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CHANNEL NAME:    Newsonabc
"2017-09-01 08:00:54"
"Imran Awan: The biggest scandal ..."
"well now to a story which some think is the biggest scandal in Washington DC right now but they say the mainstream media doesn't wanna know about it because it incriminates Democrats not president trump and Russia mmhm it concerns this man Iran I wanna thirty seven year old Pakistani American T. stop but decided working for the U. S. house of then it's it's two thousand and four upon what two brothers and a friend owns shop installing computers and sing printers and reset password one worked for more than a dozen Capitol Hill Democrats including congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz remember to last July she was chaired the Democratic National Committee she resigned at the start of the convention that nominated Hillary Clinton for president up the wikileaks published emails showing the DNC supported Clinton have primary against Bernie Sanders that link is important and will get back to it in just a moment but earlier this year a criminal complaint alleged that a while I'm and his wife conspired to defraud the congressional credit union a hundred sixty five thousand dollars which was a part of two hundred eighty three thousand dollars they wired back to Pakistan Capitol Hill police also looked into accusations that IT equipment and money had gone missing and they were third their suspicions to the FBI Wasserman Schultz resisted second I want she said that he was entitled to due process and that she was concerned the wind was the target of an anti Muslim witch hunt who's also I'm happy that some of the computers were impounded developments in this case then in July this year a one was arrested one was arraigned on one count of bank fraud charges in U. S. District Court here in Washington today following his arrest last night at Dulles International Airport prior to boarding an overseas flight but what was the arrest of some IT guy even use well fox's Geraldo Rivera has a theory what if he was the source to weekly and her Ralph as theory goes further than the whole..." + 58%

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