna write write off this Ron Paul revolution he's picking up delegates across t..." + 84%
"2012-05-06 00:17:44"
"CIVIL WAR in America? 'This Stuf..."
"Hey guys as chichi here and I have the one and only Steven Lerman back on the line Mr limit thanks for joining us Toshiba and the letter of the one and only but I'm delighted to be on with you well you're you're prolific you're prolific writer and we post everything that you write you usually have at least one or two new pieces every single day and people can find those ... those great articles that as GT report dot com John I'm very grateful for your support off well you know what I like to say we're all in this mess together and I'm very we sure I'm very grateful for your support you know you Bob Chapman G. Edward Griffin Ron Paul I mean these are men who are setting an example for the rest of us and so takes everything that you're doing a but I wanted to bring it on to talk about this unfolding police state that we now see in our own country under the guise of fighting this endless war on terror up where once healthcare was our enemy we've turned Libya over tell Kato and now the department of homeland security in this entire police state apparatus appears to be being turned around on the people of the United States and I just wanted to try to take a moment to kind of reset it and maybe find the glamour of hope from you so what do you think about what we're seeing in this country right now Stephen scares me Shawty really doesn't love to give you a a glimmer of hope but I honestly don't see any I see things getting worse not better and we literally I mean we see one repressive police state law after another ... you know the one at the end of last year the provisions in the national defense authorization act will literally any U. S. citizen anywhere in the world can be snatched him grab by the military thrown in the dungeons throw away the key ... leave them uncharged untried untried to arrive for the rest of the allies by presidential edict not by a court not by Congress by presidential edict and of course we have a so called cyber security going on I don'..." + 83%
"2012-05-20 22:22:14"
"Hey guys just chichi here and I'm a very special broadcast for you think this is extremely important because of the criminality or sing on wallstreet from short selling naked short selling by Goldman Sachs and Merrill Lynch to the two billion dollars loss by JP Morgan to the MRES fraught with mortgages it all ties together and I have on the phone right now the national director of protect America's dream Vermont Trotter from out welcome thank you very much Sean you're an expert in this area for anybody who has not read Matt Taibbi's latest Matty B. is a great reporter over at Rolling Stone normal line the mainstream media a lot right for not doing their jobs that could be further from the truth as it pertains to Matt Taibbi now he just released ... his latest article the other day and it's titled accidentally released and incredibly embarrassing documents show how Goldman at el engaged in naked short selling this is all tied together and at the top of the pyramid our corporations like JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs and Merrill Lynch who have been involved in this malfeasance stealing homes for people you told me yesterday when we talked briefly that there's a duality of the fraud going on here its title fraud and gap accounting fraud in it's all tied in to people losing their homes nominal Iran from there well first of all ... Jones is I would like to stress that everybody is not just people that are in foreclosure or perhaps upside down under water is not those people would look at it it's everybody this ... malaise this fraud this gap and title fraud affects seventy million homeowners which is how many people that the Smurfs fraud has touched so you know it's just that is discovered at foreclosures us when you figure out what happened and here's what have not shell when you sit down the sign for a note for a purchase or resell unknown to you your note has already been securitized your signature fulfill is performing a quality though that needs to be filled b..." + 88%
"2012-05-14 03:38:43"
"Prepare Now: In the Long Run, Fr..."
"so it'll really be back to our constitutional roots in this country if that's what happens monetary inspiring there's a push back towards liberty and we're very grateful for that you noted recently too that there's a push at the supra national level for the small arms and light weapons treaty which if enacted would essentially eraser second amendment you don't think they can actually disarm the people in this country deal I think would be be impossible to disarm the" + 1%
"2012-05-14 03:38:27"
"The Coming Collapse: If the Powe..."
"Hey guys this is S. chichi with perhaps one of the most important interviews I've ever done thanks for joining us we have on the line New York times bestselling author and survival blog dot com editor James Wesley Rawles Mister Ross thanks much for joining us thanks for having me on say your April sixteenth interview with Alex Jones had a significant impact on me and I wrote an article about it there's a frightening push towards charity in the United States but there's also a powerful counter push back towards liberty as evidenced by the Ron Paul revolution can you give us an update on what your feeling is about the current environment United States well I think that ... given the financial situation globally ... if you look at what's happening in Italy and Spain and Greece and the most recent election in France ... we're very likely to see a lot of financial turmoil in the coming months and a lot of it will spill over into American markets I think there's likely to be another global credit crisis like in two thousand eight and it could get very very ugly very quickly and I think it's prudent for people to prepare I think that he if you look at it ... in terms of the kind that ... the clock face approach ... were probably just minutes from midnight in terms of where we should be in terms of our preparedness so again it's prudent to prepare our people need to team up with like minded folks in their neighborhoods or in their church congregations are co workers or whoever but it takes more than just one family to survive and people have to kind of break out of their shells and team up with like minded folks and get actively prepared you've said that you can see an economic collapse now happening regardless of what anyone does at this point and the ramifications of that collapse could get extremely dire not only will there be no food in the stores for people but we run the grade of this power grid going down and in that event you see some very very dire t..." + 84%
"2012-05-10 04:54:31"
"Chris Martenson: They Will Manag..."
"you're in no reason that oil if we had plenty of it shouldn't be a thirty or forty dollars a barrel but you know we have every single country the pres is oil producing as fast as they possibly can were absolutely at capacity most of those countries there's just a couple that have a little bit of swing capacity that study Arabia ... Russia to a to a similar extent but maybe not quite as much and here's the thing Saudi Arabia does have additional oil they can supply but it's the kind of stuff nobody wants how said sorry it's heavy it's our it's nasty stuff bill so you all want you want but people don't have refineries that are tuned to take that grade right now there are some but but but the stuff that we're short on its light sweet crude the good stuff and ... that tells us where we are in the story as well so might my vision here is that we are absolutely whether it's this year or ten years or twenty years it's the did that a blink of an eye we are going to be wrestling with a worldwide recognition and then response to insufficient supplies of the typing quantities of oil that we need in order for financial and economic system to function like we wanted to maybe even like we need a consensus shocking statistic now you're saying one hundred and fifty barrels per day not a hundred and fifty thousand barrels per day are coming out of those pocket wells me that that's a joke a hundred fifty barrels a day out of the twelve that I mean that's that's a joke Ocala each well we used to when we drove like when we drilled stable topper Prudhoe bay or or out not to go our field in Saudi Arabia decent well it's producing ten thousand barrels a day maybe as much as twenty or even thirty thousand barrels a day that's a well yeah okay point well taken right well one of the things I love about you too is that you focus on this ever expanding credit market in the federal reserve fiat currency and you've said I'm gonna quote you hear quote I've lost faith that our currencies wi..." + 87%
"2012-06-25 01:50:30"
"THE SILVER BOMB: An Opportunity ..."
"Hey guys is cici here and you're gonna want to buckle up for this one because it promises to be gripping Michael McDonald the co author of the new book the silver bomb beyond the return of medalist money is on the line Michael welcome thank you for having Michonne well it's a pleasure to have you especially when we see with the cartel is doing to the precious metals markets the paper market to Michael I just want to set the stage for this intelligent informed the audience before we died in here's why I think this is such an important book good honest people in this country are being absolutely endlessly and viciously targeted by the criminal banksters through a variety of means a rig stock market high frequency trading mortgage fraud numbers system mortgage backed securities CDOs in the derivative cesspool and of course by the highly fraudulent in manipulated precious metals markets so for you good people listening right now who have purchased physical silver already in feel horrified by what's been going on in the paper silver market over the past year plus this interview is for you Michael is here to tell you the silver band is about to explode going to dive right into the payoff chapter twelve of your book is titled pace yourself you're in this for the long haul to Michael I want to read this one passages that I want you to run with this quote this moment in history which we will see the manifestation of the silver box is the sum total of all of the years all of the days and all of the trade ever made it is like becoming aware of the seeping cracks appearing in the face of the dam just before it burst the entire premise of this book is that the world particularly the western world stands at the edge of the change of it that box it will also include events that have no prior presidents and will never happen again Michael what we're talking about here is the opportunity of a lifetime and I know it's been an opportunity fraught with challenges in peril and a lot ..." + 89%
"2012-06-25 01:50:47"
"THE SILVER BOMB: Collapse is Hap..."
"he's manipulated fluctuations are all based on the exertions of a central banking cartel whose goal it is to hide the truth to perpetuate the paper dollar fraud for as long as possible the game is change" + 1%
"2012-06-11 01:52:32"
"The Derivatives NIGHTMARE: A Fra..."
"welcome Gaidar's chichi here and I have on the line David could carry the author of the money GPS guiding you through an uncertain economy a condensed version of David's book is available for free on his website the money GPS dot com welcome David cry think you very much I had no well thanks for being here there's so much to cover your book is really an entertaining read I read the short version on your website ... this audience is well informed about the philosophical differences between Austrian and candy in economics you're in Austria like us on we believe the world should revolve around and your book covers the origins of a boom and bust cycles of the right up to today's worldwide economic calamities David where in your view do we stand right now well right now we are in a very uncertain trying now I can tell you where we're headed isn't the best place unfortunately our government have extended far beyond what we are capable of even if he just factor in our national deficit now we're in it doesn't look pretty and then when you add on top the derivatives it is just an impossible feat to overcome I I certainly believe that what's coming here Adam well unfortunately bad for most of us the middle class may disappear and unfortunately hard times are coming if you own real assets whatever that may be you will be much better off and in ... peeper investment paper investment because of the spirit inside fraud paper assets will be worse very little if anything at all well actually you know my second question for you is going to be about to rip it so let's hit that because to me we've reached def con one in the world wide state of economic affairs and I know that you believe like we do that derivatives is really the number one problem facing this debt based fiat system can you explain for everybody why derivatives are so critical and why the fact that they appear to be blowing up with JP Morgan seventy two hundred trillion in derivatives on their books can you tell..." + 74%
"2012-06-11 01:52:47"
"Part 2: The Derivatives NIGHTMAR..."
"be your great near balk at the world is drowning in a sea of debt in the derivatives are the centerpiece or the pinnacle the official statistics are shocking and almost unbelievable but one point five quadrillion worth of derivatives exists and are traded on the exchanges in the numbers absolutely ridiculous you site because the total world GDP according to the World Bank is only sixty trillion dollars no you're right that that means on top of the already existing fractional reserve banking system there's twenty five times more derivatives" + 1%
"2012-08-02 04:57:06"
"Only SLAVES Are Disarmed. And WE..."
"yeah you're right Mike in in Huxley said in that piece we will actually get people to love their servitude now one of the things I wanna give you so much credit for is the courage to take a look at painful things like false flag terrorism you posted a piece on your site we don't have to get into this very deep but I wanna give you full credit for having the courage to not only look at the nine eleven official story but to encourage others to look at it because what has become the official mythology or religion in this country is that we cannot question what happened on nine eleven but let me tell you folks what happened as put everything else that were seen this trend because we stay in motion including the creation of the department of homeland security the TSA etcetera etcetera and so did not have the courage to is is really a lost opportunity because Mike I can tell you firsthand me if it weren't for that day I might still be asleep yeah I know you know what's funny in the I've written about this Sean but but for me I mean I woke up way a little late you now ... I was in wallstreet you know that that can be mesmerizing etcetera and so I I admittedly was asleep longer than I should have been ... but you know nine eleven I can come to grips with that forever way after I woke up not tonight not I thought nine eleven truth or anything like that for questioning was wrong but I didn't wanna go there because I saw I I you know people be I saw people dying I saw live you know I just psychologically was was part was broken but look the point is that if someone like me who is completely against it exploring that rabbit hole was able to finally do it in and understand with zero doubt that the story we're told is complete nonsense then anyone can and building seven of course was that was what did it for me I saw that America this is great you know even knows about it I mean I friended like trading desks in New York that I talked to that will posted like internal chatt..." + 88%
"2012-07-21 18:46:24"
"Once the Banksters Lose CONTROL,..."
"what's the number is a five thousand gold ten thousand gold hundred thousand four ounce a million per ounce who knows and and I definitely want to add to this because I want you mention what James circuits that I had if I wrote down here turn to to comment on it now I love James Turkey's amazing he's one of the true staters for our for our cause ... but he like many others ... even you know up at his level make the mistake of making these predictions even let's say Egon von Trier's he's out there thirty five hundred to five thousand within twelve to eighteen months etcetera but again what is that based on what is thirty five hundred to five thousand I mean like I have an estimate of what the gold price it be it has nothing to do with what it's going to be twelve months from now it's just simply the man that Jim Sinclair used to top the market in ... in nineteen eighty the math says fifteen to twenty thousand dollars is what it should be today it's not the dude catalysts or anything that's what it should be ... placed on today's money supply yeah so suppose a monocle that we have etcetera etcetera we have no idea how much news money supplies going to come we have no idea how much gold is actually held so those are variables and if you put a price in dollars on gold whatever whatever number you put that is assuming they were still in the dollar based system next we will not be in and out exactly in who knows six months a year three years five years I don't know what the dollar does not survive that's right you know you know you're right you guys make a good point I mean it's measuring goals physical gold physical silver in Zimbabwe and currency in Argentina currency in one of our Republic currency what will the measure be someday in the U. S. dollar currency that brings us back to the question of hyper inflation if and when we'll see it in this country because at this point the deflation lists are still arguing that they're correct all we've seen is deflati..." + 85%
"2012-07-20 02:52:05"
"EXCLUSIVE- Bill Murphy's London ..."
"okay gang breaking news update with god as bill Murphy bill Murphy has some stunning new revelations to share regarding JP Morgan's alleged silver manipulation bill thanks for joining us well good to be here Sean double before let you run with the ball here you've stated that you have an informed source that shared with you some really vital information they'll take it from there radio fellow I spoke to a known for years ... one of the wealthier men in all of Europe it's got a lot of connections and ... we don't talk to me too much about you know the actual market action star but we talked a little bit ago he said that the reason and a two thousand eleven that ... silver ran up from in the January two ... through April now was because Morganstern start was forced to stop selling things for some reason he doesn't know why but they had the whether they were going through some kind of investigation or something but they pulled back and that's when the prices shot up to forty nine fifty and then of course the collapse and they came back and he said may go to the market started down and ... is that very end of April or early may have actually said June but ... either had there and someone else do it for the potential making American that's where the market collapsed again now he also said that part of this JP Morgan's big loss on their book was two billion up to six billion probably going to nine or billion a lot more has something to do with silver he said they still are short the market in every way and they're having a tough time extricating himself to get out of it he didn't know exactly what that was it could have been due to physical supply issues it could be maybe stuff they barred from there ET up in which they're the custodian of the SL the the big gap silver ETF he didn't know but he said they still have a big problem with silver getting out of it even though they're there all the time and he also said that the source was burping if you know the ..." + 79%
"2012-08-12 18:21:29"
"This Global Cabal Wants to STEAL..."
"we think the reality is of them being up blocked on this country in any sort of martial law capacity I agree with you that it's going to be difficult ... and that's why they've done beta testing of the NATO summit we saw that they were trying to do that there as well ... they have our lives allocated foreign troops they've been our training with the Polish army and the Russian army are the Russian army shot up in Colorado and they've been reports that the Russian army have been starting the fire and that the reports that I got ... that I put in that article that you just mentioned ... that the fires were started right in front of areas that where militarily secured so it's my understanding that they were they might have been starting fires to try and get people out of the way ... get people moved out of the way so they wouldn't see what they're doing ... VHS contracted independent and contractors to a cover up the hole for the ... underground bases that they're building ... so their use of foreign troops which goes right back to work they do for all back in in the early are early eighties ... I don't think they're going to have a problem they're gonna bring NATO forces onto the street and ... and to work with on the night doubled or tripled their and their military capacity I think they're gonna definitely try this ... I think they're going to use foreign troops along with them before interest also served two purposes ... their extra security and also if something does happen while they can blame it on the foreign trip and I can tell my daughter does the Polish army with your own the Russians were doing that we should go and get the Russian yeah I think what this government is now doing with these false flag that we with what I'm calling these false flags that we saw in Aurora and in Wisconsin is they're doing their level best before martial law happens to disarm the people what do you make of what I just said there and what do you make of..." + 87%
"2012-08-12 18:21:13"
"False Flag Computer BANKING VIRU..."
"Hey guys this treaty here and a very special guest on the line she's a brilliant writer she's new to the scene which is moving mountains all honor owner Davis's and postal you know her work from occupy corporatism activist post you know her work from info wars from SG to report everybody's picking up Suzanne's material Suzanne welcome thank you for having me cosmic you so much for what you're doing you come out of no where in the past year and I think you're a testament to what one person can do to help give voice back to a Republican back to the people tell us little bit about yourself and how you get started are I started a website about a year ago ... I just got sick of hearing all the propaganda in the mainstream and I started researching myself and decided to start a website so my husband and I have to dig into the website and ... started getting reposted and and everybody likes my articles so I keep doing what I'm doing yet in just so everyone knows your website is occupy corporatism dot com correct yeah what did you learn to write how did you learn to do list well when I was a kid I wanted to be an author ... I hand wrote out of three hundred twenty five page novel and he handed it to my favorite feature of my own volition and are I I wanted to get on the newspaper when I was in high school but that ended up in the drama ... department so well I don't know I I just picked it back up and and ... I wrote a couple of articles on and I never expected anybody and I hope that people would read them I never expected you know like got Eric Blair to contact me from active closed door and I from la from employers and and that and the radio and all the radio interviews I never expect I'm shocked out of my mind you know I'm I'm proud to be able to serve my country this way and and my fellow Americans but I just I'm still I'm humbled and floored that I can even do that Suzanne you're really a great writer I really have to give you kudos on your your leadershi..." + 87%
"2012-08-09 04:25:30"
"MUST HEAR: 'The Rats Are Jumping..."
"n't French welcome back I have hardly Schillinger the national spokesman for the larouche organization we spoke was hardly back on July first and he has some interesting developments to tell us about Harley welcome back by showing how are you and great I'm pleased to have you back thanks for joining us my pleasure out of that situation is very very different from when we talked a month ago it sounds like it not fact I just want to share this with folks you emailed me just the other day and he said now that you're back in the states you can tell me that there's been an interesting exposure of support for glass Stegall in Europe in the last few weeks and it began of all places in the city of London which has all of these listeners know is really the heart of darkness for the financial global Kabyle in this awakening is been fueled by the crimes of the live for each SPC drug money laundering and revelations everybody's kind of waking up to the need for the immediate rehabilitation of glass Steagall now the question is hardly are the Congress people in this well you know during the last couple of weeks of the last session you had the are Gartner appeared before the Congress and again he was treated by I think far too mildly with kid gloves ... they bought into his lies about his but he took responsibility for live or when he did nothing of the sort covered up and allowed it to continue out but what happened during this is a kind of Damascus road conversion of Sanford Weill you know when we talk about the heart of darkness in London the Rothschilds and others who for their own survival came out in the last three weeks for glass Steagall now we see sandy Weill who when he was putting together the mergers that created the mega bank of Citibank he led the fight with Greenspan and others to repeal glass Steagall and now sandy Weill is saying we have to go back to glass Steagall now it's his motives are different than yours or mine because he's primarily driven by how to..." + 87%
"2012-08-05 21:54:40"
"FRAUD & THEFT: Financial Crime i..."
"Hey guys shot from SGP report and I'm very happy to have on the line run hero of her research she is the founder of terror research patristic analyst of companies that produce natural resources and a macro economic experts run I really appreciate you taking the time thanks for joining us well thanks Romeo John well it's our pleasure and it's guys like you that help us all keep an eye on the ball because what we're seeing worldwide is absolute scandal from the banksters we're seeing this live or scandal which I think you would agree that nobody will go to prison for and nothing will be done to correct it and we're seeing this night capital high frequency trading debacle on Wednesday August first in which four hundred forty million dollars vanished in under an hour no run you've said that word living in a computer generated dream world what does that mean this computer generated dream world well the night capital in it and you know these are being called scandals in the news media but I actually would want to correct that these are crimes that's what we're talking about we're talking about ... fraud and we're talking about theft so night capital is precisely an example of the computer generated dream world it's one of the facets of what I've been calling a computer generated a dream world for the last year so and basically you know when you have market manipulation whether that's just back stopping financial institutions or whether it's the president's working group on financial markets or whether it's that the federal reserve doing Q. we all these interventions are basically creating an artificial environment there there if they're replacing free market forces Wiz artificial forces like basically monetization and other things so holding up the stock market ... pumping money and financial institutions etcetera so that means that we're not in a real market and these computer high frequency trading is just another example of how it's not really a freely traded ma..." + 86%
"2012-08-23 04:46:55"
"September 12th German Court Deci..."
"okay princess chichi here and with silver and gold on the move as our good friend bill Murphy from god I suggest it would happen in August I wanted to get someone special in the lines we've never spoken with the for its gold money dot coms head of research Alastair maclean Elster welcome and had a shawl Alistair is just a pleasure to have you here today want we lead off with what we're seeing in the gold and silver space bill Murphy of gatt I didn't interview with him on July nineteenth and bill predicted this saying that his London source said that big big moves for coming in both gold and silver in the month of August your take on what we're seeing my midget take is that ... isn't bill well informed I mean it is absolutely spot on and the block it feels to me like there is an enormous task we's going on so and what is interesting is that the open interest on comex actually blossomed out that in December last year since then has been climbing but if you look at the positions that everybody's ... units of Gossett where they've been running down that positions against that background there was a spike would manage money manage money in about March spiked up to roughly Hoffa maximum that we've seen in the last three years run about twenty five thousand thirty thousand contracts since then it's just you know everybody has lost hope silver is going to rise and that to me is the condition that you really need for all Abascal he's to arise a lot because I think basically is what's happening where Nestle gonna get the stock from I really don't know it just feels very very squeaky to me let me read a passage to you from ... a post that I put up on as she to report recently and I want you to focus on the date for us and and tell us what it means to you Sir with the European Union staring at the edge of the September twelfth of best and big guns like Jacob Rothschild and his minion George Soros and John Paulson literally betting on a collapse people may be starting t..." + 84%
"2012-08-20 03:00:40"
"The Banking Cartel Operates EXAC..."
"a friend it's time for another silver update with our good friend Jeff Nelson from silver gold bull chapel come back I thought it was a pleasure to be here tells a pleasure to have a couple things I want to talk about today number one the CFTC reportedly is going to be dropping its over manipulation investigation I want to get your input on that but first let me say for the shields up there who want to take the side of JP Morgan on this in the CFTC I think it's hilarious that people would maligned silver box in that these people would now say well look there was never any manipulation Lee silver bugs are insane meanwhile we live in a world shaft where we have and respond fraud which Jim Willie spoke about the Jon Corzine MF global staffed the live or scandal which affects the entire world financial system the HSBC drug money laundering scandal and JPMorgan itself is currently being investigated by eleven state federal and international bodies so it leaves me at a loss chastity she'll want to take the side and be I think willfully ignorant and take the side of JP Morgan and take the side of the bad guys and take a look there's no manipulation but what you make of this news of the CFTC to drop Silverman epilation investigation well you know I think first of all I'm gonna bore a quote from my my friend Chris Powell over data now and recent interview and you know he was ousted mobile unit relation in general and his quick was well you know if you believe markets aren't being manipulated and that the only markets in the world that are different and course you know just basically act was what you were just saying with all of your your summarizing of of our world of fraud and you know for me when I look at the CFTC ... or this this word about the CFTC supposedly dropping its investigation and then of course you know for the observed excuse that there was a a quick quote lack of evidence you know my my conclusion is the exact opposite you know that they need to drop th..." + 84%
"2012-08-20 03:01:21"
"We Must Smash the Oligopoly, Or ..."
"no business in American can remain in business if you're only selling half of what you produce each month so you know obviously the specifics are not ... genuine in some respect and so you know when I look at those numbers and I try to rationalize it and I ask myself the question what is the one type of housing unit which ... destruction company would not need to sell in order to be paid for and the answer that question is a prison cell so you know for me when I look at that to skew S. housing sector still in the midst of a complete depression you know by any measure of all the other stats and then you see this supposedly you know so somewhat rebound in housing construction but units that are being sold in other aspects of your water these construction companies building and like I say the only answer I can come up with is you know one private prison after another you know one detention center to house the service that you know either of you fall fall foul of of ... you know the government's political you know leanings or else they simply are are are debtors who were her look warehoused in these facilities and and use to slave labor in getting back to the second part of my question which is do you think that this thing can be stitched together in any way ... deterrent is Ponzi is now imploding and ... the systems coming down is not there or is it favorable on some level say they bring implement glass Steagall is there any way to stitch this thing together well you know they're there for two ways to answer that I mean there's there's first of all that the general consensus that's emerging amongst you know all mainstream commentator show it's not myself it's not even just the people you referred to it it's basically a lot of very sharp people who are saying the same thing and that's you know nothing at all has been fixed in any respect whatsoever you know it's simply been applying you know one band aid after another and went we keep at it after another if..." + 82%
"2012-08-14 22:02:42"
"GERALD CELENTE: VP Paul Ryan? A ..."
"n't guys as chichi here and a back to Gerald Celente of the trends research institute forecasting worldwide since nineteen eighty Gerald is one of the truth tellers in the community and therefore is a friend of liberty in front us Gerald welcome back not thanks I have I think you will you know I really do appreciate your generosity your time your knowledge your intellect and your courage for speaking truth Gerald you'll say the things that most other small where would you like to start we talk about the right at the top these banksters these criminals or should we talk about Paul Ryan selection here with Robbie where would you like to start nationality Ryan that's that's in the news right now yeah I have to tell you I began my career based on political campaigns in Westchester county which is the richest county in the United States and I was the assistant to the secretary the New York State Senate I taught at Saint John's university the course I had devised American politics and campaign technology patter on campaigns and anybody that would have come up with a plan like this sort of got in that and how could anybody be so stupid not to launch your vice presidential selection on a Saturday morning at nine o'clock in the day I don't think it's a time zone thing in their head here sleeping out west Midwest and mountain state and barely waking up in east coast Saturdays the least watched and followed news day of the week and it was just it was just moronic and of course the selection is is as well ... I M. and watching the whole performance you know the battleship Wisconsin behind them I I encourage everybody to go to you tube and watch a clip from Fredonia would talk soup who it with a satchel marks I mean it was rebellion and it was straight out of it it was it was it was show business for ugly people and what we're looking at is the selection and if you go back to our summer trends journal two thousand and eleven we did a whole profile on Paul Ryan this is a sui..." + 89%
"2012-08-26 07:26:59"
"The Ultimate 100 Year QUADRUPLE ..."
"thank god has chichi here at a time for very poor children date with our favorite renter renting Andy welcome back to pleasure to be here and a great time to have this conversation renting it is you guys know is the marketing director of prep miles Franklin Andy thanks for joining us I have to tell you I am really quite shocked see what's happened in the silver market in such a short time even though bill Murphy warned us back in July nineteen big big moves for coming for silver and gold in August I'm truly shocked I was thinking maybe we see ten percent I didn't think we'd see Ted that fifteen percent in a week and a written article called the ultimate quadruple top break out the other day ... William make this where we had it okay well actually what's really shocking to me is not what's going on today it's that for the past year ... omits the same exact fundamental circumstances as last year via cartel has been able to keep gold and silver down I mean we're talking about the reasons that were cited for gold going to an all time high and so we're going to that the high forties was because of a meltdown in Europe was because the United States that debt ceiling we went over at fourteen point three trillion and because of ... a weakening economy all three of those things are not just Wurst now they're dramatically worse and on top of that there's been a huge amount of liquid injected to the markets by essentially every central bank on earth so theoretically we should be literally twice as high as as we were last year but the the powers that be have stepped up the naked shorting this year they started last September ... with what I call operation PM annihilation which was the day after Labor Day ... when they that was the day that the Europe that the Swiss bank devalued the euro and then there was the in December they attacked again the day that the ECB lowered rates and that in February on the day of the LTR or two which was that which was believed a viol..." + 85%
"2012-09-08 15:29:26"
"ROB KIRBY, Pt 1: The U.S. Treasu..."
"Hey guys has chichi here and I have the one and only rob Kirby of Kirby analytics publisher of the Kirby analysis newsletter rod is also author of the book the gold fixed around here to join us from thanks so much for your time they have no problem and I speak with the shot it's a pleasure I think we've been on a conference call before in which Eric Sprott and others were on it you're so well connected you know Eric Sprott Jim Sinclair you know Jim will you know all these guys guys Robert seat is economics degree from York University and then went on to Prebon for eleven years and of freedom bond brokers now part of candor fitzgerald rob worked it Darband the second biggest broker of government bonds and rob was around when the staff are ase forward rate agreements were invented which are essentially bets on live or interest rates so few people on the planet understand the depth and breadth if this live or rigging scandal like rob Kirby surround before we get into your article labor raking the tip of the iceberg I just want to get your reaction to this Daily Mail headline ECB rise to rescue of Spain and Italy with long awaited bond buying plan well Mary Maher during his press conference ... reminded me of ... of John Cleese ... speaking in one of his famous Monty Python movies his his his statement that they were gonna do unlimited one purchases in maturities one to three years but it was all going to be sterilized and that this was all within the mandate of the ... the C. B. and is is absolutely and utterly that that I mean I want to use the word preposterous but I mean it is that's not strong enough to say it's hilarious that doesn't doesn't really convey the seriousness ... you know of the situation but but it's ... needless to say it's a it's a it's a sad day ... it's a sad day for finances the said Dave for humanity when somebody of his is stature and somebody in a position that he's in gets up in front of ... the world the free world and mak..." + 89%
"2012-09-03 05:09:15"
"ALERT: Scotiabank Tries to Talk ..."
"okay guys as chichi here and with silver blowing the doors off thirty one dollars an ounce on Friday and gold earring seventeen hundred I wanted to get a good friend John that doc from silver doctors on the line helps break down the action doc welcome our thanks John pleasure being here was a pleasure to have you hate for someone to set the stage for folks I know we can't get into details about Porter side here but the silver doctors received a large order for physical silver recently and I mean a large order seven figures" + 1%
"2012-08-31 15:24:58"
"The Global Elite Want Your Land,..."
"the only way that we can protect ourselves is to get our money out of the bank get your money into our how how the earth system or an instrument of trade whether it's gold and silver whether it seeds and and and ... emergency supplies how the ... contingency plans top tier neighbors find out who knows what the hell to do what find out if you have any veteran on your corner protected veteran stand up for them ... what has a with Brandon lot and another veteran there's something there that people don't know and this is so this is something that absolutely legal and you can do it unless our police officer has a new search warrants for your property or a warrant for your arrest you don't have to open that door you can keep that door closed and forced the crop to speak to you through the door I recommend that if a cop shows up on your doorstep and he does not have a warrant for your arrest or area warrant to search and seize any property or be on your property I recommend that you ... keep that door shut and speaking of through the door and call nine one one because nine one one record all call or you know your video camera and record what what's being said and if you have another cell phone or another phone at the house call your neighbors call your friends have people show up at the door and have them record of what's going on yeah you don't have to be a victim as as being carted away without any proof ... just on suspicion we don't have to do we don't want to give in to this we can stand up the laws on our side you're right I don't think that ... we need to necessarily play nice with the police who can be polite but we certainly don't have to ... put herself in harm's way by walking out on the front porch into the driveway where they can snatch and grab you you know here's the other thing I I was thinking about while we're talking and I think you need to help people understand this is at the door primitive exposure and that the American banks have is ..." + 86%
"2012-09-16 21:28:00"
"During HYPERINFLATION Your Asset..."
"Hey guys this chichi here and have a new friend on the line somebody who wants to help us all get a better understanding of what life in hyper inflation looks like it's very from the Dominican Republic that Mary has a site called D. R. escapes dot com very thanks for joining us Sean it's my pleasure thanks for the opportunity of ... speaking I think this should be a great joy for everybody berry because I know that one of the keys for you that you want to share with everybody is the importance of having an escape plan used to live in Argentina in two thousand two thousand one and you experience the bank closings in the hyper inflation in Argentina first hand in the chaos that went with it when you tell folks how horrible a situation that is and what you might tell people they should plan to prepare for should we had hyper inflation in the states yeah well I was actually ... checking out ... living there through a friend who was there for about six months in the absolute chaos when they announced a just closed up the banking system and froze accounts was you have no idea what ugliness can be when that happens to people are I've actually been living outside of America since nineteen eighty four I've lived in five countries and ... done a fair bit of experience of what happens in situations like this and it's almost like a three legged stool without a balance of all three the school topples it doesn't matter most people on your website particularly they're in tune your your listeners are your crowd is in tune but the point they're missing is the value of sovereignty and in this caper let's talk a little bit about having an escape plan you're in the Dominican Republic tell people what that is like is that a friendly country to Americans or would you recommend people get a second passport and check out the Dominican Republic go what's life like down there you know it's absolutely total freedom it's it's another clear example of how embarrassed Sam his brainwas..." + 88%
"2012-09-10 01:47:46"
"Harley Schlanger Pt. 1: A Comple..."
"a friend who says she tea and I have back on the line Harley Schlanger who happens to be in Austria right now Harley slinger is the spokesperson for the larouche organization and we really value was time Carly thanks and welcome back my pleasure showing good to be with him was great to be with you before we get started I want to just level set on a couple of things for the audience Harley number one the reason we're having this call it a Portland is because this twelve German Constitutional Court ruling is nearly upon us it is a ruling that could spell the end of the German fund bailouts and therefore the end of the E. U. your in Austria and nobody has a better perspective on what thoughts are there did you in an email you told me that quote all of Europe is on the edge so let's talk about that but before we do I think it's very important that we level sat here for the audience why do I have hardly Schlanger little Rouge organization on the line MI Lucio them I am a member of the larouche organization no but I've broken my false right left paradigm I've broken it and I think that it's important to get the perspective of all people from all walks of life now and one of the last video's from LaBruce use that I posted I got some comments from people who are regulars on my site one says look brushes a stretch the other says larouche youth equal brown shirts from World War two Harley the reason I have a online let me ask you why do I have you on the line hardly do you believe in the federal reserve pretty wanted to spend we've been trying to get rid of it for quite awhile Hubble false like terrorism do you know what that is and you think governments have been known to use false flags in the past I think we look at nine eleven we see that and we look at what Obama's doing today with Syria where the United States is supporting al Qaeda terrorists makes it perfectly clear that this is a continuing problem how honest money or the founding fathers do you believe in the bil..." + 85%
"2012-09-08 15:29:36"
"ROB KIRBY, Pt. 2: The End Game ..."
"what is a post dollar world look like a post world's reserve currency dollar world what's it look like rob that poor boy that's a black you know that's a that's a really really good question and the you know de and it's very difficult to answer because the the real answer to that question runs runs the gamut ... from ... Mad Max to ... conceivably ... you know you you could be talking about ... but a post nuclear war world you could be talking about ... yeah I mean you could be talking about ... why Meyer has ... style hyper inflation and the one thing that I think is absolutely guaranteed baked into the cake is that we will ultimately not have a deflationary collapse because the actions that have been undertaken by monetary authorities to date and and and the actions they seem to be firmly committed to continuing that in in my in my personal view yeah absolutely and utterly guarantee the total destruction of the currency and you can't have a deflation flash is the V. conceptually the definition of a deflation is their currency goes up in value cash becomes king and given given the ill given the the the criminality and and and that's been exerted and and and and ... conducted against the currency I see nothing but the end game for the currency as for it to be worthless yeah and it's so scary because we've been sounding the alarm for so long trying to tell people to prepare by some physical silver by some physical gold get some store bought food make preparations he'll break your normalcy bias intent and start to think about worst case scenarios because to me brought as I mentioned these friends of mine that the you know that still are living in this paradigm and don't recognize any of these dangers were talking about it's like children playing on train tracks that the average American is is akin to teach kids playing on train tracks but think the train will never come because the train has never come but you and I are at the thirty thousand foot..." + 89%
"2012-10-15 05:39:44"
"'People have no idea what COLLAP..."
"a lot of people are paying more attention to the truth there there's a lot of people that are tuning into the alternative media and out I think we'll probably see ... some sort of clamp down whether they try to invoke II experiments doctrine or how whether they try to ... have some sort of controls on songs internet activity whether it's blogging or video blogging I don't know what they'll try but desperate times call for desperate measures and I and when when the powers that be feel desperate there's no limit to what they might try yeah you're right you know it was HG wells that said about the New World order and I quote countless millions will protest against the New World order and will die fighting at it seems to me that he was very precious to in that quote now because could I guess twenty years ago or even ten years ago that so many people across the planet would be awake to this debt based fiat banksters system that meant awake enough to be in the streets marching in fighting against that I think this this plan for a one world government is either deadly on track or its way off track I don't think there's much of an in between and I'd like to think that their way off track because too many of us have woken up well there's a lot people waking up but we have to be very careful though that the alternative that's brought up is it worse than what we're seeing right now because there's also some voices out there that are trying to co opt things like the occupy movement who are big government advocates they're actually they want totalitarian government I'm in a different form they want in the name of the people and they're essentially Trotsky ites when you come right down to it so we gotta be careful that in attempting to ... reveal the evils of the fiat banking system that we don't end up where instead of ... a legitimate banking system which would be warehouse spanking that we instead and instead end up where global governance and a global currency whic..." + 88%
"2012-10-15 05:39:26"
"America Will Experience Weimar-S..."
"a princess chichi here with a very special friend back joining us again it's James Wesley Rawles the founder of survival blog dot com Mister Ross extra joining us thanks for having me on will James just refresh the audience's member you've got great books H. it's the first one survivors then under you know I know you've not what he wanted show just to help people get prepared it now ports of preparing give us a refresher on your book so people know he's a great books sure about the latest one that just came out the twenty fifth of September was our founders that's another novel of the of the coming collapse it's in the patriot series it set an exact same time period as patriots and survivors and it's just seven different geography it's primarily sat I in the Kentucky and Tennessee area and then there's a couple of major subplots ... where ... it details the cross country journey of cannon Terry Lleyton leaving Chicago which you just briefly describe in patriots yeah there's also a new character introduced his name is structural Watanabe he's an airforce maintenance NCO at Malmstrom Air Force base in Montana so that's the latest novel it just came out hard back I hit number four on Amazon and number eleven on the New York times best seller list course of my other two novels are survivors which came out a year ago and patriots which has been out for many years patriots is about to come out in hard back for the first time ever that'll be in November and ... in addition to that I'm ... the author ... the non fiction book called how to survive in a world as we know it and that's published by penguin it's still one of their best sellers and of course I do a daily blog called survival blog and I highly recommend it even for your listeners that Tony's wife fictions and lease itself into the archives for survival blog everything there is free and fully searchable we did a gripping interview a few months back so thanks again for giving us your time now let's talk..." + 86%
"2012-10-05 04:47:51"
"QE∞, False Flags & the END OF ..."
"okay friends I can't thank you enough for sending back on to check out what we're doing over here that's GT report and the liberty bell I want to thank you for your time I want to thank you for your support and I want to thank our guests today Greg Mannarino from Gregory Mannarino dot com for joining us Greg how are you obituary thanks to having a well it's a pleasure you know I I wanna talk to you about some important things today you know been talking with her leash linger over at larouche and others about the fact that we're really truly at the edge of a global war and I think if certain folks had their way about it that's exactly where we'd end up people like Patrick Clawson over to wash" + 1%
"2012-09-22 13:48:34"
"JAMES TURK - Part 1: This Always..."
"Hey princess GT here I'm always thrilled when our good friend James Turk the founder of gold money can join us James welcome thank you Sean it's such a pleasure to speak with you well thanks for taking the time I know you're in Spain and I want to talk to you about the ECB and life in Spain but the first thing I want to do is talk to you about the huge moves we saw him both gold and silver prior to the fed's announcement of cubies three and justice Gaddis bill Murphy predicted huge moves in August in the run up in September and you wrote recently this break out the gold and silver is very important historically not only because it signifies the next like up in the metals but also it signifies the next leg in the destruction fiat money we talk a little bit about that yeah what we really have to be prepared for and and recognized is that the system that we use for four decades of your currency backed by nothing except government promises what it's done is it's created a what I call a fiat currency the bubble and into bubbles always eventually popped and so will the fiat currency bubble up popped and when it does you just going to see the ... the precious metals gold and silver just continuing to rise as people exit paper and move into the precious metals to it we've seen this happen dozens of times since the end of the second World War as various currencies around the world have collapsed but we saw some before the second World War in places like one mark now Germany but you know we saw it in as impossibly just a few years ago Argentina back in the nineteen nineties ... number of Latin American countries in the nineteen eighties ... ... Serbia mid nineteen nineties what happens is when you have this breaking confidence in promises people move to the safety of precious metals and that's what I'm expecting to have happen when the dollar about people that she recognizes that the dollars being destroyed the purchasing power the dollars being eroded day by day w..." + 80%
"2012-11-04 23:37:32"
"The World Calls the FED's Bluff:..."
"ladies and gentlemen I have built a full turn any Hoffman from miles Franklin back on the line gentlemen thanks for joining me a pleasure morning good morning Godzilla set the stage in either of you can jump in with your ... impressions and reactions to this but jugadas recall the shenanigans that one on below ground with the gold stored beneath the World Trade Center on nine eleven because in a times online article dated November first two thousand one mayor guiliani was quoted as saying two hundred thirty million dollars in gold had been recovered from the wreckage of the World Trade Center however it's widely known that the comics restoring closer to nine hundred fifty million dollars worth of gold and that of course is in two thousand one prices went gold was what two fifty to sixty to seventy announced so it begs the question why only two hundred thirty million dollars recovered and I want to take it a step further and remind you that Reuters reported that the two hundred thirty million guiliani spoke of in gold was discovered in the back of a ten wheel truck along with several cars in a delivery tunnels under World Trade Center five the reason I bring this up is with New York City now under water I'm just waiting for the New York Federal Reserve Bank to tell the Germans but their gold floated away guys what do you think about all that perhaps well as far as World Trade Center you're saying World Trade Center five which is one of the other buildings is that correct yes that is correct it's one it's part of the World Trade Center outside building complex right because obviously if anyone claims it's on anything on there ... buildings one into that crock they can even assign that bodies it's been said that World Trade Center for stored a tremendous amount of gold on behalf of Scotiabank the comics and its customers JP Morgan et cetera et cetera and you know the theory is that a lot of that gold went missing on nine eleven but really okay cigarette short th..." + 85%
"2012-10-27 02:12:30"
"NWO Briefing: Benghazi, False Fl..."
"prince thanks for joining me again I sure do appreciate it I have on the line or the best alternative media writers out there Suzanne postal Suzanne thanks for joining us thank you for having me I love being on your show well it's a pleasure to have you back you really crank out some great articles here recently and I just wanted to touch on some of them because you know as we've been reporting it as GT report false flag after false flag after false flag seems to be the" + 1%
"2012-11-27 05:30:50"
"Daddy why did bad guys in my old I'm not sure buddy I don't like bad guys number twenty third two thousand twelve Black Friday field gets further evidence of the complete madness of the populace of our society this is all this talk a man haunted by a vision of hell on earth Mister Huxley twenty seven years ago wrote Brave New World a novel that predicted that one day of the entire world would live under a right wing dictatorship today Mister Huxley says that his in a world of power is probably just around the corner all of we'll find out why in a moment this the underlying principles of modern consumerism is designed by Edward Bernays the father of modern propaganda is to create demand where there is no real need he's been are victims of Bernie's in most of them cannot be reached they cannot be helped they will be among the tens of millions of Americans who will fall victim to unimaginable hardship suffering and hunger during the coming collapse this micro dock is not for them most of them do not possess the intellectual curiosity to seek it out this video is for those with the highest to see and ears to hear it's for those who recognize that the madness of the crowds we see on Black Friday represents the very worst of what we have become as a nation and it offers a very clear picture of where we are headed when the country we love finally collapses under the weight of tens of trillions of dollars of death as old as Huxley rightly predicted these are the people who can be taught to love their servitude technology and more effective propaganda the surf sore eyes would learn to love our servitude we wouldn't even really acknowledge that were essentially slaves to a to a small technocratic technologically advanced oligarchy the people that control our financial system are by and large the same people that are behind the globalist movement and ... I think at the core of that you're going to find probably somewhere between six and a dozen Old World key banking famil..." + 81%
"2012-11-12 00:43:17"
"THE $36 Trillion DTCC FRAUD: It'..."
"welcome back my friends I sure am grateful to have on the line one of the brightest minds in the newsletter industry when it comes to precious metals and economics rob Kirby from Kirby analytics rob welcome and nice to be with your son well I'm thrilled to have you you know I wanted to get you here to break down why the TTC sees recent claim that their thirty six point five trillion in securities held is the fault of fifty five Water Street New York City that those securities may have been damaged or destroyed by the flooding caused by hurricane sandy one to get you to tell people why this is such a big deal I don't let this go because rob I personally think they've laid out the case to make future claims that are gonna make people's toes curl there's a big deal right is which is which really a big deal it's automatically all the Germans can't see their goals that yeah he CC is is laying the foundation for future fraught in shock claims that it's all a big deal twelve plug I got a quick question for you how much you know about the DTCC my understanding is that if your securities are registered in your name yeah you know you may never get that during your broker's name and god knows if the DTCC is actually settled any of these trades to go on about high frequency trading you think those are reconciled no no you know who's the DTCC is a bank well the DP is this ... I'm I mean I'm on their website because ruthlessness stuff that I'm gonna and in inject into our discussion okay fifty if this is right on the website the DP and this is stuff I knew anyway but the DTCC is owned by its principal users and operates on an at cost basis which means we look to return profits we make to our customers driven in part by economies of scale our transaction fees are among the loss in the world so they're they're owned by the banks the DTCC is not of government it is all the banks it is called an SRO a self regulatory organization self regulated so this is this is this is an orga..." + 89%
"2012-11-06 06:20:36"
"**The DTCC's $36.5 TRILLION Floo..."
"Hey guys this treaty here with a very a portent update I have to my favorite truth tellers on the line Andy Hoffman from miles Franklin dot com index where from row to redact up Telecinco for joining us a think tank show on ... you know here's the deal guys I thought we should talk about this ... DTCC do which the automatic earth" + 1%
"2013-01-01 01:39:49"
"Sandy Hook: Cop in CT on Contrad..."
"a French rescue team here and I sure hope everybody had a very merry Christmas as we're moving into the new year we'd like to wish you a happy new year I have back on the line our good friend mark ass man is an executive in the firearms industry and is also a part time lieutenant in the police force mark welcome back a strong just a refresher us everybody knows mark ass man is the pseudonym mark uses to speak with us and mark has boots on the ground in Connecticut and we are going to cover more of these anomalies and in assistance he's with the official sandy hook elementary story but first before we started Marco one is share this with everybody Dudley brown from the national association for gun rights shared this with second amendment lovers across the country just the other day it was posted at animal land dot com of course we carried it at as GT report on read this he writes my jaw just hit the floor after reading senator Dianne Feinstein's new so called assault weapons ban I can only describe it as the effective and of the second amendment in America the definition of an assault weapon in this bill is so broad you contrive a truck through it they're targeting everything rifles shotguns it even handguns you see the gun grabbers are going for broke even owners of supposedly grandfather fire arms will be treated like common criminals if passed Feinstein's so called assault weapons ban would go after and he lists a really draconian list of the things that they're targeting in before we talk about sandy hook elementary I wanted to talk about this because they're using the sandy hook elementary massacre as the excuse to target guns I want the audience to realize that's why the sandy hook elementary massacre is so important it's a little bit like nine eleven mark they use nine eleven as the pretense to come after our liberties to introduce the TSA ditty a chance to pass the patriot act and shake the hell out of the liberty of all Americans so mark what is your take..." + 90%
"2012-12-19 05:14:02"
"CT. COP on Sandy Hook Inconsiste..."
"Hey guys rescue team here and given the horrors that we saw occur at sandy hook elementary on Friday December fourteenth and the many inconsistencies with the official story I wanted to get our good friend mark ass man that's his pseudonym back on the line markers of fire arms industry executives apartheid police officer any sure to have interesting insight on what we saw happen last Friday mark welcome back tishawn dexter Avenue gets under these circumstances mark of it you know it's not a pleasure to be talking about these things it needs to be addressed anybody has been following SDP report knows that I think that the official story has big giant holes in it and we do not see the mainstream media addressing these holes we do not see the mainstream mocking bird media following up on reports of two people man in a van that were detained clean that school they were detained by an officer in the rock police recordings reveal this as fact we also know that another man was brought in from the woods near the school wearing camo pants and he was detained in the back of the police car and we do not see anybody except for the alternative media following up on these very critical issues mark what is your take on what you see happening because we also know they're now going to come after the guns with this being the excuse Sean that it's the first thing I want to say is that this happened about forty minutes away from from where I live ... pipe you know might I go blind eighty ten names markets man up because I want to ask be considerate to my employer and the police agency that I work for because some of the times I see things that ... they may or may not appreciate it I respect anyone in in in for ... my own purposes I I don't use my real name but one thing I do want to put out here after writing several articles for you over the last years that I do live in Connecticut it I'm about forty minutes away from where this tragedy took place and I I know some of the fir..." + 91%
"2012-12-10 02:14:57"
"Bernanke's 'Fiscal Cliff' FRAUD:..."
"paper industry to here and I have Harley slayer the national spokesperson for the liberation organization on the line and Harleys in Austria which gives him a great perspective to share with us all of his thoughts on this post election result with Obama getting back in the office and all this talk about the fiscal cliff parlay takes are joining us what closures on good talking with you good talking with you your boots on the ground in Austria Harley we doing over there well there's some meetings and then there's ... Christmas with my wife's family and then back to the U. S. but I'm still in touch with very perilous moment the period between the election inauguration god what I call the lame brain congressional session you're doing nothing and there's a real game of chicken going on on the so called fiscal cliff but the fiscal cliff is really a a phony concept which I can explain in a moment but in Europe I can just tell you the they had a meeting of the European Union a week ago they could come up with no agreement on a European Union budget they're trying to impose a top down European Union budgets are who would have power to override any parliament's budget decision so this is the movement of the post sovereignty Europe for Europe ... this is supported by the Germans it's supported by French ... the Italians the Greeks the Spanish and Portuguese have no choice because they can't make a budget now anyway because they need bailout funds and the only way to get the funds to slash their budgets and I I think one of the things that that I think is important for Americans to think about is that in the last presidential campaign one of the issues that came up is we don't want the United States to become like Greece and so what if they say is the way we avoid becoming like Greece cutting the budget no the problem with cutting the budget with the meat axe which is the way they're discussing it without having some form of our policy to increase physical production ..." + 93%
"2013-01-27 02:43:59"
"CHUCK BALDWIN: If Americans Lose..."
"the bottom line is we have to draw a line in the sand and say no we are not going to surrender or semi automatic firearms period and thankfully I'm hearing from sheriffs and police and military personnel from all over the country that are saying that very same he printed" + 1%
"2013-01-14 03:39:24"
"It's Time To Blow the Whistle On..."
"a friend that she came here and if you're looking at the title of the video that you probably already know my special guest this today is David lory vanderbeek any his the constitution party candidate for governor in two thousand fourteen he was also the constitution party candidate for Senate in two thousand twelve the Nevada and he received forty nine thousand votes and he's a new voice in this movement that's one we very much welcome Mr vanderbeek welcome thank you Sean it's great to be with you an honor well beyond his own mind and in this increasingly tyrannical and volatile a caustic environment in American politics these days it takes a tremendous amount of courage to say some of the things you're saying your video if Obama sense police to take your guns civil war question mark your message is really getting out there and it's resonating with so many of us we see bright parts editor Ben Shapiro on piers Morgan we see Larry Pratt executive director of gun owners of America piers Morgan we see Lou Rockwell Ron Paul voices such as your own everybody's coming together and being vocal about this which I know is exactly what you want to see and I do too yes ... the newest video did as Mr Obama put me on the White House kill list what I want Americans to understand is that patriots of this nation our our radio on lists with the government so let's just be honest about it let's have the conversation ... what distinguishes America at us as Americans is that we we live without fear if we lose that then we lose what is essential to being an American so ... I've made a decision and what I've done is I've placed this tyrant ... Obama in a lose lose situation because let's say something happens to me then then he simply exposes himself for everything that I've said if if he doesn't then well you're seeing the reactive response that I have not had one I odor of persecute I just want everyone to know that that I am perfectly safe I am protected I'm watched over I ..." + 91%
"2013-01-01 01:40:04"
"Sandy Hook: Cop in CT on Contrad..."
"that takes us to the shooter himself one Adam Lanza and ... I have a very good people that I've been speaking with as well as myself one of the things that we really looked at in this whole thing was the fact that if we see any pictures of of what" + 1%
"2013-03-10 23:11:37"
"EXCLUSIVE: David VS Goliath - Sh..."
"Hey guys if she can hear fix a much for joining us again I have a very special broadcast here for you with two very port casts the first is fifty seven year old Jorge Lopez India and he is a minor from Chile he's actually in Canada as we speak borders have a compelling story to share and we also have our good friend Jeff Nielsen from billion bowls Canada on the line to help us decide for all of this stuff both of you Jorge and Jeff welcome great to be here shot nice to be here soon and thank you very much for ... you have in your audience ... learn the real truth about the financial markets well thank you Jorge for joining us your story is a very gripping want to me it's very much David versus Goliath story ... " + 1%
"2013-02-18 03:54:08"
"Own PHYSICAL, You WIN - Own Pape..."
"no one is selling we're still doing brisk business every day it's all buying a physical this is all paper and if you own the physical you win" + 1%
"2013-02-18 03:53:07"
"welcome back guys his shoulder messed UP report here with one of our all time favorite guests Andy Hoffman from miles Franklin dot com and he could have picked a better time to join us with DR cartel having its way with us once again how are you goods well there's always something dramatic going on in and as you mentioned that as you as we speak we're in the middle of I haven't even named this one yet I've given up with with that what I call blitzkrieg attack names go so many of them but what what what makes this one so different is that now for the first time ... I've ever seen the cartel no longer use cover for what they do like that quote good economic news or or stats they literally for the past month ... right the middle of the separatist go Clifton debt ceiling and ... and all these ... naked you it's around the world they've just been hitting golf with impunity at every key attack time out last night they hated eight PM in the middle of the night when there was no one wake and that you know what they're gonna do right now they've not at least the paper gold silver prices down to the most oversold level that I've seen in at least three years and like I said all the fundamentals are stronger now than they've ever been I would say that today is the most undervalued gold and silver prices have been in my entire eleven years in this sector I wrote the other day when we're under attack that you know you gotta love these guys right because you know HSBC comes out and gives their forecasts for the price of silver for the year two thousand thirteen and they say that it'll average about thirty one box denounce all year and you know what I wrote well that makes perfect sense because these are the guys that laundered drug money these are the guys that you know do all measure of criminality and nobody goes to jail and if they're saying it's gonna be thirty one it probably will be thirty one because they're the ones that manipulate the price along with their cri..." + 87%
"2013-03-25 02:03:17"
"a friend has shown tremendous you to report with Andy Hoffman back on the line any we have spoken in about a month and it just seems to me that every time we do speak the world collapses just a little further what say you about Cyprus what's on your mind well you know the first thing I'll say is that it you know it would almost seem a coincidence but the fact is there's just that many more eyes Jim Willie because an extreme events occurring and ... yeah it's really hard to get through a few weeks without something new and horrible occurring as far as ... cypress I mean I think I've made it clear in my writing that have pretty much you know all the people in our shadow world that says you know this may be one of the most important events ... ever as far as ... you know a lack of break of trust in the system excellent Jim Sinclair who you know just last week said we're going to sixteen hundred not coming back called it the most fucked him important financial vent history so that that should give you ... you know some weight into what it means frankly I I I find it hard to believe we're not gonna see bank runs across all of Europe and ... you know the only recourse for the ... powers that going to be it's going to be create money ... but most importantly I think the most important thing that's going to come out of this that Cyprus thing is I remember just last July it was ... drag it and I'll do whatever it takes to save the euro meaning upward as much money as they need to and frankly now that they're giving this ultimatum cypress it really sounds like he's going back on his word so in my mind the whole propaganda ... school of that of the evil tribe pot of money ... trading market manipulation propaganda's broken so they're gonna have to just print more money ... to you know just to keep that they can't kick ... a couple feet down the road what's your take though on the fact that they wanted to ... stick up to people of cypress like goo..." + 93%
"2013-03-18 05:30:00"
"Cyprus Americana: Humanity VS th..."
"uhhuh get this illustration from David Dees just look how far we've fallen in just the last fifty years this is cypress americana so I've been watching the highly acclaimed British TV series Downton abbey if you've seen it you already know why people enjoy it the show takes place at Downton fictional Yorkshire country estate begins just before World War one stories revolve around the Crawley family and they're large servant staff at Downton think the filthy wealth of the Rothschilds but with a hard the benevolent and kind Robert Crowley and his wife countess Cora Crawley are benevolent decent god fearing people who treat their gigantic servant class staff with kindness and respect they have souls they've empathy for others their humanity shines through time and time again there everything one might wish the aristocratic stinking wealthy to be this is after all fiction the entire story of down abbey's the fictional creation of writer Julian Fellowes and I wish it were true the problem is it's propaganda it's great viewing a wonderful show and I recommend it but it's propaganda for its British audience still living under the multi century iron grasp the British monarchy the Crawley family is nothing like the Windsors or the Rothschilds or the Rockefellers for that matter if you've been watching my channeler reading as GT report for any length of time you know we've been warning that the world power elite have been on a rampage to destroy everything that is good and equitable in an effort to devastate the middle class and ends national sovereignty as they continue to move us toward their malevolent heartless one world government one need look no further than Detroit understand what the globalist corporatist fascist plan has in store for you the governments of the world are firmly under the control of the anti Crowley's the malevolent and heartless banksters it's for this reason that many good people have been warning you that physical precious metals can help provid..." + 60%
"2013-06-09 20:13:13"
"Urgent Message From The Totalita..."
"this is an urgent message from a totalitarian state today we are calling for the immediate arrest of journalist Glenn Greenwald the recent actions of Mr Greenwald a reporter for the guardian cannot be allowed to stand in a totalitarian state the national security agency's data mining tool boundless informant which collected ninety seven billion pieces of intelligence from worldwide computer networks in March two thousand thirteen alone and three billion pieces of intelligence from computer networks based in the United States in just a thirty day period cannot effectively operate in the shadows protecting the interests of the totalitarian state if journalists like Glenn Greenwald remain free perhaps most meanwhile invoke the U. S. because former president George Bush referred to just a god damn paper it's pretty clear that that investigation would have to include look let them go on and there's this all right the citizens absolute con a port on my is doing it I form my fellows though that italic Terry long supported it's a free in order to keep true agendas fully cloaked but the Greenwald example illustrates how secret totalitarian state formation is now being we to an American people who are showing some signs of an awakening this situation cannot persist there is this massive surveillance state that the United States government has built up that has extraordinary implications for how we live as human beings on the earth and as Americans in our country and we have the right to know what it is that that government and if that agency is doing and I intend to continue to shine light on on that and I beat her chest all she wants call for investigations and none of that's going to stop and none of it's gonna change solitary and state agent Andrea Mitchell the wife of Alan green span did an admirable job interview senator Dianne Feinstein about the leaks senator let me just be clear our understanding that this is the collection of phone numbers and I'm going to infer f..." + 66%
"2013-06-02 23:05:00"
"CELENTE: The Obituary For Democr..."
"if you go back before nine eleven I couldn't see it Gerald I didn't know all of this you know the wizard of oz the man behind the curtain was fully cloak but no he cloaked in the genie really is out of the bottle I think at the end of the day that is the good news is that people all over this planet are waking up in the calling this system for what it is here's my fear and that is they're going to take us to war look what happened with Boston where they called a state of siege martial law they closed down a hundred square miles to look for a nineteen year old kid who they probably framed picture and look at that look at daisy didn't warrant going into homes without search warrants people coming up with their hands up with these goons with their guns being pointed at them military in the streets in calphalon look how easy the people this way yeah here in hysteria they use it all the time so until the people really come to a whole different consciousness it's it's only going to get worse as I see it because I hear the war drums beating I said this many times before and I'll say it again history is repeating itself the crash of nineteen twenty nine the Great Depression currency was trade wars World War the panic of the lip Great Depression currency wars World War as a trade wars World War we're going to do the same with going through the same steps but just differently and now Syria I mean my god you know I I listen anyway she John McCain in Syria with the rebels I mean with the rebels yeah yeah how Keita people how news sure I mean what's going on over here and by the way people lived at Chechen deficit disorder diss the mujahideen eventually early roots user created by Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan you remember the proxy war fighting against Russia to get to get Russia out of Afghanistan sure doesn't my recent broadcast was about as it relates to ... ... Donald Rumsfeld and ... Dick Cheney in the Reagan administration coming up to call the continuity govern..." + 90%
"2013-05-27 00:55:48"
"SGT Report UNBOUND: PROOF The U...."
"everybody loves big government love the fed because they can finance the wars and all the welfare you want either you're with us or you're with the terrorists in the long history of the world only a few generations have been granted the role of defending freedom and its maximum hour of danger you know where that generation this is your role freedom must be defended from the government that wants to take it away from us and good morning friends thanks for joining us it's a beautiful day here where I am sort of but it's always a beautiful day to talk about truth and freedom I have on the line our friend Rory a contributor over it has G. T. report dot com the corporate propaganda antidote Rory welcome back how are you I'm doing alright thank you don't you don't I'm doing okay to ... I went out to dinner last night with my wife ... into a couple of neighbor friends and ... we talked about the criminality coming out of Washington we talked about all of the problems and ... crimes being perpetrated on the people by the administration ... the Obama administration and Eric holder at the department of justice and my almost libertarian minded friend but mostly stuck in the Republican camp up who is a ... server head honcho over at three AM he finds himself stuck squarely in a camp that I am no longer in and he believe it or not Rory thinks that all of these crimes including the IRS phone tapping in following AP reporters and fox news reporters in Benghazi he thinks this is all accidental thinks the IRS phone ... tapping scandal is probably you know some mid level person trying to make a name for himself so many people I know don't see the big picture and it's so frustrating our problems as you know worry are far larger than fast and furious or Benghazi or the EP phone tapping scandal by the justice department or the IRS targeting pitcher groups and constitutionalist the heart of this bank stir New World order plans has always been a fascist coup of the Pentag..." + 95%
"2013-04-19 03:14:37"
"Pure Unadulterated Bankster Desp..."
"welcome back to another exciting episode of chronicling the crimes of the criminal cartel and who better to talk to you about those crimes today than Jeff Nielsen from portables Canada Jeff welcome back called a pleasure to chat John always a pleasure to chat with you say people are hungry for real information and I know you have some very specific things you want to talk about today let me read you this though first from Dennis guardsmen who wrote in The New York Times just recently and I quote we've traded gold for nearly four decades and we've never ever ever seen anything like what we've witnessed in the past two trading sessions Jeff he goes on to say this is an orchestration the smashing goals in parentheses it's been going on now from the beginning of April he goes on to say it's an act desperation because they've got to establish in people's minds that the dollar is the only safe place it is the only safe haven not gold not silver and not other currencies and what he's saying Jeff is because if they don't get people to believe that the bond market will blow up the stock market will blow up and up banks that are too big to fail will fail Jeff what we're seeing is just absolutely epic a what I love about this you and I talked about this for about five seconds before we recorded this call here is that people are hungry for real information and out I'm just glad that you could help us a cut through the lies well you know it's one of those situations where course you can't see what's going on exactly if it happens that when the slaughter first began you know I was sort of you know scrambling for clues just like everybody else but now and as the dust is settling just the tiniest bit we begin to see how some definite patterns in the rocks and some sort of a clear picture taking form and I need to say that you know I totally agree with that what you've got until you quoted I'm just utterly astounded at the source ... that it's coming from somebody like Dennis C..." + 90%
"2013-07-23 13:21:53"
"3 Reasons the USD is Already Wor..."
"and thanks for joining us today and I'm bound radio dot com I'm your host John from S. GT report it on the line today we have our good contributors and friends Rory and Peter gentleman welcome I get you for joining us today and on the line direct from Canada hit billion bowls Canada dot com is our longtime friend Jeff Nielsen Jeff welcome a guy searching backing it ninety nice to have you Sir have you been well hang in there you know ... in in this sector it's ... just a matter of survival yeah it kind of feels that way at this point we all could use a life preserver could really for sure you know it's just a matter of recruiting bill I think that this is all totally and sustainable got a one way or other things must turn and turn in the near future you know I just simply waiting for for the next shoe to drop essentially let me ask you this I don't know if you have the ... the ability to listen to the first up part of our program today in which we are talking about Doumer headlines verses reality is easy to label those in the alt media Dumars other three Halliday is pretty scary and here's an article from as HDF plan dot com our friend Max Loughborough he writes that brink it confirms quote if we were to tighten policy the economy would take Jeff I don't think anybody ... with the exception made maybe any Hoffman and and a few others have followed this is closely and written about it as extensively as you have what is your take on that is ... burning ache in a box will you know if I know you're gonna mention the name Bernanke when you have gone today I would have probably skip my morning Cup of coffee because simply mention of that man's name now is enough to send me off into a rant I mean he's a walking so of parity we wanted we have here with judge four years of this lawyer talking about and exits to the point where it when he started talking about it again lists I didn't it wouldn't even used words exit strategy because everyone would have last so he..." + 88%
"2013-07-21 17:46:35"
"SGT Report UNBOUND: "Doomer" New..."
"and Good Morning America thanks for joining us today on unbound radio I am your host for this hour Sean from the S. G. T. report and I'm very happy to have on the line my two favorite contributors my only contributors and my best buddies from SG to report Rory" + 1%
"2013-07-01 00:57:30"
"do you like losing your rights to charity does that get underground thanks so much for joining us today I have but two very special guests on the line today in addition to that we have our normal contributor and all around good friend Rory on the line today with Aaron dikes and Melissa Melton from true stream media dot com oh my god you guys what a small world thanks for joining us ... it's good to be here Sean and good to finally talk to your followed your work for awhile as well yeah thank you very much appreciated are you guys this is such a it's such a small world we I suppose we ought to welcome our friend Lori to you guys have not had the pleasure of meeting Rory he's a give a contributor over at SGC report warrior yacht on the line reporting in from Spain the region for and it's a beautiful day it is a beautiful day here too as well so ... Aaron Deixa Millicent Milton thanks so much for taking the time I know you guys are new to the unbound radio family or to welcome you my little show happens at noon central on Saturdays and ... you guys have a show what you tell us about the time and date is it right after this one is a once a week is it several times a week I think we're an hour after your show but we are doing Saturdays from here on out at three to five PM eastern that's two to four central so coming up in just a little while we're excited about it though we're very exciting and I suppose you will upload ... those to your YouTube channel maybe and certainly put the mattress streaming media dot com to write yes so Melissa and I started the site true stream media dot com about two months ago and we've already got a whole bunch of great cont and up there and then courses you mentioned where you to have as well YouTube dot com slash true stream media and the same for Facebook's you can pretty much find a switcher stream media everywhere you look well this first segment of this show was very very short so we only of two minutes before we had a break..." + 96%
"2013-08-19 03:48:11"
"The FED'S Catastrophic Loss of C..."
"break yeah say I to any Hoffman will I add Peter anyhow you don't go yourself I'm doing quite well thank you so it's quite the technological achievement all like you know all this guide yeah it is and you know what I have a tendency to do I have a tendency to not add people I just hit the dial button for the other guy and then I cut everybody off so it's my apologies right now we have on the line Andy Hoffman from miles Franklin dot com a dear friend and a pundit who knows more about the banking cartel than just about anybody else we talk to any thanks for joining us ... it's always a pleasure I'll have to live up to that that Monica well you know what I'm not blowing sunshine brother you know the last time you and I talked ... I think it goes back couple months anyway one of the last times we talk we also interviewed ... David Morgan for our video called sub twenty dollar silver which now has twenty seven thousand views and I think it's because people knew that those were bargain prices we see the dollar down the bond market is going over the stock market is showing its cracks in meanwhile anti silver Israeli twenty six percent in the past seven weeks it's nice to have some good news to talk about for a change yeah we're good news for silver bad news for the rest of the world and you know we talk about all those markets are falling the same time you know for one we can discount quote the dollar because it's kind of a material what it does any given time that's the other trash our current use although I will say I've been writing quite a bit about the Indian rupee which is right now in free fall and you know I wrote a piece yesterday called India next Egypt except India is about twenty thirty times larger and I I really think this that the potential for a major revolution there over what the ... government is done by destroying the currency and as far as the markets go the real I mean obviously that the most important thing to watch is the treasury a U. S..." + 93%
"2013-08-13 12:58:36"
"A Conversation With MIKE MALONEY..."
"and thanks so much for tuning in six days of the S. GT report we are so grateful and excited boy my heart's actually beating out of its chest today guys we have on the line Mike Maloney author of the book guide to investing in gold and silver the founder of gold silver dot com and the man behind the absolute must see doc style video series the hidden secrets of money which you can watch for free over at Mike's other site hidden secrets of money dot com Mike Maloney and also my contributors Peter and Rory Mike thanks so much for joining us today thanks for having me well it's just truly a thrill for us worry and Peter are you there yes how your heart's beating like money you got it well look guys I mean as everybody listening knows Mike Maloney is a pioneer in this space his book guide to investing in gold and silver is a must read home and ... like I mean you're really a trailblazer and I want everyone to know were typing the release of this interview to coincide with the release of the hidden secrets of money episode two seven stages of empire and Mike your team sent us a sneak peek of episode two so we could watch before this interview and I have to tell you it's absolutely epic from the music in the sound design to the cinematography to the interviews it's absolutely as good as anything that could be released in the theaters and here you're providing all this phenomenal information to people for free I just think it's very special you know are we have a passion for education ... at goldsilver dot com and hidden secrets of money has a mission statements and we read this aloud in our ... weekly meetings ... that ... our mission is to enlighten the world that maximum prosperity can only be achieved through individual freedom free markets and sound money and that's just absolutely perfect and it speaks to your heart and heart of the company and Mike in episode two toward the end you say and I quote personally I don't think there's any way to avoid what's..." + 95%
"2013-08-09 15:39:38"
"SILENCING TRUTH: Liberty Blitzkr..."
"and thanks for joining us today Prenzlau I have on the line a good friend Michael Krieger from liberty blitz Krieg dot com and a regular contributor robbery gentle up there are you there yes I am arguing before John I'm here Hey Mike thanks for joining us today happy to be on alright gentlemen well folks if you don't know liberty blitzkrieg dot com is one of our favorite websites we link to ... Michael's articles on a daily basis liberty blitzkrieg is now" + 1%
"2013-07-28 18:36:00"
"thanks for joining us today and unbound radio dot com I have my best buddies and contributors on the line glory and Peter gentleman good morning morning good morning thanks for coming on again and ... I wanna think worry for helping us get an exciting lineup of guests over the next few months Royce done a great job helping me line up Richard growth Mike Maloney great culture Michael Snyder from the economic collapse blog and many others so you want to stay tuned in today's show is a critical one and two in the second half today we have former IRS agent turned whistleblower and one of the stars of air into Russo's film America freedom to fascism Joe banister but right now we have our friend hardly slinger on the line to talk about wall street's quote war on the people Harley welcome hello Sean let me with you well thanks for joining us on short notice Harley I just called you the other day and said can you come on because I am really shocked about what's going on in Detroit Harley on may eleventh two thousand ten larouche received a message during a live webcast from the Wall Street insider saying that international financial interests would consider the restoration of glass Steagall an act of war now since the July eleventh introduction of the war McCain's Senate bill for twenty first century glass Steagall act that war has begun now Harley I want people to know the live Rouge pack policy committee representing activist and citizens across this nation have been on the ground in DC delivering the message to Congress if they fail and glass Steagall were defeated those members according to LaBruce pack those members of Congress will be responsible for the lives lost when the people are liquidated in the next great crash the Harley what's happening in Detroit is in the front of my mind and let me help the audience understand that the larouche folks and Lyndon larouche themselves are making three demands right now number one a new Pokora commission must be convened ..." + 91%
"2013-08-31 21:52:21"
"OBAMA BLINKS - The American PEOP..."
"thanks for joining us friends is shown from SG T. report with a very special update from correspondent Patrick headaches and a twenty first century wire dot com Patrick thinks so much for joining us ... big Sean good to be with you well it's sure good to have you as the world hangs on the brink of World War three and the war drums beat once again from the United States ... administration led by Barack Obama for yet more war against the people with whom we have no quarrel ... what is the latest can you give us an update on your end yeah ... just a few minutes ago well we just heard of president Obama give for what everyone was anticipating to be a declaration of war speech and that's exactly what it was however ... in typical Obama fashion of being slightly indecisive he said that he's made his decision and better he will attack of when he is ready that being in a few days it could be in a week it could be in a month and and also he said ... being the other compassionate benevolent dictator that he has he has decided if he will allow Congress to vote on this measure when they return up from break on September nights that doesn't quite incredible situation considering what we just all happened in Great Britain on Thursday where the prime minister David Cameron also telegraphed its intentions to go to war in advance and was then taken out at the last minute by the opposing party killing the whole ... war effort for the UK right in its tracks so let it go opportunism ... overtook dnia globalist sentiments if you will but to kill the sort of war effort in the UK was a humiliating defeat for Cameron iced I think it's very possible you could see the same thing happened to Obama this could be his undoing in many ways well this is actually good news that I hadn't heard the speech yet if Obama is saying that before he drops yet more love bombs on a people in a foreign land he's going to allow Congress to weigh in as the constitution mandates ... I guess w..." + 91%
"2013-08-26 01:18:19"
"TRUTH MEDIA VS. Mockingbird Prop..."
"thanks for joining us said today another beautiful day in what is still a very fragile Republic at this point very exciting show planned few today our good friend and daily contributor at SG team report dot com Rory I'm here I don't know if it's going great how you doing man I'm doing quite well very excited about today well I am to do in in Rory thank you for helping to set up this interview with Greg hunter from U. S. A. watch dot dot com a journalist by trade and a truth teller now fully entrenched in the camp of those on the side of this Republic Greg welcome it's really great to hear your voice in ... in finally connect with you about what good can I call you guys I know you came I defended me for my Robert Kiyosaki if you go called mind or you know what I want to talk about that I do think that that is very funny that people have their opinions and then they're so willing to throw those who are you know going under the barbed wire first Mister hunter guys like you under the bus and I don't understand it because I thought that was a a pretty interesting interview but I was pretty distinctive when you know he he kind of I don't have a year to get him it really took me a year takes a long time to get some of these people in as my site grows I guess he'll take it and you may be happy you're in the future well but ... you know what what he what a lot of people got really angry with this at the end I'm citing office and thank you Robert Kiyosaki says Hey it one last thing you know ... I wrote a book about the rich dad prophecies I I'm paraphrasing and he said you know what I did guest on some of that is that the stock market would crash in two thousand sixteen and out you know I totally made that up I'm like oh my god I think this information as in analysis and you know I just that I think really people got upset by that Liz I think he's a smart guy and when he broke out and said I people don't realize what a Detroit going bankrupt means I just have no idea..." + 96%
"2013-08-20 17:09:09"
"The Biggest TIPPING POINT For FR..."
"right now folks we are going to add bill still to the call bill are you on the line I'm on the line thanks for joining us here may bill yes we can hear you Gary finally we got something Hey how are you bill thanks for joining us today so sorry about that but people difficulties ... no not at all we've had issue we've got a couple of them it's morning bill still is the director of secret of oz and the money masters to absolute classics and bill you have really worked on behalf get the word out about these cartel bank so I just want to thank you in advance well thank you so much as well as they say there's not much money and not in money reform so it is ... labor of blah it is isn't it I've always said that to you know it is a labor of love you know all of the host here on unbound radio dot com no work for free nobody's collecting a paycheck here it is very much a labor of love and I've had the pleasure of interviewing you once before and we got into ... what we got into everything but the reason that we wanted to get you on today is for listeners to help fund bills project about fixing grease that money raising ... effort is is over at Indy go go and ... bill what do you tell us more I know that they're still sometime left for people to help you find your project tell us a little bit about the project and how people can get behind you well they are gonna end to go go dot com which is I. N. D. I. E. not I and the why I and II I II geology are dot com and then just type and fixing grace and you can bet so the fastest way to get to it yeah when I was little doing now are my last project jungle island housing greets for awhile and are eating out some professors there and some other hot media folks ask me to return to Greece to do about my next project on the island trying to fix the Greek economic situation because the solution is clear and the and the only reason that the vast majority of people in Greystone understand the solution is that there's lots of m..." + 96%
"2013-09-11 14:14:38"
"Your Wealth To BE SEIZED: Hoffma..."
"Hey folks thanks for joining us today we certainly do appreciate it on the line two of our most favorite people in the world Andy Hoffman from miles Franklin and Jeff Nielsen from billion bowls Canada gentleman a guy's okay self pleasure to meet you likewise and hello to all of you and Rory and Peter as well from SG T. report guys thanks for joining us thank you thank you all right so with so much to about her planet earth where does one even" + 1%
"2013-09-09 04:27:48"
"'DOOMER' NEWS: Poland Seizes Pen..."
"and thanks for joining us today friends on the line or my contributors from S. GT report Rory and Peter good day gentlemen hello I wanna thank everybody for joining us for another episode of Doumer news where real news meets reality guys have you ever seen a situation in your life times where the world seems to be spinning out of control as quickly as things are spinning out of control right now that just seems to be going faster and faster every day you know it really difficult to keep up with them every day I wake up it's like what what what's going on what about waking up to yeah I feel the same way it is it's literally hard to keep up even on a minute by minute basis as things change I'm shocked to see that ... " + 1%
"2013-09-03 02:10:36"
"The CURRENT Monetary System WILL..."
"thanks for joining us today friends joining me on the line is our regular contributor Rory and our buddy Peter from S. GT report good morning fellas don't morning and on the line our very special guest for this hour Claudio grass managing director of global gold in Switzerland Claudia thanks so much for joining us thank you very much for having me he said I'm great how how is a life in Switzerland and tell us a little bit about global gold William yeah sure well first of all look alike skip in Switzerland so for ... also we are facing quite suppression of course from a United States government when you looked into the mosque discussions about facts call on you know what that back in secrecy and all that stuff registered my name's Claudia Roth and I'm basically the managing director of gold gold so I am we are a company that is psalm first of all you know we are convinced that possibly more than ever and the location of parts of one well stocked with gold is key to long term wealth preservation so we basically came up with with the solution so we are offering clients from around the world a solution that force high security storage precious metals outside set off the banking system I informed if the choice on the day of direct and on the company ownership basically a solution that is addressing all possible threats which all linked with a potential crash of the actual monitoring financial system now you said Claudio that confiscation is already here by inflation of the money supply physical gold is the antidote against this on going global debt crisis where you stand just real briefly on silver for those of us who are Stover bugs I you know I think ... silver I mean when you look at the historical ratio ... I mean at the moment I think super six times cheaper than gold I'm a lot of false silver has been consumed in industry so are on the long term you know I'm I'm I'm very bullish for silver swell and I always tell you know investors so that that they need t..." + 93%
"2013-10-04 03:25:19"
"Hey guys that's GT here thanks for joining us again today we have a very special guests its chance coils she's the head of research at the real asset company and ... she does a lot of great writing all of which we posted as GT report also on the line are very and Peter welcome Jan thank you thanks very much for having me well thank you so much for joining us and Peter and Mary Howdy fellow now this little thing called Skype is ... such a pleasure because I know that you are not located in the United States you are over in London is that right yeah sorry bases all right good talking to you from the name of that Sir come see out to the country for the weekends I'm so I'm staying with my mom this week guys Janice been a guest on Max Keiser show the Keiser report her work has been picked up at kitco Gadda Lew Rockwell dot com the telegraph and of course SG to report and we're just real gratified to have her on the line today gentil us a little bit about how you got into this precious metals investing I got well how would you go I say I was doing a I'm an economics degree at university here in UK islands and I was just feeling very frustrated that it it was like I was in love with the subjects I didn't I wasn't love it the way it was being towed to rise and the fairies because to me it felt like there were no people in the economic theories that we've been told but I stuck with it and for whatever reason but my gut told me stuff to stick with it I'm I'm then one summer when I was just ... dairying some temp work and admitted administrative work enough a hedge fund in the city I'm not neighbor Leyland's he may have been a few million ninety eight I am I am he corn it's maybe at the freight Scorpia and said I hate your economic students with that yes I am and he said this is what you guys do your dissertation on and he within ten minutes of describes me as I am that night the story of gold and silver basically and that and it was on a very interesting and I though..." + 94%
"2013-09-29 20:02:43"
"a friend's thanks for joining us today we have a very special guest on the line his name is Dave Hodges and he runs a site called the common sense show dot com Dave Hodges is an award winning psychology statistics and research professor at college basketball coach and an all around great guy who enjoys spreading truth about the reality we face in the United States around the globe Dave thanks for joining us plus my pleasure to be here with you guys well we have Ruri in Peter on the line as well and ... Rorion want to speak for you but I would say Dave Hodges has become one of your favorite go to article writers you better believe it out I have a great deal of respect for his work and I'm I'm very grateful to have him on with us today I just can't say enough well we have a lot of recent articles which David has a written that I do want to ask him about but before we started recording the call here David made the comment that unfortunately all of these headlines all of these things that we're going to talk about are true and die in that kind of resonated with me Dave because we've recently embarked on a series a segment called Doumer news in which we cover these more frightening headlines that we're seeing increasingly common you know in the alternative media a lot of frightening headlines like your recent one Congress moved outlaw alternative media and this other one the future of mind control is here both of which I want to talk to you about but your comment resonated with me these headlines true I wish I didn't have to write about them like it's been good to me I live a comfortable life in my country home but ten years ago when John McCain amber forces of the New World order tried to force myself on three heard of my world neighbors offer property without compensation to make way for canon next quarter highway instant quarter CAFTA I took up the cross and and I haven't stopped and ... this is how I ended up where I am today John McCain made me the broadcaste..." + 96%
"2013-09-23 14:01:17"
"From DOLLAR CRISIS To Golden Opp..."
"thanks for joining us friends is shown from SG T. report in on the line we're very gratified to have back author and founder of gold silver dot com Mike Maloney Mike welcome back thanks for having me and also on the line is our daily contributor at SGD report Rory hello hello well it's exciting to have Mike back on the line and today we are going to talk some details about the of money three dollar crisis a golden opportunity and we're very excited for you all to see it it is going to be released on Tuesday morning September twenty fourth and you're sure not going to want to miss it because it is epic Mike I had the opportunity to watch this thing this morning and again last night actually watched it twice and ... it's really a stunning piece of work people are going to be very very excited it should go viral as I was telling you before we started recording here I really think this thing ought to be on C. N. B. C. in Iraq to get out to tens of millions of people but it's just a fabulous piece of work thank you yeah my producer director ... Dan route back is really responsible for this and then all of the beaut beautiful animations are ... they three Deezer Aiden madness and the two dimensional animations are Lincoln Jude there's just a stunning piece of animation that about the sixteen minute mark ... which complements Jim records ... we'll talk about that as we get into this interview but ... this thing is every bit as good as anything that can be seen on television I will quote you from the very first part of the piece in which you say Mike now the rest of the world are turning their backs on the U. S. dollar standard this is going to cause a financial calamity the likes of which we have never seen before it's going to be devastating for most people I don't want this to happen but the damage has already been done well I was powerful for me to really get into the peace Mike because ... you know what you're saying is we've hit the point of no return..." + 94%
"2013-09-18 20:51:32"
"GRID DOWN COLLAPSE: James Wesley..."
"faith friends thanks so much for joining us again it's been a little bit too long and I want to thank our guest James Wesley Rawles for joining us today he's an author and the founder of survival blog dot com James thanks so much for joining us thanks for having me on well thank you and ... I would be remiss not to think our daily contributor Rory for setting this interview up Peter is also on the line hello gentleman hello hello and what I would like to do is turn the ... first couple questions over to Rory because James I know you and he talked for about ten minutes the other day Rory wanted to run with the ball alright thank you so much John and thank you very much ... thanks for joining us today and I want to start out with I understand that you have two different projects that are forthcoming and if you would ... just introduce our audience to the project to let them know ... went to look for them sure article in the immediate future on the first of October my next novel which is titled expatriate's is coming out and ask from EP Dutton and company and it's a nother near future novel in the patriot series but there is average we know crossover characters with my older books it's set contemporanea us with the other novels and I wanted to use this novel to kind of show the expatriate view of what I living through the collapse would be like in all the uncertainty that they would face with a lack of communication with their families back home and seeing things unravel from a distance so that's coming out the first of October and I also just finished aren't the manuscript or a non fiction book it's another book for penguin and it's titled tools for survival and that will be coming out probably in may or June of twenty working it sounds good as kind of a general book on tools with an emphasis on nineteenth century technology obvious I can't dissipate agreed down situation where we will have access to great power so people basically have to revert to ninet..." + 95%
"2013-11-08 02:32:45"
"The FBI WAR on Tupac Shakur And ..."
"Hey guys this GT here thanks for joining us tonight a little bit of a departure tonight terms of content on the line to have the author of the book the FBI war on Tupac Shakur and black leaders his name is John Podesta we're glad to have him John welcome thanks Randy shot well John thank you" + 1%
"2013-11-02 03:32:04"
"Hey friends shown from S. Chiti report here thanks for tuning in again we got exciting lineup coming for you in the very near future we have Peter Schiff and Tom woods in the queue so please stick around lots of great content to come and today we have on the line Justin o'connell from gold silver pick coin Justin how are you doing very well Sean have idea what I'm doing very well too thanks for joining us we really appreciate your time thank you so much for having me I'm a big fan of your website well I'm a big fan of yours we post all of your stuff today we're going to get a ... gold and silver precious metals update we're also going to talk to you about the ... flaunted and taunted and much maligned and sometimes love bitcoin mostly loved by a bunch of folks out there including Max Keiser and Jeff Burr awake by the way guys Justin also writes for Jeff Bruix dollar vigilante just in what you tell us what's going on gold silver bitcoin on and give us a bit of a precious metals update I been writing for many years now I studied history in college in German as well and study history in college really gave me a unique perspective on the now of course when I two thousand and eight happens the baking collapse and I seen a documentary titled esoteric agenda so I had some ideas in the back of my mind then I read the reported on the local radio show that I think for the college called question the official story with a good buddy of mine on the seven hundred million dollar bail out that time it's hard to think of that number seven hundred million at this time not because it's so big with his seem so small and the amount of money we seem thrown around wantonly since only so why I started researching these topics and ... have worked in the precious metals metals industry for a number of years I ran at numerous blog super vigilante ... dollar vigilante of course which after waking and ... gold silver bitcoin I've also written a book recently the queen on next that..." + 92%
"2013-10-30 03:13:49"
"Obamacare LIES, Economic COLLAPS..."
"okay friends thanks so much for tuning in we sure do appreciate it this is Shaun from SG team report dot com an online one of our friends Michael Snyder the brilliant author writer and researcher over it economic collapse blog dot com Michael also has the website and of the American dream dot com and the truth wins dot com anyone wants to spread real news posts Michael's stuff Michael thanks for joining us all thank you so much for having me on it and it's it's great to be back with you so much has transpired Michael since we last talked I sure do appreciate you taking the time can you imagine if you were a young person right now being told by the United States government that you absolutely have no choice in the matter and you must purchase health insurance what do you want to or not and let's say you're one of these it's got out of student debt and cannot find a job and meanwhile this fascist system is saying you need to buy care those folks are quickly figuring out that it's cheaper for them just to pay the IRS tax then it is by the obamacare for me it's just another example of the ... vert authoritarianism and fascism which has seized this country what's your take on a bomb ... I completely agree with you you know we would be felt people in power now they believe that the government has a solution to everything and so even if the system of obamacare was working to Zach Lee help they promised they promised us that health insurance premiums would go down that people wouldn't have to pay as much money they promised us that ... ... would work flawlessly now it's been the exact opposite it's a disaster so the website so badly they're saying now that they might have to go back and completely tear down and rebuild it you know people millions of people have been totally frustrated trying to get signed up for this thing but they're told if they don't have signed up then they're gonna be hit with a fine this and that no other thing so been trying and trying can..." + 94%
"2013-12-05 17:15:04"
"One of the Most Powerful Speeche..."
"a guy's SG T. here thanks for joining us online right now I have a very special person her name is definitely she's the Clark County chapter head in Nevada state director of panda deathly welcome thank you for having the I appreciate you guys if you don't recall panda stands for people against the anti a a founded by Dan Johnson a friend of ours Barack Obama signed the ND a a a new year's eve two thousand eleven when he swore he wouldn't sign it ... I gotta tell you Daphne you know I reached out to the very night that idea I found a video of you and I posted it you know I'm here fighting for you guys shoe in my children and our future the national defense authorization act that was passed December thirty first two thousand and inactive I am they were carefully deceptively worded provisions that were tucked into an enormous smile Stein is a lot quietly on new year's eve my eyes for the first time our nation you got I have every person nearly this not convicted okay a committeeman belligerent it's against our governor including the United States it's one of the most powerful speeches you'll ever see but Daphne with that said can you remind people about the ND a a and ... and how you came to be so impassioned to fight against it yeah that particular bill that twenty twelve national defense authorization act is the US it's the military budget and it's been hospitals the last fifty years a obviously a lot of members of Congress nobody's going to vote against providing our troops with everything that they need and it and all the appropriations that are needed for the defense of our country but that's probably why that particular bill was chosen because it's such a large bill the talked into it two sections ten twenty one at ten twenty two that codify for the first time in our nation's history the indefinite detention of any person merely based on suspicion of accent terrorism notably let's hit on that point because what you just said is so critical in there so much..." + 94%
"2013-12-02 04:23:32"
"MUST LISTEN: On the Cusp of HIST..."
"thanks for joining us friends we do appreciate it with very special broadcast for you today a round table with turd Ferguson from Kiev metals report and that doc from silver doctors dot com also on the line is my contributor Laurie Kellman welcome I think for having us guys hello glad to be on shot night it's it's really nice to meet you been following the work for a very long time and ... the doc and I have known each other for a while I guess we all sort of know each other by way of the old interwebs" + 1%
"2013-11-27 17:07:18"
"$1,000 For One Ounce of Silver? ..."
"okay independent minded critical thinkers thanks for joining us again and this GT report on the line right now our good friend and longtime contributor Andy Hoffman from miles Franklin Andy welcome back I yes it's yesterday and for all the listeners we had to retake yesterday's out podcast so we're doing the same thing twice I'm gonna try to make it better than the first one so now you're airing our dirty laundry I thought that was our secret we're gonna happen now I I just want everyone to know that I'm on good advice and and so you so we're gonna kick some butt yeah alright any loves you guys so much is going to come back on and do this again and ... not a lot has changed since we did this yesterday ... Andy but I'll tell you ... we spoke earlier in the week with mark o'byrne of gold core and out one of the things I want to throw at you is something I mentioned to him it's a crazy statistic ... regarding bitcoin if we're to surmise and believe the statistics coming out of people like Eric Sprott your research and others that there's approximately one billion ounces of physical silver on planet earth which at today's silver price would equate to about a total market value of around twenty two billion dollars meanwhile Forbes reported ... more than a week ago that the total outstanding value of all bit points is already five billion dollars does that not speak to the fact that silver is dramatically underpriced it bit going at a thousand Bucks as possible certainly silver were it not manipulated could be worth a thousand yeah as I wrote in my apiece castle society Friday I look it's a new technology that is becoming popular because people are they trying to think of new ways to get out of the system and away from the fiat currencies that said what we're seeing in bitcoin right now is a speculative mania we're seeing that we're seeing venture capital flying to this to create computers and you know it's you know I quit it when people say they're mine beca..." + 94%
"2013-11-17 22:54:00"
"a friend's SG T. here thanks for joining us today we have a very special guests on the line Brad in Mike from full spectrum survival dot com you know their videos news in two minutes and also on the line is blurry Bratton Mike thanks for joining us thank you both for having us the pleasure well it's a pleasure to have you on with so much going on in the world today we're gonna talk about some very serious information we can talk about disaster readiness gonna talk about the Philippines typhoon the Fukushima disaster and the survival DVD series that they've created ... it's a very interesting story crowd funded and you have a chance to get involved fellas first before we begin can you tell us a little bit about" + 1%
"2014-01-06 15:14:13"
"NDAA & NSA: WHY We MUST Stand Up..."
"Hey friends thanks for tuning in can't tell you how much we appreciate it and we really really do hope everybody's off to a good two thousand fourteen here and I just want to take a moment to thank you for your time I wanna thank you for tuning in visiting us GT report and the liberty bell it really means a lot to us because without you visiting we'd stop doing what we're doing and we really really truly do appreciate your support and we just wanted to take the time to say that on the line is my good friend and contributor Rory how are you don't worry I'm going quite well and I want to echo what you just said I really appreciate the people tuning in it means the world to me let me ask you this story do you think that we face a tyranny in this country is the U. S. government now tyrannical thank god it where facing please be blind I mean he literally line and not say it well I agree in it's gotten so bad that now what I have long referred to as the secret government you know the people that killed Kennedy secret government is now operating out in plain sight in everyone sees it thanks to ed Snowden people who didn't see a previously you when I saw you and I know say we knew about we know about MI six we know about these agents troll societies we know that many of these agencies are under the control of the bankers sounds were created by the bankers the Dulles brothers with the CI a it cetera but the secret government the NSA is so out in the open now thanks to Edward Snowden it's really remarkable Bernie Sanders in fact just asked in a letter to Keith Alexander is the NSA spying on Congress me can you imagine that now we are in a society where that question needs to be asked and unfortunately I think we know the answer well the answer is yes and and he already knows that he knows the answer and I think that it was a I think it's a brilliant move on his part and that he is now publicly put the NSA in a very very precarious position because if they say no then every..." + 95%
"2013-12-30 02:10:11"
"Arresting Obama & Restoring Libe..."
"well hello friends in thank you so much for taking the time to push play and for tuning in to SG to report once again I was sick last weekend and nobody can attest to that better than Harley Schlanger my friend in the national spokesperson for the larouche PAC organization Harleys on the line and Harley how aria I'm flying it sounds like you're better Sean yeah when we spoke last Saturday I was between them between vomiting and ... you're kind enough to let me off the hook and we were able to reschedule so that's why we have heard from anybody on SG T. report for the last week and a half or so and that's my fault but Harley thanks so much for taking the time to join us as we close out two thousand thirteen and ring in two thousand fourteen well this is going to be an interesting year because you have the mid term elections coming up and the question will be well Wall Street be able to keep their grip on the jugular of both political parties and that's been the problem and what ever else people think budget deficits are spending caps all these other things the reality is that Wall Street is calling the shots and by Wall Street I mean six banks in the United States and maybe twelve to sixteen international and this is the year where the American people are either going to break that control or we're gonna have a horrible year yeah well I want to talk to you about two thousand fourteen and I do want to wish everybody a very merry Christmas I hope everybody had a safe blessed Mary Christmas and I wish everybody a happy two thousand fourteen and ... I think what we should do is review two thousand thirteen I wanna review Obama's litany of crimes with you Harley and I want to look forward to what god willing will be a peaceful and prosperous new year rooted in liberty and return to the rule of law ... unfortunately you know what you're saying about the banks couldn't be more true and half of the people in this nation live in economic insecurity every day I was wa..." + 95%
"2013-12-15 15:16:37"
"The 'Official' Story: Dissecting..."
"Hey friends thanks for joining us on this GT report we do appreciate it today marks almost the one year anniversary of the sandy hook massacre in just under a year ago we had on our good friend mark ass man to talk about the sandy hook inconsistencies and this really isn't even if a conversation I want to have unfortunately the powers that be continue to look to sandy hook roll out sandy hook referred to sandy hook and you sandy hook as a pretense to take our guns and to try to roll out more draconian firearms legislation and ... Marcus man is on the line in he has new breaking news that we're going to cover tonight but first let me start by welcoming mark back mark thanks for joining us is she on a friend's NEXRAD in the back well thank you this is a a somber discussion were about to have in this one like I said mark it's one I don't really want to have it all but if the powers that be are going to continue to use the events that happened in Newton Connecticut ... back on what was at December fourteenth two thousand twelve if they're going to continue to use the official story of that event against us then it's our job to least give those with the ability to think critically the opportunity to take a look at the real hard facts and I direct anybody who is unfamiliar with you mark or our previous conversations to look up on YouTube this video titled Connecticut cop on sandy hook inconsistencies which now has two hundred seven thousand views mark we broke news then and ... we ask the hard questions that the mainstream media refuse to ask and we going to do the same thing again tonight our way yeah an arm you know if you Sean like everyone else I have my own user opinions about what actually did or did not happen in take place at St yoga mat at CMU elementary school on December fourteenth twenty twelve what more importantly that did it's not about what what I believe is the more information that comes out to more questions or raise and I'm talking about the o..." + 96%
"2013-12-09 02:49:50"
"MUST LISTEN: Obamacare is a NWO ..."
"okay guys thanks for joining us we sure do appreciate it on the line right now is doctor Dave gender from Dave gender dot com he's a radio show host and the show was called operation freedom and is up loaded right away to date gender dot com as a podcast Dave Jan nothing so much for joining us our son thanks very much for having me and I ask you to report is one of my favorite sites owe your two kinda we sure do appreciate all the work you do we post everything that you posted today David like to talk and I want to talk with you about cover up the murder of seal team six had it's directly to the tyranny in the totalitarian nature of the Obama stray shin and all of the ills that plague us we talked about we cannot let that one go down the memory hole so first on obamacare you just posted something the other day from CNBC which was a piece in which an experienced hacker named David Kennedy said no security was ever built in to the obamacare website he says quote it's hard to go back and fix the security issues because security was never built into it it's really stunning obamacare is really the Titanic at this point is not Dave I'm absolutely silent you know it it shouldn't be surprising are based on ... the track record of obamacare you know that I am a practicing orthopedic surgeon I have been for the past twenty five years in addition to my work in the front line of healthcare delivery of patients on a daily basis around research institute that focuses on healthcare cost containment and I've been involved in healthcare policy since nineteen eighty eight so I have a track record with healthcare policy track record of taking care of folks I think that's important for your listeners to know all in it because you know I think a lot of folks that we see in the media talking about the good or the bad of obamacare they really don't have any functional medical knowledge and unfortunately those of us on the frontline of healthcare delivery are against obamacare and the..." + 95%
"2014-01-27 02:25:27"
"$205 TRILLION: The Real Fiscal G..."
"okay friends thanks so much for joining us today we have a special show lined up Laurence Kotlikoff famed author professor of economics at Boston University will be joining us shortly right now on the line worry and I are going to hash out some big news items Roy how are you doing well are you shop yeah I'm doing well too hated you see this article was zero hedge ran with on Saturday called the Financial Times goes there quote dim" + 1%
"2014-01-22 16:56:54"
"GERMAN GOLD GONE -- Koos Jansen"
"okay friends thanks so much for tuning in as always we do appreciate it Laurie how you doing buddy I'm doing quite well John I hope you are doing well too and we're very excited given all of the landmark events" + 1%
"2014-01-18 20:32:47"
"The Rothschild-Rockefeller Carte..."
"well guys I want to thank you for tuning in I couldn't be more happy to have on the lives of any whose work has met a heck of a lot to me and for those of you who know him I'm sure is work is meant to have a lot to you to be a forensic historian and a whistle blower which Richard grow from tragedy and hope dot com Richard thanks so much for joining us thank you for inviting show ... I should tell you I've listened to a interview you did I believe it was on red ice radio with high and ... I listened to your testimony about your no experience several times I think I listen to that particular podcast twice because it was so incredibly dripping do I have that right where you and red ice radio was aghast ... deathly ... I know how to make an online it's a wonderful show I'd listen to it while I was developing my first podcast going through the first twenty episodes was on nine eleven synchronicity back in two thousand six so I'd listen to Hendrix ... podcasts for a long time and that every now and then I find something so interesting that you're sorry share our two of my friends yeah I mean it really is exceptional the folks haven't heard that I'd invite you encourage you all to go to red ice radio and check out the interview that Richard did I'm sure you can search for it there or if I can find the link all embedded in the more information section here below the armories if memory serves I I think I did two interviews with him maybe last year and one in October is the one folks are looking for Gilchrist play lista doctor Warman's on on Lebanon well I've I've listened to just about everybody who's ever had a story to tell about nine everybody from William Rodriguez who was in the basement when the first plane hit the first building ... and was the last man out literally of the buildings ... I've listened to testimony from just about everybody and I've never heard testimony as powerful as yours it really moved me a lot because I'm I'm well versed in ... ..." + 96%
"2014-02-02 21:05:14"
"The Paper Silver & Gold Dominoes..."
"chance coils how are you dear I'm good thank you how are you doing very well very very well indeed on this fine Saturday we have Lori and Peter on the line as well higher again I am very it's all good over here goods yeah we're hanging in there wanna thank everybody for tuning in on the line with chance coils writer and researcher for the real estate company we last visited with Jan on October third two thousand thirteen when she told us that silver is a ticking time bomb more than seventy thousand people who are all probably wondering when is that I'm going to Jan how aria yeah I think he'd think keeping him enough I'm happy new year happy new year there spend so much tectonic news over the past few weeks the German regulator boffin has launched an investigation of Deutsche Bank over their role in precious metals manipulation and Elke Koenig one of Poppins regulators ex blessedly stated quote manipulation of currency rates and prices for precious metals is worse then the live or rigging scandal and quote which already led to fines of six billion dollars and now we have bankers dropping dead like flies in the city of London Janet's ... it's really extraordinary well I'm not that you're both crazy the bank in the city of London I'm Pat I I hope we hope that and it's a tragic situation but I am you know I think that it just shows what they were difficult times are living in the how and how tough people finding it's kind of navigate their way through these resources that happening and I just wanna say that I am the great you just came out with a from the German regulate so we assure me I got by phase I think my slaves and their translation people called from this area had sites I had someone to in touch me is a native German speaker and he ... he reassess that he went through the court will be the original speech that was done in that she was she didn't say that it was a wise use just saying that because these markets she's in a different light somewhat like boy..." + 94%
"2014-02-15 17:21:29"
"Precious Metals & World Affairs ..."
"Hey guys a street key here very exciting call right now what Andy Hoffman gives a precious metals update as we see gold breaking through its two hundred day moving averages silver breaking its long term downtrend we've got your politic coming up but first we just had to get in the hospital I think this is sort of an epic moment ... Andy how are you" + 1%
"2014-02-13 14:58:52"
"MUST LISTEN: The Hair-Trigger Fo..."
"a friend's thanks so much for joining us this is a very important call on the line we have our good friend hardly Schlanger from the larouche group Harley how are you I'm fine Sean how are you doing well I'm doing well and I want to thank you for arranging this very special call with Helga Zepp larouche's Lyndon larouche's wife Helga are you there yeah yeah I know hello I want to thank you for joining us Helga guys this is an urgent call to discuss the situation in Ukraine most Americans probably are struggling to it's going on in bird meat that it's a revolution a good a revolution for the good of the people of the larouche group put out a important article Lyndon larouche in fact put out an important article just the other day which we carry that S. the report called western powers back neo Nazi coup in Ukraine now here's what I know Putin's Russia is one of the last domino still standing against western American British banking imperialism and colonialism now if you guys will recall back in two thousand and eight zig new Brzezinski and Dick Cheney's hand behind the Georgian attack of south of the city it was a false flag attack and only a very strong in immediate response from putting forced to recall of that assault at the time Cheney blamed Russia instated quote Russian aggression must not go unanswered this is a pattern we've seen time and time again in the pattern is clear in Iraq Afghanistan Libya Syria and Iran now Ukraine Soros is backing non governmental organizations and protesters into me Harley when I say Soros I mean the Rothschilds because he is a Rothschild connected agent I'm gonna turn it over to Harley to help us nursed the fundamentals on this thing and then we're going to hear some details from Helga Soros is also a Nazi collaborator from his youth when he wasn't hungry and he told CBS news the minutes those were the most exhilarating times of his life so we're dealing with what what we're really looking at is an orchestrated effort from the..." + 94%
"2014-02-10 04:31:26"
"The Horrible Truth About Fukushi..."
"well friends I wanna thank you so much for tuning in this is going to be an interview you're going to want to share with your friends your family colleagues and neighbors anyone that you care about needs to hear this information I'm very grateful to have on the line Helen Calcot Pediatr" + 1%
"2014-03-06 15:30:33"
"HOUSE OF CARDS -- Jeff Nielson"
"a friend's thanks so much for joining us as always we do appreciate you taking the time to click play and thanks to you for visiting us at SG team report dot com we try to give you real" + 1%
"2014-02-23 22:22:51"
"An American Military Coup & Dead..."
"a friend's thanks so much for joining us the material coming from the common sense show and Dave Hodges is really maybe at the very top of the heap in terms of covering breaking news and information Dave paid so much for" + 1%
"2014-02-19 04:44:21"
"$2 Billion in Cash Could Make Si..."
"if there was a show billion dollars employed not on margin by the way cash so that the rules could be changed like they were on the hunt there was two billion dollars in cash would it be ... futures markets which was held proliferate five cleaning out the good delivery super available the short interest would literally be uncomfortable this would do" + 1%
"2014-03-20 17:48:30"
"The Vast Majority Will Face Star..."
"Hey friends this is a bonus track with our recent gassed Alistair macleod I'm calling it after the call because after the call ended we just kept talking and he is truly one of the most knowledgeable and kindest guests that we've ever had on and with his permission we're releasing this after the call with Alistair macleod we cover things like financial Armageddon and what it will mean to the masses if and when it happens and Alistair is conclusion is that it will mean starvation for many many people have talked quite scary but it's an interesting conversation that I hope you enjoy Alistair thanks so much I'm gonna get this posted as soon as I can sometime tomorrow yeah okay no that's that's that's that's great size been them it's fascinating occult wait till Monday to see what the hell does all it slower significantly it was something it yeah it pray for the the other thing we didn't say I was I was impressed so has on formed ... over the last term I suppose said three weeks it really hasn't formed which tells me that the big money Israeli going in to go and he's getting into ... it we want real money because of the risks and I'm ... on paper currency its its Gulf appeal play is an interesting one because of course one of things I have in the back of my mind is that governments ... unit could well turn round to I mean if we really do get so that if in a financial war on a nucleus cattail Arabic out west and gums could well turn round and banners should go began ... and it's a big stocks means that would be interesting because ... the alternative that is sober I'm very very strongly so when you're in trouble because it picks the one band I mean this that there's no point in banning so it because ... in a you're gonna screw up I mean they might say if you gonna buy so we would have a license to buy something but yeah they comes they come really do very much about it but so but they they may well try just about killed but the problem is trying to do so..." + 87%
"2014-03-16 21:55:34"
"Hey guys thanks so much for joining us we very much appreciate it on the line is a friend who we hadn't spoken to in far too long Alistair macleod of finance and economics dot org in gold money dot com Alistair welcome back that's my pleasure my pleasure show it's a real thrill to have you on with so much to talk about today and also on the line is our buddy in Dealey contributor Rory from S. GT report I don't worry I'm doing well I hope you guys are doing great did say I've been having some might trouble guys of my Mike goes in and out on this my apologies Alistair so much to talk to you about this time I want to talk about Ukrainian gold I want to talk about treasuries being sold by foreigners June of one hundred and four point five billion dollars and you know that we always been of great articles from our contributors like zero hedge on our website as GT report I tweak the headline to say as John Kerry issues ultimatums world sells treasuries I mean this is a big deal listen in a hundred and four point five billion in a week and that comes off of last month where they sold ... forty eight billion in treasuries yes it is a loss and ... of course the rumor mill UM's is in a supposed to into together and says I must be the Russians ... into getting the money out or at least getting there treasuries us of of the fed's custody and ... into some sort of safe haven until the Ukrainian situation blows over that could well be true it wouldn't surprise me that when I ripped think back to the cypress mess them they hit the Russian oligarchs basically lent on the banks in London gold and money out before it was old shot down on them so this sort of preemptive action I think is certainly in character and I wouldn't be surprised if it is to do with the Ukrainian situation now our friend ... any Hoffman who we have on a pretty regularly ... he says and I quote it's a game of financial musical chairs and it's coming to an end to end quote that's in reference to t..." + 95%
"2014-03-07 18:33:52"
"okay friends thanks for joining us of a very special guest on the line it's hattrick Penry because" + 1%
"2014-03-28 00:30:31"
"Gatekeeper Rickards WARNS: The E..."
"should we had our friend yeah the dock from silver doctors failed to doc's doing today Lou doc are you doing man dead much self good good to talk to him good to talk with you in you know what's fun about today we have no particular agenda although I should tell everybody that ... in looking at your website here we should probably talk about the big lie and what happened Ukraine's gold in that Jim Sinclair's alert that the dollars reacting because the market knows Russia has a nuclear economic weapon ... ties into many of the conversations we've been having lately with our guests but ... silver doctor is one of the most popular precious my most websites in world so it's ranked in the four thousand websites all of the country doc what do you think explains our success I don't know really means Nick we've it's been about a three years that we've been out now I think it's kind of a combination of analysis from all the contributors the the constant ... study news flow and and Campbell like you see with ... sergeant report ... people are hungry for news are real theirs and they're tired of just watching CNN and although to be asked that the MSM on propagates all the propaganda yeah you know people are hungry for real news you know opposite of what CNN and fox news provides no just just say yeah I know CNN the other day weather anchors was trying to speculate on what ... what caused what happened that Malaysian airlines the one acre and kid you not he said does he thought maybe a black hole swelled airline out yeah well it's a mysterious black hole appeared just over the airplane in it does it it didn't suck it didn't suck in the whole earth to stare just the airplane those are his his father I happen well they wonder why their ratings are at and really an all time low have you guys been following Jim records ... it all here he's got this new book coming out called the death of money and ... are seen at Dyer I've seen that he has that coming out of int..." + 93%
"2014-04-10 13:53:02"
"well Hey guys thanks for joining us today we do appreciate it thanks for checking out as GT report dot com for all the latest real news information twenty four seven never returning cast today the outspoken and well spoken Michael Newton from edge trader plus Michael's on the line right now and so is Rory Michael how are you a great great great me with you again shot well it's just horrific having you ... the last time we had you on we had a very gripping conversation in the title that won the Rothschilds formula you're one of those guys who's not afraid to name names and we sure do appreciate that before we get started today ... and I do want to talk about your last article gold and silver they are money that I once had a very very how you doing today I'm doing quite well thank you got a new ... refrigerator being installed today I hear and literally I hear the background as we speak it is it's being brought online so alright brother well if it gets too noisy maybe meet your Mike because ... we want everybody to be able to hear Michael first hand because he always this guy willing to speak truth Michael I was reading your article from last week just a refresher this morning gold and silver are money and ... it's just such a great article I want to read a passage for people here down below you wrote all the gold and silver owned by the United States government was stolen taken by the elite own federal reserve central bank the central bank controlled the government and the media the public was fed the kind of news that never let on to what happened during those decades and the public has since been dumbed down even further in all the other decades to date in the nineteen forties fifties and sixties one often heard the expression quote the dollar is as good as gold and quote that was another Rothschild inspired idea to implant in the minds of the people in it worked another popular expression related to the gold stored in Fort Knox no one ever talks about..." + 94%
"2014-05-09 21:33:08"
"do we getting Friday may ninth was one for the books let's document the collapse in economic news the latest federal reserve chair Janet Yellen admitted that you S. deficits will rise to unsustainable levels based on CBO projections which at best appear to soft sell how bad the financial outlook for the U. S. really is perhaps more frightening Ellen went on to say she's not even sure if the United States is a Republic by and for the people at this point senator Bernie Sanders asked yelling quote are we still a capitalist democracy or have we gone over into an oligarch form of society and quote to which Ellen responded I prefer not to give labels check mate old guards in precious metals news two thousand thirteen Canadian silver maple leaf sales shattered all previous records even smoking the record sales of American silver eagles on a percentage basis according to SRS Rocco the royal Canadian mint reports there were twenty eight point two million silver maple sold in two thousand thirteen fifty eight percent increase over the eighteen point one million sold in two thousand twelve and despite that blistering demand Canadian silver production has plummeted by forty one percent so far in two thousand fourteen but don't worry despite the facts Jeffrey Christian CPM group is out with their two thousand fourteen silver yearbook and once again is misleading the public about silver investment demand claiming that global silver investment declined in two thousand thirteen but once again SRS Rocco sets the record straight our advice for Jeffrey Christian keep pedaling falsehoods for your bank stir masters and the checks will likely keep coming but know this you are the punch line to a bad joke to anyone with a pulse from the World War three file the situation in Ukraine has gone from bad to worse as S. GT report shared back in February of this year what's happening in the Ukraine right now is the hair trigger for thermo nuclear war Helga Zepp larouche's explained in our ex..." + 48%
"2014-05-04 22:01:02"
"Alistair from gold money and finance economics dot org I say we jump right in because you're never one short on words Alistair and we really truly do appreciate him and thanks for joining us yeah I was very much my pleasure can we just talk briefly about Friday's jobs report I really want your take on this thing because it is truly despicable what this government does and what CNBC in the other mocking bird financial on media outlets due to perpetrate these lies understood why ski I don't also you explain it to me and I really didn't make any sense soul with a gun but I think you I think you just tap into in a roundabout way I mean this this cat was came out down shortly after the GDP numbers for the first quarter ... well massively disappointing I am and remember the GDP is just the money central I mean for goodness sake the fed has been predicting Monday at an enormous rate and you think that some of it would actually go and do real things like in a five year old washing machine or they don't celebrate settle whatever but it seems no I is that this is really bad I mean it it really is I'm so then we got the strokes reports that which I mean markets just didn't believe it at home I it was fascinating watching the market reaction of watching golden so now you know you think that ... that's the one they were ready hit but I think the guys who manipulate the price is sitting there saying Watson ass is going on here yeah it's true why thought the same thing we posted something from market watch where I said okay here was the headline ... as the jobs report was released in the headlines said something about gold mostly lower dude upbeat jobs report but by the time they had posted that gold was up about seventeen dollars an ounce and I think it was mostly because realities may be setting in in terms of the real job situation in this country but actually more to the point the reality of the turmoil geo politically as the Ukraine really now explodes into a situati..." + 96%
"2014-04-29 18:22:21"
"We the People VS. EVIL, INC. -- ..."
"uhhuh Hey friends thanks so much for joining us we very much appreciate it we have back on the line our good friend Dr Dave gender from operation freedom you can find all his great work at Dave gender dot com Dave welcome back thanks for having me back on the show what's great to have you and also on the line is our body Rory Howdy Howdy Rory going to listen to Dave's broadcasts operation freedom which he does every Sunday you can find those archived ... and listen to them at your convenience at Dave gender dot com dados listening to your latest with Jack Abramoff and you guys are talking about government corruption in the attempts to reform it with everything we know about this power in control of our formerly from the lies that this government used to get us into Vietnam resulting in the deaths of over fifty thousand American citizens Oklahoma City nine eleven and the war on terror the formation of the DHS the military commissions act that John Warner defense authorization act the ND a the Pentagon war machine WMDs being used in Iraq Afghanistan Syria and when I say that I'm serious I'm talking about depleted uranium drone strikes in Yemen targeting American citizens with drone strikes targeting patriot groups at the IRS Benghazi fast and furious and now the Ukraine I want to ask you if you think there's a case to be made that the most corrupt government on the face of planet earth is the United States government because it is the one government that seems hell bent on using everything in their arsenal against everything else with these offensive wars of aggression and now the war drums in Ukraine what are your thoughts on what we're up against with this government well I I'm not trying to overstate dish on in in some of your listeners have our listeners are gonna go they're gonna roll their eyes when they hear this I really cut this comes down to evils and I mean evil ... this is ... a war that's been I think going on for at least a hundred years ... a..." + 96%
"2014-04-21 02:25:08"
"The Obama, Neocon, CIA, Insane B..."
"well hello friends thanks so much for tuning in we do appreciate your support thanks for checking us out it SG T. report and the liberty bell we have on the line our good friend Harley Schlanger from the lip Rouge troops partly how are you I'm fine showing good to talk with you thanks so much for taking the time Harley I just want to wish everybody a happy Easter and I want to welcome Harley back early this just seems like a great opportunity to discuss what's going on in the Ukraine ... we're seeing reports here for" + 1%
"2014-05-27 03:27:52"
"a friend's thanks so much for joining us we couldn't thank you enough for us supporting us over SGP report and that the liberty bell dot com we have on the line a good friend an old friend somebody who we've interviewed at least a dozen times in the past picks we are from road to move to dot com Victoria I'm doing well done thanks for the call thanks for coming on fixed so guys you know that I've been doing these news updates recently picks have been trying to do this sort of news recap every week and this week I'm not going to be able to do it but I've been tracking the news items from just the past week in their stunning and I just want to start the interview by recapping stream the dramatic new that have come out related to precious metals and just in the past we and then stick with us guys because we are going to cover some of credible information you've ever heard with picks picks you got a second let's run through these headlines yeah and that I wanna start with a headline from you picks and it's this the elephant in the room just stepped on a gold rigor Barclays head of spot gold trading quit in this next one from zero hedge China signs non dollar settlement deal with Russia's largest also from zero hedge who needs the U. S. Russia and China finally signed historic four hundred billion dollar holy grail gas deal in from Wall Street on parade in quest of that debt JP Morgan banker VP Gabriel McGee case closed move along it just ruled it a suicide without much evidence proving itself and this one from Washington's blog did the fed law under one hundred forty one billion dollars through Belgium to hide massive increases in Q. E. and from Paul Craig Roberts won the Belgium treasury purchases and ... he talks about ... that mysterious Belgium buyer which according to any Hoffman is probably the fed and we just interviewed Peter Schiff and he thinks it's more likely the ECB but the bottom line is these central banks are now the buyers of last resort as nobod..." + 95%
"2014-05-23 02:38:16"
"in the past when you can get pictures seven percent each responded E. D. added place she was two or three percent you're still ahead of the game but now do you get a half a percent of the D. and place it is two three four five whatever actually is you're losing you can't win also was more people wake up this reality the demand for gold is just going to explode worldwide and at twice the price of all this is going to go through the room Hey guys thanks for joining us we Peter Schiff just but all in I should show on the line and out Peter I think we last spoke with you in no thousand thirteen and you're kind enough to give our we promise not it that much time now you're here was gonna let me ask you something I yeah I learned something new and it's this tell me if you guys knew this David Cameron the PM there and ... Great Britain his great great great grandfather his fourth great grandfather was King William the fourth and I found that pretty fascinating ... since David Cameron last Sunday on Sky News said that unless the powers that be are given new powers sees bank accounts taxes will have to rise unless they're given new powers to raid bank accounts ... taxes will have to rise what a crazy threat and ... if that's not the idea of a bail in I don't know what is Peter did you hear that news I listened bada it critically you know paying attention that but I I would have to agree with this idea though that bank deposit should be at risk they're they're not supposed to be government guaranteed if you put your money in a bank and the bank acts recklessly and loses your deposits then the deposits they did he lost the mean today we have this idea that if you put money in a bank the government will make sure enough that no matter what don saying the bank does with your money that he can't be loss and so you do the taxpayers are gonna have to suffer losses when the banks were bailed out or the depositors will have to suffer losses when their banks fail and I woul..." + 94%
"2014-05-13 15:11:05"
"Dissecting Silver LIES -- David ..."
"Hey guys thanks for joining us we have on the line or contributor Rory from SG T. report and our good friend David Morgan silver investor dot com home of the Borg and report it in our area doing well thank you day thanks for joining us and worries on the line how are you buddy I'm doing alright alright how you doing over there at daily calling what is it dot org dot org yeah what do you say writing some original stuff it's good to see yes thank you so much and debts my works being picked up on from a lot of really sites that I have a lot respect for witches credibly humbling and I'm very grateful at first I dated a few days ago and I am grateful for that I mean it's just well it's it's wonderful and I have to take down the ... it to you my friend because if it wasn't for you giving me a voice I wouldn't have one thank you that's nice of you to say but guess what any one of us anybody listening can do the same exact thing if your heart's in the right place and you do a good job ... will support you working posted as GT report and one of our favorite folks whose material we post daily is David Morgan again thanks for joining us how you bent let me get a thank you rather than the silver prices your grades yeah we are we maybe we'll title of this one the silver doldrums right it's been hell really for those of us who have a band believers in the silver story for the past three years ever since what was at the mate was at may eleventh two thousand eleven the big smack down six Bucks on a Sunday night is that right I think was actually about me first I think the last high tech could think was the first of may her or just before that that's what I remember sure was earlier than that earlier than eleven yeah well you know what I think what we all try to do David is is focus on the reality of the situation and we know that the federal reserve and Janet Yellen are warning that the debt levels for the United States are quickly becoming as she says quote unsustainable an..." + 95%
"2014-07-01 04:05:21"
"RE-POSTED: The Criminal Banking ..."
"Hey guys this is shown for miss GT report and I just wanted to take a brief minute to offer this cabbie out before you listen to this interview with Karen Hughes as everybody knows I took the interview down ten minutes after posting it on Sunday night and the reason for that was in the moments literally within five minutes ten minutes of posting the thing I had seen nearly twenty thumbs down and a dozen or more super negative comments of from a variety of people about Karen it gave me pause it made me wonder what had I missed some of the charges were that posting anything from Karen makes us this info agents and of course that gives us cause for concern because the last thing that we'd ever want to do is pass on disinformation so I thought take the video down to my research about Karen maybe there's some breaking news or some breaking admissions from her that people knew about that I didn't so I took it down just to give myself some time to reassess it was midnight I was tired and upon getting up today I saw so many wonderful comments from people ... SGP reports such ballots comments from people who just really care about truth and one here from a variety of people that seem to make a lot of sense to repost the interview in its entirety and let the chips fall where they may I think that Karen and I had a pretty dynamic conversation and I hope that you're able to get something from it it's our primary concern that we share quality information from really great people and dot that was our intention with this interview with Karen Hughes who worked at the World Bank for nearly twenty years and she tells me in this interview that she is now back at the World Bank as general counsel which was news to me and I hope you're able to take something from this interview worries on the line just to ... talk through this a little bit worried how are you I'm good thank you incident I make the recall pulling that down it was unprecedented I didn't want to do it but I just sup..." + 96%
"2014-06-23 15:40:25"
"they're going for broke right now they gonna steal our wealth is isn't just in Canada is isn't just in Cyprus in Australia it was every country around the world they're going for it they're going to take our bank accounts pay guys like so much for joining us I have on the line David Quinn teary he's the author of the money GPS here's a great YouTube channel called the money GPS David how are you I'm doing really well I want to say before I forget that I had watched the the madness of the law society you're not many docks and that it just lit a fire under my name and excited but it just really hit home for me and it I mean my own sort of mini dock because of that well in I believe yours is called the New World order descent given here Annie yeah that's right that's right that's the one day I did because I saw madness of law society and I try to sort of do my own just this you know my own subscribers is so they can see that well thanks so much I appreciate you are mentioning that that was sort of a labor of love that just I came out of no where we're driving home from thanksgiving at my mother in laws and ... I just could not believe what I'd seen on the news of all those crazy people standing in the minds of all those stampede it's amazing that people are capable of such really barbarous behavior you know they'll say cool yes barbarous relic yeah real real misuse of the word barbarous but in the case of these the idiots in this country that just worship at the altar of cheaply made Chinese slave goods search it floored me niches right floored me maybe we can even start to get into the upper basically how we have fifty million people on food stamps I should say we I'm Canadian but you know there are fifty million people on food stamps but at the same time these people are then lined up for a week to buy some air Jordans and you know is this that disparity there where they get this money to the oven you know can even afforded all the certain things so well I do th..." + 94%
"2014-07-04 05:26:25"
"Hey friends like so much for joining us ... look here's the thing we talked to a lot of interesting people and ... I feel very privileged to be able to do that and today we have on the line somebody who's really been hitting the cover off the ball Dave Kranz letter from investment research dynamics Dave welcome thanks our only shot I appreciate it well we really appreciate the work that you're doing ... on a daily basis between worry and I am Peter we make sure we post all of it worries on the line as well how you doing very I'm doing quite well thank you they want to draw attention to your interview Claudio grass je you up posted over there at the daily point we're featuring it do you report yes I want to check that out Rory's doing a good job getting great people on get to the truth the matter and Dave I just wanted to read this quote from Paul Craig Roberts on your website and it's this the Chinese and Russians are not running out of dollars with which to buy gold but the fed is running out of gold with which to make deliveries and quote I love it because that really sums things up in Dave wouldn't I give you a chance to respond to that but then I want to read something else that you wrote not very long ago what do you make of us the Chinese demand for gold in that Paul Craig Roberts quote yeah yeah I mean he hit the nail on the head and ... the tell tale here is the recent her announcement from Germany that they were okay to leave their gold in the U. S. and what that tells us it I did you know that there's there's huge political pressure over in Germany to bring back the bowl that's being supposedly being held by the pen in the U. S. and then the US is coughed up what five times in the last year and it was all scrap and ones that had to be removed that'd be melted and and recast into LVM any part bars that's central banks hold onto so I mean it was soon as I saw that article that that Germany was gonna leave they're called in the U. S. for now it tol..." + 95%
"2014-07-28 03:25:12"
"a friend Sean here from SG T. report in on the line is our trusted friend historian and one of the folks over at larouche PAC it's hardly Schlanger on the line I thought it was really important get Harley back on the line because of all of the turmoil and ... I think pretty stinking big false flag operation here with ME seventeen ... happening over there in Ukraine parley is on the ground in Austria as we speak Harley welcome back thank John Goodman with you you know Harley after our conversation ... at the beginning of the year in which we spoke with you and help is up larouche of that interview was called Ukraine hair trigger for thermonuclear war boy you know fast forward six months into that was not overstating the fact NATO continues to want to only surround and strangle Putin you've got the western media now labeling him as Newsweek has Public Enemy number one ... this downing of MH seventeen is being blamed squarely on him despite the lies out of Washington in Kiev we know the air traffic control communications were seized by Ukrainian authorities the state department will release its proof pointing only to social media which largely has been debunked it's Putin's missile says Murdoch's tabloid the sun along with Newsweek there so much demonization here as McCain says there will be hell to pay if Putin shot this plane down and ... they can prove it they're trying to prove it without providing any proof so many things I want to cover Harley and a sound bite from surgical Ozzie up the economic adviser to Putin who really laid it out in a round table back in June of two thousand fourteen would you like to star hardly because this appears to me MH seventeen appears to me to be nothing more than another nine eleven false flag style operation well I think where you brought up the interview you did with Mrs larouche myself back in January a lot of people said this is typical hyperbole you're trying to scare people with this talk of a possible thermonucl..." + 93%
"2014-07-15 21:33:16"
"BIX WEIR: Silver Smashes, Silver..."
"Hey guys it's GT here back by popular demand we have our friend picks we are on the line as we are speaking here today on Tuesday gold plunges back below thirteen hundred as quote someone dumps two point three billion in futures on the market that's coming off a Monday dump as well ... I'll tell you what pics we've seen gold go from about thirteen forty two thirteen hundred short order and I just finished a call recently with Alistair macleod in which we were all remarking about how things seem to have mellowed out in these dumps these paper slaughters seem to be less and less common what's your take on these are these paper slaughter games well yeah if it's always been under control by the who control gold silver tally it hadn't gone off the computer programs that read the market every day you get lulled into thinking that this is a free market news buyers and sellers and people are selling shoulder and banks over and that's what determines the price but that's not actually what happens there really is no physical silver market in the world there's no exchange for silver that is solely a you know a physical fail of metal to someone looking to buy it and the L. BMA obviously is is not a a physical market although they claim it is it's not exchanges then association so they they report N. on how much silver and gold that they buy and sell and then that's reported in the silver and gold six it is not a real exchange the the comics is the futures and options exchange the amazing thing is there is no real exchange for gold and silver in the world every other metals trade on the Eleni but not gold silver and and there's a reason for that you know got to do can so yeah it's interesting times and you know I expect things to training to be volatile to the up and down side and kill we get turned down mid August for sober when they the in the London what I want to talk to you about the London fix in the end of the silver facts ... potentially into the gold fix ... is..." + 92%
"2014-07-10 19:16:56"
"On Karen Hudes & The REAL 2nd Sp..."
"they guys like so much for taking the time to tune in to have on the line Jason herb and he is the founder of this website fo capitalism dot com Jason reached out to me recently really is the result of a parent used interview Jason how are you I'm doing very well Sean thanks for having it on the show today will it's a real pleasure I listened to your ... interview on red ice radio with Henrik and ... that one was called economic history and alternative currencies and it was a great interview and you reached out to me after I had posted to pieces" + 1%
"2014-08-20 04:02:44"
"well friends thanks so much for joining us is one of the people who inspires us when I think of James corvette one word comes immediately to mind prolific is an investigative journalist documentary filmmaker writer podcast host and one of the most intelligent consistent informed and unshakeable voices in the alt truth media space this website is the Corbett report corvette report dot com is YouTube channel is also called callback report has more than eighty thousand subscribers with more than nineteen million video views he produces the eye opener for civil administrator for the frogs post dot com he's the co host of New World next week with James haven't plateau in he's a regular writer and contributor to the international forecaster our good friend Bob Chapman's publication is also the talented video storyteller who brought us perhaps the single best five minutes of truth about the events of nine eleven with his simply perfect video title nine eleven a conspiracy theory which has now been seen by more than two point three million people so far it's my absolute pleasure to welcome James Corbett well hi Sean thank you so much for having me on I appreciate you in the work you're doing as well well it's it's a real thrill I gotta tell you ... you know we hear names like ... Jeremy Scahill and ... Glenn Greenwald and Matt Taibbi's a lot we should hear your name more in the regular media sphere because I don't think there's anybody who is quite as prolific as you and I have to ask you where in the world did you find time on top of everything else to create this new documentary century of enslavement the history of the federal reserve well that's that's a good question and I'll let you know when I figure it out myself perhaps the other most ... baffling part of all of this is that I believed I was going to be able to do this in one month of course it ended up taking the seven months in order to put it out so perhaps that even I am not quite as I'm a much of a ..." + 95%
"2014-08-08 05:46:46"
"Hey how are you and the but I'm just reading about the Chinese want to build a Nicaraguan can now that will be the biggest infrastructure project of all time well you know what it's ... becoming obvious to me and I bet it's become obvious to you that there are nation states on this planet that still care about people and I don't know that hours at least our government into deficiencies that are in charge of our government care very darn much about people anymore and I think that's really look at the root of the problem yes yes it is also that the Chinese have a number cash to spend before it it was so why not ... bill that and become like the kings of the of that region so well sense yeah and you know what I think we can just jump right in and keep this conversation going we've not spoken now in six weeks my bad we usually try to touch base every four weeks and awe I think that this sound bite that I want to play for you from analyst Dirk it Grayson's of the Brussels tribunal well speak volumes based on what we were just talking about which is people in control of our government in this country have long ago stopped caring about humanity and now we've become a nation of war listen to the American economy is already a war economy and they need to produce arms and the songs are going to kill people and destroy whole countries in the new year and early Blair already bit of doing so so instead of using it to destroy that but I'm not why why don't we use that money to reconstruct to provide health care to provide fresh water to provide education to the whole world so this country not the states is and is a rogue state it is a rogue great displayed and I think ... wind up the United States is being destroyed in the whole world certificate but the world doesn't wake up you know just going to continue and it will end up in a third World War now it's apropos that our conversation and he started the way that it did there because again you know I haven't spoken in six..." + 95%
"2014-08-04 03:14:56"
"n't people better deeply deeply involved in deep trees and that's our leadership mmhm good day good day rob Kirby guys we have rob Kirby from Kirby analytics on the line a long time friend as GT report ... rob lots to talk about today the first Ebola patient is landing in Atlanta Georgia as we speak courtesy of the CDC ... twenty six million silver eagles have been sold through the third week of July two thousand fourteen and Chinese silver inventories are nearly ninety percent depleted at Shanghai futures exchange according to SRS Rocco where would you like to begin today rob sh it's you know what it's it's almost three humorous did too and I mean and I went with a C. humorous I mean gallows humor Sean I know and where to start let me well I think raising that there were you know that's one of the men all in a net importer boiler go figure well and I mean I made the comment that ... it would be unacceptable if we could trust the CDC but since I don't and most of our readers don't trust the CDC ... in all their fear mongering about swine flu a couple years ago you know one wonders if they care so much about this American patients or the two patients there are reportedly going to bring in for treatment why don't they just fly down ... and treat them in Africa wire the importing them here rob listen it's it's that of the we are we are under the controlled Sean of globalists globalists have an agenda and then the globalists have written white papers dating back into the state into the nineteen sixties the seventies the eighties and nineties Iranian these white papers eh explaining explicitly their contempt for humanity they want less of us on the planet they want they want the planet depopulated by something along the lines of eighty to ninety eight ninety percent of the seven billion population we currently have these globalists are the same people that have control of most western governments they have control of the financial apparatus they have control..." + 94%
"2014-10-05 20:28:25"
"alright guys buckle up I have a very special guest on the line I've never spoken with this person before but he's kinda new to the silver and gold space he's new to the precious metal scene and we post all of his articles and I have to tell you there's only one person out there who stuff gets more reads then this person and that's Jim Willie any likes to keep his real name private which I respect it's the wealth watchmen from the wealth watchmen dot com how are you do well shot thanks have mail you're certain new to the scene so I want to ask you about your website when you launch that but you reached out to me via email and started sending me articles just a couple of months ago and ... they are very very widely read and I typically will sticky them at the top of the page because people enjoy your material so much I have to tell you it feels like you are smelling salts to a prize fighter whose hazy in the tenth or eleventh round your articles are helping people you know sort of pick themselves up by the bootstraps because we've been absolutely pummeled by the criminal cartel another trolls of course are coming back out and saying that they've been right all along wouldn't you want your website about well thanks that Sean and I launched it ... in early August ... so I've really only been doing this a couple months ... but this via this site was a labor of love I really spent ... probably five or six months behind the scenes with us several parties just making sure I had a lot of details right on it I'm I just really wanted to do something a little different something and hopefully special and I want to do it ... in my own way so I launched it and ... ever since then it's been a crazy ride that ... ... people have been coming they've been reading and they've been give me plenty of positive feedback I got tell you it's been pretty humbling but it's been a great feeling well just give people a little bit of background when we post an article typica..." + 95%
"2014-09-22 02:58:03"
"Banksters Gut Silver To Protect ..."
"well Hey guys thanks so much for tuning in obviously it's been a difficult week for freedom if you take a look at the Scottish referendum in the vote rigging it's been a difficult week for precious metals it's been a difficult week also for those who believe in the precious metal story as a hedge against tyranny and a hedge against financial fascism we have on the line our friend Dave Kranz live from investment research dynamics and our good friend Rory is also joining us today Dave how are you on welfare rather me talking to god for joining us men I'm doing well thank hope you are yeah meeting in in their you know fellas as the silver getting ... was happening yesterday guys were recording this Saturday ... on Friday as everybody knows silver was got it once again anda will have to wait for the ... forensics and now how much paper was sold into the market yesterday Dave maybe can weigh in on that I'm not sure what the numbers are just yet but I was feeling exasperated dismayed angry and at one point during the day resigned to our fate which is this the Kaballah is trying very hard to essentially demonetized silver from the minds of human beings they want to be such a tumultuous nasty worthless quote unquote investment that nobody wants to touch it or get near it and they knock the price down seventeen seventy nine and ... I usually buy every four to eight weeks so more silver and yesterday I bought some of it was down fifty four fifty five cents and an hour later it was down seventy five cents it just it just kept falling into I felt resigned to my fate which is they could take this thing down the ten they could take the five ... brother John is made the point that could take it to zero picks where said the same thing ... so who knows where they're taking it but they've certainly taken at well below the cost of production in the it's very exasperating that you thought maybe we should talk about the emotions everybody's feeling and then try to rely on..." + 95%
"2014-09-07 16:56:34"
"THE YEAR 2021: $10,000 Gold & $7..."
"a forensic so much for joining us I have Gary Christiansen of the deviant investor dot com online we've been posting all of Gary's work for quite sometime in Gary has written a new book there was kind enough to send me a copy it's called gold value in gold prices from nineteen seventy one to two thousand twenty one an empirical model and ... it's a damn good book Gary how aria doing good thank you Hey thanks for sending me the book I really appreciate that and ... I was really through it last night in fact marking out specific chapters I wanted to discuss with you we live in a society largely based on lies at this point and I think your book is very helpful Gary and helping us reset the expectations for what will eventually happen based on mathematics they can live in papering over they can fix the price of gold they can fix the price of silver they can fix the live or rates they can fix fix fix but at the end of the day all darkness can be destroyed by one match by one point of light and I think your book sort represents that so I guess my first question for you is how did you come up with this empirical model why don't we start there before we jump into specifics okay well I'm gonna reach that topic I'm gonna have to go around about just a tiny bit of I largely agree with you in terms of of the manipulation and the distortions in the prices and that lead you to the next question of well if prices are distorted and manipulated how could you possibly work with prices does technical analysis work does fundamental analysis work is any sort of analysis work if you admit that manipulation and then you have to say okay well what degree do we help manipulation what degree do we held managed and controlled prices and then if it's largely controlled what is left that you can properly and fairly analyze at U. C. were going on this it isn't like an all or nothing absolute arm there's degrees of manipulation degrees of control so my comment as well or must be some way t..." + 95%
"2014-10-27 02:39:57"
"you guys SG team here just a quick note this conversation with Alistair macleod ran nearly an hour so breaking it into two parts the first half was about dead banksters should tell no tales China's thirty thousand tons of gold in forty eight hours are released the second half of the interview which is about the Swiss gold referendum and much more thanks for listening alright fell as I tell you what instead of making our pleasantries and just catching up right now let's just do it a sense the record button here I had a list things I want to talk it's morning in their well Sir I'll tell you all right here make a right I look forward to it alright ladies and gentlemen thanks for joining us this is shown from SG the report I'm align right now have my daily contributor Rory and our good friend Alistair macleod from finance and economics dot org in gold money dot com first let's say hi to Rory how are yes Sir I'm doing well hope you are the I. M. long time no talk I'm glad you're able to join us today because we have one of our favorite guests on mainly because he is such a charming English accent and he's smart Alastair how are you I'm very well thank you I hope you are too well I have yeah I have to say about it get chased by the girls round hit print sabbatical runs America yes girls in America swoon over you Brits and for the accident I will be able to explain that it's funny if you watch any American TV and you listen to any of the interviews with the main actors so many of them are either Australian or English it seems there are no American actors that are castable in shows anymore all the leads are either Australians or Brits really yes and it was safe enough but sporting American accents usually out the photo yes I'm sort of mid Atlantic I think we call it I gotta tell you guys so I was preparing for this last night by sort of documenting the claps as we've done in the past with all of the hot headlines I want to cover and I want to read some of those but the f..." + 94%
"2014-10-20 01:15:14"
"THE EBOLA AGENDA -- Dr. Mark Sircus"
"a friend's thanks so much for joining us this is Shaun from SG team report can online right now I have doctor mark circus whose website is doctor circus dot com doctor circus thanks for joining us pleasure to be here what a pleasure to have you and I read and we posted your article white people die from viruses obviously Ebola has taken control of the" + 1%
"2014-10-16 03:38:58"
"okay friends thanks so much for joining us we have on the line any Hoffman from miles Franklin dot com Andy how are you today fantastic and yet again another perfectly timed Paul as the endgame is possibly starting yeah I think the endgame is unfolding women talking about this a long time and I wanna let you know here I was doing some research trying to brush up on my knowledge about the Swiss Frank and ... I did a little googling and I think it's funny an article came up that I wrote that I'd forgotten about called the IMF Swiss Frank in the war against humanity it was posted over at silver bear cafe and course at its GT report dot com in then in that article is also one I wrote called teetering on the brink wrote that back on September sixth two thousand eleven make no mistake about it the Swiss Frank widely considered to be the safest currency on earth was dim value today if you had ten million saved in Swiss francs yesterday you would've lost nearly one million today ... everyone recalls what happened as the Swiss peg Frank to the euro and ever since the Swiss have been devaluing their currency the reason I bring this up and is as you know on November thirtieth eight million citizens of Switzerland will be boating are on the Swiss gold referendum to read back Swiss Frank with at least twenty percent of the of the ... Swiss National Bank assets in gold and they don't want to allow any further gold sales what do you think the significance is of the Swiss gold referendum it's absolute norm assuming you go back to the history of the Swiss which were you know they were the last currency that actually had an implicit gold backing and then even after that they had ... they have a goal backing that was not his diet that was not a sound official up but you know they in the at the turn of the century like all the other west and central banks I they sacrifice themselves to the alter central banking people talk about the brown bottom of how the U. K. sold most of..." + 91%
"2014-11-24 01:43:42"
"PETER SCHIFF: Gold Will Take A R..."
"Hey guys thanks so much for tuning in we sure do appreciate that we have back on the line the one and only Peter Schiff the founder and C. E. O. of euro Pacific capital and shift gold Peter thanks so much for taking the time to join us today eight thank you I'm not well it's a thrill to have you back I think our last one brace for impact has more than one hundred thousand views and let's talk a little bit about ... Q. E. I guess all's well the fed is into Q. E. which are buddy any Hoffman predicted they couldn't and Q. E. you've been saying that it's impossible to stop Q. E. and they claim they did it so what's going on anybody can claim any and remember they claim they ended UP two they claim they ended the results you we program so every time they there any queue either starting up another one so I don't see how it's gonna be any different this time around I think you eat three has done more damage to the economy to Huey too and so I don't follow it up with you before we're gonna be a horrible recession another financial crisis and by the way they haven't actually stop you mean you're still doing it they're just not doing as much of it as they were and even when the program officially ends they're still doing it because they're committing even after they officially and Huey to reinvest all of the interest that they earn on their current portfolio in addition to rolling over any maturing principle so batteries are was still going to be a big buyer in the U. S. treasury market in the mortgage market even after it officially ends QB three and of course I don't think it's going to be long before the relaunch Huey for well I think you're probably right I think that ... anything the federal reserve says or has said needs to be taken with a great big giant grain assault course now we have Alan Greenspan publicly touting the value of gold and saying that of course central banks ought to be holding it as should citizens I want to ask you about that specifically but ..." + 96%
"2014-11-19 13:46:31"
"Hey guys thanks for tuning in we've got another exciting call set up for you here with Andy Hoffman from miles Franklin any how are you fantastic ... cataclysmic things on the horizon well on the rise in and ... you know at" + 1%
"2014-10-28 13:19:06"
"okay friends I wanna thank you for watching and sharing the first half of my interview with Alistair macleod here's the second half of the interview Swiss gold and breaking the cartel thanks for listening against all of these hot headlines we have the Swiss gold referendum vote coming up on November thirtieth and that potentially is another seismic shift ... where the Swiss National Bank would have to back up its assets with twenty percent physical gold reserve and Rick Santelli predict it will pass what do you make of the Swiss referendum how important is it in do you think it will pass well it's I I find it fascinating while I wait I'm surprised that ... I'm I'm delightfully surprised by the way that Pat be at referendum shows something I was at forty five to thirty two or something a cut lip that forty five to thirty nine I think it was ... forty five percent of polled in favor of of them saying yes and at and a thirty nine again so there is there is a sort of need which I think ... it's sort of it's wrong like so many of these referenda ... you know people basically think well we can get the authorities a kicking and then when it actually comes close to it people begin to think a bit more seriously and they probably don't go with it so let me interject you yeah but you mentioned the recent poll and I just want to interject I was googling as you said that just to see what the latest news is I get a kick out of this this is from out the Rothschilds Reuters news agency Swiss gold referendums support falls short of a majority poll according to a poll and but of course what they're not saying there is the numbers you just cited right so what they're trying to do is spend this and say what the majority well in fact the majority a hundred percent of the people will show up to vote the vote never adds up to a hundred percent of the people but what writers is trying to do spin the news are trying to they're trying to spin the news and say that it falls short..." + 90%
"2015-01-04 23:17:42"
"well Hey guys think so much for tuning in we certainly do appreciate it I want to take a moment to wish everybody a very happy new year without we bring in the new year with a friend David Morgan from silver that's investor dot com home at the Morgan report to talk about all things silver and gold but mostly silver David how are you well thank you happy new year all's well two thousand fifteen is certain to be a tumultuous year both in terms of the economy and in terms of the plans of the powers that be they want to move us into a one world government and I think ultimately someday David they would love to get us on a one world currency but libertarians and those that would favor freedom guys like you me and our listeners are certainly going to combat that every chance we get say I wanted to start out today in talking about this article from Ted Butler there's been a lot of discussion about it over it SRS Rocco of course at your site and over at silver doctors Ted Butler is saying that JP Morgan has accumulated the largest physical silver position in history he writes the meant cells silver eagles at the prevailing price of silver on the day of the sale in essence the comics price of silver is the price of silver by controlling the price of comic silver JPMorgan sets the price at which it will buy silver eagles it's the perfect crime JPMorgan sets the price of comics silver and then demands as many coins as the mint and its suppliers can produce even if that means producing the coins on a twenty four seven basis Hey that's the law and remember when JPMorgan increased its comics short position in the summer assuring that prices were about to drop what occurred as a result sales of silver eagles nosedive temporarily and only resumed after prices were brought lower by this crooked bank David the reason I wanted to read that is because there's been such a hubbub now about this article and you nor I wanna throw any truth tellers under the bust you got Ted butlers but ..." + 94%
"2014-12-19 03:00:34"
"you can't make this stuff up you really can't and I mean I have never been more terrified for what's coming because it's so unsustainable on so many levels everything that they've done you look up as you said startling to look up three months later that six months later you later and things are much much worse yeah I think so much for joining us we have Andy Hoffman from miles Franklin on the line right now and he's absolutely fit to be tied any high hang in there I literally advertisers saying I will just finish my own audio block which was nine pages long because there are so many disgusting horrifying things going on in the world idea between the market rating of everything and the just Owsley horrifying news I mean I'm looking at the Chinese you one which is plunging as the far as the final currency war explodes this second straight day of eight blatant oil price kucing failing at the FOMC statement where they did not take considerable time out and yet the mainstream media even zero head says they did it and of course the Swiss National Bank onto a negative interest rate some of the worst economic data that we've seen all year and yet they've got the top six hundred points in the last twelve hours well it's insanity and we've been covering the insanity in the market madness in the manipulation for just as long as we've known each other and I think it warrants talking about what happens to gold in a currency crisis Andy can you remind people if you're one of the unlucky people on planet earth living in Russia right now can you explain to people what has happened over the last year to the price of gold in rubles yes well I mean I I I put out an article earlier this week that says the end of the aisle that three year bear market in gold quotes around because obviously orchestrated but the fact is gold itself in U. S. dollars is flat for the year but in all other currencies on average it's up five percent up because of the not because the dollar's strength becaus..." + 94%
"2014-12-12 22:53:13"
"this is an urgent US dollar economic collapse update three signs the collapse is at hand as we've been documenting the collapse of SG T. report of the past several years there have been many landmark events along the way from the bricks ditching the dollar while hoarding physical gold and silver to Jeffrey Christians establishing admission to the CFTC in two thousand ten that for every one ounce of physical silver and gold in the market there is at least one hundred times as much paper gold and silver is not that much to the cool metal out there there isn't but in the physical market as the market uses that term there is much more metal than that there's a hundred times with tear it but in the last forty eight hours several significant developments have unfolded that illustrate just how close we now are to a total economic implosion first this week the CME implemented gold and precious metal circuit breakers four hundred dollars wide memorandum ass seventy two fifty eight which will become effective on December twenty first why is the C. M. E. concerned about such vast pricing moves in the gold market zerohedge notes clearly they know something about a lack of liquidity which may lead directly to unprecedented price volatility in the very near future number two they know something is coming who is they did US treasury department which is seeking two hundred thousand dollars worth of survival kits for its employees who oversee the federal banking system according to the government's own solicitation document via this article from the Washington free beacon the emergency supplies would be for every employee at the office of the comptroller of the currency which conduct of the site reviews of banks throughout the country the survival kit includes everything from water purification tablets to solar blankets you might ask why in the world would bake examiners need emergency survival kits the frightening answer appears to be that the collapse of the entire western econ..." + 53%
"2014-12-10 13:37:47"
"welcome back to friends who got a very special one for you here with that dot from silver doctors and Eric Dubin and of course our contributor Rory is on the line docking Erica aria doing well it great to be back with you guys that genre very good the aspect well we're thrilled to have you and Rory we just dug in a recent call with Marco burn from gold core in that yielded some interesting information didn't it yes it date and here we are with that here we are with two of the premier researchers in space and I just want thank you guys first SD bullion is your bone for all your support it as she poor doc the world to us you guys do great work over there with some the lowest price is I guess the low price guarantee right yeah we've got really excited about your that you can report and a great relationship so far I think store sponsors if you want to support them support us our guys I wanted to start by talking about this as our S. Rocco report that top silver miners have lost money producing silver at nineteen dollars per ounce in the third quarter and we talked about this cost of production for a very long time my friend Andy Hoffman has noted that silver miners are losing money and with silver at sixteen dollars an ounce the fourth quarter is probably going to be a blood bath the primary silver mining industry and as SRS Rocco puts it the silver mining industry that actually produces wealth unlike the bankers who behave more like a blood sucking leech gentlemen what is your thoughts on the current silver prices in my god how do you make your business work when the price of metals just keeps falling well doctor cotton ... most so prednisone miners maybe you know north of twenty dollars and a good many are actually the ... you're going to twenty five dollars so it's gonna be a long time coming before us history returns to profitability is also to the aspect that the north somewhere around seventy percent or so vote Sobers actually produced as a by product of co..." + 94%
"2015-02-02 03:02:27"
"I think as soon as the individual starts to put themselves first I'm victories assured and should have the confidence that you are going to be better off than everybody else Hey guys thanks so much for taking the time to click play certainly do appreciate it nanocrystalline my buddy from silver shield exchange dot com also appreciates it increases back on the line with us right now Chris how aria I'm doing well it's been awhile and I appreciate that catching up with you well I appreciate catching up with you it's been far too long and I figured since it's Superbowl Sunday figured you and I should talk a little bit about some truth yeah I I I did a couple every year I usually do ... you know while you're watching the Superbowl he could've been you know learning about the federal reserve in the military industrial complex air you know ... the poison in our ... vaccines and food in my cancers rampaging my autism is growing and ... you know that the Warren drugs wire troops Sir ... in protecting opium fields and why banks like HSBC are wandering money and not all these unsettling things that people if they last saw how the world really would work probably would save him from poverty and despair depression and no lot of other things unsettled things that ... in are really keeping humanity from rising to its highest and best self are and yet it's far easier for people to just you know ... bah along in the field so wondering why are things aren't working right and and to spend so much time and energy on such childish things like the Superbowl ... you know is a perfect example of why this country's a mass why it will suffer and white you know future generations will look back and not wonder you know why we collapsed why we felt so bad ... when grown men are you know prancing around the field in worship for poor sports behavior for ... you know dirty tricks and stuff like that in and why millions upon millions of people are spending so much time energy..." + 94%
"2015-01-15 14:50:51"
"Ponzi Implosion, Flase Flag Terr..."
"okay guys thanks so much for joining in as always our good friend picks wears back to ring in two thousand fifteen with the silver and precious metals update pics welcome back they shot I'm real excited about that hitting the road fighting these guys were together fifteen I know everybody got tired of last year's a new year a new chance for the new year new chance over is up on to the gate and ... we're seeing lots of news that suggests we've been right about our reasons for owning the physical precious metals although the naysayers out there say that we've suckered them into buying precious metals picks let me ask you this when the U. S. economy is so bad that even lottery sales are collapsing according to zero hedge we make the big picture pics as it relates to us continuing to make the case that owning physical precious metals is a wise thing to do in a world of paper and crashing derivatives with hair that was said the reasons we got in haven't changed the markets haven't changed the supply demand situation haven't changed but also the the rigging hasn't changed and everybody who's down on silver and says it was a bad choice doesn't really understand what's going on as far as the market rigging the manipulation how much power these guys have and whether or not they're they're ready to relinquish that power to a free market type situation I think we're in a situation now where they can't relinquish it if they do it'll be your price spike and everybody will put the flashlight on the CFTC in there the banks and say well what happened you said there was no reading going on and now we finally have a free market in silver and the prices gone haywire you know it's it's hard for them to in the reading so we just keep doing it and keep doing it until we hit that that point will we all fall off the cliff yeah in when referring to the the rigging Beck's it's important remind people of Charles Savoy's silver sculptures series it's a must read for anybody who wants the ..." + 94%
"2015-01-13 04:21:54"
"FALSE FLAG 101: From Gladio To H..."
"uhhuh there's an old saying that goes like this if you've been in a poker game for awhile and you still don't know who the Patsy is your it our analysis of the Charlie Hebdo siege false flag event in Paris is in good company with nearly all others in the alternative media space reaching similar conclusions comments left below our video on you too ran the gamut from those informed about operation Gladio style false flag terror and trolls who only want to and discourse but some of the comments left were from those who sincerely ask okay but why would they do these events in this video we will offer a few quantifiable facts that speak directly to why and for those who would say show some respect for the dead we can only assume you mean take the official story at the government's word and shut up we remind you that the ultimate form of respect we can show for fallen in essence is to uncover truths about who carries out atrocious operations like these and why first who shooters were dressed from head to toe in black military style gear with their faces fully covered so the information about who has been provided solely by government and intelligence officials we are told it was jihadists conveniently for those telling us this operation was carried out by Muslims alone as Webster Tarpley would remind us dead men tell no tales the mood you wish up around the of the police is to liquidate the suspects to avoid embarrassing interrogations we bono who benefits is it the Islamic world who benefits whose shores have already been inundated with the might of the U. S. military Pentagon drone strikes and the patient execution of the project for a new American century and zig new Burzynski's grand chessboard for those who sincerely wish to understand why intelligence agencies and assets carry out Machiavellian operations like bees you must first understand what a false flag operation is a false flag describes covert operations designed to deceive in such a way that the operation..." + 79%
"2015-02-13 15:39:47"
"Gold AND Silver IS MONEY, And Wi..."
"well friends welcome back in thanks so much for taking the time to push play on the line is David McIlvaine eat the president and C. E. O. of McIlvaine the financial group precious metals brokerage and money management firm in a very lucid intelligent man David thanks so much for taking the time Chung pleasure really well it's a real pleasure to have you I was listening to your most recent McAvennie commentary which features an interview with Julie Ocala roadie about his book power curse and I want to ask you a little bit about that conversation in the topics discussed but I think before we get into that deep what I'd like to do is call attention to a great video you guys produced called what is real money and guys David YouTube channel is McIlvaine a financial and I want to play this clip for everybody just to set the stage David so they understand who you are and where you're coming from because we're definitely on the same page gold and silver became money over twenty six hundred years ago and remain so until recent times in the history of money we find important the today neglected chapter on gold gold is merely a means of exchange through time the marketplace voted to commodities as ideal means for exchange for their scarcity durability portability and buy market decree a conduit of transferring value with integrity from one person to the next goal is not just a commodity or element on the periodic table through history it's been kept by individuals and nations as a store of wealth as a means of barter exchange it has all the qualities of money in for millennia has been treated as such simply put gold is money you guys the reason I wanted to play that is not because it's new to you our listeners David are very well informed about what is real money but what I wanted to do was set the stage for this conversation because you said something very important in that piece first watch point out that in that video you talk very specifically about gold and silver bei..." + 94%
"2015-03-23 01:20:05"
"Hey guys welcome back I have on the line our friend David Morgan from silver dash investor dot com over the Morgan report and I've been very excited about doing this interview with David because he has a new book out it's called the silver manifesto it was written by David Morgan and his friend Chris merkezi into it's truly an extraordinarily beautiful book and any silver investor anybody who is a passionate silver bowl is gonna want to own this book ... David how are you I'm doing well thank you Sean Hey thanks for coming on and thanks for sending me a copy of your book you're kind enough to sign it before we talk about the book though David I want to ask you about something that happened on Wednesday ... I did a little video about it called the dollar flash crash a harbinger of things to come I think that it's very interesting that although you and I both know the dollar has a long way to fall in the future based on its climbing value is the world's reserve currency ... on Wednesday after the market closed there was an event of perhaps it was algorithms gone gone mad perhaps something more sinister even than that but the dollar did a flash crash as zero hedge noted and dye it lost somewhere in the neighborhood of two three four maybe even as much as five percent in a moment before bouncing back in the bouncing back fully on Thursday did you follow that event and what's your take on something like that yes I did I did notice the takeaway is volatility that's extreme volatility if you see any commodity and something that's got to such a huge base meaning there so many of them ... out there US dollars and the seed that that kind of a move in that short a time means that there's something very very upsetting about the financials yeah there's something wrong we all know what we can really put a finer point on it and really quantify what's wrong most reference neighbors and colleagues cannot but there's something very very wrong even though the dollar bounced..." + 94%
"2015-03-06 16:42:34"
"World Begins To REBEL Against NA..."
"thanks so much for pushing play as you know we really do appreciate your support it SG T. report and the liberty bell dot com I have back on the line of our good friend the wealth watchmen both watchmen how are you I'm doing fantastic John how are you doing handle very well too are so much happening in the world this pertains to the world's global economy and silver and gold manipulation that's back in the news I also want to talk about the Ukrainian situation with Russia NATO's pushing and pushing and pushing I know you've written a lot about that and I want to talk a little bit about this idea coming out of the west that the powers that be are saying let's band Russia from swift their ability to do banking with the western world which according wealth watchmen to the head of one of Russia's largest banks would mean war boy where would you like to start today I think up the crate thing to remember here is that every time powers that be up make a monumental at chess move they lose another piece on the board every move they make seems to be the worst possible move they could make it doesn't really seem to be hurting Russia and China at this point they've they've made a brand new ... economic and political geo political ecosystem ... in the eastern building Eurasia so every time we try to isolate somebody as Jim Wooley says with eleven time zones it's really not going to come out well in the wash and that's what we see happening again right now now that we've been talking about trying to push ... Russia a rain owned by threatening to to cut them from swift and and you're exactly right Sean they have already said that it would be an act of war not economic war but real war but they have not in Russia and China been taking this threat lying down for the last several years they've been working overtime on a brand new mechanism to sand ... internally and cooperatively wire transfers ought to in from Russia to other parts of the world now up the big news of cour..." + 93%
"2015-03-04 17:16:54"
"CIA LIES, Economic Collapse & Th..."
"the Kiev government is a result of a cool orchestrated by the CIA by the non governmental organizations like Soros and coordinated by Victoria Nuland who was a leading operative under Dick Cheney who is now a leading operative under Barack Obama a friend's thanks so much for joining us we have back on the line are very dear friend hardly Schlanger from larouche PAC Carly Horia I'm fine John good to be with you well it's good to be with you we don't need to do any fancy introductions for you Harley because ... everybody knows you as being one of the best story ends that we speak with on a regular basis in a very knowledgeable person about what's going on in Europe partly on this call today we're going to talk about Greece and how the bailouts are an absolute fraud but first we need to talk about the Ukraine you and I and Helga Zepp larouche's get a call about Ukraine being a trigger for thermonuclear war ... back almost a year ago now and that situation seems to only get worse now what I want to ask you about Harley is this assassination Boris Nemtsov immediately almost immediately Harley world attention has been focused on this possibly being a CI a hit and that the CIA is out of control there's video of the moment that Nemtsov was assassinated there's a utility truck slows down it appears that the assassin got out of the utility truck murdered Nemtsov in and got in a getaway car this is very very diabolical stuff Harley what are your thoughts Harley in the current situation Ukraine and let's start with the name soft murder well of course the media and the west is saying that it was put new didn't Putin's going to cover it up well and this is just more of the the same lying that fits the narrative of the administration and and both parties because when when I'm talking now about the Ukraine policy I'm not just talking about Obama who's absolutely crazy on she is really pushing us into a situation of nuclear war but also John McCain and and Republicans who wan..." + 94%
"2015-04-08 15:36:43"
"they friends thanks so much for joining us we have on the line the one and only Bill holder from miles Franklin bill was a broker for twenty three years and a financial manager for more than a decade any joins us from Texas bill how are you for John how are you Hey we're doing well on this and ... you know I've been anxious to speak with you for a long time build spent far too long you reset" + 1%
"2015-03-26 14:01:25"
"Our Financial Markets Are ALL Co..."
"what we have coming is the collapse of everything we've worked for and everything we've built and saved over our own lifetimes and that of our ancestors all of our financial markets are connected and none will be spared a Kerry good to hear from you a good to hear you how are you man doing good feeling good good you've been busy lately dental writing a lot of stuff been playing golf when I can when the weather's good ... what else is there life besides writing in golf that's the attitude gotta find some way to enjoy yourself in this crazy world well yeah I and it's getting crazier and crazier every day we think were toward the the reset yeah I do too and ... I posted a piece in which I quoted David stockman he was on the Neil Cavuto broadcast and I quoted us stockman saying that basically the end is near and we can talk about that a little bit on this call but what we just jump in I know that listeners are eager to hear from you guys carry Christiansen is from the deviant investor Deven investor dot com ... we did an interview about six months ago about his book gold value in gold prices from nineteen seventy one twenty twenty one Gary's empirical model projects gold price of ten thousand dollars by twenty twenty one you know Gary the way things are going right now though with U. S. allies moving more towards China in the infrastructure investment bank that China is a leading essentially being put together in Asia it seems like that ten thousand dollar gold price should the dollar collapse anytime before twenty twenty one that ten thousand dollar gold price could be reached sooner than later well and I have to agree with you there you know that empirical model I did basically said the craziness that we have in our world will continue more or less with the same degree of craziness without any completely massive disruption like a complete dollar collapse and the reason I did that was because more of the same as believable lake though the system seems to be ab..." + 93%
"2015-04-20 04:37:32"
"mmhm our structure is using its agencies its importance to keeping population calm as long as possible while they are digging in and preparing for total collapse societal environmental and it's happening now we had a population it's been very comfortable in the paradigm that's been set up for them if you will and they want to stay in that paradigm just but they're not going to have that option for much longer so if people have any desire to see and salvage any future for their children we must stand up and face these issues scare you something we do in our spare time has to be a priority or we have no chance right now mathematically if the ship doesn't change direction completely we are headed for planet that mathematically will not support life based on the best numbers available past twenty forty the northern hemisphere likely much earlier than that again on the current trajectory nothing lives we must change course people must join despite the cloud insuring issue that's biological warfare whether we're sure to many issues if we do not deal with this issue soon nothing else will matter that's how dire situation yes" + 1%
"2015-04-10 15:09:45"
""There is No Horror That Cannot ..."
"there is no horror flick cannot occur in human society once economic order collapses Hey friends thanks for joining us with back on the line our good friend and longtime friend Jeff Nielsen from bullion polls Canada Jeff welcome back I wish I basically got and it's good to hear your voice Jeff and good to see you how the event well you know people busy are still doing the writing it at billion bowls Canada and also have like publishing recently brought money it and that's worked out wonderfully and getting some extra exposure there end up you know just looking into other avenues in in terms of of my own career development well you know what I've got good news for you Jeff people like having you out there and ... certainly appreciate your commentary on it you just wrote a piece that we posted the other day I'm going to read it for folks here in a second we'll talk about it and does some nice comments ... as a result of posting that article but I wanted to start here with you I just interviewed bill Holter and ... bill provided some excellent analysis of where we are as we document the collapse and ... let me just frame this up for you Jeff because I'd love to have your opinion he wrote a recent article called triggers and you and he actually in any Hoffman all talk about many of the same things but in this article triggers he talks about the pieces of the anti dollar puzzle which are now rapidly falling into place one of which is the Asian infrastructure investment bank ... it that's one of the pieces of the dollar of the D. dollarization puzzle and another is the new clearing system set to directly compete with swift while yet another puzzle piece is the bricks bank and the final piece of the puzzle is the Shanghai physical metals exchange attention early bankrupting the comics in the aisle BMA aside from the article that you wrote recently that we're gonna cover where would you like to begin and end what is your analysis of where we are in the collapse..." + 94%
"2015-05-04 01:30:23"
"ladies and gentlemen I can't thank you enough for tuning in I have online someone very special she's played a central role in my awakening so many ways to her name is Sophia small storm y'all know her work for those of you don't you're in for a real treat ... I want to welcome Sophia did show right now Sophia hello thanks for joining us so thank you very much I'm very happy to be here I've been talking to mark where quite awhile in finding redoing it well it's a thrill in mark thank you for helping arrange this call with Sophia thanks for introducing me to Sophia obviously have been aware of her work for quite some time of story to tell about that ... mark are you doing I'm doing great and that I have to say it stopped pleasure to meet you what Sean and I finally got a chance to meet a couple weeks ago and got to hang out for a couple hours of talk is really nice to have finally put a face to you after two and a half years of working with you Aaron ... I also did get a chance to meet with us a few last summer so well it's it's been great to to meet everybody in person yeah you've met Celente in person it's just such a small world and I just wanna share Sapieha with you personally that ... your work has played a tremendous role in my awakening and I didn't even know it actually until I recently that you were the brilliant voice and filmmaker behind nine eleven mysteries which played an important crucial role frankly in my awakening and then of course your work and sandy hook unraveling sandy hook into three four and five dimensions ... which proves that the operation was a FEMA capstone event Izaak groundbreaking research you're really working at a different level and that your fantastic presentation from chemtrails to pseudo life the dark agenda of synthetic biology part one part two living in the Manhattan Project it's stunning stunning work and you are at the cutting edge of research on behalf of humanity and for that I want to thank you so much well ..." + 97%
"2015-04-28 00:52:59"
"yea you know China well with that bricks bank all of these new things are coming along to undermine that unfortunately it goes one level deeper than that and that level is that at the very top of this ... baster pyramid ... the Chinese elite is connected directly in with the U. S. ... western elite were friends I'm very pleased that back on the line one of the world's best investigative reporters and truth journalists James core bet is a country" + 1%
"2015-04-23 14:59:47"
"IMF Magic Number 7, The Shemitah..."
"Nnamdi friends welcome back thanks much for joining us with back online a good friend and colleague fix we're from road route a dot com and we see another smash in the metals prices what a shocker huh we're so used to it now you don't see it and it just doesn't matter anymore well it doesn't matter if you hold physical and you know the real value of physical because paper games ones and zeroes on computers that's a paradigm that cannot go on forever and like all things pick sooner or later it will come to an end ... I do want to ask you about this though we posted a piece for my friend the wealth watchmen ET report and die he's talking about JP Morgan chase and the shenanigans going on at the comebacks any rights in fact our buddies at JP Morgan not only see value in silver here but they're currently standing for delivery in their own house account in such strong numbers that a commands our attention here's a breakdown April seventh one point one million ounces April eighth one point two eight million ounces April ninth eight hundred ninety three thousand ounces you get the idea Beck's what in the heck is going on at the comics what is JP Morgan up to well like I believe they understand what's going on the difference between the paper silver in there in the real physical stuff Ted butlers been all over them for about a year now showing how they're going still short on the comics but they are massively long on physical server he is analysis comes out to about three hundred and fifty million ounces of physical and they taken delivery of I mean yeah I believe it's in the last year and and that it all fits with that you know what they know about what's coming down the pike for so over in the price of silver in the difference between comic solar which is paper bag paper products is just electronic blips and the real physical being in your possession so it's really interesting and interpret it that they are the custodian of the SL me solar it might also be that you k..." + 92%
"2015-04-21 01:11:05"
"Geoengineering and BIOSPHERE COL..."
"the power structure is using its agencies its importance to keeping population Kong as long as possible while they are digging in and preparing for total collapse societal and environmental and it's happening now so if people have any desire to see and salvage any future for their children we must stand up and face these issues this car something we do in our spare time has to be a priority or we have no chance right now mathematically if the ship doesn't change direction completely we are headed for planet that mathematically will not support life based on the best numbers available past twenty forty the northern hemisphere likely much earlier than that that's how dire situation as friends I wanna thank you so much for tuning in I have back on the line somebody very special somebody have had the pleasure of speaking with once before his name is gained waking ten you know him from his work at geo engineering watch dot org a very special person I think god has up empowered some people on this earth to really help us all wake up and see the truth of what's going on in Dana's been kind enough to agree to come on and speak with us for the next hour about geo engineering Dane welcome back thank you Sean thanks for all your doing it to sound the alarm for the common good wilting pink you so much I I'm just so thrilled to have the on and I'm very excited about this call I've spent ... numerous hours here preparing because you are working at a PhD level on this geo engineering issue we're now being told to climb engineers want to start using the terms albedo enhancement or cloud reflectivity enhancement they don't want to use the term geo engineering any longer because people are waking up to that term and ... I think the best way to kick this off would be to play a clip from your latest presentation geo engineering in the dying of the trees which led me to write an article geo engineering CERN darkness is being unleashed on this world this is from Danes video geoeng..." + 97%
"2015-05-15 00:50:45"
"Mockingbird Media Lies EXPOSED"
"okay friends an important news update to share with you it's just been reported that ABC news mocking bird reporter George Stephanopoulos and has been busted for giving seventy five thousand dollars to the Clinton foundation without having reported that which is his responsibility as a member of the media but he didn't do it because he's into blessed us pages he's a made man he's a member club the big club the club that you and I are not in George Carlin reminded us it's a big club are you a minute well Stephanopoulos is in doubt he is a member of the mocking bird media as I carefully outlined in my recent report CIA drone kills Adam Gadahn but where is Adam Pearlman I you know guys like Stephanopoulos are the reason why we talk about the mocking bird mainstream media as being the problem in this nation the fourth estate journalism is supposed to keep the other three branches of our government in check the reason that this duplicitous mainstream media this corporate media that we're stuck with in this country won't keep the corporate talk or see in check and government in check is because they are part of the club Stephanopoulos Brian Williams a CFR member Erin Burnett the CFR member Anderson Cooper over at CNN CIA ... Mika Brzezinski over at MSNBC the daughter of zig new Brzezinski Andrea Mitchell over at MSNBC the wife of Alan Greenspan these people are agents these people are part of the club these people are gatekeepers and to add injury to insult Stephanopoulos recently grilled the author of a book did accuse the Clinton foundation of corruption and during that interview he knew full well that he was a Clinton foundation donor rubbing elbows continuously with the Clintons the Clinton bush crime families that run this nation and have run this nation for the past several decades have their friends in the media George Stephanopoulos among them and that's why the fourth estate is so hollow that's why they will never tell you about the TPP they will never tell ..." + 68%
"2015-05-14 01:47:20"
"but if you could see so over a hundred fifty toes quite easily fall ... you start saying well this week getting towards a normal long term silver gold relationship there will be people panicking in the west because they haven't got I go back to my earlier point what host you by Hey guys shown here from SG team report dot com thanks so much for joining us we're back on the line our good friend Alistair macleod from finance and economics dot org and gold money dot com and also on the line is our contributor and good friend Rory Alastair how are you today I'm very well indeed very nice to speak to show yeah it's been far too long and worries back on the line now it's like old times isn't very it sure is not out of love it and it feels great to be be on the line with you guys well love having you guys back I want to talk today specifically about the state of the U. S. economy Alistair Rory hi I really think the situation at this point is dire I think the fed is completely out of bullets as we've discussed before and one share this article from Michael Snyder guys did you know that the average age of a minimum wage worker in the United States thirty six years old it's not teenagers it's working moms in working dads just struggling to make ends meet and it may be hard to believe as Michael rights but right now only forty four percent of all US adults are employed for thirty more thirty or more hours each week we see information though guys coming out from the fed saying that we're in a recovery all numbers point to that being completely untrue and I guess I just want to open up with this question guys when will the next shoe drop in what will it be that will lead us into this collapse because the numbers show we are in a collapse well I think that's right and that the collapse is that ... but if you put yourself in the fed's shoes how could you possibly admit that Adam things not going well I write the the trouble is that's according to Keynesian economics as an ov..." + 95%
"2015-05-10 18:55:36"
"yeah coming at you by starving children in Minneapolis Minnesota dozens of volunteers come together children in Guyana Xbox box hundreds of marketing this is one example NTUC thing inspires now there's donate" + 1%
"2015-05-22 03:25:56"
"friends thanks for tuning in we really do appreciate it here that's GT report dot com where we are documenting the class to have back on the line marketing director for miles Franklin Andy Hoffman a good friend of ours and how are you all I'm doing ... just peachy and I cannot wait for the FOMC minutes of the April twenty nine beating three published because as we all know by now they are one hundred percent doctored or I should say emphasized at certain points you know for whatever the current market conditions are meeting economy gets worse since the meeting then they make them the menace look more dovish it's better than they make them look ... more hawkish out to look like they knew what they were talking about right now it doesn't get worse when you talk about a perfect storm that's gathering against the fed and pushing Janet Yellen to the young reversal that we know is coming people think that this whole Kamani crash that happened last year is over simply because the oil PBT because oil back up against all the fundamentals from forty two to fifty eight in this is compared to a hundred five or was in the fall but the fact is outside that the commodities that get all the publicity like oil and copper which I also think it's been supported by the government everything else is continued to fall and now that now that all the commodities such as oil particularly base metals would basically crashed they tell ten percent more as two days are falling again you're looking at a commodity index that's getting dangerously close to the park or a Lowes which by the way are the same laws as we saw at the bottom and two thousand eight and now the dollar surging in news so it's causing currencies around the world to plunge into and on top of that you have the added bugaboo that interest rates are now inexorable a rising no matter how bad the economic data is and we learn from a really good article from zero hedge where they did some serious research date bank almost prov..." + 94%
"2015-05-18 02:00:52"
"This is HOW People Will Lose EVE..."
"this is gonna be up overnight or over the weekend type of event where you have what you have on a Friday you wake up on a Monday morning and you can't trade anything and you're locked in your possession so it's absolutely empty parody of it you have what you want to have in the new coming world because you'll have a chance to change it a print welcome back I have on the line bill Holter for a return call a very very important called one that I've been excited to have with bill because all hell is breaking loose behind the scenes actually in front of us all but if it you didn't even notice it which is what bill said in a recent article bill welcome back not to be back thank you paid very glad to have you here I know you've got an announcement to make ... you will no longer be writing for miles Franklin but that doesn't mean you're disappearing from the scene so we'll talk about that but I want to jump into what your recent article I bet you didn't even notice it because as you wrote all hell broke out in the credit markets during the overnight hours last Thursday morning and it has since happened again bill as the mockingbird mainstream media has us train to watch only the nasdaq and the Dow in the nightly news as we quote unquote monitor the markets you tell us what the truth is what's the biggest market on the planet that we all should be paying attention to so we should be watching the credit markets and the press is not reporting on the credit markets at all Pete when people get home they turn the TV or if they're in their office whatever everybody watches the Dow Jones industrial average that in today's world is meaningless the entire world is Bella is built on credit it's the credit markets that we need to be watching and for example the about the ten year bond the German boned two weeks ago or or not close to three weeks ago was trading under five basis points last ... Thursday Wednesday night Thursday morning in the wee hours when they were training it..." + 92%
"2015-06-08 03:36:08"
"a friend's thanks so much for tuning in I can't tell you how much it means to me that those of you who do tune in regularly take the time to do so because without you there would be no us trying to combat the mocking bird mainstream media and their lies and that's what today's show is about I discovered a video not long ago from my new friend Baltimore pariahs he's a mechanical engineer and he used to work for the department of defense any did a fantastic presentation recently titled mainstream media as a weapon of social engineering and war any gave that presentation to community college in Oregon and Waldman's been kind enough to join me now to expose the mocking bird traders Baltimore welcome well thank you John honor follow is you to report a all started researching a whole lot to stop putting out easily we're in the last recession I started researching finance and dial one thing led to the other and now am I researching all this other things and now I see I came to the conclusion that I don't love well everything that I saw happening in all the problems we have has to do with the mainstream media I'll meet you need the ice out of the gateway if you will of la although some are most of the problems we have so I'll I have the ... from my own experience every time I it'll tell people arm a little bit about what's going on I get attacked with the saying are you know out only to act now essentially godless there since there is side to side with the saw media lies presentation essentially social people how they mainstream media lie like to you an idea and everybody with actors and out I have to say it was very shocking the I. E. I'm used to people lying to me al hunt but are you seeing actors that's more I'm not I'm not gonna lie is so that's what I would call an organized conspiracy to get you to play with your emotions to ... gate get you too after war and you know kill innocent people so I decided that I needed to do something about it and now ... IE I've..." + 92%
"2015-06-05 18:01:04"
"it's my belief Sean that we will get to a time and I in my natural lifetime when you cannot purchase an ounce of gold cruciate money ultimately I think we end up with the Zimbabwe type scenario and a runaway hyper when it occurs it will feel like a bolt of lightning coming out of the clear blue sky and and much of the commentary we will hear in a mocking bird press is nobody could have ever imagined that this could happen ladies and gentlemen we have the one and only rob Kirby from Kirby analytics back on the line a rob what's gonna buddy well we're finally enjoying the first vestiges of summer here and the north in Toronto Ontario Canada will Holly Lou yeah maybe they can lay off her for awhile and things get back to normal electricity that drought and in California would you yeah well it would be nice ... would ... Anna rather insure our food is supplied so going forward were much anti exotic foods that we are also accustomed to enjoying from sunny California yeah that's the bread basket most people don't realize that let people think the bread baskets the Midwest but the Midwest is largely corn at this point and ... certainly there's a lot of dairy cows but GMO corn and GMO wheat yeah well the trying to poison us slowly in there doing a darn good job of it I have a live one for you here ... to kick us off today ... do you want me to start or do you have something on your agenda first well I always have agendas as you know Sean but I'll all alone all day shirt you alright get this your last task after Disney layoff train your foreign replacement we just posted this at as GT report on Thursday morning and ... this is without the TPP in place which has just been fast tracked rob and ... you can just imagine what's coming about two hundred fifty Disney employees were told in late October that they would be laid off many of their jobs were transferred to immigrants on temporary visas for highly skilled technical workers were brought in by an outsourci..." + 94%
"2015-06-01 23:37:21"
"you have to remember boldness over orange shirt when you have a fire you held you can't get insurance today after our it just doesn't work that way years a huge fire Tom or not potter will happen and people or didn't get themselves in the pan I just was so overcome or fire a friend thanks so much for pushing play it's great to have you back I really do appreciate it half back on the line SRS Rocco reports Steve St Angelo who is one of the top precious metals truth analysts in the world today and we're very lucky to have him Steve how are you short bill tribute to your knowledge of the future different events that happen or should be dropping volatility in the market financial system as well as political system the volatility is just increase it seems like ... I think on the Richter scale where the nine now all the times that of the order to where years ago so it's great to be here yeah it's great to have you at speaking of our earthquakes ... I agree with you ... the economic situation globally is approaching an eight point oh or a nine point oh on the Richter scale and we know what a nine point oh did to those poor souls in Japan and ... you know I I just wanted to take a minute to just let everybody know that ... Steven I had really nice conversation here the last ten minutes before we hit the record button I just catching up talking about a current events it's really wonderful to be able to speak with somebody that you know was like minded Steve to get started here the debt ceiling has been reached again but the spending continues a clear nothing is ever going to change in the US government will continue on this path right over the cliff wanna talk to you about some of your recent articles but if it's okay with you I would like to begin with your latest one and it's an important article and sadly I don't think it's necessarily good news for us something big is about to happen to silver can you tell us about that yeah normally I don't look at this inf..." + 95%
"2015-05-28 02:42:38"
"it's time to stock up and team up and train our because time is relatively short we could very well see the artists that are a nineteen thirties scale economic depression as soon as the small well friends I'm very honored to have back on the line James Wesley Rawles he's an author is the founder of the survival blog dot com" + 1%
"2015-06-21 18:38:17"
"the federal debt cannot be managed rip out some significant degree of monetary debasement cheapening the dollar suit that god has paid off in dollars that are worth less there's actually no doubt that simple mathematical exercise so people really need to be ready for that Hey friends welcome back I have Brian London on the line he's the publisher and owner of the forty four year old gold newsletter is also the owner and producer of the New Orleans investment conference which just celebrated its fortieth anniversary his website is gold newsletter dot com and I tell you what guys that investment conference is a big deal in two thousand fourteen had Alan Greenspan Kyle past Peter Schiff Doug KC Marc Faber just to name a few as guest speakers and Brian London is here to break down the very very latest in this rapidly changing gold and silver market Brian welcome great to be here thank you Hey it's a real thrill to have to have to tell you Brian I believe that when this train finally turns around in the brutalization of gold and silver prices stops by the hands of the cartel cartel will be the very ones who will turn to mining companies as we see mining stocks rocket much higher along with the prices of gold and silver the smart money will leverage mining stocks so here's my question for a renegade against the backdrop of a quickly deteriorating global economy what is your near term and long term outlook for gold and silver prices Brian well the near term is harder to judge because no matter where you come up with something you know derails at night and and I think you're right about ... the price getting smashed by the western speculators ... in in their shorts I see what you see right now literally as we speak to some short covering from those western speculators opera short term this is difficult I would agree there were bouncing around a long term bottom right now but the question on everyone's minds is when is the term going to come no one really doubts that ..." + 92%
"2015-06-18 17:13:39"
"The 7 Year Cycle & THREE DIGIT S..."
"and the year twenty sixteen will bring in three dead is I'm the only guy on the world famous right now and we will have three digits in your twenty sixteen Hey guys thanks so much for tuning in we've got a very special guest on the line his name is Popo only that he runs the website gold twenty twenty forecast dot com his work is featured often at silver doctors he's also a friend of Steve St Angelo over answer S. Rocco he's a friend here to SGP report bow welcome Sean thank you for calling I leave it's tough being here Hey it's a real pleasure to have you you know I was listening to your recent interview with Rick wiles over it true news and that was a pretty gripping conversation because Bo is you know those of us who are silver and gold bugs have put literally through the wringer over the past four five years I know that your work is very specialized in very different you'd you definitely think outside the box you approach your work by using the two hundred fifty two year stock market cycle which I think is pretty unique up I'm not sure how many other pundits are analysts out there are doing that you say the cycle is manipulation can you just briefly give us an overview about the cycle and how it's affected your research ... think that's a great question ... worry start where we can start with this is basically looking at a cycle of solving defining what a cycle is and I think the most important place to start just weaken everybody has an understanding as to you know where we go with us how do we begin wears a cycle come from and so gore my webpage goal twenty twenty forecast dot com on the top left corner there is an icon is called a two hundred fifty two year stock market cycle which I've basically you know overtime in a study in and and put together I'm looking at it math and calculations so click on an icon and once you click on the icon please go to page three on the PDF back that pops up that PDF describes a seven year time window which is a cycle no..." + 95%
"2015-06-11 03:12:17"
"Sean Hey how our unity good dissuading about Newmont mining deluding themselves with a stock offering went from JP Morgan mansion they're using Morgan yeah screwed industry and thought about sleeping with the enemy yeah a friend's welcome back thanks so much for joining us have back on the line our good friend Andy Hoffman from miles Franklin to talk about all things economy precious metals manipulation any welcome back always a pleasure Sean a all the pleasure it's great to do these every three week updates because things are changing so fast that you and I document the collapse that it's literally impossible to keep up but I do want to start with this one I think it's fairly big news and I know you referenced it ... recently it's an article from Avery good man over at seeking alpha in the title of it is did comics just receive a physical gold bailout from the feds and that it's pretty gripping he says in an article dated June first two thousand fifteen I pointed out the comics clearing members had gotten themselves to the edge widespread default on physical gold delivery obligations they faced net claims of five hundred fifty thousand Troy ounces against only three hundred seventy thousand registered ounces laughed at the comics warehouses that left a deficiency of one hundred seventy thousand ounces or five point two nine tons of gold in who stepped in to save the day none other than JP Morgan ... it's just such an important article in its in its such important documentation of the collapse any what what do you make of that article all look I mean it's it's par for the course I mean let's face it you know I wrote an article last week called comics Sedin's meaning like care grex and does it talk about in Greece where something you know no matter how much if one believes that the comics is all powerful the you know it's basically the US government entity out at some point something is going to break its grip on the gold price and then maybe an axe in maybe s..." + 92%
"2015-07-06 04:34:24"
"GLOBAL MARGIN CALL? -- Bill Holter"
"a friends with news coming in that Greece has voted no on Sunday's referendum it's a great victory for freedom it's a great victory for the people of Greece but is Michael Snyder from economic collapse blog reports it also threatens to unleash unprecedented economic chaos all over Europe and perhaps beyond this interview with bill holder was recorded on Friday global margin call and although we didn't know the outcome of the vote on Friday today's vote guarantees the global margin call is on its way thanks for watching here's filter if you have the ability to have capital war get knocked out cold here in the court system to whatever the next system it's gonna look like whatever the nexus one's gonna be you're the best and easiest way to do that units would open so Hey friends thanks so much for tuning in welcome back we have on the line bill Holter who's going to take us through the very complex derivative story the CDS story the story of what is really going on behind the scenes has greased technically actually defaulted that's the big question bill welcome back let me back let me just start with this today built from my friend Jeff Nielsen over at billion bowls because this is such a complex story and Jeff asks where is the global bond margin call it let me just read this year he says Greece already defaulted at the end of two thousand eleven every penny of those billions in euros was backed by the same fraudulent credit default swap insurance was there a global bond margin call in two thousand twelve know what did happen nothing the same big banks to underwrite the tens of trillions of this fraudulent pseudo insurance are also allowed to self regulate their own market I think that's a great place to start bill because this is very complex stuff as we've been talking about the collapse in the domino effect that a grease default would cause so with that said where would you like to start today because are we seeing a global bond margin call word or certainly say..." + 93%
"2015-07-02 00:26:11"
"this is the worst case scenario please bankers and you know there's a line out there Sean well the whole brake system was set up by the lost child well we're almost on the verge of a nuclear war with Russia because the Russians want capitulate the reality is there something new on the horizon a new financial system outside of your control of what George Herbert Walker bush called the New World order its fragile but it's coming into existence and this is you're more than a thing else reference thanks so much for tuning in it's time to have a very serious talk with our friend Harley Schillinger what we're going to be tough about right now today can best be described as an update on global economic crisis in fact global economic Carly this is a very important time for us to get back together thanks for joining us my pleasure song to talk with well guys as you know highly slingers the national spokesperson for the Rouge pack an historian and a very good friend as GT report Harley just one quote this from la Rouge pack dot com a crisis now rolling through the debt markets is not a crisis of Greece but of the bankrupt euro system and U. S. financial system most of the nations of the trans Atlantic region are facing a breakdown crisis if not tomorrow then within weeks and quote as we document the collapse it's very important to level set let's start talking about Greece in the bigger picture woody see happening from your point of view I think the first most important thing is that the Greek government has confounded the so called experts who assume they would capitulate because that's what countries do countries when faced with the power of international banks I'll give in and accept austerity and and sacrifice their people for the sake of a little bit of liquidity and the Greeks have drawn a line the superstar vermin which was you know you have to realize the series of party a year ago was at five percent in the polls there now probably verging toward sixty sixty five ..." + 94%
"2015-06-26 04:10:15"
"THE SILVER SQUEEZE: Comex is Los..."
"this is potentially building to the mother of all short squeezes and I think the fact that they keep piling on more more naked short interest on the comex tells us that they're losing control of this agonizing through to the end we really appreciate it I back on the line our good friend Dave Kranz lawyer from investment research dynamics and boy we can have a dynamic conversation about all that's going on in the world starting with grease then moving on to the silver open interest which just hit an all time high yesterday and so much more Dave how are you I'm well thank I haven't I always love chatting with you well I don't love him you know Dave is your street shooter and a good guide your heart's in the right place I gotta tell you ma'am beautiful day out today beautiful day today all looks were have we know behind the scenes criminals in our own government literally both on the right and the left are going to push through this TPP which will devastate what's left of the economy and much more because it's secret we can't read what's in it their total fascist tyrannical monsters these people but it's a beautiful day out it all looks well just like it's always beautiful in Greece but under the cover of that beauty the banksters will take the Greek islands the public works the water rights the pigeons as they enslaved grease to more bailouts as reading yesterday Dave a hundred billion dollars is the new bailout package for Greece these people are insane in the only way this ends is for the people to rise up like Iceland did and say hell no and arrest the bankers today what do you make of what's going on in Greece and then we'll move on sure ... you know actually just to circle back really quickly you mentioned the which is killer thorn in my side and a lot of people are aware of this but anyone who's read the legislation and closes its contents to the public thrown in jail that was that was an executive order I think it was signed by Obama it's either an executi..." + 93%
"2015-07-23 16:22:04"
"As The West Collapses, MANKIND I..."
"let's be realistic you know what we are looking at is the potential climbs into careless in the entire transatlantic what mankind has never been in a more mortgage gauger them tried to smooth it a friend's thanks so much for joining us ... as you all know the situation in Greece has gone thermonuclear from an economic standpoint with the IMF PCB Germany and separates committing treason against the best interests and the wishes of his own people the Greek parliament has voted to back separates and the banksters by voting for austerity two hundred twenty nine in favor versus the six a four against insurers that Greece will now become a vassal state for criminal international banksters we're very clearly at a crossroads for humanity two forks in the road lay before us one leads to unemployment hunger and global depopulation while the other road it leads to a new paradigm for humanity the end of contrived geopolitics and the bank's stir design chains of serfdom this road is the way back to human freedom and progress I'm very happy to have on the line our good friend Harley Schlanger for larouche PAC ... into very very special guest who we spoke to once before back in February two thousand fourteen Harley welcome good afternoon showing how are you while hanging in their Harley but I'm really thrilled to have you and ... Helga's up larouche on the line because what's going on it increase is absolutely an attack on humanity and done whatever they're trying to do over there there is no easy solution in fact there is no solution at all so the question is why are these banksters doing this because they can only bring us all down in and maybe and maybe that's what they want well I think what what hell good can describe to you is it insider's view of the fight for this new paradigm Helga initiated a resolution earlier this year to call on the United States to reject geo politics and to go with the bricks a she did this as the founder of the Schiller institute back in n..." + 93%
"2015-07-16 01:35:06"
"The END Could Come Like A Thief ..."
"Hey guys thanks for tuning in shown here for messed UP report very very happy to have on the line Dave from the X. twenty two report simply been meaning to speak to for a very long time and he's here now Dave how are you thanks thanks for having me on him and thanks for joining us really do appreciate it ... I think it's really inspirational that you've taken the X. twenty two report on you to the next twenty two report dot com and you've turned it into something that is an alternative to what the mockingbird mainstream media wants to spew to us on a daily basis so our thanks for coming in thank you thanks for having me I really appreciate it and ... happy to be here what they've if you could could you just give us a brief overview of I started dispatcher and ... you know maybe more specifically for the people out there listening who would like to start their own alternative news media channels on YouTube what advice would you give those people had to stick with that because it it can be slow going at the start can it yes ... but also from the beginning and where I came from and and why I decided to start doing this I'm in the beginning I worked for many financial firms are like Merrill Lynch Chayei craft lot of people have heard of that I HSBC Republic National Bank became a just be say and I started out as a stockbroker way early in the nineties and then I started moving into the investment systems and supporting the investment systems for all these financial firms and in two thousand eight I was laid off and I knew it was coming because I saw for a lot of people being laid off and I knew eventually was gonna hit me and it finally did and I decided to make a change and I took my family out of the New York area and we moved to a different location and I started to consult and I said you know what I'm gonna start ... talking about what's really going on because the corporate media as really not telling us what's going on the government sure is not telli..." + 96%
"2015-08-10 01:27:10"
"Gold, China, Trump & The Jewish ..."
"the United States still claims to have eight thousand tons of gold reserves in order to pretend that it's worthy of being the reserve currency no so this is watch it's important for China to make additional gold disclosures over the years as part of its movement towards making the renminbi reserve currency China could have four thousand tons of gold right now and not have done anything at all the least bit fraudulent or or dishonest because all the gold ads from its domestic sources never have to be reported a friend's thanks so much for tuning in we're back on the line a good friend Jeff Nielsen from billion bowls Canada Jeff how are you today brigade and always a pleasure to be here it's always a pleasure to have him and women spoken since April we can you believe all that's a pro and I'm just now getting you back on a need to have well you know you you got your hands full but it and it made a lot of people to talk to so I mean you can't talk to me every week that's just the way it is but that you know we've got lots to talk about so I would be interested in it today well you know we're joking on email maybe I should get a little window at the top of SG T. report with a webcam ... you know just focused on you it's Jeff Nielsen twenty four seven all day every day well you know from my perspective that would be ideal but I'm sure some of your other we are other people in your audience have a different effective on that well we don't need to watch the shower clustered here yeah maybe just twelve hours a bit yeah meals are twelve hours a day Jeff Nielsen twelve twenty four three sixty five alright but well let's up let's talk a little bit about proof that the five year low for gold is a fraud you just wrote about that over at Sprott money dot com out you know as we see ... silver literally be got it I mean I did you ever think we'd see silver go from forty eight all the way back down to fourteen below cost of production and that alone is a mind Bender but ... ..." + 95%
"2015-08-06 03:42:44"
"WARNING: Alt Energy Insider -- T..."
"a friend's thanks so much for tuning in ... the conversation ready for here that I think you're really gonna benefit from I think it's an important conversation ... ended someone we have never spoken with before he's a thirty five plus year engineer indie alternative energy and solar space and that he wants to speak publicly now about some things that are really troubling him and we're going to give him a pseudonym in this interview when calling J. power ... in the reason for that is because he's reluctant to come forward with his real name he doesn't want the notoriety and he does not want this to be misconstrued as an opportunity for his company to get more business there any more business than they can deal with ... there's a six month waiting list for their products I happen to have one of their products ... he's a good guy a god fearing man and he's here to share some truth with us and ... J. are you there I'm here well thanks for joining us ... you know just to set the stage for people you and I have corresponded ... several times over the past months of via email you left me a voice mail the other day and you said you're startled a largely based on a phone call that you received from somebody of fairly noteworthy Jay tell us a little bit about that will you please and then not let's talk about ... what people need to do to prepare for this clapped okay well thanks for having me first of all this is a person who's on television every morning and I don't understand it you much more than that but they were yeah kind of not panicked state and I'm they wanted to buy pretty much everything that we had in our in our store and I told him he couldn't do that and he got very upset actually hung up on me at twenty minutes later he called me back and apologize and placed each year Joe Walker wanted to know if you could send a truck it is not and I said no you can't do that are it's not even built yet there's a true you know research you reach waiting..." + 91%
"2015-08-02 21:14:53"
"You Don't Own What You THINK You..."
"a friend thanks so much for tuning and it's great to have you back with real that back on the line a good friend bitch we're from road rooted dot com Victoria I'm good shot Harry well I'm good management if you help me to document the collapse today that's what we love that is well it's gotta be done picked because as I've been saying lately there's just too much going on for any one of us to document the collapse by ourselves so I'd like to kick off the bat today with a Imation zero had I had no idea this is insane listen to this ETF trading volume eclipses U. S. GDP in the past twelve months investors picks up with that an air quotes traded eighteen point two trillion worth of ETF shares for perspective that means the amount of dollars exchanging hands through ETS is now more than the entire U. S. gross domestic product which stands reportedly at seventeen point four trillion this is coming from Bloomberg Beck's does this not just trip you out that's an insane fact it you know there's a lot that and with all the rest of my mom the volumes that are traded ever since the electronic trading came and their effect in the seventies and eighties are are phenomenal and any just one of dozens use the reality of what's really going on here are we really trading shares of stock bonds commodities or is there something else going on where'd these large bullion banks and banks in general and hedge funds trade knees these electronic blips back in court set the price of the commodity underlying it and that's really what's going on if you look at the volumes on the comics or they'll be in may I'm it it's so distorted compared to how much of the underlying asset is available that many it's completely off the range and nobody should believe what they see as far as prices or even that they own anything in their in their four one Kazin where in there's a commodity account all this stuff is is just electronic blips going back and forth a lot of times these banks trade with themselve..." + 94%
"2015-08-24 03:18:43"
"you've got to protect yourself for this reason this government at from a massive collapse or a massive crisis were debt crisis it's all coming but we make it is actually here it's been covered up and there it is desperately trying to keep it covered up but I think it got so bad so I control that no one can cover up anymore the friends think so much for tuning in we have on the line lane L. in route his website is route" + 1%
"2015-08-23 02:31:30"
"what no one ever thought that nineteen eighty four and Brave New World would be our operating manuals for the people in charge and they seem to have embraced Ollie how to write how to destroy people's spirits a prince thanks so much for tuning in we really appreciate it Hey I have on the line to do friendliness Lani Clark she's got a show and you see why dot TV radio toss it just go you see why dot TV radio to hear it you can also hear it in the archives the name of the show was the age of vision eight to nine Pacific Monday Wednesdays and Fridays today we're going to talk about invent changed the lives of all of us our planet earth happened on March eleventh two thousand devastating earthquake it hit Japan bloody are you there I am here they kept pace it's a pleasure to speak with you you know you and I talked just the other day to get to know each other and we ... I'd like to think we became fast friends were a kindred spirits yeah it sounds like it's not like we have a lot of the same because in values really about helping to save our planet really at a critical time we are at a critical time in it don't think most of our friends neighbors and colleagues realize and I think most of the people on planet earth lately unaware of Fukushima and what happened on March eleventh two thousand eleven and how absolutely devastating it is for the biosphere and how absolutely devastating it will be for humanity and is already starting to be for the Pacific Ocean specifically ... if you found that to be true are the many people that you know that can even tell you what Fukushima is yeah most people won't make I would say about half of the people I know how I don't know something about it they were like where I was a few years ago they know it was something that wasn't right but they figured the government's taking care of it and then a lot of people just have no idea at all what that Fukushima presents a danger to our planet so and then when you speak to them because it..." + 96%
"2015-08-17 03:42:47"
"Monetary Warfare & The Tianjin C..."
"okay friends before I start the interview with bill Holter I just wanna preface it with a few comments about the massive explosions scene in Tianjin China now in this conversation with bill we cover his thesis in his latest article titled did the final war just start and it's an excellent question has the monetary war just gone nuclear no one bill released this article he took some heat for mentioning that the Tianjin explosion could have been a nuclear explosion in the days since it appears that was a very appropriate question in fact Tianjin China explosions will remain an important topic of conversation for some time because to date China still cannot explain what caused the explosions the size of the crater left by the explosion its gargantuan as the death toll has now surpassed one hundred ten people with at least ninety others still missing the question remains what caused this apocalyptic Splosion the photos you see here show the scale of the devastation with eight thousand mangled melted cars and a huge crater blasted into the ground in essence creating a lake it's starting to appear quite evident that something unconventional happened in Tianjin was it a tactical nuclear device of some type with the devastating explosions caused by an even more exotic black budget device like the rod of god space based weapons theorized by Jim stone and as I previously stated officials insist it is not clear what triggered the two blasts which happened about thirty seconds apart on Wednesday for those of us already suspicious about western governments and false flag operations it is not out of the realm of possibility to wonder if a tactical nuclear weapon was used on this Chinese port send the Chinese government a message ditched the dollar and pay the price thanks for listening here's bill Holter Hey friends thanks so much for tuning in my god is there a lot going on in the world today China at the head of the list in the Chinese U. S. shoe lace in ship of course we sa..." + 93%
"2015-09-07 21:42:20"
"Hey guys welcome back thanks for tuning in we're back on the line one of the ultimate truth tellers in the universe name Sophia small storm and you know her work very well all credit due to Sophia she's the mind behind incredible documentaries like nine eleven mysteries unraveling sandy hook into three four and five dimensions which dedicated to America and to all YouTubers involved in the process of waking up the world to the sandy hook hoax he's also the mind behind from chemtrails to pseudo live part one and that it biology part two radiation biology our must watch videos so feel welcome thank you Sean thank you for having me again I really appreciate it well it's it's my thrill you know I'm when your biggest fans if you really really dissect things from the inside out it with all credit due to Mike Williams over at this stage of qua radio hour I was listening to your recent interview with Mike called understanding the corporate fiction and ... it really is the topic we should be discussing today and ironically in one of my last videos Sophia ... the one with Christina Sarraj ... about GMOs vaccines there was a comment that appeared over and you too ... from somebody who said in till you start talking about the corporate fiction until you start talking about corporate personhood in the fact that the US government as a corporation you just spinning your wheels and ironically already had your schedule to talk about that very issue so Sophia welcome and where should we start well you know people always say what can we do what can we do and so far we've urged them to you know to talk to searching research but reality and when I really began to understand this corporate fiction saying and then a second a leg a bit up it just hit me that this is the only recourse we really have in what I called third dimensional world I'm so just to tell you briefly you know up they can't today they can I just use that word they can't touch just except through this thing cal..." + 96%
"2015-08-24 20:07:22"
"this is just the beginning I mean we are sixteen thousand out unless they hyper inflated which is very possible that your what's going on in Venezuela we are going to revisit two thousand eight two dozen nine lows without question and if you do not protect yourself in every way Magic you do not hope for the best but prepare for the worst you very well may lose everything alright guys you know why we're having this call it's Monday August twenty fourth and ... the market opened today with another historic melt down there so much to talk about is emerging markets literally implode any Hoffman's here any how are you I'm doing well I'm bored so the markets are not and you know it it's not just emerging markets anymore it's everything that's imploding this is exactly because it's you know I can't say it's happening to them" + 1%
"2015-09-27 01:45:30"
"The Middle Class Is Being Cooked..."
"bill gross summed it up best mainstream America is slowly being cooked alive and people who are prepared for that are going to make it okay friends welcome back I have a very exciting and informative call ready for you here with Dave Kranz letter from investment research dynamic stays on the line right now Dave how are you Sir I'm well thank you thanks for having me on again yeah it's a real pleasure Manuel's love to have you on because you know you're a straight shooter and you know we're following your blog so many people are now over an investment research dynamics dot com you know I want to talk about your most recent article the world is in trouble are you prepared for the road which of course is a out reference department McCarthy's heartbreaking novel and ... in the movie of course that came from it starring Viggo Mortensen in the book is called the road ... boy I tell you what I don't want to be on that road ever my friend because that's a bleak existence but before we talk about that too we circle back to your September twentieth article is silver intentionally being drained and diverted from the retail system it's important we talk about it and ... before I steal any of your thunder from this article where would you like to begin well I guess in terms of you you wouldn't still whatever thunder you want from this article alright I preface did qualifier that for me this is this is just it's a theory that I've been toying with that I want to put it out there to see how the response would be that will let me let me read this then because I do want to still have been your thunder that and do it off you need to have fucking no I I read the whole thing and I think it's a well thought out pieces here and ... but you know what you and I just in the pre call started talking a little bit about the criminality in the system and the fact that when the collapse comes it could be far far worse than anybody even believes a is possible and again it it gets us ba..." + 96%
"2015-09-23 00:07:36"
"good luck enough money super slow change the policies we're gonna have a global blowout much much bigger than two thousand eight probably much bigger in the nineteen twenty nine to thirty three and people lose everything Hey guys welcome back I have on the line the national spokesperson for the lip Rouge organization it's hardly Schlanger an historian and an all around great guy ... hardly welcome back disease you soon the guys before we get started with Harley will apologize for the over modulation on this Mike we try to troubleshoot that before the call began and that we weren't able to fix it ... he is understandable ... if this just isn't as pleasant sounding as it normally is bear with us lots of important information I hardly let a question to started here story to tell you familiar with the show that aired on B. O. for us several see called trash I had seen yeah well they did a movie recently to in the star of that show the guy on the show who played Vinnie chase the Hollywood movie star ... his name is Adrian Grenier and he posted recently on nine eleven actually on the anniversary of nine eleven here posted what is called the controversy on nine eleven Instagram that offended many and I think it speaks to core of what we're up against Harley because I was talking to my friend mark man last night and he and I were lamenting the fact that the American people seem unable to wake up and are happy to allow this government to do anything it likes in the name of nine eleven and the war on terror let me read you this so Adrian Grenier ... hope I'm pronouncing that right her grin yeah I hit post something on nine eleven is a picture of the twin towers in it said R. I. P. the two thousand nine hundred ninety six Americans who died on nine eleven our IP the one million four hundred fifty thousand five hundred ninety innocent Iraqis who died during the U. S. invasion for something they didn't do that's all it said and there was an outcry by I guess five hu..." + 95%
"2015-09-21 02:35:23"
"UN AGENDA 21: Preparing America ..."
"well I will let it all drop wanted to clear not working out so but I don't anymore they wanna limit your electricity they want to limit your water aplicativos reducing everything okay friends thanks so much for joining us Hey I have a very special guest on the phone I thought it was time to get to the bottom of what's going on with the agenda twenty one as we see drought in California it's been my thesis that the powers that be are using engineered throughout as an excuse to rollout U. N. agenda twenty one policies in earnest and I've been following a you tube channel for quite sometime now brindell sixty one and on the line now is Gary Covino who runs that channel and he's definitely an expert hands on activist in all things you an agenda twenty one Gary welcome actually are you doing today Hey I'm doing great man thanks for joining us and really appreciate it you know Gary just to get the ball rolling on this thing it's such a huge topic up but I've been saying for quite some time that the powers that be are hitting American citizens from multiple factor points you know whether it's the pending economic collapse in the potential death of the dollar is China and Russia move away from doing business in dollars about whether it's the engineer drought in potential famine situation that we're seeing out in California ... whether it's endless wars and constitutional wars without and we have the vaccine situation there's just so many ways in so many different vector points from which the American people are being attacked that it's hard to keep up and I think one of the most important ones is agenda twenty one which you cover in earnest so before we go down a certain track that I want to flesh out with you Gary can you tell me what you think is the most insidious and evil part of the UN agenda twenty one plan well the most evolved ... I don't know if I'd had a era when I when I go to even the most evil about what I would say I could not people that well opportunis..." + 95%
"2015-09-14 01:40:53"
"we are dead ducks we're sitting on the train tracks were having a picnic and drinking their wine does it really matter what time the train comes through the tunnel ladies and gentlemen it's time for another visit with the one and only rob Kirby if Herbie analytics to be analytics dot com blob Tory Sir I am doing just fine thank you very much on Hey man thanks for coming on ... you know what I want to talk to you about all sorts of things at the top of my list as monetary warfare ... really my question is has the monetary warfare going hot with what we've seen in Tianjin and that these are other explosions in China and of course one at a US military base in Japan ... and ammunition based up but first let me ask you about this dropped last week zero hedge reported that something just snapped CarMax and ... for readers who missed it this is very important to me just if I may read this earlier today we said that we would keep a close eye on today's comics update deceive JPM reverses this adjustment in ads at least a few more tons of deliverable gold to its fault moments ago we got the daily update from the comics and not only did JPM not reverse it's registered to eligible adjustment but more curiously the second largest ball bat of Scotia Mocatta behind only H. S. B. C. saw a compatible adjustment whereby sixteen thousand six hundred forty four ounces of gold or about half a ton fourteen percent of its fault total were adjusted away from registered in into the eligible category now here's the takeaway for readers guys this is so crazy this means that what was already a record dilution factor with over two hundred ounces of paper goal claims for every one ounce of deliverable gold just soared even more in following that eight percent drop in inventory there's now an unprecedented two hundred twenty eight ounces of paper claims for every one ounce deliverable registered gold rob your reaction well my reaction is that Cormac sweet people people who've been foll..." + 96%
"2015-09-11 22:15:53"
"minute take you to Dick Cheney fasten your seatbelt and this is going to absolutely blow you away I would like you if you're if you can do this on your computer to go to my file and when you open that up or you'll see where it says sources and you want to click and then I'm there's a only arts the World Trade here on that me when you get to that age photograph the elephant the room that this is one of the a one page yeah a doc they went over and over over connected Israeli most when that were traveling around the United States and to a I gave them the name of gelatin so if you're there I'm gonna say got those pictures how can now I mean I take you to Dick Cheney just listen up you're looking at those pictures those are some Israeli art students that came from a foreign country and their art project was called beast thing they called their team that gelatin group and just so you understand this gelatin is often referred to it angelic night or blasting gelatin is also referred to as blasting jelly Minton gelatin and they litter later on change their name because they people started waking up to press so they named their name their name gelatin they called their art projects that be saying and you will see on the left hand side a photograph of the title page of their book and what the beast thing was there wasn't a group called the lower Manhattan cultural center that was renting the ninety first floor or allowed to live on the ninety first floor these foreign art students and some of them were connected to a group of traveling art students that were all over the country that the D. E. A. found out about because they were going door to door to some other agents homes and their offices and some of the offices were not public locations so they are like who are these people there's Israeli students trying to sell us heart this was just a smokescreen so you wouldn't go to where we're about to go now the guy in the pink shirt he's on the top right hand side at pink shirt..." + 66%
"2015-10-03 23:05:29"
"a friend's thanks so much for tuning in you know how much we do appreciate it you know I have on the line or my favorite people in the world and somebody who I've spoken to in several years which brother John F. brother John how are you I'm doing great how are you shot a man I'm doing really really well but as you know it's really really getting hard to keep up on the collapse you know as I say when I speak with any hot but I'm telling you John just have almost too fast now yeah it's happening in real time and the craziness just goes on and you get this story with Glencore and then we had this ... Trafigura head guy dies yesterday I mean it's just it's just crazy stuff yeah and I want to talk to you about the Glencore grab as you point it course you released one of your members only videos on September twenty eighth called Glencore grab in it's definitely something that I want to speak to you about in detail because to be honest with you John I didn't even know about Glencore I'd never heard of the company and I know in your wikipedia reading about the company it was the third largest family owned business on earth and one of the largest companies nobody's ever heard of so that's incredibly important story I do want to get your take on it but I just want to revisit for people the fact that John in I have been documenting this collapse in documenting the manipulation of the silver market now going back probably more than five years and ... John here's an interesting statistic that I keep throwing out now in interviews because it's so important for people to understand according to John Williams in nineteen eighty inflation adjusted all time high for silver was one hundred thirty eight dollars an ounce now according to John Williams the nineteen eighty inflation adjusted all time high for silver is six hundred one dollars because all the fed knows how to do is print don't you find that astounding now that silvers back down to fourteen Bucks an ounce yeah it's r..." + 94%
"2015-09-28 03:42:13"
"WARNING: Global Economic Free Fa..."
"it's not a bear market in gold and silver it's a manipulated bear market paper prices in the United States principally and around the world gold the soaring and pretty soon Sobral be soaring probably far faster than gold patrons welcome back we have an exciting call here for you got the one and only Andy Hoffman media marketing director for miles Franklin back on the line for a very important update in fact today we gonna talk about seminal events any how are you Sir I'm doing well you know good timing as time goes right around black Monday and today we have another day where a lot of real major stuff is hitting the fan the same time yeah course September and October always terrible time everyone's expecting the next shoe to drop into of the global economic outlook in the global collapse and I have one for any being that were taught today there's no better place to start than caterpillar you've been telling us it's the Canary in the coal mine for a very very long time and on Thursday this headline caterpillar shocker industrial bellwether to fire up to ten thousand people slashes revenue outlook there's just no better example of how unhealthy the global economy is Andy the what's going on with caterpillar correct that's right ... you know in fact Gee I have Jim Cramer of all people ... earlier this year said you know when it comes to the global economy caterpillar is my go to name what they say on a conference call basically pertains to the global economy so you can say all he wants otherwise pretend that he never said that but the fact is he did and it's true and in fact caterpillars now had falling year over year revenues for thirty three straight months which is twice as much as it had during the two thousand eight two thousand nine crisis and as you said they're laying off people left and right cutting their their you know their outlook in fact my article the outlook for gold and silver mining in pictures where I showed all the gold mining silver mining s..." + 93%
"2015-10-23 03:05:00"
"YOU Are A Share Of Stock In The ..."
"this is a quote from Edward Mandell house who was an integral part of setting up the federal reserve in here's what house set very soon every American will be required to register their biological property in a national system designed to keep track of the people and that will operate under the ancient system of pledging by such methodology we can compel people to submit to our agenda which will affect our security as a charge back for our fiat paper currency every American will be forced to register or suffer not being able to work or earn a living they will be our chattels and we will hold the security interest over them for ever a friend's welcome back thank you so much for hitting play look we're going to delve into an area that is outside of my wheelhouse to some extent we have touched on it in the past with Sophia small store in actually a hat tip to Sophia Sophia has got me in touch with a need to Whitney whose website anti corruption society dot com is a must read and I wanna give another shout out to the sage of qua radio shows Mike Williams who has interviewed Anita ... and it is a well researched expert on the corporate contract government structure which is what we have in the United States right now and we're gonna get into it ... guys you Republicans actually corporation Anita welcome well hi thanks glad to be here well thanks so much for taking the time and ... I do wanna give a shout out to Mike Williams and listen to your entire recent interview with Mike on stage of qua radio and that it was gripping you know I have spoken with a few small storm about this issue you in in large part have woken her up to the fact that ... the United States is a corporation not a Republic and one wonders and if that's the way it's always been up before we dive in what you tell us a little bit about how you woke up to all of this well in not two thousand nine well I was watching the H. one N. one I started my first website and I named it for Ohio winced bec..." + 96%
"2015-10-12 00:32:46"
"Criminals Running THE FED Are St..."
"okay friends thanks so much for tuning in every now and then someone comes on the scene makes you say this is a person who everyone should know about this is work that everyone should see ineffective C. N. B. C. were not mocking bird mainstream media and they were truths media they would play John Titus is video fed audit shocker they come from planet club though John tae this is joining us right now how are you John I'm good Sean thanks to the introduction I appreciated well I really appreciate coming on John your YouTube channel is the best evidence I I sure hope that everybody will look that up right now you two the best evidence and subscribe to John Titus is channel I'm telling you guys bad audit shocker they came from planet collecto is one of the most important videos that I've seen in the past year or two maybe one of the most important videos I've seen in the last five years John says and I quote criminals are running the federal reserve and using it as both a sword to steal money and the shield to conceal their crimes and quote John where would you like to begin with is a really wanna take people through this forensic evidence that you outlined in your video they come from planet clipped up well argument take a step back arm to sigh I started the channel this year and one of the reasons I started it is that I wanted to use evidence would lock people make allegations and sometimes are backed up and sometimes they're not and what I wanted to do was to put up a channel it relied on the purest form of evidence available so for example the latest video planet club though I go into a federal reserve a at a federal open market committee transcript from June of two thousand not two thousand nine being the latest year that's available for the transcripts the minutes of course are released you know as the as they come and go but the but the myth but the transcripts are released for five years so I went into the June two thousand and nine transcript and the transc..." + 96%
"2015-10-05 04:27:52"
"Hey friends thanks so much for tuning back and boy what a fortuitous time to have on the schedule the silver doctors and Eric Dubin from news doctors because on Friday we saw a major spike in the metals and for me it was very unexpected guys thanks for joining us good to be back yeah shot honestly what it for two it is time to have you on the schedule for us to talk reading this conversation at the end of the day on Friday ... according to my charts here I see I see sober up eighty cents a gold up over twenty four Bucks guys if we have twenty more trading days like this without any major paper manipulations lamps to side we're gonna be north of thirty in what do you make of what we saw on Friday it's all in reaction to the jobs report although al goes I mean if you look at silver and gold both of them now I'm spike higher initially triggered stops and then rally further umber still someone the the trading ranges or we're talking futures contracts ... for for gold and silver non so very like it that almost a dollar back about fifteen bestow were around the level is trading at only about a week ago now gold is nice to see it move away from eleven hundred ... like that was pretty back a little bit around the eleven forty level so at least I would certainly are the night either Friday prayer change out there looks like the market finally realizing that other fed back themselves in their corner it's gonna be ... impossible to at least meaningfully raise rates at all yeah into you know fellas before we get to us Steve Saint Angelos latest India versus CarMax physical silver demand will destroy paper Rick markets I just wanna get Eric's reaction to what we saw on Friday Eric we pleasantly surprised by the ... action in the metals well yeah I mean it is always nice city and it's not that surprising actually though when you consider how tight the physical markets are we we see just now are going premiums the president of retail space for them talk from various m..." + 93%
"2015-11-07 00:48:59"
"The Fed Has Already HYPERINFLATE..."
"increasing the money supply is inflation a hyperbolic increase in the money supply is by definition hyper inflation the federal reserve has already hyper inflated the U. S. at all because it's a past kept its auditors not think about it's already been done a friend's welcome back thanks so much for pushing play we have back in the line Jeff Nielsen who is doing a lot of writing lately for Sprott money of course you know his work as well from bullion bowls Canada Jeff Nielsen welcome back Sir I shot to always a pleasure to be here it tells a pleasure to have you my friend and guys are going to talk a little bit today about the gold standard just working hard on a new article first brought money called what is the gold standard and we're also going to talk about hyper inflation Jeff before we get started I just have to ask you for your thoughts about Friday's jobs report and ... I guess Jeff for the ninety four point five million Americans who are still out of the workforce they should cheer up because according to the federal reserve unemployment has just dropped a five percent in the United States what great news well it's just a matter of of going through the Looking Glass at your editor status you world and all the sudden you're in Wonderland and you know nothing jibes with reality and of course it also applies with respect to the gold market because as part of the theater we're told corset the jobs reports are always wonderful and if anything wonderful happens economically then of course the other part of the propaganda is that this means that we're always supposed to be selling our gold and silver and you don't know if it makes the slightest bit of sense because there are no real jobs and even if there were there is no reason to for the price of gold or silver declined simply because some people got a job I mean what do people do if they have a job and money in their pockets we put some of that money into gold and silver so the point is if we get this ridic..." + 94%
"2015-10-26 04:19:50"
"that money worldwide is fake gold is has been and always will be real money Goldie's got money and that's what this is about this is about forcing the population of the world to use fake money and the real money is being accumulated patrons after some US stops and starts and some technical difficulties I've got bill hold her back on the line to talk about the difference between benevolent dictatorships and malevolent dictatorship and boy do we have a malevolent dictatorship in the Rockefeller Rothschild central bankers bill welcome back Sir that's a fair shot I know that you are weathering some terrible thunderstorms over the past day or two how you doing down there in Texas so we're all right five or six inches of rain in the last twenty four hours in your talk about another maybe five inches so what will F. duck three months work aranea not two days well bill you know I wanted to get you back on because a it's been far too long owe you one of our favorite commentators you just wrote an important piece that we're gonna talk about called the crime of the century and you know it's just such a crazy topsy turvy day upside down world Bruce Jenner has been named glamour magazine's woman of the year you know what is what exciting news for him in his offspring and interesting world what a crazy world and then the other bit of news is and everybody can sleep well now knowing that the ... U. S. debt limit has been raised to nineteen point six trillion dollars so no need to save there were saved you know bill I bet if they were honest with us they'd have to tell the people we were much closer to a hundred or two hundred trillion in debt if they want to count the unfunded liabilities in this nineteen point six trillion is ridiculous the Russians know what the Chinese know what I mean right what's the truth of the matter well that that number is over two hundred trillion when you add in all the unfunded of future liabilities the guarantees etcetera the number is over two ..." + 93%
"2015-11-22 21:48:21"
"Have You Heard The HORRIBLE TRUT..."
"I believe that it is beyond any doubts for any sensible person to realize that not only is United States providing the financial cover military couple political cover for these terrorists through our proxies but we've also been pure technical sense provided the training for these people in Jordan and Turkey another one of our best friends has been shuttling the cycle parents across the country from Turkey into Syria for a long time now so the idea that the west is actually fighting a war against ISIS is beyond ridiculous there is a war and that is becoming global that is being waged against civilian populations particular it is a form of Paul's new imperialism neocolonialism which aims to divide and conquer ... European and middle eastern and African in the world's population for that matter ... and to to make them to submit to a global order dot how does not serve the interests of most of the people on this planet but that does serve the interests of the very few ... ruling elites is a very small tiny and particularly tyrannical ruling elite so what we really need to do is start realizing the fact that we are isis and the reason why are corrupt treasonous governments are carrying out these policies is because they do not represent us they represent the bankers and the bankers make a hell of a lot of money off of war and war portly as long as we're all fighting each other as long as we're all not trusting each other as long as were all simply being played as pawns over and over then they can maintain this tyrannical system of never ending war so this is really the wake up call there is no such thing as ISIS ISIS is a creation of the United States we know that from official sources of the US military themselves are declassified documents from the defense intelligence agency have confirmed that what is happening Paris is plus we are responsible for our corrupt governments for all of these policies and even if these individuals who carried this out or not dire..." + 68%
"2015-11-19 07:01:59"
""THE ISIS STORM: America On Aler..."
"Hey guys this GT here ... with the outrage that I want to share with you ... you know I'm actually preparing for an interview with Paul Craig Roberts that'll be recording tomorrow in that that's what I should be focusing on but in the background sometimes when I worked at the television on internet and the history channel on and of course what is the history channel play but a promo for a new show they already have ready to broadcast called the ISIS storm America" + 1%
"2015-11-13 16:46:16"
"Hey guys welcome back thanks so much for pushing play Hey we've got a fun little roundtable podcast style discussion with no particular agenda in mind to discuss on the line is my buddy very hall from SGP report and the daily corn and Jeff Nelson into some writing first brought money also his own site believe both Canada first pool welcome Rory how are you Sir I'm doing quite well how are you good long time no talk yes fifty long alright well you know of the world hasn't changed much since we last spoke" + 1%
"2015-12-06 23:35:26"
"Government Sponsored Terror [& O..."
"a friend's welcome back thanks so much for joining us say in the world of like minded people who I really admire and haven't affinity for ... there's no better than brother John John how are you duration on how are you I'm doing okay man ... boy you know a lot has happened since we last talked in as you know because you run your website over their brother John F. dot com it is getting literally impossible to keep up on everything on a daily basis there's just not enough time in the day to cover everything is there now I see it's hard to keep track of the ... the shootings anymore mean there's coming so fast and furious we have needed had chances dig into the Planned Parenthood event now we've got this one going on in San Bernardino yeah that's right I want to ask you about that Hillary Clinton tweeted the day that this happened John listen to this and I quote I refuse to accept this as normal we must take action to stop gun violence now end quote what hero she refuses to accept this as normal John what's because it's not normal it's demented that people would ... go and shoot others ... but you know we have questions about what even happened there and get into that the second but I think these people went into a gun free zone so again what it what you want to do about it she wants to stop gun violence by what disarming good people because the bad guys are never going to respect any laws put in place by a government that's criminal or otherwise yeah it's gonna strange the way they always seem to have these events and the gun free zones I I don't know what's behind that one but ... you know if you go and look at the traditional and by the way with the latest coming out on this one it seems that maybe this was going to be spun into a terrorism thing ... we don't know if they're gonna do the terrorism thing are they gonna do they now control thank radial do both but Sarah you know when you go back and look at the traditional definition of terrorism way ..." + 94%
"2015-12-02 22:43:52"
"Humanity VS The Banksters -- The..."
"a friend welcome back thanks so much for pushing play him really excited to have on the line the one the only David Dees his best described as a commercial artist and a political activist ... I'm interviews bio here in a second but first I want to welcome David David Horia I shot his friend budding young hates my thrill and ... I've been following your work for very very long" + 1%
"2015-11-25 03:48:35"
"what we have been saying since two thousand eight is severity deflation and it is a warning to get your act together ... you don't have a whole lot of time ... you need to prepare for what's coming Hey friends thanks so much for tuning in I'm very happy to have a line Mike Maloney he's been kind enough to join us again he's the founder of gold silver dot com of course she's written important books like guide to investing in gold and silver protect your financial future his new episode of his hidden secrets of money how it's called roller coaster crash top four reasons for deflation in them just thrilled have Mike back Mike thanks for joining us thank you know it's always a pleasure but tells a pleasure to have you been a very busy man and out you know us you're such a good guy like you care so much about education which is why you guys are making this epic series hidden secrets of money equip me just ask you this you know one of the top place and I understand or everything else it works and so most my listeners but the topic of deflation is very mysterious to me because deflation means cheaper prices that should be good for the consumer but I think deflation is one of those things that scares the heck out of the bankers to have that right what why should we be afraid of deflation you do have that right ... deflation are scarce of most people because I am anybody that is leverage out gets punished for taking on too much leverage and they end up losing everything that's what happened during the Great Depression ... is the people that had allowed any large portion of debts where they were just able to service their debt before the deflation could not service it doing the deflation and lost those things like the family farm that house the car and so on their businesses are run and that it does it it's it's a good thing in that it clears out excesses and allows ... a fresh it's a reset allows a fresh start in the economy building from a solid foundation inst..." + 93%
"2015-12-11 04:31:03"
"The Whole 'War on Terror' is a F..."
"as you've been reporting for years the whole run terror has been flawed from the beginning Hey guys thanks so much for tuning in I'm really happy to be able to get Harley slinger back on the line for a number of reasons not the least of which is as insanity envelopes the glow it's great to have a like minded friends historian that we can count on to help us decipher the madness Harley welcome back how are you Sir I'm doing great with you so you know what are the we didn't even do a pre call here we're just going to dive right in and we can start where ever you want to but I have a I have a litany of notes here and at the top of my page I've written all roads lead to Syria where would you like to begin because you know one of the things that I'd like to talk about is the fact that Putin and Russia have presented evidence that paragon in Turkey are deeply involved in the ice is oil to it states top aria well first of all when you talk about the mainstream media pourtant to people returning to you know and similar sites principle because they're not getting truth and they know it but I'll tell you one thing that that I'd like to start with which is really interesting you know I've been talking for quite awhile about the need to impeach Obama or use the twenty Fifth Amendment to get him out in the course so many of the listeners say it'll never happen you can't do it it's it's a long all I did was limits utopianism it's foolishness now in the last couple of weeks because of the confluence of events that the bombing or that the shootings in Paris the bombing of the Russian passenger jet all the bombings in Beirut the attacks and Sandra Dino and the obvious lines coming from Obama in a world promises one day isis is contained and as you report now it's interestingly beast which says there's a page report from the intelligence community saying not only is it not contain but it's growing in numbers and spreading internationally Obama comes out and says the day before tha..." + 95%
"2015-12-31 21:43:52"
"2016 - 2018: TIMELINE FOR COLLAP..."
"what should alarm you folks is that we are hanging on there just by the threat that's scared and you can all the scam why sheet kill manipulate the numbers as much as you can before wrestle world wakes up and realizes the emperor has no clothes and they're done playing SPS nonsense and that's what we're seeing receive a complete realignment going from fictitious fall so into actual truth and reality aprons thanks so much for tuning in it's great to have you back and as we look ahead to the new year in two thousand sixteen who better to have on that our friend V. the gorilla condiments from broke money dot net we last spoke to V. in July two thousand fifteen and I'm just thrilled to have him back the how are you Sir John doing great man just up hopefully everybody's well rest from this holiday season got all that big done and ... by adding that it did a few pounds and I here we are again entering last final hours of two thousand and fifteen yeah in duh you know two thousand sixteen that barely Mattis like a steam engine V. I thought it was great to get your perspective on the year ahead and ... before we do that I just wanna remind everybody that they can follow you on Twitter at the bro money and ... and actually I did notice in a in our last interview somebody asks via YouTube channel you know what I I should get one up ... you know I I you two thousand sixteen artists and new media things I think you could is deathly on the menu alright you gotta go in lockdown view the real economist right now before this interview Stephen release you lucked out a name for herself there and you to be alright my friend well it's just a thrill to have yet you know your perspective on economics and really spiritual warfare and all of the things that are important to those of us who followed the New World order and the death of the dollar is we document the collapse people really look you fee for perspective so I wanted to ask you just a few things about the year ahead ....." + 95%
"2015-12-25 23:03:41"
"2016 Will Be Economically Devast..."
"you know it's not often that you know that insurance is that it's cheapest when it's needed the models I think that you're going to see everything come apart in atlases hands the federal reserve next year supply where they won't be able to mask all the horrors that are going on not only around the world but right here in America and once the fed has to capitulate it's all over and if you don't have your cold in summer then a year you're never going to get it Hey guys thanks so much for tuning and say as we wring out two thousand fifteen or wish each and everyone of you a very merry and we have and hope us die a look ahead horrors that any Hoffman from miles Franklin are you there yeah yeah actually the horrors of two thousand fifteen are as bad as we weekly since you know in many cases two thousand eight another case is beyond me inch in dollar terms and can emphasize enough a falling commodities the world round again the average currency is at or near its all time low in dollar terms GDP for the world is at its lowest level since nineteen sixty five and this is just as outdoor market would take Jack's for starters because the impact you know all the layoffs that are coming all the write downs all the debt defaults are coming as a result of this Mahdi crash ... will be seen in two thousand six yeah not too doesn't fifteen yeah but it you know that the fed has been telling us that everything is so wonderful that they were able to raise rates because all of their measures have worked beautifully unemployment is almost at historic lows it's just everything's rosy the economy is doing so well that I prepared a celebration of all the fed has done would you like to hear it here's a piece of music that I've selected from Chopin that I think reflects exactly what the fed has done to our economy that overstates it what do you think has the fed Ben so effective that they were able to raise rates are they just trying to save face well of course it's about saving face of c..." + 94%
"2015-12-21 01:14:48"
"THE WORLD IN 2016 -- Bix Weir"
"a friend's welcome back salutations and greetings with back on the line writer Gadda member researcher musician and everyone's favorite economic conspiracy theorist Biggs we're for road route are you guys be sure to stay tuned because picks and are going to talk a little bit about silver here in the price of silver in the beginning but then we get into some very esoteric very occult riddled ... information as a pretty world in two thousand six steam then the Rothschilds economist the gripping interview you not going to miss that part fix how are you Sir idea law son are you well I'm hanging in there man I wanted to get on the line with you and talk about the fact that the cartel is absolutely pummeling gold and silver after last week ... fed rate hike and I wanted to get your impressions on that did you find it fascinating that after the announcement gold and silver spite they're doing pretty well in that I think it was on Thursday they got absolutely swam no surprises against all the cartels just gonna continue to write well yeah I mean I've been talking about this for a long time that they can set price near their computers to zero or a million dollars an ounce with a click of a mouse and and that's been true since the mid seventies I talked about it zillion times so it doesn't surprise me and some of the more interesting things I think is that that it's clear that JP Morgan is positioning themselves to take advantage of the the next move up which they have never done before antiquated Ted Butler they have over half a billion ounces of physical so we're still short on that paper contracts which is brilliant you know you you short the paper and you buy the physical you get the physical chital runs out and then all of a sudden you know they they shut down the comics or you just drive the price up and you got all this physical do it too heat it's gonna work so much more than the paper so yeah it is the position right now is for the ending in the in game will b..." + 94%
"2015-12-17 22:14:00"
"Silver is Now a BUCK in 1980 Dol..."
"Hey guys as Jim here really do appreciate you tuning and we have the one and only SRS Rocco here's name Steve St Angelo the site is SRS Rocco dot com we just started the interview right from the top but I hope you enjoy Curtis dawn Stevo how are you Sir I'm doing pretty good how are you doing I'm hanging in there despite the ... never ending turmoil in pain and torture cost us by the criminal cartel boss I agree I it says it is amazing how propped up the market is and ... in the morning becomes propped up the more let would you do worshipers sell the bigger did you know that more imports it's propped up in the fall and that's you know it's a shame too because it will be you can be very destructive well I think the collapse is going to be very disruptive in it's going to be very painful to everyone even to those of us who have done our best to prepare and you know one I just ask you this right off the bat Steve with two thousand sixteen just two short weeks away what do you make of the absurdity that is thirteen dollars silver yeah I would I would bet ... not one analyst in the precious metal community where ever thought we would see ... is in the thirteen dollar range ... houses there were winners and ... so it's a it's amazing because when the comparative no different trends in the past it just doesn't make sense our and so not going forward to me it looks like this is probably a you know prices could go a little bit lower because I think what's happening Sean they're treating it on the algorithms based upon the oil price and we can talk about that in the in New York in the familiar here but I think that's how they're they're kind of training with the algorithms so we make some kind of sense but unfortunately we've got two hundred plush trillion worth of paper assets out there not really aren't worth shit as so the market has been totally ... act because totally brainwashed into believing does your assets and in gold and silver on the long grass it..." + 93%
"2016-01-18 21:17:12"
"PEAK GOLD -- Geologist & CEO, Wa..."
"a friend thanks so much for joining us we very much appreciate pushing play hate we're gonna go down the gold mine shaft today and I have on the line somebody who can speak to how hard it is to find gold on the line with me as Wade Hodges and ... Mister Hodges is a geologist and he also is the C. E. O. of Nevada exploration which trades on the TSX V. under Angie and it trades in the United States and we half Mister Hodges Horry Sir I'm great Chun and very happy to be here today well I'm really glad to have you and I want to ask you here in the face of peak gold right our friend Steve St Angelo over SRS Rocco report talks about P. golden peeks over a lot up can you tell us about peak gold versus discovery because it seems to me that discovery of gold is declining steadily in you're in the business of finding it up let's just start by talking about people have we hit peak gold okay peak called comes from the discussion of peak oil which is that phenomenon associate with any sort of a natural resource this idea that you eventually run out of it and as we run out of it and it causes ... no thoughts the end of what we do about that in the sense of peak gold yes it definitely true that and it looks like from production figures which is what people start with ... things it can easily be measured how much gold did produced this year and based in past years looks like it's definitely declining and that's led to concerns about ... supply and demand relationships but it's been my experience that just with as with peak oil well people come along with some new technology that that totally changes the supply demand you know the economics associated with it now with with gold I think we're seeing the same sort of thing you're certainly this concept of P. called in what's going on is an important question and I think ultimately while pundits may eighth you know agree disagree and all the exact nature is a fundamentally what we need is a is just shift in the way we find g..." + 94%
"2016-01-17 23:18:02"
"this is a margin call there's gonna be tens of trillions of dollars of losses in derivatives now this is history been a difference thanks so much for joining us I have a very urgent update from the one and only Bill holder from chase mind set course we post all of bill's material over at SG G. report dot com bill contacted me and wanted to do an update to share important information with our audience in bills here right now bill welcome thanks for joining us I appreciate you having me on this is the first just so you know this the first Fairview ever did I ask to do because I think the time is this is it we're watching we're watching the margin Paul were watching a melt down ... enters welcoming there's so much stuff going on I was thinking we could do this in ten to fifteen minutes but writing this conversation Friday with sent and Aztec down three point two we've been documenting the clock you bring us up speed on your first you're watching of watching global stock markets around the world collapse but that's not that's not the real story the real story is the credit markets for instance yesterday of I saw the Dow bounce two hundred some odd points yeah credit did not Bob's the high yield sector was still collapsing yesterday forecast what's happening today this is a margin call there's got to be tens of trillions of dollars of losses in derivatives now and as we've spoken about all along that's a zero sum game there's a winner in their solution and the movements of console large the bolt and the loss is so large there have got to be dead bodies all over they are not gonna be able to pay the winner's which make the winners losers it's a it's a it's not like lapses what were you looking at bill when we think about the derivatives market and we think about the bets the leverage bets that Wall Street and Wall Street insiders have been making if we think about margin calls based on outstanding margin loans even by retail investors not when things start to clap at..." + 93%
"2016-01-03 19:39:36"
"Outlook For SILVER & GOLD in 201..."
"I just know through my sources that Tara and it's very unlikely that that the buyers of the slope recalls are retail buyers because I'm in the retail buyer is just not in this market and yet you're these dealers are are selling out under Corning Cinda yeah who is the buyer and and I I believe it's the banks Hey friends thanks so much for joining us I want to wish each and everyone of you a very happy new year you know we rounded out two thousand fifteen with that final interview of the year with a V. the grill economist and now I thought what better way to kick off two thousand sixteen then to talk about all things silver and gold with one of the heavy hitters out there Keith Neumeyer he's new buyers you guys know is the chairman of first mining finance is also the president and C. E. O. the first majestic silver Corp one of the biggest primary silver producers in the world and keep not only built one but two billion dollar mining companies the latest of which is first mining finance and keep this here right now to join us kick off two thousand sixteen thanks for joining us well thanks very much for your time was great having you on the first day and the new year yeah what a great way to kick off the year and I just wanna remind folks that you and I talked back in June of two thousand fifteen and you said and I quote silver should be trading anywhere from seventy five dollars to one hundred twenty dollars per ounce we can't maintain silver miners at current prices for very long end quote are you surprised as I am Keith that here at the end of two thousand fifteen as we hit two thousand sixteen where it's up fourteen dollar silver well you know left nothing surprises me anymore it's just ... you know the ratio continually goes higher and and ... you know I try to be positive you know we we had at their you know if you go back over the last ... while fifteen years we had a high of ninety on the ratio and and ... it were hit a low of thirty eight you know in..." + 94%
"2016-01-26 20:34:08"
"there's no turning back here I've been saying for the last week or two I wholeheartedly believe that the end game is started that this note turning around central banks are going to come in Q. we intend by another hear it so I just think that that is so common partner I stand by it Hey guys thanks for pushing play I have back on the line Andy Hoffman from miles Franklin and ... I'm not even gonna preface this with any of the headlines I'm seeing over ... it's zero Hadrat SG to report was just dive right in because I know Andy firmly believes the end game has begun Andy how are you all I'm doing well in a live in Denver the Broncos in super ball yeah yeah I saw that I'm actually happy for Peyton manning maybe go out on top and a winner loser think you should probably retire but you know what our focus is not pop culture here edits chichi report his you know but it is fun to get away every now and then I've often said and you have to compartmentalize your life because if you live in the reality that you and I live in and you never ever get away and have a little bit of fun you can go crazy because I some dark news out there collapses as Dallas fed's or it's your lows as that de word the thirteen the Dallas fed the factory outlook was can traction with a stunning negative thirty four point six print file already just stress collapse back negative twenty point ... word a crisis and a an economic crisis and it is unfolding with commending the collapse and to do it again today so when he got yeah and I again I was an oil analyst for ten years on wallstreet well where everything that's gone on the oil patch and you know I was just reading this week and also about how as bad as things are the fed has meaning been able to maintain let's say property values in the Houston and Dallas area and all kinds of other things which in the past have ... in the past recessions but your past like in the nineteen eighties went far lower in and of course this time around they ha..." + 93%
"2016-01-25 03:17:22"
"okay guys thanks for pushing play as we document the collapse I wanted to get on Eric Dubin he's the managing editor over at the news doctors with twenty five years of experience as a financial analyst and he's also one of the people we look to for truth as we try to combat the propaganda coming from the corporate mockingbird mainstream media and boy with global collapse all around us there's much to talk about Eric how are you I'm doing great Sean nice to be here what's very nice to have Eric and up the global dominoes are falling and want to talk about that but first I just want to share with you and the audience a personal note that I received today from a very popular as GT report contributor who writes original articles he sends us his material as soon as the top so that I know what's on a site that we share with the audience but here's what he wrote becoming more confident than thousand in a lot of people are a lot of suffering is just beginning let's pray to Christ for the provision for and healing of those who are about to be through the ringer and quote Eric there are a lot of people being put through the ringer already people of Mel Dover are storming the parliament because they're sick and tired of what they call their mom that government we're seeing the rise of the patrol one in the death of the dollar or sing a global economic meltdown where according to Michael Snyder one fifth of all the world's stock market wealth porting quote well has already if rated where would you like to start yes very good enough to hunt yeah additive which direction shall we address first the main ... there is a heck of a lot going on and I think actually one of the things that people nine in precious metals an alternative asset good alternative media more broadly defined community need to bear in mind that you know we don't go straight to hell and yeah I think I have been saying since in the fourth quarter of two thousand and fourteen that you know two thousand fifteen..." + 96%
"2016-01-22 21:13:30"
"America's Most Closely Guarded S..."
"we are talking about something a wee bit here but some extremely dark this is a very dark entity and this this is one of the most closely guarded secrets wrote that America is probably way way more closely guarded then the lack of gold they they possess at Fort Knox and probably much more closely guarded then and now alter nuclear secrets while friends thanks so much for joining us I am very privileged at back on the line rob Kirby from Kirby analytics the one and only rob Kirby and ... drops gonna help us break down what bill holders I'm good how you can keep I've been keeping okay and to tell you you know I've heard your name ma'am several times you days once on the perpetual assets interview with Jim will forced by recent interview with bill Holter talking about this is it class bill mentioned you as it relates to the exchange they blur station and I just wanted to have you back on to help us dissect all that's going on and I have a million it's for you first question is where would you like to that's a great in all honesty there's so much so many balls in the great now I I don't really even know where to begin you know there's there's a there's a lot of things in motion well may I toss at one place we could begin sure alright so I'm sure you're familiar with this Hugo Salinas price article one trillion dollars worth of bonds magically turn into cash and just for people who aren't familiar with this image of bring people up to speed real quickly Mister price quantifies in this article rob that one trillion dollars in international reserves have vanished essentially and price says it would be much easier to stop the flow of water over Niagara Falls then to halt the contraction in international reserves world liquidation has seven a Piper must be paid growth is gone this will be the story in the epic year two thousand sixteen and he says here's the trillion dollar question what entity or entities have purchased for cash for cash the one trillion dollars worth ..." + 95%
"2016-02-07 22:07:37"
"Take Steps NOW To Survive The Co..."
"it attempt in a colony in attempting village of course is the village that ... just a bunch of fakes both storefront there stood up so ruler can float down the river and look upon all those wonderful villages that that ... they are overseeing it they're fine rant this is been the best fake recovery money can buy there's going to be disruption there's got to be an economic crisis yet not collapse depending on how bad things get so we have Hey guys this GT here thanks so much for pushing play we really appreciate you tuning in for this one it's going to be a good one we have Chris Martin sent on the line of course prosperity to author from his last book crash course he's got a new book out that we're going to talk about a little bit on this call and that one's called prosper how to prepare for the future and create a world worst inheriting Chris and I have an awful lot to talk about Chris welcome first of All I Want to thank you for joining me I think the last time we spoke was well over a year probably two years ago and at that point oil was around a hundred dollars or more a barrel boy has the world changed sense how are you yeah but it has changed shot it's good to be back with you and are looking for that well I'm really looking forward to it as well Chris and I just want to mention that your co authors Adam taker who could not join us here today I want to ask you about the global economic turmoil that we're seeing right now what's happening today is shaping up to be far worse than even what we saw in two thousand and eight because all that happened after two thousand and eight is you know Chris is they just covered up all the problems with paper today the meltdown is global adding to the mix the deflation monster the derivatives bubble an endless fiat printing around the world and the unsustainably low oil price and we have the recipe for a true catastrophe now bill Holter Andy Hoffman and rob Kirby are among just several people we've recently interviewed ..." + 96%
"2016-02-01 01:36:48"
"We Are Getting To The End -- No..."
"guys thanks so much for pushing play I'm very gratified to have on the line the one the only noble prince she's a journalist a writer bestselling author of all the presidents bankers which you should buy right now at Amazon dot com she also has the website Nomi Prins dot com where we're going to talk about her financial roadmap for two thousand sixteen and by the way she used to work for Goldman Sachs but now she's a truth teller know me welcome thank you so much for having me on John well it's such a thrill to have you back you know we talked about a year ago and ... it that's far too long because you are chief teller you are researcher and you're working on a new book artisans of money which we're going to talk about first I just wanted to ask you something real topical about your life I saw in your roadmap for two thousand sixteen that you have a couple of dogs and you joy hiking ... you know we have dogs this one it's nice to be able to just walk the dogs and clear your head ... absolute keep me sane and I that that their great height a definite with them just in it's chaos or life or the markets is stuff and a peaceful thing we're gonna dogs you have I have a ... Hungarians the slower and a Chris and they're both basically big shaggy does in fact they're running around my feet right now but you probably are can't see them in the shot then they like to be part of everything woman if Google those pre getting back to what I'm saying here about a world in chaos your financial roadmap for two thousand sixteen guys you can read that at Nomi Prins dot com at the cancer sing globally in the markets won't be an easy fix for central banks at this point I think all of the easy fixes are gone about what we just talk about your financial roadmap for two thousand sixteen where would you like to start sure well I mean on that song the idea India from the central banks having propped up these markets and the largest private financial institutions operating in them f..." + 94%
"2016-02-10 03:40:55"
"Hey friends either very dynamic in the moment update with because we're from road to route a ready for you and down boy watching collapse happen in real time picks as you know we've been documenting the collapse of been doing it with bill Holter rob Kirby Andy Hoffman herself so many others know what's going on including Peter Schiff Jim Rogers the collapse is happening how are you fixed I'm good it's amazing that it's it's taken so long but it really is kicking and I hear now yeah it's a happening in earnest in pictures you know there's pension fund managers all over this country that would kill for a ten eleven or twelve percent return over the course of an entire year just this year alone we've seen gold up twelve per and I don't think we've seen the end of it based derivatives melting derivatives suppose you're at Deutsche Bank and according to bill Holter just Esther day call them up just give his opinion on it he says Deutsche Bank drip disposition is closer to seventy five trillion dollars pictures going on would you like to start it all of the above truthfully the gold silver stuff yeah it's still on the computer program it's still being rigged but you know once the derivative meltdown happens it affects so much of of everything in there so many counterparties that are are wobbling now Deutsche Bank is an amazing story because that's around seventy five I've here in eighty five but that it's their largest to rid of all there in the world and the yeah I think their stocks down I don't know how much it's it's cratering today again there's definitely dig deep serious problems at that at that bank in the whole a lot of the European debt derivatives and then you know the counterparty if that counterparty goes away you talk about multi out the entire to reduces including gold including solar including U. S. yeah that's what's in US treasuries and all that stuff will melt away because there's such a large fire they are the biggest player yet at least that of the..." + 94%
"2016-02-17 21:35:48"
"they will never have this cleaned up there is no technology that exists out ... it of course the ongoing radiation is in the water in the Pacific Ocean it's a real solid supposition that it is at least a major contributing factor if not the sole reason that we are seeing such extreme die offs Arab marine life pig I think so much for tuning in my god with so much going on in the world course we've been covering the global economic collapse in detail and now I want to turn our attention back to the onslaught against our environment All Things radiation I have on the line a lady she heads up the nuclear hot seat that's our you tube channel shows as a podcast by the same name hardly be I'm doing wonderful Sean thanks so much for having me Hey thanks for coming on you know Fukushima is something that I should be spending a lot more time talking about environmentally speaking the P. there's a yeah onslaught against humanity that's coming at us from a multiple vector point standpoint the Fukushima situation is just one of those it so I think destroying the Pacific Ocean so first little bit about yourself though tell us how you got into the business of exposing the NRC in explaining all things anti nuclear I actually got recruited by a bad piece of timing back in nineteen seventy nine I was living in Los Angeles and wanted to visit a friend of mine from Boston who it turned out had just married her longtime boyfriend and moved with him when he got a job at the Harrisburg airport was not airplane mechanic listening to a small town in Pennsylvania and when I flew out to visit her she greeted me at the airport and set out you come to the right place to cool out and five days later only one mile from the home in which she lived in which I was saying the nuclear reactor at three mile island malfunction we did not know how bad it was that was all hidden from us we do not pay much attention to the media they didn't even have a TV set and so it was a big shock on the third day..." + 94%
"2016-02-13 23:35:18"
"you're the dollar employed in a truck stop flowing it'll be a massive but the population global military because she sought obligingly displayed itself a break rocks in the scripture to bring the pretty child it and I think that it is planning and and I think that will be the way a lot of the population grows with victory crashing economic system okay friends it's my great honor to have on the line Max Deegan from the crow house dot com guys just a quick note before we begin Max's essentially the reinforced in Peru so the first ten minutes of our conversation is a little bit spotty with our Skype connection but at about ten minutes clears up the rest the interviews pretty darn good thanks for sticking with us you guys are familiar with Maxine's work I mean the whole world is in fact my great honor to have Max on because I wanna leave a history of what I tried to do while I was alive on planet earth for my children to discover later they don't much care now that certainly nature of kids and it'll be my honor for them to later discover this interview with Max again back six for joining me closing down your brother slash rational itself my real pleasure to have you because ... you know you're playing a central role in waking people up to so much criminality and spiritual corruption on this planet Max it you're actually taking action your man backs his words up with action ... everybody should check out the crow house dot com and let me ask you the first question right out of the gate what can humanity due to take the power back from these maniacal powers that are hell bent on enslaving us I know it's a big question I think your answer might be non compliance but what can we all do well the first in regard to restart the buried in our community we need a strong United communal for show up and sign this for internet research offers right here sure it apparently knowledge and recruit crew chief one version on her own yellow wheat which it often petition and we revi..." + 96%
"2016-02-29 04:05:22"
"there's no way they can guarantee the deposits they're supposed to guarantee and if they start letting the banks deal that what you're looking at is a chain reaction collapse it will wipe everyone out Hey guys thanks for tuning in I'm very happy to have back on the line the one the only the historian and spokesperson for larouche PAC it's our friend hardly Schlanger Harley how aria I'm doing great Sean how are you one good too and I'm really glad to have you back on the line I mean so much has changed geo politically and economically since the last time spoke and you and I you said what we should do on this call it's talk about the bank's Jr all the guards and you ask a very portant question will American patriots rise to bring them down Harley we see derivatives collapsing we see JP Morgan has lost more than eight billion dollars in value over couple of trading days a house of cards is coming down and the question is are the banksters oligarchs right for a fall they definitely are they they've been right for a fall through wildly what's happened what's changed is that other nations are beginning to reject the Washington London consensus and there is even fighting going on within the law Washington and London well the most important thing is that as as you've been pointing out for a long time there's any fraud in the way people talk about economics the extent to which people are focused on money monetary policy leaves them blinded to the fact that there has to be something backing up money and what we've seen is under the federal reserve system in our country the European central bank we see private banks have taken over the process well credit policy and they care not for the population or whether there is an improved standard of living or even a possibility for that they're concerned with their day to day positions and how to make money trading and what's happened is there such a divergence now between the financial system and the real economy that you can't ev..." + 94%
"2016-02-23 21:52:25"
""My God, The Banks Are PLANNING ..."
"he predicts form to have percent negative rates in Europe three and a half in Japan two and a half in UK in one and one and a half in the United States my god they are actually planning to court everyone into the banks and they take their money Hey guys thanks so much for tuning in that back on the line Andy Hoffman the marketing director for miles Franklin dot com and ... you know we're gonna follow up or call with V. and that we just posted within in the moment update from Andy right now and how are you I'm doing great how do you know where to start castle society collapsing economies ... exploding demand for gold silver where you want to go well I was wondering the same thing where should we start I've got a couple of news items we saw on Monday the trading on Eurex suspended quote until further notice due to technical issues I love how the stock exchanges can just say Hey sorry guys get selling out recurring according meanwhile and you can eighty ounce the price of one ounce of gold any what happens when the Japanese wake up idea that sickle precious metals will protect them from her yet the Japanese slow in the uptake of but there notably as well and by alright the point where they're not spending any more you know they're not investing any more its wording there so take for their retirement demographic hell they have over ... actually unity ask about Japan actually got an email last week ... from someone in Japan which exactly validates what I've been saying all along that here in the states where people don't want gold so you can still get it but around the world for currencies been crashing you can't get it he said any can you guys send gold over to Japan the premiums here are so high it's not even worth buying and we can't even get silver even if we wanted to that's exactly what's going on so part of it is that is just not supply out there ... where people need it the most well that's interesting in the you know the end of the thing that I thin..." + 93%
"2016-02-23 01:39:04"
"they've all locked arms and said you know what we're going to look out for ourselves room look out for our interests and our partners in are those who belong to us and school of you screw the American public you all budget peasants you all deserve nothing you'll observe that that's basically that estimate the guy thinks for tuning in a very excited to have back on the line V. the gorilla economist you guys know him well and in fact our last interview timeline for collapse was a real hit with one hundred eighty three thousand views V. people love via a short phrase to be back and ... it's great for people to alternate the STD report folks I don't know this and I have subscribed to the STD report I recommend that everybody listening to this show if you haven't done so already hips right button OB I love being on here with you showing love doing the show I love which knocks the audiences out there and really pretty isn't real real information that Pete legalist well thanks man and I feel the same about you I think the reason people really like it so much is because your authenticity just shines right through and that's true but a lot of guys I talked to rob Kirby dies alter you know any Hoffman a lot of our regulars pics we're at Jeff Nielsen I think these guys just resonate authenticity that's why we are the antidote to the corporate propaganda V. because you know when you watch these highly paid mocking bird mainstream anchors the Anderson Cooper's other wolf Blitzer's you know pick your poison from Matt out you know bill o'reilly on the right yeah yeah yeah yeah bill o'reilly on the right Sean Hannity you can just tell there's this flop sweat aspect of these people that just is so fake yeah totally man and and that's the whole thing if the I think the American public is I don't know where they're they're trying to get a serious sense of discernment and that's why the alternative media and no we're not we're not perfect and you title for you mediated she's not p..." + 95%
"2016-02-21 20:28:48"
"Negative Rates & RISING Gold: Ju..."
"take I think so much for tuning in a very gratified that on the phone Ivan the back and he's the executive chairman and co founder of Warren resources in a recent one get I've been on the phone today is to talk about what's going on with these mining stocks because you need look no further than the two thousand sixteen GTX chart to see that the smart money is getting in the mining stocks as we've talked about a lot once people return to real money the smart money will leverage the return on increasing gold prices with gold stocks that GTX chart just over the past month has flown from around thirteen to over eighteen dollars Ivan thanks much for joining us Hey it's a real pleasure you source stand this is neither solicit I recommend I've been get people on the line who are at spurts stocks finding gold because we're big believe see what the central banks are doing with their fiat funny money print it's nineteen trillion dollars in debt Europe there can't I'm down here in states or trying to keep the federal reserve and that we're seeing guys like Larry summers say let's ban hundred dollar bills that's a great idea now they're gonna start moving towards our cash so I think before we get started I would say this I mean you have friend in central bankers negative interest rates which is what they want to move the world toward we'll drive billions if not trillions into gold you think that sounds about right absolutely ... their sound well there's two factors right there's the macro picture there's the currencies there's the negative interest rates is that actor and then there's something going on in the gold market which as you know the gold market's been somewhat depressed for the last five years and what we saw not argue that of how we look at it as explores has people going on to find the school minds is what the majors are doing what's going to drive the gold price even further is in high times where gold was nineteen hundred dollars an ounce a lot of these majo..." + 93%
"2016-03-18 20:52:54"
"We Kill Each Other For PAPER"
"when his money anyway yeah it's just paper the sun came on the mountains so was worse you know my goal I understand it shine the new grand jury are so over where where often strongly he's dead brass creates the battles that makes sounds are all the way don't show it the idea was to get us out of gold silver and paper very Sali corruptible but of course taking everything electronic is an order of magnitude further into of a facilitating static crime this is the whole point of greatest this cashless electronic world is is if it's that much easier ... rape pillage financially and in the course is this is what we're dealing with it is an organized crime paradigm where everything is running exactly according to the mafia had he stars stars not job creators there's a job destroyer this man is a growth in needs to go to jail another problem right off the bat particularity management drug you look at the what we rely on in the United States the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation they're currently insuring six point seven trillion dollars in deposits if less than one per and because of thinking they have sixty billion and they have a five hundred billion credit line it treasury so five hundred sixty five billion backing up six point seven trillion there's no way they can guarantee the deposits they're supposed to guarantee and they start letting the banks deal that what you're looking at is a chain reaction collapsed wipe everyone out he JP Morgan analyst comes and says he predicts four and a half percent negative rates in Europe three and a half in Japan two and a half and you came one and one half states and I said my god they are actually planning to Florida everyone into the banks and they take their money they've all locked arms and said you know what we're going to look out for ourselves room look out for our interests and our partners in are those who belong to us and screw all of you screw the American public you all budget peasants you all deserve nothing yo..." + 57%
"2016-03-06 22:28:11"
"Central Banks Out of Bullets: TH..."
"my name is Russell researchers public created more millionaires than any other business or sector because you invest in mining because fortunes are made when you get enough credit that's good reason why this business is so excited and we haven't really had that excitement and mine were number years because of the doubts from each of the difficulties because of all the cartels and the game deflate and issue that automatically some of the Chrysler gore but this one is about to really experience an inflection point the guys the gold bull is back clear that things are changing as geo politically economically and otherwise the world is in meltdown mode I have back on the line Amir at the founding chief executive Sir director of uranium and the court and of course he's the chairman and founder of Brazil resources it's a real pleasure to have him back Amir how are you I would be great feeling great that is are very exciting and interesting times well they certainly are you know the last time you and I spoke was back in December of two thousand thirteen we were in the absolute grip of the bear the manipulation of up precious metals prices and mining shares of course by the cartel and now things appear to be breaking free and you know I just interviewed Ivan batic another mining executive and we discussed the significant moves seen recently in the mining stocks in Amir there's just no better example of that quantify oblique than the GTX the market vectors gold miners ETF has moved over the last couple of months from twelve in change two nineteen seventy seven in this latest chart at a snapshot of that on Thursday I think were very clearly back in a bull market Amir we're back and that obviously it has been a as any other time that when the market returns like this yeah you see the large caps that has obviously represented by G. he acts move first and there's been big gains there I was speaking with that money managers here that are sitting on that incredible gains year to..." + 91%
"2016-03-03 00:16:30"
"Sandy Hook & The High Cost of Fr..."
"a friend's thanks so much for tuning in I'm very glad to have on the phone finally professor James Tracy you know him from memory hole blog dot com and you know him as an out spoken truth teller James Tracy contributed to the new book nobody died at sandy hook it was a female drill to promote gun troll and as an outspoken critic of the sandy hook false flag event professor Tracy ultimately lost his job as and your professor at Florida it let university seeking truth questioning the official story about sandy hook which does not stand up to scrutiny you can find his podcast untruth frequency radio the neighbor that is realpolitik professor Tracy welcome thank you Sean had to be on the program thanks for having me well thank you so much for coming on and you know I wanted to do a couple of things today ... I wanted to talk to you about the mainstream media as a tool of manipulation which of course is one of the areas of your studies professor one of your areas of focus is media studies and critiquing the media and I want everybody to know that James Tracy's legal defense fund can be found at Tracy legal defense dot org any really does need everybody's help because he was unjustly terminated in my opinion and ... of course the university there says it was for not filing outside activity forms and being insubordinate up professor Tracy do you want to talk about that at all I know there's some ongoing litigation so you're probably limited ... in what you can say but ... you certainly have our empathy and our support well thanks very much ashan I can really talk about or anything that is already in the public realm and clarify anything that may need to be clarified ... some things I don't think were reported quite accurately with regard to the circumstances surrounding of the ... that the termination ... when the event ... emerged ... this ... stemmed from the publication of a opinion piece in the South Florida sun Sentinel bite Lenny and Veronique ..." + 96%
"2016-04-01 01:15:22"
"there's going to be a monetary value where basically the world panics out of other people's liabilities and and got his courage Hey friends thanks for tuning in hate you know excited I am gonna get the one and only Bill holder on the line it's been far too long as we document the claps one of our favorite pundits is bill Holderness back to talk with us right now bill how are you Sir good shot helping appear a happy to have you and I would remind your site is the joint venture with Jim Sinclair that's J. as mindset dot com bill Havea band because and we talk we talked about ... the mark of the beast in before that we talk apps is here Phil where's the collapse things seem to have normal a little bit I think" + 1%
"2016-03-28 03:00:47"
"The NWO Beast System EXPOSED -- ..."
"okay global capital would be in Jerusalem and I think that satanic Lee speaking they want that city as the capital because it is considered the world's most holy city it's a holy city to Jews Muslims and Christians alike in its there where they want their anti Christ be seated in fact and that the Bible two Thessalonians says that the ... the beast will seat himself there in god's temple proclaimed himself to be god and us that that's what they're after you guys think some again I am so thrilled to best selling author James per law is books include the case against Darwin shadows of power in his latest book truth is a lonely warrior unmasking the forces behind global destruction and guys I have to tell you this the book to buy get this book right now it is the answer for your friends family colleagues those who don't understand for those who are in the process of waking up this book has it all and we'd go through some of that right here and right now James thanks so much for joining us thank you for every on the S. G. T. report doesn't appreciate your explaining what SG T. stood for before we started that's just my initials and ... but that's GT report is the corporate propaganda antidote and truth tellers like you James boy are we lucky to have you on our side ... guys I love this man he's a true defender of humanity and the truth about humanity and its origins of that tornado in a junk yard book is also a must read but truth is a lonely warrior guys in the interest of giving credit where credit is due I really try hard to do that a lot of YouTubers don't if you want to learn more about this book in detail there's a multi part interview about this book that Doug James is doing with Jay Taylor that's J. Taylor media on you tube and they're going through the book two chapters at a time and ... this book deserves that much time spent we will get that deep today but we're going to cover a lot of the chapters that really struck me as must reads about James th..." + 96%
"2016-03-22 20:28:52"
"a guy sinks are tuning in I back on the line the one the only Andy Hoffman from miles Franklin in before we begin and I wanna say it was nice to meet you in person for the first time at one of your recent Q. in eight events with Andy Scheck McManus pleasure to meet you yeah same here we tried now had three ... Denver Minneapolis and just last week in Phoenix and that you have three more coming all of them free ... in for Laura data on people twenty first which include a free online ... weapon or they will go around the world mid twenties in Houston and then June well it was cool we were in a room filled with like minded people and this metropolitan area which I live there are more than people living here it was a full room but and it was still only what maybe a high fifty people small small sliver of this population is awake to the central bank malfeasance in enslavement of this generation of future generations ... and while I'm on the topic of that queue in a one give a shout out to guarantee this guy was sitting at my table I didn't speak at the event nobody knew I was there but ... Darren recognize my voice it was lot of fun to talk with Darren and some other people at the table but that was a good group any there's a lot of people waking up but it's still not nearly enough most of the population is sound asleep yeah I mean it's certainly a lot more than we could have gotten a year ago at least the prices have bottomed so there's a lot more interest in there was but as you said ... the amount of people that have any interest in finance at all let alone the nuances of of market manipulation and ... and that the great defamation because by all the market manipulations is ... infinitesimal which is fine because the amount of people typically throughout history that actually acts to protect himself proactively is about one percent anyway yeah well you mentioned that the prices have possibly bottom here we have silver piercing back through sixteen j..." + 90%
"2016-03-21 02:42:20"
"ladies and gentlemen thank you so much for joining me it is my distinct honored to welcome to the show for the first time at William and all the guys you know him very well from his books he's an author a bestselling author and his books include a century of war seeds of destruction gods of money myths lies in oil wars target China how Washington and Wall Street plan to cage the Asian dragon and his new book just released called the lost whom the gods would destroy and it's just my distinct pleasure to welcome how are you Sir learn what ... and I should also note that ... Joseph P. Farrell is a big fan of yours insights your articles from New eastern outlook often his is video reports ... and we're big fans of Joseph P. feral as well I'm often corrected by listeners when I refer to the New World order course George Bush senior did some two hundred twenty times president told by ... in viewers that it's nothing more than an Old World a group of banking families over dark skin intelligence agency that have been in control for centuries does that pretty much sums it up well I think you can go back to the five thousand years in the history of debt if you want to talk about that with the world order of the plutocracy an oligarchy troll of every political process by a tiny self selected read and eat and so forth patriarchy the American patriarchy David Rockefeller George Soros Bill Gates people like us and the big game is essentially the same they rule one nation say oh the Roman Empire collapsed of four hundred ... eight D. for much the same reasons that the American century is collapsing today internal rot because the banks step by step over the past and this it's nothing really out of my book the gobs of money it's not just the two thousand eight financial crash in subprime ... mortgage messed but it's a history of how America was hijacked and in a silent coup de top by Wall Street bankers and the now where they just ... spent their time out of the Ame..." + 95%
"2016-04-10 20:43:14"
"we're currently biting on a global basis tag houses of school overcrowding one ounce of gold it and I'm not sure how shocking numbers of how can you possibly train at eighty one and be my idea tend to walk on that relationship cannot last you know I I think receive triple digit Selberg over the next five years for sure it's fine my thesis and I'm pretty certain I wish it Hey guys thanks for joining us I'm very happy to have on the line I should say back on the line Keith Neumeyer heats the C. E. O. a first majestic silver and the chairman of first mining finance a new coal company that choir five gold companies in two thousand fifteen alone and of course investors in that company include Doug KC Eric's brought America to sell and Rick rule you keep himself has been accumulating millions of shares on the open market its last year graduate you start to two thousand six HG your majestic silver look at that three month chart from two dollars and style engine forty cents holy cow how does that feel well consider each need twenty six dollars a share I guess barricades and it is a good opportunity there is just goes to show you know it's just such a pent up and for my next dark suited their slow under all I did and you just need a very small movement in the battle price and a little bit of change plenty of it and all of a sudden all people just pile into this market and the stock just go crazy and that's what's happening and it's very exciting to see and now we are looking very obviously better things is by your progress yes yes of course the precious metal stocks are all down from their highs that we saw years ago but they're starting to recover and I wanna ask you what's the move telling us because my friend Jeff Nielsen over a billion bowls has been writing about this fake rally because he says gold has been leading the way and everyone knows in a real bull market silver always leads the way higher out what are the stock prices telling us clearly wallstreet insiders ..." + 92%
"2016-04-07 00:17:36"
"Our Corrupt, Fascist Government ..."
"welcome to the Soviet what we have now we have new neo serfdom we have wage slaves in debt slaves Hey guys welcome back I'm very glad to have you and I'm also glad to have on the line Jason pure act from Wall Street for main street Jason your back by popular demand micra I'm glad your listeners like me what they do and they like your lucid commentary you're very intelligent and insightful before we begin here in court on a talk with the Panama papers I wanna ask you about your YouTube channel and your websites let's just get that out there so people can subscribe sure we have ... what's your furniture you to channel we out hundreds of interviews on many different topics for value investors technology Austrian school of economics up pressure not and now we have over million he is now almost one point five million views you know we're not not as big as you guys but I it's been grinded it out and I'm really excited about what's transpiring with the channel and educational tech you need a we're trying to raise capital return the process now of trying to bring a more experienced executives to raise the capital we need build out and affordable business and investor education because forty thousand dollars for a business degree that I want teaching useful skills are alive to run a business and and stuff are we're gonna look to solve this and yeah that sounds exciting because you know a lot of those people to go and get these advanced degrees in college never even learned about the Federal Reserve System or central banking and that's just how the Rothschild Rockefeller's would like to keep it I imagine that's probably why the system is set up the way it is so that the real criminals criminals at the top of the pyramid are never exposed and that's what our purpose is as you well know Jason it's to expose the criminals in fact I was just speaking with John Titus of the best evidence YouTube channel the other day and we're talking about his latest documentary in which he ..." + 96%
"2016-04-04 23:37:32"
"COUP D'ETAT: The Banks RULE The ..."
"people may say I'm gonna colloquially were loosely banks rule the U. S. no could legally there that's a that's a correct statement they do ruled U. S. Hey guys thanks for tuning in ... really glad to have you back I have on the line John tight it's from the best evidence you tube channel in John's first video fed audit shocker planet cleft though was a man Esther work but guess what he's outdone himself with an exceptional documentary that's what I'm calling it and he calls it the veneer of justice in the kingdom of crime in it speak it's directly core of the problems with our Republic and it's the big banks that run everything including the department of justice at this point John how are you Sir I'm good Sean how are you well I'm good and I just want you know missing appraises as I told you I John was taking me through my mac trying to help me clean it up this guy's a genius as it relates to point all things mac Johnson how you become this self taught exceptional documentary filmmaker and guys I'm not even getting if you haven't seen the veneer of justice in the kingdom of crime yet do yourself a favor and watch it it's better than anything you see on sixty minutes or C. N. B. C. including the production value of this thing John how do you do it man you're you're literally self taught in a team of one is you're out doing multiple teams of professionals at sixty minutes that's where this thing should be airing well it's easy to do a double your punches there was always something off about the DOJ's announcement that it wouldn't prosecute Goldman Sachs normally the DOJ does a decline prosecutions of public old man made headlines dropping its own clients amid rising power the DOJ felt it had splaine Michael is remarkable all by itself well you're not pulling their punches and yet literally you've taught yourself how to do production post production you're bringing the documents alive in June in three dimensions and you're supporting everything that's being said ..." + 96%
"2016-04-22 20:14:02"
"HOW TO Save Your Assets From The..."
"money that is in the system whether it's in bank accounts whether it's higher raising for one case it can be taken with a click it can be seized with a click assets out of the system gold silver that's even even if it's only by your IRA but it's very hold your ground it's sheltered by this LLC as well it can be taken with a click Hey friends welcome back guys on this call we're going to talk to will layer he's the managing partner over at the petrol and we're going to talk your ass before the economy collapses please leave but Wall Street takes all the paper down well how are you Sir a great shot how are you buddy Hey man I'm good thanks for joining us I really appreciate it will what do you make of this incredible news we see I mean we knew there was a new gold fix going in at the S. G. E. on April nineteenth on Tuesday and what we see on Tuesday we see silver breaking loose up seventy five cents at one point yeah ... at one point so that eighty cents and seem that it I swear so it doesn't have been years you know we've been lulled to sleep up over the last couple years as as precious metals investors and those of us that are but no the jig is up are good understand monetary history that understand the battles we don't care we still been buying the whole time it it looks like things are really starting to come unfurled a people might be starting to wake up well I think you're right indelibly just read this from the ... article it's zero hedge I came out on Tuesday the buying xcelerated on Tuesday when I'm going to man for the precious metal pushed it to fresh ten month highs above seventeen dollars an ounce one reason suggested for the buying came from Reuters which said that there is heavy buying in silver in Shanghai and that is triggered buying in gold as well well if the Chinese are now going to acquire physical silver that is absolute game over we RT no Deutsche Bank has admitted to rigging the price of silver and rigging the price of gold the LPM a pap..." + 93%
"2016-04-19 18:43:41"
"SILVER BREAKS OUT Amidst Global ..."
"Hey guys just a quick note before we get started I recorded this interview Monday the eighteenth and today we see the Chinese buying silver is the bank of America says momentum breaking out to its highest in years silver over seventeen at one point today in of course things changed at the SG ET gay on April nineteenth boy with things change as quickly as they're changing now guys SGD report is the place to be and thank you for tuning in Hey guys thanks for joining us it is Monday the eighteenth of April and am I fired up at any Hoffman from miles Franklin back on the line and I got to tell you guys all hell is breaking loose in you might say well what the Dow's at eighteen thousand these guys are off their rocker look last week bed Obama Deutsche Bank has confessed to rigging the silver and then the gold markets class act department filed Saudis have threatened sell their seven hundred fifty billion dollar treasuries the US Congress votes to release a twenty eight pages of to fight material from the nine eleven commission report Venezuela's an absolute chaos Japan's massive earthquakes equal more pain for a nation already on the precipice of economic Armageddon inflation in the list goes on and on and it just had to lay that out for you where would you like to begin and don't forget of course the impeachment vote for the Brazilian president just yesterday only four months before the Olympics that may not happen and the dole ha meeting the energy meeting yesterday that was it which I'd said beforehand was going to be the most over hyped nine story in economic history which of course it was because there's no way this ever going to be production cuts from a bunch of other nations and corporations and municipalities out for that matter that are desperate for cash will anyone to talk to you about this Deutsche Bank situation I've got a theory I wanna share it with you but first I want your thoughts amazing that Deutsche Bank confessed to rigging the silver and gold m..." + 92%
"2016-04-15 02:18:57"
"this is the most dire in most immediate threat we face short of nuclear cataclysm Peary Hey guys thanks so much for joining us I back on the line the one and only Dane wicking ten he's a researcher activist and founder of a geo engineering watch dot org he also has a G. O. watch radio which is absolutely commercial free he pays for it out of his own pocket for the benefit of all of humanity he's a leader and boy do we need real leaders right now as the elite bring humanity to their knees Dane Wigginton thanks for joining me thank you Sean thanks for all you do to try to sell you started we're much further in the curve many issues that are very dire than the well thanks for that team but you what I need to do more because unfortunately spoken which it's been exact we posted our last interview two thousand fifteen so it's been almost a full year Dave I think it's better now than they were a year ago or are they worse far far worse and this is where you get people's normalcy bias is so profoundly impacting their willingness or ability to look at the horizon John and and see what's surrounding us on every side of you may have converging catastrophes in people are simply buried in there their normal routines and ... are not looking at it what's unfolding around them the fact that by whiskers virtually collapsing went on countless fronts you need the assault against what's left the biosphere is immense and with calamity Jane being at the top of that list but and that is no way to discount factor the human race is not in very good stewards of our planet having so it's it's not just the criminally insane and and psychopathic globally leads that are to blame here media population to wake up and start to do their part to turn their direction over the the shift or along just sinking by day so again I I think up we we discussed after the die off of the Great Barrier Reef fifty percent of what's left of the reef dying in thirty days thirty days that you're watching blink of..." + 95%
"2016-05-07 00:44:20"
"you know it's fitting that Donald Trump the day he gets his ... pretty much as nomination said I am the king of debt I love dad so yes this is what we're gonna get in a country which already has more debt than all the other countries combined Hey guys it's Friday may sixth and we want to get ahead of the latest breaking news from the world of economics the non farms payroll report came out this morning and we any Hoffman back online to talk about that and more but for" + 1%
"2016-05-02 01:09:18"
"SGTreport: The TRUE HISTORY of A..."
"we've not had a a declaration of war a sense of World War two and here's Harry Truman's exact quote to the press he said quote we are not at war this is a police action on quote some police action over thirty thousand Americans dead over a hundred thousand wounded and over two million Koreans dead all in experiment to validate Rothschild world government Hey guys thanks for joining us I'm very grateful to have you all back and I want to say thank you at this point of about a hundred subscribers away from real and I have to tell you when I started the YouTube channel back in late two thousand ten and I put up my first video in two thousand it was never my goal to have a hundred thousand subscribers I didn't know that there be anybody that would watch my material at all and so I consider it a true blessing and a great honor to be able to bring these types of interviews to you and have you all be so engaged and ... I really thank you from the bottom of my it's the world right now I have back on the line author James per lock and we recently talk to him about his book truth is a lonely warrior and ... James I don't speak for you but I I think that this wonderful audience I have that I just spoke about really supported you by turning out to buy that book in mass didn't really did just ... inertia alternative media shows I never had a better response then on the SG key report I'm not just saying that ... the Amazon rank a client you are better than two thousand for all books on Amazon after being on your show that's the best it's ever done so that's thanks to you and to your loyal listeners what you said are just about a hundred thousand now your subscribers yeah yeah it's terrific and they're very very supportive of people who care about the constitution and the bill of rights in truth and ... you couldn't ask for a better audience so it's just really gratifying to be able to talk to guys like you and then get the information out and have great like minded p..." + 97%
"2016-04-30 23:48:19"
"I think what we're looking at is and a phantom did you not to be able to recover from its mortgage snaps in the market for clothes and you're not in position you're probably you're now for the rest of your life richer and this is going to be the fact that you can't recover from Hey guys I have an urgent update today is Saturday April thirtieth if Bill Holter from Jace my guys things are breaking down something big recall the recent behind the scenes Rick meetings between Obama in Ellen and now on Friday the U. S. treasury has it warnings to China Germany and Japan not to devalue their currencies there's extreme dollar weakness in the best performing commodity asset to date has been silver and silver stocks bill something big is going on how are you good shot of yeah yesterday ... you STX index closed at ninety three point hole one Chartists were looking at ninety three and a half ninety four level I give it a little the way of saying and I do have a little break down under ninety waiting you really have an elevator shaft if you look at the charge ... you could see a move down pretty quickly down to the ... eighty six eighty two level then of course the all time lows are par seventy two the dollar is devaluing versus other currencies would drop from ninety eight ninety nine down to this ninety three level and of course you've seen gold and silver explode call my fridge which short earlier showing gold priced in the U. S. key action ducks and you could see that's about ready to go to break out ... it's maybe what well over forty percent of them like that below all time highs based on all currencies so if you if you look at that chart we could see the MACD looks to be ... turning higher and we've we've got an event in the battles silver has been spectacular obviously and for a lot of people that traded based on the C. OP numbers I feel two numbers for the last few weeks open interest has expanded I think there's something like twenty five the finished film..." + 93%
"2016-04-27 01:53:27"
"Bill Still VS. Fractional Reserv..."
"alright if you are in the fed and don't do anything about fractional reserve lending you've done nothing Hey guys thanks for joining us I am very happy to have back on the line bill still he is the producer of the money masters and the secret of oz and of course we post all of his still reports from his YouTube channel bill still want you to it's my distinct pleasure to welcome back bill still how are you Sir I'm doing great thank you so well bill I know you get a million requests for interviews and you're very kind to take time out of your busy day to us speak with us about a couple of different things I wanna talk to you about the fed being cornered and gold and silver breaking out I want to talk about the US dollars future and I know that you and your wife bath are big supporters Donald Trump for a variety of reasons and I want to talk to you about the elections when all the shenanigans we see going on ... but bill first let me ask you about the fat Ron Paul just Reese and I quote the no win situation the fed finds itself in is a sign that we are reaching the end habitable collapse of the fiat currency system end quote Ron Paul is warning about what he calls economic catastrophe any says it's right around the corner do you agree with them where do I start with Ron Paul but let's talk about economic catastrophe you believe that the fed is in a corner that's not a ball lots of the debt money system ... as has run out of excuses ... yeah where where how long they'll be able to keep the plates spanning I I've been wrong about it before so I hate to make a prediction I'll be wrong about it again no doubt ... they always seem to find another way another way to in debt yet another ... cohort of individuals worldwide to to be able to keep the Ponzi scheme alive a bit longer so I don't know but ... we certainly ... reach a point where where the debt and increasing the debt increasing the money supply through death does not enhance economy and so I don't k..." + 93%
"2016-05-23 23:55:56"
"How Will America Trade With WORT..."
"your Sinclair is set for several years now every step forward like China is one or two steps backward for the U. S. in the dollar that's very true that's what's happening if for instance if you want is backed by gold them why would someone except the dollar in lieu of the you want if the dollar is not backed by Hey guys thanks so much for tuning in to have a very important updates on Monday may twenty third two thousand sixteen from bill Holter J. as mindset dot com bill welcome back thanks for coming back strong okay thanks for coming on pillows reading your piece the other day was Deutsche Bank just came tell you every of that place mandate that's given to schools shooter in your building the kids and teach panic and get the hell out of the building shelter in place and the fed all its wisdom a forty eight hour stay in place provision collateral of riveted contracts with the big banks are involved it is a panic per bill they're trying to figure out what to do if and when one of the players in the derivatives market panics and I think it's very very telling well it is apparent provision but I don't think they're going to really get a chance to use it and I say that because they're proposing this for I believe June August of two thousand seventeen organized a HACCP August of two thousand seventeen I don't see any way then we get from here till August next year without derivatives blowing up I believe this is already been put in place in Britain but not at this point it's if not in place so you could still see a lemur type of band up until August of next year increase in our after August of next year all that does is it's gonna freeze the Kalabagh so that means that the winners are going to be able to take the collateral out from under a big bank it's upside down insolvent and sitting on a lot losing trade right and you wrote here it's very important to understand just how important derivatives have become derivatives have been used to push pull manhandle an outri..." + 93%
"2016-05-20 20:31:21"
"Obama & the Fall of the Empire -..."
"we're heading into what will be really rough times and that's why Americans have to think clearly and be creative and don't accept the consensus or the official narrative pick I think for joining us I'm very glad to have back on the line the national spokesperson for larouche PAC and a good friend S. GT report hardly Schlanger and boy do we have some dramatic current events to break down both domestically and geo politically parlay welcome back I saw how are you Hey I'm doing great and I as you know global events are occurring at seeing pace Obama's doubling down and free trade I wanna talk about the Saudi terror alliance in the Rialto crashing turning into a full blown liquidity crisis though to start I gotta tell you hardly what's going on right now in Saudi Arabia we need to focus on it because these guys are now paying government contractors with I. O. used in meanwhile the Senate has passed a bill allowing nine eleven victims to sue Saudi Arabia for its involvement in nine eleven I think they're ready to throw Saudi Arabia under the boss and ... our friend V. for broke money just did an update in which he mentions some very important things as it relates to Saudi Arabia but before I play that sound bite or throw to you your thoughts on what's going on with Saudi Arabia well we didn't newest development of course was the Jasta bill passing in the Senate unanimously and then Obama coming out saying he's going to veto it which is in my thinking excellent because it makes the point that Obama from the beginning of a certain this administration has been protecting bush and the alliance which is not just about nine eleven I mean nine eleven was three thousand Americans murdered and the bush administration blocked any serious investigation and the FBI of course and the Obama has continued that but more importantly it's it's the Saudis have continued to be at the center of funding international terrorism and this is being protected and as you know larouche PAC we'..." + 94%
"2016-05-12 02:22:22"
"a friend's welcome back I am psyched to have back on the line David Morgan from the Morgan report dot com and Dave it's been a long time friend to SG to report and to those of us who follow precious metals closely David how aria can do well thanks John Hey thanks for coming on David look I want to jump right into the deep end today and I want to talk about something that many of us follow or talk about cliff highs web box project for a long time as you know David the web bots have been predicting the possibility of the silver to gold ratio not only going back to its historic Norma fit or ten to one as currently found in the earth's crust but going possibly as low as one to silver in the few it sure could be priced at a level equating with gold ... in I wanna play a clip for you here from our friend Jayce net who keeps in close touch with cliff high you might if I play that for you know get your passions no go ahead large guys listen up guys is pretty powerful as we know gold is moving from west the data sets accruing the China popped over the summer twenty sixteen as model spaces move forward have stimulation of the public appetite for silver the pressures on the silver market will be after the fact shown to be a result of stockpiling of silver and gold by the populace in China the data sets would have the officialdom making big push is to get the populace moving to purchase this is N. it's sats indicated to be an outgrowth in the dollar stoppage as the dollar breakdown continues and the USA pop gets hit by high inflation as dollars attempt to come home to the fed this in its turn is going to turn out to be a huge boon not boom but Buna for the power structure in China as the silver shining gets taken up seriously by the population noting that ... noting what will happen to the silver to gold ratio the Chinese officialdom which seem to be trying to push the population in the right direction though of course for their own self serving interests David Hey just ..." + 95%
"2016-06-22 17:02:27"
"The Elite Don't Want You To Know..."
"Hey guys thanks for joining us I have a very special broadcast prepared for you here and I'm really excited this one is going to delve into areas really I think of spiritual warfare least that's the way I want to couch going to talk about evolution with the one and only changed her life the guys spiritual warfare is alive and well this planet the Goddard tunnel opening ceremony on June first in Switzerland which we reported on in great detail over at the phaser dot com it's just one of the that ceremony was because callers was littered with panic imagery symbology and cult portents and then we take a look at what's going on at CERN in the occult agenda with Shiva the goddess of destruction outside CERN's large hadron collider facility the work of Anthony patch has done much to reveal plants with Sir the largest and most complex machine ever built in the history of mankind most people don't even know about it check out the scariest movie ever YouTube channel to watch a video called it very strange connection between Sir Obama Riana the point here is that the subject we are about to discuss is very very relevant because if the powers that be can make the world believe that the beauty of this earth in the incredible complexity of life on this planet is nothing more than a random accident but there is no designer then they can get you to put down your defenses your spiritual shields so that you no longer have the eyes to see in the ability to recognize that spiritual warfare in which they are actively engaged is very real and it's unfolding all around us at this very moment guys author James per lot is back he's returning to SG T. report to discuss his incredible work in the area of evolution his books tornado in a junk yard and the case against Darwin are a wake up call for anyone who fully believes Darwin's version of creation it's my honor to welcome back James Karloff also not to be back on the STT report well what did you think of that intro James you know my fe..." + 96%
"2016-06-19 17:55:18"
"EXPOSED: How The Clintons Likely..."
"Rumer help is on its way but for now Haiti's boxing the aftermath of the devastating natural disaster which according to the country's prime minister could claim over a hundred thousand lives you have now been lives will be saved thank you thank you standards for how much private gain collectively is allowed to be graded by Jerry there's really tight you can operate a charity and what they make fifty that love for the charity and at twenty five cents for you and I want to give it after being a charity the chariot that provide public benefit not private looked eclipses dot there's there's elite that he's circle gold Haiti as well as feeling or diverting that's a stock that was bent toward Haiti and refusing to make eye for disclosures needed to be they that now the Clinton foundation and they have he friends thanks so much for joining us it is my stink to honor to welcome to the program absolute truth teller an investor writer and researcher and he has uncovered what he's calling the largest charity fraud ever attempted Charles or tell Charles thanks so much for joining us okay Jeremy undergrad it's my absolute pleasure Charles and I wanna give credit first to bolt media superstars who are sharing your story with the world I heard about your first from my friend Jason purex over at wallstreet from main street he did a blockbuster interview with you I've heard John caravan to midnight and of course over and one American news network Charles let's frame it up this way I find it really amazing that the old media the folks on you tube like me who want the truth to get out about corruption in our government they're telling and sharing your story meanwhile I haven't seen you very much in the mainstream mockingbird news media I did catch on fox business wants out why do you suppose you're not getting more traction in the mainstream media or has that changed do you think you're starting to regular army and its program of course that really enjoyed being out of the people ..." + 94%
"2016-06-10 02:01:58"
"patrons welcome back thanks for pushing play we really do appreciate it on the line right now we have returning guest Jason urac he's the founder along with his partner mo of Wall Street for main street wall St for main St dot com Jason's joining us to break down all things economics Jason Horia I'm good I'm enjoying the summer warmer weather here in the DC metro I'm glad of the rain and the cold is gone you know you're in the belly of the beast but that is a beautiful part of the country been there many times with my family in recent years that is maybe the one area of the nation Jason where the economy actually is thriving but that's only because that's where the print the money exactly and also you know where all the crony capitalism as with the lobbyists and stuff like that if you drive around the theory we have three of the five major on average median family income counties the richest ones in the whole United States and there's construction cranes everywhere you know building these are expensive condos and I expensive apartment buildings that are mixed use with ... expensive retail outlets on the bottom and stuff like that so it's just it's it's construction boom like crazy right now the last couple years and I I think it's just gonna keep going until you know the print press is taken away yeah and ... you know the side note there you guys should check out Grindall sixty ones channel as it relates to gender twenty one you know the trend right now Jason in up building is micro parchments smaller footprint smaller square footage trying to train people to get used to the idea of living in literally two to three hundred square feet that'll be the new New World order norm ... that they're pushing of course through agenda twenty one policies they want to get people out of the rural areas hoard them in giant cities think Mexico City on steroids guys that's where they want to take us ... this be system will not be fun for anyone that's why we need to resis..." + 96%
"2016-06-05 20:46:30"
"The World's Wealthiest Families ..."
"I know you wanna secret story here I'll give you one of the former secretary of energy of America I had a discussion with him and if he is very worried about exactly what we're talking about a friend thanks so much for tuning in I'm very excited to have on the line there in Catoosa he's the chairman of Catoosa research and author of the New York times bestselling book the colder war and how the global energy trade slipped from America's grasp he's here to talk about all things energy gold economics and more barren how are you I'm doing well thank you Hey thanks so much for joining us I very much appreciate it I want to kick this thing off by talking about energy and then we're gonna bridge into gold guys because of course is all our listeners know gold and silver in physical form represent energy you trade your energy you trade your labor for real money ... Maryna one to ask his relates your book the Cold War how the global energy trade slipped from America's grasp as we've seen the price of oil plummets ... in two thousand sixteen of course it's recovered a bit now absolutely devastated the shale gas sector in the United States how do you think that is going to play out in terms of U. S. energy needs in energy production in the years to come look the production hasn't been slaughtered so let's let's make a few clarifications here so then the natural gas production is staying very strong you are so yes there's Ming a third of the drill rigs that there were three years ago but remember innovation through necessity so the drill rigs are drawing much faster they're doing much quicker tracts so they're getting it down to their sources so you look at the generations or race argue are much more efficient than the teachers are G. threes so the production in the gases being silent but you're looking at what is been affected is that number of high paying jobs you know tens of thousands of very high paying jobs in the hundred fifty thousand plus dollar range have been ..." + 93%
"2016-07-03 00:14:04"
"remember what Hank Paulson said during the two thousand eight financial crisis he basically said what is really important US stock markets is what people believe people are going to look back at the shot it three four years and says mold that day that they go by sober when it was a slow Hey guys welcome back thanks much for pushing play I have back on the line J. ask him he is the founder and proprietor of smart knowledge you that smart knowledge you dot com of course the YouTube channel of the very same name jayski was agreed to join us here again after at least a year I think it's the last time we spoke how are you jest yeah I've spent too long so we should do this more often yeah we should do it more often because you know I can't even keep up on a on a weekly basis much less a daily basis how much did spoke to me there was no brexit a brexit in the accessible brexit we think I guess it's still up to the parliament as two of the final decision I wonder if they'll try to steal democracy from the people what would he make a brexit yes yeah actually bracket racks that actually kind of shocked me because I I thought there's a good chance that people vote for it but I first I believe that probabilities of a past would be very very low just because I thought the boat would be fixed but the one thing I did realize when I thought the boat could be ex was I talked about was going to be electronic nodded ... rely so later that all the votes for Hank kept it so when you have a margin of victory up please stop one point I was number one point two five million votes owe you know about it ... two breaks it rather than to remain more than you know one point two five million votes was the margin so we had that kind of margin I guess if you're Hankow votes can like this though that's right they can fix the vote in the United States because Diebold previously I should say Diebold now I believe it's called voting solutions of like that will have to look it up it's well docum..." + 94%
"2016-07-01 04:16:02"
"Hey guys this is an important update from SG T. report I got a document sent to me today by a former employer and it relates to a four one case that I have out there floating around in the world I think this is a very telling document I've got some real issues with that which I shared with my employer so they could inform other people I'm on that team I think there's a lot of people who are unaware of what's going on behind the scenes as it relates to their quotable retirement investments in I have online right now Dave Kranz or a call them in the moment for this important update I wanted to share this with him to get his opinion on it before it went public with this document Dave did you get a chance to look at that paychecks document yet yes I did alright now I don't want to sound the alarm if it shouldn't be sounded Dave but I think there's some very telling issues with this document of which is the out of federated prime cat legation money markets and put people into federated government obligations just want to say a couple of lines here in the get your take in one portion of this document it says paychecks has decided not to offer non government money market funds your plans current money market fund falls under the definition of a non government money market fund and will be replaced the amendment requires these funds to transact in a floating in a V. for purchases and redemptions additionally it gives the fund's board the discretion to impose a liquidity free or suspend redemptions temporarily what's your take on that language as I how cynical you wanna look at this and I think that the most cynical interpretation is that correct interpretation but essentially what money market funds are required to do is maintain a one dollar and AB because they're marketed as risk free money market funds that pay into an interest rate well on the low interest rate environment that we have it's almost impossible to maintain a one dollar and a V. because the a lot of the ..." + 89%
"2016-06-30 22:51:48"
"THIS SYSTEM IS DEAD -- Harley Sc..."
"this is the opportunity for men of courage who have been speaking softly behind the scenes to come forward and say look this system is dead we cannot reform we have to move out from under these guys are losing money they're seeing their whole systems collapse of corporations are unraveling there institutions like the European Union are coming apart our job is to speak boldly and tell the truth and some would say she can't win just tell them go out and fight let's see where you can win or not Hey friends thanks for tuning in I am extremely happy back on the line are good for partly she it's going to help us break down All Things brexit boy do we need help breaking brexit why because so many naysayers out there are already saying this is all by design but I want to play devil's advocate to that perspective Harley welcome back lots to discuss good to be with you Sean Harley what is your perspective on brexit is this a rise in the tide for humanity well it opens the door and opens a big door and for people who think everything is controlled from the top all you have to do is look at what's happening now as result of this now some people will say well they want confusion they want chaos they haven't they had it before the brexit vote why is if anything I think it was that people were a little shocked in Europe by the brexit vote because many people I've been talking to here I'm in Europe now many people were saying that the assassination of the British member of parliament was done so as to ensure the defeat of brexit and you know if you saw the polls turn and we know how polls you manipulated ninety everything else but let me just make a very simple statement about this the brexit vote didn't cause anything it was a result of a breakdown of the system and it exposes the bankruptcy of the trans Atlantic system there was was no plan B. E. elite were the some of the lead in in the city of London are trying to come up with the counterplan but if you look at what's happen..." + 94%
"2016-07-08 09:10:45"
"CNN Immediately Seizes Upon Dall..."
"room okay friends SG T. here with a update about the Dallas shooting Hey look ... our hearts obviously go out to law enforcement who lost their lives today to their families our condolences ... it's an absolute outrage that criminals would use weapons to hurt anybody and leave it to C. N. N. to weave the narrative together before we even know who was behind the shootings ... to come after the guns I want to play this clip for you from CNN recorded just moments ago and as the story unfolds in Dallas it needs to be said that CNN and the powers that be will waste no time using this tragic of has a reason to come after the ... try to break this down as we go listen we just have a number of terrorist groups in this country yeah a whole lot of the time to ... on Muslim terrorist groups from ISIS Anna but you know we've got a a number of groups here in this country that are you know up to terrorize me groups of people within our own borders at I'm gonna stop it there and just remind everybody the Mayak report of course the federal bureau of investigation put out a report claiming that constitutional lists and patriots those that would mention the constitution and the bill of rights are terrorists and should be treated as such we've gotten a number of groups here in this country that are you know up to terrorizing groups of people within our own borders here patriots shot these police officers these are most likely people related to the black lives matter movement or worse they were fostered by federal agencies we don't know yet but leave it to C. N. N. to conflate the issue to come after guns leaving viewers uninformed viewers to believe that if there were no guns in the hands of people in the hands of American citizens then there would be no violence course that's absurd because the only people that would turn in their guns are law abiding citizens leaving the rest of the weapons in the hands of only the criminals and the government I don't know I don't I don..." + 62%
"2016-07-14 17:28:01"
"2016 & The World According To Ro..."
"Hey guys welcome back thanks for joining us I have pics we're from road route a dot com on the line to dissect the world in two thousand sixteen according to the Rothschild economist magazine no guys I got an email not long ago from a reader named mark II who suggested I get pics back gun to get an update about ocular bag because as we all know and the economist magazine predicting many things not the least of which is there night the eight cover suggesting a global currency two thousand just around the corner Victoria I am doing well killed trying to keep up with everything going on these days well you know we are in meltdown mode as you well know Deutsche Bank on ask about that too is a pertains to the global meltdown but I'm gonna start with showing the cover of the world in two thousand sixteen according to the economist in all it's a cult riddled symbology not the least of which is that rainbow colored flag at the bottom by Merkel picks now you'll recall in June twelfth two thousand sixteen Omar Mateen a twenty nine year old American security guard according to wikipedia who omits the fact that he worked for GE for asks the world's largest security company with clients including D. H. S. it said that he murdered forty nine people at that gay nightclub picks between the hours of twelve A. M. in three A. M. but according to judge impala tunnel nobody died until five thirteen in the morning one the swat team entered prior to that no one had been killed the FBI's own redacted reports say that no killings happened until the swat team entered at five thirteen but never mind all that let's get back to the flag is just one big coincidence isn't it well the interesting thing is I I wrote a big old are I didn't turn my book that I released in January all about this version of the world to god sixteen and I I've mailed about happenings on it is so much on hearing inside it and the only thing I really missed was that was the rainbow flag thing you know that was kind of ..." + 96%
"2016-07-12 05:38:30"
"EXPOSED: SGE & The REAL Silver t..."
"this is a special precious metals update from S. GT report it got shown here from S. GT report dot com an SG team report YouTube channel what's really important affirmation I want to share with you and so many of you guys well no Willem metal coop author of the big reset has said quote the great monetary reset is being designed and planned right now he says China has been calling for a monetary reset since two thousand nine China said it feels trapped by the dollar system I want to make very clear that to reset the reset tesis reset of the monetary system" + 1%
"2016-07-10 21:00:49"
"yeah we are mining today nine ounces of silver for everyone else a gold or silver is way way rare and people actually think it as sin dot not the market slowly waking up to that fact patrons welcome back I'm very excited that back on the line Keith Neumeyer he's the C. E. O. of first majestic silver in the chairman of first mining finance and it's gonna be really nice to have a positive conversation about something we all love physical silver as opposed to the litany of bad news we can to get point him I got to tell you small welcome format first majestic silver yours just over the past month each how are you all very good obviously and ... now it's it's great to see dot you know we've had a lot of very patient shareholders that that own the stock for your long time and then finally out we're sorry to see them moving battles in a moving sovereign called obviously and and that's really reflected on first majestic share price and that goes to the fact that your personal Jessica's the pure silver Cup in the world on one server moves yell in a positive way yeah our stock really moves and then we all at once obviously what that's about Pete we interview really smart people bill Holter Peter Schiff Andy Hoffman lot of great guys some of them swear off stocks paper entirely others embrace them are any Hoffman has been one of these guys who just he wants nothing to do with precious metals in paper form I've been in that camp to some degree are over time here and I was in the shares in two thousand Levinsky will have them in my portfolio many them so badly beaten up that it made me allergic to buying any others and so what people know I've been interviewing Keith now for well what do you say keys two years here and it wasn't long ago I could've bought your stock at two and a half three dollars a share and I didn't do it in fact the last time we spoke AG the symbol for first majestic was trading around six dollars a share it's now closer to fifteen so full disclosure I s..." + 94%
"2016-07-26 00:41:13"
"you poor thing out it's called hot reply this is a special blend against Kelly Kammula rose hips and some of those special ingredients about market value on camera how my question was what's your take on the financial crisis I think around the money scrub just print more than once but a new issue this is a special precious metals update from SG the report guys I wanted to begin with that humorous scene from HBO's feet because I think it reflects the sum total of the uninformed masses understanding of the financial crisis and the federal reserve operations scrub just primer you should but as well a middle coop author of the big reset gold wars in the financial and game well knows plan a current financial system will answer we come go on this way guys it became very very clear after the two thousand and eight crisis that the European freemasonry arm of Goldman Sachs as France twenty four once put it placed a network across the E. U. with Mario drug at the head of the ECB snake drug he was employed by Goldman Sachs from two thousand to two thousand five before being placed into power as the governor of the bank of Italy until two thousand eleven would he then moved on to helm the Rothschilds European central bank and enslaved greased on repayable Goldman Sachs foster dad now Lamond in France twenty four alerted the world to the viper like corruption and reach of the criminal international banksters what's extraordinary is that of your degree central bank was I suppose complicit with Goldman Sachs in concealing the true extent of Greek debt and you do because Papa Davis at the head of the great central bank I time you've also got this Scully a former European Commissioner an Irish man by the name of Peter Sutherland he hopes to place Mario Monti who's now the prime minister the head of the trilateral commission you started help start the trilateral commission and you've been to the builder barter groups so what you're seeing here is a list of names of people who are ..." + 78%
"2016-07-20 04:51:23"
"times I dream of saving the world saving everyone from the invisible hand one NCCU and Sharon the board of the council on foreign relations you started help start the trilateral commission and you've been to the builder party groups but it belonging to all those groups we talked about the drug out of commission here in nineteen ninety you know what about the association that is there to get our people to close in this world ... people in business too close to the government it's good to be back at the council on foreign relations is a Pete mentioned that been a member for a long time and was actually a director for a period of time I never mentioned that when I was campaigning for reelection back home in Wyoming they're reassuring voice during tough times the guide as to the events of our lives and explain the unexplainable they have the problems feeling you know the more we go through the more we do Hey guys shown from SG team report and I just have to play this for you again this spot from MSNBC played right before we are changed video the other night and I had to try to capture so I went back again and again and again to replay gonna play the spot again listen to this they're reassuring voice during they're reassuring voice during tough times not investigative journalists or the fourth estate exposing government corruption events of our lives and explain the unexplainable explain the unexplainable what like false flag terror attacks like ignoring key eyewitness testimony on nine eleven the fact of the matter is we are coming from a country that experiences terror daily our purpose was to document the event in San Bernardino where I was out right here we see now those three white men in now military fatigues check it out or the FBI's own evidence as in the case of the Orlando Paul's nightclub shootings cares what's news in the summary of her nobody died until five thirteen in the morning won the swat team and heard these mocking birds at MSNBC explain the une..." + 72%
"2016-08-05 03:47:22"
"It's Time To Prepare For Hyperi..."
"your folks listening to less CNMI to wake up watch what's happening in Venezuela you need to get your your pants fall some bad dates were wearing those tangible items are gonna be what pulls your family through the hard times ahead Hey guys welcome back thank you so much for tuning in we have back on the line American author and founder of survival blog dot com James Wesley Rawles James's last aghast back in may two thousand fifteen it's been far too long as he's one of the sharpest and most distinguished mines in the survival and truth space James thanks for joining us pressure have mellotron guys I don't know if you know this about James but ... he wears this in his wikipedia entry I was just reading this James is a former US army intelligence officer and probably one of the most distinguished true thurs out there ... James I wanted to ask you something the last time we talked you said time is relatively short we could well see the onset of a nineteen thirties like Great Depression since we last talked James things have only gotten worse and in fact in the last day or two here we've seen the Japanese bond market absolutely implode this thing could come down like a house of cards at any moment and I still don't think most were friends neighbors and colleagues have any idea what's your take on the current state of the global economy what's a word date definitely teetering on the brink at this point now since we last spoke there's been the advent of negative interest rates and that is absolute desperation measure on the part of the central bank next and the non banking establishment as a whole there is there basically no chance are any genuine recovery certainly no chance of repaying the mountains and mountains of debt that have accumulated a Senate actually all the work world's currencies are in a race to the bottle bottom and where are in a situation where we're just waiting to see which currency collapse collapses first and which are survive but in the long..." + 94%
"2016-08-02 01:34:20"
"The Battle For $20.46 SILVER & D..."
"the cartel is going to be defeated and likely in the next six to twelve months Hey guys welcome back thanks for joining us this isn't in the moment update of very important update with Andy Hoffman from miles Franklin look guys that the world is imploding and you're not going to hear about it from CNBC that's why you come to us and asked you to report any Horia good pretty soon you will be hearing about it from C. N. B. C. remember that help all time wrote low ratings ... right now so at some point they're gonna have to tell the truth or else they can lose them entirely yeah we're winning the battle on multiple fronts here in the truth community because C. N. N. as you know is also an all time low ratings only time their ratings go up is when one of these false like acts of terror occurs and then they cover that at it thereby from the mainstream press up front page they wanna talk specifically right now and start with silver Andy you wrote today bank ma to power she twenty dollars forty six cents silver infamously linked for posterity there's a battle happening between the cartel in gold and silver as you know and you've documented but they are losing that battle like they had yes and again you know while so many people let alone our enemies but in our community just we're continually saying look the commercials that'll have a high short position that means we're deathly you get a smash which of course just churns people and prevents people from protecting themselves and they didn't look and see what was going on behind the scenes how they were not able to how they tried so many times to cover the short positions and fail the best example is back in may when out of the blue amidst all the horrible economic data they suddenly came up with this the fed's going to raise interest rates and and they try to push prices down and they got goal to go from thirteen hundred to twelve hundred silver by I think it went down locker so we immediately rebounded right back and ..." + 92%
"2016-07-31 19:19:30"
"guys thanks so much for tuning and we really do appreciate it if my audio sounds terrible it's because I'm sitting in a coffee shop right now my internet at the house is down to begin Comcast is doing a job that's GT report so I get to the bottom of that hopefully be back up soon but I'm very honored to have on the line Mitchell Firestone and he's the author of planet Ponzi is a website but same name planet Ponzi dot com in that Mitchell was in Vester banker for thirty five years in a successful hedge fund manager and again it's my honor to have a mind Mitchell the where you an experiment back John I really appreciate it they really truly my honors actually fueling my your voice your work your intellect and your waking people up to the fact that this currency war this global currency war is really revealing the global Ponzi scheme ... let's talk about the corruption in the financial system really led by the evil snake Goldman Sachs I think they're a large degree where would you like to start as it relates to the global Ponzi yeah thanks a lot as you know you are right on the book called planet Ponzi the test your ex best global descriptor for how the government's are actually ... promoting the bonds a an inordinate amount of debt they have they can never be repaid so but I think we've more from a time I I wrote planet Ponzi to now to planet Bizarro I mean you have the inflation of absolutely grotesque asset bubbles in every market fueled the other debt fueled markets in in bonds star wobbly and we've got an absolute valuation disconnect the likes of which I have never in my career seen before you know this is just a recipe for disaster arm as you were saying note we were seen in every market around the world tons of manipulation by the central bank by the federal reserve when the bank of Japan by the European central bank the ECB eight that's run by Mario Draghi who used to run the bank of Italy and who was ex Goldman Sachs chairman of Europe ... it's inter..." + 94%
"2016-07-29 00:27:39"
"you guys welcome back I have the one and only Jason of your act from Wall Street for main street on the line Jason's old wonderful gas because he's kind hearted enough to send me a list of bullet points that he thinks we should talk about it you know what I don't generally get that from too many my guess it takes a lot of time to prep and Jason does a lot of pride be smart guy Jason welcome back thanks John I'm glad to be back it's good to have you you know I want to talk about the SG he and some of these other things China's gold some of the things on your list but first I want to start with your thoughts on peak corruption what's happened here with the DNC Hillary Clinton all colluding to prop her on is the best example J. ... that encompasses everything the report that I can even imagine I don't think there's a better example of the P. corruption in our society in our government in in our media then what is occurred here out with this epic collusion and as you know Jason and I pointed out Hillary Clinton is Rothschilds choice for president which is why they held a one hundred thousand dollar per head fundraiser for her your thoughts on this epic moment of P. corruption well well first of all Shandi are clean cash documentary is now out for free on YouTube so it's about an hour longer recommend your listeners go and watch the documentary send it to your democratic friends are your mother is your wife your sisters are people are your your friends or women who still believe in Hillary senator and see what they think see if they have an open mind and they're willing to challenge themselves up because I hear a lot of well let's say excuses for Hillary Clinton still I seen on Facebook from a lot of women all you know it's not really a scandal with this democratic news emails and stuff while it is is an enormous scandal look the American people right now a lot of them the ones who are not awake you know obviously Sean you mean the listeners are listen to this podca..." + 96%
"2016-08-11 00:13:26"
"Hey guys children S. GT report here just a quick update before we begin with David Morgan we recorded this interview twenty four hours ago and already so much has changed Deutsche Bank has unexpectedly been found to have a massive capital gap larger than its entire dwindling market cap so for god sakes please don't go digging into their stinking pile of derivatives and Jim Willie is making a shocking claim that China and the bank of international settlements are in negotiations settle gold contracts in gold at five thousand dollars and we don't know how credible these claims are but we do know that author and fund manager will a middle coop has been saying many same things and that five thousand dollar per ounce gold price does meanwhile the morally and physically bankrupt London metal exchange is preparing for a brand new paper precious metals trading with their L. M. E. precious product yep about as precious as a paper promise in wrapping up this corruption update guys wikileaks Julian Assange is hinting that recently murdered DNC staffer Seth rich was the source for the DNC Hillary email weeks and he is offered a twenty thousand dollar reward for any information leading to the arrest of those that murdered Seth rich so what's the response by the neocon liberal democratic slugs in mocking bird media land flashed back to two thousand eleven win foxnews mocking bird hack Bob Beckel called for the assassination of a songe live on the air we deal with this is pretty simple we get special ops forces I mean that the dead man can't leaks up this guy's a traitor a treasonous and and and he has broken every law the United States the guy ought to be and I'm not for the death penalty so if not for the deaf and don't want to do it illegally shoot the son of a bitch guys it's a mad mad world thanks for tuning in here's David Morgan sure I will exchange Sean's taking these guys are and I think they got real big worry a guys thanks for tuning in welcome back we very much appr..." + 94%
"2016-08-08 02:46:33"
"The ABSURDITY of the NWO's BIG S..."
"you work for that defense contractors you did in real life what did she see what what about nine eleven helped wake her up and set her on this path that neat blueprints to building seven more in her facility and it was Wierd port for demolition it like I said this character is very strongly based on me and I've been warned by lawyers not to talk about it being me a friend's welcome back here very excited to have on the line a good friend of James per lofts she's an author an all around great gal who needs Rachel Macintosh she has a book series called security through absurdity and boy she smart I gotta tell you guys but the first time I talked to Rachel the Comcast problems I was having with my internet made it impossible Rachel I think are called drop what eight nine ten times it reconnected finally at least at least ten yeah and then with the finally throw in the towel that was ... in early July and we've rescheduled now in Rachel I'm so happy to have you back how are you I'm very well thank you thank you for having me well it's my absolute pleasure out your book series security through absurdity out was voted best new series of two thousand fourteen on good reads dot com so congratulations there what you tell everybody just a little bit about your book series and why and how you woke up to this national security state which is a farce well I went to art school I'm an artist but because I had to get a real job I ended up working as a temp and defense contractor and then got quickly hired to be there and I got kept getting promoted to be in charge of marketing communications and by the time I left I was in charge of five different divisions marking communications going out of the house song writing press releases that would end up on the news arm I was doing a lot of proposal work on dirt you don't do it you know multimillion dollar contracts I had to oversee arm and it now is is Jim just started off as just like typing in copying and everything and then it tu..." + 96%
"2016-08-31 22:12:50"
"this is a two thousand sixteen U. S. presidential election update with a special word of caution for a man who may soon find himself on the Clinton body count list many of us have been wondering when there's a record high number of voters who can't stand Hilary Clinton how she could possibly steal this election when trump gets crowds like bees Hillary gets crowds like dis how could she possibly win guys we've been wondering how they would steal the election today it became a little bit more clear according to the Washington examiner DHS department of homeland security has announced its declaration to potentially take charge of the U. S. election in November claiming that the FBI has identified new cyber attacks on two separate state election boards that DHS began considering declaring the election critical infrastructure giving it the same control over security it has over wallstreet and over the electric power grid homeland security secretary Jay Johnson says there's a vital national interest in our election process end quote yeah no kidding would like to have honest elections not the Rothschild puppet Hillary Clinton in office and in related news guys Hillary Clinton has until September twenty ninth to respond under oath to these twenty five critical questions this comes from judicial watch which explains pursuant to a decision by U. S. District Court judge Emmet Sullivan Hillary must respond under oath to these important questions about her private email server and the destruction of said emails and related to Hillary's mounting problems we have a word of advice and a strong word of caution for Clinton aide Brian Padley out I'll go invoked the Fifth Amendment more than one hundred twenty five times in June refusing to provide testimony against Hillary Clinton Pat me on it was Clinton's former I. T. specialist probably say a lot about what was going on with her private server in fact in question number twenty five did Hillary is required to answer under oath in..." + 60%
"2016-08-26 21:19:40"
"WAKE UP CALL: Our Entire World i..."
"yes you've gone out your blog gold and silver use your daycare while I prepare wake up need to preparing our tire life goals our entire world is going to check a friend's thanks for pushing play and welcome back back by popular demand is the one the only bill Holter from J. S. mindset yes mindset" + 1%
"2016-08-22 02:43:36"
"HARDCORE EVIDENCE: Hyperinflatio..."
"about have commodity price inflation the liquidity created by the central banks instead of going into stocks as it has been is shifting the river flow shifting into commodities gold is already told us that and so we are living through the end phase of of a global credit bubble which has been created by short circuiting the gold and silver markets forcing interest rates down in a secular manner over three" + 1%
"2016-08-14 15:59:52"
"Gold & Silver Miners Set To EXPL..."
"the miners are leaving the physical and that's that's sent a lot to me I I have not seen a chart like this very long time this thing is going to take off like a rocket will have to like it stand it just is what it is Hey guys thanks so much for tuning in I am really excited to bring on a brand new gassed channel is so polskin seventy two on you too his name is decks he's a great guy in guys I've been saying that I was going to follow the precious metals mining stocks story because I've never seen such explosive charts really maybe after I mean it reminds me of the tech bubble but we're in the early innings here and as I've said started way back into the precious metals mining stocks we continue to follow this story and as decks released in a video on August ninth two thousand sixteen gold and silver miners set to explode a thousand percent first let me welcome decks decks how are you I'm doing excellent Hey thanks so much for coming on short notice mana really appreciate it no worries alright let me play this for you guys this is from Dexys video that he just released the other day and I think you need to hear it exactly what I've been saying I'm not a goal but I believe the physical those of you who have ... remember me back on ... telegrams wide awake radio show we talked about medals a lot I like charts ... I believe in the metals as currency is money we know this and stacking is important I'm not just saying that because beyond what you think I'm I'm a gold or silver but I could care less I'm just telling you the truth the truth of the matter is you can not ignore this chart this is it extra remotely Powell full charge all things being equal I'm almost afraid to tell you what I or I think this is going to go because you're gonna think I'm I'm not are you ready for this here we go all things being equal I don't how boy are just add a zero right here that's all I'm gonna say alright I'm gonna pause it there decks I gotta tell you man I'm following this st..." + 94%
"2016-09-12 03:46:23"
"a friend's SG team here with what I think is an important update about the significance of today's events it's September eleventh two thousand and sixteen and of course if you're at SGP report today for any length of time you know we dedicated the day too remembering what really happy on nine eleven now today in New York City Hillary Clinton was at a nine eleven memorial event and as it is being widely reported throughout all media Hillary Clinton had a medical you event and was hauled away in a black van now I think it's significant that this happened on September eleventh because today if you watched any of the NFL games you know that the official story is the only thing the mainstream media what parents and the official story has been withering on the vine for fifteen years today the fifteenth anniversary of nine eleven and the truth is out anyone with a pulse knows that the official story about nine eleven is nothing but pure fabrication by the New World order who did we see today dragged out for a video played before NFL games George Bush whose father was George Bush senior the former director of the CIA and the head of the snake in this nation so it's very significant today that the Rothschild puppet Hillary Clinton had a medical event that obviously should and our campaign and it reminds me of Ephesians six twelve which talks about spiritual wickedness in high places the bushes in the Clintons they know what happened on nine eleven and it's significant that the woman is falling apart on a day where she went to New York City to further the official line of nine eleven the woman is spiritually sick woman is physically sick just like the bushes and Clintons and you know what's really crazy about it to those of us who are psychopaths life is short why would anybody want to serve these demons these demons in high places these international banking families like the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds the whole world is waking up to this abit criminality to this be..." + 69%
"2016-09-02 02:24:12"
"we are headed for some really really scary time some really really lectionary times in history and I believe the focal point is this fall John Andy how are you today are finally in a reasonably good good off to a slow start today no no so start I just hate the amazing audio blog called brexit two coming November eighth and the oil price of crashing in on me everything's gonna come to had the do you twenty this week and then the end of the report tomorrow you name it of all celebrating go alright we'll dive right in guys thanks so much for tuning in we very much appreciate it back on the line is Andy Hoffman from miles Franklin and and the it wasn't long ago that we talked about documenting the collapse here we are a month later I had bill holder on last week when one point five billion dollars in notional gold was dumped on the market and yesterday four point seven billion dollars in gold on Wednesday August thirty first was dumped on the market nearly six percent of global production in the cartel must be in a panic because they only brought the price down about what three four five Bucks no no prices higher than when you started in again you know this all has to do with you know the so the summer doldrums frankly it's amazing I think all the so beaten down from what's happened in the beginning of the year in knowing what's going to happen in the coming months if they actually are taking a vacation from their troubles for a couple of weeks all except for us in the precious metal world dealing with this look when it comes down to is we all know well the I you know in silver is case the fifty month moving average is twenty dollars forty five cents angles ... case thirteen now thirteen hundred seventy dollars is the down trend line that was created by the four massive attacks I'd September two thousand eleven out December two thousand live in February two thousand twelve in April two thousand thirteen they're terrified of those numbers being broken out of so they..." + 94%
"2016-09-26 20:09:29"
"This Silver To Gold Ratio is INS..."
"how do you trade at seventy two one when you're mining night one day it just doesn't make any sense to me as racially just cannot continue going forward Hey friends thanks so much for tuning in we're very gratified to have back on the line the president and C. E. O. first majestic Keith Neumeyer he's also the chairman over first mining finance a mineral bank and boy do we have a lot to talk about geo politically economically and of course mining related key how are you welcome back it's great to hear Sean thanks thanks for the invite well thank you for coming back on I really appreciate it as you know the last time we spoke Keith was on September twelfth in first majestic had been on a tear year to date ... moving from around three dollars and change right on up to about sixteen dollars a where I bought some and made a public disclosure that if it pulled back forty percent I buy more and I recently did buy some more wanna talk about that but first would you mind if we started talking first about geopolitics in dot your take on what you're seeing going on in this country well you know it's interesting yeah I think it's not just the United States or Canada you know where I reside but Tom or Osborne partly that don yes around the world I think you know we're seeing frustration around the world the ... you know out of these career politicians who just seem to know make decisions you know for for reasons that sometimes are difficult to really understand yeah you got that right in da just a couple of hot headlines from last week Montepaschi rescue on the rocks regulators now expect the bank asked Italy for a bailout meanwhile JP Morgan is agreeing with Donald Trump that the fed is political accuses yelling of distorting asset markets and blowing bubbles in against the backdrop of that is we see Deutsche Bank struggling and out the stock plummeting to new lows as their derivatives book may well be blowing up I don't think economically looking at the big the macro pi..." + 91%
"2016-09-19 04:11:18"
"on Friday September fifteenth while speaking at the economic club of New York Donald Trump pledged to save the second amendment which he said is under siege I promised to appoint Supreme Court justices who promised to obey and uphold the constitution he said he would repeal obamacare any swore that he would never enter into global trade deals that didn't put America first he also issued a dire warning to the American people a play that for you in just a moment but all of this stands in stark contrast Hillary Clinton was a long history of committing hardcore crimes including committing perjury before Congress for her false testimony regarding classified emails but still ads target trump as being a fascist or being unfit for the office of president some of these attacks are coming from other establishment Republicans who apparently prefer Hillary and her cozy globalist ties to the Rothschild in Rockefeller banking family so if Donald Trump becomes president will he really do the things he says he will do none of us can see what truly lies within his heart but I know that Hillary Clinton will bring the United States more pain more globalization more secretive trade treaties more threats to our second amendment and attacks on our families in more collectivist policies that are sure to transform our nation into a third world hell hole are we to believe Donald Trump can we afford not to stay tuned to the end of this video for a very important revelation from the former president of the Senate of Haiti who bags Donald Trump to expose Hillary Clinton in the next debate asking her for a full audit all of the monies donated to the people of Haiti that went to the Clinton foundation and vanished thanks for watching I honestly believe and I'm not saying this because it's myself this is the last time this is going to be the last election we have a chance to make this country great again to really make it well think and make it strong again make it you know all of the things t..." + 59%
"2016-10-01 21:23:59"
"wherein ... a world which is ... being orchestrated ... by the loose cannons that have ever existed the most dangerous area world history today hello friends this is shown from SG T. report dot com and it is my distinct pleasure to be able to speak today with J. S. mind sets Mr gold Jim Sinclair in my long time friend bill Holter look guys as the global economic storm clouds continue to become darker and more ominous by the day literally there's no one better to help us navigate these tumultuous waters than these two gentlemen boy thank you so much guys for inviting me on to interview you it's my distinct pleasure to be here thank you ever done it's our pleasure well fellas I think it's important to start with the probably most newsworthy item of the day which is the Deutsche Bank liquidity crisis ... just a couple of days ago ... we sought Deutsche Bank hit an all time low in its stock it looked like it was Katie bar the doors as Deutsche Bank collapses its derivatives book one of the biggest derivatives books on the planet at risk in now is we're having this conversation today and Friday we see a fourteen percent jump in Deutsche Bank stock based largely on Twitter rumors the Deutsche Bank is going to reach a settlement with the U. S. government and perhaps pay a lowered fine I don't think regardless what the fine is guys Deutsche Bank can be saved and it might be just a matter of time before this derivatives domino parade begins to fall in earnest and maybe that's exactly what's happening now your thoughts well I look at it my idea that when you saw this morning was great choreography ... our markets are in our ... numbers in ... in cyberspace more than intend of game than they are there any price you termination ... mechanism and they had it you know about three or four days to get ready for this because it was it was a common topic and in fly out of no where and ... I as I said to bill last night were talking about it they burned a barn d..." + 95%
"2016-10-01 01:17:03"
"this is some of battle for the the planet and this brood of vipers if you will has set up its nest within the bowels of the so called United States government so called United States military and the associated alphabet soup agencies a friend's thanks so much for joining us you know how much we do appreciate it I should say one thing before we start with doctor Richard Souter you know I think you probably discovered about my you tube channel over time here that I don't post on a daily basis just to post a lot of folks get out there in the I care about my audience and I respect you enough to always put up really good content and if that means one interview every two or three days are a microdata memory now and then that's just how I think it should be and dot today with doctor Richard Souter you may know him from his website event horizon chronicle dot blogspot dot com and his wonderful books about underground bases the first of which is called underground bases in tunnels what is the government trying to hide in the second book underwater and underground bases in the third hidden in plain sight beyond the X. files it's my great pleasure to welcome Dr Richard Sauder direct from Ecuador Richard how are you well I'm I'm great thank you and I appreciate you having me on well I appreciate you coming on you know this is always been a topic of interest to me it's not really part of the core of what we cover here at SG T. report but then again it kind is as it relates to the New World order what is going on with the deep state the breakaway civilization we do touch on those aspects of it the trillions of dollars missing from the Pentagon and I think your work is very very interesting in in many ways inspirational as you believe as I do that spiritual warfare is alive and well on planet earth and I think that the Gothard tunnel opening ceremony in Switzerland kinda brings to both of these concepts together technology deep underground bases spiritual warfare up where would..." + 97%
"2016-10-10 02:21:20"
"mmhm Hey friends welcome back thanks so much for joining us it's my great pleasure to have back on the line James per law from James her loft dot com of course he's an author and a friend as chichi report in fact claim being the most viewed cast at least in terms of but I've ever had and that is god is real if you hadn't seen it check it out that's our last conversation and James pro office back right now to take us deep inside the Rothschild Rockefeller Clinton bush New World order boy to a lot to talk about how are you James I'm doing good and though we do have a lot to talk about ... you know the elections ... pending ... as we speak does a kiss hurricane pending network me talk a little bit about ... Ross shells O. lakes not only to politics but to a weather control and now weather forecasting yeah I wanna play a clip for you but you've already seen it I sent it to you earlier this morning yeah it's gonna propeller discussion directly into why is Hillary Clinton Rothschilds choice for president I've been saying it for months now we know about these hundred thousand dollar per head fundraisers held for Hillary Clinton by Lynn forester de Rothschild and now we have Lynn forester Rothschild coming out publicly championing her puppet Hillary Clinton listen to this folks talk about the upcoming election year an adamant Hillary supporter and