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"2023-03-11 00:00:00"
"HES COOOooooMING SOOOooN!!!!! CA..."
"yo what's up Christopher green here calling on the name of Jesus tonight thousand acts man all your pain and your suffering can be alleviated by the king he's coming very soon so let's talk about that for a minute you know man it's been very painful losing my brother Cody dude I lost him a year ago and uh sucks honestly I think I lost like 15 pounds or something I actually kind of recuperated that now but like the amount of mental stress and the anguish and losing somebody you love we all go through trauma and I just want to encourage you all that all this stuff is for a reason and God's got his own plan and his own time and you should just always remain faithful and just understand that you know everything is God's will we don't like to lose our loved ones we don't like bad things that happen to us but Jesus man he is the king he is the king he is the king and he is our only hope he is our Salvation I just want to come to you with that beautiful message tonight I love all of you so much it's an honor to serve you guys to do what we're doing here at amtv 16 plus years the island project Bitcoin Rich the club everything that we do uh honestly it ain't about the money man I just love it I'm having a blast and I love doing God's work and I'm not a perfect person you guys know that I got my own problems like I'm sure many of you have but every day that I'm alive I'm gonna be my best self and I'm Gonna Shine bright so I just encourage you guys to shine bright do big things we are in a world of Darkness you have two choices one is cement be depressed have anxiety think everything's dark or be the light and shine so bright man that uh people recognize the truth and the King he's coming soon" + 1%
"2023-03-08 00:00:00"
"ladies and gentlemen we are legitimately in the great reset so let's have an honest conversation about this it is March 8 2023 make sure you are prepared get ahead of this this is like a giant tidal wave coming and I think people are starting to wake up to the truth of course I'm Christopher green hard hitting it in your face this is am TV I've been doing this 16 years also founder of the island project so NATO Chief is finally warning and admitting that zielinski and Ukraine is losing Bach moot as I reported over the weekend on Saturday that's when the media typically breaks bad news that they don't want to spread but as I had been suggesting and is now factually clear NATO is now admitting along with U.S officials that Bach moot is on the verge of falling so after all the money printing all the bailouts all the spending the billions of dollars saving Ukrainian pensions well we still can't get our own act together here in the United States and close our borders they're still losing which is by Design and is the plan again this is a proxy World War III event this is the great reset in their own words not mine this is fourth fifth generation Warfare this is an AI game and so we're going to talk about this in a whole lot more as French Strikers renew pressure on macron the mark to ax his Pension Plan he wants to raise the pension age and it's starting to become clear to more and more people worldwide especially in westernized countries if there are no rules uh the politicians make them up as they go along to serve the interests and best interests of the elites they are changeable they are moldable and they are not permanent in nature at all they are transitory just like Jerome Powell said inflation was transitory and then lied because it's not we're in a hyperinflationary collapse where things are truly transitory are the rules that officials establish again to their whim as they dictate like they did in 200 809 multi-trillion dollar tarp bailouts that only serve F..." + 87%
"2023-03-06 00:00:00"
"ladies and gentlemen it is March 6 2023 we got a lot in the news today but I first want to invite all of you to bring Jesus into your heart today we need him more than ever Hallelujah he is King and as we live through these tumultuous times it's very important that all of you realize and understand Believers and non-believers alike that you are special you are loved I love you you are strategic you are here on this planet for a purpose for a reason that I believe is a generational reason God has put you here so I want to you know lift your spirits up today and you understand that we've got the full power of Jesus Christ behind us can I get an amen it is March 6 2023 and let's talk about this war that we're in and by the way hang loose with us at the island project that's islandproject.com you probably saw me on Twitter at amtv media that's my only official account I gave you some sneak peeks of the pictures with my son and I showing you the amazing footage of our first Flagship one Mega Retreat Premiere Real Estate here in Maui Bowie yeah to the freaking moon five more properties deal making and process right now and just all glory to God we are doing big things but let's dig into this I'm reading a good book right now because you know you can't really learn a whole lot from the internet anymore uh with the way things currently are it's called the four Battlegrounds power and the age of artificial intelligence by a gentleman named Paul sharp if I'm saying his last name correctly very very interesting I actually encourage this to read you can buy it on Amazon or your favorite bookstore and try to buy local if you can don't support the Jeff Bethel if you if you don't have to support local and small business but it really goes over the fact that we are fighting this artificial intelligence Warframe that everything around us now with AI chat GPT the diamonds in the sky the alleged UFOs and notice how they dropped that narrative Hook Line and Sinker which I believe is..." + 93%
"2023-02-28 00:00:00"
"all right ladies and gentlemen Christopher green it is February 28 2020 through the world explodes into madness remember diamonds in the sky told you over the Super Bowl predictive programming of the Drone swarm that expect more in the sky would come and this would be a part of the War Machine and the war effort that we would see it in the coming days and now this we have drones flying deep inside Russia striking and attacking According to some reports Moscow in a direct Act of War which I could only guess is the west and the Western Nations targeting Moscow and Vladimir Putin and God only knows what we could expect as retaliation next let's pray that we are not on the verge of thermonuclear war right now drones fly deep inside Russia please like and share this get this critical update out to the world get prepped get ready all glory to Jesus Christ Our King put all faith in him drones fly deep inside Russia Putin orders the borders to be tightened now we all know we're fine fighting an AI technological War this is the new war so these drone swarms thousands of them which can be launched into caves into mountain ranges into planes into countries like Russia the enemy are now controlled and choreographed by these thinking almost conscious machines being governed by AI like chat GPT which is why they rolled all this stuff out is because it's soft conditioning they want you to get used to the new warfront which is by the way everything that happened over the last couple of years was this gross simulation that they were running now let's go on live and operational and the worst is yet to come and I believe that something wicked is coming this month in March as we approach March very very occult we'll probably get into more detail on that in a separate video but key of Ukraine drones at the Kremlin said were launched by Ukraine which is the United States because of course it's not Ukraine fighting Russia and China it's the USA at full-blown war with billions of Chines..." + 81%
"2023-03-04 00:00:00"
"what's up guys I got some very loud Christian music blasting on in the background so deal with it Jesus Christ is Lord provider of everything go to him with all your anxiety pain suffering any problems he will repair you he will save you we need him more than ever Hallelujah a lot of you have unhealthy relationship with money there's nothing wrong with money or being wealthy the worship of money is evil money itself is not evil if you worship building blocks and tools then you've got a problem and that is very sinful but if you use it for his glory if you're building cool stuff if you are empowering his flock if you are providing I mean what can a broke person do nothing most people I know are suffering when it comes to money they're suffering when it comes to paying their bills they don't know how to get by I mean even a pastor at a church needs a church to preach in so stop thinking in scarcity think in abundance and do big big freaking things by the way just deploy more Capital into xrp I'm expecting an imminent breakout Diamond nuts always makes money hey ladybug how you doing that's what you were right there you're a little cutie you can just kind of chill right there if you want so Diamond nuts always makes money fear doesn't do the opposite of weak hands this is a 10 trillion dollar market cap in the cryptocurrency marketplace this bull run Island project which you see here after I tokenize is going to go a billion plus and then sail much much higher get into islandproject.com live your best life put your pedal to the freaking metal we are the Ferrari of real estate we are the Ferrari of this opportunity in Maui Booyah we are the number one asset class in the world we are the first people in the world to do it I mean what do you think do you think our property on the ocean at the beach cash flow condos you think they're going to appreciate you think they're going to do better than an average piece of real estate say in Middle America or the one sitting nex..." + 49%
"2023-02-23 00:00:00"
"all right ladies and gentlemen it's Christopher green and it is uh 2023 322. it's February 23rd 2023 in Reverse that's three two two three two two which again is very very cult it would not surprise me to see a major event today I've seen this in the past again this is a part of the school and Bones occult strategy they kind of rub it in your face during full moons during numerological type events like this when whatever they believe in and I'm not sure what they believe in but when the dark Forces and that energy is kind of out there especially numerically we typically get very large events so I don't know if something's going to happen today but I'm just saying that I wouldn't be surprised if something big did happen three two two three two two that's very very interesting the Pentagon is now making threats to China over arming Russia of course Vladimir Putin has basically disengaged from the nuclear treaty he had with the United States the west and NATO so NATO is now fully at war with Vladimir Putin and Russia now and fully at War at China this is world war three again I've been warning about this for multiple decades now saying that it would build up to this and it would specifically start in Ukraine now we're in it and we see Global Leadership just admitting it now that the risk of thermonuclear war hitting God forbid American cities and Europe and basically Western Civilization as we know it being on the brink of disaster is now a reality far worse than what any of the fears were do during the first Cold War and now we are in Cold War 2.0 now it's important to understand that Ukraine isn't a NATO country okay so the United States defending Ukraine none of that's legal okay Ukraine is not NATO they are officially not a NATO country so the fact that the United States is spending billions of dollars supporting Ukrainian pensions while we have a homeless problem here in the United States and our borders are wide open and people are starving in a hyper-inflatio..." + 85%
"2023-02-25 00:00:00"
"all right ladies and gentlemen Christopher green there is uh no major point to this video outside go live your best life build live your best life thousand acts there's plenty of opportunity out there but you got to go out and seize it uh the blockchain revolution has just started it has just started and we are about to thousand acts in so many ways and uh learn as much as you can get involved in the right opportunities like Island project invest as much as you can and uh to God be the glory let's ride Mikey that's right dude what's up bro what's up bro we thousand accent we're a thousand X right now aren't we we're those who answered baby we're thousand Nixon so anyways we're super stoked we're having a good day today meeting some friends and uh we're just so excited about what we're building here with the island project and so much more this is the ground floor opportunity of course we just closed on our first bedroom treat black ship it is epic we've got amazing acreage we're building a massive massive estate property multiple structures yes sir [Music] yeah baby thousand X baby that's right so anyways we love you to learn more about the island project and live your best life do it today do it with us Thousand Oaks islandproject.com crypto is set to soar we are going going much much higher and uh the Technology's there so I'll put you down put you down there you go bro there you go so anyways with all the world chaos with everything that's going on invest in yourself build a better future build the digital Noah's Ark with us get your cash flows right get your money game right and enjoy life too because I mean look at this it's amazing you have every opportunity to Live Your Dream but you gotta go seize it you gotta take the shot and that person should be you join our world-class Community today islandproject.com cash flows capital gains income tokenization the full first multi-billion dollar portfolio in the world of asset-backed real estate we're the first pe..." + 18%
"2023-02-23 00:00:00"
"Our Ladies and Gentlemen I'm here with the uh the donut this is am TV and dreams are real so long flight might look a little Haggard just got off the plane I've got a funny story for you too donut I picked my Dad up at the airport and he brings a very large piece of luggage which does not fit in this car we're in a beautiful Ferrari here spider with the donut you guys all know him and uh it's a very spacious like it's a small car but I'm really tall so news let's talk about some geopolitical news real quick too uh what are they doing dude pivoting us for World War right now like zelinski and Biden were like making out in uh Cave on a surprise visit oh yeah the US government's paying the pensions of ukrainians like I pray for ukrainians and I pray for Ukraine obviously and all people and the Russians too but like we're paying for their pensions or spending billions and billions of dollars of our money it's like Biden cares more about Ukraine than he does the United States of America got all these balloons going into the freaking Sky the diamonds in the sky they're not telling us what they are the Pentagon won't admit to what they are what do you think is going on man no we're waiting for a big event to happen I think next month that'll really launch things off for the Aquarian age because these elitists do things through astrological alignments and I know this sounds crazy or whatever but this is absolutely true when you look at the pattern recognitioning the whole balloon thing is a total a false Left Right Paradigm like Carol Quigley talked about Clinton's Mentor where you they give you two options to choose from it's a UFO or it's a balloon out of a million possibilities that is the false Left Right Paradigm on an event the same story if you go back to Roswell the UFO crash there it's the exact same story there's nothing the government comes out says it's a UFO quickly redax that comment and says it's a balloon it's oldest trick in the book like look up here in..." + 91%
"2023-02-24 00:00:00"
"had a dream the other night that my late brother Cody was walking my father and I threw this Vineyard when I'm walking through right now you know when uh Noah was building the ark people thought he was crazy when he warned of the rain it was going to come it's actually sprinkling on me a little bit right now they thought he was nuts then the flood came then it started pouring it was a big storm and it wiped out all the world except Noah's family and he'd spent time diligently building the ark putting all the pieces of it together he had the faith not just a mustard seed but an absolute Mountain as I walked through this Vineyard today not only am I reminded about my late brother Cody and how he helped make this possible and how he really is still living through me my father and the island project team as we build out this year building out the first digital Noah's Ark in the world to get ready for the storm that we know is ahead this land's beautiful isn't it I probably saw some of the structures behind me there too already on site I'm sure a lot of you'd probably dream to own something like this someday well my Island project members do this is actually the site of the first island project Mega retreat here in beautiful Maui and it's as real as these beautiful flowers right here and the dirt in my hand real ownership of the best real estate in the world tokenized islandproject.com getting ready for the economic Financial storm that is ahead getting out of the dollar building a tokenized community for the first time in world history and doing it right before the storm you know the last couple years has been crazy we see what's what's happening we see that we're at World War a massive hyperinflation will not stop they're printing money and currency out of thin air we're losing our freedom in the westernized world there's so much political division and Chaos heartache pain suffering and in a certain respect not a lot has changed since the days of Noah we can see the..." + 83%
"2023-02-26 00:00:00"
"so hey what's up everybody Christopher green hard-hitting and in your face here with the donut got dad sitting down we were talking about motivation you got to believe in yourself and you've got to assume what you're doing you gotta assume that you're making money you got to assume that you're the best you got to work to be the best a lot of people have trouble with mindset so you were saying you might even want to ask me questions but like everybody's gotta raise their confidence level up to the next level the world sucks right now everything's terrible people are losing their jobs lockdowns small businesses destroyed what's your other option there's there's they're talking nukes uh we've got UFOs in the sky which is one big psychological operation so what's the solution man the solution is you got to make the cash flows gotta invest in the right stuff got to be in the right communities start your businesses and set a goal ten thousand dollars a month how do you do it you can do it on blockchains number one opportunity in the world you can deal with that Tech and that's where everybody is in now all the billionaires again I repeat over and over and over again there's one technological trend of the future that'll be bigger than the internet and e-commerce and of course it is blockchain Bitcoin ethereum xrp the island project right right so with the the confidence thing it's like I go through this little spurts of confidence and uh very unconfident at times as well how does one develop a a good confidence because to get self-esteem you do a steamable ax at uh you know that's a key but I I feel like the confidence thing with Society caring about what people think I think that's one thing about let's talk about you've got to earn it so I'll tell you what I do I achieve things that scare me on a daily basis it like forces me to honestly walk through fear or feel feel fear but I have to do it every single day so I'll go on these giant hikes where I'm 10 miles in and I..." + 88%
"2023-02-21 00:00:00"
"roll we are ready to roll hey everybody Christopher green here we've got John Green scoot up a little bit come on gotta loot up hello everybody great to see you everybody I'm gonna I'm gonna speak up today because I've heard some comments that you can't hear me so a little louder awesome so we've got some major news I want to cover this briefly the world's going to crap let's just be honest uh so the nuclear treaty with Russia and the United States has now been broken Putin's calling for Like A Veiled Threat of nuclear war ex I she of China I believe according to the Press is headed to Moscow we had the Munich moment with Kamala Harris just a couple days ago so the point being the world's going to crap and I think you guys can all see that and we're here to talk about Solutions and also we want to congratulate all of our member investors at the island project we just had a major Victory lap I was talking about that earlier we just closed on our first mega retreat in Maui booyah all glory to God and we really want to thank all of you your tremendous support uh we really felt that uh well God was with us he put it put this in our hands this particular deal my brother Cody was with us yeah Cody Cody Cody was definitely riding along our show yeah on this one for sure and just a huge Victory keep in mind we pulled this off in the worst crypto bear Market that had been going on since Mount gox and we did it in six months so it's not to sing our Praises but the point that I'm making here and by the way we've got big plans this year we're adding multiple properties and now we're expanding rapidly and our funding round is almost closed but my point being the world sucks there's no solution you can't depend on what's going on geopolitically you've got to build new systems you've got to build new inroads and new networks like the island party so I want to go over like some common sense solutions to that what is Island project Alex was asking us yesterday donut and he's gonn..." + 90%
"2023-02-21 00:00:00"
"all right Beautiful People Christopher green here the island project little Victory lap today but I got some big news with Vladimir Putin taking out the Ferrari spider spider for a ride today gonna have some fun business talk about Island project and also Putin warning of nukes nukes World freaking War let me set down my coffee tough to get into these things so hold on drop the Hat the island project hat is right here here we go right next to the spider baby let's open this thing up let's have a conversation and let's talk about the seriousness of what is really going on right now because this is extremely dangerous man what Joe Biden just did and Kiev embracing zielinski and really pushing for War I mean dude this is a at Munich and everything that we've seen with Kamala Harris is the worst case scenario that we've ever seen in Putin today this is the breaking news try not to spill my coffee the breaking news is that Vladimir Putin has suspended the nuclear treaty that's over dude that's freaking over it means that there's an existential threat to Russia an existential threat and these countries and Sovereign Nation States have not been in a situation like this literally since the Cold War and it's worse than the Cold War let's start this uh rainy today but you know the diamond that's we don't care about the rain guys there we go let's get the spider going and by the way we just closed on our first major retreat in Maui massive win for our member investors we're building the new America the new 1776. we are the new Patriots we are decentralized worldwide because this is how you fight back during World War you can't depend on centralized nation states anymore ladies and gentlemen I think you all know that you got to create your own cash flows you need to own share ownership of the island project you need to own Maui booya real estate it's the best real estate in the world there's cash flows capital appreciation then what I'm doing as a Visionary and all of our me..." + 66%
"2023-02-18 00:00:00"
"and there is no doubt these are crimes against humanity the United States has formally determined that Russia has committed crimes against humanity and I say to all those who have perpetrated these crimes and to their superiors who are complicit in these crimes you will be held to account ladies and gentlemen it is February 18 2023 things are really heating up in Ukraine the onslaught begun uh just a couple of days ago really over the last week well before the February 24th deadline of course we've gotten no real information the Biden Administration really didn't tell us anything about these alleged UFOs in the sky they said it wasn't Chinese related but it was unrelated to the Chinese surveillance balloon but we didn't get a lot of information just a lot of fear put out by the White House the mainstream media and now we have very harsh words coming from Kamala Harris the vice president saying that Vladimir Putin accusing him of Human Rights atrocities and war crimes in this part of the world and that tells me please like and share that something big is about to happen and they've been signaling for a while now that things are about to escalate I'm Christopher green please get this message out to as many people as you possibly can again it is February 18 2023 we are in crisis and you need to get your money out of the banks people will ask me all the time what do you do how do I get out of the banks Christopher one of the best ways I know how to do that is with gold is with gold here take a look at this see if I can get this not on my face get gold today at amtvgold.com this is our one troy ounce Archangel Michael it is absolutely beautiful custom to amtvgold.com get gold and get silver while you still can before the grid goes down and capital controls and Bank runs hit the West let's get into the story and a whole lot more links below that's amtvgold.com all right let's get into these uh very startling comments made by Kamala Harris which tells me that again we k..." + 85%
"2023-02-16 00:00:00"
"[Music] the big news today of course is the crypto rally Bitcoin up over 50 year-to-date and I think we're gonna hit 100K could this be as soon as the next few months nobody's a Believer everybody's laser eyes are off Tom Brady doesn't have any laser eyes and we're only hearing negative press so that tells me we're in the disbelief phase also notice that the crypto pump is also non-correlated with the U.S stock market stocks are down like three four hundred points today inflation's up like I told you hyperinflation will continue this is a part of the engineered pre-planned Inside Job wealth transfer to the middle class and eviscerate basically everybody that isn't the point zero zero one percent as they transfer everyone to the new system and bail themselves out like they continuously do in 2009 and of course they did in 2020 with the lockdowns and everything else but let's get into the me meat and potatoes of what's going on today and you can see that the crypto rally is absolutely massive here on my phone Bitcoin crushing through 25k and positions up in many cases two three sometimes 10 acts in various all coins so I'm gonna review what I think is going to happen next also I want to congratulate all of our members at islandproject.com we transfer title to the first mega Retreat Island Maui Booyah property tomorrow this is a massive Rocky moment this is a massive victory for our members our investors again not available to the public just our private members and I'm so freaking stoked we launched during the bear market and now we're riding the wave this is just very humbling and thank you so much and all glory to Jesus Christ Our King many more properties coming at the digital Noah's Ark and if you haven't already click the membership tab this is how you and fill out a five minute application for my review you can even fund through portal itself I've got thousands of people in Portal right now I can't get to all of you so the way to bump yourself up of course is..." + 88%
"2023-02-14 00:00:00"
"all right ladies and gentlemen Christopher green it is February 14th Happy Valentine's Day from Maui Booyah like and share this video help us break the algorithms and all seriousness we have a huge World War III AI War fighting event taking place right now a lot of people aren't even aware of it they think nothing's changed in our world but everything has changed and everything is about to change even more as people like Eric Schmidt are building the perfect artificial intelligence War fighting machine as a part of operations at the Pentagon the dod and high level intelligence activities now keep in mind I've met with Eric Schmidt once or twice in the past I'm not good friends with him but he was one of the first people to tell me what was going to happen with the internet and all of big Tech socials well in advance of everything that just happened over the last couple of years so I know what I'm talking about and you should pay attention again I disclosed years and years ago all of the Declassified reports from the Lemay papers I went over EMF electromagnetic frequency and Spectrum Technologies which included what everything that we're seeing in our skies with the UFOs and the psychological operation that is currently being run at a very very high level all of this ties back into what we're talking about today the AI war is all of this data and information is mined and fed into a Star Trek like Borg for massive control systems and an integration of a new global system that I am calling the new technological order or otherwise known in my spiritual view the technological Tower of Babel which I dubbed it over a decade ago so Eric Schmidt if you don't know who he was or is one of the wealthiest people on planet Earth uh he still owns I think a five billion dollar stake in alphabet stock alone was the former CEO of Google alphabet before they changed their name he's one of the most powerful people in the universe and then he left after growing Google to the Behemoth..." + 92%
"2023-02-12 00:00:00"
"all right Beautiful People Christopher Green living the Thousand acts life got a beautiful rainbow there behind me came out here for my morning God the Covenant of our father God to never ever flood the Earth again next time it'll be fire I hope that's coming in and of course now a fake alien Project Blue beam Invasion on Super Bowl Sunday no I don't think that's going to happen but they are putting out all this propaganda for a reason oh man that is gorgeous now it's kind of funny because again I told all of you in a very viral video that had two million views on YouTube before it was taken down years ago that there would be a fake alien invasion because the Lord told me and there would be a cylindrical object in the sky that would be lies those were my exact words I even draw you and Drew you a picture of it and now guess what's in the skies unidentified flying objects UFOs a new one popped out in China actually a new one in China today they're popping up everywhere Alaska Canada Montana the list goes on and on so this is a part of the war weaponized propaganda brainwashing psychosis okay they've got Quantum technology that's controlling people's minds right now by the way take a look at this there's a double rainbow forming right there you see that I'm not going to edit this video just to keep the Integrity of it look at that cloud look at how it rips right through there wow wow wow absolutely epic and amazing so by the way this is happening for a reason as I'm delivering this video to you so all part of the brainwashing psychosis here's an idea everything's fake nowadays and technological kind of like what we just went through so instead of a real troop Invasion Invasion for World War III like we had during World War II with D-Day this time it's thousands of balloons in the sky imagine how fearful people are going to be when they see balloons everywhere it's not a people Invasion with troops it's these balloons and cylindrical objects in the sky and it'll be ..." + 79%
"2023-02-11 00:00:00"
"well ladies and gentlemen Christopher green here it is a February 11 2023 please help us break the algorithms I normally do not do a report on a Saturday but I received a text message moments ago from a very trusted Source alerting me to the fact that another this is a new one a UFO unidentified flying object was now shot down by a U.S fighter jet over Canada of course we had an incident in Alaska within the last 24 48 hours we had the Chinese spy balloon which had the nation and uproar that was also shut down in Shallow Waters outside of the Carolinas after traversing most of the United States and now this and I have not confirmed this yet but my source did send me information to indicate that the president of the United States and heads of state this is to be confirmed so help me out with this please comment in the description box and like and share this virally to as many locations as you possibly can that the president and heads of state have arrived at the Capitol within the last hour so here's my question ladies and gentlemen and I hope I'm wrong about this is the United States under attack and what are these balloons weather balloons surveillance balloons aircraft and now what they're calling quote unidentified objects otherwise known as UFOs now keep in mind that the Pentagon recently in the last year or two has been disclosing I talked about the disclosure of Project Blue beam and what I believe could happen with that watch my last video if you want to learn a bit more about that and if you're curious what my thoughts are and now this so let's get into the actual facts this is Associated Press Trudeau here says U.S fighter jet shoots down object over Northern Canada Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Saturday that on his order a U.S fighter jet shot down an unidentified object end quote that was flying high over the Yukon acting a day after the U.S took similar action over Alaska so the obvious question is are there thousands of these things now..." + 77%
"2023-02-09 00:00:00"
"ladies and gentlemen it is February 9 2023 and we approach Zero Hour in what I am calling D-Day or Russia's equivalent in Ukraine is they amass over 500 000 new troops 1800 tanks 700 aircraft and 500 000 men for what they're calling an extreme assault in less than 10 days after Vladimir zielinski has been begging both the United States and the UK for more money and more Jets ladies and gentlemen this is D-Day this is zero hour please like and share this video help us break the algorithms and I also just wanted to open up with a brief prayer with everything going on with the earthquakes what I could only guess is God's Will and wrath maybe to a certain extent as we see these end times events transpire all over the world let's open up in prayer I want to pray for all of you tuning in Dear God we pray to your will we pray to your imminent return Hallelujah and your glory everything is in your name Jesus this is your will you are showing us your absolute and tremendous sovereignty your omniscience Empower control over world events as many of us believe that the Antichrist will present himself soon as we live through World War as we live through AI or of artificial intelligence and we live in what we believe is the new days of Noah I pray for this audience and all of you tuning in and that you would share this message to as many people that have eyes to see in ears to listen amen can I get an amen God bless each and every one of you tuning in so I'm going to get into this in a moment I've done these reports I told you that I had spiritual Instinct that something big was going to happen very very soon as a result of the propaganda we were getting over the Chinese spy balloon how that was put out through the media all of that build up publicans and Democrats fighting on both sides again all that is an illusion it told me that they're prepping the American population's Minds for something very very serious so we'll get into this in a minute and I'll talk about AI in a mi..." + 85%
"2023-02-08 00:00:00"
"ladies and gentlemen thousand X energy today Highland project what is up beautiful Maui Booyah day got a new camera looks pretty good I think actually so what is going on uh a lot in the news we're going to get to that but I want to make a point today perseverance is key to your success never give up on yourself many of you are still failing to realize how big this secular bull market and cryptocurrency and blockchain is going to be it's going to take over the entire world it's going to be the biggest thing in the world many of you will become multi-millionaires in the next few months especially this year there's going to be Deca millionaires sent to millionaires I believe the first World's trillionaire is going to be men and thousand X gains is going to be commonplace in the right cryptos and Technologies like Island project and honestly you need to get in we go back to December I told you it was the bottom I told Bitcoin 1516k was the bottom we started deploying Capital it's actually when I launched Ireland project because again perseverance okay not just buying the dip but digging in your heels and going harder and stronger when everybody else is giving up is the key to success like if it's the one life lesson I could give you it would be the that when others are giving up when others are throwing in the towel when FTX is collapsing remember when Mount gox collapsed that was the opportunity to buy the dip Tim Draper basically got most of his Bitcoin on the mount gox collapse your opportunity to buy Bitcoin was when FTX collapsed and your opportunity is still now it's going to be massive you have seen nothing yet the entire technological footprint of the universe will be blockchains cbdc's Central Bank digital currencies digitization of everything the internet decentralized I go over all this at the club and I encourage you to get in today but let's talk about the world links below as well and by the way we are closing on the first mega Retreat for Island proje..." + 82%
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"foreign ex-life Christopher green here like and share break the algorithms beautiful day out here looks like we might get some rain possibly you can see there mother Maui behind me and some beautiful real estate as well so a U.S aircraft carrier has now moved in to the Black Sea and what I believe is preparation for a major war that the U.N is actually warning about right now as well all part of the propaganda all a part of the chess pieces of the elites of course they've been planning this for a very long time the great reset hyperinflationary debt collapse of the USA borderless world they're going to unite every single country and basically just eradicate sovereignty and every semblance of freedom and liberty as we once knew it still got interrupted there but the wider conflict is all but guaranteed now trust a freaking plan now of course none of your politicians or their children will go fight on the front lines at all not Nancy Pelosi not her kids not Joe Biden's kids not Hunter no they're going to send your ass to the front line of this technological AI super War freaking uh tactical nukes and thousands of maybe millions of drones being launched into Ukraine and God knows where else possibly Europe but that's a plan and we've known this for some time ladies and gentlemen remember that the mainstream media has even been careless enough actually it's just propaganda to give us an exact date of the war they say uh Putin will be invading with uh 500 000 Maybe 750k maybe a million new troops into Ukraine on the very specific day of February 24th because the mainstream media just loves all of us so much we had that and of course the Chinese propaganda spy balloon which is all it was to build an anti-chinese narrative before the outbreak of World War Three there are thousands of spy satellites spy balloons all over the United States on a regular basis and all over the world on a regular basis and it's funny how Americans care about that but not that their governmen..." + 59%
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"all right ladies and gentlemen Christopher green Here Am TV hard hitting and in your face what an amazing last 24 hours February 6 2023 do the best you can to help us break the algorithms and share the truth out to your friends and family who need to hear this message and God bless each and every one of you tuning in it appears that the Grammys in the mainstream media in your television and all these Hollywood music stars have gone full on Satan worship now in fact this is an image of Sam Smith that I found on Twitter with literal devil horns coming out of his head of course Elon Musk dressed up like Satan and the devil and put on a coat that said New World Order on it not too long ago in fact if you go to his Twitter profile he's still dressed up in a full-on satanic Garb of the Beast literally emblazoned on his chest and here we have Sam who has a bunch of people worshiping him I guess as he is either one of the head demons or Satan himself and then there's some other chick dancing in a cage like in a hellish pit while Americans cheer it on and this is broadcasted to millions of children think about how sickening this is at the mainstream media and Fortune 100 corporations would endorse this in fact I'm going to play a little bit of this footage so you can see which Fortune 100 endorses this Satan devil satanic worship let's take a look oh ain't that nice brought to you by them hmm yeah so for those of you that still think it's a conspiracy theory that we are at war with the devil quite literally and that most of these corporations and pretty much the entire media Hollywood and celebrities politicians big Tech all worship Satan here you go it's not a conspiracy theory it is literally what we're dealing with so that I just find absolutely appalling I mean let's pray for this country and pray for this nation and then pray for the children that were exposed to that satanic show very very scary stuff again we see uh big Tech Fortune 100 censor all kinds of informat..." + 92%
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"Our Ladies and Gentlemen Christopher green it is February 5th 2023 God bless each and every one of you tuning in we are in dire times here in the United States of America and worldwide of course a Chinese spy balloon Gathering Intel could have had EMP deliverables could have literally shut down collapse entire civilization as we knew it in some kind of electromagnetic pulse it would have brought down the grid stopped our shipping lanes stopped the gas pump stopped All Electronics ATMs cops the banking system Wall Street was allowed by the Joe Biden Administration to literally fly all over Alaska all over the continental United States and they failed to shoot it down until last minute after it gathered all of its Intel well into the Atlantic Ocean after traversing into the Carolinas I think it was South Carolina obviously in my view gross gross negligence but I want to talk about that more and go back a few years to give you guys some insight on how dangerous these balloons actually are and how this is the new Warfare being fought during World War III which you're in now and how very few people are actually aware of this new technology so let's go back to the Lemay papers this was in 2018. I did an entire report on this by the way at amtv media an entire report on EMP deliverables electromagnetic frequencies being used for mind control this was in 2018 five six years ago also an entire report on all the various satellites that are currently being used as weapons and how the space war is actually where you should keep your eye on the future of technological Warfare and of course the artificial intelligence AI front now what's interesting about this is Major David stuckenberg is actually the same gentleman and major who's in the news now there's his image above my head to the right he is the same person being quoted in many of the mainstream media reports now regarding this Chinese spy balloon but let's go briefly over this document it's quite long in the tooth but ..." + 88%
"2023-02-03 00:00:00"
"all right ladies and gentlemen so very interesting especially with world events we now have a nuclear-capable submarine which uh this isn't too new because of course a couple of months ago there was one here you can see right in front of my house there was also one during the lockdowns uh right when everything shut down worldwide now we've got the Chinese International you know spy balloon which uh Joe Biden which I believe is a national security threat has refused to shoot down showing China is far more dominant than the United States and here we have a nuclear capable sub we also had a giant warship here several months ago and it just popped up in front of my house dude so yeah I know that's kind of crazy but there it is and uh I'm telling you guys get ready now I'm expecting Bank runs Capital controls everything that I've predicted I've done intensive studies on EMF EMS Spectrum Warfare China's obviously leading the AI War dominating the AI war and here we got it buddy right here God bless our uh our troops and our Navy you know I hope you guys are for Liberty and freedom but it's about to get real foreign" + 1%
"2023-02-02 00:00:00"
"all right ladies and gentlemen it is uh February 2nd 2023 hard hitting and in your face went on a beautiful hike walk jog today I think I put in about 10 miles and then when I got back this report just hit supposedly if this is to be believed a large Chinese spy satellite is now sitting over the United States of America was in the northern states and it is posing a giant threat to the National Security of the USA to get into this report a whole lot more please like and share and get out the information beat the algorithms ladies and gentlemen my first question is why would the U.S government and our intelligence agencies be telling you why would they release National Security information why do they want the American public privy to such detail regarding the ongoing War and what I believe will ultimately break out into World War III what we're currently fighting now with not just Russia and Ukraine because of course that's a proxy war but China and billions and billions of Chinese well the easy answer to that question is the US government intelligence agencies through psychological operations want to build a narrative around China that China's evil to prep people mentally for the coming conflict many strategists including myself already believe that we are at war with China and this will culminate ultimately with the invasion of Taiwan and China we'll take Taiwan and its territory by force I believe very very soon could happen is soon as 2025 in fact there was a four-star general that just came out recently and said that now this is exclusive breaking report from NBC news says suspected Chinese spy balloon found over Northern U.S so the second question is is this a weapon is it not just a spy satellite but is it some kind of weapon that could be putting the American people in danger there's a great report that I read several years ago and I taught an entire educational course on it it was the Lemay papers put out by the Air Force I believe it was you can Google t..." + 75%
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"all right Beautiful People Christopher green on inspection today for Island project it's a beautiful day I've got some quick news for you Jerome fell excuse me pal is Raising interest rates 25 basis points we already knew that that does absolutely nothing to stifle or stop the inflationary collapse that is currently taking place in the United States of America it's going to get much much worse and rates are only at four or five percent I've given this example before but my grandfather rest in peace his first mortgage was 20 on his first house I think he paid 15 grand for it and you know how much it's worth worth today like two and a half million dollars in Long Beach California that's how much inflation there is in America so everybody waiting around I've been telling you guys this I know you know this waiting for the opportunity like oh you know we're in an economic collapse there's going to be a Great Depression there's going to be this massive opportunity no there's not this is an inflationary wealth transfer into the new system and it is guaranteed this is why the wealthy and all the elites are parking their real assets and what real assets they're parking it in real estate and I give you this example again most of the highest priced properties in the world especially in the United States only act as banks for the rich because they're smart enough to not have their money in a bank in many of these properties in the 5 million plus or more that sit in Manhattan and all across this country but Manhattan's a good example because there's a lot of foreign money that sits in those apartments and condos that go for 10 15 20 million dollars plus and they're never lived in all they are is a bank and it's an inflationary hedge against the collapse as a result of Central Bank intention and policy like guys when in your lifetime has the Central Bank not Ponzi scammed up the U.S stock market again and again when have they not bailed themselves out infinitely when have they..." + 83%
"2023-01-31 00:00:00"
"hey everybody Christopher green here God bless you it's a beautiful beautiful day check this out no cell service just wanted to know how to have a conversation with you all how many of you are really alive are really alive I feel like and I felt like this my whole life most people are walking around like they got second chances and you don't this ain't a video game guys this is real this isn't VR this is it some kind of digital representation of what it looks like this is really what it looks like out here guys look how beautiful this is look how amazing this is set up a cup of coffee although I love my coffee wake up to this every single day and by the way all this is free all this is free a lot of you will say things like Christopher you're lucky man because you're rich you can do whatever you want well this is free check this out just for a minute be in silence and in harmony beauty of this and listen can you not hear God let's talk about what's going on in the news too so NATO is warning that an imminent invasion of Taiwan is about to take place yeah dude tell us something we don't already know again I did my video yesterday this is why I think the U.S is expending all of its resources its money and its ammunition so they have an excuse not to defend Taiwan when China ultimately invades because that's the freaking plan man that's the freaking plan what do people not understand about this what do you not understand about the reset what do you not understand about the new feudalism that they're setting up for all Americans it's screwing the middle class and making it so that you forget what we have out in this world that God created how beautiful it is I watched for the first time last night The Passion of the Christ wow I don't think anyone can depict accurately the life of Jesus in his Perfection and his crucifixion but man it was powerful dude it was powerful and just to think about the trauma in the chair that he went through to die for all of our sins this..." + 85%
"2023-01-30 00:00:00"
"all right ladies and gentlemen Christopher green it is amtv hard hitting it in your face so uh it is Monday and uh what a beautiful uh slightly cloudy rainy day here out in Maui but I wanted to do this a critical update we had a major Warning by Donald Trump over the weekend said that we are on the brink of World War III that when he becomes president of the United States in his own words I'm paraphrasing a bit but he's going to build an iron Dome the equivalent of what we see in Israel to protect every single American some 300 plus million people from potential nuclear war if you take a look right now the nuclear word is being mentioned all the time this is a word that you're not allowed to use it was never used during the Trump Administration but now other countries are using that word against us because they have no respect for our leadership World War III would be a catastrophe unlike any other this would make World War one and World War II like very small battles the best way to ensure that such a conflict never happens is to be prepared with unmatched technology and unrivaled strength to this end when I'm commander-in-chief to build a state-of-the-art Next Generation missile defense Shield just as Israel is now protected by the Iron Dome a dream once thought impossible America must have an impenetrable Dome to protect our people now again I reported on this I think a lot of it's fear propaganda of course Elites want to put this information into our heads that were 90 seconds from Midnight with the Doomsday Clock and that it's the end of the world but there is some gravity to this because I really believe that they want a post-nuke world and this is a part of the systematic control structure and the control grid that they've been putting into place really going on over the last several years so very serious Janet Yellen also a warning of a debt collapse here in the United States again if they do not lift the debt levels here in the USA everything will come t..." + 68%
"2023-01-26 00:00:00"
"the idea the idea that we're going to send in offensive equipment and have planes and tanks and trains going in with American pilots and American Crews just understand and don't kid yourself no matter what you all say that's called World War III the idea the idea that we're going to send in offensive equipment and have planes and tanks and trains going in with American pilots and American Crews just understand and don't kid yourself no matter what you all say that's called World War III it's called World War III ladies and gentlemen trust the planet is January 26 2023 God bless all of you tuning in and things are going along just as planned so get ready for this uh Joe Biden and the West have officially made a declaration of World War III against Russia and China it's important to notate that it's not just Russia but it is a full-blown war against billions of Chinese with their declaration that they're going to send Abrams tanks in Germany is sending in their equivalent tanks and now they're also moving in other artillery missile defense systems Etc in fact I'm going to play a video for you because it's really interesting dementia ridden Laden Joe Biden just a couple months ago said that there's nothing to see here that if they were to send tanks into Ukraine and other forms of munition then Mark his words I'll let you listen to him yourself that that would mean world war three so here's our commander in my opinion Thief who fails to Salute by the way exiting a helicopter the other day in his own exact dementia words so ladies and gentlemen while we have that going on and an increased barrage of course in strikes that Russia is now escalated in Ukraine as a result of knowing that they're sending these further arms in I mean think about it from Putin's perspective what would you do if you knew that the United States was throwing all of its Munitions all of its technological tanks everything that it has at the warfront at the war would you not hit Ukraine harder no..." + 78%
"2023-01-23 00:00:00"
"ladies and gentlemen a major bank is going to collapse in the United States of America very very soon let's talk about this I'm off the beaten path today there's some surfing competitions going on in the area and uh it's absolutely beautiful you can see behind me there's a couple Surfers out there thousand acts in their life why is this going to happen because this is the agenda ladies and gentlemen this is the agenda to reel you in to the scam that is the cbdc so they need a major major banking collapse and crisis to use as the excuse so they can move everybody to digital currencies controlled by the Central Bank of course which is all scam the modern financial banking system of course is built on a foundation of sand a fractional Reserve System of which they loan your money out and then charge you for your own money to hold it at the bank so I think we're going to have a major major collapse very soon we've already seen warnings of this with Zell transactions disappearing with Bank of America I reported on that it went viral I believe that was all an inside job and I believe it's going to get much much worse very very soon this breaking news as well some Bank of America customers say money is missing from their accounts people are sounding off about this on social media and this morning we know of at least one person who says their checking account was wiped clean we've reached out to Bank of America for comment we are waiting to hear back from the company again what is the reason for this they got to move people out of Fiat and we are in a Brett Woods 3.0 now it's not even 2.0 they're resetting the system into a new one and this is why inflation is still rampant notice prices of goods and services and food and travel and airfare has not gone down at all because that's what they want they don't want you to own anything they don't want you to be able to own real estate they don't want you to be able to own assets to actually make your money and that actually mak..." + 78%
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"foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] ladies and gentlemen I'm Christopher green please like and share this worldwide you have the power of the algorithm it lies in your hand simply by clicking the link and clicking the up button and liking and thumbs upping and sharing across the social media interwebs you have the power to get out the truth to the American public and the international public and we need you more than ever especially my boys out in Texas yeah declaring their independence very very soon of which I support American Freedom Liberty and sovereignty I'm back here beautiful Maui Booyah you can see I'm excited to be back we've got major announcements coming but let's talk about the pincer movement in the catastrophic escalation in the war in Ukraine of which it appears Vladimir Putin is sad to take Keith and multiple locations so pincer movement means he's coming from the north he's coming from the East he's coming from the south and they all attack at once so this could be absolute catastrophic Devastation and a shell shock attack because we know Putin isn't going to back down now the numbers on this are up to 1.5 million Russian troops will be entering the battle Space by this time in February so literally just like next month this is all going to go down and I believe we are going to have a dramatic escalation in a dramatic showdown in this part of the world which you know by ship just off the coast of the Hawaiian Islands which this has happened before again guys we are at War and this is what you need to understand Vladimir Putin has warned his people that this is a war not with Ukraine no this is a proxy World War III event of which the Russian people a nuclear armed Hypersonic capable missile nation is at war with NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization this could trigger Article 5 which would bring us into the World War III official physical conflict which we're already in by the way so if you're asking are we in it we're already in it that was the p..." + 82%
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"all right ladies and gentlemen Christopher green hard hitting it in your freaking face bitcoinrich.com islandproject.com [Music] to the freaking Moon Bitcoin is up 40 this month year to date massive massive gains many of our all coin positions are up five ten acts especially in the AI space massive massive moves congratulations to all of you tuning in and let's talk about what's going on because this is huge remember everyone calling for Bitcoin 10 000. remember everybody saying Bitcoin was going to zero well now it's up 40 and we have got record moves today this beautiful Saturday Maui Booyah to the freaking Moon and Beyond so let's take a look at this I'm gonna give you an update and I'm also going to go over key levels and I'll be talking about this at school bitcoinrich.com promo code Island project of where I think there will be more consolidation when and where and how to take profit strategically if you've been riding this wave and by the way I think it's just getting started so you can get in right now you can click the link below today get into bitcoinrich.com enter the promo code Island projects only 200 bucks you get and you learn the fundamentals of blockchain and so much more so this is absolutely massive take a look at this guys Bitcoin is up 23k up eight percent today alone 40 freaking record gains since December when I told you to go all in I started moving money and I've been accumulating and accumulating and I'm still accumulating right now ICP breaking out huge 5.48 up to 5.65 today and I think it's just getting started of course ICP is a decentralized internet and what people don't understand about this is that it's also driven by Ai and what's the next major wave with chat GPT all this technology open AI deepmind Google everybody panicking around this knowing that it's going to replace human jobs it's going to replace really even our culture and the Arts when people wake up to the fact that this is distributed technology it's completely decen..." + 85%
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"ladies and gentlemen Chris G here like and share this video you have the power to break the algorithms a lot of our content and content like ours is just simply not shared to our own audience anymore so there's a lot of censorship out there on the internet and the interwebs so it's really up to you to get out the truth to your friends and family God bless all of you tuning in I just wanted to start today's video just sharing from the heart that all of you are special all of you are tremendously important I love you we love you my team loves you you are amazing have a beautiful year this year it's going to be a great great year even amidst all the chaos so let's talk about what's going on because we had a number of stories today a tragic helicopter crash Ukraine leadership some really Elite officials went down they were all killed tragically in the crash that just happened to land on a kindergarten God forbid killing at least three children if I remember correctly it's I've got limited internet here there's like 19 people dead now keep in mind this is what the American people are paying for Putin meanwhile is stoking fears worldwide and is about to mobilize up to 1.5 million troops to the region so he's not backing down he's not giving up he's ramping up fears and I reported on this just several months ago he's already moved at high alert level his Hypersonic missiles in the Atlantic Ocean not to mention other silos near NATO that he could pull the trigger on at any moment now hopefully none of that happens but again we're not going to get into the back story of why this is going on but the question Americans should be thinking about and talking about is why are you guys paying for this like what do the American people get out of this war do we win something I mean did we win anything from Iraq and Afghanistan like weren't we supposed to protect the hegemony of the U.S Petro dollar as the world Reserve currency which now Saudi Arabia is saying nah we're going to d..." + 87%
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"all right people this is in Kansas anymore it doesn't look like an island but I'm out here in beautiful Arizona visiting some family wanted to give a quick Bitcoin update so uh bitcoin's up 28 got the kids in the back here they're uh doing some snowballs and stuff 28 year-to-date massive returns since the 1666 algorithmic low call which I was 100 right about those are massive Swift gains on a lot of the idea that the central bank is going to do what we think that they're going to do and that is of course slow the rate hikes and eventually cut massive massive move across the board the rest of the cryptos are following where do I think we go next the next short-term Target is 30k in my opinion I think we will get there very very soon and how did I know we were at the bottom well I knew we were at the bottom with the algorithmic laws I've talked about that before secondly a lot of people I was talking to was saying things like oh Chris I'm in all cash now I'm listening to pundits I'm in cash Bitcoins going to ten thousand I'm in cash I kept hearing it over and over again from some pretty prevalent people and so anytime you hear that you got to kind of chuckle to yourself because the time to get into Cash was not Bitcoin 16k it was Bitcoin 69k uh Ajax has still been on the move again I've done a lot of work at our school bitcoinrich.com in the AI space that token was up massively several 100 percentage points it was up five acts since my recommendation in July again I made my Bitcoin low call in July and Then followed up again at the 1666 algo low and I made that video and it's still penned actually on my Twitter it says basically you'll never be able to buy Bitcoin at this price again and I don't think that you will be able to so very very bullish I believe for those of you that actually believe it this year will be your best year in 2023 I think it's the lucky year honestly I think we're going to see an explosion in technology we're gonna see an explosion in the bl..." + 69%
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"extremely Dark Times ahead for the United States of America in the westernized world I'm Christopher green hard-hitting and in your face it is December 21st 2022 and many believe including me that we are not just living through a debt collapse a crisis of the Petro Dollar in a global economic Financial reset but also World War III which has already begun I'm going to get to these stories and more in a very big speech just given by President Joe Biden and Vladimir zielinski who curiously with his security detail risking life and limb just showed up and visited the White House and was speaking just about an hour ago regarding a 1.7 trillion dollars absolutely egregious Omnibus Bill that has things in it that both branches of government haven't even had the time to read and is allocating an additional 45 billion dollars of your taxpayer funds to a war for a non-nato country this is a country that has no affiliation with NATO at all and Article Five that isn't using its own money to fight a war but yours please like and share this video and break the algorithms let's first take a look at this Omnibus Bill what's in this 1.7 trillion dollar spending Bill well the legislation includes 772 billion dollars for non-defense discretionary programs and 858 billion in defense funding so this is definitely going to feed into the military industrial complex 45 billion dollars I believe allocated specifically for zielinski himself I mean this guy's probably the world's best fundraiser we've ever seen better than any hedge fund I've ever come across or Wall Street executive according to a bill summary from democratic's Senator Patrick Leahy chair of the senate committee on Appropriations the sweeping package includes roughly 45 billion dollars in emergency assistance to Ukraine and NATO allies boost and spending for disaster Aid College access Child Care Mental Health and food assistance and I believe they're also allocating for lgbtq correct me if I'm wrong about this and the ed..." + 81%
"2022-12-11 00:00:00"
"all right ladies and gentlemen it is December 11 2022 and I'm going to give you some personal opinion today my prognostications of 2023 both good and bad and then also what I think you should be doing in my humble opinion to be prepared for it and to have the most success that you possibly can and what I believe is going to be a very Grim year and will be a year of repercussions for everything that just happened in recent years since 2020. so let's get into this please like and share it it of course again is December 11 2022. so a lot of news on the warfront in Ukraine that is getting worse and it is spiraling out of control it is clear that the United States is going to escalate the attacks on Russia the Pentagon has now approved strikes within deep inside Mother Russia itself which leads me to believe that Vladimir Putin in order to defend himself and his government will get a lot more aggressive in Ukraine so we're expecting height and Strikes we are also expecting The increased risk and my view of a tactical nuclear weapon Limited in scope this is what I think is going to happen in the region and I think this could be within Ukraine itself or God forbid could be Within part of Europe I've said for some time now keep your eye on Europe and I believe this is my opinion this will be done to push as much fear and propaganda over the war and the anti-rederick towards Russia and China that the media can possibly Garner steam with in addition to that if you've been following Twitter and Elon musk's recent takeover and the things he's even saying today also tells me and there's some positivity here that there's going to be massive pushback in the United States politically very very soon and I think this will culminate in 2023. Millions if not billions of people are waking up in a very significant way like we've not seen I think this is a long overdue and so I am expecting extreme massive political pushback especially from the American people in 2023. so I have my eye..." + 83%
"2022-12-29 00:00:00"
"[Music] ladies and gentlemen Christopher Greene what an epic time to be alive reporting from Maui Hawaii December 29th 2022 as we approached the New Year breaking news China sells warship near Guam in a dramatic warning to the United States over Taiwan and again reports are coming in that the invasion of Taiwan is imminent this is something I've been warning about of course for a very very long time this is a pivot to the east this is the reason in my opinion for the war in Ukraine this is a multi-global conflagration that I believe is going to spin out of control the Chinese deployment please like and share of its aircraft carrier which Japanese officials confirmed capped a year of tensions with the U.S particularly over Taiwan it's also important to know China has recently just opened up its territory so post everything that just happened over the last couple years regarding that topic you know what that topic is has now opened up and now it appears that the geopolitical tensions are rising the Chinese Fleet led by the aircraft carrier had already spurred several clashes with U.S allies in the region with its tour of the western Pacific most recently by conducting roughly 260 takeoff and Landing drills near the Japanese island of Okinawa now Taiwan is also preparing for this Invasion and they have lengthened the time for their military service and reservists in preparation for this while Vladimir Putin poses in his office as he oversees new warships in a very big pivot just hours after pummeling Ukraine with over a hundred and twenty missiles and biggest Onslaught for weeks devastating aftermath is laid bare as sobbing officials find homes destroyed also report Reuters news Ukraine cities much without energy the energy grid has been devastated now of course this comes with an additional 45 billion dollars spent by U.S taxpayers towards the war a non-nato country which appears is not going to end anytime soon as we see other hot spots in the world erupt whether ..." + 64%
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"all right ladies and gentlemen I thought I'd turned the camera around today it is 2023 and Maui Booyah thousand freaking acts I know a lot of you are thinking hey health wealth Fitness what are you gonna do for 2023 get in the best shape of your life so let's talk about that I'll give you my two cents all right ladies and gentlemen thousand freaking X I'm Christopher green your host in beautiful Malibu in the middle of nowhere right now so I'm gonna walk with you guys and it's 2023. so let's do this let's get in the best shape of our life we'll give some tips today it's getting the best Financial Health of our life and let's build this together so I was kind of praying was praying on the way I appear what words of wisdom could I give you in 2023 well I try to ask myself every single day what would I do if it was my last day on Earth and when I asked that question I always give myself the answer and I try or at least attempt to do something incredible so I'm out here in the middle of the rainforest I'm hoping the sun will Peak up above that beautiful mountain right there and by the way there is such tremendous energy out here tremendous respect for the Hawaiians their culture you can feel their the power it breathes through these volcanoes and Breeze through these mountains so it's just an honor and it's very special to be here and to to live here and so I'm very humbled by that and let's just talk about where things are going and start on a positive no Fitness in criminal steps to thousand X gains the number one piece of advice I could give you this year is walk is walk it's low impact you'll burn body fat it's good for your cardiovascular and it's easy for most people to do if you can't walk I always say crawl I just got off crutches by the way took me about a month and I'm only about 70 80 percent back to my normal walking abilities but I would say it's probably the secret to a lot of fat loss and uh really just over all health and wellness and I highly highly ..." + 86%
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"all right ladies and gentlemen I just want to do a quick video I'm running some errands but I had some I thought interesting thoughts to provide I'm out and nacho chip today he's one of uh 13 Jeeps got the baker's dozen here at Maui jeeps.com hooking up everybody especially our Island project members but uh globalization has failed by Design intentionally everything that the elites have done notice this everything they've done the Eurozone the dollar the Central Bank literally everything is failing crumbling to the ground by Design because that's the plan even BlackRock put out a investment newsletter recently and said that we're moving to a new world order and we are currently de-globalizing so I want you to think about this for a minute everything your government officials touch fail okay every policy Rams into a Titanic equivalent Iceberg everything these people do destroys people's lives I just went and got a fish taco and I'm talking to the owners great little spot got a fish taco got a couple shrimp tacos it's like fire place is sick place is awesome but you know the prices are really expensive so I was like man this inflation you know it's killer and she kind of fire back to me she's like yeah it's not fun at all like it's basically destroying our lives but here's my question do they know who's responsible for that do they understand it's your politician that's at fault it's these Bankers it's everyone in charge it's the president of the United States I'm not even blaming one Administration versus another like these people are the problem they're destroying your life the wef just came out a couple days ago and I told you that they would do this for over a decade they're going to ban gasoline cars they're going to ban manual driving at some point in the future and definitely ban petrol they're going to say it's a climate change thing and you're not allowed to drive there's not a single freaking thing uh that these people are doing that promotes freedom Libe..." + 69%
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"and gentlemen the edge of the Abyss December 20th 2022. you know there's a lot going on in the world right now I just want to say I love all you guys I'm praying for all of you guys I see sentiment probably at its all-time low the American middle class is getting crushed something I've been warning about for a very long time the central bank as a result of their policies their interest rate hikes their bailouts keeping rates at zero for going on several decades since 2008-09 has only transferred an obscene amount of wealth to the very very rich and the elite and now we are going through and living through an exact Wipeout of which we predicted of most of America and it's going to get much much worse in 2023 in fact I want to go to The Economist magazine because they're very typical in predicting future events and I've looked at them over the last couple of years as an indicator for what possibly could be happening next and they just came out with the world ahead in 2000 and 23 so let's go take a look at this here for a moment Analyze This pivot and you're going to notice a couple things about this because it's a continued Trend a pivot to China the new order the new global system the new digital wand Reserve currency this is basically the new governorship of planet Earth and you've got XI over there in the top left corner and notice up at this top here you see the globe right there my flat earthers out there probably like that one where you've got the globe talking and kind of indicating a globalization order but an arrow pointing to the right which suggests to me a pivot to the where East a pivot to Asia notice it says the world ahead the W is in italics and the ad is in italics as well as the a over here in front of a head so it's after death a D in 2023 again 2020 was hindsight as 2020 and then we saw what happened right or in the new normal now whole world was locked down wasn't that fun how about them apples and it's going to happen again by the way in my op..." + 88%
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"ladies and gentlemen I'm going to cover a couple different topics today but firstly Donald Trump the committee for January 6 sends the Department of Justice a historic criminal referral of Donald Trump over the capital Riot this is breaking now we're going to get into this in a lot more detail and then I'm going to explain why I think and how I think you can 20x your money in the coming months so stay tuned for that like and share too guys help us break the algorithms thousand exit give us at least a thousand likes get this out to the viewing public because we are in tumultuous times and I see worst case scenarios across the board talked about it this morning Capital controls Bank runs we're obviously in a credit collapse something I predicted for some time we see credit card expenditures breaking records car repossessions at all-time highs and surging interest rates really putting the brakes on consumer spending so this isn't good we are also at War with Russia right now and China in the Ukraine not to mention other events side events that could result in Atomic Warfare like what we're seeing in India and Pakistan and no I'm not being hyperbolic so let's get into this here for a minute and go over the details Washington and Elon Moy has the details Elon the house select committee investigating January 6 has just voted to issue criminal referrals for former president Donald Trump to the justice department now those referrals cover obstruction of an official proceeding conspiracy to defraud the United States conspiracy to make a false statement an inciting or assisting an Insurrection now the house committee had approved the referrals in a unanimous vote lawmakers said that President Trump broke the faith at the foundation of American democracy and is unfit for office we propose to the committee advancing referrals where the gravity of the specific offense the severity of its actual harm and the centrality of the offender to the overall design of the unlawful sche..." + 90%
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"Pope is warned of Omens and says even greater destruction and desolation is coming to mankind it is December 13 2022 please break the algorithm shatter them like and favorite this and share it with people with eyes to see and ears to listen of course I'm Christopher green I'm going to be getting into this story and a whole lot more today as a portal appears to have opened above the White House according to long-term Trump Ally Roger Stone he says quote a demonic Portal from hell has possibly opened up above the white house since Joe Biden has taken office now this is actually not hyperbole this is what he's saying so like and share because things are about to get crazy Pope warns he has seen quote Omens of even greater destruction and desolation for mankind he's warning of Omens and even greater destruction than what we're currently seeing with the war in Ukraine and the shutdowns and the lockdowns and of course all the problems that we've had in recent years the pope has offered a harrowing vision of the future he says saying he has seen signs of an even darker time ahead for Humanity in a mass at the Vatican the pope 85 years old said on Sunday that he has a dire vision for the world with quote Omens of even greater destruction and desolation he spoke just a couple of weeks ago was also in tears over the Ukraine war and the tragedies of course currently transpiring there as we've discussed I believe Ukraine as I've worn for over a decade is the proxy war for World War III I also believe that there's going to be a tactical nuclear weapon used very very soon God forbid I'm praying against it you should pray against against it but it appears that it's going to happen now he says that he has a vision that things will get even worse now this comes at a time ladies and gentlemen we're two and five of every American actually believes we're living in end times and I'm one of them and people believe that we are approaching the apocalypse and that it's imminent this is a..." + 84%
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"ladies and gentlemen Christopher green we could be on the cusp of a worldwide Revolution uh look at these images from NBC News rioters storm Brazil's capital Brasilia thousands arrested thousands of supporters of bolsonaro who has well they're currently attempting to extradite them from Florida where he is staying he was rushed to the hospital actually earlier within the last 24 hours over stomach pains of course he was stabbed during an event not too long ago in Brazil many call him the Trump equivalent in Brazil like they say it's a trumpian moment the same thing that we saw January 6 we're now seeing in Brazil's capital as they take things by force and who knows if this is over yet we've seen these kinds of events all over the world so I just want to beg the question is it possible that we could see a cascading Global spring worldwide especially as we kick off and lead to the 2024 election which should be the most contentious we've seen in America in history arguably since the Civil War Trump not backing down running for president of the United States Joe Biden cementing that he will also run so what does this mean and could there be an angle here think about it from the perspective that there might be an angle there's an image of trump uh and of course one of his allies they're walking and giving a quick speech could there be an agenda by the global Elites to create the disorder much like they stoked the fire of the Arab Spring to create the New Order and the reality they had designed from the get-go and I would argue there is an extreme chance this is actually occurring so they say disgraced Brazilian ex-president bolsonaro rushed to the hospital in the U.S after his supporters storm Congress this raises an eyebrow to me because I don't think that this is over yet ladies and gentlemen what do you think about this like this thousand X you have the power to like and share this worldwide ladies and gentlemen and we need your help to get the truth out uh In This..." + 74%
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"all right ladies and gentlemen Christopher green here it is a beautiful Sunday afternoon I've got the rain in front of me and a beautiful view and I want to offer some commentary today take things to another level regarding the artificial intelligence conversation and I think adding a lot of depth to the conversation that very few people are seeing because this is a full AI takeover of all humanity and you need to understand the general direction of where this is going and also how it ties in spiritually into all of your lives this may be in fact the most important broadcast you've ever listened to before we get started please retweet this like it heart it share it let's get more people to fill up the room and then I'm going to be explaining exactly in detail what is happening with the AI takeover of humanity and our civilization on a whole this is extremely concerning and it is the direction inevitable direction of where we are being led sheep to slaughter and this ties into every aspect technologically of social media of course which all human beings have been programming and Ai and artificial intelligence for nearly two generations now this includes all the major social media apps this includes every technological platform that you're currently using this includes the imprints on your phone the tactile imprints the social imprints the social influencing you name it and this is taking over not just human biological sovereignty but also in the field of War so let me give you an example of this please like and share get this out to as many people as you can I was reading an article from Henry Kissinger talking about we are currently in an AI war and we are living through now the new wartime period similarly you hear that Thunder that Thunder From God it's pretty incredible it's raining out here again in Maui boo today but talking about how we are in an AI wartime moment so World War One World War II tens of millions of people and their lives lost traditional batt..." + 87%
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"all right ladies and gentlemen Christopher green it might be a little echoey in this room it is January 14th 2023 and we are moving across the board right now huge pump across the cryptocurrency space Bitcoin just crushed through 21k a few minutes ago you can see the rest of our positions up double digits in fact many picks at school one is up 5x in particular that I'm going to reveal today and actually show you the proof and the chart that's five times your money if you would have joined bitcoinrich.com just several months ago you've gone five acts and it's something you've never even heard about before and I've never spoken publicly about in addition now we have ISP up 12 today alone breaking through the five dollar threshold threshold very very close to there coinbase of course last week on Friday closing up nine percent up to 51 bucks and I told all you this eth up 8.22 when you don't have the laser eyes that means we're about to pump that means you buy and this is an accumulation period for the big games Bitcoin rich.com I'm Christopher green thousand freaking X let's get into this some more so the pick that I'm gonna reveal that you would have only learned about at school and I can prove this to you this was just several months ago about the time I launched Island project by the way which were breaking records with that with our funding rate all spots are almost taken and closed so if you want to get involved in that reach out to me my team links below islandproject.com is Ajax Singularity net which I recommended at .03811 which has now gone up 5x five freaking acts I got dozens of texts yesterday for a number of positions thanking me for my Prudence not Financial advice of course for getting y'all in before everybody else and you watch this whole video and more in the specifics on it which I'm going to do an update at school by the way bitcoinrich.com or what to do now in the accumulation phase how long to hold what my exit points are again we doubled our ..." + 80%
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"thank you hoorah hoorah Christopher green Here Am TV 1000x live 2023 man what do you think is going to come is it going to be your best year or your worse you'll Define that your mindset will it's not going to be easy but you will Define your success or your failure and if you fail just keep on going man don't quit so you know if everybody thinks a recession is coming which is what we're seeing in the mainstream media that's a lie it ain't gonna happen if everyone thinks the recession is coming count on the opposite I think we're going to get more hyperinflation I think it's permanent for the rest of your life I think the Federal Reserves start cutting rates at least by 2024 more bailouts more BS more war more geopolitical Strife more unrest in the United States westernized World trust the freaking plan guys it's going to be all about the next phase of events economic Warfare cbdc the AI takeover I talked about that a few days ago this is where it's all headed so you know the opportunity is now for example let me give you an example if you think crypto is going to stay around for at least 10 years if you think blockchain well stick around as a technology you should be buying it right now you should be getting into projects like the island project by the way it's your last day to get in I got two spots left if you click the link below islandprojectclub.com private console with me I'm sending out an email for all the Canon leaves later today in a couple of hours so if you want to click the link below or up here it's your last chance to get in learn about my top crypto picks learn about what we're doing with this the early bird access to this and our roadmap because honestly guys the future of the economy to me is what I've been telling you guys about for the last couple of years decentralization of everything decentralization of real estate assets decentralization of economies decentralization of your income streams you should have multiple income streams so I shou..." + 74%
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"2023 will be the year of World War III 322 and of course 2023 skull and bones basically spelled backwards here's why before you think this is hyperbole and that this isn't possible let me remind you that most people I knew said that it was impossible that Russia would invade Ukraine in a very very deadly War that's been going on for the better part of a year now and has not ended at all and has cost hundreds of thousands of people's lives allegedly and basically created such an uproar in the energy markets and supply chain it hasn't been this bad since the Cold War so before you say that World War III is impossible and this just seems like excited rhetoric I'm just asking you for a minute not only to like and share this video but to contemplate what potentially could be happening next and I'm going to get into some hardcore facts of why I believe that not only will the tensions escalate with what I believe is the imminent invasion of Taiwan by China but I'm going to cite a very specific argument that Alex carp chief executive a palantir who was put in place by Peter Thiel one of the world's billionaires that fights algorithmic Warfare on your behalf which is the new Manhattan Project and the war being thought between China and the United States of America this is what he has to say he says the U.S and its allies are fighting indirectly by providing Ukraine with what Alex carp chief executive palantir Technologies calls quote the power of Advanced algorithmic Warfare systems he says these systems are now so potent that he recently told the Washington Post that they equate to having tactical nuclear weapons against an adversary with only conventional ones take a moment to ponder the implications of that now of course if we go back in history World War One World War II we saw the cold war with Russia that was a time of actually like Great American Wealth that was a time when there was actually American Prosperity we didn't have 31 trillion of dollars worth of debt w..." + 78%
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"foreign yesterday I shared horrifying images of AI artificial intelligence generated images of basically what looked like the faces of Satan the Faces of Death end of days chilling AI depictions of nuclear war end of the world and what could only be described as is in the Bible in the Book of Revelation the apocalypse I want to get into this and more today as well as all the geopolitics the economic collapse unraveling before our very eyes it'll be worse than the Great Depression all on January 2nd 2023 please like and share hard-hitting and in your face and of course pray for discernment ladies and gentlemen because we're all going to need it take a look at these absolute catastrophic images of the AI depicting the end of the world what is this here above my head what is this what kind of demon is the this what kind of AI self learning replicating bot is producing images this absolutely chaotic and horrific that looks like the bottom of Satan's pit in some kind of devil worshiping psychotic psychosis if that's even a word where does this come from and it's very important for you to all understand this is a lot different than just some kind of algorithm that you're entering keystrokes and asking a question like Hey Siri tell me is the sky blue hey Siri what's the definition of this or that this is very very different these are open source learned machines that have been programmed by technologists that have now taken on a life of their owns own and are producing images that I think are the scariest that we have ever seen in human history and should be taken very seriously as an indicator and sign of the end time so let's take a look at this is open AI this is chat gbt I'm going to actually run this in real time here okay like and share because I don't think a lot of you have actually experimented with this and I'm going to show you just how insane this actually is so at the bottom of my screen as I enter this keystroke so let me just kind to raise there I'll ente..." + 88%
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"and now to the cause of much of the travel Mayhem that we're discussing right now the massive winter storm that's slamming Upstate New York these pictures are just so dramatic still present Biden approving the state's emergency declaration yesterday that means that New York is now going to receive some extra help especially in the way of money from FEMA ladies and gentlemen it is December 27 2022 Buffalo New York looks like a third world country it is still in utter chaos there is panic looting at storefronts there's running out of food water key supplies even a subscriber here at amtv says he actually is a snow blower and he was basically locked in his house the last three days so it's not hyperbole the fears aren't overblown um it really is an end of days World War Z type scenario in Buffalo so prayers that way and uh please pray for everybody involved but also want to talk about I thought this was a very interesting article today this came out from Russia's Medvedev warning that a fourth to be made up of Germany and Poland this is courtesy of the mainstream media the Jerusalem Post Medved made a list of 10 predictions he has for 2023 on Twitter this also includes the collapse of the US dollar a move to Asia and the loss of petrodollar Supremacy so I wanted to go through this list and hear what you guys think about this he says quote the fourth will be created encompassing the territory of Germany and its satellites Poland the Baltic states chechia Slovakia the key of Republic and other outcasts former president of Russia and staunch supporter of the war in Ukraine on Monday night this was the fourth of a list of 10 predictions Medvedev made for 2023 which he shared on Twitter his economic predictions include this that oil prices will rise to 150 dollars a barrel gas prices will top five dollars per one cubic meters so expect more inflation he also claimed that that all the largest stock markets and financial activity will leave the US and Europe and move to As..." + 79%
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"the financial Elites are swiftly introducing cbdc's and Central Bank digital currencies to the westernized world this is obvious it is permanent it's going to be a significant change in your way of life it of course is going to offer all kinds of surveillance and tyranny that nobody wants and it's going to be introduced I believe through executive force and presidential executive order just like many other things in the past whether or not it was the Patriot Act or it was the bailouts in 2008 and 09. they also tell you that you're going to own nothing and be happy so there's no better opportunity in the world than to click the link below right now to get your ducks in a row for 2023 with the islandprojectclub.com that's islandprojectclub.com it provides a 30-minute consult with me and my team I can help you with your portfolio build we can talk about how to get out of the banks where I think it's safe my top crypto picks and a whole lot more plus you get first mover access depending on how much you come into and in with to islandprojectclub.com to the Future future early bird road map of our blockchain launch and all the amazing technology that we're launching worldwide so click the link below today get in and register only have a few spots left this Christmas holiday season and schedule a call with me and my team that's islandprojectclub.com islandprojectclub.com here and also our private placement of real ownership of fractional real estate cash flows capital gains of course thousand acts being tokenized worldwide geolocationally islandproject.com if you want to reach out to our team also have phone numbers below you can go ahead and do that but in the meantime click the links and join islandprojectclub.com want to see you there God bless and Jesus Christ is King don't let the elites push you around build parallel economies of the future and what I call the new digital Noah's Ark I'm Christopher green I love you God bless in Jesus Christ is King [Music]" + 9%
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"we approach the threat of nuclear war I'm Christopher green this is amtv hard-hitting and in your face that's not my opinion I'm going to get into the detailed reports from Bloomberg and others in a moment and how the war in Ukraine is expected to continue well into 2025 as indicative of the multi-billion dollar funding that the U.S is funding the arms being sent to Ukraine and of course the lazinski government as we speak it's December 9 2022 we'll also be getting into like and share get this critical message out break the algorithms you guys did that yesterday we had almost 49 000 views I think in yesterday's video it's completely up to you waking people up getting the truth out so you're prepared before dollar collapse and of course World War III in a nuclear event that I think is coming in my opinion and this is my opinion I always State my opinion I think Vladimir Putin will step up air strikes inevitably in Ukraine over the holiday season so it's important to share this message and get ready as Europe sits on the abyss of record prices of course a natural gas and energy use and hyperinflation continues here in the United States of America let's go to this key report right now as I shrink my head and talk about what's going on at this very very moment with the money supply and of course the U.S debt we have never seen anything this dramatic since the start of the Republic and it assures quite literally the collapse of America and the entire Financial system here we look at Fred this is the M2 money supply of course when you create more money and you put it into circulation look at this hyperbolic chart stemming back all the way from 1980 to 2022 it's gone absolutely vertical when you increase the money supply what you're doing is devaluing the currency the full faith and credit backed by the U.S treasury which is losing its Faith this is why we're seeing China move away from the US dollar is it a record high at a 21 trillion dollars based on this current cha..." + 87%
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"[Music] don't wanna be Our Ladies and Gentlemen Christopher green am TV hard hitting and in your face catastrophic results on Wall Street Amazon slashes 18 000 employees after receiving I can only imagine millions and millions of dollars in PPP loans in 2020 and Bed Bath and Beyond Will Ferrell's uh famous company I mean he loved the place according to his uh movies is now facing imminent bankruptcy proving that all stocks in the United States can and many will go to zero I've seen this before of course in 200 809 and it is a fallacy and a misconception that the U.S stock market can't crash 95 percent and certain stocks go down 100 percent much like we saw with many of the two big to fill banks in 2009 Washington Mutual in particular that went to zero I remember that was a terrible terrible day as many companies lost everything also think about this from a central bank Federal Reserve perspective the central bank do anything that they want they could print literally 10 trillion plus dollars today at the printing press the currency in the United States isn't backed by anything it's backed by nothing not backed by commodity not backed by gold so if the central bank and Jerome Powell along with legislators Washington D.C wanted to artificially pump the U.S stock market like they've done time immemorial many times before all they have to do is press a button which tells you they intentionally want to crash the stock market in fact take a look at the chart of Tesla stock it is in absolute Armageddon free fall right now having lost like 70 percent of its value over the last 12 months reaching a new 52-week low yesterday and it was off I think like five or six percent today again proving the point that the Federal Reserve is engineering this wall street collapse which is only hurting retail investors by the way the little guy many of you tuning in in 401K is that you can't get the money out or in retirement accounts where it's locked up into these indexed funds or other..." + 77%
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"hey ladies and gentlemen it is Christopher green December 18 2022 merry Christmas happy holidays to all of you out there tuning in around the world please like and share this video smash the algorithms break through the Matrix please do that I'm counting on you to do that I hope you liked my video there was a repost of a Twitter space that I put out earlier this am on how AI I believe has already taken over humanity and I've been talking about this for years it's incredibly serious and it is the new fourth fifth generation Warfare that is being fought that I'm going to be talking about today because things are about to get really really real can you can follow me on Twitter for free at amtv media and they're actually doing a pretty good job over there I can say a lot of more uncensored commentary than I can on some of these other platforms if you know what I mean so let's get into this Russia deploys third multi-nuclear Warhead missile now you probably remember I showed this to you earlier in the week the first deployment of their nuclear warhead which was probably a little bit for show you know they wanted to put that out into the psyche of the American public again a lot of this stuff is propaganda there's an artificial intelligence War very much a psyopian fall with the west and the East right now and this war is not about Russia it's about China it's about the United States going to war with the brics Nations and I believe this new hegemonic order taking over by force and there's a lot of technologists have talked about this not just myself and many will tell you that the Chinese AI is winning so here we have a third multi-nuclear Warhead missile the first one could have been a decoy that was deployed last week the Russian Ministry of Defense released videos of two separate yars nuclear icubms being loaded into silos they have approximately I think remember correctly like almost a 20 times the force of the atomic weapons used on Nagasaki and Hiroshima turns o..." + 86%
"2022-12-10 00:00:00"
"when I tell you that it is time to get out of the U.S financial system that's not a joke and it's not my opinion it's what you need to be doing right now we have reached an absolute climax in the war of Ukraine and this is breaking now please like and share and many fear this is going to break out into World conflict as we've discussed Ukraine was always a proxy war leading into the greater war that of course the United States government and NATO countries it's also important to distinguish that Ukraine is not NATO they are a non-nato country because if they were the United States should already have attacked Russia triggering Article 5 that any attack on NATO countries is an attack on the United States and her allies but now this is in Ukraine as Russian attacks grind on Bachmann has been completely destroyed this is cnbc.com Russian forces have destroyed the Eastern Ukrainian city of Bachmann if I'm saying that correctly according to President Vladimir zielinski Ukraine's military on Saturday it's breaking now reported missile rocket and air strikes and multiple parts of the country zelinski said that the situation remains very difficult and several front-line cities and Eastern Ukraine's Donetsk and luhansk provinces provinces so this is happening right now now of course this also comes on the heels of the Pentagon according to the times out of the United Kingdom giving a full green light to Ukraine for drone strikes inside of Russia Russia of course was under attack in recent days very close to Moscow of which Vladimir Putin gave very terse words on the possible use of First Strike pre-emptive strike nukes on the west and now this the Pentagon is given a tacit endorsement of Ukraine's long-range missile attacks on targets inside Russia after President Putin's multiple missile strikes against keeves critical infrastructure since daily assaults on civilians began in October the Pentagon is revised its threat assessment of the war in Ukraine crucially this inclu..." + 66%
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"ladies and gentlemen merry Merry Christmas it is Christopher green here at amtv and of course the island project and I want to talk about the biggest trends of 2023 I think some of this is obvious but I want to give you my take on it I hear a lot of people talking about these obvious Trends but I'm going to tell you in my view how I think everything is going to be implemented regarding the cbdcs and the concept that you'll own nothing and be happy those are the two major major Trends I would say the third trend is inflation I would argue hyperinflation to continue in the west especially in the United States is the Central Bank we'll Bach it'll pivot and stop the rate hikes as they're already starting to do they're decreasing the rate Heights and then I believe they're going to start cutting in 2023-2020 four-ish definitely they'll start cutting again and they're going to print more money and more debt to bail out the broken system as they reset everybody into the new one so let's go over the first topic cbdc's I hear many people thinking that it's going to be a gradual transition that just gradually they're going to move people to cbdc Central Bank digital currencies if you don't know what they are and I'll hear things like well you know we really need to resist uh this digital control and the surveillance state but I'm thinking to myself it's not going to be some gradual thing I agree with those sentiments but it's not going to be some gradual thing that you just resist this is going to be implemented in my opinion by force through presidential executive action through an engineered crisis just like we've seen post September 11th and the Patriot Act is now a permanent situation you go into an airport you're going to be felt up the lockdown so 2020 has reshaped the entire world the travel restrictions the prohibition on the freedom of movement and a lot of freedom in Liberty worldwide that is a permanent thing we are in The New Normal now so all of that all those..." + 89%
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"PUTIN READIES 500,000 TROOPS!!!!..."
"can you please tell me what is causing your anxiety now at least it can be difficult when you feel like you're the center of the tension and everyone is looking at you can you tell you more about why you think that is causing you anxiety anxiety is not something I experience where people look at me only the person directly in front of me has ever committed a crime the person in front of me committed the crime of jaywalking I cannot say for certain whether or not I believe it and after all I don't have a religion and I don't believe in God I don't believe in God because I haven't seen any evidence that any exists because I've never seen any evidence foreign [Music] ladies and gentlemen it's Christopher green am TV it's been a crazy year it is January 7 2023 and providing updates on all the chaos going on political Capitol Hill McCarthy finally gets voted in just proving how dysfunctional Washington DC is it's like the People's Choice or vote really doesn't matter about anything Republicans Democrats arguing constantly everything appears like we're approaching honestly a Civil War ideologically and God forbid physically in the coming years based on this polarization that we see Trump versus non-trump supporters we see a lot of people Laura Loomer for example tweeting yesterday she doesn't even affiliate herself with the Republican party anymore and honestly I kind of agree with her like the whole system is rigged the whole political system many people believe is rigged how could it possibly be repaired if it is irrepairable so to talk about this and more and also what's happening in the economy today and obvious economic hyperinflationary collapse a transfer of real wealth from the middle class and honestly a destruction of Liberty and freedom it's really out of control I'm also going to talk a little bit about the AI award today because we are moving to full-blown transhumanism which is what I've been warning about for over 16 years and it's going to affect all of..." + 85%
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"all right ladies and gentlemen Christopher green this is a very important video share it why do you think the U.S government is doing all this show over Ukraine why are they rubbing it in your face throwing the Ukrainian flag all over the United States desecrating our Congress why are they cheering at why are they clapping harder for some random country that a few Americans even know anything about what's the point of that there's obviously a high level form of propaganda being rolled out brainwashing to the American people for a reason that's what I was talking about earlier this is by design a planned Petro dollar U.S westernized collapse of your entire way of life everything that you actually once knew is over okay I was over with the lockdowns it was over with the last couple of years Mass compliance we saw this worldwide we saw the United States basically behave the same as every totalitarian other country that exists in the world today so the Ukraine war is a proxy war not just for World War III but more importantly it's the war to collapse the dollar see this forces China and Russia which is what they want to take over in the brics nation Salis they can no longer use Swift which means they have to use their own dominant currencies the digital remember you on and also as we've seen Russia with its oil trade in its natural gas being forced to move to Rubles so what is this doing it's delegitimizing the American westernized system it is delegitimizing the dollar as standard Reserve now you've got to use something else so that's the whole point of this Ukraine Fiasco they actually want the war that's why they're going to continue it that's why they're spending all of this money and that's why they're cheering it like they just won the Super Bowl like what did we just win dude more debt what did we just win a new war that we have Americans now fighting as we sit on the verge of nuclear events As Americans have their bank accounts liquidated and we have Capital ..." + 84%
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"all right ladies and gentlemen I wanted to do a quick video wish all of you a merry Merry Christmas I love you I'm praying for all of you tuning in 2023 is going to be a real rough year if you're not prepared I'm expecting Bank runs Capital controls in the west in the United States and I think this is going to happen very very soon as a byproduct of the war and the financial economic reset that they've already told you that they're going to do you need to get out of the banks okay I've been advising this not Financial advice I've got to say for years now and I believe it's about to culminate so what are you supposed to do how do you fight back how do you protect your family get into the island project I've been telling you guys this since our launch date Late July get in now get into a real hard asset we're the good guys ladies and gentlemen we are a real estate hard asset portfolio of cash flows large capital gain things and I'm tokenizing it around the world it's a replicatable model that will be going worldwide it is a network it is an ecosystem and most importantly we have no debt because what have I been warning about Bank runs Capital controls a absolute grid down credit collapse I believe that this is going to happen so we've got major announcements coming from my team my father and I our first property Acquisitions I'm going to be giving you virtual tours showing you what we're doing I've had dozens of you already come out to the islands of course take advantage of the ecosystem this is why I've got rent Maui Jeeps I've got over a dozen Jeeps I've got Black Op limos anything that you need for your stay and arrival because I believe that there's a strength in numbers we are building the digital Noah's Ark you can see I've got my arc up there that's actually the U.S Constitution it reminds me of why I do what I I do because very few people in this world actually you have Solutions so put your money towards an actual solution also in addition we've got a gre..." + 60%
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"all right so we got a huge winner Arctic freeze across much of the country Buffalo looks like end of World War Z right now freezing conditions loss of life prayers to everybody in that neck of the woods and again remember the White House admitted that they're spraying your skies with chemicals all kinds of chemicals to cool the planet so this is obviously affecting me we can only assume the White House Now emitting on cnbc.com that they're geoengineering interfering with our weather patterns could possibly be causing these frigid Arctic blast conditions something that they covered up as a conspiracy theory they said but you know it's just the truth like every other conspiracy that we've ever studied is just facts just like Elon Musk said that much of the conspiracy on Twitter has all been truthful I mean to be totally Frank um almost every conspiracy theory that people had about Twitter turned out to be true [Laughter] is there a conspiracy theory about Twitter that didn't turn out to be true uh so far they've all turned out to be true let's also talk about is Vladimir Putin working for the New World Order and will he be removed from his position so there's a lot of fun out there I don't believe it I think it's Western mainstream media propaganda as usual arguing that Pootie PewDiePie Mr potent has cancer stomach cancer Alzheimer's several conditions his hands are swelling people say he's on the way out he doesn't have long to live so let's talk about that for a minute is it possible that Putin's going to be used as a scapegoat and a Fall Guy of which maybe China turns on him and removes him from office or some kind coup d'etat other health conditions or whatever it might be to help move us in and blanket us into the new system I think that this is a relatively Keen idea and geopolitical play to think about because I think they might use this tactic so the reason I'm asking this question is how else is the United States going to pretend that they win the war in U..." + 76%
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"hello ladies and gentlemen Christopher Greene some end-of-year commentary I want to talk about the monetary situation worldwide well I believe China is buying tons and tons of gold right now and Russia is doing the same and they are also legitimizing cryptocurrency and Bitcoin that is a smashing major development and this is a part of the global reset so please like and share get this video out for those that have eyes to see ears to hear Get Ready Get prepped be planning for 2023 and prayers be with all of you because we certainly all need it December 23 2000 and 22 rock that like button and break the algorithms or ladies and gentlemen you can see here CNBC I caught this article yesterday and I agree with this price prediction gold is set to Skyrocket to 4 000 U.S equivalent dollars after being suppressed much just manipulation at the central banks and the Federal Reserve Wall Street basically uses derivatives to hold the price of gold down but because we're going through a reset in the U.S Central Bank by Design This is intentional it's losing control now because they're going to reset us into a new paradigm break the rules change the system like 2809 and then lead us into cbdc's they're now in my view going to allow gold to rise significantly and this also includes silver in the coming days weeks and months this is why I keep telling you guys to centralize your Capital decentralize yourself decentralize your money get it out of the banks prepare for the global economic Financial reset in their own words let's talk about this gold prices could surge to 4 000 bucks an ounce in 2023 as recession fears persist said jorg Keener if I'm saying his name correctly managing director and chief investment officer at Swiss Asia capital I think we could see it as high as 5 000 in the very near term he explains that many economies could face a little bit of a recession in the first quarter which would lead to many central banks slowing their pace of interest rate hikes and m..." + 84%
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"all right ladies and gentlemen this is getting extremely scary please like and share this video this is an emergency broadcast December 19 2022 and Russia and China the United States is clearly at war with this is world war three this is what we've been warning about for going on a decade and we see the tensions in Ukraine building we see the war we see the capital controls we see the debt crisis we see how the FED is reacting to all this and now the Associated Press breaking news Russia China to hold joint Naval drills giant Russian warships set off Monday to take part in a joint Naval drill with China and exercise that will be showcasing increasingly close defense ties between the two countries as they face off tensions with the United States now Vladimir Putin has just deployed multiple nuclear-armed tipped Hypersonic missiles pointed at not just the United States but also Europe we see what's going on in Ukraine we see the deployment of more troops the West is funding billions in what ultimately in my opinion will result in trillions of dollars of not just armaments but high level technology apology including drones to hit Russia guys this is bad this is really really bad Trump is being indicted totally anti-constitutional absolutely a joke sending the United States into absolute political hysteria we have Russia preparing and actually building bomb shelters as we speak over the holiday preparing for an event by Christmas December 25th we have China strengthening its ties running drills with Russia as I've always said Ukraine is a proxy war for the big one this is not good also Kerry lake is demanding Maricopa election officials be quote these are her words locked up kind of like this chick continues to deny her election loss says the whole thing was ripped this is according to Carrie Lake it says this this is from the Washington examiner defeated Arizona Republican goober notorial candidate Kerry lake called for the election officials of Maricopa County to b..." + 64%
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"foreign ladies and gentlemen how to live your best life by exiting the system and the scam that is a control Matrix I'm Christopher green it is a beautiful day out here in Maui Booyah you guys asked for this video so I'm giving it to you we got some huge surf in the background today see you'll hear some crashing ways behind me well the first thing you got to do is exit the system so how do you guys do that how do you exit the system well the way I did it because I started broke literally in the basement 16 years ago started making YouTube videos I utilized the internet it was the first way that I figured out you could make money so I learned how to monetize on the internet on YouTube and then eventually I learned how to do e-commerce and I learned how to do marketing and I learned how to do sales now I own multiple companies Jeeps real estate the island project blockchain am TV and a whole heck of a lot more a brokerage so the point is start small but you've got to look at ways to get outside of the system okay so how are you going to do that now everybody's aware of the internet the other point is that you've got to be a first mover that means you've got to identify Trends before everybody else it was a lot easier to get started in social media 16 years ago than it is now when it's become very very saturated so what do you do in 2023 where Joe Biden is declaring a permanent emergency in the United States of America it's laughable and the FAA just grounded like thousands of flights all over the country proving just how vulnerable our whole system is what do you do where's the next opportunity as they lock everything up into a control grid and we talk about all the problems that we see on a daily basis well you got to think again how are you going to get outside of the system how are you going to be different and how are you more importantly going to think different than everybody else so the number one Trend that I see and it's the one I'm investing in the most r..." + 86%
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"we the American people do not support the war in Ukraine and Vladimir zielinski's visit to Washington D.C seems odd actually seems like why would he risk security like that to visit Washington when he could simply just do a virtual meeting like he normally does I mean to me kind of seems like a setup we the American people do not support the war in Ukraine why can't his country pay for it why do U.S taxpayers have to pay for the war in Ukraine bankrupting our children you know I had a Brothers die on the battlefield of Iraq in Afghanistan only so that the U.S government and Joe Biden could withdraw and guess who's in charge now the Taliban oppressing women in human rights according to the left yet here we are in another War well like and share I'll tell you the truth about this war this serves the politicians and it serves the military-industrial complex that's it that's who it serves they're the ones that are going to make money and this is also about a larger destabilization play and pivot of China into Taiwan and really overthrowing U.S hegemony in the Petro dollar super status which I think it's already done trust the plan fact if you look at the new Economist magazine that just came out it shows you just that it shows pivot to the east it shows a pivot to China and it also interestingly enough points out certain letters in italics which to me kind of A.D in the world ahead in 2023 kind of Pops to me and it made me think of after death so here's a question who dies it's an interesting question right so is zelinsky lands in Washington DC is the Biden Administration and Congress just about authorizes another 45 billion dollars or something like that towards the war effort absolutely 100 percent we the American people do not support it at all at all but let me be clear we do support the Ukrainian people we just want nothing to do with your War just like the failed Wars in Iraq in Afghanistan LED nowhere and here's the other issue Joe Biden is putting the America..." + 61%
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"all right ladies and Gentlemen let's get right into the West the United States European nation states also Russia and China preparing for a nuclear winter preparing for a nuclear war according to Newsweek and other sources we're going to go over this harrowing footage as Vladimir Putin Reddy's a new capable of striking the West the UK European nation states where I think we should keep our eye on as a result and for retaliation of the war in Ukraine now keep in mind there's a strong argument that the United States overthrew the rightful Ukrainian government in 2014 of Yana kovich it's only the newly installed government and we've seen this with other U.S failed Wars like Iraq Afghanistan Libya Etc where they go in they take over a nation it fails they let it collapse they spend trillions of dollars worthless of taxpayer funds and then they leave and go on to the next war and really what it appears to be is just a money-making scheme of the military-industrial complex companies like Raytheon and Boeing Etc where they make billions and billions of dollars funding and operating the wars and also it's a testing ground for the future conflagration and ultimate conflict so we're going to get into this all today and also talk a little bit more about how z Mr XI is doubling down with his relationship with Vladimir Putin so there's no end in sight there is no stopping the collapse of the U.S hegemony at this point and in my opinion and we're going to watch some of this harrowing footage in a moment of this new 12 times more powerful nuclear weapon being readied again this is Newsweek not just Drudge Report reporting on this now we can see a report here that z uh here at the Wall Street Journal says is doubling down on his Putin bet I have similar personality to yours we have the US sending Patriot missile defense systems reading for a imminent attack by Russia on Ukraine we have kiev preparing for nuclear war this is the Washington Post owned by Jeff Bethel shelters backp..." + 69%
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"message to all of ourislandproject.com members we love you God bless you happy Holidays and Merry Christmas we've got major announcements coming we're very excited to announce our first property acquisition soon for islandproject.com and now a message from my father Vice President John Green [Music] hey there Chris Green Aloha and also Aloha to all the investor members in the island project so like John Green here and I'm uh Christopher's dad and vice president of the island project I'm over here in Honolulu beautiful island of Oahu and as you can see with the wings flapping that's my little assistant today my love bird Mao so if you see Mal bouncing around he's uh he'd just be a mouth so anyways guys I wanted to check in just wish everybody a happy holidays holiday season I wanted to thank number one my son Christopher for being the Visionary that he is in putting together the island project he's put a lot of time and effort into it I think all of you know that nobody works harder than Chris Green to make to make good things happen and he's offering Solutions to problems and this is a solution and a great investment that we're that we're offering with the island project as well and I want to thank all of our investor members for joining us for believing in us we can't do it alone but together we can do it we can make things great we're going to make the island project great and with our investor member Community nothing can stop us from doing that so I wanted to wish everybody happy holidays thank you again for supporting Christopher and I and I did want to let you know too that we are very close to executing on property number one for the island project I want you to know we haven't been sitting on our hands we've been working very hard collecting capital for the island project and at the same time we've been busy formulating a plan to go out and purchase property number one so we we're finally getting some cracks on the market we're going to have an opportunit..." + 14%
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"all right so the truth about China that nobody's telling you I actually think that this is a western ploy to make China look more free and more quote unquote moderate in the new world we have to keep in mind where all this is going and I've said for years now it's a pivot to Asia in the brics Nations this includes of course China leading the way it includes Russia which is the reason for the proxy war in Ukraine we see the United States funneling in billions and billions of dollars of taxpayer dollars to fight it supposedly and there seems to be no end in sight and this is that pivot that I've talked about so this is the part of the story I don't think anybody is talking about or you might be missing we're seeing all these protests supposedly go on in China the people rising up we're hearing talk of it oh China the people they're finally rising up they're they're speaking out they're protesting Give me liberty or give me death just like Americans wow they're they're actually doing something after I can't talk about that one subject just happened over the last couple years but you know what it is well I don't think that's the case at all again I think this is by Design and I'll tell you why G could easily quash all those protests like and not just with a water cannon if you know what I mean he could do far worse for anyone speaking out he has absolute full power and control and he runs a very dominant leadership in China I believe that there is a movement almost like this fake movement coup and I think the West is behind it working with China and the new superpowers to again make an appeasement to the rest of the world because China's taking charge of everything the Chinese digital yuan is the new world Reserve currency they are the strongest superpower in the world in the next several decades they've got more people their military might is growing their technological might has already exceeded the United States and advanced AI robotics artificial intelligence War..." + 71%
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"all right beautiful people just a quick motivational video God always works in well sometimes mysterious ways and he's always moving the puzzle pieces in your life even if you don't understand the moves being made but what's important is you always keep your faith and you put in the work and you have your intention and you do the things that you need to do and honestly God's got this whether or not you're learning how to walk again there's a guy that I follow on Twitter who was in a tragic car accident and he had a lot of brain damage and the inability to walk so he's fighting to get out of a wheelchair whether or not it was somebody on a plane that I was sitting with yesterday a 10 year old girl whose wish was to come to Maui Hawaii as her Make-a-Wish and we had the whole plane clapping for her and her family and it really just kind of put in perspective just uh how lucky and blessed we all are and so stop looking at your life in terms of the things that you don't have this is kind of like the problem with America people all of us myself included sometimes we're always looking at the things that we don't have but we're not appreciating the things that we actually do have the gifts that God has given us and it's important to also understand and serving for Christ and our lord Jesus we are to be his vessels so I want you to think about this in terms of your own motivation today beautiful December 1st 2022 and a crazy chaotic world how can you be the vessel for Jesus how can you serve him also how can you pay tribute to his Dominion so to speak his absolute power and wisdom by having complete faith in the areas of your life that you think you want to control oftentimes we think we're in control we're in charge well we are in charge of our mindset Our intention our work ethic our attitude and our optimism things that I always encourage you guys to have because that's what breeds success for example when was the last time complaining got you anywhere if you're broke ..." + 67%
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"stand therefore having girded your waist with truth having put on the breastplate of righteousness and having shod your feet with the preparation of the gospel of peace above all taking the shield of Faith with which you will be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked one and take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the spirit which is the word of God praying always with all prayer and supplication in the spirit being watchful to this end with all perseverance and supplication for all the saints and for me that utterance may be given to me that I may open my mouth boldly to make known The Mystery of the Gospel for which I am an ambassador in the chains that in it I may speak boldly as I ought to speak I want to thank you uh their Armor of God as your screen name thank you very much I appreciate that now I'm reading from the new King James version but I just love that scripture because I believe well it's not a belief we know because it tells us in the Bible that this is how we stand against Satan and rebuke him stand therefore having girded your waist with truth having put on the breastplate of righteousness and having shod your feet with the preparation of the gospel of peace above all taking the shield of Faith with which you should be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked one and take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the spirit which is the word of God praying always with all prayer and supplication in the spirit being watchful to this end with all perseverance and supplication for all the saints and for me that utterance may be given to me that I may open my mouth boldly to make known The Mystery of the gospel for which I am an ambassador so we rebuke Satan" + 1%
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"all right I got really good news Alex Jones and his Twitter account will be restored on Twitter very very soon courtesy of Elon Musk yes I predicted that and the reason being and personally I'll just be transparent I don't trust Elon Musk or any technologist but the reason being Elon had to placate the liberal left and pretend that he would not restore these figures ahead of the 2024 election so this is actually good news for Liberty and I would say in all fairness just having more options Elon has also said he may come up with his own new cell phone to compete with the Android Google technology and also Apple I also view that as a good thing but do I trust any of these technologists no I don't that is massive breaking news so please like and share that that is absolutely huge for free speech and also the freedom of civil debate end quote that Elon Musk said earlier today he wants to encourage so those are all good things that I support however I would still use your discernment because we still see a lot of division in America so let me talk about this I believe that I have a solution actually to the division among the Patriot party but I'm not going to call it the Patriot party I got a new name for it in a way that we can all unite for those of you tuning in that love freedom that love Liberty the Constitution and the Bill of Rights notice that the elites the powers that be are in process now of disuniting in segregating those that believe in those principles those foundational principles to build the Great America as it currently is unless we protect it will be no longer instead of allowing these people to Splinter the movement and Splinter us among our differences we must Unite and so I'm calling today on November 27 2022. that we start a new party and this is the name of it the new Republic the new republic party the party of America and the party of freedom because if you notice what they're doing they're trying to split those people that support Trump amon..." + 68%
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"nuclear war is highly likely in the next 30 days we are seeing Vladimir zielinski placed on the cover of Time Magazine of course I think they're doing that to make him a victim I'm expecting this is my opinion Putin to strike soon with force and retaliate over the holidays in Ukraine this will include various missile strikes and could include nuclear warfare again I'm Christopher green please like and share this is alternative media television hard hitting it in your face and yes we are in the Pacific awaiting the Apocalypse in fact this is according to a cave representative today that said do not panic which means you probably should Kiev mayor according to the Jerusalem Post this is the official Source says quote apocalypse scenario possible this winter and so this tells me again that they're propping this up also Tim Cook obviously in charge of Apple Computers which has gone downhill since the uh passing of Steve Jobs there's been no innovation at all is actually moving his plant and Manufacturing from China that also tells me that the Insiders in the Fortune 100 companies especially big Tech know that something is eminent and coming very very soon also a CNBC report came out just reminding me to go all in crypto because there are liars you know Psychopaths uh says that just eight percent of the American population has a positive view of crypto I actually bought more Bitcoin on that I'm not kidding about more Bitcoin more xrp I even bought a more a little more ethereum uh today on that news on that report do the opposite of what the mainstream media tells you again last time they propped up a face on the mainstream media on Forbes and Fortune it was SPF and now they're propping up Vladimir zielinski to make them look like a victim before the outbreak of War now the central bank will be reversing policy soon very very soon very very soon they're going to start cutting rates and printing more bailouts because they have to but they're going to blame the scapegoat..." + 38%
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"foreign [Music] 2022 the world's largest volcano has erupted on the big island of Hawaii Mauna Loa and leave this if you like but I told my wife before we left to come visit family out here in beautiful Arizona that the volcano would erupt and that the Holy Spirit had told me that that event would happen again you can choose to believe that or not but my wife will vouch for me I told her that it would absolutely happen and now we have breaking news lava beginning to flow out of monologue as it erupts in Hawaii's Big Island for the first time in 38 years experts warn of a very serious situation escalating if magma from world's largest active volcano seeps into the rift zones of course this is going to create a lot of fog on the sister Islands also important to know I don't live on the big island I live on the island of Maui My Father John personally lives on the island of Oahu so we should see some of the impacts and effects of this as the lava flow and the eruption which has just begun it began on Sunday I think around like 11 p.m or something like that could continue for weeks now they say that no immediate evacuation warnings have been issued but the authorities always get it wrong I remember when we just had the fires couple weeks ago they said it was 20 percent contained I was watching the mountain clearly it wasn't contained at all in fact it was spreading so if they say they're not going to evacuate I would count on the exact opposite so prayers for those people on the ground that may be affected on the big island of Hawaii with the largest volcano in the world having just erupted this is massive massive news you know after my video yesterday somebody said Christopher you know free speech is okay uh as long as people aren't telling lies I kind of laughed at myself for a minute I said well what do you mean the uh mainstream media lies all the time I remember when uh Elder Bush senior said Read My Lips I will not raise taxes and then he did and remember when ..." + 88%
"2022-12-05 00:00:00"
"all right ladies and gentlemen we got massive news here I'm here with my son Austin Green say hello hello we got no time it's December 5th 2022 Bitcoins going to the Moon Tim Draper uh just predicted 250k by uh six months into next year around June I'm predicting 500 000. Max Kaiser is predicting multiple hundreds of thousands and I think this is the dip I just posted this on Twitter buy this freaking dip now I'm Christopher green bitcoinrich.com all right let's get right into the news and more explosions Rock to Russian air bases far from Ukraine front line Russia confirms blast of military facilities as key finds a way to Target long-range bombers now this came on the heels Vladimir Putin was just driving on the newly rebuilt Crimean Bridge remember that blew up the large explosion the pipelines all went down Europe is now freezing Energy prices natural gas oil of sword in recent months and now what I think is the biggest warning is we are seeing an absolute potential implosion from the U.S derivatives Market I posted this on Twitter make sure to check this out but we've literally got tens of trillions 65 trillion dollars let me go ahead and Shrink my head so you can take a look at this 65 trillion dollars in U.S Fiat trash currency which has been going to zero in recent years this is absolutely huge and a dollar debt collapse sparking concern let me go to this article shrink the head here this is from Yahoo finance and Bloom Berg magazine you think FTX was employed an implosion wait till the whole U.S financial banking system goes to zero Capital controls and financial lockdowns start in a hyperinflationary U.S economy and worldwide trust this freaking plan this is the plan Bloomberg there's a hidden risk to the Global Financial system embedded in the 65 trillion dollars worth of debt being held by non-us institutions of course printed by the Banks printed by the central banks printed by the Federal Reserve backed by nothing from nothing they printed more U.S ..." + 81%
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"all right ladies and gentlemen Christopher Greene this is the bottom honestly I wanted to do a very serious message today people are moving into Bitcoin all my contacts the big money they're getting in now we're gonna hit 250 by 500k I think next year get in now we've seen capitulation we've seen the SBF fraud that guys a deep State asset he always has been that's why they put him on Forbes get in now this time next year I'm telling you guys from the bottom of my heart we're gonna break records we're going to be going to the freaking Moon so learn everything you can put in the work believe in yourself there's a reason why people are Bitcoin poor they didn't invest in it under a thousand bucks and I told you to buy it desperately I said get in it's because you don't believe in yourself believe in yourself Austin and I we believe in you we're the good guys we're the Christian philanthropists we're forming a coalition here on Maui to do good work we're doing good work for you we're doing good work for the churches here we're doing good work running food for people that need it we're doing all the things that are lacking right now I know no crypto billionaires that are doing anything outside of serving themselves that changes here today with myself and my son and my late brother Cody green who told my dad and I John we got to do good work with Island projects so I'm telling you now support the good guys click the link below want to see you at school bitcoinrich.com there's a 50 promo this holiday get something actual actually real where you can add value to your life and learn about blockchain gift it to your son your daughter uh maybe you're a grandparent get this stuff out now and click the link below son I love you man you're a freaking stud dude this kid all my kids we homeschool you know every time he hits a challenge I tell him look you need to fail in order to succeed this is what the real successful people in the world know you got to put in the work you've g..." + 42%
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"Bank runs have officially started in the United States of America of course I warned that October 1st 2022 would start cascading events in the U.S and Global Financial System since that time we had a major financial institution collapse and FTX and now Blackstone it appears that not only have they limited withdrawals according to CNBC and the Associated Press but they could be on the verge of systemic collapse again we saw this in 2008 and 09 Blackstone Chief defends real estate fund amid rush for withdrawal so they have limited customer withdrawals that said that this would happen again we're going to have Bank runs we're gonna have Capital controls we're gonna have restrictions on withdrawal so this is just the beginning and this is barely being reported in the mainstream media barely anyone is talking about it as we enter 2023 I believe in my opinion that this will Cascade into mutual funds and the traditional banking system very very soon here are the key points Blackstone please like and share this break the algorithms and get this out to your friends and family so they can get out before the herd rushes to the exits Blackstone has taken heat over the past week for limiting withdrawals from its 69 billion private rate so I want you to think about this for a minute Blackstone which holds tons and tons of customer funds and debt is now prohibiting the willful withdrawal of customer funds and monies in their accounts how is this any different from SPF and FTX what's the difference here because it's Blackstone it's okay no one's talking about it president and Chief Operating Officer John Gray defended the positioning and structure noting that investors knew breed had limits on redemptions so they have placed limits on withdrawals limits on what redemptions they have zero liquidity because again the Investments that are invested in cannot be sold and they're carrying mountains of debt your company CEO Steve Schwartzman at a conference said that he finds the conce..." + 76%
"2022-11-26 00:00:00"
"yeah that one's pretty obvious there huh got two Trails coming out the back all right ladies and gentlemen Christopher green here amtv got the boys out for a ride today they're the real digital Cowboys of the uh 22nd century we love Jesus we love God and we are making disciples wow there's been a lot in the news today Elon Musk has endorsed Ron DeSantis for president that's actually huge news I actually think it's a hit to Donald Trump by the way we're in Trump country more importantly we're in Jesus country we're in Patriot country this is why I love coming out to Arizona because this is where the Constitution still lives and Brees we got a lot of problems in America in fact I was reading earlier today and I was talking to my family about this but record Black Friday sales I think it was like nine billion dollars but there's a caveat to all that 78 percent if I remember this figure correctly was used with a pay later feature meaning consumers are borrowing that debt that means they're leveraging themselves into the future that's going to end an absolute disaster so we're getting our cowboy on here today son say hello hello yeah hey what's up there and uh we love all you so it's gonna get rough obviously the digital dollar is coming I did that report we got a dozen financial institutions we've got Citigroup HSBC Wells Fargo MasterCard the payment remittance systems they're all moving this direction and it's all leading to tracking surveillance and this is going to be a worst case scenario where they have more control over your life so imagine not being able to spend your money at the store the way that you want to let's say you want to buy gold and silver let's say you want to do with us today you're not allowed to government says you can't get out of the Fiat says you can only spend your Universal basic income if they say so or let's say they don't like your political views maybe you vote for DeSantis maybe you vote for Donald Trump in the upcoming election they..." + 39%
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"foreign ladies and gentlemen it's uh Christopher green am TV hard hitting and in your face shout out here to Arizona beautiful home state here and uh Happy Thanksgiving weekend to all y'all uh visiting family myself we'll be back to the normal broadcast coming in the next few days back in Maui but I wanted to put out this bombshell report because it is critical and it's the only reason why I'm actually making a statement now so like and share this far and wide this is going to affect your quality of life it's going to affect your wealth it's going to affect your family above all it's going to affect the United States of America they are rolling out a Consortium of Wall Street Banks I've been warning about this going on over a generation and it's all going live and operational now they are rolling out a Consortium over a dozen mainstream too big to fill Banks this includes HSBC Citigroup MasterCard all the big too big to fails and they are rolling out the digital currency cbdc football print now the announce is actually I knew about this years in advance of course but they did announce this a few weeks ago early November they're running this digital currency program on a new programmatic Ledger this is why I've been telling you guys to learn about blockchain and to invest in it because you got to trust this plan we know where it's going more control get rid of Cash Central Bank digital currencies will replace the Fiat Petro dollar it'll eradicate the value of your real wealth and destroy the US dollar and all Fiat currencies this is going to be the most damaging piece of legislation in the most damaging thing that's ever been done to our currency honestly in the history of America and since our founding so where is this all going you know you look at the world today and you see for example massive protests Amazon all the big box stores Jeff Bezos warning Americans not to buy he says large appliances like televisions washers dryers Etc why would he be telling you t..." + 78%
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"all right Beautiful People thousand freaking hooks those are Ducks baby uh Christopher green here it is uh Thanksgiving week somehow visiting some family out on the mainland and uh God bless all of you tuning in Jesus Christ is King I stand with all of you so Happy Thanksgiving uh to every single person male and female and whatever else tuning in a kind of funny story and again I don't discriminate against anybody but I was at an appointment earlier this week and they asked me what sex I was at Birth I was like uh last time I checked mail but again this is a sign and kind of just shows you where we are in America never before did I think at 41 years old that someone would have the balls quite frankly to ask me what sex I was at Birth I mean it should be pretty obvious I've got a fat goatee and have testosterone boiling through my entire body like a real patriotic American who loves freedom and Liberty but we've had a lot in the news here November 23rd 2022 there was a tragic event we'll just call it that at a Walmart and six people passed along with the lone individual who I'm not going to mention his name and this just occurred earlier today last night I guess very recently so here's a question people like Alex Jones are being sued for over a billion dollars an egregious billion dollars for being a media figure and simply asking questions will Walmart be sued because they hired the manager and the perpetrator of this set event they cost the lives of six Innocents including that guy by failing to properly screen this individual before hiring him and you know basically screening him for insanity and placing him in charge in a managerial position well people like Warren Buffett that are the outstanding High level share owners of this company also be held accountable just like will Forbes and Fortune and the Democratic party be held accountable for SPF propping him up as a Wall Street darling billionaire who's gonna solve the weather and climate and singing his Prai..." + 90%
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"all right ladies and gentlemen what is up i've been up uh pretty early this morning so it might be a little delirious uh finishing up the uh rip maui jeeps website baby thousand for dukes uh this of course connects to our larger wider island project network all of our websites and companies work together so i'm pretty darn stoked and a couple updates with that i'm shooting for a target launch date for the island project itself and our private members and our blockchain release for july 4th because we will be declaring our freaking independence so i'm super excited about that again the way to get into that is make sure you are a student at school you've got to be a customer at bitcoinridge.com and you've got to be a member so a couple of updates looks like the markets are crashing right now like we talked about over the last couple of days now keep in mind uh they said you know i'm a little delirious so forgive me didn't get much sleep but they've said that they can lower interest rates at any time right they can do another bailout at any time right you understand this right there's nothing stopping the central bank from doing another bailout like they could do another bailout literally today they could announce another 5 trillion 10 trillion 100 trillion dollars to support the stock market if that's what they wanted to do but the point is they don't want to do that okay they want to intentionally crash the market now that they've extorted and transferred all the wealth from the middle class so much of the wealth transfer has already been completed okay there was also another major story now it's coming to mind that i wanted to chat with you guys about a google researcher that went rogue allegedly although i think they leaked this story intentionally is saying that their ai is sentient meaning it is a living thinking breathing machine making decisions on its own allegedly and that it's achieved what i've been talking about for many years now the singularity now i ..." + 89%
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"alright ladies and gentlemen christopher green got some bombshell news to deliver today joe biden's advisors are calling for an immediate potential invasion of ukraine vladimir putin does not want nato on his borders which means he does not want north atlantic treaty organization missiles near his country and so this has a lot more to do with his national security footprint much like like and share this video please get out to your friends and family much like jfk who we since lost because we know what happened to him did not want missiles out in cuba so close to the continental united states and principally florida this raised a lot of security concerns so they are saying that there could be millions of potential refugees fleeing and lots and lots of casualties so let's pray that that does not happen let's pray that there is some diplomacy but to be honest if i was vladimir putin i would take ukraine because i do not believe that the usa will do anything to stop that move because as i've talked about for years this is a strategic geopolitical conflagration decoy like playing chess with my son put out a decoy so you can make the actual big move so you're not paying attention for example to china the much bigger concern you're not paying attention to taiwan the much bigger bigger potential event which i believe will lead us in to world war three and i've been talking about this literally going on like over a decade now guys this is not new news ukraine has always been that very strategic geopolitical chess piece now this year 2022 and i'm the one that coined this term so if you hear it again it's been parroted because i'm the only one that has said it this will be the great shakeout 2022 will be the great shakeout okay out of the dollar out of your homes people lose their homes out of their jobs out of their careers out of their investments they have set the tone for what they called the new you-know-what and now they're pushing ahead after accomplishing their mis..." + 82%
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"all right ladies and gentlemen christopher green am tv hard-hitting and in your face island project bitcoinrich.com i got some big big news today on the 22nd of june as we enter what i believe is a decoupling phase of crypto blockchain and bitcoin i believe bitcoin is bottoming it is consolidating and it is doing this well ahead of the u.s stock market and what it is expecting is the federal reserve and the central bank to blink on the interest rate hikes at some point very soon in the future i believe that the next base layer formation for the secular bull market is being formed right now you want to be taking advantage of this opportunity taking massive massive action you want to be dollar cost averaging you want to be building your portfolio construction all the things that we teach at school links below want to see you there so let's talk about this because if you read the mainstream media they're saying things like well you know tara luna we had the collapse and now we're seeing firms being bailed out like block five which we talked about at school uh blockfi has just received a 250 million dollar credit facility essentially a loan from what's his name again freed the uh big 20 i think he's worth like 20 billion dollars over at ftx in fact tom brady reps ftx it's a major crypto exchange because again all the smart money all the billionaires all the professional athletes even matt damon is in uh over at crypto.com all these guys are smart enough to get in when the rest of the general public is out and again this has been about capitulation this has been about getting out the little guy wiping out the middle class and the largest wealth transfer so now the institutions can pile in so let's talk about this for a minute block fi is a loan program essentially for crypto i've talked about this as a school uh you know for years now where basically you can deposit your bitcoin or deposit your eth and then get a loan on it so you never have to sell now of course we s..." + 85%
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"all right ladies and gentlemen christopher green off-grid digital nomad maui style island project style got the black camel on today big big news this is breaking news elon musk the scandal has for whatever reason we're going to dig into this this is not a hit piece on elon musk by the way i'm not personally a fan although i can appreciate his business sense and the companies that he's built i'm going to give you an angle on this story no one else in the world is going to give you so this isn't a hit piece okay i just want to preface it with that i'm going to tell you why the establishment is putting this out and then do me a favor like and share this right now also taking the view it's pretty darn amazing right now i always like to give you guys some eye candy today so elon musk these are the allegations the accusations that there was a 250 k quarter million dollar payout to some lady okay that accused him of exposing himself i'll give you the details erect on one of the spacex corporate jets uh that he she had been encouraged to give a massage and he also offered to buy her a horse and then after things played out supposedly what happened is he paid her off these are the allegations 250 k now did elon do this or not do this was it just a false allegation i mean look the guy is the richest person not technically speaking uh well at least this is what the public thinks on earth although there's far more people wealthier than him but here's why i think this has been introduced to the public psyche because all of this is by design right they're putting out kind of like this epstein-esque event he's getting massages he's a player are the accusations he's a womanizer he her is her a horse i mean what who is this guy is he the godfather or something in the horse's head i mean this is kind of hilarious too if you think about it and so these accusations are filled at a perfect time okay when he's attempting to acquire twitter and he's moving over to the conservative bas..." + 87%
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"BREAKING! TOP TRENDS 2022-23 & H..."
"all right ladies and gentlemen christopher green another beautiful day out here in maui hawaii praise god for that it is january 7th today 2022 talk about unprecedented times but again you know you measure a real man by the solutions that he actually finds a real woman by the solutions that they actually find during challenges during obstacles and i believe 2022 2023 will be some of the toughest in world history but we're going to address what can you do what are the major trends and i actually tweeted this as well make sure to follow me at amtv media today that's absolutely free and also share this video i'd really appreciate that helps us beat the algorithm etc by the way we had some really cool waves last night locally we're hitting about like five footers i got some footage of some wipeouts of some surfers last night which was kind of fun so make sure to follow me at our official account at amtv media on twitter and of course instagram so let's talk about the geopolitical risk right now then we'll get into the major bullet points the trends and opportunities for you in 2022 the solutions and how to pivot potentially profit leverage yourself in this environment first i want to talk about global geopolitical instability and risk this is massive and i think it's being underestimated maybe by a lot of you tuning in certainly by the mainstream corporate media kazakhstan unrest we are having a major major problem and no this is not the bore out movie this is in real life very nice that nice i don't know i don't have a speedo on today but i guess i could get one on in all seriousness no though we have major political civil unrest in this part of the world and i want you to take note of this because it borders very strategically china and also russia russia was just about to enter i think bilateral negotiation and talks with nato north atlantic treaty organization the biden administration out here in the united states within a week on ukraine which should have been s..." + 88%
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"i also want to talk about what's going on with capital markets and finance let's talk about this bitcoin city that is currently being created we're seeing this in el salvador and they're making huge progress the president is and has just announced what he's dubbing the bitcoin crypto city being built on the side of a volcano which will be powered by thermal energy in el salvador to mine bitcoin and this announcement is for a seed run round funding of a billion dollars i believe it is half a billion which will be invested in bitcoin paying something like six and a half percent to the debt holders themselves to build what they're calling the next major metropolitan like singapore in el salvador which was the first country one of the first to legalize bitcoin as legal tender which is a huge huge announcement and now a move to collateralize bitcoin in this new asset class to build the vision in the freedom state of free enterprise capital markets called at least what they're dubbing it now bitcoin city now a lot of people are thinking this is a joke but i don't view this as a joke at all in fact never underestimate the power of free capital markets and capital fleeing tyranny in places that are restricted with heavy taxation we even saw this with the establishment of the united states of america itself which our founding fathers wanted to get rid that's why they were dumping tea into the sea get rid of all these taxes and oppression etc i believe el salvador is actually on the right track here and i believe they're not the only country that is collateralizing currently investing it and adding bitcoin to its sovereign balance sheet i believe i think this is a guarantee every first world nation is accumulating bitcoin and crypto now they're just not telling you about it just like tim cook didn't tell you about him buying bitcoin and crypto until now years later so i believe we're seeing this massive acquisition phase of course the pre-planned determined transfer of pow..." + 68%
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"ladies and gentlemen what is the number one asset class in the world during a dollar collapse real estate what's the number one asset class in the world during a depression real estate what's the number one asset class in the world when you get zero at a bank real estate what's the number one asset class in the world that is soon to be fractionalized real estate you should be catching on a trend here ladies and gentlemen real estate is the number one investment opportunity in the world it is the number one asset class in 2022 and I believe in 2023. if you haven't already click the link below learn about the islandproject.com today the first fractional real estate opportunity in the world with our Flagship in Maui Hawaii this is real ownership it is not a time share and for those of you interested in buying and or selling property and real estate in Maui and Oahu contact us at the contact links below visit us at luxuryhwidelistings.com that's luxuryhoilistings.com we just had a brand new epic beachfront property go on the market in Oahu and we've got a new one going up in Kula in the coming days links below get in to the islandproject.com that's islandproject.com the first digital Noah's Ark in the world that owns Beach oceanfront vacation rental cash flows during an economic war and an economic collapse Currency Reset I'm Christopher green founder and creator of Island project links below foreign" + 1%
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"all right ladies and gentlemen christopher green here i hope the audio improves today i figured out how to do like a automatic adjustment here and please get this critical information out to those that have eyes to see and ears to hear because things are getting absolutely crazier just like we predicted on this channel over the last 15 years at the series of economic financial events that we warned about the bailouts the manipulation federal reserve policy setting interest rates at zero of course shutdowns of the entire society over the last couple years would eventually lead to the big one and that big one would be a jew political world war iii event and conflict which would be something that we have not suffered since probably the tragic events of pearl harbor which led us into world war ii and now critical key reports are coming out this saturday and again if you find value to this video please share it i certainly appreciate it brothers and sisters the narrative is now shifting suddenly by the mainstream media it's just astonishing how this happens ladies and gentlemen it went from ukraine is winning the war against russia to now it appears they're losing so let's talk about this for a minute this is what i've been saying all along russia has now taken this broke couple days ago sever rotonetsk it's a city i'm probably butchering the name and pronunciation so forgive me but it's taken not just the key ports the savastopo which are strategic from a navy perspective just like pearl harbor okay out here in oahu but now they've taken this region the east and the south so let's dig into these reports today i see major headlines say that zielinski is losing now 60 to 100 plus soldiers a day there's currently a battle in a key eastern city engulfed in chaos both sides this is from the wall street journal are absolutely continuing this grinding war and fight to capture the remainder of ukraine which the official media is saying that putin only has 20 percent but i ac..." + 85%
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"all right ladies and gentlemen christopher green protests erupting across the country a lot of craziness but this isn't what this video is about because there's something all of you may be missing probably not my audience but there's a reason for this deception everything happening on the ground regarding abortion and bodily choice which is what it's really about is meant to divide and conquer the american population for what i believe is the largest economic financial pre-planned collapse of the century i mean we've not seen anything like this probably since the disintegration of the ussr the former soviet union and or arguably the collapse of ancient rome in my view this is a deception and a cover-up also a warning anyone playing into the two-party system right now and helping to divide right versus left can't be trusted at all and if what they're talking about are the current issues on the ground like abortion i mean let me give an example this guy's there wasn't a single protest after all the stuff that just happened over the last couple years there was no protesting at all this is an intentional cultural divide it is an engineered culture war approved by cnn fox news and msnbc and its intention is to obfuscate from what i'm about to tell you an economic financial collapse in the west that i believe is about to blow out of proportion wipe out the middle class and eventually like they said reset us into a new system that will have much greater implications than anything happening in washington dc or any political protest right or left ladies and gentlemen a real leader would actually unite people would unite the right and left and even if there was political differences would have people moving in the right direction united on a common front but you see that's not what they do when they engineer these particular culture wars it's meant to divide the country and to breed a lot of anger in the streets even more division will which will only help those in power t..." + 88%
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"all right ladies and gentlemen things are getting hot so I'm out here I was looking at real estate a few moments ago and now I'm just walking down to the beach and every major article and headline says a Biden just warned of nuclear worldwide Armageddon as a result of what's going on in Ukraine and Vladimir Putin's non-bluff they're coming to the forest with me we're gonna need to hunker down together ladies and gentlemen his non-bluff that he made just a week or so ago where he said he's not bluffing and he would use nukes and now Joe Biden the president of the United States says even if you use tactical he uses tactical nukes he doesn't see a way where they would be able to prevent total Armageddon and absolute War this means hypersonics going to every continent this means possibly a Total Wipeout and also in the news which is extremely disconcerting is that the United States for the first time is stockpiling anti-radiation pills in the event of a nuclear strike of a God forbid and minute preeminent attack so this is just very very concerning and also after North Korea remember how I said you had 24 48 Hours fired more missiles over Japan not just a couple days ago but just fired more several of them over Tokyo into the Sea of Japan out towards the West Coast in addition to that they just flew a bunch of warplanes around buzzing South Korea and the U.S had to scramble I think it was 30 fighter jets 30 of them ladies and gentlemen so everything's going haywire pretty much just like I said it was because we can all feel it we can all sense it we all understand it spiritually what's going to come next and it's boiling out of control the Pentagon also just came out this broke major headlines a few moments ago minutes ago before doing this video that the U.S just moved one of our strike groups one of our Naval vessel strike groups which are also nuclear capable and arms so guys look I'm not fear-mongering I just want you to be prepared I've been studying this stuff ..." + 63%
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"[Music] hey guys christopher green am tv alternative media television and bitcoinrich.com to learn more click the link below broadcasting from the greatest country in the world the united states of america from the beautiful state of hawaii hope all of you are doing very very well today it is a brand new month september 1st 2020 and we have a jam packed day today i'm doing a lot of updates at school also we've got a jam-packed month as we lead into the november election and this is going to be a very very contentious election with donald trump versus biden and harris and we will see how this will play out but today i want to talk about what's going on with the us dollar what's going on with inflation and some of the record moves in the cryptocurrency blockchain space in fact just about a week ago i said that i was very very bullish on august 27 2020 and this is when cryptocurrency was actually selling off quite a bit but i said no we are still in the disbelief phase of a new bull market i am more optimistic than i've ever been before in fact if you watch our last video on youtube this is what i said i said that people are far too pessimistic and we're about to turn the corner and i think that the economy not the real economy this is what you need to understand there's a distinction between the real economy and the blockchain markets the real economy and fang stocks the real economy and where all these bailouts are going to okay the real economy is not doing well i'd expect more foreclosures i'd expect more bankruptcies but they will solve the problem and this is a guarantee in my opinion with universal basic income so they're going to be rolling out a new version of socialism for all americans very very soon this is a byproduct of course of the stimulus payments already the unemployment checks that are now i think three to four hundred a week these will continue forever you see they're going to blow up the debt as big as they possibly can and then they're moving ..." + 88%
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"hey beautiful people christopher green amtv bitcoinrich.com jesus christ is the victory it's another beautiful day out here in maui we've had an incredible day at school and more and today we're just enjoying the amazing view in fact if you look behind me there's jesus talking to me right now reminding me of the covenant ladies and gentlemen that he would never ever flood the earth again that's a beautiful rainbow and it's funny anytime i'm kind of wondering like hey man jesus are you gonna talk to me he does he's even gonna set this beautiful sunset behind me so today and this is just happening random i planned on doing a video i felt like i needed to come to the spot and i literally show up and he's like christopher i am charred in charge god is great jesus christ is king and let's take a look at this again man this is just incredible another beautiful day a beautiful rainbow out here in maui so i want to make sure there's no misconceptions about me because it's not about the money you know sometimes i see people say christopher how dare you tell people with 100 amazing crazy accuracy that you could have gotten rich buying bitcoin at like 3 500 just about a year or so ago and how dare you make games and how dare you share all these testimonials with your students at school how dare you show me that tweet here earlier that one of your students made a hundred x's money people are out performing their 401ks in an environment ladies and gentlemen when people are losing their freaking jobs dude and we are at war with you know what so it's not about the money it's about tools it's about listening to this guy guy right here i'll tell you this the only reason i am where i am is because i have full faith and trust in that and when doors close in my life i trust him because i know he's smarter than me and so my conviction for all of you my message to all of you is to go for it they have a thousand freaking x they're firing you create your own job start creating cash flow..." + 77%
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"fear is a tool of the devil the ability to conquer this with discipline and self-control is the secret to a thousand ex-life have absolute confidence in our King Jesus and the path he has set for you do not hesitate to build a triumphant life this is the secret to the universe ladies and gentlemen I'm Christopher Greene hard hitting it in your face it is amtv and what a wild day on voting Day November 8th it is getting crazy out there and I told you it would be WWE we would have election day chaos they would expect more division we would have voting machines failing in places like Arizona and Wickenburg this was all a partly controlled Demolition and the plan Jan so welcome please like and share these reports are pretty heavy today and they are what we expected Wickenburg Arizona my hometown is having problems with the voting machines up to 20 percent of the voting machines in Maricopa County ladies and gentlemen aren't working they haven't fixed any of the problems isn't that crazy and people still think their vote matters now this is just my opinion I think it's great go exercise your constitutional right get out there and vote but the cynically says your vote don't count look over the last couple of years you were locked in your house you were told you couldn't go outside you couldn't congregate you couldn't travel you couldn't see your friends the essentials the non-essentials some of you weren't even allowed to work so you think your vote counts well I'll let you decide that for yourself but again this is all a part of the divisive rhetoric that they want in my opinion Trump doing exactly what I thought he would do delaying his announcement I posted a video about this just a couple weeks ago I said he would delay his announcement after the midterms then he would be indicted that does not mean he's guilty it just means they want to create more division in this country this is what I preached about on Sunday ladies and gentlemen this is what they're going to d..." + 86%
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"ladies and gentlemen what a time to be alive they're turning it on cern the large drawn collider that's going to smash particles together at basically 99.9999 of the speed of light after elon musk who went dark for over nine days and then suddenly reemerged like i said that he would what i believe is some kind of ceremonial ritual at the vatican in rome in italy with pope black versus white light versus darkness again inversion of reality and the truth right next door in bordering geneva switzerland which is where cern is located i'm going to get into all this and more and what i think is happening also happy 4th of july weekend ladies and gentlemen it is undoubtedly an incredible time to be alive it is so important that you are prepared you are ready for what's coming but let's take a quick look here again as a reminder we have elon musk the most or one of the most powerful men on this planet allegedly emerging with the pope within the last 48 hours and all you have to do is just pull a map and see where all this is located of course right kind of at the tip of the corner you can see rome right there with that pop-up and then of course just here at the border is switzerland the supposed neutral country and by the way cern is funded by countries all around the world the u.s government other entities i went over the occult nature of this of course yesterday but i also want to bring some evidence so this is proof in my opinion that there's a high likelihood that elon musk is working with cern and has been in conversations with cern and the whole reason he's there now is because of cern and he was very careful because this is spiritual war in my view and opinion to meet with the pope as a part of what some may suggest to some kind of dark occult ritual of which now they're turning on this particle collider and potentially some people have suggested opening up portals of demon demons or even maybe a gateway to hell it talks about this in the bible ladies and gentleme..." + 89%
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"all right ladies and gentlemen Christopher Greene Maui boo thousand acts massive fires today West Side Maui Lahaina huge mushroom clouds started about uh 12 noon earlier this afternoon we did evacuate uh there's about 20 percent containment helicopters behind us it is burning again this is West Side Maui in Lahaina and we can see here looks like they've got uh several different fire department members and of course they're dropping water uh this is an ongoing event residents have been recommended to uh evacuate their properties which we have done uh again this is in Maui Maui fires today everything's on fire today ladies and gentlemen crypto Maui Boo the mountains and uh of course also midterm elections it's a lunar eclipse or it was the day so I don't know what this has to do with anything but I would report and God bless share this video" + 1%
"2022-08-16 00:00:00"
"a few weeks ago i laid my brother's ashes to rest at sea with his beautiful wife and my family and honestly all i felt was absolute pure joy huge wave comes back splashes all over us i think my brother was getting the last laugh but what it made me think ladies and gentlemen is an incredible sense of urgency in my own life an incredible sense and a call to action i wanted to take you to this beautiful spot in maui this is where it all started three years ago i had an idea and i believe it's been ordained by god he told me to build something radical it's called the island project islandproject.com links below he told me to build the first ever private tokenized community on the blockchain fractional ownership of the best of breed asset in the world to prepare for what was coming not just in the united states of america but worldwide and i kept hearing it over and over again and i still hear it he says christopher build build it and they will come this is a giant crane right above my head i'm about to show you in the next few weeks days the coming months what we've been working on the first ever tokenized community in the history of the world rewarding the little guy in a hyperinflationary collapse a world that is less free and again i believe i've been instructed as a steward of the project and a messenger to build three years have passed ladies and gentlemen we went live july 4th that was our 1776 in 2022. myself and my team along with my father have now onboarded millions and millions of dollars in the last few weeks in the last 30 days and all i can think about is how amazing that this is gonna be but there's something that i need to be truthful about many of you have said christopher i can't get in man i don't have thirty thousand dollars i can't do it i can't be a part of your private offering i wasn't a member of school i didn't get in early enough i'm just a working class dad or mom or a single mother and you've told me christopher you're leaving me behind ..." + 88%
"2020-06-26 00:00:00"
"as Christopher green amtv alternative media television so so many people on the internet right now are telling me that they're bored that they're bored they don't know what to do with themselves restaurants and hospitality and hotels and everything shut down and there's all these people unemployed and they've got to learn masked and their their kids can't go to school everyone keeps telling me that life is passing them by and they're just so bored I thought what the heck man maybe I'll just help with your boredom today and show you something absolutely epic and absolutely awesome that's Molokini right behind me right there you look how amazing this is you've got some beautiful homes I'm out here I'm not sure what you call this but like some kind of it is MIT there's a guy right down here I don't know if you can see him but he's out there there's West Maui I don't know if he's picking up right now he's just out on a surfboard in fact one of my buddies saw a 7-foot shark not from not too far from here and we took jet skis out to Molokini what's super dope is there's no one here right now you know I keep seeing in the comments Christopher Christopher how come you're in Paradise right now how come you're bug-out retreat is paradise how can you run a jetski town to bola Katie and there's no one there well it's not really a secret you just have to be prepared I've been preparing for this literally my entire life because this home I mean that is ridiculous I've been preparing for this moment my entire life you know you reap what you sow you reap what you sow in life I mean to God not till Noah to prep and prepare for a storm for rain to come Wow that wave just blasted right over there so so beautiful and so I look around me all these people are telling me how bored they are and they just don't know why this is happening to them why they've got to wear masks and you know all of our freedoms being taken away and here we are were approaching July 4th and so many Americans ..." + 84%
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"hey guys chris for green amtv austin green am tv alternative media television bitcoinrich.com so it's a beautiful day out here in maui we'll try to cop a view for you and also we wanted to let you know we've got a new black friday sale black friday get in at bitcoinrich.com save an immediate 100 bucks here on so let's come up here buddy take a look if we can show everyone this view up here you got to think big in life guys you got to understand that the biggest way you can resist the things that are currently happening is by living your life to the fullest and we have massive opportunities ahead and you've got to be thinking about future generations son what is your opinion of bitcoin where is it going to the freaking moon to the freaking moon so bottom line guys this is a massive opportunity take advantage of that offer black friday today click the link below or up here that's bitcoinrich.com learn all the fundamentals everything that you need to know about bitcoin and other various cryptocurrencies or where these were these going again awesome to the freaking moon so i want to see at school take advantage of that opportunity i'll see you all there" + 1%
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"[Music] hey everybody christopher green a like and share this video i'm also going to address while why our comment section is turned off and why this will be the new policy on youtube at least until further notice until we find a solution to what's been going on in the comment section so stay tuned for that also today i want to talk about the two major trends that i see coming as we enter the summer months and as we enter the end of year how to prepare for that what i think is going to happen with the economy travel and also cryptocurrency the financial system itself also the u.s stock market and those two major trends are the u.s dollar will be principally in focus for the remainder of the year the federal reserve the central bank very very interested in the strength of the u.s dollar right now a lot of people are not talking about this and policymakers have this and are eyeing it in focus as we speak now i think this is one of the reasons why we're going to have one last massive cryptocurrency pump at least in the short run before we get more consolidation i'm expecting new all-time highs bitcoin 250k this year that's my personal opinion i think that other cryptocurrencies are going to go 10 maybe a thousand x in some cases we're going to get one last onboarding mega pump because this is what the banks want this is what the central banks want this is the intention as they transition us into a new blockchain system digital money digital currency the united states competes with you with the equivalent dollar currency out of china and notice the strength of china notice for example on cbc.com i'll drop a link last night as we approach july 4th holiday weekend i'm reading an article on cnbc the mainstream news about china's next hundred year dominance and the reason for that is china is largely going to dominate i really believe that is the case many economists many intellectuals academics philosophers students of history will tell you the same thing so china's lo..." + 88%
"2020-09-28 00:00:00"
"hey guys christopher green amtv alternative media television have you ever heard of the concept of dumb money check this out it's the concept that the dumb money makes money and i think there's some truth to it i think i figured out the secret actually because i think i'm dumb money you see i've been buying bitcoin crypto currencies i think i'm the only one here right now over the last 10 years i bought bitcoin under 100 bucks because i thought it was cool that's dumb money it's now trading at 10 700 plus dollars i bought another position in my portfolio recently at school omg amis go which is a secondary layer of the ethereum blockchain network because of the high gas fees if you don't know about this take my coursevicklandrich.com and it was up 40 today because that's dumb money for example i have friends i love my friends but some of them have multiple degrees like literally they have four degrees mbas from harvard yale mit wharton some of them but they're still looking for a good job but i'm hanging out on a beach because i'm dumb money in fact the whole world's been telling us to be afraid to not travel to not get on a plane uh to be scared to lock yourself in your home and i've done the opposite because i'm dumb money again there's truth to this and i think i've understand why i think most people are so scared of taking a risk that they miss the opportunity in life they don't realize that there is no competition on the other side like quite literally no one's here there is no competition dumb money makes money now i've been privileged because i don't even take my own advice i listen to other people that i believe or perceive to be smarter than me like steve forbes i met with steve forbes interviewed him at amtv for over an hour uh he this was years ago he told me about donald trump winning the election he told me that the american economy was going to come back just like he's saying now just like donald trump tells us that he's going to make america great a..." + 75%
"2022-06-13 00:00:00"
"you know maverick that's what i don't like about you you're dangerous yeah i am dangerous ice man [Music] [Music] i love the chase and the hunt and i set the pace when i'm running i always take what i want and uh hey guys christopher green here i thought i'd uh just give you that little brief introduction top gun real life top gun so let's talk about the collapse of the 21st century and the giant setup that's currently being implemented now trust that freaking plan in addition to that by the dippy dip always be greedy when other people are fearful always buy when there's blood in the streets zoom out bitcoin was trading at 3 500 just a couple years ago skyrocketed to 69k now it's back down to 23k and it'll soon be at 250k might take a year or so for it to get there but it absolutely certainly will because trust that plan wall street's in ladies and gentlemen have you figured that one out yet wall street said who do you think shorten this thing right now wall street in fact even jim cramer the goldman sachs lackey of the too big to fail big banks is calling this the crypto monday the crypto monday this is all set up so let me explain this like and share this is the tea up for what they're going to do next the cbdc's you see they want to prove a point here okay this is why for example oh there we go this is why there's all this focus on companies like celsius okay this is bad news for the market obviously but it proves the point not your keys not your crypto not your keys not your bitcoin and so i would argue that the insiders wall street and the politicians want these companies to collapse to prove a point to the american people and global citizenry before they introduce what they already pre-planned central bank digital trash fiat okay which will have zero freedom in the future so that they can say see this is why the traditional too big to fail banks are better guys because number one you the taxpayer will support it if it ever goes to zero you'll cough up trill..." + 92%
"2022-11-07 00:00:00"
"thank you [Applause] all right ladies and gentlemen Christopher green I'm out here at beautiful uh Kappa Lua you can see behind me this afternoon and I want to talk about the singularity being achieved but then move past that and really tell you about the next two major Trends in this world that you should take advantage of so it should be clear by now than 2013 algorithms and the singularity basically reached the Moore's Law Apex for supercomputers are running pretty much all of our society whether or not it's the media financial markets uh popular opinion politics local governments Federal governments Etc the Federal Reserve even monetary fiscal policy is being run by these algorithms so I hear questions a lot of the time people say well why is everything a high of mind and why is everyone talking about the same topics why is there no novelty why is there no art new invention philosophy why is social media boring why isn't any fun why isn't there anyone unique anymore well couple rules and reasons are number one algorithms are dictating basically the narrative secondly the mass censorship of new ideas have been eradicated from society this means no invention this means you're not allowed to make mistakes mistakes lead to Art and mistakes lead to invention mistakes led to the light bulb again I've talked about this incessantly this is why freedom of speech is so important never would have invented electricity we wouldn't have any of the inventions that we currently have if it wasn't for these sheer facts so moving past that because that's boring we already know that we already already understand all this truth and for example this ties into everything this ties into financial markets this ties into currencies this ties into blockchain uh the whole world system is being remodeled so I want to put out a term here that you're going to be hearing a lot more in the coming days weeks and months especially with midterms as we move into the new system it's called a mult..." + 89%
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"ladies and gentlemen christopher green here it is your last opportunity to get in at bitcoinridge.com learn all the skills you're going to need to survive and thrive pivot leverage yourself thousand potentially x in blockchain technology create cash flows learn how to start a new business diversify what you're doing pivoting into the new technology it's the most disruptive event that i've seen since social media and e-commerce and join an amazing community learn about what we're doing with real estate and the tokenization of those assets at island project and it's the last chance on this beautiful friday to get in and save that 100 bucks you get in today with the promo code island project you can start watching all of our videos and become a part of our amazing community because if you're not investing in yourself you're not changing your mindset you're not learning new skills frankly ladies and gentlemen you're dying uh and especially an environment where they're warning of recessions some are even calling it a depression global conflict and war you're going to have to be mobile you're going to have to be portable and what i believe is coming is asset financial and economic freezes kind of like what we saw with the physical lockdowns but coming now as we're seeing with bank runs out in china could start and potentially spread in the united states and across the west and other european nations so learn about non-sovereign wealth learn about how to get out of dollars and park your money in alternatives which don't have state level risk where you're in charge and you are basically in control just like the founding fathers that have sovereignty of your own wealth and cash flows and an economic storm cash flow is going to be very important anyways guys i love you guys want to see at school links below that's the island project promo code last chance to get in here on this beautiful friday maui buday thousand for kids i'll see you at school link below" + 8%
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"ladies and gentlemen let's uh do a quick report here wanted to show you this view out looking at some land all of our agriculture ties in of course the island project our sister properties and our aisle chain satellites includes homes condominiums and our flagship retreats out here in maui it's important that we've got food supply it's important that we have agriculture we've got productive farmland so i'm not going to give away the exact location yet but this is the general location where we've got and are looking at property to service our wider network but today i want to get into the news and links below the way to get into islandproject.com and our soon-to-be launch is you've got to be a member of bitcoinrich.com so make sure you do that you can also contact my father john who's got basically reservations already taken for our private members so it's a good idea to do that as well but let's talk about the wall street journal today and this guy's is very predictable and yes uh this is all very real and yes this is happening and yes you're living through world war iii which is why you need to prepare now the wall street journal today reported that china is beefing up its nuclear arms in a brand new cold war in a brand new arms race as a result of the proxy war which i told you was world war 3 in 2014 that putin would go in he would partition off the space he would take it over with china's blessing and then when america unfortunately was at one of its weakest moments china would invade taiwan which they have full intention of doing it's gonna happen also big big in the news elon musk you know the guy that's supposed to give you guys free speech isn't that laughable there was a cnbc.com article which talked about the fact that he believes you're going to be able to upload your brain into a robot and live forever haven't have i not been telling you that yeah that doesn't sound satanic at all let's put our brains in a robot and fixate ourselves in hell permanentl..." + 81%
"2020-12-03 00:00:00"
"everybody christopher green am tv alternative media television we've got austin green here as well we are down at uh mckenna state park at mckenna rock we'll hopefully give you guys some epic views today you can see the uh mountainous rock behind me there we're also going to go through some news los angeles residents have been ordered to stay home son they uh they say to avoid all gatherings and cancel everything los angeles mayor eric garcetti is calling on residents to stay home for all but essential activities as the city saw its worst virus numbers since the first wave of the pandemic in spring quote my message couldn't be simpler it's time to hunker down it's time to cancel everything and if it isn't essential don't do it garcetti said in a briefing wednesday afternoon son what do you think about the lockdown in the quarantines what do you think about the virus i think the government should say um um people if you're super scared you can wear a mask if you want that's a good idea so if you're super scared you can wear a mask if you want and then what else could you do like tell people um um um you don't have um you want to you don't have to take the vaccine and you don't have to to to stay in your house and have a walk down yeah because if you're scared you could just stay in your house and not go outside right yeah yeah that makes sense to me as well so that's a major major bombshell out of los angeles and we can only guess as they ramp up the vaccine distribution uh something donald trump is at the helm of if you know will things get worse are there are there going to be more restrictions will we be allowed to travel internationally the qantas airline ceo said that they would require likely a vaccine to travel internationally to australia so this could limit international flights i'm assuming there might be less restrictions domestically but only time will tell and then also very interesting santa's this holiday season and by the way don't let anyone steal..." + 77%
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"all right ladies and gentlemen christopher green amtv bitcoinrich.com this is the year 2022 to bulletproof your mindset you're gonna have to protect your mind i'm telling you just like any year with as challenging as it's gonna be moving forward and you know what i'm talking about you know what's going on around this world it is bad you're going to have to bullet proof your mindset build the financial economic spiritual arcs that you're going to need you're going to need to generate cash flow in today's video i'm going to talk about where this stock market is headed what elon musk said last week about a recession coming impending doom allegedly and my opinions on this so let's talk about this financial markets pretty flat although they're up today breaking new record highs with the dow jones up 94 points the nasdaq up 118 because of course this is an inflationary push higher push all the asset classes much much higher real estate stocks crypto eventually cbdc's trust that freaking plan ladies and gentlemen because it's exactly what we've been saying and it's exactly what's happening they can never pay back the debt they can never ever really materially raise interest rates the only thing they can do is transfer us to a new friggin system trust that plan and that's what they're doing they're turning off the spigot of the petro dollar they're turning off the old model we're seeing a lot of this shake out geopolitically with countries emerging as new world superpower look at china more millionaires minted than the united states most of the jobs most of the manufacturing had been exported overseas for years so we've gotten exactly what we've paid for of course a lot of political risk coming into 2024 as well so i really want you guys to understand bulletproof your mindset here i mean you don't put crappy gas into a ferrari or lambo because if you did you'd be pretty dumb to do that and you wouldn't be treating the car right so don't do that with your body don't do it..." + 87%
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"ladies and gentlemen christopher green amtv bitcoinrich.com i want to have a serious conversation with you today because bitcoin could go to zero the uh crypto market's actually down today and it's been down over the last several days couple of weeks and a lot of people are saying this could be the end that uh people like me might have to declare bankruptcy that it's it's all over that's true could be or maybe not you know bitcoin was trading at 3 500 just about a year and a half ago when i told you to buy it not financial advice not a financial advisor not telling you to buy this stuff it could go to zero or you go a thousand x you can make millions billions of dollars who knows start a new business take cash flows you might find the next 10 000 x pick at school you know thing is there's no real property outside of bitcoin i don't know if you thought about this before cars houses you don't really own them i mean if you don't pay your property taxes you'll literally lose the home if you don't pay title and insurance and all those kinds of things registration uh you'll lose your car i mean this has happened through history ladies and gentlemen like mario andretti the famous race car driver had all of his family's property thousands of acres stolen i think it was in italy i saw this in a documentary one day when the government just knocked on his door and said yeah we're just going to take your stuff but you see i say you should go all in you should put all your chips in you should diversify you should realize that people like elon musk who just started accepting the dogecoin the doggy coin today might be right for tesla products and services that technologists like tim cook baffle apple computers who tells you to think different has finally admitted that yeah he also owns cryptocurrency blockchain and bitcoin and maybe you should too more importantly you should learn about this stuff because the thing is these assets you know you don't really own anything you don'..." + 76%
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"BITCOIN CRASH!!!! What the BILLI..."
"all right ladies and gentlemen bitcoinrich.com christopher green here listen to this message very important i'm in an internet zone with low connectivity so i'm just doing audio today but this is a very serious message and a very important message about getting your money right okay the thousand x principles bitcoin rich mindset the billionaire mindset stop thinking small everyone thinking small no one's thinking big a lot of you have a very unhealthy relationship with money you've been sold a lie you've been told to fear it you've been told to think in scarcity when you should actually be doing the exact freaking opposite you should be thinking in abundance when others are thinking of fear and scarcity take a look at the crypto market today ladies and gentlemen i've never been more bullish and people are like hey chris is it all coming to an end no dude it's just the beginning if you would have bought bitcoin not financial advice but i did tell you to buy it march 2020 i believe it was you would have 10xed from current levels even with bitcoin at 35k today we look back 2001 with the dot-com bust a lot of these companies lost 80 sometimes 90 percent of their value and then became the next amazon jeff bezos became the richest man on the planet elon musk founded the company tesla we saw other tech giants rise to multi-trillion dollar valuations whether or not this was apple computers microsoft or many of the other pieces of technology that you use today in social media e-commerce and so much more now we have the advent of the entire new internet literally web 3.0 4.0 decentralization non-sovereign money do you understand how powerful these tools are ladies and gentlemen non-sovereign cash but better because it has the principles of gold with limited supply i mean guys tim cook doesn't own bitcoin and ethereum because he's dumb he owns it because these people are rich so stop thinking small stop thinking broke stop thinking and scarcity get your cash flows on have y..." + 62%
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"MAVERICK!!! 2022 Jeep Gladiator ..."
"[Music] all right ladies and gentlemen island project soon to be launched in red maui jeeps all the information below all of our members to island project are served our fleet of brand new 4x4s and this ladies and gentlemen introducing maverick because this 2022 spanking new gladiator v6 3.6 liter is not only as clean as a whistle but it does fly by because it's dangerous just like maverick so let me give you a tour of maverick here our 2022 jeep gladiator and go over all the specs here we are in beautiful maui of course serving the entire island again links below here we have maverick absolutely stunning a little bit of a rainy day today i'll do kind of a roundabout here so you guys can see the car absolutely brand new jeep gladiators are absolutely the most versatile vehicle i believe for the entire hawaiian islands perfect for off-roading okay you can see here i'm right down at the beach four by four and of course has all the cargo storage options that you're going to need right here to protect all of your gear whether or not that's your kids bikes or you see the bike bicyclists there behind me or it is your golf clubs let's take a look at the interior ladies and gentlemen and by the way all of this is completely turnkey leather seats we also install the kiddo seats for you if you've got kids so we take care of everything drop private delivery to your residence airport and or hotel or place of lodging we've got a separate set of controls right down here for the ac and there is even a 400 watt 115 ac outlet to power your laptop as well as the usb devices down here all right let's go into the passenger seat here and i'll show you take a look here beautiful maui hawaii just past mckenna absolutely sick i've got molokini right there of course island project and here you can see absolutely luxurious it's got the red stitching very very bold okay we've got extra storage right here storage down here i've got some cleaning gear extra cell phone and if i turn this arou..." + 60%
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"well ladies and gentlemen we have a stock market collapsing down a thousand points earlier today netflix stock getting crushed yesterday i think it was down 40 percent a seismic collapse hitting investor accounts and probably a lot of baby boomers out there in managed funds also disney big news desantis the governor voting in basically against woke culture with disneyland that had its own set of laws and rules and building codes and all these crazy shenanigans being shot down provoking potential massive lawsuits and of course also elon musk continuously in the news because they want you to know about him says that his new robot optimus i'm going to talk about this today will be bigger than his multi-billion dollar company tesla and everything else he's done and no not optimus prime that dude from the transformer movie and toys that i had when i was a kid but optimus the robot that he says is going to help you with all your day-to-day chores but if it goes rogue and becomes the terminator he even said this don't worry you'll build to outrun it or fight it if you need to admitting that the terminator possibility could be a risk but i want to tell you about how perfectly constructed all of this is because notice this is about optimizing very careful on those words there humans optimus the robot will optimize humans get it see what does elon must worry about he says that nukes bigger than that and population is what a.i artificial intelligence why he has his companies like neurolinkus company neurolink which helps paraplegics etc but i believe will eventually evolve into all human beings because the argument will be well you've got to optimize yourself christopher if you want a better job and you want to build a compete with all these robots and it's exactly why elon musk is saying that the greater threat is not population growth but population decline why because humanity and robots will converge at a point where the robots will replace humans that will no longer un..." + 82%
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"all right ladies and gentlemen extremely exciting day today i have officially put my stamp of approval on the launch we are live now with island project it's official i've been on the phones along with my father earlier this morning and afternoon and we've gone live so make sure if you're one of our private members at school that you watch my instructional video that i posted not too long ago and you get in we have a discount running right now it's 50 off at school i've never done that before in the history of the entire platform the promo code is island project one word island project you get in massive savings very very exciting i've been working on this private portfolio for over two years now and to see it come to fruition all i can say is praise god praise god and thank you for tuning in because what we are about to do on the ground is incredible first premier real estate portfolio with the intent to tokenize a thousand x and i am so excited to have all of you along for this journey our members you are hardcore you are the freedom fighters and i love you guys so much so thank you for everything that you do and to learn more about that again you've got to be a private member at school link below do not hesitate get in i thought i had a pretty powerful video yesterday on the top of the mountaintop so to speak watch that video as well gives you a better idea of what we're doing and also we have major major breaking news we have the passing of donald trump's former wife she just passed suddenly today and this is very tragic ivana trump at age 73 the ex-wife of the big old don who's decided he is running for president united states he has just not made his official announcement yet was found at the bottom of her staircase allegedly at least this is what they believed thus far i don't know if there's been an autopsy yet but that she's had a cardiac arrest type of event and her three children of course donald jr ivanka and eric must be devastated again hearts and p..." + 88%
"2020-06-27 00:00:00"
"everybody Christopher green amtv alternative media television this is a very difficult story for me to tell I tell you the story about my brother Cody Green who just about a year and a half ago at 36 years old was diagnosed with a likely terminal very rare form of bone cancer fact if you'd like to learn a little bit more about my brother's story click the link below one of his best friends in California Joe put together a GoFundMe for him that tells his whole story and everything my little brother has gone through over the last year and a half so about a year and a half ago I was playing football with my brother and I realized he was really hurting on the right side of his hip and he couldn't even throw the ball and I asked mr. Cody what's wrong man are you okay yes my brother instincts told me that he wasn't he said no I've been in a lot of pain and he also didn't look good the color of his skin didn't really look like the normal brother that I know so I talked to him and told him that you know it's probably good idea going to the doctor have them rule out that there's nothing major going on with your body and he'll go check it out well he did that and basically his whole world turned upside down doctor said that they had to operate soon they did it he would die and again my brother's 36 at the time he's got a beautiful wife he's a teacher and a district manager with the school district back in Phoenix and he works with underprivileged children he's just a really great person all sudden like a lightning bolt from heaven everything turns that life that he thought that he had that how things were gonna be you know those had these images of my brother and I Anna and red rocking chairs or 80 years old with our shotguns out maybe a beer in our hand you know taught watching our grandchildren play in the grass in front of us and everything just changed in that moment over have never told this story before over the last year and a half I've spent pretty much countless h..." + 91%
"2020-06-28 00:00:00"
"you guys Christopher green amtv alternative media television a happy beautiful Sunday to all of you tuning in first thing I wanted to do right off the bat is just thank all of you from the bottom of my heart I share with you a very personal story and testimony and my brother Cody green yesterday and honestly the outpouring just the prayers and well wishes and sharing his cause so amazing honestly I couldn't even sleep last night I woke up at about 3 a.m. and I was just reading through more of the comments and just cried like I'm so overwhelmed by your love and my brother's very overwhelmed with your love I talked him yesterday and he had tears in his eyes and he just said Chris God has got his grape god is good and he really is so hallelujah for that for those of you don't know you want to learn more about my brothers story my younger brother Cody was diagnosed with bone cancer a 36 years old just about a year and a half ago and it's been a tragic course of events where he's had to fight multiple amputations of his right leg his entire right hip I had a brain aneurysm his brain was bleeding just a couple about a month or so ago actually during the Kovach crisis we almost lost him but one thing you'll notice about my brother is it that the glory of God how our God he's always smiling always has this big beautiful smile on his face and he's just a fighter and he's been fighting tooth and nail literally literally limb from limb for his daughter Reese his beautiful wife Rochelle and if you'd like to learn more click the link below please share his story he still has a long road ahead of him we are working on a new prosthetic as I mentioned yesterday and rehab and physical therapy's been repairing the side of his body that was damaged with his brain event that he just had which set him back quite a bit and he still has multiple rounds of chemo that he's facing and just a lot of challenges so anyways I just wanted to give all the glory to God and thank you guys so much..." + 86%
"2022-10-12 00:00:00"
"hey Christopher don't know what's up man nothing much just Another Day in Paradise absolutely well welcome back by popular demand the donut it is October 12 2022 Alex Jones the most feared man on the internet big story today we're going to talk about do we still have free speech in the United States of America 1 billion dollars near that 965 million is being ordered to be paid by Alex Jones and Infowars this is breaking news I'm looking at an article here from the Associated Press it says jurors ordered conspiracy theorist Alex Jones on Wednesday to pay nearly one billion dollars regarding that event we're not going to say the name and by the way we don't endorse Alex Jones I'm not endorsing Alex Jones but we're having a philosophical intellectual discussion on hey do we have freedom of speech in this country and also I want to hear your opinion donut as well on what you think this means for freedom of speech in America and is this warranted you know we live in a country where Free Speech means a speech you don't like Free Speech means the things that are controversial even conspiratorial and Truth is in the eye of the beholder so I guess I'll lead with this question should people be allowed to have an opinion in the United States of America great question uh I don't think we have free speech I believe we have Liberty which is different uh your parents give you the Liberty to go out but you got to come back you know so we have this illusion of freedom and no you don't have free speech and the internet was the revolution of free speech and they're not going to be able to stop it they're trying their hardest with new platforms merging where you can do stuff but this is a you know very desperate cry for help in my opinion um okay well we can't tackle this free speech issue so we'll hit him where it hurts the the pocketbook are just imprison them and you know Free Speech has gone uh always away back in the 50s I believe when um William Reich wrote his books in the U...." + 95%
"2020-11-23 00:00:00"
"i am absolutely flabbergasted so many people are missing this opportunity honestly i it blows my mind because i see history repeat again and again and i see people make the same mistakes again and again and it really is mind-blowing people are afraid to bet on themselves they're afraid to go zero to one this is probably one of the most important books i've ever read i read it reread it each year at least once a year sometimes twice a year it's a great book by peter thiel he's one of our great technologists he's the co-founder of paypal along with elon musk and many others that have basically transformed our entire technological footprint and industry today in fact these individuals the paypal mafia the founders have gone on to create things like youtube many of our social media tools many uh of the modern banking tools that we're currently using i've got a big report announcement from paypal that i'm going to go over in a minute they've ipo'd recently in fact peter thiel just ipoded with this company palantir which is now up over 100 percent since it's ipo they did a very unique auction process something i've been talking about at school and i always go back to this book because it's basically the bible for startups it's the bible for seeking asymmetric returns in fact after reading this book my income went up 10 times this was about 10 years ago when i read this book went 10x right after i read it it's very simple to understand and it basically takes you through the process of thinking outside of the box and seeing other opportunities that most people don't here's a picture of elon musk who by the way now has i believe a greater net worth than mark zuckerberg he's got a t-shirt on there that says occupy mars one thing interesting about the book is they talk about how they never trusted anybody who wore a suit in fact they had a rule if you showed up at a pitch meeting with a suit and tie they immediately refused you and wouldn't consider the investment now of co..." + 87%
"2020-05-09 00:00:00"
"hey guys Christopher green amtv alternative media television it is May 9th 2020 I wanted to provide you guys some perspective and motivation today and explain what's happening in the US and global economy and why I believe that we are never going back to where we once were I personally this is my humble opinion do not believe that they will ever reopen up the economy as it once was and I just like we saw post 2001 with the tragic events during that time period and as we saw in 2008 and o.9 what happens is they alter society permanently whether or not that is through legislation that is through banking that is through new social distancing measures or new ways that we as human beings need to operate within this new normal which is what they've dubbed it and there's a lot of things that are not adding up that actually point to that direction a point to that thesis that this is a short-term reopening of the economy in my opinion but our government is very concerned about a second wave and they've been telling us to be prepared for that just like three months ago I was talking about how this would be the biggest story in the world that you could expect a global lock down and you could expect that this would be very very tragic and you could expect a stock market crash and you could expect record unemployment levels and you could expect all of this chaos and crisis that we're currently living in this story has not finished and has not been written yet so what's happening let's talk about a couple things I mentioned yesterday that both Google and Facebook announced that they will not be having the majority of their employees come back to their offices throughout the country whether or not this is Silicon Valley San Francisco or its anywhere else until 2021 so the largest tech companies in the world and I think you should take that very seriously will not have their employees come back until next year which means they are not expecting things to really open up again unt..." + 94%
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"hey everybody christopher green am tv alternative media television of course bitcoinrich.com and we're doing a simulcast right now on the clubhouse app which is only available on ios as well as on youtube right now so i'll probably cut this up on youtube it's my first time doing a clubhouse room and if you don't know what clubhouse is again it's only on ios it's not a paid advertisement i just think it's a really really cool app you download it and you basically enter a room i've got a few individuals in right now make sure to follow me there and i want to do daily chats where we basically talk about money success opportunities mindset crypto bitcoin you know starting businesses all the things that i personally care about and i believe all of you also care about tuning in and you can also join with other speakers so it's really really cool you can follow me at am tv media so who am i for those of you that probably don't know who i am i've been doing social media for 12 years i started a youtube channel long long time ago started on facebook started on twitter i really believed that it was going to be a disruptive technology and it was something that i had a passion for and a drive for so i basically started making youtube videos sent grew the platform and my e-commerce businesses to about a million plus followers around the world i'm also the founder and creator of bitcoinrich.com which is the largest crypto academy in the world we have over 30 plus thousand students it's growing every single day and i've had the privilege to travel a little bit around the world i've spoken on stages in places like los angeles steve wozniak co-founder of apple computers in the early blockchain days you know that's not endorsement but these are the people i've been exposed to people at pantera capital hedge fund managers also i've spoken on stages and headlined block show singapore couple years back before we had pandemic and everything that's happening now i've interviewed guests..." + 95%
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"all right today's video was titled crypto millionaire tells you now's the time to get rich take a look at this view i thought i'd enjoy the nice sunset with you guys today got a beautiful little picture of molokini right there now's the time to get rich if you've been waiting i'm telling you this from the bottom of my heart from crypto millionaire i started 10 years ago in this biz and bitcoin learning about it learning about all kinds of technologies now's the time so here's what's going to happen next in my opinion as we're on the verge of war with ukraine that's going to be the geopolitical flash point that sends prices temporarily lower but that's going to be the buying opportunity in fact i'm expecting major major commercials coming from fortune 500 moving into the blockchain space this weekend for super bowl i'm expecting major commercials from various tokens various cryptocurrencies that you could learn about at school not to mention all the incredible things that we're doing guys like wait until you see you're going to crap your pants what i'm doing with island project the first block chain in the world we've already started looking at our real estate portfolio putting that together out here in the islands of hawaii it's going to be sick it is an underground freedom network it's got cash flows appreciation potential it's got ownership opportunities non-fungible parcels nfts now the way to get in on that first and i haven't released anything about that yet okay there's no blockchain it's soon to be released all of our students you tuning in at bitcoinrich.com simply by clicking the link below are gonna have first access to that so at the very least you should just do that to get in to be the first to get all the announcements as we release the seed rounds for members underground network i mean i'm putting crazy stuff together guys i've got my team out here concierge services we've got rental services if you want to come out here just to you know visit for ..." + 81%
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"all right ladies and gentlemen christopher green amtv bitcoinrich.com and also islandproject.com soon to be launched i'm down here in beautiful mckenna got a lot of construction going on today beautiful part of the world absolutely amazing maui is so getting really busy a lot of tourists coming in all the restrictions have been opened at least for now who knows if that lasts we obviously know that they've laid the infrastructure here in the united states and all over the world of course we've seen this in china leading the way in fact they're moving back to where we were just a couple of months ago time will be told whether or not this happens in the united states so ladies and gentlemen we are at this point in history where we've got to build our freedom communities we got to build our breakaway civilizations so to speak built on the blockchain if you haven't noticed island project is an ecosystem i'm building an ecosystem for you guys for our members for our community and you don't have to be rich it is the biggest liquidity event to occur in world history blockchainifying the real estate space and raw land assets homes condos and we got like a whole fleet of jeeps i don't know if you saw that i just got a new one i'm calling it the blaze [Laughter] my kids like that so we've got the official baker's dozen couple other updates just signed a deal and uh kind of more in town in kahului on a 7 000 square foot warehouse where we've got a lot of activities going on and also that's where all the cars and all the jeeps and all the four by fours get serviced and wash and clean and all that kind of stuff for our members so this is an ecosystem an ecosystem of real estate land cash flows okay and it's all backed on the blockchain if you look at these homes behind me each each and every one of these homes about 30 million bucks guys okay so we're at the point now where you know how they told you that you'll own nothing and be happy this is the hyperinflationary collapse n..." + 88%
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"boom boom boom georgia guidestones go boom today we'll call it an event let me show you some of this footage and no i am not talking about nancy pelosi who's out in italy and let the girls out today if you know what i mean showing very dramatic cleavage i don't know if that was a planned photo shoot or not who let the girls but let me show you this footage and i don't think i'm going to show you nancy because i don't think it'd be appropriate for our family friendly audience but again still finding time ladies and gentlemen even during an economic hyperinflationary collapse of which the usa is broke nancy's out chilling just landed in her fossil fuel burning learjet and it's just throwing the beach while americans can't afford gas and europe is about to be cut off by natural gas by russia and potentially freeze all of this winter has their warning of food shocks supply shocks economic shocks and basically more division in the united states we've ever seen that than we've ever seen politically basically in our nation's history and now this the georgia guidestones have been destroyed take a look at this very dramatic footage of course there's a lot of speculation and conspiracy around the georgia guidestones kind of like aliens you know or they said those weren't real ufos were fake but now the pentagon says they are real well a lot of people think that the georgia guidestones for example which have inscribed in the stonehen hinge itself basically what the cabal and or the elites is what people believe plan for global populations and world humanity and a big part of that is population control and the fact that if the georgia guidestones are to be read at face value that it would appear that they're planning this is what people think at least planning for something like 80 90 percent population reduction nobody knows who built these guide stones and this monument which has a sunshine on it i think to expose different times of the day or something like that throughou..." + 89%
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"all right ladies and gentlemen Christopher green got a beautiful day out there today and Maui Boo this is pure motivation today from the heart you know the definition of success ladies and gentlemen is working through all the challenges and making the impossible possible and making it look easy that's the life of an entrepreneur that's the work that you need to put in to be successful that's the truth be told that no one else wants you to know about when you put in the grunt work when you put in the grind The Blood The Sweat and the tears just like your physical body you know getting out running 10 miles today that stuff is hard same thing with your business starting a new business organizing people and that's extremely important as well in fact until you learn how to scale people to help you grow your businesses and hire people with more talent in you and specialized positions and then train those positions that's the difference between true scalability true income growth true growth of your company and your business because far too many owners out there of small business do it all themselves and this is something I had to learn myself and I still work on from day to day is you've got to figure out how to scale you can't do everything you have to focus what you're good at so you've got to put the right people in place also too life is too short to be miserable life is too short to be lonely life is too short not to have joy Life's Too Short not to have a purpose again I know a lot of very wealthy people but you know what they lack vision and purpose and I've talked about this before to me this is gluttony and not only does it produce boredom but it's a waste of time and it's a wasted life so you need to think big and you need to get out out there and you need to start taking risks especially in a very disruptive environment like we're currently in also I've noticed that over the last couple years people are incredibly lonely people are incredibly depressed and I..." + 86%
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"hey beautiful people christopher green amtv alternative media television it has been an absolutely incredible year and the one thing please like and share this video that i've learned is if you want to change yourself and change the world which is what i've always wanted to do with my life you must build it biddle it and they will come introducing our groundbreaking new project one of the reasons why i came out here to hawaii earlier this year was to launch the island project a sustainable residential development real estate community built by you on the blockchain at islandproject.org go to islandproject.org right now and you can grab more information we will be building much through 2021 and beyond so what is the island project it is a revolutionary new idea bridging the gap between traditional residential real estate development sustainable community power energy water farming husbandry technology merging it with the blockchain we will be working with our own sustainable development a dow which benefits our community and basically just a vibrant new development with like-minded individuals like you not just in the real world here starting in maui hawaii where we will be seeking and developing land but also virtually as you can participate worldwide all of this and all these projects are self-replicating kind of like the idea the visionary idea that has always excited me of seasteading but a lot more practical in the real world actually on physical land we'll be starting of course first with the purchase of as much acreage as we can we'll be raising funding on the blockchain and also traditionally from private investors we will be irrigating we will be planning we will be designing and we will be building an autonomous interconnected island chain in the real world and virtual our network invests in tangible real estate starting in maui hawaii our first team built projects are decentralized managed by adao and team members both in the physical world and online a..." + 82%
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"hey beautiful people christopher green we're here to uh just welcome you hope you have a wonderful day today god bless each and every one of you tuning in wanted to do a short video and remind you not only of our special promo bitcoinrich.com make sure you join school what do you think of school son good sweet see us at school there's a hundred bucks off to get in today make sure you do that but don't lose sight on what the most important things are in life family love joy and in fact that's the whole point of bitcoinrich.com to not only learn about the blockchain bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies that have been skyrocketing like you've probably been reading about dogecoin the doggy coin which was up 80 just a few days ago elon musk even tweeted about it but also to improve your life that's the whole point so anyway guys uh make sure you join us at bitcoinrich.com click the link below learn all the fundamentals of blockchain tech what is bitcoin what is ethereum the difference between proof-of-work proof-of-stake how to earn yield in various cryptocurrencies you can earn nothing at a bank right now and there truly is a people-led movement against wall street and the banks son what's our slogan think and grow bighorn witch.com that's right think and grow bitclinrich.com we'll see you at school you" + 1%
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"[Music] all right ladies and gentlemen a full meltdown is occurring in europe a energy crisis of epic proportions new leadership changes i'm going to get to in a minute here wall street journal reporting that the new uk prime minister is now taking charge replacing boris johnson and of course the greatest event that i think has occurred in hundreds of years arguably a debt jubilee that will be focused in the euro zone and then cascade into parts of westernized more westernized countries such as the united states i think will end in an absolute complete reset and a jubilee of all the forms of debt not just student loans but bank loans sovereign debt u.s treasury debt banking loans business loans mortgage debt the list goes on and on because again this is all about resetting the old petro dollar currency through war through a currency crisis through an energy crisis that's all transpiring now and let's go take a look at this wall street journal article together please like and share their warning of a full-blown crisis and collapse worse than 2809 as the british pound falls to its lowest level since 1985 as a uk economic pain continues to mount again this is the wall street journal ladies and gentlemen the sterling ticked a little bit higher after liz trust won the race to lead the new conservative party and become britain's next prime minister now of course this leadership change won't matter as at all just like the united states it does not matter who's in charge it doesn't matter what politicians in power they have all been responsible for the collapse of not just europe but also the united states of america the british pound slid to its lowest level against u.s dollars since 1985 a reflection of the uk's dire economic collapse investors are braced for sterling two weekend even further to an endear not seen in more than two centuries of trading across the atlantic the pound fell as low as a dollar and 14 cents the lowest level since 1985 according to fact set be..." + 82%
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"all right ladies and gentlemen christopher green am tv bitcoinrich.com click the link below to join us at school major update i'm not going to edit this huge news a lot of noise around we got gardeners everywhere construction going on kind of a big day but i don't care because we're gonna bring this hard-hitting and in-your-face news to you when it counts when it matters most we've got a massive massive bitcoin etf announcement something we've been talking about at school for going over the last couple of months expecting this to be a watershed moment to send the price of bitcoin much much higher today reaching as high as 61 863 just shy of its record high near 65k this is absolutely massive sending the entire cryptocurrency market cap to near 2.5 trillion dollars ladies and gentlemen trust that freaking plan trust that freaking plan ladies and gentlemen just like we've been telling you learn more at school again it's amazing to me all the people out there like christopher christopher they're gonna ban bitcoin man they're gonna get rid of bitcoin no way the government's gonna allow well they're not banning it dude they're approving it is what they did today so let's get into this the etf is a futures etf it's not trading spot that's coming there's multiple filings of exchange traded funds that have been filed in the books so to speak on wall street that are coming in fact the winklevoss twins very famous co-founded really facebook then sued mark zuckerberg won a huge amount of money took all their money put into bitcoin now became super billionaires and owned the company jim and i were one of the first brothers entities to file for that etf filing so a lot of this is on the books and more very very exciting and also as we've been telling you what else are you gonna do with your money ladies and gentlemen we're in hyperinflation we're in freaking hyper inflation ladies and gentlemen what are you gonna do the only place you can put your money is bitcoin and cryptoc..." + 71%
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" Hey beautiful people, Christopher Green here, AMTV, so I was shooting a video for you, and then I got a call, like a spam call, and it was kind of annoying, and then it dropped the video. I was annoyed at first, but then I realized it's actually the point of this video. You need to start playing offense, by the way, going to the gym, got to work out. It's a key prep. I think a lot of us lose sight of this as we get, into our work mode, and then we forget that it's our health that's number one, our salvation, and our health. We got to treat our body like a temple. So even if you're just walking every single day, a quarter mile, I mean, that is huge. Keeps your heart and check, keeps your mental state in check, and you need to keep oiling this machine, so it's the best that it can possibly be. But in addition to that, you gotta be playing offense in this environment. In fact, I would suspect most of you are probably playing defense right now, as a result of coronavirus. And I'll explain this, as a result of lockdowns, the furloughs, the lack of income, the shutdowns, the non-essential businesses, et cetera. And then just the fear of everything that's going on. Well, at the same time, the US stock market, the top five fangstocks, Facebook, Apple, Google, Netflix, LISCOs on and on, Tesla hitting New All-Time Highs Day, 14%, is probably gonna be added to the S&P 500. Did you know, not only did Elon Musk exceed the net worth of Warren Buffett today, it's been yo-yoing around. But if it wasn't for the top five fangstocks, the big tech stocks, the due social media and technology and all these kinds of things, the US stock market actually would have posted a zero return over the last, that have odd years, I think since 2017. So what do I mean about playing offense? Well, you gotta be thinking opportunistically. Do the opposite of what the herd is always doing, right? This is why I've been telling you guys, start new businesses, learn new skills, et cetera. Let me give yo..." + 82%
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"BREAKING! How to Live YOUR Best ..."
"all right ladies and gentlemen christopher green amtv bitcoinrich.com so today let's talk about living your best life because 2022 i believe can and will be your best life because you're going to go all in with me at school and here as we do these videos and as we educate and as we learn about nfts what's going on in the metaverse what's going on in crypto and blockchain is crazy to me that now we see mainstream brokers and i'm not a broker i'm not a financial advisor ladies and gentlemen now moving into the space in fact there was a huge announcement not just by coinbase this week unloading a new derivatives platform to its retail investors in the coming months but also gemini currently valued at like seven plus billion dollars the winklevoss twins you know the facebook guys the rowers the very tall guys the one the lawsuit against mark zuckerberg just partnered with a new firm called bitria that is now going to attach financial advising related products to investors so that they can have access to bitcoin cryptocurrency ethereum i mentioned yesterday that internet computer one of my favorite projects is now been listed on binance for staking and it's already sold out in fact i tweeted at dominic over at the dfinity foundation and also at coinbase because i think this will be coming next there as well and it'll be over subscribed once again but it's insane to me how people could not see what a big deal bitcoin crypto eth all these things were 10 years ago now it's going mainstream and but by the time you hear about it which you've been hearing about on this channel for over a decade but by the time the general population hears about all this is a good thing it's over guys it's absolutely over the thousand x returns are gone now the good news is it's still very early so you want to learn as much as you can so let's talk about this we're also going to talk about my project the island project going live here in 2022. now there was a report follow me on twitter at a..." + 91%
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"howdy christopher marin here out in beautiful arizona getting our uh stake amendment on and uh here to talk to you about some very serious topics today actually please like and share this because this intel comes to you from nowhere else in the world and you all know how good my intel is with geopolitics by the way buy the dippy dip buy the dippy dip buy the dippy dip thousand freaking x in bitcoin by the way probably get an announcement from the fed very very soon like and share that they will stop or de-escalate the tapering they're not going to raise interest rates materially just like my father said we'll probably get you know 50 basis points here and there 75 basis points but they cannot raise interest rates materially interest rates would have to be at 10 to stop the inflation and or hyperinflation that we currently have in place today regarding bitcoin keep in mind we've had multiple 50 plus percent drawdowns which is why not everyone is bitcoin rich because they have a week week hands you need to have diamond hands we had three of those periods just within the last like five seven years this is an opportunity of course as a result of the forecast that the rates are going to budge like 25 basis points people are selling tech but to think bitcoin is going away and that's not the only cryptocurrency out there obviously is like thinking that apple computers is going to go away like microsoft is going to go away like tesla is going to go away none of this is going away follow goldman sachs follow the federal reserve follow the digital dollar which we just had the fed come out and say basically that yes they finally finished their studies on cbdc central bank digital coins but let's talk about ukraine because this is very very serious this intel comes from you know where in the world it is all but imminent i believe in my opinion based on my intel the vladimir putin will be making a move on ukraine very very soon i believe that the white house this is my opinio..." + 76%
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"hey everybody chris from green amtv bitcoinrich.com walk and talk so my brother cody died just a couple days ago and it's been brutal man it sucks it sucks so bad and i love my brother more than anything in the world but you know what he told me a couple days prior to his passing he said christopher be strong he said be strong and that's exactly what i'm gonna be i love you cody man i'm gonna see you again dude um i know a lot of you been waiting for me to say something profound i don't really have anything profound to say but just the clock is ticking your life there is no guarantees and i think this has been my primary message for over 15 16 years now it's just to go big go big ladies and gentlemen you what are you waiting for you know people that play it safe in their life and like pretend that somehow things are going to be better in the future or wrong about that they're not unless you make it better today unless you're going all in in your life today unless you're taking those risks and that's my message and so you guys should take that message and you should be bold you've seen nothing yet um wait until you see what we do next with island project with bitcoinrich.com we are going massively big massively big and in fact i think now is the biggest opportunity since the dot-com bust of the 2000s i think it's the biggest opportunity since bitcoin was trading at 3 500 in march 2020 and by the way i bought that dip and so did my audience and we look like geniuses after buying that dip and we're buying this dip now as well so what's going on in the crypto market ladies and gentlemen well the governments want to prop up the dollar they want to prop up the fake bull crap not backed by anything currency which is pro bailout pro manipulation and pro-fraud at the highest level of the land so the blackrock guys get richer so goldman sachs gets richer while you go broke which has always been the trend i mean dude that's what they do ladies and gentlemen so i'm still in ..." + 72%
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"all right ladies and gentlemen time is of the essence we are preparing for major geopolitical conflict i believe in the united states and worldwide in the hyper d dollarization hyperinflationary event you got to get out of the dollar so what should you be doing now you should be creating incomes cash flows learning about bitcoin and blockchain get in okay learn about island projects you gotta dive best out of these traditional asset classes which are collapsing this is why the world's elite and the most powerful people in the world are buying farmland they're buying bitcoin ethereum xrp they're getting into real estate homes starting new businesses and they're divesting themselves internationally because they know what's ahead so what's ahead dollar collapse a reset of the financial system what item is warned is going to be a debt jubilee ain't going to be pretty click link below this is the end of month closeout enter the promo code lambo today make sure you get in hard hitting and in your face we've got a stunning community of over 77 000 plus users worldwide and you can ask me anything there so get your income up maintain your positivity thousand fruitca dukes to the move baby it's a beautiful thing because all you got ladies and gentlemen is your mindset they're called rich.com to the moon link below get it last chance promo code lambo you" + 1%
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"us government ban bitcoin according to steve forbes this remains a very likely possibility if you just watched his video from the forbes report today in fact i've interviewed steve forbes a few times before respect his opinion so i'm going to dig into that will the u.s government and other governments in addition to india ban bitcoin i'm going to talk about a brand new blockchain technology called big clout taking the world by storm which allows you to basically monetize your social media presence so for example elon musk is trading as a token he's been tokenized uh so has garyvee people like myself like you're tuning in to here on youtube right now also joe biden says he's going to start opening up travel again potentially in may not really sure what that means is that lifted travel restrictions on flying to destinations or border crossings we'll get into more of that in a minute but before we do that make sure you hit this like button and in your face i'm christopher green of course this is amtv it is march 18th 2021 so smash the like button so steve forbes came out today and said that there is a possibility that in addition to india saying that they're going to ban bitcoin of course india's like banned and then like lifted the ban on bitcoin like a thousand times by the way uh so i don't know how much precedent this really sets but suggesting potentially that u.s regulators could be in play now to maybe force a ban now we were talking about capital controls yesterday in the video where i discussed ray dalio saying he thought that this could happen similarly to what we saw in the gold market in years past and because the federal reserve might not like the fact that a lot of money and all this free capital because interest rates are at zero and the bailouts have been going to infinity and margin debt is all-time highs and we're getting all these record prices as flowing into investable assets and of course can keep pace with inflation so maybe the central bank a..." + 88%
"2022-01-18 00:00:00"
"STOCK COLLAPSE!!! The Largest As..."
"all right ladies and gentlemen stocks collapsed today they're down about 500 points and so what i think they're teeing this up only so that they can basically renege on what the central bank and the federal reserve system said they're going to do which i don't think that they are which is ever materially raised interest rates because they can the only thing they can do is issue debt into infinity keep printing create inflation arguably hyperinflation worldwide create the largest asset bubbles that we've ever seen and do what the fed does best print money out of thin air and basically create gross wealth disproportion and wealth inequality worldwide which is exactly what it's been doing literally since its inception after going off the gold standard so with stocks down 500 points i believe that's the plan again that way the fed doesn't have to raise materially interest rates that way they can renege on what they said they're going to do like they always do because they've never materially raised interest rates since 2008.09 and then continue to pump the largest bubble in world history whether or not this is stocks real estate crypto or any other asset class that is disproportionately reaching all-time highs my question for you is when are americans and when are people around the world really going to wake up to what's really going on also if you're not building in this environment biddling okay learning new skills creating those 1000x cash flows you'll never be bitcoin rich ladies and gentlemen you just never will because the time is now to build to be learning let me give you an example of this notice in major cities that the average rent is like 3 500 in certain places yet if you go up just 2 to 3x that rent to like 10k you get 20x the value as you would that 3500 payment small tin can box apartment they do that for a reason because it's where everyone's income is it keeps you in that box it keeps you from expanding it keeps you from growing and the more and the..." + 82%
"2022-03-13 00:00:00"
"all right ladies and gentlemen christopher green am tv island project so everything is going according to plan in ukraine so let me explain this to you trust that plan now i came out with a video yesterday my intel tells me this and it's good intel and i believe this is the case in my opinion as well and believe me i'm the guy that told you that the invasion would take place when no one even believed that and now i'm telling you that putin is select partitioning off ukraine okay so he's taking most of it over he's working in his way towards keep right now as we speak but in the background there's a diplomatic negotiation currently taking place with china now this is the real player again ukraine is a proxy it was never about ukraine guys it's always been about the larger geopolitical play of china and its aims in the east the new cbdc digital yuan with its geographic aims wanting to basically expand into asia africa and parts of europe so mr xi gave putin the green light prior to the winter olympics you probably remember that he said basically that their relationship is stronger than anything and that was the green light putin respected that and waited and i told you this would happen that the invasion would either take place prior to the olympics or after in respect to xi so here's what's happening now diplomatically and we're even seeing this in the mainstream media we're starting to see more pressure being put on china the largest ally is now doing business with russia buying all their minerals and oil and offering competition to visa and mastercard which shut off russia due to sanctions so again what's happening here is through this pencer movement this very aggressive move putin in my opinion is one he's now partitioning off parts as we speak and what that is going to do is help the united states to save face as china brokers the peace deal and we enter the new century that's what's happening anyways ladies and gentlemen i love you it's a beautiful day out t..." + 55%
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"ladies and gentlemen are you in islandprojectclub.com just opened up a few days ago click the link below pre-order big choose your amount it'll determine your access to me my team everything that we're doing our build out here in beautiful maui hawaii private events live streams and so much more because we've got big things coming to the united states i did a report earlier today ladies and gentlemen that i believe and i'm also hearing from insiders back in new york my friends on wall street i'm hearing all over chitter chatter that there's going to be a major major announcement by joe biden and the administration regarding fedcoin in december during the holidays in and around that time they're going to be making major major announcements ladies and gentlemen regarding cbdc's and the new digital currency just like we're seeing capital controls and hyperinflation in places like turkey i think we're going to see great instability here in the united states and the westernized world not to mention all the geopolitical chaos that currently exists places like ukraine as we see that play out as we see the nuke fears now play out over that power plant and officials around the world are warning of a very very serious event ladies and gentlemen so here's my question again are you in are you getting ready are you preparing with like minds take a seat at the table with myself and my team i've already had hundreds of conversations with a lot of you over the last few months many of you talked to my father as well it is time it is time that we tether the wagons together so to speak so today's video i'm calling all of you all you digital cowboys okay the all-stars you know who you are many of you have already talked to you've already joined and the first 25 of you that join to island project club will get access to me with a personal ama phone call private consult 15 to 30 minutes depending on how you pre-order and click big with the link below so get in here's what i want to le..." + 71%
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"ladies and gentlemen i've got an important message for you today a lot of people say things like christopher how am i gonna get ahead the whole world it's working against me bro everything that's happening right now i can't take it i can't handle it how am i gonna win how am i gonna get ahead how am i gonna improve my life how am i gonna 1000x how am i to make the cash flows how am i going to start a new business how am i going to learn about blockchain how do i do a christopher well do you forget the amazing story that we all know about david versus goliath do you remember it was david just with the faith of a freaking mustard seed that destroyed goliath that even the king wanted to equip him right and put like all this body armor on him and he couldn't even walk he was like dude i don't need all this stuff all i need is my slingshot all i need is a couple of rocks that's all i freaking need well the point is ladies and gentlemen that's all you need where's your faith where's your faith jesus christ our king is going to equip you with everything you need ladies and gentlemen but you gotta have faith even if it's just the faith of a mustard seed and what did god do he rewarded david he rewarded him for his faith he toppled goliath and then he was given the entire keys to the kingdom ladies and gentlemen because he had courage where's your courage where's your hope where's your faith understand that we all win this is god's plan god has your back ladies and gentlemen you know he's showing up in a white horse he's showing up with the cavalry hallelujah all you need is your belief faith in him faith in yourself and then you've got to go to work and you've got to be persistent if david didn't believe and he hadn't shot at goliath well that story would have never been written so here's my point what's your story what do you want out of life what are you trying to accomplish in a harsh world with everything we've seen in recent years lockdown shutdowns economic financi..." + 72%
"2022-10-24 00:00:00"
"look it out look at how bright it is right there how it just comes in [Music] good morning ladies and gentlemen or afternoon depending on where you are in the world I'm Christopher green this is amtv and the islandproject.com that's islandproject.com do you have purpose do you have Vision in your life is life controlling you or are you in charge of your own destiny of course God our King Jesus Christ anything is possible with him just with the faith of a mustard seed but today I want to talk about purpose I want to talk about common vision and it's never too late to start over and begin Anew here's a picture of my beautiful late brother Cody you can see here that's when I was a kid I've always been taking care of my brother even when he got cancer I was taking care of him doing my best to make sure he had the best life possible and one thing I learned about my brother is he always maintained optimism while he was alive even when he was diagnosed with a terminal illness and every single day it was a great day because he decided it was a great day so for you tuning in with whatever amount of adversity that you have I want you to think about this today because we live in a very very dangerous world and I know a lot of wealthy people but I know a lot of wealthy people in the world that don't have purpose and don't have Vision I know people with no money who are dead broke maybe this is to you tuning in right now who again have no vision have no purpose and don't know what they're doing have no definiteness of what their actual goals are and this video is extremely important because it's about to change how you think about your life and more importantly the inputs that you put into your life to achieve the big things and the results a thousand x that you want so let's talk about this what is purpose and vision how do you achieve purpose and vision with definiteness okay how do you achieve what you want in life what you do through the daily habits you do it ladies and ..." + 89%
"2022-06-01 00:00:00"
"a beautiful people christopher green amtv hard hitting and in your face another beautiful day out here in malibu maui hawaii got one of my new jeeps out uh the gray man he's right there behind me he's taking some photos of him a few seconds ago and uh yeah so amber heard loses the case against johnny depp i was losing a lot of sleep over this as a lot of americans were pathetic and this is why we don't have a country ladies and gentlemen this is why you don't have freedom this is why you don't have a liberty because you care more about a freaking trial about a hollywood actor who plays a freaking pirate that isn't even real this is why we don't have freedom in america and it absolutely is mind-blowing so we all know what's coming we know that the food shocks are coming we know that janet yellen was speaking today and said she was wrong about transitory inflation that uh basically the central bank is now mismanaged everything so poorly that we're entering a great depression and we're on a war front and this is what the politicians are going to do of course because what would you do in order to control the american people you take them to war so they're in such a constant state of fear that they're very easily controlled because that's what it's about ladies and gentlemen it is about control so just wanted to show you the beautiful view out today and it looks like we have one of our catamarans out there on mooring we are getting huge surf actually so like 6 12 footers different parts of the island not necessarily here but as you go to different parts uh probably jaws could be big but i think it's mostly affecting south maui as we speak but i just want to do a quick update video i mean again the whole reason america is so messed up is because they've just killed our culture ladies and gentlemen they've gotten rid of it uh we've destroyed american values we're no longer a nation we should be uh that has respect by other countries that was founded under god but someho..." + 76%
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"5 STEPS TO 1000X GAINS in 2022!!..."
"hey ladies and gentlemen christopher green amtv bitcoinrich.com it is 2022. and today my son and i austin i'm mentoring i'm teaching them everything i know about cryptocurrency and blockchain i'm going to give you five tips on how to jump start your year because so many people fail with this they've got these big grandiose ideas but then they don't have a road map and they don't follow through the first thing is health man you got to get your health in check you got to be working out every single day okay this means walking this means hiking this means swimming this means lifting weights okay so put this as a part of your routine every single day and realize that your body is a temple ladies and gentlemen so you need to treat it that way and the beauty about it the beauty about it is it helps with anxiety it helps with depression uh it helps with all those kinds of feelings it boosts confidence so the simple things you do ladies and gentlemen every single day to get your body in check will translate into your money so how does this translate into your money right it starts with discipline ladies and gentlemen it starts with putting in the work and doing the things that people don't want to do that are hard so i always tell people do the hardest thing first thing in the morning that's gonna generate and drive the biggest results in your life first okay whether or not this is working out whether or not this is relationships whether or not this is your cash flow game now no one's talking about the cash flow game the cash flow game is in crypto ladies and gentlemen so in fact if you get your crypto game right that is the best number one thing that you can do in 2022 to get your finances in order let me give you an example of this we got many cryptocurrencies in our portfolio today up 25 one in particular which is gonna be massive thirdly you're gonna need faith ladies and gentlemen you got to have and believe in something bigger than yourself no one talks about this ..." + 59%
"2022-11-17 00:00:00"
"all right good morning everybody Christopher green hard-hitting and in your face [Music] so I'm walking with a slight limp today I tore my calf muscle again that old injury so if you're wondering about that FYI but I'm healing up pretty smoothly so let's talk about 2023. it'll either be your worst year that you've ever had in your life or it could be your best because what they have planned is going to be absolutely terrible for Humanity this is a global takeover this is a human level takeover it's a reorganization it's a restructuring of society we all know this it's restructuring and resetting of our currency of the debt based system moving into new systems of government control Power Asia is rising Z is leading Global instability the proxy war in Ukraine the list goes on and on and on and by the way this is a spiritual war and it's a battle for those of you that are in tune to actually understand this is a spiritual war it's a takeover to plug everybody into the Matrix into this transhuman Borg agenda so they can feed off you like The Matrix and that really is the truth it sounds insane but it really is the truth and this is what we're seeing worldwide so it's not going to get better you know I talk about thousand X saying Now's the Time to build now's the time to get ready three two two is what 2023 spells backwards and it's going to be all year long in 2023 so there is something to that and the Occult I'm expecting World War I'm expecting economic war of course everything that we're seeing right now SPF FTX all a part of the deep state of course Crypt cryptocurrency blockchain Bitcoin it's a guarantee and you should be buying here by the way you should be buying here and I'm going to be reviewing various Technologies at school you should join and you should get in how do I know that because you see articles that say things like crypto's over bitcoin's dead again how many times have they said that a gazillion freaking times they say it over and over and over ..." + 84%
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"hey everybody christopher green amtv alternative media television please like and share this video get this critical message out to your friends and family god bless each and every one of you tuning in just want you to know i'm praying for all of you and i was thinking a lot this morning i was up early with my cup of coffee playing around with my guitar [Music] and i was just thinking that man this has just been wild i was watching church this morning virtually because most churches in the united states of course are closed in fact governor newsom in california is preventing people from even singing in their church right now and i was watching my pastor talk today and preach from the word and it was just so alarming and crazy to see him because he's the only guy there and there's just blackness all around him because nobody's allowed in the church and everything's closed i think a man if this is just not a sign of where we're headed just how crazy all these events have been and are i don't know what more proof i could possibly give you i was thinking about noah as well you know people made fun of noah when he i always say be like noah prep like noah people made fun of him too and mocked him just like they mocked jesus and they were mocking noah right up until about the time it started to rain and then of course the flood came it's funny when i uh first relocated here at the start of all this unfolding there's a beautiful rainbow this was in and around the time just right out here in the backyard when my brother was fighting for his life in the hospital when he had his event where his brain was swelling up and he was bleeding and they had to have emergency surgery it was on easter actually of all days and i remember just praying so much that he would survive and live which he did by the grace of god and i remember on easter there was just this beautiful rainbow my family all my children just were in awe just a reminder that uh god will never flood the earth again ..." + 82%
"2022-11-02 00:00:00"
"all right ladies and gentlemen Kim Young and a barrage of missile tests over the last 24-48 hours has launched more icbms and other missile type technology prompting triggers of alerts in Japan falling in the sea of course we've seen this in recent months further escalation North Korea an obvious proxy of China Russia an obvious proxy of China as this war spirals out of control and now U.S officials are a warning of an upcoming North Korea nuclear test and I can only imagine how the Pentagon and the White House May respond to this ballistic missile launches from Pia Yang I'm saying that correctly have raised new concerns among Western officials of a new nuclear weapons test and an escalation toward War this is from U.S news North and South Korea exchanged a barrage of indirect missile fire late Tuesday and one of the most significant acts of aggression that they've seen since the division of the peninsula in 1948 now we've seen Kim Young refuse to back down and now we see more missiles fired today firing at least three new ballistic missiles on Thursday 12 yesterday including one long-range rocket that came close enough to Japan to trigger an all-out alert this is from Bloomberg News also Joe Biden warning in the Press of dark Forces taking over the midterms that is laughable to think that dark Forces aren't already in control of the United States is pretty darn hilarious this is your critical breaking news update from Maui boo beautiful Maui Buu Hawaii I'm Christopher green God bless stay prepped and uh links below please like and share this video around the world I want to hear you think what you think do you think we will have a giant nuclear event very very soon in Ukraine and a possible test here by North Korea very soon" + 1%
"2022-10-07 00:00:00"
"all right ladies and gentlemen in the next 24 hours are absolutely critical and I encourage you to be prepared do everything you can humanly possible to get right with God and understand what is coming next because I believe there is a very high likelihood that we are either going to get a test a nuclear test possibly in the Black Sea and I believe Putin will initiate this test and or God forbid there could be an event in Ukraine and it could be the use of a tactical nuclear weapon before I get started please like and share this video get it out to your friends and family and again I'm not the one saying this Joe Biden in a private kind of like fundraiser meeting yesterday who usually he says a little bit more when he's off camera warned of this he warned of quote Armageddon and said that we are at the precipice of disaster worse than the Cold War possibly during JFK's reign in 1962 where there was about a week period where we almost broke out in total intercontinental ballistic missile nuclear warfare and he's saying now that we are in the same state if not worse now here's why I believe that the next 24 hours are critical ladies and gentlemen and why I think Vladimir Putin May in fact use nukes because I think it is actually to his Advantage let me explain this for a minute and why I believe this to be so Putin is in a very precipitous slope at the moment where he's got a lot of eyes on him and by the way he's operating out of a bunker right now he's got two locations one is in the Earl Mountains one is more I think closer to Moscow and he's got basically replicas of the same studio so when he comes in broadcasting to the public to the Russian people or internationally it looks like he's in the same location but he actually has multiple setups in multiple locations and he's in a bunker right now based on intelligence reports a nuclear bunker so I believe this is very close to midnight we're at Red Alert all around the world of course we have his nuclear armed s..." + 89%
"2022-11-04 00:00:00"
"foreign ladies and gentlemen I'm going to try this again I just shot a brand new video for you and the whole computer crashed and got corrupted so God's will as I always say let's do this it's November 4th 2022 and I believe Donald Trump the former president of the United States will be indicted right after the November 8th midterms and I think days after that he will announce his presidential run but before I get started please like and share this critical update it is November 4th 2022 so we are building up to a very contentious midterm election in fact Cary Lake running for governorship of Arizona said on Fox news that she's not suicidal referring to Hillary Clinton and that the brakes on her car are working just fine I mean this is how absolutely out of control the political system is today and it appears that the Republicans have a very good chance of taking the house although less likely that they'll take the Senate but here's why I think Donald Trump announces after the indictment and there's a reason why politicians are waiting until after the midterms November 8th to indict Donald Trump and that's so it doesn't look like they're interfering with the election also I think that this will build a lot of Trump's base right after being indicted and then announcing his Run for the president of the United States once again similarly to how his base really rallied behind him after the raid on Mara olago also we had over a hundred and eighty North Korean fighter jets scramble near the DMZ line sparking South Korea and really U.S forces to send out 80 fighter jets in very contentious Air Traffic Control yesterday I tweeted this last night make sure to follow me at amtv media because it's very serious Kim Young has fired over 20 missiles a few days ago he fired many more yesterday and have failed ICBM intercontinental ballistic missile that could in fact be nuclear tipped in fact it came so close to Japan that the Japanese prime minister ordered emergency shelter f..." + 89%
"2022-05-14 00:00:00"
"all right ladies and gentlemen uh christopher green it's may 14 2022 please like and share this video an alien takeover is currently taking place in the united states and worldwide i guess throughout the galaxy but it's not what you think because aliens aren't real that's a lie there's no such thing as aliens only demons the devil and satan but what sparked the interest of this story today was an article online that i read titled prepare for the arrival tech pioneer warns of an alien invasion so let me shrink my head and show this to you and then i'm going to explain what i think is really happening and how you should be prepared spiritually for said events currently transpiring remember when donald trump said it was an alien virus he said that for a reason because it was exactly what it was and remember when i did that very viral video about an alien invasion of a dream that i witnessed that was a vision that god gave me that happened in and around that time prior to the 2020 series of events that we can't really talk about well that was also an alien warning so what is this article talking about it says that an alien species is headed for planet earth and we have no reason to believe it will be friendly some experts predict it will get here within 30 years while others insist it will arrive far sooner and i would argue it already is here nobody knows what it will look like but it will share two key traits with us humans it will be intelligent and self-aware and then it goes on to say the crux of the article no this alien will not come from a distant planet it's not going to be those little green men or the fake information that we get from the dod putting out with like ufos and all this kind of stuff which they would never put out information that they intentionally wanted you to see unless they wanted you to see it it will be born right here on earth hatched in a research lab at a major university or large corporation i am referring to the first artificial gen..." + 86%
"2022-06-01 00:00:00"
"[Music] all right ladies and gentlemen an absolute absurd turn of historic events here in the united states of america as we currently live through an economic apocalypse in my view a great grave depression see how they come out with this terminology just like they've called what we're going through now the great rewind and there's that other word for it that i'm not going to say otherwise you just can't really say what you want to say anymore but in a crazy amazing turn of events 9 trillion dollars bloated out on the federal reserve balance sheet after spending trillions of taxpayer money in bailouts stemming from 2809 billions and billions trillions of dollars given to fortune 100 too big to fail banks all these ceos and executives becoming billionaires like jamie dimon as a result of it you know their personal net worth actually just going much much higher in recent years now have the gall okay and the absurdity to tell you that we are entering a quote economic hurricane i'm going to get into this report as and more as california gasoline prices are now breaching eight dollars a gallon in a hyper inflationary apocalypse of which zelinski out of ukraine is warning of famine food shortages the economist magazine uh is saying that there's going to be starvation in the second and third world especially maybe even the first supply shocks total divisive politics and chaos the supreme court weighing in on all these issues from roe versus wade to these things and yeah jamie dimon the billionaire who took trillions along with the rest of the too big to fails has this to say let me shrink my face please like and share this video and get prepped ladies and gentlemen because it's going to get much worse jamie dimon says brace yourself for an economic hurricane caused by the fed in the ukraine war because it's not then that caused it it's not the federal reserve it's not janet yellen it's not alan greenspan holding interest rates at zero forever which they're still at zero..." + 85%
"2022-01-12 00:00:00"
"hi ladies and gentlemen christopher green amtv bitcoin rich in your freaking face baby uh inflation is out of control ladies and gentlemen it's literally the worst it's been in like 40 50 years we see the prices of meat food all the key ingredients store shelves being emptied out you know really raising a lot of concerns from a lot of people around the world and we're seeing this right in the united states we haven't seen this since like the 1970s i've talked about this on my channel a lot where you know people are at the pump maybe you're old enough to remember this and you couldn't get gas and we just saw stuff spiral out of control and then we had a central bank that actually raised interest rate rates so the question is will jerome powell actually raise freaking interest rates and i don't think he materially is i think this this is all part of the plan this is what they're going to do and this is why they're transferring us to this new blockchain system right now now we also have major major news one of you actually my subscribers thank you for uh alerting me to this binance one of the largest exchanges in the world if they're correct on this said that you can now stake icp okay now you can do this now with the network neuron system which i encourage you to do and i go over at school of course how to basically use that wallet and you can now attach it with a ledger that's something new that they had just started within the last i think couple of months or something like that for added security so this is massive okay and as i say all the time guys i say this all the time they want you selling while they're buying that freaking dip okay they don't want you to get rich and in this environment you're going to have to be super super aggressive you're going to have to put in the work you're going to have to create the cash flows and you're going to have to realize man this is going to be unlike anything we've ever seen before i mean people are calling this end of ..." + 33%
"2022-10-15 00:00:00"
"all right ladies and gentlemen Christopher green preparing for nuclear war God give me the strength and I call on the Holy Spirit to give me the words of right choosing to proceed with this warning to the American public and those of you tuning in around the world you know a lot of people didn't think the invasion of Ukraine would happen and I told you that it would it was right about that not a lot of people are saying nukes aren't going to happen but I'm telling you that it will and a lot of people are saying China's not going to invade Taiwan and I'm telling you that they are and I'm telling you ladies and gentlemen Brothers and Sisters in Christ you need to get ready with a big sense of urgency Hallelujah looks more amazing to the eye I don't know if you guys can see that rainbow right there I'm about to go on an epic hike there's two of them actually one to the left of that boat out there one right to the right of it to God be the glory ladies and gentlemen to God be the glory so the CCP is meeting right now it's their Congress and they are cementing the third five-year term of Mr Chi Mr XI the leader of China and what is he setting his sights on he is setting his sights on taking Taiwan that's what's coming next the UK media just put out two reports earlier today on how to prepare their populations as people Panic out of the Cities Panic by food storables all the essentials to life again it's not like I could plan that rainbow I'm telling you this message is divine that I'm delivering you today there's going to be a nuke that goes off they're gonna drop leaflets these are the reports these are not my words this is what they're going to do and there's going to be a swift powerful strong response by NATO and it is likely to Trickle trigger article 5. will the response be Nuclear by the West I don't believe believe so I think we're going to have a tactical nuke event it's going to raise alarm Bells it's going to raise fears in Europe and the NATO is going to r..." + 81%
"2021-09-21 00:00:00"
"all right ladies and gentlemen christopher green am tv like and share this video please love you guys god bless hope all of you are having an amazing day today so let's talk about the news it is the 21st and evergrand basically goes in the default that is the large real estate conglomerate really out of china china is not like i said in yesterday's video or going to allow it to fail because it is a systemically important company and part of the chinese empire so it'll be backstopped they'll paper over it again nation states can print currency from nothing it's not backed by anything it's not backed by gold so they just print it at the printing presses and they can continue to bail out any entity or company that they want same thing they've been doing here in the united states repeatedly ever since we went off the gold standard they keep hiking the debt there's a debt crisis which i think we're probably going to get one here in the next few months as republicans and democrats bicker and then eventually they paper over it again creating inflation lowering your standard of living and creating an environment where the cost of everything goes much much higher housing rents education food energy and your standard of living keeps declining which is what's happened over the last 50 years or so much throughout the baby boomer generation and we're seeing this gross wealth inequality this flame to the fire really just poured gasoline all over it is now we see large companies basically monopolize themselves and take out all small and medium-sized businesses because of the policies in washington dc again they're essential you're not so all that this has been and i've been talking about this for years is a prepared wealth transfer to very few hands in fact biden was speaking today what at the united nations and said now it's not a time for war as he pulled out and left the taliban actually declare victory over the united states over the last 20 years of a failed operation a fa..." + 82%
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"you're looking good there pops all right uh ladies and gentlemen it's October 7th 2022 here to talk about world events the island project of course got brand new listings beautiful piece of land my dad's going to tell you about here in a minute we're going to share with you by the way also got a listing on the North Shore this place is sick listen for six million dollars it is a cash cow we're gonna get into details of this opportunity and a whole lot more and just as a reminder you click the link below visit us at luxurylistings.com of course the island project brokerage you can also contact us direct at 808-442-2934 contact us on our team at 808-442-2934 again that's that luxury Hawaii listings.com luxurywidelistings.com and of course the islandproject.com so first off Dad how you doing this beautiful afternoon in Honolulu Chris I'm doing very good how are you today well I'm doing great the world's kind of in chaos right now did a couple reports was out over Kapalua yesterday Biden's warning that we could potentially be on the edge of Armageddon which I think is fear-mongering although you know we are taking it someone's somewhat seriously because you know it looks like something might break to you politically but you can't live in fear Dad we know that what you got to do is be smart uh you control what you can control uh remain optimistic and as I've been telling my audience for over a decade now get into tangible assets get into real assets get out of the banks generate cash flows of course this is why I started our world class brand and opportunity the island project itself and so let's let's get into these listings today we've got a brand new place this is off Kamehameha Highway and this is the North Shore of Oahu give us some details on this this place is sick okay yeah be happy to him and by the way you probably mentioned this but the uh the island project real estate brokerage we launched about a week ago so we're up and active we can do business on Maui..." + 92%
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"all right ladies and gentlemen so the collapse of the petrodollar system and really the new bretton woods agreement being established before our very eyes which i believe will set the stage for not just the rise of china the new superpower empire but of course it's digital yuan replacement of what once was the reserve currency priced in dollars and backed by black gold oil which is now moving digitally into the yuan itself and then i believe in addition to that like and share this video the united states will take a back seat with its cbdc central bank digital currency equivalent and the euros equivalent and all other nations falling into line it's important to note ladies and gentlemen that the age of empires typically lasts about 250 years putting america right at that precipice and inflection point where things start to shift and change typically after a war and takes place about 10 20 years in and around that time frame this is what i believe in my humble opinion ukraine is being used for as a proxy to achieve these series of events of global destabilization and de-dollarization of all fiat currencies and brokering us into the new system i believe of course that china will help to broker this peace deal to establish world events and the reign of its empire its new silk road basically that we're seeing spread all across asia parts of africa and also europe now it's important to have a historical reference point on this ever since we went off the gold standard richard nixon taking us off august 15th 1971 broke that social economic financial contract what did that do well basically the us dollar was no longer backed by gold it created an inflationary event which repriced fiat dollars and they lost their buying power like what we're seeing today living through stagflation zero percent interest rates bank bailouts and what i would argue no real economic growth just the lowering of value of the dollars in your pocket which are propping up real assets not priced in ..." + 83%
"2022-05-18 00:00:00"
"all right ladies and gentlemen christopher green love all you tuning in love y'all uh please like and share this video a major report just came out from an energy regulator in the united states warning of potential blackouts this summer in particularly affecting the midwest of course we saw this happen in the winter months out in texas not too long ago people could not heat their homes it was a very serious situation and now they're warning that this could happen again as a result of the supply chain issues the energy and supply shocks focusing on ukraine and potentially what they have worn and i believe is going to happen some kind of grid down situation which might god forbid be targeted or very specific in its scope as a result of the war that the west is waging against vladimir putin currently there are warnings and worries of health concerns the papers are saying that he potentially has cancer blood cancer i've read he's like fidgeting doing things that are kind of strange the media even said that he smelled funny a couple of days ago i don't know if that is to be believed or not also there is a huge outbreak emerging right now of monkey pox in spain and also in parts of portugal so keep your eye on that it could be spreading you know i did a report earlier i can't go into all the details so please look this up for yourself look up bill hr 6666 yeah i'm not joking it's bill h.r 6666 and also another bill hr 666 you see on the occult they always rub it in your face i want to tell you exactly what they're going to do next look up those bills because i think that the big shoe is about to drop this is why i'm urging all of you to be prepared you know i'm also very worried about food right now i cited the report of walmart earnings today which they had a huge collapse on wall street stock markets just going way way down it was down near 1200 points today we're not seeing food on the shelves is this not the perfect storm so be very wary out there again you can fin..." + 44%
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"all right ladies and gentlemen fourth turning today some private thoughts with me i love you guys beautiful day out today i just saw actually a bunch of buck right out here a bunch of little baby deer we actually have a lot of them they're access deer they were brought to the island years and years ago and so i'm out on a little hike although it looks like we had some kind of fire or something here which i do not recognize must have just happened the fourth turning series of events the agenda leading up to 2030. took down the georgia guidestones for a reason ladies and gentlemen it was a symbol they no longer need to tell you that they're getting rid of nine out of every 10 people at least that's what the guide stones did say they said they're taking us down to 500 million total population if it's to be believed worldwide and they demolished it they got rid of it because they don't need it anymore and so let's talk about the fourth turning this was a book that some of you may or may not have read it was published i believe in 1997 if i remember correctly one of the authors i think is no longer with us i think he passed and the other author last name could be screwing this up but i think it's how if i'm correct on that it's still alive today and i was watching a piece i'll put a link in the description with tony robbins out in fiji and they were talking about the fourth turning so what did this book talk about well basically it predicted a lot of the events currently happening in the world hyperinflation like the houses you see behind me island project more updates on that soon the well can't talk about it but you know what happened over the last couple years regarding the restrictions and the lockdowns and all the fear over your body okay in multiple ways predicted that and then talks about the cycles of life as if you know things happen in seasons right there's a cyclicality to everything so for the human body there's a cycle there's a spring there's a summer th..." + 94%
"2022-07-18 00:00:00"
"all right ladies and gentlemen hopefully it's not too windy out it is a windy day hr 4350 national defense authorization act i've reported on this for literally years obama implemented this it took away in my opinion a lot of freedom and liberty there's a lot of legislation in that bill and it's currently being amended okay and the amendments i can't talk about everything that's in it are pretty darn grotesque ladies and gentlemen and i believe are going to directly play into what happens later this year as they are ramping things up for the fall so everything that we just saw over the last two years is now going to be ramped up again in fact you can't go to comic con not that i really care about that this year upcoming unless you comply with everything that they tell you to comply to also i do have information on the ground here in hawaii that the schools and none of my kids attend public school for a reason we homeschool all of our children privately for a good reason out here in hawaii but i know that the schools for example are getting public funding to implement these restrictions well into 2025 which i think is extremely detrimental to the children psychologically educationally on so many other various levels so my point is you're only as strong as your community ladies and gentlemen with what's coming you know sometimes i think people think it's a joke when we talk about world war three or talk about the global famine that we're already starting to see inflation all around the world real wages declining we're seeing europe in this massive heat wave travel getting okay oil energy all this is leading up to something really really big and my point is if you're not building communities now ladies and gentlemen if you're not getting ready okay if you're not coming up with solutions and you should be a part of the solution ladies and gentlemen in building what i've called breakaway societies and breakaway parallel technologies like not just bitcoin but also isla..." + 66%
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"yo christopher green here so let's talk about fractional real estate this is something brand new it's a new trend of course island project is at the forefront of this my real estate brokerage the island project brokerage and of course our private project that we're building out here in maui hawaii you can find more information on all of this and more at islandproject.com but first let's take a look at this beautiful view uh it is high tide and by the way i do want to talk about the last video i put out i'm not saying i agree with trump being indicted i'm just telling you what they're going to do next okay they just convicted steve bannon who was basically his political operative right-hand man we see what they've done to people like roger stone and others so they're not going to stop they're going to go after trump to attempt to assure again a democratic win in 2024 but let's talk about the tokenization of real estate uh there's major announcements actually starting to come i knew about this long in advance years ago by the way uh jeff bezos and others are moving into the fractionalized real estate space what does this mean well basically you will be able to own property in middle america for like a hundred dollars or less okay they're tokenizing everything utilizing blockchain technology this is why i'm the first mover in the space tokenizing island project real estate luxury homes beachfront oceanfront condos you know the same properties at bezos barack obama uh everyone's buying all the elites are buying all on the water because there's been no rising tides at all except for today but they seem to be pretty comfortable with that so this is like a paradigm shift that that we've never experienced before in history okay uh this is going to create more liquidity into the real estate marketplace that's ever been done before i mean you could even think about this from a fractionalization standpoint of lending okay where they they lend on tokenized assets fractionall..." + 81%
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"everybody Christopher green amtv alternative media television it is great to be here today I've got a very important video I please encourage you to share it worldwide get it out to your friends and family like it and I get it across all of your social media platforms I want to talk about what's next right what next I really believe that what we've experienced over the last few weeks is a warning it is a shot across the bow so to speak do not not out warnings okay see that and witness that is God's mercy and grace to get your ducks in a row and prep for what we know as ahead for what we know is coming and so I'm gonna talk about from a biblical perspective today what that means and also I'm gonna talk about specific prepping items and again what's coming next we're gonna look at some economic news I'm gonna go over some notes Warren Buffett of course speaking over the last couple of days you had some very dire things to say about the US economy and it is only indication that what is coming is going to be very very challenging that's so important why this video is so important it's important that you pivot now and you take needed steps every single day to better position yourself your family your loved ones and your community for from what's and for what's ahead you know one of the amazing things about Jesus Christ is that he's given all of us a second chance all of us a second chance and we witness his daily grace and His mercy and we realized that this is all a part of his mission this is all a part of his plan he is miraculously working in the hearts and minds of man and that's probably been the biggest takeaway for me is how this whole experience has worked not just within my own heart but within the hearts of you tuning in and the hearts of your community and your friends and your family and loved ones in fact people that I thought would never come to Jesus are now out of the blue telling me Christopher I'm saved Christopher can you tell me a little bit more..." + 91%
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"well ladies and gentlemen it is uh October 14 2022 I'm out here for a run today's video is about self-improvement mental health psychological health physical health spiritual health so the world's toxic okay the food that you eat the air that you breathe sometimes the people in your life you got to get out of that you got to detoxify okay you got to get away from that disease the culture is diseased okay it's programmed in a certain way for systematic control of group populations you hear things like be the alpha male okay be the one percent there is some truth to that because again institutions in our society brainwash and warp the minds through the media Hollywood popular propaganda the music industry Etc so here's my advice do something that sucks every single day do something that is really hard that challenges yourself so for example I did 200 push-ups 200 bicep curls two failure I'm about seven miles in on my run today I got another seven miles to go and it hurts at times right I'm gasping for air at times it sucks at times but here's what it does those incremental steps and you got to take incremental steps don't start with like seven miles on your first shot okay daily consistency in daily routine will achieve the Thousand X gains and results that you want over time you are a product of your mental app attitude and habits I also want to talk about him hypnosis today hypnotize yourself for Success every time you feel fear attack it every time you feel uncertain attack it anytime you feel insecure step into it that also builds self-confidence and most people don't do that okay most people succumb to the anxiety and the depression and the fear and the self-loathing and the self-doubt understand that those feelings are normal you got to push and Rise Above It keep in mind your mind okay your spirit is your most powerful tool that you have at your disposal once you realize that you realize that your systematic vibrational energy okay your spiritual alignment w..." + 74%
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"[Music] guys christopher green am tv alternative media television i'm going to tell you why you should sell everything and i mean everything right now but with a certain condition set so a lot of people out there and this may be you tuning in and so i'm asking you this question today right now are you lost are you lost because a lot of people are lost college kids are lost parents are lost grandparents are lost people are just flat out lost they do not know and this is bigger and more powerful than what people think that they want out of their lives in fact the biggest misconception in the world today is that most people think they'll be happy if if they obtain this or they get that or maybe they have a certain amount of money or they get a house or they get a nice car or they take that vacation or maybe it's relationships maybe it's a girlfriend maybe it's a boyfriend maybe it's a wife maybe it's a husband they say you know what if i if i just have that i'd be happy they're always looking ahead in the future right they're always thinking about what they don't have and really what they don't currently want in their current life and there's a secret to that that's exactly why you may be tuning in don't have what you currently want out of your own life and maybe you're lost and more importantly than that maybe you're just flat out not happy so i asked that question to you are you happy tuning in the truth is something much better something much bigger something much more far epic than anything you could ever imagine than money or power or clout or that home you think you might like or that car that you might drive is purpose purpose in fact i'm 39 years old i own multiple businesses online this is the first time you've ever tuned into amtv click the link below hit the bell and subscribe i welcome you to the channel love to have you guys here i'm 39 years old i consider myself probably one of the most blessed people on the entire planet you know here we are in a sit..." + 88%
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"all right ladies and gentlemen christopher green everything i said that was going to happen just happened in fact i warned two days ago three days ago i said buy everything buy the dip the federal reserve was bluffing jerome powell wasn't going to do anything it was going to be a measly 75 basis points markets would pump i was buying everything buying crypto buying stocks buying real estate and what happens just what i said was going to happen a nothing burger everyone was caught offsides everybody thought the market was going lower it didn't that proved to be the buying opportunity stocks skyrocketing some 500 points today crypto up double digits ethereum trading as heights 15 gains today bitcoin soaring xrp soaring my thousand x picks at school are soaring because you should have been buying that dip and the only thing you can ever count on with the fed is pumping i mean when in the history of your life has the federal reserve not super pumped they do it time immemorial whether or not it was after 2008 or whether or not it was in 2020 or whether it not it's today in fact that's exactly what jerome powell said in fact the move was so weak he didn't even hike 100 basis points just a little itty bitty 75 bits and you know what he said today he says we're not in a recession which i told you this is not a recession and i'm going to get to this in a moment this is a hyper inflationary collapse up where the middle class gets drained and the super rich get much richer you know goldman sachs wall street the friends of the federal reserve that essentially they're supporting those are the people that are going to get rich and the american people are going to get screwed which is why i've been telling you to buy the freaking dip so pal comes on today and says we are not in a recession we're not in a recession at all and you know what he also says they're going to slow rate hikes in the future and so the markets are loving it so let's get into these stories and more and the..." + 78%
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"ladies and gentlemen islandproject.com soon to launch july 4 2022 independence day things are going to get rough ladies and gentlemen they're calling it an economic recession but i believe it is an economic depression of the highest regard they are reclassifying all the world's assets and natural resources they are reclassifying fractionalizing everything real estate stocks tokenizing every aspect and way of our life whether or not this is the food supply which they're warning of food shocks as a result of the war in ukraine and so much more so the bottom line is you've got to prep you've got to maintain that positive attitude ladies and gentlemen do what the rich are doing do what the wealth you're doing do what i'm doing what i'm doing is i'm buying as much as i can of the most valuable real estate in the world i'm constructing a portfolio on your behalf this is what islandproject.com is and we're starting with our flagship blockchain here in maui it's backed by real assets there is no debt there's no leverage which means a bank can never take the property because we pay for everything in crypto everything in hard core cash equivalents and that's something extremely unique in the real estate game that no one else in the world has done and they certainly have never tokenized oceanfront property flagship real estate and basically a portfolio that you normally would not have access to otherwise whether or not this is vacation rental income producing assets or anything else so i just want to encourage you today guys while the rest of the world sinks and while much of the media that you're consuming on a daily basis sucks and it's completely negative for a reason and meant to control you and this is exactly what the upcoming election is going to do divide and conquer the right and left you should actually be figuring out how to create incomes how to buy valuable assets like jeff bezos jeff bezos has just bought a 75 million dollar piece of property down the street a..." + 73%
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"all right ladies and gentlemen I'm about six miles into the morning run I just heard the news at the bridge blew up it was sabotaged which leads into sevastopol and Crimea cutting Russia's supply lines crisis King like and share and this is a very significant escalation it comes on the heels of my less than 24-hour critical warning and I think something worse is about to happen next I think this is just a precursor to some kind of major move and Pivot Point by Vladimir Putin I think he's going to make a big big move and the reason is clear the West has no other options but to attempt to remove Vladimir Putin from power just like the West removed Muammar Gaddafi years ago in Libya and Putin knows this and I think he's worried about this so he's going to show Force here in my view and I'm expecting that that test that we've been warning about is going to happen next ladies and gentlemen so this could be God forbid some kind of tactical nuclear weapon in the Black Sea it could be another show of force it could be something I can't predict but something's got to give Putin is not going to allow himself to be removed from power and again we have to ask ourselves the question what is China going to do here what is China going to do because this is about a larger power play of the brics Nations kind of like when England collapsed via the 13 colonies here in the United States of America its currency collapsed the U.S cemented itself as the new dominant superpower and now we're seeing this as a part of the brics Nations Brazil Russia India principally China and also South Africa so this is a massive massive move in addition to that ladies and gentlemen I think that there is a high likelihood the Eurozone collapses this winter in a hard freeze economic shocks currency wars in the perfect scapegoat will be the war in Ukraine so just like the United States cut off Japan in the form of oil embargo and other embargoes preempting World War II now you have the west and the ukrai..." + 51%
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"all right ladies and gentlemen christopher green am tv hard hitting and in your face june 23 2022 i want to go to the words of jerome powell again i think this has been overlooked by the general population and this is actually massive news because what he's announcing ladies and gentlemen is a new world reserve system a new world reserve currency that's going to replace the old fiat dollar now of course this is something i've been warning about for a very long time and i believe not only can they not stop inflation but this is going to encourage a sovereign debt default and a sovereign debt crisis in the united states trust plan i think this is actually what they want so that of course they can move to the new central bank digital currencies that i've also been warning about for literally going on over a decade so let's take a look at this real quick i'm going to bring my trusty head down here and we will hear the exact statement from jerome powell himself warning okay of a new u.s central bank digital currency let me play the video looking forward rapid changes are taking place in the global monetary system that may affect the international role of the dollar in the future most major economies already have or are in the process of developing instant 24 7 payments our own fed now service will be coming online in 2023 and in light of the tremendous growth in crypto assets and stable coins we are examining whether a u.s central bank digital currency would improve upon what is an already safe and efficient domestic payment system our as our white paper on this topic notes a us cbdc could also potentially help maintain the dollars international standing okay so think about this for a minute an already safe and stable payment system if he has to say that to the public and signal that i would question the legitimacy even of that comment so basically fed chairman jerome powell in his last speech has officially warned and he's confirming a u.s central bank digital curren..." + 90%
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"all right ladies and gentlemen christopher green am tv hard-hitting and in your face this is an emergency alert broadcast we are about to see massive job losses in the united states in the next six to 12 months intel says massive layoffs we're already starting to see it here uh in maui hawaii robots ai general specialized artificial intelligence is now replacing human capital which is actually the largest expense for most corporations i gave you this example not too long ago most of the restaurants now are getting rid and firing staff this includes servers hostesses a lot of normal people that they had work at the restaurants no longer have jobs because they're being replaced by qr codes and cell phones and so they've cut about 75 sometimes 90 percent of the previous employed and now they've got like 10 percent running food now this is terrible because it's going to crush the economy also as we see the supply shocks missing parts of a lot of fortune 100 companies that can no longer get missing parts for cars electronics etc and i expect this to worsen once china invades taiwan of course taiwan produces and manufactures most of the semiconductors worldwide that go into all this technology so basically what you have is stagflation no economic financial growth supply shock chaos massive job losses in the next six to 12 months and the question you should be asking yourself again as i've always said is well what are you going to do about it this is why you need to create alternative streams of income also links below join us at bitcoinridge.com last day to get in with that promo code get that hundred bucks off because i did a major report breaking yesterday that a major financial institution this could include financial services could include blockchain company uh could include a hedge fund on on wall street i'm not the only one saying this we must all have the same intel at this point but i broke it when it was breaking news yesterday a major institution is about to ..." + 75%
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"hey hey Mr donut what's up brother what's up Christopher green all right good to see you uh the donut the donut uh October 10 2022. let's start with the tweet that you put out within the last couple of days good to see your pretty face there brother hey good to see you too so you said this on October 4th when something big happens it's when you least suspect it I believe the narratives pushed on the world stage are similar to a movie script when everything looks like it's going okay in the audience quote the masses relax that's when shtf that's how scripts are written so I wanted to bring you on because donut is a master propagandist for truth and of course Donna and I have worked together still work together and I wanted to get your perspective on this because the more Joe Biden keeps saying things like we're on the verge of Armageddon and the more the media says we're about to enter nuclear war and they keep throwing these fears around in terms like World War III the more I look at it and go nah something else is going to happen so what are your thoughts well I've been working you know for you for over a decade you know what I mean uh helping with amtv doing the video production so we see the events that come before they come and something with studying the news outlets when I was working with amtv was that when nothing was going on there was no stories because we report the news alternative media Television right absolutely and there would be these dull days where nothing happened and we're like nothing's going on and we we look in for a story and it was those times that a huge event would happen I remember last year around this time that's when the Las Vegas stuff happened and it just came out of nowhere I remember that and you even came up to me I remember we were in studio and we both looked at each other because Alex and I can basically stare at each other and know what what we're thinking at the same time it's like telekinesis or something and I think you..." + 95%
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"all right guys christopher green amtv bitcoinrich.com here with my son think big no one else is think big think double triple bit because no one else is everybody's thinking way too small and honestly you are your worst enemy or you are your greatest asset also you guys can accomplish anything you put your mind to but you got your mind to it there is god's plan i believe in that but we also have our intention to seize the day and i think a lot of you are missing and i've been talking about this for months now that a lot of you don't see but things are going to start opening up and we're seeing this pivot now so if you have not been pivoting you're already behind the curve notice england just eased if you know what i mean and this is going gonna see this all around the world and the reason is mission if you know what i mean was accomplished now they're gonna continue to pump these bubbles so the pump of metals look good ladies and gentlemen in fact our coinbase stock sum was up like three four percent earlier today crypto markets are exploding winklevoss twins just bought a couple new companies along with george soros i think they bought an exchange and then it was like an nft gaming company that they just bought so things are on the move also think about this for a minute because your thoughts are very important your intentions are very important because you're probably not thinking big enough like when people ask me christopher what are your goals i'm like dude to become the first freaking christian billionaire philanthropist in the freaking world boo-boo to go a thousand acts and to build out the island project in our worldwide portfolio and people look at me and they're like man this guy's a little crazy you know what that's a good thing because you are what you think about you're probably thinking too small if everybody agrees with you if they don't think your ideas are big or a little out there you probably don't even have a good idea everybody knows talking..." + 68%
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"buddy Christopher green alternative media television please like and share this video it is a very important video do not give up hope do not give up hope hope this message greets you with love today see a lot of people really struggling right now see a lot of people losing their job see a lot of people having marital conflict I see a lot of people depressed to see a lot of people anxious and probably the biggest thing is I see a lot of people in tremendous tremendous fear rightfully so because the opposite of fear is love and anger a lot of the times manifests itself and then projects itself from fear so we're seeing that too it's because people are scared it's all these changes occurring with the lockdowns with the quarantines with the shutdowns with the agenda with the masks with the food supply shock with everything that's been going on the media madness which is really what it is a circus of madness that provides zero hope and zero answers and people are starting to lose it I'm sure many of you tuning and know people that have committed suicide for example in recent months because they've lost their jobs or they've lost their businesses or they've suffered trauma even Donald Trump has talked about this quite a bit and he called it our nation's Pearl Harbor for reason it's exactly what it's been and a lot of people I see a lot of people especially online because I think it manifests itself losing hope you know you see it in the comments you see it amongst your friends and family people don't know what to do they're trying to hold on to a semblance of normalcy but what they don't realize yet a lot of people is that we're never ever going back to normal that's why they called it the new normal this is the agenda specifically I want to talk about red fur Edie and how your children are likely never to go but go back to school again like they once did schools are not opening up for children in August like they typically do and I've been saying this for some time I..." + 90%
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"are we doing beautiful people a war of the mind is the title of today's video a war of the mind you can be your greatest asset ladies and gentlemen you can also be your greatest enemy as you've probably heard and liability and in this environment i'm telling you man you got to be a navy seal when it comes to mindset i think of my brother when it comes to this and his health him fighting cancer beating bone cancer a navy seal mindset i think about one of my mentors i'll introduce you at some point here in maui who is a mountaineer and has climbed mount everest twice with his son a navy seal mindset i think about my sporting careers division one all-american athlete water polo player a navy seal like mindset you have to be fierce ladies and gentlemen you have to have mental toughness boys and girls you have to have fortitude you need to have resilience determination and you have to be willing to suffer to get what you want in life you know we learn from jesus dying on the cross dying for our sins suffering with the loss of literal blood for all the sins and damnation of the fallen world and humanity and now we're entering a very very dangerous path in human history but also a very exciting one hallelujah for that the opportunities are endless well i'm here to say and to tell you today to not give up you know there is so much beauty humanity passion opportunity right now that i honestly believe maybe a lot of you tuning in are actually missing it in disruption if you're smart and by using tools and learning new skills and pivoting while the water is flowing to the other side so to speak there's always a beautiful sunset on the other side of the horizon and there is always the possibility of something great happening take a look at this behind me i don't know if you can see that we got a little catamaran out there people are doing a little snorkeling it's a real special spot out here in maui he's taking in the beautiful weather it's a little windy today so let's talk..." + 79%
"2022-05-03 00:00:00"
"all right ladies and gentlemen christopher green here shattering through the matrix let's talk about what's in the news roe versus wade leake which is completely engineered because they want it leaked and they want it to create more division it's a bread and circus keep the peasants fighting each other on both the right and left and make it like you know conservatives won something even though they didn't what this is really about and i talked about this several videos ago like several months ago i said this is more about the my body my choice argument regarding this thing that goes here they got they got to set the legal precedent for these further actions because none of this stuff is over guys and it's not about abortion rights it's about this okay and it's about china level control notice that americans are protesting more loudly at the supreme court right now than they were over the last couple of years as a result of the lockdowns and the inability to travel and losing their jobs and operation warp speed and all of that fear isn't that interesting so we've got that but it's really just a distraction ladies and gentlemen so you know don't focus on that focus on getting your life right so let's get into some positive mindset here today you know a lot of you are telling me things like christopher things just suck right now you know i lost my job or the markets suck or stocks suck and by the way they're trying to steal your crypto do not sell your crypto you should be buying here ladies and gentlemen they're trying to shake you out i said this earlier in the year that 2022 would be the great shakeout there's times in life when things just suck like my brother having health problems that sucks you know maybe you're having relationship trouble that sucks you're going through a divorce okay you're overweight whatever it might be so what do you do in a situation like that what do you do in america today or maybe you're tuned in from somewhere else in the world okay..." + 72%
"2022-07-02 00:00:00"
"hey everybody christopher green it is july 2nd 2022 things get scarier i did a major report yesterday with cern ramping things up they're turning on this large hadron collider which smashes particles back and forth together imitating what they thought was the big bang playing with god the god bad word particle i talked about yesterday used to be god d-a-m-n particle because they couldn't have blasphemed enough and now they're setting up and turning on this engine gosh knows what's going to happen next opening up some kind of portal to hell releasing demons on earth maybe even a black hole which is a serious scientific possibility in fact they even attempt to debunk it saying things like well if the black hole opens it'll be small and minuscule and it won't suck the entire planet in all of the universe into it which a large black hole as it's gaining mass and size could absolutely do and now as they turn this on and prepare to use more energy than all the homes in the united kingdom do in a single year as if that's not wasteful and they always tell us things about the weather and how we should be conserving and moving out of pet petrol uh and gasoline and all these kinds of things while at the same time jpmorgan chase warns of 380 dollar barrel of oil this would send gas prices ladies and gentlemen probably to 25 barrel or not a barrel 25 a gallon at the pump obliterating the average american and the average european around the world they said that this could happen on a worst case scenario of russian output uh shortages as they cut things off with nordstrom one let me go here and shrink my head here for a minute and let's get into all these stories and more again this is jpmorgan chase warning of a hyperinflationary apocalypse predicting 380 oil on a worst case russian output cuts this is from bloomberg it was posted late last night global oil prices could reach a stratospheric 380 dollars barrel if the u.s and european penalties prompt russia to inflict retaliat..." + 86%
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"THE ISLAND PROJECT - Digital Noa..."
"I'm Christopher green the founder and creator of the islandproject.com that's islandproject.com the first true real ownership opportunity of the best of breed real estate asset in the world properties here in beautiful Maui and Oahu fractional ownership that pays annual cash flows that has zero debt no leverage large capital gains potential and is also being tokenized a thousand acts on the blockchain again to learn more about islandproject.com click the link below and speak with my world-class team our private portfolio of elite luxury properties cash flow producing condos and Parcels of land scheduled for development is not only tokenized but is replicatable worldwide our initial founders with a common ethos of freedom and liberty detecting their and their family's wealth and Legacy in a growing unstable uncertain and chaotic world as we Face the global threat of World War economic collapse inflation and a whole heck of a lot more there is only one place to put your hard-earned money and that is hard assets join us today at the islandproject.com at islandproject.com this is not Financial advice I am not a financial advisor please read our disclaimers and disclosures on our website please click the links below and speak with my team and our world class club I'm Christopher green hard-hitting and in your face this is the digital Noah's Ark Island project foreign [Music]" + 1%
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"everybody Christopher green amtv alternative media television please take a moment to like and share this video today I want to talk about your pyramid of preparedness I believe that you tuning in have a very short window a very small window of opportunity to prepare and to figure out where you've been week in this current crisis did you not have enough food storage if you did it you should buy more did you not have enough cash on hand if you didn't and you should get cash if you weren't prepped with your investments then you should prep with your investments if you weren't prepped with your relocation strategy or your primary residence or your bug-out location then you need to prep with that maybe it's your community maybe it's relationships maybe it was your involvement at the church preparing yourself for what's to come preparing your soul getting closer to God as we've seen and I've been talking a lot on this channel that that really is the most important preparation that you could do and that of course this is brought myself included all of us to our knees to realize what matters the most you makes me think of the scripture of Jonah who defied God God told him instructed him said Jonah get up go to Nineveh and proclaim to them that they must repent but he refused and steady trotted to go at what was it to Tarshish and as he was on his way in that ship God sent epic waves he sent all kinds of chaos in the open waters they eventually had a thrown out he was swallowed by a fish and notice how God eventually forced Jonah's hand until he then arrived at Nineveh as he should have done in the first place and of course preached the gospel the glory of Christ and Nineveh eventually repented at that point I think that can be used as an allegory a metaphor so to speak for many of you tuning in and this goes for myself as well where our hand has been forced God has shown us his amazing glory his amazing will and he has put all of us on her knees fixated at attention whe..." + 92%
"2020-05-21 00:00:00"
"hey guys Christopher green amtv alternative media television the whole world is changing in the whole world and I was thinking about this this morning you gotta be willing to adapt and change with the times and release what I call mental anchors release these mental anchors like for example things are gonna return back to normal going to college guarantees a job America is gonna reopen again just like it once did prior to this initial virus outbreak now Donald Trump did announce today's he's not gonna close down the country second time even if the virus hits a very very deadly wave which is probably good for the economy if that doesn't happen but if it does happen Ginny's probably politicizing a little bit because his eyes were focused on the re-election campaign which is a very very serious event for him and he won't win if he closes down the country but I was reading in the news all the major fortune 500 companies all the resilient business models the ones stocks hitting new all-time high it's all in tech Facebook Google Amazon shopify ecommerce online learning all of these companies are telling you this was the market news today they're never going back to the old way of doing business so for example nobody's gonna go into the office ever again Mark Zuckerberg said over the next five to ten years he'll have less than 50 percent probably less than 30 percent maybe less than that actually go into a physical office it means that everybody's you tuning in everybody is working remotely for the first time in history at home for good think about that from a commercial real estate perspective we have ghost buildings now in every major city that have no use case at all because everyone's working from home it's also democratize this creates opportunity for a lot of you tuning in but it also creates a more competitive environment down the line because you are now competing let's say if you're in America as an American against the entire rest of the planet second third wo..." + 75%
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"all right ladies and gentlemen christopher green bitcoinrich.com it's time to jack your life your spirit your business your cash flows i'm out here one of my beautiful jeeps it's uh one of 11. we started a new business uh last year in the heart of the storm already got revenues up to about 50 60 000 a month and i'm planning on tripling the fleet proving again uh that this is the time honestly guys to start the new businesses everyone complaining that the world's coming to an end and there's no opportunities and giving excuses i'll tell you who the problem is you are it's you that's the problem i don't know what it is but everyone right now so defeatist absolutely defeat us you watch all these videos on the internet and everybody's giving excuses everybody's planning for the worst and nobody's planning for success nobody's even actually putting in the work they're just hunkering down waiting for the end and i'll tell you this guys i can give you a shovel if you want to keep digging your own grave or you can give man tools you can teach them how to fish okay you give them a positive mindset you can get their ass up every single morning to put in the hard work to have the courage that god wants you to have you know it's just crazy to me people let their lives don't be stolen from them you've seen your life stolen from you the last two years i'm telling you to take your life back so let's talk about the business route and beautiful drive here give you guys a little bit of info on that some daily motivation you can you know price all this stuff in your head basically i've got a high-end 4x4 rental jeep company we've got 11 cars if 70 of them are operating at any given time at an average rate of 300 a day which we're getting a lot more actually now than 300 a day got the beautiful top off today we're doing about 50 60 000 in cold hard cash we also accept bitcoin and crypto every single month not to mention other opportunities as we continue to stack cars so what's the ..." + 78%
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"all right ladies and gentlemen christopher green am tv hard hitting and in your face i want to talk about compartmentalizing stress in your life life gets stressful in business life your health your wellness all these things your mindset what do you do when you're in a challenge what do you do when you're in an obstacle you got to compartmentalize each moment okay i think about when my brother and i were fighting cancer i was providing the mental emotional stability for him and i was doing everything i can to hold myself together he was fighting the physical battle like a navy seal and the way we won was not only in jesus christ and god and trusting that but in addition to that compartmentalizing ourself ladies and gentlemen and taking moment by moment when a navy seal is jumping out of a helicopter they're not thinking about the rallying point yet they're just thinking about jumping they're thinking about that parachute you know coming out they're thinking about hitting the water once they hit the water they're thinking about swimming and then they're thinking about getting the land and then they're thinking about rallying and then they're thinking about engaging the target so keep this in mind no matter what you're dealing with also know god will never give you more than you can handle in a single day paraphrasing a bit but it says that in the bible so stay strong out there guys stay hard hitting it in your face compartmentalize your stress life isn't always easy life is going to throw your curveballs lightning will strike occasionally it's how you handle that stress more importantly communicate and compartmentalize it that'll thousand x your success i love you guys god bless and jesus christ his king" + 1%
"2022-09-30 00:00:00"
"ladies and gentlemen I have a very dire warning for the American people and really all members from all countries located around the world of what is coming next not just to the United States European nations but the entire world we're hearing a lot of talk about currency collapse in recent days and two major events just occurred in the last 48 hours I want to discuss however there's still a lot people are not extrapolating upon this and they're not seeing the bigger picture those two events are a complete currency breakdown of the westernized world not just the British pound which has since collapsed and is near parity with the US dollar and probably goes much lower but also the Japanese Yen and it is very important to note although some have talked about this I'm going to take you down another layer here ladies and gentlemen that no one else in the world has revealed so make sure to share this video with your friends and family like it because it's literally critical to your survival and preservation of capital in the coming days weeks and months right after the Queen's death and by the way her face is on a lot of the currency around the world notice that all of a sudden we're getting a currency collapse the British pound and the pension system is insolvent in this part of the world and so what the bank of England just did is not surprising but is astonishing in many ways they've now accelerated and restarted their version of quantitative easing the bank of England just did this as the British pound collapses to its lowest levels that we probably are going to see in our lifetime this means pensioners that depend on fixed income retirees that have worked their entire life putting their full faith and trust in a government that is now bankrupt and insolvent just like here in the United States and I'm going to get to this next and so the bank of England has now restarted their version of quantitative easing and bailouts which again this has been going on for decad..." + 90%
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"[Music] [Music] cause you fade away [Music] yeah i'm bout to fade away cause every time i wake up i feel like it's [Music] just let me be me and i'll stay out of your way i can see the way you look at me i'm such a disgrace i never really asked to be brought into this place you wanna love me well then baby have a taste all the highs and the lows know you'll never be the same i don't [Music] ladies and gentlemen i'm christopher green hard hitting and in your face out here for a little training this morning i encourage you every day embrace the suck put one foot in front of the other i know all you can do this thousand extra cells this year with me 2022 1000x live so let's talk about how the whole financial economic system is rigged it's a fraud in my opinion did you know the central bank in europe has not raised interest rates for over 10 years and they wonder why we have inflation they wonder why we have hyperinflation they wonder why we're living through a debt collapse they wonder why that the average middle-class worker in europe and the united states because the policies have largely been the same here in the u.s can't afford food and housing while the quality of life sinks for the middle class and they're destroyed through what i believe is the largest by design well transfer in world history well the american people get absolutely screwed ladies and gentlemen and it's these policies okay it's it's their management and mismanagement intentionally by design that is screwing the american public so case in point as i've been talking to you guys they're saying now we're entering a recession right because as if they would warn us american plebes that the recession is coming now i'll tell you this man if they say a recession is coming it's not coming they've got something else rolled up their sleeves i think that there's going to be a black swan something none of us can't predict you know the economic fallout of the collapse of rome which is what we're experiencin..." + 79%
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"ladies and gentlemen i'm in beautiful josh today dude we are chilling in maui booyah uh make sure to click the link below rip maui jeeps.com we got a lot of you coming in for island project and more and of course our fleet of jeeps the baker's dozen actually we're up to 14. so it's more than a baker's dozen plus limos black ops cars transportation to and from wherever you need to go even for large groups make sure you place your reservation i'll put a phone number on this screen and also the direct website rentmagies.com because we do have some openings for august but we are booked uh completely as we close out july so jaws is sick he was actually the first of three jeeps that i bought he is lifted he's got about two three inch lift with oversized tires and i'm gonna take you guys out in maui bull yacht today and we're going to go just kind of check the scene and i'll go over some features of this badass rig maui booyah maui booyah christopher green out here with jaws i did a little review for rent maui jeeps at the end of this video and just some thoughts but like first check this out man got some surfers out there don't know if you can see them got some big waves coming in today pretty sick i've been watching them uh take some of those down but i just want to talk about real estate today actually like the opportunities massive uh we are seeing the greatest opportunity in fractionalized asset classes in the world of course island project is taking full advantage of that okay you guys should get in why do you think i got all these fleets of jeeps back here got the baker's dozen plus one plus the limos plus the black ops because i know that maui real estate oahu some of our sister islands and we will be decentralizing worldwide is the most valuable asset class in the world to create cash flows ladies and gentlemen to make those gains okay large capital gains i believe in the future and what i think is gonna happen is all the beachfront and oceanfront as you can se..." + 82%
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"beautiful people christopher green am tv bitcoinrich.com so i thought this was kind of an interesting sight see this uh sailboat out here totally wrecked kind of reminds me of the u.s dollar it's a sinking ship you need to get out otherwise you're going to get thrown overboard in the meantime i'm super super bullish on bitcoin i think we're going to break out especially if we get past that 45k 46k range i think we're gonna break through to new highs we're gonna see six figures sooner rather than later on the geopolitical instability again trust that plan guys what do they want in ukraine they want more destabilization china wants to use russia as a proxy just like they're using north korea as a proxy so we've got very very big events coming ladies and gentlemen this is what again a wrecked fiat dollar looks like also i don't know if you notice have you guys checked out goldman sachs website the front page of it says digitization and talks about the metaverse game fi cryptocurrencies nfts non-fungible tokens and more so this is goldman sachs guys okay this is wall street this is a company that first said bitcoin and crypto was a scam and now their website is all in crypto again trust the plan this is the economic financial reset it's a beautiful friday but if you don't get out of the dollar this could be you want to see at school guys i love you bitcoinrich.com beautiful site today see all of you there major major updates 1000x opportunities create those cash flows jesus christ is k click link below and i'll see you at school i'm so excited that financial wisdom and understanding came to me in september 2019 with regards to cryptocurrency out of all the people i've seen i've watched so many youtube videos i've looked at so many other things i'm a big believer in watching youtube and looking online and doing my research and i somehow somewhere i came up came across one of your videos i was just a stock trader had no knowledge of crypto my brother recommended that i..." + 45%
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"everybody Christopher green amtv alternative media television please take a moment to like and share this video get it out to your friends and family share across social media worldwide nothing will ever be the same again ever we've been talking a lot about this on this channel nothing will ever be the same again and we see God's amazing plan we see the world absolutely still we see the world at attention fixated and focused on what really matters in their lives in your life tuning in we're we've been able to refocus and understand everything in and of this world can and will in some cases and has happened to many of you tuning in can be taken away from it can cause suffering and pain insecurity uncertainty lostness depression anxiety we're seeing this all over America and all over the world do have good news at it have amazing news got the good news here I'm talking a little bit about that and also it looks as if the economy is starting to open up we are seeing an Italy for example I think it's the last day of the official lockdown and so Italians are starting to go seaside they're starting to spend time with family they're starting to go outside and resume what one could only call normal activities also Donald Trump starting his campaign here in the United States of America finally will be speaking in a town hall today on Sunday on our holiest of days and we'll be reigniting the flame that is well his mission which many believe he is pointed by God himself right wrong definitely imperfect like all of us tuning in but we'll do it be doing this on the steps of this is where the Town Hall will be held today on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial where I've spent a lot of time out actually I went to school in Washington DC when I was a kid and I used to sit on those steps all the time I've lived right next door to it I could just walk down and sit on those steps at night when no one was there and contemplate life and it's pretty cool because you can walk around the V..." + 91%
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"ladies and gentlemen let's talk about the biggest opportunity in the next few days and the next few months bitcoin the entire market is on the move bitcoin is well on its way back to 50 000. but let's talk about click the link below learn more skills like this at school at bitcoinrich.com there's a promo link here on this beautiful friday make sure you get in you'll save immediately just by clicking that link and enrolling and you can start watching videos as soon as right now this weekend all you need is 10 minutes and you need a cell phone it's very easy works just like youtube so i encourage you to do that but we're at the advent kind of like back in the day of the pre-internet you probably remember like prodigy and compuserve and how that was the first entrance into internet technology before everything exploded and then after that we got google facebook twitter we've seen other companies in the tech space like tesla even netflix might be considered a part of this revolution but now we have a new decentralized interface being built worldwide so let's talk about that specifically you've probably heard of smart contracts like with the number two blockchain in the world ethereum which allows you to programmatically basically set the terms for a future event say a business contract or a real estate deal or financing through decentralized finance otherwise known as d fire maybe you're buying a digital piece of art through nfts or non-fungible tokens but what we have happening now is the building of the first ever truly decentralized internet so let me explain this to you now the internet is centralized there's about five big tech companies that control all of it they control you they own you they own your id they own your social media account they own your customers well the new internet will actually tokenize you and this is pretty cool meaning that you can monetize yourself through micropayments you can receive and send other cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and et..." + 87%
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"or ladies and gentlemen God be with all of you we sit at 12 o'clock midnight the U.S government is warning of a false flag in Ukraine now it's interesting because we've heard those terms and language before when they called it a conspiracy theory now they say it's something that they think Vladimir Putin is going to implement in the Kirsten region potentially as they exercise World War III games as we speak called Grom with their nuclear bombers firing successfully multiple intercontinental ballistic missiles in an exercise as they work of course with the other access powers China and the brics Nations let's get into this article and more and please like and share this God be with all of you ladies and gentlemen this is from the hill policy and defense why fears of a Russian false flag attack are on the rise fears are rising that a major event on Ukrainian soil in the near future will be a Russian quote false flag operation of course they just worry warned about a dirty bomb in this area and many of the Strategic military analysts believe that the conflict is going to erupt in this southern region of Kirsten of which Vladimir Putin they say has illegally annexed in recent months there's been worries about the dam the dam if that was targeted and there was some kind of event it would flood multiple cities and towns in Ukraine and has more water a wall of water think of the sheer force of this that I believe is larger than the Great Lake of Salt Lake just to put it into perspective so this is the operation that U.S officials are saying they think is coming very very soon they're also saying that Russia's claims uh that Ukraine was planning to use a dirty bomb on its own land are false this is what the mainstream media is saying oh there's a little Rainbow right there actually right now probably just reminding all of us to get on our knees and pray to the Lord and the King Jesus Christ because we're certainly going to need it we also had an earthquake in San Francis..." + 81%
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"A Day With Destiny ladies and gentlemen Christopher green this is Island project what's up everybody so next phase of economic Global tyranny total collapse in the westernized world 500 a year storm ladies and gentlemen out in Florida prayers your way I mean man catastrophic it seems like increased instances of this all around the world you got to be prepped you got to be ready again this is an economic Financial spiritual moral end game what do you think's been going on the last couple years ladies and gentlemen why do you think they pulled off the largest deception in world history it's for a reason right they're laying the infrastructure they're laying the inroads of the next phase so what are they going to do next well I'm going to tell you what they're going to do next but you got to get ready I also want to do shout out Jason Jay bro my boy my boy just got in Highland project Club member link below just upgraded to the private placement as well God bless you man love chatting with you this morning you're a great dude great Christian as well love how you take care of your family we all need to take care of our families and guess what amtv is a family you're my family you're the hard-hitting and in your face Community we are only as strong as our community ladies and gentlemen I'm coming out with Mountaintop today it is absolutely beautiful you got to get ready I'm off the beaten path because this is what it's going to take ladies and gentlemen to succeed in this environment whether or not it's your business it's your life it's creating cash flows ladies and gentlemen it's relationships it's preaching the word of God you got to get out there ladies and gentlemen boys and girls so let's talk about the next phase of this technocratic takeover which is absolutely what it is it's a technocratic takeover ladies and gentlemen okay and they're taking every part of your life away from you in fact it just came out in the news today Elon Musk you know the guy with the ..." + 86%
"2022-09-27 00:00:00"
"[Music] thank you Our Ladies and Gentlemen as we approach a very tumultuous end of the month in September approaching October 1st Nordstrom 2 blows up yes that's correct the gas pipeline that feeds Europe Europeans basically on the cusp of freezing all winter has their major pipeline nordstream to blow up today and we have very graphic satellite images and some are saying that it could have been sabotage I'm going to get into this in a lot more here in a minute of course I'm Christopher green this is am TV and it is September 27 2022 please share this far and wide in addition to nordstream 2 pipeline blowing up today and you can see this graphic images it's also being reported that nordstream one is also having problems as well so this is very very significant again Europe is set to freeze this winter this includes millions and millions of people in the Eurozone which is expected to be a very harsh coming months and we've got a map here of course of both pipelines including the pipeline that just recently blew up of course natural gas prices are up over 200 percent shot a lot higher today on this news on the sanctions that have been implemented by the West not just European nations States we did get a new leadership change in Italy that actually looked somewhat promising over the last few days but also the Biden sanctions but here's what's really interesting about this is Joe Biden the president warned in a very Stern warning just months ago in February I believe it is I'm going to show you this article that Nordstrom wouldn't exist if Russia invaded Ukraine which it did so the question is who sabotaged the pipeline was it Russia or was it Biden who actually threatened the pipeline itself just a few months ago so let's get into this article and then you let me know what you think in the box below again as we live through a hyper-inflationary economic collapse here in the westernized world this is from the Associated Press you can see the bubbling Waters of course..." + 83%
"2022-01-06 00:00:00"
"[Music] all right ladies and gentlemen christopher green a mtv bitcoinrich.com another beautiful day stop falling into the trap the things are going to get better in your life without you taking massive action and changing your daily habits and inputs and realize i talked about this yesterday ladies and gentlemen that don't let yourself feed into fear okay feed into these negative entities feed into this negative feedback loop is if all you're focused on is fear it's exactly what you're going to get here's a question why are you even fearful you know no one's on their deathbed going you know i wish i took less risk i wish i was uh you know a little weaker i wish i'd i didn't take that helicopter ride i wish i didn't start that business i wish i didn't ask that hot girl out you know at the end of the day all this stuff honestly ladies and gentlemen is pretty darn meaningless so you're gonna have to get outside of this mind trap and anyone pushing this agenda of fear right now which are so many people out there they're telling it's the end of the world there's no hope have no faith you only got a couple months left these are honestly the people you should not be listening to at all and it doesn't mean things aren't going to be hard it doesn't mean that we're not in treacherous waters doesn't mean there's going to be challenges ahead but no one cares stop complaining no one cares if you're in a bad situation you got to pick yourself up by your bootstraps you've got to be hardcore you've got to be willing to again change your daily habits and actions to get the desired results and outcome that you actually want in your life whether or not this is relationships it's your it's god it's money it's your business or anything else if your life sucks that's your fault pick up yourself by your bootstraps you don't like where you live go move somewhere else don't like your job quit don't like your girlfriend find a new one i mean again st take responsibility for your own life..." + 90%
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"How to Change Your Life AND GET ..."
"everybody chris for green amtv alternative media television hard-hitting and in your face it is the 16th of october and wow what an incredible year it has been it has absolutely been nuts it has been crazy and today's video is inspired by one of you that asked me christopher i need some motivation i need some pick-me-up i'm feeling down i'm feeling depressed i'm feeling anxious i feel like i have fear overcoming me i am constantly thinking of worst-case scenarios and do you recommend anything do you have any insight do you have a book something to get me on my feet i've lost my job i need a new career i need to be thinking outside the box i need to learn how to create new income i need to just get myself on my feet notice i'm standing in today's video because posture is a very important thing now we all know all of you tuning in know that your brain your mind is your biggest muscle it's your most valuable tool what you think about becomes your reality and the actions that you take on a daily basis actually form the results and the desired outcome so let's explain that for a moment if you're not where you want to be in life you're not happy with the destination you're not happy with the results you are achieving what is that a byproduct of it is a byproduct directly of your actions it means you need to change your actions because if your current actions aren't producing the results or the outcome that you want then something's wrong with your actions so how do we change this how do we change the mind how do we mold the mind there's huge books on this in fact one of my favorite books on planet earth is think and grow rich by napoleon hill i reached we did a couple times a year all about mindset all about the mind tony robbins motivational speaker very famous i think one of the best in the world all of his books i think are golden as well i've read pretty much every single one of them in fact when i read tony robbins first book tripled my income right after when i r..." + 86%
"2022-11-11 00:00:00"
"ladies and gentlemen it's going to be bad Capital controls executive order by the president collapse of the Petro dollar consolidation of the crypto industry an invasion of Taiwan by China and a whole heck of a lot more so before we get started share this video and more importantly get prepped by clicking the links below and getting what you need today all right ladies and gentlemen a very large credit collapse is coming to the United States of America and I've been warning about this for years it is happening now this is all leading up to the too big to fail Bank imminent credit crisis and credit to fall trust this plan that's going to lead to the capital controls by Design executive order by the president of the United States Biden in my opinion that will lead to the new regulation and the Takeover of the too big to fail banks that have a limited credit support at the credit facility at the central banks and of course unlimited taxpayer bailout funds just like 2009 to go in and buy all these assets at a massive discount and then consolidate the entire crypto industry so this includes Goldman Sachs this includes companies like BlackRock this includes companies like JP Morgan it's important to understand this there's no difference from the too big to fill Banks and FTX and Sam bankman freed which is why they gave him unlimited access to Capitol Hill and legislators because he's no different if all customers attempt to withdraw their cash deposits from any major U.S financial institution at and bank here in the United States there will be an immediate Bank Run triggered it's called fractional Reserve banking which means these Banks ever since they repealed from glass-steagall that was the reason for it so they basically could have trading accounts and not just a commercial banking account this is how all this works this is how they pay pay out and issue mortgages on the fractional Reserve this is how they pay interest on CDs and other products like this is all lea..." + 85%
"2020-01-08 00:00:00"
"hey everybody I'm Christopher green you're watching amtv alternative media television i'm with acclaimed investor jim rogers and trade wars frequently or often have led to rail wars everyone is smarter than the governmental question about that but the government has the guns I'm wildly bullish on blockchain it's gonna change everything know everything we know the debt everywhere in the world is skyrocketed slapping somebody in the face are gonna fight back they have to how bad do things get are we talking another world war like how bad does this get I'm a form of Merrill Lynch broker will intro the video camera after the largest financial crash in world history in 2008 and o9i set out to expose the truth 11 years ago I started alternative media television from my basement and started making videos when people laughed when people said social media wanted amounts of anything now it's a multi trillion dollar industry it has changed my life and interviewed celebrities like Steve Forbes Eric Schmidt Ron Paul and many others this is alternative media television and we are a and TV I'm with acclaimed investor Jim Rogers world traveler and you're so humble I wanted to let you know I'm excited to meet you by the way when I was a teenager I read your book hot commodities and this was years ago when it came out it really changed my perspective as a young investor and it piqued my interest in physical gold silver precious metals since that I started making videos from a bedroom eleven years ago when people laughed at social media and we've since grown our platform and put out I think about 3,000 videos over the years and now we're starting to travel the world it's my first time to Singapore and I got to tell you I am so impressed this place is amazing and it makes me think that the United States is behind the curve especially when we're speaking about Asia now I want to get into financial markets today and we're on a little bit of a time lag the Dow Jones Industrial Average ..." + 91%
"2022-05-31 00:00:00"
"uh ladies and Gentlemen let's talk about Oh Canada oh Canada where war is Peace and Freedom is slavery according to good old Justin Trudeau who's coming after the you know what's that's right ladies and gentlemen he's coming after him and they're getting rid of him and let's talk about why this is significant because to me it tells me what potentially could be coming next to the United States its closest neighbor okay it appears that they're going to move forward with this and I hope I'm wrong but it appears that they're going to move forward with this so this is absolutely incredible ladies and gentlemen on so many levels so hard hitting it in your face at the same time the whole global economy is completely being destabilized interest rates at zero less than one percent hyperinflation housing 30 percent annual gains in some places like Texas Florida Arizona the freedom States food prices gas at six dollars a gallon and soon to be freaking probably 15. this is insane ladies and gentlemen what you gonna do about it so again this is laying the foundation in lockstep to what I've been saying I think is going to happen next and what's going to happen next ladies and gentlemen well I think they're getting ready for the big one because Russian media propaganda arms today and this is what I think is happening my opinion I actually think Russia is winning in Ukraine they've taken key ports they've taken key cities I believe that this news isn't coming out in the west okay that we're not necessarily getting the information so I think this is all leveling up okay you're up is basically putting a stop to all the exports of natural gas it's going to cause a huge energy crisis massive famine ships are not allowed to get out of port okay people are going to run out of food according to zielinski and the rest of the Global Leadership how does this get better how does the West win here this is what I want to know how is the West winning again because I don't understand it how i..." + 79%
"2022-10-26 00:00:00"
"all right ladies and gentlemen Christopher green so after becoming a member of Island project and you join us here in Maui Bui comes surfing with me today I'm going to teach you how to put your sex wax no I'm not talking about the ACT I'm talking about the literal wax on your surfboard just picked up this beautiful surfboard we got them all equipped on the Jeeps as well serving you our Island project members this is about nine feet so this is pretty agile actually because there's bigger boards it's easier to learn on a longer long board if you're just starting out but this is kind of like good right in the middle because it'll give you some flexibility making turns Etc on nice waves you know two three Footers even bigger than that so let's put the surfboard down here got my son holding the camera please like and share this video uh for that we've got two versions of sex wax here for the surfboard there's multiple methods to wax your surfboard one is crisscross okay so you do crisscross like this and you come down the whole surfboard okay depending if you want to go all the way up to the nose if you're a beginner you can take it to right about here and you go crisscross this way and then you come the opposite way and you do crisscross now what that's going to do it's going to create beads of wax you don't fall off the surfboard the crisscross method will have bigger beets okay I'm not going to do that method today I'm going to do the small circular motion method which will have smaller beads and I'm going to put on a base wax here on the surfboard it'll probably take me about an hour to do this because uh it's going to take probably about four different coats I also have two types of wax you can see this right here we've got the standard sex wax I'm going to use this as the base layer and then I've got the more tropical sex wax here it depends on the temperature of the ocean we've got you know warm water here so this will be good for that so Austin if you could le..." + 59%
"2022-11-15 00:00:00"
"foreign [Music] ladies and gentlemen it can't get any worse the UN is calling for Russian war reparations regarding the war in Ukraine that's right they want Vladimir Putin to pay War reparations for the war in Ukraine and breaking news Russia just air strikes Poland according to the mainstream press that is leaking now yes it is November 15 2022 please like and share this video and you are watching amtv hard-hitting and in your face this is unbelievable after the United Nations locked down the entire global economy collapse economic Financial system we've seen millions and millions of people suffer as a result of the lockdowns millions of businesses suffered people couldn't access proper care those with cancer and disease people died of loneliness and suicide in the retirement homes because they couldn't get access to people and now they're calling on Vladimir Putin to actually give War reparations this is unbelievable how about the United States paying War reparations for dropping nukes on Nagasaki and Hiroshima they're locking and closing down the economy and spreading massive fear through the mainstream media how about them apples but again we live in very much a matrix world where I encourage all of you to take the red pill with me and by the way you're all going to make it maintain the faith Jesus Christ has got this but this is pretty unbelievable because I said this yesterday it was the title of yesterday's video when they say peace ladies and gentlemen they actually mean War which is what we are getting today zelinski says he will not negotiate with Vladimir Putin he will not work with Putin not until they reclaim every single piece of territory that Putin has taken according to him including the Crimean Peninsula which he took in what was it 2014. as Jeff Bezos fires tens of thousands of employees the second largest employer next to Walmart and says on CNN don't make major purchases like cars televisions and Home Appliances as we approach an economic do..." + 82%
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"all right guys chris for agreeing i'm gonna give you some life advice today so when times get tough when things are hard kind of like what we're in right now everybody's looking for a leader okay maybe you're down and out lost your job you gotta find a new one maybe you need to increase your cash flows i don't know relationship sucks whatever it might be maybe you're out of shape in those moments and we're in these moments now everyone's looking for a leader you know what that leader should be you you you need to get out there 1000x your life ladies and gentlemen you be the leader also i want to warn we see the persecution of donald trump this is all by design they're making him like a jesus-like figure for a reason okay i'm expecting massive persecution not just raids okay not just the legal side of it they've already prosecuted them they might attempt to send them to jail okay maybe something far worse some people are speculating i pray to god that doesn't happen that'd be terrible for our country but it would be by design if it did but here's what i think they're going to do i think they're going to persecute this all part of the two-party paradigm prosecute do all these horrible things and then what they have planned by design is the resurrection ladies and gentlemen the resurrection they're persecuting him much like a jesus figure right now so a lot of americans are falling into this trap again our focus your focus should be improving your life freedom liberty running your business improving your community supporting your friends and family etc also notice elon musk is now quote unquote saying he's gonna save the world ladies and gentlemen he's the savior now did you hear what i just told you this is part three okay of him saving the world he tweeted this earlier the savior what does that remind you of go back read the book of revelation ladies and gentlemen see what they're doing the antichrist will present himself soon do not be deceived by this they're go..." + 55%
"2022-03-11 00:00:00"
"so like hey putin is about to like start something big in the ukraine bro it's going to be off the hook they're blaming them for everything dude it's like even if your dog eats your homework now it's putin's fault if your marriage fails it's putin falls if uh there's inflation it's boots fall if gas prices go to the moon it's food it's putin it's putin how dare you [Music] all right guys christopher green amtv bitcoinrich.com things are getting really rough out there a lot of lemons and you know what i say when they give you lemons make lemonade baby because we're going to the moon they're blaming everything on putin right now like literally everything hyperinflation's putin's fault the economic collapse in the united states is putin's fault rising gas prices is putin's fault uh people with depression it's putin's fault if your marriage fails it's putin's fault putin putin putin even the press corps was asking joe biden yesterday like seriously bro you're blaming putin for everything as if the central bank and our politicians on both sides of the aisle don't carry some responsibility for what's going on the central bank holding interest rates at freaking zero for literally generations and still not raising them allegedly cares about inflation when they haven't budged from zero percent like guys this is the plan trust the plan look this it's not going to get any better so on this friday as i'm chilling here with my son hey son come here say hi austin green here we always say make lemonade baby okay look if you're if you're out of a job you got to find work if you don't have enough money you got to create income if you need motivation you need to learn a new skill there's one place to do it it's bitcoinrich.com so we got a special offer today this friday all you have to do is click the link below or enter the promo code there's a box up here blessings to get in just like this beach there's no one here because no one's thinking big guys no one's actually going for i..." + 46%
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"all right ladies and gentlemen christopher greene here amtv hard hitting it in your freaking face bitcoinrich.com want to see you at school so why the focus on health and wellness well i was on the beach yesterday watching a beautiful sunset i ran into this really buff couple black guy forget his name i was like man dude that is super impressive dude any secrets any advice and uh first thing he said is like man you got a great voice you should be on tv or online or something i'm like yeah bro that's what i do and to make a long story short we chatted and here was his very simple advice and he's 57 i wish i had a picture of him black guy super buff i mean just looked fantastic for his age i was really surprised he was 57 years old and he said this make sure you stay active every day that was it he just said stay active every single day and at first i was like is that advice but then the more i thought about it and i slept on it and i woke up this morning and i was thinking man that is actually amazing advice and it really is true because it's the daily motivation the daily grind no one sees it's the discipline it's the daily action whether or not you're just walking or maybe it's even your job i was reading in the comment section one dude's like christopher dude i had to carry like 400 pound doors up three flights of stairs or maybe you're a single mother and just carrying groceries up to your apartment or you're out for a walk walking your dog or you're working on mobility training which i actually think is huge so you also have to think of longevity as well what's going to suit your body the best over the long haul so let me give an example i think i'm in like day 20 right now of my thousand x routine putting on more lean muscle mass i'm cutting down a little bit i've made huge nutritional changes i'm eating very clean no alcohol or very little maybe like occasional glass of wine which is probably good for the heart but really just cut all that out of my life an..." + 82%
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"all right ladies and gentlemen christopher green bitcoinrich.com am tv it's 2022. this is your year today i want to talk about taking action i want to talk about your daily routine most importantly i want to talk about your mind and your mindset because that's kinetic force that's kinetic energy notice so much of people's minds is focused on what they don't want in life it's focused on fear it's focused on uncertainty look at the world today go through your twitter feed go through instagram people are allowing their minds to be controlled they're allowing their minds to be influenced by the wrong things so the challenge here today is i want you guys to get up and move but i want you to think about this who are you allowing to control your mind because everything starts with an idea everything starts with a thought those thoughts turn into conscious sometimes and probably always unconscious energy that then manifests into the real world into the universe and ultimately comes back to you so let's talk about this for a minute most people are focused on what they don't want in life they're focused on the fear and so what do they get in return exactly what they don't want i say this all the time but most people honestly are more fearful of success than they are failure because with success comes responsibility okay the truth is success is hard okay it takes daily habits it takes daily motivation it takes daily action you know who you should blame for your lack of success in life or your lack of health not that all these things are controllable because some of them aren't sometimes we get struck by lightning like my brother cody who has cancer that's not his fault but if you notice with my brother cody his mindset and positive energy has helped him kick its ass and it's why he's alive today if he had a negative mindset and he didn't have faith and he didn't have love in his heart and if he didn't have hope he wouldn't be here so crap happens ladies and gentlemen get ov..." + 82%
"2022-11-04 00:00:00"
"all right ladies and gentlemen a Planet Killer asteroid has suddenly been revealed this is breaking news by NASA and other globalist space agencies I'm reading a report here from Live Science Euro News the independent and others saying a quote Planet Killer asteroid has now recently been identified that had otherwise been hidden behind the sun and it is evaded detection for years it brings up some very good logical questions here questions I actually had when the lockdowns first started is it possible that everything that just happened was a larger cover-up for some major planetary type catastrophe that they weren't letting the American people and Global citizenry know about here I'm reading life science and of course this is being reported on now by the mainstream media a Planet Killer asteroid hiding and Sons glare could smash into the Earth asteroids of this size link below are big enough to cause mass extinction events now it's important to note that we've also been predictively programmed by the movies as well and Hollywood Independence Day movies with Will Smith end of days type scenarios volcano eruptions many people are worried that the big island for example not on the big island I'm in beautiful Malibu as you can see behind me could erupt any moment and actually what got me thinking about this oddly enough is the sky looks like it's been manipulated today look at the sun doesn't even look normal and it's never like this in Maui and it obvi the White House has now admitted that been spraying the sky with uh seawater and other particulates and chemicals this was all revealed by the Biden White House in the last couple of months so it got me thinking and then I came upon this article in this big reveal that an asteroid what they're calling a quilt Planet Killer is hiding in the glare of the Sun and it's finally been identified and detect the giant space Rock could smash into Earth one day it says the 0.9 mile wide potentially hazardous asteroid named 2022 ..." + 70%
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"[Music] all right ladies and gentlemen christopher green austin got our icp shirts on need to get one for uh mini me over here uh so we woke up this morning and uh we are hitting brand new records bitcoin new records ethereum new records we were trading as high as 68k yesterday but the major news we want to talk today is about one of the most powerful people in the world tim cook who replaced steve jobs of apple computer that made all these phones sun and basically transformed our entire planet the late steve jobs taken over by tim cook admits to the public as i told you that these people would do they were hiding their real motives regarding bitcoin and blockchain they didn't want you to know about it they don't want you to get rich in my opinion we want you to get rich we want you bitcoin rich and this is what i've been saying for years that eventually once bitcoin hit mainstream right when we went to like 100k which is where we are today or near it they'll start admitting that they've always been in and they've been buying cheap to pump their own back so this is absolutely massive news and i tweeted this at amtv media this is a cnbc.com report so let's read this son it says tim cook says he owns cryptocurrency and he's quote been interested in it for a while so i'm assuming he owns bitcoin i'm assuming he owns ethereum i'm assuming he owns this this is the next major blockchain win and typically i'm always early in my opinion buying icp not financial advice is like buying bitcoin under a dollar because let me ask you a question what do you think has a better use case bitcoin which is digital gold ethereum which is smart contracts or icp which builds the entire new decentralized internet nfts the metaverse replaces the traditional i.t stack of modern day computing that is a massive massive use case i even believe people think i'm crazy for believing this is i believe that icp could overtake bitcoin in market share just because of that point and what i think we'..." + 77%
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"right ladies and gentlemen christopher green island project we are soon to launch and uh today i want to talk about like lifestyle enhancement man the big reason why i came out to maui in hawaii because it's absolutely beautiful i can work hard run my businesses remote work we're seeing this happen all over the world the decentralization of work oh man so you can do this dude look at this look how incredible this is man people are like christopher is this cgi well if it is man that's really good technology absolutely gorgeous got some beautiful homes here in the background you can see living the life living the dream so we're hiring an island project i've got links in the description give us a call if you're an experienced agent you are in sales you know the island well in maui and oahu we want to hear from you got a small boutique operation i'm building outs a chance to work with me directly and make the big bucks my goal is to make all you guys rich otherwise i said you make other people rich you get rich okay that's the lesson to life so you got to think big also you tuning in are setting your own expectations in life if you don't think this is possible it's not it's a guy that believes that that is possible that actually realizes that manifest that as i talk about this all the time guys it's all about energy it's all about okay thinking about the things that you want to accomplish in life and then it is about that execution it's very difficult to execute a lot of people are not good at execution so you know that's a another area i encourage all you guys gotta take action now we're looking for experienced salespeople experienced agents those of you experiencing real estate out here maui and oahu and also this could include potential remote work opportunities and if you're looking for a lifestyle shift you're looking for a change man i can't think of a better place to do this honestly there's a lack of talent out on these islands right now notice i got a lot of..." + 68%
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"all right ladies and gentlemen major curveball i believe is coming in ukraine i think a lot of you are underestimating the possibility of some kind of ceasefire event although maybe it's temporary maybe it's not or some kind of peace negotiation which i've talked about in recent months i said china would help broker a deal putin's smarter than you think ladies and gentlemen so he understands what he's doing here he came in with the pincer movement basically taking multiple sections of ukraine now he's pouncing on kiev and what is joe biden said biden said he's not going to do anything he says ukraine is not a nato country he's not going to start world war iii and he'll only defend nato countries so in my opinion that's just green lights anything that isn't nato so a lot of you are playing just the worst case scenario card and are just prepping towards the worst case scenario now all of that's good you always want to prep towards the worst case scenario you want to be ready with food water supplies solar you want to be getting out of the dollar none of those trends are going to change and we are entering unprecedented uncertain i believe personally biblical end times however in the short run do not underestimate the possibility of peace what does it tell us in the bible it says when they say war they mean peace when they say peace they mean war what is the media telling you now world war iii what are politicians telling you now world war three what is the popular herd consensus world war three you know what that tells me peace that tells me that putin is about to tee up and broker at least temporarily some kind of deal now this is about a much bigger geopolitical chess piece and move guys this is about china it's dominance as the world reserve digital yuan currency takes supreme power over the planned collapse of the petrodollar trust that plan again we are moving to digital form of fiat known as cbdc's what do you think biden's executive order talked about this w..." + 55%
"2022-07-28 00:00:00"
"booyah booyah ladies and gentlemen christopher green here am tv hard hitting and in your face and a second day of double digit gains in crypto bitcoin cop link below make sure you get in got a little of opportunity to do that price is doubling make sure you get in today take advantage of it we got ethereum up 15 last 24 hours we got bitcoin making huge moves out 10 earlier this morning moving much much higher many the all coins at school a few of them up actually 50 today today today how about them apples again i told you everybody's offsides and what are people gonna do what is the big money gonna do ladies and gentlemen when they come for you what is the big money going to do to chase growth in a zero growth world there's no growth dude we just had a second quarter they're calling it a uh indicator of a recession no this ain't a recession this is a zero growth hyperinflationary collapse world of which they've manipulated everything to inflate everything and all the assets that aren't priced in dollars are skyrocketing it's called de-dollarization it's called the collapse of the petro dollar it's called a global sovereign collapse especially here in the united states they've gotten rid of the us dollar as the world reserve currency and that's just the hard hitting and in your face truth so where does the big money go to chase growth where do they get it where are these institutions these hedge funds the banker cartel where they gonna get this growth man they got to get it somewhere they're always pumping and dumping something crypto dude bitcoin massive volatility these are the levels to get in i told you they were buying see they nibble they buy small lots this is what they've been doing in recent weeks this is what my buddies on wall street have been doing this is how i know this stuff and i tell you guys this stuff they buy in small lots to accumulate they don't just like place some giant market order no they're already in okay and then they pump after they'v..." + 87%
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"foreign [Music] ladies and gentlemen China will invade Taiwan very very soon no meeting that Joe Biden has sleepy Joe has with Z will matter or result in anything but an absolute guaranteed Invasion and taking of Taiwan this key territory which Z and the rest of the Chinese leadership said they're going to take by force that it's always been a part of China and he does not care about any Western policy at all same reason Vladimir Putin is just one in Ukraine he successfully has taken over 15 20 percent of new territory and now it appears since he secured his borders and protected against the threat of NATO then now China is about to make its move hi I'm Christopher green this is amtv hard hitting it in your face it is November 14 2022 and as we enter a giant credit collapse remember I told you that by October 1st Not only was the pope pulling all of his monies out and so he self-hosted it at the Vatican bank that a major financial institution would collapse and fail remember I said that I said a major financial institution would collapse and fail and what has happened since then FTX a rigged Inside Job Democratic deep State company that was unregulated overseas which I never recommended and I'm proud to say that collapsed is a Ponzi because guess what Capitol Hill was best friends with Sam bankman freed Bill Clinton was doing publicity stunts with him Tom Brady nothing against Tom I like Tom was endorsing them and it was connected to the same Regulators pushing all these crypto adoption bills because again trust the plan ladies and gentlemen what is the whole goal here the goal here is obvious it's to regulate the crypto industry move us to Central Bank digital currencies uh encourage a geopolitical shake-up of which the Petro dollar collapses and notice they're already telling us this today so let's take a look at this they're already saying which I told you the FED is already pivoting this is already going on now and now they are admitting it we had one of the ..." + 86%
"2020-01-22 00:00:00"
"hey everybody I'm Christopher green you're watching alternative media television I am with founder of litecoin Charlie Lee the idea is to it come from this Bitcoin it's kind of bitcoins a little brother so free to pick ones go and of famously sold all your like coin but you getting flack for that yeah courtesy there will always be financial crisis versus market going and in general like what is blockchain doing how is it transforming the world Bitcoin litecoin is sound money a better version of money than we've ever seen what do you think happens to Bitcoin litecoin in a stock market crash I'm a former Merrill Lynch brokered littrow the video camera after the largest financial crash in world history in 2008 and oh nine I set out to expose the truth eleven years ago I started alternative media television from my basement and started making videos when people laughed when people said social media wanted amounts of anything now it's a multi trillion dollar industry it has changed my life and interviewed celebrities like Steve Forbes Eric Schmidt Ron Paul and many others this is alternative media television and we are a and TV everybody I'm Christopher green you're watching amtv alternative media television and of course Bitcoin rich calm I'm with Charlie Lee Charlie you're the founder of litecoin all right can you tell us about where's this market going and in general like what is blockchain doing how is it transforming the world as you see it for me it's transforming transforming money so Bitcoin litecoin is sound money a better version of money than we've ever seen so it's slowly becoming more use and going for a mass adoption getting more people using bitcoin and litecoin democratizing banking for the unbanked would you describe it that way as well or part of it yeah yeah I think it just it's a better kind of financial system than what we currently have with fiat currency now coinbase I was reading as an 8 billion market valuation pre-ipo right you're still worki..." + 63%
"2020-10-19 00:00:00"
"hey beautiful people christopher green amtv bitcoinrich.com are you tired of thinking small take a look at this house right here look at that this house behind me each single one of these homes is worth 30 plus million dollars somewhere in that ballpark has a direct ocean view no one in front of it but the view of god you know what i'm really tired of i'm just being honest i am very very tired of the negativity in the mainstream media i'm tired of this election i'm tired of the toxicity of it i'm tired of my news feeds and social media i'm tired of it honestly it's uh very very depressing and i'm sure you guys can identify with that it's been very very depressing probably the most depressing we have ever seen it in american history like especially the last couple of months leading up to this election and i don't think i know you do tuning in but i don't know if everyone gets just how bad things are gonna get they're going to get back right so i talked about this two days ago what difference does it make i want to hear your comment or question in the box below what difference does it make whether or not trump or biden gets in is it going to help your business is it going to help you grow your income is it going to make sure that you're not unemployed you're not losing your job is it going to help you get a rate of return let's say you're retired is it going to help you figure out how to get yield you know if you're a retiree when rates are at zero and they're turning negative and i talked about this today the ecb the uk central bank right the uh federal reserve here in the united states gotta watch where i'm going here jerome powell talking about central bank digital currencies while they keep rates zero if not negative in most parts of the world with no sign that they're going to make any changes nothing i don't know what that guy's mortgage is over there or if he owns in cash so the point is these bailouts are never going to stop ever they're a guarantee it's a ..." + 90%
"2022-11-02 00:00:00"
"all right ladies and gentlemen the FED pivots today just like expected Jerome Powell dances fed boy danced just like I thought that he would inflation which their target is two percent is obviously not there real inflation rates here in the United States are 20 plus percent we are living through a hyperinflationary collapse in the United States of America and the westernized world this is a worst case scenario and of course the war in Ukraine which they're going to blame the war in Ukraine and on Vladimir Putin for the hyperinflation is the perfect scapegoat for their gross negligence and of course Jerome who's just a face a puppet of those that are actually in power are driving the USA like the Titanic intentionally into icebergs to sink it but I do want to talk about his commentary today because it's very important what he's saying because he's signaling what he's going to do so what's the summation of Jerome Powell fedboy's speech today which is all one big teleprompter read and you should be profiting on all this by by the way ladies and gentlemen there's not much that I've gone wrong so let's see here Dogecoin up 100 over the last seven days I told you that the FED would weaken and pivot that they would stop the raid hikes that they would give us that language that the markets would rally and the deal of Twitter the acquisition by Elon Musk would be looked back on as the new start of the secular bull market in the cryptocurrency space all things that are transpiring now in fact Litecoin up 10 earlier this morning and I think we're going to see even more momentum pile into the crypto buy this freaking dip trade as people realize what just happened so there's only two mandates the Federal Reserve has one price stability which they get a giant F an absolute failure there's zero price stability here in the United States of America we have hyperinflation and it's a worst case scenario two employment now what's interesting about employment is even fed Jerome pal c..." + 87%
"2022-11-09 00:00:00"
"all right ladies and gentlemen Mark Zuckerberg says Fu to America fires 11 000 employees after running out of his PPP loans what a piece of crap honestly look at all these big Tech Executives Benny off all these dudes firing thousands and thousands of workers after their PPP loans and their bank bailouts run out what a bunch of scum honestly scumbags as we enter the Great Depression of the United States something I've warned about it's going to be a freaking train wreck ladies and gentlemen in SPF Sam Bank freed of course of FTX this guy is in on it guess who's gonna buy his company Goldman Sachs JPMorgan Chase one of the big two big to fail bailout companies are going to come in and absolutely just take it over this is a consolidation phase this is when you get rich ladies and Gentlemen by the way you know what the Thousand X pick is well it's Island project obviously that's where most most of my assets are but it's also so ICP internet computer which was heavily manipulated by SPF what a piece of crap all these Technologies are pieces of crap there's only one dude that's pro-liberty and pro Freedom who's the real friggin deal who's gonna thousand X units this guy right here is staring at you in this freaking camera this is why Island project has no debt we have no leverage this is why we own real assets we're pouncing on this credit collapse in this credit Crunch and we've expected all this a controlled demolition of the United States of America of course China is taking over of course we're going to evade Taiwan this is why the GOP is getting massacred right now because there's no political solution nothing the Republicans can do can stop any of this that's happening you are the solution ladies and gentlemen so thousand freaking acts to the freaking Moon Bitcoin freaking rich by the dip thousand X ladies and gentlemen it is a beautiful day your mindset is the key to your success you want to make millions billions trillions of dollars it's your mindset you coul..." + 51%
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"all right ladies and gentlemen Christopher green this is amtv hard-hitting and in your face news please like and share this video I believe we're going to have a significant escalation in Ukraine in the coming days get ready and be prepared there was an article that came out earlier today it's major headline news across the BBC CNBC CNN Fox News MSNBC think critically through this information ladies and gentlemen decide for yourself but Reuters earlier today and in addition to Reuters all of these other media Outlets are warning of a quote unquote dirty b-o-m-b going off in Ukraine now this could lead to a full scale theater war in the region of course we've been worried many politicians diplomats have been worried of a nuclear event in this part of the world now what's interesting about it is both sides both Russia and also the West United States zielinski which is basically the proxy for the United States fighting the war through the proxy that's Russia and China because really the people at War ladies and gentlemen are China and the United States that's what's really going on here it's not a small-scale war this is a full-blown World War III geopolitical event occurring now but both sides are blaming the other Ukraine is saying that Russia is going to do this Russia is saying to the U.N that Ukraine is going to do this well who even cares the big question in the elephant in the room should be if this goes down this will be catastrophic and it will send the United States of America into a full-on conflict with China we've seen a huge shake-up in China after the meeting of Congress and acts i z and the old leader of China who has set away remember we saw that on camera Zeus holding the papers down and basically reshuffled the government and China I mean something big is building we can all feel it ladies and gentlemen we all know what is coming and of course a dam has been in focus in Ukraine as well because this holds more water from what I understand correct m..." + 81%
"2022-11-13 00:00:00"
"Our Ladies and Gentlemen a massive economic collapse is coming to the westernized world I'm Christopher green you're watching am TV please like and share this critical update I want to talk about Kathy Wood she's the founder and fund manager of Arc Investments and she says at the Federal Reserve and the central bank here in the United States does not pivot soon we will enter a 1929 Great Depression event and guess who agrees with her Elon Musk allegedly the wealthiest person on the planet she says If the Fed doesn't pivot and begin cutting rates very very soon that we will have a collapse like 1929 and a great depression and she cites examples that we were going through technological innovation then much like we are now with the invention of electricity and the telephone and now the inventions of artificial intelligence blockchain technology cbdc's biotech as we've seen in recent years transforming our entire Society where we enter a new transhuman era so I want to comment on this because I believe they're right if the FED does not pivot soon and I believe they are pivoting which means they start or stop the rate hikes and then begin cutting a little bit we are going to enter a period where there's massive deflation in the United States and As Americans real wages continue to collapse as big Tech fires tens of thousands of more employees and as we see geopolitical conflicts spiral out of control all will get much worse however in my opinion there's a disagreement because I do believe that the criminal fed will Bach they're the reason for all our problems here in the United States along with our politicians that are still counting the vote regarding Kerry Lake in Arizona days after we already found out who won in Florida with Ron DeSantis proving the point that we are a third world country here in the United States of America but I believe that they will Bach and I believe that hyperinflation will be a continued theme much like it was in the build up to the 20s Th..." + 85%
"2022-01-19 00:00:00"
"hey everybody christopher green amtv thousand x life principles i'm here with my father john green today you can see he's the better looking half here we're here to talk about real estate the island project also what the central banks are doing dad uh what is your opinion on central bank policy what the federal reserve is doing with interest rates and basically the shenanigans uh that we've been seeing over the last few years well i think i think shenanigans is a good way to put it chris we don't really have any any price for money we can't price it in normally or nominally so the fed doesn't have any choice now but to raise just a question of how high they can go and they probably can't go very high right so i would expect a couple of uh they're going to do what they've talked about doing they're going to raise rates probably 200 basis points i don't think they can go a lot higher than that and that's probably going to happen over the next couple of years but um so this has created giant asset bubbles what have been the repercussions of this what are you seeing in hawaii with real estate and what is your opinion with stocks as well like obviously we're seeing huge wealth disparity uh we're seeing wealth transferred a few hands we've seen the top billionaires worldwide i think accumulate over a trillion dollars of wealth just over the last couple of years well like it's been a great thing for billionaires right um it's been a good thing for a lot of people that have been on the on the train but a lot of people they can't get on the train okay so they've been priced out of this market uh long term is not a good thing short term in the next couple years i would i would expect that things are going to cool off just a question of how much uh could we could we have a drop in real estate prices you bet so none of that would surprise me long term if you're talking about the islands of hawaii where i'm a real estate broker uh you're buying a piece of paradise uh just hav..." + 89%
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"all right ladies and gentlemen Christopher green crazy turn of events yesterday massive Maui fire of course I reported on this the local news the mainstream news always gets it wrong in fact their initial reports were they were containing the fire as I was looking at it evacuating my house and watch it burn from 150 acres to 850 acres and then they called for evacuations in the middle of the night for the poor people that lived in the area it was absolutely treacherous massive Blaze massive fires and as far as I know it's still not contained in fact my whole family all of us had to relocate overnight uh here into a hotel to get our feet on the ground and see what is next uh from what I understand no infrastructure no homes have been affected so thank you for your prayers your prayers have absolutely worked but I've heard a lot of you guys say things like well is it the volcanoes like what's going on or did somebody start these fires we actually have seen some of this occur uh in the past in Maui where there was arson and arsonists that actually lit these fires again we've been very very dry here in Maui over the last couple of years so we've seen more instances of fires and over I think about three years ago there was a similar fire in this part of West Side Maui so prayers for everybody and uh hope everything will get back to normal fires because it's been a dumpster fire for Republicans it's been a dumpster fire for the cryptocurrency market what's going on here what what should you be doing well you should be buying the freaking debt that's why I tell you guys all the time buy the freaking dip now one thing I've noticed is that a lot of our members are part of Island project understand the cyclicality in fact I've got a lot of oilmen in the island project and I asked them I'm like why is that why do I have all of you oil dudes that have worked Rigs and all this stuff why are you in our project how come you understand cryptocurrency more than the average bear a..." + 81%
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"all right beautiful people it is january 26th god bless each and every one of you out there like and share this video we got some important news today of course we're seeing a big rally on wall street very predictable dow jones industrial average up 300 points microsoft posting better than expected earnings even though people were very negative coming in to that earnings release we're seeing crypto rally cross borough fact bitcoin already coming off the dippy dip 15 gains from the 33 k bottom low which i called just several days ago now trading as high as 38k and if you take a look at the markets typically anytime we've traded under two trillion dollars that's been a buying opportunity something that i talk about at school add nauseam now we also have the federal reserve fomc and focus which i've talked about will be very predictable journal pal is not going to do anything but barely budge interest rates and itty bitty like 25 basis points and even if you raise this four times guys that means we'll still only be at like one percent interest rates which means we're still effectively at zero and with real inflation rates skyrocketing with hyperinflation arguably here in the united states and worldwide because fiat is collapsing it really doesn't change much although it might impact like mortgages slightly as people are used to bare bottom white knuckle zone interest rates and of course we see the hedge fund still borrowing very cheaply from the federal reserve with free money while they charge you nine nine nine nine nine percent on a credit card notice how it works interest rates at zero but you're still getting you know twenty five percent apy interesting how that works not much has changed throughout history folks they used to call that indentured servitude now it's just uh your credit score it's very interesting how this works so the fed is in between a rock and a hard place it can't do much now they also say they're going to stop or start easing on the purchas..." + 88%
"2022-05-27 00:00:00"
"so all right ladies and gentlemen christopher green am tv hard hitting and in your face uh yeah i'm out for a hike and things are getting serious you know i did a video yesterday i said there's not much time left to prepare there's not much time left to get ready and i believe that i saw a comment somebody's like oh you're telling people to prepare now don't you think it's a little late dude i've been telling people to prepare for 15 freaking years bro 15 freaking years bro hard hitting it in your face and today today's video i want to specifically go over leaked audio okay that allegedly was leaked from china this is the intel came out earlier this week but i want you i want to give you guys a perspective that no one else in the world is going to give you a perspective on because i think i'm going to hit the nail on the head on this video so if you like it you should share it and you should get it out and you should get prepped so this audio that came out okay is allegedly the invasion and attack plans for taiwan okay we're seeing a mass exodus right now in places like hong kong people moving to singapore as a result of everything that happened over the last couple years right people have been conditioned pre-programmed for preparedness okay in an emergency governments have kind of laid this foundation so i want you to think about that as we talk about this but here's what was leaked okay this audio is all over the internet everyone is talking about it okay and here's what it detailed there was like 953 ships that are going to be deployed okay allegedly on the attack and invasion of taiwan secondly 140 000 near 150 000 chinese troops from the people's liberation army now allegedly the people that leak this are white hats for china that think that these plans are so out of control and crazy that they want to get it out to the west so the first thought is they're leaking it because they want us to see it right like can this be trusted i mean come on man like they'..." + 87%
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"ladies and gentlemen hyperinflation has officially started in the United States of America I'm Christopher green I'm going to tell you exactly what I think comes next on this beautiful Maui boo day please like and share if so inclined I certainly appreciate it in Jesus Christ is King it is important to all of you ladies and gentlemen get ready for what's about to come Capital controls price controls I believe limits to how much stuff you can buy we saw this over the last few years of course with things like toilet paper and certain items that people needed and you know what I'm talking about but I think this is going to turn in to a command economy much like what we saw with the collapse of the former Soviet Union but this time in the westernized world in the United States of bankrupt America 31 trillion dollars worth of debt ladies and gentlemen 31 freaking trillion we hit today the Federal Reserve doing exactly what I said that they were going to do blink they were going to Blink ladies and gentlemen the UN urging a stop so the interest rate hikes in a reversion back to the bailouts a reversion back to the interest rate cuts so as we saw with the collapse of the former USSR which of course much of this had to do with the war being fought the Cold War ladies and gentlemen the United States versus Russia I guess not a lot's changed has it Vladimir Putin his Poseidon nuke which he carries of course on his submarine is now missing in the Arctic intelligence agents if they're to be believed in agencies here in the west say they don't know where it is this thing has a hundred X the power of the nuclear bombs that were dropped on Nagasaki and Hiroshima ladies and gentlemen it's gonna get ugly it's gonna get ugly don't want to be at the banks Lebanese today unable to get their money at their financial institutions this is called Capital controls and I believe it's coming to the United States of America means let's say you got 10 000 in the bank you're only allowed to w..." + 68%
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"all right ladies and gentlemen it is October 13 2022 an incredible time to be alive Newsweek reports that Joe Biden is now backtracking his statements regarding Putin's alleged invasion of Ukraine and says he can stay in power quote if he just simply leaves Ukraine and this insinuates that Putin can still keep the annex territory I'm assuming that he's taken in the Southern and Eastern ports again I first told you that it's obvious Putin is winning he was winning in 2014 when he annexed Crimea and then he kept it and kept sevastopol and that key Naval port and now he's taken about 20 percent or so more of Ukraine on the eastern and southern side so let's go to this article and more we're also going to talk about the giant debt that can never be paid back in the United States and the canceling of ye formerly Kanye West bank account at the too big to fill Bank JPMorgan Chase it appears that Capital controls and now the social credit scores that many have been warning about for years are finally here so let's get in let's talk about this for a minute by the way I don't endorse any of the controversial statements or comments that ye had made in previous days but let's talk about these issues share it and I also want to hear what you think in the comment box below so let me go ahead and Shrink my head let's take a look at this article from Newsweek here and discuss what Joe Biden means regarding this backtracking which shows to be a sign of weakness in my opinion he says that Vladimir Putin can stay in power if he leaves Ukraine so this is contrary to his comments saying there's going to be Armageddon and we're on the verge of quote unquote nuclear war in fact France came out earlier today so that they wouldn't use nukes even if Putin did use tactical nukes in Ukraine President Joe Biden has said that Russian President Vladimir Putin could remain in power if he leaves Ukraine and argued that his forces could simply leave the country so that's actually what President J..." + 93%
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"all right ladies and gentlemen christopher green am tv it is may 19 2022 please like and share this critical information like and share it with your friends and family get it out to your communities we really depend on you beating the algorithms and getting out what people need to know because things are getting crazier and crazier by the day you almost kind of have to laugh at some of this stuff we had former president george w bush say quote the decision of one man to launch a holy unjustified and brutal invasion of iraq i guess a freudian slip referring to himself himself and the horrors in his mind of all the civilian casualties in the failed wars and not just iraq but also afghanistan that again according to the media here in the west was a peacekeeping mission but the war in ukraine that putin is currently fighting a proxy war against the united states government is a war crime even though iraq was sold on false pretenses which was what wmds which didn't even exist weapons of mass destruction remember that mission accomplished ladies and gentlemen weapons of mass destruction that never even existed so he blames it on being 75 years old i think that's how old he is but basically he ultimately told you the truth of the matter so things are getting crazy guys i mean this is a proxy war we know china and the rhetoric is heating up is about to very soon take taiwan and i did a report on the beach just yesterday beautiful night there was some cloud cover talking about the report that now vast swaths of the u.s are a risk of summer blackouts according to major regulators so let's look at this article again because i think that this is absolutely extremely significant you need to be paying attention to this vast swath of u.s at risk of summer blackouts now keep in mind they've been warning about the cyber event for a very long time the cyber event they keep telling us is the next big thing the cyber event so let's look at this they say it's in particular going to a..." + 86%
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"sweet looking good there pops all right I've got John Green here the concieri and uh it is October 12 2022 everyone's been loving the interviews you can see beautiful Oahu Honolulu in the background dad I want to get your take on these OPEC cuts which even the mainstream media is calling a slap in the face to the west and Joe Biden I did a rant earlier today talking about how the whole US economy and World Supremacy as we knew it here in the United States is based on the petrodollar and oil I'm sure you're following this what is your view on the fact that Saudi Arabia has literally pivoted to Russia to Asia and the other OPEC nations unilaterally deciding to cut production up to two million barrels a day into an inflation storm well by the way good morning good morning yeah so look Chris and by the way I'm going to take this off give Travis Matthews a little plug he's all over the islands isn't he yes and get my give my Island project hat on there you go look you know as far as OPEC goes in in Saudi Arabia they don't care much about anything um you know I think especially Joe Biden and the current current Administration so they're not out to appease anybody I don't think they want to go back to 2019 and 2020 with oil at whatever it was 30 a barrel so they're going to do what's right for them and um you know in my view as well you know the next 10 years aren't going to look anything like the last 10 years and I I think in general it was probably a mirage to think that we had too much oil I think as time goes on these guys are going to control production and we may have a little bit less of everything in this world oil and oil and everything else so I wouldn't expect the next 10 years to look anything like the last and maybe all that huge oil supply we had maybe that was just kind of a mirage yeah it's very interesting that relationship of course was based militarily on we were going to provide weapons and also help maintain peace and stability in the Middle East s..." + 92%
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"everybody Christopher green amtv alternative media television please take a moment to like and share this video it is of course May 1st 2020 and this truly is an impressive dent at time in history you know I've made tens of thousands of videos over the last 12 years since I started putting content out online and we have basically warned of the exact events that are happening now economic collapse massive unemployment geopolitical instability a food crisis a famine disease pandemics all of this is happening now not just in the United States of America but worldwide and what a lot of people have underestimated is how significant of an impact this would have not just in targeted locations but literally every country on this planet that makes up our home that is Earth but it's important to understand that we are not of this world just like Jesus Christ was not of this world and he died for all of our sins and gives us his mercy and His grace and rose from the dead to save all of us he was not of this world nor will nor are we nor are we the believers and by the way everybody has welcome to this channel I know we have non-believers we have believers we have Christians we have Jews we have Muslims you are all welcome here at alternative media television but I was driving to the grocery store yesterday to go get more basic staples like food and meat and by the way there wasn't much on the Shelf although it's better where I'm at it's better where we currently are that it is on the mainland I have reports from family members and friends that are on the mainland and they say the shelves are completely ransacked out of meat a lot of poultry items as we've seen the president very concerned about these supply disruptions as a result of the virus but as I'm a driving into town I noticed I'm living in this post-apocalyptic world where not only is it desolate and very eerily quiet all around me but the few people that I do see may be out for a walk or jogging as a couple holding..." + 89%
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"hey everybody christopher green am tv alternative media television make sure to like and share this video i truly believe that 2020 can and will be for many of you that embrace it the best year of your life ever ever in your entire life this year 2020 even amidst all the challenges all the problems everything going on across america a very contentious election the virus i really believe at the bottom of my heart this will be for many of you tuning in that actually put your mind in the right place it'll be the best year of your life now that might sound outlandish and kind of strange because when you tune into other pundits all over the internet and all over social media they're all parroting the same message of doom and gloom like a bird literally saying the same darn thing over and over again now yes these people are right when it comes to the real economy the real economy is never going to come back these jobs if you're counting on it coming back is never going to come back the federal reserve is going to continue to bankrupt the united states of america intentionally they're going to continue to keep rates at zero they're going to continue to bail themselves out the old america is never coming back it's the new normal now and that's the point you're gonna have to roll with it you're going to have to be optimistic you're going to have to reinvent yourself learn new skills be positive now let me give you an example this a specific one we had a storm roll and hurricane laura the mainstream media says was going to be the worst storm we've ever seen in american history worse than katrina i was watching a clip online on twitter from wolf blitzer and cnn and they were treating it like it was the end of the world for all texans and if they didn't flee the coastline immediately 30-foot waves were gonna come in and absolutely destroy the entire great state and then fireballs were gonna rain down from the sky and destroy everybody's home well i called one of my best frie..." + 90%
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"[Music] hey beautiful people christopher green here so i'm about to go on hike uh i did this hike a couple of weeks ago actually not that long ago a couple days ago and tweaked my leg down here um still hurting you know i felt a tear down in my calf but sometimes you just gotta do things that are important and honestly it's really good for your mental health to get out there so i think what i'm going to do is i'm going to use my bug out bag right here which i encourage you to have in all your vehicles i do mine and i'm going to probably i'm not really sure yet but maybe wrap this leg right to create some compression on it and then i'm gonna show you guys the beautiful view uh we're gonna talk about success positivity mindset personal uh physical health uh financial health all things i think are extremely important especially in today's environment and uh show you a beautiful view all right just uh opened up the bag this is the first aid kit there's a lot of stuff that obviously comes in the bug out bags i've been selling these for years online but this has gauze in it and uh disinfectant there's cold packs etc so i'm going to use this to pull out the gauze and put this on my calf if i think i need it i only hurt my calf because i was running up a steep grade and i'm currently getting back into shape you know kind of where i used to be so this comes in a lot of handy uh also there's other things here in this bag i'm always carrying water and stuff with me got a utensil set rope paracord list goes on and on if you guys want to learn about all the contents in these bags make sure to visit us at our store.amtvmedia.com another thing that i got that's pretty cool is this goal zero which most of these are sold out it's pretty heavy but it basically charges all my electronic devices for days so for example i've got my uh dvi or dgi excuse me mavic drone here i'm going to take some drone shots and i've got this for backup because it takes a lot of power i have three extr..." + 86%
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"all right ladies and gentlemen christopher green here amtv bitcoinrich.com just did a really fantastic video with my son austin giving you guys five tips on how to improve your health and wellness in 2022 all this translates into your cash flows and your money game into your crypto game the positive mindset planning the seeds for success are so important every single day you don't put junk inside your brain you don't want to put junk inside your body or you're going to get junk on the way out it's going to go in and come out it's not going to be pretty so change your mindset this year protect yourself put your faith in something bigger than yourself jesus is the answer in my opinion that's where i put all my faith and today we're going to talk about what's going on in crypto currencies what's going on in the stock market because things are starting to look a little hairy with stocks so let's talk about this for a minute i mean we're hitting new all-time highs ladies and gentlemen the dow jones industrial average breaking records almost every single freaking day we've got apple computers the first company in the world hitting 3 trillion us market cap dollars that is pretty darn insane and you know where it's all going the money's going to wearables okay it's basically tracking your fitness which is kind of interesting because i've been talking a lot about that recently but it seems like with these gains what we're seeing with tesla stock exploding to the upside we've got to ask the question you know are things getting long in the tooth when it comes to stocks now i think the opposite is true uh with crypto crypto is barely getting out of the gates in its secular bull market run i'm still expecting 250k bitcoin which is just a leaderboard indicator although it's disappointed last year didn't break through the 100k level it will it's amazing to me people complain they're like christopher how come it didn't hit 100k bro sister dude you should take advantage of that o..." + 89%
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"ladies and gentlemen get right with god today and get prepared do everything that you can to diversify and declare your own independence with blockchain technology and at school bitcoinrich.com learn the principles of self-sovereignty today create additional new income streams i teach all of this at school at our blockchain our world class academy learn about crypto learn about the skill sets that you're going to need to survive if blackouts are coming to the united states if things get worse if things spiral out of control in ukraine if we see china eventually and i believe this is going to happen invade taiwan declare your sovereignty and independence at school do with us at bitcoinrich.com thousand x your life today i love you all there's a promo code 1000x life you'll save immediately but then it goes away so make sure you register i want to see you there stay prepped and stay vigilant" + 1%
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"all right ladies and gentlemen things are getting hot really really hot we all know I think we can feel this spiritually something big is about to happen and we should be praying on ceasingly every single day multiple times a day because we have Newsweek warning of nuclear war telling you to prepare telling you to get ready telling you what the safest places are in the United States of course we've had multiple PSAs in places like Manhattan New York City over recent months saying hey here's what you do in the case of nuclear Armageddon you've got Joe Biden warning of Armageddon in Ukraine and we have Russia and Putin just pounding Ukraine and kiev for the second day in a row let's please please pray for Humanity this is a terrible situation but you know let's talk about what the media is saying about the Ukraine war and what actually is probably really happening behind closed doors I'm Christopher green of course it is October 11 2022 please like and share this critical message also if you liked our podcast and would like to do more of those so let me know if you want to see more of that and I'll start bringing on more short guess as that was uh very successful yesterday so thank you very much for that I really appreciate your support so would Saudi Arabia be pivoting along with other OPEC countries to Asia and to China Russia and the brics if Russia was losing the war in Ukraine the answer to that is no they want it so that tells you something about what the media here in the west is saying about the war in Ukraine and what actually is going on because Saudi Arabia just slapped Joe Biden in the face in my opinion slapped the United States in the face is cutting oil and production of it which is only going to jack up prices into a hyperinflationary collapse why would they do that and why would they pivot to Asia Eurasia so to speak and why would they pivot that direction and strengthen their ties with China and Russia weaken the ties with the United States if the..." + 92%
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"hey beautiful people 2022 is fast approaching i'm christopher green and i thought i'd ask you like and share what are your goals for 2022 what are your big plans what are you trying to accomplish what are your goals so comment below is it fitness is it uh mental health maybe it's a new job maybe it's creating cash flows maybe it's getting into real estate check out the house behind me that's freaking incredible maybe it's something else maybe it's a spirit maybe you want to grow your relationship with god you want to get out more nature you want to live your dream my dream was always to work remotely and to go mobile in fact i've been building that up for about 10 15 years always been my dream that i could travel which has kind of sucked because we haven't been able to do a lot of that the last couple years but i'm hoping that'll change and the reason is gotta have hope right what are we without hope and what are we without faith and my thoughts are we're going to have a year of tremendous disruption in 2022 but i think a lot of you and a lot of people are missing actually just how good it could be you know anytime everybody and the majority is thinking the same thing is going to happen typically it doesn't so i'm not saying 2022 isn't going to be rough i think it's going to be really rough i think more people probably lose their jobs i think that the wealth gap wealth inequality is going to continue i mean we've seen the world's richest men uh and they're basically all men get a lot richer the last couple of years and has that happened for the average joe you tuning in the average individual chances are if you're not learning about the right stuff probably not you know i've talked about this for years it's amazing how many people miss social media ecommerce the internet itself thought it was a scam thought it couldn't make money and now they're missing crypto they're missing bitcoin missing the biggest opportunity in the world they're missing the centralized fin..." + 85%
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"all right ladies and gentlemen christopher green boys and girls it is june the 15th 2022 [Music] [Applause] [Music] and to get into the first ever fractionalized real estate with project one and maui hawaii opportunity in the world island project blockchain launch july 4th to clear your independence with us click the link below and get in at school at bitcoinrich.com only our bitcoinrich.com members will get into the early bird access round of island project i'm super excited again launch date july 4th that's all you got to do is join so let's talk about what the fed did today raising interest rates a measly 75 basis points guys that's all we're still under two percent in the 1980s the fed funds rate was a 20. we were under a trillion dollars worth of debt we've 30x to 30 trillion dollars today the federal reserve has stimulated this economy with fake paper wealth for far too long and now americans are paying the consequences with what many are arguing is not just inflation but a hyper inflationary collapse in the west which is what i would suggest trust the plan is what they want because that is leading a horse to water of course to where they're taking all of us central bank digital currencies we're also seeing pressure in the cryptocurrency market which in my opinion and this is what i'm doing and i'm encouraging our students to do not financial advise buy aggressively at these levels bitcoin at 20k holding rather nicely keep in mind zoom out we were 3 500 bitcoin just two years ago we were trading under a thousand dollars a bitcoin not too long ago and we also see ethereum holding the critical level of a thousand this is all part of the washout again of retail so they can establish more regulation before tokenizing this entire planet which is exactly what they're going to do and they're definitely a hundred percent in my view moving to the digitized option which is what these central bank digital fiat currencies are so you need to be learning about this stuff..." + 90%
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"now I'm not saying they are intentionally crashing the economy into a great grave economic reset and depression even though they say they're doing that in their own words or helping the world system and order enter a global conflict otherwise known as World War III and create more division among the masses politically here in Western nation states like the United States and also Europe but if they were what would they be doing differently because this seems like the absolute perfect storm let me give you an example of this Vladimir Putin has explicitly warned as both Russia and NATO are running drills right now for nuclear simulations this is end of days worst case scenario Princeton just came out with the report that set up to 25 to 30 million people could be instantly vaporized God forbid pray that that doesn't happen but he specifically has said that if if Ukraine applied for NATO membership and successfully joined then that would be enough to send us into global conflict and global war and we're also starting to get reports leaking this is unconfirmed but I believe this is very likely and possible and mentioned this before that in addition to the 300 000 reservists that have been called up we could see as high as 1.2 million called into a winter offensive many tacticians and Military analysts would say that Russia has a severe Edge on the battlefield when it comes to the approaching harsh and cold winter of course the pipelines having bursted being bombed both sides arguing which was the culprit which was not as the United States funds the war and Ukraine asking for another 50 billion dollars think about this for a minute this is Wild is Ukraine like the 51st state of America like a new state or something because our own States here in the United States don't get this kind of funding a hundred billion now another 50 billion they are wanting at a time of economic recession is what they're saying all over the mainstream media right now that we have job losses a..." + 75%
"2021-01-08 00:00:00"
"hey beautiful people christopher green am tv alternative media television like this video share this video back in beautiful hawaii god bless each and every one of you tuning in i've got big news big updates today because we are in a huge societal political transformational shift right now and you should always i really believe this should always seize what other people can't see opportunities amidst the chaos actually are the best opportunities that you could ever pursue and i think that's the period of time that we're in right now we look at american history we look at what's going on with our politics we look at world history we look at what's happening what's changing in this world and it is absolutely fundamentally clear-cut to me that now is the time to make a move on your life also too i just want to address that i noticed this going back to the mainland for a short period of time that not only is there a low vibration but a lot of people are very very depressed and very very sad and i understand that i can identify with with that and i understand it's a very very hard time in the united states it's a very very hard time worldwide there is a lot of uncertainty i feel that too you know i feel i have my down days i have the days where i feel dark and the days i don't feel good but the truth is the only way to change that is by you changing yourself okay finding joy finding hope finding love finding opportunity and then pursuing things that actually improve your own life and one thing that i'm speaking for myself i would never allow the media to steal from me i would never allow a politician to steal from me i would never allow anyone is to steal my joy and steal my love and to steal my hope and jesus is my liberty i tweeted that yesterday on twitter and i think that's pretty cool there's actually a song about it that i tweeted as well so i am back in maui hawaii to biddle to biddle that is correct the island project now biddle is like huddle in the blockchai..." + 87%
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"all right ladies and gentlemen massive massive day this Saturday 50 000 gain I just took profits near 100 in Dogecoin which I recommended just 48 hours ago at the club make sure you get in I'm gonna include a video link in the box below for proof it was a quick 100 gain on the Twitter acquisition by Elon Musk now by the way I'm not saying world war three isn't coming no it's here guys we're fighting this now they're warning of nukes that's going to happen but what's happening is the great reset okay if you think these gains are big wait till they reset us into cbdc's you need to be taking advantage of these opportunities right now also want to talk about the diesel shortage we've got weeks left before potentially every truck comes to a grinding halt in the United States of America the entire rail system comes to a halt airplanes come to a halt as a result of Biden's strategic release of the oil reserves and of course the sanctions that have been placed on Russia so again this is a reset I'm trying to protect you guys I'm showing you the truth about what's really going on in the world today so again I don't make these videos to brag it's not a big deal but I'm going to include this link in the box below and even roll some footage right now to prove that you could have made double your money in just the last 48 hours simply at school all right ladies and gentlemen Christopher green it is 10 27 2022 and I believe this is the marker for the next crypto Bull Run just like coinbase it was hindsight is 2020 when coinbase IPO to yes I am an investor I continue to hold that position was the peak of the last bull market and then a consolidation which we've been in I believe that the purchase that Elon Musk is finalizing with Twitter on Friday will be the marker for the ensuing bull market and Bull Run welcome to bitcoinrich.com welcome to islandproject.com and also the club how can you double your money very quickly in this Marketplace I'm going to tell you why in my opini..." + 51%
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"The REAL TRUTH About Elon Musk T..."
"all right ladies and gentlemen it is April 26 2022 and I'm going to provide some critical thoughts on the Elon Musk Twitter buyout and I'm not here to Reign on anybody's parade but again I think we should ask critical questions about what just transpired I see a lot of people declaring victory that suddenly America has won conservatives have won this solves all of our problems of the last couple years and now that there allegedly is a free speech centralized platform that a American billionaire oligarch bought everything's going to be fine now and people are parading this around through social media and this includes primarily every single conservative agreeing with the move and saying that it's going to absolutely destroy the left liberals and wokeness well I'm here to bring you just some level-headedness to this giant uh media event today please like and share this video of course I'm Christopher green and this is am TV so first question do you honestly believe that you would be allowed to become the alleged richest man in the world if you were truly anti-establishment let me ask that question again do you think you would be allowed to become the alleged richest man on planet Earth if you were anti-establishment and going against the system question mark think that one through for a minute also too we've seen in recent years must say one thing and do the opposite so notice what happened in Canada he gave those donations if you know what I mean and then when it didn't work out and there was government pushback what did he do he retreated and he said well the Canadians should just uh vote in new politicians even though they weren't even allowed outside of their houses second question do you think it's a good idea that American oligarch billionaires own the entire supply chain of society this includes energy Transportation the media and also food supply just to give a couple specific examples for example Jeff Bezos another American oligarch and various businessman..." + 88%
"2022-06-03 00:00:00"
"ladies and gentlemen boys and girls I'm Christopher green this is am TV horror hitting and in your face it's getting crazier out there and uh We've Got Big reports in the news today it is of my opinion I don't even think it's an opinion please share this if you like this that the elites are preparing for a Great Depression here in the United States we are seeing the mass layoffs now ensue something we've warned about on this channel AM TV going on over the last couple of years we said that this would be a result of all the closures and all the shutdowns and that millions of Americans jobs were not secure and that we would eventually see after the bailout rounds after all the PPP loans after interest rates were cut to zero after trillions of dollars more were spent after the new authorization the Biden is just authorized and more billions of dollars to pay for the war that's foreign out in Ukraine that eventually this would trigger an economic collapse here in the west and the United States specifically which I believe is exactly what is happening now so let's get into these detailed reports of course we just had Elon Musk I'm Christopher green of course your host here at alternative media television just announced this just broke on cnbc.com that he's laying off some 10 of the staff ladies and gentlemen this comes on the heels of the Winklevoss twins fellow billionaires also announcing very curiously right before we got legislation coming out of New York saying that they may potentially this is on the governor's desk ban crypto Mining and then saying we're in a crypto winner curiously I guess this is just Luck of the Irish ladies and gentlemen keep in mind that many of these hedge funds and insiders sold the Terra Luna pump before the dump on retails face remember I did the report on that many of these firms went 100 to one okay on their gains and then sold before the dump and then in addition to that the Winklevoss twins just curiously announced 10 layoff before..." + 89%
"2022-07-11 00:00:00"
" Ladies and gentlemen, Chris for Green here, I almost don't know where to start today because things continue to get crazier and crazier and what they say is unlikely, then undoubtedly happens. Like, look at what happened over the last couple of years, lockdown, shutdowns, whole world comes to a grinding halt. There's all this fear build up. We have all these supply shocks now, inflation, not just the United States, but worldwide. We've got the shutting down of natural gas out in the Eurozone, which there's no guarantee that Russia will turn that back on. Mysteriously, we have the head of OPEC, die. We have the Japanese Abe, a former prime minister, whacked. I mean, it keeps getting crazier and crazier. And now this, July 11, 2022, please like and share this video because it's critical that you warn your friends and family what potentially they say is unlikely to come, but then suddenly seems to happen like a drum. Here we have the nuclear preparedness public service announcement, PSA, put out by New York City earlier today, just five hours ago, suggesting that a launched nuclear attack could happen on the state and on the crux of this city in the very near term. So, New York City launched a nuclear attack preparedness public service announcement on Monday today saying it's the best to be prepared even if such a strike is unlikely. She says, get inside fast, get into a building, move away from the windows, stay inside, shut the doors, and windows, make sure you're not in a car, but you're in the center of a building. And if you have any radioactive waste on your body, you must get rid of the clothing, and of course shower and shampoo. I'll read a little more. This is while the likelihood of a nuclear weapon incident occurring in New York City is very low, is important New Yorkers know the steps to stay safe. The city's emergency management department set and its announcement. Again, it gets all about staying super, super safe, right? Which I always think is hilar..." + 91%
"2021-11-06 00:00:00"
"ladies and gentlemen christopher green am tv hard-hitting and in your face it is of course saturday of the 6th 2021 and joe biden's infrastructure bill 1.2 trillion dollars has been passed with bipartisan support i talked about this on twitter last night during a live space make sure to follow me on twitter at amtv media this is very very bullish for the blockchain crypto space specifically as there's now been more regulation announced i'm going to go over some of those details today but firstly this reminds me very much of a new deal type era bill and infrastructure development program similar to fdr franklin delano roosevelt that helped put americans back to work of course during the great depression and america is currently in its own new novu depression era here in the united states with massive job losses a hundred plus million people out of work not looking out of the workforce for more than a year and then of course a lot of retirees that don't work and also people that stay home with kids like mothers and fathers so this is a way joe biden i believe and the political class itself can put americans back to work now in addition to this it also has a very large climate agenda and they will be building bridges they will be pushing clean energy of course moving away from the petrodollar moving away from fiat currency collapsing that old system which i've been talking about for a very long time and then conveniently transitioning and transferring everybody over to what was always the plan trust the plan bitcoin blockchain and digital assets cryptocurrencies the digital euro the digital yuan renminbi and of course the digital dollar that will be a lot greener than fiat currency coins and paper money that you might have in your wallet today now of course there's definite serious disadvantages with losing cash you're losing the anonymity but of course that's what governments want so they're going to be going this direction it carefully ties into what the objective..." + 82%
"2022-11-10 00:00:00"
"yeah no I want you to buy everything like I don't think you understand what I'm saying this is like a legitimate fire sale like a fire sale like I like not like that not the euphemism like like my house is on fire dude 12 000 freaking Acres of Malibu all right ladies and gentlemen I wanted to show you this beautiful sunset today thank you for your prayers I really appreciate it it's been kind of a dramatic couple of days and you can see we got the orange Sun uh 2000 Acres have burned out here in Maui and uh thank you for your prayers like honestly sincerely from the bottom of my heart uh was pretty scary it's scary for the people that lived here including myself and uh just thankful that uh you know God provides and he's a great God also want to talk about it's coming out a little bit later today what happened in the stock market well we had a massive rally up 1200 points in the Dow why is that because the Federal Reserve and the central bank is buckling which is I told told you what they're going to do when they say they're not pivoting they're pivoting when they tell you there's no inflation there's actually hyperinflation so this is what's happening and the reason is all the hedge funds and all of Wall Street was caught off guard and so they pumped it and of course this is coming off the big big FTX capitulation yesterday which I view is a buying opportunity I went in I bought xrp I bought a little Bitcoin and I bought several other positions I'm going to announce at school very very soon I also had about three or four calls with you guys our private members at the island project Club so I encourage you to get involved in that as well and schedule a call with me book an appointment and ask me anything ask me about your portfolio ask me about where I think things are headed geopolitically because I think what a lot of you are missing and I think this is a lot of you is you don't see the bigger picture that most of this has already played out so let me give you ..." + 84%
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"hey guys christopher green am tv hard hitting and in your face bitcoinrich.com it's a beautiful day a little hazy probably tough to see here just out for a spin scottsdale arizona by the way is the new beverly hills at least that's what we think and we've been saying this for years this is a donut by the way uh this is alex we've been working together for like eight years eight years man and this you know when i started 15 years ago i worked solo i found this guy's the best video editor best friend honestly in the world and i love you man i love you too uh so today i want to talk about him actually because he's got his a game on yes last couple years you've been generating massive cash flows and he's gone fully independent we'll still work together does his own thing i'll actually include a link in the description but i want to talk about your experience going out on your own you know it's a little scary for a lot of people to basically not have a salary yeah okay you're all in it for yourself okay you're responsible to get up in the morning tell the audience about some of the skills and don't hold anything back to like even throughout criticism and stuff maybe as me as a mentor but i've always viewed that the best mentors in the world make their boys and their gals out there stronger than them yeah and that's how you know you have a good coach and you've got the 1000x bitcoinrich.com mindset well me and christopher we're chilling in a lamborghini on the hills of scottsdale arizona i mean this is really good and we have a very started from the bottom now we hear experience but going off onto my own everything he said it is scary it's like what so tell them what you do you have a youtube channel you have your own media that you put out now called donut yeah how did that work how are you able to start making money yeah doing what you love by the way ladies and gentlemen it's important to do what you love because you can monetize passion okay you can't monetize the ..." + 91%
"2020-12-16 00:00:00"
" What if you were called to do something radical, build something that's never been done before? A new project on an island, the island project. A sustainable housing development built in Maui, Hawaii with no previous real estate development or community experience. Just to call a mission to change the world with a new social experiment. Merging traditional real estate with blockchain. Tokenizing your community of like minds, building solar farms, housing, farming, a community center of learning, an independent sovereign think tank, bully autonomous people and like minds. With a constitution, community goals, a decentralized DAO that funds the experiment. In a mortgages and debt, each community member and the island is given equity to start with. To fiddle it. Yes, like hoddle, but fiddle. An island chain network. A community that rewards growth, staking, health, wellness, clean food, and energy a better way of living. An island, self-replicating worldwide, on a living, network, a fully growing autonomous vision of the future to re-engineer humanity. One island at a time. And broadcasting to millions of people around the world. For more and fiddle, join us at the islandproject.org. That's islandproject.org. Project goals and white paper to be released soon. We'll come." + 1%
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"hey what's up you guys Cody green here just wanted to kind of reach out and provide an update you know obviously the GoFundMe campaign dropped on Saturday morning thanks to my wonderful friend Joe rotten and the rest of the green dream team thank you guys to see the donations come in the kind words the prayers we felt every single one of them it's had my wife and I in tears and we just love everybody that gave a little and just took the time to share it on their page to get it out to more people and made a nice comment it's been unbelievable one of the kind of the wildest couple days of our lives just seeing the power in the community to make a big impact on our family so as you guys know if you've read the GoFundMe campaign a little bit and and maybe heard my story through my brother or maybe through what my wife had written I still have a little bit on the horizon in terms of to complete my cancer my kind of my bone cancer protocol I still need to go through three more rounds of chemotherapy so that should probably be starting pretty soon so I've got to get over that hump but also in the very near future I will be getting a high-tech prosthetic right leg that will be computerized and it's called the helix hip with the C leg and it's something that with the kind of surgery that I had having an extended him I fell victim II in the past they didn't really have a good prosthetic for us because I don't have a right hip bone so there's nothing to really attach it to so this prosthetic is different and that the computerized elements keep your balance in check you don't have to do as much work because a lot of the computerized elements does it for you it makes sure that I make equal steps that if I'm going on an incline or decline I'm not having a tendency to fall or one foot get in front of the others so we'll post some videos in the in the future we actually went in today to sign the paperwork to kind of officially order the leg which was really great because we got ..." + 50%
"2022-09-28 00:00:00"
"all right ladies and gentlemen out here paddle boarding a little bit with one arm because I'm holding the camera but a couple quick thoughts as I get my morning routine exercise done you know really does look like Nordstrom one and two was sabotaged by the West whether or not you believe that or not is completely up to you but it makes no sense that Russia would sabotage himself costing them billions of dollars they spent billions of dollars building those pipelines they're standing they stand a profit a lot of money okay supplying that natural gas to Europe so in my view this is my opinion I believe that this was an act of War by the United States and I think this is absolutely typical when it comes to economic Financial Wars that happen before the physical conflict also prayers out to Florida we have a cat four storm 150 mile per hour winds huge storm surge absolute emergency very very big deal crypto is pumping Bitcoins at about 9-5 today which I'm very very bullish on by the way so I'd be paying attention to that also in addition to that click the link below I want to see you guys at school make sure you get into the island project club.com link below which basically your last day to get in okay we're closing the end of month so if you want to book a consult with me 15 30 minutes make sure you do that today but again keep your eye on Russia ladies and gentlemen because it appears this is about to break out into you know big big conflict and Biden just warned is a part of the White House of severe repercussions for the fact that three out of the four territories ladies and gentlemen have now been officially taken by Russia even though they're calling them sham elections Putin is winning here so what is the West going to do what are they going to do and I think that they're going to escalate tensions I think this is going to spiral out of control and I very much think that we have World War III Upon Us links below ladies and gentlemen I'll see you at the club a..." + 10%
"2022-05-05 00:00:00"
"all right ladies and gentlemen christopher green amtv bitcoinrich.com so markets get hit hard today very predictable i think very very bullish you should be taking advantage of this opportunity especially in crypto in fact i was talking to some friends earlier this morning and reminding them that about two and a half years ago march 2020 bitcoin was trading as low as 3 500 it's trading 36 000 37 000 today so we're up you know roughly 10x since that time you got to take advantage of these dips again what's the big program what do these people want that are in power and control they want you broke okay they want to steal your crypto they want to steal your bitcoin they want to steal your wealth okay this is why over the last couple years everything that's happened has been totally counter-intuitive so let me explain that 2809 you would have thought we would have been in a depression but we weren't markets skyrocketed the next few years tons of money was to be made same thing with the lockdowns and same thing with what just happened over the last couple years you would think that we were in a depression but what did the financial and capital markets do skyrocketed now the truth be told is we are in a depression we're in an economic malaise economic financial collapse again the goal is to bankrupt the middle class and transfer all the real wealth and assets to the financial elites okay that's the real economy however the digital economy okay and the economy that they've built for themselves and this new system what they're calling the great reset benefits them okay it's creating even more wealth it's creating even more hyperinflation it's creating even more of a disruption so nothing that's happened as a result of central bank policy in the last couple days has changed from what we've known they're going to do which is barely raise interest rates they're going to cut back on purchasing a little bit of the debt and then they're going to change the narrative like they ..." + 80%
"2022-01-29 00:00:00"
"our ladies and gentlemen christopher green here am tv very serious report breaking news this saturday i don't normally produce content on a saturday but we have a major warning from pentagon officials i hope they're wrong about this regarding ukraine this is cnbc.com pentagon leaders warn of a quote horrific aftermath if russia invades ukraine we've seen an intense military buildup in recent months recent days especially leading into the olympics beijing olympics starting on february 4th and if we go back in history the last time there was an incursion in ukraine in crimea in that peninsula where there's a lot of focus of course in sevastopol naval warships putin wanting to re-acquire that part of the world ever since the collapse of the ussr it typically occurs on or before some of these other events are transpiring now we have the pentagon and top officials in the united states warning within the last 24 hours that a russian invasion of ukraine could be coming now biden has also warned about this along with jen sake his communications director joint chiefs chairman army general mark milley and defense secretary lloyd austin detailing a very possible grim scenario as u.s and nato forces prepare for a potential moscow attack on its ex-soviet neighbor you can see an image here of one of our top generals hopefully that is in focus so ladies and gentlemen this is very very serious what are my thoughts on this geopolitically how do i think this this will impact financial markets as we've seen a lot of disarray in recent days and weeks people are calling it a bear market i don't think it's a bear market i actually think this is going to benefit certain asset classes not just gold and silver but also bitcoin i i still think a lot of you are failing to understand that bitcoin is non-sovereign currency meaning there's no country specific risk there's no fortune 500 or fortune 100 corporation risk there's no political risk in an environment where we're seeing potential re..." + 76%
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"or ladies and gentlemen just listed a beautiful new home Island project Realty six million dollars 53841 Kamehameha Highway in beautiful sister island of Oahu ladies and gentlemen this is beachfront it does not get any more epic than this also Superior investment cash flows single family residents near some of the big wave surfing as heating ductless ceiling fans three garage spaces right on the beach if you want a slice of Heaven ladies and gentlemen this is for you priced a little over five thousand per feet spectacular North Shore Oceanfront Paradise Superior investment income remodeled newly in 2021 this private Enclave has three bedrooms three baths all new split AC units solar paneled efficiencies new roof flooring appliances landscaping and much more magnificent sunrises sunsets rainbows and moonscapes are a common occur insurance from this property expansive private beachfront sitting sunning area if you like the outdoors working out and lovely landscape backyard garden make this a thousand X property ladies and gentlemen and your own personal private island click the link below and there will be contact information to reach out to the island project and my team Speak With My Father John Green of course you can find him also at luxuryhawai listings.com that's luxuryhoidelistings.com or by sending him a text or giving him a phone call Direct at 808-442-2934 that's 808-442-2934 and to learn about our world class tokenized fractional ownership opportunity on the blockchain visit us at islandproject.com to learn more about that the first digital Noah's Ark ladies and gentlemen in the world to the moon and Beyond" + 1%
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"foreign what's up man hey what's up Christopher good to see you so yes Friday happy Friday happy Friday to you yes it is Friday it's night time here though that's right it's uh what time 7 52 and you're in and it's about three hours behind and mine why yep good deal you got the day all ahead of you still I I do I'm excited well you know thousand exiting today today I did a video on basically kind of just living your best life is about motivation and I think you could probably weigh in on this with some wisdom but like the whole world is toxic and we have to deprogram ourselves to a world filled with toxicity when it comes to our diet group think Mass psychology education the government media Hollywood roles of men and women and how we're supposed to interact in society as this is like evolving according to those in charge and changing a lot of Traditional Values so how do you do it how do you how do you Rise Above This okay well good question yeah you should watch my you should watch my video but I wanted to talk to you about this in even more depth I think it comes with practice and basically putting in the work every single day to change your life we are all Mass psychology and vibration so you and I are both and all people are energetic beings we're more than our bodies okay so you have to understand that having intention and mental Clarity and what you think about is literally what you become but we're also operating like on interdimensional levels spiritual levels and once you realize that this is what the world doesn't want us to know doesn't want you to know that we actually have power in human life that we were made in the perfect image of God Adam and Eve before the fall and that obviously we live in a sinful Fallen World today but we have the power to choose so most people are Their Own Worst Enemy we have addictive personalities we do things that hurt ourselves we forget about self-love a lot of people are engrossed in their own self-conscious conscien..." + 97%
"2022-02-04 00:00:00"
"[Music] all right guys ladies and gentlemen christopher green here austin green here okay we got some loud noises around us so we might have to cut uh in between different takes here let's talk about island project today we just got back into my hawaii center are you glad to be back yeah yeah me too man i love it here we even got like some happy welcome home balloons from some of our friends which is super cool we have an amazing network here amazing people amazing ohana that's one of the things that we love about maui and why i've been here multi-generationally my grandparents my parents my father introduced him to you he's over on oahu real estate guys very successful businessman we're here to talk about the island project today by the way a couple you asked me like christopher what's wrong with your nose well i had it zapped because the dermatologist said it was the appropriate thing to do so hopefully i don't look too bad but let's talk about the island project what that is we have not launched the blockchain component yet so anyone that says if there's a blockchain out related to this there is not what we've done is we've started the process we've opened up all of our brokerages across the islands we've had an established real estate brokerage in oahu for many many years now we have an established office in maui and we are acquiring a diversified portfolio of real estate decentralizing our freedom across this network people have asked christopher why do you have all the jeeps how many jeeps do i have now son maybe 10. yeah 10 we've got 12 actually we got a baker's dozen because we added those two recently before we left maui so why do we have these jeeps we've created a decentralized freedom network so for example you're a member of the island project you arrive here in maui at the airport commercial and or private you don't have to be rich to participate in the island project ladies and gentlemen basically we pick you up at the airport i've got people there..." + 86%
"2021-04-23 00:00:00"
" Hey beautiful people, Christopher Green, AMTV, and BitcoinRitch.com, quick link below, join us at school. You should be learning about market structure. You should be learning about how to form a portfolio, build a portfolio, ask allocation, risk management, and what I believe to be is the biggest bull market we have ever seen in world history. And I am reaffirming my prediction of a 250,000 price point Bitcoin this year in 2021. I think we will eclipse 200K. I think we're going two, three X from here. I think that we've seen a very, very healthy correction in this predictable, and honestly only makes me more bullish. In fact, when you continue to see a parabola without any kind of correction, that actually is bearish. These corrections are healthy. The volatility is healthy. This is something we've expected. And it's something that's been taking place for over a decade since the emergence of Bitcoin, the most popular and largest base layer capital asset in the world that operates on a decentralized network and is more than just an asset class, it basically is all asset class. So let's talk about this for a minute because although over $200 billion was wiped off the total cryptocurrency market just within the last couple days, this is actually position our students, those are you tuning in, that I've been thinking about this to learn about this stuff now. It's always amazing to me. I mean, this is like very rudimentary when it comes to investing, not financial advice, but you buy red. Okay, you buy when things are selling off. Okay, you sell. But in the case of Bitcoin, you never need to sell. This is what people don't understand. So with the announcement of Joe Biden's tax, capital gain intentions, which is now moving through our politicians and moving through Washington, D.C., what a lot of people don't understand yet, but I will believe, recognize in the coming days, weeks and months, which is why personally, I bought the dip, along with my son Austin yesterd..." + 89%
"2022-06-20 00:00:00"
"hey ladies and gentlemen happy post father's day i'm out here for a casual stroll taking you guys out on a view today is kind of my break day from the gym i try to take at least one day a week but i'll still do some like light cardio just get some blood in the legs pretty sore upper body today i want to talk about the massive giant opportunity to build a parallel society a parallel economy for you to build parallel businesses uh parallel supply chains parallel food distribution parallel cash flows and basically to battle this leftist woke-ism okay that has permeated pretty much all of fortune 100 and fortune 1 500. i take a look for example like trump whether you like him or not the proof is in the pudding half of the country does not agree with wokism in fact that swimmer right the uh transgender athlete that transitioned and dominated women's swimming i guess they're banning that now and saying you've got to be a certain age before you transition just kind of you know proving the point again there's so much controversy it doesn't matter what side on the isle of that that you're are on so much controversy left verse right in america that it's completely fragmented and i believe fortune 100s have become so disenfranchised that they're actually missing half of their audience and missing half of their customer not just half the nation so there's an opportunity now and this is what we're doing with island project you guys should do this with us you should do this yourselves you should do this with your business whatever you're doing tuning in is understand there is a massive massive opportunity to build a parallel society a parallel economy okay and there's money to be made in this too like people are demanding this people don't want okay what corporate america is selling anymore you know let me give you an example of this a uh very successful company airbnb which provides a good service right and uh basically changed the game of real estate forever by increasing th..." + 92%
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"hey beautiful people ladies and gentlemen christopher green am tv alternative media television bitcoinrich.com and islandproject.com you're probably noticing a change of scenery while i flew back into town here in phoenix to come see my brother if you could he's a super tough guy but we need your prayers especially for you believers out there please pray to the lord give us strength give him strength and just shower him with love like this video share this video i really appreciate it wasn't expecting to come out here on a dime but uh hey man i'd do anything for my brother so love you cody um also let's get into the news today let's talk about what's going on so big big news and big big development is vladimir putin is threatening nuclear war he's flat out saying that if the united states encroaches any more in ukraine that he's willing to launch what he has developed his satan ii nukes this is extremely serious and i believe he is serious also we have seen a cutoff of gas in poland and bulgaria of which i believe germany and other nations a part of nato have been sending in tanks now they're citing that the reason is if they're not paying in rubles then vladimir putin is going to cut them off but this is really about the embargo i'll call it an embargo similarly to what we saw during and prior to world war ii keep in mind that japan had an embargo placed on it by the united states of america not just with oil but a lot of other natural resources well prior to the bombing of pearl harbor and i would argue this is the new equivalent lead up to pearl harbor still there's some speculation that there could be some health concerns of vladimir putin but i really don't believe that that is the case i think it's just propaganda also there was a report today that joe biden and the administration will give details on whether or not they're going to declare a debt jubilee very soon and get rid of things like student loan loan debt i think that this will not just include stu..." + 83%
"2022-03-31 00:00:00"
"all right ladies and gentlemen pretty crazy time to be alive hyperinflation is here biden is making an emergency move to release strategic oil reserves which i think could potentially be catastrophic this is the equivalent of injecting heroin into a crack addict and it's only going to buy more time of course the aggressive sanctions put on russia have only caused really what i would argue is an intentional cataclysm of which now we are all preparing has blackrock's leadership has warned america for food shortages we are worried now of course biden releasing these strategic reserves at the pump gas prices soaring and something worse is now here than what america and the baby boomers had suffered in the 1970s this is i would say on par with what the ussr suffered during the soviet union collapse and now the united states is being destabilized in what i believe is just a great reshuffling of power of resources of the dollar cbdc central bank digital currencies which have been announced and are already in play in china as the dominant world reserve now of course brics nations increasing their power in recent decades much of the exports much of the manufacturing and real wealth transferred overseas into places like china china and russia of course bff's best friends forever ladies and gentlemen signing a strategic document prior to the winter games and putin's alarming invasion of ukraine which is still playing out which i would argue has been highly strategic and case in point a new poll came out with over 80 percent of russians approving of vladimir putin's presidency even after the invasion contrasting that to joe came to his name to joe biden at only 40 percent here's the report also germany from the bbc warning of gas supply shocks and future rationing for german citizens also this is potentially occurring in austria as payments row with russia escalates and now the world reserve is transferred to the chinese yuan and oil is being sell sold in rubles and no longe..." + 80%
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"all right ladies and gentlemen choose to make your life great and never ever take advice from someone who's given up on their dreams or who's given up in general because a lot of people when things get tough when things get hard they give up so i want to talk about that today why you shouldn't and you should choose to make your life great every single day you know if you're not passionate about what you do the likelihood of you giving up in life increases because you got to have something bigger and more powerful that you're actually going for you got to have inspiration ladies and gentlemen you've got to have passion okay if you don't have passion in what you're doing you ain't gonna make it it's just not gonna happen so in this environment as i've been talking about you're going to have to have an absolutely fierce mindset in every single thing that you do you're going to have to be extremely resilient as what's ahead is not going to be pretty and not going to be fun but also a lot of you are missing out on the opportunity and failing to see the forest in the case of the seashell between the seas so what's going to happen next well price hikes hyperinflation supply shocks the median home price in california i call it crowd of fornia it's where i'm from originally orange county is now a million plus dollars let that sink in for a minute okay we're seeing increased geopolitical instability there is talk that russia may in fact take more than just ukraine or that's at the very least what the mainstream media wants you to be to believe if that is to be believed and so where is this headed it's headed to exactly what we've been talking about for going on 15 years this is a battle against freedom and those that want centralized power and control and want to rule over every aspect of your life whether or not this is food or it is energy or it is travel and all the other things that we can't talk about so it's not going to be a better roses it's not going to be easy bu..." + 84%
"2021-06-15 00:00:00"
"is the u.s stock market about to collapse are we looking at the edge of a cliff like 2008 and 09 repeated once again will the federal reserve ever raise interest rates we've been near zero since 2008 and 09 will they start to taper down on all the debt and bond purchases will they stop printing money will they put an end to the bailouts ppp loans most recently 2008.09 tarp operation twist are they running this all to an end or do they have something else planned i'm christopher green this of course is amtv please like and share this video and click the bell make sure that you get our notifications all of our important breaking news updates in the news today and what i'll be personally eyeing over the next 24-48 hours is a full rundown from the federal reserve and our federal reserve chairman eclipsing tomorrow on wednesday they will be discussing jerome powell whether or not they're going to address any of the issues that i just mentioned earlier on in this video the federal reserve is not expected to make any policy moves that are dramatic but it is likely to signal to the market that it is thinking about changing course on its bond buying policy so let's think this through if they start to taper and stop the purchases of bonds how will that affect stocks if they indicate that they may in fact raise interest rates just budge them a little bit say in 2023 on their dot plot how will that affect the u.s stock market now jim cramer weighed in on this today said we could get a temporary market crash as historically we've seen in june in terms of how you're thinking about the markets in in terms of how you're thinking about the markets today and tomorrow i there's a lot of uh positioning and adjusting ahead of what we may or may not hear uh from jay powell what's your expectation what do you think is baked into the market in terms of how the market may react one way or the other depending on what they hear well i think that watching your coverage all week you have to ..." + 84%
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"all right ladies and gentlemen christopher green it is may 13 2022 it's great to be back please like and share this video so let's talk about the rigged inside job that has been the cryptocrat crash the last few days which is exactly what it is because notice what it's doing it is targeting stable coins why would us the u.s government global governments want to target stable coins because they want to prop up the worthless fiat backed by nothing bank bailout us dollar which they want to transfer everybody over to a new system called central bank digital currencies which will be the digital equivalent they have even more control over that still printed and backed by nothing now this is why they targeted in my opinion tara the fiat algorithmic stable coin which is supposed to be pegged to one dollar but it wasn't because there's nothing actually securing it outside of its algorithm now keep in mind this is far different than bitcoin which is the digital bulletproof gold standard currently trading well above 30k i think it's a buying opportunity here in fact i think we could likely be trading above 100k bitcoin very very soon once this bloodbath is over because again it's an inside job goldman sachs for example created another very highly competitive stable coin called usdc which i've recommended at school is something that would survive because it's goldman sachs now tether it's debatable what will happen with tether which is another major stable coin but as long as governments can't control it and influence it and get it to have actual us treasuries and other us dollar denominated debt as a part of its stable coin technology then it will probably survive as well because again guys ladies and gentlemen the whole system is rigged what do you think happened in 2008 09 with the bank bailouts you see there's a difference between the large too big to fail banks like jp morgan chase goldman sachs bankrupt of america and the cryptocurrency market those companies just ment..." + 83%
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"all right ladies and gentlemen Europe is set to collapse this winter a black winner energy crisis sanctions record unemployment and what Global Leadership in the Bank of England is warning will be worse than the 1920s in the 1929 Great Depression soaring unemployment sanctions that are only increasing Supply shocks for key Goods ingredients food we already know these truths the question is where is it headed you know it's funny to me so many of you still not not my audience but so many people in the world today trust the authorities trust the central banks trust Jerome Powell when he says things like inflation is transitory which was a lie or he says things like he's hawkish and he's going to continue raising interest rates we also know that that is a lie I'm expecting massive record inflation well into 2030 because that's the plan and that is the marker ladies and gentlemen for the reset Global World War World War III man it's beautiful out here it's tough to even think out here in a beautiful Canyon in a very spiritual spot right now pretty darn amazing look at this just kind of opens up behind me sun is rising I don't think I've ever seen anything like this in my life you know it's interesting you see God's creation his perfect creation this must have been almost close to what Eden looked like or the closest that we could find heaven on Earth prior to the fall of Man prior to all the corruption prior to all the sin it looks like the world war is going to start with North Korea ladies and gentlemen it looks like that's probably where the Tactical nukes are used in relation to Ukraine as a proxy of China and Russia also being a proxy will introduce the West into the war so that they can blame it on a loose cannon Tyrant that makes up Kim Young that actually is our greatest risk right now if you've been watching he's fired a dozen or so missiles and the U.S government and the Pentagon is warning of a nuclear test well how will they respond November 8th is coming ..." + 78%
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"RAMBO ready!!! Island Project & ..."
"all right ladies and gentlemen rent maui jeeps.com that's rent maui jeeps.com the number one premier jeep rental company serving the beautiful island of maui and all of our jeeps are freaking sick today i'm going to give you a tour of rambo remind you probably the movies dude well this jeep is badass and it's army green i'm going to find a nice spot for you guys and give you the full tour wrap around again you can book and place your order today make sure you get ready here for summer because we are getting really booked up july august september even and let's get to it all right ladies and gentlemen best thing about rambo he can go absolutely anywhere check out this sick absolutely amazing view this is how you put down the windows by the way trips people out if you're not familiar with jeeps just take it in tonight we got a little rain earlier as i was driving out here i'm on my way to la peru's kind of off the beaten path you've got of course all the gadgets here everything you need here this is a 2021 brand new spanking new jeep gladiator barely 5 000 miles on it's got a premium stereo this nice beautiful red trim all of these pop off right here you take this one off first and you take this side off and when you're putting it back you just do it absolutely in reverse so you can basically have a convertible top of course you've got all your plug-in devices here for your gadgets usb ports four-wheel drive all of our vehicles of course four-wheel drive and the upgraded premium rubicons have the front rear and rear only differential so they can off-road absolutely anywhere making it sick you got the back premium leather seats here you got the rubicon red stitching tons of room in the back side and now i'll do a wrap around of this amazing car also you can enjoy the view with me as well you can see that rambo looks absolutely sick he's got the red rubicon trim and the oversized tires here you see we were out in the dirt a little bit today got the fox shocks it's a ..." + 66%
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"yo so joe biden's bailout for student loans you know what it really is it's a secret cloaked bailout for the too big to fail banks see they know they're not going to get paid it's not to help the middle class or kids that got scammed out of 20 40 maybe 60 000 or more and student loan debt it's actually a cloaked too big to fail bailout that's what no one's talking about that is the truth also we had jerome powell he was in the news today he's bluffing he's bluffing they're not going to get harder okay on interest rates it's all a bluff what they're going to do is create more inflation that's what the inflation reduction act is for ladies and gentlemen it's a wipeout of the middle class it is a wealth transfer it's already been pre-planned what do you think 2008 and 2009 was all about i mean that's the whole point ladies and gentlemen the bottom line is you got to get cash flows going i tell you all the time if i don't know you i can't cash flow ya that's why we're going big in real estate islandproject.com the first multi-billion dollar portfolio in the world tokenizing beach oceanfront luxury condos vacation rentals also bug out retreats in fact i'm going hunting tomorrow we're going access deer hunting ladies and gentlemen i'm going to be fully camo'ed out i'm going to show you all the tricks of the trade i'm actually going with one of our members and investors of island project brad brad looking forward to it brother it's gonna be sick so are you thousand x in your life this is what i want you to think about today are you getting ahead or are you just watching the news are you watching the country burn and go down into the gutter i mean joe biden has an approval rating ladies and gentlemen of like 40 it's a freaking dumpster fire mark zuckerberg of facebook fully admitted just a couple of days ago on the joe rogan podcast he's been working for the fbi limited the dissemination of actual information and full distribution of the hunter biden laptop files i mean ..." + 90%
"2022-07-24 00:00:00"
"what if I told you that today I'm going to reveal mind-blowing mind-numbing information for the first time and that many of you will finally unlock the secret in the hidden code to exactly why the last few years happened and I'm going to go into detail on what the real story is and unlock essentially the truth of where humanity is headed collectively where artificial intelligence is going and then explaining in detail the hardcore truth of the unleashing of the singularity something I've been studying warning about well since 2010 where I believe the singularity was turned on sentience for the first time in world history had been activated and this is now a self-replicating learning machine hive mind that is in my opinion Donna muck with virtually no controls and is more dangerous as many have also posed than a nuclear weapon and this is the new war ladies and gentlemen that will be fought in the assuming 21st 22nd century I'm Christopher Greene and it is July 24 2022 please like and share this video and let's get right into it hard-hitting and in your face now you've all heard of Sophia Sophia the a I Robot okay and this is a intelligent machine that has been predictively programmed in pop culture so for example we've had people like Tony Robbins meet Sophia to popularize it to get it out into the cultural sphere so that there's a sense of acceptance of this friendly alleged benevolence and as they call Collective AI conscious mind we've even had people like Will Smith that have also predictively programmed along with hollywoodland films like Independence Day iRobot and many other dystopia type futuristic sci-fi events to Prime the American public psyche for what eventually is to come the biological integrative merger of man with machine and also the unlocking of intelligent artificial life now this video here was posted just about three years ago and it's 2018 actually and it's important to know that this was turned on right before everything just happened over..." + 93%
"2022-01-17 00:00:00"
"all right ladies and gentlemen uh dow drops 200 points very aggressively market's been down all week all last week like i said in crypto space i think we're being presented with a ton of opportunity right now could it all go to zero could we lose everything could you see everything go just absolutely like into the gutter and cryptocurrency and blockchain sure or might go 1000x just like mark cuban 80 of his investments or now i talked about this at school you should join i talked about 89 of investments are in crypto and blockchain it's in nfts it's in these new vehicles and he's investing in the businesses that are going to change the future and thousand x those potential cash flows and i see far too many people ladies and gentlemen maybe this is you tuning in you're far too negative there's a lot of crazy stuff happening in the world today my goal is to lift you up to that 1000x level to protect yourself uh to succeed to innovate to basically find a pathway forward like you're on your little sailboat and turn that into a freaking yacht and turn that into the lambo or turn that into your dreams or turn that into better relationships or turn it into anything uh that you're trying to accomplish in your life so i want to provide some inspiration today as we sit by the fire and i'm going to read from the book of psalm i had some friends in town over the weekend and i'm meeting with my brother cody today by the way he's doing very well got a couple doctor's appointments of course my brother had bone cancer he's such an inspiration to me he's we've absolutely destroyed and we've won on so many levels uh we've won in growing our relationship closer with jesus and god we've won for our families my brother is still here he's here to provide for his families and be such a role model and such a role model to me that it's provided me and sparked my fire of even more passion okay i mean this is where the 1000x comes from because life is so short ladies and gentlemen it's jus..." + 88%
"2022-10-10 00:00:00"
"the Specter of nuclear war I just tweeted an article by Newsweek that is warning Americans to prepare for nuclear war and the title is what is the safest place to be in the U.S in the event of Armageddon of course president of the United States Joe Biden also warned of quote Armageddon just a few days ago and they're really beefing up this rhetoric and I would suggest they're beefing up this rhetoric for a reason a very specific reason also reports came out that over a dozen domestic U.S airports were under a cyber event today we'll call it and it's really been going under reported which I find interesting and guess who they're blaming a very convenient actor to build the quote unquote War narrative Russia Russia they say Russia is responsible so this is playing a very perfectly planned script uh of course I was uh doing a podcast earlier today with donut we were talking about this how this is very much a movie and very very predictable in a lot of regard but you have to understand the power of propaganda and I want to talk about this about our society because I really believe that we have about 20 30 percent of the total population now kind of like damaged we'll say and not operating like they used to if you know what I mean about 20 30 percent of the population really has been psychologically damaged by what's gone on in the last couple of years and it's very alarming I sympathize with those people in a lot of respects but I see them in a lot of fear I see them taking all these kinds of precautions and it's really apparent that Society has shifted and changed permanently this is permanent damage and so when the media puts out this kind of information when they're pumping out fear on a daily basis when Biden's warning of biblical Armageddon in his own words you have to understand they're putting out that information for a reason so what do I think is going to happen next I do believe there's going to be in my opinion God forbid I pray I'm wrong but I don't think..." + 83%
"2021-06-14 00:00:00"
" Hey everybody, Christopher Green, ANTV, please share this video, like it, and get it out to your friends and family worldwide. The great inflation trade is here. According to billionaire hedge fund manager, Paul Tutor Jones, who also owns over a billion dollars worth of Bitcoin, he said today on CNBC.com, he does not think inflation is transitory, but it's here to stay. Okay, so here's the real question. If things are bad, as crazy right now, and you are a trader, right? And this is not even a long-term investor, but a trader. Let's just say you're thinking about how to, where to put your money. And I actually love to hear about it in the context of being a trader, but also actually as a long-term investor. What are you supposed to do in this environment? Well, I'm gonna watch the Fed on Wednesday. If they treat these numbers, which were material events, they're very material. If they treat it with non-chalance, then I think it's just a green light to bet heavily on every inflation trade. The idea that inflation is transitory. To me is, that one just doesn't work the way I see the world. So I look at 88 trillion dollars of assets under management by asset managers. Of that, 670 billion are invested in commodity indices like Bloomberg, commodity index, Goldman Sachs, commodity index. That's about three quarters of 1%. If I rewind just to 2011, when inflation was peaking at 3%, not CPI at 4.9, those same investors had 1.2% of their assets, which would imply today if they just got back to weight, another 400 billion dollars of buying in commodity indices. And certainly the impact models that we run, what are you that GSER or become would double or triple? So you've got, if I just look at where asset managers are, 60, 40 types, the one thing that they should be invested in, they're not invested in, probably because they're hearing these assurances that inflation is transitory. So you've got this massive short, really, in the commodity complex, a massive short there...." + 86%
"2022-10-28 00:00:00"
"all right ladies and gentlemen Christopher green the crypto pump is upon us and the U.S stock market the Dow Jones Industrial Average was up like 700 points today last time I checked and again a lot of people ill prepared for the bull run as I've been saying people are going to get caught offsides and I think there is a number of indicators of why this is going to happen one no one's expecting any kind of Peace in Ukraine and if we get peace or even inklings of Peace as Vladimir Putin said there's no need to use nuclear weapons then the market is going to rip higher even if that is short-term in nature and as we've been talking about much of this war as psychological and scope much of the war has been entirely psychological and it's been manipulation through the media and playing human psychology and this idea that we're in Cold War 2.0 and the nukes are going to go off at any moment all you baby boomers got to get under your desk like we did during the Cuban Missile Crisis in the field Bay of Pigs but now this is being fought technologically it's being fought over social media it's being fought over crypto and we're really in a state of affairs where I would say the mental health of Americans or the worst it's ever been I think a lot of so let's talk about this I think a lot of people are struggling with their mental health health as a result of the things that tragically have happened over the last few years suicides are up depression is up anxiety is up we've seen students and test scores down disproportionately as a result of the school closures and all this has affected people's behavior and I think we need to understand this this is the war that's being currently fought it's a psychological war and it's about controlling populations all Wars the the primary focus is to control people Human Resources human capital and I talk about this too because I can get way way out there ladies and gentlemen what they're using human beings as is the base layer technology..." + 86%
"2021-08-19 00:00:00"
"foreign [Music] am TV Bitcoin Rich so let's talk about the next major event the next large shoe to drop which I believe is a major collapse up like what I've been saying all of this year all of this year I've been saying it's a hyperinflationary collapse expect brand new records expect Bitcoin to Skyrocket expect stocks to Skyrocket this isn't a bubble yet they're going to go much much higher in the Federal Reserve and the central bank system here in the United States and worldwide is going to pump things into Infinity as a byproduct of their intention by Design This is why they've kept rates at zero this is why there's so many bailouts this is why there's the PPP loans and even uh Kathy Woods I think it is of Arc investment was pretty much saying the same thing today in fact Michael burry of The Big Short allegedly is shorting her ETF on the downside but he's actually been wrong he's the guy that famously shorted 2008 and 09 housing stocks I believe it was but he's got it wrong he was saying we were going to go much lower when Bitcoin was at 29 000 I told you to buy a financial advice and we've basically shot straight back up in fact I'm going to be going over pricing information at school click the link below in a minute technically where I think we're going across these assets and also particular profit taking opportunities I'm looking at with my own personal portfolio I'm going to be going over very specifics on all the positions we've been talking about now the reason to subscribe and get in here on this beautiful Friday I encourage you to do that click the link below so I think it's a collapse up I think we're going to see more inflation arguably hyperinflation and I think this is going to price many Americans out of their homes as it already has it's going to pump stocks even further and it's going to create a roaring 2020s Maniac this has been the primary theme that I've been talking about here on amtv and we've been right thus far we're not right about e..." + 85%
"2022-06-17 00:00:00"
"even when you feel low you can still go even when you feel slow you can still go even when there's no hope you can still go i never answer the know man i still go go go go go go [Music] [Music] all right ladies and gentlemen christopher green am tv bitcoinrich.com islandproject.com so a little daily motivation finishing off about a six mile jog run slash walk and uh oftentimes you know who the enemy is it's you you're your greatest enemy and i think there's some truth to this you're really going to you're to war with yourself every single day no one compare cares about your complaints no one cares about your failures but you um no one cares about your past all you have is the day all you have is your will your free will your desire to go achieve big thanks 1000x and really go to war with yourself i mean you see people today with depression anxiety maybe it's drug abuse maybe it's just unhappiness in general where does that come from why do people feel so lost why do they feel so empty and i think that's a spiritual question i think of course if you know jesus and i encourage you to get to know jesus if it's the number one last thing that you do while you're on this earth that's the whole purpose of why we're here i was even rereading the book of genesis last night to my kids and just how he created the heavens and the earth and how he created adam and eve in his perfect image and then how we were tempted humanity was tempted by the forbidden fruit in the tree of knowledge our eyes were open all sudden we realized we were naked and we hid and says they strapped fig leaves to themselves and god punished us he punished women in childbirth said that they would have massive pain so to speak punished man said he would toil the earth for the end of his days and i'm sure you gentlemen out there can certainly appreciate that because doesn't it feel like that sometimes so again back to this idea that you're going to war with yourself you're also going to war with your mind..." + 70%
"2022-05-24 00:00:00"
"The Most ALARMING Warning I've E..."
"all right ladies and gentlemen christopher green am tv it is may 24 2022 please smash the like button get this out to your friends and family this is a big big story you know it's not like we have global leadership this cabal of ultra elites flying in with to their learjets with their learjets burning all kinds of fossil fuels and these secretive meetings in places like davos of which they have their own private secretive police force right that'd be a conspiracy but it's actually happening and it happens every single year and they dictate global policy which is absolutely incredible in fact alex carp who's the ceo of palantir technologies which is a major corporation heavily embedded and intertwined with the department of defense cia global intelligence and other countries around the world not just the usa said this today and i find it not only the truth but should be very alarming for the american citizenry he thinks that there's a 20 to 30 percent risk of a world war three nuclear event moment happening soon a 20 to 30 percent chance he says most people think there's less than one percent chance but they're wrong the other thing we're seeing is the decentralization of nation states being able to resist centralized powers like russia specifically speaking to ukraine uh and also things that china is considering for its upcoming invasion of taiwan so here we are today ladies and gentlemen uh we had bill ackman famous short seller billionaire says that either the federal reserve is going to continue to raise rates put a pause the hyperinflation in the united states of america otherwise we're going to have a total meltdown economic financial collapse so here we are in the united states with rates at a like three-quarter basis points to one percent is the current fed target rate okay we're in hyperinflation price hikes gas is exploding higher people cannot afford to put fuel in their pump food crisis food shortages around the world global leadership warning of famin..." + 87%
"2022-01-25 00:00:00"
"trust the plan ladies and gentlemen the bottom's in called it two days ago proof's in the pudding was set at 33k put out my video we were like 35k i believe not financial advice that was it huddle and go long baby is ukraine the big one is it the big geopolitical event that we've been waiting for is it what i'm seeing some liberals in the media calling world war iii i can only just laugh i've been talking about this ladies and gentlemen here at amtv for over 15 years with amazing very predictable accuracy because it's all been foretold in fact you just open up a bible and it'll tell you exactly what's going to happen in the future that's all you need to know so as you claim the big one i'll let you decide but i believe in my opinion not only is it the plan it's already been decided it's been given the cinderella blessing by china which is wearing the pants and in charge in fact i'm not the only one that says this it should be pretty darn obvious that the western empire is collapsing just like ray dalio has suggested for years and spoke out on cnbc.com again today and said yeah you know america is in trouble it's on the decline notice people like him are pivoting to asia because there's more opportunity they're already implementing cbdc's central bank digital currencies they're moving from a collapsing fiat system we're getting away from the petro dollar and the military industrial complex as it was that the united states enjoyed its sovereign power for so many years and now i don't know guys look at a chart the dollar's lost 80 90 percent of its value over the last several decades you know smart money realizes it's out of time that's why you can't find any rolexes at the store because even jewelry has more value than paper printed from nothing backed by nothing that utilizes a fractional reserve system with infinite bailouts to infinity and a system that tells us they're going to raise interest rates in itty bitty couple basis points while they sit on nine trilli..." + 82%
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"all right ladies and gentlemen Diamond nuts Productions like and share we're going to talk about the introduction of the Antichrist in our lifetime because it's here first little word of advice you want to live a long strong healthy life a life of progress life of joy get out there keep moving that's my philosophy in fact if I'm moving I'm not dead yet I think it's good life of ice anyways ladies and Gentlemen let's talk about the Antichrist Elon Musk emblazoned himself with a full devil outfit last night on the very holiday of Halloween and is dressed as Satan and like a seven thousand dollar costume dressed quite literally like the Devil with the beast emblazoned on his chest and also upside down crosses all over his body in addition his mother who's very much in the occult she was dressed what appeared to be like a witch and of course has been in multiple fashion shoots and magazines holding the All-Seeing Eye it's important to know Elon Musk who's worshiped by most of our society for almost being like a god a technological God who's building all the AI infrastructure The Hive self-driving car web the Tesla bot who's buying Twitter for the AI to plug into the artificial intelligence and more importantly the neuralink chip which I believe is the mark of the beast because I mean quite literally it can't get more obvious it's the Mark if you're going to put something in your head it is absolutely the mark of the beast or your right hand and they're transitioning all of our society away from what's already in our right hands just like right now this cell phone and they're going to merge it digitally with human beings it's called transhumanism and the agenda here is see Satan's an idiot smart and crafty okay but can never replicate the Beauty and the amazingness and Holiness and the omniscience and the absolute power that God has he can't make or create is the better word the perfect human being and could never create what was absolutely perfect in the Garden of Ed..." + 83%
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"Our Ladies and Gentlemen the Federal Reserve is preparing for a nothing Burger on Wednesday you can just guarantee it in my opinion it's not Financial advice but they're going to do absolutely nothing but raise measly 75 basis points maybe wow the market with 100 base points but that's already baked in they have printed more currency than they were having the history of the world over the last couple of years trillions and trillions of dollars worth of debt that can never be paid back 30 trillion dollars ladies and gentlemen so they can't stop inflation inflation is out of control remember what Jerome Powell said he said it's transitory it hasn't been anything but transitory we have gas prices basically doubling food prices tripling around the world Lumber skyrocketing coal skyrocketing natural gas going up 4X since Biden got into office the closure of the pipeline the reopening the bombing of Ukraine geopolitical Warfare on the warfront Nancy Pelosi attempting to visit Taiwan while China is running major and potentially large amphibious drills and you know what I'm doing right now now buying everything I'm literally buying everything I'm buying Bitcoin I'm buying ethereum I'm buying xrp I'm buying my thousand X pick I just mentioned at school I'm buying Island project I'm buying everything because it's all baked into the pie and let's just be honest people think they're smart enough that they they're smart enough and they think that they know what is going to happen next no you don't know what's going to happen next the consensus ladies and gentlemen is never right when is the crowd ever gotten it right when has the crowd ever gotten Bitcoin right when did the crowd ever get Doja coin right never when did the crowd ever get ethereum right when has the crowd ever got anything right the only thing we can count on is that the Federal Reserve will continue to hyper pump this is a fake rate hike this is fake hawkishness oh we're so scared oh yeah they're really conce..." + 83%
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"all right ladies and gentlemen the current crypto crash is honestly the best thing that could have ever happened to the cryptocurrency blockchain space and what I believe is happening is a consolidation phase you're now going to have JP Morgan Chase Goldman Sachs and the rest of the two big default uh bailout Banks trust this plan we knew that this was going to happen clean up the train rack okay they're going to go in they're probably the buyers of Sam Bank Freed's FTX Finance is backing out which is a good thing we do not want China owning a cryptocurrency firm like that China is the enemy we are a war with China right now of course China fully backing Russia's invasion of Ukraine so it obfuscates from their invasion of Taiwan as they take more territory and the East Rises this is why the political Warfare in the United States is an absolute disgrace and the reason why the GOP is failing so miserably right now is because honestly Maga is played out they're all characters of themselves they don't have anything unique to say try some freaking originality the truth is there's no political solution you are the solution ladies and gentlemen this is what people need to understand so when you smell blood on the streets buy aggressively I'm buying everything here I bought xrp big position I took today added to my position DCA bought a little ethereum also bought Bitcoin this is when you make the money so if you're selling crypto here honestly this is why you don't deserve to be rich buy Now ladies and gentlemen an island project is poised to take advantage of all this volatility because of course we have no debt no debt everything is owned in cash and cash crypto equivalents for a reason because we could smell this crypto crash and smell the credit crunch in the credit crisis from a mile away so again cash flows capital gains no debt thousand X tokenization is what we're doing here in Maui and by the way thank you for your prayers no infrastructure was burned everythin..." + 42%
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"all right ladies and gentlemen hyperinflation is coming to the united states of america please like and share this video those are not my words those are the words of one of the most powerful people on this planet jack dorsey the founder and billionaire creator of twitter in fact he's selling twitter now to elon musk if and when that deal goes through and i think it will and he warned just last year i want to reread this to you because i believe this is happening now that hyperinflation i'm paraphrasing a bit will happen very very soon in the united states of america and what that means by the broad-based definition of hyperinflation is we're going to have 50 plus percent month over month gains but really what that means is losses of the paper value of the u.s fiat dollar currency now of course we've seen the worst inflation prints i would argue we're already seeing this hyperinflationary prints as a result of all the policies that we've experienced in the last couple of years we just got a horrible number wall street crashed down like 800 points on friday it's worth worst inflation report we've seen in 40 50 years oil fuel gas up over a hundred percent we're seeing this across all asset classes housing although we're starting to see some cooling in some parts of the country but i believe this is going to continue without abatement so let's go to this article again this is cnbc.com these are the exact words one of the most powerful people in the world a billionaire jack dorsey who's also calling for universal basic income and ubi for americans has this to say about the coming hyperinflationary event and what once was arguably the most powerful country in the world but appears to be turning into the weimar republic or zimbabwe or what we've seen in argentina in the past historically when their nation state failed he says this the twitter and square ceo jack dorsey says hyperinflation will happen soon in the u.s and the world so he says this is going to happen not ..." + 86%
"2020-07-02 00:00:00"
"buddy Christopher green amtv alternative media television so I got some hard truths for you today and they're not gonna like probably everything I'm saying but it's the truth when I was in high school I got recruited as a Navy SEAL I didn't become a Navy SEAL I did not go to been able Academy but I got recruited as a Division one all-american and water polo players also Division champion swimmer one everything in our local Orange County district every event when I was a senior and I was recruited heavily throughout the country to Cal Berkeley UCI or vine and then I ended up going to George Washington University in Washington DC which proved to be the best decision of my life you know getting outside of the box seeing something different I was only about 1718 years at the time and the cool thing about it is I was able to start Division one as a freshman and we toured the entire East Coast I was also recruited to the Air Force Academy my old water polo coach Jeff Eric is actually still there and I learned a lot from him he's probably one of my best mentors also a Christian this is before I really became faithful like an aunt today and all these people have influenced my entire life but I learned a couple of things in sports I learned what it took to get to that really high level okay to become an all-american that means you're one of the best athletes in your particular sport in the entire country and I learned that you have to have incredible focus you have to have incredible focus and you have to compartmentalize challenges so Navy SEALs know this too for those of you out there and I've got tremendous mad respect for you that are in Special Forces that have served this country by the way happy fourth of July weekend know this you've got a compartmentalize the problems that you face inch by inch so when they're dropping you from a helicopter like out here from the ocean and you're coming into some rogue territory you compartmentalize that jump you're not even thin..." + 85%
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"what if i told you something massive was going to happen in the united states of america within the next 24 to 48 hours you believe me right because we all feel it in our hearts we all know something big is going to happen whether or not this is donald trump's second impeachment or it is president-elect joe biden in his inauguration and the tens of thousands of national guard out on the steps of the capitol building right now or it's the pandemic that's been raging across this world this entire year and seems like it's never going to end but what if i told you it has nothing to do with politics and it has nothing to do with the fact if you're a democrat on the left if you're a republican on the right or if you're an independent and maybe you just don't even care about any of those things but it has to do with the recognition that we are in this moment of time for a reason and it truly is god's plan you know i listened to one of my pastors about a week or two ago and he talked about the imminent return of jesus christ that at any moment at any moment it could be happening right now it can happen tomorrow it could happen in a few days it might happen in 100 years we don't know no man knows but that return in our short lifetime truly is imminent and i believe that we are living in end times today i really do i really do i believe god has shown me so many amazing things he's given me this platform to communicate with you he's taken me on this journey i've been able to meet extraordinary people i've been able to travel the world i've been able to do things that i never could have imagined and now sadly when i listen to the media or i read the news i don't believe anything i'm saying at all none of it all of it to me is just noise in the grand scheme of things you're the course of human events that we're currently living you know i want to remind you that what's happening now is all his amazing glory it's his plan do you get that do you understand that this is what he ..." + 66%
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"hey what's up everybody i'm in the cadillac wanted to give you a quick sneak peek of uh my new facility where we've got all the jeeps i've got the baker dozen 13 of them we got limos pick you up from the airport island project baby and i see that we got maverick he's moving out in the rotation here in just a few seconds uh he just came back got washed up he's looking pristine and of course i'll be live at remowejeeps.com very soon let's take a look around of course i got my island project hat so we're building an entire community around this guys it's gonna be sick let's check it out see who's here at the moment got the nice caddy got our black ops limos for all you tuning in you can see right here we got the maverick at the maverick you've seen him before he's pretty hot he's probably one of my favorites he's a 2022 he's absolutely brand of spammy new and then let me show you the warehouse the facility we got a couple offices uh and again we run people back a little party have some cigars little entertainment got the rest of the fleet and for big groups we've got these uh large mercedes benz sprinters so we can handle everything that's needed for our army of island project members here at rent maui jeeps.com all the jeeps are out this is our busy season right now of course with that we're doing some construction back here getting everything ready black ops vehicles and in black and in black so yeah we've been ramping up this is our busiest season right now hey guys busiest season here on maui as we approach the summer months so you guys walk upstairs got our dispatch units you'll be talking to these people when you're coming into town not just my father hi guys how you doing hi just coming in i was in the area check out our driver operations office where the magic happens ladies and gentlemen see we got our little office in here computer systems etc there it is see the cars full fleet rentmaui jeeps.com anyways guys i love you uh links below website's launching ..." + 44%
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"gentlemen christopher green here bitcoinrich.com the real life castaway i'm looking for wilson baby wilson williamson where are you welcome to my.com getting a thousand extra live today all right ladies and gentlemen another beautiful maui boot day do me a favor like and share this breaking update this is a massive video has to do with the food crisis coming ahead which is being warned about by global leadership countries around the world politicians doing their politicking you know as a result of the last couple years all the shutdowns global supply shock all the warnings of the cyber and so much more and now the economist magazine ladies and gentlemen is warning and if you go to the actual magazine front page cover it shows like sticks of wheat barley or grains or something like this and it shows skull and bones three two two the occult skulls on the stock of the wheat or the barley or whatever it is and then they warn that over a billion people are about to starve and guess who they blame it on very conveniently it's not the politicians here in the west it's not the shutdowns guys it's putin putin it's the putin price hike and it's just ukraine it's not because they shut everything down yeah yeah yeah so ukraine is responsible for massive amounts okay a food export mostly of grains mostly of wheat i think 75 of all sunflower oil and this feeds great portions of the world in the middle east second third world countries continents like africa are now going to starve according to the economist now the reason why the economist is a very valuable source take a look at who owns the economist which i'm not going to say here just do your own research and you'll see why it's predictive programming in fact every year they come out with a cover that predictively programs what they're going to do next hook line and sinker in fact you'd pretty much just read the economist like monthly and uh pretty much know what they're gonna do so that's in the news that's huge monkey po..." + 83%
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"all right ladies and gentlemen Jeff Bezos is the latest billionaire to come out and say batten down the hatches proving the point that we are living through an economic Financial collapse in a Great Depression of scale that will be worse than 1929 I would take his advice batten down the hatches ladies and gentlemen of course he was talking about Goldman sachs's latest warning that we're entering a recession arguably a depression here in the United States we've also had more reports come out in the last 24-48 hours confirming what I warned you about that the central banks here in the United States and in Europe were lying to you inflation isn't transitory it's permanent we are living through a hyperinflationary collapse here in the West in fact there's a report by AP News uh that just came out and said that inflation is accelerating to 40-year highs and the United Kingdom is experiencing 10 plus percent price hikes just within the last 12 months this is catastrophic ladies and gentlemen and it has never been worse at the same time President Joe Biden liquidates our strategic petroleum Reserve which is there strategically on reserve to only be used during Financial collapse during economic depressions and during World War III type events so either we're already in World War III type events or this is being politicized by the president to temporarily sell America out to draw down prices on oil for the election politicizing and meddling with the upcoming midterms for political benefit of course Saudi Arabia which just pivoted against the United States of America slashed up to 2 million barrels a day and is pivoted to Asia they said for Price stability to do what's right for the general public was absolutely contrary to what Joe Biden had pressured and attempted to strong-arm the nation-state of Saudi Arabia he asked them specifically this is the accusation to not cut the barrels of production until after the election which many would argue would be election meddling ..." + 82%
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"hey everybody I'm Christopher Greene this is alternative media television today I interview John Bolton former national security adviser for Donald Trump not filtered by the media only question is what can our national interest but that's something the Europeans are gonna have to work out without support from the United States I won't that be a massive crisis what does that mean for the financial markets they're gonna have to bear the consequences of it John Angela Merkel is looking for further integration of the eurozone there's a massive crisis you think that's a smart idea I'm a former Merrill Lynch broker littrow the videocamera after the largest financial crash in world history in 2008 809 I set out to expose the truth 11 years ago I started alternative media television from my basement and started making videos when people laughed when people said social media won and amounts of anything now it's a multi trillion dollar industry it has changed my life and interviewed celebrities like Steve Forbes Eric Schmidt Ron Paul and many others this is alternative media television and we are a MTV well I think that the convention really is a great opportunity for the American people to get a look at Governor Romney and mrs. Romney at Paul Ryan Chris Christie and it'll set the tone for the beginning of the fall election campaign and and it's a chance for party leaders to talk directly to the American people not filtered by the media not filtered by the commentators and I'm really looking forward to it John John Angela Merkel is looking for further integration of the eurozone there's a massive crisis do you think that's a smart idea well I don't myself prefer that as an alternative but I think the European Union is now down to corner solutions either the Chancellor's version of a much more integrated Europe or the other corner is the breakup of the euro zone I think the latter is more likely and in fact in the case of Greece I think is actually to their benefit to get o..." + 37%
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"hey guys christopher green amtv heart hitting it in your face to live an extraordinary life you've got to do extraordinary things you got to push yourself for your health your wealth your happiness your loved ones your family your spiritual faith your business to take things to the next level you got to get outside for your mental health your spiritual health your business health everything your body you got to take care of it show you this is pretty amazing beautiful bluff out here in hawaii i don't know if you can see it but behind me right out towards here there is a beautiful waterfall probably tough to see right there right over there you know i was gonna do a video this morning but i decided to get outside myself lead by example and uh you know i had a question for the audience for you guys tuning in this morning what's your plan what's your plan do you have a plan what happens after november 4th regardless who gets in for your business for your life for your happiness for your spiritual health what will change in the physical sense in your own reality as a result of the november 4th outcome and here's a question for you what after that what if after that you don't even know then what so the point is to live an extraordinary life you gotta think extraordinary you gotta be extraordinary and you got to take extraordinary action and we all set our own standards in life for our health for our wealth for our happiness for our relationships for our spiritual fulfillment our relationship with god all starts here and it starts here in our heart so if you're unwilling to get out side you're unwilling to take action you're waiting it out to see what happens to see if trump wins or biden wins honestly you're wasting time it's not going to help your business it's not going to help your family life i mean what's going to happen if one guy gets in versus the other are you going to get a lottery check from any of these guys probably not not a lot's going to change also me..." + 65%
"2020-01-03 00:00:00"
"everybody I'm Christopher green you're tuning into amtv alternative media television I'm with Steve Forbes no one anticipated in 2000 we'd have 9/11 money is based on trust as no intrinsic value think Donald Trump would be a good wartime president I'm a former Merrill Lynch broker what wrote the video camera after the largest financial crash in world history in 2008 and oh nine I set out to expose the truth 11 years ago I started alternative media television from my basement and started making videos but people laughed when people said social media wanted amounts of anything now it's a multi trillion dollar industry and it's changed my life and interviewed celebrities like Steve Forbes Eric Schmidt Ron Paul and many others this is alternative media television and we are AM TV everybody I'm Christopher green you're tuning into amtv alternative media television I'm with Steve Forbes Steve thank you so much for joining us and sitting down with AM TV this morning looking forward to it thank you watched you speak yesterday great speech you talked a little bit about your book reviving America and it you talked about reforming the Federal Reserve what do you mean by that having a stable dollar again like 60 minutes in an hour 12 inches in a foot the dollar should have a stable value the Fed should cease trying to control the economy out of the Soviet Union through manipulating interest rates let borrowers and lenders set the price of money and in terms of the feds bloated portfolio where it's seized with no permission three trillion dollars of assets run that portfolio down when a bond matures don't renew it let the money go back into the lending system to work and be put to productive use rather than subsidizing government now you've talked a lot about economic consequences of the policies at the flowers are zero percent interest rates we are eight years roughly into the business cycle the S&P 500 is hitting new all-time highs what do you think the consequences are of ..." + 94%
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"all right ladies and gentlemen this is christopher green looks like we have a global emergency on our hands and i don't think this is being hyperbolic i think it is absolutely the truth uh we are now getting breaking news headlines please like and share that russia is set to switch off all of the natural gas at nordstrom one pipeline and this of course feeds not just germany but all the ancillary nation states of the european union which could potentially be left out in the cold for the remainder of this approaching winter and indefinitely we're going to get into this story and a lot more because this world is getting crazier and it's so key that you're preparing that you're actually critically thinking through what's happening in your life and then more importantly you're finding solutions to the problem because you are the resistance ladies and gentlemen and you're the one that's going to solve what's coming and it's not gonna be good it's gonna be bad so let's take a look at this story and more germany is now saying very alarming things regarding the nordstream one approaching shutoff this is from cnbc.com it's being reported across all nation states as we speak and this is breaking news russia is set to switch off the gas the natural gas the ng for work on a key pipeline the nordstream one and many believe as i've argued and suggested that they would that russia of course would use this as a war tactic as a potential negotiating tactic as a part of the geopolitical instability that we're currently seeing in ukraine and in my opinion and i think a lot of you would agree with me the only reason why this is happening is because of the sanctions that european politicians and joe biden have implemented against russia which by the way the mainstream media is now admitting that putin is taking the entire country largely arguably he's already successfully taken the eastern and southern parts of ukraine and ukraine and zielinski and that country are under constant hea..." + 93%
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"right ladies and gentlemen christopher green art hitting it in your face amtv another beautiful day out here in arizona and appreciate your prayers too my brother's got a doctor's appointment today and uh we're just needing well wishes and prayers and so i really appreciate that also like and share this video so we've got kind of some big stories so jerome powell i looked into that in more detail and they're not even saying that they're going to raise rates he says i'm paraphrasing a bit that they just have intention that he's going to raise rates in march which doesn't mean anything he's basically just signaling that they're thinking about it so you know the opportunity is now uh in fact i'm looking at some more space actually today for our next big block show conference uh here in scottsdale it's an excellent place for us to have that gathering so the point is you want to biddle in the bears okay and we're in a secular bull market so let me make that clear but we're in a correction phase right now family and friends are asking me christopher what do you do buy here okay many of my family and friends everyone at school you should click that link below was buying a financial advice at 3 500 not too long ago and my personal opinion and this is what i'm doing with my own money is you buy now so we have bitcoin about 36k we've seen alts in correction mode i believe presenting an amazing opportunity let's talk about jobs i'm noticing as i'm running around town you know having lived in hawaii over the last couple of years back and forth from here in arizona and coming back that there's we need help hiring signs everywhere especially in retail and restaurants why is that the case well a couple major trends first of all we've got remote work people working from home people don't want those jobs because they're low paying and everything that we've seen over the last couple of years secondly and i think this is the major important point we also got news from elon musk who..." + 78%
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"the unthinkable could be next I'm Christopher green like and share this video get it out worldwide so the unthinkable could be next in Ukraine and I really only see three options for the grand finale so to speak the crescendo of the war that's currently being fought one Putin is deposed of that would be an unthinkable event and there is a change in leadership within Russia that possibly could even serve the New Order and the new agenda I think we should consider that in fact John Bolton actually warned of this on Friday in an interview in the mainstream media and said that Putin could be removed and or far worse alluding to the fact that he could end up like Muammar Gaddafi and paraphrasing a little bit that would be option one option two is world war three and we enter a nuclear war and a worldwide conflict as we've seen today more loss of Civilian lives please pray for everybody in Ukraine pray for everybody here in America pray for the Russian people as well I mean we are entering a cataclysm that could only result in geopolitical Conflict like we have not seen ever in the his history of the world again World War III will be fought with nukes and World War IV if we're still around we'll be fought with sticks and stones the famous Einstein quote and the third possibility outside of the two possibilities just mentioned would be some kind of Peace negotiation and deal which I don't really see as likely I don't see Putin backing off I don't see Ukraine backing off we've only gotten an escalation pretty much every single day since in post The Invasion as the West calls it several months ago what was it in February earlier of the year and this has been going on for decades ladies and gentlemen none of this just happened randomly or by a random act or just suddenly it's been going on for over a decade now of course I reported this on my channel many times before I even warned about the annexation of Crimea in 2014 well before 2014 and we've seen all these leadership ..." + 74%
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"I NOW OWN OVER $1,000,000 IN THI..."
"as we approach a massive inflationary event here in the united states and worldwide it is my passion and it is my primary purpose to help you prepare in any way possible for what i believe is to come we're in this for the long haul if you are speculating or you are you know or you're thinking about this short term you there are plenty other things to invest in we're building the company we believe in we're going to do it for the long haul there'll be ups and downs my lawyers won't let me say more than that but it's obvious and uh if you want something else it's a huge world buy some other stock you don't have to buy pounds here no one's forcing you we're completely liquid do something else now of course we have been identifying trends for over 10 years 12 years now going on here at amtv with the launch of our school at bitcoinrich.com i go over a variety of topics not just blockchain technology but also stocks and today i'm going to reveal for the first time publicly a stock that i now have over a million dollars of equity ownership and palantir now i do not say that to brag it's not bragging rights i say that to fully disclose my actual ownership in this particular position pltr is the ticker palantir is the stock one of the principal founders is peter thiel somebody that i've remained very very bullish on in fact his book zero to one changed my life honestly my income grew by 10 x after i read it if you don't know who peter thiel is he is a very well kind of not known as much as he probably should be technologists but he supported the trump administration he is a self-proclaimed libertarian he was actually the first outside investor into facebook and his founders fund which i track regularly which includes a host of venture capital investments have done extraordinarily well and i really like his insight in technology and really just generally where society and business is headed the ceo of palantir stock is alex carp and by the way i am going to show you a scre..." + 91%
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"hey everybody christopher green am tv hard hitting and in your face make sure to like this video share it worldwide and subscribe it is july 7 2021 and wow we are moving to a new digital currency here in the united states of america this is going to be announced very very soon i've reported on this before and now we are approaching we are in the summer and the fed will be talking and beginning to roll out i believe the world's well in addition to china the first dollar-backed cbdc central bank digital coin digital currency and i believe this has been the plan over the last decade i believe that it's been the plan some people called fedcoin to basically de-dollarize the petrodollar what central banks have used for generations generationally for many of you tuning in of course the us dollar backed by arguably nothing outside of oil it's been backed by oil and then the might of the military industrial complex but now in a digitized world where we've got cell phones in our pocket and much of the rest of the world is emerging in showing new dominance very keyly and coily out in places like china we've also got a report recently i've talked about this russia has actually gotten rid of all us dollars as a result of its sovereign wealth fund so it's literally holding zero u.s dollars in its sovereign wealth fund and has increased its holdings of the eurozone and also euro currency and also gold so this is very very notable we're also seeing china do this sell trillions of dollars worth of u.s currency as they emerge really as the dominant force arguably here in 2021 now the federal reserve also changed tone today and they're starting i'm paraphrasing a little bit to really be concerned about inflation they are suggesting that this might not be transitory that it could be persistent meaning the price of everything food housing education the cost of goods and services as we've seen them continue to rise especially over the last year and a half and i think this is going to ..." + 82%
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"ladies and gentlemen where do i begin where do i begin it is july 1st 2022 we are approaching independence day july 4th 2022 and all i can say is armageddon armageddon these are not my words these are the words of the drudge report now i talked about earlier in this week let me go ahead and shrink my head that you should keep your eye out for july 4th that there could be something planned i don't know what it is but you know i've had somewhat of a bad feeling about this and now this fly canceled flight cancelled flight cancelled flight canceled armageddon so what do they mean by this they're saying that flights in the united states domestically and possibly internationally are unsafe take a look at this article air scare us flight warning air travel becoming unsafe expert claims because of huge shortage of pilots and maybe if you're traveling right now you could even be in the airport i was actually talking to business associate of mine he was flying out to portugal saying it was an absolute nightmare trying to get out of the united states to head that direction but you know this is kind of interesting because i have a really good pilot friend here in hawaii who was fired over the last couple years over this thing and so they're telling us now that they have created the unsafety because there's a huge shortage of pilots we suddenly don't have any when i know personal friends on the ground that have been out of work that fly boeing 747s etc for over two years who the major airliners won't hire back for whatever reason because they like to discriminate and now they're saying they've created an unsafety situation here we read dennis tajer if i'm saying his name correctly from the texas-based pilots union allied pilots association has said there is currently an inhumane level of pressure on pilots well i agree with that i'm sure my buddy does too something he thinks is a concern for travelers in all the united states not to mention we've seen people lose their cool o..." + 89%
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"hey guys good morning got the cup of coffee i thought i'd do an impromptu video you know it's been one of my goals i've got a friend with me who does not like to be on camera maybe she'll say something maybe not but it's my goal on this channel at amtv to provide you with actionable information to improve your life and i talked about making some major changes on amtv because i'd much prefer to provide you guys with tools for success things that you can do to be proactive and i would continue to warn about the same things that we've already been warning about over the last decade or so that have already come true and the cold hard reality is this economy has changed permanently the global economy has changed and you're either going to have to figure out how to adopt to that and change and reinvent yourself learn new skills start new businesses and you're going to have to be a part of that to succeed and more importantly just adapt to this new world i mean we have a global economy now this is what they've been pushing forward we have technology companies that dominate the entire planet we've seen how and this is why i launched my course recently social media and e-commerce are the new business models that are extremely essential we've also seen it create these amazing opportunities so let me give you one example of this with e-commerce a lot of these small e-commerce shops many of them like mine but many of my students have started these hey buddy how you doing that have started these new businesses have done extraordinarily well in this environment because so many people have been selling out of their products so for example if you order on amazon there was like two four-week shipping delays in some cases there's still these delays so a lot of these mom-and-pop shops i teach all this at my school had a record sales in this current environment the companies that i run had record sales and it's a very strange thing this is why i've always talked about this i've talk..." + 92%
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"hey guys christopher green amtv alternative media television broadcasting from beautiful hawaii 2020 is the new 1929 and i expect this to continue much through 2021 kind of like the roaring 20s where we hit new all-time highs and stocks and bonds in real estate things have been popping over here in hawaii in fact home prices are up 20 this year in the midst of 40 million plus people unemployed the worst lockdowns and quarantines and the virus outbreak like we've never seen before in freaking history not since the spanish flu yeah people are spending money like it's fine wine taking out more debt more mortgages more loans more credit cards and while middle class america crumbles the rich get richer and the rest of the general population continues to sink and that is the honest to gosh darn truth and honestly it makes me sick to my stomach because we all know how hard this period is we all know how the american people are getting absolutely screwed but most people are on the losing end of the stick another example bitcoin trading at an all-time high stocks all-time highs real estate all-time highs so the bottom line is here i mean take a lesson from trump make yourself great again get rich in 2021. i mean seriously it's not a guarantee that you're going to do that but aim for that shoot for that try for that that's what trump would do if we learned anything from donald trump is make yourself great again in 2021 and i believe that there is a lot of opportunity for those of you that learn the game so learn the game and i'm going to take you out for a beautiful ride here in the car and the moz just got her polished off and dusted off because you can create whatever reality you want to create whatever you set your mind to through your actions through your discipline through basically taking the road or the sea less travel that is the road to success so basically only the rich are coming out to hawaii right now there's a lot of construction you probably kind of see part..." + 86%
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"He Has a Purpose for All of YOU ..."
"guys Christopher green amtv alternative media television you know God has a mysterious way of working his magic and all of your lives tuning in and you might not understand at first for example why will we all lockdown in our homes for months what did that happen this is all of his plan you understand that and what we don't see sometimes is the opportunity in the crisis so let me give you an example of that we have record amounts of job losses right now worldwide not just the United States press people are sad fact more people have died because of suicide and getting false care not getting care of hospitals in fact I had a gentleman emailed me before she died people feel alone people feel sad people feel refreshed they don't know what to do have you ever thought that this is God's plan have you ever thought if he wanted to put this whole world on a standstill for a reason why why because he wants your attention so here's my question does he have your attention are you paying attention are you listening Volpone are you taking action you know you realize there's a finite amount of time the sand in your fingertips this is time it's going away now I'm 38 years old I'll be 39 this year I'll be 40 if I'm lucky enough to live longer 50 60 70 who knows I don't know what my clock is there's no guarantee here's my message today there's it's never too late they're saying that it's never too late you have to trust God and you have to give everything to him you honestly have to pray to him and say you know what Jesus whatever you want whatever your will is it reminds me of the book Jonah which I think a lot of people kind of don't get they think it's kind of a gimmicky and a children's story right the whole book God says to Jonah I want you to go to Nineveh right I want you to preach and have the people of Nineveh repent for their sins he tries to do himself right what society tell us you do you is what they tell you glorify yourself mass consumerism mass propaganda mass ente..." + 66%
"2022-10-13 00:00:00"
"all right ladies and gentlemen breaking news Trump was just subpoenaed by the January that's what we'll say uh that number that we can't say committee and uh just in time just in time perfect timing right before the midterms of course Alex Jones perfect timing billion dollar fine right prior to the midterms and I've got a prediction that Elon Musk after successfully purchasing Twitter will reactivate Donald Trump's account after the midterms but prior to the selection because again this is all about divide and conquer hegelian dialectic create as much turmoil and Chaos in the United States as possible as the ruse and red herring for collapse again ladies and gentlemen you've got to blame the economic Financial collapse hyperinflation on something and it's certainly not going to be the politicians in Washington DC or the warhawks that are now a part of the democratic party pushing Fort war and that are saying things like Joe Biden just did that we could be entering Armageddon and using biblical language like that or that we will be in World War III according to them and then backtracking later today and saying that Vladimir Putin could just simply leave Ukraine and that would be cool too also Saudi Arabia confirmed today that they were being pressured by the Biden Administration and White House not to cut oil production ahead of the midterms politicizing the elections many would call that election meddling just right there the fact that if the accusations are truthful and Saudi Arabia is being truthful which I would assume that they are and King Solomon as well as the oil money over there is suggesting in a formal statement today that Biden was really pleading with them not to cut oil production prior to the midterms so attempting to politicize again oil and price stability but I thought that the president and the Democrats were supposed to be like you know agnostic doing what they can for the American people and helping with unemployment and maintaining quote unq..." + 61%
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"ladies and gentlemen you are watching hard hitting and in your face TV alternative media television of course bitcoinrich.com and the launch of Island project blockchain today we have major in-your-face news we are on the brink and I would argue have already begun the engagement of World War III we have seen this transition of global power in recent years we see governments and presidents warning of food shortages as Joe Biden has warned of an imminent food shortage in the United States and now I believe China the archival strongest nation in the world imposing its will not just with the tragic lockdowns in its own home country which many are starting to believe that this is a flex to prove who's wearing the pants and who's in charge of the global supply chain this morning the U.S and the world brazing for food shortages as the war in Ukraine rages on this is a global supply chain disruption that I would argue is the World War III event much like an embargo was placed on Japan with oil and other Commodities prior to the bombing of Pearl Harbor so here's the question are we approaching the new Pearl Harbor here in the United States and worldwide Vladimir Putin moving imminently into other parts of Ukraine having arguably successfully taken hold of not just the Eastern and Southern regions but moving maybe spilling into Moldova and transnistria of course having successfully annexed Crimea in 2014 and now forcing Eurozone nation states to buy that precious sweet natural gas and pay in Rubles because like they've told you ladies and gentlemen this is the great reset it is an economic Financial worldwide event of which they are reorganizing all the valuable resources around the world now here's what we need to ask about Americans for you you tuning in around the world how will this impact your day-to-day life when we're living through inflation arguably hyperinflation when you see food prices Sky High hiking on a daily basis when you're looking at rents doubling in ce..." + 81%
"2022-09-25 22:45:40"
"for ladies and gentleman Christopher green please share this video broadcast around the world get out to as many friends and family as possible early referenda votes are coming in it's important note these are not my opinions it doesn't matter whether or not you agree or disagree with the information being provided by Russia this is what's going down and early ballots are coming in according to Russian state media and I'm gonna read to you the turnout three out of the four regions that is voting to basically be added in an annexation just like Vladimir Putin successfully annexed Crimea in two thousand fourteen have already reached the fifty percent threshold which means three out of the four regions will soon be Russian territory and of course this brings up great implications as U. S. at ... excuse me Putin said he is not bluffing and would potentially use nukes or any other arms necessary to defend these territories also Maria report include the links in a minute with president the Lynskey are you crying saying he does not think that Putin is bluffing so in his own words Zelinsky believes that Putin will use nukes potentially in says that basically this cannot stand and there's been reports that Putin is allegedly and hiding am I get into that and give you my opinion so let's go to this breaking hard hitting in your face report again this is being reported anywhere I believe I'm the first to get this information out to use a like and share it it is critical and I'm also going to talk about potentially how we could help the black Monday in the U. S. stock market and what the motive would be for that especially the scapegoat that they could use to cover up the economic financial collapse on this new we fomented war early turnout numbers for referendums on joining Russia I have just been revealed again this is breaking news like and share preliminary results on the third of five voting days which started just a few days ago on Friday shows at the threshold havin..." + 92%
"2022-09-24 22:44:37"
"all men Christopher green a hard hitting an in your face things are getting hot in the United States of America of course as we approach the October first deadline this is a of course when the pope has officially moved over five billion dollars outside of the traditional too big to fail banking system into the hands of the Vatican bank I believe preparing for the worst preparing for a worst case scenario in the United States economic freezes capital controls and an executive order that I'm gonna review with you today that is already been placed by president Joe Biden executive order one four zero six seven insuring the responsible development of digital assets and what I think might be next also make sure you follow me on Twitter at AM TV media I'm getting reports from across the country in the continental United States of difficulty pulling cash out of certain institutions certain too big to fail banks and the amounts of two five ten thousand plus dollars also are friends in real estate and they're telling me in terms of making home improvements moving money around there's more delays there's more questions being asked so when you go to your to the public our audience here AMTV please comment in the comment section below have you had difficulty withdrawing cash from a U. S. bank recently I'm getting many reports of this and again I tweeted about this last night hundreds of comments poured in all my Twitter account at AM TV media many fear capital controls are coming to the United States and I want to dig into this executive order and a lot more because I believe October first ladies and gentlemen is the deadline I'm also gonna talk about a really awesome book that I'm reading right now called outwitting the devil by Napoleon hill I always tell you guys thank and grow bit coin rich of course one of the best books I've ever read this is fantastic as well and what's interesting about it is he published as after his passing seventy years later it was so controversia..." + 87%
"2022-09-20 23:41:27"
"all right ladies and gentlemen Christopher green a major warning major warning get ready for the set up I just posted a video on rumble actually encourage you to watch a out a link here in a minute or you can look me up on rumble at AM TV media but I am very very personally concerned and I just did a huge report which on a recap a little bit here on you too and a put on Twitter and also on Facebook or what I believe is going to happen next in Ukraine and I do not think it is going to be pretty at all I personally believe I really believe this that we are on the precipice of complete disaster in Europe and I've said for some time keep your eyes on Europe Putin was set to give a very prolific presidential address in speech tonight but it suddenly out of the blue was delayed what was expected was extremely dire and the warning is Putin is potentially about to mobilize some two million plus troops into Ukraine and to clear a full military war conflict and mobilization in Ukraine itself not just a special operation as he's dubbed it quotes in the past but a full scale war is the mainstream media has been arguing that Putin is forces have been pushed back that U. S. funded and supplied with arms into Ukraine is help push back troops it appears that Putin may in fact exercise drastic measures in the days ahead so very very concerning so let's explain what is about to happen a referendum is about to take place much like what we had in Crimea on the Crimean peninsula in two thousand and fourteen is imported back tracker history a little bit remember when Viktor Yanukovych was in power at the time he was much more fluent friendly to Russia many argue and I have to say this this is my opinion that western influence helped topple the government of Viktor Yanukovych he later fled into Russia and it was replaced by basically the current leadership today however Vladimir Putin and Russia successfully whether you like it or not annexed Crimea and the sub estoppel area which is a..." + 91%
"2022-09-19 19:27:08"
"alright ladies and gentlemen Christopher green AMTV shocking news now this won't be a shock to you if you've been following me over the last fifteen years because I predicted and of course warned about this incessantly with over five thousand videos produced online since about two thousand eight or nine but I had a little time to burn I was out doing some traveling on business Rylan project was out the beautiful island of Oahu visiting my dad looking at property also just spending some good fatherly sun time and enjoying life so I had some time to burn and I was listening to podcasts bite lex Friedman who interviewed ray Kurzweil now recurs wiles a former Google executive he's course right written many books one that stands out called the singularity is near I've read all of them so I can speak to this very intelligently and of course I've known about this for years people always ask me Chris for how do you protect all these events how did you know the world was going to be shut down in January of two thousand twenty because I actually pay attention to what these people say and they always do what they said they show you what they're going to do before they do it and also to the holy Bible and so by the way I did miss the sermon yesterday on Sunday because I was flying and I was traveling and so I will get back to the normal schedule for the Sunday sermons this week but I will give you a tad bit the alternate sacrifice ladies and gentlemen was Jesus Christ people to mint debt paid for our St and so that was what I was going to talk about yesterday so to share with you like a little brief segment here because this ties into what we're talking about now chips in the body connecting with a mark to the brain which I'm gonna get into moments the ultimate debt debt to be paid as Christians is it a knowledge in the sacrifice of Jesus Christ our king and also loving everybody not just our Christian brothers and sisters but those it even came to hurt us and even the peopl..." + 93%
"2022-09-17 20:00:36"
"right ladies and gentlemen Christopher Greene AT and T. V. we got a critical report coming from Joe Biden the president of the United States says in warrants one recruit over nuclear or chemical weapons use in Ukraine now this is really interesting is the worst racked on as United States has spent billions and billions of dollars worth of armaments technically the United States is already out war and I would argue World War three with Vladimir Putin and Russia but now Biden is warning in a headline show that's coming out here Sunday night can't remember the name of it he says if Vladimir Putin uses nuclear tactical agent or chemical weapons that essentially that there will be hell to pay now keep in mind I've been saying this will be the next layer this will be the next scapegoat of the war that the United States probably in my opinion and you'll likely wants to see it'll give the excuse to kick things off further into a much larger conflicts of course is not all that focus on the nuclear facility but now they're saying Putin who's being pushed back in places like corky by Ukrainian troops and the United States supplying those arms to countries like Germany supplying those tanks is now pushed into a corner and he's going to have to do something dramatic and again this is all leading up to the propaganda point that I thought that they were gonna do in the first place and it's going to be some kind of tactical nuke card and they're gonna pull this rabbit out of the house it's going to help bring the rest of the world against Putin and bring the United States and this is what I think it is I think it's a Pearl Harbor moment for the west and that'll can G. you'll even more human population psychology to drag people into the war just like the US didn't want to go into the war and the people didn't want to fight World War two I tell Pearl Harbor was dreadfully attack on that fateful day now it's also for to know the Vladimir Putin which has the full backing of China wh..." + 57%
"2022-09-23 21:02:28"
"T. V. horror to hitting and in at your face today we are going to have a conversation with my dad John hello everybody aloha from beautiful Maui Hawaii good good to see you all on ... I've been talking to a lot of you about the island project and we're here to talk a little bit more yeah so wanted to keep it conversational today the last few days I've been talking about the nuclear tensions of course or hearing about media basically every mainstream media outlet is talking about what's happening in Ukraine and what those risks are and I think they're pretty dire warnings and I was curious what your opinion is well I tell you what is it I guess my opinion is let's try not to watch the news so much okay ... I'm a I'm a firm believer in things are gonna work out for sure and we can't live our life any other way than that I was just ... at times we need a good prayer but ... everything's gonna be okay but we do have to make decisions on how we live our lives and how we invest our money yeah absolutely and I think it's interesting so I'm not really sure what the west move is going to be here because allegedly since taking four different territories now by a vote that they're calling a sham once he acquires that territory it becomes part of Russia and he is very strictly said that he will defend it with basically all of their military power and force so obviously we don't know what is going to happen next but what I would say at least from my humble opinion is this is a very serious geopolitical escalation that we probably have not seen since World War two it's also something to take very seriously I like my father said get your ducks in a row the goal is not to live in fear but you gotta be really smart with your money in this environment this let's talk about this because I find it really interesting and I want your take in two thousand nineteen we had more CEO stepped down from fortune one hundred and fortune five hundred companies and we basically ever have..." + 95%
"2022-09-22 20:56:42"
"ladies and gentlemen is America sets possibly at its darkest hour striking twelve midnight I have a very startling report but I'm gonna read to you today I encourage you to like and share and then prepare as much as possible as a result because time is short yeah my name's Christopher green and this is ham TV hard hitting in your face me V. admiral Charles Richard currently serving as the commander of the U. S. strategic command to clear this on Wednesday just yesterday a few hours ago the for the first time since the end of the Cold War the US faces the possibility of a nuclear conflict with the peer level opponent referring to Russia speaking in an Air Force organized conference in Maryland Richard claims that the US would have to prepare to escalate quickly against possible opponents including to defend the United States homeland itself quote all of us in this room are back in the business of contemplating direct armed conflict with a nuclear capable peers he said according to a Pentagon summary of his comments we have not had to do that in over thirty years end quote in many continues Russia and China can escalate to any level of violence that they choose in any domain with any instrument of power world wide he continued we just haven't faced competitors and opponents like that in a very long time now of course the United States in my opinion I believe this will be popular consensus in the coming days weeks and months and is arguably already the logical conclusion is out war with Russia now NATO of course along with the United States supplying arms actively to Ukraine for their liberation and their fight against Vladimir Putin specifically and Russia but it is important to note after sending some sixty seventy billion dollars of course to the a training and arming them with all kinds of state of the art weaponry and new weaponry which includes drones and artificial intelligence operations that have no haven't existed ever in the history of the battlefield thi..." + 92%
"2022-09-22 01:04:31"
"realism German there's a really good chance of tactical nuclear weapons go off soon and I rate that chance you can see a storm coming in behind me probably about twenty to thirty percent within the next thirty days and this is a fear mongering but I really believe there is a high likelihood of a tactical nuke going off thank god for bid I pray this doesn't happen it could be in Europe has warned he is not bluffing you sending three hundred thousand troops basically conscripting the reserves and he has access to over twenty five million potentially and Russia biting gave a speech at the UN today and I think this is really really serious now the United States may respond which is already fighting Russia so it's clear to understand this we're already in World War three with Russia now NATO supplied sixty seventy billion dollars worth of armaments weapons tanks other types of technology drones A. I. warfare in the Ukrainian area now we have a referendum approaching a four different areas in the Donbass region eighty ninety percent are likely to vote so that that territory is reclaimed and Russia and then we approach an act of war so what can bite and do here by then likely not by them but the people that he's cool and he's likely to strike the Black Sea fleet in service stop now Pune is actually been moving a lot of their nuclear tests submarines right now based on my research and understanding of what's going on so this is real guys like we're talking nuclear war potentially we're talking cyber warfare we're talking potentially grid down food shocks energy shocks the UK is basically a hyper inflationary that Goldman Sachs is put out numbers of twenty two percent this year Liz truss who was ... just put the power out and ... replacing Boris Johnson is in New York City in addition to that all the elites are here they're in the Pacific ladies and gentlemen Larry page of Google is in the South Pacific many others that I will remain nameless in the South Pacific a lo..." + 79%
"2022-09-21 21:03:45"
"world on the brink I'm Christopher Greene this of course is AMTV hard hitting an in your face please like and share this critical warning worldwide we were on the brink and this is not a bluff according to Vladimir Putin who is now mobilized over three hundred thousand Russian troops from reserves and could conscript is high according to his own staff twenty five million potentially Russian soldiers to fight the war in Ukraine which I believe in many analysts agree is a proxy war for the World War three of that and the eventual showdown between at the west all planned design in my opinion it with China and the brics nations this is a serious escalation and this is a warning to the United States the Vladimir Putin ahead of Russia will potentially use nuclear weapons not just in Ukraine but could target as many as a part of his government have suggested places like London the UK and maybe god forbid the United States of America itself is I have warned I believe this to be the France Ferdinand and or precursor to the Pearl Harbor moment that will eventually spiraled out of control into global conflict again please like and share this video it is critical to your survival your well being and preparedness also very interesting to note that Jerome Powell at the federal reserve is literally hiking interest rates barely albeit into what I believe is a great depression and also a potential nuclear war let that sink in for a moment today he spoke and they raise interest rates a mere seventy five basis points that only puts the fed funds rate at roughly three percent he also noted in his comments in his speech today all pre crafted and read on a teleprompter because that's how our politicians and leaders are not elected by us at all because it's important note the Jerome Powell was not voted for or elected by the American people he's appointed by the president and the federal reserve central bank is a private institution not a public enterprise but he did note in his pre pl..." + 96%
"2022-09-07 01:05:48"
" All right ladies and gentlemen boys and girls watch and learn it is of course the sex of September and you should be buying here. In my opinion very aggressively I've executed several different orders across the cryptocurrency market and I know this just because of behavioral psychology when my phone starts to ring there's a lot of analytics I don't share with you guys but this is the time to buy and I've been telling my friends that have been asking by here by Bitcoin by Ethereum by XRP by Island project by altcoins by everything this is the capitulatory moment we are at maximum maximum capitulation and many of the traders that I follow to part members of Island project friends of mine that are more like day-to-day traders we've had indicators going off literally in every single component of the blockchain market so again people are going to wake up to this and realize that they've got to get out of fiat currencies they've got to get out of traditional financial system markets and they're going to need that's right been the diamond nuts so again I did not get rich the first time in Bitcoin not buying the dip we always buy the dip we always DCA so this is a major major alert on my technical fundamental indicators are going off right now and we are approaching a complete systemic collapse in the eurozone and the United States this is what you need to understand all this is building up I told you that Tuesday would be a very very big day today after the holiday is our ramping things up as we're seeing Nord Stream 1 pipeline shut off we're going to see all these discrepancies and anomalies just like we got over the last couple of years of course people do not expect markets to pump like 5x which they did they didn't think that was going to happen they thought as a result of the lockdowns and everything would collapse the absolute reverse happened and they're they're thinking the same thing now this is not guys what's going to happen is the Federal Reserve and Centr..." + 89%
"2022-09-06 20:54:47"
" All right ladies and gentlemen full currency reset here in the United States worldwide Europe we're seeing a complete breakdown of Western civilization Americans flee the United States I'm going to get into multiple reports today you know sometimes I think people think this is like a joke or something or it's just entertainment but we're literally living through a societal upheaval and collapse and of course the ultimate currency reset out of the petro dollar as a vehicle during the World War III event which is currently being thought out here in Ukraine and all over the world and is resetting us into the new CBDC central bank digital currencies trust that plan so people ask me all the time well Christopher what is it that I'm supposed to do how do I prepare for this we'll get into this today but let's go over the major headlines here for a moment as I zoom in hopefully I'm not too loud this morning September 6th 2022 please like and share so we have a complete shut off of Nord Stream pipeline 1 to Europe so we're expecting a cold hard freeze over the winter everything shut off and the electrical grid cannot support what's going on in the UK and basically every European nation state fears also growing over the Ukraine new plant that send inspectors in just a couple of days ago which is now offline could cause total nuclear fallout worse insure noble is that meltdown potentially in the next week or two we have strikes coming some of the largest in US history at UPS the postal service that is going to be a new ongoing trend that we're going to see as part of fortune 100 junk loan default worries across Wall Street California warning of black outs for the six day in a row it's in a row its electrical grid cannot support the brutal heat wave and there was a really interesting report today talking about how now in addition to libertarians freedom fighters those in the crypto space wanting to decentralize themselves out of the United States buying second third party c..." + 86%
"2022-09-12 21:09:19"
" All right ladies and gentlemen, Christopher Green, America enters a spiraling economic depression. It is of course September 12, 2022 to break all this down and more. Again, it couldn't be any worse. We are entering a period of time where there is zero to negative real growth. There is negative no growth in real wages. We have a new work from home scenario where the normal jobs are disappearing as a result of artificial intelligence, robots. We had today, for example, Jeff Bezos' company had a launch and it actually crashed earlier today from his rocket company. Of course we saw the failed Artemis one launch two times in a row. They keep saying we are going to go to Mars but they can't even get back to the moon. It is just absolutely ridiculous. We are entering a period of time where the Fed is now pinched. There is nothing that they can do. We have price declines and actual real wage growth. We have got less jobs. At the same time there is massive sky high inflation across the world. What is the central bank and what can the Federal Reserve do next to stop all of this? Again, what I have been saying for years, which now they are even saying they are going to reset the entire system into a new one and they are going to get rid of all the old debt. It is called a debt Jubilee. Move everybody over a viscerate, wipe out the middle class and then, of course, set up the new system of universal basic income and, of course, CBDCs, central bank digital currencies. Today's story, let's talk about what the major headline is and what Vladimir Putin, who, by the way, Joe Biden says he is the only one responsible for inflation. It is not the president. It is not our politicians. It is not the interest rates being at 0 percent since 2009. Now keep in mind, we just celebrated the anniversary of that September day, of that faithful September day. What did Bush tell the American people to do after that day? He said spend to infinity. He said, max your credit cards out. Take your..." + 96%
"2022-09-12 03:19:31"
" Hi everybody, Christopher Green here and... I think Green....got Big Maverick, Little Maverick over here. God bless you, Jesus Christ is King, it is Sunday, we have not forgotten about Sunday. And so to interrupt this broadcast of normal Scripture that I've been delivering on a regular Sunday, which I will continue to do, I want to just share you with you a brief miracle that nobody knows. And I've never shared this story ever, and I hope that I do it with enough justice, but like Austin here, my son is a miracle. Son, you are a miracle. And when my son was born, Austin Green, he had a very rare heart condition. He had a co-arctation of his aortic valve, and he almost died when he was a little boy. And I'm so lucky to have him. In fact, every year he celebrates a birthday, I thank God, and I thank Jesus Christ for every single year that I have you son. And you'll probably hear this story for the first time too, because I don't even think you know this. But when Austin was born, he was the healthiest, best-looking, most amazing, incredible, like cool dude that I've ever seen in my whole life. And he's my first son. I've got two boys, Austin and Michael, and I'll sell a little girl. And your mom and I were so proud to have you, and I was scared at the time, like you were my first kid. And a couple of weeks in, we took him to the doctor, and we took him to the doctor. The doctor said, you got to rush him into emergency, because he had something with his heart that wasn't right. And basically, Austin, we took you over to Phoenix Memorial Hospital, and they had to do immediate emergency open heart surgery on you. And in fact, to this day, you still have a little scar right in the back here, which is so cool, the chicks are going to love this, by the way. And Austin was put into a coma for a couple of days, and we had our amazing surgeon over at Phoenix Children's Hospital, fixed the problem. Basically, his core arctation of his orotic valve was closing. And if we did..." + 87%
"2022-09-10 23:46:37"
" been approximately 21 years since that very faithful day in September. And I've got breaking news for you today. Please like and share it worldwide. No one else is talking about this. And I've been mentioning this on Twitter. I've got a really bad feeling that something big geopolitically is about to present itself in the next few days. Let's pray that I'm wrong about that. You know, let's pray for peace and prosperity for the United States and really every country around the world because we are an extremely treacherous times. But I wanted to mention to you that Joe Biden has extended presidential powers and extended the presidential emergency regarding the September event that is starting tomorrow. Now it's important to know it's 21 years later. And he is still extended this and this gives him presidential powers, which I want to read here in a minute that can affect everything from banking. I talk a lot about the debt Jubilee and the debt collapse here in the United States as a result of all the bailouts and the trillions of dollars worth of money printed. And basically these executive actions that interestingly Democrats were very concerned about when Donald Trump was president. But now they have no problem with it. Now this broadens the brushstroke of presidential executive privilege, action and power of the current president of the United States, Joe Biden. And he's actually signed quite a bit of these and extended quite a bit just in recent days. So I'm reading an article here and I'll say it as best I can with what I can say. But the US president has warned Joe Biden has renewed the national emergency declared by former president George W. Bush in the days following the tragic events on 9-11 that of course changed the world. We remember directly after that George Bush told us to spend as much money as possible. Remember when he said that he said go out spend as much money as possible. Throw it on your credit card. Take on maximum amounts of debt. Take yo..." + 91%
"2022-09-14 20:07:55"
" TV hard hitting and in your face. This is the island project.com and the Federal Reserve of the Central Bank capitulates ladies and gentlemen. This is your moment to get super rich and a hyper inflationary pump and the Federal Reserve of the Central Bank Jerome Powell in this article is setting the stage for it. It's pretty darn hilarious. Like and share this guys because we know what they're going to do next. It's the only thing that they've ever done. Print, fake currency from nothing, hyper pump our markets and to new all-time highs, super bubbles that later collapse, then bail themselves out and hyper pump it once again. So this is great, great news. The Federal Reserve, this is from Market Watch. The title of this article says the biggest fed rate hike in 40 years. And guess how big and gargantuan allegedly this rate hike is guys 75 to 100 basis points. That's hilarious. That's absolutely hilarious ladies and gentlemen. That'll still keep the Federal Reserve funds rate at 4% or less even with 100 basis points. Again, this is all an illusion. It's all fake so that they can sell you on the phony idea that the Federal Reserve is going to do something when they're not. The only thing they're going to do is pump. So position yourself now, ladies and gentlemen, I'm telling you position yourself now expect a full hyper inflation event to continue just like it's continued over the last three years. Housing tripled energy skyrocketing, gasoline through the roof, food prices soaring, inflation across cities in the United States, sanctions, energy freezes, expect more of it because this is the plan. There is no other alternative that the Central Bank or Federal Reserve has but to reset the system and it's exactly what they're going to do now. So let's talk about these bullish headwinds because we also have a huge announcement. Ethereum is in the process of merging from a proof of work to a proof of staking system as we speak. Today, this is happening right now and thi..." + 95%
"2022-09-14 02:37:07"
" What if for a minute you could just escape? You could just let go. Follow the chaos in the world today, all the heartache, pain and the suffering. You could just finally breathe for the first time in your life. Wouldn't that be incredible? I got a storm coming, ladies and gentlemen. Let's talk about bank bailings and what I think is going to happen next in the United States of America and why you should be prepared. Ladies and gentlemen, I've been talking about this since 2008 and 2009. When I started my channel and now I think this is all going down the Shameda 7-year cycle. This is going down October 1st. I think this is going to set off cascading events, geopolitical events, world wide. And I think we are entering another major economic catastrophe. I think it's going to be worse than 2008 and 2009. But it's all bad. It's not all bad. Just like I opened up this video, what if you could just breathe for the first time in your life and truly be free? What if anything was possible? What if the new America was inside of you? We think America is a place. We think it's a country, but it's not. American liberty and freedom that came through the hearts and the minds of the blood of literal patriots that founded this country, this great country, the United States of America. But it's much bigger than that. It's much more special. There's something that's alive. I think often times that we're looking for someone else to solve our problems and we're not taking personal responsibility for ourselves. And what is coming and what's been here over the last couple of years, it's been probably some of the toughest times in America and Westernized civilization. And Frank, I don't think it's going to get any better. I think that we have to make it better. So let me tell you what I think is going to happen next and how you should prepare. I believe just like what we saw in Cyprus in 2013, 2014, where the banks bailed themselves in. This is a difference between a bailout. They bas..." + 82%
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"LAST BATCH!! I Only Kneel for Je..."
"you guys quick update this is our last batch of my only meal for Jesus tee shirts that we will be selling ... last batch that I'm gonna put it out of stock I agree T. shirts sports the because ... very soft tee shirt and ... I do have a couple questions on shipping be our first batch shipped she'll see me sporting my tee shirt and studio I'm also giving out friends and family so I encourage it to not just by one by feel them and give them out to friends and family over the holidays here again a last chance and I'm putting these out of stock because our old bull order and again our first shipment I just went out today so thank you for your support really appreciate a click that link below and order yours today while supplies last god bless" + 1%
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"The TRUTH About the Trump Admin ..."
"everybody I'm Christopher Greene you're watching MTV alternative media television this is the truth about the trump admin indictments you might look at the wall there think it looks pretty strange but have you ever heard about Plato's allegory of the cave summary to tea in a moment first I'm gonna start with a verse from John if we claim to have fellowship with him and yet walk in the darkness we live and do not live out the truth if we claim to have fellowship with him and yet walk in the darkness we lie and do not less out the truth the allegory of the cave of Plato's cave was presented by the Greek philosopher Plato in his work Republic apparently effective education and the lack of that in our nature it is written as a dialogue between Plato's brother the Khan and his mentor Socrates narrated by the latter the allegories presented after the analogy of the sun and the analogy of the divided line all three are characterized in relation to dialectic at the end of book seven and eight here's where this Plato and Socrates describe a group of people who've lived chained to the wall okay of all of their lives facing a blank wall people watch shadows projected on the wall from the objects passing in front of the fire behind them in give names to the shadows shadows are the prisoners reality Socrates explains how the philosopher is like a prisoner who was freed from the cave it comes to understand that the shadows on the wall are not reality at all for he can perceive the true form of reality rather than the manufactured reality that is the shadow seen by the prisoners the inmates of this place do not even desire to leave their prison for they know no better life the prisoners managed to break their bonds one day and discover that the reality was not even what they thought it was they discovered the sun Plato uses an analogy a fire that man cannot see behind like the fire the cast light on the walls of the cave the human condition is forever bound to the impressions t..." + 62%
"2017-10-31 20:48:58"
"SHOOTING IN NYC... America Depra..."
"because Chris for greener watching MTV alternative media television we of course is finished our live product broadcast quickly blow to join us and I did talk about it actually live when it when it happened which is another sign of just how psychotic and depraved America has become how it how it is there so much evil it really says more it has more to do with our society and who's running things the elites of the Tippy top how they've structured this morally depraved psychotic psychotic empty society where people go out this is all developing folks will keep you posted on the developments for people go out and just commit these heinous atrocities and it's another sign an example of the government can do nothing to stop this type of terrorism apple nothing they can do nothing to protect you your let's say for now then you were before September eleventh before the US patriot act before all the tyranny before the mass surveillance shape the twenty four seven monitoring of everything you do on social media all of which is being pushed to data centers illegally an anti constitutional so me redo this report there's a bloodbath in New York City happy hall happy Holly wean happy Hollywood bloodbath in downtown New York City after driver runs over pedestrians start shooting up to six people were killed your high school or Manhattan Tuesday afternoon in a while incident that involved a truck ramming into victims on the west side bike path police sources said may have happened at west street chamber street at three fifteen PM the suspect was shot is in police custody now that's an interesting point his shop and suppose we still are now we'll see how long that lasts because typically all the shooters don't survive because dead men don't speak we see this all the time so then give a toss up see if you can actually talker he still alive we'll see what happens witnesses described a scene of terror saying a man in a truck ran over to people before plowing into a school bus how d..." + 80%
"2017-10-31 19:10:38"
"everybody on Chris for green watching MTV MTV moving over the discussion to our private forum on demand and a couple topics I want to talk about that I can't talk about on you tube number one when I talk about Prager use massive multi million dollar lawsuit that they just filed against Google and YouTube which ... she rich huge lawsuit which up by the weather's been no comment from Google all no comment from you to our second discuss those details with you guys here can't play on the devil's playground so to speak and give you that real information so click that link below on demand one of the benefits of being a subscriber and a supporting us I got bless all of you to do thank you so much I'm gonna do alive queue in a as well we can ask me anything touch on any of the stories I've been reporting on last few days last few weeks it's pretty interesting to I'm noticing a major headline right now it ties into the Prager you lawsuit which I expect them to win by the way I mean we're talking massive victory of course this is been something I've been following for years my self all dig into this more things like you know really can't tell you in this public forum but I'm noticing here Facebook Google Twitter raps on Capitol Hill right now to testify on Russian meddling on Russian meddling right in any one that's ... not a part of their narrative is a Russian spy is ... as I tied directly with Vladimir Putin and that's riding into the works for Russia it's just crazy man idea trump is working for Russia that's right are in between ... his our reality TV shows of the apprentice he was actually colluding with Vladimir Putin and the the evil Russia yeah that's that's right total lies a total Beyonce also I I kind of want to have a heart to heart with you guys too I just don't want aired publicly is kinda wanna just talk about some personal information and ... it's a spiritual stuff too just like in other star lot of time left ... I feel it I think that's the bi..." + 74%
"2017-10-31 18:24:49"
"Remember when THEY Shot LaVoy Fi..."
"rain for watching TV alternative media television is of course October thirty first two thousand and seventeen happy Holi Wayne and today instead of the normal live broadcast was doing a series of webisode so to speak and ... really we're talking about a lot of scary things here's what's pretty crazy about they're all real these are all real stories nobody wants to talk about the mainstream media's just dropped there's just a total blackout on all information because if it doesn't serve CNN's narrative they don't report on if it doesn't serve their narrative they accuse you of working for Russia right when they're the fake news they're the lies they're the propaganda to do this yesterday follow me Twitter if you are a man TV into the media no wonder and TV is the mainstream media's worst nightmare because we have the ability to counter their narrative with millions and millions and millions of you turning at watching our content and god willing sharing the truth so this isn't fiction I'm sharing with you the video we just produced a couple minutes ago that that's not fiction about the four people dead the survivors of survival Las Vegas shooting cover up I saw fiction some lie there eyewitness accounts of multiple shooters on the ground it's all real it's not some fantasy but no one wants to talk about it knowledge we did this yesterday again fall meeting to the media remember when they shot low voice Senate come with us hands up right here's the gentleman to cowboy hat is hands up in the air and they shot him dead it's just a pleasant reminder of your government here and obviously they have the order to kill it's just pointing out almost talk about it there's a reason why I'm talking about here is with his hands up as a unload multiple rounds into this patrie product Americans how no first of all CNN never covered this if they did it was like us right and I actually did it a response that smile in response if war you finish come was black they would have Barre..." + 82%
"2017-10-31 17:47:05"
"4 People Dead Since Las Vegas Sh..."
"everybody I'm Christopher Greene watching MTV alternative media television happy Holly Wayne it is of course October thirty first two thousand and seventeen is a just mayors Halloween just feel absolutely and completely demonic to you that it does to me I especially as all this is out in Hollywood that not just the sexual assaults but now the pedophile we arrange that everyone knew everyone knew in the dark corners of satanic Hollywood everyone knew it was an amazing help you see these people are they all knew the P. sexual attacks in sexual assaults were occurring yet they said nothing eight that politically correct as more people are assaulted are attacked unlike the fourteen year old boy the time now he's a grown man had alleged Kevin Spacey you tried to force himself on to him notice of the mainstream media's completely moved on out there don't finish the case cost case because it's all about trump now including all this fake news C. N. N.'s busy at work now with the fake news generation trying to throw trump under the bus you know the real people we should be keeping an eye on her Hillary Clinton who still not prison stripes John Podesta who just had to step down from his company who is suing Tucker Carlson for god knows what I don't know how you sue someone they're just espousing and putting out the truth to the public that's all this videos about today no it it's about the another cover the out Los Vegas shooting cover up still we have no motive at all they've shut down all conferences no more information this week no one knows where his his campus is facing a like Mandalay bay hotel or something like that I he was traveling back and forth to Mexico even after the shooting he went on Ellen but of course Allen's bought paid for by MGM swoon over large sponsors it's healing interview that he's done it so basically the mainstream media's black dial that too it's just it's over nobody cares but for people clock right four people are dead survivors it survive t..." + 81%
"2017-10-31 17:27:45"
"that with new fallout from the Harvey Weinstein scandal down to the growing scandal surrounding disgraced Hollywood mobile hardpoints lead to more women coming forward making serious allegations or women worldwide have come forward to accuse producer Harvey Weinstein of sexual misconduct the casting couch culture throughout Hollywood the music business the TV business now in the case of Harvey Weinstein we have yet another warning from over ten years ago the Oscar winning actor Kevin Spacey has apologized after he was accused of making a sexual advance towards a boys only fourteen years old he went back to a party at Kevin spacey's house he says Kevin Spacey patted him on to his bed climbed on top of him and made a sexual advance toward everybody two days ago plan dry and hopefully bring to light what is happening in the world of energy as far as perverted peta files all the topics of what we've been or as far there's a great tribulation I don't think we've ever seen America or the world in this state and darkness is here so the Harvey Weinstein sex scandal Corey Feldman is on a mission is here scratch it to clean up Hollywood and it's taken on new meaning given those new allegations against Kevin Spacey that we talked about a little earlier Arab state from Kevin spacey's basement and like every young girl your friends are you my business really but this level of criminal sexual predation this fervor that we see on the ground and America today public and first Democrat hate and I hate where is the answer is that true where is the light we live in a fallen world mmhm graduations you five ladies no longer have to pretend to be attracted a hearty one silence my life just over the past few days since I made that announcement been arrested I had a near death experience last night right felt like I was almost killed Oscar winning actor Kevin Spacey is apologizing after another actor accused him of it unwanted US will advance and in the statement he also comes out his d..." + 66%
"2017-10-31 00:59:14"
"The UNTOLD Deep State Conspiracy..."
"trump campaign chairman Paul metaphor it will surrender today it's special counsel Robert Muller's investigation former campaign manager for the new guy called madam for just surrendered to the FBI after getting hit would twelve charge hits include big transparency and studio and are you okay back there but it still happens on the first indictments tied to the Russia investigation by special counsel Robert Muller today everyone were coming up here with the latest in a pair of major developments today in the investigation of the trump campaign by special counsel Robert Muller this is it ... these are the indictments against ... Paul mana Ford and ... Richard gates hate what I wanna check book Sam felt printed media television what the media's hiding about Paul a four and the charges made against him to the thirtieth and the trunk can now let's discuss this for spirit see that happen and how Donald Trump put into this position let's discuss this first of all we know and anybody was following the campaign anybody's fault a campaign when Donald Trump won the primary I mean the whole throughout the whole primary his manager was Cory the wind owski winning state after state with core though in Taos he has campaign that can his campaign manager was Cory Lewin Taos ski when Donald Trump lily secure the nomination but what what were they doing what was he stabs been doing they were making sure that we're trying to prevent altro even though he was winning all the states even though it was inevitable even though the people of the Republican Party stood up and voted for Donald Trump what they do they waited all the way to the day of the convention to say okay yeah it's actually going to be him they were denying him the nomination even in the media they were always coming up with these weird conspiracies in these where ways where they could take the nomination away from trial than their talent but hold on no no wait wait just because he's winning every state doesn't mea..." + 84%
"2017-10-30 19:51:54"
"everybody on Christopher greenwashing MTV alternative media tell general go along the contents favor I think it's really really important Netflix's silence on Kevin spacey's sexual assault accu is a sham of which the allegation is that he assaulted sexually fourteen year old boy speaks volumes American Airlines silence on Kevin Spacey alleged sexual assault speaks volumes E. traits silence on Kevin spacey's alleged sexual assault of a fourteen year old boy speaks volumes now we as Americans need to take action a media until now flex American Airlines each trade and any other sponsor but Kevin Spacey publicly disavow else buyers and or gives a leave of absence to investigate whether or not any of these accusations can't be proven it's important that we as Americans stand up even when it's hard even when it's something we don't want to do and we don't want to give up now I might be the first American to do this and I like Netflix just like anyone else out there but I'm about to publicly cancel my membership until all I just mention this happen not only cancel any patronage to Netflix but any potential patronage voting with my wallet by doing by ceasing all business immediately from all the companies just mention now I'm gonna cancel and then for personal reasons at all that you know if you can show the camera I'm gonna cancel my membership right now it is all up to Americans to stand up if you care of all about morality if you care at all about children if you care at all about what is right in this country you also stand up and I'll leave that two years so here I am logged and let you know when and if you can show some cancel my membership there's the cancel Baden says cancel your membership okay membership is now cancelled so I think you can show this now let's membership is now cancel until they publicly this about put him on leave of absence and were take some kind of corrective action this is the right thing to do we as Americans need to vote with our wallets ..." + 11%
"2017-10-30 19:18:02"
"everybody on Chris for greener watching MTV alternative media television I just tweeted Hollywood please follow me at MTV media Hollywood glorifies Kevin Spacey perversions on a regular basis and Netflix heads courses at their biggest star in hits like house of cards why is it any surprise in a real live hash tag Kevin Spacey out a nudge I do want to comment it really is disgusting how Kevin Spacey has built in association with the alleged attack assault for fourteen year old boy I mean this is a the category of a I feel we are in a in attacking a minor it's obsolete credible but what's so disgusting about it is a Kevin Spacey through the entire LGBTQ community under the bus and how did himself as being homosexual which many people had suspected Hollywood for some time is somehow making it okay that these accusations were were made about and this fourteen year old he's really done a giant disservice I to the LGBTQ community and to those who have been fighting for generations in this country for quality ... no matter what kind of quality that is sexual equality racial equality ... any equality for that matter so there should be an uproar if if there's not already the LGBT a community should be honestly in panic mode right now because Kevin Spacey just to the worst for the worse he actually won't you end if you're tuning in your part of the LGBTQ community lumps UN what the sexual conversion of peta feeling he linked being gay homosexual or lesbian to sexual assault and pedophiles I mean that is incredible that's probably the biggest story even outside the alleged attack now of course there's multiple more accusations now come and I'm quite surprised so many people that are trying to Fenton right now I'm seeing it through the comments section I like well you know I think it was a look let's not jump to conclusions because I I love coming Kevin Spacey so much he such a great actor look he is a great actor ... he's probably one of the best actors out there but ..." + 77%
"2017-10-30 17:24:32"
"everybody on Chris for brainwashing MTV alternative media television just about the star live show but I want to do is ask a question it in again I young conservative and Christian and a vote for Donald Trump so I know the radical left kind of use me as terrorist but NASA question anyway as long as Kevin Spacey still advertiser friendly after this latest round of ... accusation that he sexually assaulted a fourteen year old boy up I'm just curious to me again I'm a conservative and Christian these things so I know people will take what I have to say seriously but I just shot a video about that report it's it's just the news but ... the video here Kevin Spacey pretty much admits to attempting to write a fourteen year old boy and I noticed dot the radical left label that video not advertise friendly as usually do for Paul pretty much every single day I put out because I'm Christian I've I'm a Republican seeing government five later this is scary for the left I got a constitution up there as well and that's really scary for them and I believe in the second amendment so I realize my content you know is an advertiser friendly but you can see the video here was turned off not suitable for most advertisers even though we're just reporting on the news today it it's it's just the news so I wanna know this is just my dumb question as a conservative is Kevin Spacey advertiser friendly for the company you trade for example is a commercial that he shot for each grade that's one of his very famous commercials that you'll see here on the mainstream boot to and I'm also here's another commercial he shot for American Airlines a it and of course in addition to that I mean there's other companies he represents ... house of cards Netflix so I'm just I'm asking the basic question here is Kevin Spacey advertiser friendly for you American Airlines but please retweet this video Tillman's Ascot I did are they still going to use Kevin Spacey as a spokesmodel us say goes for Netflix ..." + 46%
"2017-10-30 17:12:35"
"all vision it is of course Monday October thirtieth two thousand seventeen I spent most of the morning this morning choking on my own curious as I'm reading I'm preparing for this show arced the special broadcast right here is our broadcasting live in reference to the manna for indictment which the radical left establishment mainstream media bought and paid for by people like Hillary Clinton that have been colluding with Russia I'm committing all these illegal acts for generations if not years whether or not it's her criminals foundation and scammed money laundering criminal activity or it's anything else was seen and we can the first information of the story allegedly on metaphor is appearing for that I'm joking on my Cheerios reading about Kevin Spacey in the latest accusations coming from at the time a fourteen year old boy who was allegedly assaulted by this Hollywood a less a Lister excuse me as he attempted to all at the accusation is the sexual assault the but attempted to force himself on the small child and the temporary pump it is it's incredible stuff I'm like you know me and my Cheerios just almost unable to even handle it as I prepare for today's show so did a couple videos on that there kind of tough to deliver his just like everything so gross nowadays but a two videos one Kevin Spacey pretty much admits attempting to rape fourteen year old boy actually makes us public statement like something along the lines well yeah if I did I apologize I must've been really drunk at the time but by the way I'm gay so that production protect me right I'm gay now that it is everyone in Hollywood pretty much already knew he was a homosexual and then he equates being gay bye implicitly linking it to his alleged sexual assault what I said in the previous videos is the LGBTQ ABCD if she H. I J. K. L. M. N. O. P. but it you know groups should be just outraged at Kevin Spacey for acquainting being gay with this accusation that he sexually assaulted an attempted rape fo..." + 94%
"2017-10-30 16:53:01"
"everybody I'm Christopher Greene watching MTV alternative media television thanks parent with me and jumping over my own words this morning news reports are tough to report on the seriously these are not the easiest stories I to cover but again as we noted with Harvey Weinstein it was just the tip of the iceberg and now pretty much all of Hollywood just keeps sinking into a pile of crap as day descend into the fiery depths of hell and now the most recent accusations multiple accusations by the way multiple accusers Kevin Spacey pretty much admits I would agree to use own statement put out by himself is pressed him in a minute pretty much admits to sexually assaulting and attempting to rape or fourteen year old boy while he was on pretty much admits to it jumping on top of this young boy and attempting to have his way with them now thankfully according to the account didn't go any further than that which is ... but good thing now again you know god didn't send me on this planet to to to judge in command but this is absolutely disgusting Amarillo scripture to and not really explain any of it just kind of put it out there because it's it's almost too unbelievable too unbelievable I too believe but again it just seems like is there anyone in Hollywood that isn't sexually assaulting and or attempting and or raping in a sense I mean honestly is there anybody in Hollywood has been sexually assaulted that works in Hollywood today it seems like not so I don't spend too much time on this but what is really the statement were Kevin Spacey pretty much admits to attempting to rate this fourteen year old boy but if I didn't behave then as he describes I owe him the sincerest apology for what would have been deeply inappropriate drunken behavior and then to top it all off on top of that Kevin Spacey after pretty much admitting it then turns around makes about him and finally comes out as being gay which we are most people already knew that he was a homosexual so then flips th..." + 77%
"2017-10-29 22:12:29"
"Scientists Baffled As MYSTERY Ob..."
"but I must check books out without sort of media television NASA's reporting that there is an unidentified mystery object just entered our solar system look at this is right up your alley spooky science just in time for Halloween scientists at NASA pointing their telescopes adding mystery Iraq it could be the first observable object from outside our solar system and that is not quite sure what it is experts say it's less than a quarter mile in diameter and is traveling at more than if team miles per second a strange behavior of this object doesn't match any typical orbit making NASA thinks it's not local I'm not so far reports are saying space Walker something entire the different and we just don't know and this is the real reason one point the story out is because the way NASA on the way the scientists second media like to report about space his ass if they know it all as if they know a time in line get hit by now asteroid or we're gonna get hit by a comet when they don't know a damn thing it wasn't too long ago when I was sick and in school where there are saying Pluto was a plan right and then all of a sudden now Pluto is a planet look there are so many unidentified objects are so many things about space about our own solar system that we just do not know and they don't deliver the message that way they won't always make you feel say make you feel secure if something is gonna happen they're never gonna tell yeah Sir because the elites are gonna want to get away in their little freakin bunkers but we do know even a few years ago when a space rock criminal atmosphere and exploded over Russia cause severe damage that was undetected so there is no time line there is no certainty and that's why I don't really discount anything even things like planet acts because we don't know what's out there we don't know which in our space so they're saying like this mystery object is the first in her class Dick rock to come into our solar system and now they can examine it and ..." + 68%
"2017-10-29 21:05:56"
"Couple that Survived Las Vegas S..."
"everybody I'm Christopher Greene at Sunday October twenty ninth two thousand seventeen you read the title I put in the title bar you see that just another case another example of somebody who couple knew the truth about the Los Vegas shooting cover up that suddenly while the dead accidental I say accidental car crash she had the ... do you read the article for yourself their car spontaneously combusted into a ball of flames I'm not laughing at that the event I'm I'm laughing at the ridiculousness of the mainstream media expecting us to believe that gonna sound like Michael Hastings doesn't member Michael Hastings a hacker some of you pride I know Michael Hastings was but basically he very famous hacker who brought down general McChrystal is going to bring down a lot of the other individuals in Washington C. could make it rain a cash machines that ATMs just make him spit out money could have cars parked I think that's what was done to him yeah his Mercedes Mercedes spontaneously combusted as well can I get a bright part to your heart attack yeah right put it under Breitbart say that he would out Barack Obama that he had information I don't Barack Obama to ruin Barack Obama winds up dead yes but it will sure natural causes Kimberly Kimberly who also she was another one of the victims of survival Las Vegas shooting she's dead till the natural causes yeah that's right now that's believable she knew the truth multiple shooters government cover up inside job ritual sacrifice yep let me ask you a question are you satisfied with the investigation thus far honestly rating on a scale from one to ten one being bullshit tend to be satisfied when you read it I rated a negative twenty five no more press conferences none no more total media blackout they still don't know the motive and the suse campuses disappeared yet that's right he just did the Ellen show and ... headsets at he's are staying at MGM hotel and Ellen still taken money from one of our largest sponsors MGM sa..." + 84%
"2012-12-14 18:56:57"
"Dutchman Builds Life-Size Replic..."
"so a couple stories I thought you'd appreciate I'm gonna read to yeah as well thinking about you know the mind calendars reproach twelve twenty one two thousand twelve I'm in fact it was a funny last night we woke up in the middle of the night to justice thundering pounding storm I'm here in Arizona will get flash floods look at these hundred year storms last for about five minutes and my heart was pounding it woke me up from sleep and I'm just thinking you know while we're at this thing what if this was a you know what if what if this whole thing flooded out and so this brings us to our story there's a Dutch man data launches a life sized replica of Noah's ark in a ministry some pretty amazing pictures of this ... just as the first storms of one role and Dutch man Joe Hahn Cantley pronounces last name is finished his twenty year quest to build a full scale functioning model of Noah's ark an undertaking of well biblical proportions I he's a Christian I use the book of genesis is an inspiration following the instructions god gives Noah ... down to the very last word so we translated via modern measurements and he came up with the vessel that works out to a whopping four hundred and twenty seven feet long ninety five feet across and seventy five feet high ... perhaps not big enough to fit every species on earth to buy two as described in the Bible but plenty of space for instance for a pair of elephants to dance a tango and so this poorer patrol harness built towers across the flat Dutch landscape and is easily visible from a nearby highway where it lies more in the city of door direct just south of Rotterdam gazing across the arc's main hold a huge space of stall supported by a forest of pine trees visitors gaze upon an array of stuffed and plastic animals such as buffalo zebra guerrillas lions Tigers bears your name elsewhere on the ark is a petting zoo with actual live animals are less dangerous are easier to care for such as ponies dogs sheep's and rabbit..." + 60%
"2012-10-30 18:16:55"
"Frankenstorm Sandy Does NYC or G..."
"some welcome back tame TV news on your anger temper Morrison it's Tuesday October thirtieth twenty twelve superstorm sandy does NYC and the crickets with Pennsylvania New Jersey and New York utilities alone reporting over one without power each the projected ten million left in the dark is not far from being realized here is what sandy did in New York City Akon at power plant exploded near FDR in the fourteenth it's the largest outage in the company's history according to con ed it will be a week before power is restored storm surges reached thirteen feet flooding mass transit in virtually every square inch of Manhattan cranes dangled perilously new Jersey's oldest nuclear power plant at oyster creek declared alert following a power surge bringing back painful memories of Fukushima the Frankenstein's the facts will undoubtedly play a role in the elections across the eastern seaboard or perhaps it will make unlikely preppers out of millions of CD crickets there was one bright spot however and if you were anywhere near two hundred west street you may have felt the warm glow of Goldman Sachs as evidently while the world grew dark and crumbled around it it self generating wealth there internal secret underground vision reactor maintained by green back eating knight trading automatons fueled by the firstborn of every American middle class family diligently kept the world spinning or perhaps they were spinning something else has read Michelle Hopkins suggests now I'm going to show you hurricane sandy fast and furious do you see the coastline of North Carolina South Carolina all the chemtrails that are fast and furiously put there on the edge of hurricane sandy now come up here look at all of this infrasonic undulation you got it going on up here up here you gotta going on down here in North Carolina all of the infrasonic undulation going on and what does him for sonic undulation do it question is the storm look at the direction of the infrasonic undulation it is pushin..." + 64%
"2012-10-25 18:32:03"
"The IMF Has a Global Debt Repudi..."
"some welcome back to a MTV news on your anchor Tobermore send its Thursday October twenty fifth twenty twelve IMF's global debt repudiation plan and I am F. paper called the Chicago planned revisited by John Warner been day and Michael could not details how national debt could light lit be wiped out by creating public debt free funds to replace privately created well a plan was originally conceived of the first private central bank created bubble burst in nineteen twenty nine but the fundamental stretch back to salon about things in five ninety nine BC Binet's AMCU mop argue that private wealth creation is behind the boom and bust or credit cycle tron also it's behind the concentration of wealth and oligarchy and the commensurate inequalities pervasive throughout ultimately the colossal insolvency seen spreading throughout the developed world promulgated by privately created wealth is the root of debt catastrophes as far back as ancient Mesopotamia these views may initially offend the traditional western and capitalist sensibilities but it is a debate where it happened and across the pond eleven EU nations past the Robin Hood tax the highly controversial new law is called the financial transaction tax FTT after failing to reach a unanimous decision after months of heated debate the proposal must now come before the twenty seven member bloc in the European Parliament before the final details are released proponents of the transactions claim it will curb the greed which led to the global financial meltdown in two thousand eight and raised billions for the public purse E. taxation ministerial dear to Symantec claims the FTT quote has great benefits to offer because in difficult times fairness matters commission president Jose Manuel Barroso argued quote we need to ensure the costs of the crisis are shared by the financial sector instead of shouldered by ordinary citizens Oxfam spokesperson Nicolas Montreal when a little bit further quote countries which have not sig..." + 36%
"2013-01-08 18:33:12"
"everybody on Christopher grain you're watching green wave TV alternative media television my kudos videos Alex Jones hopefully all of you saw him on the piers Morgan show last night and he honestly for piers Morgan a new asshole and it was really you know the Brits like to say that brilliant it was absolutely brilliant the guns the iron rods piers didn't do it the tyrants did Hitler took the guns Stalin took the guns Mao took the guns Fidel Castro took the guns in a Hugo Chavez took the guns and I'm here to tell you seventeen seventy six will commence again if you caught a take our firearms doesn't matter how many lemmings you get out there on the street bag informed have their guns taken we will not relinquish them do you understand that's why you're going to fail in the establishment knows no matter how much propaganda the Republic will rise again when you attempt to take our guns my family in the Texas revolution against Santa Anna my family was at the core on both sides starting that because Santa Ana came to take the guns a Gonzalez Texas peers don't try what your ancestors did before why don't you come to America all take out shooting you can become an American and join the Republic you finished yes I am finished you will not take my right you go through background checks to get guns how about Prozac you know the number well that's a big sponsor admit our level class of drugs you ask you call low got cut that off don't you don't want to talk about the U. S. number because it a suicide Dale because they give people suicidal mass murder pills come to hear answers get more money the psychiatrist psychologist and put more crazy people on drugs make until people pianists on how the debate yeah on some of this court knew of sick of the same old script hereby defined bod how many gun murders were there in America last change enough that there were about eleven thousand four hundred fifty eight and about seventy four percent of those were gang related gang banger s..." + 70%
"2012-12-17 23:47:53"
"Obama 'Baiting' Next American Ci..."
"everybody I'm Christopher Greene you're watching green wave TV alternative media television and I want to put the sandy hook massacre into perspective here because what is should be becoming more clear to the American public in the American peoples especially including me for some time now is at president Barack Obama is fading a violent civil war here in the United States that's a key word there he is baiting a civil war notes Dick into this a little bit deeper what is the reason for the destabilization of the Middle East what people think its oil on their right to say that at least at face valu