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"2017-11-03 21:42:48"
"COMING SOON Therapist Judy Bying..."
"mmhm world ended out one of their fathers had been arrested by you talk to the general sought so special use a ritual abuse investigators did just been hired back he was their first arrest and they should be and said ... they they've arrested him but they're only charging him with abuse of one of our sisters and yet he's abused most of the whole family I think they're worse seven or nine children in the family have seen murders almost on a yearly basis when we were children we went out to different sites where they had seen murders difference they would go to the site statements our interest now childhood I wrote it down how long she was trying to she sought murder you know slight NBI it's like least not been able to get a case open on one hand her ... the FBI agent literally turned both of us down but you were here what you're explaining as the satanic ritual that sounds like horror movies what do you say to these people who think that people are making this up and it re all its conspiracies what would you say to them on the through my back I have now met nder satanic ritual abuse survivors what a satanic ritual abuse survivor is is a person who has grown up in the satanic cult once they're usually multi generational that perpetrators is chiefly the fathers sometimes the mothers satanic ceremony is priced so several different gatherings we'll do some initial gatherings where they will take children and they will right down to the lowest yeah I know you said prominent people are into this and I'm wondering how prominent are that you know are we talking about lawyers cops and congressman and as we are talking about those type of people are they gonna protect themselves and each other well that's all I do is protect themselves yes you are talking about congressman" + 1%
"2017-11-02 23:12:52"
"Introducing Zurvita (ZEAL) & Hea..."
"it looks I wrote some things down here that I want to read to you from my heart to you some things that we're working on religious wants a brother right now first what I want to thank all of our featuring supporters really appreciate yeah you know I will be contacting everyone soon to show your appreciation details will follow many of you know that June of this past year I got pretty sick and spent the month recovery I feel so much better now thank god thank you for all your prayers I also attribute my recovery personal supplement right regime because of that we have decided to share our experience and knowledge to our audience to include health and fitness that's it offsets or loss of revenue because of censorship we've partnered up with two health minded companies healthy place both tentacles and Serbia I am letting you know this because soon you will see as our video showcasing products from these two companies you know many companies contact that's about advertising on our channel if truth be known yes tell turned most of them down the fact is I will not recommend a product or service unrest and you know I have had a favorable personal experience with it yeah I feel that it will benefit other people bottom line third skills we are a true channel and we feel we were commissioned be of service to people weapon wrong work disadvantage one of the ways people are very disadvantaged despite being poisoned by either air food water prescription drugs of vaccinations and the list goes on and on our service to you in this regard is to provide supplements that have personally help the G. major in many different areas some of the benefits we have experience or a great increase in energy mental clarity and memory Chechen improve sleep overall sense of well being stress and anxiety reduction mood stabilizer and so much more I am not kidding looks really I'm not here's a cool thing about all this there's also a business opportunity for you if you are interested once again I..." + 52%
"2017-11-02 22:32:59"
"NV resident does personal invest..."
"you know what's funny is you know there's not a lot of people talking about it anymore it's been less than a month and it seems like and not news anymore she had as he spoke like all the commotion that was going on well I see over and then I contact my my girlfriend's a nurse her hug her yeah say is the is of Italian she so this story there's so many holes in it and it's very sloppy that's why people we are wondering what is going on prior and video tapes eight the wall any Gunn sat polls the only one that we saw with one and that was in the jet fuel tanks and now skip ahead an hour later news is no longer stating anything about and that was how the heck did they say it is one person as I went to the call I was young I stacked Hoshi and rounds and still no one there's NMO evidence of anything asking and you know that the employee that was behind the desk she says what about the shooting last night children what are we gonna get comp during the thing is there is there any discount know what happened and the answer is that the women she was over there was no shooting them all I still laugh and bringing bringing her phone with three video and she she goes well I hadn on the right path" + 1%
"2017-11-01 15:00:21"
"PEDOS GONE WILD ! More Victims C..."
"given space he has been rumored to be a profile for quite some time we were too frequent Lolita island with the likes of Bill Clinton is in the news again US filmmaker Tony Montana clients you groped by the actor in a Los Angeles Mar two thousand three Montana says he was left with P. T. as the first six months after he claims Basie forcefully grabbed his crotch it follows an allegation made by Anthony Rapp house of cards actor tried to seduce him when he was only fourteen years old can speed he says he has no recollection of that encounter and we was beyond horrified yet in other reports he apologized for doing so that he was dropped so basically we have Kevin Spacey you're apologizing for being a paedophile then there's all the reports coming out though it's that Kevin Spacey has roped them try to seduce them assaulted them and we're gonna get more more these reports coming out floats yes Kevin Spacey is admitted basically that he has had a file and he's not in jail now we have the mainstream media that is reporting Casilla at warp speeds and you have to ask yourself why well my feeling is that they're trying to normalizes floats the fact that they came out Kevin spacey's come out invading and apologizing for being a paedophile and not being in jail lie empowers either peta files to do the same thing it also is desensitizing us to these type of stories when in fact votes mainstream media needs to really start addressing the SR a satanic ritual abuse aspect well Pat aphelia that is torturing Nick killing children all around the world that's what they need to be focusing our and they need to be putting these people in jail as well like Kevin Spacey yeah it's still not be walking the streets right now we'll stay out topless votes god bless you we'll talk to you soon" + 1%
"2017-10-31 13:38:28"
"WHAT?!? A Halloween Baby ? VL Fa..."
"which you Happy Birthday they love you very much and they wanted to honor you chel day and check this stereo few have hymnbook however he you if there to for the first thing you effortless a bridge so said the relative many minimum erase all I here so great right yeah I had baby great hit per day I had later okay so the bird creation say what happy birthday to you anything you I figured you for twenty three twenty four but if you're twenty nine you got one more year until I start sending you a few other horrible flowers I do want to tell you one thing you're not really an adult until you reach fifty so clay hard between now and fifth when you turn fifty you'll have another thirty years which could be an adult so have fun I admire you and Jim very very much and I bless you for giving in my start with my voice bringing out the deep statement also flags are big news you guys are what American should all be like god let's wait wait guy had his say Happy Birthday Angie that number daisy very good I but but even that we are laying around and the birth my mom but it will begin and I and as one who wish you Happy Birthday and I think they they not divert them long I think you can able and hang who would you I am happy hope you have a nice thank you for everything that you have helped us I love you know I really don't know what they do not even on I have a great day well sweetheart I just want to say that I am so proud of you everything that you've done in all the hard work that you put in every single day trying to help people that can't help themselves and in a million years I never thought that we'd be living this dream and that is helping you I love it you love it I'm so glad that I've met somebody that actually feels the same way that I do about life and I look forward to spending the rest of my life with you god bless you Angie Happy Birthday and we'll talk to you soon" + 4%
"2017-10-26 14:26:15"
"Top 5 Whistleblower in WORLD Spi..."
"what we're going to do is we're going to use it that that era life's risk yeah it's going to choke in you grew and we're gonna translate into English career and it's a really important insignia the reason it's important is it's never been done in English and just needs to be are in the well you see I was so close in the well needs to be told okay so I'm Chichen I think that's why having me again I am I'm sitting right now is in the state comptroller and the office of the ombudsman in talent the you can use a I never got and this is the right cultural and the office of the ombudsman it were in reason this request saying yeah it is every flew over coming here every week for four years and sitting in this office once you know once what skills are up to actually make a complaint corruption so they just stay here we we just good I'm you're gonna hear a story that should be made into a film I it's about politics it's about murder it's back here in the government accurate sheet together I the whole criminal aspect of what's been going on in Israel for a long time and and refugees actually any record brought some is actually being I'm the cloud is one of the top part was the lowest in the world and look at their last few decades so it keeps the company of people like Julia soundcheck but snow ten and people like this and you're actually in this year really this is rock a but he's going to talk in a greater risk may I have this amazing guy knowing when you speak to her in on you know so I am just no hi my name is known Barcelona and I was reviewing whether I'm you change friends but I think the best thing to do is to ask me how to stop this week yeah yeah I do you work with us obscene you will be issued observers it's the job it was it was brought to my son using text and in just to get in officer at their taxes boutique in Israel ever since early eighties I think something like this happens I'm it well nineteen eighty three nineteen eighty nineteen eighty four until the ..." + 96%
"2017-10-25 22:09:53"
"HOT! Corey Feldman To Expose Hol..."
"I think this is being reported by fox news former child star Corey Feldman revealed on Wednesday survived a near death experience after two trucks apparently tried to run him over all because he's working to expose what he calls a pedophile you're running that's like Hollywood for decades the star posted an ominous video social media explained that he'd collect money class attendance scribes how is physical safety is in danger because of his plan previously the star posted vague tweets promising a big announcement about the pedophile yet that he's been recording happening to him at slumber star Corey him for years in his twenty thirteen memoir choreography star disclosed that he and Hannah were the victims of sexual abuse by people in the industry when they were children just get it started in show business on Wednesday never released a video announcing it indigo campaign to make a documentary about his experience ever since I discussed the fact yeah I have this plan my life was turned into utter chaos he says in a nearly seven minute video below I've been silence my whole life but just over the past few days since I made that announcement I've been arrested I had a near death experience last night where I felt like I was almost going to be killed to trot scheme speeding at me at the same time across walk Starr also says that something's flipped his bandmates promoting that sit up and quit the band out of fear for their lives he's unsure of where exactly what they're afraid of and what might have happened I need to protect myself I need to protect my family he says I need additional security I need a legal team our to help represent movie that I can fulfill this mission star claims that you can name six people involved with the Hollywood peta file right one of whom allegedly link the crimes to a major studio the news comes on the heels of the now infamous scandal surrounding the disgraced producer Harvey Weinstein however if Feldman is able to prove his allegatio..." + 53%
"2017-10-23 20:05:17"
"Hollywood Shakedown ??? Corey Fe..."
"well we saw this one coming Corey Feldman details recent arrests for marijuana social media Corey Feldman is trying to set the record straight about his recent run in with the law and Louisiana start took to Twitter after multiple outlets reported that he was arrested for possession of illegal marijuana the former child star forty six was on his way to a gig with this band when their bus was pulled over for speeding according to new star Neil officers search the vehicle after detecting the smell of marijuana Feldman and the rest of the people traveling with them were arrested and charged with misdemeanor possession of marijuana driving under suspension it's feeding because the charges work felonies he was able to pay the six hundred and forty dollar fine rather than posting bond on Sunday the star took to Twitter where he explained his side the story in the series of all caps tweet hi everyone and happy twenty second for the record I was not arrested were put in jail I received a misdemeanor in Louisiana through a member of my crew having medical marijuana with a legal California prescription I had nothing on me but was charged because it's my bus also by others were charged due to having legal medicines without their particular bottles no legal or street drugs were found on the bus at all which is why nobody spent the night in jail however we were promised that these charges could all be dropped with proof of proper scripts who's a bit of a good old sheep down after we paid them in cash they asked for pics and autographs and then called my local paper to do interviews I thought the timing all of all of this ironic Feldman went on to say that his band is continuing its core stopping to raise money for Houston Houston next as US weekly notes his statement about the timing of the situation being ironic likely has to do with the fact that he recently spoke out against disgraced Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein propelling him back into national attention Starz claim ..." + 20%
"2017-10-22 22:39:20"
"#GDSI - Penny Stock We Introduce..."
"if folks want to give you guys an update on the video I did on that you are the third about a company called GDSII global digital solutions incorporated that got into some legal problems so with previous leadership and though they switched out leadership that new leadership guys name is bill Delgado and we did some research on him he's doing a fine job of turning things around getting legal problems but taking care of but we felt that the time that point zero zero two was a good buy but for this company and that it was gonna rebounds no one let you see what has happened since then we said it was a hole and you said that it was probably gonna take some time because you know if you know when you legal problems take time to resolve themselves are so antiquated Sir like I said we bought at point zero zero two now I certainly by a few hundred dollars so it's not a lot of money expel money hanging around and I said if somebody had a few hundred dollars that they could afford to lose we say that when it comes to investing because all investments are risk that we thought it was goodbye point zero zero two and hold well if you hell open till now a close on Friday at over a penny that's five hundred percent on your original investment here that you are my mate video not bad now when we see Monday we're probably looking at it pulled back a bit not sure how much but we're definitely I think that we're gonna look at a pullback cousins just such an awesome day out Friday ... so if anybody think about getting into GDSII I would opt wait to see what happens on Monday and then the ovaries do your own due diligence when it comes investing and never never never invest any money that you cannot afford to lose focus however I would never what's your somebody raw and have them all lose money that they could not afford to lose anyway something that you might wanna look into folks god bless you take care we'll talk to you soon and I" + 7%
"2017-10-21 19:17:12"
"Proposed Legislation Would Crimi..."
"free well folks I just did a video about how Texas flood victims are having to sign a waiver promising to not boycott Israel in order to get ... eight financial aid from the government a lot of people were baffled by that story Sam what does financial aid from a flood have anything to do with boycotting Israel and what does it even means of boycott Israel and I was reading this in even mentioning this story that I'd reported out a few months ago whiskey to it because a lot of folks haven't heard about this and this is also from the Washington post's this piece of pro Israel legislation is a serious threat to free speech woke you gotta listen to this the right to boycott has a long history in the United States from the American road revolution to Martin Luther king junior's Montgomery bus boycott of the campaign for the vestments from business serving apartheid South Africa now days we celebrate those efforts but precisely because boycotts are such a powerful form of expression governments have long sought to interfere with King George the third to the police in Alabama and now the US Congress the Israel anti boycott act legislation introduced in the Senate by Benjamin Cardin Democrat in in the house by Peter Roskam a Republican would make it a crime to support or even furnish information about a boycott directed at Israel words businesses call by United Nations the European Union or any other international governmental organization violations would be punishable listen this violations would be punishable by civil and criminal penalties of up to one million dollars and twenty years in prison the ACLU the ACLU where we both work takes no position for or against campaigns to boycott Israel or any other foreign country but since our organization's founding in nineteen twenty ACLU has depended the rights of collective action this bill threatens that right Israeli anti boycott act designed to stifle efforts to protest Israel's settlement policies by boycotting busine..." + 68%
"2017-10-21 18:47:02"
"Join Hope and Unity Conference i..."
"we have here with us tonight Stephen sheller you gonna be talking about some art festivals and don't that's what's going on tell us what's going on and you know there's nothing this is coming this weekend right Saturday Sunday it's going to be in Boston I was hoping I could make it but I've got my show my art show in Pittsburgh but it's called unity and hope unity and hope it's being held in Boston by a group of targeted individuals a girl called I Alice in Ireland that contacted you she's a really great work aren't she became targeted we're now looking at and I'm not kidding you are I think in America alone BA be I mean that people that are out maybe thirty or forty or fifty thousand people around America realizing that there be argued it I know they're not schizophrenic you don't develop schizophrenia and your late thirties early forties these people are getting gangster are beginning here with directed energy weapons I've been in that program for twenty two years so I know it's real all I am gonna be screen my film either Saturday or Sunday it should be on their page they'll be alike what's called unity and how it's going to be in Boston gonna scream my show which is a feature film are you know it's a dramatic feature film I did make a documentary lots of documentaries get made about him cherished you engineering about a lot of different things I try to incorporate the targeted individual light into our a film idea hoping that people will go see the film and walk away realize you wow I wonder if this really happens and then hopefully some money especially someone that's at this conference unity in all Boston this weekend they'll say yeah well the guy that made the film is a targeted individual so I guess credibility to the TI community targeted individuals are generally considered metal yell arm lily she bought a cake anything together it's like really is that true moment well then how did I manage to write direct and produce in enacting this show that deals w..." + 42%
"2017-10-21 17:44:50"
"Texas Flood Victims Forced To Si..."
"free well more Orwellian stuff here in my city taxes this Texas down offers working really if your politics are right is from The Washington Post nearly two months after hurricane Harvey sock the Texas coastline residents are still in the early stages of the costly and complicated clean up process now in one Houston suburb residents hoping to receive aid to help relaunch their lives after factoring Middle East political tensions into the recovery efforts city of Dickinson Texas located about thirty miles southeast of Houston recently posted applications online for relief grants from the funds that were generously donated to the Dickinson hardy relief on the city website says the application however includes a provision requiring applicants to promise not the boycott Israel section eleven of the four page document its title verification not to boycott Israel the text read by executing this agreement below the applicant verifies that the applicant number one does not boycott Israel and to will not boycott Israel during the term of this agreement the city attorney for Dickinson told a local television station he was only following is state law forbidding state agencies doing business with Israel boycott the a grant application has triggered a strong rebuke from the ACLU the first amendment protects Americans right the boycott in the government cannot condition her cane relief or any other public benefit on a commitment to refrain from protected political expression Andre Segura ACLU of Texas legal director said in a statement Thursday night Dickinson's requirement is egregious violation of the first amendment reminiscent of the McCarthy era loyalty oaths require Americans to disavow membership in the Communist Party other forms of sin a burst of activity the language is not out of no where inmates Texas governor Greg Abbott signed the entire B. D. S. that's boycott the the vestments and sanctions bill into law statute group prohibits all state agencies wrong contrac..." + 46%
"2017-10-20 15:49:47"
"West Coast Babylon - The State T..."
"free well folks in genesis five to says he created them male and female bless them any name them mankind when they were created well California continues to slap god the face it's good in this story will call this California news because we've got three stories we wanted briefly discuss transgender and non binary Californians can choose third gender option and state ID's transgender Californians can now legally embrace the third gender on government IT is a move advocates hope will open the door for more states to be more welcoming gender non binary residents the bill signed into law Sunday by democratic governor Jerry Brown allows transgender in non binary citizens just like that third gender state issue documents allowing the letter acts as a gender alternative two male M. in female F. supporters of the gender recognition act say the third gender option simplifies the process of legal gender changes for transgender people a further slept on the face challenge to California's prostitution bandmate proceed judge's role federal appeals court gave the go ahead Thursday act was seeking to overturn California's one hundred and forty five year ban on commercial sex a three judge panel in nineteen U. S. circuit court of appeals in San Francisco said the plaintiffs legal challenge against the band may proceed Plano say the current law violates the right to engage in consensual sex described in a two thousand three U. S. Supreme Court ruling that revoked criminal laws against gay sexual acts the San Francisco Chronicle reported but as we get a report last year about this floats in the stories together I see something very nefarious happened California decriminalize prostitution reminders after government Jerry Brown signs bills the trafficking victims now this is from last year on a legal links all well the stories in the description the fact is I believe that something very nefarious is going off that's when you couple of the legalization prostitution and the decriminal..." + 18%
"2017-10-20 01:57:09"
"CPS Kidnap Educated NY Couple's ..."
"Hey guys our two guests tonight and the mother is a homeschooling mother of five wife of eleven years an award winning publicist for fortune five hundred brands entrepreneurs and advocacy organization she was selected a pre production finalists for Donald trump's apprentice to and listen to this list she's been a delegate to the hope and the art but shit of Canterbury at Vatican City and Lambert how it she served as the director of public relations for the American Bible society an external relations manager at a global public policy for Time Warner including HP L. New Line Cinema and tying in brands however CDS somehow found enough substantiation to seize her children and in court the judge found her guilty educational the correct due to distrust of the government that he claimed had mentally impaired their children with contacts like hers it's pretty certain she made someone mad let's hear her story and his story welcome to the show autumn and humored black yes if you I guess I need to have coming yeah thanks so much for taking time out of your day guys so yeah so we are so pleased I have you and we've been looking forward to this story for awhile and when I first got the email you guys thought that our audience in particular would be very interested in this case and I weekly agrees so would you give us some background to the story yeah so we are five beautiful children printed their names out of it but they are all under the age other small children to our sponsors and so they can home school parents higher Huey are exceptionally smart as well all over my home school children yeah me I read several college level ex I mean we teach with all sorts of different manuals so we have tried need Fellers which include got first I mean each Amer and right now I am an artist can interrupt introduced second got seems to be a very general term used that so we'll see he I got what I feared it scriptwriters the mind not you know the guy we don't serving it I got so I just wa..." + 97%
"2017-10-19 20:22:23"
"More Israelis Face Persecution -..."
"for Hey guys we are back with one of my favorites and your favorites Mariana CC she also has billion back I understand he is going to be leaving soon and we want to update and figure out what's going on over there so yes tomorrow I'll have ... gonna have another so I'll wear it just a portion of it week trial that that goes on here in Israel we have a bunch of stuff out there a social activists were actually where okay she sent off to go to ... at the head of bank out one of the big banks your initial speak out and tell them that many things that we are not agreeing with some of them are one of them is that the National Bank of Israel I'm gloomy I actually found guilty in fraudulent dis United States yeah the money that they are should pay for the public or achieve privacy is a fine they going up would only public going out bullet until the public to pay and the public specific but I am talking about the you know there are DR Holocaust survivors and why because the majority of the money doesn't move from place to place in that band is the money all the Holocaust survivors you talking about assets talking about huge sums of money in the use that money in order to create their own fines and their own ... back the way it and it's not the first time they did it in the eighties and the nineties and it's like every day if you are found guilty in some sort of crime right now economical mind somewhere in the world nice states Israel and again I'm saying are we as a social activist here in Israel we comp bills people not in with guns or violence or anything just back us being in their houses makes us criminals so there work tomorrow will have another set just another question small portion of the huge trial that could last for five years least are yeah let us all that we ask how do you know how do you know that the bank intends to collect money from her all of the citizens in order to pay the fine how did you find out how so there is a waiver that the US C. E. O. no..." + 95%
"2017-10-19 16:46:26"
"#SaveOurChildren Operation Cross..."
"free the stings took place in hotels casinos truck stops in on social media in just four days the federal bureau of investigation and law enforcement partners in the U. S. and abroad recovered AT for sexually exploited miners twenty track the FBI national center for missing and exploited children operation announced Wednesday the results of operation cross country eleven the goal of the yearly operation is to identify and recover children caught up in sex trafficking the latest operation ended October fifteenth and involved fifty five FBI field offices seventy eight F. B. I. let child exploit exploitation task force is made up of more than five hundred law enforcement agencies Denver's rocky mountain innocence lost task force recovered seventeen children across Colorado and Wyoming they arrested for pension eighteen predators who are looking to buy sex with children a task force and local enforcement arrested or cited another's twenty seven adults for prostitution along with ten potential customers on October fifteenth FBI Denver rescue three month old girl and her five year old sister the girls have been offered up for sex by a friend staying with the family Frank was arrested after making a deal with undercover task force officer to sell the girls in the sex trade six hundred dollars during a press conference Wednesday the FBI said operations across Wyoming and Colorado led the most rescues in the nation Arapahoe county district attorney Jeff Rouch lawyer said he didn't believe the numbers for you inflected in epidemic problem of sex trafficking in Colorado I just believe that we have a kind of partnership and unique environment of experts who are willing to put themselves on the line to rescue as many as possible and that's how you get these phenomenal numbers for outlier said FBI assistant special agent in charge taught poor agreed it is because we devote a lot of resources to this initiative and we have very talented investigators and other individuals that ..." + 31%
"2017-10-19 00:02:20"
"Corey Feldman On The View - This..."
"for well folks recently ... Reese Witherspoon is come out ... revealing that she was sexually molested when she was sixteen years old by a Hollywood producer America Ferrera has come out also saying that she was molested ... the other day judge Jeanine came out with a scathing monologue against the Hollywood para files hypocrites predators and warning them that this is just the beginning there will be more and I have the last little bit folks at the mainstream media because they're reporting this as if this is a new revelation this is the first time that we've heard or that they've heard that there is a problem in Hollywood peta files predators no one explain another thing folks this isn't just a female issue or problem no this is a male problem as well as we know that a lot of these directors and producers in Hollywood have homosexual tendencies and love little boys it's like the Romans did folks I have to ask myself why has it taken so long why has it taken so long for Hollywood to be outed like this and it needs to continue enough folks I'm gonna show you what the problem is and that is they all protect each other here we have Corey Feldman on the voice and he is ostracised he's almost chastise not almost he is chastise for revealing that there is a big part of file problem I feel your problem in Hollywood this was a few years back and he ask yourself and you wonder why why do these people not come out this is wise people like Barbara Walters that protect predators peta files in Hollywood check this out folks god bless you take care we'll talk to you soon I'm saying that there are people that word the people that did this to both me and Corey that are still working they're still out there and they're some of the region's most powerful people in this business and I and the how did not want me saying what I'm saying I are you saying that that peta files yes and I was still in this prison yeah that's what yeah and that's what you're saying a bug when you ta..." + 36%
"2017-10-18 21:40:24"
"SICK REWIND - Corey Feldman Chas..."
"well folks recently ... Reese Witherspoon is come out ... revealing that she was sexually molested when she was sixteen years old by a Hollywood producer America Ferrera has come out also saying that she was molested ... the other day judge Jeanine came out with a scathing monologue against the Hollywood para files hypocrites predators and warning them that this is just the beginning there will be more not the last little bit folks at the mainstream media because they're reporting this as if this is a new revelation this is the first time that we've heard or that they've heard that there is a problem in Hollywood peta files predators no one explain another thing folks this isn't just a female issue or problem no this is a male problem as well as we know that a lot of these directors and producers in Hollywood have homosexual tendencies and love little boys it's like the Romans did the folks I have to ask myself why has it taken so long why has it taken so long for Hollywood to be outed like this and it needs to continue enough folks I'm gonna show you what the problem is and that is they all protect each other here we have Corey Feldman on the voice and he is ostracised he's almost chastise not almost he's chastise for revealing that there is a big pet a file problem I feel your problem in Hollywood this was a few years back and he ask yourself and you wonder why why do these people not come out this is wise people like Barbara Walters that protect predators peta files in Hollywood check this out folks god bless you take care we'll talk to you soon I'm saying that there are people that word the people that did this to both me and Corey that are still working they're still out there and they're some of the region's most powerful people in this business and that out and they had not one is saying what I'm saying I are you saying that that peta files yes and I still in this prison yeah that's what yeah and that's what you're saying a bug when you talk to when ..." + 36%
"2017-10-18 16:00:04"
"Exclusive Interview With Jeff Be..."
"we are so excited about our guests today Jim and I have actually been watching him for many years yes the founder of the dollar vigilante a and the founder and host of anarchy he is a master mind on the subject of many and crypto currencies he is an open minded critical thinker he believes them freedom just like we do and he considers himself an anarchist so today we haven't Jeff Burr wake on with us to explain what the word anarchist really is about and how I had been demonized by our government and we have a few other subjects to talk with him about also welcome to pictures Libertad Jeff early enough I think it was my pleasure so Jeff tell us when you first knew you were an anarchist ha ha ha ha well I actually think I was always that where the gradual or not like no one is born it comes out and says well we gotta start using violence against other people get what we want I read out redder the will I end most kids that know that Sir pretty inherently up but it's it's sort of poker goat putting people at the start chants and a government adoption nation counts for twelve years and it was a Leninist that give me your choppers for years in this you know that will never be approved it now in the USA are like well you SSA because it's becoming so fascists and communists at the same time I have them in twelve years and then they really are welcome to go for another four or eight more years repeating the same nonsense hand dot going massively that that actually turning it on ... others and that's going on and so yeah as far as when did I know why the case was a matter as I was actually in the year two thousand and two approximately I was having dinner with that Casey and at the time I was running Canada's largest financial website called stockist icon which right started at my house in nineteen ninety three and your two thousand at thirteen fifty people working for it scripts but June of forty million dollars and then right after the tech bubble collapsed so the tec..." + 97%
"2017-10-17 22:21:56"
"EXCLUSIVE - #SRA Survivor #Illum..."
"okay so I just want to ask personally out obviously astrology as the one in there somewhere but why why are the planets and the stars and astrology so important with numerology why is all of that stuff where it because Satan mimics god in the Bible in genesis it says that god set the sun moon and stars in the heavens for a sign he didn't say follow the stars and predict your future but he said he set them in the heavens for signs sure Haddon's so the perversion of that you know curious strana me is one thing the perversion of it making Jupiter god making Saturn the god making the son god rah a guide sangha yeah you know it's the absolute you have to remember that Satan is not a creator he is a member curries just died to see where he is the father of lies so they copy cat everything they were talking the mystery religion and that goes back to memorize then the tower of Babel one and Babylon Tara babble correct myself of so we're talking eons of this this stuff and that they learned it when I read the book of Enoch it was late our son my our home moment you know not to quote Illuminati Oprah but ... it made sense it made sense that they would get all this information and who would know what's going on the heavenly is even at this point but you know the answer to mention all as they want to cut column what you wanna inter dimensional beings Damon's following ones they're gonna know what's going on in the heavenly is of god's preparing something they're gonna know that and so they can say well if you do this and this and this because this is going on and they have ways I think right now we're in the biggest church about all that we have ever been in in our lives I know that the eclipse was a sign to America that judgment is coming because we have had nothing but judgments hating America since the eclipse and the sign of Jonah when Joe no went was supposed to go to an end of the and you just obey god and got on the ship and was going away to escape god to go preach..." + 94%
"2017-10-16 17:25:52"
"OWNED !!! Judge Jeanine WARNS Ho..."
"folks Hollywood's been steeped in hypocrisy for decades as the curtain goes up on the casting couch A. K. A. the casting bad the town that glorifies violence murder and rape is the same town where centuries old rules of women sleeping for a job is kept quiet actors the ones who need to read other people's words for a living and then can it's themselves that they have the doomed to fall advocates of the the bus try to tell us how to be and by the way it's not over yet folks there's more coming it's not just adult women it's human trafficking it's child sex trafficking Israel pedophile ya in a town where there are no rules were they truth is stranger than fiction and were fiction is based on reality it is time for the department of justice didn't get their acting gear sort of federal criminal investigation into Harvey Weinstein his ongoing criminal activity that no doubt his cross state lines and continents" + 1%
"2017-10-16 15:36:12"
"Sin City, #Thirteen, Tattooed Ne..."
"conspiracy theorists dream come true courses Steven Paddick shooter Las Vegas massacre there have been a couple of videos that have been done about the number thirteen that is on his neck we get close up on that so you can see it it does look like there is a number thirteen on his neck here interesting but those videos talk about GM G. Macha me a cult meaning of the number thirteen I'm gonna bring up something else I I do wanna state the fact that it is odd to me that they should use this picture of him with his eyes closed kinda looking peaceful as he would lying in a coffin but that's not what I want to talk about how they want to talk about the movie hang over and so the leading song is a song by Johnny Cash the name of by the name of thirteen and twenty six seconds into this video the song says I've got it thirteen tattooed on my neck course the movie hang over takes place in Las Vegas all interesting stuff folks this story is not going to go away all coincidences predictive programming you decide god bless you folks take care we'll talk" + 1%
"2017-10-14 19:32:15"
"Illuminati Whistleblower Discuss..."
"I saw the gold Mandalay building next to the black pyramid next to a novelist and the strings and I heard he was on thirty second floor and I said oh my god this is original so you can get sidetracked three years researching their belief systems to never get to that level understanding of that which is also involved in this Las Vegas just was awful when I realized that this was a massive in their belief system sex magic bridge now we have you or yeah so thirteen thirteen that they just twelve because the put some Kael programming I'm fifty six survivor did he make the deal and his kids yeah tales they said there were thirty three victims from California he always replace so this is found cyst like they over kill and it becomes almost so painfully apparent that they were doing this they I think they are calm" + 1%
"2017-10-13 20:02:58"
"Upcoming Interviews - Cheryl He..."
"for it looks really exciting lineup of interviews this weekend starting with tonight we have Cheryl her ship many of you will remember Cheryl from our three part viral series Illuminati whistleblower leave real life pedal gate I think she's going to be talking about the Illuminati in the numerology aspects of the Las Vegas shooting love Sunday we're gonna have just broke away from the dollar vigil anti you've been following just for quite sometime we we like his work you'll be talking about crypto currencies love big going and other crypto currencies gold and silver U. S. in the global economy and many other things and then to wrap it up on Sunday we have Karen Rogers who is a former successful jockey she's gonna be talking about her story of child sexual and emotional abuse so folks it's going to be any great weekend of interviews I hope everybody churches all three of them god bless you folks take care and we'll talk to you soon if it sells for god if you're interested in getting in on a ground floor business opportunity online business opportunity with very little initial investment you might wanna check out the following two minute promo video god bless you vote state care and we'll talk to you soon" + 1%
"2017-10-12 21:18:41"
"Rare Video Clip Confirms Brad Pi..."
"for so yesterday and you know I had a roundtable discussion with the honey bee the co founder of bitch you and this young lady Caroline who has a you tube channel we're all talking about how to best counter act censorship especially from you too I think we came up with some good ideas and will be talking about that in a later video but do I want to Caroline's a you tube channel and you should go there as well and good and subscribe to our channel because she's got some excellent insight and does so excellent investigative work on that okay pizza gay anyway and check out this video here Jennifer Aniston's husband links to calories Roberta's pizza hashtag PCA read this quarter of from Brad Pitt I he was in Toronto at the time and they were talking about the movie Moneyball twenty eleven is a quote I grew up in a very Christian environment you reveal a very healthy environment in a loving family but there were parameters that did that I didn't understand I question it and it took me until my adult years until I could really try new things that was satanism it works really well and I made a pact in the movie came out no you're really dealing with certain things that you grow up and you got to try things on for yourself in really bigger out what works for you and what doesn't I just relate to that time it's a very personal time is a comfort system and you cut out the tether and find yourself very on your own with nothing to hold onto so I did find your actual video footage of that interview in specifically where he talks about making a pact with Satan it was very difficult to find folks think scrub the internet internet of this particular part of the interview now you can find that in our view the Toronto interview in many other places but this quote very very difficult to find and the the point is close it is real these people do make pacts with Satan they are rewarded for but at the end of the day a that's way of life satanism Luciferian ism when you're done your di..." + 33%
"2017-10-11 15:35:11"
"Attention !!! LOOK UP !!! Leave ..."
"for morning my friends Sir October eleventh twenty seventeen year well we this is a good one this is good guys this is the Dallas what we're area science Muna want to get this on yeah I can those so this stuff won't be most definitely although WNED" + 1%
"2017-10-11 02:31:41"
"VL Gets The Dirty Truth From Hum..."
"for I'm Daddy laughter and I combat human trafficking modern slavery in the United States human trafficking of the fastest growing in the second most lucrative crime across the globe twenty seven million people enslaved in the world today according to the US department of justice most child victims of commercial facts are expected to live only seven years most US victims are recruited on school campuses tactics include promises and lures of love jobs religion travel and other opportunities I find trafficking victims right where they are whether a brothel a construction site or commercial kitchen I build their trust and I get them out and I do it the most unlikely team of police ice agents people from the community and even celebrities these people ever help me overcome massive bureaucratic obstacles to beat the flavors and the success is always worth the effort these criminals operate without fear and it's up to each of us protect our friends and family we give voice to people who've lost theirs and we save lives yes there are times when I get tired and it's dark and it seems overwhelming but hope is a powerful force every time I get someone out of bondage it's a huge victory and worth all the effort and helping others I've learned how to effect real change to lead by building trust and loyalty by finding the right resources and people and putting them together and getting them to work as a team to March into battle against the menace of human trafficking I knew early in life that I wanted to serve this way and I wanted to help others where there was no hope fill in working ten years on human trafficking I've learned so much about change communication collaborating with different cultures and perspectives I take all my experience passion and leadership and bring it to you and your organization Hey guys welcome back to the show tonight we have a very special guest our guest tonight appeared in a twenty fourteen NM es in BC original documentary called sex slaves Te..." + 95%
"2017-10-10 14:04:53"
"SILENCED - YouTube Strikes AGAIN..."
"free well folks were definitely under attack here and so are all of the channels that are talking about Las Vegas the latest attack here is this video ... with our interview with Robert steel which was completely respectful but they deemed it inappropriate they removed it appropriate strike ... interestingly enough they let this have about a hundred and fifty nine hundred seventy five thousand views before they did it so not sure what's going on but you can see there is a common theme here this one ... you can't obviously you can't say that the the that Israel is owned by the Giles here because that's you can't modernize that here is another one about Las Vegas not modernize it here's another one about Las Vegas is the original one that got removed and we got a community strike ... we appealed it and they gave it they they reinstated it took away our strike and maybe needs restricted so what does that mean on the side I and you made a good point to what is it with you to where they just give you a strike and ... remove your video with you know without giving a warning don't even sit in email saying that they're going to do it they just give you strike while I mean at least if you can't I inform somebody of what you're gonna do before that gives us an opportunity to review the video and ... make a choice if we want to remove it ourselves you know give us twenty four hours do something like that but it just shows that ... their intentions are nefarious as far as I'm concerned and also who's to say with this new ... this new program that they have the heroes the YouTube heroes program where they reward people for flagging videos that are offensive to then well what is offensive to you might not be offensive to me but now we've got these heroes going out flagging videos that there's absolutely nothing wrong with except for the fact that maybe this person has a vendetta against the channel so that's a real problem folks that you two have needs to addre..." + 35%
"2017-10-09 17:47:22"
"Volume Fixed - YouTube Is Pullin..."
"free we just had a real quick thought so I'm recording this actually after I did the ... video that you're about to see and that quick thought is this I guess from now on what we're gonna have to do is videos like this that are controversial we're gonna do a short YouTube videos just stating that we have this video out with this content in it but you'll find it bitch you freedom dot social and that's the way I'm sorry folks if that's going to aggravate some people but the fact that matters that's the only way you're gonna see this kind of information is because you tube is just going to shut us down the gonna shut all these videos down on Las Vegas ... obviously so ... anyway the following is an explanation of what's going on god bless you all folks all over you two people are complaining about the fact that their videos about Las Vegas are being taken down and people are getting community strikes well obviously we are not immune here victoriously were toss as we our latest videos been taking down Las Vegas official story inconsistencies video removed for inappropriate content and we were given a community strike I the reason why it was inappropriate contact because it was deemed as personal attacks predatory behavior stalking threats harassment or intimidation it fell under one of those things then when you go see I'm gonna leave the ... linked to bitch you live where the video is in its entirety when you go look at it and watch it you'll see a whole it is is a police scanner and us questioning the mainstream mer narrative of one shooter alone will shooter on the thirty second floor when indeed the police scanner completely blows that out of the water improves that there were ... multiple shooters in multiple locations but you two dozen for some reason doesn't want you to know that now you too could say ought we took it down because it was disrespectful to the people that died in Las Vegas and I would understand that except for the fact that's not the ..." + 50%
"2017-10-09 14:53:34"
"Over The Target - YouTube Is Pul..."
"free we just had a real quick thought so I'm recording this actually after I did the ... video that you're about to see and that quick thought is this I guess from now on what we're gonna have to do is videos like this that are controversial we're gonna do a short YouTube videos just stating that we have this video out with this content in it but you'll find it bit shooting freedom dot social and that's the way I'm sorry folks if that's going to aggravate some people but the fact that matters that's the only way you're gonna see this kind of information is because you tube is just going to shut us down the gonna shut all these videos down on Las Vegas ... obviously so ... anyway the following is an explanation of what's going on god bless you all folks all over you two people are complaining about the fact that their videos about Las Vegas are being taken down and people are getting community strikes well obviously we are not immune here victoriously were toss as we our latest videos been taking down Las Vegas official story inconsistencies video remove for inappropriate content and we were given a community strike I the reason why it was inappropriate contact because it was deemed as personal attacks predatory behavior stalking threats harassment or intimidation it fell under one of those things then when you go see I'm gonna leave the ... linked to bitch you live where the video is in its entirety when you go look at it and watch it you will see how it is it's a police scanner and us questioning the mainstream America narrative of one shooter alone will shooter on the thirty second floor when indeed the police scanner completely blows that out of the water and proves that there were ... multiple shooters in multiple locations but you two dozen for some reason doesn't want you to know that now you too could say ought we took it down because it was disrespectful to the people that died in Las Vegas and I would understand that except for the fact that's ..." + 51%
"2017-10-08 16:33:17"
"Swamp Creature Illegal Immigrant..."
"free is a story that I shouldn't have to record an illegal immigrant New Jersey is accused of raping a six year old girl than jumping out of a second floor window after father walked in during the assault we set that government does a thirty two is accused of breaking into a Trenton New Jersey home at one thirty AM because number nineteen molesting a six year old girl while she was in bed according to the try telling her father realized there's like this and off star ledger the father entered into the bedroom he found it does on and girls bit Mendoza let from the second floor window said the father called police two adults and two children work in the home at the time that you saw according to the trade towers Mendoza originally from Guatemala faces charges of endangering the welfare of a child sexual assault and aggravated sexual assault the newspaper reported detectives stop windows after the attack the girl's father identified him he said Texas later discover the girl had been sexually assaulted which I totally report reported it she was taken to the hospital for treatment when does a cellphone was found near the home we said does agreed to remain in jail while it's criminal case moves through the courts due to my situation here the fact that I don't have my papers the fact that I am facing those charges I think I'm going to have to be detained does it said during a hearing according to the trade Tony so I'm not sure I'm not a lawyer but what other options would Mendoza had set to remain in jail wall is criminal case lives through the courts but that was on also I just did a reminder that we Jersey has a Republican governor and some of the toughest gun laws in the nation perhaps if this would happen in another state such as Texas and those that wouldn't have to worry about spending some time in jail at all the way god bless you folks daycare" + 3%
"2017-10-08 14:02:19"
"When a Parent Is Honest With The..."
"for yeah I I guess tonight is a writer any engineer he is a member of mensa he leads the Hudson Valley libertarian chapter any has a large following on Cora but most importantly he is a distraught father who lost his daughter to the family court system welcome to our show tonight to tell his story Gary trust men well yeah the good to see you thanks for coming here yeah thanks so much for being here and taking time for us yeah you sent me I'm at large out a large continent that had a lot of information it was a letter it look like you sent this letter to other people have you been reaching out to media trying to tell your story tellers that's going on well yes as far as that water goes on I have had well if this juncture maybe a interviews either online or in person some TV stations I think I had three of those and other radio stations some internet some real radio arm and yeah I have been reaching out I've been trying to ... applies the world it's a it's a dual thing if you know obviously I am I am mom I'm working at work and I'm actually trying to shoot well Bob bring my story out to the public but in the process that you have to realize it's not just me and that's where I guess it's more interesting to the public as it was just all about me you know the public might say yeah you know will die sucks to be you yeah but fact is it's not just me I happen to be the one who kind of like brings us head out over all the others that it's happening to and I have enough blood gumption courage perseverance impertinence to actually make a big fuss about it so tell us about your story tellers how you I came to luger daughter because your story was really interesting well it started out recently and offer a simple enough I'm I had of been with my ex of my now ex for eight years we had a child arm everything seemed to be okay we had our statute mainly live my shadow was my wife's Okolona my Axmann and ... basically at some point I I think she started getting jealous of the..." + 96%
"2017-10-07 20:08:33"
"#Pedogate - Ritual Abuse Missing..."
"Hey guys our guest tonight is a former award winning news reporter turned independent investigative journalist author and publisher he has worked as a government reporter for newspapers in Minnesota and North Dakota as well as a staff writer for international magazine he has received several first place awards including first place for best new series I North Dakota newspaper association in two thousand nine after conducting critical interviews with he figures in a national profile kidnapping insisted the Minnesota and Florida FBI regarding their search for a five year old named Haley hot means and we are here tonight to hear what he found during that case what he has come to know Sam welcome to our show timidity Charles homes that they we're being here with him at the time very I'm I'm I'm delighted to be with you guys I was I was so excited when I received your invitation arm I was cruising your website and like all my gosh they actually contacted me I saw you but you're on Hagman and Hagman and you know congratulations done that day key are yeah I am I am don't even remember I'm really excited sorry there must be a little lax sorry about that but yeah I did I don't remember how I came to find your website but I'm when I was reading through it I was blown away and some of the stuff that you've been involved in and things that you found out so we're really anxious to have you just tell us a little bit jealous about the comings case and how you got on that okay well okay this is like a bizarre tale as version why kind involved enough I was contacted in arm two thousand nine via a private investigator from Florida he goes by the name cobra the bounty hunter and started to share all this information about this garlic can kidnapping about this little girl named Haley Cummings and yes things progressed he was telling me a lot of bizarre thing it yeah I do good as us kind of a spoiler alert heat he was involved in this and all the members of this particular group all ..." + 97%
"2017-10-06 22:09:32"
"Robert Steele -- MGM Execs Made ..."
"free David still no introduction needed buddy thank you I want to get you on because I saw a in article that you've just written Las Vegas massacre a hybrid false flag treason or an act of war and I thought you might wanna update us on what you think is going on alright are the biggest change even though there is still arm no real evidence of people having been killed or wounded my saying so had the appropriate forcing function and three or four really great people have sent in compelling anecdotal well up personal stories so I've revised my account now to conclude that this was a combination open unclassified totally nonviolent drill including crisis actors and mock shooters and pretending to die Hoss a rogue element that actually killed people and we're waiting to see how this develops arm my A. R. my article which you're going to post here was just published in the American the Herald Tribune and do all it shreds the official America there's there's no way paddock did anything this was probably an M. sixty at ground level literally at ground level up close and personal on the other interesting thing is that a number of culprits of come out or number of possible culprits of come out and in the article I identify several possibilities including the Russian mafia and the CIA FBI we try discount I think this was a a scientist attack perhaps an act of war perhaps an act of terror bike friendly enemies if you will and I hope that the FBI digs into this the other big thing is that we found a hundred and ninety million dollars MGM insider trading in August and September MGM executives dumped a hundred ninety million dollars worth of stock and this is the reverse of selling short when you know disasters cop you sell it the high end you wait for the disaster and then you put it back in and ride it to the top ma so some people are making a lot of money at this on this event and they knew it was going to happen mom beyond that I don't think I want to speculate anymore but..." + 73%
"2017-10-06 17:54:12"
"#PEDOGATE Ring of CIA and FBI ki..."
"right away and Krueger looks at crystal Sheffield Hallie's mother she said herself her young daughter was sexually molested by a close family friend in the early NBI Cummings continues but tonight her family is focusing on the community since a five year old girl disappeared more than a month ago many in the community have opened up their hearts and wallets for support as boxing's Mike Tolbert shows this today Haley's family line to say thank where there's smoke there's fire but the idea for these claims is not to sin people running but really close it is our way of saying thank you thank you for everything is n't end just people come in here and if they have it for my sin they leave it with this you know because some people don't feel comfortable going to the place say they feel more comfortable heaven is talking to you a family member today it was about of those in the I'm really at I've taken a search now I don't know so she me right now I think I so how do you yeah me you know our area for air if it came to story and for me to take back everything I ever heard about your clients are and I although I yeah lock me like it and I rode our yeah she got so bad that he says that Unidad yeah but part of wall and it got so bad that I emailed are and I think our I tell you now what deregulated there but I tell you now that I don't know why how how do you everything in order if you want to know about John area but we're getting it's true for me and he called me nigger that vannatter fairly in the fall everything he said he did not say FBI people ahead of the FBI he told me if you feel a I mean that he hears or we've got here ... and his power clear so what if he para he told me here thereupon here institution or a right in with their parents yeah he broke up he told me he went to Washington and straight up to Washington sad all the information ... vannatter even carrying out the fully what do you say when he told me that I mean can you describe a yeah alula that rea..." + 80%
"2017-10-06 15:46:22"
"In Your Face !!! #33 In The News..."
"free luminosity thirty three news coming to you live books it's ridiculous look at this wake up this morning and these are the headlines are throwing it in our face thirty three gun purchases no red flags arcane hate U. S. lost thirty three thousand jobs in September here's why at wig though she thanks stock catapulted thirty three percent in September will she stay or will she go bookie sees thirty three percent risk threesome may well resigned in October in the middle the news update three dead thirty three and in a water Splosion all I can well folks as we try to wrap our brains around everything that's going on is we try to process it all domestic terrorism nuclear threats our troops being ambushed abroad catastrophic hurricanes of flooding earthquakes tornadoes racial and political discord extremism both left and right in the mainstream media and government it lies all that said there is one thing that nobody's talking about looks is the gorilla in the room is the thing that is going to take this country down and nobody's talking it is it is our economy and nobody's talking about it our next week we're gonna on the fifteenth actually we're gonna have just for a week on from the dollar vigilante yeah I'd for having Amani's talk about the state of the economy state of the dollar that stock market crypto currency it should be fun for two but yeah floats how we gonna deal with this nobody's talking about twenty point two trillion dollars is our national debt twenty twenty two trillion dollars what does that equate to throat slit let let's even go further than these numbers are my and nobody's talking about total personal day eighteen point five trillion dollars total personal debt mortgage debt fourteen trillion dollar fourteen point seven almost fifteen trillion dollar student loan debt one week five trillion dollars credit card debt one trillion dollars you know what that equates you folks that equates to a personal debt person is soon fifty six thousand E. hu..." + 63%
"2017-10-05 19:23:11"
"CHALLENGE to #FakeNews Guardian ..."
"free votes were currently working on our own video right now that will prove that the mainstream narrative of a lone wolf shooter on the set thirty second floor is absolutely false and ... the reason I'm doing this video is because articles like this and the guardian infuriate because this calling us fake news is fake news in itself Las Vegas server motes clips because folks folks most of us are not calling it a false flag and they do mention falls flat this article but you're gonna see a lot of other Nichols are going to be in the same fat putting truth there's that are trying to get to the truth what really has a put us down as a fake news and then tug on the heartstrings of those that are victims of this Teheran was a terror acts I don't know exactly who it was but I do believe that there were ... crisis actors intermingled with real people at a real concert that were terrorized that were injured in that were murdered cold blood but we have to eat intermingling also of strange interviews which I believe are staged searches the brother shooter as well is real interviews of terrorize victims that were literally terrorized at sawgrass in cars I think that there were multiple shooters I think that there were no shooters on the thirty second floor do you think that there were there was at least age one shooter on the fourth floor ... because of muscle shot muzzle flashes see several videos also the police scanner mentioning possible suspect on the fourth floor so what we would do we know for sure folks initial terrify everybody you should terrify mainstream media people that listen just to the mainstream media the fact of the matter is that it is a fact that we're being lied to we are being lied to so either the mainstream media is complicit or they're stupid they're ignorant and they're refusing to actually look at what really happened I happen to think it's the first one no real journalist worth his weight in anything can look at this situation do some inve..." + 35%
"2017-10-05 17:41:48"
"Las Vegas Doctor and Resident An..."
"we feature shaken on with us previously to discuss an update us on the Bundy trials well night we have attrition back with us along with Dr Michelle Johnson now hold onto your hats for this one guy let me tell you a little bit about doctor Michelle she's a natural Catholic doctor at thirty six years who lives in Las Vegas she works with the physical mental and emotional bodies she considered a rebel and black sheep by most of her family she has an insatiable quest and knows for the truth she has been a researcher for healing trance her whole life which then more into spiritual truth I am looking for reality across the systems we live under and has discovered that nothing is what it seems welcome I'm doctor Michelle and Johnson and welcome back Patricia yeah I I wrap me thank you for reaching out to us about this subject okay and so it's not a it's going to be an interesting conversation that's gonna include the Las Vegas shooting and what doctor Michelle knows or has seen personally working in that area and she and Patricia have an interesting take on what is shooting may have to do it so who would like to begin got me aren't well basically my intro was just to frame up the fact that Las Vegas was founded by the mob and you know things are starting to line up that point to the fact that the mob has never really gone away it's just changed jackets so to speak yeah Bob this was found to be quite a factor in a man wow that was released yesterday from the owner at the MGM properties adding that he will be matching funds for all donations of all of his employees to anti fraud and other radical groups lastly yes anti fur has now hooked up with isis and despite the media's back stepping on their original pronouncement that ISIS took credit this was orchestrated to include all of those elements wow yeah anyhow so how has this affected you directly living so close right there in the middle of it crimson well who knows what's interesting about Michelle she was just at the ..." + 96%
"2017-10-04 19:12:15"
"Bringing Awareness to Epidemics ..."
"mmhm folks many of you know we've had actor Steven shelling on our show many times the guy who's got a great sense of humor it's got a big heart matter factor we've become very good friends with Steven guys for those that don't know Stephen he was once a well known Hollywood actor forming alongside Brad Pitt targeted unknown to him losses careers family and most important he lost his children he has struggled for the last twenty one years to bring awareness to such epidemics is ritual abuse gang stalking pedophile you he does a wonderful job bringing that awareness art form newspaper wall art they don't see is written and directed itself however because he has been targeted his beautiful and meaningful pieces of art strewn by the wayside in the hopes that people mean dark these important issues don't let the ones at full this all down win this war for our minds and our souls let the word gets out here's a cool thank him very studios offered for Stephen sheller counterfeits for you an art show in which is newspaper or Walmart will be featured there will also be the first ever public viewing Stevens latest film he wrote directed far you can get tickets to go to the event personal eventbrite dot com but we ask you to please donate any amount you can to allow students to be able to go to his own event to help raise awareness to Trisha cemex that we are becoming more and more sense people must a week hello that have Stevens on anyone who donates fifty dollars or more will receive autographed prints in the art show and will be entered into a drawing to come on Tories Libertad channel Stevens directly to ask any questions well folks thank you so much for supporting Stephen shelling thank you for supporting this channel website stories liver toss we appreciate you very much folks may god bless you all" + 1%
"2017-10-04 13:12:10"
"100% Proof Israel = Rothchild, Inc."
"Hey guys we are back again today when I Marianne is easy here is in Israel she's gonna be spending a few weeks there are last week was an amazing interview with her and this week is amazing as well we're gonna let Mary and introduce her yes that she would like to speak to you today I Mariana mer okay ... how are you cheers it back US thanks for the laughs that many and I was crying with that make you think about that and so I I'm with Allie and how many is eight various year young Israeli whose house alone pretty much everything that's going on that maybe people in America don't route sorry he's gonna give me some things that I think might actually I think I can assure you so they aren't sure what because I kind of got here recently different way yeah ugly telus tell us who you are well I'm actually I'm I'm I'm thirty two I live in Tel Aviv I migrated to Israel during the nineties stuff from Soviet Union ... about a second after the the wall of books Berlin crab shell so did the Soviet Union me and my mother was found ourselves on our way to Israel as Jews and and we are a we were eligible to come here to get a house and yet ... citizenship and just thought I would live why it wasn't so easy yet yeah just six I came here and my mother she was twenty five twenty six he was young and you know young people young children it's on and from some reason and I say some reason because I cannot legally understand why I mean yeah it's being done are even to date they talk to me dot the welfare at that the system the state system they took me away from my mother and put me to a place which was a religious our top place in the in the center of Israel and I've been there for eight eight years and in total twelve years in boarding schools and now I'm outside of my own family now I knew at the time and I know to tell you today that the amount of money being spent on each smile being taken out owe our hope is that family in the home you know the money be spent is hi amount ..." + 97%
"2017-10-04 00:08:07"
"Robert Steele - Las Vegas Was A ..."
"free it's easy and jam with the B. L. and we are here today we had a special tree we how Robert David Steele back with that after his RV tour but we're going to talk with him today about on what happens in Las Vegas and see if he's got any insight for us how you Robert O. F. for being back with us welcome back okay yeah I'm glad to be back you both look great I me I will never forget that you helped me get our Enrique program started none were one of the biggest voices thank you thank you have nine happy to do that so Robert Las Vegas so there's a lot there's a lot more questions than there are answers at this point on what's your take on it right now so far from what you know number one Las Vegas is absolutely a false flag of that whether people died or not this is spent cock cock get by this I'll come ons but each state this is something in which Sheldon adults some who wants the casinos in the area where it happened and Michael sure toss the Zionist first director of the bill are department of homeland security are in a cult conspiracy with others now I haven't seen any bodies there are no photographs and if you look at the most recent photograph of the actual crime scene where one alleged body is being wrapped in a sheet but in a truck there are zero blood pools I see disasters where people have died and bled and you see coagulated blood pools everywhere in fact even a bloody nose if it's left unattended for about fifteen or twenty minutes creates a blood cool about this big and about a quarter inch deep our number that express so from where I sit eight this is absolutely a false flag be the guy that was killed was a Patsy you entire official narrative makes absolutely zero sense it's almost as if our patriotic law enforcement officers are deliberately not telling these people how bad your theatrical management is as a patriotic way of helping all of us to see that this is all arm I think that the Zionists yeah beat Deke state have overextended themselves the..." + 89%
"2017-10-03 17:56:51"
"Exclusive - VL Interview With Ha..."
"free Joe German and she had been on with us before yeah reasonable yeah they they were on office what maybe about a month ago their YouTube channel is victorious Libertad and they are in the alternative media and they do a number of great videos and and talk about a whole host of ... important and interesting topics and and current events their activists are bloggers are true first there they're just good people all of the above given and it's great to have you back on the show they think I was going to have it great to be back well no our last time that eight you came on we were talking about us coming on your show for you guys to interview us but we're we're boy here we are again though is the fact that we're boycotting now I'm guessing that's what I heard yeah you know what you are shown could you guys are too good for this right well it where's the check where's the check pack do the gold bar you know no I'm kidding of getting this error all grow better in alternative media appearance isn't that true though isn't yeah seriously do you know what I noticed that our I think you've been practicing saying the name pictures Libertad yea OK via at look everyone knows I am not a talk show host I'm an investigator by profession okay it and I my tongue in the teeth I they've wraps up in the you know get tongue tied Victor sliver toss house that I've been proud her finger then I say it all well I E. John actually made me practice actually share it's that you're a little learn this or else but but you know that we any alternate would up the honest media have been censored we've been flogged whip gag put in love Facebook person put in Twitter prison put in social a just we've just been and and and of course we were facing in no the the penalties the and of the it people want information but many people refuse to support Renault V. that but the platform because everyone but many people do so man it's a it's a job in that yeah but you know what we just the love what we do..." + 91%
"2017-10-02 18:25:43"
"Las Vegas - Caught On Raw Video..."
"free moves that took the liberty of snooping seventeen seconds from raw video ... that was taken at the concert yesterday in Las Vegas the Las Vegas ... attack and you're gonna hear some interesting things interaction between three people first a guy he says not real gunshots real fast then he says questions real gun shots and then you'll hear a female say what the F. is that and then you'll hear the gentleman say again not real gun shop and then she says what is it and then you'll hear another job I don't know so seventeen second clip I slowed down seventy five percent of the speed you be the judge god bless you I'll talk to you soon now" + 1%
"2017-10-01 20:13:06"
"Beauty Meets The Beast -The Skie..."
"free mmhm NMO and I ... mmhm" + 1%
"2017-10-02 02:46:48"
""The Bounty on Our Children's He..."
"free I I guess night is a respected advocate and activist against legal child trafficking with then CPS the top protective services she created a platform called the porthole to justice for the families and children that are victims of corruption and fraud to share and socialize their stories her brain child or hold to justice aims to expose court Braun and legal human trafficking without our within our own government with archive data collected to expose empower and educate the public well done neilia Duran until yeah you recall you ARE when you're a million you can call me in the eye and that's my main I think a million already well tell us about portal digested talents what that's all about and why he decided to start it well I am I had my own experience and with the system and I went through child protective service says for three and a half years with my own son and yeah exam I you know I didn't experience and try you know at corruption in general item in targeting third throughout throughout my life and so when I started going through each child protective system with my son I was a my new son who at the time was only like nine months old I started really researching and deciding you know I wasn't just going to use their I owe learning experience I was skinny is there as an expense and that's what started it so yeah telus it telethon details about how the court who the justice works okay so I'm originally I had started a a group called children's coalition of advocacy okay not was that was during my case and it was a private career wage I started accumulating radio show heard us loggers journal last I am anybody that was working on exposing at trial service says to the public I started accumulating a man in this I grew and I it was how it it's a hundred and twenty people at this point and at that point when I started hearing was not just preferably my case but other case says which I shared with it needs members are back where and and after my kids clothes ..." + 95%
"2017-10-02 01:59:47"
"VL To Appear On Hagmann and Hagm..."
"I just want to let you guys know that we're gonna be on hacking Marwood so E. on at nine eastern and eight central we were talking well I'm I think we're gonna talk about some of your latest videos that you did yeah and die out shut down one brought back up because you guys that's right it's you guys are the best yeah and then I met her upcoming guests and some exquisite things that may be happening in the next week or two you on our show well oh some really cool guest for sure yet but will keep that a secret for now well I don't know what time it addressed to me at nine o'clock eastern standard time eight o'clock and it is lie lot who I get scared and I've I will have made tomorrow night alone will see you there take care I am yes" + 1%
"2017-10-01 22:08:43"
"SHOCKING AUDIO ! Anonymous Puert..."
"well folks the following audio circulating from Mike Sir that use Twitter it is claiming to be a are an employee of the Porta Rico police department calling up a radio station saying that mayor carmine Yulin is not allowing food and supplies to get from the United States to get to the people in Porter Rico and so folks I want to get this out to you guys so you are aware of what's going on allegedly aware what's going on in Porter you go as well as I feel that the next thing that you're gonna start seeing is they're going to announce a huge mosquito problem importer Rico when they're gonna start spraying the hell out of Porto Rico with the nail lead ... pesticide like they didn't Houston so folks this lot of stuff going on and none of it's good I've been looking up in the skies lately and posting a lot of these chemtrails it'd been going on here in Texas and as you can see by my postings going on all around the world we'll keep on posting these things folks because we have to make people wear and people have to complain god bless you folks take care we'll talk to you soon them and then everybody get out of my way now right now promotion but then there's a second but we didn't put them to handle without but that night and there's a box I mean we I humbled and Natalie I don't have also you good morning I don't gateway I don't handle I don't but and I don't Ennodius like you but somehow you will giving get your alright yeah and well you know I don't think all they yeah both nations because I cannot let go racial he I'm William called and all I do is the well I only one I think those people Reggie I will number one I will back we're going to do it taken away like get ready to wear my gun power well I'm always we've got it Logan o'brien reports like I got a copy" + 1%
"2017-09-30 17:11:25"
"Beauty Meets The Beast - NOT Con..."
"free images were sent to me by a subscriber in Virginia the foothills of the Blue Ridge mountains folks and look up in the sky take pictures and videos and send them to me and I'll make a video like that thanks to subscribers reaching out to me dissipating the part of the solution n't WNED" + 1%
"2017-09-29 16:22:11"
"Netflix Crosses The Line With SI..."
"free looks which you're about to see is a promo for a new show coming out on Netflix called big mouth has to do with adolescent children coming to grips with their puberty so to speak and you are going to be shocked with the contents of this problem of folks well folks I just realized I can't play the whole promo because of I'll get hit with a copyright violation because of the music but I did piece together a couple of clips from the promo you'll get the idea it's pretty sick ... please stay on though after the clips because then I describe and discuss the subliminal messages in the promo god bless you folks take care we'll talk to you soon hello good evening our youth of puberty fairy book did you just call me puberty fair and the hormone monster I'm just here to give your friend a nocturnal emission the un known payroll and now you're worried you're homosexual Ameen concoction on he's one very lightly okay I'm here to tell me I'm and you know you never you know you're not scary let's get on with this screenshots of some liberals subliminal ... the first one I'd like to show you here is the number three thirty three that they like to always get in the Illuminati football players wearing number thirty three and the disguise of this double looking character has a nose shape like a penis next moves this one over here fall dance no dry humping just a little though so blown message here and also this ... Roman had P. what is that symbolize comments are welcome on athletics just thought that was odd that they had a room in early obviously this kid is in the back of the classroom having issues pleasuring himself it looks like and ... that's why they've got plenty of tissues back there and over here we have in the inverted star yes we've got a kids swimming with sperm this is an interesting one like to hear your comments on this it's got two kids fighting on a mattress in on it dark lit lit streets with the three guys around them obviously there rooting whoever..." + 65%
"2017-09-29 03:19:27"
"EXCLUSIVE! Israeli Attorney Give..."
"guy this is in G. with pictures liver ties hadn't yeah may or may not be able to join us later but we are here today with me Ariana easy ship arrived in hand Israel and she had another's national yes with her for S. to learn more information about wanting to turn everything efforts near E. and thank you for coming and telling you how that you are here well a I guess you heard my name or just stay okay had talking with Marty under or you weeks ago well is there anything my name is the mayor and people call me you can make your own way our full names and I'm a lawyer here in Israel and the license also in United States and most time I'm I'm handling basically in family law Israeli downloading all it it your Nyerere law and domestic problems as well and so so so this is basically why we hear you wanted me to come here and see all only face and I'll dig judgments our house ruling out people acting like the schools and judgments aren't judges hearing is well and how different it is Israel and it how the act right now and regarding your own specific situation and there how the differences from abroad your you can that's kind it because you know all the time that I'm getting stories opening it got so moms I'm not telling you what it's like trust me we have a lawyer here and many lawyers we do this all day every day for hundreds eight or so he is nursing ends and I don't just see one person nesting hundreds and it's the same old timey some systematic and you know it domestic and don't you I mean it really is yea but before you go enter to a certain no if it's systematic or not you gotta understand out since the war before it and the system here in Israel ease you nexus there in in in family each year's your name everyone in NY exactly you know why you think all that we can make it happen yeah we eat it special one because in Israel me and since then there are try to mix and finally I think I I'm I'm talking about family low then mixing between day Jewish tradition I will..." + 96%
"2017-09-28 21:53:58"
"HELP !!! Sandy Hook Mentioned In..."
"free you don't look somebody's messing around with something and I'm going to throw it out there and some you experts on websites can explain to me what's going on but I decided do some more research on scene you hook and I did a ... Google sandy hook search in quotations with the date ranges of December first twenty twelve through December thirteenth twenty twelve December thirteenth twenty twelve obviously being the day before the actual sandy hook shootings took place place on December fourteenth so our after doing that search I come I I looking at all of these lakes and this one caught my eye December thirteenth twenty twelve in the name of the article is the second most powerful gun lobby is in Newtown Connecticut we're seeing Europe is I thought that was interesting so I clicked on the article now I want you to notice up real quick and you're gonna have to back to this video up when I do this alright I want you to know I watch it because you probably didn't see this first well now you see the the date is December thirteenth twenty twelve course it's weird because it's the day before shooting and you're gonna see down here ... Lydia is talking about the sandy hook shooting down here I'm not even gonna not going to read the whole thing nor any of it actually I'm just gonna tell you that she does talk about the sandy hook shootings and obviously it's the day before according to this day here but what I want to do though is back up to when I first clicked on this and I want you to notice when it first comes to the page it says December th fourteenth and then it quickly changes December thirteenth that's where the the weird stuff comes in why would that happen who's doing that and the and then why when you come here I mean obviously there could be a simple explanation why why why when you come here folks isn't say December thirteenth twenty twelve Nanga click on this again boom it said December fourteenth and really quickly change the December thirteenth ver..." + 46%
"2017-09-28 02:59:47"
"Disabled Vet Educates Voters and..."
"free hi guys our guest tonight served in the marines from nineteen eighty I in nineteen ninety one and in the army from nineteen ninety two to nineteen ninety eight years the disabled desert storm that and receive the certificate of commendation from the marine corps he's the president or veterans in politics international which is a nonpartisan group that endorses candidates to elected seats and a military watchdog for veterans right is also the host better into politics BDO internet talk show every Saturday afternoon discussing issues that concern the community with distinguished members of his community and he was nominated as the twenty fifteen distinguished men in Nevada please help us welcome to our show with much respect do you think yeah yeah thank you so much for taking time with that today I appreciate your patience thank you yeah so that's in politics that's a subject that you don't hear a lot about why do you think that is what better of them politics was started in nineteen ninety two by a gentleman named castle P. Anderson and what he wanted to do is to give veterans Oberweis to say well we're gonna put an elective office so that's the whole concept of veterans of politics and when I took over in two thousand and five iconic change up a little because you know they have all those veterans groups out there that care packages and do yay claims and we want the full foods high ... because it's thousands of them that we wanted to hear who honor roll up our sleeves and get dirty so we not only are educate the public on candidates running for elected office bye videotaping them on edited and are doing a radio show that the non for twelve years now we also on champion legislation for veteran's rights and we don't we just all right here or you were in look we actually go to our state capital or are you S. capital and we testify and we lobby for that bill so we are really involved and we also the third branch of our organization is looks both public corrupt..." + 95%
"2017-09-27 18:46:01"
"Geoengineering Satanic Signs In ..."
"free the following videos and pictures were sent to me by an anonymous subscribers were captured Latrobe Pennsylvania September twenty seven twenty seventeen which is that you are about to see are diabolical examples of geo engineered cloud formations song of which I please make sure to watch until the very they have a special sewage thank you to an odd borders we appreciate very much may god bless you all mmhm AMNH" + 1%
"2017-09-26 19:31:02"
"Update - Nebraska Mayor Accused ..."
"free months ago I did a story video on a mayor from Nebraska is name is the mayor Dwayne shot from Randolph that was accused of child sexual assault or child sexual abuse and the didn't think much about it at the time ... until yesterday I guess I received a private message from an individual that said that they knew ... Dwayne shot in that it didn't jive with this character and what he's done for the community it didn't sound right and that I sounded like I convicted him without him even going to trial I went back I listen to the video and I agree with him did so like I was convicting this guy need did not go to trial was not found guilty so I decided I'd write him back and say I agreed with him and I put the video on private so nobody can watch it now until he goes to court and he's in front of a jury and the there is a decision made but I want to read this story real quick ... to give up Mr shot is due Randolph mayor Dwayne shot who is accused in a child sexual assault case pleaded not guilty to five counts Monday during an appearance in cedar county District Court shot sixty one pleaded not guilty on four counts of sexual assault and one count of child abuse each a of the charges is a felony carries a sentence of up to three years in prison and a fine he appeared in court with his attorney Luke Henderson of nor flock the mayor left immediately after the proceedings concluded which lasted less than five minutes district judge Paul von so the pre trial conference for November twenty seventh so just stop a kinda want to right some wrongs that I did personally I you know he might have committed the crime scene might not of I don't know yet he hasn't been ... he hasn't been tried yet in front of a jury so with that said from now on I'm gonna have to start thinking about when I do the stories that I don't sound like I am in dieting somebody ... prematurely you know I get all emotional and upset because these are horrendous crimes that people are being acc..." + 24%
"2017-09-25 21:14:30"
"SHOCKING !!! YouTube Does The Ri..."
"free right look so I don't usually do this but I'm going to go ahead and ... applaud you too for something they did the right thing they did the right thing and I want to tell you why they did the right thing books because you guys stood up to flea it was such an overall spots in the comments about the ... talkers see of my a video game slash heads for reviewing their video and I did it in a very gentle gracious way but I'm I was disturbed well they did the right thing folks they went ahead and they reinstated the van and they just put it as age restricted and ... coming over here as you can see they've got me enabled ... for live streaming I do not no longer have a strike so you can fight back books this is good news our voices were heard ... and I want to thank everyone because it was you guys that did this by complaining and our voices were heard overwhelmingly ... so god bless you folks and then it's encouraging it's it's actually encouraging to see what people can do when you when they stick together and have a comment because flight a good flight for the right god bless you folks take care we'll talk to you soon" + 1%
"2017-09-25 19:21:17"
"#VL Showing Some Love To #BITCHU..."
"free if both we're gonna start showcasing alternative social media platforms and today I am very happy to plug beach a youth who brought maybe turned us on to us bitchy beginning of the year ever since these guys have been gracious enough automatically goes all of our videos bitch who was an extremely clean and functional platform and best of all yes votes press the wrong there is no use to sensors so I want to come and join us on folks the more since you're free flow they're the yeah I would like to thank the all their support everyone take care god" + 1%
"2017-09-25 15:20:47"
"BREAKING - #Pedogate - Anthony W..."
"well folks ... disgracing Anthony Weiner is going to get some hard time the disgraced ex congressman was sentenced to twenty one months in prison Monday for convincing a high school student undress and touch yourself via Skype in twenty sixteen we are fifty three it faces much as ten years since in the slammer after pleading guilty in may to one count of transferring obscene material to a minor the fed said Weiner a former congressman from Brooklyn began at two months sexing session with North Carolina team shortly after she messaged him on Twitter in January twenty sixteen he pleaded for probation on the grounds it is online daily Ince with the fifteen year old was due to his sick obsession with sex thing strangers rather than an obsession with under age girls the government had asked for two years in prison it's just the latest chapter in the democratic politicians very public downfall which started in twenty eleven when he was forced to resign from Congress following his first sexting scandal his twenty thirteen run for New York City mayor also went up in flames when it emerged that he was still sexting under the alias Carlos danger the fed said the latest and most insidious chapter of Weiner sexting problem began on on the evening of January twenty third twenty sixteen when a high school student messaged him on Twitter prompting a flurry of provocative responses from the former public servant who knew the team was a heist in high school court paper shell as January turned the February they're intermittent stages grew more lascivious Manhattan federal prosecutors told the judge in court filings by the end of February Weiner who by this time knew the girl was only fifteen was video chatting with her via Skype and using graphics and obscene language ask her to display her naked body in touch yourself the fed said he also sent her obscene material on self destructing messaging apps like ... Kate kick and ... confide including adult porn in a message describ..." + 36%
"2017-09-24 22:08:55"
"EXCLUSIVE Interview With Militia..."
"for Hey guys welcome back and for the past couple of days Jim and I've been talking about this citizen first responder for her aching heart beat that we have had contact with and we finally have him on with us today and so I'd like to say thank you so much to Matthew short for taking the time to talk to us in our audience and telling us your story MSU thanks thank you not a problem out thanks very early on so tell us a little bit about your background ... what started this why you were at a hurricane hardy and what you saw Sir I am the PR director with Colin take its taxes and don't comply dot com a lot of organizations started open carry movement and taxes so where are you got tenure activists who were involved with I'm it is a good truck the next on news stories and what not we used our active attempts to mmhm to promote a voluntary doesn't approve of ownership if I'm not I'm not in the state turn it on over our lives and I'm also a survivalist I teach people how to do riderless stuff it with my groups don't because of friends check them out like virus them all time I'd like to go can think I can't climb mountains and we also ... are very involved and and making big news about immediate political but arms and talk about it's the it's you know don't look good in August late August and how do you want your stuff and taking control of your own life so it just changed the story got busted because lots of people listing of all that is gone now may not understand that are out of luck to contract lots of cars as we've been ... you know we've got so magazine three times and make it a publications across the nation that we're well I'm yeah I'm open carrier fans in the fake mass shootings and students of the bureau like management done other things though when this major disaster happening inspect just I'm we were all talking amongst each other in our group fitness and it wasn't going to there is a lot of things happening I came in from California or I don't know b..." + 96%
"2017-09-24 17:07:38"
"Fema Barges Resembling Floating ..."
"well we've been talking about this year's votes ... makeshift plastic coffins that have been collected in the Midwest and other places ... in the northeast southeast folks in talking about prison barges ... prison camps of FEMA camps this is a floating one folks tonight I don't think that they care anymore look at this look at this board books it it looks like a floating jail a penitentiary sure does and the two of these floated into Port Arthur me read this article real quick because of hurricane Harvey there are some homeless people in Port Arthur Texas that are thrilled about the temporary housing FEMA has hooked up for them they're not too happy because the housing FEMA found them are barges yes three story barges that are capable of housing hundreds of hurricane Harvey E. evacuees one of those displaced peoples Gwendolyn Donahue she is currently staying at a red cross shelter and doesn't like the idea of living on one of the votes she was rescued from her home during Harvey then transported from shelter to shelter she said the last thing she wants to do is live on a barge on the water I will say I am not official not a crab I'm not a shrink because I don't know nothing about being on a boat sit down here we hate to say it but beggars can't be choosy yes it's shitty units socks but at least you have a roof over your head and it comes with three meals a day and satellite TV even though the barges look like multi story floating prisons meanwhile county judge Jeff brand exit bimah and the Texas division of emergency management are looking at other options for temporary housing such as mobile homes trailers in shelters Patricia noni another evacuated residents said she would not mind living on a barge it's a nice place to regroup get yourself together ... you know give it a try you don't know until you try said merely sounds like Nancy Pelosi without obamacare ... folks I think like I said its end game they don't care anymore they don't care about suppr..." + 50%
"2017-09-24 02:10:01"
"Stephen Shellen Discusses Street..."
"for yeah and back to you yeah we are here good trend even the salad and that he has a lot is that we are a couple of I think that we're gonna talk about is that current hurricane heartbeat disaster and some stuff that we know about that where you talk about then Kim berry art shows what's going on in Pittsburgh are in that happening in October and what we're trying to do you in this video is we'd like to talk about the kind of art where Steven it's gonna do I know it's gonna plug that's a little bit there and ... we're gonna talk about how to raise money thing get deep into the art shows and you can do that okay now welcome into our show our good friend Stephen Salan me with that well if you say and I look forward to getting my second channel starting tomorrow I'm glad I mean this some flowers just get out of your leg you for euros ideo for us by the way and the so why yeah right up ask the right after we put yours up they gave me my first a red flag I don't think you saw that no wait okay suspended at got me suspended I know they may lose my I got a flat and I got it can unity store a three month if we were one who are at the did the room with that always Hong it's taken their videos like this has really heavy pedophile yeah we're told in it he discussed them so they thought that we were bully them willing we were blown should be a briefing we were intimidating and so they gave us the communities but like the video that I was reviewing is about pedophile yeah but that's alright and it gets ads yeah no I don't know how would I know that one that's gonna dig their one that yeah I'm commented on that ... yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah but it awesome that's right yeah I earn a good line we can't cover it on their video yeah I it didn't need any more indication I mean really you have to be a more I got to see what this says it's unbelievable that's what I was trying to convey when I did that they on you guys and I I couldn't really draw that you know I was trying to fi..." + 96%
"2017-09-23 23:21:56"
"#VL Video Removed For Bullying A..."
"alright folks here's the ... video that got me my first community strike and removed from YouTube because I apparently was ... bowling that's what I got accused of this video is bowling well folks when the Serb pizza gain the thing first started coming out there is a big part of me that could not believe it ... big part of me that the wished it wasn't true and I was in denial thinking for myself but there's no way that this many people can be yeah despicable but the further we get into story and the more we research investigating yeah very gets the worse it gets and I'm really I think I'm really confirming things in my own head today after the research that I did today so anyway this is a Sasha lord she is the artist of the poster work that comment ping pong uses for their bands so they have ... entertainment may have different bands that come in she does all the coaster work for them ... here is one of them that I was looking at I so you know I start researching her and her pose a riposte turns on her artwork very weird and I was trying to get something out of it and even this is over here poster of two pizzas whatever they're doing but US because of someone and start looking at some of the headliners that they have playing over here I came across this ... this band right here call heavy breathing I want you to take notice it says ... with fifteen minutes interactive exercise expat explorer sized performance in pizza exurbs system by prince Rama that's weird right but I want you to notice something votes appeared says ... color pink pong all ages so all ages can come and see how the brain well I want to see what they were all about so I went to a year to and came across a a couple couple of their videos three to be exact was let's get on with it a little bit not playing the whole thing I needed it I am not playing all of these only the links all these but I just wanna show you a few sick things there you got a guy and he's a looking on the intern..." + 72%
"2017-09-23 20:53:49"
"Naughty Cops In The News - The Y..."
"authorities say New Jersey police officer has been charged with assaulting a juvenile after a teen girl gave birth to his child the Camden County prosecutor's office say that Camden County detective rock Blackwood this is a sexual assault charge stemming from his relationship with it on identified fifteen year old girl is in the girl allegedly engaged in any between September twenty sixteen in August at his house single out Chester township reports the courier post newspaper the team gave birth in August CBS Philly reports the official complaint says DNA tests performed by the state police based on samples the girl in the child show that mark is the father authorities say mark allegedly admitted to being the child's father and signed the child's birth certificate station reports was Reem are arrested on September twelfth and has been suspended without pay it is not clear whether mark is an attorney speak on his behalf well folks bless you will talk to you soon" + 1%
"2017-09-22 21:34:16"
"well folks it's painfully obvious that you two is trying to remove this channel from its platform they have given me my first community strike because of this video and it is just a video explaining US six video about pedophile Leah yeah we will remove this video because it violates our community guidelines you'll be able to view this video for seven days from when it was removed this period allows you to review the content and decide whether you wish to submit an appeal you're damn right I'm going to appeal because all this video is doing is explaining a video that's already up in that hasn't been removed and it's a sick video about that of pelea and it's from it's from a comet ping pong performer called heavy breathing and I know love is the name of the song the video I'll leave the link to the video blokes in you decide whether that video should remain on you too and you decide why is my video being removed from you too well if you can't view it I'm not sure if you're going to be able to read of you this or not if they're gonna keep it up or for for you to view it I know I can for now but if you decide to view my video was well you tell me what I did wrong here except for explaining a sick pet a file video yes folks here is the email that I got right here I think serious liver toss as you may know our community guidelines describe which content we allow and does it and don't allow on you to your video pizza gay comic Pinkpop performer heavy breathing sick peta file YouTube videos was flag to review upon review we've determined that it violates our guidelines we removed it from you two been assigned a community guidelines strike were temporary penalty to your account what's again folks what is wrong with me explaining a video about a video the talks about it shows and glorifies pedophile Leah votes if this doesn't read you I don't know what what would it's obvious that they're trying to shut us down there are deleting subscribers they're not notification they'r..." + 35%
"2017-09-22 14:52:45"
"Stephen Shellen Rant on VL's Cen..."
"Hey there I just wanted to show you this citizen my sunflowers many little bill water but ... you know you see the for them they're all pretty ... pretty straight up get in their son which comes from over here in the morning we see this one guy down here and I love this guy his with this great guys she he realized he couldn't go straight up and compete with these guys as he was getting too much shade so what he did she came out here and Iran on and there he has more than a little do you see that Sir survivor man that guy's a survivor so these four got the majority this sign and a fifth guy he decided no I'm gonna figure out a way to get this done I need it okay so I don't know if that's a metaphor for I'm going next or not but ... and no I haven't cut my hair not ex I want long hair just haven't bothered ... basically has to do with with with what's ... you know ... transpiring on you tube and ... and and it directly applies to my friends Germany Angie from ... Vic juris libertas ... there there they're being so monitored and ... it's just so unbelievable there Simpson lived there have been people unsubscribe to their ... YouTube channel ... when the you see get say ten or fifteen or even twenty views twenty thousand views they're now getting if they're lucky two thousand three thousand I don't think that people are seen their videos ... I would hate to think that it has anything to do with my targeting although I had noticed as early as seven or eight years ago I did some videos with Sonya from the truth the girls and I actually saw the views go down overnight now thank god I had Kim next to me and I was starting to tally them at night and check it in the mornings I just couldn't believe it and so you know yet one night we write down the number of views on a video and the next morning there's less views so everything's been ... basically monitored and and watch but it really pisses me off when it starts affecting friends of mine and J..." + 33%
"2017-09-22 01:04:54"
"#Pedogate Powerball - $338M Powe..."
"you lose hundreds of millions of dollars overnight it's become an alleged child molester Pedro could say that the winner of three hundred thirty billion dollar Powerball jackpot we thirteen was arrested by Passaic county authorities on charges of sexually assaulting a young girl whose data forty nine three six two counts of first degree aggravated sexual assault one count of second degree endangering the welfare of a child he's accused of sexually assaulting the girl for three years beginning when she was eleven and the last thing the alleged assault occurred say it works sailor who lives in my spend a two years in prison for first degree I saw child it's not the first time in court a former girlfriend it is Sanchez sued him for a portion of it as judge disaster alleging she titled from Sanchez localizado live together for ten years shared ownership of a grocery store Passaic and had a child together two allegedly had an agreement that each week they would share the purchase it was also an alleged written agreement Sanchez Xena statement she wasn't title share for women Sanchez dropped her soon after zeta reached all her legal fees generated by the Los additionally after crusade and live with cold neighbors accused him of reneging on a promise to help them pay for their rent new sued by a contractor complaint was data did not pay for renovations the home purchase in Clifton well folks will have his day in court and he's found guilty I feel like all of his millions should go to his victims victim and whatever is left over should go to the victims of sexual abuse" + 1%
"2017-09-21 15:50:28"
""Sea Of Sorrow" Hurricane Maria ..."
"Maria the sea of sorrow is living up to its name deadly hurricane Maria regain major are aching status early Thursday strengthening to a category three as he left a devastating completely powerless Porto Rico in its wake the strongest hurricane to hit Porta Rico in more than eighty years left the entire island without electricity making it difficult assess just how much damage was caused by Maria's unrelenting onslaught the storms with winds of a hundred fifteen miles an hour in traveling north west nine miles hours now Haiti with the north eastern Dominican Republic it hurts it is centered about ninety five miles north to prove sixteen a in the Dominican Republic early Thursday morning once we're able to go outside were going to find our island destroyed it said Abner Gomez quarter Rico's emergency management director information we have received is not encouraging it's a system that is destroyed everything in its path this storm is deemed responsible for ten deaths so far two people on Guadalupe seven in the medica and more important Rico the toll is expected to rise up through the trees and widespread flooding block many highways and streets across the island creating a me force drivers to go against traffic impasse police cars that use loudspeakers the war people they must respect an overnight curfew imposed by the governor to ensure everyone's safety Maria had Porta Rico is a category four storm weakened to a category two S. support to the island and then regained strength with the Dominican Republic in its sights a hurricane was still dumping rain overnight Wednesday Porter Rico where crumbled red roof tiles lay scattered across many roads and curious residents ducked under dozens of power lines still swaying in heavy winds more than eleven thousand people in more than five hundred and eighty hats were in shelters authorities in the island's capital San Juan eucalyptus trees fell nearly every other block over and wrote don look bars restaurants and coffee s..." + 49%
"2017-09-20 18:59:31"
"WARNING - Houston Population Bei..."
"I've got a great idea let's create a storm in the Caribbean let's call that storm Harvey which means warrior and then let's steer that storm towards and right before he gets the Texas let's intensify the storm into a category five hurricane and cause as much damage possible into that area and there will direct the storm to ... Houston as soon as he gets the Houston will stall and seated with moisture which will cause store it flooding courts will kill people and displaced thousands of people and cost billions of dollars but here's the real beauty of it folks we get the poison people afterwards three or four weeks later after the flooding has receded it's going to cause a huge mosquito problem which of course we're gonna go in and take care of using may lead poisoning which is highly toxic so yes folks not only are we going to kill the mosquitoes and the honey bees but we're gonna be poisoning the people of Houston what do you think sounds like a science fiction movie but it's not votes it's reality unfortunately let me read this ... from the Houston press because Heusen's get poisoned right now with standing water piles of debris from the hurt from her cane Harvey creating breeding grounds for mosquitoes to Harris County public health department authorizing aerial spraying of die brahminy PA approve pesticide over six thousand acres of the county starting Thursday about ten to fourteen days after a flood like this you're going to have an increase in mosquito activity said Dr Umar Shah the executive director of the public health department in an interview with the Houston press on Tuesday we're already seeing it the county has been aggressively grounds Frank for Miskito since last week Shaw said but with the increased risk of mosquitoes has authorized seem one thirty cargo planes from the U. S. airforce reserves nine hundred tenth airlift wing in San Antonio to drop dive bomb along Harris county's north and southern borders diagram is the trade name of the che..." + 58%
"2017-09-19 21:35:45"
"Please Let Freedom Ring!"
"th hello I am we are here today with our Israeli correspondents Marianne SEC and she is actually yeah Israel right now and I'm from what I understand she has line that some people use it with that okay got it welcome Marianne I know you're tired and now it's been long days over there for you us the travel but welcome to our show and that you so much for coming on and telling us once again what's going on in Israel and opening our eyes to the truth that there are many okay hi good evening it's sad great to see and I I've been here for a few days I have to say when I landed here I it I always thanks for being able and everything about what should I feel here the moment they just feeling like a hopeless is collapsing a I think they must each when she needs it anti people being investigated rather are you aware that no not that many years business says we're talking ministers but soaking I hate secretaries and you know across the board there are just piles and piles of people they know best get your corruption some promise you I will write an article and I will give you the whole list and make America what school if everyone that's currently being questioned and I'm just giving you generally use right now so sarin a ton Yang you ask eyesight was going to be indicted I have but she went to Argentina because you know when you initial attack before you got your whole income question and also they are just which the UN in New York to have a word about as if in a hamburger reroute and teach the process is still going on but now they have their annual holiday and new year starts tonight and so truce is a cold and everybody six innings there for days and then next week is your fucking car and then they won't eat the twenty four hours and then the week after they have an eight day holiday again so that's how the next three always gonna look the whole time I'm here on holiday and the disciples that would let the boys that you had on the recording the other guy house being hus..." + 96%
"2017-09-18 21:06:53"
"Kent Lewiss Talks FREEDOM!"
"for okay read no bulls eye on my screen now well that means will be recorded yeah Lewis with two US use the founder and the creator of this wonderful platform freedom got social web what do you like to call it yet is it really got social smart if you know what I call it freedom got social because people are really not used to the extension up dot social yet and so you're not a clear eyes instead of dot com that's got social well it thanks for coming out to our channel your channel off-again I'm thrilled to have you guys are on a freedom to all my been watching you ought you to ... get censored for a few months now yeah sure it yet so I think I thought I did you a platform where we could promote you the world and not not be censored and thank you so much I that because today you really helped us out a lot we are happy to post today video that got banned worldwide according to you too you know yeah about sexual are so uncertain Sir satanic ritual abuse yeah arm and so thank you for being here with the hopes that where nobody else should we appreciate it just absolutely blows me away how mainstream media or platform in this case and you too can promote demonic behavior by told site children but yet they such are you or saying that it's wrong it right yeah yes not only that my uncle I right welcome to freedom got social work there will be no demonic B. S. yeah well you're ed where okay creature yeah yeah so yeah sorry you've been talking the whole time I thought I saw him okay go ahead and you know yeah I want you to tell us what made you decide to do that how long you've been working on it what your background is well Harbin work you know pretty much seven days a week twelve to eighteen hours a day for close to years I like to build this it what does not easy around my thunder most of that myself and ... I built it because ice I see I started waking up when I saw what the I call them globalist globalists include central bankers US let corporations Bob the builde..." + 92%
"2017-09-18 16:50:51"
"Why Is The Congressional Medal O..."
"well if folks want to make a quick observation about a movie that I saw last night with energy the Manchurian candidate which Denzel Washington starts talking about the congressional medal of honor which is seen here is the army congressional I freaked out a little bit folks in can you see why can you see it well folks the inverted pentagram the congressional medal of honor and what is that well it's also the symbol church of Satan the inverted pentagram let's put it side by side uncanny resemblance folks look at this six or Baphomet the official symbol of the church of Satan features that go to Mendes inside an inverted pentagram next to this is the official U. S. medal of honor featuring the same goat's head symbol with the goddess Minerva in the center starshine Winston's is it not I don't know folks if it's coincidence or not but I start looking at other coincidences symbols and a lot of symbolism going on in this country folks with our government's back in the dollar bill some you know this a lot of you know this already but let's just get into it real quick this many videos that talk about the bat the symbolism in the back the dollar bills I'm not gonna get it all but let's just do our little pre cursory look at it why is there have you ever ask you a quick the question why is there appearing need in the back of the dollar bill would disappear amid have to do with the United States and why is there an all seeing eye separated top of the piece pyramid what does that have to do with the United States many people think that this is not illegal but it's a Phoenix and we've got the spider web and we've got in owl hidden in here which of course is a link luminosity symbol and then the famous novis order explore which literally means new order of the ages and and god we trust it is written and you have to ask yourself what god are they talking trusting ndem Morning Star the bearer of light Venus no to most of us is Lucifer well I come to revelations twelve nine an..." + 38%
"2017-09-17 02:08:09"
"#Pedogate - Vatican Recalls Prie..."
"another black eye for the Vatican high ranking priests working the Vatican's embassy in Washington has been recalled after U. S. prosecutors asked for him to be charged there and face trial in a child pornography investigation that again and US officials said Friday the Vatican declined to identify the priest was said he was currently in the Vatican City and that Vatican prosecutors had launched their own probes if the accusations pan out the case would be a major embarrassment for the I can and pope Francis who had pledged zero tolerance for sexual abuse a diplomat would be the second from the Vatican's diplomatic corps face possible criminal charges for such crimes during France's pap to see any trial on the Vatican Whitcomb is France's own financial czar cardinal George Pell is on trial in his native Australia for alleged historic sex abuse cases state department said it had asked the Vatican to lift officials diplomatic immunity on August twenty first it said that request was denied three days later the state department to make such a request its lawyers would have needed to be convinced that there was reasonable cause for criminal prosecution circumstances that prompted prosecutors to make the request however worry clear the justice department which would have brought any charges did not immediately comment in a statement the Vatican said that the U. S. state department had notified the Vatican on August twenty first the possible violation of laws relating to child pornography images by one of its diplomats in Washington the Vatican said recalling the priest was consistent with the dimple diplomatic practice of sovereign states in declining to identify him the Vatican said the case was subject to confidentiality while still under investigation said the Vatican had asked for information about the case from the U. S. it wasn't clear if any had been provided the Vatican has recalled on vis envoys before including its former ambassador to the Dominican Republic ..." + 32%
"2017-09-16 17:09:10"
"#Pedogate - Jeffrey Sandusky, So..."
"money flows Jerry Sandusky this on a convicted sex abuser and former Penn state assistant coach Jerry Sandusky has pleaded guilty to fourteen counts of child sex abuse charges the forty one year old Sandusky entered his pleas on Friday the charges include soliciting sex from a child younger than sixteen and soliciting child pornography according to EP sources two separate incidents one in twenty thirteen and one twenty sixteen invoke the charges which involved two different girls as a result of the plea which was entered a week before Sandusky's trial was scheduled to start he will be registered as a tier three sex offender the highest level for such an offender in Pennsylvania the terms of the plea mandate that Sandusky serve three to six years in prison but he could be jailed for up to eight years Sandusky will be sentenced on December eighteenth Jeffrey's father Jerry Sandusky is serving a sentence of at least thirty years for sexually abusing ten young boys while he was an assistant at Penn state makes you wonder folks if Jeffrey was molested himself when he was a child and yet the chain has to be broken somewhere and Jeffrey is going where he belongs and that is in prison books I hope you have a great weekend god bless and we'll talk to you soon Hey folks thanks for watching the video if you'd like to sport victorious liver toss you may do so for as little as one dollar a month on patron or you can make a one time donation on PayPal I leave the links in the description god bless you all take care and we'll talk to you soon" + 1%
"2017-09-15 21:39:46"
"#SRA Alert - Panic! At The Disco..."
"looks on really aggravated right now because all day long at them working on an edited version of this video by panic at the disco LA devoting this satanic ritual ... abuse video that's all it is folks and you're gonna see that second but yeah my video my is video got knocked off because of copyright law even though I took this song out in I put music in that was royalty free music that was more appropriate for the imagery in this video folks and you'll see when you watch the video and when you watch my video that I'll leave the lake but what does this video have folks that twenty one million four hundred ninety six thousand get this a hundred and sixty six people have watched your kids books satanic ritual abuse of a child that is strapped down into a chair and a given drugs ... mind controlled tortured folks mentally tortured if folks so this is a satanic ritual abuse will be with child abduction satanic imagery well hints of cannibalism with the human heart MK ultra mind control with the contract down in a chair animal heads read roads ... Illuminati symbols ... you name it they have it folks in this video it's all in your face and guess what Google says this is advertiser friendly okay for your kids to watch folks sick and only getting sicker so pokes just watch what your kids are or watching you know listening to because this stuff will get you this right here folks is one frame in this video that's how subtle they are that's what they do you don't you know it's a catchy song to catchy beat and that's how they get you folks so I'll leave the link to the original video this video and to my edited video on the ... on the food on the new freedom platform because I'm not allowed to put it on here so god bless you folks take care safeguard your children folks safeguard your children with all your life because there's a war out there for you children right now for their minds for their hearts to their souls people got what a guarantee talkies sport victo..." + 19%
"2017-09-15 19:12:00"
"#SRA Alert - Satanic Ritual Abus..."
"looks the following is a very disturbing music video that I edited it's by a group called panic at the disco I muted music and I put a soundtrack in there that's a little more appropriate for the imagery and you'll see what I mean the name of the song is L. A. devotes the I freeze framed some of the sections I slowed some sections down for the fact so you could see what's going on with this video what you're about to see in what our children are watching by the millions an edge up by the many millions folks satanic ritual abuse child abduction satanic imagery and once fought the satanic imagery reminds me of an aerial shot of Washington DC so I included that in the video you've got hints of cannibalism with the human heart MK ultra mind control with the kids strapped in a chair and forced to watch ... certain movies animal heads ray Rhodes Illuminati symbols you name it it's got it all folks and best of all you to Google rewards this video with advertisements votes yes it's deemed appropriate for your children and poor advertising on believable folks is unbelievable and some of this gentleman's videos have over two hundred million views sick and getting sicker I think it's a very appropriate that the last three numbers of views in this video six six six god bless you folks take care we'll talk to you soon" + 1%
"2017-09-14 16:49:40"
"“Electricity Is Really Just Or..."
"someone to give me an update on freedom social which also has freedom to Priem exchanging free to market its brand new platform by can't Lewis was the developer it's taken two years to get this far ... we're launching it or he's launching it we're helping him ... but it's great new platform floats I did a video on it yesterday so I'm not gonna get into it plus we're gonna have cans on our show tomorrow to explain in detail what this new platform is about now with that said ... from the video that I overall for this new platform thank you so much roadway that signed up however up for some reason people were not getting activation ... emails we too I forwarded can't these emails that you guys are sending me this is never had for I hear it's fixed now well and he's going to go in and man you the the people that did not get activated so please be patient you're gonna get on there ... but we're really excited about this platform floats ... I'm gonna leave the length of the video I did yesterday which explains a freedom to social change and market a little better plus we're gonna have kids on our show tomorrow cleaning the whole new platform in detail so I'm I'm really excited about this much especially when I'm seeing what Twitter and Facebook and YouTube is done to our channel as well as a lot of other two channels for us is very it's very disheartening but now is you can tell by my voice some I'm excited because I feel that this is a platform that's gonna put all of this all the social up it's a tease together like a Facebook lakes ... you too and like Craigslist because it's a marketplace here with its own crypto currency it's a great if it's a great concept but it's not live where ... going to endorse this as much as possible ... soul I leave the link to I'll leave the link if you haven't signed up yet I'll use the link in the description is wells only if the link to yesterday's ... video that describes this a little more god bless you folks ta..." + 23%
"2017-09-13 22:08:53"
"Thank You Google & YouTube - You..."
"flukes ... want to discuss a couple of things and then introduce you to this new platform first on a couple of you are for more in a couple a few of you have emailed me about some videos out there that are bashing Cynthia McKinney and Robert Steele and I haven't gotten back to you in the reason is because there's a lawsuit out there right now folks that has been filed by Robert steel and I'm allowed to say that because it's public knowledge now a lawsuit but ... because in a lawsuit I cannot discuss those videos on that channel that you're sending me so I'm not being rude I just cannot discuss those videos at this time second I want to discuss ... you too it continues to do nefarious things that our channel as well as other channels like us and one of those things is there unsubscribing people ... without telling them and they're also disabling their notifications ... to videos that we've put out floats so please make sure if you're a subscriber make sure that you're still subscribed and that you're getting notifications which leads me to segue into this new platform that was introduced Angie and myself by a gentleman named Ken Lewis who is the creator of this platform the developer of this freedom to win freedom social platform we love it folks we think that it has a lot of potential ... it's in its beta stage right now but I urge you to go ahead and sign up for it and take it for a test drive we love it ... I guess it's got a lot of potential folks ... let's see what you're looking at right now is the mirror of the Facebook so this is Facebook ... this is I'm sorry this is freedom social that you're looking at Scott groups and you know you can do comments so ... this is the mirror of a Facebook what year what we have here is freedom to just like you to of course ... and we can do let me see you can record live curry channels subscriptions here live feed so just like ... you to accept this is geared towards a truce information folks this ..." + 59%
"2017-09-13 21:45:38"
"Join Us On Freedom.Social The Ne..."
"flukes ... want to discuss a couple of things and then introduce you to this new platform first on a couple of you are for more in a couple a few of you have emailed me about some videos out there that are bashing Cynthia McKinney and Robert Steele and I haven't gotten back to you in the reason is because there's a lawsuit out there right now folks that has been filed by Robert steel and I'm allowed to say that because it's public knowledge now a lawsuit but ... because in a lawsuit I cannot discuss those videos on that channel that you're sending me so I'm not being rude I just cannot discuss those videos at this time second I want to discuss ... you too it continues to do nefarious things that our channel as well as other channels like us and one of those things is there unsubscribing people ... without telling them and they're also disabling their notifications ... to videos that we've put out floats so please make sure if you're a subscriber make sure that you're still subscribed and that you're getting notifications which leads me to segue into this new platform that was introduced Angie and myself by a gentleman named Ken Lewis who is the creator of this platform the developer of this freedom to win freedom social platform we love it folks we think that it has a lot of potential ... it's in its beta stage right now but I urge you to go ahead and sign up for it and take it for a test drive we love it ... I guess it's got a lot of potential folks ... let's see what you're looking at right now is the mirror of the Facebook so this is Facebook ... this is I'm sorry this is freedom social that you're looking at Scott groups and you know you can do comments so ... this is the mirror of a Facebook what year what we have here is freedom to just like you to of course ... and we can do let me see you can record live curry channels subscriptions here live feed so just like ... you to accept this is geared towards a truce information folks this ..." + 59%
"2017-09-13 21:25:09"
"Update Robert Steele & Cynthia M..."
"flukes ... want to discuss a couple of things and then introduce you to this new platform first on a couple of you are for more in a couple a few of you have emailed me about some videos out there that are bashing Cynthia McKinney and Robert Steele and I haven't gotten back to you in the reason is because there's a lawsuit out there right now folks that has been filed by Robert steel and I'm allowed to say that because it's public knowledge now a lawsuit but ... because in a lawsuit I cannot discuss those videos on that channel that you're sending me so I'm not being rude I just cannot discuss those videos at this time second I want to discuss ... you too it continues to do nefarious things that our channel as well as other channels like us and one of those things is there unsubscribing people ... without telling them and they're also disabling their notifications ... to videos that we've put out floats so please make sure if you're a subscriber make sure that you're still subscribed and that you're getting notifications which leads me to segue into this new platform that was introduced Angie and myself by a gentleman named Ken Lewis who is the creator of this platform the developer of this freedom to win freedom social platform we love it folks we think that it has a lot of potential ... it's in its beta stage right now but I urge you to go ahead and sign up for it and take it for a test drive we love it ... I guess it's got a lot of potential folks ... let's see what you're looking at right now is the mirror of the Facebook so this is Facebook ... this is I'm sorry this is freedom social that you're looking at Scott groups and you know you can do comments so ... this is the mirror of a Facebook what year what we have here is freedom to just like you to of course ... and we can do let me see you can record live curry channels subscriptions here live feed so just like ... you to accept this is geared towards a truce information folks this ..." + 59%
"2017-09-13 21:11:14"
"Dallas Forth Worth Contrails - R..."
"world food through squid videos show you that today was a bad day here in DFW area ... they did a lot of spring failure that one and so today would have been a beautiful beautiful blue sky day on a cloudless sky and this is why her not contrails guys M. trails geo engineered M. trails and so and you know we've been I've been sneezing my eyes have been run or burning yet again well once again folks baloney and the he said it is more it's about seven thirty in the morning here Texas and they've been out now it all out all night it looks like gonna make these beautiful Texas guys welcome back out later but this is what it is those dark clouds Sir can carry so they're back doing this again obviously and I woke up this morning in my eyes are burning in my chest is burning nose is running yesterday and he's started reading it's really Hadley somebody didn't give trump the word stop doing this looks like the way god bush posted by update on Texas geo engineering I don't care if you want I did geo whether engineering everyone of colleges poisoning this guy's night that yeah I'm not going to ship that's all blazing disguise whatever reason that they barely slowly killing us in some cases yeah above the daycare the folks thanks for watching the video like the sport victorious liver toss you may do so for as little as one dollar a month on patriot or you can make a one time donation on PayPal I leave the links in the description god bless you all take care and we'll talk to you soon" + 1%
"2017-09-13 17:05:06"
"Kim Barry Invites All to See Ste..."
"back with us tonight our good friend so yeah we also have him theory born artist you moved back from her most recent home of the Los Angeles in twenty thirteen she has created Papa studios across the country school in our age of four three Carnegie Mellon university's accelerated youth artists Graham and the Pittsburgh Corning he museum and a graduate and state university very has created experimental art studios sweet when it six implored us wet eleven in Los Angeles and most recently pick three four in Pittsburgh yeah each creative space she designs interactive environments can include paintings jurors music movement an installation many times collaborating with invited artists of all time her work itself in private and corporate collections her work has been exhibited nationally and internationally including the loo contemporary art festival Long Beach is one hundred years of women in art exhibit and the Oxford international art here her paintings come been seen on TV series such as criminal line and in an upcoming James Franco film and released today she has spent time as an art director for independent films Ecurie then featuring up and coming bands filmmakers artists and writers and we have her on my thighs you know them as an art piece I was I'm glad I did I'm glad I didn't I didn't admit and anything else a because it's it that's that's another overnight I think you'll like this be like I might not I don't know happy to meet you so guy now let why you're on tonight with going on okay also started off you go first okay so Kim berry I commented on one of the videos I think that we you and I got you an idea right that's right that's why I first I that's I I've been watching on the chorus Libertad Libertad us for well it for five months and you then you did the interview and I just was so excited that you got on and start talking so I had to face her minute so so so given prominence or one of the videos right and I'm like well who's this and it was really kin..." + 97%
"2017-09-13 15:16:53"
"Joe Sweeney Discusses Newspaper ..."
"for I our guest today is the founder and C. E. O. S. court reform LLC ice and Francisco Bay Area and that you see firm that works to improve this year ness transparency any kitchen scene and the judicial process the firm's work has been featured in numerous California mainstream publications including the San Francisco Chronicle that daily journal a recorder and the center for investigative reporting it just formed a new nonprofit call center for modern courts which will be replacing his LLC and will be working hard to bring more technology and oversight to the family court system Joe also has a tutoring company called East Bay tutoring and a small technology start up company called us that but the exciting project that Joe is here with us today to talk about is the new digital and print newspaper called ex parte which is watching in October and is dedicated to covering that family worked crisis welcome to our show Joe's through me yeah so it's a happy for taking time to explain what was going on and the family court definitely needs some minor overseen it certainly crisis there yeah absolutely and a lot of our work guide dovetails very nicely with your work involving yes agencies ... because the courts and the government agencies that are responsible for ensuring that our kids are protected and that families are getting the services they need are are inextricably intertwined ... and so my organization's out largely focused on trying to bring more judicial transparency and accountability to the system ... but the new projects that we're launching are actually much broader scale in that I'm and as you mentioned the most exciting project that we're working on right now is the launch of the new digital print newspaper I'm called export day and that we have assembled a really good team of publishers writers investigators I'm in were also having a lot of different contributors the paper as well and these are going to be lawyers academics arms and some other peop..." + 93%
"2017-09-13 15:06:38"
"#PoisonSkies - #DFWChemtrails #C..."
"world food through squid videos show you that today was a bad day here in DFW area ... they did a lot of spring failure that one and so today would have been a beautiful beautiful blue sky day on a cloudless sky and this is why her not contrails guys M. trails geo engineered M. trails and so and you know we've been I've been sneezing my eyes have been run or burning yet again well once again folks baloney and the he said it is more it's about seven thirty in the morning here Texas and they've been out now it all out all night it looks like gonna make these beautiful Texas guys welcome back out later but this is what it is those dark clouds Sir can carry so they're back doing this again obviously and I woke up this morning in my eyes are burning in my chest is burning nose is running yesterday and he's started reading it's really Hadley somebody didn't give trump the word stop doing this looks like the way god bush posted by update on Texas geo engineering I don't care if you want I did geo whether engineering everyone of colleges poisoning this guy's night that yeah I'm not going to ship that's all blazing disguise whatever reason that they barely slowly killing us in some cases yeah above the daycare the folks thanks for watching the video like the sport victorious liver toss you may do so for as little as one dollar a month on patriot or you can make a one time donation on PayPal I leave the links in the description god bless you all take care and we'll talk to you soon" + 1%
"2017-09-13 13:08:53"
"Kim and Steve Art Promo"
"you don't really look at the heart don't really look at this ology and yeah I have created yeah our evenings yes absolutely so unless absolutely sure looks good time now were any artists that's actually talking about what's going to work today yeah I'm good at being a B. C. and I also want to hide and to be able to see how much this baby spaces for people and go and every time unlike hoping to read life and thou into the good with my with not only myself but with all the people that I believe it was my aunt's place is in the works I deadlines and needs stations might also you think humor orders energy that's ever think he's around your eyes the best that the best thing that we can say is that to to raise awareness she knew the connections between so many different industries and philosophies and actions high and low that are really causing destruction people I love laughs it's going to last it's just me one night only I'll have that I'll have the all but yeah it's really by women wore when we open up for other actions like recycled in McLean is it in the shower you can also I mean even if people are interested in learning more about the studio backslash the whole now this is something that people even if they'd like to really help out and we're taking donations PayPal so I you know Ngee and needs two dollars for we're gonna make I'm one nbatv ... Stephen Meg does the eight by ten I will mail it person uhhuh same here we've heard that I can't think I'm curious never did hear anything everybody always talks that is about clothes to know Chrissy the machines not the machine throughout your cell phone not that I did the program the problem is ... money is being taken out of my day ... over ten thousand dollars don't trust your thoughts and may not be your idea so right things are being moved around no I'm not on any medication I'm getting followed okay how many people follow me in the street you know I have said it's a good road error occurred did any day it wa..." + 12%
"2017-09-11 16:48:19"
"#PEDOGATE - Camp Lejeune Marine..."
"looks better be in the news a decorated marine colonel base in North Carolina has been found guilty of sexually abusing a six year old child local media outlets report fifty six year old Daniel Wilson of Madison Washington was found guilty of sexual abuse of a child six counts of conduct unbecoming of an officer and gentleman an absence without leave on Saturday he was certain Sunday at camp la June th five and a half years of confinement it was dismissed from service was found not guilty of several additional charges including the rape of a child and sexual assault the government said the charges stemmed from incidents in Australia camp machine and Beaufort's Caroline guilty Wilson served in the marine corps for more than thirty years pleaded a lot point how sad also folks coming up later I will be updating every and who's a trailing aroma god bless you folks saying prayers for all the people in the line of these horrific storms we'll talk to you soon Hey folks thanks for watching the video sport victorious liver toss you may do so for as little as one dollar a month on patron or you can make a one time donation on PayPal I leave the links in the description god bless you all take care and we'll talk to you soon" + 1%
"2017-09-09 23:10:29"
"#FBIAnon - Awon Cut A Deal and..."
"well folks it's been a crazy crazy day today with the ... hurricane Irma approaching up Miami and I just received notification or an email from F. B. I. non asking to get this heartfelt message out to you all ... and I said I would even in the midst of everything that's going on being that happy I am not has been very good to this channel in giving us a lot of information so go ahead and read this folks just received this ... nine about now ago the media missed Harvey completely they were asleep at the wheel weather is politicized if mainstream media wants to hide a store the simply amplify another story noticed the a one story it keeps coming back the fact is a one was scared he would be neutralized by Mossad CI a that's why he set up his own boss with the DOJ it was choreographed a one left his computer and bread crumbs to D. W. S. in Israel Netanyahu is the puppet master for one day Chuck Schumer Adam Schiff and W. Wasserman Schultz were deeply involved if any reader has a ton of pertinent data on his computer and has made his own deal with the F. B. I. the walls are closing in on Netanyahu now they have over forty counts against him so far but the big crisis is yet to come when the American people realize their staunchest ally in the Middle East has been extorting and spying on their politicians call me is also in big trouble to tell you the truth I personally had faith in him no more there are many of us who spend our lives trying to protect the people complete our professional Mandy by identifying domestic threats and now many of us in the icy community feel that the lawmakers themselves must be held accountable if trump can survive the plots and sabotaged his next chess moves should be to demand from Israel and Saudi Arabia a full accounting of their duplicitous trump needs to audit the CIA and a pack and most importantly he needs to make public any and all politicians who have received any money or favors from Israel and Saudi Arabia end of transmis..." + 26%
"2017-09-09 16:53:32"
"IRMA UPDATE - Miami Beach EarthC..."
"well folks is there live cam shot of Miami beach as about twelve forty P. M. eastern time this is earth camp dot com what can I say there's not too many more warnings that we can talk about folks this is ... less than twenty four hours of the I hitting Miami beach I still some I see some people in the water walking the beaches who have decided to weather out the storm well folks if you've decided to do that I hope that you've done it with the proper mindset and that is basically that you're not gonna have any power for an undetermined amount of time that you're not going to be able to get to go to the stores are to the gas station you're not going to be able to get anywhere and even if you did they're not going to have food water and they're not going to have gas so that's the proper mindset that you're going to be basically living out in the woods with any of those no running water ... electricity maybe self service I don't know I don't know how that hopefully it's not going to be that that folks but with this storm the magnitude of this storm fury of the storm ... you have to make those assumptions so I hope you I hope you left Florida folks but if you didn't I hope you're ready so here's the path the storm it's less than twenty four hours the I. hitting Miami and the tracking north ... through Atlanta the Nashville no doubt these areas here are going to be heavily flooded ... torrential rainfalls and then all of Florida folks I just I've been praying all week long for everyone in the Caribbeans and now Florida folks because this could be ... a storm that we're going to be talking about for very very many years to come books prayers to all these people god bless you all ... and will keep our reporting on this as it gets closer to leave the link if you want to ... to go to the cam here a Miami god bless you all take care we'll talk to you soon" + 6%
"2017-09-09 02:18:31"
"Is Irma Being Manipulated By A H..."
"let's let's have some fun ... I got an email with this attachment here and start looking at it a little bit so the next time money your family or friends says that there is nothing into our weather modification it's just conspiracy when you're wearing your team had shown this dude did a little research check this out it's a patent it's a patent for hurricane and tornado control device okay it is a it the inventor is Andrew wax manse who have wax Manske it's it's also represented by a patent lawyer Richard C. Lipman so I want to check it out and did some Google searches are I use Google ... but ... under ... Google patents it looks like it is definitely a just a legit Patton now listen to this the abstract a method is disclosed were affecting the poor nation and or direction of a low atmospheric weather system audio generators are positioned to project sound waves toward a peripheral area the weather system the sound waves are generated at a frequency to affect the formation of the weather system in a manner to disrupt enhance or direct the formation the sound waves can also be projected in a manner so because the system produce rain folks this is even on just fear gusty a patent so this is the real deal I'll send you all the links we'll put him in the description this is the real deal and not so I came over here to and so we have the U. S. patent this is a dot gov this is a dot gov website here under U. S. patents and you'll see that the Richard C. Littman let me law offices is the patent attorney and what you know Arlington Virginia ... here's is a professional experience Mister Littman he has worked for DC one of the things that he's done is he is the patent committing co chair or he was of the intellectual property law section of the DC bar Washington DC so I thought that was a coincidence perhaps not a very interesting let's have fun with this guys I just started looking into this wanted thank god the person that sent email marketing name their name..." + 27%
"2017-09-08 22:34:23"
"VL Appears on The Hagmann Report..."
"when I see the when I say the phrase arm victorious liver a liver toxicity what would you think of what what would what comes to mind except maybe second your Latin her third year Latin freedom to live perhaps weren't just freedom truth liberty freedom Jim in NJ our our a husband wife team there are there are yours bloggers investigative reporters and and much younger Victorville of Victor's labor tasks thought com is the website and the program I just know what just watch that a show of theirs I think was over the weekend this vet was event tastic ... ... effect they had Robert David Steele and the as of the mckinny on is a very interesting broadcast so without them right oh okay good Eric the tech just give me a thumbs up German Angie welcome to the high one report they are yet how a boy you guys look good yeah thanks for joining us any you thanks for having it really I think you're our first when the interview size yeah I don't know why I'm so nervous we haven't been interviewed yet we just do all the interviewing so you you have me at a disadvantage well okay here's what I want to do I watch it consider this not interview but interrogation so we don't have the lights on not really it's great BR thank you well it it it you know what you guys are doing such great work are the obvious question and and when I said when I was I was I went through your in your library ... but how to get started in doing what you're doing I think this is just a fantastic which is doing is fantastic yeah because you're good at it that's the thing but how to get started up you know and you know I've always been into the truth and want to get to the truth and we don't like evil and corruption us so we've always been into that little bit on the conspiracy side as well but it's not conspiracy that's the fact is it anyway all I hear last year twenty sixteen up around may I just thought I had it in me I like how you got sixty seven dollars for a microphone and the guy you to channel ..." + 96%
"2017-09-08 17:59:53"
"Please Help Zeus Find a Family"
"this is there's Zeus was found wandering around the throat almost got hit a few times by some cars and you take it to the bad he does have a ship but his ship had been erased and he'd been reported as dead and so we're looking for a home for Zeus he's so Sweeney he snorts a little bit any snores we are I think he's so so means I mean if a forever home if anyone knows anyone that can labs use the way he needs to be left please let us now I don't think he has very good site he runs into some off and M. bumps and the stuff quite a bit but he is a smuggler and he's a sweetheart there's are you just the" + 1%
"2017-09-08 17:28:28"
"#PEDOGATE - Former State Senator..."
"well folks we first reported about this in March wind Ralph senator Ralph Shorty was caught in a hotel room with a teenager we have an update former state senator Robb Shorty wept in court Wednesday after being charged with war federal child sex crimes that will require him to spend at least fifteen years of a federal grand jury meeting in oak city returned up four count indictment Shorty thirty five child sex trafficking child pornography offenses Shorty was a Republican Oklahoma City pleaded not guilty Wednesday afternoon after being brought to a federal courtroom in handcuffs he wiped away tears with a tissue he was released after agreeing to a series of stringent conditions including wearing an ankle monitor and having his computer use monitor he must avoid intentional contact with any child other than his own and must stay away from any form of photography well it's not the biggest fish in the world but ... I thought I would do it update on Mr Shorty being that I reported on this ... March so ... you will have his day in court and maybe ... justice be served god bless you folks take care we'll talk to you soon the folks thanks for watching the video like the sport victorious liver toss you may do so for as little as one dollar a month on patron or you can make a one time donation on PayPal I leave the links in the description god bless you all take care and we'll talk to you soon" + 1%
"2017-09-08 14:18:02"
"MASSIVE 8.2 Earthquake Hits Mexi..."
"well this is getting quite suspicious at least fifteen people died in it historically massive earthquake that struck the southern coast of Mexico early Friday toppling hotels and houses and prompting tsunami waves and power outages United States Geological Survey said that eight point two quake hit about seventy three miles off it traced Pecos Mexico along Mexico's southern coast its epicenter was a hundred two miles west of Tapachula in southern chi apostate and had a depth of about one twenty one miles the quake was so powerful it sent people fleeing from building six hundred fifty miles away in Mexico City president and regal pain and yet so said the earthquake is the biggest country has seen in a century he said that sixty two aftershocks followed the quake and its possible one is strong at seven point two could hit in the next twenty four hours but we'll keep you updated prayers all the people that were affected by this in Mexico also be reporting on the three hurricanes that are now active god bless you folks and we'll talk to you soon eight votes thanks for watching the video sport victorious liver toss you may do so for as little as one dollar a month on patron or you can make a one time donation on PayPal I leave the links in the description god bless you all take care and we'll talk to you soon" + 1%
"2017-09-08 14:16:37"
"Medical Malpractice Turns Into C..."
"our guest tonight Tricia do warrant is the mother of four children and has been a full time mother since her first child was born she lives with her children and husband in Washington state she describes herself as an outspoken advocate for a number of causes including disability rights domestic violence her it's alright anything empowerment on October tenth twenty sixteen the state of Oregon accused Tricia have medical child abuse at first he attempted to follow the advice returnee instate quiet believing that truth and justice will prevail but three weeks ago she came forward publicly to share her story at D. H. at nothing in Darmstadt to resolve this case and not instead violated the rights and safety of their family and in danger her children we also have with us Jim fun it had been here with us before and some of you may remember that he is a former CPS case worker and case manager and now that he's retired he spends his time working with and helping as many people as you possibly can to get out of the temple when I seek yes is here to see if he can help Tricia rep tonight so welcome to the show German Tricia Hey guy yeah and we'd like to start by and asking if Tricia would give us a brief background of what's going on in your life so the case started in October of last year I was accused of medical child abuse and at first I wasn't really that concerned I figured it would just resolve I knew I hadn't done anything wrong I'd worked at the same doctor or over sixty years and it was the neurologist beach robe three hours even what we know and I think it would just they would talk to people and figure out that this wasn't a medical we're not wasn't what happened and so here we are eleven months later and all court children happen again I was four months pregnant when this is half and when my infant son was but it ... great help him because of the existence of the or in case no other reason it was a healthy breasts at impact I've wow and so I've decided I mean..." + 96%
"2017-09-07 18:00:47"
"Catastrophic Hurricane Irma Upda..."
"that would give you know update on hurricane Irma so far nine have been reported dead in the Caribbean's from the storm and thousands are homeless ninety five percent of the island seen Martin has been completely demolished now listen this folks one million had been reporter Rico that's you can see by this model the ... storm is now affecting Haiti and the Dominican Republic it's moving its way it's posted it Cuba and the Bahamas sometime early Saturday morning ... and then ... effect southern Florida early Sunday morning moving its way up the peninsula and then to Georgia South Carolina and North Carolina no doubt causing the rain and flooding in those areas also being reported is that there are two power plays nuclear power plants ... in the line of fire of Irma in southern Florida so we really have to watch out as well ... do you live in Florida I'd like you to comment and tell me what the situation is ... as far as food the grocery stores ... the gas stations how are people evacuating what's the road situation like right now with traffic and hopefully everybody is getting out of there or has already got now of their and avoided the rush for XP you wait until tomorrow or the next day you're going to be stuck in traffic ... the grocery stores are gonna run out of food and water and supplies and no doubt the gas stations are going to run out of gas so please be prepared votes please have all of your supplies food water in hands already or get them to day media I also want to show you it's going on here boats we've got three count of three her Cain's going on at the same it's one Cartier is ... in Mexico it is supposed to hit Mexico I believe early Saturday will look at that I'm here in a second here's our mom and right behind Irma is Jose folks if Jose god for bid Jose follows Irma same path I mean I know you want to talk about devastating ... here Scott today qadi a projected to hit early Saturday morning because torrential rains flooding in..." + 42%
"2017-09-06 15:16:36"
"200 MPH Winds IRMA - Most Powerf..."
"overnight it is working on the most powerful Atlantic hurricane in recorded history slamming that carribean island overnight prohibiting showing the category five storm with winds hitting over two hundred miles an hour the moment it gives the word so someone do little update because it looks like more of Florida is going to be affected in the latest models ... with the eye of the storm Irma two hundred mile an hour wind according to my powerful storm ever recorded in on believable but if you live in Florida you need to have your evacuation plan in order right today not tomorrow the next day today avoid the panic avoid the rush trying to get out of there ... if for some reason you're going to try to weather out the storm just remember even if you do make it through the initial wind damage typically what we really see ... doing the most damage is the flooding so let's not forget about the flooding are you going to be able to get anywhere and even if you do get there will there be any food water or gas available ... will the electric go out you have to think about all of these things and I want to tell you this is not fearmongering because this is what happened in Texas not too long ago and I know because I live in Texas and I want to tell you something this another thing the states that are surrounding Florida you better be prepared as well because I live about four or five hours away from Houston and you saw what happened Houston this is gonna be devastated for months perhaps years to come the DFW the Dallas fort worth area was affected a week after the flooding in Houston because of gas because of gas shortages now mind you that there was a rumor that when al and panic hit the DFW area and last weekend gas stations were running out of gas I know that because I was looking at the lines as a matter of fact I had to sit in a line and ran out yeah ... the gas stations ran out of gas as I was sitting on so that's how far the storms can affect people how many..." + 30%
"2017-09-06 01:12:24"
"On the #UNRIG Tour With RDS and ..."
"welcome friends welcome to another edition of freeing the body freeing the soul I'm your host Dr David the cutting edge stock and here on freeing the body freeing the soul we do powerful interviews with people that are doing cutting edge work in the areas that healing or spirituality or social transformation and I am particularly excited about two days program so if you're watching or you're listening a I promise this will be really valuable for you my special guest today are Robert David Steele who are those of you who follow me know that I interviewed Robert a couple times before and then a new person for our show but certainly not new to transformation and not new Spiro ... social justice not new to being ... well known on the national scene is ... Cynthia McKinney and so I'm not gonna take a lot of time giving you their backgrounds I will link you to other shows that will cover that but today I want to take more of the person centered approach to this particular conversation which is really a conversation about what you and I can do as loving conscious concerned Americans who love freedom you love social justice I love oh meritocracy who love our country who are very very concerned almost sometimes feeling hopeless and resigned about the nature of public life in this country about the nature of politics and speaking from my own personal experience I have gone through this over the last few years the more I awakened to what is really going on on this planet and we how the planet is actually run at a socio political economic level the more I've had to deal with my own issues of hopelessness my own issues of resignation I've often thought about the character John Galt in atlas shrugged about maybe I just wanna take my marbles and a few friends and create an alternative culture and just drop out okay I'm sure we've all had these kinds of conversations and so it leaves the spots in our head and yet there's something that keeps me from just taking my marbles ..." + 96%
"2017-09-05 16:27:25"
"day on her cane arm of floats in an observation right now Irma is a category five hundred seventy five mile an hour sustained winds is a very very dangerous and powerful storm both the matter fact is the most powerful storm in the Atlantic Ocean the last ten years right now the model has it going over the Leeward Islands is a category five tomorrow morning then tracking its way over to Porter Rico still as a category five hundred sixty mile an hour winds Thursday morning then making its way over to Haiti at a hundred fifty five Friday morning full onslaught over the bar Cuba Saturday morning a hundred fifty five miles an hour and votes if the model holds true hitting the southern tip of Florida Sunday morning at a hundred and fifty miles an hour very dangerous for now the observation the names of the storms the last two storms folks hearty and arm up what do they mean well Irma votes means war goddess and Harvey means warrior are eager for battle what are they trying to tell us folks who are today deep state the bad people the black cats votes the Illuminati what are they trying to tell us I believe that they are going to try to start a war and this whole narrative with ... North Korea and missiles and taunting us and we are threatening them back so couple weeks ago I did a video are the drums of war beating I think that they are floats with you think now let's look at the markets and how it's affecting the markets today the Dow was down a hundred forty five points also a couple weeks ago and I've been talking about this I think all of this news is going to negatively impact the market and the dollar but we'll have to see both so keep you abreast of what's going on with the market as the days go on that will also keep you updated on this is a very very dangerous and powerful storm prayers to all the people in the path of the storm unless you folks take care the boxes" + 5%
"2016-07-26 17:11:26"
"Naomi Wolf - The Government Stag..."
"what do you think of what happened in Boston if I were looking for our you know current to teenagers Allen addict took over the whole city and shut it down and to me that look a whole lot like martial law yeah ... ... god I can't believe to see this is why do I give this talk because I knew that we conversation and that's on the record alright let me take a step back and no no you how we have to deal with it let me take a step back in a deep breath because this is a very painful thing to talk about ... so all over the world we know it's well established a state department intelligence agencies engaged in theater and it's what they do at spy craft to create ... specter calls and advance that people may not realize her spectacles in advance but that well like Theon the overthrow of Mosaddegh in the fifties in Iran but if they kill funnel money to protesters felt you know fly people into it infiltrate put protestors del create fake news papers and so on so we know that this happens in countries around the world I believe that a law has been passed to the United States I think part of the defense authorization act and to confirm this that permeate now makes it illegal to propagandize American citizens is that do we know about that yeah it's true and is it in the end he airs and something else we now separate bill to separate bill and it's been passed now law do we know it in two years ago what do we know the name of it is number I don't think we send me the link thank you so what this means is I like you know as a journalist to say these words just I can't tell you with what a heavy heart I see them we've entered an era in which it is not crazy to assess news events to see if they're real or not real and in the United States as well as overseas and in fact it's kind of crazy not to now what you know there's so much ... hype about what I just said and and so I would be very clear about it so it can't be taken out of context do you know there's spoon hardly t..." + 77%
"2016-08-10 23:23:46"
"Breaking - Spiderman Apprehended..."
"I guys this is a live right now is the guy that so scaling to tell here he's got four suction cups nobody knows exactly why he's scaly he's got a backpack on these and believe he's on about the twentieth floor they've got a top ten window that al above him a floor there's scaffolding to the left of him where he's going right now scaffolding not sure how they're gonna good luck getting this guy or what he's up to ladies agenda is summary chaos continues floats and I've got some stories for you as well coming up after this it's more information that came from Pentagon inside of we'll keep this on for a little while ago these can spoiler right it is a strong tower twenty first floor twenty first floor unknown individuals scaling tower is for time there's so when a window was right what we're it's all working out we heard cheers from the corner of fifty in Madison as well as if you how many and that's because boys have fifty six street blocked off as they try to get so the corners here are the only areas where yeah watches on glory we know right now well over twenty for or possibly war right now working his way around the sun you'll eventually run into on that side of the building on the south side stumbling window watching the there for the last half hour nobody's anyway as well I just learned resources on the ground that they do have a victim this debate close enough to what we know that there is a sizeable its presence on the more after using a windows ninety nine they're on the twenty Flores laughs out of the window this way for this what would it take to get him then we know crashing down instead of trying to go into that we know he just wait around it now just judging by like so more we have a and alongside the building best labels down on route one landing one down but in the end there is more roundup that's what sidewalk we know that their money if posted one outside the building now is the yes you know I'm trying because the motion work this out tell them to..." + 77%
"2016-08-16 22:21:15"
"Leaked Memo Confirms George Soro..."
"such a dramatic title for a video but ... let's get on with it read this article from the ... daily call caller in show you what I mean league saros memo refugee crisis new normal gives new opportunities for global influence a leaked memo from the left winger financier ... George Soros open society foundations argues that Europe's refugee crisis should be accepted as the new normal and that the refugee crisis means new opportunities for Soros organization to influence immigration policies on a global scale OS it F. program officer and it Crowley and program specialists Kate about Caitlyn rosin co authored the may twelfth memo titled migration governance and enforcement portfolio review the memo focused on in O. S. F. program called the international migration initiative which aims to influence immigration policy the nine page review makes three keep O. S. up points OSF which sold out millions to left wing causes has been sick successful at influencing global immigration policy Europe's refugee crisis presents new opportunities for the organization to influence global migration policy and the refugee crisis is the new normal it says again one of the purposes that review Crowley and Rosen right in the introduction is to consider the effectiveness of the approaches we have used to achieve change at the international level section of the review called our work describes how Merrick is least transparent think tank has worked with leaders in the field to Sheik migration policy making and influence regional and global processes affecting the way migration is governed and enforced in a section titled our ambitions the author explains our premise for engaging in work related to governments was that in addition to mitigating the negative effects of enforcement the negative effects of enforcement of immigration while we should be supporting actors in the field so supporting that's money pro actively seeking to change the policies rules and regulations that govern my g..." + 67%
"2016-10-11 17:39:57"
"I folks is breaking I just ... received ... in email from AD government insider no one me to get this information out to you it's important as we've been saying this for quite some time that we felt what we're about to disseminate to you has been going on for at least well longer than eight years I'm not gonna put this all on Obama this is been going on for quite awhile at least back to the bushes and and before that but this person writes to me F. B. I. leakers are now quietly leaking directly to Weeki leaks and also to the trunk campaign person says that the trunk tape was leaked by a man named Dan send our send a war and C. N. O. R. who is a poll Ryan associate Ryan is being picked by the New World order to run in twenty twenty meanwhile operation garden plot is being ramped up the government is falsely blaming Russia for that axe there will be new emails leaked that will show this most of the leaks do not come from Russia but from us the white hats within the government who can no longer close our eyes to the Clinton foundation the Clinton foundation has the DOJ DOJ on their payroll they are driving Obama they own CNN NBC the HuffPost The New York Times Washington post etcetera they control central banks Star Wars it cetera and we know that ... Soros's behind a lot of this as well well it it's all together it's all polluted together ... make it clear that most of the leaks are from the inside government people who are alarmed and believe traders have taking over the government enemy is within our gates and Obama is involved as well and I thought about that too I thought you know Obama I've been single bombs been involved for quite awhile if you remember the last Sir ... press a meeting that he had with the press dinner he one of the first things he said is the end of the Republic has never looked better and then he dropped and then at the end he dropped is Mike Obama out put two fingers to his lips which ... that whole scenario is Obama out I've d..." + 34%
"2016-11-21 21:56:50"
"Happy Thanksgiving From VL - We ..."
"if so this was a higher body in which your body a happy thanksgiving honor the misses a lawyer taking in the few days hiatus plus relaxing so I have been a beautiful day by the fire as I go buddy just go on I'm just going to be on here for a couple minutes I just wanna say hi to everybody and happy thanksgiving and learn thought it was funny I did that report about Eric ... at Edward exposing her for some reason Edward Snowden and the ... earthquakes I mean sure ... lone behold there's been a couple more earthquakes in the last two days I know we get earthquakes all time that still something I thought was interesting not only that but for some reason you too is not allowing me to you advertisements on that video for some reason I don't know whether it's because I've mentioned Edward Snowden for earthquakes or I don't know but that's that's so guys I don't really yeah I'm on my phone right now so I will have the ability to do on to answer anybody as far as tight and stuff but I mainly just going to be on here for thirty more seconds saying happy thanksgiving aired by old you know I love you guys and I hope everybody has a wonderful wonderful day with your families and the and take one day just to relax and not worry about all of this stuff that's going on in this in this world bad negative stuff and just be with your family enjoy it so folks take care once again and we'll be back soon there's a lot to report have a good afternoon guys a good night once again happy thanksgiving" + 1%
"2016-11-15 18:21:34"
"BREAKING - Insider Claims - ANOT..."
"well folks we have a breaking story temper temper Hillary goes on another rampage it seems that picture of Hillary smiling and hiking in the woods after election was just a farce as we suspected it was our most reliable insider contacted us a couple of hours ago and had some interesting needs are on our insider Hilary literally lost it on the desk to and Robbie move she grabbed me by the ear and screamed you're going to die you are all going to hell with me she was in a room full of seven people and one of them was a reporter from CNN or MSNBC she threw hot coffee on Java destined screamed you in your crimes are going to be exposed for all the world then she literally lunged at him screaming die die three people had to restrain her this happened at nine last night ... Pacific time so I guess midnight New York time shoes frothing at the mouth and had been curing Obama end comi calling it a mutiny for hours before the meltdown it was a reporter there five or six other witnesses Bill Clinton is hiding from Hillary and is just avoiding everything so now then he came back and said with another email it was actually three secret service agents Moock a CNN reporter and protest Luke was asking for payment due to fluid conditions Hillary screamed at him and asked him if he was referring to the FBI investigation of the Clinton foundation she then started calling him bitch boy and in incompetent little fag moo got angry and said what happens when the Clinton foundation suddenly shows a drop of ninety nine percent in donations starting November ninth the FBI can use that as evidence you never came clean with any of us and why should I trust you will honor my contract that's when she grabbed him by the year and starting getting violent nuke did not strike back but also became enraged and said I've seen enough dirt it makes me want to consider joining a Afrin monastery but duster took the worst of it Helly slapped him hard called not pervert and a fool and said something abo..." + 26%
"2016-11-12 15:58:48"
"#BREAKING - Clinton Supporters S..."
"good morning folks we have an interesting story that is developing that could get very interesting ... this is straight from the art T. site RT dot com Clinton supporters petition to force electoral college vote for her December nineteenth following Donald trump's when Hillary Clinton supporters are not giving in they have launched an online petition called upon the other electoral college to vote for Clinton instead of trump this Tuesday's vote in the U. S. presidential election determining elect tours in the electoral college on December nineteenth these electoral votes will in turn cast the votes to legally elected U. S. president their vote however is extremely unlikely to change the results being a purely ceremonial occasion hopefully Clinton supporters in their petition on change dot org are not losing hope though they are calling on the electoral stew ignore their state's votes cast their ballots for Clinton why they say Mr trump is unfit to serve him he scapegoating of so many Americans and is impulsive possibly bullying lying admitted history of sexual assault if he ever admit sexual assault this is blatant lies and utter lack of experience which Obama had known when they elected him ... make him a danger to the Republic the petition states like they really care about the Republic there is no reason trump should be president it people's will really around three point three million people have signed the petition so far winning the popular vote was a bitter consolation prize for Clinton did she really win the popular vote I really have to question that being that dead people and illegals a legal immigrants voting nine times ... that might of helped her with that ... with all of those votes ... the number of electoral voters a state gets is equal to its ... representation in Congress with a minimum of three Delaware DC Montana North Dakota and South Dakota Vermont and Wyoming the highest being ... fifty five which is a California the winning ..." + 63%
"2016-12-17 19:35:16"
"free well folks the plot thickens in regards to the Washington DC pedophile you and mess that's going on so let's get to it I found this article after doing some votes reach a I was on vote V. O. A. T. they've got a thread about that of ... about the peace again stories doing it excellent job over there and of investigative work and so I started doing some more research on one of their threads I found this article from western journalism and it's from July eleventh twenty thirteen it's a very interesting it reads couldn't cover up ambassadors covered up ambassadors pedophile yet US ambassador to Belgium Howard got me routinely ditched his security detail in Brussels and solicited prostitutes this according to a suppressed inspector general report further Gutman it was alleged to have been engaged in pedophile yes sex with children when agents discovered that Howard Gutman was having sex with children under age prostitute it was allowed to continue for months why it proves to be too damaging to the state department it proved to be too damaging to Hillary Clinton slated by the Democrat party to run for president in twenty sixteen and if everyone knows Hillary Clinton she will stop at nothing until she hasn't thrown in the off oval office and thank god that didn't come to fruition Clinton's damage control team have cleaned ignorance that Hillary knew anything of gotten sex with children yet after higher ups couldn't keep the sickening activity secret anymore none other than the Under Secretary of state Patrick Kennedy son in gotten to Washington to keep a tighter lid on his pet aphelia the Under Secretary state new yet Clinton herself didn't know sounds like one of broccoli bombs excuses with the IRS scandal everyone in the oval office knew the IRS was talking conservatives but brought barbarian palm of found out by looking in the newspaper yeah right god knew she didn't thrown in jail an idea is a sexual predator not dispatch back to Brussels to continue his pedo..." + 57%
"2016-12-16 01:17:49"
"URGENT Federal Court Of Appeals ..."
"okay folks have you heard about this story I mean there seems like a full onslaught attack on our children one way or the other you know and it's just whether it's the government the elites but it's really just a really starting to unnerve me I'm starting to really get aggravated about what I'm seeing what's going on in the world in our country but here's a federal case going on right now it's the number fifteen dot nine dash five five five six three it's regarding social workers having the right to lie in order to remove children from their homes unbelievable have you heard of this social workers right to lie it's a federal case one step away from the Supreme Court his case fifteen dash five five five six three feel free to look it up doesn't seem like many of heard of it and you know what honestly I had it before we put this up since a fake news A. K. A. mainstream media doesn't think it's news worthy I guess that means it's up to arm the alternative right media to cover such news that actually has the potential to affect literally every person in America well the US court of appeals for the ninth circuit heard Hardwick in Rican in October twenty sixteen an extension of a long running court battle involving demand Fogarty Hardwick two dollars in the child welfare system in Orange County California it took Indiana Fogarty Hardwick six in a half years to regain custody of her children in this case which began in two thousand because two social workers took it upon themselves to commit perjury and present false information in court Orange County social services social workers Marcy freakin and how and the why Jack filed false reports and held that evidence which would have cleared Fogarty Hardwick in Orange County jury found Wrekin would later be promoted according to county records so yet go ahead lie get a promotion that's awesome re gonna end do why Jack I took the case to appeals court and claim now that social workers have the right to lie and should be grant..." + 54%
"2017-01-06 17:06:22"
"#VIDME Please Join Us @ Victurus..."
"they folks just a real quick video to let you know that I'm gonna start mirroring my you tube channel over to a new site called they'd dot me and I've already open up an account there and there's a couple of videos up there already I'm gonna start migrating my videos just in case ... you to ... does something quirky and started deleting ... videos or now stops letting me do advertising on my videos will start coming here but ... I'll still have the channel it you too ... as long as I you know as long as it's functional I'll keep it up but the for those that are not comfortable with you too you can come here now they don't have any advertising ... yet on the videos here but if you'd like to support me on any of my videos ... there's a thing you can it's called tipping you can tip my videos or what not ... you don't have to I'm just saying if you've ever ... are so inclined support this channel you you know you're more than welcome to do that be appreciated anyway folks god bless you take care and will be doing some more reporting I have a real cool report that I'm gonna do ... later ... this afternoon early evening ... about twenty seventeen predictions and it's a it's a pretty cool concept about the it's this guy if you are looking up is it look up half past human half past human all one word look it up and you can see the kind of analysis he does ... web searching and he puts all of these ... he's got bots that go out I'll explain it later but that it's incredible David that he can get and and predict a lot of stuff that's going to happen in twenty seventeen and we'll go through that later on take care folks god bless" + 1%
"2017-01-29 16:15:15"
"#PIZZAGATE - This Will Make You ..."
"well folks the bed of files are lurking and the satanic world that establishment is eating them this is right to the core folks of the issue is the establishment of feel the way you wanna feel have you heard of trains age yet I hadn't until today well there is a movement it's called trans age and does this clover at clover gender posts we're all different on the inside trans age age fluid ... bunch of ... letters here and love is love and as you can see I have a picture of an older guy here who makes himself into a young girl reaching out to this young boy books is quite disturbing here we have ... once again each fluid so eight is called age fluid to and clover says that clover gender man we gotta tweak this person what is age gender no one should decide port lovers right and here we have I cannot believe this is this is set up folks is this real in my really seen this this this adult male dressed up like a girl with a little girl there in a pink dress is this for real so now we have an article here have you heard about this transgender entrance ager fifty two year old father lives as as a six year old girl no go down here for some quotes from him there's days I forget my past Walsh says I can actually go weak without even thinking about what was before I can't deny I was married I can't deny I have children while she admits but I've moved forward and I've gone back to being a child I've moved forward and I've gone back to being a child I don't want to be an adult right now I just live my life like I couldn't when I was in school Walsh's not speaking in abstract sense he actually wants to be a child he explains well I have a mommy and a Daddy adopted mommy and Daddy who are totally comfortable with me being a little girl and their children and their grandchildren are totally supportive in fact her youngest granddaughter when I was eight a year ago I was eight and she was seven and she said to me I want you to be the little sister so I'll be nine I said wel..." + 35%
"2017-01-27 19:51:02"
"POISON SKY - Raw Video - Dallas ..."
"early ... here in Dallas earlier they were spring behind me see beautiful blue skies over here behind me they were spraying yeah chemtrails flying insects scene you see the lines votes you see those big long clouds of billowing lines now they're they're just strong now well those cease to be thin lines right guys Mattel associate contrails just water vapors coming from jets you see that all on the side they were spring this is what's happened you could see in the background the lines if just formed one January twenty seventh it's about noon all afternoon maybe January twenty seventh Dallas twenty seventeen trump please you gotta have stopped this because dissolve poison to us boys an empty I I came out to take a walk and it's not even the safe to do that ... folks god bless they kept" + 1%
"2017-01-14 01:46:49"
"free okay you ready go down the rabbit hole again a little more right this picture's been the circulating around a little bit invoke but nobody really knew what to do with it at first the heat when in ... it vote as a James Elephanta us a picture were with that ... kind of ... your suggestion that he was involved with this yeah but we found out that he really isn't but it does have significance because this picture comes from and as you can see it's very inappropriate so little girl that looks like one of James elephant is little girl ... but she's wearing a shirt that says pizza slot on it very inappropriate even if we didn't know what we know it's still inappropriate and it is not tied into this place called pizza brains it's a piece of place in up Philadelphia and let me just preface by saying also that the pizza brains it's connected with or partnered up with a plan are a please call little baby's ice cream I don't know whether you've heard of that of it they've got some very weird advertisements that will get to work commercials that we'll get to real quick but just to see what the pizza brain thing real quick I've got the this picture here that we found on Instagram this is their Instagram account so little baby they've got this huge amount of pizza being gonna be shoved into her face on his face think it's a little girl with some just odd comments here and folks I'm gonna leave that link stop everything that I show you here so if you can do if you want to do some investigative work as well you are certainly welcome to now this is their Inc this is their full Instagram account with some very very strange pictures very Luciferian very satanic stuff very peta file you know pedophile your stuff I mean what is it about pizza and pedophile yet but it's out there folks in their shopping in our face this is just more concrete evidence that there is definitely something going on now I want to show you a video real quick or commercial ... for little baby's..." + 78%
"2017-08-23 18:44:15"
"EXCLUSIVE -Sonia Poulton PART 2 ..."
"any preconceived ideas about anything when I go into an investigation pulled me harming embarrassed that people come to me saying yeah you know whatever piece against wanna who want to be with all manner of links and everything until I've been through that owing to cut my day I'm I refuse to make statements about any and because he was not only sustain let's not get it wrong eight next worksheet heat from the mistakes in the mainstream media we know which we're trying to make a difference yes from so since you mentioned pizza gate can we talk about beats again a little bit how did you first learn about that I am today owning the number of people but what am I said one of my Facebook friends action on and dad I and he was one of the people and I I don't respect Patrick and he's going to other people told me I'd seen at what he sought to show me thanks Pat green Easter name one just cold together you choose what somebody got you know something some big problems with the truth song each year raw momentous decree created and they are truth tennis and I think that a lot you know a millennials thank thank you know everything about how it's what you have to mock dentists are you know everything about us will sing in Maine how she was comes in regrets are I had just mind will name chancellor and damage but site but not just in the number of people in my socks to looking to play it I I am not Sir a great knowledge on that so I don't claim to be what I've looked into it it is very very alarming indie I think we have to face that fact our own will has a child care and by that I mean there are many people who have an unhealthy interest in children that we are not discussing not on their own many people for many believe sugaring respect him about why this may have come about you know but practice is that men often on mac should be more attracted to women who don't own the school just because paternity issues show you just a re sense it you know I understand where I'm no speed..." + 95%
"2017-08-23 18:19:55"
"VINDICATION - Jury Rules In Favo..."
"free reflects as you may know we've done a couple interviews with the but he adds the Getzen ranch owner advocates that are of fighting against the bureau of land management the government for ... seizing land and that taking that Hattaway grazing rights so this is an update on the Bundy case of individuals that have been detained for like the bubbly ranch standoff recruited in Nevada a federal jury in Las Vegas declined Tuesday to convict one of the founders of Cliven Bundy's Nevada rancher who were accused of assaulting and threatening federal agents by wielding weapons during the twenty fourteen computation surprise willing to acquit repeat modeling and Stephen store of all ten charges and will not guilty on most charges against Eric Parker and Scott Drexler is considered a major setback for federal prosecutors attempting to try body and his two adult sons later this year the jury deliberated for four days following twenty days of testimony none of the defendants were found guilty of the conspiracy charge it using them applauding with the Bundy family to create a militia Miller's to prevent lawful enforcement of court orders to remove the family's cattle the four men were photographed carrying assault style weapons during the standoff near the Nevada town of Barkerville where they found guilty they could face decades in prison following the jury's decision chief your ass district judge Gloria Navarro asked to release leveling and Stewart immediately walled Parker and Drexler work will await their Wednesday morning hearings to find out whether they will remain in jail pending trial by the government a group of more than thirty people attending the court session celebrated the jury's decision the books we have a video of that celebration a Montana resident who also filmed the celebration John Lampe who attended almost every trial session in the last five weeks said the ruling shows that people are not going to put up with tyranny Carol Bundy the family's matri..." + 48%
"2017-08-16 03:12:26"
"YOUTUBE Suppressing Bundy Ranch ..."
"books I want to get this out so really discussed it you to get a really important in a lengthy interview yesterday with Shauna Cox and Lazar knew you didn't excellent job of outlining the corruption that's going on with B. L. M. no that's the bureau of land management's government but entity and does yeah they were involved in land grab of the Bundys and ... just a lot of corruption going on and they both did it excellent job of explaining what they're doing and why they're doing it ... for nefarious reasons but you tube has suppressed is a very very poor important affirmation in this video so greatly not even funny folks I can prove it eight hundred and forty five views only eight hundred forty five use it we we uploaded this this morning and that is unheard of with forty five thousand subscribers knowledge tell you why I say that because it did me we upload the same video on Britney my back up and that has a hundred and twenty five views with four hundred votes I only have or hundred subscribers on did me and I've got a hundred and twenty five views okay a hundred and forty five year well I used to it eight hundred and twenty live here on the that's insane vote so what I'm asking you to do is to please I signed up for a free account that me and follow us and I'll leave the link to our channel on big me because eventually I would love to just be able to leave you too alone just get out it just get out of that band you altogether and move over over here to visit me they don't seem to be doing the same kind of censorship that you tube is doing so all join me over here folks ... I'm gonna stay I'll be all you too for awhile one is movies many people over as possible ... so until then I'll still be are on you too but I'm going to start weaning off of them as much as possible and let me get this out real quick to ... I saw this somebody posted this in the comments on that that video on the video the lesson shot on video three the body's Hammond's true patri..." + 29%
"2017-09-02 19:09:07"
"Sherry Peel Jackson's NO EXCUSES..."
"but what I'm going to talk about today is what I call the master plan slump in the cradle to the grave they start out with our children most government schools do not teach anything about money that you thousands and thousands of people even not knowing my own circle better hundreds of thousand dollars in it to student loans do it also it asked the new bubble and nastiness slavery so I have even dot EDU look PhD and their law degree in mass disagree and all that that they will be its student loan debt for the rest of their lives no this is modern day slavery has nothing to do with race it has nothing to do with you culture anything like that units check is already taxed or you get it you pay for your shelter in your food and your clothes and all that other stuff there's dust if you want to go to the mall and it is no money left and he used to say to me as long as you have a job your boss is going to decide what kind of car you drive what kind of house you live in in where you know the vacation well is there a you just enough money so that you won't work for yourself I fifty or you so I will be fifty five in November at this age people start being depressed because they aren't where they want it to be you know that I understand cycle you get paid on Friday you go to the hall you get rich in your coach your Bessatsu or whatever and then you go to a party Friday night you go to artists that he did not get up all tired and go to church you could you twenty five dollars a lot and then on Monday you are Roque I ask people all the time why don't you take that nice big case in the Asia or Africa why don't you stop at daycare that you always talking about one is dreamy why don't you move to the farm and you know the answers differs it is truly really not different is really always the same business what I get these are things that I want but I am not will lead to put the time and energy in sin yet can someone else rich on your job and you come home you make somebody else ..." + 60%
"2016-06-12 16:52:46"
"Orlando False Flag - 50 Shot Dea..."
"good morning or good afternoon everybody ... as you probably know a gunman went into a gay bar night club called poles in Orlando Florida shot up over a hundred people apparently there's fifty dead fifty three have been injured rushed to the hospital and are being attended to right now do emergency surgeries I'm not ready to call this a confirmed false flag yet however there are some tell tale signs they're already starting to talk about the gun control yeah some buzz words they are fifteen assault rifle high capacity magazines ... hate crime apparently this guy ... was anti gay had anti gay sentiment that's one of the motives another motive is I'm hearing that T. ... pledged allegiance to ISIS so could been ... Islamic terrorist attack we're gonna have to see how this is spot on there's going to be a lot of people out there ... I've already saw a report that ... on another video of a possible ... crisis actor that was spotted on TV so we're gonna have to see how this turns out I know that there's a lot of really talented people investigator people on you too that are going to look at this ... with a fine tooth comb and we're gonna see I my gut feeling as is that this is a ... a false flag ... along the lines is the false flag ... yesterday in fort worth when I explained that I thought the ... that wasn't real either ... it just seems that we're being in didn't it inundated right now ... with this type of stuff as we have during all of the Obama's administration actually so my feeling is that there is a real concerted effort to ... eliminate the second amendment and to disarm the citizens of this country there's no doubt about it and it is in my one of my videos I believe also that's happening right now it's a socialist agenda and the socialist agenda called the cloud pit in stride strategy look it up do some research on it it's pretty fascinating but the ... lard paving strategy seeks to hasten the fall of capitalism by overload..." + 47%
"2016-06-11 15:17:23"
"FBI : Clinton Approved CIA Drone..."
"look good morning folks ... June eleventh twenty sixteen let's get right to it reported by so long also reported by Wall Street journal Huffington post or read the salons headline on this FBI criminal investigation emails Clinton approve CIA drone assassinate as with her cellphone report says I'm gonna go over here to read the ... the ... actual report by the Huffington post could for brevity purposes emails between US diplomats in Islamabad and state department officials in Washington ... about whether you challenge specific U. S. drone strikes in Pakistan are at the center of the criminal probe involving Hillary Clinton's handling of classified information the Wall Street journal reported on Thursday the twenty eleven to twenty twelve emails were sent via the low side government slang for a computer system for unclassified matters as part of a secret arrangement that gave the state department more of a voice and whether a CIA drone strike went ahead according to congressional and longed for Forsman officials briefed on the FBI probe the journal said some of the emails were then forwarded by Clinton's aides to her personal email account which routed them to a server she kept at our home in suburban New York when she was secretary of state the official said according to the newspaper investigators have raised concerns that Clinton's personal server was less secure than state department system do you think and a recent ... report by the state department Spector general found that Clinton had broken government rules by using a private email server without approval undermining Clinton's earlier defense defense is offered emails the still secret ... emails are part of the FBI investigation as long dog Clinton's presidential campaign the officials told the journal Clinton this week clinch the democratic presidential nomination for the November eighth election and was the worst by president Barack Obama on Thursday the what the White House we both questions..." + 61%
"2016-06-12 20:24:58"
"Update - Orlando Mass Murder Sho..."
"it looks I wanted to do an update a little bit about the ... what I now feel is definitely a false flag that happened in Orlando and does something that it's happened to me personally and that is ... ... my first amendment rights have not been completely taken away because they have been taken the video away at but what they have done is they've taken away advertising it seems that you to ... decides what videos they will out advertising if it's controversial if it has anything to do with ... anything controversy all that the left doesn't like where the government doesn't like doesn't have to be left to be honest with you it's against what the agenda is then they will take away they know most they they know a lot of people put up videos to make money and I I'm not I make a little money putting up the videos but guess what that's not my primary concern my primary objective is to get the truth out so the video is going to stay up and take away my advertising I really don't care at this point and you could take away the advertising of all all the other videos at this point I really don't care because I told you guys my main objective is to get the truth out and we need to coalesce we need to all get together and we need to figure out what we're gonna do here but this is crap alright this is obviously a false flag ... I I didn't know in the beginning but I'm going through a lot of information right now we're gonna do a follow that he on this but I wanted to let you know what you tube is doing right now not only that but they're being disingenuous and by disjoint Genua so I mean that when you look at this video it shows ... it shows two hundred twenty two video ... watches at this point in reality real time analysis the video is gotten almost three thousand views okay so it is gone somewhat viral there's a it's going around but when you look at the video when you do a search on this and you see that it's only had two hundred twenty two you kind of poo ..." + 34%
"2016-06-17 22:16:39"
"Guccifer 2.0 Leak Confirms DNC P..."
"well here is the as if I didn't already know story to read to you got super two point oh leaks reveal how DNC rig primaries for Clinton what a shock earlier this week a lone hackers self dubbed gossip for two point of breach D. N. C. servers and reportedly obtained opposition research on the presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump the DNC confirm the hack and hasn't denied the authenticity of the documents released the party has however continue to propagate that the hack who is employed by Russian government perhaps because the information but that was released far more revealing than just proposition research internal memos dated may twenty fifth twenty fifteen long before the first state voted in the democratic primary for to Hillary Clinton as though she was already the democratic presidential nominee the documents leaked by Gus over two point oh not only illuminate the DNC's effort to ensure Clinton's coronation but also reveal the strategies used to shield her from criticism on on ethics transparency and campaign finance reform all vulnerabilities for the corrupt establishment Darling despite being ... under criminal investigation by the F. B. I. N. DOJ Clinton has still managed to secure the democratic presidential nomination and despite revelations from the state department Spector general who reported Clinton did break federal rules effectively debunking the defense that she had echoed for over a year Democrats still shockingly continue to vote for her in the remaining primary states unbelievable just one of the issues Clinton panders to voters is campaign finance reform even though she is reap more benefits from our broken system than any other presidential candidate in American history Clinton has received millions in dubious donations through super pacs by exploiting campaign finance law loopholes thanks to an exempt internet clause in existing campaign finance law the Hillary victory fund a joint fund who Ricky seeing committee of ..." + 65%
"2016-06-16 15:26:40"
"CONFIRMED- Omar Mateen Was An Ac..."
"nnsl right looks ahead to get in this one real quick our friend the whole Mormon team appeared in a documentarian about BP oil spill six years ago before Olander shooting zaminda reported by the New York Daily News how bizarre folks this is a this shooter now it was an actor as well yeah actually appeared in two films he appeared in love city Jalal la la bad and the big six so this is like four confirmed actors that are part of this ... Orlando shooting and it's getting more and more bizarre folks areas I just had to get this out real quick what do you guys think got a crazy high kind of weird suspicious ... ha ha stay tuned because ... this evening I've got a great report coming out about the a leaked document the evidently a memo ... implicating Mr Obama's far as perhaps help funding isis we'll talk to you soon" + 1%
"2016-06-15 00:37:52"
"Federal Court Ruled Today - Inte..."
"well folks as a country talks about in obsesses about mass murder in what I believe is a false flag what so often happens is behind our backs a ruling is made that nobody even thinks about or talks about and it's just slid right underneath the radar and this one's big folks this one's big Cork bats rules treating internet as utilities not luxury I'm just going to read the first article I mean the first paragraph here high speed internet service can be defined as a utility a federal court has ruled in a sweeping decision that ... decision clearing the way for more rigorous policies pausing a broadband providers and greater protections for web users greater protection for web users all in the name of security taking away your rights taking away your freedoms so basically folks the court has ruled now that the federal government will start policing the web the federal government will start taxing the internet the federal government will start and regulating the internet if you think that this is good then think again when was the last time that the federal government took over anything it was a success or that it was good for us or didn't hamper our freedoms so it's been quite a week folks ... if you think about it a big win for the ... the globalist if we let them and that is ... well we had a L. would I believe again is a false flag and many many believe the same thing in Orlando and immediately immediately after this ... shooting in Orlando what do we hear about we hear about they are fifteens assault rifles banning them I mean they're I mean they are dead on their not even mincing the words right now they're just we need to ban assault rifles period and what what senses that make anyway banning assault rifles and once again then any any kind of weapon or were making anything illegal only hurts people that obey the law right okay law abiding citizens because people criminals don't obey the law criminals will get A. R. fifteens you won't be able to and y..." + 54%
"2016-06-12 21:58:04"
"Cascadia Rising 2016 - FEMA Prep..."
"welcome back folks so I am done with the false flag Orlando I've convinced myself that the it is indeed a false flag I'm not gonna waste my time and energy on it anymore ... but I will ... start talking about or bring that to your attention ... about ... drill that FEMA ... was doing at this past week at the called Cascadia rising twenty sixteen very interesting of the area heard of Cascadia before so it was a news to me as well ... education for me ... so let's get on with it because this is pretty interesting ... are we being ... for warned of something horrific about to happen here in our states this is from the female website cascade arising a nine point oh magnitude earthquake along the Cascadia subduction zone C. S. Z. and the resulting tsunami is the most complex disaster scenario that emergency management and public safety officials in the Pacific Northwest could face because Sadie arising as an exercise to address that disaster June seventh June tenth twenty sixteen emergency operations in coordination centers at all levels of government and the private sector will actively to conduct a simulated field response operation within their jurisdictions and with neighboring communities state EOC FEMA and major military commands conducting successful life saving life sustaining response operations in the aftermath of Cascadia subduction zone disaster will change on the effective coordination and integration of governments at all levels cities countries state agencies federal officials the military tribal nations as well as non government organizations and the private sector one of the primary goals of cascade arising is to train and test this whole community approach to complex disaster operations together as a joint team recent subduction zone earthquakes around the world underscore the catastrophic it impacts as we will face when the next CZ Z. C. S. Z. earthquake and tsunami occurs in our region long hair some stats and here's the ... Cas..." + 69%
"2016-06-21 22:34:08"
"Sandy Jadeja Successfully Predic..."
"a good evening everybody I think you'll be interested in this story ... it's very timely and it's coming out of time when you still have time to make some decisions on what you might want to do if this holds to be true the man who accurately predicted for market crashes warns us of three more dates to worry about this year sandy J. D. did jot yeah man that's I'm gonna calm SJ from now on is a technical analyst and chief market strategist at core spreads technical analysts look at charts to pinpoint patterns in various markets and asset classes from that the forecast which direction prices are likely to move they can't tell you the reason why they're going to be big market movement only that there is going to be one now he warns that the following day spell trouble for the Dow Jones in the U. S. that could spread to other markets number one between August twenty six and August thirtieth twenty sixteen number two September twenty sixth twenty sixteen and number three October twentieth twenty sixteen we have interesting times ahead of us we are dealing with issues on so many levels from economic uncertainty into the financial markets including currencies and commodities wells the rising house prices we have seen said ... gingiva in in interview I believe that using the information we have been embracing the tools and technology that we have access to right now that we could use these to our advantage a pair and protect as well as prepare and to prosper so what is a secret it is worth revisiting his track record in two thousand five he said he warned two thousand investors at a speaking event in Shanghai China talk in New York at a trader explode as well as the banks and investment houses and a speaking event to buy about the property market crash eight weeks before it happened more recently on July thirty first twenty fifteen before flying to Singapore to speak at a conference of more than five thousand people RJ investors on C. C. N. B. C. that something big wo..." + 64%
"2016-06-20 23:58:25"
"Chicago Records 300th Homicide O..."
"fluke Sir gun control works mom just that Chicago city records three hundredth homicide with thirteen over father's day weekend the city the city recorded the three hundred homicide this weekend and went on to record six others over sixty hour period that saw fifty nine people shot thirteen fatally from Friday afternoon through early Monday morning so far this is about eighteen hundred people who've been shot across the city and more than two hundred of those wounded have died of their wounds according to records kept by Chicago Tribune twelve three hundred and six people have been killed this year by shooting stabbing or other means June Rick ... record show okay my gonna go on to any more of this story this is ... from the ship ... Chicago Tribune ... reported today want to go see it all the the link description but my point is this and I I y'all been making this point and and I know of gun activists have been making this point worked second amendment at the kid the advocates of making the point that gun control doesn't work okay because all it does is impede law abiding citizens tech themselves because law abiding citizens don't go around shooting up people right no they just protect themselves from the bad guy well the fact of the matter is there's been article saying that ... Chicago there's a fallacy about Chicago or Illinois having tougher gun laws yes they do have time tough gun laws go look at it go look it up who will it yourself they do have tougher gun laws just like Los Angeles and New York okay but now I am focusing on Chuck yeah Chicago because they came out with the story today fact of the matter is that these gun laws have not worked there they don't work so what is the objective here to take away your guns that's what the objective is why is that why do they want a weakling the people we the people why do they want to weaken us like a lamb for the slaughter but when you look at when you look at an article like this you realize that the..." + 42%
"2016-06-20 22:53:01"
"USGS Report - Depopulation Thru ..."
"well folks we all know that we're getting forcibly medicated with fluoride in our water but it's far worse than what you and I originally thought as a matter of fact they came upon this story today is also being ... reported by bright part today as well ... about the US being forcibly medicated in our drinking water ... this is this is an amazing story folks and you need to pass this around birth control and drinking water ... fertility catastrophe in the making question mark well all of right this story ... this comes from the Catholic citizens dot or website ... written by Celeste McGovern I shows this one over Breitbart because it was a little more concise as far as I was concerned but Washington a recent report from the U. S. Geological surprise survey found that birth control hormones excreted by women flushed into the water ways and eventually into drinking water can also impact fish fertility up to three generations after exposure raising questions about their effects on humans who are consuming the drugs without even knowing it each glass of water they drink the survey part published in March in the journal scientific reports looked at the impact of the synthetic hormone I'm not gonna say but it's E. E. too ingredient of most contraceptive pills in though water of Japanese medica fishing during the first week of their development while the Expos fish in their immediate offspring appeared unaffected the second generation of fish struggled fertilized eggs with a thirty percent reduction and fertilization rates and their embryos were less likely Sir survive even the third generation of the fish had twenty percent and Pat paired fertility and survival rates though they were never directly is most of the hormone this study shows that even through and the crying disruptors may not affect the life of the Expos fish it may negatively affect future generations said lead author of the study Ron G. Bandari a USGS visiting scientists at the university Mis..." + 67%
"2016-06-18 15:16:54"
"14 Miracle Kittens Tossed In Dum..."
"how it looks why do you wouldn't give you the ... happy story for Saturday morning start your weekend here's a story we ... posted that real live story ... that actually includes us in it about six weeks ago ... we helped to rescue fourteen kittens from a dumpster some monster just the put these ... kittens in a dumpster to die and the garbage people were actually going to be coming to pick up the ... garbage the next morning so they wouldn't made it but ... long story short is I'll put the link to the full story the in the comments ... following my little dialogue here is a video of the kittens and it's pretty heartwarming but the on a side note of how god works in people's lives ... we lost our dog the night before her name is Gracie we honor for fourteen years and ... luster to lung cancer and ... we were just going to spend the rest of the the next game weekend probably just grieving and depressed and we got a call about the skins in the dumpster and they need to be saved so are there was no time for grieving and we went ahead and did what we had to do and ... each one of these kittens ... except for one survived and ... was adopted and we adopted one as well and her name is Trixie and you'll see a picture of her at the end of the video so enjoy the video that's coming up ... ... disa warms your hearts for the weekend you know I don't always want to do do in England videos so they go folks in July take care and god bless username uncle Ben's rice do you hear look here in this is Jean she's gone that took out all these cuties from the dumpster that she's a hero geez there are fourteen Obama's hot enough to so this is video and what is not your solo star telegram right aha and that's the photographer start yeah that's the one with me so I will confirm the can of the kind as well is that fourteen fourteen it's what I counted the lack two times so I think fourteen it's right because we lost so who needs it I don't think I yeah too ..." + 29%
"2016-06-22 22:11:59"
"Abel Danger -Trump & Jo Cox’s ..."
"evening friends so I was poking around on the able danger website came up with some pretty interesting stuff posted an article on our website victorious liver toss you want to go check it out but I'm gonna read it here this very interesting by the way Abel danger anonymous post both tromping Joe Cox's hit men were patients at the same UK military medical hospital that's a big while well folks trying to keep up with these crazy events going on in the world we start with the mass shooting in Orlando that was filled with actors and actresses being interviewed as victims which included the shooter himself additionally police officers were told to stand down when they entered the club and wait for swat teams to arrive there's also reports that the shooter was at the night club three hours prior to the shooting he left and then came back last but certainly not least the shirt streets around the pulse nightclub were blocked off hours before the shooting even occurred but nothing that we now have a new development it appears that the young man that attempted to take Donald trumps life and and the fellow that shot killed a MP Jill Cox had something in common they were both patients at the same medical hospital the Lincoln sharp partnership hospital located in the UK first started learning about the store yesterday from the evil danger ... dot net site as those browsing the story I came across comment by anon anonymous poster serious questions relating to last week's assassination of British member of parliament Jill Cox and the attempted assassination of Donald Trump as both the hit men involved in these plots have been traced to the same British military mental hospital C. I. A. operative Sanchez traveled to link shop link linking char England accompanied by secret intelligence service and I six operatives where he entered a hospital facility known as the Lincoln shire partnership link chart partnership hospital this reports states has been known to this SUV are as it ..." + 62%
"2016-06-23 18:10:23"
"Fema Internment Camp Filmed In C..."
"AMNH" + 1%
"2016-06-24 14:05:07"
"Brits Heroic Vote To Brexit Lock..."
"good morning friends ... this is there any historic day today as though we've for ... reported last night that it was inevitable that the Brits ... voting brexit to leave the E. U. now I want to congratulate them ... the prick the bread so showed great courage in the wake of ... the knowledge of market instability and the devaluation of the pound but this was make no mistake about it folks this was a victory over the globalists and one of them being they're feckless leader or ex leader Cameron who who basically picked up his ball and went home and does that that's no leader and you should be happy that he left because anybody that's not gonna stick with you right now during these financial times coming up is a thankless leader but thank you thank you once again Brits because you most assuredly set up front for a victory in November because this gives the Americans will give us the courage and the fortitude to know that we can Buck the system we can defeat the system the globalist can be defeated because we have the numbers anyway let's go to market as expected now as we said here and many others market is tumbling S. and P. is down two point six amber sat the ... the Dow was down four hundred fifty seven at this time ... nasdaq taking almost a three percent hit and down a hundred and forty three points as we speak eyes we also said gold surging ... up to thirteen twenty nine announce up over five percent right now ... I I believe silver's up ... about sixty or seventy cents an ounce I haven't checked it in the last hour ... the euro down three percent and ... ten year bonds going crazy lot of people switch were smart and start switching their money or to bonds or hopefully they did that if you're listening to us hopefully this is not impacting you because we said that this would happen we've been talking about surging Golden ... the market's going down expect this to be we've won our things might in the U. S. markets they might stabilize..." + 35%
"2016-06-24 04:17:22"
"Brexit Poll Update 3 - Barring A..."
"it fucks last update looks like ... CNN is ... reporting ... UK votes to leave the European Union breaking news results so leave campaign winning with over fifty one percent of the vote ... three hundred thirty one of three hundred eighty two districts voting ... over a three percent ... leave increase over the remains fifty one point six three percent over there remain people at forty eight point three seven percent I think that's it folks there isn't that's it insurmountable lead with ... very few eighty percent eighty five percent of the vote in ... that's it folks we'll see what happens tomorrow but ... be sure that there's gonna be a lot of market volatility it's already starting once again I say that we say that this is a good thing that this is a good thing that Great Britain did get their sovereignty back it's going to be some pain in the beginning yeah there will be and there might be some pain here in the states as well in the beginning but in the long run there be a correction you know of they'll be a market correction and they'll be a correction as far as ... England get their sovereignty back and that's a good thing so the mob my perspective is that this was a good night that was a good night for the people that fighting for sovereignty and that are against the globalist they must be fuming right now and that's a good thing so anyway I gotta get up in a few hours I just want to give you guys my last update ... barring anything crazy happening absolutely not it looks like Britain has voted to leave the E. U. take care guys we'll have another update tomorrow night" + 1%
"2016-06-26 15:17:35"
"What Is ANARCHY ? Probably Not W..."
"good morning folks I'd like to ... read article to you that I had written ... late last year but I'd like to dispel some false teachings we've heard about the word anarchy ... in the past by the mainstream media in our government or the government I think it's important that I do so want preface before I read this that anarchy has nothing to do with religion as most of you know I am a believer in god and I am a Christian based believer so let me get on with this ... what is anarchy not what you think I must admit that if a year ago somebody would have brought up anarchy in a conversation it would have rendered thoughts of chaos violence and rebellious leather clad bikers to mind most of my beliefs on the subject we're in doctor doctor needed in me through television and other mainstream media outlets the fact is that anarchy is quite the opposite of those things and most self proclaimed anarchists our peaceful individuals who desire to exercise their right to live their lives freely and unhindered anarchy is a way of living in ID ideology which has its foundations rooted in the belief that all are created equal and each individual was born with you on alienable rights to life and liberty anarchists believe that one cannot fully exercise these rights if one is governed government simply means to rule with authority it is it isn't difficult to realize that if one is being ruled with authority it is impossible to exercise your on alien aboard rights from the standpoint of ideology anarchism seems to align closely to libertarianism in regards to the belief and unhindered personal freedom my personal belief is that one should be free to do as one wishes as long as it does not him infringe on another's liberties I didn't realize it until quite recently that I am an anarchist at heart and I'll line to its side ideology very closely prior to being an anarchist I considered myself a libertarian the one place where I might differ from a lot of anarchy is is that I ..." + 67%
"2016-06-25 20:32:15"
"California Vote In November To S..."
"friends I need to do another report I'm I'm out here for you searching looking at these buried stories another gun control story here ... this one in California California will be voting in November they have a bill out there right now require background checks four ammunition purchases it's called the safety for all initiative and this ... bill includes six initiatives it would require background checks for all imho purchases will be a ban on magazines holding more than ten rounds all ammo sellers must be license it will be a mandate to report all lost stolen guns felons and violent misdemeanors must relinquish their guns California would also start putting their information into the federal database so I I'm I'm assuming that means that all gun owners will enter into a federal database a system get this one folks I like this one there there and this is all fresh right now and there is there is no speaking of how this would happen I mean I have a feeling I do know how this would happen but they're not saying how it would happen there will be a system set up seize guns from those that can no longer own one well I see that right guys ... military garb tanks Hermes going down the ... numbers going down the street not block knocking the crap at your door season your weapons on a side note a why is already voted in it at that all owners of guns will be on a federal date if movie in the federal database folks what is happening what is happening I just just did the video about the Orwellian laws that are happening in New York if you haven't heard about that go check that video out New York state ... William law are are willing to launch on gun control so it's here folks that they are definitely trying to take the goes I don't care we're not tinfoil hat people this is not a conspiracy you're seeing it happen seeing it happen incrementally one by one it's easy to do this on these ... in these liberal states we got the east coast and west coast and why plan on..." + 32%
"2016-06-25 15:58:49"
"George Soros Makes Billions Fro..."
"if I'm gonna read part of an interesting article from ... website called fool dot com then it's being reported by other sites as well and then I'm gonna go and Pat myself on the back and show you another article that we did earlier in the month ... brexit proves yet yet again the George Soros is a brilliant investigator ... investor sorry ... billionaire investor George Soros most famous trade involved ... being against you case pound sterling in nineteen ninety two shorting Britain's currency noted Soros billions of dollars in profit and cemented him on top of the investing elite now it appears the iconic hedge fund manager has done it again earlier this month Soros revealed he's betting heavily against markets because of rising economic uncertainty and earlier this week he went on record against the U. K. leaving the European Union because of the out of potential financial fallout me read that again so I get to street earlier this month Soros revealed he's pet he's betting heavily against the markets because of rising economic uncertainty and earlier this week he went on record against the U. K. leaving the European Union because of the potential financial fallout does that sound like a conflict of interest me so he's saying that he's betting heavily ... against the markets yet he's going on record saying against U. K. leaving okay ... now the Britons ... have officially voted for an exit from the EU or brexit Soros or breaks it so as bearish that's appear to be incredibly savvy once again as we made billions of dollars but let me let me explain something else when it comes to these guys when it comes to these guys folks when it goes on record and they say something or they're quoted never do what they say always do what they do and ... here's our story that we did on may nineteenth twenty sixteen George Soros sells off stocks buys two hundred sixty four million dollars in gold mining what did he know folks a couple months ago well I don't kno..." + 67%
"2016-06-24 23:37:07"
"BREAKING: NESARA -United Nations..."
"hello folks another good story for ... Donald Trump fans this is from the miss Sarah sigh David today June twenty fourth United Nations investigate Hillary Clinton for election fraud U. S. breaking news feed a letter that will be delivered with a petition to the U. N. electoral assistance division the E. a D. says that the integrity of the electoral process in the U. S. has been compromise in order to place and democratically chosen candidate in power and points out the massive discrepancies between the exit polls and the official results more than enough to have foreign it elections declared fraudulent upon receipt of the petition E. a D. will be legally obliged to acknowledge investigate the allegations with lawsuits and university studies hacked documents and now the United Nations hounding Clinton no wonder Bernie Sanders quietly confident of winning the contest Democrat democratic convention in Philadelphia the letter reads we the people United States of America are officially request the United Nations to monitor our remaining twenty sixth clean presidential election so far we have seen evidence of massive election fraud all across the country which gives us reason to believe that the fraud will continue our president Barack Obama the U. S. Senate department have nothing I have done nothing about the obvious rating of our elections which gives us reasonable suspicion that our government and the integrity of our electoral process has been compromise in order to place their chosen candidate in power against the will of the American people the US state department says that a discrepancy in exit polls of more than two percent indicates fraud we have had discrepancies outside of that margin in at least sixteen of the state's primaries all the way up to discrepancies of twenty three percent these discrepancies have only happened in one of our political parties and they all had been in the favor of one candidate on top of the exit poll discrepancies there've bee..." + 62%
"2016-06-29 22:34:03"
"CIA Vet Robert Steele Endorses N..."
"hello fellow patriots so yeah I talked about Neil keen and while in the global reset the ... dragon family all that kind of stuff so I ended up going on through is ... website yesterday and he did have a very interesting update I'll put the link down in this description if you want to read everything but it took some excerpts so the liberty of writing some notes and I want to share with you because it's a it's pretty positive news you know I didn't know too much about this drug and family stuff and never heard of Neil Keenan but when I I did my first video on him about the dragon family it it was pretty popular so I started doing more research on it because I didn't know how I felt about this I'd never heard about it anyway let's get on with the story when Robert David Steele speaks people listen especially those within the military and intelligence communities around the world with his continued rhetoric on open source everything manifesto as a way to positively transform this world for all Mister to Mister Steele's additionally begun discussing the world's largest financial gold cover up story which has ties that JFK's assassination and nine eleven that is global collateral accounts as a former CI a spy who has trained over seventy five hundred officers from over sixty six countries Robert Steele has over eighteen years experience across the US intelligence community and an additional twenty years experience and commercial intelligence and training who is also a former marine and he's the co founder of the marine corps intelligence activity he has also written several books which include the open source manifesto and intelligence for earth clarity don't dog diversity integrity and sustainability among others in a court to open source everything Roberts motto is the truth at any cost lowers all other costs you sexually when the information technology and resources are opened up as the cop as the comes to all the true cost plummets and the well being of our p..." + 77%
"2016-06-28 00:15:36"
"Godfrey Bloom - Predicted Brexit..."
"good luck to you Ben Bruno would expel them well Mister president ... I'm ... minded actually to quote the great American philosopher Amari role Bob here that the state state is an institution of theft writ large tax is just about a system where politicians and bureaucrats steal money from their citizens squander in the most disgraceful manner this place is no exception fascinatingly and I really don't know how you managed to keep a straight face when you're talking about tax evasion the whole commission and the commission bureaucracy avoid that taxes you don't pay taxes like citizen by taxes you have all sorts of special deals compass that tax rates a high tax thresholds known contributed pension schemes you all the biggest tax avoidance in Europe and Hey you sit pontificating well the message is getting home to the people of the European Union you're gonna find that euro skeptics are coming back in June eleven greater numbers in ever greater numbers and I can tell you worse as the people get chill number it won't be long before they stole this chamber and they hound you and they'll be right good to unseat bend eh what school we also go with because the kids as well" + 1%
"2016-06-27 22:24:19"
"UN Diplomat John Ashe Killed In ..."
"are you serious looks I mean are you serious maybe you guys have heard about this I did hear about this I see that this was on the front pages of the the website CNN fox this comes from U. S. politics twenty four dot com all link the the lank new description let's get out of it though U. N. diplomat John ash dies while awaiting trial to testify against Clinton foundation donor just another victim of the ... Clinton dead pool in what some are calling convenient timing a top suspect in a bribery case involving Clinton foundation donors and the former United Nations General Assembly president has suddenly died of a fixie Asian form a barbell did you get a fix see Asian from a barbell John ash sixty one was pumping iron in his west Chester New York called unit sortie say you drop a barbell on his own throat crushing his larynx according to the local medical examiner for CNN the autopsy report will take around sixteen weeks to complete yeah because right for months why not this report comes as a shock to many including U. S. government who believes ash to have been complicit in accepting of facilitating more than one point three million dollars in bribes from Chinese billionaire business magnate and G. elapsed saying a major Clinton foundation donor ash was awaiting trial and was set it does because the violence role in the scandal soon ash was in mid please negotiations ash was amended clean negotiations I'd say that again according to a letter sent to you es gibt district judge running Broderick last month from ashes lawyer Jeremy Schneider which raises suspicions on which on whether or not his death is in fact an Arab accident or murder conducted on behalf so she did parties ash was issued last year by the United States federal authorities of turning his powerful you end position into a platform for profit along with the threat one with Francis Lorenzo the ambassador to the UN for the Dominican Republic who's been accused of helping N. G. paid bribes to ash and o..." + 47%
"2016-07-07 22:28:00"
"Trey Gowdy Owns James Comey At C..."
"move looks us today James call me at a hearing today in front of Congress I give him credit for at least having the goalie owns two ... gone from a Congress and answer their questions and ... I will say that the the Republicans ask some very tough and good questions because we are all in bill would be Wilder meant on how his recommendation was not to move forward with an indictment but I'm gonna go ahead and I'm gonna play a little clip here to six minute clip of Trey Gowdy questioning him I think this says it all you don't want to get trip are questioned by Trey Gowdy and you'll see why correct you never see because that information over her private email was that true visitation found that there was classified information so it was not true as we said well I'm a liberal or shorter answers so you are not airport as long senator Clinton said there was nothing more class of our older emails either send or receive was that true that's not true there were a small number of portion markings on I think three of the documents secretary Cohen said I did not email any classified material to anyone on my email there is no classified material was that true there was classified material you know senator Clinton said she is just one device was that true she use multiple devices during the four years of hurt term as secretary state sector concept and work related emails were returned to the state department was that true no we found work related emails thousands that were not returned sector Clinton said neither she nor anyone else deleted work related emails from her personal account was that true that's a hard one to answer that we found traces of work related emails yeah in on devices are in slacks base where they were deleted or whether what a server which changed out something happened to them there's no doubt that their work related emails that were removed electronically from the the email system Dr Clinton said her lawyers read everyone of the emails and work over..." + 72%
"2016-07-06 22:20:16"
"FBI Facebook Page Blows Up With ..."
"ntelos looks out after yesterday's decision by James Comey of the F. B. I. no hint Hillary Clinton case I was so upset I know a lot of you all were too and I decided to go on to a Facebook this do the FBI sight to see how the rest of America was feeling about this and I think you'll feel little better folks thank you feel a little better about reading some of this stuff and now we can kind of ... get our anger all together coalesce and as you'll see right here they've got a one point nine rating right now not very good there's a lot of people aggravated here's a story that they're doing about the a forensic artist but people don't really care about the story three let's read some of the stuff James Comey FBI director traitor to his country and his oath as a vet who held a T. S. S. C. I I know for certain Hillary Clinton should be in jail based on our handling of classified material James didn't John Doe was FBI director called me yesterday laid out a perfect presentation on Hillary of why two plus two equals four and then at the end he said it equal three do I think he was told by either Obama the eighth year Bill Clinton to come in to that conclusion no none of them are are stupid I will keep on going hello there I am ... when the highest law authorities of the land will not uphold the law of the land who will if you are an FBI agent rethink who the enemy is it's not we the people I no longer have any respect nor do I knowledge any authority the FBI with evidence of a federal felony against each are claimed admitted on national TV you will not die it takes is not a part of the law violates that not part of the law violated a hundred plus emails on it unsecured server is a felony acts and should and must be prosecuted again I was so upset one year dozens of agents dedicated full time millions of taxpayer dollars and nothing nothing at all how pathetic that blokes this quote yes this quo tells you where we are as a nation and what the rule of law means to the ..." + 64%
"2016-07-05 15:19:52"
"Wikileaks Publishes Over 1000 Cl..."
"if looks I just keep you updated on the ... wiki wikileaks and ... the Clinton emails this story by the hill dot com wikileaks publishes Clinton war emails wikileaks on Monday published more than one thousand emails from Hillary Clinton's private server during her time as secretary of state about the Iraq war the website tweeted a link two one thousand two hundred and fifty eight emails that Clinton now the presumptive Democrat we a presidential nominee sent and received they stem from a trove of emails released by state department in February wikileaks comb through the emails defied all the messages that reference the Iraq war I will leave the link to this story in the description also I will leave the link here to the other wiki leaks Hillary Clinton email archive and it is searchable search by terms and you can search by email ID so it's very interesting others over fifty thousand five four five hundred forty seven ... pages of emails that you can ... comb through if you're so inclined to do so just trying to keep you guys updated on ... this whole email mass and hopefully some justice will come out of this and also we'd like to see Loretta Lynch recused herself of this case after meeting with Bill Clinton on a tarmac in Phoenix which is completely and utterly unethical legally anyway guys have a good day and we'll talk to you soon" + 1%
"2016-06-30 23:24:10"
"Democrats and Canada Want 4 More..."
"so here is a great one folks good evening by the way a strong majority of Democrats would cancel the twenty sixteen presidential election between Hillary and Donald if it meant president Obama could serve another term a new poll found sorry data provided to the hill by the conservative pulling out the WP a research found that sixty seven percent of Democrats would take a third term for ... for Obama over a potential Clinton administration okay I can get that a little bit only twenty eight percent said that they were ready to move on from the what ... move on from Obama White House while six percent are undecided Obama is enjoying a surprisingly strong approval rating for president serving out his final months of his second term a Washington post ABC news survey released this week found Obama's net approval rating approaching eighty per P. eighty points in positive territory among Democrats former us president Bill Clinton was at about sixty points positive within his own party at this point two thousand while former president George W. bush was under forty with the Republicans at the same time a Gallup survey from ... April found Clinton's net approval rating among Democrats hitting a new low she had a sixty three percent net up positive approval rating last November that plummeted only thirty six points in April result should give because pause to Hillary Clinton's campaign on democratic respondents clearly prefer the status quo through a Clinton presidency a memo from WPA set so I'd like to know first of all what this tells me is that Democrats are in denial that's number one ... yes I understand that they would rather have Obama over Hillary but to even have an approval rating at this point ... higher after seven years of failed administration of doubling the debt more than doubling the debts nineteen and a half trillion dollars of ... weakening our military of funding our enemy Iran in the tune of a hundred and fifty trillion dollars failed health..." + 45%
"2016-07-09 15:19:59"
"Jason Chaffetz Owns James Comey ..."
"good day folks ... following what I have to say will be a short clip of Jason should vets congressman J. center that's absolutely grayling James call me no doubt about it he he grew up on good ask great questions and ... these are questions are just undeniably very difficult to answer when you've done something that's unethical anyway before I get into that one of gene's comienza arguments was that they could not find intent but of Hillary Clinton in the email scandal therefore there was no way to indict her however irony of ironies last year I believe it was a gentleman named Brian Nisha in Europe was found guilty for doing basically exactly the same thing that ms Clinton did and not even to the extent and she was found guilty ... I will leave the link to this article in the description but you'll find it fascinating you'll find it hypocritical and you'll find the fact is that there is no justice for the elite it's certainly not when it comes to Hillary Clinton and the Clintons anyway enjoy the video of Jason grilling James call me once again I will say I had respect for Mister coming and I've lost a lot of respect for Mr coming anyway enjoy and have a great day physically where were Hillary Clinton's servers the operational servers in the basement of her home in New York if there is a mass and that waist sometimes after they were decommissioned they removed other facilities storage facilities but the live device was always in the basement was that an authorized or unauthorized location as an authorized location for the transmitting of classified information ... is it reasonable or unreasonable to expect Hillary Clinton would receive and send classified information as secretary state reasonable the secretary of state would encounter cost information in the course of the secretary's work via email sure depending upon the nature of the system you you could communicate classified information we have to be a classified rated email system but you did find mor..." + 72%
"2016-07-08 22:57:13"
"Dallas Shooting Update - Was It ..."
"hello folks it's been quite a wait let's get right down to it was the Dow's shootings a false flag or not wasn't the real deal my backyard so to take this ... quite personally Dallas shootings let's talk about the points of the false flag the news from last night is yet another shooting this time it was in my own backyard headlines are reading sniper shootings in Dallas Texas eleven officer shot at it beyond rally among many more similar headings for the latest in what I will go ahead and call it has all the elements of another false flag it's interesting how quickly people pick up on these now we have all of the same elements as in the lead in the last fall's flags under Obama's direction so let's go through them we do all false flags have in common number one distraction from on some unjust and illegal action recently taken place by the government there were two I drill recently took place in the same vicinity number three the use of the word semi automatic gun a are fifteen is always use usually they specifically naming a are fifteen for the police and or medics are always on the scene in a remarkably unheard of in normal real situation fast times number five reporters cameras including people with cell phones crews are on the scene immediately with the perfect angle from which the film number six there is a divide and conquer tactic used to pit one group of people against another group and number seven the president speaks on the issue immediately and number eight numerology always plays into this situation the official story folks according to N. B. C. the deadliest attack on law enforcement since nine eleven lot of sensationalism they do love the sensational don't day the Denver channel style was chaos in Dallas that's an interesting choice of words since our other story was operation summer of chaos so apparently there is an impromptu parade any demonstration protesting protesting the police shootings being sent surface sensationalized earlier this week ..." + 77%
"2016-07-07 23:16:50"
"White Cops Shooting Black Males ..."
"if folks want to get your opinion on something ... what's going on with the ... with the cop killings ... it just seems like these things are long together right now I'm not saying that these are staged events right now but I'm saying that I I'm I'm a I'm thinking I'm thinking I'm a little leery right now and why is that it's because every time I see something" + 1%
"2016-07-11 16:34:00"
"Monsanto Dark Act 2.0 - Senate V..."
"well the country's attention remained demobilized but back to back incidents of white cops shooting black males a cop killing massacre in Dallas in a repulsive decision by James call me not to recommend indictment of miss clean under the cover of darkness just hours after Hillary Clinton was handed a get out of jail free card by the FBI for committing felony crimes Senate quietly voted sixty three to thirty to preempt state law in direct violation of the tent tenth amendment prohibiting individual states like Vermont from an acting mandatory GMO labeling laws passed by voters and at least one senator from Oregon is absolutely outreach senator Jeff Merkley wasn't afraid to call out the speed speed in the aftermath of treasonous vote which was further buried in the news cycle by Obama is the latest attempt at race baiting in order to abolish the second amendment Merkley told the media that the so called Robert stab now state now bill also known as the Monsanto dark act to Dotto is a farce and will do nothing to protect consumers who want to know what they're eating as we've been reporting S. seven sixty four would it tent would exempt most GMOs currently in use from having to be indicated on product packaging which is the whole point of GMO labeling in the first place the only way consumers would gain access the truth in labeling for those GMOs that are exempted is is the scan the smart codes on a certain product on certain products with their smartphones but not everyone has a smartphone or even data coverage expression in poor and rural areas all the way all the way around the dark act two dot does disaster virtues and labeling though it's being touted by the industry supporters as the labeling bill we need of course because it isn't actually a labeling billet all but rather it's an aunt it's an unbelievably bill that protects chemical and agricultural corporations from having to properly disclose their hidden additives to consumers how can you have a so called m..." + 62%
"2016-07-10 17:01:33"
"Queen Admits She Is “Not Human..."
"happy Sunday folks the we decided to change things around yesterday last night and we ... presented in article that's a little different from what we did an absolute what we usually do absolutely went viral ... crazy it's all night last night woke up this morning ... thousands of unique visitors many thousands unique visitors on this story and it seems that some bite and before I get into this I really believe that there is evil in this world I don't know how the how the evil presents itself ... and that's how I want to preview this ... story so let's get on with it queen admits she is not human and we will learn to accept her for what she is I keep reading and hearing talk of full disclosure regarding E. T.'s every day I see a new article or hear something new from David Wilcock I do notice that there are more movies and TV series regarding aliens you UFOs and interacting with them but they don't but why don't they really get on with it because I am trying to sort out what is real and what is propaganda put together a survey asking how who believes in aliens and who believes we have full do close we will have full disclosure survey was taken by two thousand three hundred sixty people here are the results do you believe in aliens seventy seven ... percent people say they do the twenty three percent now do you believe in Nassau is a reliable government agency thirty two percent yes only and sixty nine percent no do you believe in project blue beam fifty four percent say yes forty six no do you believe in full disclosure will ever happen yes full disclosure twenty nine percent yes but it will be a false flag like project blue green thirty four percent and simply no was thirty four percent if you believe we will receive full disclosure who will give us disclosure thirty four percent said it would be Vladimir Putin recently it was reported that an internet document acknowledging that Queen Elizabeth is a reptilian shape shifting reptilians was briefly pub..." + 83%
"2016-07-09 17:20:21"
"Bryan Nishimura - Investigated B..."
"check this out folks us some you might know this already but ... I've got this from the F. B. I. website dot gov website itself very interesting I'll put the link down the ka description area it's good to it fulsome naval reservist this sentence after pleading guilty to unauthorized removal and retention of classified materials second for the Sacramento California Brian each new ... Nishimura fifty of Folsom pleaded guilty today to unauthorized removal and retention ve classified materials United States Attorney General Benjamin B. Wagner announce U. S. magistrate judge Kendall Newman immediately certain snit nor sure Nishina Muruga sees me to two years of probation a seventy five hundred dollar fine and forfeiture of personal media containing classified materials you should mirror was further order to surrender any currently held security clearance and to never again seek such clearance according to court documents Nishimura was a naval reservist deployed in Afghanistan in two thousand seven and two thousand eight in his role as a regional engineer for the U. S. military in Afghanistan Nishimura had access to classified briefings and digital records that could only be retained and viewed on authorize government computers mission Europe however because the materials to be downloaded and stored on his personal unclassified electronic devices and storage media carried such classified materials on his on authorize media when he traveled off base in Afghanistan and ultimately carried those materials back the United States at the end of isn't deployment in the United States Nishimura continue to maintain the information or unclassified cyst on on class why systems in unauthorized locations and copy the materials on at least one additional on authorizing unclassified system Nishimura actions came in light early twenty twelve when he admitted to naval personnel that he'd handled the classified materials in in pro inappropriately should mural later admitted that foll..." + 50%
"2016-07-12 23:44:24"
"Bernie Sanders The Sellout Makes..."
"okay books is a real quick one in this for the Bernie Sanders ... supporters no fanfare in the front of this video just getting right down to it we're gonna read something that doctor Paul who I respect very much when it comes to liberty he is the Kwan of liberty as far as I'm concerned in this country well Bernie Sanders from the perspective of ideas provides nothing desirable to a person who craves liberty the one thing that libertarians could say about him was that at least he seems to believe and what he's saying well that officially came to an end today not only did Sanders not go all the way to the convention as he repeatedly promised actually endorse a candidate that is as establishment and one percent as he gets Bernie is officially a part of the brake system that he claimed was it gets yes folks Sir it's sad but true no the hypocrisy never ends has no bounds ... I feel sorry for the ... Bernie Sanders followers actually supporters because they were forms for the first time in a very long time there was a lot of energy in a group of Democrats and I admired that I saw that I really did there was a there was a group of people that definitely wanted change from the establishment now adding I don't agree with the socialists policies of ... Bernie Sanders it they didn't make any sense to me in a nation that's already nineteen and a half trillion dollars in debt you can't give away more burning you can't do it where's the money coming from you know that's not gonna happen we we have to get back to a society where where financially and fiscally responsible and that was not going to do it however I did I did really enjoy the energy that he was putting in to the to the anti establishment movement and this my friends is a is is a huge disappointment to me it it really is I I wasn't Bernie Sanders supporter but this is a a sell out I I I Bernie you're a sellout do theirs I'm not even gonna mince words right now you're a sellout you are establishment you're j..." + 27%
"2016-07-12 22:46:40"
"RED ALERT!!! Craigslist - Crisis..."
"alright let's get on with this folks in for the people that say that there's no such thing as crisis actors I got news for you there is and we need to put some ... dates on our calendars and ... keep a vigil lie out on what's going on but ... we has done some research for you and we are finding out that ... Craigslist is advertising for future events for crisis actors and what do we know folks about these events these drills with crisis actors they usually follow up either there and then there are the live event in itself or they're followed up by the real thing so let's go ahead and yet we have this article on our website Taurus liver toss gone there check it out but here's a this is a live add that was put on Craigslist and I'm gonna show you two more and these are all recent I don't know if they're still up or not but I've got the screenshots so this is actors needed for military training of that came up Ethan Allen and can't Johnson Vermont so the dates on this is eight AM four PM Thursday son of Thursday through Sunday so these important dates that you need to look at folks is ... July twenty eighth thirty first of this year okay they're offering they're offering us eighty dollars a day this is gonna happen in Vermont so this is can't even Alan which is I I checked it out it's a legit place ... and it is going to be of Vermont so we've got we we've got some very good cheer that we wrote so if you want to read it that's not my main point here ... but then if you do want to see the actual ads here's an ad right here no experience needed eight hours a day cash we are in need of role players to act out injured citizens for one of the biggest military exercises in disaster response ever World Wide the dates on this eight AM to four PM as I said night shifts are available so this is gonna be it seems like almost a twenty four by seven thing I will leave the length of this wall leave the link to our website to this article in the description see this ..." + 65%
"2016-07-12 01:00:30"
"BREAKING: 50 Dallas Police Offic..."
"alright folks I have to do this this is crazy stuff here just coming out this story was done by CBS local VFW CB CBS local very buried story read the I. title Dallas police association says it won't pay morale trigger several police rag resignations wait until you see what several means and when it was okay this is Taos June was not a good month for staffing Dallas police department the Dallas police association says nearly fifty officer officers resigned over the past month to take jobs in other North Texas cities okay several is fifty really okay I'm I'm just like freaking out right now over the last month Mike mata of the Dallas police association says there have been forty eight defections of the police officers from the city of Dallas officers who were trained on the city of thousands dime who have found better job of paying jobs elsewhere modest says this kind of mass exit news has not been seen in a long time he believes it is due to the combination of low pay and low morale that are behind it I've been doing this for over twenty years I've never seen it like this said mata forty eight is a very high number for a month while the Dallas police department said it is unaware of the resignations while the Dallas police department said it is on it is aware of the resignations nobody was available to comment folks this is a very story I live here I I didn't even though the story existed I my wife told me about this read it again folks several police resignations that doesn't store a lot of news does it but forty eight that's a big deal folks in one month that's a big deal folks and then in July these this attack happens perhaps people knew what was going on perhaps there's some there's some cops out there there's a lot of cops out there votes this is my whole point there's what kind of pressure is our military being put through right now threats what kind of pressure our our law enforcement people being put through threats if they don't want to go they don't wan..." + 41%
"2016-07-11 19:46:48"
"RAW VIDEO - Baton Rouge - Martia..."
"I have folks I just got word of the couple of raw videos ... cops is a in riot gear storming protesters in baton Rouge full on military gear folks homies going down big tanks and ... this is what they want right they they want this ... they want this military presence on our streets they want martial law we've been talking about this it's here folks this stuff is here and it's real and let me play these videos right now all your own way you will hear where you will be arrested so you're saying there let's go to the next one folks real live stuff this is happening in our country is not Russia if you're trying yeah yeah I know well I like to think of Mr Obama the world new you know atlas or by what are kind" + 1%
"2016-07-11 19:14:04"
"Abel Danger - Real Clinton Found..."
"I feel inspired to continue to come out with the truth I know that some of these subjects are quite controversial and downright scary and dangerous actually but the as the Bible says if god is for you who can be against you when he's giving you a voice nobody it's just that way so nobody so we'll continue this from able danger the deep dive into how the Clinton foundation operates illegally and in Haiti the Clinton foundation is the largest on prosecuted charity fraud ever attempted the Clinton foundation has never been audited financial filings are rife with massive errors has the I. R. S. been coopted by the Clintons psycho pass posturing as philanthropist Democrats and Republicans both feeding the beast lawyers and special private interest group to gorging themselves that the government trough there is no accountability the American people no longer need or want their government state federal and for foreign laws bar public charities from being run for profit gain in interstate commerce which means by using the mail telephones or the internet the Clinton foundation's complex operations it is not just one any but a web of them do not comply with this requirement nor does the Clinton foundation ever seem to have submitted its financial records to an independent properly certified audit buy a qualified accounting firm overall I consider the Clinton foundation to be a charity fraud network I basis conclusion on my review of extensive data and it's operating including the activities of the Clinton family and their friends in Haiti a nation that has suffered many disasters both natural and man made what possesses powerful wealthy and educated persons pray on the most desperately poor human beings on earth as they posture is philanthropists and why why has there been no government oversight specter increase flow of detailed disclosure centering upon exhibits one through forty to this website and continued reaction to breaking developments via my Twitter account at tr..." + 57%
"2016-07-15 22:14:15"
"BREAKING !!! Turkish Military Ha..."
"hello folks the US summer of chaos continues it's being reported that the Turkish military has taken over the Turkish government in a coup military coup it's really it's from The New York Times Istambul the prime minister Turkey said on Friday night that factions of the military had attempted a coup there were sharply conflicting statements about who is in control of the country a NATO member and important United ally which had been convulsed by military takeovers at least three times over the past half century some people legally undertook in a legal action outside the chain of command prime minister ... been alley yield Duran said in comments broadcast on MTV a private television channel the government elected by the people remains in charge this government will only go when they the people say so shortly after mystery you'll drown spoke the Turkish military issued a statement according to the news agency D. HA claiming it had taken control of the country Turkish armed forces seized the rule of the country completely with the aim of reinstalling the constitutional order democracy human rights and freedoms to make a rule of law pervade again to reestablish the ruling pub public order a statement quoted by DJ set all the international agreements and promises are valid we hope our good relations with global countries goes on the state run and a dull low news agency said hostages had been taking at military headquarters in and Kara the capital including the chief of staff military force is shut down two bridges over the over the Bosporus in Istambul and the fighter jets were seen flying over Istambul and and Kara the main airport in ends in in instead of ball stem bolts sorry was reported to have halted flights the whereabouts of president we seek to have it Aaron do gone man I'm sorry about these names guys the Islamist politician who has dominated politics in Turkey for many years and sought to establish a firm control over the military was not immediately clea..." + 67%
"2016-07-15 01:55:48"
"Obama Signs Executive Order Allo..."
"yeah fuck here's a quick one ... been reading a lot people of the been sending me a lot of messages ... talking about how Obama the signed an executive order to allow the military to fly so its citizens and kill its own citizens and where I don't see that exactly I do see something very interesting he did sign an executive order on July first which wasn't really talked about basically it's talking about ... the military and ... US casualties night states and I'll read some of this executive order United States policy on pre and post strike measures to address it civilian casualties in U. S. operations involving the use of force this is an executive order by the way guys I will leave the link in of the a inscription section and this is a White House dot gov website so I'm not getting it from anybody except for the source by the authority vested in me as president by the constitution and the law of the United States of America I hereby direct as follows section one purpose United States policy on civilian casualties resulting from U. S. operations involving the use of force in armed conflict or any exercise of the nation's inherent right of self defense in based is based on our national interest our values and our legal obligations as a nation we are steadfastly committed to complying with our obligations under law of armed conflict including those that address the protections of citizens a civilian such as the fundamental principles of necessity humanity distinction and proportionality pull proportionality the protection of civilians is fundamentally consistent with the effective efficient and decisive use of force in pursuit of U. S. national interests minimizing civilian casualties can further mission objectives help maintain the support of partner governments and vulnerable populations especially in the conduct of counterterrorism counter insurgency operations and enhance illegitimacy in sustainability of the U. S. operations critical to our national se..." + 64%
"2016-07-14 22:38:35"
"Abel Danger - "FBI INSIDER" - Cl..."
"folks hello long before I get started can I ask you if you would so be inclined to do if you appreciate what I do here to please subscribe to my channel let's all start out anyway I on the able danger site first well this guy is amazing ... feel McConnell you got to go to this site because he's got a lot information and he's got a lot of bouillon's to ... put some of the stuff that he does on here but I'm on his side right now let's go through it ... there was actually it looks like a ... anonymous F. B. I. agents means pretty upset speaking about how upset many are in the organization and though he came on to this ... this ... message board called ... four chan so it's ... the number four chan dot com you can see it here and also leave the link to this table dangers ... say story in the scripture but let's go through so little bit because it's pretty funny not funny at all I'm sorry wrong word sits pretty absurd actually a thread on four chan with the net FBI insider though Susan FBI insider confirms every everyone's worst suspicions the Hillary Clinton email server was merely a distraction from the Clinton foundation and most of D. C. is up to their necks in what could be the biggest scandal of all times the inside info from someone claiming to be is hot off a high level F. B. I. analysts whose job was to look at records with notes added to clarify some of their responses smoking gun is about to arrive and there's a lot of people involved Siva everyone's time here are the choice bits with the link to the entire archive where you can decide for yourself if this thing is real or not looks like Troughton Putin hold some cards of their own this could be the most interesting election ever the level of corruption is something expected in a developing country or a place like China where they openly persecute good people and have industrial scale organ harvesting of thou can gong and others the Clinton foundation's up to their neck with Dion's vile re..." + 77%
"2016-07-13 22:51:25"
"RED ALERT! Anonymous Calls For A..."
"if I also got a red alert for you for this Friday the fifteenth anonymous calls for a day of rage summer of chaos continues might be big might be violent use this is a list of places not to be on fire think Friday the fifteenth while the video by anonymous those specified nonviolence and denounces the actions taken against police officers that were not involved in these deaths with the tagline day of rage I think it's safe to expect the motions to be running very high on both sides of the line no matter how great your empathy might be for those who have unjustly lost their lives these protests are not safe places to be we've got a list of what seems to be over thirty cities ... that are going to be participating and this is prior to the GOP convention coming up next week so there's going to be a lot of energy in these protests I do not think that anybody should be going to these they're going to be very dangerous and with this with this many cities involved I can definitely see situation where there is a national emergency and definitely could be a very very precarious situation in our country on Friday with violence martial law I mean shutting down cities basically telling everybody to stay in their houses and then again it could be nothing right but I air to go on to the the safe side say yeah be prepared be prepared to protect yourself I would say not be around the cities on Friday I have some food water and protection for your own household you know get get some movies and I have a family night in popcorn but here's some of the cities Phoenix Tucson little rock's imprint Cisco Oakland Los Angeles Denver Washington Atlanta Tampa Orlando Miami Chicago the morning goes on and on chances are your big cities probably listed in here Manhattan new new work ... I wanted one also say that this type of call for action is not usually the character of anonymous on the little surprise and an anonymous your suspect right now on my list of scenes in some odd things make..." + 76%
"2016-07-16 15:14:27"
"Benjamin Fulford - Khazarian Maf..."
"good morning folks I'm going to tie into Benjamin Fulford stories and I think you'll find quite interesting this one dated July eleventh then they'll be a follow up after this because area mafia power structure crumbling in very public fashion there is a Soviet Union style collapse undeniably taking place in the EU and the civil war brewing in the United States is considering mafia controls of the west west political apparatus continues to fall apart this is a unique opportunity for humanities seems freedom after thousands of years of terror and Babylonian style debt slavery the names in the links below are being circulated among the military and the agencies are considered to be and to be actual intelligence about that because they're in mafia the people on the link are only a partial list of those who are being hunted down a deck of gold back playing cards will be issued later this week with the names of the top Zairian crime bosses and this and the size of the gold bounding that will be made available upon their capture some top is areas like the bushes Clinton's Rockefellers and senior tenants like Henry Kissinger are already being prevented from fleeing justice according to see I a sources because very in mafia rats who are able to run and hide have already begun to do so Darren David de Rothschild the Swiss based head of Rothchild continuation holdings in the UK based and M. Rothschild the effective head of the Rothschild clan has gone off the radar according to see I sources the group is now being run by the deputy chairman they say the phone number at they're Zaugg Switzerland compound also seems to be no longer working however I see I a source in Europe who says he thought the raw child last night says not only are the Rothschilds not in hiding but that they believe they will be the only one standing when the dust settles certainly if they were the ones who pushed carbon trading as an alternative to killing ninety percent of the world's population they w..." + 69%
"2016-07-19 22:10:00"
"Benjamin Fulford - The- World A..."
"if looks up you have a good day ... and can you do me a favor please sign up please subscribe to my channel if you like my channel appreciated thanks to get on with it this is the latest of Benjamin Fulford ... article fresh hot off the presses gas everywhere as current world order continues to collapse one new age begins the world situation is becoming increasingly chaotic with major events taking place in Turkey France Japan the United States China and elsewhere the events are all linked to the ongoing collapse of the global structure that was put in place at the end of World War two China's government analysts believe the entire world architecture will suffer a total system collapse by the year two thousand eighteen after which a new improved structure will replace it for this reason they expect accelerating global turmoil between now and then let's start with the look at the attempted coup to tar in Turkey last week Massad sources tried to pin the attempt on Russia and it added this was just one round however Pentagon sources say jets piloted by Israeli trained Saudi Arabian pilots flying out of the NATO air base in Incirlik ... dropped a bright flashing but not very damaging causing low grade nuclear weapon in front of the Turkish parliament building during the attempted overthrow of president recap reset they're gone the Pentagon sources suspected are gone use light shows like that is part of the stage the other stage coup attempt against himself in order to give you an excuse to purge Turkish military law enforcement agencies of rivals one Pentagon source said that that because Aragon meet ... renew ties to the side and may steal you S. nukes at intranet to arm ISIS coop is far from over Chinese government sources however had a very different interpretation of the events in Turkey they said that the Turkish government was attacked because it was moving away from NATO towards the Shanghai corporation organization the Turkish government is also negot..." + 73%
"2016-07-18 23:37:07"
"FBI Director James Comey Tied To..."
"you know folks when of James call me came up with all of those things that the Clinton and done in which she was guilty of and then ended it with saying does not recommend that they prosecute or indict I said to myself there's gotta be something deeper there's got to be something that we don't know or that the mass majority doesn't know because all the evidence was there and I think that though we've got a big portion of it and this will pretty much you let us know that not only is there a conflict of interest but you can rest assure that James call me will never recommend that Hillary Clinton is indicted for anything so let's get on with this story founded the ending the fed dot com in collaboration with the info wars James Cummings connection the Clinton foundation just got expose this may explain everything the entire country has been scratching their heads over the way the FBI investigation of Hillary Clinton concluded James Comey decided not to recommend charges against Hillary the department of justice it doesn't make any sense to millions of Americans the outcome hasn't gone out very well very well with Republican lawmakers either has over two hundred house Republicans sent a letter yesterday wanting answers from FBI director James Comey that explains his legal justifications for letting Hillary off the hook according to a recent report we may now know why call me chose to let Hillary walk with no repercussions whatsoever here's what was reported James Comey did not recommend federal charges in part because he's connected to the Clinton foundation through Seuss Swiss bank each S. B. C. call me was appointed director of HSBC holdings in March twenty thirteen he became an independent non executive director and a member of the financial system vulnerabilities committee the pointing the appointment was set to expire this year wealthy HSBC clients lined up to shower catch on into the Clinton foundation excluding Jeffrey up steam the hedge fund manager and convi..." + 52%
"2016-07-17 14:55:15"
"good morning folks in my search for good content today that would help people out I came across a interesting story about radiation this coming from veterans today and I know some of you have railed on veterans today but let's not concentrate on the site but the author of the story Bob Nichols is a project censored award winner and when you ask what projects censored is I did research on that it is a media research education advocacy initiative started at cinema State University in nineteen seventy six and is currently housed at Diablo valley college in Pleasant Hill California censored was product sets and was a founder founded by professor call Jensen to expose censorship in propaganda and mass media jets and named Peter Phillips a successor to the director position of project censored in nineteen ninety six as of twenty sixteen the director the project center is Mickey Huff and it goes on so if you wanna check out wikipedia but it is ... there's validity to this author anyway ... credibility sorry but let's go on with this because this is important stuff folks radiation alert in Phoenix Arizona July fourteenth twenty sixteen Phoenix Arizona July fourteenth twenty sixteen deadly ionizing radiation at the EPA radiation monitor in Phoenix Arizona was reported at thirteen oh one on July fourteenth twenty sixteen from EPA radiation marring unit nine fifty six that is one no one in the afternoon and civilian time the combined beta and gamma radiation count was two thousand one hundred eighty six counts on a minute ... CPM and steadily increasing the dose to expose people animals and plants is a devastating amount of radiation to absorb in such a short period of time source of the re radiation was not immediately known stay alert and take all necessary precautions so to add further let's go to this story which is also bought by ... Bob Nichols is updated yesterday your radiation this week number sixty five and sixty six a good day this is your radiation this ..." + 57%
"2016-07-16 18:34:17"
"Illuminati Numerology Date Alert..."
"hello folks drawl you numerology people out there we've got a date that's interesting I'm sure you probably know ready but if not ... July sixteenth so we've got seven one plus six to seven and then sixteen one plus six seven we have a seven seven seven ... as you know the Illuminati likes to play games on dates like seven seven seven six six six it's a matter fact on July seventh two thousand five was London terror attack one of the many why July seventh twenty sixteen this year was the ... the Dallas attack and ... let's listen to a Christina guard the I MF ... what she has to say very peculiar speech that she gave a couple years ago New York given what I would like to talk to you about which has to do is add the global economy and what we should expect for two thousand fourteen I'm going to test you ... numa romaji skills but asking you to think about the magic seven okay most of you will know that seven is quite a number it also so seems religions and though I'm sure that you can compress numbers as well so if we think about twenty fourteen alright all I'm just giving you twenty fourteen it dropped to zero fourteen two times seven that's just fine with examples and we going to carry on so there you go folks they do like to use numbers of the very I I remember a lot of people thinking what a strange comment that she said about seven's and then we see these events happening so anyway I'm not saying anything will happen I'm saying that I wouldn't be surprised if they pulled something sometime today we'll have to see anyway something to be aware of hope you all have a good weekend take care god bless will talk to you soon" + 1%
"2016-07-20 14:09:17"
"Obama Promised He Would Fundamen..."
"fineness" + 1%
"2016-07-24 14:11:52"
"The Clinton Meltdown - Is Hillar..."
"good morning folks I want to show you ... two videos one of love Bill Clinton and the second one will be Hillary Clinton and then we'll discuss a few things after that ... first video of ... bill I would just like you did take notice of his eyes his mouth and his general mailing lists this generally despondent ... from the very beginning but ... let's get on with the voice profile Americans and right now right now on the other side we have a candidate for our nation's highest office who is bringing out the worst in our country bringing out anger hatred and division somebody may tell you something somebody who does not want to be as good cycle and ... and only the links these full of videos inscription section now here's the whole it's a little scary that my wife for showed me yesterday and I was like what am I seen here alright here we go you might have seen this one but man you go from the beginning here your fall in love meaning fall endorsement in every way now my you guys have got to try yeah yeah tries Cole every way got it got it tried cold yeah show you the the full link down there man when it does give me the creeps when I now let's start with bill first of all ... there's been speculation sorry for keeping his picture up ... but I'm going to ... first while there's been speculation that the bill half some people say he has aids ... others say other things that I looked at and I look at this and my grandfather had ... ... dementia Alzheimers and he had that look in his eyes that's despondent look where you where you know about five or ten years before he passed away and became completely despondent towards the end he would have these odd moments of just far away look in his eyes and then he'd come back and he'd be able to ... have a conversation but it that when I look at bill's eyes and he looked his despondency that's what I see right now so I that might be a possibility and he might have these I don't know but one thing is for..." + 57%
"2016-07-23 15:50:08"
"Abel Danger - U.S. Marine Field..."
"nmap stick airline pilot he's flown to be twenty seven a DC ten and eight thirty twenty eight three twenty an F. four fighter in an F. sixteen fighting falcons a and he is by far a pioneer whistleblower ... and he's been doing it for quite a while he's he's into whistleblowing injustices of the elite and I got a story for you folks I don't even know how to report some of his stories because ... they're they're downright scary the let's let's move on to it ... Clinton snuff film basement combing banks on eight a pride circus three P. L. cop kill in Zulu time number one able danger claims that agents the U. K. Cabinet Office equip the basement of the Clintons home in Chappaqua New York with the home brewed server to watch nine eleven events later described as the first live broadcast mass snuff film in human history Abel danger claims that James Coney a former lead prosecutor for the nineteen ninety six Khobar tower bombings you seven thousand banks in the SPC a xcelerated loan guarantee program to get the O. G. D. O. J. pride control of the eight eight companies needed to stage the Clinton snuff films Abel danger claims that FBI director called me authorize circo a UK third party snuff film logistic three PL provider to use a robot bomb designed by DOJ ATF agents to record the death of the alleged cop killer mica Johnson on July eighth twenty sixteen in Dallas in Zulu time United States Marine field McConnell asked James going to hand over any evidence of hostile actors or death betting that's right death betting on Clinton basement servers which might help family sue for the wrongful deaths of relatives in cop killing crimes in Dallas on July eighth I've read some other stories by Mr McConnell talking about death bedding and if I understand correctly delete make bets sick sick sick stuff books they make bets on these are false flags of which people actually do die and the how many how many casualties how many ... hurt that they're they're just called a wi..." + 45%
"2016-07-22 22:45:15"
"BREAKING !!! Munich Mall Shooti..."
"I think this is the being reported on money you can read the whole story or I'm not even going to read this story ... you probably heard about that this is ... pictures from CNN ... Munich's there's been a shooting spree at a mall in Munich Germany and the whole city is a lock down right now A. K. A. martial law so there's been ... reported at least ... we're looking at nine people were killed one shooter may be among the dead they're not sure yet if this is a very fluid situation right now I don't know enough to say false flag right now the guys with this has all the earmarks of it all the earmarks of a false flag but once again I want us out I wanna emphasize the fact that even in false flags people do die so but do you see what's going on here folks if it if these things are orchestrated do you see what's going on I'll tell you what's going on is that we're getting use to seeing this every other day we're getting used to we're getting use to seeing the military on our streets we're getting use to hearing a lockdown we're getting used to seeing military on the streets with sniper rifles and a are fifteens and going door to door and we're getting use to martial law that's the point I'm trying to get at is that we're getting used to being locked up and controlled put in fear and you know this is not the world I want living and so if if we find out who's per or perpetuating these things and who is orchestrating these things it if indeed they are terrorists they need to be they need to be wiped out they need to be Concord they need to be defeated and whatever means no that needs to be done and if we find out that this is being a government exercise for an agenda then we need to figure out how to end this because I don't want to live like this do you who also live in fear all time who wants to live every single day where you don't know which freedom is going to be taken away from you I mean look at what it what has happened to us after nine eleven taking s..." + 48%
"2016-07-20 22:25:02"
"RED ALERT! EXTREME Radiation Lev..."
"n't focuses get right down to it this is an important report here ... fact it matters if you don't have your health nothing else really matters right reported something about the ... radiation levels around the country and that they were elevated there's a disturbing trend going on right now in the United States but I want to focus right now in Colorado springs or read a report here real quick not gonna read the whole thing I'll leave the links on the bottom of everywhere I go here but elevated cancer rates found south of Colorado springs where water supplies contain toxic chemicals state health officials have found elevated cancer rates among residents of an area south of Colorado springs where public water supplies contain toxic chemicals at levels exceeding EPA health limit Colorado department of health and environment emphasize in a preliminary health assessment that there's no established link between these up per fluoridated chemicals PF sees and the elevated kid ruled long bladder cancer ... documented in security wide field and found to airforce officials on Thursday confirmed they are stepping in and with four point three million dollars setup a temporary water treatment system to try to reduce exposures to contaminated water the airforce is also agreed to accelerate testing at the military airfield suspected as a source they're doing this as a good neighbor gesture officials said and not an admission of fault okay ... while sit airforce base perhaps ... doing is we're talking about ... elevated levels of ... radiation in the air airforce I'm starting to piece a few things together as a precaution people in public water districts and or private wells that have water sample test results above the EPA health advisory level for who are peeved PLC's should could consider other sources a water agency spokesman mark Salley wrote Tuesday in response to ... email Denver post queries this is especially important for women who are pregnant planning..." + 77%
"2016-07-25 21:58:47"
"BREAKING - TOKYO - Knife Wieldin..."
"good evening so this is just then just now ... apparently we have a multiple people have been killed in a knife attack near Tokyo wait till you hear this though a knife wielding man hacked up nineteen people to death in Japan and injured scores more during a rampage at home the disabled port said the suspect attack the building in the city of Sangama here how are our which is about an hour west in our half west of Tokyo the buildings believe to be home for the disabled according to Daily Express police told local media that nine one one calls started plunging in from staff just after two thirty AM local time claiming that they had spotted a man with a knife on the grounds he eventually broke into the building with a knife and began targeting people inside local media imported that up to nineteen people were killed during his assault needs many as fifty are injured the suspect who is believed to be a man in his twenties has been arrested okay well so we've got one guy wielding a knife and this guy is Rambo evidently ... but did they did cover their base by saying that it wasn't it house of disabled people the a lot of disabled people on one area with no security it's just just so bizarre yes a lot dude I mean I'm sorry for the ladies just but my goodness I I mean could you imagine the rage of ... stabbing nineteen people to death and ... and then injuring how many more up and up up to fifty as many as fifty year injured I mean could you imagine would that would take physically dispatched nineteen people to death and then injured fifty I don't see how they're going to do this story but hunt summer chaos begins floats and ... talk about the democratic ... conventional little but that should be a pretty interesting I get a load how they said that the Republican national convention was going to be in disarray in there is going to be a lot of turmoil and it went real peaceful well I don't think that the DNC one's gonna go peaceful artificially with this ema..." + 39%
"2016-07-28 22:20:40"
"WikiLeaks - Leaked DNC Voice Mai..."
"alright fuck Sir good evening and for your listening pleasure ... here is one of the leet voice mails that ... is now on we he leaks I love that site anyway ... this one you got that you got to hear this and ... Bernie Sanders Vance this is what you're dealing with if this is what you're going to unite to these are the type of people that you're gonna end unite to here you go anger and hate doing by allowing farmers to put Cornel west on the one committee hip hop president Obama nigger I have anything to go Republican in black face why he allows but beyond that platform committee I don't understand it completely looting yeah I am getting that up with the Democratic Party because I'm so tired but a good campaign I've been a Democrat laid back LP thirty you can do whatever you want to put anyone looking at me looking at you we will you promise if someone that he is going not even not supporting Hillary no I don't know I don't understand I don't know why you guys don't have them curry they know well the answer to that question to the caller is it's not about courage it's about all of you Bernie Sanders fans have been bamboozled Bernie was never going to be the nominee not from the very start and you know I feel really bad for you all because there was a lot of energy now I'm not a Democrat but I can tell you that I did admire the energy that came from the ... Bernie anti establishment supporters but the fact of the matter is and I'm talking directly to the Bernie fans right now fact of the matter is you were used when you're being used right now but I see it's backfiring on them big time as I see the convention it's backfiring big time but here's what the story was in here is what's going on this is what I've been told and I had an inkling about this Hillary Clinton knew that there was no way that she was gonna have enough support with with her bass to be a Republican she absolutely did not and so what she did what they did was they brought in this charism..." + 59%
"2016-07-27 22:21:52"
"Pentagon Insider Reveals- WikiLe..."
"good evening folks so I'd like to start out by thanking field McConnell the angle date able danger for ... send sending me a good note a nice note comment that today ... thanking me for it for my support for and that I just wanna let you know that ... of course on their support you because you are a true patriot my friend I really appreciate ... the information that you have the guts to ... disseminate to the people and the it's an honor for me to ... support you so thank you well let's go on ... going to use it ... go on to say that yesterday or the day before I posted ... a ... an article and also a video on the bill that makes false flags legal and ... and I think that's a good way to somebody sending me a private message person gave me some pretty interesting information he gave me the permission to give that information out to you all however he would like to me read here she I'm sorry I'm not sure exactly if it is a marijuana in this individual would like to remain anonymous this is how it all started I got a message private message we should talk I will explain explain why when you respond I said hello I would you got and he came back and said much the next week you leak will deal with the Clinton foundation quid pro sigh Kita thirty three zero one and we'll talk about that here shortly which you hear about is connected to week you leaks there are former and current FBI agents who are leaking not Russians their intent there are internal battles of foot and the white hats are using a segment of okay so ... so I can you know thirty three zero one called PI Moabites expose the false flags being committed in the U. S. Europe watch the UK watch New York City Berlin and Paris in coming days things are about to get going crazy by the second week in August please keep me anonymous I will update you as I get info I have friends in high and low places so I responded knows how he trys it of course I was ... I appreciate your info I will keep..." + 72%
"2016-08-04 22:09:41"
"URGENT ! Pentagon Insider -- Wik..."
"evening folks so we just got this article up I need to get this out to you right away ... my informer from the Pentagon just gave me some information I need to get this out this is big stuff I've not even read the article yet I have my wife do it ... Silva makes mistakes bear with me but let's get on with it ... Pentagon league operation garden plot has been reactivated his latest lead from our Pentagon anonymous as of August fourth twenty sixteen Mosel will fall soon implants are for ISIS to headquartered in Istambul that will give them easy access to Europe massive chaos expected in UK Germany France Israel is behind and Israel is behind ISIS as is the CI a and M. I. six we've been told that it looks like trough will be elected president if it looks like trouble be all that present their plans to crash the stock market and possibly well assassinate him do harm to him our anonymous claims there's training going on as we speak he refers to as a Patsy assassins trump has made a secret deal with Juliana Songz ... drop all charges and he will push to prosecute NBC CNN New York Times and The Washington Times for collusion treason and Rico violations meanwhile elements within the Pentagon military F. B. I. in DOJ are expecting expecting a full scale revolution and operation plot ... garden plot has been re activated that is all from anonymous I I am one who is never promoted the idea martial law taking place as I believe we have been operating under martial law for years however after researching operation garden plot as our anonymous requested it appears that this is about to get much worse ... the official name of the project is called operation garden plot under this plan for the deployment of operation garden plot the use of the site saw icon that secon dash one will be the mandatory I will be mandatory this direct support of civil disturbance can ... control operation is to be used by the army United States Air Force navy marine corps and the airlif..." + 57%
"2016-08-02 00:48:42"
"NSA Whistleblower Says - NSA AND..."
"alright folks I just got a link from one of my insiders ... think this is pretty important stuff let's go on to it breaking an essay snatch unleashes unfathomable blow on Hillary" + 1%
"2016-07-31 14:53:17"
"Rothschild Close To Indictment f..."
"morning fucks me read to you an article that we post yesterday on our website Rothschilds close to indictment for laundering funds legion prime minister Rajiv Razak has been indicted in in a multi billion dollar embezzlement scandal Dennis seeking immunity in exchange for testimony against the Rothschilds Attorney General Loretta Lynch announced on July twenty years twenty sixteen the filing of civil for forfeiture complaint seeking the forfeiture recovery of more than one billion dollars in assets associated with an international conspiracy to launder funds misappropriated from a Malaysian sovereign wealth fund the indictment is calling for the seizure and all of the profits from the Hollywood hit movie wolf of Wall Street because it was financed with embezzled funds the indictment also mentions Saudi Arabian Royals Goldman Sachs JP Morgan and bank pretty admin de Rothschild according to the complaints from two thousand nine through twenty fifteen more than three point five billion dollars in funds belonging to one Malaysia development Burr had one and DB was allegedly misappropriated by high levels of the officials of one and DB and their associates United States supposedly seeks to recover more than one billion dollars laundered money through the United States and traceable to the conspiracy one and DB was created by the government of Malaysia to promote economic development in Malaysia through global partnership foreign direct investment and its phones were intended to be used for improving the well being of Malaysian people step one and DB officials and their associates allegedly misappropriated more than three billion dollars United States will not be a safe haven for assets stolen by corrupt foreign officials said deputy director macabre no that's if he even has been reserved for Hillary Clinton so I leave the link so that's where we got this story some of it was from Benjamin Fulford some of it was from the DOD website itself ... here is the full compla..." + 45%
"2016-07-30 19:49:49"
"Twice Now Hillary Clinton Has Ma..."
"hope that we'll be everybody's having a good weekend and I just want to show you something that I was made aware of ... couple days ago and that is twice once in two thousand seven and ... at the DNC ... as Hillary Clinton was approaching ... the American flag ... twice they fell down for no apparent reason so the question is is there really something really wicked and weird about her or is it just the PSYOP PSYOP giving us a hint from the elite that day Hillary is planning on bringing down the United States of America the way we know it either way I got railed a little bit about the seizure ... video not much actually that was just a few people ... saying was just ridiculous and it was basically her having a seizure or reacting to you a litany of reporters that were asking her questions and I kept on telling people well if that were the truth then why did her eyes turn black and nobody can explain that clearly in my second video if you stop it at thirty seven seconds her eyes turned completely black no whites whatsoever so again I ask a question is this woman evil is there something going on here were you know with the flags in her eyes and the shaking of the head in her weird cackle laugh about people you know when they're talking about people dying ... Qaddafi I'm advises either that she's got a sick sense a sick sense of humor I don't find it funny and I think guy finds her extremely evil to be honest with you and corrupt but we have to stop making excuses for her well maybe it was a she had an eye infection were you know maybe she had a seizure were ... maybe yeah maybe she's not corrupt and and she didn't you know was any collusion and when the Clinton foundation it's just a coincidence that that money got filed near went through the Clinton foundation and all the sudden this person got a contract you know this person ... give a million dollars to the Clinton foundation and the next thing you know two weeks later this guy cod government ..." + 26%
"2016-07-29 16:33:01"
"NEW - Hillary Clinton Demon Poss..."
"when I" + 1%
"2016-08-06 00:41:36"
"Attorney- Who Filed Fraud Case A..."
"folks say I'm back ... listen this is serious stuff right now or talk about this ... via people that go against the Clintons they just keep on ending up not not alive did talk about a couple stories these are breaking stories actually just a couple days old attorney who filed fraud against DNC in Hillary found dead because I know sudden unexplained death of an attorney who led the lawsuit against the ANC corruption is is a wildling social media even as the mainstream media tries to keep it out of the headlines Sean Luke is a Bernie Sanders supporter is the man who serve the DNC with legal papers in a lawsuit alleging fraud that allegation was proven true just a week later when we leaks released yet see email showing pollution to fix the primary for Hillary Clinton over Sanders Lucas death is a third suspicious death in the past two months lead to link to the DNC and Clinton Lucas died suddenly and because he's young he's a young man people are concerned that his death could have been connected to his role as the process server for the DNC lawsuit Lucas was named in a month in a motion filed on July twenty second he does a sixteen by the DNC seeking to dismiss the suit on a technicality Snopes reports that Luke is was found lying on the bathroom floor buys girl friend when she returned home on the evening of August second twenty sixteen paramedic paramedics responding to her call nine one one call found no signs of life cause of death is unknown according to authorities despite the passage of three these since I will read them the link to the rest of this but that's not all folks that is not all Clinton researcher found dead at fifty four American free press contributor Victor thorn fifty for a long time researcher and critic of Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton has been found dead police reports indicate he died of a self inflicted gunshot wound the author of more than twenty books he was best known for the Clinton trilogy three definitive works that delves in..." + 48%
"2016-08-05 22:44:00"
"Hillary Clinton Rescued By Secre..."
"at the front everybody ... we just put this up on our website if there is a trust account it looks like ... maybe Hillary the stress is getting to our ... she's flipping out a little bit you gotta watch this video I'll show it to you know leave you the link ... to all things but ... the article goes stress getting to Hillary apparently some animal rights activists were protesting at one of Hillary's rallies the look in her eyes says it all she looks like she wants to put these people on earth killer you hit list Kyrie guard rushes to her rescue he can be heard saying you're okay you're okay keep talking will handle it we're not going anywhere he said keep talking there have been many rumors that killer re may have brain damage and mild autism that tends to act up when she is under stress maybe it's just karma catching up to her and let's go will let's see this video real quick well yeah we are here to protest from because dropping his kids and killed a lot of animals so well okay yeah well they're not a trope rally so it really wasn't the point now was it ... but let's go let's Sir it's not very good resolution but I'm going to go ahead and I'm going to expand this room quick look in our eyes look at her face book seriously that that is one evil woman so we said we you know we said autism maybe ... she has some brain damage maybe look what you look at those eyes right there peace my friends is not a warming that is right in the head she is not right in the head this is not what we need for our next president believe me people say that swap is off them off you do off the kicker when he's there there's something wrong with him look at this woman look in her eyes looking there's some of the not right with their votes I mean seriously and if they get up for a vote about voting for please think again I mean we know what we're going to get with Hillary okay and it's not good I know that people are skeptical about trump I get it I really do but the fact of..." + 40%
"2016-08-09 22:30:50"
"Leaked Medical Document Diagnose..."
"folks I want to get this out to you haven't heard about this and maybe you have but it's a supposedly a week letter from one of the ... Hillary's doctors and other get on with it let's just read what's in this letter ... the patient Rodham Clinton Hillary this is from a letter head is Lisa are barred dak and D. chairman of the department of medicine mount Kisco medical group ... this office visit was on February fifth twenty fourteen present complaint blacking out for short periods of time uncontrollable twitching memory loss fatigue intro medical history patient returned stating that she is still having complications following the concussion in early December of twenty twelve she states the blocking out uncontrollable twitching and memory loss had been worse over the last few months patient has been diagnosed with having complex partial seizures in early twenty thirteen and was diagnosed with having early on sets of Borden ... sub cortical vascular dementia in mid twenty thirteen so this is something I haven't heard about Hillary Clinton perhaps having a dementia Alzheimers very interesting because a lot of people were saying that about ... bill anyway medical examination patient shows signs of advancing sub cortical vascular dementia after after an M. M. S. E. was performed patient scored significantly lower on today's test then when tested in twenty thirteen the patient is also showing signs of having more frequent complex partial seizures diagnosis complex partial seizure subcortical vascular dementia so pretty much the same diagnosis as previously but impression plan I discussed with the pay that what the patient at length about the alternatives and we elected to maintain her on the present medications with only increasing her medication for the seizures I have ordered another and our eyes meet forms and will schedule another office visit after the test is performed and then it is signed Lisa Kay bar dak M. D. wells you know me and I did a search I..." + 53%
"2016-08-06 01:41:52"
"BREAKING & EXCLUSIVE- Cicada 330..."
"more for tonight guys and the I just got this and when I when I say I just got this I mean I just got this from our Pentagon informant ex Pentagon informant private humor Hillary video's they were shot for the Saudi Royals are going to start leaking out I don't know what they're about obviously they're damaging they were shot by humor there were captured by hackers spectrum to be coming out soon you've heard it first here alright so all the credibility is out there as far as we we lose that are regaining as far as our our informing his concern but I'm just putting it out there folks to repeat that again there's some videos out there their private there of humor Hillary and they were shot for the sort the Saudi Royals and they were captured by intercepted by hackers they will be coming out soon ... I have no idea I don't know what's in them obviously they're damming we know that Huma is ... her parents and you are deeply involved with the Muslim Brotherhood and this is going to continue to come out as well so we have to tie all this together and just keep on pushing pushing pushing guys because this is very nefarious the ... relationship between Hillary and the Muslim Brotherhood through film is very different nefarious and very scary and we've got to get down to the bottom of this and people unfortunately that go against the Clintons although I but but I think that's because they're scared right now they're running like I said folks I've seen the end of the book I know wins god bless I thought the same" + 1%
"2016-08-18 22:11:46"
"Exclusive - Anon Sources Within..."
"folks out some good news there is us some people in the law enforcement agencies and ... in government that still love this country very much they want to get it back to where it used to be they see and they know that the corruption abounds and it is become expert textually worse within the last a few years so let's get on with the story that I information that was given me today by another anonymous source anonymous source sources within government spilling secrets there are multiple insiders within our government trying to help their fellow citizens by leaking very important formation at this time it is vital that we listen to their warning carefully share the truth as much as possible today an anonymous government source warned vielle that Israel has secretly partnered with Turkey recently source also pointed out that Israel help Turkey do the airport attack of June twenty eighth the date was chosen by Israel secret service because it was the anniversary of World War one rich and symbolic Saudis Israel Turkey have teamed up to a week in Europe just as Israel the Saudis U. S. in Turkey created in foster isis to weaken Iran and Syria these are oil wars as Mosel falls X. gate routes or already in use bringing ISIS fighters to is stand ball R. Pentagon insider had told us a few weeks ago isis would have a home base in instant Stambaugh and that is what's happening Israel is the ultimate commander of isis and the plan is to punish Germany France and basically all of Europe for World War two Zionist who are sometimes called the good ball senator this righteous and they consider Christians in the enemy I won't repeat this is a war on Christians the U. S. was founded on Christian values and therefore the U. S. is also a target this Zionist want to take down Rome and are sending isis to do it Rome is the symbolic seed of Christianity most Jews are unaware of this plan and are not part of the only the synagogue of Satan I E. because ours are part of this as well as th..." + 50%
"2016-08-14 17:56:18"
"The Face Of Evil - David Rockefe..."
"if folks yeah I came across ... this channel which it was completely fascinating to me the the ... trail names I spy yeah and I've got the permission and got permission from this person to ... repost this video ... and I want to send traffic over to his channel because he's done many of these this is the real face of Rockefeller and what he's doing is he's not altering anything from the picture I think it's called the totem the fact he's not altering anything he's just shading and what they call burning using a burn tool to ... to bring up some of these features this is halting and fascinating at the same time he's done it with Obama's face he's done it I I don't know how many there might be twenty or more out there I'm not sure but I'm going to leave the latest channel I suggest that you see all of his work the guys fascinating ... once again he's given me permission to post this one video all leave his chin what channel link again please go there check it out fascinating stuff I call this the face of evil folks this is definitely the face of evil alright god bless floats and we'll talk to you soon" + 1%
"2016-08-13 03:26:00"
"Wikileaks Reveals If Clinton IS ..."
"a vote for Hillary Clinton is a vote for president George Soros there's no doubt about it let's get into it puppet master George Soros directing calorie it's a memo from Weeki leaks it's from Jake solvent to Hillary Clinton two thousand eleven unclassified US department of state case blah blah blah in this email titled undressing obey it Albania from January twenty fourth two thousand eleven George Soros stars alongside our famous Kilmory Soros is instructing cleaned to things need to be done urgently then he continues instruction bring the full weight of the international community to bear on prime minister Berisha further instructs the secretary of state to appoint a senior European official as mediator puppet master then proceeds to give killari three names from which he gets to choose I suggest pointing a mediator such as Carl Bildt Marty Asha sorry or Myroslav Lou jock all of whom strong connections to the Balkans puppet master Soros also instructs the US secretary of state that the U. S. and European Union must work in complete harmony over this supposing how foreign widest puppet strings extent see the entire leak ... email here and I'll leave the I'll leave the other link in the scripture considering Soros has been exposed giving twenty five million to Clinton and now there is no question of his authority to her are you ready for the president George Soros a takeover mom noddies globalist and Hillary Clinton is a global the fact of the matter is in the recent months we see that Hillary's health mentally and physically they have been deteriorating there's no doubt about it I don't think the globalists really care they wanna pop that in there they want somebody that's weak feeble mentally and physically so they can molds exactly what they want they can force their desires there communist ideology and taking over the world a one world government one world religion and one world monetary so that's what they want if that's what you want then go ahead and vot..." + 45%
"2016-08-12 22:17:16"
"Anon Source- Terry McAuliffe Imp..."
"how you doing everybody happy Friday ... got a great story here things are really heating up with this Clinton foundation investigation no folks it's not going away it's just it's just heating" + 1%
"2016-08-20 20:27:51"
"Hillary Clinton Vows To Shut Dow..."
"we just did a video about the internet and free speech and how we're going to lose that pretty soon to the United Nations let's go further than this and ... the reading article on your news wire dot com Hillary Clinton vows to shut down alternative media ... by the way alternative media is anything is ... defined as anything that's not mainstream media so if it's not ABC NBC CBS CNN fox which are owned by pretty much two or three people all of those that I just mentioned ... it's it be it should be shut down that's a scary thought folks because if you've got ... all of the media being disseminated by think tanks of two or three people's ideologies that is a scary scary thought right again Orwellian please leave Orwellian but our our our ms Clinton who is Orwellian in nature let's let's see what she has to say Hillary Clinton has threatened to shut down alternative news web sites in America if he is elected president of the United States Hillary's campaign sent out threatening email to fund raisers saying that independent conservative news outlet Breitbart news has no right to exist freedom of speech works and hinted that they were making plans to shut it down for ever wants Hillary is elected we've got a concerted median this country for awhile says the email sent Thursday and signed by but deputy communications director Christina Reynolds I don't always like what they say have to say but I wrist but I respect their role and their right to exist rentals acknowledgement that the regular concert media has a right to exist though is used to college is used to contrast with bright bark which apparently has no such right right board is something different she says they make fox news look like a Democrat party pamphlet there are different breed altogether not just conservative but radical bigoted anti Muslim and anti semitic spirit seek peddlers who never have had who have never been in net never should be anywhere near the levers of power in this country one..." + 56%
"2016-08-20 19:04:46"
"Obama Relinquishes Control Of Th..."
"you all look great the end of the Republic has never looked better moves in gonna read to you a very important article that was just put up on our website written by my wife U. S. gives internet control to the UN president Barack Obama is determined to give away control of the internet within two months one of the worst blunders in history of the national security economic policy and the fight for liberty in general is the headline from bright bark regarding the United States turning over all rights of the worldwide web to a private company called I can this deal has been in the works for over twenty years and will be completed and finalized by October first twenty sixteen what is I can you may never have heard of I can't internet corporation for assigned names and numbers a California nonprofit private organization but your online life is influenced by its decisions I can't coordinates domain names in internet protocol addresses the internet to sensual protocols these services were originally performed under the U. S. government contract by the internet assigned numbers authority I ate and ate and other entities I can now performs the I a and a function I can't cleans I can is governed by an internationally diverse board of directors overseeing the policy development process I can't president Direxion international staff working from three continents to ensure I can meet its operational commitment to the internet community on their website and it goes on to say who's on the advisory board ... and all it I'm not gonna read all of this ... it's ... very intuitive there's a lot here ... I'm gonna leave the link to the article in the description but ... towards the end I want to say that my wife and I differ a little bit because it says ... I have not come to a definitive conclusion yet I will still want to explore more information your other ideas regarding each school of thought all of them seem to make sense to me it's a pretty deep subject of which I..." + 54%
"2016-08-20 17:05:20"
"US Debt Clock Mysteriously Start..."
"look folks hope everybody's havin a good weekend but two and a half months ago I went to the U. S. debt clock ... website and I noticed something interesting I go to that site every once awhile to the national debt is you know something interesting for the first time this website was reporting the actual what I feel is the actual of worse value of gold and silver compared to the U. S. dollar at that time and I made a video at two and a half months ago and I will leave the link to it in the description section so you can see the first one this is the update at that time the dollar to silver ratio was eight hundred thirteen dollars and seventeen cents as you can here the dollar to gold ratio was seven thousand three hundred and forty dollars per ounce I believe that these are the correct numbers at least perhaps even more this is this is your year ... that gold silver is worth and it's being manipulated right now as you can see something like about forty to one with silver that's ridiculous and I believe at some point in the near future we might see correction but let's go in a go to the actual debt clock to day and by the way it's ... W. W. W. dot you as debt clock dot org and I have an update right here and you'll be amazed at what's going on I took a snapshot of it today only two and a half months we're at eight ET thirty six per ounce for silver and seventy nine sixty seven per ounce for gold so we went up so ET to eat thirteen so we went up about what sixty sixty five dollars seventy dollars no yeah about seventy dollars an ounce in just two and a half months folks I really think that you should be investing in precious metals right now I think that they are trying their their their telling is something they're giving us a hint of the Illuminati many many times they have a code to where they have to ... and maybe they don't have to but they like to play with us and they give us ... hints about what's going on we know that ... the U. S. dollar colla..." + 40%
"2016-08-19 00:24:22"
"BREAKING ! Did Bill Clinton Just..."
"well folks this is a tribe fact I just had to and also I have to do say wow this just coming out Clinton foundation says it will no longer accept foreign donations if Hillary Clinton is elected oh my god in my reading that right while she's almost admitting that she was doing well the whole time and now she's going to do it right this is incredible folks and she's even able to run for president I'm if this is mind blowing mind blowing let me read the article New York AP this call from NBC twenty six Clinton foundation will no longer accept foreign in corporate donations of Hillary Clinton is elected president so what does that mean if she's not they're going to continue figure they continue former president Bill Clinton tells staff members on Thursday that it will also hold its final Clinton global initiative meeting in September in New York regardless of the outcome the November election former president made the announcement in afternoon meeting with the foundation staff according to participants who spoke to the Associated Press on conditions of anonymity anonymity head of the formal announcement Bill Clinton set of Hillary Clinton wins the White House families foundation would only accept contributions US citizens charities well so before I read those lessons you see how we open ended that with independent charities that is a broad that is a broad definition is and what isn't independent charity okay he added the foundation will continue its work but plans to refocus its efforts in a process that will take up to a year to complete folks that he is coming down on the Clinton foundation I have it on on good authority that the heat is coming down on these guys and they're trying to back pedal right now soiling their pain and way folks have a good night this try fact I am not doing anymore for tonight real quickly god bless you all take care" + 3%
"2016-08-22 12:11:28"
"Hillary Clinton Flies 20 Miles I..."
"well good morning folks ... thought you'd get a kick out of this one ... I guess goal of global warming is has been solved is this article alludes to also yeah I get a kick out of the Hillary saying that she's just like you and I really how many of us fly twenty miles on a private jet Hillary Clinton flies twenty miles in a private jet to attend Rothschilds Nantucket fundraiser it's being reported by zero hedge as we reported a few days ago bill and Hillary Clinton spent Friday night in Martha's vineyard celebrating bill seventieth birthday we're sure was a grand affair well worth the key Obama had to take from Louisiana floods that victims ... to attend turns out the following morning Hillary not one to be bothered with traditional peasant forms of travel awoke and took her private jet just twenty miles over to Nantucket where the Rothschilds will be hosting a fundraiser the event is open to all well anyone who can afford a hundred thousand dollars per price pretty ... hopefully this is a sign that the home global warming thing has been solved and we can all rest comfortably at night knowing that we're safe from sudden violent attacks the hands of the man Big Bear some funny stuff right there folks I have pock receipt of all hypocrisies unbelievable I I think Donald dates to say some about this to you guys they care have a good week and that will be probably talking to you all later on this evening but" + 1%
"2016-08-25 00:18:04"
"Live video Aug 24, 2016 18:43:47"
"yeah we all live they I don't know who she is but even the series will although so real real yeah def leopard Tesla oreos the Gillian I was crying so there's like crazy" + 1%
"2016-08-23 22:11:01"
"Federal Reserve Board Of Governo..."
"let's do a fun story about an evil organization ... the federal reserve this one being reported by the daily sheeple the federal reserve just made a Facebook page and it's already getting destroyed by trolls by Kerry Wendler federal reserve bank is well known for its secrecy but in an attempt to reach out to people it cleans to serve the monolithic bank just created a Facebook page and it's probably really regretting that decision unlike Twitter where the fed decides ... which comments to reply to and therefore which show up publicly on its page its public Facebook page watch Thursday morning is not as restrictive in fact the board of governors of the Federal Reserve System page has been re hut loosely trolled since it went up the Federal Reserve Bank was originally crafted largely by bankers including JP Morgan chase and company it is never been fully audited since the federal reserve act was passed in nineteen thirty yet enjoys an omni present status in the United States as the fed's Facebook page points out over the years its role in banking and the economy has expanded never good thing people have protested of the banking institution since it was created but it remains one of the best guarded most opaque institutions in the country I caught the congressionally mandated audit by the government accountability office in twenty eleven found the fed had loaned out sixteen trillion dollars to big banks around the world as noted by senator Bernie Sanders at the time this is a clear case of socialism for the rich and broad mean that's means regnum usher you're on your own individual isn't for everyone else Sanders press room but release highlighted a more specific conflict of interest for example the C. E. O. of JP Morgan served on the New York fed board and directors at the same time that his bank received more than three hundred ninety billion dollars in financial assistance from the fed moreover JP Morgan chase served as one of the clearing banks for the feds ..." + 59%
"2016-08-23 20:12:40"
"The Late Aaron Russo - The Truth..."
"there it is for separate about women who met Rockefeller how it happened in these discussions I met Rockefeller throughout the military I knew call me up when they had said to her one Iraq flows like to meet you I made a video called mad as hell and now he's seen the video and I want to meet me and I was running for governor Nevada sure enough to meet him and I met him and I like them and ... but he was very very smart man and a loose talk and share ideas and thoughts and alone he's the one who told me about eleven months before nine eleven ever happens if there was going to be an event never somebody that was going to be there's going to be an event and I know that offends are we going invade Afghanistan so when I got out pipeline from the Caspian Sea we're going to invade Iraq you know to take over the oil fields establish a base in the Middle East and make it all part of the world order and we go live to serve as in Venezuela and I'm sure no later than nine eleven happened and I mean he was telling me how how you gonna see soldiers looking in caves and people in the in our Afghanistan and Pakistan in all these places and it's and it's going to this war on terror which is no real enemy and the whole thing is a giant hoax you know but it's a way for the government to take over the American people soldiers into your house Alija where is the question says that those who are tearing his laughing it's not look look who's fighting you what do you think nine eleven happened and then nothing's happened since nine do you think that our security is so great here that these people who pulled off nine eleven who it woulda Kim knocked on another plane come on it's ridiculous nine eleven was done by people in our own government owned banking system to perpetuate here are the American people and so subordinate in themselves anything government wants them to their that's what's got integrate this what this endless war on terror and that's why we then and now is the first lie..." + 50%
"2016-08-23 13:55:15"
"Trump Is Right, The System IS RI..."
"well these people are so corrupt is from the gateway pundit dot com my wife university released a poll today that has Donald Trump defeating Hillary Clinton ... trump was up forty one to thirty nine so they waited the pole with more Democrats to give Hillary Clinton the lead while the original unweighted poll had thirty three Republicans to thirty five Democrats with trouble eating revise pull at twenty nine Republicans to thirty seven Democrats and wallah Hillary has the lead but today mom if county ... via Patrick Murray represents a presidential poll of Ohio voters the actual raw data PDF available here ... see page six seven show Donald Trump with the lead in the results however merry change the data through a waiting through waiting to show Hillary Clinton with a leaf so also is just unbelievable folks and they're really really going to have to ... monitor those voting booths coming November because they are going to try every trick in the book we've done our own independent polls and Donald Trump smokes Clinton every single time it's not even close this is just to get people discourage not to go vote non there are we sit there are you talking about Hillary already has enough delegates and this is just crazy to even talk like that ... don't get discouraged if your doll Tropa supporter don't be discouraged go out and vote ... because my feeling is that he's he's gonna did the nation's going to be shocked because we've been lied to all these months about these polls and but I think she's just going to get blown away actually anyway guys have a good day we'll talk to you soon" + 1%
"2016-08-22 22:30:29"
"BREAKING - German Citizens Told ..."
"nnova breaking story Germany warned citizens to immediately begin prepping in a breaking story today August twenty second twenty sixteen Germany is instructing their citizens to immediately begin stockpiling food and water the German government explained that the country could face and intimate which threatens our existence first time since the end of the Cold War the German government is strongly suggesting its citizens the stockpile food and water in case one attack or but catastrophe the Frankfurter newspaper reported on Sunday Germany is currently on high alert after two Islamic attacks and the shooting rampage by young unstable teenager last month according to the newspaper people would be required to stockpile enough drinking water in food for ten days I would say that is sound advice for anyone I would personally encourage more than ten days but that's just me so interesting ... folks that Germany the government is recommending people to stockpile on food and water do they know something that we don't know but if you've been listening to this channel you do know you do know that things are probably going to happen and ... the summer a chaos is been in full swing all summer long we expect things to continue throughout the summer we've got about another month to go and ... I would kill I would venture to say things are gonna happen all the way through the rest of the year actually but the it's a very smart thing for all of you and all of us to be stockpiling food and water ... in prepping has become this evil so kind of like ... spirit see word or you know just not worried right to be a proper however you know prep prepper is just the short for preparation and it's never a bad thing to prepare for something ... an event that could ... devastate US ... in our families it's so food water and shelter the main things and I actually would recommend more like two or three months just in case I mean imagine what would happen if a town the big city w..." + 57%
"2016-08-26 23:18:35"
"Poisoning The Well - Should Euro..."
"look look Sir this is a very difficult story for me to do and it might sound like a conspiracy theory and I really wrestled with doing this story or not doing a story but I felt like I had to I had to just in case so here we go warning to the stockpile warnings in the past few days via was reported various countries calling for its citizens begin stockpiling food and water at least another ten days my original question was were they expecting I was trying to get word out to begin stockpiling now however I've had several very reliable incredible inside government sources bring out the scenario I had never thought of this is going to sound like a huge conspiracy believe me I know however I cannot take this warning from these non slightly as it was stress that this is very important my insiders have strong suit strongly suggested that the stockpile warnings are planned to weaken and sick in certain groups of people the question posed is is the stockpile warning in Europe actually a warning that elites planted team the public's water supply we are told this a few days ago from one anonymous source soon within weeks governments will start to tell citizens start stockpiling food I think Germany already did but nexus Hungary and Czechoslovakia Sweden etcetera sure enough Germany did demand their citizens stockpiled food water we checked the follow read my articles here and I left the look on the links are here in the article are not good to say stockpiled food is meant to weaken in Christian Christians this is not the first time we have been told by government insiders there's a war on Christians please be aware that history does repeat itself in case you're not familiar with these types of things that happened in the past let me give you a shortened brief history lesson please do follow the please do some follow up with your own research if you don't feel comfortable with what is being presented here and the article goes on to talk about what Stalin did goes on to talk..." + 68%
"2016-08-25 23:07:18"
"BREAKING !!! - First Germany, No..."
"first Germany now checks government warrants a stockpile food just days after the German government advised citizens to stock up on food and water the Czech government has followed suit according to organic prepper dot CA as well as several other sources see the story about Germany's warning here checks news channel C. T. twenty four broadcast message from their government telling citizens to prepare for the worst check media sources are reporting that in the event of a national crisis food needs of the country will not be met as the Czech Republic is already P. set with four of food sort shortages in the video below track resident Steven band deep Noone told Israeli news live that the Czech government is telling citizens to be prepared for the worst case possible scenarios such as a large scale terrorist attack were large scale nuclear disaster we have the video here on our website ... so I'll leave that linking you can listen to that video something's going on folks were getting warnings all over the place right now what do they know that we don't know it's not fear mongering this is not to instill fear into the hearts of the people like the government does with isis but this is just a this is a warning so you know you gotta get your stuff in order as far as making sure that you've got some cash on hand at your house making sure that you've got food water ... appropriate medical supplies and all that kind of stuff not saying that this is going to happen I'm saying that everybody should be prepared anyway it's been a very busy day today I'm losing my voice ... so this will probably be the last year for the day ... but will certainly have something out there for you tomorrow unless there is a urgent news I'll get it out there today and we take care folks have a good evening god bless you" + 2%
"2016-08-25 19:14:46"
"BREAKING !!! MUST SEE !!! Youtub..."
"folks this is incredible if you want to talk about poll numbers let's talk about reality and there's some things that they just can't hide there's some things that they simply just can't hide this is right I was just doing searches are on you tube and I found out that the Hillary Clinton Donald trump's ... speeches are live streaming right now and I want to go check out Hillary's live stream ... to see what's up and I come up to this right now and you gotta see this folks so there is at this time and I'm sure that it's a lot more right now there's eight thousand three hundred thirty two people watching live right now that's not what I'm getting to the songs are one fifty eight thus songs down three thousand six hundred and seventy nine this is your real poll results folks not the garbage that we're getting from the mainstream media this is it tell you trong is going to win by a landslide if the ranking is not so much but the I mean how could they read this much that's a lot votes who's voting for was voting for this woman I just had to get is real quick out here to show you guys what's going on ... if you wanna go and do a search on the I guess it's at the ... Donald Trump and the ... Hillary Clinton speeches and events channel and she's speaking arena they're waiting for to come right now but that those numbers are only gonna get worse right because this is incredible I mean while anyone take care folks have a good day and god bless you" + 1%
"2016-08-25 18:48:36"
"Wikileaks - Julian Assange - "I ..."
"this being reported by USA supreme dot com a song I will boring Hillary down before the debate stage on September twenty six week elites editor Juliana Sandra's accused democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton of committing extortion by heightening fears of the possibility of a Republican victory in order to attract left wing voters both trump and Sanders supporters are waiting with bated breath for the next email down from Julian assigned the founder and editor in chief of Weeki leaks he released hacked emails last month showing Democrat National Committee officials plotting to defeat Mrs Clinton's chief rival Vermont senator Bernie Sanders wreaking Greeks editor in chief Julianna songs promise to release more damning emails about the Clinton foundation and ward he has enough evidence on Hillary Clinton making secret deals with an alleged Islamic state sponsor for the FBI to indict her we have more information and we will publish everything when the time is right some of these materials can get Hillary Clinton to lose the nomination well Bernie Sanders get the nomination as far as I know he is second in line and hold the remaining delegates if Clinton loses the nomination says a sign in his latest interview as she can rot tansy a British journalist went underground with Russia today to speak with weakening founder Julian the songs in London about thirty two thousand emails from her private server had been leaked by week in week so far but the songs would not confirm the number of emails form when they are expected to be published but he did say this brought to Saudi but if there is any legality in the pending emails you will release or now see since in what you already released president Obama could presumably act on it get Hillary Clinton charge regardless of whether you are about to release any email which would mean that James Coney and the F. B. I. would have no alternative but to the rest clean that was our chance the sign says our view which which h..." + 47%
"2016-09-01 00:27:11"
"Trey Gowdy OWNS Black Lives Matt..."
"then you were not able to address other cases I wanted to ask you whether or not you were familiar with with a few other cases sandy Rogers and Scotty Richardson from a week in South Carolina you familiar with that case yes I ... how about Roger Dale rise from Laurens South Carolina you can be with that case nonsense arrogant nickel sooner markets with Phil from Greenville South Carolina you familiar with that case no Sir Ross sorrow from Greenville South Carolina no Sir or Kevin" + 1%
"2016-08-31 22:18:37"
"URGENT!!! America Depopulation P..."
"NTUC Sir we just put this story up today this is a very important story you need to get this around he needs to get out there to the people especially the people the United States ... let's get started I know a lot of you have heard of agenda twenty one agenda twenty thirty ... if not I'll leave some links you can do some research but this'll be a good ... even if you have with a herd of agenda twenty one there's gonna be some good information for you as well probably new information that you might not have heard so let's get to it ... America twenty fifteen depopulation they changed to twenty twenty five thanks to Ted Turner for making it clear what the globalists truly desire ninety percent de population is the goal George got good guy so it's declare that humanity will be reduced by ninety percent to do that a devastating World War will need will be needed and the world's March towards the population will begin right here in the United States the moves were devastating destruction will be the result of losing World War three following America's devastating defeat what is left of American society will be get garrisons and divided into eleven megacities or maybe a regions a style befitting of the hunger games movie trilogy documents have emerged which clearly supports these assertions most court cases are decided by circumstantial evidence alone both circumstantial and direct evidence demonstrate that the United States is destined to lose World War three along with seventy percent of its people there are two smoking guns which conclusively support this assertion the emergence of the megacities concept which will replace were present social structure in this post war seventy percent of people are accounted for unaccounted for the semi pretty Bruce and the people that are unaccounted for number two the release of CI a controlled DeGaulle documents which demonstrates that both the U. S. and the U. K. lose most of their military before twenty twenty five as ..." + 87%
"2016-08-30 02:45:28"
"BREAKING Huffington Post Deletes..."
"fox is a very interesting situation going on right now this guy ... David seaman he writes or he did write for the Huffington post as we know or as I understand it the Huffington post's is mainly a left wing organization ... news reporting organization so they must delight David seaman up until recently and I I would imagine by listening to this whole video and I'll leave the link to this whole video I mean you can see it right now I'm not gonna play I'll play a little bit of it but I would imagine that to Mister seem in it is somebody that is a truth seeker a a little bit naive though as you will hear some of the stuff you just cannot believe that the first amendment is not this secret as he thought it was here in America well folks you know I've been talking about this for a long time haven't we and now there are some really well meaning people that I would say that ... are Democrats no our liberal that are seen that the the ultra liberal the radical liberal people are very scary they don't believe in the first amendment they don't believe in the second they don't believe in the constitution and I think that ... David seaman is seen that right now for the first time and so as much is I really feel for him because I can hear it in his voice the disbelief that this is happening in our country we've been talking about this for a long time David this is been going on for a long time so ... you now come onto our side because you're not going to get any sympathy from the Huffington post you're done with them factor the matter the fact the matter is that this is this is a scary situation not just for you but for all of us this is our survival right now and we have to all coalesce and figure out the best way to deal with this but here listen to someone else three point five million times ... videos not emerge from other publishers on you too ... so this one is getting a lot of traction and to delete my posts about it without notice on a Sunday night and I..." + 61%
"2016-08-27 17:40:47"
"Hillary Clinton's Racist Comment..."
"hello friends I'm gonna play two clips and then some commentary so here we go listen up please and it has always been a while problem of violence well if if anyone overseas I understand I understand is also respect Julia blowing it respectfully if that is your position that I will talk only to white people about how we are going to deal with some very real problems you but like what I'm saying said it was a form of it you" + 1%
"2016-09-07 22:02:32"
"EXCLUSIVE - Pentagon Insider Ret..."
"hello folks I got an exciting update for you today breaking news we broke this story two hours before fox reported some of this they don't have anywhere near what we have here today huge news from it FBI insiders so does anybody remember September tenth two thousand one when two point three trillion dollars went missing from the Pentagon suddenly no one remembered that news because the next day nine eleven happened and now another six trillion dollars has gone missing from the Pentagon and the student vielle follower brought this to our attention and had an excellent question are we close to another deadly event such as nine eleven I've been saying for months that we're going to see another huge event perhaps even bigger than I eleven the elves been speculating this event will take place after trump trump wins the presidency so the elites can blame it or at least dump it on him guess what other information we got much of the missing money and it's around six point six trillion dollars vanished in CI a hands when V. L. ask for insider if this speculation had any validity and if we could be on the brink of another huge disaster this was the answer GM yes we are that event happens on trump's watch it's meant to at least the evil we fight has one name Kamal our insiders say that the F. B. I. is literally on the brink of chaos many agents now appear ready to leak information that expose the con job the botched investigation and to Hillary we have word that there are senior agents who are now asking for Kobe to step down and details of the actual investigation are being leaked along with even more details to bright Barton news Sean Hannity in the very near future there are two men leading this effort to get FBI agents to leak important Clinton information according to our insiders the two hundred two of the two are both former assistant directors of the FBI gym cal strong and Jim kallstrom actually ... this this is what's so amazing two hours after we put this story ..." + 67%
"2016-09-07 15:31:43"
"Watch What Hillary Clinton Does ..."
"so to a good morning and hello she says regarding our house she ... hunter antihistamine effort to coughing fits ... just yesterday on and a reporter I ask a question of how she felt about sing Donald trump's playing the tarmac in Cleveland Ohio ... another question but how you're feeling in the CNN poll which you chose not to answer so there was your update as hill force one heads toward Tampa Florida will keep" + 1%
"2016-09-05 20:44:42"
"alright folks I just received and read not too long ago in email from an insider and I threw it up into a page so it looks a little prettier but this is important stuff it's not fear mongering something that you need to know two warning so you can prepare if you live in California is breaking California government official insider impending earthquake within sixty days a seven point one magnitude or larger is the actual email that I received I messed around with it this is not verbatim I bullet pointed it I remove the name ... and that's about it not with all the information is a verbatim as is as I'm going to read you right now so sad to me Monday witches today of course September fifth twenty sixteen at eleven OO seven AM to me ... subject California earthquake I change that actually wasn't the ... now for reasons that I'm not gonna talk about right now I change the subject ... sure the bullet points folks four point number one we are being told of an impending quake in California bullet point two scientists expect within sixty days all large quake southern end of the San Andreas fault number third bullet point a scientist named Tom Jordan ex is expecting something big next bullet point new data came up Friday night and everyone is on high alert next only government folks are getting this not the public but you're getting right now next they seemed certain and they expect a seven point one magnitude or bigger which can be deadly is hell that's for bait him next one they will be doing phantom drills on this within the next weeks I'm also told that ... I'm also told that they're going to make the outer lanes only available for government vehicles the case that this happens so I don't I don't have any more information on this right now this is all I have and I'm getting it out to you because I want you to be prepared I want you to have as much of for ... as much time to prepare for whatever you need to do if you live in California does not fear mongeri..." + 29%
"2016-09-03 13:16:54"
"BREAKING !!! Strong Oklahoma Ear..."
"wars and rumors of wars and earthquakes in divers places I've got a breaking story here folks strong Oklahoma's earthquake felt from Nebraska to Texas just this morning one of the largest earthquakes in Oklahoma was felt Saturday morning from Nebraska to North Texas five point six magnitude earthquake happened at seven OO to A. M. Saturday in north central Oklahoma United States here Geological Survey said that ties for Oklahoma's strongest earthquake on record the first coming in two thousand eleven no major damage was immediately reported an increasing magnitude three point oh or greater earthquakes in Oklahoma has been linked underground disposal of wastewater from oil and natural gas production St regularly regulators have asked producers to reduce wastewater disposal volumes in earthquake prone regions of the state some parts Oklahoma now match northern California for the navy nations most chic prime and one Oklahoma region has one what I wanna eat chance of damaging quake in two thousand sixteen with other parts one in twenty people in Kansas city St Louis fave bill Arkansas the morning I wanted and Norman Oklahoma all reported feeling the earthquake Dallas TV station WFAA tweeted that the quake shook their studios to that's right here where I am folks Saturday's quake was centered about nine miles northwest of Pawnee Oklahoma earlier this week the same spot which is about seventy miles northeast of Oklahoma City saw magnitude three point two temp ... temblor Sean why no go home in Nebraska told the Associated Press that he'd never been an earthquake before and thought he was getting dizzy wide said he and one of his daughters heard the building start creaking and said it was surreal yeah I've been in earthquakes in California before and it is surreal a one time I was just laying there on the couch in the couch started just hopping up and down in just shaking was crazy but the to go on from here another earthquake it looks like a seven point one it looks ..." + 24%
"2016-09-01 14:38:27"
"BREAKING - RAW Video - SpaceX Ro..."
"yeah yeah I do" + 1%
"2016-09-08 17:13:42"
"2016 End Times Watch - One World..."
"looks looks as we draw near to what I believe is the end times are the end times I'm gonna start doing stories videos about activities I feel that are relevant now as I've said many times in these videos as the Antichrist is ... ushered into the world I believe three things will happen they will be a one world government a one world religion and one world monetary system we are rapidly moving in that direction in all three right now like to talk about the ... religion part I found this story to be very interesting I go and read it snot long interface spiritual gathering E. meant to be held in Jerusalem until September eleventh Christine Jews and Muslims will take part until September eleventh in an interfaith prayer and spiritual get out gathering in Jerusalem titled a man a house of prayer for all believers to gather the gathering was to be a major part of the twenty sixteen Mecca dual shell desimone if anybody knows how to stay that please pronounce up please let me know up running from September fourth two twenty third according to a press release the festival will focus on harnessing the cities intellectual powers inspire artists musicians and cultural figures from around the world to redefine their art and traditions and connect them be troubling times a man seeks unite members of all three monotheistic face for dialogue study singing a prayer together in one temporary house of worship amen is creating both a physical and metaphysical space that encourages commonality rather than sanctifying each old divisions make a dash yes organizers were quoted in the press release as saying we will study are you yes this is also allowed and pray together and alone we will see if it is possible despite all the corporal difficulties and earthly obstacles to create a new reality make it does shut or artistic director Italy now nurse said from now on its respective it is nothing short of a miracle that between four walls we will inaugurate a temporary home for three rel..." + 55%
"2016-09-09 22:28:00"
""HILLARY GONE WILD"- Clinton Cam..."
"my guys is far to the story about Hillary stand trial ... after the bout Lauer question answer session usually I would do all of this in one of video put all of this information was coming throughout the day I'd already gotten the first story out so I just went and did a part two ... listen let's get on with it ... vielle was told Hillary screen that ... Donna Brazile are you chewing your cut again Hillary refers to Donna as the brown cat out last week Hillary demanded anything and everything on Julia Julianna songs Hillary has our staffers plan to use the tag rate journalism subscribe to Sandra Hillary is also instructors staffers to accuse a sergeant being a Russian proxy this will fall and nicely with her accusing the Russians of hacking into the servers and supposing her leaked emails never mind the fact that she was passing thousands of classified documents on an unsecured server so that can never be her fault Hillary's agenda is to start a war with Russia since the U. S. dollars certain deployment likely by the end of the year that would be the only way to make money for the elite I'm Donna was the point person with the assigned to attack but now Hilary hates her and blames donifer blowing it by letting that go wrote on her at the commander in chief for earlier this week when Hillary had a major meltdown throwing glass of staffers had and narrowly missing H. R. ... it it each RC staffer insider told ... V. L. Hillary was heard speaking directly to a man named Jeff she was assured that he would fix things E. sap for her staffer believes the person HRC was speaking to was Jeff Bezos who runs the Washington post and a lot of other stuff by the way we'll keep you updated as the ... leak continues to pour in so that's it short sweet I just want to say once again were told about the Donald trumps temperament and ... I think people are just getting fed up with or even inside of her own campaign they're getting set up it's out of control ... peopl..." + 41%
"2016-09-09 22:08:00"
""HILLARY GONE WILD"- Clinton Cam..."
"you know a couple weeks ago I was listening to the Sean Hannity show and he had on some secret service ... folks that used to work for the Clinton campaign when Bill Clinton was president and they talked about Hillary and how utterly mean she was and how much content she had four police officers and for the secret service ... that she would swear at them ... that she had a violent temper and ... she was just not a very nice person a very intimidating would not ... look you in the eye and did not want you to look her in the eye if you're passing in the hallway that's the kind of person that she is they said and I thought to myself I believe them they said not sounding very credible yeah this morning I got an email from somebody that claims to be an insider on the Clinton campaign and ... apparently and I'm gonna read the article that we have out now on our website parent Lee after the math flower questioning with the question answer session with a Clinton trump Clinton went ballistic absolutely ballistic and here we go temper temper hooked Hillary goes on a rampage for an hour throwing glasses staffers had we've all heard the stories of Hillary's area rampages I would certainly never want to be the object of bought her psychotic episodes I feel I almost feel sorry for staff Stena rentals deputy communications director for the Clinton campaign and Donna Brazile chair of the campaign received scathing reviews from Hillary after Matt Lauer went rogue on her according to inside sources after the town hall with Matt hill Matt Hillary went ballistic throwing a huge tantrum with personal calls to Comcast executives the paragon plea of NBC ... universal I guess they got the message with all the ridiculous headlines to up follow over the next couple of days and here are some of them so we have some articles here so I ask you to go to the ... the website because I'm not going to read all of these but this one's from our New York mag from Yahoo and ... ther..." + 61%
"2016-09-09 00:47:14"
"URGENT UPDATE !!! CA Earthquake..."
"hello folks nothing pretty here I'm just trying to get this information out to you as soon as possible just receive the an email from California government insider about earthquakes in what they know and what they're not telling us over and they're not telling the people of California so we get onto it this is a cotton paste of an email that I received was actually a conglomeration of three emails and I put it together California governor insider someone in California government cares about people being safe and is very upset the people are being kept in the dark okay big news looks like same earthquake team is expecting imminent earthquake in Alaska within days got this data so there's just an I look this up earlier too yet they're just a bunch of smaller earthquakes going on in Alaska and that's not uncommon but let's move on now that's not the big news the big news is that now expect a major quake to hit L. A. within forty five days there are also noticing the Hayward fault so San Francisco is also being watched this is very unusual jam the data is being sent as top secret not to be distributed new emails from type that scientists are saying alarm bells are ringing something big is coming Jen within forty five days talks could be a series of devastating earthquakes they believe a series of large quakes could trigger within hours of each other like a spider web shaken by Hale they do not want the people to know this is a king to state sponsored terrorism is wrong not to alert the public that was the email and I am alerting the public okay and you should know it's not fear mongering this is a lot to keep people safe I hope this doesn't happen I pray to god it doesn't happen but if it does happen and I knew about it and I was forewarned about it and I didn't say anything my bad the onus is on me for that and a lot of other people like other good people are stepping up right now you're putting their good loans online right now their reputation on the line right no..." + 20%
"2016-09-12 12:53:36"
"if looks good morning ... this is an interesting one I had heard about the this conspiracy awhile back but I really know never delved into it about Hillary Clinton having a body double ... many people are speculating that the second person I came out it Chelsea is a apartment saying that she felt great ... was not really her it was her body double and you know that somehow I'll leave the link to this article not gonna read the whole article but here says many people who saw this video on YouTube began to leave comments claiming that this person it's not Hillary Clinton one commenter and a bird stated earlier in the day at the nine eleven ceremony she had that yet no dark roots showing in this video maybe lighting I don't know she has darker roots picture of Clinton was taken prior to her medical episode can be found below for comparisons pictures of Clinton taken prior term medical episode can be found below and you're so two weeks abruptly departs nine eleven memorial service after feeling over heated you have a picture of her this is supposedly of her ... while she was a feeling sick and here we have ... her ... exiting her daughters apartment looking great smiling she even I believe she hugged a child which I don't know why you would do that if you have ... if you have ... pneumonia so she's looking great I don't know what they did but she's smiling no more pneumonia are then mowing is not so bad where the most hearing at one of the most interesting parts of the video of the potential Clinton by double is the absence of anyone around her all through her twenty sixteen campaign Clinton has been surrounded by an entourage the majority of the entourage that are attached to Clinton are members of the secret service no agents are seen with Clinton as she exits the apartment building the following picture shows the potential body double without any of her entourage around her when have you ever seen Hillary Clinton with no one around her so these are..." + 42%
"2016-09-11 19:56:47"
"BREAKING ! Hillary Clinton Faint..."
"five folks just a real quick video here I want to show you some suppression that's going on with the video views if you if you type in Hillary faint and you'll come to my video right here and it's showing a three thousand four hundred sixteen views as of about two fifty PM central time at all even go ahead and ... and I'll refresh that right now we'll show you what I'm talking about ... here's the video tape showing us where is where to get where to go onsite okay here is it showing three thousand four hundred sixteen views and you can see it's it's the story right here breaking Hillary Clinton things nine eleven it's my story victoriously were tossed dot com let's go here now this is real time views folks ... to my videos ... the ... the breaking out that the one where she faints nine eleven and then the follow up the real time view of that video that showed thirty four hundred is eighty three thousand you call that suppression I think so not sure well yeah I am sure why they're trying to do this befall semi come on man the goddess with it this is bad in the people that are suppressing this third shellfish near their freaking selfish because we need to know this information and just so you know folks what happens is when people do a search and they they see a lot of use they tend to want to watch that video and see that the video if they don't see a lot of use you know maybe the by pass but I'm I'm I'm bringing this out because this is ridiculous okay right here Clinton thinks this is it this is the real time views right now as of two fifty PM ET three thousand or suppressing it by eighty thousand you had to bring this up folks got plus take care have a great Sunday I'll talk to you soon" + 1%
"2016-09-11 16:42:09"
"BREAKING : Video Shows Hillary C..."
"I spoke I found this so video on you too ... it's from full metal druid I'm not I'm not uploading it I'm just gonna go ahead and play it from his page for full metal druid he's only got seventy seven subscribers so hopefully I'll send some traffic his way for ... uploading this video but I think it's a really important video the all to watch as it seems like they are it might be as I reported in my other video the a seizure or some kind jerking like she had that ... a few weeks ago let me go ahead play this there she is right there was a jerk there's another jerk alright to jerk back would not she's falling into the van alright let me go back and play that again there she is right there the pointers there is a jerk another jerk and books there is seriously something wrong I mean I don't buy at this point I'm just I I'm Startin feel bad for because I don't know if it's her own ambition or somebody's pushing her to continue to go but man just she's got a drop out this is is really getting ... at a hand out of control and I'm not trying to be mean but that woman the way she is right now can not leave the country for the next four years please so anyway god bless you guys ... go to this ... go to this guy's so it shall leave the the link and you can see a full time make a go slow but you can definitely see some jerking going on and a possible seizure" + 1%
"2016-09-11 00:58:33"
"BREAKING - Another FBI Agent Lea..."
"I folks usually I'd read this from ma right from the website of the initiator but there are some questionable type of the advertising on there that might offend some people so I just threw it onto our page and unfortunately because a lot of you know my page was hacked so I can even do a regular page right now so this is it this is on I'm gonna do my best with this story but it's an important one another FBI agent leaks another if for me ... leaks information about a secret deal highly illegal FBI secret deal with Hillary Clinton just got leaked by on this FBI agents FBI agents are privately sounding the alarm about the law enforcement agency shocking decision to close Hillary Clinton's criminal email investigate agents have told reporters that it inside deal was put in place and the secret meeting between Attorney General Loretta Lynn and the president Bill Clinton was just secure that arrangement agents were also forced to sign extensive non disclosure agreements so they may never talk about the investigation it's outrageous when unusual move FBI agents working the Hillary Clinton email case had to sign a special form reminding them not to blab about the probe to anyone unless called to testify sources say they they have never had heard of the case briefing knowledge meant for being used before before although all agents must initially signed non disclosure agreements to obtain security clearance this is very very unusual I have never signed one never circulated one to others said one retired FBI chief in FBI agent currently on the job admitted I have never heard of such a four sound strange okay so I I went and I circled back to my anonymous source that I have and said is this legit story yeah because I wish I didn't want to report a story laws was and his response was one hundred percent legit good my fellow Sochi's are stepping forward as I indicated yesterday Furthermore F. B. I. is furious that Hillary has promised to double in the to Israel in exchange f..." + 51%
"2016-09-10 21:46:14"
"UPDATE !!! Victurus Libertas Web..."
"hello folks I'm going to give an update on our website victoriously were tossed dot com I've been getting a lot of reports from people saying that they can't get on to our website ... in emails and that is correct it seems that we might have been attacked and this happened after I released the stories on the leaks from the king Clinton campaign so we're working on that right now diligently on mon there right now but I I see that it's very difficult very slow I've added some ... plugins to see if that will help anybody that has any suggestions please shoot me a private message I'd appreciate it the fact of the matter is folks I'm so proud of everybody right now I'm so proud of everybody that is leaking that is not afraid anymore ... you're getting emboldened because others are are doing the same thing and ... we're gonna win it I mean we're gonna win this thing because we have the majority most of us are good people right now we're fighting against some really bad people and those really bad people make they go on to the mainstream media and think that they have control of everything and the they they put us down and they make us fearful no more no more cloaks we're gonna work together and and we're gonna get through this so you're doing this and I'm doing this for a reason and it's so that our children and our grandchildren and their children we'll be able to live in a free society so I'm gonna keep on fighting and I I really when I get the messages and emails from you guys ... encouraged me it encourages me a lot encouraged me to continue to do what I'm doing and some of the stuff frankly some of the stuff that I'm reporting is is scary it really is because I know it could be some of the ramifications I mean I'm getting ... now getting Russian people that are ours typing in Russian and saying threatening things and ... come my videos but I find out that their IP addresses are not in Russia at all there in the Middle East so what's going on with tha..." + 26%
"2016-09-13 22:53:35"
"US Gives Israel $38 Billion In M..."
"so folks I have a question Obama's giving ... Israel ... some thirty something thirty eight billion dollars in military aid and I ask myself why and where is the money coming from does anybody here see irony of all ironies first well how many years did it take Obama to even acknowledge Israel or go there and now as his term comes to an end he's giving them thirty eight billion dollars just to sink us folks Israel does it need thirty eight billion dollars in military aid from us we don't have thirty eight billion dollars worth should I remind you were nineteen and a half almost twenty trillion dollars in debt so why doesn't somebody explain to me what we're doing and can somebody also explain to me where the six point six trillion dollars that's missing from the Pentagon is where the folks we're being had we're being head and we're being told that if you're not a good if you're not a good service you're not a good citizen if you're not paying your taxes if you're up paying your tax United's isn't why I say this why don't you start asking where your tax dollars are going alright because they're gone six point six trillion dollars is gone but you keep all be unpatriotic and giving the federal reserve their money collected by the extortionist the IRS I just had to say if somebody can come up with a good reason why we're giving a thirty eight is is that when it is again we go down at thirty eight billion dollars I'm gonna read this article leave the link from CNN thirty billion dollars young thing I could see is that we're working word giving money to continue to destabilize the Middle East okay and that's what Soros what's god bless daycare" + 1%
"2016-09-12 22:03:14"
"BREAKING !!! Is The Hillary Fain..."
"I folks this story is just not going to go away is it with ... Hillary Clinton fainting ... I I subscribed to a channel ... whose name is I spy he does some amazing work ... with the the real faces of people on adobe does ... burning Dodge technique it's pretty amazing see you check it out but he caught this on this viral video that's going out that I have on my channel and he believes that it's fake and I'm looking at this and the he's got a good point so I'm gonna play a little bit of this I'm not gonna play the whole video not gonna say I'm gonna give you the link to the a direct video to where his channel is I recommend that you go there and check out his own work by the way but this is pretty fascinating a couple comments after this I'm just gonna play for about thirty six to a minute what advice as you all know more on because you Albany call me anything you want it's not that hasn't already been said we're really not hurt my feelings but are what what direct this ambiguous and then no one hundred pale that good job should be barred let me show you right here same same video Scott rail means in an hour up the pole and you're going to see okay okay let me guess yeah I'm gonna you good is it yeah because it may make another point about the the background people are walking really fast like super fast ... in the back where it's all fake so he he thinks that basically that there's about two or three different scenes that are being spliced together here ... and I I do think that this with the bars here come in and out is pretty weird it looks like it was manipulated ... to me anyway I'd like to get your guys opinions it go back go to his site I'll leave you the link check it out ... it's pretty cool ... and see what you think but the fact of the matter is man all of this stuff is like just like Twilight Zone I don't know what to believe anymore and if it is a freak video who who fake didn't what's the purpose of faking in this video and was t..." + 25%
"2016-09-15 22:55:15"
"Deplorable And Irredeemable - 2 ..."
"deplorable and redeemable it's laughable and she has started a movement with all the deplorable on the trunk in the trunk camp by the way that we learn there's about a hundred and twenty million voters hundred thirty million voters let's say a hundred twenty million voters half that sixty half of that thirty million voters Hillary Clinton is calling thirty million Americans portable and irredeemable now that sounds funny in a way right but I don't think so knowing her temperament knowing the kind of person that she is I think we should take her seriously was going to look at the Webster definition a deplorable very very bad in a way that causes shock fear or discussed deserving to be deplored I think thirty million people because shock fear Scott just and deserve to be deplored now that's bad but that's that's bad but the next word your redeemable is is even worse being beyond remedy being beyond remedy that means that there's nothing that they can do for us thirty million people there's nothing that they can do for us my question is what will a person like this in like this and like this due to a person that's your redeemable they can't be fixed look at the eyes folks want to take a good look at those eyes take a good look at those eyes because the eyes are the window the soul this is the person that could be commander chief of the United States this can end up with that picture because that one folks says it all right if looks could kill and so what is her plan for the eerie Demopolis and I wonder maybe this video is a little bit tongue in cheek and maybe it's not maybe this is really a serious threat maybe this is a real serious threat because I have long said and I don't think that this woman is quite right and perhaps I think she's two things maybe a narcissist and his socio path and I challenge you to look up the definition of both of those words and tell me I'm wrong anyway folks trump supporters never Hillary supporters we cannot have this woman in the Wh..." + 23%
"2016-09-15 13:17:44"
"Congressman Jason Chaffetz OWNS ..."
"I'm mit miss Mister herring ... what information do you believe the Congress does not have the right to see so we believe it's important for oversight committees to understand how the FBI reached a conclusion Delano it I'm asking you a philosophical question here what does Congress not have the right to see some of the I can answer that in a way that ... there's more to it than a simple answer I think that each case is ... Pacific to its own set of facts I think we tried to be I think director calmly tried to be as transparent as he could with this committee do you think you give the other okay other committees as he's responsibly can be so I think when spoken answered quietly what it what is it that I as a member Congress or any member on this Congress either side now what is it that you believe we don't have the right to see did this is the way our our government works we get to do oversight that's why since eighteen fourteen this committee's been doing that there's executive primer helping there's executive privilege has the president invoke executive privilege in this case the answers now good that's right the answers now is there any other situation look when it comes to a classified information in the classification that that deals in the executive order you know not all the information that we have in our files belongs to us we defer to other agencies when it comes to access to their classified information but you are the ones that put redactions on personal identifiable information correct we did on the personal identifiable information is correct where in the constitution does it say that I can't see that dresses discipline the constitution so can you cite any legal case any precedent that says the Congress can't look at personal identifiable information I cannot cite in the legal case did did ... are you aware that Congress is exempt from the privacy act I am does the FBI treat congressional document requests is FOIA requests no will the FBI pro..." + 52%
"2016-09-14 23:39:40"
"I WAS DUPED - BadSelfEater - My ..."
"sorry folks some I'm gonna say right now that I was duped phone going off drug people pissed off at me ... always do guys I it you know I mean you know Jim victorious over to us I am an honest guy and I want to tell you I was totally duped about this I number one I don't as a Christian I do not believe in abortion I'm against it yeah I talk up I don't see it all the time but I need a law you are going to say that this was a highly offensive ... rant and I'm going to have to agree with you on this and I wrote up I'm I'm going to say that I agree with you on this I don't care who game is information I'm ticked off right now I am ticked off it because just saying that we're all guilty of abortion even though we've never uploaded before and worked and it worked we have a blind eye to it no yeah legislators and we have the call Gritz and we are fighting every day are you all I know Adams this microphone talking against them for the law for them all killed the law it's not happening so we have to get people in the right places and that's what I'm trying to do to get people in the right places the last eight years has been a catastrophe yes I don't agree with abortion you probably don't agree with abortion most of my listeners don't agree with abortion but to say that we're not all that we're all guilty is is just well what are we supposed to do I'm not I'm not turning a blind eye to this yes those were very distorted being pictures and I'm gonna tell you another thing too and maybe this gentleman doesn't realize that that those beans at conception what I learned actual section just like he probably believes that I do they will have their place they will have their place with god and that's good news but for me to go and sit here and I was recording this and it wasn't and maybe he's right I was I thought it was going to be different news that it was going to be good news by the way good news that we were fighting the Illuminati and we were fighting evil because thos..." + 30%
"2016-09-21 22:50:46"
"URGENT WARNING - Billionaire Hed..."
"if folks this is the urgent warning as far as the stock market is concerned and financials here in the United States let me get to it there's been a lot of ... billionaire hedge fund managers that have been giving warnings about the state of the stock market economy this is one and sell your long term bonds billionaire Paul singer warns Paul singer's once again putting global policy makers unnoticed the billionaire founder of investment firm but Elliott management was one of several investors who warned financial ministers in two thousand seven that a crack in the housing market could cause huge problems for the banking industry he is now cautioning that it once again is a very dangerous time in global markets the financial system is still to leverage from his point of view given the vast amounts of interest rate derivatives out standing roughly seven hundred trillion yes folks said his trillion at a time when rates are at a five thousand year low about five thousand euro the extreme intervention of central banks directly into financial markets has pushed many bond rates zero or weirdly be low while creating a tremendous increase in hidden risk singer said on CNBC the term safe haven apply to G. seven bonds is just wrong he said there are not safe havens in fact there's a tremendous amount of risk in owning ten twenty and thirty year bonds at these rates he also cautioned that of bonded stock prices continue to fall simultaneously as they have on occasion in recent weeks that not only would that would not only put quite a date in a number of institutional portfolios could also hit leverage strategies known as risk parity that are run by some major hedge funds if that is triggered I think central banks are in a tough place and I think governments are in a tough place singer said so you defended the intervention of the federal reserve and other central banks in the immediate aftermath of two thousand eight nine financial crisis saying policy then was appropriate ..." + 66%
"2016-09-20 17:43:58"
"CICADA 3301 Leak- Paul Combetta ..."
"it took sun interesting article I found on the hill dot com house panel looking into ready post about Clinton email server house oversight committee is reviewing a reddit posts that alleges in IT specialists who worked on the Clinton's private server so if my son how to alter the contents of very V. I. P. emails according to representative mark meadows meadows is the chairman of the panels government operation couldn't subcommittee the reddit post issue and its connection to Paul can better is currently being reviewed by OG our staff in the evaluations are being made as to the authenticity of the post medals told the hill many users appear to have uncovered a two year old post from an account believed to belong to combat an engineer with plaque river networks the Denver Colorado based firm manage Clinton's private server the post which has been deleted but can be read in images archived by reddit users coincides with discovery of Clinton's use of the server I may be facing very interesting situation where I need to strip out a V. I. P. very V. I. P. email address from a bunch of archived email basically they don't want the V. I. P.'s email address exposed to anyone and want to be able to either strip out or replaced the email address in the to from fields in all of the emails we want to send out reads the post by a user called stone tear ... does anyone have experience with something like this and or suggestions on how this might be accomplished combat is currently one of the targets of a broader oversight investigation on whether Clinton ordered the destruction of emails that has been subpoenaed by the Benghazi select a select committee if it is determined that the request to change email addresses was made by someone so closely aligned with the secretary I tease operation as Mr come better then it will certainly prompt additional inquiry meadows told the hill the date of the reddit post in relationship to the establishment of the select committee on Benghazi ..." + 67%
"2016-09-17 15:21:31"
"SHOCKING !!! PROOF That Hillary ..."
"alright folks good morning I want to show you something that was brought to my attention earlier this morning this is quite amazing I'm not sure what they're up to but this is from the ... Hillary Clinton rally in Greensboro North Carolina two days ago check this out although I did was reduce the speed to a quarter speed once you take notice these cameras in the phones where where's the background here comes Hillary where the flags on these people's phones where the flags know where that's not that background so it was going on keep an eye on the phones still no flags something very bizarre going on here folks this is Billy ... blue screening I don't know where Hillary was I don't know if that's the real Hilary ... but obviously I don't know where this crowd came from and where they were and what was going on but folks you gotta admit this is pretty bizarre if you can answer that here comes Hilary here come so we watch this guy to the left Sloan watches flown where is she where's Hilary he's not there where the heck is she and let's go here to twenty three forty five in the video twenty three forty five votes something very odd going on right now very ... indeed okay with food where she waving to right here who she waving to let me let me back up a little bit okay Caesar giving her closings be ... words right now packing things up she's waving to the crowd folks something very very strange is going on and it's kind of scary to be honest with you isn't it it's kind of scary because they will they are going to any likes okay Hugo who is she waving to folks I'm not sure she's looking directly street at a flag and waving and now a point I'm done under I'm not sure what's going on folks but I had to bring this out I'd like for you all to give your opinions on this something very strange going on and it's nefarious and I don't like it and then a lot of other people read the been reporting a lot of weird stuff going on you tube like comments being censored not..." + 19%
"2016-09-16 00:17:39"
"BREAKING - Secret Interfaith Mee..."
"flux is a crazy story I mean this is a breaking story actually and I heard that this people been trying to forward this video I'm not sure I haven't tried to do it ... comment on the video but it seems like it's got a two thousand five or eighty views and it has very few comments so that's kinda weird so I don't know anyway bit up basically what's going on is that there is an interfaith meeting going on right now in June" + 1%
"2016-09-23 17:25:25"
"Hillary Clinton - Eyes Are The W..."
"uhhuh I ... I ... " + 1%
"2016-09-23 14:24:51"
"EXPOSED - 1993 Senate Hearing Re..."
"and if we simply put a twenty five percent the sales tax on the sale of a gun and raise the dealers fees from thirty to seventy five to twenty five hundred dollars would raise six hundred million dollars that would be a tax directly on the purveyors of violence terms of the sales of the that means a vial what is the ... increase the dealers Fay how you react to that and how do you react to a twenty five percent sales tax on handguns and on automatic weapons ... I'm all for that I just don't know what else we're gonna do to try to figure out how to get some handle on this violence and speaking personally but I feel very strongly about well let me say that there is no more important personal endorsement in the country today and I I thank you very much" + 1%
"2016-09-22 19:59:45"
"IT's OFFICIAL - Hillary Clinton ..."
"and bargain collectively and I will fight back against so called right to work right to work is wrong for workers and wrong for America now having said all this why aren't I fifty points ahead you might ask well the choice for working families has never been clearer I need your help to get Donald trump's record out to everybody nobody should be full he proudly declared himself one hundred percent right to work even hired a union busting farm to break up an organizing campaign at his hotel in Las Vegas where you are right now and he built up his wealth by stepping small businesses and contractors that goes against everything we stand for as a country my dad was a small business I'm just businessman I'm just happy never to business with trump" + 1%
"2016-09-23 19:43:53"
"BREAKING Guccifer - Hand Written..."
"okay folks is breaking news ... apparently go so for two point no gossip for he ... sent ... fox news a letter boxes a post the letter on their sites all leave the link but I'm not gonna be able to read that so I put it downloaded it here it is I do my best because I can't read all us writing it says the dominion authorities say that I have to be sent home right away is a silly hasty move by the way I will not leave this beautiful country without saying that the ghosts for project was a failed project my will intention was to fully expose the Illuminati counsel and their crimes but I failed Hillary Rodham Rodham Clinton is one of the high priest of the goddess of the so called satanic shadow group one must see their evil the profoundly corrupt can't read that work to understand what I am talking about though I know I invested a great deal of time and effort trying to expose the crimes of the Rockefellers the bush clan the Clintons and many others maybe my skills or lack of skills were not matching my faith so I apologize in front of the unknown soldiers who struggle to take this fight against these monsters to a glorious and ... I can't read that and are risking their lives while doing this behind the computer screens from inside or outside the system so what yeah I mean it's this is posted on the fox site now leave the length is very interesting one of the things that ... he met he mentions the Illuminati he mentions ... Hillary Clinton Bela high priests goddess but a cult satanic shadow group which we've actually done stories about ... and a lot of people have commented that they indeed she does I don't know if she does anymore but she use to ... travel to California all the time in the occult meetings in which meetings black magic so very interesting folks I just wanna get that out there real quick five yeah but if I hear anything else or read anything else I'll let you know take care god bless" + 9%
"2016-09-25 18:02:18"
"#Breaking "FBI Collapsing In On ..."
"good day folks Sir breaking an exclusive F. B. I. Pentagon leak F. B. I. is in the state of collapse this morning I received an email with the following information it appears the situation within the FBI organization is of rapidly deteriorating following are some excerpts from the email me vielle I got the I got these emails this morning I responded back do you want me to do this story who leaked it no names were FBI insider Pentagon it's IRA following is our our bullet points from the anonymous reply ... two FBI one Pentagon himself or herself yeah he I is on a state of collapse right now it could be two thousand agents quitting if Hillary wins there are sixty eight hundred agents and another seven thousand staff roughly fourteen thousand people if two thousand walk it will take years to train morale is nonexistent the Pentagon also knows that Hillary armed ISIS at Netanyahu's request HRC has a secret deal with Netanyahu double the aid in exchange for steering donations to Clinton foundation from wealthy Jewish in Israeli donors the deal also includes getting Clinton's in on new technology companies at each RC plants that have you S. government order from and that Clinton will the cleans will make two hundred million dollars from such deals this was directly promised to Hillary by Netanyahu in a closed door meeting in the FBI has the recording not you Netanyahu is scared his deal falls apart if Hillary loses yeah yeah Netanyahu met with trump today and troubled said no deal trump has is inside F. B. I. guys book the room so he would ... so you keep Netanyahu in line if he needs to in the future about thirteen senior F. B. I. agent slip inside info to trump because the agency Watson to win and then fire and prosecute cult komi and Lynch and in concert with this ... week also some leaks went out to troop pawn didn't coupon as an article out right now and the link is here in my site also leave it in the description area of the video ... exclusive FBI used ..." + 55%
"2016-09-24 22:00:12"
"I look don't quite know what to make of this but ... this is a ... newly circulated email that was found on week you leaks it's been there for awhile but I guess nobody really picked it up until now within the last twenty four hours and now it's a it's circulating big time and ... it's a it is it to ya email thread that's claiming that Hillary Clinton was in plane accident and that's where she got her injury from now I heard something about this actually a couple years ago but it was dismissed because there was never a" + 1%
"2016-09-24 16:02:17"
"URGENT ! Hillary Clinton's Eyes ..."
"I don't want to discuss something that I've noticed ... for the last two or three weeks with Hillary Clinton her eyes in her appearances ... this one is a screenshot from her appearance in Philadelphia four days ago and as you can see her left eye is not reacting correctly it's ... some kind neurological thing if you she's this site looks okay and then this one is alway crossed in so she does not have control button though both eyes are not functioning together it seems ... in all going to show you something ... that this is been going on for quite some time this is a ... an interview ... by Diane Sawyer six nine fourteen and I want to show you that what was going on in this interview and I leave the links to everything that I'm referring to right now there are multiple times at her I does this ... in this video but for brevity I'm just going to show you this little clip here take a look at her left eye so clearly folks clearly folks there is an issue going on some kind of neurological thing I'm not a doctor but this doctor did do a in article I'm not gonna read this article leave the link is doctor John are compared to and D. who seems to be very concerned about this this is only from a couple days ago and it's also funny and ironic that yesterday I did a video on Hillary Clinton window to the soul and this doctor did one Clinton's eyes a window into her health issues ... he comes up with some very good points talks about the blood clot that she has and it's very dangerous and I think that we need to have an independent examination and assessment of Hillary Clinton's health this is a serious issue folks is not a joke and this is not about one person selfish ambition to be first female president there's over three hundred million people in this country and you know you have to think about that and she should be thinking about that right now I don't think that I don't think that she is healthy enough to be the present United States with all of th..." + 30%
"2016-09-23 22:26:50"
"BREAKING - Family Of Keith Lamon..."
"alright folks that they just release the ... video of the shooting of ... Keith Lamont Scott and I know you can go see it elsewhere knockout stuff that that's not going to be my main point I am gonna play here from the CNN website but then I do have some comments after that because it is so weird stuff going on here you go don't shoot them don't shoot and No Way Out been yes No Way Out been does joint over well sure and gosh darn it didn't do anything he doesn't have a guy and he has a TV yeah he's not going to do anything to you guys he just took his medicine okay first of all I have you ever I've never heard of the term ... TV I ... before so he just took his medicine so what does that mean I'm not I'm not sure what why she brought that up and who was driving the vehicle is he okay to drive the vehicle I'm just making some observations I'm saying that our we are dry okay then that next thing too is the cops are acting kind of out of control there cursing a lot I'm not sure what that's all about they don't sound like they're they're you know call about the situation I get it I and I do get I'm not railing on the cops at all what I'm saying is this is just a weird video he thought that breakaway goals car J. don't do it six yeah okay right here what is she doing okay I know she's probably upset now but it's a but she pretty much is ... negating the the whole point of her taking the video of this at this point right I mean because this is that this would have been just hard core evidence of what's going on ... and you know I I don't know just so weird that she's ... that she's filming this actually to be honest with you and my my thought is if he's going to then film it all the way through J. J. thought to do it thought you know it three don't think because she yes yeah but not big but the deck it that might be fucking dead I'm not getting much I'm not that much in bed mapping recall I'm not coming to you I'm going to call it better be a lot you bett..." + 52%
"2016-09-27 12:47:43"
"BUSTED !!! Was Hillary Clinton W..."
"they took soma observing people have caught on a screen shot of last night's debate Hillary Clinton's back if you can see my pointer here people are questioning what is this a wire it's a wire going to her ear or some kind of medical assistance don't know if anybody has any ideas leave me a comment but what is this what is this and is there something here and it sure does look like there is a line that goes up here so let me know by the way trump kind of a lackluster performance like thinking woman but narrowly ... it's gotta bring is a game next time though there soaking lot of missed opportunities last night lot of missed opportunities so anyway didn't give me your opinions on this because I want to look deep into the ... dig into this deeper take care god bless" + 1%
"2016-09-26 22:16:11"
"BREAKING !!! Globalist Are Plann..."
"listen up folks this is a very important from the Dave Hodges the comments sent show trump told EMP attack to be used to stop the election the title was bold the conclusions are frightening however there's truth behind the statement and the information comes from four sources and the information is relatively recent source number one this source communicates with me on a semi regular basis I often know the condition of this planet and who is visiting and what the concerns are I have had dialogue with this person since twenty thirteen hello Dave how are you I just want to let you know that Palo Verde unit number two trips last night which means it went from one hundred power to zero power not expressly newsworthy except you three trip last week and you want trip the week before so all three units have tripped within two weeks is very bizarre these units will normally run breaker to breaker with no issues at all they normally right eighteen months straight with no problem source number two source number two has been communicating with me for three years I know its D. H. S. visits and when nork runs in disaster drill at the plant he is stationed at he does not trust the powers that be connected to the government dear Dave I know it has been awhile but I wanted to update you on what's going on blank nuclear plant facility name withheld by request we had a D. H. us inspection along with fina presence along with no work on this two weeks ago the premise of the inspection was to determine how long we could continue to call the rods in case of a total lack of power at our facility the answer is exactly ten days and then we go into it catastrophic meltdown without outside assistance I had some interaction with the H. us and I can tell you that they are worried and the research results scared the hell out of them Dave I believe we are going to have a great doubts scenario and D. H. S. knows it I cannot offer substantial proof but if you would have been with us you would th..." + 75%
"2016-09-26 19:27:39"
"SHOCKING !!! - Zombie Voter Frau..."
"well folks it seems like the Democrats always lock up the dead vote well here we go this is a great story from the hill ballots cast by dead voters in Colorado recent media investigation found ballots had been cast in Colorado by dead people for months and sometimes years following their deaths CBS for investigation compare databases of voting histories in Colorado against federal death databases to find the fraudulent voting we do believe that there were several instances of potential vote fraud that occurred Colorado secretary of state Wayne Williams said in response to the CVS or findings according to the network it shows that there is a potential for fraud yet thank the investigation has resulted in criminal investigations and how passim Jefferson counties in addition to a broad investigation by the Colorado secretary of state's office it's not a perfect system there are some gaps Williams said who one case revealed a woman from Colorado springs who died October fourteenth two thousand nine had ballots cast under her name from two thousand ten to two thousand thirteen guaranteed she was voting Democrat no Paso county clerk shock Brower meme called the findings very serious that's a legal he said to CBS for I was shocked and surprised at this problem and said this cannot happen we cannot have this year in any place in our country our democracy depends on it people have spilled their blood for the values and underpinnings and beliefs of this country according to the rear RealClearPolitics average of colds in Colorado Clinton has a one point five point lead over Republican rival forty two point three to forty point eight percent Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has in the past warned the general election could be rigged man and he is so right trump is on his game when it comes to all of this stuff evidently well what we gonna do about this folks we're gonna have to keep an eye on this and the cast a paper a ballad but ... I doesn't matter because h..." + 17%
"2016-09-26 16:26:01"
"The Late GREAT Paul Harvey Predi..."
"if I were the devil if I were the devil if I were the prince of darkness I'd want to engulf the whole world in darkness and I'd have a third of its real estate and I'd have a third of its real estate and four fifths of its population but I wouldn't be happy until I have seized the right first apple on the tree the so I set about however necessary to take over the United States I covered the church's first I'd begin with a campaign of whispers with the wisdom of the serpent I would whisper to you Virginia was I whispered to him there we have brains the young I would whisper that the Bible is a myth I would convince them that man created god instead of the other way around I would confide that what's bad is good and what good is square and the old I would teach to pray after me our father guard in Washington and then I get organized I'd educate authors and how to make a lurid literature exciting so that anything else would appear dollar non interesting I threaten TV with dirty your movies and vice versa I pedal narcotics to whom I could I'd sell alcohol to ladies and gentlemen of distinction I tranquilize lives the rest with pills if I were the devil lives don't have families at war with themselves churches at war with themselves and nations at war with themselves until each in its turn was consumed and with promises of higher ratings I'd have mesmerizing media fanning the flames why would the devil I would encourage schools to refine young intellect but neglected discipline emotions just like those run wild until before you know it you'd have to have drug sniffing dogs and metal detectors at every school house door within a decade I'd have prisons overflowing I had judges promoting pornography when I got a big god from the courthouse than from the school house and then from the houses of Congress and in his own churches I would substitute psychology for religion and DFI science I would nor priests and pastors into misusing boys and girls and church money if I were..." + 33%
"2016-09-27 16:41:01"
"CREEPY - Hillary Clinton's Eye C..."
"I have votes ... want want you check this out and I saw the sun on Twitter actually and ... thank you by the way ... got a heads up on this but I want you to take a look at this I right here I've seen this happen before seen it happen with Justin Bieber ... and some other people can't remember her name a pop singer it's just too weird I I it's like a flash come into our check this out tell me what you think put nam my tinfoil hat alright now watcher I what was that you see that what was that well tell me that's a glare I doubt it it's a flashing neon and the if you want go check out ... Justin Bieber's a just you Justin Bieber weird eyes are some like that will come up but check it out I put this on half speed once again I've seen that before folks seen that before it's weird it's not normal like I said I don't she would I guess she was on our airplane or something like that and it's gonna flash there is there is that flash no ... and we go back out one and make another observation here as well okay limb we get back here so I can see better colour overrides well observation here is that her eyes look brown I'm in her eyes are always look like they're changing here they were brown ... sometimes they seem like they are blue blue deep blue sometimes hazel I don't think eyes I color changes that much these are not blue right here and usually she has blue eyes so we got it up slash yeah I keep on saying there's something wrong with their eyes and you might be even more than I think I don't know but the just weird stuff going on with her for sure like to hear your comments lives there goes again they care will talk to you soon like to hear your comments god bless" + 1%
"2016-09-28 21:14:42"
"folks is an urgent request I'm asking all of you that get this message and listen to me or can hear me now that you call up your senator and here's the number I've left you everything here and thank you for the tweet vanguard ninja I am I'm urging you to do this this is about freedom of speech on the internet Obama is giving away our responsibility of I can to the UN please do research on it just the you are Google I can I see a and and this is urgent this is going to go into effect October first and basically what it will do is it will it will relinquish control of the internet to the United Nations we will be censored we will be held to the standards of communist nations such as China and Russia North Korea they will all have a say in what can be disseminated across the internet right now we have the say we are in control free speech is in control please I'm urging you call up your senator here's the number I just did it it will ask you to pick your state just pick your state and then pick your senator and leave a message I just did it with Ted Cruz S. thirty thirty four you call them up and tell them you are for S. thirty thirty four that you urged them to continue to fight that we must pass as thirty thirty four and not let Obama get his way giving away our responsibility of the internet and free speech over the internet this is very important folks I would not be bothering you if I didn't we don't have a lot of time this is supposed to go into effect October first please do this thank you I appreciate and god bless you all" + 1%
"2016-09-28 18:20:04"
"10,000 Subscribers - Thank YOU !..."
"if looks just a quick video to say thank you yesterday we reached ten thousand subscribers and we've done this in about four months and that is phenomenal and I just want to thank everybody ... and when I say we reached ten thousand that's you and me and all of us because we're a team and we're a team to to get to get to the truth and that's what we're trying to do so want to thank you guys you're awesome ... thank you for your support and we're gonna continue doing what we're doing and ... I really I really love your suggestions in your comments believe me I pick up a lot of stories from them so keep them coming and ... if for some reason you don't feel comfortable about ... doing it and I wear but I can see your comment then send me a private message and we'll take care thanks guys take care god bless we'll talk to you soon" + 1%
"2016-09-28 02:54:38"
"ICANN Intenet Censorship? "Comm..."
"Hey folks I just a real quick video about ... I some issues going on with ... YouTube right now and calm and so it I tried to call Matt ... to other people stating that you're having issues with ... commenting you're replying to comments song why I'm not sure what's going on ... I'm not accusing anything of any yeah anybody of anything you two were Google but I'm just saying that for example ... star lit up Oppen skier number one here said you know one of my videos little house on the prairie is in a good situation at all the dwellers on the property are surrounded by unprepared needy desperate people of farm is a target for sure and you know I want to do a reply saying people that intrude a farm community our target for sure so there you go folks reply reply comment failed to post and I've been getting that for the last two or three days actually it's been going out for a couple weeks sporadic so I'm not sure what's going on I hope it doesn't add anything to do with I can and the October first of Barack Obama giving away the internet ... to the United Nations thank you for that ... Mr Obama but if you haven't heard about it Mr Obama his giving the rights to the internet over to ... United Nations so do a search on I can I see a and and this is suppose to happen October first we still have a few days to make some noise the people Congress in such but after that who knows what's going to happen second amendment could be gone when it comes to the internet alright take care god bless just wants to tell you guys you not going crazy if you're trying to reply ... and comment to my videos that the same things happening to me" + 1%
"2016-10-01 16:58:56"
"The ANTICHRIST - 2016 The "Circu..."
"it looks so I couldn't sleep last night there's just so much going on in the world right now and I thought to myself this circus it's going on the circus of an election is it is it but the version I think it is and I think where they're diverting and I say they the elite are diverting us from the real issues here in the real issue is I see it as I saw it yesterday when the internet went away from us the United States is that there is a concerted effort and it's been going on for quite awhile for a global takeover that is a global communist takeover one entity controlling the world and they're doing it by using the Clower Piven strategy wits seeks to hasten the fall of capitalism by overloading the government Berg bureaucracy with a flood of impossible demands us pushing society into crisis and economic collapse and this is going to lead to three things folks it's gonna rip a lead to a one world a government the one world religion and a one world monetary system first thing that's gonna happen is a global economic crisis or collapse in that's happening right now ... the news about Deutsche Bank in not being they're not gonna get bailed out many people are saying that this is going to make two thousand eight look like a picnic that we could see US stock markets plunging up to seventy percent the dollar devaluation rampant inflation this is going to cripple us here in the United States as well many it's not me folks many people are saying this many experts and so we need to cognizant of what's going on and we also need to be cognizant of what they are doing in all all over the world folks when I say they I mean the elite that we now have the ability to cause men has the ability to cause droughts in hurricanes we have the ability to cause tornadoes devastating and devastating earthquakes using technology called harp each a a RP if you have never heard of heart please look it up Google it we're seeing division in this country and around the world like we've never se..." + 68%
"2016-09-30 23:11:19"
"REALLY ??? - Youtube Wants You T..."
"I think they just did a story about ... I can and losing the internet and this is really cool because I it's not cool actually but it coincides and sideways introduce very nicely I want to show you what you to win gold will are promoting right now I think I'm just gonna play them I'm gonna play the video this is a this is you to this is one of their videos okay here I go if you haven't gotten the point yet I'm gonna play the rest of it because it's not that long they're going to start rewarding users for not working on people and then who's to say what can you imagine this if it's something things something there will flag you they will start flagging your videos and people that get that I have advertising they will have to they won't be able to have advertising on their end it won't even be able to put their videos up there and guess why something offends everybody right we all are offended by something if I go around on the internet and just want to be is a you tube hero I think I can all day long Sony's people do have all day long they're gonna go round flagon things that they don't like will say for example somebody is are they don't like trump the good start flag and all these videos getting guys then this is what I'm talking about yes I'm excited right now ... it's it's old it's all over and it's it's game over okay yeah it's starting starting now you too is rewarding people for not working on other people and just they want to bring him down and you know as well as I do there's trolls out there that'll be doing this all day long because they want to be heroes if this is rediculous what I Iman I deny fall asleep last night and wake up in the twilight zone I think I did where are we don't be a hero folks please not this one not this kind of hero god bless" + 1%
"2016-09-30 22:48:13"
"BREAKING - Texas Federal Judge D..."
"well folks not to sound like a ... negative nearly but federal judge denies Texas suit over internet changes so forget it internet responsibilities going over to the United Nations now folks and we shall see what happens with that Galveston Texas a last ditch effort by Arizona Texas and other states to stop organization that preserves the operational stability of the internet to become independent was turned away by gals in federal judge Friday evening the lawsuits seeking Clare Torry and injunctive relief over the move by the federal government was denied by judge George Hanks in junior US doesn't control the inter net through I can those single government business or organization control the internet what is controlled is the domain name system or DNS which helps computers route data domains including E. D. you dot com and dot gov since its founding in nineteen ninety eight internet corporation for assigned names and numbers I can has been overseen by the US commerce department the government contract with I can is set to expire September thirtieth however and the Obama administration eh ministration announced plans to let I can become fully independent major tech companies like Intel Google Facebook Amazon Yahoo and Twitter have all publically voiced their support for the move to give I can more self control US government insisted that I can should have businesses academics and other parties at the table for decisions and I clung created ... additional moves to resolve disputes in exchange for the commerce department stepping away after congressional Republicans were unable to block them live the attorneys general of several states including can Paxson of Texas filed suit Wednesday night stop the transfer Molly the link for the rest the story don't let them tell you that this isn't going to control the internet it absolutely will and if people like Google and Yahoo ... they're into censorship right now you've been seeing it I've been seen yet they're sta..." + 45%
"2016-09-30 15:24:29"
"SHOCKING PROOF !!! Hillary Clin..."
"alright folks ... here's two pictures of Hillary Clinton this one on the right here which I believe is the real Hillary Clinton this was taken September this is a year ago September twenty fifteen the university of Wisconsin this picture to your left is a video capture ... of the post trump debate on the plane press conference we should some differences the obvious differences are this woman here on the left looks much younger where the wrinkles here they'll see the wrinkles the neck the the scan just older looking older looking eyes Hillary of always known her to have deep blue eyes this woman has brown eyes but the big thing here is the more Hillary has always had a moral right above her left on the right side this woman has there's no more here and this ... was not photoshopped because I got this from a video capture so it's not a Photoshop picture I'd like to get your guys ideas a lot of you have been talking about ... don't they have ... Clinton doubles in clones and I haven't really looked into it that much cloned ... while I I don't know what kind of technology we have today but the you know I'm gonna start looking into this deeper because ... this woman here acts weird evil and whatever and maybe Ellery does to the I don't let I don't think that these two women are the same person okay this is the one that's massacre masquerading right now ... being Hillary Clinton and going on the campaign trail whoever that is ... please look at these two pictures and tell me that that's the same person plates my going crazy or what to hear your comments guys care god bless I'm gonna look into this more I really am because it's very interesting to me" + 1%
"2016-09-29 22:35:41"
"Shocking - Hillary Clinton Caugh..."
"if looks I usually do this but ... I'd this isn't the I'm not gonna go ahead and play this video going to direct you to the length so I'm not stealing anybody's thunder but it's important formation that needs to get out here Hillary Clinton is just a cheater though those DNC is that I mean they are running scared when they're doing everything that they can to ... try to steal the election so we're gonna have to watch the polling we're gonna have to watch these debates it's absolutely ridiculous but does this ... gentlemen I'll leave the link go right to it go check it out it's pretty fascinating stuff she is it in my opinion she's definitely using hand signals at the debate ... ... trying to tip off the moderator went to ... cutting to and you know they were in collusion obviously as the moderator and Clinton were in collusion and it's obvious and it's just pathetic anyway take care guys I'm gonna leave the link in the description go check it out take care god bless have a great day" + 1%
"2016-09-29 22:13:55"
"Hillary Clinton Evil Eyes And Ev..."
"I folks and come back to this video that I ... did yesterday about her weird I and ... I got it better this time I got it on its slow motion again but we're gonna is click through it and I have three other spots of this video of her conference after the presidential debate the woman and everybody around her just look at everybody's look at this guy he's weird ... on just just check this out though but this is the I. thing there is look at this it's better this time so we got this whole thing and this hot there that they're they both change the other one I just said I thought the one I change but nope look at this look at that look in her this is there something wrong with this woman and it and boom somebody tell me what that is somebody tell me what that is please please this is not flashing lights involves and things like that from the camera or is it just we're just talking would I believe is just an evil person and she's evil personified I mean here we go again just look at her facial expressions Woodruff litter okay there's a little flash coming up look look at that look at that look did you see the way her eyes were both the TV Allah to play it's woman over here the linebacker with a wig sure who that is I'll probably know look it alright she just shrug it off with their little evil smile now she's gonna look back and she's gonna say I can I believe you just asked and if you look at this guy who is here we owe you secret service this is our linebacker with a week I'm sorry but I this is it if it wasn't so scary to be comical manner but it's real this is real this is this could be the next president along here we go with another morph looking her evil face morphing they'll be coming there is that was scary that was scary let's get that look get that look there is there it look at her face changing it it's almost like there's like this beard jumping out at her of her ever faced man I I don't know maybe I'm wearing a little bit I am this guy's we're too a..." + 27%
"2016-10-01 17:18:45"
"but this is they ... message to all of you Californians I put out a video about a month ago from an inside source that said that inside experts we're predicting a huge earthquake in California and here we are the LA times coming out with a report risk a big earthquake on San Andreas fault rises after week swarm at Salton sea okay we've been saying this for a month now and now they're coming out with this I guarantee you that all the officials have already made their preparations I'm going to leave the link to the original video showing that I was giving this information a month ago the rumbling started Monday morning deep under the salt see a rapid succession of small earthquakes three measuring above magnitude of four point oh begin rupturing near near Bombay beach continuing for more than twenty four hours before the swarm started to fade more than two hundred earthquakes have been recorded two hundred earthquakes the temblors were not filled over a very large area but they have garnished guarded intense interest and concern among Scientologists it marked only the third time since earthquake sensors were installed there in nineteen thirty two that the area had been so had seen such a swarm and this one had more earthquakes in the advance of two thousand one and two thousand nine the quakes occurred one of California's most size ... seismically complex areas they hit in a seismic zone south of where the mighty San Andreas fault ands it is composed of above web of faults that scientists fear could one day wake up the the nearby Santa drove Andreas up from its long slumber the San Andreas fault ... southernmost structure has not ruptured since about sixteen eighty more than three hundred and thirty years ago scientists estimate and a big earthquake happens on average in this area about one hundred fifty to two hundred years so experts think the region is long overdue for a major quake I leave the rest of this article in the link and I will leak leaves the a ..." + 31%
"2016-10-02 22:26:54"
"BREAKING - CA Government INSIDER..."
"I folks this earthquake stories ... quite fluid and ... it's got two emails from ... government California government insider and I wanted to get this out to their upset his folks are upset they care about you ... you're not being told everything that's going on let's get on to it I just put excerpts from the ... email right down here LA and San Diego officials believe a volcano maybe a re erupting insolvency immediately the national science foundation's earth scope project funds an extensive seismic imaging project in the Salton sea and now shows that an enormous magnet chamber miles below the surface and extensive fifteen miles is about to blow citizens are not being told the truth yet government I sent text to government phones warning them to be on alert public only gets a general warning public is being a lie to now so they will relax after no earthquake hit Tuesday the real danger is the next month not the next two days is being reported government is aunt Fullerton all government workers get to evacuate before citizens even women and children it's an outrage make clear he wants me to he she wants me to make clear that the government cannot be trusted in California that leaders want to keep the people in the dark and in case of an emergency eighty percent of the government will evacuate only cops and firemen refuse to evacuate and are not happy with the government with government governor brown centered ... Dianne Feinstein steam Feinstein and Barbara boxer and most importantly Nancy Pelosi who is the driving force behind putting government first people second when it earthquake hit that also means hospitals treat speaking city workers before babies women etcetera this is sick and wrong and that is what I got an email people care they're still people in the government that care ... and they are outraged and this is the way that they're leaking it folks somebody like me dozens of others but yeah I feel privileged to get this information out to ..." + 20%
"2016-10-02 21:37:52"
"URGENT- California Residents -Pr..."
"alright folks Sir excuse this appear on all is going well I finally thank you all did your squeak videos and a lot of people on our scared nouns not pure mongering this is trying to warn people but the one thing I was remiss in doing was offering some solutions on how you can prepare so I took it upon myself to check it out a little bit and I thought that this site ... page had some good suggestions so I'm gonna go ahead read them off to you is from the Los Angeles Daily News the eleven ... the best eleven tips on how to prepare for a major earthquake so it talks about ... having to have an emergency supply kit you want your emergency supply kit is food and water kitchen supplies first aid sanitation and hygiene tools ... close embedding documents in contacts us important make sure that you have all your important ... the documents in contacts with you on your person and then food and water which we talked about water is the most important item in any kit and can be stored in a cool dark place in fifty five gallon drums or in disaffected soda bottles also keep a non perishable food supply such as nutrition protein bars canned meat and vegetables box juice and milk peanut butter vitamins cookies and of foods for infants and or people with special diets so you know the the main thing folks is food and water make sure that you've got a high density food ... fats and proteins are there keep keep it with vitamins they're gonna keep you nursed ... and make sure that you have clean water okay ... what to include in your emergency kit in case of emergency you should have basic items such as food water kitchen items first aid supplies sanitation hygiene items tools clothing and bedding and household documents and contact numbers they should be in a compact they should be compact and accessible is often best put together your own emergency supply kit rather than buy one at the store so you can personalize it in addition to items below kids should include co..." + 79%
"2016-10-02 15:33:28"
"BREAKING - LA Times Vetted VL, -..."
"I think we've got a yeah a new article up on via I think you'll find very interesting about the earthquakes ... image imminent earthquakes in California L. eight times that it V. L. only to find out information is accurate about the California earthquakes the video below was created at a to you too bye victorious over toss yesterday only October first twenty sixteen we got up quite a lot of Flack from this video which we publish simply to warn people we actually a family who live in California and we are not fearmongering ... but we do fear for the safety of them but for any fellow living brother sister that's how Victor" + 1%
"2016-10-01 22:21:59"
"BUSTED !!! '"RACE WAR" Initiate..."
"well I just went on to CNN's a page because I'm a glutton for punishment and this is what I see in this is all I've seen lately from CNN and not only them but all of mainstream media but I'm gonna pick on you right now CNN this picture of a black man evidently cracking a windshield from an officer slamming his head into the windshield and ... I ask myself why is this happening so much on Obama's watch why is this all coming out now did this not happen this kind of stuff did this not happening on ... on no bush's watch why is this just happening now and I feel like it's suspect yeah I think that the mainstream media has a big role to play in this division of the country Apache waiting a race war civil disobedience and perhaps even culminating into a civil war not what most citizens want this is the image that we see day after day after day on the mainstream media and I think that your irresponsible CNN and I think you're you're responsible for fox and CBS and NBC and ABC what is your what is the purpose I have to ask what is the purpose I can only up I can only surmise that it is for nurse nefarious reasons why you keep on mainstreaming the stories and why were you mainstreaming the stories when bush was president it could only be one of two things either this isn't really happening and it's being fabricated as we know a lot of the stuff that were seen today is fabricated funded by George Soros we're not taking it anymore we're not even believing it I I you know mainstream media CNN fox we don't believe you anymore you're not even the main source of people's news we laughed at you but we do look at you and we do see what you're saying because you give us hopes of the direction the elite are going that's why we watch you that's why we read your stuff not because we believe you but we want to see the direction that you're going you know there's an old saying keep your friends close and your enemies closer you suspect them keeping your real close guys real close ..." + 11%
"2016-10-01 20:39:02"
"FALSE James Comey Asked For IMMU..."
"well folks we have a breaking report sites are reporting that James Coney asked for immunity after the Hillary email case got re opened Trey Gowdy says hell no here we go again but this time it could be the end for Hillary Clinton and FBI director James Comey as you're about to see below James Comey the FBI director that let Hillary off the hook for clear violation of many laws with her email scandal has now asked for immunity from Congress for his involvement in the scandal and subsequent findings what what I'm unity that's right what Tony is asking for is to be absolved of what he's done and anything that may happen in the future from any further investigations how does that not throw up the biggest red flag in American history well it did to Trey Gowdy and he just ripped call me a new one and is about to do everything in his power to stop that immunity from happening what happens next is anybody's guess the worst seeming dowdy will do everything in his power to bring James combing the justice and in turn that means he'll be bringing Hillary Clinton to justice as well because if they had the FBI is asking for immunity damn be sure that the grand architect of this whole entire in ... fiasco will go down with her spread the word and support out is he takes her income me down now leave the links here ... they had an oversight committee ... that was questioning call me a few days ago and it's on C-SPAN I'll leave the link for that ... knowledge in a legal those link for just the gallery questioning and it was good questioning and actually there were a few others ... that asked him some very very tough questions and I came out of it just like I did the first time saying James going I don't know what you're thinking or what you're doing you're not making any sense right now and you're busted okay absolutely buses now with all that said I must say one thing I feel like sometimes when the WWF I've said that many times and is anything really gonna happen well ..." + 39%
"2016-10-05 01:15:23"
"I think so as you probably heard goose for has released a bunch of documents well on his site about the ... from the Clinton foundation and also from the ... the DNC up corruption all over the place folks is just amazing it's it's just incredible and you're not going to be happy so I mean here's some of the folders that you're going to have access to caucus leases carcasses contracts DNC DNC email Spence is amazing amount of" + 1%
"2016-10-04 01:42:33"
"BREAKING - CNN - North Korea Pla..."
"I folks the latest Patsy is North Korea that who are they by the way I mean really are they any are they any threat to us in any way this is rediculous but this is what's going on right now and I am tired of the first on CNN North Korea may be planning October surprise study says if history is any guide provocative actions from North Korea can be expected around a time of U. S. elections a new study says what new study and what does North Korea really care about our elections over the past six years north Korea's leaders have attempted to incite tensions around the time of the American elections especially in recent years the study by the center for strategic and International Studies says not even gonna read any more of this crap story from CNN what is going on cloaks is that we're being who hoodwinked right now okay this is insane what does North Korea care about our elections if somebody can answer that question let me now yes I'm upset because of a lot of things that are going on right now see it and I want you to know what's going on there is nothing North Korea doesn't care about our elections okay the elite care about our elections the globalist care about our elections are being called out right and they need for all people just like Saudi Arabia's being called out right now by the United States and now they can get sued for victims of nine eleven and we think that's going to do will Israel was part of it and so were we the Saudis are patties I'm not saying the Saudis were ... innocent of the whole thing but they're taking the fall right now what do you think they're going to do they're going to they're gonna Deepak the dollar do you see what's going on folks talking about a collapse of our society here in the United States do you think all of these things that are happening it's just happen chance earthquakes her canes monetary problems financial problems I'm just asking you guys to just see what's going on right now and ... it's not good and it's mu..." + 25%
"2016-10-03 22:40:52"
"I think so I just got an email just awhile ago from the California government insider with some more information so listen up new tax from Central Command they are expecting a seven point one to nine point oh mega quake within thirty days evacuation orders have begun for government personnel only mayor will be taking a vacation along with key staff and senior city staff high net worth individuals also alerted as they have begun leaving L. A. quietly all signs point to a massive mega quake that will trigger more quakes everyone is watching Dutch senses channel for updates and I will leave the link to his ... YouTube channel he's got a a channel that is monitoring all the quakes around the world's quite a fascinating channels excellent you need to go there and officials have now told local stations they are not to cause panic even as the same officials urging Kong are evacuating great possibility of the seven point five to nine point oh mega quake the accusations are being done quietly as to not arouse fear or panic city officials urge to leave LA now so why and then privately through other emails is the individual has asked me to warn people or to suggest evacuating and I know that's a lot you know just for me to say that very difficult because I know a lot of you have no where else to go and I get that and so if you do you should and if you don't you know it's a risk but I would make sure that you know where your nearest red cross is for food and supplies if you don't have that you know if you don't have it at your house but you should you should be stocking up on some food and water and supplies a medically as we went through this yesterday in a video so please if you have seen that video go and check it out but ... I don't know what to say folks is there's a lot of people that I've never seen so much ... chatter about earthquakes is I end up earthquake in imminent major earthquake as I am hearing and seeing now on the news individuals and experts that mon..." + 27%
"2016-10-03 22:03:50"
"SHOCKING !!! Clinton Wanted To "..."
"well folks Sir Hillary Clinton what can I say she's just like you and I she's a mother she's a grandmother oh yeah no maybe not ... because she does steel furniture from the White House she is responsible for four dead Americans ending Ghazi ... she has committed treasonous acts by using her personal server to recieve incident the classified information oh yeah and she has made two hundred million dollars by funneling pay for play money through the Clinton foundation and the last but not least ... there's a longer list than that but to take the cake she also" + 1%
"2016-10-05 16:34:25"
"OUTRAGEOUS !!! Jesus Just Got Ki..."
"well folks this is outrageous let's get right to it school orders teachers to remove religious items from classrooms Jesus just got kicked out of public schools and had Henry county Georgia school district fired off a directive to school administrators ... ordering them to eradicate anything remotely religious from all public school buildings when my reader sent me a copy of the directive from the Henry school district that was relayed to the staff of east lake elementary school so they get into the young ones you are hereby directed to remove all items which contain religious symbols such as crosses printed bibles angels by one verses printed prayers and biblical quotations from the common area hallways classrooms office of east lake elementary school the edict read further religious and biblical references should not be included notes to parents email signature lines or any other correspondence sent on behalf of east lake elementary school unit continued but the Henry school district was wasn't finished with their orders to eradicate religion from the school house finally please remember that all references to holiday parties should comply with the Henry school district's policy procedure and practices for holidays you have concluded something tells me there won't be any negativity scenes and then I county public schools district spokesman JD hardened confirmed the authenticity of the directive sent to administrators on Monday was not intended to something that was supposed to be shared war put with public consumption he told me it was more of a director for our administrators string mind their employees and this particular law that is in place is dictated by the federal government Mr harden seems to think that the US constitution mandates that teachers must voluntarily relinquish their rights at the schoolhouse door establishment clause stipulates that the government may not promote or affiliate itself with any religion ... religious doctrine or organizati..." + 59%
"2016-10-06 04:27:59"
"Hurricane MATTHEW Evil Skull Rad..."
"if folks would you think about this is the newest buzz going on the internet right now this is supposedly an unknown doctored ... image satellite image of her king Matthew look it looks pretty evil ... I'm doctored and this reminds me of ... this image from if I can get to it nine eleven you mean this summer you might not and this is after when the planes hit ... one of the twin towers and then this Bluma smoke came out and formed in evil evil devil like ... figure pretty freaky I remember that was a big buzz then to so just your opinion guys ... I my opinion is that we're we are living in and times right now ... everything that I see going around right now ... is there's there's such discord going on in the world and everything that you know you know what's funny I just we just came to me we call this her routine Matthew Matthew talks about he and times we wars and rumors of wars and earthquakes diver places different places ... isn't that crazy for a perhaps we are at the end times right now I don't know I don't know but ... and perhaps it's just the elite that are messing with our minds to be honest with you I I think that we are a team times right now and ... that's my feeling my gut feeling every morning when I do our prayers on my way to work that's my gut feeling what do you guys think but the I think that it is their significance of them calling this her keen Matthew is that we heard think about it go ballistic I'll talk to you soon" + 1%
"2016-10-05 23:23:34"
"SHOCKING !!! PROOF That The Hill..."
"alright folks follow me with this this is ... Hillary Clinton's ... speech at the rally torpedo Ohio on the third this month the first thing I want you to notice here in this is not the subject of the video is ... three hundred twenty one thumbs up nine hundred sixty eight thumbs down okay this is real pulling folks this is real polling not what we're seeing from the mainstream media but that I'm not gonna talk about we'll talk I I've already talked about alright let's move on ... get this full screen right now and I want you to notice this person right here he's got his thong here see my pointer so you can't mistake this guy he's got his finger going this way so that that's him okay I want you to notice this person here as well ... seems way behind this person okay but he's got this big full shot of this flag okay and I'm not saying that there wasn't a rally but what I'm saying is that I think that they they're manipulating this stuff as it's come now I don't know how they do it but what I'm saying is that they're manipulating to make it look like there's more people at these rallies then there really is okay so let's move on I've got this ... and a quarter speed right now and just be patient just continued to look at this person here okay alright so that looks legit I think what he actually did record to get the back of that guy's head okay yeah because that's his arm I want you to keep focus on this guy though this guy isn't the main player here there is Hillary there is Hillary right there alright we're gonna start zooming in a little bit okay I want to stop right here ... let's notice a couple of things let's notice how close that flag is right here okay I remember this guy looks like he's closer then this person and this person has a flag a big flag is well okay so let's let's move on a little bit okay she is moving across moving across I'm let's look at one thing here back what is that woman wish she looks like she's taking a picture of the c..." + 50%
"2016-10-05 22:41:37"
"UPDATE On The California Earthqu..."
"hello my California friends ... come here for an update on ... what's going on is far is ... chances of having an earthquake over their major earthquake ... everything has been quiet today are and not for the most part yesterday and what you're seeing right now is a channel that I'm going to recommend that you subscribe to and go to for any time that you're having a concern or you're just wondering about the ... earthquake situation not only in your area but around the world and this is a Dutch since were I you know I don't know how to pronounce it I hope I'm doing it right Dutch since but it's do you tease D. H. S. I. N. S. E. that's his channel this is page this what I'm what we're looking at right now is real time he's on live right now real time and it shows you are the earthquakes in in the different areas of the world and he's just an actual excellent resource and I also ... he also has a bunch of videos up to date videos explaining you know how why he bird predicts certain things that he's very knowledgeable about earthquakes I I I I the guy is fascinating I was listening to him today so I'm recommending for up to the minute type information in your area to to go here okay so I'm giving you a good resource ... the other thing I wanted to talk about it this gentleman feels that there is nothing imminent in the near future and I did say I don't think I mean listen to the whole thing but I don't think he said anything about a month down the road or two months down the road so I think I got some credible information insider information saying that the California government is worried about something happening so obviously they've got some experts that are looking at this in tracking it in our concerns okay so that is why I'm giving you information I don't want anybody to be you know run away scared and be in feel hopeless and helpless what I say is just the you know be prepared ... for something if it does happen ... the only you know I did t..." + 60%
"2016-10-05 19:45:14"
"BUSTED -Is The Clinton Campaign ..."
"I folk shorten sweet ... yesterday ... Hillary had a town hall meeting ... talking about women our men and women I kinda stuff and a New York times as an article about it today Hillary Clinton to girls question on body image let's be proud of who we are and so it's going it's a big buzz right now about this ... teenager that came up and this was in Havre for PA the teenager leaned into the microphone pausing for a beat she had a question for Hillary Clinton about our high school and Donald J. trump at my school body image is a really big issue for girls my age ... began the girl branding leach remember that name randomly fifteen who had a red bow in her hair I see with my own eyes that damage Donald Trump does when he talks about women and how they look alright I'll let you read the rest the article that's not my point here ... I want you to hear did this is what the little girl here's here's the actual video of it right here I help me on my right right I'm not I'm running I my school body I see with my own eyes the damage Donald Trump does when he talks about one minute as the first president how would you like to some of that damage girls like this so much more than just no so that's that's that ... and there is another ... pictures here but let me show you Bob Brennan leeches here I I did a search a Google search on her and there she is folks Brennan leach is a child after he's an actor so Hillary is a shortening to us having a probably paying this person to ask this question and the I don't know I don't know if it's a big deal and I just think it's funny that she's a I guess to get desperate everything about that woman is fake isn't it and I'll be coming out I think I'm coming out with another video sometime this week as well on ... one of the rallies that she had she patches of vampires something she passed right through a ... a phone again a camera phone without being ... recorded it's just amazing this woman just thought this was funn..." + 13%
"2016-10-09 23:10:30"
"real quick folks all be back Wednesday and I'll have my regular Mike ... this is what I'm seeing right now though it's beautiful and I needed to recharge my batteries I hope you all have the ability ability to do the same from time to time but I did want to say one thing ... mainly to the staunch Republican conservatives that are my age and older you've been lied to for a long time expression we for the last eight years these guys that are posing as Republicans and conservatives they're not they're globalists and you cannot be a concern in a global sense sametime you just can't okay so really what it is right now it's nationalists nationalism verse globalism so don't let any these phonies like Paul Ryan gene the bushes they shouldn't be in office anymore well not if they're being voted in as conservatives because they're not okay it's the game's changed the two party system has changed its not Democrats and Republicans once again is globalism verse nationalism folks if you want to keep your sovereignty wanna keep your amendments constitution then you'll be a nationalist that's what you want that's what a conservative a real conservative is alright so you're seeing what's happening right now up to people like Paul Ryan the it and then became they just use trump so they can get reelected that's all they're doing but ... they've been globalists what do you think that they we've had we've had the Congress we've heard that the house and we gave everything that Obama wanted everything for the last eight years we had the power the purse and we did nothing with it we let Obama go through all of his executive orders I say to myself you know I'm looking at Congress right now is a joke I mean people can just side that they don't want to go to congressional hearings right now if they've got immunity right you know the guy that the I. T. guy that ... was working I can't remember his name right now that was a working ... for Clinton just didn't feel like going to a c..." + 49%
"2016-10-07 01:59:53"
"DEADLY Hurricane Matthew Update ..."
"here's an update folks ... with the hurricane mass you're gonna play a short clip here from a weather dot com and then some comments listen to that water and this is an area of lake worth Florida just north west Palm Beach where there's gonna be some very serious storm surges structure is going to be on the order of probably seven to ten yourself so really the spot where the guys I'm there to be underwater scene no other way to put it same deal for this guy that's going Jensen beach Florida he knows it too you can tell by the ... kind of ... inflection of his voice there that's a spot that's going to be under water up a good chunk of the east Florida coast at least right along the coast there is going to be under water because of storm surge so folks that's a monster right there look at that there's the I. heading towards ... by passing a little bit of Miami but it's still going to get a lot of wind and storm surge starting to attract up to Mel born Daytona beach Jacksonville for what I understand it's just going to parallel and hug the coaxed and might track back again which will be devastating ... they you like to see actually you'd rather see the ... her cane make landfall totally the I go into the land and it breaks up but this way what happens is that it it it it the I. stays to the right saw eye to the east of the coast here and the strongest winds whip around the coast here causing devastation now the thing that I am the you know there's a lot of people that did not heed the warnings in there they stayed home and the thing that they're not thinking about is that there are talking I heard that there is already twenty thousand people in Florida without power and it's just going to get much much more work were perhaps hundreds of thousands of people without electric and what they're saying is that it's not going to just be for a couple of days it's going to be weeks perhaps even months for some of these people to get their electric back so that is..." + 53%
"2016-10-06 22:29:01"
"BREAKING !!! Largest Voter Fraud..."
"good folks I'll be having an update on hurricane Matthew here probably within the next couple of hours but this is breaking news and I am not happy this is my county Tarrant county largest voter fraud investigation in Texas history under way in Tarrant county a massive investigation is underway at Tarrant county as long for Forsman officers from Texas attorney general's office investigate a vote harvesting scheme alleged to involve as many as twenty thousand ballots last month Texas scorecard reported that Tarrant county elections administrate it administrator Frank Phillips disclose the AG office had launched a criminal investigation into voting abnormalities inside Tarrant county the investigation was a result of a complaint filed by Aaron Harris of direct action Texas in organization that also uncovered significant errors in hill counties primary election results today Harris confirmed that aging investigators have been spotted on the ground in Tarrant county interviewing witnesses in a statement released online Harris claimed the investigation is look to a vote harvesting scheme involving as many as twenty thousand ballots we have heard rumors for years of manipulation of the election system in Tarrant county and thought it was time for someone to look into the facts direct action Texas spent countless hours analyzing open records requests noticing patterns and discovering fort worth voters whose voice was stolen this vote harvesting operation preys on the elderly and the economically disadvantaged who are among our most vulnerable neighbors our researchers shine a light on a covert yet per verse is pervasive network to the tune of twenty thousand ballots over four years primarily within the African American and Hispanic communities all indications are this is the largest investigation related to voter fraud the attorney general's office has ever seen this Reacher researchers uncovered major flaws in the election code and its enforcement we we were happy to a..." + 63%
"2016-10-06 17:43:02"
"LIVE MIAMI BEACH Cam Shot - 10/6..."
"well folks this is a live cam shot right now of Miami beach and I'm gonna keep on top of this ... there ... the news reports the weather reports they're not they're not very positive right now this is a very very powerful and dangerous situation and I have to ask myself what are these people doing still walking around I mean they're asking people to sleep to evacuate the area and these guys are just ... I'm not sure that there's it's supposed be coming in ... early evening I believe is when it's really gonna start and if you're not on the road already and the if you have input plywood up on your windows and gotten gas and food and water I mean it might be too late folks I mean I it they're they're urging people to go to the west side of the of Florida so on the up on the west coast it's not supposed to be and I nearly as bad as this looks like maybe a direct hit so as the as the storm gets a closer and closer I will come back to the to this scam and world see the situation I'm not sure if the the cam will be working at that point when the winds start picking up but I will report back but once again governor and the the Attorney General they're all saying to ... they're all saying to evacuate the area to go to the west coast do not travel north travel west and go to family members and and they also said to if you're if you are ... re if you're seeing a price gouging for gas and water for food for hotels you need to record that because the Attorney General is going to go after all those people that are doing that kind of stuff because it is illegal in Florida anyway in a state of him when it's a state of emergency to price gouge it is illegal and ... if you're at a hotel or if you're buying water in their tripling the price of gas and water and food and hotels you need to tell that person what they're doing is against the law and that you're going to report it to the Attorney General I just heard her ... on the radio and they're going after people t..." + 24%
"2016-10-06 13:21:33"
"I folks here's an update about the powerful hurricane Matthew that's over Bahamas right now moving its way towards southern Florida ... the timing for Matthew is as follows as far as timing for any impacts along the south east coast here is a general overview the NHC forecast for Matthew to be a major hurricane three or stronger near the coast of Florida capable of producing devastating impacts Florida peninsula particularly eastern Florida should be late day Thursday to Friday possibly lingering into Saturday in northeast Florida southeast Georgia should see the impact Friday Saturday an eastern Carolinas late Friday to Saturday possibly continuing into Sunday number two life threatening storm surge battering waves major beach erosion major damaging storm surging flooding is expected as Matthew curls its way northward along the southeast coast if you live along the immediate cocina told the vacuity please do so here is how high the water could reach during the life threatening inundation of the P. up peak search coincides with the high tide according to the national hurricane center Sebastian inlet Florida in the Savannah River Georgia six in I. feet above ground level Deerfield beach Florida in the Sebastian inlet three to five above ground level Savannah River Georgia to south Santee river South Carolina three to five feet above ground level Virginia key Florida two Deerfield beach Florida one to two feet of ground level above ground level number three concern are the damaging her cane force winds that are likely her came forth win seventy five four plus miles per hour are like a likely along the Florida coast starting Thursday night potentially north of there in coastal parts of Georgia and Caroline of Caroline this Friday into Saturday so expect very heavy damaging winds rainfall of flooding and tornadoes are going to be possible ... Matthews to eventually make a loop off the south east coast in recent days forecast guidance had suggested Matthew could e..." + 47%
"2016-10-11 15:14:21"
"it looks a lot of your where this already but I you know in light of that Hillary Clinton saying things about the Russians in their hacking her and they don't want her to win the election and then accusing Donald Trump of being in with Putin this is ridiculous folks and and this needs to be exposed and just what I'm about to read and you've probably even read or heard about this already I have good I'm going to expose it again because he keeps on bringing the ... ... troll and Putin together ... as Russia is our big enemy and yet what does she do let's let's talk about it this ... I'm gonna read half of letter from ... a staunch Julianus signs on his ... websites we he leaks the pedestrian emails part one today we can leaks begins a series on the deals involving Hillary Clinton campaign chairman John ... Podesta Mister Podesta is a longtime associate of the Clintons and what was bill Clinton's chief of staff from nineteen ninety eight to two thousand one Mr Modesto also controls the protest the group a major lobbying firm and is the chair of the center of the American progress CAP at Washington DC based think tank part one of the protest email comprises of two thousand sixty emails and a hundred and seventy attachments and it goes on what I want to get to is in April twenty fifteen the New York times published a story about a company call uranium one which was sold to the Russian government controlled interest giving Russia effective control of one fifth of all uranium production capacity in the United States since uranium is considered a strategic asset with the implications for the production of nuclear weapons the deal had to be approved by a committee comprised of representatives from a number of U. S. government agencies among the agencies that he eventually signed off the deal was the state department that then headed by secretary Clinton the committee on foreign investment in the United States the C. F. I. U. S. comprises among others the sec..." + 60%
"2016-10-13 22:12:24"
"WIKILEAKS - Does A Podesta Email..."
"if folks are follow me here while I try to piece them together big buzz going on the internet ... monks firms first responders ... of the internet ... today about Scalia and a an email that was found a week he leaks ... a pedestrian now very interesting and so let's pieces together little Bella start out with this ... article that came out after ... judge Scalia's a justice Scalia's ... death you not February so ten disturbing facts about justice Scalia's death now I'm not gonna read this whole article I'll leave the link but I'll just I'll read the ... the bullet points first of all says there there is a motive that's established number two Scaglia repeatedly warned about tyranny and treason for the for you that don't know about judge Scalia he was ... who's a very conservative ... he was appointed by president Reagan he was a true original us when it came to know that the declaration of independence and the constitution he liked he went with it stripped of law just like Thomas Jefferson would of ... that's why the left did not like him very much Scaglia repeatedly warned against tyranny and treason we talked about that number three he died in one of the most isolated locations in America and that be in Texas isolated spot Texas cause of death up came way too fast Scaglia security guards were absent they were not there the hotel owner is one of Obama's major donors scout is body number seven was found with a pillow over his head city died in his sleep with a pillow over his head no autopsy was performed this ridiculous right folks I mean this is one of the justices a pre court justices of the United States and there's no op autopsy performed number nine homicide expert believes there was foul play and number ten suspect identified so this is a very good article was well written I I went through it ... I I'm gonna leave the link so you go through it but so that's step number one in my investigation didn't step number two is the date that t..." + 67%
"2016-10-13 12:34:28"
"WIKILEAKS - HuffPost Writer Emai..."
"it looks ... down this email week you weeks very interesting from HuffPost the writer ... also a staunch Clinton reporter let's get into it pretty interesting titled warning to Hillary Clinton this was directly to John Podesta it was not up lifting to learn in recent hours that problems with foreign donations to the Clinton foundation continue Hillary Clinton was still making paid speeches for higher this week and Tony Rodham is hustling gold mining deals in eighty speckled from the minute the email story broke out hi I've been out there publicly and unequivocally supporting Hillary Clinton multiple ways in multiple media unlike many Democrats and unlike most in the media my mama taught me a long time ago when I am seriously angry I should count to ten and choose my words carefully in that spirit here is my tone down advice which I seriously doubt the claims are hearing from those close to them and if they are hearing it they are not understanding it if there's one thing that could well bring down at Hillary Clinton candidacy it is this cycle of money issues which about which I am now feeling red alerts loud bells warning signals and red flags and I am now seriously pissed off that there is a real chance that her candidacy and the Democratic Party could be destroyed by the self created dangers that contain and proliferate closer she gets through presumably announcing her candidacy if she is not hearing this from others please feel free to forward this to her I will play the bad guy here because I do not want her money and because she needs to hear this from her friends and she was sure as hell be attacked for this by her enemies and it will be megaphone through out the media and foreign donations and paid speeches and hustling gold mining deals buyer brother are entirely legitimate issues that are self created and must now I must be self crew ... corrected before it is too late I do not believe the Clinton four of the claims fully understand the magnitude a..." + 47%
"2016-10-12 22:43:36"
"SHOCKING -Video Claims Bill Clin..."
"look folks very important I was tipped off ... by anonymous by an anonymous source just mere minutes ago so I'm getting this up real quick and ... basically I was tipped off that the sources these government sources tipped off anonymous who made this video I looked at it and I thought it was a quite remarkable and I'm gonna send you diss video guy I'm not gonna play I'm gonna send link give them the traffic but before you go there I want you to hear me out real quick because when I watch the video and heard the allegations I I thought to myself these are pretty serious allegations they're Allegheny that Bill Clinton nah raped a thirteen year old during the time that he was hanging out with this ... EPS dean guy who is the I believe he was arrested and he's a peta file known peta file and Clinton was friends with him and they'd hang out of I forget what they called something island or what not but there was always out allegations of cocaine use in Iraq and stuff went away I I know that I know this anonymous source and I replied back and I said has it been established that there is a video in fact that there is a video of this rape and his reply came back pretty quick illnesses yes we have it we stole it from the Israelis we have a double agent working for us UK and Russia also has copies it's actually two tapes since there were two cameras the thirteen year old was high as a kite also on the tape is cocaine use and when bill raped her at steam is seen stroking her hair and calling her princess very sickening the woman not may also come forward she's twenty nine I believe you may leak it and you can let your viewers know F. B. I. leak the tape in the background two anonymous trump was supposed to be E. in easily beatable candidate he was given so much coverage he won the primaries what the gumball did not expect is that trump get this far with the Kamal did not expect is the rate tape as Israelis call it would be copied by us Israel has been using the tape to..." + 36%
"2016-10-17 19:15:23"
"BREAKING !! Hillary Clinton Prom..."
"their folks got some ... interesting breaking news here from website true pundit who I admire his work their work let's get on with it in this all makes sense folks and it's scary when you think about what I'm about to read to you Hillary Clinton promised Obama and Attorney General U. S. Supreme Court justice posts for life under Hillary Clinton regime president Barack Obama will replace deceased associate justice and poem Scalia and Attorney General Loretta Lynch will replace soon to retire associate justice Ruth Vader Ginsburg on the Supreme Court of the United States according to the White House and justice department insiders and you thought you'd almost seen the last of Perot ... broccoli bomb on the national stage think again according to White House sources Obama's confided to key insiders that the reason he chose reside in Washington DC after a second term and not a why as originally planned is because Clinton as promised him the now open chair on the Supreme Court now it is starting to make sense why Obama never pushed back on the merit darlings nomination review by the GOP controlled Senate Obama nominate garland to the Supreme Court after mysterious death of just this school year in early twenty sixteen this Senate never even considered the nomination the bigger surprise here is let you by many accounts is posted in even worse public record trampling the constitution that Obama since she arrived in Washington DC none the less which is more than just a strong room to replace justice Ginsburg according the justice department sources who spoke to true ponding Clinton has promised a job to Lynch sources said but the Attorney General is still considering the offer we'll Lynch decline doubtful justice department sources said Obama Lynch on the Supreme Court for life talk about a stacked court the question now is can either pass the Senate confirmation whoops we forgot Republicans have no snow hiking so passing confirmation hearings would likely prove to ..." + 52%
"2016-10-17 12:30:26"
"UPDATE - Internet Rumors Run WIL..."
"they folks a quick update about Julian aside je the internet went abuzz last night and this morning about rumors of Julia songs being murdered and him releasing Deadman keys the latest is that ... these assigned his internet link intentionally severed by state party don't know exactly who state party is you can see that there were two weeks it was sent out last night by weakening leaks here's pre commitment three U. K. F. C. O. and then a key pre commitment to Ecuador and then a key and then pre commitment one John Kerry and I keep very interesting cryptic messages ... nobody knows what they mean yet nothing has been opened yet ... so we'll have to see I am I even heard crazy rumors about Pamela Anderson poisoning so just crazy stuff folks Sir don't believe anything you hear until we validate some of the stuff ... so there is no validation of ... Sandra being dead or anything happenings to him yet so ... will get down to the bottom of it ... and then another thing is that yesterday wikileaks ... sent out another batch of emails I believe that's batch number nine and there's some good emails and they're showing ... the ... Clinton's campaign just poorly unraveling ... there is a writer in there that helps her out very much sure it helps the desk out my campaign and he writes for the hill and also HuffPost and he just says some scathing things about her in the campaign and how she's running in the fact that millennials heater that long time Democrats ... are having a very difficult time trying to you know get passion around her and support her so just real interesting I'll get all that stuff together and ... send that out all do a video on it later ... it's ... pretty amazing the of the disarray that the ... campaign was in and probably still might be in now I just think that we're getting ... handed lies upon lies about these polling numbers ... there is no there is no excitement for her campaign when you look at her rallies in ..." + 26%
"2016-10-15 20:43:26"
"BREAKING !!! US Detects Failed N..."
"hello folks this is what I'm talking about these headlines that we're getting right now from CNN's a breaking news story you ass detects failed north Korean ballistic missile launch US strategic command says its systems attacked a failed north Korean ballistic missile launch Saturday evening near the northwestern city of two songs strongly condemned this and north Korea's other recent missile tests which violate U. N. security council resolutions explicitly prohibiting north Korea's launches using ballistic missile acknowledging spokesman Gary Ross said statement the north American aerospace defense command NORAD determined the missile launch from North Korea did not pose a threat to North America just very odd very odd weird things happening I I I urge you all to keep your eyes and ears peeled to these kind of reports folks I I just I'm not fear mongering I just in my heart I feel something is going on something orchestrated is going on and I don't like it alright so prayers for all of us and I'll keep my eyes in years out for all of this kind of stuff that's happening as I see these breaking news stories as I can get to them and report them I will folks you know that god bless you all take care and like I said I have a great week I'll be back probably I'll be back because there's always a something going on lately take care" + 1%
"2016-10-14 23:11:37"
"alright thank you for my friend who sent me a private message one of my subscribers you know you are then keep it private ... what's going on here folks Tolbert thirteenth twenty sixteen this is yesterday nobody's talking about this executive order Obama why are you still doing executive orders executive order coordinating efforts to prepare the nation for space whether E. vents coordinating efforts to prepare the nation for space weather events by the authority vested in me as president by the constitution and the law of the United States of America to prepare the nation for space weather events it is hereby ordered as follows section one policy space weather events in the form of solar flares talking about E. MPs right solar energy energetic particles and geo magnetic sterben pieces occur regularly some with measurable facts on critical infrastructure systems and technology such as global positioning systems satellite operations and communications aviation and the electrical power grid stream space weather events those that could significantly degrade critical infrastructure could disable large portions of the electrical power grid resulting in cascading failures folks I leave the link here we talked about the EMP why is Obama having an executive order right now for immediate release immediately release October thirteenth that was yesterday why isn't anybody reporting on this this is very disturbing but not surprising we've been talking about this right guys this is a concerted effort this isn't song commented this is inside and I'm I'm really upset right now I'm going to give you the link to this but we need to talk about this alright EMP attack is a is a severe attack of some people are saying it's it's worse than a nuclear attack it's it's a debt I mean there's no electricity folks you're living in the days of little house on the prairie and most of us in the you know the people in the city they're not gonna be able to live like that are they you not gonna..." + 51%
"2016-10-14 22:42:07"
"Hey folks is a tall yesterday as I get leaks in information coming in from inside store sources I am going to disseminate the information and you decide after that no this is comes from various sources it was a busy day today but let's get on with it F. B. I. insiders to week all thirty three thousand of Hillary's deleted emails here in Victoria sliver toss we've been busy talking to anonymous in multiple insiders we already knew that the leaks that everyone blames on the Russians are actually leaks coming from within our own government however our sources want to make it very clear that everyone understands this all of the mainstream as well as Hillary purposely blaming Russia so we can start a war with them according to anonymous sources all thirty three thousand deleted emails are going to be released November first probably in four to five sets these emails are going to be complete the complete undoing of the Democratic Party we are purposely holding them back so they can not have time to replace Hillary also we are not Russians despite with CNN tells you we already have inside info that Obama is literally going to start a war with Russia to cover up the crimes that are in the emails by the way did anyone see this we are now in death call on three I have a link here yesterday we went deaf calm for the last week death def con five so things are escalating it appears these leaks mean Obama and Hillary will be held for treason then and up at the scene terrorist they have influenced by this time next year Hillary knows once emails get release she's done Obama also knows he will go down with her that is why he is willing to start a war to start to draw attention away from their crimes these emails about to be released in the next two weeks will be so much worse than the prophetic grasping at straws teat did they dug up about trump by the way there are six Hillary videos being released also one documents Hillary being racist against a female African African America..." + 74%
"2016-10-19 13:58:36"
"BREAKING ! - Reddit Exposes Clin..."
"books we have a breaking story here from your news wire dot com read it exposes Hillary Clinton staff trying to frame the songs as a pet a file a reddit investigation is directly linked a pro Democrat super PAC and a tech company with employees with close ties to Hillary Clinton with the smear campaign plot to falsely accuse Julia side pedophile Leah the investigation was sparked after wikileaks released a series of tweets on Wednesday outlining an elaborate plot by dating website currently attempting to frame smear the Sarge wikileaks also linked to a detailed timeline with the documents proving his innocence in exposing the dating website as a shell company reportedly created to entrap him taught in Clare the dating website leveling the accusations against Assad has been proven fake is been exposes a shell companies set up as a front come launch the smear campaign against the side everything about the site is fake they have no real members details here and I'll leave the lank smelling a rat the internet got involved redditors began to dig into the case and uncover what they believe is a smoking gun linking the failed pad of vile smear campaign the people with cloaks personal and professional ties to the Clintons using the Wayback machine to search for archived web pages listed a listing tartan Claire's address writers found the fate dating site was listed at the same address as premise data corporation tell a tech company in San Francisco then things became real interesting the investigators found that premise data Davis founder David sold off has ties to Hillary Clinton and Tim came he posted on his Twitter account that he recently spent an hour with Hilary's vice presidential candidate Spondon to the tweets from predators he told them to expect drones he has seen and he has since made his account private but you can view the archive page of his tweet to redditors here very interesting folks and I'll leave the link to that smear campaign by the Clintons keep k..." + 47%
"2016-10-18 19:40:15"
"Hillary Clinton - The Most Dange..."
"folks I just wonder who this woman is going to serve if you're voting for this woman who do you think that she is going to serve because she certainly has no respect for ninety to ninety five percent of the people in this country it is the fact that she because black people the N. word it is a fact that she calls young black men super predators it is a fact that she calls people from the south low information voters is the fact that she calls trump supporters poor bald in your redeemable the fact that she calls Latinos need and is the fact that she's coddled to certain groups in hiring people just such is the promenade Asians and blacks just the cardinal to the Asian and black community it's done that with women even though she has ridiculed and attacked viciously women that have been abused or assaulted by her husband although she says that she is the champion for women she is not I ask you not to listen to her words but just to look at her actions the list because there is a as ms Clinton said herself as we see in emails there is a private ms Clinton and there is a public ms Clinton private miss Clinton is very nefarious is very evil look into her eyes I'm sorry I had to do this but you can you can not for the eyes I mean the you can not you how you look at the eyes and that tells you the person that you are I really believe that in few young Latino voters she says that you all live in your parent's basement and your idealists and chill caught up to you Mitchell tell you exactly what you want to hear just to get you to vote for her but she's got an agenda and it's not to serve you and it's not to serve the American people so who's left who is left that she's going to serve well I can answer that question it's the people that she's been serving all her life all her political life those of the one percenters does the elite those of the bankers those of the Soros's of this world those are the people the people that Pat her pocket people that make her rich and powe..." + 40%
"2016-10-22 22:50:48"
"#BREAKING And Exclusive From Pen..."
"breaking and exclusive folks I just got an email from an insider government insider Israel embedded with ice is in Mosel it is been speculated that most will take until around the end of December to conquer many suspect more than thirty thousand deaths will result according to an anonymous inside sources intelligent reports that many of the ISIS leaders speak Hebrew members of the Iraqi army are reported that the first refugees are swearing that at least ten ISIS leader spoke Hebrew to each other and also had Israeli walkie talkies guns and cell phones our source says that they also spoke Arabic but with a strong Israeli accent however none of the mainstream western media is mention any of this these leaders left five days ago and met no resistance from either I up Iraqi Turkish or U. S. forces what nobody knows is that Iran is helping to drive ISIS out and it's clear ice is supported and led by Israel and the CIA while being helped by the Saudis meanwhile Turks ISIS leadership will be situated in ins it is Stan bol sorry by mid December and Kurds in Iraqis are so upset by this they planned to demand Turkey have no part of the Mosel campaign we will continue to update as we get more information from our sources so folks this is breaking it just came out the I just got the emails maybe ten minutes ago and like I said I just get the stuff out right to you because it's important that you know the truth and that's what we do here not just gonna end by saying this I want to thank everybody for your support I'm not a professional I've owned only been doing this for five months I know that I need a lot of improvement but you all have rallied behind me because you know I think that you can sense that I've got the ... a good heart in that I'm trying to do the right thing as I'm being led to do and that is to expose the truth and disseminate it to you so those that are you know have criticism about me just know that I'm trying to improve and I thank all of you for your s..." + 12%
"2016-10-22 15:36:48"
"URGENT WARNING From Guccifer 2.0..."
"good morning folks and happy weekend on the goose for two dollars those site is a warning trump and trump supporters of some nefarious acts that might take place soon acqua in regards to trump's tax files let's go through this truck trumps taxes Clinton campaign prepares a new provocation I found out something interesting in emails between DNC employees and Hillary Clinton care campaign staff Democrats prepare a new provocation against trump trump sent in his financial reports in may it appeared on DNC servers at once DNC rushed to analyze it and ask ... the Jones man dell company to make ineffective investigation I won't be surprised if some mainstream media like New York times are seen and publish soon trumps financial docks no doubt who can give them ... PS to confirm my words I published some screen shots of the DNC emails and the first pages of the DNC docks the letter from D. M. C. employee Kelly Roberts to Clinton campaign member Tyson Brody they discuss trump tax transparency it's got some ... attachments here screen shots ... I'll leave the link here and you guys can ... check it out yourself here's a letter ... to ... front Jones man dell we have begun reviewing the ask ... I ease and ... did vis the DNC has sent to date and the record received this is the first of several memos we will put together with recommendation for additional F. O. eyepiece this memo focuses on several specific areas that may be right for additional public record research state municipal economic development agencies records related to trump mortgage federal lobbyist records state lobbyist records tax assessment New York state and New York City officials U. S. D. A. records relating to trump steaks homebound okay and ... they've got a ... I nine ninety P. F. form for twenty fourteen also screen shot I leave the link here folks ... so you can investigate it as well if I hear more ... I will live report on it this is just a heads up for Mr trump and for t..." + 21%
"2016-10-21 12:19:18"
"good morning friends ... many of you probably know this some may not I didn't know this well I find it might civil duty to let you know how far the corruption goes in this country folks general Cartwright is paying for the price for Hillary Clinton scenes just a travesty the Obama administration justice department has investigated three senior off officials for mishandling classified information over the past two years but only one faces felony conviction possible jail time and humiliation that will ruin his career former joint chiefs of staff vice chairman general James E. Cartwright the FBI's handling of the cases stands in stark contrast to its treatment of Hillary Clinton and retired general David Petraeus and it reeks of political considerations Monday marked this stunning fall from grace for cart right the man once known as Obama's favorite general who pleaded guilty to the better the felony charge of lying to the FBI during his investigation into the leaking of classified information about covert operations against Iran to to journalists his lawyer Greg ... Greg Craig said in a statement that cart right spoke with David Sanger of The New York Times and Dan clade men of Newsweek well nobody's who leaked anything to you guys anymore by the way as confirming source for stories they had already reported in an effort to prevent the public of harmful national security secrets under his plea deal cart right could face up to five years in prison two hundred and fifty thousand dollar fine last year Petraeus cut a deal with the justice department after admitting he had lied to the FBI and past hundreds of highly classified documents to his biographer and mistress Paula Broadwell he pleaded guilty to a single misdemeanor of mishandling classified information sentenced to two years of probation and one hundred thousand dollar fine Clinton was not charged at all for what FBI director James combing called extremely careless handling of very sensitive highly classifi..." + 55%
"2016-10-20 16:08:13"
"BREAKING - Ecuadorian Embassy Ha..."
"my folks up until I leave a link to this article well I beat times dot CIO dot UK ... has written it's pretty interesting but here's an update on Julia sauntered apparently they have shut him down the Ecuadorian embassy is shut him down as far as ... internet service he no longer has internet service or he hadn't as of an hour ago and so the folks from four chan I have a plan they're all gonna go down there and gather around the embassy and ... use their cellphones as our hot spots so he can access the internet and they will they'll go down there and chefs so you can have a twenty four seven the hot spot access I think it's a great idea I'm not sure what the turnout has been ... but what a great idea by the four champ people ... it is said that he is about to release some massive files ... very very damaging to people like the Clintons a Obama and other high officials so they want to shut him down there is no doubt about it but I am excited to see what this isn't supposed to be some very damning stuff ... very very I also got some ... an update from my insider he says the cicada thirty three no one has created a dead man's switch for wikileaks and the program that I talk to you guys about last week called cake which is a which is a fact gathering up program and it's also a it was a place where people could ... disseminate information without being ... worried about being out you can do it anonymously anyway that it's been it's now renamed to blood and it is being attacked by the CIA them sodden UK ... Assad has ordered ... blood to flow which is a code phrase meaning release massive documents so N. as I said earlier that the visa documents are very very damaging so you know we're getting real close to the election and I hope ... you know it comes through continue to pray for us Julian and I continue to say what he's doing is ... he's really being a champion of for us we the people for freedom god bless you all I'll keep you updated as ..." + 14%
"2016-10-23 19:40:09"
"BREAKING - CNN Has Clinton Up By..."
"alright folks if you want a good laugh I've got one this is my calling me ... video for the day CNN I go there I go to them every once in awhile because I need a good laugh check this out is being reported by the honorable Eric and Bradner CNN new poll shows Clinton over trumped by double digits Hillary Clinton has a twelve point lead over Donald Trump in his reach fifty percent support nationally among likely voters a new ABC news tracking poll shows I'm not even going to read the whole article folks I just want to say this is laughable when I want to say a couple of things to after this election is over and trump wins because he will I want PP nobody should ever take CNN seriously ever again they have lost all credibility as a reporting Eden's earlier I posted a video where ... CNN cuts off a congressman when he starts talking about Hillary being a liar India and talking about wikileaks folks CNN is the worst and third fox's right behind them on a lot of this reporting but CNN is completely the Clinton news network wholly unreliable lost all credibility I don't even see how anybody even watches that I go on there I just look at CNN I listened to him just to see what the enemy is talking about what the spin is from them folks they are out of control with their lives they are absolutely and positively out of control with their lies okay but does that surprise you because the candidate that they're supporting is the biggest liar of them all well this was your last for the day folks from me to you I hope you enjoyed it I have some other pressing issues I'm going to be working with or on stories about what's going on in the Middle East isis Turkey Mosul and it's pretty astonishing faxed that you are not being told the truth in the mainstream media at all about what's going on over there it is so bad that and it's so true what's happening right now that are reporting that I'm getting flagged by you too bright now for anything that has to do with the Middle East i..." + 16%
"2016-10-24 12:08:54"
"well folks ... meet ed Rollins chief strategist for a super pac Donald Trump trader but he was on fox this morning box business viewing his allies spewing how Donald Trump doesn't have a chance and basically he said this morning not basically he said Hillary Clinton has two hundred and seventy plus electoral votes already even before the votes or even in folks we haven't even it's not even November eighth I know that there has been early voting I get that but there is no way and then the despicable polling by ABC having having Clinton up by twelve points this is rediculous folks and I'm doing this video to expose this guy again he's a shill obviously a globalist and he's obviously wanting the globalist till you criminal Hillary Clinton to win this race any he needs to just diatribe please just you know call him out in just the way I don't need your head help bad you know thanks but the want you shut your mouth anyway I can not wait until trump wins because this guy at that point will have zero credibility whatsoever nothing after that that he says will matter absolutely nothing so it I'm glad you just admitted the you just committed the ... political suicide my friend nobody'll ever listen to you again have a good day a traitor god bless everybody and don't get discouraged go out and vote trunks gonna win we've got the numbers believe me we do god bless you have a great day everybody" + 1%
"2016-10-25 17:51:51"
"BREAKING - NEW Wikileak Emails -..."
"well folks in the new batch of the emails Weeki leaks we've got another bomb that just went off email I. D. three one zero seven seven under the job just emails let's go down here starts off by saying Jan you probably have more on this but it looks like a P. O. T. U. S. president United States just said he found out each RC was using her personal email when he saw it in the news then we have a email from Cheryl mills to John Podesta we need to clean this up he has emails from her they do not say state dot gov bantam she knew it was a big problem proves that Obama knew about it from the beginning Justin nothing about it and now she knows it's a problem says we need to clean this up yes emails from her that do not say state dot gov I can't wait till more the stuff comes out folks I'm here for you were digging it up will continue informing take care god bless have a great day" + 1%
"2016-10-25 16:16:52"
"BREAKING - Texas Voting Machines..."
"well folks breaking news break bar is reporting that ... Texas voters say voting machines pick Clinton came with St Republic ballots several won't voters in Texas have said on social media that when they voted early they're voting machine registered a straight Republican selection but marked Hillary Clinton as their choice for president early voting for twenty sixteen election start Monday October twenty fourth of the people of potter and Randall county are taking this opportunity to skip the long lines that always file out of the voting locations on election day it's common seen pictures of the I voted stickers on social media it's not it's comin to see the stories I've been seeing do voters from canyon posted the experience they have while voting apparently when these voters chose the street Republican option the ballot selected Clinton cane instead of trump pence then I lived off full story here for you folks is on bright bar leave the link but my goodness ma'am we gotta keep we ought to be up in arms and there's no way we're letting them steal this election No Way I'll come back a report this ... more on this folks leave the link god bless you and ... I'm upset right now this is my state" + 1%
"2016-10-24 23:03:41"
"I'm sorry folks that come to see and hear in court a bit just to see the shenanigans of these people know you look at this headline story you look it up Hillary Clinton she's got her own dissolved she's got her now theme she just beat glorious she's got that victorious look in her face right she's looking up to the sky and then like Clinton's new list of GOP enemies she's going after Republicans running for Congress boom we're shaking Hillary the fact of the matter is CNN the dist information network the Clinton news network has lost all credibility your pathetic and everyone of you are going to have to look for a real job a real paying job because guess what you going down I mean in all the mainstream media is going down I am hearing more and more people saying that they don't even get their news from mainstream media anymore they don't they get it from all they get it whether you're all laughter all right they're getting it from alternative news sources one being ... due to one being your channels like mine and there are many D. are flourishing they are they're sprouting up all over the place you know so when you look at this I do you just have to laugh you have to laugh and say what a joke and it would if I was working for CNN right now I wouldn't be working for CNN right because I would be like this is just getting beyond ridiculous I'm embarrassed for them and I'm a I'm I'm a little embarrassed for her looking her looking her face if she noticed a whole sham she doesn't even have a bass I'm embarrassed for her she doesn't wear is her babies I I I I can only assume that she's got a very small base he's got some women she doesn't have a lot of women not is not she does not have the regular Democrat base anymore nope she doesn't she's not gonna get any blue collar Democrats simply is not going to she's not going to get the black vote as much is Barack Obama ache specially in the south where they are very god devoted okay and with all the treachery that this p..." + 66%
"2016-10-25 22:11:53"
"member this picture folks famous picture Hillary Clinton Obama and others looking intently as ... Osama bin laden is ... being assassinated by navy seals many of you have questioned the account of what happened many have heard rumors about Osama bin laden being treated in Miami US government knew about it he was ill with kidney disease well I'm here to tell you that all of you tin foil hat people take a bow because you are correct I just recieved day are tip from the C. I. A. insider who is friends with my Pentagon insider and the email and it says pacs need secret service and CI a were fighting five months before the supposed hit on Osama bin laden why because Osama had died on a dialysis machine due to health reasons so when you see the infamous image of Clinton Obama and others watching this supposed scene unfold it was a photo op nothing more think about it folks when has any bad guy been dumped at sea when Bonnie and Clyde Diedre John till June Dillinger or I John Wilkes booth bodies were always photograph displayed catalog that cetera and in comparison bin laden supposedly did much worse the doctor who treated him gets arrested and never heard from again most of the seal team six is gone due to horrible suspicious helicopter accident months later the fact chain just doesn't add up even if we didn't have this information however we do all the pieces fall into place fit just too well to be ignored with this being one of Clinton's crowning jewel moments as secretary of state the reality is it was a red herring of sorts that was fate they even rig this just the fate polls and fake news we get fake events fake gonna ... employment numbers fake terrorism think everything like the Bible says deception is the way of the world it's time for a revolution to overthrow our Zionists overlords Obama is the worst president ever and we know Hillary will even be worse Hillary knows out Osama died and it's one of a thousand lies she tells Daily so this is the email I r..." + 55%
"2016-10-26 00:43:46"
"BREAKING - Wikileaks - EX CEO Of..."
"well folks so the Weeki leaks email just keeps on revealing more corruption and this one's good this one could be a slam dunk ... this guy Eric Braverman you leave the link to this ... email here he was the C. E. O. for the Clinton foundation some people are saying he is a mole and it's also being reported that he is seeking asylum in Russia right now up for his safety but apparently he was going to start talking and here we have Joe Jr at Joe NBC that's pretty funny to Joe I know you I've seen you and now you're collaborating with the ... Clinton's your suspect so anyway Joe N. B. ceases I'm hoping someone is keeping tabs on broadband quote in here is from someone who worked in Clinton foundation and then it says down here it says ... this is a close source to the Clintons tell at Ron for near follow the money and find the real each RC scandal okay and then we have a we have but that's the same Eric Braverman that's how you plus so J. P. job the desert is ... saying that ever Eric Braverman is the mole he is the one that came out with this this is the X. C. E. O. of the Clinton foundation here is somebody that is spilling the beans this is another person that probably has documents that's gonna rip this thing apart folks rip it completely apart so we have to watch out I will keep you up up abreast of what's going on here in I'm hearing all kinds of voter fraud type stuff I'm going to be coming out with a video of people with videos and pictures images of all of machines that are not working correctly and this is just going to blow your mind folks and you need to get this information out to all your friends to all your family because we're not going to take it you know we're not gonna take it like the old song from the eighties when I couldn't take it anymore alright god bless you guys all be ... keeping abreast of this and I'll give you the information as I get it and take care" + 7%
"2016-10-25 22:53:27"
"BREAKING - Government Gearing Up..."
"I thought you just put up an article on our website victoriously were tossed one to get out to you right away here ... government gearing up for unrest complete with martial law drills so kinda warning of something that we might see what they're gearing up for and we got this information from the S. H. T. S. plan dot com we know that has seen its war ... very interesting information and it has been confirmed as accurate by our inside source so yeah I did go ahead and send this out to you our sources and they said yeah this is accurate now I've been saying this all along there is really no win for we the people here in this in these elections near the scenarios number one trump wins that happens the elites freak out they know that they are losing power and they will do literally anything out of desperation to cause any division and unrest that they can possibly do they will unleash all their beasts and blame any negative impacts on trompe or scenario number two is killer he wins the people have educated and the people of educating themselves and know that the only way that she could win this election is by reading in cheating they will rise up and will be a revolution and this is what the government is corrupt government is thinking right now thing you know that so they look like they're planning this stuff but either way we're in for a stormy ending to twenty sixteen so according to inside sources it appears that the current corrupt government system is gearing up to handle outbreaks of violence and chaos at rallies pull stations there's also the possibility that the people the United States may become very dissatisfied should killer you get into office the current system is preparing to use military force and martial law there are drills going on right now as we speak the drills could of course go live it anytime homeland security in the military are prepared to contend with the period of unrest and restore order to a divided and broken country regardless of..." + 70%
"2016-10-27 23:00:32"
"well it looks as you might have heard making Kelly is trying to negotiate her contract right now with fox asking for an outlandish amount of money twenty million dollars which I wouldn't give her I would give any of these guys that money because once trump is elected and in the mainstream media has been revealed to being a lying sacks of you know what that you can not believe anything that they say with their green screening they're Soros funded lies their left wing agenda so you know people like CNN and fox fox to your globalist but anyway that's not the story the breaking stories I just got a ... in email from an insider stating that both shepherd Smith in Megan Kelly aren't secret talks with CNN trying to negotiate a deal and leave fox well that does not surprise me both global is and ... and ours is say something about a I love Sean Hannity I really do and I but you know sometimes I think he's just been in the mainstream media too long and ... then has been jaded a about a few things I need to trusting with with certain things in the fact the matter is making Kelly has not been a very good person and she has been a trump basher from the beginning and he kinda stood up so stood up with her because they are a call or a woman caller called in she was a little ticked off about the way that making Kelly had treated ... ... New Guinea Gingrich and I believe I in I agree with their I thought it was despicable actually but the but she he Connolly took up permitting Callie little bit and I was like surprised what you know and the you know so what it would ever you know that's his prerogative I I didn't agree with his take on it but you know that's neither here nor there but the fact of the matter is you know she has been bullying up ... and just making accusations about trump which which is really despicable and the way he's he called he basically called him a sexual predator yesterday or I yeah was yesterday the day before you know during the ... Newt G..." + 23%
"2016-10-26 18:53:29"
"I don't want people in Michigan that are planning to vote for trump and ... they're not they don't necessarily like him that much and they don't necessarily agree with him they're not racist and rednecks certain there them actually pretty decent people and so I wanted to sort of after talking to a number that I wanted to sort of I want to write this in Donald Trump came to the Detroit economic club and stood there in front of a Ford motor executives and said if you close these factories as you're planning to do in Detroit and build them in Mexico I'm gonna put a thirty five percent tariff on those cars we send back and nobody's gonna buy them it was an amazing thing to see no politician Republican or Democrat had ever said anything like that for these executives and it was music to the ears a people in Michigan and Ohio in Pennsylvania in Wisconsin the brexit states you live here in Ohio you know what I'm talking about whether trump means it or not it's kind of irrelevant because he's saying the things the people who are hurting that's why every beaten down nameless forgotten working stiff who used to be part of what was called the middle class loves trump he a human Molotov cocktail they've been waiting for the human hand grenade that they can legally throw into the system that stole their lives from them and on November eighth election day although they lost their jobs although they knew foreclosed on by the bank next came the divorce and now the wife and kids are gone the car's been re pode they have had a real vacation in years they're stuck with the shitty obamacare bronze plan we can't even get a fucking Percocet they've essentially lost everything they had step one thing the one thing that doesn't cost them a Senate it is guaranteed to them by the American constitution the right vault they might be penniless they might be homeless they might be fucked over and fucked up it doesn't matter because it's equalized on that day a millionaire has the same numbe..." + 39%
"2016-10-26 13:56:22"
"EPIC !!! Newt Gingrich DESTROYS ..."
"is that with more new Gingrich he served as speaker of the house he's a trump supporter and author of the book true reason great see Mister speaker thanks for being here so it's good to be back at me with with cook and many other non partisan independent pollsters now saying that the Senate is likely lost to the Republicans what does that say I mean if Donald Trump loses this White House race and the Republicans lose the Senate does that suggest that the Republicans nominated the wrong candidate at the top of their pocket live the next two weeks are a contest of two parallel universes well I just listen to that report first all race to hang out with Charlie cook when he would explain the Donald Trump was hopeless and would not get the nomination I like Charlie that doesn't mean he's infallible but list does take the of the report we just got Republicans are actually out voting Democrats in Florida throughout voting Democrats in Pennsylvania that's unprecedented they've cut the different it would enhance Vania I think they might realize there really are going because of Anya well all I can report you're right now is they're out voting the Democrats early voting ... which is also true in Florida which is unprecedented but all historically Pennsylvania had her winning what all of the models in Pennsylvania however and I know I just told you have two alternative universes right now all in Iowa for example the Democrats are fifty thousand votes behind where they were with Barack Obama and turn out of the governor's very confident we're gonna carry Iowa which Obama carried last time I just carry through case after case like this in Minnesota were almost certainly going to win the congressional seat up were on the loose houses are very democratic area but it deeply dislike Hillary Clinton are and represent novelette Misha has hit a limit limit is as because it you save two alternate verses on I mean your these are sort of small examples of how he might be heading earl..." + 78%
"2016-10-26 01:49:42"
"BREAKING !!! Facebook Deleting V..."
"alright folks social media is ... flying mad right now people are reporting that Facebook is the leading pose that have anything to do with voter fraud or proof of voter fraud there's been videos out there that my wife is seen ... she sent them to me I just didn't get to see him yet and when we go to check back the of the link has been deleted is no longer there so there is something going on and as we know also I did a search on Facebook and deleting posts and ... sure enough we have all of these people that are complaining about Facebook deleting their posts I have to do with trong for a voter fraud not kinda stuff even right here this is rediculous woes Facebook employees argued trumps pose should be banned as hate speech so that's that's where we get net right how folks banning banning post because ... he speech Hey guess what there's something called the first amendment and that's not being teach you'd see our constitution is not being taught to these young kids anymore and it's ridiculous and by the way last no before I retire for the night if you go to vote do me a favor if you have a smartphone most of us do I and you have to take a picture of video actually videos probably gonna be more ... accurate of your voting and if you see something please send it to me send it to my email I leave me a note on the on my face on my ... you to page so me a private message and I will send you my email address you can send me that ... video and I will post it will do a story on it because I wanna I wanna blow this corruption apart alright folks I'm blessed thought take care have a good night and I'll talk to you tomorrow" + 1%
"2016-10-31 22:45:47"
"yeah folks we have a new article up on our website victoriously were taught us this information I received yesterday I decided to sit on it for twenty four hours because it is rather intense but I am confident in our sources that have leaked this information and sent it to me I also did some research on other sites and it seems that other leakers are coming out two other sites as well so I have to get it out there website is about truth this channel is about truth insiders threatened to expose Hillary's peta file sex ring all of the following information was given to us by our insiders who have specific first hand knowledge of Hillary email scandal it seems that things are about to heat up we are told of the six hundred and sixty two eight hundred seventy one emails lifted from wieners computer eleven thousand one hundred twelve of them are you in this and pay to play including Saudis and Israelis meaning doula was the one Hillary use to communicate with foreign leaders via email for inside information and deals via and shooter it is well established that many have in use but mainly through Weeki leaks that the Clinton foundation was just a farce set up in order to perform paid to play games with multiple entities including foreign nations pay to play nations include Israel the Saudis the Turks cutter and Kazakhstan and you're crying Furthermore we are told by one of our insiders that one email unequivocally confirms isis created by the CI a and Israeli secret intelligence service with the help from Joe Lieberman John McCain and Lindsey Graham a New York a New York police department insiders said the content they viewed did include state department top secret emails one file was called life insurance a second email was titled DNC nuclear arsenal third file I'm sure Hillary definitely doesn't want ... release was a file named intimate according to this N. Y. P. D. insider this file contains X. rated photos of uma and Hillary with a teenager N. Y. P. D. detective..." + 75%
"2016-10-30 01:19:27"
"well folks this is a breaking news and I just got this email this is from an F. B. I. insider breaking news folks ... Julia avidin is sequel immunity ... from the FBI if she talks and so folks this would mean possibly implicating Obama definitely implicating Clinton this is big news folks it's all unraveling before our very eyes this is incredible I don't think that there's ever been a time in the history of politics that things or so heated up so much corruption so much turmoil how this woman can even wake up I'm not even talking about her in in the talking about Hillary Clinton how she can even wake up anymore with her health the way it is the woman must be on so much medication just to get through the day with everything that is coming back to her and I say that the use my friends is is it is god but if you don't believe in god then you believe in karma this is karma either way it's all coming to fruition it's all coming out so I will keep you abreast of what's going on like I always do you folks but I just got this literally ten minutes ago god bless you all take care have a great night" + 1%
"2016-10-28 22:04:47"
"EXCLUSIVE #Breaking FBI Reopens ..."
"if you look so good want to give you a little imp more information about why the FBI reopen the case are I don't think anybody has reported this yet but I got some inside email insider emails just a couple hours ago and so we're putting this together for you they say the FBI was investigating Anthony Weiner and Kim dot com when they found these are ... Israeli pay to play emails on wieners Anthony Weiner's computer it's very serious F. B. I. will be charging her Hillary planning to engage in pay you to play after she had won the election it's technically treason we hear was bragging that he set up the deal HRC was again a hundred million the dollars to the Clinton foundation for increasing Israeli aid by double it says that that who might help set the deal up an F. B. I. think it was a planned pay to play once she wants we it was bragging to ... to women different women discuss something else he he had set up the Israeli deal it says remember when I said they would reopen the investigation yes I do Hillary promised ... to increase aid by five to ten billion dollars the first year and make it seventy two billion dollars by the time she left office in exchange for a hundred to two hundred million dollars to the Clinton foundation basically we now to the Clinton foundation means into Hillary in bill's pockets so far it's all connected what Weiner sent to his girlfriend so evidently he was for hitting emails from Hillary about this paid a plaything and bragging this guy's something else what Anthony when are you are a loser and all of these guys are I mean the the amount of corruption is just mind boggling that nobody is in jail yet alright and to even think of me to how could anybody in their right mind knowing what they know but pick Hillary Clinton at the ballot box how it if she was doing this which he was secretary of state imagine what this woman would do as the leader of the free world no absolutely not she should be behind bars and we should be done wit..." + 17%
"2016-11-04 12:23:44"
"my focus is stories is just so disturbing right now John Podesta job this is brother let's get right into this and this is this is another reason why we cannot let Hillary Clinton into the White House these people are demonic sick twisted Satan worshipping but that are the whole cabinet would be Satan worshippers if they're not already let's get into the spirit cooking the most disturbing but just email yet warning graphic content in perhaps the most disturbing Weeki leaks release to date Tony Modesto Java desk his brother is invited to a spirit cooking dinner and performance ... by marina and Britt Abramovich ... dinner with a famous artist might sound deeply mundane but there is far more to this story Abramovich sixty nine is a fairly famous Serbian performance artist who lives in New York in the email dated a June twenty eighth the wrong it's right I am looking forward so the spirit cooking dinner at my place do you think you'll be able to let me know if your brother is joining course that is John all my love marina Tony then forwarded the email to his brother John asking are you in New York City ... Thursday July ninth Maria watches come to dinner okay what this seems is completely normal a completely normal and uninspiring email a look at look spirit cooking is up will change things immediately and let me play a little of this and I'll leave the link if I can even play it right now but it's discussed things of this is this woman spirit cooking by marina Abramovich okay Mona so there she is she's got what looks like blood or just the blood paint wrong she's starting to write on it mix fresh breast milk with fresh and then chill right with fresh sperm there it is drink on earthquake night I so I said that's the recipe for a spirit dinner a and then over here she writes with a knife cut deeply into middle finger of your left hand and eat the pain alright I'll leave the rest of this ... article here here's another one where she just kind of she is so sym..." + 33%
"2016-11-04 01:36:34"
"#BREAKING ! #Cicada3301 HILLARY ..."
"those who would destroy our lives with lies will themselves be short by truth thirty three oh one Scott a thirty three oh one released this message June first when the world was normal seems like prophecy since this one statement predates F. B. I. anon review leaks do so for DC leaks etcetera it is from June first a month before FBI non three months before any mention of huge of leaks corruption tyranny those who would destroy us with lies will themselves be story by truth think about it folks Scott a thirty three oh one was warning our oppressors they were on notice they were the first ones on earth to do so folks this video was about Clinton peta file rang and how we think we have connected the dots we broke the story but now it's being confirmed by state department officials and various alternative news sites Alex J. we have more info to share source or stories directly through insiders me I the Pentagon OPM county officials former Intel operatives you name it victorious liver toss has broken six major stories this year in July we reported that the Clinton foundation was going to be exposed through an entity called cicada thirty three a one working in concert with FBI insiders the plan was to expose the Clinton crime family a month later the story broke our subscribers had the story first look our channel for the video from July twenty seventh when nobody was even talking about the Clinton foundation next we broke the story that F. B. I. was in chaos when nobody in mainstream media even knew then we expose Donna Brazile and the Hillary blow out which was confirmed by reporter bill still who interviewed witnesses and NBC production staff next we broke the story of the county of L. A. secretly preparing people for a large earthquake the quake has not happened yet but the LA times confirmed that local government was planning to warrant their folks to bug out before the population could evacuate and that was confirmed folks by the LA times next we broke the whole ..." + 71%
"2016-11-02 00:49:30"
"BREAKING - VL Website Under Atta..."
"if looks the it's me I just want to give you a quick update if you're trying to get on my website is probably what you're gonna get right now service unavailable I believe that my website skinning attacked right now pretty severely and I'm not able to get on there I'm not able to post something or anything actually I do have more information and it goes pretty deep but I'm going to wait till tomorrow because I want to put it on the website I feel like I'm probably got attacked because of the last couple of articles that I've put up there and does their desperate right now flukes so the information that I am going to disseminate tomorrow I'm not and decide whether I'm going to name names or not but it's pretty deep and it runs wild and it runs high I mean all the way up there and it scares me because some of the stuff is sick it's just really sick and I think to myself if there's that many people that high up how were we going to a radically this how are we going to change this I mean this is really horrific stuff that we're talking about and this is not I don't feel it's conspiracies anymore there's enough credible people that are talking about this right now and something needs to be done so I want first of All I Want to think I want to thank all of the white hats that are in the government that are in the Pentagon that are in the FBI the CI a the NSA or the ... white hat police officers and white hat military all of you all who have been ... who had been leaking to various sources I commend you thank you need to keep on doing that and we need to be brave and coalesce altogether the fact of the matter is I feel like this is it folks do or die this week this election I feel corruption with the Clintons has been so great so much in the last thirty years and if they ever got full responsibility of the United States of the free world there would be no limits their own losses in any limits right now there are opponents aren't any limits right now for them but cer..." + 46%
"2016-11-04 23:06:52"
"Thank You - My Personal Message ..."
"I just want to do a ... real short video ... and thank people I want to thank all my subscribers ... for all your support and and your comments you guys are brave putting out how you feel you're being honest no one thank you ... I want I think ... Weeki leaks for everything that they've done it's just a you've exposed so much that we didn't know and ... hot we some of us had suspected it now what's fact it's no more a conspiracy theory it is it's it's evil to the core our government and we it needs to be replaced they all need to be replaced all of them that are doing this and I want to thank our police department you know what about six months ago I railed on then because I was taking in all of this negative mainstream media bull crap that that they were saying about the the police officers and I wanna apologize and I want to tell you that I have your back a hundred percent right now and ... I'm on your side no one I think all of you for protecting us you know what I think expression Lee the NYPD and all of the other police officers that have ... leaked information because of this country owner thank ... everybody that's been in the military that is supporting us I'd the silent coup everybody that's behind the scenes that's not coming up front right now but you are in the background in your planning I wanna thank you I really do want to thank all the government leakers the good people out there and the F. B. I want to thank you the good FBI people that ... stood up to my jeans call me when you use saw that he was not making the right decision for whatever reason because he had an imp packable reputation up to that point so I'm not sure what what's going on or what happened who got tune I can only surmise a few things you know ... the Clinton the Clintons are there a cartel their crime cartel and they have been for a very long time and they need to be brought down no I think just all the leakers only think ... gonna think goose for for all..." + 40%
"2016-11-04 22:17:54"
"BREAKING : Intentional Election..."
"good luck Sir I have a story here by readers that's ... just those several hours old and want to get it out to you and discuss a couple things US authorities warn of al queda threat to election federal officials have warned authorities in New York City Texas and Virginia about it unspecific threat of attacks by al Qaeda militants around election day putting local law enforcement on alert days before the vote official said on Friday a US government source in Washington said some federal agencies sent bulletins to local and state officials flagging the information but the threats threat was relatively low level the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey which operates airports tunnels and bridges around New York City continues high levels of patrol it has put in place since ... spokesman Steve Coleman said Coleman declined to offer details on the warning New York City police department said threat a port lacked specific Pacific and was still being assessed we are aware of the information the department said in a statement adding that it was working with the intelligence agencies and the joint terrorism tax for a task force although some of the ... attention of U. S. authorities has shifted to as Islamic state inspired attacks the al Qaeda network has shown resilience more than fifteen years after was responsible for the September eleventh attacks on New York and Pentagon I can go on to store anymore we know that the you know so basically I'll leave that link and then and all I go over here and this was an official statement by ... governor Abbott of Texas governor abbot ... governor Greg Abbott today issued a statement following reports of a potential threat in Texas my office is working with the law enforcement officials and we are continuing to monitor the situation a close coordination with Texas department of public safety Texans should go about their daily lives as usual but remain vigilant over the next several days and report any suspicious acti..." + 56%
"2016-11-04 15:48:01"
"BREAKING !!! Breitbart Is Now Re..."
"this looks real quick ... one give you guys an update you know we've been reporting this for four days now but it's coming up bright bar has a is reporting it it's coming out in mainstream and the their headline is report Hillary went to sex Eileen with convicted peta file at least six times folks the hammer following it's really happening ... here I I'm not to read the whole article but in a nutshell this sums it up the amount of garbage that they found in these emails of criminal activity by Hillary by her immediate circle and even by other democratic members of Congress was so disgusting they gave it to the FBI and they said we're going to go public if if with this if you don't reopen the investigation and you don't do the right thing with timely indictments so folks at the hammer is going down I also heard that the James Coney is gathering up everybody ... and they're going to be doing raids very shortly I would say within the next day or two so folks maybe yeah you know god's working right now folks maybe ... where there is a light at the end of the tunnel and there's going to be some kind of indication here for all of the evil and all of the hurt that these people have done to little children I can't even tell you what I feel my heart right now about that anyway folks are okay but I keep on top of this and all reporters are here but I'll leave the link to this article god bless you take care" + 1%
"2016-11-08 03:16:50"
"VL Jim And Angie First LIVE Stre..."
"starting receiving and if there is any sound here we have turned you guys we would we should see it now okay okay forget I I'm this is V. L. as he wants me now and has the governor of early people get non Haiti has gone everybody yeah this guy had go ahead sorry on this are obviously our first live stream we've got a bunch of us" + 1%
"2016-11-06 21:09:04"
"this breaking news folks ... I had this information or allow a little while back but I didn't I was told not to say anything about it just ... wanted to wait for confirmation but this is a Jacen Chavis show us the tweeted FBI director Johnson foremost based on our review we have not changed our conclusions that we express in July with respect to secretary Clinton so even though we know that there are ... emails out there with all this pen file crap out there they said that they just reviewed six hundred and fifty thousand six hundred and fifty thousand emails they reviewed ... it that and they found nothing how did how did you review okay how did you review six hundred and fifty thousand emails in three days when it took you a year a year maybe a year and a half to review how many like a tenth of that worth fifty that whatever I don't know my numbers right now I'm so upset the fact of the matter is they're all in on it folks it's all rigged they are all you need Jason Javits you're in on it buddy you're all in on it in they're not gonna do anything and I had a feeling that gene's call me was going to do anything about this okay and now I don't know what we're gonna do our I'm upset right now because children are going to continue to be molested in this country I we've got to do something about this okay I'm really upset out I just wanted to get this out use breaking news folks yes you can you can hear the upset me and my voice right now ... on I'm really upset about the children mostly okay but ... with everything that is come out in week you leaks and what we know what we know in our hearts folks let's see what happens Tuesday but I can just tell you one thing that this just cannot go on checked we've got god on our side and I don't care you loose a variant satanic worshippers if you think that you're stronger more powerful than god then you're sadly mistaken god bless you all and I'll I'll keep you informed but what's going on here is I hear more" + 10%
"2016-11-06 17:11:23"
"URGENT : Obama Signs EXECUTIVE O..."
"good morning folks afternoon evening where you are ... as the world is immersed in the week elite dumps president Obama on the fourth just two days ago signed an executive order advancing the global health security agenda to achieve a world safe and secure from infectious disease threats by the authority vested in me as president by the constitution and the laws of the United States of America it is hereby ordered as follows section one policy as articulated in the national strategy for countering biological threats and implementing in presidential policy directive to PP D. dash to promoting global health security is a core tenet of our national strategy for countering biological threats no single nation can be prepared if other nations remain unprepared to counter biological threats there for it is the policy of the United States to advance the global health security agenda which is a multi faceted multi country initiative intended to accelerate partner countries measurable capabilities to achieve specific targets to rent detect and respond to infectious disease threats whether naturally occurring deliberate or accidental I'll leave the link to this folks but this is just unbelievable this guy's not going to be in office or so we think anyway or hope for very much longer but here's another ... executive order he signing ... he signed one not too long ago a couple weeks ago I think it was about ... it EMP attacks and now we're talking about ... infectious diseases ... attack and this is scary folks I mean what are they planning what nefarious acts are these satanic Luciferian Ted people sickening people what are they planning I mean the bomb is about to drop I know we've all been waiting with bated breath for the FBI to come out with some news or ... wikileaks to come out with the NYPD I think just things are getting crickets soul insane right now the fact that ... both Brett bear and ... Sean Hannity both reported truths on fox and then had to ..." + 41%
"2016-11-06 02:27:18"
"BREAKING - Secret Service Rushes..."
"I folks is ... reported by CBS news Donald Trump brushed off stage a campaign rally in Reno ... not even going to read the whole story but you probably heard about it and just to give you a quick if you haven't Donald Trump had to be rushed off the stage ... Reno there was some kind of threat secret service apprehended somebody took that person now Donald Trump came back and finished his speech ... there was fights going on in the crowd afterwards and it kinda sounds like what I was reporting about the summer chaos Soros funded ... disturbance in fighting things like that and the reason why this is happening folks you know my opinion is that there a clean campaign is in desperation mode right now you know you're getting so so big crowds for trump so much momentum for trump there is no energy for Clinton right now and that means that the elite the globalists have lost their power when it comes to that yes you didn't mind the next thing you know about to say though folks is before you get too happy into coffin it now because I think all trump is going to be elected and that's good news but before you get too confident this is what I want you to understand what might happen because the globalist they have positioned themselves in a financial way that they can crash the economy okay so would I think that might happen or will happen is that the they will federal reserve will crash the economy if Donald Trump becomes president they will they will blame it on trump but the fact of the matter is that this is been going on for a while they've been propping the economy up for quite awhile right now ... and so as not to blame this on Obama but we are twenty trillion dollars in debt trump didn't have anything to do with that twenty trillion dollars he isn't inheriting quite a low and the fact is that if the federal reserve reasons rate even a quarter percent you're gonna see a thousand dollar drop fifteen hundred dollar drop in the Dow overnight if they did a one..." + 49%
"2016-11-09 14:54:05"
"they folks there it is ... as you woke up this morning you probably fell asleep last night no we hours of the morning finally announced Donald Trump president elect Donald Trump has taken the victory wow what a night what an incredible feat look at that map took Pennsylvania to go higher so Florida and that's exactly what we needed folks just an incredible victory ... and of course I'm gonna say that the Hillary Clinton showed that show showed her true colors of how what kind of person she really is okay I'm not gonna transfer too much today but the she would not even come out she sent pin desta to go out and to tell her people her supporters to go home to get some sleep and wait till the rest of the but that's new is all over and they couldn't even concede then they should I just said we fought a good fight it's over and she didn't even come out so that's the kind of president she would have been she selfish and she didn't win and she could not even be out there for those people that were sweating in campaigning for her for a year and a half just ridiculous so she she suppose to make some kind of announcement that the ten thirty about forty five minutes I guess eastern time and that will have to see what she says but the the fight goes on and when I say that is we see I'm I'm gonna continue with the truth in the corruption we're gonna expose it see what happens with comi ... but word we're gonna continue to fight the elite pervs we're gonna go after the ... the molesters the child molesters that I'm just it's sickening but the anyway congratulations to all the ... trunks of will supporters and thank you so much everybody my wife and I had a great time ... for those that ... joins us on our live feed ma'am we were times it was like it was a long night I fell asleep with the my laptop on my chest ... in only got like three hours of sleep last night so I'm tired but the we've got more reporting ... videos coming out later today this evening and wi..." + 25%
"2016-11-08 22:56:34"
"I have looks got an empty map here this is in our urgent message urgent ... I'm hearing from the Sean Hannity show that Florida is really close and ... they're urging people in the panhandle area X. specially to get out and vote it's not to leak late but ... don't take anything for granted folks get out and vote please is very important so Florida is very important right now North Carolina get out there and vote Pennsylvania very important Ohio extremely important ... Michigan I mean states that were in play for a long time for Republicans are in play and we have a narrow path we have a narrow path took for victory here ... with the electoral ... cow but we can do it absolutely we will do it but we got to get out and vote folks okay so I've got more reporting to do was gonna do a another story about this part of All stuff up I don't think I'll have it ready tonight I think we're gonna go live at some point when they start ... getting some of the results so we can start ... talking about things and you know we'll do what we did last night and you know message and will answer questions or you know what we'll just actually you don't have to answer questions you we could just say what's on your mind will say what's on our mind will just chit chat back and forth ... that might be about near between seven and eight o'clock we start getting some results in but urgent message folks if you live in Florida or if you have friends in Florida you know send a message I'm gonna tweak this out right now send a message it you gotta get out there especially that they're saying that the panhandle area alright folks will be back soon take care god bless and let's go trump" + 1%
"2016-11-12 19:40:02"
"well it's what you're about to see is very heartbreaking and ... disturbing they need to find this mother if they already haven't and she does not be ... if she shouldn't be the mother of this child I believe what the is happening here in this video is very disturbing and child abuse ... check it out folks it's really sad and I I pray for this little child getting treated like this from his mother since you bought it but I'm not sure you get to see it and get out arm the suitcases packed madam though yes been paid since this morning by so from when the people see Arafat they know why this thing and I think he go now yeah one both for him I'm so come on he's just that kind the bomb okay it will get to see who can get now is Nnamdi yeah did just bouquet you go by Donald Trump lover yeah that's Kumar you should have thought about that I this this way you won't be here from now on why did you vote for him at school why did you vote for him it's gone bad watchable for him at school because you see him on TV a lot barber in ways that yeah do you see a multi week well I hope you found another TV the CMO could this is gonna be in the long you can come back here bar no voevoda put on the truth no by my the US you can go be with the dominant lover since you both were down to where you get to sit and get out on the suitcases packed madam though yeah I've been paid since this morning by from when the people see ask that they know why this thing and I think he go now yeah one both of whom I'm so come on he is a smoker we are okay it wound gets a suitcase and get out Nnamdi yeah it's just bouquet by Donald Trump lover do you have school tomorrow you should have thought about that I this this way you won't be here from now on why did you vote for him at school why did you vote for him it's gone bad what you will see him at school could you see him on TV a lot barber in ways that yeah you see a multi week well I hope you found another TV the CMO could this is gonna be in t..." + 15%
"2016-11-12 18:48:58"
"BREAKING - Obama Signs Another "..."
"if folks ... think you'll find this very interesting thing you need to hear this on November fourth of this year Obama signed pretty much secretly another executive order advancing the global health security agenda to achieve a world safe and secure from infectious disease threats of sounds warm and fuzzy right thank you I'm not gonna read this whole executive order I'll leave the link up here but the important part is to find out what is the global health security agenda because anytime I put government and agendas together it's not a good thing for the people here at global health security agenda dot org you'll find what it's about the global health security agenda was launched in February twenty fourteen to advance a world safe and secure from infectious disease threats to bring together nations from all over the world to make new concrete commitments and elevate global health security as a national leadership level priority the G. seven endorse the G. H. S. day in June twenty fourteen and Finland and Indonesia hosted commitment development meetings spur action in may and August so I wouldn't start clicking on things and I came up to action packages action packages in order to facilitate progress toward the Carmen G. H. S. A. goals in Akron action package concept was developed to provide focus in structured to priority technical areas so W. a little further folks and I came in to prove prevent for immunization musician action packages five your target a functioning national vaccine delivery system with nation wide reach fact of distributions access for marginalization or marginalized populations adequate cold chain and ongoing quality control that is able to respond to new disease threats as measured by at least ninety percent coverage of the country's fifteen month old population with at least one goals one dose of measles containing vaccine as demonstrated by coverage surveys or administrative data ninety percent of fifteen months old population goes on to..." + 67%
"2016-11-12 17:21:30"
"even when there is no reason to lie a psychopath a sociopath will lie even when they don't need to there is no need I think you've all heard this story about the woman that was ... hiking with her daughter I believe her little baby and just happened to run one into ... bill and Hillary Clinton also taking a hike here's this nice picture now leave the link to the fake New York mag dot com story ... but apparently she was walking through the woods and ... she ran into Hillary and bill and met them supposedly for the first time and she was very relieved to see that Hillary was smiling is very young and happy in good spirits and it made this market feel better because she's been so depressed but lo and behold reddit people and the sleuths out there on the internet you can't you're not gonna get away with stuff anymore folks it's your total transparency we find out that here's Margaret Gerster right here okay this is her and what we see here you see a picture of Margaret and Hillary with her campaign pan on over here Margaret actually was working for Hillary the campaign so they knew each other already so why folks are relying what is the purpose a liar will always lie and I I do I just don't even get it and then ... about an hour ago Margaret decided to put her Facebook com private so you can't see the pictures you won't see this picture but originally it was on our Facebook but I still found it not send you the link here it's still up folks anyway exposed again god bless you folks take care unbelievable" + 1%
"2016-11-10 16:49:59"
"VL Montage SHOCKED & CRYING Hill..."
"mmhm N. I ... I ... I'm I ... then the ... who new I ... the ... the ... Lou I ... then I'm I ... mmhm I'm the US I'm" + 1%
"2016-11-15 13:02:25"
"BREAKING - Soros Holds 3 Day Clo..."
"if there's any question whether George Soros owns the Democratic Party DNC should the rest sure that he is this is being reported by politico Soros bands with donors to resist trong take back power major liberal funders huddled behind closed doors with pelo see Warren Elizabeth Warren Ellison and union bosses to lick wounds in retrench let's rewind your have occurred a little bit disguise a global as he is the major establishment he's everything that you rail against George Soros and other liberal rich liberals spend tens of millions of dollars trying to elect Hillary Clinton are gathering in Washington for a three day closed door meeting to retool the big money left fight back against Donald Trump the conference which kicked off Sunday night at Washington's pricey Mandarin oriental hotel is sponsored by the influential democracy alliance donor club and will include appearances by leaders of most leading unions and liberal groups as well as darlings of the left such as house democratic leader Nancy Pelosi senator Elizabeth Warren and congressional progressive caucus co chairman Keith Ellison according to an agenda and other documents obtained obtained by politico the meeting is the first major gathering of the institutional left since trump shocking victory over Hillary Clinton in last week's Persian presidential election nifty agenda is any indication the liberals plan full on trench warfare against trump from day one some sessions deal with gearing up for twenty seventeen twenty eighteen elections while others focus on thwarting president elect trumps one hundred day plan agenda calls terrifying assaults Fred is any Obama's achievements our progressive vision for it equitable and just nation now leave the rest of the article are in the link I mean at the link in this description but the this guy is an enemy of the state folks and now we know that for sure as we did know because of Weeki leaks that the DNC and the D. N. C. is in bed with this and the yeah we're ..." + 52%
"2016-11-13 22:13:30"
"BREAKING - Mary Matalin CRUSHES ..."
"if folks are gonna play this heated exchange between Mary Matalin and van Jones and then I have some comments after this orthodoxies of our times what failed us in Iraq can been discredited Calacanis moment where people is fan has to my mind retracting your white flash with what you just said no that we opted not to focus totally on the talks you are yeah crescent all I agree show that the yeah which is Ellison's message you say is to go back to the rust belt an absolute rednecks you know I can get that with climate change and Goten and also won South Carolina who run hotels to understand their self interest they will be overrun by weavers and water if they don't deal there isnt deal with climate could never just let out a ten meter be hellish awhile ago but when I said I I stand by it I said about that race was a part if there was a part that all right part of the part of the white glass and then use the whole quote we would agree with what I said soul so I don't take that back I did listed in here what I tell the kids what I would tell you know I'm a black man in America who went to Yale who've written books who served in the us I don't I think my generation American ma'am I'm the first one might be we won't know my rights I'm a nice generation American we have not escaped because I went to Yale that's me to my face I more total but what else can I spend more time than you have to reconcile in this country who really knew how you know we will do I the populist Rubel tonight both and trump one of them was more pulled through with this all right stuff if someone like my self is married to a white woman spent my entire life building bridges can't point now all right right last reaction without being accused of being a racial polemicist we'll have a big problem and I think I'm gonna right here I go out toward your horrific brutal campaign his focus sanity to power and what it does to a lie apology you don't know anything about me well I and I would say there are wa..." + 53%
"2016-11-13 18:41:51"
"OUTRAGE !!! Trending On Twitter ..."
"well folks I got a tip from Kathy thank you Kathy on you tube channel ... that's on Twitter Twitter trending right now is rape mulanya long user Sir trumps wife as you know so I looked it up and I have this article and there's a lot articles on it from ... earlier today and yet late yesterday I like gateway pundit so I chose them Hillary supporter holds rape Malanda sign at DC protest in front of trump hotel photos taken in anti trump protest in Washington DC Saturday night shows a man holding high above the crowd a sign that read in large black letters on white background rate Mulayam line is the wife of president elect Donald Trump protest was held in front of the new trump hotel that has opened on ... Pennsylvania Avenue at the site of the old ... post office building and I'm not gonna read the whole thing I'll leave the link very despicable folks yeah yesterday I was watching ... all these ... little Mexican kids ... in the streets and they had a pinata of Mr trump and they're just beating him with a bat I also we've seen ... a doll but it you know a full sized called Mr trump and he's hanging and I say to myself folks this is the element that we don't need in our country this is the swamp that it will be drained we have no tolerance for this kind of thing and I am asking right now for law enforcement to start doing what they need to do and that is to eradicate this ... I don't care if you're in Oregon California this needs this is hate these are hate crimes ... rate mulanya I'm asking you what do you think if it would be in reverse what do you think it would be how it would go down with the mainstream media which is basically been reticent of saying anything that's going on here against trump and it's just ridiculous and it's hate these are all the things that you're saying trump is you are you are hypocrites you all are just a accusing him of the very thing that you are and we're not gonna take it anymore so no white the streets out of t..." + 43%
"2016-11-13 18:00:37"
"#Trump Supporters - This Will Ma..."
"today I was compelled to sit down and write this letter not to anyone in particular maybe even just for myself but as a black female executive at the trump organization I can no longer remain silent about the repeated and reprehensible at times July my boss in this family with racist hate monger groups campaigns and that's as a daughter and a man born in Birmingham Alabama who is against all odds to become one of the most established and respected doctors at Yale University there is no amount of money in the world they can buy my loyalty to family that subscribe to such intolerant and bigoted ideologies the trump family that I know is without question one of the most generous compassionate and philanthropic families I've ever had the privilege of knowing and the honor to call friends they have been incredibly loyal to me into the countless dedicated people they employ around the world hiring more minority and female executives than any other company for which I've ever worked to be completely schism with my bosses call for a temporary moratorium on a fly on immigration and that radical Islamic terrorists continue to exploit the construction of an impassable wall to orders from drugs not only incendiary only a response announcer stumbled and very joining groups maps what common sense American wants another terrorist Hamline pasta and of we do spend your own political agenda or social media a personal affront to the extent she were stacked rest assured I am a highly intelligent and my opinions and decisions are based solely in fact elation then they voice mail then there is no higher perimeter so one can many Americans I have struggled with substance family has stood by me and so tuition they continue to trust me with every I live and the lives of their family they invite me into their homes welcoming if how many seconds their charitable and they've charged me twenty where the the more fun this only all just rhetoric he but then a letter I thought so who decides it..." + 36%
"2016-11-18 12:47:55"
"BREAKING - San Antonio School Pe..."
"many folks here's a story it's really gonna take you off mock assassination of trunks thirds controversy at San Antonio school skip betraying the assassination of president elect Donald Trump by two tenth grader students at Marshall high school provoked anger and dismay from the parents of the student who watch it unfold last week Harold and Melinda bean said that in the skit entitled the assassination of Donald Trump one of the boys made a gunfire sound effect with his cell phone as the other boy betraying trump fell to the ground in mock death appropriate action was taken to reprimand reprimand both boys and their teacher said north I. S. D. spokesman Barry Peres the parents however believe more should have been done including suspending students honestly I have run out of words to describe how angry I am and how shocked I am that they're still in school today Melinda being said younger children using their hands to simulate guns on the playground had been suspended he said and this was far worse teacher apologized Monday hurl being said but it wasn't enough I don't understand how the teacher can repeat in apology and be right back there at work on Monday morning he said though we understand she's apologetic it doesn't make the situation right Peret said campus officials investigated the incident and found that the teacher didn't condone it and us and stop the skit but Harold being questioned why she allowed it to start once she heard the title pardon my language but I think it's a bunch of B. S. if they're going to tell you kids ... were stopped well if they're gonna tell you the kids were stopped haired Harold dean said looks is just completely unacceptable ... you know up all this rhetoric about the trunk and how he and you know how he's a heater and the house divided our country my god where have we got to where have we gotten to in this country it's so so so much hypocrisy here and she's and she's right there right you know kids on the playground have ..." + 40%
"2016-11-18 00:01:40"
"URGENT "End Time Prohpecy" - T..."
"so folks ice on a decide I'm gonna start doing a series once a week on end time prophecy and where were at as far as the end times because I feel like that we are in the end times nobody knows exactly when it is but all the signs are there and I want to start out by saying there's no we're gonna run through a couple out ... articles they came upon so this is the new international version ... second Timothy starting with three verse three actually verse long but mark this there will be terrible times the last day people will be lovers of themselves lovers of money boastful proud abusive disobedient to their parents ungrateful unholy without love unforgiving slanderous without self control brutal not lovers of the good treacherous rash seed lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of god having a form of godliness denying its power having nothing to do with have nothing to do with such people they are the client who warm their ways into homes and gain control over global women who are loaded down with scenes and are swayed by all kinds of evil desires always learning but never able to calm to our knowledge of the truth if that isn't today I don't know what is I don't know what is folks but let's go let's go to our this article here moon wanna talk about end times also ... in and times prophecy is the rebuilding of the third temple and that's what we're gonna concentrate a little bit on today no I read a couple of paragraphs from this article and I leave all the links in the ... description article by doctor David Reagan were reading the body of the Bible clearly teaches that a new temple I called the third temple will be built in the future the first temple was the lawn Solomon built in which was destroyed in five eighty six sep second temple five sixteen B. C. two seventy eight the built after the Jews returned from the Babylonian captivity platform on which it sat was greatly expanded and beautify by king Herod and was the temple itself but since the sacrifi..." + 62%
"2016-11-19 19:26:49"
"UPDATE - The Monica Petersen MYS..."
"if folks my wife just put up an excellent article about Mina Monica Peterson case and ... there's a lot of links in it I'm not gonna read it I'll just leave the link in the description because there's a lot there and I urge you to go there and read it yourself because you can click on stuff and you'll go to read it and you go to this site I mean there's just a lot of information in there that were starting to piece together and what you know like I said yesterday this is a very fluid story we're gathering information the internet is an excellent place obviously ready is an excellent place but I'm going to preface all of that by saying I'm a little disturbed by this story and I'll tell you why I can't find this story about Monica Peterson even dying being killed or or committing suicide anywhere I just hear hearsay I saw the red it thing I saw people ... claiming that they went on to her Facebook or her fan friends Facebook I can't find her Facebook I can't find a friend's Facebook of so as as of right now and why isn't any of the mainstream media it even reporting that she died I can't find it anywhere no mainstream media outlet that I can find okay I've done close quote searches on her name and limited it to the last twenty four hours then I went to last week and I can't find any mainstream media reporting it I can't find her a bitch wary this is troubling to me friends and so you know up before I'm gonna go ahead and get everybody upset and start you know accusing anybody of this word word this hideous thing that happened it but that is supposedly happened I I need to get some kind of help can somebody help me we search this in semi a link if you can find anything I'm I'm at my wit's end trying to find further information as far as confirmation that year she committed suicide obviously if she did die in it well and she was in eighteen this is actually the truth she is deceased now I don't believe I don't believe in a suicide story at all as some as a lot of..." + 28%
"2016-11-19 02:53:51"
"EPIC - Meet Jeff Sessions - Atto..."
"so looks meet Jeff sessions our new Attorney General there's any question on whether this person is a true patriot in a true lover of the constitution the United States then listen to what you're about to hear because this was an awesome pick and I love this guy and you will too god bless folks enjoy general dancer you you are and one of your criteria for determining of what we might do militarily you say you have to ask the question of whether a reaction is worth the cost and is consistent with law what law doesn't United States military look to yeah if I could since ... like to address both because they are religious so cost resources ... risk incurred elsewhere by the use of force one other place so you know it's a zero sum game were taken for someplace else reuse and for how long and and ... that's that's the kind of issue of cost is it and of course in blood and treasure ... the issue of legal basis is it's important that ... you know we again we act with the author as use of military force either at the consent of a government Joan were invited and or ... out of national self defense which and that's a very bad there's a very clear criteria for that and then the last one is with some kind of international legal basis announcer where men are let's talk about an international legal basis ... you answer under the constitution to nine states government do you not and you don't need any international support before you would ... ... carry out a military operation authorized by the commander of push that that's nice that's that's the second time in a mono that because there's a lot of references in here do I international matters before we make a decision and I want to be sure the United States military understands and I know you do that ... it if it were not dependent on a NATO resolution are UN resolution to execute policy is consistent with the national security of the United States Senate as secretary Panetta you and your top in your remar..." + 78%
"2016-11-19 00:03:55"
"Update - Monica Petersen Investi..."
"alright folks I want to do a ... follow up on the of Monica Peterson case and her murder slash suicide apparently it's been reported that she committed suicide left a note however I can't find any mainstream media reporting on this story whatsoever not her death not a suicide nothing not her name nothing seriously what is going on I need to go back and find out who originally reported that she died but ... nobody's spelling that nobody is debunk that we see these are we see posts on Facebook from family members and friends confirming that she that they were told that she's is dead but they're saying that they be nobody's telling them what from so now there's leaks coming out saying that she committed suicide and left a note and when people ... that have to do are dealing with the the Clintons were people are investigating the Clintons and they commit suicide that tells me one thing right that wasn't suicide anyway I thought it was really interesting you will never find me you will never find me using Snopes as a credible factual site but I did go to Snopes because why did I go to Snopes because this is what's known as does all the time daily when the report comes out that's credible they try to squash it right away well they're scared about this story folks and they were they were scared about the peta file stories as well and all the sudden we need to go Google search on this Snopes is the first hit they're the first ones that come up this is by design folks anyway they're talking about the source notes is it heat ma hate mongers the death of Monica Peterson in ... assistant director of the human trafficking center smart count conspiracy theories involved with the Clinton foundation look at this folks are not proven you rarely see Snopes do a story like this and say I'm proving there's some there's there's some teeth in this story folks most of the time they just out right lie and say false when you know damn well it's true at this time they're saying un..." + 45%
"2016-11-18 17:15:57"
"well folks this is a real fluid story you know we'll get right into it ... found this on ready now leave the Lincoln inscription but it seems the that the this woman Monica Peterson is found dead three or four days ago on the families in the dark of what happens or it said that she was investigating ... the Clintons in Haiti for sex trafficking we get on with this ... Monica Peterson was in Haiti working for the human trafficking center and also previously worked for the Colorado human trafficking councils data and research task force she died a few days ago under suspicious circumstances her friends on Facebook are looking for answers several close friends have made mention on various Facebook posts that friends and family have no clear understanding of what happened to Monica except that she died on Sunday earlier this year a Facebook friend of Monica re shared a post by Monica when Monica linked to a blog post critical of Hillary Clinton's dealings in Haiti she was on to something very likely between now and then she found out about pizza gate in Italy is a link here ... this gentleman says search Facebook for Monica Peterson Haiti this is a compiling tion of screen shots where I edited out the people's names but they can still be found of via Facebook search ... she comments family and friends are not getting the details on August twenty fifteen Monica posted on Facebook oppose asking for info on sex trafficking in Haiti because she was heading there to help investigate also shown in the screenshot and folks you there's a lot of links here I urge you to go to this site if you can ... while it's still up I've been having a difficult these are intermittent Devlin difficulties getting onto the site so he has an update good friend Monica picked up this thread posted on her Facebook search Monica Peterson he ... heating you'll see name is Bella looks at look at the comments Bella found out what happened and saw it fit to share this reddit thread it s..." + 50%
"2016-11-24 02:07:05"
"BREAKING - Mainstream Media ALWA..."
"but folks I'm only doing this after the election because I didn't wanna hurt Mr trump's chances of being president because I felt that I wanted him to defeat Hillary Clinton because I knew what Hillary was all about and the Clintons were all about and I wasn't exactly sure about Mr trump you know I am from the us east coast originally so I mean I know a lot about ... Donald Trump more than most people because I'm from New York and in the Jersey area with that said a lot of people on my channel have been bringing up a good point and I'm going to bring bring it up right now to and if you rail against me that's fine but this right here the mainstream media seems to like to post pictures of Mr trump with this Illuminati hand signals and that's what this is folks this is an Illuminati hand signal it represents six six six and he's got doubles here if you go back and you look at and if you want me to do it I will put all the pictures together of CNN and fox news ... via headline pictures of Mr trump you see this a lot okay what does that mean means all of these people here it is a well known Illuminati one I hand signal the one I the all aluminum awning I the Luciferian six six six Hanson okay I've got my you know and and folks if I lose subscribers because of this that you know that's fine I didn't do this I really did not report this prior to Mr trump being elected because I wanted him to be elected because I knew how evil Hillary Clinton was and I'm not saying that Donald Trump is evil and I'm not even saying that he knows what he's doing but what I'm saying is I'm going to keep an eye on this okay if you all don't know what this means to represent you need to do some research on this really we cannot be borrowings what is going on in our world in the spiritual battle that is going on in our world happy thanksgiving everybody you know we love you all and ... I just had to bring that up bring this up as I was seen as kids I you know I saw you know I saw this fo..." + 21%
"2016-11-22 23:33:49"
"BREAKING - Fukishima Earthquake ..."
"those votes so it was great scene there were talking to everybody on our live feed but I want to get back to this ... earthquake thing you guys know I did a video on Edward Snowden Thuy from November nineteenth just three days ago when he said in earthquake is buried in this story about the NSA director secretly meeting trump and I didn't even report on what they're talking about that once again I'll leave the link to that but I found it very interesting that he used an earthquake is very and I thought it to be maybe a song world warning sure enough folks we've had two or three major earthquakes since then and this one right here is very interesting folks these six point nine earthquake but other people reporting it as a seven point four earthquake the Fukushima which you guys know hat has the nuclear plant here I am told by insiders that plant number three is damaged and this could be is bad is two thousand eleven so I just put it out there folks ... lan people railed on me and said I was over reacting to that ... add to that Edward Snowden tweet about earthquake an earthquake but I thought it was very odd that he use that terminology and I'm going to keep a close eye on earthquakes once again Dutch since and I will leave his ... he is a YouTube channel link in the description because he is the best that I know about Ripper reporting about earthquakes but folks it's something to be looking at and keep your our eyes and ears peeled on this take care folks once again ever a wonderful thanksgiving with your family god bless you" + 1%
"2016-11-19 23:01:16"
"BREAKING - Did A Recent Edward S..."
"real quick folks ... friend Stacy on Twitter ... referred me Gimme adds up on Eric Snowden tweet two hours ago it's not the actual content of the tweet that he ... has on here is the actual tweed itself the wording that he used now get onto it in earthquake is buried in this story about an essay director secretly meeting trump at NSA gov still can't keep the secrets and I'll put the links to all of this stuff folks but US Stacey and then I think so too found it very interesting that the word earthquake was used is that is that a four warnings that is is something saying something to us so then I started going in to up because I get at a month ago it was about six weeks ago there was a lot of chatter about major earthquake hitting California even the experts were saying that it might happen but it never did happen I stay but I still feel something I just feel in my bones something is going to happen with an earthquake soon now I don't know the exact date but so anyway I start doing more research on this because I thought that was weird they use the word earthquake and does there is long over earthquake news in it in the news lately so town files lawsuit after largest earthquake in Oklahoma history residents sue wastewater injection well companies after damaging five point eight a magnitude quake so there is a five point eight magnitude quake in Oklahoma a state where you would never think that you know you don't think earthquakes in California Oklahoma but I believe if you look at the map of earthquakes Oklahoma is just having a slew earthquakes this year and and I I believe last year maybe even more than California did it and a five point eight quake man made quick from fracking so then we go here in and some people say well maybe you know I don't believe that fracking causes earthquakes well we have the Canadian study that reveals a direct only to fracking in earthquakes so and I'm not going to read this story either but we have a Stangel evidence that fra..." + 48%
"2016-11-26 16:20:39"
"BREAKING ! STRONG Earthquakes Co..."
"hello folks were back in I hope everybody had a great thanksgiving okay so a recap last week we ... noted that Edward Snowden had a very odd tweet out there said an earthquake is buried in this story about an essay director secretly meeting trump at an essay gov still can't keep secrets I thought it was odd that he used the word earthquake and I thought perhaps it had duality meanings to it so I started looking at it last week and sure enough we are starting to get strong earthquakes in different parts of the world so we're keeping us abreast of the situation and in doing so you'd like to ... update everyone on the latest earthquakes that are going on around the world the latest ... big one that we have here is a strong earthquake in remote far western China kills one the China yesterday had a six point five magnitude earthquake now leave the links all of these I'm just making this a brief video yeah just recapping everybody on the latest earthquakes going around here's one in Las Dale Utah just yesterday a three point two earthquake near the Las Dale I here's one that just happen a couple hours ago an earthquake in Oklahoma in Medford Oklahoma I had a four point three magnitude earthquake now go home is a pretty interesting because we're seeing more earthquakes in Oklahoma then in California right now that's from fracking most people most experts are saying that's from fracking and these fracking earthquakes are getting ... larger and larger in magnitude ... as as as time goes on I mean I believe we had a five point two which was the largest fracking ... earthquake recorded so this to me is a dangerous situation folks here we have another one that happened in New Zealand is a five point one magnitude in New Zealand and as you're about to see New Zealand has been inundated with earthquakes in the last two weeks and significant earthquakes folks so to recap the significant ERT significant earthquakes in the past thirty days I won't go through all of th..." + 45%
"2016-11-24 22:44:42"
"BREAKING 7.0 Magnitude Earthquak..."
"every thanksgiving everybody him if your birds in the background that's because I'm outside in the woods right now need to get this a video out the story out and maybe you'll recall how about four days ago on November nineteenth I've brought to attention that Edward Snowden no I came out with a ... in awed tweet using the word earthquake in it an earthquake is buried in this story about an essay director secretly meeting trump at Annecy gods still can't keep secrets no I just thought it was weird that I use the word earthquake and I started thinking about duality in sometimes these messages have dual meanings and perhaps we are being warned of impending earthquakes and lone behold ... today again today again just hours ago we have El Salvador in NYC work Nicaragua earthquake tsunami warning after a seven point oh magnitude quake strikes in the Pacific Ocean so seven point zero magnitude earthquake has shaken El Salvador and Nicaragua just an hour after a powerful hurricane hit Nicaragua ... eastern coast Salvadoran authorities issued a tsunami warning as a precaution after the tremor which struck about seventy five miles off the coast of El Salvador at a depth of twenty miles beneath the Pacific Ocean according to the U. S. Geological Survey quake was measured a magnitude of seven point two but wasn't downgraded hazardous waves measuring up to three meters six feet are possible to hit the coastal areas within three hundred kalam any alkaline mentors of the quake's epicenter shaking was also felt in Nicaragua capital of Managua as and as far as the ... Costa Rican capital San Jose Nicaragua's president Daniel Ortega declared a state of emergency immediately after the quake country was already on alert for a hurricane which struck earlier the same day there were no immediate reports of damage or casualties according the country's civil defense agency just one hour before the earthquake a powerful hurricane auto packing winds of a hundred ten miles per hour ..." + 52%
"2016-11-29 00:00:07"
"JOIN US - #PizzaGate BIGGER Than..."
"if folks it's a real quick video to say that ... we're gonna schedule a ... live feed tomorrow my wife and I I think we're gonna try to nail it out at about seven o'clock so that's just an FYI no one to talk a little bit about the ... video I did earlier about pizza gate and how I feel about it well obviously I'm pretty disgusted about it but there's a couple of thoughts that I have number one is that when Peter gave first came out and all the protest emails came out and read it started piecing things together and we all started piecing two things together as a team I started becoming kind of like this I I believe it but at what level is this thing I mean at what level how widespread is this and now I am terrified to report to you folks that this is much bigger than I had ever imagined it was it goes at the highest levels government military police I mean there are so many people involved in this it's not even funny and it's sick folks that there's actually a there's actually that many people that are willing to do things two little kids that you and I could never even comprehend and they discussed in me right now has no bounds and I want this whole thing if anybody knows about this stuff and has information about it and it is and and you know is suppressing that then you're just as guilty this is horrible folks I can think of no more despicable thing talk about then the adoption of children I don't want to talk about it I I really don't you know you guys know what this is all about and I can't it just really breaks my heart and it needs to be exposed the fact of the matter is I find certain things suspect suspect CNN and the Russell left wing media and to be quite Frank with you all of mainstream media is just sweeping this under the rug and that makes me feel that they're included the very highest level mainstream media government like I said and not only are they sweeping it under the carpet but now they are starting to silence people like me so many oth..." + 62%
"2016-11-28 19:57:06"
"BREAKING - Breitbart Founder An..."
"well folks much to the dismay of Mister John Podesta to gate story is not going away by a long shot the ready investigators they will not let this go they will not let it die there is teeth to this story folks is not fake news proof of that is that frantically Andrew Breitbart founder bright part two died ... a year after this tweet two thousand eleven it reads pro of how pro guru John Podesta isn't household name as world class under age sex slave op cover upper offending unspeakable dregs excuse me so folks Andrew Breitbart knew this in two thousand eleven some some people say that his death was kind of mysterious others say that indeed he did have a health condition ... I think it's coincidence but I'm not gonna go into conspiracy about Mr bright parks death whether it be natural or some other way but Mister Breitbart did know what was going on he did know about pizza gate all the way back in two thousand eleven and to stored debt to store damage control or continue damage control you will see almost every day the left wing media trying to cover this stuff Bob and shoving it under the carpet why would they do that you would think that these reporting agencies would want to get to the truth if there are kids if there are little babies being used and sold disgusting pigs you would think that they would want to get down to the bottom of this stuff and actually do some reporting we hear you go folks is the Washington post's trying to put this under the carpet pizza geek shows how fake news hurts real pain people I'm not even going to read the article I leave the link to all of this stuff it's just discussing folks it really is and lastly I'm gonna leave the wink to ... this video of ... Mister Breitbart and how much disdain he had four predestined you will see it in this ... video I'll leave the link to it you got to see it he was after been desk that there was no doubt about it he was after protesting and so I'm just thinking of I don't know I'm not gon..." + 25%
"2016-11-27 18:58:21"
"#BREAKING - Trump WILL Investiga..."
"I folks breaking news and I'll make a lot of you happy that want to see justice when it comes to Clint foundation ... and does also Mr trump your genius let's go on with this fox insider news port trump depressant bass sitters to probe Clinton foundation activity abroad there's been a new twist in the investigation into the bill Hillary and Chelsea Clinton foundation Sandra Smith reported what president elect Donald Trump is now promise not to personally dig into the scandal scarred organization a new report from the New York Post says he will instead ask his new ambassadors to heed the pro ambassadors to certain countries may be asked to pressure the governments with it which they are all lazy onto I commence their own investigation into the relationships with the foundation the post that the post reported that two countries targeted in particular Haiti do you hear me clapping thank you and Columbia they have the the Clinton foundation is going to Haiti ... and even more nefarious acts as we know as far as a children abduction for their sick perverted personal pleasures leaked emails have in the past shown that entities with ties to Bill Clinton had been prioritized receive federal funds in the wake of the Haitian earthquake and a Columbia Colombian mining tycoon allegedly benefited from the foundation's work there the paper reported Norway and Australia have already curtail their relationships with the foundation in the wake of this year's week you leaks revelations I'm clapping again folks okay maybe the foundation like I reported yesterday is about to crumble then we might see some justice we need to see some justice folks that's what I'm going to start feeling a little better a lot better about leadership in our country when I see the these these people go down for the crimes crimes against humanity and that you can I mean basically that's what it is it's crimes against humanity and they need to be punished and brought down so some good news here folks ..." + 15%
"2016-11-27 18:45:27"
"#REDDIT CEO Steve Huffman Admits..."
"if folks here's us some more proof that the up pizza gate story allegations have some teeth to them what's getting to here's a story from seventy news reddit C. E. O. Steve Hoffman bands pizza gay after being called peta filed by trump supporters added their comments and has a cannibalism fetish wellness quit headline right there reddit founder and C. E. O. Steve Hoffman is trending for two reasons he admits to editing comments of Donald Trump supporters after getting tired of being called a peta file anti ban pizza gave Hastert peace agape a trending news on Twitter reddit Facebook and Facebook about DC peta file sex ring involving the Clintons Podesta brothers and comet ping pong pizza why was why was he upset with the pen a file comment it does get old getting called a paedophile constantly Hoffman wrote as far as hashtag pizza gates abroad it being banned by read it they believe violation of policy the sub reddit was due to a violation of our content policy specifically the proliferation of personal and confidential information we don't want a witch hunt on our site it is more than eight hundred thousand communities call subreddits and a lot of trump supporters are part of ready on Twitter some people notice Hoffman's pension cannibalism and we'll get on the go get to that with another link then I'm gonna show you but yeah Hoffman whose name was sped is I'm not sure if it is anymore right this he says Hey everyone yup I messed up with the F. use spells comments it's been a long week here trying to unwind the pizza gate stuff as much as we try to maintain a good relationship with you all it does get old getting called a petaflop constantly as the CEO I shouldn't play such games and it's all fixed now our community team is pretty pissed at me so I most surely won't do this again read it has banned the infamous pizza gate civilian investigation into a potential LeapPad a file group in Washington DC the alleged peta file ring has been investigated for using comic..." + 70%
"2016-11-26 22:08:27"
"it looks the I want to revisit a story that we did about a couple months ago we talked about Turkey being infiltrated by ISIS and then ISIS but going to infiltrate Europe and I got a email with a couple of links to some stories that substantiate what my Pentagon insider was saying two months ago which led me to do those videos exactly what's happening focusing if you live in Europe you need to understand what's going to happen if this comes to fruition and I believe that it will I mean there's an agenda here it is stabilizing control Europe and it and it's a globalist agenda and people are really angry right now because the globalists are being called out and they're really angry right now United States called the globalists that as well trong being the president elect we're gonna go for it they're going to go they're gonna go against Europe and they're gonna go for them harden so the UK really needs to get their brexit no one what's going on with the story here link a couple of things together Turkey era wants air along threatens you eating you saying they have the tree promises Turkey's president on Friday excuse the European Union of dishonesty trail and threatened to remove controls from his country's borders flooding Europe with hundreds of thousands of asylum seekers and other migrants in his first speech since Thursday's approval in the European Parliament parliament of a non binding resolution calling on the E. U. to freeze Turkey's memberships talks everyone told E. you we are the ones who feed three three and a half million refugees in this country you betrayed your promises he added if you go any further those border gates will be opened he made a specific reference to Turkey's main border crossing with each new member Bulgaria so folks might you know my whole thing is it this is all a charade this is like ... the W. W. F. you know ... he made a bold statement but you know what this he's been planned for a long time they're gonna open up those bord..." + 68%
"2016-12-01 03:16:35"
"uhhuh IGN ntune Newton this" + 1%
"2016-11-30 23:34:21"
"if I have to get a very serious situation going on right now in the Middle East and I think you should know about it start out with just a quick report the times of Israel Ford says Israel had Syrian military Hezbollah weapons convoy Jerusalem silence as Arab media says I a asks warplanes fired the Lebanese airspace at army compound in Damascus vehicles on road to Beirut Israel jet struck a Syrian military target and a Hezbollah weapons convoy early Wednesday Arabic language media reported Wednesday morning Israeli warplanes struck the military target in the Syrian capital of Damascus while the raids on the weapons cowboy occurred on the Damascus Beirut highway according to the reports and I'll leave the link to the rest of the story just trying to piece up some ideas here folks a this is very significant for us because our Senate got together now I know it's been reported that Congress passed a resolution for a no fly zone in Syria when the media silence but I don't think that's actually true I think that there's some senators are Billy six senators got together for Republicans to are Democrats I think I'm correct about that and put a resolution together to put before Congress for a no fly zone over Syria I believe that's true not a good idea not a good idea folks because to put a no fly zone and control the air space over Syria is is going to put us to war in essence what is the war with Russia and Syria okay and we don't need that during presidential transition but if you don't believe me let's take a general Dunford some word for this is what he said two months ago about the option aunts controlling the harassment so that that barrel bombs cannot be dropped look but all in all an auction shouldn't we think it's an option to they are right now in order for us to control all of the air space in Syria would require us to go to war against Syria in Russia that's a pretty fundamental decision that certainly on like to make alright folks yeah general Dunford is a v..." + 58%
"2016-11-30 14:03:01"
"AMAZING IMAGES - New Zealand 7.8..."
"good morning folks a I've been trying to cover the ... frequency and intensity of these earthquakes that are hitting all around the world and this is a remarkable story the other day have reported on the New Zealand seven point eight magnitude earthquake well folks the great wall of New Zealand which stretches for miles and reaches fifteen feet high this is amazing folks this is the damage that that earthquake quake did to the landscape this is the great wall of New Zealand caused by the powerful seven point eight magnitude earthquake that struck earlier this month incredibly the massive quake disrupted the nation's beautiful landscape enough that it formed a mini version of the China great wall other images reveal that the ground opened up as a result of the natural disaster incredible images by Dr key Pedley shows the effects of the earthquake in an area that has been sealed off since it happened she was up are among a group of scientists to be allowed onto the site and this is what they were greeted with look at this folks this is incredible not only of the lake when the damn chair amazing fifteen feet high as miles and miles long that's the you know we've been reporting on these earthquakes now for some time name yeah it's rather biblical I think I know we've had earthquakes note throughout history but the intensity and the frequency seems to be increasing and then on this story here also a breaking story underground earthquake leaves at least four miners dead and pull into sixteen people were in the area of Rudna mine but of read my mind it by magnitude four point four quake that struck at shell death in coca Weiss district says state media so there is an underground earthquake in Polk Weiss ... for missing it read mine in Polk waste southwest Poland according to state media youth like of the magnitude of four point four struck about nine PM Tuesday it went it was six point two miles in underground ... there were sixteen people in danger zone some of t..." + 34%
"2016-12-01 15:54:10"
"federal agents raided dojo pizza the restaurant's owner is now facing federal charges for allegedly making child pornography is four was the first to bring you the news back in November of the and alleged human trafficking ring one cop is expected to appear in federal court today captain knight accusations of human trafficking when he sat down with us exclusively two months ago but these new federal charges paint a totally different story resource Justin injuries is life force from the federal courthouse this morning tracking it all for us just it yeah Emily lower copper set to be behind these doors at the federal courthouse downtown sometime today but it was about five months ago I was vital in the air as federal agents were raiding his restaurant dojo pizza in vivo mail but I want to go back to show you how we ended up here you should be looking at video right now you'll only see right here on news for I was right out there it was late last year when the FBI and other federal agents swept through dojo pizza in vivo mail you can see here they're taking out computer" + 1%
"2016-12-02 03:22:37"
"12 - 1 VL LIVE"
"you know alright we'll try it again votes I don't hear any weird noises or any kind of interference with business it are we did our own good Carol much better you guys here and see us autumn and that's my oh my goodness I I for two days of of been so frustrating guys while me so I rebooted I'm not sure what happened on maybe were on another IP address and they're not shadow banning us this time the good good good why wait how are you I see skit see everybody I'm glad you can hear in CS you're welcome minutes and if you guys want to send some messages seven more talk about the swing for people more people get on Carol just once the news what news you want Carol did there was a browser window open the issue that we I thought it was close everything down filled with half I'm not sure what the sorry we missed you yeah I know glad we can see you know so I've been doing a lot more research on ... the pizza gate stuff in the peta file stuff that's gone it's really upsetting vote so you're not going to like what I have to say the more I dig into this the more widespread this ... epidemic is it's really high up folks and I don't even know what we're gonna do about it because there needs to be somebody really brave really powerful that's not of the a pedophile yak if that's even a word but does so you that's into pedophile you stuff this is both this is like crazy ice I learned a lot of stuff today doing research about ... Mousa variants the government Washington DC ... how many people are into this stuff and so you ask a question you asked the question many people was quite wiring anybody light is isn't anybody getting arrested because if one person gets arrested you will tumble everybody because that's how widespread use do your research on up Australia ... a child sex ring pedophile yet they just had a huge humans are lot of people got a arrested for their child pedophile you thing it's crazy votes I it hurts my heart right now because I don't even know what t..." + 93%